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\ \
iravery of John Phillips , for "Which His
Widow Wauls Oompensition.
tlnnKprnun Illilo of - - . ' Mile * on n
Cull ! MKlit .V Tnle of the Sioux
UprUliiKr of Tlilrtj- Yearn W\KO _
llcpiirt rllcil In tlio Cnc.
The report of Senator Warren of Wyoming
en the 1)111 for the relief of Hattlc A. 1'hll-
lliw eivca a most romantic account of the
cervices of her httsbind , John 1'hllllps , In
rciculng the garrison of Tort 1'hll Kearney
thirty jcars ago. The bill proposes to pay
the widow for his servlc&i and also some
BG.OOO for oxen , mules and horses taken by
the government. The report says : "The
nnrao of John. Phillips should bo written
Among thoae heroic men the tales of whose
bcroHm , devotion and patriotism lllumlub
thn story of savage warfare on our frontier.
JTho committee believed that the government
nlocs lardy Justice to his memory In allow
ing this claim. It simply relmbursca hla
nvldow for property actually loot , with a very
Hi I Kilt recognition for the gallant and heroin
cervices rendered.
"In all the annals of hcroUm there nro
1cvf that can exceed In gallantry , In horo-
1.1 in , In devotion , In self sacrifice and patriot
r Isni the rldo made by John Phillips from
S'ort Phil Kearney , In December , I860 , to
IFort Laramle , carrying dispatches which
KOVO the first Intelligence to the outalde
( world of the terrible massacre near the for-
jner post , and which saved the lives of the
pcoplo garrisoned there men , women and
children by starting reinforcements to
tholr relief On the 21st day of December
3860 , Fort Phil Kearney , commanded b >
Colonel Henry n Carrlngton , under th
nhadow of the Ulg Horn mountains , over 200
imllcs from the nearest telegraph line , was
thci extreme outpost In that part of the
northwest The nav-ago Sioux , under HcA
Cloud , had been hovering In the vicinity of
the post for some tlmo and had been lasl
ccon In largo nuinboro on Tongue river ,
northeast of the fort.
"On the 2Nt of December the InJIans mado'
nn attack upon the wood train a few miles
north of the fort. A detachment of trooa
tinder the command of Ilrovet Lieutenant
Colonel rcttcrman , Including two other of-
Jlccrs and sevorrt-eight men , and a number
of Uxlllana , trade a daali fiotn the fort for
the purpcso of protecting the wood train.
When Home four miles from the fort thej
\ wcro surrounded by the Indians In ovcr-
( whelming number * oml every man of the
detachment was killed. The heroism of their
struggle fcr llfo can never bo told , but the
Icrrlblo slaughter which has since been ccn-
fMsed bj the Indians of their braves and the
fact that the troops were only killed after
their ammunition wan ex hues ted , speaks elo
quently of the horrible dnd bloody nature of
the cnccinter. The triumphant end blood
thirsty Slou c , conunatided by Hod Cloud aud
outnumbering the garrison by twenty to one ,
had then surrounded and entirely invested
Iho fort. An attack was hourly expected. It
'v.js understood that If the Icidlara wcro sac-
ce-foful In tak'og Kio fort It moint deatn for
the garrhcn and a worse fate for the vvomru
and children , who begged pltcously to bo
Iilaccd In the powder houa and blown i > i/ in
case of a successful attack by the Indians.
"At this juncture , v\hcn bravo men felt
that the only hope for tbo garrhnn was In
taking nowa of tholr boleaguermcnt to the
.nearest outsldo pest , and not a soldier could
lie found who vvoull brave the attempt to
"breik " through the eivagea and rldo to the
nearest outpost , a distance of 225 miles , John
Phillip : ? , a scout nd hunter , volunteered to
lake dispatches to Fort Liramlc. Placing a
( o\v biscuits lii his pockets , tjlng on li'ij ta < l-
< llo a small quantit > of feed for his horse , 'ho '
deft tlio post at midnight on the night suc
ceeding tlio ma'sacro and reached Tort Lara-
unlo with the dispatches five diju later. Tuo
country acrcfis which Cio rode was absolutely
uninhabited by white men , and the ground
iwas covered with BIICW from three to flvo
foot la depth ; he had no food for himself or
his horse other thati the meager amount ho
took with him , and It was necessary for him
to travel entirely by night for fear of hostllo
Indians. Tao vvoithcr was exceedingly cold ,
the thermometer roichlcig twenty degrees
lielow zsro.Vhcn lie delivered the dls-
lutehes at Fort Laramle , hardy frontiersman
ns ho was , ho fell In a dead faint. Immedi
ately cm receipt of the dispatches troops
were forwarded from Fcrt Laramie and the
Karrlsoa at Fort Phil Kearney was relieved.
