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tlans Outlined by the Newly Electe
Musical Director.
Otnnil , Orclipra * nnil Cliornii nn (
J.ocnl .Nnolctin Arouinl
the-\Vorlt Will He Mnilo
Trot. Wlllard Klmball , the newly clcctei
nuslcal director of the exposition , arrived
In the city yesterday and presented to Chair
man Llmlsey an outline of Ills plan for musl (
nt the exposition. This plan was laid bv
fore the executive committee by Mr. Llnd'
eey end was approved , thus putting tli <
flnlflhlnB touch to the engagement of Prof
The musical director was seen nt the Mil
Janl hotel after the decision of the execu
tlvo commlttco and was asked rcgardlnf
tils plans and Intentions so far as the ex
position muslo Is concerned.
, "Tho plan I submitted to the executive com.
tnltlee , " said Prof. Klmball , "was elmplj
on outline | ilan. It Is Impassible to fix the
exact nature of the music to bo given and
the number of performances until somethlnp
Ooflnlto Is fixed as to the amount of money
that Is to bo available for thai purpose. 1
have a definite plan outlined In my mind
however , and shall endeavor to carry It ou !
ns far as I am given the opportunity.
"Tho first necessity In an enterprise o !
this kind Is an organlratlon of musicians , or
rather , two organizations. Ono of these If
a military band of the very first quality and
the other an orchestra of tfoo highest grade ,
The hand would servo to glvo open air con
certs of a high order , < lo escort duty foi
ImporUcit personages , and cater to the tastes
which profc'r that class of music. The or-
chcatra must bo composed of musicians who
arc fully competent to carry their parts
after ono rehearsal for any kind of worli
that may bo presented. With finch an or
ganization the exposition can wy to theblR
choral organizations In ttio different cities :
Wo have an orchestra canal to Theodore
Thomas' , and wo Invlto you to come here
and give some of the standard oratorios with
your own conductor. ' I also hope we will
bo ahlo to say to them that wo will supply
the finest soloists obtainable to sing with
"I also propose to appoint In each of the
western states persons who will work up
nn Interest among the local organizations
nnd have them come to Omaha and glvo
high class music with their own conductors.
It Is not my purpose to attempt to act as
conductor for the many performances which
I hopu wo nmy boable - to glvo , but I shall
devote the greatest part of my time anil
energies to arranging for the rendition ol
music of the very highest grade that shall
bo a credit to' the exposition and to the
musical culture of the west. The west Is
fully capable of It , and the exposition will
offer the finest , opfortunlty for us to show
the world what wo can do. My Interest Is
In tlio west , atfrt I aUi anxious to do every
thing that lies in my power to overcome
the faleo Impreeslca that prevails In some
quarters that we know nothing of music out
here. Wo can draw from Minneapolis , Chicago
cage , Kansas City , Denver and Salt Lake
and many other western cities which have
excellent chorat organizations , and can glvo
a series of musical events which have neve ?
been equaled In this country. These or
ganizations all want to come here , and all
tbattls necessary Is for us to prepare the way
for them. Mr. Ulndsey has turned over to
rae bushels of letters relating to these matters -
tors , and I have o doubt whatever that It
wo can assure 'these people wo will furnish
o. good orahestra and the other things that
ore neccesary wo can make a success of that
feature of the exposition.
"It will bo necessary to have a chorus ol
about 300 voices In Omaha. I believe thk
can bo organized by uniting the severa
organizations now In existence In this cltj
and In Council Bluffs. Some of the smallci
towns nearby may send recruJls to thli
chorus. I don't want any drones In thl ;
organization , but 300 people who can ant
will sins. With sucb an' organization us i
basis , together with the orchestra I have
referred to , wo can rest assured of credlta
Wo performances. This will give Omali :
musicians the opportunity to do good work
I hope to 'be ' able to unite them and secun
their co-operation In perfecting this chora
organization , so that on the opening day-o :
the exposition wo may glvo a grand cantata
and perhaps render some of the well knowr
works , such as 'The Messiah , ' 'Elijah' 01
others. '
"It has been charged that I am not ar
Omaha man , " continued Prof. Klmball , "alu
that -would work to build up the muslca
Interests of Lincoln and not those of Omaha
So far aa the first statement la concerned ll
this is to bo an Omaha exposition the charge
might have some force , but as I take It thl ;
Is to bo an Interstate and International ex
position , and such a narrow accusatiot
should never bo heard of. So far as bulldlnt
up my school In Lincoln Is concerned , that Is
not necessary. I propose to work for the
success of the exposition and for that alone
That will not prevent any musician ir
Omaha from making all ho can out of It.
"I shall take up at once the work of or
ganizing the Omaha chorus , and shall devote
myself to that end as vigorously as posstbli
as soon as the movement can bo started. 1
shall bo In Omaha frequently and shall oper
an olllco In the Paxton block as soon as I car
arrange my private affairs to do so. The en
gaging or organizing of the band and or
chestra Is another matter which will occupj
my time. I do not bel'.evo It will bo neces
sary to bring organizations hero from the
outslJo. I feel quite sure there arc com
petent musicians right hero In Omaha tc
make up the greater part of these organiza
tions. There may ho some particular instru
ments which cannot ho found here , 'but ' 1
have no douobt Omaha and 'Council Bluffs
will bo able to supply the greater part ol
what will ho required. "
More MlRMiurl CoiiiiiilxHloiii'rH.
