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Bights at Eonntzj Park Surpass the Mcs
Sanguine Expectations ,
Oorcrnor Ice niut llliA * > iocln cii
\Vomlrr nt ( lie Kxlciit of ( lie
, Slum' Their I'nllU
The delegation from South Dakota which
! s In the city to accumulate Information re
Carding the exposition , which Is to be
spread broadcast among the people ot tha
state upon their return to their homos , waa
taken In charge yesterday by a commit
tee ot members of the Beard of Directors
and put In the way of acquiring Informntloi
on everything pertaining to the great ohow
The visiting delegation Includes Govcttio
Lee , Hnrs Murphy of Kits Point , 0. A. Da\la
of Deadwood , W. L. Gardner of Rapid City
and C. A. Jewett of Sioux Falls. The enter
talnmcnt commlttco consisted of iManager
ttabcock , Directors John Husalo and C. P
Weller and Mr. W. S. Poppleton. The otar
was made from the Paxlon hotel In the morn
Ing where carriages were taken and the party
driven to the exposition grounds. Hero the
visitors were shown everything ot Inter
cat , Including the buildings being
erected on the main court , and the et'iff
shop In the Mines building , where the party
alighted and went through the shop , the vis
Hers manifesting rue greatest Interest In th
Manufacture ot the beautiful unite coating
which Is to make the buildings look like
marble txilaces. The bluff tract was vlsllei
and the Nebraska and Illinois buildings In
fpectcd. The visitors expressed surprls
and wonderment at the magnitude ot th
Bcalo on which the whole construction wa
being carried on. Their expressions en till
point \\cro frequent and emphatic. They
stated many times that they had no Idea
that preparations were making on such a
grand scale , and they piled the escortlni
commlttco with questions regarding many o
the details of the \\ork. The trip arousei
the enthusiasm of the visitors to the hlghcs
pitch and they were most emphatic In stat
Ing that their state would be represented by
exhibits tl'at would bo a credit to a com
man wealth with such magnificent resources
They had made the same promise befor
going to the grounds , but after seeing th
magnitude or the preparations that wer
being made their statements were much mor
Returning from the grounds the party vis
lied the olllco of the archlt ° cts-ln-chiof , vvher
the visitors were shown the plans In cours
of propiratlon for completing the dccoratlol
ot the main court and supplying the flnlshlni
touches on the other portions of the grounil
If anything further had been necessary to
convince the delegation that the Tiansmls
elsslppl and International Exposition was to
bo on a scale commensurate with the extcn
and Importance ot the vast region which 1
to bo represented Itus found In these
drawings showing the decorations which arc
to embellish the whole and furnish a lilting
fccttlng for the beautiful architecture.
The Mlllaril hotel was reached at noon am
hero the. visitors were entertained at lunch
con by the executive committee , which was
In regular session.
During the conference which was carrlci
on during the luncheon , the visiting delega
tlon reiterated their expressions of surprise
at tbo stupendous scale on which operation :
vvero being carlcd on and made frequent am
emphatic promises that their state would bo
represented in a creditable manner. Governor
Leo remarked that ho was glad the leglsla
turc of South Dakota had not made an ap
proprlatlon "as It would have been entirely
too small , anyway. " Ho said that a course
of action would bo followed that would ro
Eiilt In an exhibit that the exposition man
accmcnt would have no reason to bo
uslnmed of.
After luncheon the delegation held a con
fcrcnco with Malinger nruco of the Depart
ment of nxhlblts regarding the selection o
space. As a. result of this conference the
delegation reserved 2,211 feet In a deslr
able location In the Agriculture building and
C30 feet In the Mines building.
I'rcHlilcnt IViiltlcK .NnnioH Pl > o 1)1-
ri'dor * for the Work.
President Wattles Jias appointed the follow
ing flvo directors as members of the
Bureau of Public Comfort : Dudley Smith
( Arthur C. Smith , C. M. Wllhclm , C. F. Wel
ler ami It. S. Wllcox. This bureau will be
under the direction of the Wajs anJ Meana
department of the exposition and will at
once take up the matter of Investigating the
capacity of Omaha hotels , boarding houses
lodging Jiousfs and private houses to accom
modate the thousands of pcoplo who wll
visit Omaha during the coming year. The
best method of supplying any deficiency in
accommodations will bo suggested by this
This matter wus first agitated by the Com
mercial club , which appointed a committee
of three and requested the exposition man
agement the Woman's club and tha Knights
of Ak-Sar-Uen to appoint similar committees
to form a committee of twelve to take charge
of this matter. At Its first meeting tbla com
mlttco reached the conclusion that the whole
subject should bo taken up and worked oul
by some body under the direction of the ex
position and the result Is the creation of the
Bureau of Public Comfort. Tuo first three
director ! ) named on this bureau were the ex
position's representatives on the committee
appointed at the request of the Commercial
club , so that nothing that has been dene In
the direction of the committee's work will
bo lost.
The formal announcement of the appoint
ment of the members of this bureau will bo
made by President Wattles at the meeting
of the Board of Directors late this afternoon
and a meeting of tbo bureau will bo called
by the chairman.
Outlier nioiitimn'M MliicrnlM ,
J. W. Chapman of Butte and L. W. Curtis
of Great Falls are the Montana men ap
pointed by Vice President Suthcrlln to make
the collection of minerals which will consti
tute * a part of Montana's exhibit. They are
Quoted In the Anaconda Standard as having
met with great success In collecting fine
specimens of characteristic ores. These have
been stored In a warehouse and when the col
lection Is complete It will bo shipped to
Helena , wlicro It will -bo placed with the
other articles to ho exhibited by that state
and will bo shipped to Omalu about April 1.
