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The Skimmer f
O' the Dew |
_ . , _ - AtflL * t * t * L _ At - * ! . -4s. . .Ak k.Ah * Ah .Al , b * ftk Wt . 4V tl. * lh. | k tlllKNAN * | V tk * | V
"Is It trim what they do bo najln' nbout
Vlmmlti' tlio dew , Mrs. Oeraghty ? "
Mrs. OcraRhty look off her spectacles , laid
down lant week's Ilallyrnggel Chronicle iind
folded her arms. ,
"Now what In the world , Nococn Flo-
raf/.i , " ulio exclaimed , "has set ) our mind
runnln' on anch an old-fashioned plsbosuo
is Kklmmln ' the dew ? "
Ncrcen cost' clown her eC3.
"Well , ) o see , ma'am , " she faltered ,
"comla" from the turkey fair ycjtorday , I
licard two outd men ( coal wlso men they
ncre ) talkln' nbout sklmmlii' the dew , an'
liow It inido anyone , even a poor little or
phan collect ) , look purty. An' an' the other
colle-cns glbo at mo , Mrs , Gcraghty , because
I don't look red-checked Rn" big like thorn "
-.Vllut we can't all bo purty , Noreca. There
> hns to bo a few ugly little cca ) luces like
yer/clf , , avlc ; though Wuoru In the wcrld a
daclnt child belongln' lo the garish o' llal-
lyrarncy got such hayihenlsh black ejes an'
such quare , tisclerx Illllo hands an' feet nn
you have , Is moro limn I can tell "
"Surcv that's the .reason , " oloaded poor 1
llttlo Xorcen ; "that's the reaton I wanted to ,
know nil about the dew. I thought that i j
ma > bo 'twould make me look pmty an' fat
on' "
Mrs , GerrtB'Jty wrinkled bcr honest brow ,
nnd , after a caution lo "keep an ejo on the
ptatlesi'1 told all that she know about the
ltmlnt Irish and Scottish st-perstltlon of
Which" llttltj Nwrc'ii had spoken.
"To skim the clow. " quoth Mrs Gre-aRhty ,
oracular ) ) , "jo tm.nt rUe with the lark an'
wander oilt o\rr the lleldH while lho dew U i
ntllt wet on the grass. In your loft hand |
5011 must carry a cup Mat none eve ? drank i
from ; and In your rlft'.H. spoon that never' ' I
touched mortal IIis [ Up hill an' down dale .
must jo go till > o nnd a fieldof clo > crlth |
o brook thut never was brldgcJ runnln' ,
through It nn' a recl-berrleJ rowan tree
growla1 beside- the brook. When jo iet > such |
n field yo may go down on your knees an'
gather with tlio spoon thirty drops of dew [
Only the clover an' the grass must yo skim I
Ing over stone ntlfcs or throuRh friendly
gaps In the loll thorn hedges. Streams and
rivulets Khe ptaved. a-many ; clover nelda and
r wan treenwore common enough ; but < ho
precise combination of tree , clover aul
brldgelcsa rf ream she did n.t Incounter.
Norc-en was beginning to desralr of ever
finding Just mich a flell , when a cheery whla-
tlo In tbo neighboring borcen revealed the
prcsonco of old iMcefo ul , the parish chean-
tuchlo ' .r "who n.a " Such Information
ti sought , 1t V-as Mcehaul's business to
know ; and t4ic child last no ' .Imo In acccst-
ln him through the hedge.
When Mchiiul heard her question ho
grinned braidly. "Why. 'tis ft c good
peopKVn field if 'rolookln' for , " ho crle.l.
i " "Us lfre flcifl V'Tiwc colleens go to sk-im
! the clow. Well , well ! For ten jeara I've
' never hoird Jell of cnyono gohi' to aklm the
j | . dew I wish jo gc-jJ luck , alanna , though
i 'tli a big change 'twill toke to make the
likes o' jou imttyi"
"Hut the field I W trcabouts IB It ? " cx-
c'jilmcd Ncrcen.
"O , the field ! "Tld down xondcr at tbo
back of caatlo Carriet where the rjuaro Yan
kee lady run rented the cottage from Sir
Geoffrey. They ray she keeps a private
docUr of rjer town , an * Is so tremenjoua
wealthy th t'sho can afford a now disease for
every day 'lo Tic year. "
Hut Norton otopped not to hear nnythins
about the "quaro Yankee 1'idy , " w < io had
rented Uillycarnoy cottage. Hurriedly
thanking eld Mcb ul , fihe sped across the
hills In a southerly direction ; nnj presently
so utioxiied cdly docs the long expected oc
cur found l-.crself halfway ucrcKS the very
flclii for vvhUCi bhe 111 btcn looking all the
morning. "
There \vaa the clover ; there bloomed the
red-berried rouan , land , at Noreen'a feet ,
pn tiled a str-eam s- > tiny that tobody would
toivo ever troubled to.bridge over.