JEFFEIISON CITY , LMo. , Jan. 18. Gov
ernor Lon V. Stephens has appointed the
following named additional members of the
Dean ) of Commissioners from Missouri to the
Transnvlsslsslppl and International Exposition
to bo held at Omaha : Colonel . H , Carroll ,
Uulonvllloj Jesno II. Davis , Hockport ; Frank
Froytcg , St. Joseph ; lion , Hugh J. McQowiin ,
Kansas Oltyj N. II , Oruco , El Dorado Springs ;
Wllllo Humphrey , Stockton : Hon. John It.
Kirk , Jefferson City , and Harry E. Wyett ,
lniicrMnnuil. .
LITTLE IIOCK , Ark. , Jan. 18. Governor
Jones has announce. ] the appointment of the
( following gentlemen to compose the Arkansas
Board of Commissioners for the 0 mail a exposition -
position : George It. illrown , LltOo Hock ; A ,
llertlg. Paragould ; W. U. Matthews , Slut-
p rt ; C , Q , Newman , Pine Uluff ; L. A , Dyrne ,
Toxarkona ; George Sengel , Fort Smith , W.
O. Yinccflhcller , state commissioner of agri
culture , by virtue of being vlco president for
Arlianius , la chairman of the board.
, DflnllN uf li ! < < 1'a per.
The Woman's Hoard of Managers convened
at 2 o'clock and the first hour was taken
up < ln discussing the newspaper project. The
executive committee desired some expression
from the women regarding tbo number ol
papers they would undertake to dispose of In
order that the total circulation might be
fixed 'In ' advance. Mrs , Towle of South
Omaha said she bad already sold 200 copies
Royal Baking
Powder is the
greatest health
" saver of he (
In that town and vrould not undertake to whew
how many tftou&and she and 'Mrs. Munr
could dispose of. Each of the Omaha mem
berg of Uio board agreed to dispose of 1,00
or more , the total of the Omaha guaranU
amounting to 16,000 , The women from ou
of town were not ready , however , to say Jus
what they would < lo ar J tbo matter wa
finally laid over until this morning.
It was decided to call the paper "Th
Hatchet , " In view of Mio fact 'ihat It will b
issued on Washington's birthday , and It wa
ordered that If floral emblems are used li
the makeup of the paper they shall b
cherry bkesoms.
Several other matters coming within th
beard's Jurisdiction were dlacuraed Itifor
mally , but no aeftlon was taken and the bean
adjourned at 4 o'clock to alto IT ! the reccp
lion at < ho Ml Hard In honor of the queen o
the Ice carnival , and from there the member
went In a body to the homo of Mrs. G , W
Wattles , where thcji wcro en'tcrtalned ' b ;
the wife of tbo president of the exposition.
The beard will meet at 0 o'clock this njorn
Ing to ccncludo Its business.
Committee nn Toni'liiTH Convention li
Itcuily for llitiliii'HH Ann.
The executive committee- charge of tin
arrangements of the proposed cducatlona
convention met yesterday nftcmcon la UK
cl'ty hall. Those present were : Superintend
cnt Pearse , J. iM. Olllan , State Superintend
cnt W. H. Jackson , J. E. Utt , Victor Rose
water an ! W. H. Gratton , Tiio mlnutea o
the commlttco from Its Inception were reai
and approved and dts organization was per
fected by choosing Superintendent Pearsi
chairman , J , M. Glllan secretary and J. II
Dumont treasurer. It was agreed that : ithi
meeting should bo ofllclally designated thi
Traromlfslsslppl KJiioUloaal convention.
On the call for repcrto of committees at
outline- was given , of the probable expense :
and resources of the committee. H wae
agreed to attempt to ralso ? 2GOO to provide
for the speakers , decorations , advertising
and clerical work required. The plan of ra'.a'
Ing tihls money was ' ( o bo worked out by the
finance committee and reported at the nexl
mcotlns. The scope of the proposed conven
tion with reference to the general meetings
and sessions or congresses Incident to It was
made subject 'to ' future revision. After fur
ther discussion of the work of the committee
In Its various departments adjournment was
had subject to the call ot the chairman , II
not being thought necessary for the commit-
tea to meet regularly until later In tbo sea
son. i |
A special meeting ot the Hoardi ot Di
rectors of the exposition will bo held at Ex-
pcsltlon headquarters at 4 o'clock this after
noon , the secretary having been Instructed
by the executive committee to call the meet-
Xc-TTCHt mill Most Coniilete Train.
The New Pennsylvania Limited Is the up-
to-date train , of 18'JS. It made Us Initial trip
from Chicago to New Tork , January 12 , and
now runs dally over Pennsylvania Short
Lines , leaving Chicago Union station , 5:30 :
p. in. Get particulars of H. U. Ilcrlng , A. G.