C\V Picture tit CoM-riiiiii-iit lIullilInK1 ,
The Dcpirtment ot Publicity and Promo
tion has toned a now cut of tbo Government
building , This cut was made from a draw
ing furnished by the supervising architect
2,200 Miles
of Railroad
in Nebraska
275 stations. 50 passenger trains a
'dny. Nenily cvoiy important point In
tlto state on nut ] heat reached via the
Burlington Route ,
tickets and time-tables nt
TIrtM nfflnn *
IICKCt unice ,
y. Bi JJJBYNOLD8 , ? AT. j
of the Trc 8urr department. It ehows th
building as It will appear from tbo surfnc
of the lagoon about midway between th
Mirror and the bridge across the lagoon a
Twentieth itreet. The picture la the mos
Rtrlklng of any that IMS yet been Ismied o
this beautiful building and shows off th
elaborate Jccorntlcn to the be t advantage
Tha department has cuts made In "lln
drawing , " for nenipipcr work , and In halt
tone for magazines and flno printing. Th
half-tone picture wilt appear for the lira
time In Harper's Weekly In the near future
Special Co in in K InMrrln nnil Dot INCH
Schrtno of Operation.
The special committee , appointed by th
general committee which has In charge th
project of holding the Transmlzslsslppl Ddu
catlonal coiuentlon during the coming yea
to dcUse a plan of operations , held a meet
Ing last night and performed Its duty. Th
full committee was present , consisting o
Superintendent I'e-arso of the local schools
State Superintendent ot Schools Jackson am
Superintendent ot Schools Munro ot South
It waa decided to distribute all the work
In connection with the convention among
five committees finance , transportation , pro
gram , entertainment and advertising , Th
chairmen of these various committees \U1
constltuto the executive board of the genera
committee. Tills plan will bo reported t
tiio meeting of the general commlttco ncx
Friday for consideration.
State Superintendent Jackson has sent ou
the following for publication to nil the news
papers In 'Nebraska ' to call attention to th
necessity ot applying early for space In th
educational exhibit of the Transmlsslsslpp
exposition :
The educational exhibit which will be
mudo by the schools of Nebraska at the
TrunBtnlFslsslppl antl International Kxpofll
tlon to bo held In Omnha from Juno 1 to
November 1 , 1S93 , promises to be ono of the
leading features of that great exposition.
A great ninny schools haxu made nppllca
tlon for space , which U free , but a grea
many more should nviill themselves of the
opportunity of taking- part In this great en
Toacheri nnd school ofllcera should bear
In mlml that application for space must b
made direct to the state superintendent o
public Instruction before the llrst day o
February , ISDN , as space will be npportlonet
to the several schools whoso applications
are on file ? ut that time.
rill out the application cnt you bj
jour county superintendent , or make ap
plication ns per form below , and mnll It to
the state superintendent at your e.trlles
coiuenlnnce The county superintendent
who Is county mnnapcr , will , from time to
time , furnish teachers with such blanks ant
Information as will enable them lo proceed
with the work of preparing the exhibit.
School boards are earnestly requested to
lend their support to the undertaJtJng anc
thereby encournpo the pupils of the publl
schools to put forth their best efforts.
The schools of Nebraska are the pildo o
her citizens , nnrt well may they bo ou
pride nnd boast , for Nebraska stands at the
head of the list of states with the least percentage
centago of Illiteracy of them all. Let u
make the educational exhibit ono that wll
Increase that pride , and one that will at
tract the attention of thousands ot vlsltoi
to this , the greatest of Interests ; namely
The following Is suggested ns a very ap
proprlate form of application for free space
Superintendent W. K. Jackson , Lincoln
Neb. Dear Sir : You arc hereby notlflci
that school district No. . . . , of
county , Neb , with the permission of In
echool boaid , applies for free space for un
educational cMhlblt at the Transmlssissipp
and International Exposition.
The applicant agrees to see that an exhlbl
Is ptonared nnd sent to the county superln
tendent of schools not later than April 1
The number of teachers emplojcd In
school is
Name of applicant
Odlcial position
Postolllcc address
Dated this day of 1S9S.
The Board of Education of Topeka , Kan
has decided not to make any exhibit of schoo
work In the educational section of the e\po
Ex-Governor W. J. Northen Is chalrmar
and Edward P. Blodgett Is secretary of th
Georgia Exposition commission , which hi
Its headquarters In Atlanta. The regula
meetings of the commission are held on the
fc-econd Wednesday In each month.
Carroll Sccl .H <
M. V. Carroll , chief clerk of the Bureau o
Labor of Missouri , writes to Ifoo Dcpartmcn
of Publicity and Promotion that ho has offer
from several ot the leading quarrymen o
that state to furnish all the stone that 1
necessary for the Arch of States , In responh
to the request sent to the governor of cacl
state by Governor Holcomb , asking eacl
state In the tranfimlesLsslppl reglcai to supply
one couice of stone for this arch. Mr. Car
roll asks the kind and quantity of stone tha
Is desired. He says foe wrote to the archl
tects-ln-chlef some time ago , asking this In
formation , but has received no reply.
MoreCoiitrnclH Let.