\ > wit on kt-ciss wicit the child In the
ml'si of a fragrant tank of clover. Quickly
the spoon scooped up a clinging drop of dew
and slicok It Into lho cup.
Arthcr and another followed ; Norcrn
com ttaK aloud as she did when numbering
thn gcollngs for Mrs. Gcraghty. Only ut the
Take no dew from any weed nor fioin any
flower but the Hover bloom.
"When the thirty drops are shlnln' nt
the bottom of the cup dip jour Hinder In and
lintho jour face In the magic deiv. Then
sit jo down under the ran an tree an' close
youi ejcs. Sleep will come to jo , an' while
je Bleep the dew will change jour face
nu' make ll fair to look upon. * * At
least Noreen achorra , Ihat's the spell that
my ould gran'mothcr laught me , an' there
wasn't a.lser woman than herself In the
counly Kllmore.
That afteinoon Noreen rairlcd to the vil
lage all her little hoard of halfpennies , and
at tbo very best shop purchased a cheap l
delft cup and a pewter spoon both brand
now , and unpacked from their sovcial taacs
before her eyes. These were the art-elpt. i
wentloneJ by Mrs. Geraghty as ne'os ary
to the' buiccss of her apcll the "nip tint
none ever drank fiom" and the "spoon that
never touched moital lips. "
All night the child tlcpt but fitfully , for
ihinklngcf the "magic dew. " The spoon and
cup wuru hidden beneath her plllou , and
when Kho woke up , as she did many times
oiu morning , her band would steal tounrd
tlic'EC precious Measures to learn If they
wore btlll there.
Sunshine came blinking In through the
little llaurd window panes at last , and tlio
eons of tbo Inik called Noreen from her *
bed Up HIO ! got ami made the lire vety *
quietly , Ft ) as not to awaken the old folks
In tha loft overhead. Then she put the tea
kettle on the hob and filled the great black
cauldion with potatoes. A wash In the lit-
( Id cracked basin by the window , careful
combing of the thick bUck hair and Noreen ,
In her tattered frock And Sunday bcit pina
fore , trotted out of doon Into the keen ,
bdoroua air of ttie mountain morning.
Carefully she carried the delfi cup In her
| eft hand the pewter jx > on In her right ;
nd very grave 'indeed > wcre the great dark
eyes an they ecanned tbe far-stretching bill-
hide and the glens below for some such
Held an that described by coed Mrs , Go
, Oa sbo trotted , her f ct IMW LldJen lu
devr-Uden grua now cknuber-
1 enth drop did b-ho r upo for breath per
force , for all tie gleaming clew ju d been
t a ) i-nininl from the clover within reach ,
il further clown the bank morel Noreen
i and , a trifio moro slowly , began anew tin
e work of .skimming. Woods and flowers she
e passed by , although the dew hung upci
e their lca\c and petals temptingly enough
t Only the grass and plover \cre to b
t skimmed , and Noreen was determined noi
D ici Muni bet spell by Jnj heedless action.
e "Twenty-five , " she counted "twenty-si ;
twenty-so\en twenty-eight twcntj
nine " and then , with great deliberate
ness , followed by a gasp of relief "thirty.1
The skimming hncl Ceen accomplished.
J The rtqutelto number of drops were lying
> at the bottom of Norecn's delft cup. Eager ! }
il i she clipped a small forefinger In the gatherer
s inoltUuro , and slowly anointed her face
. Forehead , lips , chin , nose , cheeks , nnrt
Y above all , the eyes , those offending blacl
t ojes , were all bathed In the magic dew
t Then the rippling wavers of dusk ) hair , the
1 tiny feet , ami last of all , the little brown
r hands , werct latcd In the precious fluid.
1 Noreen. all smllra and dimples , hastened
1 toward the rouan tree nml sit hereeU dotvn
' ' beneath Its spreading branches. In obed !
J cnce to the spell she closed her eyes , leaning
f , her head against the gtay bole ot tbo an
cient tree.
