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Homo for the Friendless Oases Before the
Supreme Oourti
Xlrlcf * Covering tlic I'olnin
I'llrd Program for .Sulno anil
Slock Ilrreilern' .3
Lincoln Xolex. ,
LINCOLN , Jan. 14. ( Special. ) Brlefa h ve
been filed by the Society of the Home for
the Friendless In both the cases which arc
now before the supreme court , and which
grew out of the passage of the act by the
last legislature taking the homo out of the
control ot the society.
In the mandamus case brought In the dis
trict court by Attorney General Smyth for
Mrs. C. S. Jones , the newly appointed super
intendent , to gain possession ot the home ,
the society was successful , the court holding
that the act was unconstitutional , and thai
the state was bound by an Implied contract
to allow the society to rcn-.aln. In control of
the Institution. The brief filed today takes
tip the ground. ? advanced In the decision of
the lower court , holding that a mandamus
could not Ho ID the case. It states as a settled
principle of law that "mandamus will not
llo to test the tltlo to an ofllco or the right
to property , franchises , privileges , Immuni
ties or any other vestbdi rights , " and therefore -
fore the attorney general has tried the
wrong remedy. Much ofi the brief Is devoted
to the argument and citations on thlo point.
The attorney for the society also holds that
the statute of 1897 Is unconstitutional and
void , because of Irregularities In Its tltlo ,
and "because It violates the constitutional
Inhibition against the Impairing obligations
of contracts and against the violation of
vested rights and divesting them without
duo process ot law. "
The other brief Illcd Is In the TOGO wfocreln
the society brings mandamus proceedings to
compel the stale auditor to pay over the
money appropriated by the- legislature for
the surirort of the home. The statement In
the brief hliows that the society duly pi-e-
Bcntcd to the beord the estimates for sup
plies , according to custom , and that upon the
refusal of the state board to act the society
went on with Its own funds and furnished
tin1 supplies. The brief says that the amounts
wcro just and correct , and that the state
by Us refusal to purchase the supplies made
It necessary for the eocltty to so act "or
suffer the Institution and Its Inmates to
perish , " and "that at Ibis time It would
Bcem to bo a vain thing for the board to go
through the formula of acvcrtlsInE and pur
chasing and allowing bills therefor when the
Hiiro'lcs ' have already been purchased ant
consumed by the Inmates. "
The brief further eays : "If the act of
1S97 , taking away from relater the Institu
tion and all privileges and appurtenances ,
anil practically abolishing the relater ( the
Bocloty ) be held unconstitutional , wo take
It for granted that our friends , tbo enemy ,
will unconditionally surrender In both
oases. "
The position of the board is stated by this
brief to bo "that the Homo for the Friend
less Is a state Institution , supplied by the
state , and that when they brought an ac
tion to oust the originators and operators ,
and the court beat them , the state balked
and liai sulked ever since. " The question
Is asked : "Do 'they propose to make the
appropriation statute sulk , too , until the
means of the relater are exhausted and the
Institution Is starved Into rollnqulshment
of rights In good faith claimed , and Into
nbject subjection after the manner of
Spain's policy with the Cubans ? "
The argument closes with 'this statement :
"There Is no state sovereignty Involved In
washing , feeding , warming and bedding the
Ibablea , llttlo children and old women at the
Homo for the Friendless. "
Stockmen from all over tbe state are ex
pected In Lincoln next Tuesday , AVodncsday
and Thursday. The Swine Breeders' acsocla-
tlon and Improved Stock Breeders associa
tion will meet In Joint session at the State
university. The Nebraska Veterinary Med
ical association will meet In connection with
the other associations nnd Its.sessions will
too held at the Capital hotel. The follow
ing programs have been arranged :
Tuesday , January IS , 7:30 : p. m. Music , ad
dress of welcome , Hon. J , V. Wolfe. Lin
coln ; responses nnd annual addresses Piesl-
dents G. W. Whltmore , Valley ; 55. S' Bran-
ron , Waverly.
Wednesday , January ID , afternoon 1:30 : ,
paper , "Tho 'Poland ' China. Westward He
Came , Everywhere He Goes , " S McKolvIc ,
Falrfleld ; discussion , L. W. Leonard. P.iw-
neo City ; J. F. Bishop , Lincoln ; 2:15 : , ad
dress , "Poultry In General , " Rev L P
Ludden , Lincoln : 3 , paper , "Relation of the-
Breeder to the Pork Producer and How to
Maintain It , " John O'Conneli. Malcom ; dis
cussion , II , Hoguo , Crete ; W. C. Davlson ,
AVIlbor ; 3:43 : , paper , "Tho Alfalfa Hog. " L
W. Hamilton , Kearney ; discussion. G. II.
Gould , Republican City ; II. S. Williamson ,
Beaver City ; 6 , adjournment for supper.
Evening Music ; 7 , addreFS , "Somo Disap
pointments In Breeding and How to Avoid
Them , " C. II. Elmendorf , Turlington ; gen
eral discussion ; 7M.r. , "The. Head End of the
Herd and How to Produce Him , " E. II.
Andrews , Kearney : discussion. E Ross
Hitchcock , Sterling : E. B. Day , North Rend-
R:30 : , paper , "Tho Dairy Corn1 Hon. W. A.
Poyntcr , Albion ; discussion , H. C. Young ,
Lincoln ; I. AV. Chappell , Normal ; 9:13 : , paper ,
"Tho Red Hog Up to D.iteV. . II. Taylor ,
Lincoln ; discussion , W. F. Stuff t , Law
rence ; E , F. Black , Raymond ; 10 , paper ,
"Tho Present Situation In Beef Cattle , " R.
M. Allen , Ames ; 10:13 : , paper , "Plain Old
English , " T. J Congdon , Pawnee City : dis
cussion , J. Av. Townley , Octavla ; AV. B ,
Reynolds , Arcadia.
Thursday , January 20 morning 9 , paper ,
"Somo Show King Observations , " H. C.
Dawson. Endlcott ; general fusillade ; 9:43 : ,
paper ; 10:30. : "Tho Public Sale System , Ad
visability of a Cash Basis , " Hon. S. R.
