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Cooper , Fire Ins. , 6 Peirl , 11. 372.
J , J , Lukcn ot Chicago is In the cltjr.
E. P. Oaylord of Crcston is In the city.
H. II. Fleming of St. Joseph Is In the city
on business.
George Willing of Ilrokcn now , Xcb. , Is a
Council Hinds visitor.
The place where satisfaction Is always as
sured Illuff city Laundry.
13. n , Jennings of Shenandoah came down
on a business trip yesterday.
Horace I > . Splcc of DCS Marines was In the
city yesterday and will remain over today.
United States Marshal Bradley IB In DCS
Jlolncs on business connected with hla (
Sol Bloom returned to Deadwood , S. I ) . ,
yesterday after A visit with John T. Stewart.
A pleasant social was enjoyed yesterday
oftcmoon at the home of Mrs. E. E. Hart on
Pork avenue.
I.oulg Hlrsch and Cecelia Christiansen ,
lioth of Omaha , were married by Justice
Terrier yesterday.
Everett Waddell Is reported to bo very 111
with typhoid fever. He Is at the homo of
Ills grandmother. Mrs. Horace E\orclt.
The Jolly forty will be entertained on
Friday evening by Mrs. Farcsworth and MM.
George Brown at the homo of the former.
The women of the First Presbyterian
church will give a frco social In the parlors
ot Iho church this afternoon from a to C
Wo give attention to llttlo things In laun
dry work. You get all Hint Is best In fine
work and good service at the Eagle laundry ,
721 Hwny.
Letter Carrier C. J. Roth hca been' ' promoted
meted from the third to the second c'ass.
The promotion Increases his salary from ? ( iOO
to $850 per year ,
M. II. Oass , superintendent of the Soldiers'
Orphans' homo at Davenport , Is In thu city.
Ho la the guest of Superintendent Rothcrt
of the Iowa School for the Deaf.
Brandt Crocker , the well known letter car-
rlcr , who has been ijulto sick for the last
week has taken his route again , although hla
iccovcry la not yet considered complete.
John S. Wright Is In the city , the gurot
ot W. L. Douglass. Mr. Wright la Just com
pleting a ycar'o trip around the world nnd
Is now on his way to his homo In Rochester ,
N. Y.
Mrs. F. II. Flnnoy and daughter leave this
week for an extended trip through the south
ern states. They will bo absent some time
and expect to bo greatly bcncfittcd In health
by the trip.
The regular meeting of Augusta Grove
will bo hold tomorrow evening for the pur
pose of Installing the newly elected onicern
oiul Initiation ot new members. Supper will
bo served during the evening.
The attention ot the sidewalk Inspector was
called yesterday to n dangerous place In the
walk leading from the High school. It was
found to bo a trap that would make a broken
leg certain If a child should step Into It.
Nuws has been received here of the death
nt Denver of B , A. Burkhart. He was for
merly awell , known resident of this city ,
and held numerous offices. Part of the time
ho was city marshal. He will be burled In
Denver today.
The Durfeo Furnltura company will com
mence today another one of the pcyular nnd
profitable 20 per cent ellssaunt sales which
will last during the remainder of the month.
Every article In the big establishment will
go at this great discount.
There aio fifty of the merchants In the
city who have undertaken to push the Coun
cil Bluffs exposition buttons for the purpose
of providing funds to build the big wigwam
on the exposition grounds. One of the hand
some buttons In. the lapel of a man's coat Is
a badge of honor and'an Indication of enter
Peryl M. Kef.t and Miss Lucy A. Bird , both
of Oakland , la , , were married yesterday af
ternoon by Rev. J. W. Wilson , of the
First Congregational church. The ceremony
was performed at the rcs'dcnce ot Henry
Newton , 308 Stutsman street , In the presence
of a few friends.
Mlas Nora Brown , daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. J. Brown , was vote.l at the Catholic fair
as the meat popular young woman. The
prize Is n handsome Jeweled manicure set
nnd Miss Brown Is receiving the congratu
lations ot her meoy friends on account of
her splendid majority over all other contes
tants. The set netted the ladlca ot the fair
The revival meeting which was started
Monday evening at Edgcwood Union church
on the Shugart farm , live miles east of this
city Is progressing finely. The church has
been filled to overflowing each evening , nnd
finite a number of people from this city are
Interested , Including the pastors of the
various churches. The sluglng Is under the
direction of W. I. Wilson of this city.
Miss Ella Joseph , who has been visiting
relatives In Omaha and Council Bluffs for
the past week , left last Monday evening
for North Carolina , where she will engage
as a missionary among the mountain
whites. Miss Joseph has been employed In
the city schoolu of Denver , Colo. , for the
past flvo years , but resigned last Decem
ber to take up the work In the mission
school for homeless glrln at Barnard. N. C.
C. B. Vlavl Co. . female remedy : consulta
tion free Office hours , 9 to 12 and 2 to 5.
Health book furnished. 32G-327-32S Merrlam
N , Y. Plumbing compinr. Tel. 250.
When wo ndvcntlso cut prices wo mean it.
Mctcalf Bros.
Dancing party at Chambers' academy
Thursday evening. January 20 , by the St.
Agnes guild. Tickets on sale at Stark &
IiiiII < 'N' I'll < lit I.oil I her SliocN , $2.r > 0.
I hava ai lot of nlco $4.00 patent leather
Bhocs that I do rot want. You can have them
this- week nt J2.GO. SARGENT'S.
Mothers should take advantage of our sale
and buy their boys' clothing now. Mctcalf
Clfiuilni ; Out Curtail IMuiiilrr.
During the course of the past twenty-
four hours nearly a dozen search warrants
have been sworn out by people who have
Dost property and had reason to bellevo that
it might bo found among the plunder col
lected by the Corgans and Engcl. The
seekers for lost property wore generally suc
cessful In their search , Thu search was
also fruitful for other people- who dropped
In out of curiosity. Many articles were
recognized and claimed by various people.