P. Agt. , 248 Clark street , Chicago.
The adjourned meeting of the members ol
Hie Associated Charities of Omaha will be
icld In the Y. M. C. A. rooms ou Wednes
day , January 19th , at 4 p. in.
Omaha , January 4th , 1808.
Fn t Time. ThroiiKli Cnrx.
via the UNION PACIFIC to Denver ,
Salt Lake Cl-ty , San Francisco
and Puget Sound points. For
rates and full Information call
at City Ticket Office. 3302 Farnam. St.
W. F. Cody , wife and daughter are In the
'H. ' M. Beyer of Kansas City Is at the Mll-
James W. Orr of Atchlson Is a Mlllard
Ilev. C. DeGeller of Columbus Is an Omaha
visitor. > i
James C. Dahlman of Llnioln la an Omaha
Frcel SonoenscUeln of AVcst Point Is In
E. T. Ft-tUt of Sioux City la a guest at
the Barker.
E. nignell of the 'DurllngUn ' at Lincoln
Is In the city.
D. J. Simpson lias returned 'to ' tbe city
from Chicago. . *
C. W. Wright of Peorla , III. , Is registered
a't the Barker.
T. H. Irwln , a eftccp rancnman of Gordon ,
Is a city visitor.
Jcftn C. Watson of Nebraska City was in
the city yesterday.
Ex-Sheriff Luke Finn ot Greeley , Neb. , is
registered at the Barker.
Frank Hacker anfl J. A. Carver , both ol
Fremont , are visiting the city.
State Superintendent ot Schools W. H.
Jackson of Lincoln Is In the city.
F. Snyder anl wife , Lincoln ; J. E. Merrill
Gild wlfo of Chapman , Neb. , are stopping a'l
the Barker.
M. H. Nlcall , buyer In Thompson , Belden
& Co.'a cloak department , leaves for New-
York City today.
Illdiard Smi'ih ' , formerly manager cr the
Hotel Barker , has severed his connection
with that hostelry. ,
C. A. Menslng , Archie ShepherJ , Arthur
Smith and Jessie Brink ore Kansas City ar
rivals stopping at the Barker.
At the Mlllard : Mcrlo Milddleton , Philadel
phia ; Lester Felgenblatt , 'New ' York ; H. B ,
Carter , DCS Molnesf J. A. McAlIster , Daven-
poit ; William 'Bishop ' , Nebraska City ; J. O ,
Whltakor , Cincinnati ; E. P. Parr , New York ;
John E. Shafer , Blair ; F. II. iBeacb. F. W.
Caldwcll , 'Minneapolis. <
Nebraskaca at 'the ' hotels : H. A , Creek-
paua , Ulysses ; C. M. Belts , St. Paul ; George
O. Benger , C'allaway ; W. E. Kerr , Silver
Creek ; E. Y. Abbott ana wife , Pllger ; E.
T. Hart , wife and daughter , Atkinson ; W.
F. Hauptman , Swunton ; N. D. Berg , Her
man ; F. A. Kennedy , Fullerton ; W. H. Aus
tin , Franklin ; William Spear , George A.
Mead , Fremont ; C. F. Mitchell , Crelghton ;
Charles W. Earl , Ncllgh ; Hay C. 'Merrill ' ,
Lincoln ; II. S. HollWtor , Wood Ulver ; G. W.
ShlcJler and wife. Ycrk ; C. A. Johnson ,
Laurel ; G. A. Scovlllo , Hartlngton ; Mlsa Eva
Han3all , C. 'M. nigg , Beatrice ; Mlsa Elolse
Couchinan , Miss Lena Sctuvager , Fort Oal-
houn ; F. D. Hunkar , C. C. Bartels , West
Point ; Miss Mabel McCarger , Crete ; George
0. Mcliugb , Oliver Olson , 'Miss Pearl Rich
ardson , Frank W. West and wlfo , Mrs. A ,
J. West. Mrs. E. M. Klrtou , Mrs. C. Lewis ,
N. C. Scars an ! wlfo , Wlsner ; Miss Maude
Scott , Central City ; W. A. Hemleben , Louis
Hlwchund wife , A. W. Wellcr , J , S. Mathew-
soii , D. W , Green , Norfolk ; John E. Shafer ,
Mlea Lulu II. Cameron , Blair ; H , H. Squires ,
Brolcc \ 'Bow ' ; Miss .Antonla Kcssler , Plaits-
mouth ; F. B. Irwln , Gordon ; J. F. Colby ,
Sydney ; John W. Wilson , Miss Katie Mat
thews , GranJ Island ; H. A. Hobles , Bancroft ;
Miss Sarah Ireland , 'Mrs. ' F. E , Ooo , Ne
braska City ; F. B. Beall aad wlfo , Hastings ;
Mlm Louise PJiclps , Mrs. Davis , 12. S. Cloyer ,
Schuylcr ; 'Miss ' Nellie Downing , Mlsa Kate
Downing , George H. Downing , Kearney.