; FOSS , Crete ; discussion , led by Albert John-
Hon , Douglas ; 11 , paper , "Our Type , " C , II.
Buarlo. Edgar ; discussion , II. B , Louden ,
Clay Center ; AVIHIam S'ttnn ' , Burchard ; 11.30.
paper , "Any Old Color , So It IH AVhlte , "
Frank A. Grover , Bennett : discussion , L. F.
Grimes , Sterling ; 12. feeding time. After
noon 1:30 : , paper , "Tho Real Value of the
Podlgrno and Us Misuse , " E. E. Day , AVeop-
Ing Water ; general discussion ; 2:10. : paper ,
"Tho Sheep Industry In Nebraska , " C. H.
Ballanger , Lexington ; 2:30 : , paper. "Tho
Brood Sow : Her Care and Mating , " J. L.
Barton , Greenwood.
The program for the veterinarians follows :
Tuesday , January 18 , 1:30 : p. m. Roll call.
2:30 : p. m , Paper , "The Relation of the
Veterinarian to Agriculture , " Prof , T , L.
Lyon ,
Paper , "The Value of the Thermo-Cnu-
tcry , " Dr. G. P. Tucker. Paper , "Dairy
Sanitation from n Veterinarian Standpoint , "
Dr. C. M. Day. Paper , "Dairy Sanitation
from a Dairyman's Standpoint , " A , L.
Hncckor , Report of cases. Dr. Drnsky.
Report of cnscw , Dr , Hammond , 7:30 p. m ,
1'aper , "The Proper Method to Prepare
Pathological Specimens for Shipment , " Dr.
31. II. Wiuil. Paper , "Should State Insti
tutions Furnish A'acclno Free ? " Dr. John
S. Anderson. Paper , "Immunity , " Dr. A.
T. Peters , This paper will bo Illustrated
by stercoptlcon views.
The combine of the county treasurers In
opposition to the oplnlo.T published by tbo
In nil llio world there Is no other treatment
go pure , eo sneet , BO gnfv , so epcudy , for pro.
servingpurifying , and lic.iutlfUii ) ; the skin ,
ecalp , mid hair , and eradicating e ury hit.
wor , 03 warm li.illn with Cirru-uiti BO.U- .
mul gentle anointings with Cimcuiu ( olut-
incut ) , the great tklu euro.
o CH U. C 'Kf. . hglfl * rt > L > . Pwto
All iboul tht BUu , 8o l ( > ol Ittlr ,
EVERY HUMOR from rimpU * lo 8 < rofuU
C i < 4 tj CuiliUk * .
attorney general eome tlmo ago relating lethe
the fees of the trMBuror Is beg nnlng to
make H Influence fell , The treasurers arc
tloner than u < ui ] In coming In to nettle
with the elate , and all but four of the tev-
c.itcen that have been In to make eettlemcnt
have left the matter of slate fees open for
fldjudlc&llcn. They hold that the decision ot
the attorney general , which cut * down the
amount ot fees they have heretofore received
for the collection of elate money , ought not
tn bo allowed to slant ] , and 1L U understood
that the treasurer from Thclps county will
como In text week and make a test w c.
PractlwIIy all of the county treasurers are
! o the combine to protest against the re
Five Inmates of the Hospital for the In-
eine at this place have this week been tran -
ferrcd to the Asylum for Incurabjca at Has- ,
tings. These transfers are made from the
'Lincoln and Norfolk Institutions whenever
there Is room la the Hastings asylum to ac
commodate patients , permission being flrcl
secured from the state beard. Those trans
ferred this week are Kate R. Payton , Fillmore -
moro county : Mary Pelican , Saline ; Eva
Bishop , Douglas ; Joseph Haymond , Douglas-
J. H. AVIdman , Mcrrlck.
The governor has appointed the following
delegates to the Nicaragua canal convention
which meets -it Kansas City January 17 : Dr.
12. 0. AValson , Friend ; AV. H. Kcllgar. Au
burn ; James E. Doyd , Omaha ; M. A. Hartl-
gan , Hastings ; Harry Miller , Omaha ; Charles
AV. Pool , Tccumseh ; 0. B. Goodell , Lincoln ;
Frank Young , nrokcn Dow.
There were 110 wses filed In the supreme
court la December , being almost double tbo
number fllej In December , 1890.
Lancaster county commissioners , after
spending several days on the selection o !
county physician , have finally agreed upon
Dr. Graham. Each commissioner favored a
different candidate and It was at last neces
sary to give the plum to a "dark horse. "
The case ot Thomas P. Kennard against the
State of Nebraska Is up before Judge Holmes
In District court. Kennard sues the state
for J14.000 on a contract to recover moneys
duo from the United Stats. The claim wna
up before the legislature last winter and by
a resolution was referred to the district court
for settlement. The chief question sucms
to bo that of jurisdiction. The evidence will
bo taken during vacation by agreement of all
parties and judgment given at the next term
of court.
Omaha people at the hotels ; At the Lin-
dell G. P. Dletz , J. 'D. ' Hush , P. AV. Dlrk-
hauscr , L. Levy. At the Lincoln G. W.
Horn , jr. , George E. Kay , AV. C. flames , V.
G. Lantry , H. iE. Maxwell , F. W. IJodle.
Mcctlnir Full of Iiitrrrxt toiiiinlin
County AKrliMilturlNts.
AUUUIIN , Neb. , Jan. 11. ( Special. ) The
Farmers' Institute of Ncmaha county closed
a thrco days' session hero yesterday. The
meeting was full of Interest and the attend
ance good. On Tuesday evening , Prof.
J. A. Dealtlo of the Peru Normal school gave
a very Interesting address'on "Tho Need of
Education. " On AVedncsday morning G. N.
Titus read a valuable paper on "Of AVhat
Should a Fruit Garden Consist ? " The pa
per by J. iM. Hoot , "Can Potatoes De liaised
with Profit In Ncma'.ia County ? " brought
out a pretty general discussion. "Need AVe
Fear a Fuel Famine In Southeast 'Nebraska ? "
was the subject ot a paper by N. 1' . Mcadcr ,
and he Boomed to think tliat people had noth
ing 'to ftar from that source , but from the
direction of the general discussion which
followed , It was plain to bo seen that the
majority wcro not with him. Probably the
paper of the greatest Interest , from a prac
tical point of view , was the one presented by
G. S. Christy on "Is the Hog Malady of Ne
braska Contagious , Infectious or Heredi
tary ? " In the discussion which followed , J.