1'or this moat remarkable act of heroism
John Phillips has never In any way been paid
by tlio general government , the only payment
made him being the sum cf $300 which was
ixild him for varlcuu scouting services.
HUNTED nr Tim sioux.
"In the jcars Immediately following hU
heroic ride John Phillips was employed in
_ . various capacities and engaged lu business
la connection with government posts and he
was continually hunted and harassed by the
Slouv , who ahvajs looked upon him as the
Juan who had wrested from their grasp the
K.trrldou at Fort Phil Kearney. At ono
tlmo ho was lassoed by the Indians , In an
uttompt to capture him for t'lo purpose of
toituic. At other tlniQi his cattle vverb
Khot down , undoubtedly through pure wan
tonness on the part of thcso Indian in a ran-
< k'is In 1S72 John Phillips was engaged In
liaullng wood for tbo government at Foit
rcttctman , when a baud of Indians , sup
iiosi'd to bo Oifallala Sioux and Gho > cnncii ,
< lio\o off and killed a. considerable amount
of stock belonging to him , The Slau chief ,
Ilcd Cloud , acknowledged thlH depredation ,
but Insisted that the Indians belonged to
nnother band than his. This claim was
jiassod upon by tlio court of claims and thb
ovldenco was overwhelming , including thu
'vldvnco of army otllccrn , Indian agents ,
npeclal examiners and others , and the court
of claims allowed and entered judgment for
tbo sum of J2.210.
"U subsequently transpired that at the
tlmo t\o ] depredation occuried John Phillip *
rvvas not a fully natuialUed citizen of the
United , States and therefore the claim was
not paid , llrcken In health by the expoauro
and strain of his long and perilous rldo. lit
tiled In the prime of life , leaving a widow
nnd child In etraltvncd circumstances. "
Pathetic Interest attaches to two aflldavlts
which accompany the report. They are from
General Carrlngton , who Is now living at
( IIJo Park , Mass. , and his wife. Trances C ,
Carrlngton. who Is the widow of Lieutenant
Ceorgo W. Grummond , ono of those massa
cred , 'Mrs. ' Carrlngton says that when all
the troops were rallied for defense of the
fort , and families wuro concentrated for tbo
convenience of defense , that during that ter
rible night , when an attack In overwhelming
numbers was constantly expected , John Phil
lips called to express his sympathy with
her ; that , overcome by his Interest In her
condition and the Imminent danger of all
concerned , and weeping with sorrow over
Ihcr loss , he saH" "If the General wishes , I
rwlll go as. messenger If It costs mo my life. "
lie presented to the then Mrs. Qrummond
Ills wolf robe to remember him by If ho was
uicu-r heard from again. She says his whole
'bearing was manly , brave , unselfish , self-
eacrltlclng , and bo > end all praise. Ho had
ibcen respected by tlio ofllccrs for the quiet
courage ho always exhibited , and was the
only man who realized the peril of the garrison
risen to the extent ot daring to expose hli
own life In the desperate attempt to cut
through the savage hordes -with any faith
iu the success of such a mission. He left
with the good wishes of all , and U la the
smallest possible reward that congress can
offer to provUo a suitable support for lil
Widow lu her lone and destitute condition.
\ .1 .
XIMV Itnllriiilil In California.
1.03 .ANGELES , Jan. 11. ( Special. ) The
DOW Itandsburg rall\vuy , running from Kra
mer , on the line of the Santa Fo Pacific rail
road to Johannesburg , lu the heart of the
now mining district In the llojavo desert , IB
completed and In operation , and tbo Southern
Pacific company IMS joined with the new line
Mid tbo Suuta Fo lu a joint freight tariff c c-
talnlng rates on all Itemi of merchandise
from varlois noln's In California to the tor-
nilniifl cf the now road at Johannesburg.