INSTRUMENTS placed on record Tuesday ,
January IS , 1S9S : ,
A , M. Delss and husband to New Eng
land L. & T. Co. , lot 1SH , Mlllard
Si Co/a aJd , . , , $ 200
11. C. Flower and wife to Lombard
Liquidation Co. , lot 5 , blocU 4 $ ,
South OmaCia 1
Adolpvi Gelse to II. u. Choenlng , lot 4.
block 3. Arbor Place , 1,000
Q. 11. Hull and wlfo to P. W. Marsh ,
a 143 foot of lot 10 , block 4 , Belve
dere ndel 250
F. W. Marsh and wlfo to P. L. Henry ,
same , ny )
O. L. Uaker nnd wlfo to J. W. Conway -
way , lot 20 and e Co feet of lot 19 ,
Archer Place , 600
J , C. Watson and wlfo to K ; u , Bmlth ,
lot 5 , block 1 , Dcnlso's add 7,000
a .W , Beater to O. H. Sealer , lot 4.
block 2 , Jettefu Second add , . 5,000
Howami ) & Bradford to J , E , George ,
lot 10 , George's ubd CGJ
M. Q. Cooley to Jane Caasldy , lot 12 ,
block 9 , Patrick's Second add 1
C. B. Drunner to B. J. DeUell. * 25 < $
feet o lot 12 , block T , Shlnn'a add. , 1
Sheriff to E. M. Morsman , trustee , e !
tax lot W , 34-15-13 12,000
Total amount of transfers . . . .pj.lCS
Omaha People Do Honor to the Newest
Royal Rnler ,
Mayor Moorrn Prpncnfn Hrr Mnjcnty
ivlth ( lie < irent Key to tlio City
Ciironiillnii Ccroinoiij- '
* tlic Cironiiiln. v *
The first social event In connection with
the Ice Carnival occurred yesterday after
noon , and It was such an auspicious success
that It augured well for the other event *
concomitant with tbo crowning of Queet
Polaris and the honoring of the maids o ;
her retlnuo. The occasion was the reception
tendered to Miss Mildred Stephcnson , who
was selected as queen for the carnival after
a most exciting voting contest , and to her
malda of honor , who word chosen from var
ious towns and hamlets In the vicinity of
Omaha by similar expressions of public
opinion ,
The reception was held In the parlors of
the Mlllard hotel , and between the hours ol
2 and 5 o'clock over 250 Omaha citizens ,
largely of the feminine gender , passed
through the parlors to pledge Ihelr loyalty
to the queen and to pay their rwpccts to the
visiting maids of honor. iTIio parlors on
the second floor of the hostlery wcro beauti
fully decorated with stately palms and
pretty cut flowers , and crowded with youth
and'beauty ' presented an Interesting picture.
In a nook of the hallway concealed behind
an Improvised hedge of palms , an orchestra
discoursed sweet music during the afternoon
hours. The tea parlors were also protllly
Illuminated and decorated , and In there the
the gucsto were served with refreshments.
Early In the afternoon , soon after Miss
Stephcnson and her maids had assembled In
the parlors , his honor , the worthy mayor of
the clly , arrived to present to the queen the
key of the city's gates , and with It extend
to her and her satellites the freedom ot Ihe
city. Mayor Frank E. Moores never looked
moro happy , never appeared more genial
nor never upoko moro wittily. In a timely
lltllo speech ho presented a largo glided key
to Miss Stophoiisoii.
In the course of his remarks he said : "It
Is to be deeply regretted , even deplored , that
the weather gods have so seriously Interfered
with our plans for the Ice Carnival. The
present state of weather Is not allogether
proplllous for Ice palaces or for toboggan
clubs , but we shall strive to entertain you ,
the untoward weather lo Ihe contrary nol-
wllhslandlnE. I assure you that neither the
fair queen nor any of her charming maids
of honor need fear lhal the abundance ot
: nud which we now seem to have with us will
bo allowed to even soil the soles of their
calnty boots , for the young men of Omaha
ire such a gallant race thai Ihey will gladly
lay down Ihelr cloaks lo protect you In cross
ing all puddles. Omaha ! o glad to see such a
representative gathering of the daughters of
this state and ot our neighboring stale , and
\vo extend to you all a cordial welcome.
Queen Polaris has the key of Ihe clly and you
are now In possession of all that Is good III
Ihe Gate City of the- West and that means
everything , for we do not tolerate anything
that la not good about hero. The grounds
of the Tronsmisslsslppi Exposition , which
you will visit during your stay here , will give
you some slight idea of .tho beauty and
? randetir of the show that Is to come. From
: he dlmerolons of the partially constructed
buildings , you can form your ownoplnlors
of the large scale upon which this exposi
tion Is behag built. And wo know that you
will return to Omaha during the coming sum.
mor to atteml Ihe exposlllon , bringing with
you your sweethearts , your friends and your
relative ? . But not to longer prolong this
brief , but Important exercise , I , Frank E.