II. Dund'is. editor ot the Granger , advanced
the Idea that In most cases the trouble would
be found to bo worms ; that he had examined
quite a number of hogs and that worms
were found In the Intestines , lungs , liver and
kidneys and urged upon farmers the Impor
tance of making post mortem examinations
and offered the columns of the Granger for
the results of such examinations. The ofll-
cers elected for the ensuing year are : Shell
Cochran , president ; A. C. Lceper , vice presi
dent ; A. AAr. Sultzbaugh , secretary ; AV. A.
Coddlngton , ( treasurer.
\vliraNUn Ilc-Hef CnminlHHloii IMNIII-S
it Call for Alii.
LINCOLN , Jan. 11. ( Special Telegram. )
The Cuban Relief commission recently ap
pointed by the governor has issued an ad
dress to the people of the state , In which
there Is a reminder that when the people
of the state -wcro suffering from drouth
other states and countries eamo to their
aid and now that the people of Cuba are
famlnc-fctrlcken , Nebraskans are called upon
to make liberal oantrlbutlons. The address
la signed by H. O. Rowland , president ; P.
II. Dary , tocretary ; AAr. N. Nascai , treas
urer ; J. E. Utt and M. D. Welch. The con
cluding paragraph Is as follows :
"All citizens desirous of aiding 'this ' cn-
tcrpriso of pity and charity may forward
their donations to 'tho secretary , or any
other member of the commission most con
venient. Contributions of money , shelled
corn , wheat , canned goads , light clothing
for both sexes and all other necessities of
llfo will be accepted and forwarded free of
charge 'to ' the suffcrois. AVe urge that the
response lo this appeal 'be ' generous , universal
and Immediate. Hundreds are dally perish
ing from starvation and thousands are fac
ing llko fate as these words are toeing read
by the flresldcj of peace and plenty. "
ICotipNiMV I.Nenn IteiiiM.
KENESAAV , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special. ) Mr.
Andrews , pastor of the Methodist Episcopal
church of this place , whoso mind Cias been
gradually growing weak for some time past ,
became suddenly violent yesterday. Ho was
taken to the Inoine asylum at Lincoln.
The of the Kenesaw creamery was not
successful on account of some defect In tbe
machinery. The manager says this will bo
remedied and that tbo creamery will be In
operation In another week.
Duslneffl Is very brisk in comparison with
what It was at this time I'-fit ' year , The ele
vators are loading from fifteen to twenty-five
cars of grain a wcok , mostly for the Kansas
City market.
The largo Implement house of AVIHIam
Schultz Is nearly completed. This is qulto
an Improvement for Konceaw , as the size of
the building will allow the storage for a largo
stock of farm Implements of all kinds.
The wi.Hior 'or the last week has been
unusually fair cm ! the majority ot farmers
have taken advantage of It and finished their
fall work.
YOIIIIKiiiiolitiii of Finance * .
CENTRAL CITY. Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special. )
Steve Arrants , formerly of Loup , but now
temporarily residing In the counts' jail , la a
young Napoleon of finance. He found , as lie
thought , i'.i good way of borrowing money and
worked the scheme for all It waa worth. Ho
would glvo his note and aecuro U on cattle
that tie didn't own , In this way the col
lateral never run out. That waa the flrst
port of ha ! oobemo. Tito second was to pay
bis notes promptly when they came due and
thus establish a credit for promptness , ThU
ho dlil and Ills credit became eo good that
careful bankers bought up bis floating paper
ccd considered It as goad as gold. Flrnlly
ho got In debt to the Platlo Valley tank for
about $4GO and secured It on his Imaginary
herd of cattle. Cashier Letchor wont out to
see those oitlo ! and as his Imagination was
not aH well cultivated as that of Mr , Arrants
ho couldn't eeo a elnglo cow or steer. Tiio
young Napoleon was arrested for obtaining
money under false preterscs and Is now In
Wo county jail.
iNr <
AVAUSA , Neb. , Jan. II.Special. ( . ) At
the clcso of Installation of clllcora ot the
Knights of Pythias lodge at this place last
night , a etirprlio was given by tut > wives ot
the msmbsrs. An elegant luncheon waa
iorvoJ. Amuac-mciVa ot varied nature wcro
ndulged In to a la to hour ,
Fears were at < no tlmo entertained of an
co famine In our city the coming summer ,
Qut Ice of BU Illdent thlcluietn and quality
s low being harvested 'to ' dUpel such fears.
The dreaded hog cholera has made Its ap-
: > curancd among a number of icrds In thin
vicinity , Hiuvy lasses by the owners are rc-
icrted ,
Kalrliury AVoiiiiin' Clnli.
FAIRHUIIY , iNeb. , Jan. 14. ( Special. )
The Falrbury A\'oman'n club met Tuesday ,
January II. In regular session. After roll
call responded to by quotations from J , H.
Lowell a program of unusual Interest was
furnished by the current literature department - ,
ment , Mrs. AV L. Stephen * , leader of the ,
department presiding The opening music
"Vcntre-a-Terre" a oianj solo was bea Ii-
fully executed by Miss Daisy Ttlleth The
well selected recitation by Mrs. McCoy was
ably rendered and elicited much applause
A change from the usual program was made
by Introducing a debate upon the question
"Aro AVomen Good Financiers ? " Mrs. Mc
Dowell and Mrs. Showalter epoke for the
afllrmatlve , while tbo president of the club
Mrs. C. D. Let ton , and Mrs. Ed Hanecn tool
the negative. After a spirited discussion I
wag decided by an almost unanimous vote o
the club that "women arc good financiers. '
The program for the afternoon was furnlshci
by a beautiful vocal solo , "Down the
Shadowed Lane , " by Miss Maude Tollcth.
llrulnl Iloj \rrcKtoil. .