The executive commit tea jesterday ordere
contracts made with Thomas Herd for the
carpenter work and with Smith & . Eastman
ifor the staff work on the colonnades extend
ing around the lagoon from the Govern
ment building to the Agriculture building on
the aorth and the Art building on the south
the price being $7,900 for the carpentry ant
$7,734 for the staff.
The contract for constructing the gillery
In the Liberal Arts building was let to Wal
lace H. I'orrhli , his being the lowest bid
The price was $2,150. Parrlsh Is the con
tractor who erected this building.
Committee Mnki-H No I
The special commlttco of exposition di
rectors appointed at the meeting of the boarc
last Friday to confer with the management
of the Omaha Water company regarding
water supply and fire protection fcr the ex
position grounds has been unable to make
any progress.
The committee held but onojneeting , Sat
urday aftornopn , at which time It was unable
to bring about a meeting with the representa
tives of the water company , and since that
time Chairman Hcrma KounUe has been
confined to his homo by sickness and no
meeting has been held.
CVatCN of ( lie C
Tbo Missouri Exposition commissioners are
making preparations to visit Omaha in a
body January 15 for the purpose of learning
all thcro Is to know concerning tha ex
V. B. Caldnell , cashier of the United
States National bank , sajs : "I have Just re
turned from n three weeks' visit east. . I
was In several Interior towns In New York
and I'ciHisyhanla and found there widespread
Interest In the exposition. "
Owing to the fact that the special waten
committee was not prepared to make anj *
loport to the Board of Directors regarding
water supply and flro protection for tbo ex
position grounds , the meeting ot the board
of directors waa jestorday postponed until
2 30 p. m. Tilday of this week.
A temporary offlco building Is being erected
on the exposition grounds , near the southeast
corner of the Government building , which
will be used as an olllce by J. J. Tarnan , the
government engineer ofllccr'who Is In churgo
of the construction of the building now being
erected for the housing of the display to bo
made by the \arloua governmental depart
The National Veterinarians' association Is
: be name of the latrst Addition to tbo already
eng list of national bodies which will hold
; holr onrual meetings In Omaha this year.
The meeting held In St. Louis last week de
cided upon. Omaha as the place for the next
meeting which -will bo held during the com-
ng fall. These meetings are usually at-
.nr.ccd by about 300 delegates.
The Department of Publicity and Promo-
Ion Is being literally o\errun with applica
tions from persons wfoo want to servo In some
capacity on the advertising car which U to
travel all over the country within a radius
of 600 miles of Omaha during the early
spring. Superintendent Haynes authorizes
ho announcement that the department haa
nothing whatever to do with the employment
of men for this work. A contract with C.
3. Thurman provides that ho Is to furnish
the car and all the assistants necessary to
carry out his contract. Tte exposition hag
lotlilng to do with employing any person In
his connection.
J. A. Perkins of Antiquity , O. , WAS for
hlrty years needlessly tortured by physi
cians for the euro of cctema. He was
quickly cured by using DoWUt's Witch Hazel
Stive , the famous healing lvo for pile * and
" '
Modern Woodmsn Lese on tha First Test o
Document OfTrrrd In Uvlilcnco Ilcl
by the .liiitKc to He No
Vnlltl Certificate at , ,
The so-called certificate ot deposit upo
which the Modern Woodmen of America I
mi lag the Union Notional bank In the tot
oral court for $27,209.33 la no legal ccrtlfl
cato of deposit , and therefore Is no ovldenc
ot Indebtedness from the bank. So Judg
Mtinger decided yesterday morning.
This question arose In the case shortl
after the work of empaneling the Jury wa
completed. D. C. Zlnk , the former hca
clerk who had deposited the money for vvhlc
suit Is brought , was called on the slam
and through htm an attempt was made t
Introduce- the so-culled certificate In cv
dcnce , The defense- once objected and tb
argument on this objection occupied the re
malndcr ot the afternoon , the jury be In
excused In the meantime. Yesterday morn
ing Judge uMungcr decided In favor ot the dc
The Instrument which has been called
certificate Is signed by C. E. Tord , wh
was at the time cashier ot the Union Na
tlonal bank. It Is dated January G , 1893. I
It Ford certifies that at/ the close of bus !
ness on December 30 , 1895 , there was o
deposit to the credit of the order J27.269 33
It Is a certified statement by Ford and Is no
In the form of a certificate ot deposit.
The defendant bank contends that the Instrument
strumont Is not a certificate of deposit an
Is moreover no evidence of Indebtedness
They say that It Is only n statement by th
cashier that on December 30 , 1893 , there wa
on deposit In the bank so much money , whlc
statement was furnished Zlnk that ho mlgh
report on the financial condition ot the ordc
at the end ot the year. Helng dated Januar
6 , 1890 , they say that some of this mono
might have already been drawn out by tha
date and maintain that as a matter of fac
after December 30 , 1895 , all thb money wa
drawn out by check. In a word , the Instru
ment , considered as a statement , shows th
amount of deposit to the credit of the ordc
on a certain date which might afterward hav
been drawn out ; as a certificate of deposit , I
would have shown as long as It remained un
cancelled that that much money remained o
deposit to the credit of the order.
Tno attorneys of the orJcr uidcrtook t
show that even though It was not In the torn
of a certificate , It was In effect and understood
to bo a certificate. Tor this purpose D. C
Zlnk was recalled to the stand. Dut llttl
progress was made , almost all the mornln
being ppcnt In legal sparring.