Moorrs , mayor of the city of Omaha and late
chairman of the defunct Board of Fire and
Police commissioners , do now hereby deliver
to Mildred Stephenson , sunnamed Iho Queen
Polaris , Ihe key of Iho city of Omaha and
trust to her and her court the future welfare
of this place. "
Mayor Moores' remarks throughout were
In his usual happy vein and were well re
ceived. Following his little address of wel
come the guests began to pass through the
parlor , meeting first OMlss Stephenson and
then the maids of honor. The reception was
In charge of Mr. Thomas Swobo and reflected
considerable crellt upon him. lAraong the
gucsls were noticed a large number of young
oclety women of the clly and a few of their
beaux , who assisted In the introductions.
Miss Slephenson looked very sweel In a
iandsomo gown of white silk , with a baby
jluo satin train and a beautiful cape of
swansdown. Many of the maids of honor
were also atllred In light colored dresses ,
though the majorlly wore afternoon gowns of
dark colors. The list of visiting maids of
Honor who were present at the recepllon
follows : Mi'sses Katie Pass and Sarah Coo
Ireland , Nebraska Clly ; Katie Matthews ,
3rand Island ; Nellie Downing , Kearney ;
Mabel Gray , South Omaha ; Fahne Dour , Mis
souri Valley , la. ; Pearl Illchardson , West
1'olnt ; Ituth Daniels , Norfolk ; Lena
Schwoger , Fort Calhoun ; Lulu Cameron ,
fllnlr ; Antonla Kesslcr , Platlsmoulh ; Maud
Scott , Central City ; JEva 'Randall. ' ( Beatrice ;
Mabel McCargar , Crete ; Louise Phclps ,
Schuyler ; Eugenie Hale and Elolse Couch-
man , Fort Calhoun ; Kathcrlno Downing ,
Ceremony Proc-coils In Spite of IJI -
iKfrn.'iililc Wrnthcr.
The court of Queen Polaris bid defiance
to the weather god last night. In the face
of the disagreeable conJltlons Iho comely
Viclorla was duly crowned nnd scaled upon
her regal throne In the presence of her flul-
tcrlng maids of honor and a goodly number
of her subjects. And with this royal cere
mony carnival week was fairly commenced.
Hardly moro unreasonable If not unsea
sonable weather could bo Imagined than
narked the opening of tbo Ice carnival. The
high temperature of the entire month has
tnado It Impossible to erect the Ice palace
which was contemplated and It has "been "
moreover doing Its best to spol the Ice In
the exposition lagoon despite the efforts of
the carnival management to preserve It.
These obstacles , together with the nasty
slush under/noting of. the streets which dis
inclines worthy citizens , even though they
are faithful subjects , to go without doors ,
wcro not auspicious of success ot the royal
But despite the disagreeable weather
there was a very good attendance at the
crowning of the queen. In fact , the attend
ance was too largo , for It was feared that
their weight would cause the Ice of tbo la
goon to On thU account the regal
: eremony was shortened considerably , but
the royal emblem was duly placed upon the
brow of the queen.
The ceremony was performed ) at the west
ern end of the lagoon In Iho bright glare of
clectrc ( , calcium and colored lights , The
queen was seated upon a gaily adorned
throne with runners. She was attired In a
brilliant robe , glittering like gold and
Tlmmcd with ermine. Miss Stophcnuoii
formed a very charming plclure on h'er royal
( , cat. About her flitted her maids of honor
and the courtiers of her retinue while tbo
ceremony of crowning her was being per
After the ceremony the subjects of the
queen disported themselvcu for several houra
on the Ice and the toboggan slide. The West
"olnt cadet band took station on the Ice and
endcred an excellent program of music ,
further entertainment was furnished by an
expert skater ,
Oluirirrilltli iJloiilliiK' a Diamond ,
Henry Jones , a young negro , WUH accused
ait night of the theft of a diamond stud
'roin the Bhlrt front of Charles Branch , a
Huloon keeper near Ninth and Dodge streets.
Iranch saya he was changing his clothes
n u rear room and had hung the shirt on
a chair. He claims that Jones entered dur-
ng his momentary absence and extracted
ha stud , which was valued nt JIM. Infor-
natlon was given later that the ornament
uaa In the possession of Bluncho Kdwards ,
01 North Ninth street. The house % \aa
searched and the Btuno found and returned
o the owner , Jones was charged -vslth
grand larceny.
Arnold's Brome Celery curea headaches ,
lOc , 25c and EOc. All drugglsta.
Tire Oriratilrndnnni Amalgamate an
Ktoctrnvt Ofllrorn.