B Whether the ppell was really working or
0 Norcen'b long morning Journey brought It
; about , thu child's held began u-nocldlng
and llttlo by little slipped from the support
ing tiunlc of the rowan , until It retted half
hidden In the long grass. There , soothed
by the bceut of the clover , Noreen fell fast
asleep ,
A loose bunch of red beriles , ) deUchcd b )
the hrrwo , foil uppn her outstretched unn ,
but did not \vaUis her. A hare scuttled
by without arousing tlife npellbound slum-
berer. She did not hear the rook regiment ,
i from caatle Cirney woods cawing overhead
i nor the came rooks icturnlng , with clam- ;
. cTOcM rrjolcliiK. fiom their breakfast amid
1 the fallows. The blackbird In the rowan
wasted his choicest nates upon her , and
event the Bound of approaching human voices
I failed to break her sleep
' Dear mo ! " murmured < ho doctor sym
pathetically , "Dear me ! " ho repeated
much moro forcibly a moment later , for his
companion ( had gripped him tightly by the
arm and was pointing , half In astonishment ,
half In triumph , to the prostrate form of little -
tlo Noreen Fleragh , lying face upward under
the rowan tree.
"It Is my mo-Iel , doctor ! My Span'nh
beauty of yesterday ! * NOW I can
finish my picture ) In spite of III health and
oxllo to t < bo mountain- ? . "
Perhaps the rriell paesed away from
Noreen ; perhaps * ho felt , as sleeping per-
tons are said to do , lho Intense scrutiny of
oyc-s fixed upon her. At any rate , she
cllrred slightly , opened her ejca and rat up.
"What a lovely child ! " exclaimed the
rnthtmlaRtlo artist , ' 'DM you ever see such
'beautiful ' eyes ? "
Norton had expected It all. Clearly the
magic dow had transformed her Juut as
nho hoped It would. So ehe smiled gravely
back at Wio pale-faced lady , and promptly
nave credit where credit seemed due ,
"Sure , 'twas the dow that did It , " she
? ald. ' 'You should ha' tern what an' ' ugly
llttlis rra > lure Noreen Was afore she skimmed
the dew. " ,
The strangest part of the whole affair was
that , when N'grcen had 'been ' taken -to the
strange lad > ' V no and arra > cd In a new
gown , with her darfr hair neatly braided and
wonderful little red shoes upon her feet , tbe
whole parUh of I&llycarneM cried out In OB-
tonUbotl ohorutti ti/frbaoAmati dbUI TU
the raal purty colleen our Norctm Is en
llrcly. "
Hut Norton only look * out across th
fields toward where the rowan tre-e shoo !
UR re-d ibcrrles Into the clover , and th
bridge-less brook went lilting by.
"It wna sklmtnln' the elow that did I
nil , " she whlt-pcrcd ; nnd no one has the
heart to ay her nay.
.Movrir/.i u vs iwHtsrun.
Throrjtlmt It nml KlnKlr Itrninlnn
Arc * Illiliton Ni-nr CliniinlU-prp.
Edward Garc7)r.ekl , formerly an atMche o
The IJce , Id Invcstlgstlni ? the Icgccdary lore
of Mcx co and reports the result of his In
vestigations In the City of Mexico Telegram
as follows :
It Is a singular fact that there are more
legends about the Hock of Cr.ipultcpcr tbin
itout Mexico hcnpelf , a solemn truth that
c\ery one who visits It should take to heart ,
Do those who drive there of a morning rca'-
Ir.o that behind all th's smoke there mir.l
bo tome fire' Do they aik themsshcs wbil
that hugo cjprofs could tell If n manccjli
but come upon It In the mood of Tennjson's
talking oalc ? Were tboie rude sculptures
un.-ti the living rock c\cr tallied with hu
man blcod , and perfumed with gum copal and
hurriin hearic' Apart from , the traditions ,
innry of them exquisitely beautiful , which
re'ate to the dlftercnt races that made the
rock a palace fortrccc , the plado haB much
to eay for Itself. It wax obviously much
stronger In the dajs of the Toltec. ? than In
the years of the MontezuniES , for It was oc
troi ding to the legend of IlUcmac , thc'last
of the old race , a fortrea ? so ImpretrMble
that the Xc-iotln of the Rabbits never oven
tucaultcd It. 1'robaly the southern end was
perfectly free from buildings anil from trees ,
BO that the assailants of the cnstlo had to
come Into the open aid expose- themselves
to the mls.illcv > of the archers and stingers.
They could not acuault from -ny other side ,
for the Lake * of Xochlmllco rolled at Its base ,
both on the cast nnd south , and on the west
the cliff wai perpendicular.
On tthls sldo was cortulnly the main en-
tranic ? . Wo know thla by the- disposition of
the trees , which wcro surely planted by the
hand of man. On tlilfl nldo nlso IE the cave
which was obtlou&Iy artificial. It WLB made
b ) building strong flrcs to calcine to in wdcr
the itttuii 1 cement whlrit blmla tsgctlier the
tnnajis of porphyry , so called , for It Is really
tra i oil- . The bowlders could be- removed
without Uny trouble. It 1-as alwajs been
Krin tat there was a aort of a corkscrew
otalrwuy leaiiig up lo the Alcazar froni this
tu\o , for which reason the enttcciceto the
passage was loni ; ano barrwl with Iron nil'ii.