Identification of property taken in n dozen
separate thefts was secured , yet only a
Email part of the great accumulation of
stolen stuff has been Identified , Evidence
was secured to show that chickens , hogs
nnd cattlu hail been stolen and slaughtered
nnd the product sold by the Industrious
thieves , The only things about the place
where thcro was any doubt about methods
ot acquirement were a couple of broken
down horses. It Is believed by the police
that they were also stolen , but as they are
in the possession of the attorney employed
to defend the prisoners as security for hla
fees no effort will bo made to Investigate )
The outfit are comparative strangers in
the city , and have only been hero a feu-
jnontlw. Within a week after coming hero
Kngcl was arrtutcd for stealing a laprobo
from the carriage of J. F. Hunt while It
was standing In front of the Christian taber
nacle. He had no difficulty in escaping con
viction. Thuy came hero directly from
Glcnwood in a covered wagon and BO fur
na can bo learned now have been leading
a nomadic Ufa for some time. The woman
is young and qulto prepossessing.
Bho uajH her homo was in Grand Island ,
Children's suits and reefers at reduced
prices. Metealf Bros.
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that other dealers get $1.60 for at $2.25 la a
Vumbug. Our $5.00 chocs are $3.98 , $3.00
Ohoed $2.48 , etc. , at Sargent's. Look ( or tbo
January prices ct Motcalt
Superintendent of Towa School for the
Deaf Inteiviewed ,
i Too Itrlcf nnd SIIIHT-
Ilelnl \Vnrrniit ( lie CliiirKen Muile
in tin ; Itrimrt Jnnt .Ma do
lit lcn Mottle * .
The report ot the legislative
committee , made public in Dee 'Metrics yester
day , was read with a good deol ot Intcrcol
here for the reason that It reflected some
what severely upon the management of the
Iowa Sch ( jal for the Deaf. The report was n
great surprise to the management ot Hie In
stitution and the people generally , for the
reason licit It was altogether unexpected
W'.icn ' the legislative Investigating committee
was hern lasi fall It VMS expected that sev
eral days would bo consumed In making the
examination , and It was Intimated that some
of the discharged employes would ask to be
given u chance to tell something dcrogator }
to the management of Superintendent Roth
crt , So far as kno\\n no charges of thla char
acter were made and tuo Inquiry came to ar
abrupt termination. The committee had left
the city almost before It was fairly under-
fitood that It was hero. The brevity of the
Inquiry und Mio general Impression that pre
vailed that the committee had found no rea
son to make the anticipated extended Inves
tigation led to tno belief that thcro was-
nothing to Investlga'.e ' but much to commend ,
Superintendent Rothcrt was seen last even
ing about the chief charge tliat waa made
against his management , which wni the
purchase of supplies without regard to tilt
maikot value of 'ihc ' articles. Ho was at a lose
to understand why such a scrloun cliargc
should be made , when there was absolute ! }
no ground for It. "Everything about the
stltutlon Is bought by contract and the con
tracts uro all let to M.IClowest responsible
bidder , " the superintendent declared. "The
spee-lfic charge that the incut furnlbhcd tc
the Institution was purchased from a butchct
who charged retail prices for wholesale dellv-
erica Is altogether wlnout foundation. Foi
many years the contract baa been let to J ,
H. Pace , who uniformly submitted a blel
lower tin in any of ills competitors Until this
year , when ho founl that prices muot be
raised to prevent absolute loss. He raised
'ihcm ' a trlllo too high and lest , toe contract ,
It was awarded to Letchforl & Graft , whc
are furnl&hlng all ot the meats used In the
Institution at a price that Is very close , 1
am told , to the nctuul wholesale price at the
South Oma.'ia slaughter houses. "
Mr. Kd.hert was unable to recall any In
stance where ho purchased supplies from
other than the regular contractors. There Is
a small fund called the contingent fund kepi
on hand at the Institution for the purpose
of supplying articles not Included In tue con
tractors' lists and for fauch other emcrgcncj
purposes. This fund 4a small and can onlj
bo used for such purpos-ca. ! Mr. Rothert is In
clined to believe that there must be some
mistake about the matter , and expressed his
belief that some other s'ato ' institution was
meant to bo censured Instead of his own. In
wi.ilch ho has liad such a great personal
prldo for so many years.
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Rebecca Degree lodge , No. 3 , will hold n
publlo Installation ball and banquet January
24 nt the Independent Order of Odd Fel
lows' temple , the first of Its kind ever held
in 'Uio ' city.
All I'rlces Ciit
Mils week at Sargent's. No coupons giver
at our January sale. Look for the Bear.
These cheviot suits svo sold at $10.00 go
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Kvi's ' ii"uifA.Vn
Tiirnoil Innalnnt
VIoluloi-H of ( In * l.n w.
The grand Jury returned eleven Indictments
last evening after a little over a week's In
quiry Into the misdeeds of the persons sub
mitted for examination.
The most Important of the batch was three
against George G. Bell , a commission mer
chant , who operated a house on South Main
street last summer and victimized a large
number of fruit growers. There have been
strenuous demands for the prosecution of this
men ever since the clo'se of the fruit ship
ping last fall , when , the growers began to
compare notes and discover that ho had been
systematically robbing them by withholding
all of the proceeds of the sales ot consign
ments of fruit. Half a dozen of Bell's vic
tims went before the grand Jury at the No
vember term and told their stories , but the
evidence necessary to convict was not forth
coming. Bell's mcthodtj were neither orig
inal uor peculiar. Ho was a now man- , com
ing from South Omaha , and attracted atten
tion at the start by announcing that he wan
hero for the purpose of driving the Grape
Growers' Shipping association out of busi
ness. When the carjy summer berries began -
gan to come Into market he was en active
solicitor of the growers for their conolsn-
ments , promising them better returns than
they could get from the association. It la
asserted by the growers that at the begin
ning of the season ho actually paid them
twlco ad much for their fruit as ho received
for Its salo. This was a good bait , sad tha
growers who were not raembera of the asso-
tlon and many of the members hurried ta
him with their fruit. Returns continued to
bo made satisfactorily for a while , but grad
ually the .price went down until he was- payIng -
Ing them about all ho realized from the mar
keting of the fruit. Throughout the tore part
of the season his returns were uniformly
higher than the best that could bo dene by
the association's agents. The consequence
was that the growers were crazy to deliver
their stuff to him , As the season- advanced
returns were lews satisfactory and slower ,
and finally ceased altogether , and at the
close of the shipping ho was a great meny
carlo-ids ahead ot his customers. Ho pock
eted the entire proceeds and made no effort ,
the growers say , to pay a cent. Two of the
Indictments were based , on- these transac
tions. In the third ho Is charged with the
embezzlement of two carloads ot potatoes
shipped- him by Perry & Owens of Aber
deen. S. D. The testimony shows that In
October ho telegraphed the Aberdeen firm
tolling them that the potato market hero
was active and the demand great at C5 nnd
70 cents a bushel , which was 30 cents higher
than the actual price at that time , Ho In
duced them to consign him two carlcads ,
The evidence shows that ho netted $95 en ono
car and $115 om the other and after pocketIng -
Ing the- proceeds closed up hU shop and quit
business. Ho was arrested last night and
lodged In the county Jail. His bond was
fixed nt $300 to each case. Ho was unable
to give It.