BELLEVUE , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special. )
As Henry Lutjcmcyer , a. boy about 18 years
of age , was returning to his home , one-ball
mlle from town , ho was set upon by a crowt !
of village boys and severely beaten. The
Lutjemeycr family has suffered olmllar
abuses for several years while attending the
village school end It wco decided best to put
a check to It ; accordingly A. A. Harden , one
of the loading merchant , ? ot this city , signed
a complaint .before Justice C. G. Llttledeld
and warrants wcro Issued for the arrest ol
the two leaders , Fred Hughes and Roy
TAney , nnd Constable U. S. Llttlefleld took
them at once Into custody. The trial Is set
for Saturday. It Is thought other arrests
will follow.
Thieves forced an entrance Into the resi
dence ot Irving Poop whllo ho was tem
porarily abeent and stole a new $22 breech-
loading fihotgun. No clow.
' \VoII ICnimii at Fremont.
IFKlEMONT , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special. )
Charles AVallstrom , who was reported In The
Ilco as being arrested at Sioux City , chargcO
with passing forged checks , Is well known
here. Ho Is a tailor by trade and worked for
Eddy Brothers. Ho > was recently discharged
by them for dishonesty. He owed cciisld
crablo when ho left and squared up a couple
of bills , ono at Ashley Park's confectionery
store and the other at the Merchants' hotel ,
with checks which turned out to bo worth
less. A woman by the name of AVlnter , but
whose flrst name could not be ascertained ,
left hero with him and Is presumably the
"Jones" woman who was with him when ho
was arrested. It the Iowa authorities should
let him loose ho 'will bo brought back to
Fremont for trial. .
'it SI. .Juntos.
HARTINGTON , Neb. Jan. 14. ( Special Tel
egram. ) Burglars made a great haul on
Clem Zlcglcr's store at St. James , a small
town about fifteen miles northeast of thin
city , last night. They took the entire Hue oC
men's and women's line clothes , every boll
ot fine dres.3 goods and completely gutted
two largo showcases which were filled with
notions , trinkets and jewelry. Three sus
picious characters had been loafing around
the town for several days and their im
mediate departure this morntag causes the
authcrtties to belicvo that they had a linger
In the pic. Tbo leas amounts to several
hundred dollar. ? .
IrrlKiitlon Company Eleots OlIlciTN.
NORTH PLATTE , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special. )
The South ? ldo Irrigation company at Its
annual meeting elected John Keith president ,
Glaus Mylander vice president , G. F. Meyer
eccretary and treasurer , George II. Lawrence
engineer and P. Mylander and JMx Deer
members of the board of directors. A resolu
tion was passed Instructing the directors to
have the dltcSi fully completed by the first
day of May. The hcadgate of the ditch. Is
practically completed and tbo remaining ex
cavation can be finished In > ii week or ten
days If these who have contracts will push
tbo work with any degree of rapidity.
llurneil to Dentil.
MORSE DLUFF , Neb. , Jan. 14.
( Special Telegram. ) Anna Vrana , a 4-
year-old daughter of John Vrana ,
was burned to death at her home ,
six miles south of here , yesterday
afternoon. The llttlo girl was left alone In
the house while her father went out to do
some chores. Ho was only away from the
house about five minutes. AVhen he re
turned he found the room full of smoke and
the little girl burned so badly that she never
spoke. It Is supposed she was trying to start
a fire In the etovo for her father.
' Alliance A'otvH.
ALLIANCE , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special. )
There will bo considerable building and
other Improvements made In the city tbo
coming season.
Nearly 2,000,000 feet of lumber was sold
at the local yards during the last year and
nearly 10,000 tons of coal sold at the coal
The population of Alliance Is said to be
nearly , or quite , 3,000.
The Catholics have In rehearsal the homo
talent for a grand minstrel performance to
como on In the near future.
Creamery at Fort Calliouii.
FORT OALHOUN , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special. )
This llttlo town Is showing moro prosper
ity these days than It has for a number of
years past. Along with other buildings a
creamery Is to bo built. The plant will cost
$2,500. It will bo a great benefit to the
farmers. It will take 300 bead of milch cows
to run It. Charles Schnvager , the proprietor ,
has been connected for two or three years
past with one ot the largest creameries In
the state and is now branching out In busi
ness for .himself. AVork on the building will
commence Immediately.
Wood m en I n H ! alia 41 nn.
IIUMiDOLDT , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special. )
The AVcodmcn Installation and supper at the
opera house Thursday evening was ono of
the most pleasing Bochl events of the season.
A literary and musical program waa rendered ,
nupplcmenteil by a short address from Hon.
C. A. Atkinson of Lincoln , who also con
ducted the Installation ceremonies. The
opera house waa very richly decorated and
cbout 200 guests partook of the good things
provided for the occasion by Humboldt camp ,
No. 333 , Modern AVoodmen of America.
Hank OfllriTN ClioHrn.
ALBION , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special. ) The
annual election of the banks of this city re
sulted as follows : First National C. E. AVest ,
president ; John Peters , vice president ; F. S.
Thompson , cashier ; directors , C. E. AA'est ,
John Peters , F. S. Thompson , D. A. Lewis ,
O. 'M. Needham , Adolph Hate. Albion Na
tional M. B. Thompson , president ; A. AV.
Lidd , vlco president ; D. V. Blatter , cashier ;
directors , M. B. Thompson , A. AV. Ladd , D.
V. Blatter , James JIcKle , AVIHIam AVeltzel.
EMERSON , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special , ) S. O.
Cord was granted a. divorce flora her husband ,
O. E. Cord , by Judge Evans at Ponca. She
ai : granted $1C a month allmcuy and tbo
custody of their daughter.
llev.-Condiant ot 'Beatrice ' , assisted by Rev.
Ray of Hartlngton , will bold a Sunday school
Institute * at this place Saturday and Sunday ,
January 22 and 23.
Arm lliiillj.Mi : > ! ! lntod.