In this connection there was Introduced k
evidence a letter written by C. D. Tort
cashier of the Union National bunk , to O P
Smith , cashier of the Bank of Commerce o
Grand Island. The money for which the or
dcr Is suing was originally deposited In td
latter bank , and was transferred by It to th
Union National bank to the credit of th
Modern Woodman. In this letter Ford wrot
that the amount had been credited to th
Grand Island Lank and ho requested Smlt
to learu from Zlnk In what form he wlshet
the certificate * of Kio deposit of the amoun
to be made out. The attorneys for the orde
expect to show that there was an understanl
Ing between Zlnk , Smith and Ford that th
statement was to bo virtually a certificate o
At this stage In the trial a recess wa
taken until 2 o'clock.
At the afternoon session of the court th
bank scored another point In the legal bal
tic. D. C. Zlnk was recalled to the stani
but the attorneys for the order failed t
prove through hlmi that the money which
Is sought to recover had been put Into t'i
possession of the bank and that It bad no
been checked out. Judge Munger Intimatei
that this must bo proved bolero recover
could be made.
The attorne > s for the ocder were surprised
They said tfaey had gone en the theory tha
by the Introduction In evidence of the GO
called certificate- deposit they would b
able to show that the money did come Int
the possession of the bank and that the bur
den of proof would rest upon the bank t
show that It had been checked out. After
conference they decided to amend their plead
Ings and were given until this morning t
do so.
In the original comnlalnt the order allege
that the bank received the money. The ban !
In Its answer asserted that It had never se
cured a cent of It , but tbat the statemen
signed by Ford had been given as a matte
of accommodation to the Iiank of Commerc
and Zlnk In order that the latter ml&ft
straighten out his report of the financla
condition of the order.
IQ the amendment to their reply vvlilcl
they have been allowed to make , the attor
neys for the order will set out that the bin ]
Is estopped from making such a defense
They will Insist that the statement slgnec
by I'crd was given for tbo purpose of sho.v
Ing that the money named In It was really
on deposit to the credit of the order and tha
the directors of the order so understood I
at the time the case was started. This belnf ,
so , It will be urged that the bank canno
now deny as a fact what It through Us agen
set up as a fact In the statement or cer
ottN from the Court * .
Mathilda Hansen has asked the courts to
divorce her from her husband , Bojo Hanson.
She alleges that he Is a man of bad habits
and that In addition to coming home drunk.
10 has frequently pounded her over the head
with his fists and a broomstick.
A motion for a rehearing In the ease of N.
P. Tell against the Kitchen 'Brothers' ' Hotel
company has been filed. The case grows out
of the Fire and Police commission granting
a liquor license to the defendant. The three
judges , Baker , Dickinson and Fawcott ,
will hear arguments on the motion this
Without doubt the most wonderful remedy
for pain Is Salvation Oil. It sells for 25c.
The following man Inge licenses were Is
sued yesteiday by the county judge :
Nnme and residence. Age.
George Spongier , jr. , Omaha . 21
Kdlth M. McLaln , Omnha . 20
STIcholas J. Fronzer , Omaha. , . . , . ' >
A\y \ Purcell , Omaha . I'J
[ > nnlel J. Gorman , Omaha . , 22
Hand VanNess , Omaha . . . . . . 17
3nn C. Condon , South Ornnhn . 2J
Agnes N. Carey , South Omaha . 21
Charles n. Mcilgan , Omaha . . . 21
Nora Garver , Dnvcy , Neb . ID
Union \iitlninil Hunk Oflleerx ,
The following named olllcera und directors
were elected nt the annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Union National bunk
yesterday : W. W. Marsh , president ; G. W.
Wattles , vice president and cushler , Charles
JIarah , assistant cashier ; J. H. Mucomber ,
ittorncy Directors W. W , Marsh , Thomas
L. Klmuall , Q. W. Wattles , W , A. Smith ,
A. Ji , Dufrene. J. II , Mucomber , Charles
Mnrsh , Sumncr Wallace , George E. Wai-
TIIU iicu/rr .MUticcr.
NSTHUMENTS placed on record Tuesday ,
January 11. 1S9S :
I O Hartley and husband to II I )
Chrlsbro , lot 12 , block 3 , Cotncr &
A's add . * 200
n Kennedy to Joseph Qrudl , nV4 lot
10. block 4. Kountze Cd ndtl 2,000
Mngdclenn Mecklenburg to C A Coch-
mil , 60x140 feet sw sw 21-15-13 2,000
V A Brown and hubband to 15 A Doherty -
herty , lot 3 and nV4 of e6 ofv
7-13-10 . . . . , V 2.SOO
t H Brown and wife to same , part lot
8 In 12-15-5 , . . BO
LW Schwer to IJ M Shahan. lot 9 ,
block 484 , Grandvlevv , , COO
Total amount of transfers } 7,700
SMITH Mrs , Catherine , aged 37 years ; wife
ot Phillip Smith. Funeral Thursday
ujornlng. January 13 , at 8.30 a. in , from
family residence , 1533 South Twenty-
eighth street , to St. Peters' church ,
Twenty-seventh and Leavenworth streets ,
lUterjnent at Holy Sepulchra cemetry.
Omnlia Itclnllerftf Hold nn Important
.Mcettnnr nt Uoiiiinerclnl Clnti.
The Omaha llctalldr * ' association held a
meeting In the Commercial club rooms last
evening , which was well attended , It wag
announced In the call Issued to the members
that the meeting- would bo held ( or the pur
pose of an annual election ot officers , but it
BOCO became evident that the session wtis
for the purpose ot consolidating the Retail
ers' association with the Douglas County
Business Men's association.