Now the stairway hts been replaced by an
Otis- elevator , and corsccjufntVy ti S. cave has
been closed to the public Lccuuse It has be
come r , part of thei i ilace , elt'lni ; Innncdi-
ate accpsu to the private apar-metits of
Mexico's president. E\ciy one wiio has mer
rntcreil this cave has wondered whit was Its
object. Of course It was a secret entrance
and exit , but lo ha\o been * eo used -it was
nc-cesuiry that Hipansugeti ouU be masked
in sonio way , and Ibis was not Oifllcult , for It
ls _ qulto email. This cave wlis perhapii used
na a tonib. Most unforlunitely the Spaniards
< \t i4io conquest did not tike much in crest
In euch niaUcra , anJ It Is only Incidentally
that wo learned that the dead botlJeacf ti o
grcut were- kept In a roam of their palaces.
'IhL-i was exceedingly Dgjptaln , and It may
also ha\o been CurthiBlnlai , fcr M.cro are
no temtterlca of that people- known to exist ,
Tne grcit queotlon Is : Wco It the tomb : f
ti'io Ill-fated Montezuinn9 There's a very
strong belief 'i Jt ho was burled In Chh-
pultcpcs , ard lhl.3 . bcllcl' Is logical , as I will
chow lu a moment. Thereis aUu a belief ,
t'.ill stronger , that his Urasure lifter ia ! ic
covcry from the Sranhids was 'hidden ' In
h's ' tomb. And th's is also logical. Dut en
'i o treasure has not been found Hie un-
lor1 ira'to monarch could u t have founcl lili
last letting place In this cave. Uut there
may bo another clivo vvialch has been hi23cn
with great art.
As scon as Motcukh7oma ( Monte7uma ) was
deposed and could be of no further serv ce
to the Spaniards , they murdered him and
sent his body out of the palace In the charge
of a few mean men , who took It to the new
emperor. Ho would not receive It , which
was correct according to Mexican custom ,
and no one knows where It was taken
It ought to have remained In the palace of
Axayacatl , which was Moleukhzoma's own
palace , for the one In which he lived was
the palace of each supreme pontiff and was
with ) . ! ! the Inclosure of the Oohuapantll.
Here he could not be burle-J , neither could
he In his fvvn palace , occupied as It was by
the Sp.inlards There was actually no place
to which he could be taken save Chapulte-
pcc , where according to tradition , all the
Irst monarchs of the Acamnplchtll line were
Juried In one general tomb or cave Now it
lias alwajs been a maafril point whether the
sculptured rocks of Chapultcpec Indicated ave
-vo tomb. Concerning one > vo need not con-
rrn o'irselvcs for It Is certainly connected
vlth Ihc secret rites of the Tellers , nut the
sculptured reck to Ihc left of this Is Indu-
altanl } Ciilhua work , and IK so rudely exe
cuted that the Spaniards who drilled a hole
-oiigh It from above and then blew It to
fragments have not ribbed lho world of
anj thing very fine. Would they had never
done ) anything worse.
There aio some scattered symbols or htero-
slMihe to the left of the shattered carvings
chief among which Is the reed aud an 'inl-
iial like a wolf cr a fox. for the tall re
arables that of the latter more- than the
'ormer. Th' ' crraturn's back and tail arc
cohered with anovv heads. It holds in its
mouth the baton of a battle ax w'ajse blade
Is split Into tlnee , and ahigularly enough
In eplto of the poor carving , the Impc'esslon
Is firmly fixed on the mind tlat this ax IE
netalllc. Undoubtedly the coyote and the
Trow heads glvo the name Itzcohuatl. the
'ourth and greatest of the Mexican kings
To bo exaclly correct he wvis the fourth of
the Aearraplchtll line , but hojwas the first
of Mexican blood to mount tjic thi'one , for
his mother was a Mexican J and he wao
herefjre , accounled IlleglllJn.ite. But It
was a time when the bent inffi wa.s wanted
ind ho was emphatically tlat man. He
changed the whole order bf succession , and
after him nil the sons of a klag were legit-
mate , no matter of vvtoat race the mothers
were. Wo have his name written on ma-
Kuey papetIn two oilier ways , and as I am
1110 oniy CTIO 10 acnance ino iciea mat. tnis
carving relalcs to Itzcnhuatl. the reader
must take the statement with grains of al
lowance , nut from the sculptured slab
found at TepotzlaTi with the armorial bear
ing of Ahultrotl we know that the written
namn wan ono thing and the heraldic fccm
It Is my belief Hiat behind this rock IB n
cave In which may be found the bodies of
fipveral Mexican kinijs , Including the III-
sl-aireil victim of Spanlih brutality , Ono Is
that underneath the shattered mass IH tbe
lower part or a man recumbent which Beoms
to ho a modification of the wall-known hjcco-
Rlyph fcr the proposition tzln , which mcano
behind. Not Tar from this symbol Is a
hleroglypli ( repeated seventeen times ) made
of an laicele * triangle tccnlng a half circle
This certainly In thq Egyptian frescoes
means treasure cr tribute of precious metals.