LEIGH , Neb. . Jan. 14. ( Special. ) Fred
Rasmusscn , a young man living In this vil
lage , was caught In a corn shellcr yesterday ,
mutilating his right arm between the wrist
and elbow. The arteries were severed ,
tendons torn from the muscles and the wrist
bono ground In two. The physicians who
dressed tbe wouni deemed amputation un
I'niillry Slioiv
SYRACUSE , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Today closed the flrst meeting of the
Otoo County Poultry association. It waa very
successful In every cart'cular. There wtvo
several hundred birds exhibited. L. P. Har
ris of Palmyra , expert Judge , scored the
fowls , eomo going obovo the 90 mark.
llolili to niKlrlot Court.
BimWELL , Neb. , Jan. 14 , ( Sped ll. ) The
preliminary trial of Anthony 'B ' , Starko was
lield before County Judge Jones yesterday ,
After a motion -to quash the complaint had
been overruled and ono witness was partly
examined tbe defendant waived further ex
amination end was tield to the district court
in tbo cum of (600 ( , which ho furnished ,
Hank MnuiiKcmiMit CIiniiKfH.
( ALLIANCE , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special. )
The First National bank ia now under tbe
control and management of AV. A. Hampton ,
is former president. Under tbo uow man
Rgcmcnt n SI Hampton , Its former cashier ,
Laves the bank and Martin Brennan be
comes Its cftflhler AA' . A Hampton having
purchatecl 35-50 ot the b pk clock took full
control ot Its manaRenfftit This bank Is
among the strongest lisstlOTtlons In the
western part of the state ,
Coni | > nrntlvc FlRiirp $ 'i , Jfnrtli '
for IS1W '
NORTH BKND , Neb. . Jan. 14 , ( Special. )
Populists and free sliver "republicans here
about have been Indulging1 * n great deal
of talk about the presciif wftve ot prosperity
being a bogus one. As if refutation or their
arguments the following ; cxtublt ot bustnccr
done at. this point for .Infe years 1896 and
1897 speaks for Itself : J' ' ' .
Value of freight fofwaided. 1S97 , } 33-
164.54 ; same for 1S96 , IJftnfOS.ST ; Increase ,
$0,655.97. Freight received. . ' 1S97 , $30,499.46 ;
same for 1S96 , $26,856,12 ; ' Increase , $9,643.34.
Value of local tickets sold , 1S97 , $4,524.64 ;
came for 1896 , $4,674.04 ; decrease , $150.40.
Coupon tickets sold , 1S97 , $3,757.81 ; same for
1S9C$2,488,26 ; Increase , $269.55. Cash re
mitted , 1S97 , $43,970.75 ; si mo for 1896 , $38-
C68.87 ; Increase , $10,316.88. Total transac
tions for the year 1897 , $125,926.00 ; satno ( or
1896 , $99,195.36 ; total Increase for 1897 , $26-
730.14 ; total decrease tor 1897 , $150.40 ; net
Increase for 1897 , $26,589.94. Carloads re
ceived during 1897 , 828 ; during 1896,532 ;
Increase for 1897 , 296. Carloads forwarded
during 1897 , 637 ; during 1S96 , 421 ; Increase
for 1897 , 216.
_ _
Death In the Corn FlrlilN.
FRANKLIN , Neb. , Jan. 14. ( Special Tele
gram. ) For some rcasco the cornstalks this
year are much more poisonous to the cat
tle than ever before , hardly a farmer that
has turned Jits cattle In > stalk field has not
lost a number of head. C. M , Caster has
lost moro heavily than any reported , having
lost fifty head. Eighteen heat ] died today
In seven hours.
< > f Hojr Cholera.
AVINSIDE , Neb. , Jan : 14. ( Special. ) Hog
cholera Is destroying large numbers of hogs
In this vicinity. Many farmers have lost all
the hog.1 they had , ono man as many as 150.
The disease seems to be unusually fatal.
Reads are Improving here now end drying
rapidly. In some of tie sloughs tbo frost Is
almost all out of the ground.
Tnkr Her 'H to Krnncp.
AUBURN , Neb. , Jan. J4. ( Spcclal.-J. ) W.
Laon and J. II. Cook of this city , who took a
consignment of Nebraska horses to Franco ,
wrlto that they arrlvoj at their destination
without mishap to thctngolVM or the iorses.
At the time ot writing they had just reached
their destination and had made nj effort to
dispose ot their horses.
XcliriiNlcn. XP TH Xntrs.
New steel cages are being placed In tbe
Scotts Bluff county jail at Goring.
The Union Pacific has completed filling Its
largo lee house at North Platte.
Dr. Jack ot Brownvllle holds the ofllccs of
coroner , county physician , pension , examiner
and mayor of iBrownvllle.
An agent of the general land ofilce Is In
vestigating complaints that stockmen In the
vicinity of Lodge Polo have fenced In gov
ernment land.
Simeon Beardsley has bought the Clarks
Leader ot Mr. Hutt and will continue the
paper under the same name and with un
changed politics.
Horse buyers In Seward county are paying
very much better prices'for ' horses now than
they have at any time for several years and
they are taking lots of good horses out of
the counrty. 1
Starus iMcInlnch of Browiivlllc who started
for the Klondike last shtmrher has returned.
Ho went as far as Seatljo and after carefully
weighing all that he'could see and hear
about the Klondike country ho decided to
return. ' '
Prosperity comes cJuicUfest to the man
whosn liver la in good condition. DeAA'ltt'a
Llttlo Early Risers are 'fh'mou ? llttlo pills
for constipation , biliousness. Indigestion and
all stomach and liver troubles.
( Continued fromj lrat.Page - . )
made an Important communication ref
erence to the candidature of Prince George
of Greece for the governorship of Crete. M.
Zlfi ovelff declared that unless the cultan
withdrew his objections 'to ' Prince George
Ilucsla would propcso the annexation of
Crete to Greece.