As ixion as order- had been called for by
President llospo the annual report of the
secretary was rend. A resume of the work
undertaken by the association during the
last jear was given. This included efforts
toward the construction of a now union
depot , a reduction of Insurance rates , stampIng -
Ing out of ftke advertising , better suburb n
train service , street sweeping , weekly buy-
cfcf excursions , assistance to the jAk-Sar-Jlen
parades , and n discussion ot the trading
stamp scheme.
Following this came the annual report of
the 'finance ' committee. H wus as follows :
Hccelpts , $655.14 ; expenditures , $036 52 , leav
ing a bnlinco on hand of $18.02.
President llospo then talked upon the fu
ture policy to be followed by the associa
tion and strongly hinted thit a consolida
tion with other organizations ot a slmlUr
character would bo desirable. A general dlj-
cusalon followed In which T. J. Beard. H.
II. Hardy , George Munro , Robert Cowclls ,
H. 0. Bcatty , Albert Calm. Thomas Kllpat-
rlck and others participated. Upon motion of
Mr. Mtaro the meeting ot the Uctallcra
was dismissed and a general meeting Insti
tuted , which finally , after a lengthy discus-
sko , agreed to leave the nutter with Presi
dent Beard of the Douglas County Business
Me-n's as&ocliUon and President llospo of the
Retailers' 'taoc'atlon ' , who were In turn to
select a commlttco of four members fiom
each organization to dlscucs the subject ot
an amalgamation and to report ene week
from dote. The committee from the Retail
ers' association was compo'od of Messrs.
Kussle , Cihn , Mcjer and Beatty. That ( rom
the Douglas County Business Men's assoch-
tloa , Messrs. Cowells , Bartlctt , Munro and
Hughes ,
TreniPiiiliinH nvodiiH to the ICIotiillKc.
Despite the warnings of thoco who ha\e
been on the spot , and pi edict suffering 1rt
the Klondike region , thousands ot adventu
rous Americana are w ending their way
thitherward. All of them should be provided
with that medicinal safeguard , Hosteller's
Stomach Bitters , which warms and nourishes
the sjstcm , and prevents malaria , rheiima-
t'emf , KUnty trouble , besides remedying ll\ci
complaint , dyspepsia and constipation.
> otce.
A special election ot the Omaha Board of
Trade will bo hold Saturday , January 15 , In
the Exchange room , from the hour of 3 to
p m. , to elect cno director for three jcar
( only two being elected at Ihe annual elec
lion. ) JAMES E. BOYD , President.
L C. HARDING , Secretary.
Itoli Hiiriletle Coming.
Hundteds of our citizens who lead Bo
Burdettc's production In some of our mos
popular magazines will be delighted to hav
an opportunity of seeing and hearing thl
brilliant humorist His engagement In thl
city on Thursday evening , January 27 , wll
afford a rich treat to his many admirers.
I'tilltituTi Tourist MceperM.
leave Omaha daily for Ogdcn , San Francisco ,
Portland and other western points via the
For tickets and full Inforamtlon call a
Cltj Ticket Office , 1302 Farnam St.
lIoiueNt-cUerM' UxciirxlonK.
Tickets will be sold on the first and thin
Tuesday of Jnnuary. February and Marcl
\la the Urlor. Pacific to all points In Ne
braska or Kansas , where one way rates are
$3 00 or over , at one faro for rund trip plus
For full Informatlor or tickets call at City
Ticket Office , 1302 Parnam Street.
Fust Time , TlirmiKti Cnri.
via the UNION PACIFIC to Denver ,
Salt Lake City , San Francisco
and Puget Sound points For
rates and full information call
at City Ticket Office. 1302 Farnam Et.
A warrant has been Issued for Ihc arres
of James McDonald by L. W. Schover , on a
charge of assault and battery. Both persons
Ilvo near Eighth and Martha strcels.
A dinner will be solved al 1518 Douglas
slreet Thuisday by the Women's Mission
Circle of the Grace Baptist church , the re
celpts of which will bo utilized for the
church good.
A warrant has been Issued for the arres
of Grant and May Counsman , living at 1012
Cumlng street , for the larceny of a otove
belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth Dike , a next
door neighbor.
Special Agents Crowley of Chicago and
Montgomery of St. Louis passed through the
city and visited the local customs office yes
terday on their way to the west. They are
In Lincoln jesterday.
The bouy of Mrs. Alice Johnson , who com
mitted suicide In this city Sunday , was cent
by Coroner Sw nson ther mother. Mrs
Alexander Garner at Elkhorn. It was In
terred yesterday afternoon.
Secretary Utt and W. N Nason , who were
appointed Omaha's representatives on the
Nebraska Cuban Relief committee by Gov-
ernbr Holcomb , went to Lincoln this after-
ernor Tlolcomb , went to Lincoln jesterday
afternoon to attend the first meeting of the
Mra. Hatllo Dufur sa > s she called upon
Mrs. Bessie Boswcll , who lives near Twentj-
fiflh and Lake streets , and that while she
was there trouble arose and Mrs. Boswell
throw her down stairs. Mrs. Dufur lives at
2C22 'Krsklno ' street.
Dr. Rose of Council Bluffs telephones the
Mice that burglars entered his house and
: ook a gold watch , a pair of gold bracelets
i stick pin , locket end several pairs of cuff
buttons. The burglars are supposed to have
escaped to this city.