Another batch of indictments were found
against gamblers. William Rodgera and
James Jioouey will bo prosecuted for con
ducting a gambling- resort on Middle Broad
way. James Mlthcnwas indicted for gamIng -
Ing , the charge being that ho was cngagol In
playing at the houso. All of the men were
placed under arrest last night.
Ella Clark , the negress who robbed a man
from Missouri of $100 , was Indicted. She. lias
been In the county Jail since an hour after
the occurrence transpired.
Joe Conrad was Indicted for Tabbing1 John
Taylor. Ho found Taylor drunk and went
through his pockets ,
Dan Graham was indicted for bigamy. He
Is an old soldier who left his wlfo three
years ago an-i has been living with another
woman and introducing- her as hla wlfo ,
which constitutes a common law marriage ,
Ho has been in Jail for several days under
$1.000 bonds.
\VIIHam Barnes will have to defend the
charge of grand larceny preferred by Robert
* fanner soar Crescent , from
whom 'Barnes stole a lot of hogs and drove
them to Hie South Omaha market. The olhei
men Indicted have not been arrested.
The charge against Lee McMillanwho was
accusoJ by young Klnney of being the chlcl
actor In the CAttlc stealing that sent ihc
latter to the penitentiary for three years ,
was ignored. The evidence showed thai
there was no foundation for the charge.
Weekly Olobc Served Nollpp of Coti-
toM In I'rlntliic : Contrnct.
The Board of County Supervisors Is hold
ing a short adjourned session for the puf-
poeo of completing the work ot the regular
January cession. The Glebe Publishing com.
pany took advantage of the scofilcn to servo
a notice upon the members thai It would
contest the award of the county printing ,
which was made at the meeting of the board
a few days ago. The notice was accom
panied by a number of affidavits annouoclca
that the Weekly Globe was the possessor o !
the largest list ot paying nubscrlbem ot any
paper printed In the county , and that under
the low the paper Is entitled to its share
of the public patronage. The prlnt'ng ' In
controversy Is the publication of the proceed.
Ings of the county board at the regular and
special meetings. The law sa > e that the
proceedings shall be published In three
papcm In each county having a population ol
17,000 end over , and that the compensation
chall bo 33VS cents per square for each In
sertion. In making the awards of thKi pat
ronage the beard has not been following the
law for a number of years. Part of the time
the patronage has been divided up among
four of the county papers two lui thla city
and two others printed In the smaller coun
try towns. The board had fixed the prlco at
25 cents a square GO as to bring the cost
within the limits prescribed by law. At thu
last session , held a few elays ago , the patron ,
age was still further divided up by giving It
to five pipers ot 20 cents an Inch. In1 this
deal the Globe , which Is the democratic
county organ , was Ignored entirely and n
German weekly paper printed hero substi
The bexml dlscueecd the- matter of pur
chasing supplies for the- paupers of thecounty
and made now comparison of the great dls.
parity of the cost for wring for the paupers
In the country townships and these In the
city. The reports show that for the last two
or thrco years It has ccat moro to care for
the paupers outside ot the city than It should.
The records show that three-fourths of the
puipers In the entire county received aid
from the Council Bluffs overseer and yet it
hoa cost the taxpayers more to feed an\l care
for the 25 per cent outeldo than It did for the
75 per cent relieved here. The board dis
cussed this matter at great length and elc-
clded to extend the system that has proven
so successful and economical here and make
It applicable to the entire county. This re
quires merchants to submit bids once each
three months and the contract Is awarded
to the loweel bidder. Cno merchant In each
town will be given the contract hereafter and
the competition will reduce the prlco to the
lowest limits.
Men's suits and overcoats at reduced orlces
at Metealf Brcs. '
Tll - I'M > ll ! ( lLMiril
anel elo nc/t patronize all so-called salco , but
when Sargent advertises a cut prlco sale they
know It's business. Look for the Bear.
Ilt-nl lChn ( < > Transfers.
The following : transfers are reported from
the title and loan ofllce of J , W. Squire , 101
Pearl street :
C. S. 'Preston ' and husband to Fannie
Howard et al , neVl 20-77-3D , q c d $ 1
Portsmouth Savings bank to Victor
Jennings , lot In resurvey of O. P. lot
3. , nnd lot 9 In-resurvey of O. P. lot
37 , w d BOC
C. S. Preston and husband to F.innle
How ell et al. , und 7-9 of grantor's In
terest In s % nci , ne'/i no'i and seVi
14 : so'i nwV4. swli 20 ; seVi 19 ; neU 30 ,
se % nw'4 , n % scVl 30-77-39. q c d 47C
E. Jenkins to A. E. O. Jenkins n % nwU
31-74-43 ; u % se'4 21-74-44 ; lots 21 nnd 22 ,
block 7 , Bayllss 3d add , w db 1
Mary li Pool to Mrs. Slary Ester Pool ,
lots 7 , S and 9 , Uohror's subdlv of S-
74-43 , w d COC
Flvo transfers , total $1,47 :
January prices at Metealf Bros. "
I own Scliool SiiperliiliMKlciitH fiet A I-
vloc from Hiliicntloiinl Dopnrliiiviit.
DES MOINES , Jan. 18. ( Special. ) Prof. R.