The whole seems to s y "treasure U behind , "
and probably for that reason the Spanlardc ,
who had some Inkling of the Mexican hlpro-
Sljpl's blow out the face of the rock. Uut
that was foollrfi , for the entrance must be
from eight to ten feet below the [ -resent level
of the circular road around the rock When
the gardeners were freeing from foil the
trunks of the two big cpresses that guarded
lho c-ntranco In the old days perhaps , oh ,
perhaps they found a Mexican drain that
went under the road In the direction of the
sculptured rocks Why was t'.ila drain made ?
Was It to drain the living rock ? Or to drain
a seipukfral cave ? Do wo not know tlmt there
IM o similar drain In the great pyramid of
Olrch In ngpt going from the most cen
tral chamber to where the royal sarcophagus
was found , to the winding pairage that led
to the entrance ? The mouth of this drain In
ChapuIUi > co was covered up with turf , but I
have a gay guess , as t'jo Hootch say , that It
could bo fouid again without much diffi
culty. If 1'orflrio IJI-iz recovcta the com
bined treasures of the Acumaplchtll family
I want my share to be brought to me by
Colonels flreen and Da Witt Foster In two
of those long nlcces of Mexican drawn work
that Paul Elle cells In his curio BUrc.
The riii-i-rful lillut.
Tndlanapollx Journal ; Slid the. Shoe-clerk
Hanrde-i : "Any c-ustomer who cU > Hlirs to
look nt something In one of the upstair ?
departments Is Ink. n on tlio elevator , while
the poor clerk 1mK t nnlk up the stilrti , I
think this Is doneto she A the difference In
their p'os'tlons. ' "
"It look * to me , " said the Cheerful Idiot ,
"mure like showing the difference In their
bringing up , "
TO cum ; coi.ii i > OM : DAY
Take Laxative Brorno Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund tbo money If U falls to cure ,
25c. The eenulae. bis L. 0 , Q. 94 eaib. tuole
' ( RS RND
Martin Co
Jobbers of "Farm Machinery.
* nd liMcsiti - Cor. 8th and Jones.
P tcture Moldings.
JJIrrora , Fromea Backing and Artists'
XO AXD JlllOlt atXDl\O ,
eleventh nnd Howard Bte
Sewed Shoe Go
M'frs | Jobbers of Foot Wear
The Joseph Banigan Kubbor Co.
Rubbers and Mackintoshes.
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Eale room HOS-1104-1100 Harney Street.
Owner of Chief llranj Mackintoshes
r3-808 lisa © 60
Boots , Shoes , Rubbers ,
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Importers and Manufacturers
614-16-18 South nlh Street
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deliers , Lamps , Chimneys , Cutlery , Etc.
UN Vlwlt WUH AVflfonicil , IIU llc > -
parture > luli H < > < < led.
Ivato one cjprlng c\cnliiK In the middle
Os , sajs the Now York Times , a stranger
alighted from a passenger train that had
list drawn up to the station of a I'enn-
lylvanla mountain town. He was at once by half a dozen ne ro hotel runners ,
ho moat enterprising of whom look pos-
icsalon of his hand tatchcl heforo ho had
Imu to apbent or dlbscnt. Decause he was
) lease < l with the negro's push , or because
10 fancied Jhe name of the h.'tel this porter
represented , the stiangrr gave the man the
heck for his trunk and put himself under
its guidance ,
At the hotel the stranger registered his
name In a plain , buslnfasllko hand as "Major
John H. " of Philadelphia. Ho made his
ollet. ate his crupper , and , llghllng a clgjr ,
vent out , as ho remarked , for a stroll about
he town. Upon his return an hour or ED
atcr ho entered Into conversation with the
andlord. Major H , appeared to take an In
crest In the banks of the town , of which
in said he had noticed there were a largo
umber. Ho inquired as to their condition
nd seemed pleased to hear that they were
11 regarded as strong Institutions , all undci
safe , conservative management. Ills Inter-
-st , ha hinted , was owing to the probability
hat ho would In the near future have oc-
: alon to deposit In one of them a. sum of
Becoming moro communlcathe , the major
aid ho had heard , that the morning paper
f the a paper of repute and Inllu-
nce was for sale. In settlement of on es-
ale , and that he iwas strongly dlspored to
uy It.