T. Vance was arrested last night for the
arceny of an overcoat reported a few days
ago from a Sixteenth street cigar store.
Vance was wearing the garment and , after
close questioning , confessed that ho had
stolen It from a peg behind the door.
A warrant has been Issued for the arrest
of B. Bernstein , living at 1004 South Thlr-
eenth street , on a charga of assaulting Mrs.
Lllllo Koppel. The woman called at Ihe
louse lo collect some money loaned to Bern
stein by her husband , and Bernstein Is then
alleged to have struck her In the face.
John Anderson , while making a call upon
Mamie Ray , 020 South Eleventh street , asked
ho loan of $3 for a 'few minutes lo order to
allow him to perform a sleight of hand
rick After showing off the trick he failed
o return one of the dolloia and the woman
accordingly had tlm arrested for potty lar
ceny ,
Charles Bmnlff , arrested ki this city sev
eral days ago on a ( description sent by the
authorities of Jefferson , la , , roa returned to
he Iowa town In company with Sheriff
rhomifl , Ilianllf la wanted In Jefferson on a
charge of assault with latent to kill , the
complainant la tbo cage being his father-
George Jackson , who salute. } the patrons
f Wlrth's garden with a volley from a six-
hooter a few nights ago , was tried In police
ourt jesterday for fdlscharglng firearms In
public place. The evidence showed that
ils act had brought ! Into Jeopardy the llvca
f several pcoplo and ho was lined $20 and
osts. The case was appealed.
C. W. Bennett , a firmer living a few miles
vest of the city , was arrested last Thursday
on a charge of being drunk and for fast and
eckless driving on West Leavenworlh
trcet. At the trial jcsteiday It dovel-
ped that Bennett IB not an Intemperate
man and tbo ho waa not drunk when ar-
cstcd. He bad been a sufferer for some time
rom dlseaee , and was so weak when bo at-
empted to drive Into the city that bU pow-
rful team got away from htm. Bennett was
The case of G. Price , charged with assault
nd battery upon John Davis , was heard In
) ollce court yesterday. It was disclosed that
'rice bad asked Davis for the price of a
night's lodging and , being refused , had
urned his attention to Davis1 companion.
The latter was inquiring In regard to the
circumstances of the case , when Price claims
mt Davis "queered" him by a remark. Ho
accordingly struck Davis and bruised his
face qulto severely. Ho was flued { 50 and
coats , which lie will work out la the service
of the cllyi i * . . ' .
Will Offer for Snle Woilncsilnr 1O
Cnnen Canton riniitiel nt " l-2c Yil.
2 cases heavy outing flannel , medium and
dark colorings , at EC > anl.
50 pairs lt-4 white wool blankets , two
jardg wide , worth $3 60 , nt 11.95 ualr.
25 pairs etrlclly all wool blankets , light
tun , made by Davenport woolen mills , were
3 50 pulr , Wednesday's cloilng price , $2 50
100 xUrs 5-lb. silver gray blankets , 2 < / &
jords long were $1.50 , Wednesday , 93c rail'-
Sale opus at 9 n. m. Wednesday. None
sold before that hour.
Watch for the grand linen sale Thursday.
Ladles' | 8.00 kersey and boucle coats , ? 3.9S.
f 10.00 nstrackan and Persian wool coats ,
Ladles' double capes , worth J4.7G , at $ t.9S.
Ladles' nstrackan capes , 30 Inches long ,
pleated back , worth $300 , at J3.PS.
Infants' cloaks , 39c. HAYDEN BROS.
ruouiini.Ms OK TIIIJ CITY
Itnulliir iMuUCrN TnUrn t'p for llrlcf
( "oiinlilerntlon.
The regular city council meeting lost night
was preceded by the first caucus that has
been held In several months. U was wiled
In president's private room at the re
quest of Lobeok , who wanted the- other mem
bers to agree to take an appeal to the su
preme court In one Judge Scott should
grant the writ of mandamus directing the
major nnd council to appoint a Board ot
Plro and Police Commlss-onew. The mat
ter did not appear In the subsequent pro
During the session President Blngham took
occasion to severely reprlmccid City Clot *
Hlgby for wasting the tlmo of the council
In the continually repeated operation ot
transferring his glasses from his no c to
his pocket and ihen he presented him with
a handsome gold chiln , which would servo
to eliminate the difficulty. Mr. Hlsby giacc-
fully expressed his thanks and business pro.
Ma > or Moores called attention of the coun
cil to the desirability of redecorating the city
hall In anticipation of exposition vIMtors.
Ills suggestion was referred to the commit
tee on public property and buildings.
The new paving and sidewalk specifications
were submitted by the Board of Public
Works and referred.
On recommendation of the committee on
fire , water nnd police the water works ( ordi
nance was ploced on lllc. Ill this connec
tion President Blnglam stated that the po-
sltlca of the council on this ordinance had
been misrepresented. H had been afnertcd
tLat a majority of the council was pledged
to pass the ordinance , when , aa far as ho
know , not a single member had agreed to
vote for It. The ordinance had been sub
mitted b } the exposition management and
as Its originators had subsequent ! } seen lit
to disown U , It was unfair tint the responsi
bility should be laid on tbo council. Bur-
mcster and ficchel stated that the ordinance
had been brought to the council chamber b }
C. S. Mcntgomery and Introduced at his re
quest , his assertions to the contrary notwith
standing. Stuht ate Improved the oppor
tunity to irako a few satirical observations
on the apparent lack of parentage of the
ordinance and ifter some additional discus
sion a'rng ' the same line the regular order
was resumed.