C. Barrett , superintendent of public instruc
tion , Jias Issued his first circular , addressed
to county superintendents. He urges them
to put In moro tlmo visiting the rural
schools and not to miss nn opportunity to
speak to the school and encourage every
pupil. "In all cases deal Justly and frankly
with the teachers. In nearly all schools
something will appear worthy of commenda
tion. Young and Inexperienced teachers will
specially appreciate words of praise. Where
deserved they should not bo withheld. When
convenient 'try and have one or more mem
bers of the board accompany you to the
school. Urge them to call frequently. A
plan already adopted in some counties of
sending members of boards blanks to be
filled out and returned has proven helpful
and is approved. " Superintendent Barrett
urges another important duty upon county
Bupcrfinfendents and that Is to see to it (
that the outbuildings In connection with oil
school houses are kept neat and clean. Thes
law requires that suitable provision ot ( Ills
character shall bo made and It Is the county
superintendent's business to see that the
law is enforced. "To display false modesty
in this matter , " says Superintendent Bar
rett , "will bo recreant and may result In
untold Injury to the moral ecnse of the
youth of the community. " . The State de
partment expects before long to ask the
county superintendents for n spjclal roj.ort
on thcso points.
.StrurU COM.
ELDORA , la. , Jan. 18. ( Special Telegram. )
Workmen' ' drilling- for water near Hubbard
have Just struck a wonderful gas well , with
a flow sufficient to light and heat the town
of Hubbard. The escaping gas has a curious
odor and people from the entire county are
flocking to see the well.
The new elevator at Missouri Valley , with
a capacity of 20,000 bushels , lias been opened ,
A business block was recently sold In
Davenport for $11,000 , or nearly $300 a front
foot.Tho Waterloo Manufacturing company has
voted to increase Its capital stock from $10-
000 to $50,000.
Davenport has been asked to vacate a part
of street in orJcr to secure the location of
an ax factory.
During the last year at Newton ono dealer
paid out $33,450 for horses , all of wblch were
I shipped to Boston.
ToloJo may got a button factory on $35,000
capital , to utilize the clam shells tin the Iowa
river at that place.
Machinery has arrived In Cedar Tlapids
for the now cob pipe factory , and It will bo
in operation by the first of next month.
The problem of finding room for the pupils
In the publlo schools Is bothering thu Glen-
wooJ school board. The rooms are over
crowded now.
Work was commenced last week in the
fire district of Baxter on the foundations of
business 'blocks ' , seven bricklayers being at
work , The foundations of seven rooms were
The canning factory which was built and
equipped two years ago at Independence , but
never operated , has recently been sold to
local capitalists and will bo put to Ube when
the season opens.
The Charles City Wagonctto company has
completed the foundation walls ot the now
factory building. When completed the build
ing will have 80,000 feet of floor room _ and
will be three stortea'hlgh. '
The Northern Manufacturing- company has
been organized at Webster City for the
manufacture of Olson's compound for petrify
ing plaster. The stock of the company IB
$12,025 , ot which $ C,000 Is paid up.
Herman Younker , a Dos .Molhes business
man , IB negotiating with the trustees of the
Plymouth Congregational church for the lot
on which the church stands , which Is valued
I at $05,000. and If ho can get it will build a
busluuss block , tbcrcoiu
fiovera Criticisms of the Conduct of Public
Institutions { Iowa.
- f i t
i *
lovrn I < rRlft1nllvc i7outnll < trc on S < ntc
lustltiitlonii l'o ll'fiidiirlcK niul
Council IllufT * Soluiol for
Dciif the Womt.
DCS MOINES. Jan. 18. The legislative
investigating committee , which , acting under
epcclal authority of the legislature , has been
Inquiring Into the conduct of state Institu
tions , presented Its report toiMy. It is n
scathing arraignment of the present plan ot
conducting the Institutions , and declares that
radical reforms are Imperatively necessary.
The committee ( Inda that the present system
ot managing each Institution Independently
of all others , In charge ot a special beard ot
trustees , la extravagant , tends to violation
of the laws In regard to cxpcndtturo nnd care
ot state funds , and costs the" state at least
1300,000 annually moro than the proper con
duct ot the establishments ought to cost.
The committee recommends that a state
board of control bo appointed , with admin
istrative powers , that the local boards ot
trustees bo reduced In numbers , uniform sys
tems of accounting bo established for all the
Institutions , and that bll'a be audited , some
thing that In most of the Institutions has
been done only In a. perfunctory manner.
The report represents the work of several
months by the three members ot the com
mittee , Senator T. D. Hcaly and Representa
tives Frank Mcrrlam nnd Glaudo Porter.
The first two named are republicans and the
last a democrat. The committee was ap
pointed at tliPI special session of the bat
legislature , a year ago. Its recommendation
Is that all the Institutions , except the uni
versity , the agricultural college and the nor
mal school , bo placed under this central
board , and that these three educational In
stitutions bo allowed to continue under the
old plan.
The report takes up the Investigation at
the institutions , outby one. The Insane
hospitals were 'found to bo very loosely
managed. At those Institutions and at tlio
penitentiaries buildings representing an In
vestment of hundreds of thousands of dollars
lars ot the state money are begun and
built without any detailed specifications
ever being procured. The architect buys
materials needed as ho wants them and
Issues orders for payment , which arc cashed
by the treasurer of the Institution without
any system of auditing or checking. The
buildings as a result cost Immensely moro
than they should. The legislature n year
ago , at the urgent request of the Mount
Pleasant hospital management , passed a law
allowing the asylums for insane to draw
their quarterly support fund In advance In
stead of at the close of the quarter , so that
they might pay cash for all supplies und
thus secure the benefit , of discounts. The
committee finds that tljo asylum manage
ments have not boon paylng cash or securIng -
Ing discounts ; they ihavci been doing exactly
ns they formerly did except that the hospi
tal treasurers have hceu able to carry many
thousands of dollars moro ot Institution
money to their cr9dlt in the banks. In
several cases It was. found that the treas
urers ot Institutions had been given state
warrants when there not cash to pay
tholr requisitions. .Tlicy , had sold the war
rants and pockotcd'jtho Interest and prem
ium Instead of giving Jhe state the benefit
ot It. In ono case at leapt the treasurer was
constrained , after l ts ' examination .before
the committee , toetu ' n these premiums
to the Institution's account.