Meetings of both tire Omaha Ilctallcrs' ni
soclntlon and the DoiiRlas County Buslne :
Men's association wcro held lrt the Commei
clal club rooms laatt evening to hear the re
ports of two committees which wcro selectc
by the respective bodies for the purpose c
amalgamating the two. The Douglas Count
Business Men's association was called t
order by President Kiihn n-J the report c
the commlttco , composed of Messrs. Cowcl
Morse , Munro nd HswUzor , was then reai
It recommended that-the two associations b
merged Into one and tlmt It bo renamed th
Omaha Business Men's association. Ti
committee from the Ilctallcrs' assoclattor
composed ot Messrs. Beatty , Hardy , "Cah "
and Hospe , made a similar report , nnd th
consolidation was perfected upon vote of th
cntlro membership , Ghort talks wcro the
made by Robert Cowell , George Munro nn
others , and the election of odlcers was the
In order. The balloting resulted In th
choice of George F. Munro ns president , N. A
Kuhn vlco president , II. IH. Hardy "secon
vice president , Thomas IGIpatrlck treasure
and H. O. ilJcatty secretary. A. Hospo wa
selected as a committee of ono from the He
tailors and Kobcrt Cowell from the Busl
ness Men's association to name an cxeciitlv
commlttco of twenty -members. Those sc
lected and approved by vote were Morlt
Meyer , 11 , E. Palmer , Goodley Booker , A
Mandelbcrg , H. W. Dyball , M. 'L. ' Bartletl
J. C. Morris , T. J. Beard , A. C. flluollcr , A
B. Huberman. C. H. Forby , ll. Cowell , H. L
Pease H. J. Hughes , Axel Meyers , W , F
Stoetzel , A , Shlvcrlck , A. D. Morse , U. I !
Davis and F. Vodlcka. The new organlzatlo :
after approving constitution and by-laws ad
Journcd subject to the call ot the president
Mns. Mary Bird , Harrlsmirg , Pa. , sayt
"My child Is worth millions to me ; yet
would have lost her by croup had I not In
vcslcd twenty-five cents In a bolllo of. On :
Minute Cough Cure.1' It cures coughs , cold :
and all throat and lung troubles.
Promptly nt f ) 'A. M. Today iAV
Sell 91.U5 MiHiiictlc Cm-put nt 7 u.
An Immense lot of new patlerns of Sloin'i
best light and dark colored Moquctte Mr
pels , wllh or without borders. The haitidsoni'
est patlcrns ever shown , always sold at ? 1.2 !
yard , but go today , promptly at 9 o'clock , as
long as they last , at 79c yard. '
These have been displayed for a week Ir
our Immense front window and will allracl
a larger buying crowd than even our towel
laca curta'n or ribbon sales.
We earnestly advise an early call , as you
will remember at the previous sale these
goods sold with an Immense rush.
Dear In mind ono uniform price , 79c yard ,
which Is less thani you can buy good Ingrain
1 Slxtconlh and Douglas slreets.
ItonimintN In Iitiiuluiiiu.
Wo have lusl bought from the Union Linoleum
leum Co. a quantity of remnants or short
engths of linoleum accumulated In manufac
ture. They consist of the
nado by these manufacturers ( and there
ire none better ) In lengths from four square
ards up to thirty square yards.
We bought the lot at a very low figure and
iass them on to our cualomers all at ono
> rice , 33 cents per square yard.
Second floor.
14H-1C-1S Douglas St.
? nr Windows Xcnrly Klvc Feet IVlilr.
They are used In the now Observation car
m the New Pennsylvania Limited which
eaves Chicago every day at G:30 : p. m. over
: ho Pcnnayhanla Short Lines. This car Is
Jio handsomest leaving Chicago for New
i'ork , H. R. Dcrlng , A. G. P. Agt. , 248
Jlark street , Chicago , will furnish full Information
mation , on the subject. ,
Piillmnii ToiirlHt Sli-opcrs.
eave Omaha dally for Ogden , San Francisco ,
Portland and other woslern points via the
For tickets-and full Inforamtlon call at
31ly Ticket Office. 1302 Farnam St.
Henry Foley , 2830 Farnam street , reports
the loss of a robe , which was Blolen from
his 'barn. ' The .article Is a valuable ono.
Ernest Zelba , Charles Murriy and
Cornelius Curtain , vasrants , were each oen-
tonced to ten days on the street by Judge
An overceat was stolen from the hallway
3f Dr. 'R. W. Connell , 1707 Dodge s'treet , lalo
yeslcrday aflernoor. . The family was at din
ner nnd the thief gently opened the fiont
ilcor and secured the coat.
Charles E. Matteson , a printer ivho Is
slightly deranged , was picked up by Ihe
police lasl night and locked up on a charge
) E Insanity. Matteson Is in the habit of
jelling drunk occasionally , and at these
: lmcs Ms malady takes a turn for the worse.
An aged -woman giving the name of Mrs.
Hart called at the police station and asked
: hat her husband be arresled , as he had
attempted a number of llmss lo poison her.
tfo arrest was made , as Ihe police placed
lllllo reliance upon Ihowoman's statements.
Howard Manning , Clarence Hat , Roy Hat ,
OJcorgo O'Nell tand Mary O'Nell , arrested on
complaint of T. B. Rogers , for coasting on
Indiana avenue , were arraigned before
Judge Gordon. All pleaded not guilty and
the case will conio up for a hearing Satur-
3ay at 2 o'clock. ,
A case of destllullon and sickness hao
been reporled to the police In the persons
> f Mrs. Brougham and her Infant child. The
two llvo at 704 Leaven worth street , and are
said 'to Tie wltbout"fuel or food , also In very
urgent nocd of a physician.- The city sur-
3 m will visit the Invalids.