1'ulillciitloii iSalil to lie Inspired by
the Ifopus
LONDON , Jan. 14. The Homo corce-
Kpondent of the Dally Chronicle , In a btart-
Ing statement this morning , quotes largely
Ircm an artlclo In "Clvllta Catellca , " which
10 declares Is directly Inspired by the Vatican
and the pope , advocating , as to the solution
of the external question between the Vatican
and the Qutrlnal , the establishment of aa
Italian republic. The article , which Is based
on the pcoo's Christmas allocution , declares
lliat the thing which stands opposed to papal
Independence Is not Italian unity , but "tho
special and concrete form wherein that unity
Is at present maintained , with results much
: nero disastrous to the state than to the
lioly see. "
It proceeds to assert that the co-existence
Df the Vatican and the Italian monarchy Is
Impossible , and that one or the other must
? o. It then suggests the constitutions of
Switzerland and America as exairplcs of
'Admirable and glorious constitutions , true
ualon ot nation and otatc , though differing
ic-om that of Italy , which has produced noth-
ng but weakness , misery and starvation. "
The article concludes ; "Without the aid
of 'foreign bayonets the true Italy will find
for Itself Us own way and will rise again , let
js hope , from the Ignominy In which It now
; Ies prostrate to greatness. "
TCto Dally Cronlclo's correspondent asserts
that this "Is an Intentional revelation to the
outer world of the policy actuating not only
'he ' mind of Cardinal Itampolla , papal secre
tary ot state , but that of the Vatican. " Ho
adda : "Probably there would be no truth In
he supposition that either Cardinal Rampolla
or the pope has any Idea of oven a temporary
alliance with the republican -party ; 'but ' yet
.hey believe that whllo peace with fho king
a Impossible , It might bo possible with a
epubllc. The reason for the appearance of
his astounding pronouncement at the present
nomcnt Is the belief that not only the mlnls-
ry but tbo dynasty Itself Is menaced more
seriously than usual. "
li Nobleman CoininltK Hiilc-ido
lccaiiMc She SIIUI-MH Him ,
LONDON , Jan , 14. It has been an open
secret In theatrical circles that Sir Charles
\rthur Falrllo Curmlmjham , who , as an
nounced by the Dally Mai ) today , committed
suicide at the Hotel Victoria , this city , dur-
ng the nlglit of December 20 , had long been
nfatuated with atarjorlo Pryor , a chorus
girl of the In Town company.
During the company's long engagement Sir
Charles occupied a fronts-seat nightly , watch-
ng the girl , and after. Hie performance ho
drove away with hec. In December It was
eported that bo was considerably downcast
JCcauso'Mlss Pryor'hnd refused to have any-
hlng more to do wltji him.
The coroner gave out ft report of the case
oday , showing thatBIr ( Charles shot him
self In tho'head. ' It was understood that Sir
Jlmrlcs left a letter directing that his clotti
ng and effects be given to Miss Pryor ,
I-VimiM ! mid ( Jerl'uaW Are Cordial.
TAIUS , Jan. 14. J.t 'L ' ? an Indication of
'rlcriJHncsa ' between * France and1 Gernwny
hat the grand croea of the Legion of Honor
las Just been conferred upon Count von
Muiuter , the German ambassador at Paris ,
on the occasion of the ratlllcatlcri of the
Franco-German Niger convention.
Toil .Sloiinc MtarlH Home ,
LONDON , Jan. 14. The Campania , which
sails for New York from Liverpool tornor-
ow , will take amrag Us pafsengers Ted
ilc-ino , tbo jockey. Ho Bajs ho la going to
Cincinnati to aak Mr. Flclschmann to ro-
eago him no as to to able to rldu In Ecg-
and ,
IVtMV Co ill ill ii n ilur for the Army.
FAIUS , Jan , IB. The cabinet council today
will nominate General Jamont to succeed
General Saucier as rommaodcr-in-cblcf ot
the French army , " -
Oansos Indignation Among Friends of
Ottirr Tlinn Objection * < o
Kit tr n run of tlic J'rniioiinl Arc
l AKiilnut' the XCTV
llnvvu Crcit.
ITHACA , N. V. , 14. The refusal of
Yaleto grant Cornell's request , contained In
the latter'a acceptance of Yale's chnlteiiRo ,
has been the chief topic of conversation at
Ithaca today. The students In general arc
Indifferent , but some cf Idem , while saying
little , tave given signs of Indignation , which
practically represents the feeling nt Cornell
on the boat raeUxj question , as far as a meet
ing with Yale Is concerned.
In an Interview tonight Prof. E. AV. . Huff-
cutt , president of the athletic council , gave
the following statement :
"Corrwll regrets that Yale flnds It
slblo to ussent to terms which appear to us
to bo In every respect fair an ! sportsmanlike.
The terms proposed arc an exact equivalent of
the terms of the challenge. Moreover , they
arc precisely the terms which Yale proposed
to Harvard last year and to which Harvard
assentcJ. It ecems , therefore , Ui-it Yale's
disinclination to accept them must bo due to
reagent qulto distinct from any objections to
their fairness and having to do with Its gen
eral Intercollegiate policy. If this Is so the
case resolvea Itself Into a dlftcraco between
Cornell and Yale and the Intercollegiate reg
ulations In general.
"Upon such a question men may disagree
without engendering cny unfriendly feeling.
In this spirit Cornell accep's Uio decision of
Yale and trusts that the good understanding
that began last year may eontlivjc , even
though different policies at "Old" " two univer
sities render future Intercollegiate contests
between the two Impossible. "
Captain Frederick Colson of the 'Varsity
crew , made the following statement :
"Cornell considers that Its answer to
Yalo's proposition for a boat race was oer-
fectly fair from every point of view. I can
only cxpi'CES my surprise at the refusal of
Yale to nccord to Cornell next year what
It claimed of Cornell this year. Cornell
cerumen regret that Yale has made It Itn-
Oosslblo for another lest to bo made be
tween the two different styles of rowing
Inseparably connected , with the names of
Courtney and Cook. As Cornell has ac
cepted Harvard's challenge for a boat face
at such tlmo and place as may bo agreeable
to the two crews , It only remains to decide
upon such tlmo nrd place. All through the
negotiations with Harvard and Yale it has
been taken for granted that Cornell would
row Pennsylvania and Columbia this year.