It la found that the trustees of Institu
tions , when examln'ed before the board , in
nearly all cases betray the most profound
Ignorance of the affairs of their . .Institu
tions. Their function Is merely advisory ;
the business Is all done by the officers of the
Institutions. In many institutions no com
petitive bids uro asked oven in purchasing
the largest bills of supplies and the result
is that while In some cases the state does
not appear to suffer , in others it docs suf
fer severely.
lAmong other things the committee. In
Us report , says :
The most casual reading : of the report In-
( lleatc.H that there , Is no uniform purchasing
of supplies for subsistence or construction
purposes. Different grades and qimlltlerf of
supplies arc consumed In hospitals treating
the same classes of patients , nnd in many
places such supplies nre purchased at re-
tall. Fuel constitutes ono of the largest
Items , and each management buys n. differ
ent kind of coal wit hi little reference to the
experience , of other Institutions or the
usases of those who purchase coal In large
quantities for stenm heating purposes. Uet-
terments , permanent Improvements and
buildings are made -without reference to
economies secured In the management of
some Institutions. These practices and oth
ers to which the report refers necessarily
Induce extravagance. Different funds arc
Intermingled In violation of law. Statutory
limitations or expenditures for specific pur
poses nre not observed. Nor is compliance
therewith even attempted In many cases.
At many places there Is no auditing- bills
and at others the auditing- only after the
bills nro paid. Institutions of the- same kind
pay different salaries for llku services. The
salaries of some olliclnls and omployca nro
higher than those paid to olllcers and em-
ployea In similar Institutions In the western
and In some Instances In the eastern states.
Appropriations are asked and secured from
the legislature when the manner of their
expenditure Is not fully determined. The
cost of the Improvement or building Is
therefore unknown. And It Is only by chance
that a proper appropriation Is made. There
can oo no more vicious practice in legisla
tion than this. It will deplete any treasury
without returning- value received. It Is Im
possible In many cases , owing to the loose
terms of the appropriation acts and the
fnlluro to preserve In any form whatever
the statements of those who secure the ap
propriations , for a legislative committee , to
as-certain whether the appropriation la ex
pended In a. manner agreeable to the legis
lative Intent. The fact that the membership
of the legislature. Is subject to many changes
deprives the people of the experience ol
those who grant ono appropriation , when
the next Is con"ldcred. It frequently occurs
that In makliiK Hiiuscquont appropriations
no heed la or can bo paid to the representa
tions when the llrwt was secured. The man
ner In which appropriations arc secured en
genders a reciprocal distrust between the
people's representatives and the manage
ment of the Institutions. This creates a dis
position to regard the legislature ns a hos
tile force from which no assistance can bo
expected except as a-result of personal so
licitation and by Invoking the pressure ol
political Inlluoneo n d tlio disagreeable prac-
tlccs of the lobby. , _ f
Uoforrlng to the matter of a. central 'board '
of control , the report says :
The character of tftesOotird ns to the num
ber nnd manner of selCHIon la largely a
matter of legislatives discretion. The board
will necessarily bo.wobted with great pow
ers , but this should "ot weigh against the
HUBRcstlon , for Breult-r. powers arc vented
In and exercised byShev executive and judi
cial olllcers of the late. The proposed law
should bo so framed iw to prevent the en
tering of partisan politics into the manage
ment or selection of 'tho otllccrs of the In
stitutions. For no greater evil con mar the
Just and happy admllilfitrntlon of a public
charity. The grcate'cducatlonal Institution
might bo omitted , forjtfulr boards of trust
ees are exercising ftrra greater degree the
powers vested In twin by law , nnd there la
force In the suggijrttlon that the development -
ment of a university as1 a seat of learning
and culture Involves considerations that
have no application to the charitable nnd
penal Institutions of the state. The number
of the governing bodlca of the university
and Agricultural college should bo reduced
to flvo members.
Mr. Merrlam of the committee Joes not
assent ) ta to much of till * report as suggests
the creation of a central 'board ' with ndmlnlsv
tratlvo powers , tmta \ In accord with the
other vlowu expressed and believes a change
In tbo government of state Institutions
should bo made.
Tlio two penitentiaries of the state and
the School for the Deaf at Council 13luffs
receive the bulk of censure in the report of
the legislative Investigating commlttie
submitted- the general assembly today.
All the Institutions arc taken to task to
lax bookkeeping and nnbuslncss-lik
methods. The Agricultural college t Ames
the Stale unlvoralty at lowix City , thi
Soldiers' Orphans Home at Davenport , am
the Industrial schools at Mltchcllvlllo am
Cldora cot oft easy.
Kxcesslvo salaries arc found to have beei
drawn at the An a mesa penitentiary and tin
general system Is unbusinesslike. ArchI
tecta brought material without specification !
on file ar.-J nee was bought under adver
tlscmcnts for bids. The committee says thi
system would not bo tolerated by corpora
tlons or Individuals ,
The School fpr the Deaf at Council nluffi
purchased supplies without refrenco ti
market values or the quality of goods re
cclvcd. I irgo quantities of meat wen
purchased from a butcher who charged re
tall prices for wholesale deliveries.
The board of trustees of the Agriculture
college at Ames drew moro than the thlrt ;
days' salary allowed by Jaw.
The committee takes a decided stand foi
competitive bids for supplies. It finds tha
the support fund Intended for the use o
keeping Inmates has been diverted In almos
every Institution to paying salaries and othe
bills not contemplated by the statute.
The committee strongly urges the cstab
llshmcnt of a state board of control to In
elude all Institutions under the goveramen
ot the commonwealth.