The next morning all the town knew of
ho presence of the rich gentleman from
'hlladc/phla , wbo was going to buy the
, and ho was .the object of much re-
nectful curiosity when ho appeared on the
trects , In him the curious saw a man above
tie medium stature aud beyond middle age ,
who drewed plainly , but with great neat-
leui , and who , in the face , bore a reeein-
ilarce to General Grant , a resemblaueo
\hlch was not lessened by the fact that the
major always had la cigar In his mouth ,
a he first place itlto major visited the morn-
tig after his arrival was 'the olllce of the
cwspaper that moa for sale. Ho was re-
elvcd there with'much consideration , and
pent eomo hours .Inspecting the plant and
arefully going over tbe books. Ho ex-
rcssed satisfaction with what ho had seen
ind learned , and Intimated his willingness
o pay a certain num In cash for tbe jirop-
a sum ratber larger tbau the mamee-
The Sharpies Company
Creamery Machinery
nnd Stinpllrt.
Boilers , Engines , Feed Cookers Wood Pull -
l < - > 9 , Slwftlnc. Ucltlnc. HutUr Pack
ages of all kinds.
M7-WJ Jones St.
H & Go.
Importers and Jobbers of
Dry Goods , Furnishing Goods
1 ichardssn Drug Co.
302-906 Jackson St.
J. 0. niCHAnDSON , Prcst.
0. P. WELLE R , V. Trent.
Stsmilanl Plmrtiuocutlcal
tlom. Special Jorinti'iir t'rrpinecl to
Order t > f < lfr Catalogue *
Uaboratorr , 11U Howard 6t , Omaha.
E. Bruce & Co.
Druggists and Stationers ,
"Queen Bee" Specialties.
Cigars , \VInm nnd IJrcndtes ,
Corner 10th and Hurney Btrpeta.
Electrical Supplies.
Electric Mining Hells nml Gas
O. W JOHNSTON , Mgr. 1510 Howard St.
tSOl Farnam St ,
Commission Merchants.
S. V. ' . Corner irtli nnd Howard Slo.
Mcniteiu of the National I eugue of Commit-
Ion Merchants of tha United States.
Fruit and Vegetables
SPECIALTIES Slranb-rrlcs. Arple ,
lemons , Crun errits. Potntoe . 1017 Howard Bt
Furniture Draperies
111S-1117 Farnam Street.
13th and Leavemvorth St.
Staple and Fancy Groceries ,
AND corrcc ROXSIERS , etc.
' Teas , Spiccu , Tobaccr anc * Clgara ,
H03-H07 Harney Street-
mont liopccl to rcccUo , tliough not , of
coiirso , au largo as that asU-cl.
From the no\\tipapcr olllco the major was
cacorted lo n , iielghborlni ; bank , \\licro his
reception uy the president waa most
and ilattorlng. Seeing In the non comer a
prospectlvo customer and a man destined to
bo of much Influence In the community , this
wlde-auako bank olllccr not only took great
pleasure In making him acquainted with the
ically excellent condition of the bank , but
Insisted on driving lilm out that afteinoon
to see the natural beauties of the legion ,
which seemed to charm the major. That
night nothing would do but that the major
should dlno with him.
The next day other prominent mon of the
town , who did not propose to permit the
bank president to monopolize the major ,
sought him out , with lho remilt that beloro
noon ho was engaged to drive out behind
fast horses every afternoon and to dlno ns
the guest of honor o\ery o\enlng for a
week. Ills quiet nnd unoBtenlatlons man
ner and Ills Intelligent , conscivatlvo comer-
nation won for him golden opinions , and In
a short time the town was mad over the
major. Sleanwhllo he nould drop Into the
newspaper olllco every morning , where ho
was already 'looked upon as the new propri
etor , and Hpread happiness about Iblm by
pleasant words of commendation ,
Finally one morning Tlio major announced
that ho had definitely decided to buy the
paper , and ordered a lawyer to draw uji the
legal documents and have them ready on a
specified day the following week. Ho cald
that he would have to leave the town for a
few ilajs to arrange the transfer of the
money needed for the purchase and that lie
would return the day before that fixed for
the transfer ,
The major then dropped In to sco hla
friend , the hank president , and gladdened
his heart by announ-lng an intention of open
ing a personal account with the bank He
banded over his check for $15,000 , drawn on
a prominent Philadelphia bank , and after
chatting a few minutes aroge as If to go , re
marking that ho had a business call to
I'Htb-burg , for which city ho would start In
the morning. The bank president solid-
lonely Inquired whether ho had sufficient
funds wllh him for the journey and the
major1 said he thought ho had. but he would
sec. After an Inspection of his wallet the
major said that perhaps It would be pru
dent to replenish It and that ho would take
$500 If his friend didn't mind , So lie gave
his check , recclicd tbo inouey with a care-
Icrs , inattcr-uf-iourse manner , shook bauds
with tbe bank president and strolled off to
his hotel. The next morning the major
quitted the town , taking with Lira many ex-
presslgas ol eaal will wil ci IWPM ( Oj-
Daxfon and
\ QaSEagEier Go
GAS coppfin miA.vrnns
Telephone ISJ.