Only matters of detail have to be deter
mined upon. Personally , I would llko to
see a quadrtngular cace arranged for Colum
bia , Harvard , Pennsylvania and Cornell. "
Prof. Huffcutt denied the report that a
challenge foad been received/ / from Wisconsin
by Cornell ,
ox THI : nir.vviXG TUACKS.
Ilnvc Another SucccHsful I > "J'
jit XfTV OrltMiiiN ,
NEAV ORLEANS , Jan. 14. Cloudy weather
nnd a. heavy track were the racing condi
tions today. David nnd Sea Uobbor were
the only successful favorites nnd the books
hiid the best of It , the long shots being but
llttlo fancied. Results :
First race , selling ; fifteen-sixteenths of a
mile : David won , Van Brunt second , Do
mingo third. Time : l:42 : i.
Second race , selling , thlrtcon-slxteenths
of a mile : Teeta May won. Little Music
second , Sauterne third. Time : 1:27'S : > .
Third race. Belling , one mlle and twenty
yards : Sea Robber won , ABC second ,
Brldgeton third. Tlmo : 1S1 % .
Fourth race , handicap , six furlongs : Ta
bouret won , Georgu B. Cox second , Pete
Archer third. Time : 1:19.
Fifth race , six furloass : Milt Boykln
won , Gypcelver second , Belle of Fordham
third. Time : l:19Vs. :
Sixth race , selling , fifteen-sixteenths of
a mile : Lexington Pirate won , Carlotta C
second , Full Hand third. Time : 1:42',4. :
SAN FRANCISCO , Jan. U. Weather
Hear ; track fast at Oakland today. Re
sults :
First race , selling- , six furlongs : Bram-
bella won , The Dipper second , Roulette
Wheel third. Tlmo : 1:17 : % .
Second race , selllnfr , sevan furlongs :
Ollceta won , Jack Martin second , Walter J
third. Time : 1:31 : % .
Third race , purse , 2-year-olds , throe fur
longs : Buena Ventura won , Clarendo second
end , Anchored third. Time : 0:37ft. :
Fourth race. Felling , one mile : Hazard
won. Nonchalance second , Heritage third.
Time : 1:43 : % .
Fifth race , selling' , seven furlongs : Tor
sion won , Sly second , Major Cook thlid.
Time : 1:30 : % .
Sixth race , selling' , fifteen-sixteenths of a
mile : Imperious won , Fred Gardner second ,
Morlnel third. Time : 1:37. :
t Hull nt Lincoln.
The basket ball game between the team
of the Young Men's Christian association
of this city and the University of Nebraska
will take place at Lincoln this evening , and
the Indications point toward an exciting
game. The local team , accompanied by
Physical Director Fred B. Barnes and about
a score of Omaha boys to cheer the local
[ cam on to victory , will leave for Lincoln
: hls afternoon at l-JB o'clock , a special car
being- attached to the Rock Island's ex
press for the party.
Captain Redllcld of the Omaha team and
ills players are all In good trim for the
jame , and If they do not win the student
layers at Lincoln must ncads put up a
very stiff game of basket ball. The team
will return to Omaha on Sunday morning.
The return game will be played between
the same teams In this city on Saturday
evening , January 29.
nt n Ko-v Chase.
FARGO , N. D. , Jan. 14. There has been
a novel cour&lng meet near Fargo. The
dog fanciers' who have greyhounds on ex
hibition at the kennel show took their dogs
out llvo miles south of the city for a jack
rabbit chase. No jack rabbits could be
found , but the crowd was lucky enough to
strike a fox and enjoyed a splendid chase.
About 500 people had gone out from Fargo
to see the sport. A number were on bicy
cles , enjoying- the chase to thu limit. It
Is probably the first fox hunting party that
over went to the chase on bicycles , nnd the
matter Is all the more notworthy when It Is
considered that It was In what Is termed
the Arctic North Dakota , but In the middle
of January and without a particle of snow
on the ground , bicycling being as good as
In Florida.
Four .lien S'lioot Today.
There will be a lively four-handed llvo
bird race ot the Council Bluffs grounds this
afternoon between Omaha and Council
Bluffs teams. W. D. Hardin and A. Uler-
shelm will represent the Iowa sldo and J.
C. Sinead and Satnaha will defend the
local claim to superiority. The race will
bo fifty birds per man for the price of the
birds and a small stake ,
There la a probability that the four-man
match that Is scheduled for Saturday will
bo postponed on account of the Illness of
ono of the Crablll boys ,
Onnlii ; lien Win tin * Shoot.
The llvo bird match between J. C. Smead
and Samaha of this city and J , A , Hardin
and A. Blershelm of Council Bluffs yes
terday afternoon proved to bo ono of the
closest and most Interesting contests of the
season , The match "was fifty birds per man ,
and H was anybody's game until the last
string was shot ; out. The Ornutm men mic-
ceeded In winning , out Bmc'id Samaha killIng -
Ing forty-five and fortythrco birds respect
ively , wnllo the Iowa marksmen had to bo
content with fortyono apiece.
l'iirMi > for Kill .McCoy.
BALTIMORE , Jan. 14. Manager Hereford
of the Kureka Athletic club linn luiHK up a
purse of $1,000 for n go between Kid .McCoy
and Charllo Go If , the middle-weight , the
winner to take CO per rent of the receipts ,
"Billy" Muddon , uoff'a manager , has ac
cepted for Goff , anil there Is llttlo doubt
of McCoy's acceptance.
Start In on Third Mulch.
ADELAIDE , South Australia , Jan. 14 ,
The third tisat cricket match between the
Australians and the visiting Englishmen
began today. At the close of play the
Australians had scored ten runs for two
I'rliiuctoii-l'rniiHylviiiilu llano Hull.
PHILADELPHIA , Jan. 14-Overturcs
have been made by Princeton to the. Unl-
We shall offer our entire stock of Ladies'
and Misses'
and Children's Long Cloaks at a dis
count of 50 per cent just half price for
any garment in the house.
This will include all our recent arri
vals of
Our 20 per cent discount sale of
Colored and Black Dress Goods
Underwear Blankets and
Flannels still continues.