The Omaha Street Railway company has
ilaccd transparent signs In Its car windows ,
> o that at night the light froruywlthln will
ihow Iho watcher which car It Is. The con
venience to the public can best bo under
stood by ono who has tried lo separate Ihe
naze Into which the several lines occasion-
illy get.
The now board of directors ot the Con-
torvallvo Building and Loan association held
ts first meeting Monday afternoon to elect
jfflcers and appoint committees for the en-
inlnH year. A. P. Tukoy was elected prc .
; dent ; Euclid Martin , first vlco 'president ;
3 , C. George , ( second vlco president ; Z. T.
Umlsey , treasurer ; George F , Gllmore , sec-
otaiy ; John F. Flack , general manager ;
Whnrton & Balrd , counsel.
W. E. Johnson , living at 418 North Twenty-
Irsl street , while crossing the street car
racks In front of a motor near Thirteenth
street and Capitol avenue Monday evening ,
, vas knocked down nnfli severely cut ubout
ho head and shoulders ; _ He , , however , es
caped Without any broken limbs. Ho was
akcn to the Clarksan hospital , and as ho
apldly Improved , woa later removed to his
Comfortable ,
in Florida Southern
just now , ,
ern California and along ; the
Gulf of Mexico. No snow
storms or bitter > winds
Surprisingly cheap rouni
trip rate s surprisingly
good service via the
Burlington ,
Ticket Office , \ * S K 8T
J , B , REYNOLDS. P. . . . . A > r.
Bargains in Men's and Boys' Snits and Ovei
coats that Are Almost Beyond Belief.
Toilny AVc Will Hnvp the Orniu
t-nt Sale i > f MUU'H nnil lloj-'H Cliitli-
ItiK , l.nilU'H1 niul Clillilrcn'n
Clonlin tlmt linn Kvcr Tnkca
Your choice of the finest men's sulta < an
ovcrcoata In the house , worth up to $25.0
at $12.60.
Cholco of any $15.00 men's suits or eve :
ocats nt $7.60.
Cholco of any $10.00 , $11.50 and $12.1
men's all wool suits or overcoats at $5.00.
Boys' $2.50 suits , 9Sc.
$3.00 boys' suits , $1.60.
$5.00 toys' suite , $2.50.
$7.00 young men's suits , $3.50
$10.00 young mcn'n suits , $5.00.
$12.00 boyo' ulsters at $5.00.
$5.00 boys' capo overcoats , $1.50.
$1.60 boys' reefer overcoats , COc.
$2.50 chinchilla ami astrakhan recfcn
$5.00 < boya' reefers , $2.50.
$15.00 laillcs' silk-lineal jackets , $4.93.
$8.00 ladles' fine jackets , $3.50.
$15.00 and $18.00 beautiful jackets , $7.60.
Our regular $25.00 ladles' jackets , $10.00.
MlEscs' jackets In a splendid assortment <
stylish materials In > bouclc and smoot
goods , many silk-lined , worth up to $15.0i
go nt $5.00.
Children's and m Is see' $5.00 jackets go n
$1.9S. ! ,
and Douglas Slrects.
Mny Ypt H < - Mnrrlcil.
Henry Jleycr , a farmer boy from Mad !
son , Neb. , nrrlvetl In the city last week an
has passed through n , series of unfortunat
encounters with dishonest women since thn
time. It began In a house occupied by Essl
Allen and Gertie Brown , whore he lost ? J
gained by the husking of many a bushel o
corn. Tbo women wcro arrested , but wer
not held on the evidence submitted. Meyei
already singed , returned to the candle am
ppent most of his time since In the women'
company. They have been arrested fou
times ) In the mcnntlmo on smaller charge :
nnil the Allen woman was finally forced ti
Icnvo the city. Her companion has adoptei
a plan to make her residence In Omaha inori
secure by offering to marry Jleycr , who \\ni
irrcsted with her last night on a cominot
charge. The country boy seems not unwill
njr and the social event will probably occui
Ciindilu IlnrlN' Com'prt.
Captain Davis of the Department of th (
Finite gave a gramophone concert yestenlaj
afternoon In the Royal Arcanum lodge
rooms In The Bee building. The affair was
attended by the olllcers nt army headquar
ters and a number of Invited guests. The
concert opened with a rendition of "Plan-
atlon Chimes" and closed with "Mornliij (
on inc. Farm. " In all llierewere twenty-
one selections. Including songs and Instru-
nental music.
Captain D.ivls gave a gramophone concerl
n Ihe lodge rooms In Tin ; Uee building
some weeks ago , but It was not a markei
o the ono given yesterday. Since his flrsl
concert Captain Davis has added a numbei
of new pieces to his repertory , Ihus enabling
ilm to entertain his guests In a most roya !