J ll Haney &
W jV j
tfolnlieriof ttathrr , AnrfiJrrjllnriltcntt , tltC
Wo ollclt your orders 1310 Howard t
'ector&WilhslmyCo '
Wholesale Hardware ,
Hardware Go
Wholesale Hardware.
Hlcycloa and aportlnp Uooda. 131021-23 liar *
noy atrout.
alter i@sse & Go
Proprietors ot A&IUUILAK c-IQAU AXD QL.AS3
: snuih nth st
East India Bitters
Oold < n Sheaf I uro Rye and Dourbon Whltker.
Willow Sprlnsa Dlatlllery , Her & Co. ; 111J
Harney Ftr ct-
Liquor Merchants
1001 Farnnm StreoU
Liqitors and Cigars.
1118 Parnum Street-
Wines , Liquors and Cigars.
41 } 415 & Utb Street.
DUMBER . . .
814 South 14th St.
asnilipR Bras ,
- ,
Manufacturers of doors , each , blinds office ,
ftorp and * doon Ilxtil'Cf. IMlmitcs furnUhcil
on anj kind of mill work
' 11 1179. Mill 2Mli nnd Davenport Stu
1013 llovonl St.
speedy return. Ho has not been seen there
or heard of by any of Its Inhabitants since.
The bank piealdont was the llrst to learn
that the major was a swindler and nls Information
mation eume from the Philadelphia U.UIK.
Ho being a sensitive nun and not caring lo
ha > o lilh name bandied about in ridicule on
Hie common tongue , said nothing then or till
long afler aboul the $500. The lawyer and
the people In the neuspaper olllce were
ready on the appointed day , hut the paper
was nol sold that day.
There was , of eourso , gossip In the llttlo
toun over the falluie of thci major lo comu
. back and at flist a disposition to Inquire of
! the prominent gentlemen who had drhcn him
out and dined him what had become of him.
Hut the replies of those gentlemen wore so
amblgunuu that no one derived any satis
faction from Ihcm , mueh less any Informa
tion ,
Tlio newspaper , which had at hand a
"beat" on the entire press cif the country ,
passed the major's disappearance by In si-
knee and In tlmo ho became forgotten.
Tlio Siirtlior 'I'l-lln 'tit IIU
Di'hccnl of I'lKf'fc
JOP Bradley , o minor nnd prospector of
Cripple Cm-it , UUP brought Into the
city , jelutes the Coloiudi ) Springs C.ayette ,
from Cascade yesterday In u half-frozen
condition , lifter undergoing n wiles of hard-
shlps and ncclclents on Pllte'/t 1'e.ik In
which lie ne.uly lout Ills life He won
caught in ft iwowsllde. or uvnluiichr , together -
gethor with n companion \\hosu nnine ho
does not Know , miciUIH carried clown the
mountain bide at the rate of llfty mllea
an hour until hu WIIH hurled ugalnst a
Inrgo tump , Crippled , wivorely bruised and
neaily frozen , ho lemalned untoiiHclous for horns , and uas finally revcued by n
prospector ho IHe * In n rabln on the
mountain side. Hradley'a companion coiilU
not be found uftei the fearful plunge , and It
IB thought thut ho IIUH pfilshed ,
I.SlnfT In lilx bed , with liandR and feet
liandub' < d Uradley told the Htory of his
awful cxperlemis while endeavoring to
reni-h thin cllv from Cripple Cm-It by way
of l'llu's J'lak.
"I Biitrird out from Cripple Creek for
Colaiado Springs last Friday noon , " said
Ilrudley , "and as I had xome business ul
the HtrlrKlcr tunnel. 1 thought I would
climb ovtr I'lku'a I'ook nnd then wnlk
down the COK road Into Manllou. At Gll-
Ictt I met a man whose name I do not
know , and ns ho nald he wanted to de-
euro -work at I-ake Moiulne , I Invited him
to accompany me n my Journey , The day
way a beautiful ono onU I did not antici
pate any ( rouble ,
We climbed the Peak trim Olllett nnd
experienced no Ullllqully In reaching the
sod ol tuo eirlelUcr lunno ) . Wo
snd Pain ! Co.