Cor. Farnam and Fifteenth ;
verslty of Pennsylvania to arrange a scries
of base ball gtimcs to be played In the
spring , and the nthletle association of the
latter Is considering * the proposition. It is
said Unit the arrangement will not be con
summated unless Princeton makes a live-
year agreement to meet Pennsylvania In nit
other branches of sport , Including foot ball.
Kltil't < ii IlriMV.
CINCINNATI , O. , Jan. 11. A special to
the Commercial Tribune from Parkersburg ,
AV. A'a. , says : At the Auditorium , tonlpht
there was a twenty-round battle between
Jimmy Conley of Buffalo , N. Y. , and Jack
Bingham of Hunting-ton ) for $250 a Bide and
n. percentage nf the gate money. It was
fast and furious. Referee Pat Gavin of
AVheeling declared it a draw. James
O'Leary of Cincinnati challenged Uio win
GoiiHr Saves 1
CINCINNATI , O. , Jan. H. A special to
the Commercial Tribune from Chllllcothe ,
O. , says : A twenty-round contest took p'nce '
hero tonight between James Fogartty and
George llaynos. Both were In Hood whape
and honors were even until the teventh
round , when Haynes had Fogarty utmost
out. The Kong wived Fogarty again In the
eighth , but ho milled afterwards and held
out. making the light a draw.
Monocline AVIiiM SkntliiK 'llncc.
PHILADELPHIA , Jan. II. The first of n
series of three races at the AVest Park skat-
Ins palace between two of the fastest skat
ers In the country , Joseph V. Donoghue of
Newburgr , N. Y. , and AVIHIam Letts of New
ark , N. J. , resulted tonight In Donog-hue's
favor. The distance was one mile and
Donoghuo covered it In 3 minutes 43 bee-
I'ollfc Arri'Nt S < * tiMitevii Oicrnor for
Viola'tini ' ? ( lie I.IMV.
NEAV YOHK , Jan. 14. Captain SIcCloskey
and a squad of detectives today raided four
alleged bucket rshops In the AVail street sec
tion , and arrested seventeen prisoners. Tin ,
raids were made on warrants Issued by Mag
istrate Flammer. The firms raided were
Ridley , Pelaer & Co. , 42 and 44 Broadway ,
where five prisoners 'were arrested ; the
Standard Stock company at B3 New street ,
where five persons were arrested ; the Pub
lic Stock and Grain company at Cl Now
street , where four persona were arrested ;
and Hamilton & Co. at 03 Now street ,
where three persons wcro arrested.
Great excitement prevailed In all the
places when the detectives entered. The
places had been watched for several weeks
and the warrants had been procured when
the police thought they had all the ovIJ.'iice
necessary. The detectives marched their
prisoners Into the street , and a ciowd fol
lowed them to the Center Street court ,
where the men wcro arraigned. They were
charged "with violating the law that pro
hibits the recording of beta and wagcra.
Charles Hoffman , Angel Emanuel and Paul
and George Clayton , who wore employed as
blackboard clerks , were discharged. All the
other prisoners were held In f 1,000 ball
each for examination on Friday next.
WVnverM Will Xot fie IH Wurlc Until
NEW BEDFOUD. Mass. , Jan. 14. Adelphi
rink was crowded tonight to the utmost
capacity , fully 2,000 men and women attend-
ng the mass meeting of the union and non
union weavers of the city. The action of
the union In voting to strlko was Indorsed by
a hearty aye , and It was voted to stay out
until the abuses claimed by the weavers are
The weavers demand flrst a restoration of
wages ; second , the abolition of the lining
system ; third , the adoption of a uniform
price lint In all of the mills of the city. It
was the sentiment of all that the weavers
would not go to work Monday oven if the
notices were 'taken ' down tomorrow.
The union and nonunion card and plcken
room operatives had a mass meeting tonight.
The vote to resist the cut down was unani
Mlkiulo .WillSinil n Vluet < o Hal i.VaiU
I Hill I ) ll' ' .
LONDON , Jan. li. , \ special dispatch
from Shanghai says H la reported there that
the French demands as to Hal Nan have
created uneasiness iu Japan. Admiral YOUR
Yu has been ordered to assume personal
command of the AVo-Sung forts. Yu-Kim
Nlah is establishing conscription In certain
districts of Yangsto AVu Hu and Tao
Tal and has proclaimed all able-bodied men
liable to service.
Lu Yang Is reported to bo raising a large
force In Kwang Tung , whileho Is also en
trusted with the command of the southern
squadron. It Is rumored that Japan will
send a squadron Bouth owing to tbe French ,
threatening Hal Nan.
SIIOTT 111 nnxtcrii 'Portion ' , lth North
erly AVlnilN.
WASHINGTON , Jan. II. Forecast for
Saturday :
For Nebraska Threatening weather , prc
ceded by snow In eastern portions ; north *
crly wlmla.
For Iowa Snow or rain ; cant to north-
cast winds.
For South Dakota Threatening weatheri
vurlablo winds.
For Missouri Rain or snow ; probably
clearing Saturday afternoon ; northerly-
For Kansas-Snow ; probably clearingIn
the afternoon ; northerly winds
For AVyomlng Partly clouJy weather ;
variable winds.
liocul ItiMicril.
OMAHA , Jan. 11. Omaha record of tem
perature and rainfall compared with the cor-
BpondlnB1 dny of the lost thrco years :
1S9S. 1S37. ISOfi. 1S05.
Maximum temperature. . . . sn "S 37 4a
Minimum tcmporaturc. , . . 2J ! 13 39 is
Average temperature 30 22 28 28
Rainfall T T .CO 'ii
Record of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for this day and slnco March 1 ,
1S97 :
Normal for the day. , , . , 17
Excess for the day , 33
Accumulated excess since 'March ' 1 499
Normal rainfall for the day 02 Inch
Deficiency for the day o > jncli
Total rainfall since March 1 11) ) 01 Inchest
Deficiency since March 1 Inched
Excess for cor , period , Ib07 D 28 hichoii
Deliclency for cor. period , 1S90 . . .11,31 Inchon
KcnortN from Stiitloim at 8 1 > . > . ,
Ee\enty inh meridian time.
The only hi h , D&kinjJ'Powder ?
Offered af & moderate price.