The legislature settled down to buslncs
for the first time today. Representative Uar
roll of Sioux City presented In the house i
bill to enact a maximum chai-go law to.
stock yards , it Is practically the Bamo ai
the Kansas measure , llnrrolt's district con
tains at Sioux City the only Important stocl
market In the stato. Ho says the compan :
will fight him , ibut that he la 'backed ' by thi
commission men and stock dealers. The bll
declares yards receiving 100 cattle. 100 hogi
or 'twenty ' sheep dally public markets. I
fixes a scale of charges as follows : Foi
yarding , loading and unloading , watering nm
weighing cattle , 20 cents ; hogs , 8 cents
cnlvei } , C cents : sheep , 4 cents per head
Only ono yardage can bo charged and an ;
other charges than specified shall 'bo mis
demeanors. It shall be unlawful ! to chargi
moro 'than ' 50 cents per hundred weight abov <
wholesale prlcea for hay furnished at yardo
or over CO cents per bushel above wholcwli
prices for corn , and full weight must b <
given. Penalties nro : First violation , llm
of $100 ; second , $100 .to $200 ; third , $200 fe
$500 or Imprisonment not over six month ;
for each offense , or both fine and Imprison ;
Senator Cheshire presented the Cheshire
amendment In n long bill ; Senator Hurst , t
bill prohibiting first cousins marrying ; Rep
resentative Downing , a bill to provide that
voters who vote shall bo exempt from poll
tax , but thosewtio fall to vote must pay
$2.50 annual tax. Ladd ot LJutlcr presented
Iri the house a Joint resolution for a woman
suffrage amendment to the constitution ,
Wcmplo of Decatur prcsttitcd n resolution
to cut the number of house employes , In
cluding a reduction of the number of com
mittee clerks fcom thirty-three lo fifteen.
It went over , and will cause n fight. In
the senate the bill ta require treasurers o (
counties to place their funds In banks that
would pay Interest to the public accoutit , was
considered. It was decided that If the change
were made as to county treasurers , It must
niply to school , city and all public treas
urers. Dut there was strong opposition tc
tfoo plan , and it was determined to con
sider the measure further before making a
report. It Is already giving promUs of
making one of the fights ot the scFelcn.
The supreme court holds In an opinion to
day that Richard Rowe must servo three
years In the penitentiary for being acces
sory'to the embezzlement of $30,000 fron
Powcshlek county. Rowe lived In Kansas
his brother , Chester Rowe , was treasurer o
I'oweshlek county , Iowa. The two consplrei
to rob the county , and the Kansas man came
and helped his brother escape with th (
money. They went to Mexico , whence Rich
ard was extradited and convicted ; Chcstei
was convicted In the 'City ' of Mexico of bringIng -
Ing stolen funds Into 'Mexico ' and sentenced
lo a long term , which he Is serving there
The attorneys for Richard appealed his casi
on the ground ho was Indicted as a prlnclpa'
when 'In fact lie was an accessory. The
court holds there Is no difference between
principal and an accessory and affirmed the
In the case of the state against Vlctoi
Repp , from Monroe county , the suproim
court today held that bees are not wild ani
mals. Repp tobk a swarm of bees that hm ;
Tjeen taken from a bee tree OH the proper ! }
of another by a third party who wag not thi
owner of the property. He was convlctcc
of larceny. The court holds that the con
viction would have stood It the prosecutoi
had been the owner , as It Is , Repp wins hh
appeal. The court says : "Wild game Is
i under the control of the state and onlj
becomes the subject of private ownershlj
when reclaimed by the art and industry ol
man. A somewhat different rule applies ac
to bees. These have a local habitation. Dj
the law of nature the person who hlvec
the swarm would bo entitled to It , but undei
the regulations of property rights , since the
Institution of civil society , the forest as well
as cultivated field belongs to the ownei
thereof and ho who Invades It Is a tres
passer. "
TiiUc-N HIM Own Life.
iDUBUQUE , Jan. 18. ( Special Tolcgram.- )
Captaln Henry Duffy , a young merchant ol
Waukon , was found dead In his store on
the morning of April 27 last , with a revolver
In his hand , another by his side and a bullet
In his heart. It was thought a burglar had
murdered him and Frank Arnold , a young
man of bad reputation who disappeared a
few days later , was arrested at Omaha.
Arnold -was put on trial at Waukon today
and County Attorney Stlllwcll said the state
would show ono of the revolvers found was
his. Attorney Conway said the defense
would show Arnold never owned the re
volver , but that Duffy had It some days be
fore the tragedy ; also that Duffy had be
come Intimate with a clerk In his store
named Maggie McMorrow , had sent her to
Chicago , where she gave birth to a child.
When pretsed to marry her ho had threat
ened to commit suicide. An accident In
surance company , which had a risk of $3,000
on Duffy's life , Is defending Arnold.
Tfclilc > N Dlttili
SIOUX CITY , Jan. IS. ( Special. ) Judge
Hutchlneon of the Fourth Judicial district ol
Iowa has decided the famous Mcaona county
ditch cases , which have been pending In the
courts for the last eleven years. The court
finds for Monona county , as against Judge
Addlson Oliver , ex-United States congressman -
man , and other prominent Monona county
land owners.
CVo More Count } '
OTTUMWA , In. , Jan. 18. ( Special. ) The
Wapello County Agricultural society has de
cided by a vote of the stockholders to neil
the fair grounds and disband , There will
bo no more county fairs here ,
'Town ill ( lie Kxiioxltloii ,
The Mount Pleasant Journal Is In favor
of a decent appropriation for the exposition ,
The Burlington Gazette Is enthusiastically
in favor of an appropriation for an IO\\Q
exhibit at the expedition.
There IB very little opposition In the press
of tlio state lo a proper appropriation ten tlio
Omaha exposition , observes the DCS Molnea
The Waterloo Reporter demands that the
leglslatoro ot Iowa decline the proffered ex
cursion to Omaha to sco what Is .being done
t the exposition. It la needless to eay the
Reporter opposes any reprcsenutlon of Iowa
at the exposition.
The Marslmlltown Tlmefl-Rcpubllcan , re
ferring to the lowia 'building ' at the exposi
tion , usks If it would not 'bo ' good- policy to
construct one that can bo taken down and
transferred < o the BUrto fair grounds at Den
Molncu for a permanent stay.
Wo have , says aho Mllford Mall , from the
very start said that Iowa could not afford tt >
do otherwise ) than make a crcvlltablo dlplay
at the TransTOlMUfilppl Exposition , and U to
mighty pewr figuring on Iho part of BCCTO
would-bo reformers to oppose a liberal ap
propriation for 'thin purpose- .