Air Floated M nfral Paint
And I lnt of Ml Kn.1 ! Tuttr. Ktfl.
1019 and KIT Jooti 8L
: . A. Model. 1st Vic * Pr * . 1 . J Drake , Clen Mff
Oiuo.lnf. Tnrpcnllne. Axle Grcnx > . nic.
Omnha llrnncli nml Astnclet. John II. Hutli Mgr.
Carpenter Paper Co
Printing- Paper ,
Wrapping Paper , Stationery *
Corntr llth and Howard itrtet * .
[ fbbei Paper and
Woouenware Co.
Wrapping Paper , Stationery
HOT llarnov Blreel.
10l.Uir > Uouclni Street.
Manufacturers and jobbers of Blenm. Oan anl
Water Supplies of All Kinds.
United States
u Supply Oo . . .
noS-ino Harnev St.
Steam Pumps , Engine ? and Boilers , Pipe ,
Wind Mills , Steam nnd Plumbing
Material. Belling. Hose , Ktc.
Hardy & Co *
Toys , Dolls , Albums and
flouia tMrnUhlncs , CAIUren's Carrlam , Eta.
U19 runiam StrecL
reat Western
Superior Copper Mixed Typ * U tin belt oa
the mrrket.
1114 Howard Street.
To be sure there
are others , but
well there's only
one newspaper
and that is the
Omaha Daily Bee ,
then climbed on nc.u ; . % lo the summit , hut
atVf > did not know the trull and the gnaw
i wan KO clceii , we wandered away fiom It
I Wo climbed to Die- top of nn eminence and
were dlHt'iitHliif ? the beit way to pi acted ,
when HUddenly It sicnicd us If thp entire
side of the mountiiln wns falling.Vp rial-
l7cd that u miowxildc had occurred and wn
wuie cnu i.U by It but wo could do noth-
i i Intr. I loHt sight of my putnc-r In the
! blinding HIIOU , and though it must lm\a
been u very Hhort time btfoio I stiuck the
blf ( Btump , yet It seemed an nge ,
"The avftlunchc shot clown the mountain
Bldo at a terrlllp rule of Hjiecd , nnd when
I Btruc.U I lost toiiHcloiiHnfSH. WJien I re-
gulncd my HCIIBCS , which must have been
fluveinl hours latc-i. I saw a nmnll c.ililn
a Hhort dlNtiincu inviij and Hturted towiinl
II , I found that I could not wnlk , but
managed to crawl to It and summoned as
sistance ,
"I wax taken In the cabin , bruised , bleed
ing nnd half frozen. 1 imixt ) m\ < : lost a
Kalian of blood by u he-moirhage , nnd ua
( oo weak to walk. J remained In the cabin
all day Saturday , and WIIH kindly treated
nnd tared for by the prospector , who
searched faithfully lor my companion , but
hla body must huvo been hurled under the
niHSH of snow , an no tince of him tould
be found ,
"The prospector went to Olllett for asHlst-
niicc. and retained wllh Mr , Krcd Harding ,
lho marflhal of thai placn. Thpy Htiuleit
with mo Sunday morning for CaMcnde , and
there I found IJr. White , who brought me
li thla city.
"I guttered terribly from the biting cold ,
and thought that I could never reach the
prospector'B cabin after I regained con
sciousness. At one Mini ) 1 prayed that I
mlgiht die"
Hradley talked at random nnd seemed Ilko
one whose mind wns affected by the fliif-
fcrlngu which ho bml evidently undergone
Ills bands wt-ro Huollen and bin t-aru and :
toes worn entirely d-vold of feeling lr.
White < my he will re-cover , but he may
lose eomo of his members.
An Alliirlnu- < > n.
on Star"W lat I want to see , "
exclaimed Senator Sorghum , "It the annex-
atlon of Hawaii , I t nvy tbo men who will
one day come to Ibln eanllol to represent
the Intrre-slH of tmt ) fir-dlslanl Ptale , "
"Y < s , " rcjolni-d the cnlhuslnstlc younff
friend. "They will lonn up ns giant remind.
; -r8 of the progress of cMilzatlon nnd of the
Increasing power of this joung republic. "
"So they will , " nndttwered the senator. " i
they will. And In addition to all thai juitt
think of the nilleagel"
J , A , Perkins of Antiquity , 0. , was for
thirty years needleisly tortured by phytil-
clans for the cure of eczema. Ho was
quickly cured by using DoWltl't Witch Hazel
Salvo , tlio fatnoui healluu eulve for plica aa4