An ordinance opening Hickory street , from
Seventeenth to Eighteenth street , was Intro
duced by Stuht and referred.
The new license ordinance was passed as
amended. Ordinances amending the pawn
brokers , auctlantcrs and hack ordinances
were Introduced b } Burmcstor and referred
The council adjourned to 5 o'c'.ock this
It Is easy to catch a cold and just as easy
to get rid of It If } ou commence early to
use One- Minute Cough Cure. It cures
coughs , colds , bronchitis , pneumonia and all
throat and lung troubles. It Is pleasant lo
take , safe to use ana sure co cure.
J. 1' . Ilniiiii mill M. C. I'eturN oil the
erv Haiiril ,
At the annual meeting of the Transmls-
slsslppl Mutual Fire Association the old of
ficers were re-elected and J E Baum of the
Baum Irdn company wai elected vice presi
dent to the vacancy caused by the death of
Dan. Farrell , jr. , and M. C. Peters of the
Omaha Bemls Bag company was flcctoJ as a
director. These gentlemen , with H. F. Cady
as president , C. M. Wllhelm treasuiei , D. C.
Patterson secretary , LI. H. Baldrldge , F. A.
Cresse } R. B. Montgomery and A. J. Vler-
llug constitute thp new officers and dlrect-
o-s for the ensuing year.
The annual report showed a successful } car
and a saving In cost of Insurance of 20 per
cent to the policy holders , notwithstanding
the expense of establishing new agents in the
principal towns in the state. With a good
surplus on hand , and a growing business , the
piospects for the company are very bright.
The business men of Omaha have patronized
the company liberal ! } , showing thai they ap
preciate homo Institutions and lower rates
of Insurance , and that It would pay to pat
ronize a home company in order to keep the
money In the west , even If there was no
saving in rates.
1miril of < ; < M ernorv I'reimrliiFV for
the Coming CniiiimlRii.
Excellent progress Is being made by the
Board of Governors of the Knights of Ak-
Sar Ben in preparing for the meetings of the
knights the coming year and the fall
festivities. The Initiation at the den will
commence as early as "possible " In March.
Fourteen hundred have already announced
their Intention of becoming knights In 1S9S ,
and It Is believed the membership will reach
a total of 2,000. This Is moro than three
times the number Initiated In any previous
} ear. The meetings at the den , therefore ,
must commence as early ab possible In order
to make knights of all these applicants , as
well as lumac < ls of visitors to the exposi
tion from this and other states.
Some of the old members who have not as
} et senl In Ihelr scrolls arc requested to dose
so at their earliest convenience , * thai Sam-
n may number among his lojal subjects
all good men of Omaha In 1898.
The subscriptions lo the parade fund of
the knights , as previously reported ,
( mounted to $5,241. In addition , the follow-
ng subscriptions ore announced : Thomas
Kllpatrlck & . Co. , ? GO ; Her S. Co. , $50 ; W. J.
mp Brewing company , ? 50 ; Farrell & Co ,
! 25 ; Milton Rogers & Son , $25 ; Charles F.
Manderson , $25 ; Henry N. Oertor , $25 ; H. E.
Palmer & Son , $20 , Andrew B. Seniors , $10 ;
W. O. Bridges , $10 ; C , W Downs , $10 ;
Nason & Nason , $10 ; E < 1 P. Smith , $10 ; W. W.
Morsman , $10 ; R. W. Bailey , $10 ; John M.
[ hurston , $10 ; Harry Ames , $10 ; Henry Hli-
er , $10 ; the Seymour Lake Ice company , $10 ;
James W. Carr , $5 ; H. A. Wagner , $5 ; Irwln
A. Medlar & Co. , $3 ; R. L Carter , $5 ; Dr.
[ , F. Hertzmann , $5 ; Arrlcus & Clndwlck ,
$5 ; D. > M. Vlnsonhaler , $2.50 ; E. II. ( Hall ,
! 2 ; Thomas & Nolan , $2 ; Robert W. Patrick ,
2 ; W. O. Bartholomew , $2 ; R. W , Richard
son , $2 ; I. N. Watson , $2 ; Agnes V. Swet-
and , $1 , total , $5,670.50.
nunssvcia < AT MIAM , cosr.
V > \ccil of l.noltliiK' Sluililiy n\rn
TlmiiKli TIim-H are Hai il I'llwy to
Mali iOlil < ; \\IIM anil SnItH l.oolc
l.lKi'tMV : Wlivn One ICiiouM Him ,
It Is astonishing how much can bo aiailo
rom seemingly useless garmonU by the
\\oman i\ho knows bow. Tie old faded
gown that Is out of style can bo readily
dyed with Diamond Dyes to a fatlilonublo
color and then made over so that It will
oolc almcut like new. Suits for the boys
can t > o made from old ones discarded Jiy
ho father , and a bath In Diamond Dyca
sill make them look like now. Dresses and
; leaks for too llttlo girls can bo made wltli
mt llttlo trouble and scarcely any expense ,
rom cast-off garments of tbo older folks ,
and when the color Is changed with Diamond
mend Dyes , the mado-o > eri will look as
hough they wvro fresh from the Urcrs.