If after Investigation , says'tho Dubuque
Telegraph , the legislature shall conclude that
the total amount asked for U actually needed
to make a display worthy of Iowa , It will bo
upheld ilitlio peopla o ( 'tlio ctato
of pitrly in * pproprlfttlnR tlio money. It
would tie l > tor to make no exhibit tlun an
Inadequate one , ftrvt dhtvtly and In.llrectly
nn Moauate ) CJjilblt wHI bo worth to the
Plato many times Its cod.
DM Molnea Lender : The tender H pleased
to nee ! thst , after more mature considera
tion of the nutter , the leading republican
newspapers of Jowa nro ndvlslng the legis
lature < o provide for nn adequate representa
tion ot the state as < ho TnuwmteslMlppI Ex
position. For o long itlme * hls portion of the
press. If not hostile , was certainly not
friendly. Now an a-dequate > npproprla'.lon Is
unequivocally advocated by Mich nowiipapcns
as the Sioux City Journal , the Council niuffs
N'ouparell , thu Mnrslulltown Times-Rernib-
llenn , the Cedar Rnplds Re-publican , the Dav
enport Republican , the Ilurllnglon Hawkeye
and many others. The Register , in Ho oppo.
filtlon to the exposition , nt flrrt hud some
following among Iho leading papers of Its
party , 'but it is now left practically unsup
Union Men ItrnucHtcil Not to 1'ntrnitlxr
Ilie CotuM-m.
CHICAGO , Jan. IS. The bakers' union
has begun a war against the American Ills-
cult company , and Incidentally against all
employers of non-union bakers. The ofilcors
of the union say they will carry the war Into
every state where the American Ulscult com
pany docs business. According to the ofll-
ccrs ot the union , tno fight is In retaliation
for alleged action on the part of the Ameri
can Ulscult eonpany In dlscnargms members
ot their organization whenever It has se
cured control of n bakery , and placing non
union and cheaper men In their places. In
this way , the union men say , wages have
been reJucexl In the company's bakery and
this has- forced the wagca down In other es
The union has sent to every labor orgnnlza-
tlon In Cook county for n roster of Its mem
bership. A number of the unions have al
ready replied and It tls expected that all the
unions will lend their assistance In the
fight. The names of the members of the
union nro to be divided In groups , as they
live In adjacent localities. Forty men , who
will bo divided Into committees of two , will
work until the housewife in every union
nan's house has refused to buy bread unless
It has a union label on It. Petitions will
bo presented to each dealer with the re
quest that he patronize only union bakeries ,
and ho will bo told that If he does not do
this after a icasonablo length ot time the
customers who have petitioned him will
leave him.
An ofllccr of the Chicago union has Just
returned from St. hauls , where a similar
fight Is being waged , and ho reports that
twenty shops have been unionized with the
assistance of the wives of the union men
and their friends.
Manager Hugglns of the local branch of
the American Ulscult and Manufacturing
company Is out of the city , but Cashier A.
IH. Stoddart stated that the strike of the
Bakers' union would have nothing to do
with the Omaha plant , as no bread Is manu
factured by It.
GrmlunllyNNIIIIIIII | ; Control of Af-
fn Irs In Curon.
SAN FRANCISCO , Jan. IS. Oriental mall
advices state that Russia Is keeping up Ito
policy of aggression In Cores. The appoint
ment of a new Russian minister to Corca
was taken advantage of by the czar's govern
ment. First the mllitarv power-of Corea
was assumed. Next the finances of Corca were
brought under superintendence. Then , In
addition to the coaling station It cow poa-
sceaes , Russia Is mow making efforts to ob
tain another on an Island opposite Futan.
A peninsula In front ot Won San will also
bo occupied by Russia , when It will make It
either a settlement or coal'mg depot. It In
said that Russians are going to be engaged
shortly as customs house omclals. and there
\3 \ to be a great Russo-Corcnn banlc. Further ,
It Is Etnted , that the Rue-stan minister is
employing Coreans on the Riu-alan frontier
lei various situations , and that the railroad
In a certain part wilt bo built by contract
In Joint work with Russia.
CrowilM Around Homo of the 3III1H , but
Xo Violence OITercil.
BIDDEFORD , .Me. , Jan. IS. The strike
situation hero Is unchanged from yesterday.
The Pcpperell , Laconla and York mills re
main shut down and there Is every InJIca-
tlon of a lens struggle. A committee of
York operatives win call on Agent Page to
day and endeavor .to secure an adjustment of
their grievances on ncount of the reduction.
The AndrcBcoggln cotton mills have shut
down all departments for nn Indefinite period
owing to 'the ' strike ot a portion of the opera
FITCHUURO , Mass. , Jan. 18. The weavers
of the Hockago cotton mill , who struck on
yesterday against a reduction In , wagca ,
thereby compelling the factory to close , re
turned to work today. The weavers , who were
the only operatives who opposed the cut , de
cided to accept the reduction.
IlnllliiRtoii llootli I'leiiKciI with tlio Iii-
li-rvliMV with IIlH Father.
NEW YORK , Jan. 18. The World sayp :
Commander Balllngtoni Uooth of the Ameri
can Volunteers said yesterday that ho greatly
rejoiced over his reconciliation with his
father. He thought , ho said , that Important
results would follow It.
"I bellevo that hereafter , " ho added , "the
American Volunteers and the Salvation Army
will pursue their work In their icspectlvo
fields llko churches of different denomina
tions , In perfect harmony , and possibly with
co-operation. There will , wo hope , hereafter
bo perfect good fueling. This Is what the
Volunteers have been hoping acid working
for , and wo are happy at the prospect of
peace. "
vxio.v OP tnni.imoff AMJ
Dr. I.nmaou Talk * of ihp Tcndonor
tlio Clinraltt
CUICAao , Jun. IS.Tho ertMt tendency It
tlio Congregational church U towarela
union ot religion ( uul the state. Thd churcfi
has before It ft splendid opportunity lo awf ?
lore for country and to fill Itoell wlia
patriotic spirit. The tlm Is coming when
wo shall put obligation * ot citizenship lnt |
our creed nd teach them In the churclies.'J
These tvero the words of Dr. C. M. Lamsoa1/
the president of the American Board of For'
flgn Minions , In nn ndJrces before the Chi *
case ConKreRatloiMl club last ove-nlng. H4j
was speaking of the Kreat tendencies mscl-
test In the development of his church ah < l
when ho had reached the furl ot his remark *
tolling of the power the church would h v
In civic and affaire In the futuri
and uttered the worela nbovo quoted , his m-
tlre audlcnco burst forth Into cheers of ap
proval. The occasion was the monthly dinner
and reception ot the club. In addition td
President Lamson rind Vice President I ) , WIN
Us James of the American Hoard , there WOM
prctont among the Riusts : Prelldent J. N
nmdley , Jacksonville college ; Prof. ! ' , W )
Flake , Chicago Theological semlmxry ; Ilov *
J. H. Sclden , Klgln ; George II. Idc. Mlhvtuii
kcc ; ClcorRo H. Itust , .Minneapolis ; Mayor SI
S. Smith , Davenport , la. ; 0. L. Clucc , Hart *
ford , Cc n.