Take Laxative Brome Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the money If It fulls to cure ,
25c. The genuine has L. B. Q. on each tablet ,
Tickets will be sold on the first and Ihlrd
Tuesday of January. February and March
la Ihe Union Paclfis to all polnls In No-
iraska or Kansas , where one way rates are
3.00 or over , at ono fare for ruud trip plus
For full Information or tickets call at City
Ticket Office , 1302 Farnam Street.
Dpiiinrrnde Conuiilttrr Orj
INDIANAPOLIS , Jan. IS. At a meeting
of the democratic stale committee , held In
this city today , Parks Martin was re-elected
chairman. Chairman Martin was given
> oner to select an executive committee , this
commlttco to decide the time for holding
ho state convention. The chairman will reappoint -
appoint Secrclary Samuel Wallace. Kach
delegalo lo the convention will represent a
'ractlon over 200 voters.
I'ocket lnttry ! , $2.50
Good Strong Cabinet Battery , $4.50
ir.l.'l IloilKC St. , Middle of Iltock ,
2 nights to California.
, night to Utah.
via tlis
12 hours quicker than
tlicr line from Sllssouri Illver. For
Ickcts , tltnc tables , or any Information ,
all at
City Tlclct ; Office ,
1H02 Knrnam St.
3 Treatment
Catarrh end other Chronlo DIs-l
eases Is given by Dr. Hlicpnrd after I
I the most approved motlioila. Frcol
I consultation qncl low feen. Those I
i who UoHlro are welcome to call and
| liimject the Urged and best equipped I
Dollices in the west.
J 811-J1J-8IJ N. Y. Life Illdir. Tel. 1138. l
Bee , Jon , IS , 1S33
x * oe
is a peculiar Inmincmi. JFfti-dfi/ ttJtoo nfot'c in
OinnJta tfint isn't jnxt itow"clo iiif out the otlAtt
nntJ CII < JH and frrofrcnA'C.S" ' nt a ft'cincnrtoiiN urict'ijlcc
fi'oin oi'ifftnalj n'tcct To let ' tell it ,
flicpitjtci'H f/ou emi //o
into tnonf tiny ttlioe store and btty rcf/nlar nfn dollar
HJtocti for tlii'ce dollarn , t-cf/ttlar Jive dot/ar nliocn for tire
dollar * and regular three dollar itJiocn for a dollar
nincttj-ciuht. We have to { jet two flftii for a regular
three dollar H/IOC. ire couldn't ncll 'em any ICHH without
loniiifmoney. . II'c Hiipponc there are nforcn that can
afford to lone money or cine thctcoutdn't be all the
time Keltiny their f/oodn at a trcmcndotiH mtcrijlcc from
oriyinal cottf. Thcxc tu'o Jiftinhocn of otira arc n new
line. IFc are scllinf/ them lower than they were intended
tendedto sell. They are better nhocn than ainof the
"Jive dolfar aJtoca mar/fed down to three dollartt" and
they will wear twice an long a the "three dollar nhocn
marked down to one nincty-cif/hf. " The value of a
shoe in not in the price of it but in the wear of it , and
ycbranltt Hhoes are always guaranteed to wear tuitin-
facforily. Your money bach if they don't.
Tlie Biggest
That Has Ever Taken
Place in Omaha
This Morning.
Nine big cases of Pants requiring two
big teams to haul them from the
depot. If you owned a mill and had
bought the wool before the tariff law went
into effect , if you were a manufacturer of Pants and
had all the facilities to make them at the lowest possible
cost in the face of all this we claim we will sell you Pants
for less money than the mill owner could produce the
cloth and for less money than the labor would cost the
pants manufacturer , let alone cost of material. Nobody
looses on these Pants but the man who sold them.
The mill owner was paid the price for his cloth , union labor
was paid the union scale of wages for making them. The
firm who made them needed money. We bought them at a
price and are going to sell them at such a price
that the hoys who now run the streets will relate it
to their Children ,
We Offer in this Sale
2.500 pairs of all wool elegant made Pants that never
sold for less than $2.50 pair , for $1.25 per pair. r
1,500 pairs of Pants that are worth $2.75 and $3.00 q
pair , for $1,75.
1,000 pairs of Pants , worth $3.00 to $4,00 per pair , will
be sold for $1.95.
Look at 16th street window , Merchants and peddlers
are barred on this sale *
Will cost you but $20 during our 20 per cent Reduc
tion Sale , Is that worth saving ? Your suit will re
ceive the same careful workmanship the same excel
lent trimming and fitting as though you had paid the
regular price , $25,00.
Don't fall into the error of thinking that this 20 per cent
eduction is on a certain line of woolens only stickers , per
haps. On the contrary it applies to every yard of cloth in
our store.
You can have a suit made to your order for as little a *
Si 5 this week , from $20 to $22 woolens.
You can order a pair of'$6 , $6.50 and $7 Trousers for $5 ,
Better sse the lines.
Don't look shabby when you can dress well at a nomg |
! nal cost ,
209 and 211 So. 16th St. Karbaoh P'