Diamond D > es are made especially for
homo Ufte , and the plain directions an each
package make It Impossible for even the
nest Inexperienced to have poor luck with
heso ayes. They color an ) thing from rlli-
> ona , feathers and scarfs to heavy coatu and
go A na , and make perfectly non-fading color * ) ,
even handfomer than thosu made by tbo
dyer , < . + . ,
Aercr rn f7ic Htci'cnti/pcd pTivtmo "IinJf price' ' ntorc
frntic.rriiiplijlcrf than in the beintt ifnT n7iit"ttt trojnit on
mile fmJtiint iiO cctif cnrh. Tltcnc nliii-tn ai-c Itntn-
ttci'ctl ventto trcttr. They urc tiuutc tip from the Tn > Nf
Fi'nit of flic T.ooiii nnmlin , n'itli imported JFtnlntH tintl
I'ercale lonoinn ami one intir of full Nine , and full
ftiHhionotl ctijftt to match the bonom arc inclmlcil
ivlfh each Hhii't. These Nhii'tn arc not . / & . . Then are
not the remnant * ofnomc 1tankrn2 > f Mock. Then are not
Hhlrttt that hare been < 1incan1crt amJ rctitrneil & / / dcalcrtt
on account of imjierfccfiomi in Jit or malic. They arc
ticw.ati/linTi , thoroityhlt/JlrHt clasn ahirta and they are
a * well trorth a dollar each an any tthirt you crer jmid
a dollar for in i/onr life.
They ( /o on stale thin morning at RO cents each it'Jtilc
they last and no rcNtricfions to lei/imafc bni/e rn. Jtcal-
era and jicddlcru are not lc/ifimafc biiycrn.
It has been many a year since skating has been so pop-
ularas it is thib winter. This is no doubi duo to the fact that no such
opportunity ha * lieon ofTeicd in the shape of a good place to slcnto This
year , howo\cr , the
on the Exposition Grounds
makes an ideal skating rink The boys and girls of this
city and South Omaha aio olTorod a chance to obtain their
' % W
o g Tickets Free s
To every person bringing in 30 cents for a two weeks
subscription to the Daily and Sunday I5ce or the Evening and Sunday
lice , we will give a ticket admitting them
To the Exposition Grounds
To the Ice on the Lagooii
and to a Ride 011 the Toboggan
Bring orders to the Subscription Department.
8LfSHIH& 60I
by uurrull trrattni-uC of Turkis
for 00. Mfcht Losi-cts Day Locscf , f , < r\o cmul hy TurkUh
orlirilntrouhlo. Ciiml perfect asou Nviiiiina CJri , novtr latin
evorwcro. IVo mnko our own in < * Iclnis lulltiuiUii inn with ( ruoran
anil you cnn relyon getting well VV Issue oe , (10 OJ , Dingle Helm , R.UU
written Knarnntce with full euro Hlu lo HAKN'3 PHARMACY.
Jloi 81 ott hr mnll lUns R riiAiiMAcrv
un I Farrmm OHAHA.NKII
Wholesale and Retail.
Write for catalogue or send list of
remedies wanted.
151 ! ! fo St. , Mlilillc of Jlltiok ,
Omaha , A'eli ,
2 nights to California.
1 nightto Utah ; -
via the
12 hours quicker than any
other Iluo from JIlssouil River. For
tlckutH , time tables , or any Infounntlon ,
call at
City Ticket Ofllcc *
1302 Fainnin St.
Eacllth Diamond Ili-anO.
Origin * ! and Only Genuine.
AFC , * ! ; rt-llttlt. IADIC * aik ,
ltuiflil ( or CHIHtittrt Jfoglii * Hit
onJUmnJ la lied ml aM tueulllo
oiM cftl i wliti tUf ribbon. Tale
no other. HtfuH danatreut lutiJltu *
tiara unit fndxforu A I DrojlUll , or lent 4 * .
lo l u [ > t fvr j > trUoQUu , uiUietnttli Q4
"IMItf fur I.adli "lnl.iur. Ijr.torm
1111. lO.UOUTtlUmMUlI Httn ftftr ,
1'1IIJLAU , !
first tn
/ ? / *
Rigb Grade
Write for
Our ffew
Catalogue ,
Beat Value Olrfttng plachtnc.
he Smith premier Typewriter Co. ,
? ByracuM , JV. V. , a. 9 , Hr
Drancli Ofllco ; 17th and Parnam Sts , Omabi
Ckrooic Catarrh
Is a for-rcnchlnn dlscaso nffectliiK
tlm now , throat , bronchial tuhiH
nncl Blomiich , Catiirrh nlao attacks p'
( ho bliiddor , ItldneyH and llvur | _
Those who nio In need of n < on
mutation upon thin uuhjca may
ha\o It frcu at the
3U-J12-31.tN V , I.lfo Uldfc' , Tel 1138
-jo NJ\V voitic on
hollil Traliix , xbllpnrl Kriulpmittit ,
Dining Can * K In Carte. Hccncry
uiiorjualtMl ,
Kontu of till )
Hundiiom t Train In tlm World ,
1'or Advi'HI lnK Mutter and Other
, Information ivrlto to
J , A. D. HHI'll , IV. W. I' . A , -s
SIH Nuiilh Clurk HI. , Cl.lrago , 111.
A. A. IIIUII ! > , IV. 1 > . A. , Ilumtlo , A , V.
C1IAS. a , l.l'.i ; Uvu , I > am > iiK r Aicrut ,
riilludeliitiln , 1'u.