\v.viTi.\ts .mn.r.As.i7.
( invrrnnioiit Wniili Him for Severn !
INxlollloo HnlilicrloH.
KANSAS CITY , Jnn. IS. United States
District Attorney Walker has received from
Ohio ccrtltlcd copies of an Indictment
found against "Jlinmlo" Consadlne , the no
torious crcok , recently ewitenccd to three
years' Itnrrlsonmont In the Missouri peniten
tiary for a diamond robbery here. The In
dictment charges Consadlno with the rob
bery of the postoinco at Oranvllle , 0. , on the
night of October in , 1S90 , when over $1,200
worth of money and stamps was stolon. A ;
capias was Issued for Consadino's arrest , t
bo held until the expiration of his sentence'
at Jefferson City. There ore also federal In
dictments against Consadiuo In Michigan
and Illinois.
Coiillrni CuiiHiiliirtiolittinrti | | ( .
WASHINGTON. Jan. 18. The senate today *
conflrmeil the nomination of J. M. Ayres ot
Ohio to bo consul nt Hosarlo , .Argentine.
A I'luiiNiiut Simple , lint Safe KtVcctuiit
Curt- for It.
Catarrh of the ( stomach has long been con
sidered the next thing to Incurable.
Tim usual symptoms arc n full or bloating
ssuamon after oatlng , accompanied somc
times with sour or watery rlolngs , n forma
tion of gases , causing pressure on the heart
and lungs and dlfllcult breathing ; hcadacho
fickle appetite , nervousness and a general
played out , languid feeling.
There Is oftcci a foul taste In the mouth ,
coated tongue , and If the Interior of tha
stomach could bo eecn it would show 0 ,
slimy , Inflamed condition.
The euro for this common and obntlnatb
trouble is found In a treatment which causey
the food to bo readily , thoroughly digested !
before it has a time to ferment and Irrltato
the dollcato mucous surfaces ot the stomactt ,
To Kccuro a prompt and hiultliy digestion
Is the ono ncce.wary thing to do , nad whonj digestion Is Hecured tlio catarrhal
condition will have disappeared.
According to Dr. Harlansca the safest
and best treatment Is to use after each incut
a tablet , composed of Diastase , Aseptic Pop
sin. a little Nux , Golden Seal and fruit acids !
These tabletfl can now "bo found at all drug
storeti under the name ot StUart'e Djapepslo ,
Tablets , and , not be'mg a patent medicine- :
can bo used with perfect safety and asbin >
anco that healthy appetite and through dh
geatlon will follow their regular use after
Mr. N. J. Boshor of 2710 Dearborn St. ,
Chicago , 111. , writes : "Catarrh is a local
condltloo resulting from a neglected cold
In the head , whereby the lining membranes
of the neso becomes Inflamed and the poisonous - *
ous discharge therefrom , passing backward
into the threat , reaches the stomach , thus
producing catarrh of the stomach. Medical
authorities prescribed for me for thrco yoarft
for catarrh of stomach without cure , bus
today I am the happiest of men after using
only one box of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets.
I cannot nnd appropriate words to exprcqa
my good feeling.
I have found llesh , appetite and sound rest
from their use. '
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets la the safest
preparation as well as the simplest and mcci
convenient remedy for any form of Indiges
tion , catarrh of stomach. bllllousneEa , noun
stomach , heartburn and bloating after mealo.
Send for little book , mailed free , on stomach
ach troubles , by addressing Stuart Co. , Mar
shall. Mich. The tablets can bo found at all
drug stores.
Mount Veriion
Owing to its fine , full , mellow
flavor , this whiskey commands the high *
cst price in bat-role ( to wholesale ) deal !
crs ) of any brand now on the market ,
and Is tlio basis of most of the bet >
tied blended whiskey now so extensively
Bottled nt the Distillery with nil absolute
( iimranty of Purity and Original Coiictltioti
The consumer buying this tlio only
( IKtlllory buttllnc of MOUNT VHKNON ( in
SQUARI ! Rattles , each bearing t io Nmur
bercil ( iimrnnty Lnhell secures the lilj-lt-
est in-iuloof Pine Uyn Whiskey In Us natural
condition , nntlroly fieo from adulteration I !
wlthchoup spirits nnd llavorlngs ,
It has Iho Indorsement of tlio most prominent
pliyhlcluns tlirouglinut tlio United b'tntos.
1'or Sale by All Itcllublo Dealers.
w vv > % * v < x > wrvrxv > viXVrfvr rf\VN ,
Itrm for * ul ° cr rem < Dly & ll"a % SJ 1 > carl
Instructions. Albln Huttrr , atildla
333 Ilroadwuy , Oniian mctlioJ
or Dresden Coneervatory.
Not irom a financial standpoint exactly
biitfree from the defects found in the
| Li average heating system ,
Steam and Rot Wafer ficafing
All the leading Incandescent , Gas
Kurners and Mantels.
work ,
202 Mniii and
203 I'c'iirl St.
| jy our full treatment of TurkUli U li uln
fur MOO. tilBUt L < mf , Day Lo * , llerre
ur lir.itu troulle. Cured lu perfect ft you
iimr wuri. we make our own inetlldnti
H'J rpa can rely on gottlnic well. Wi luu *
written iru r Dteo with lull cure. Blngle ooiiy m i | IliHx'i I'luiyicT.