The cpenlng of the II ndsburg railway hail
been nccompinled by the simultaneous aban
donment of the Bingo linen from K rim ex anl
Mojave , by which all supplies have betu csr-
rlcl to the i < aw mlnhig district slnca the
gold excitement B'artcd a little over a year
ego , The confltructlcn of the now read was
begun October 10 un1 the entire thirty miles
from Kramer to Johannesburg bra been sur
veyed , graded , laid with tics and rails and
placed In ccrdltlon to bo operated within
the limited period of less than three months.
The read la a well constructed , stanJard
pnigo line ' .ad , In addition to furnbhlng an
o.isy means of Ingress and egress to the
mines of the llandsbttrg district , will bo
operated for the present a an ere road to
develop the mlnc.iIn that section of the Mo-
Jive dtacrt and the country to the aor'fo ,
known ao the I'aramint Valley district.
r ot Them Take 1'nHNnKC for
Miiulm from < ht > I'urt of Tnoiiimt.
TACOMA. Wash. , Jan. II. ( Special. ) A
glance at the ptissrngcrs 'Wlio boarded the
Corona hero last week showed no Its5 than
eighty men , possibly more , who are bound
for the gold fields and the towns noted as
starting points for the Interior , with the
Intention of taking "the beat of It , " to nso
tholr own expression. A well known de
tective stood on the dock as the passengers
made their way up the gangplank and
enumerated party after party , some Email
and Eomc large , which were made up of the
most noted of the western "grafters , " sure-
thing men and moro dangerous criminals.
Thcro were two parties from the Golden
Oato city , Including all told about eighteen
moil , all "smooth" workers and men with
records One largo uarty balled from Den
ver olid was noteworthy for 1(3 ( excellent
equipment. This contingent Is reported to
bo a rich one , all members being well
"heeled" with both cash and gambling
paraphernalia and backed by sporting mcii
of wealth In the Colorado metropolis Two
partlca came also from Portland and sev
eral small aggregations were made up of
IIIMI who have operated about the Sound
cDuritry for the last few months. Hesldov
thcso there were numerous individual out
fits owned by men who ate making their
way north on "their own hook" and are
traveling singly
The exodus Is looked upon by local police
authorities aa a matter for congratulation
from a selfish standpoint nnd the opinion
Is cxpicsscd that there will henceforth be
lees crlmo nnd less trouble on account ot
this tlass hero In the Sound district. Many
of the departing "grafters" had spent from
a week to a month In Tacoma Just prior to
leaving and weio under surveillance all tht ;
time On soveial occasions they attempted
to "right a joint , " In other words to open up
a sure-tiling gaino or establishment , but the
police forced them to remain Idle and so fat
as Is known none flow In the face of the
order to lay low If they hoped to remain In
the city unmolested until their boat should
TO nisctas 'run TVA. cii HSTIO * .
Unique Concntlon Cnllott liy tlie
fiotcrnor ofrl7onn. .
PHOENIX , Ariz , Jan. 11. ( Special ) In
Phoenix , January 23 , will meet a convention
unique In political hlstorj. It will comprise
all members of the boards of supervisors ot
the twelve counties of the territory , the os-
cesiors of all the counties , the territorial
Board of Equalization and the territorial of
ficials. T'ho convention hla been called by
Governor M II. McCorJ , who may himself
bo tbo presiding officer.
nefcro the convention will bo only two
questions1 The furtherance of economy in tbo
manigement of teirltorial tad county affiira
and the possibility for raising revenue frcm
tcrrltorlii Industries no\v practically exempt
from taxation. Arizona Is generally consid
ered primarily a mining region ; jet her
mines bear an almost Inconsiderable portion
cf the burdens of government. The agricul
turists. stockmen and railroads pay nearly
all. The total assessment of the tcrtltoij ' .a
.50,000,000 Yet ono mine alone within Ari
zona , the United Verde , at Jerome , Is com
mercially rated as worth ? 30,000,000. It paja
taxes In Yavapal county on aucut ? 200,000 In
ImpiovementB end machinery. Other largo
mines , the main ones only corslderod , would
bilr , the territorial wealth up to fully $1DO-
000,000 could they bo assessed. It Is believed
the only way to secure revenue from the
mines U by a tax en the bullion output , for
the value of ore In pluco could not bo esti
To aid In the work to be done the gov
ernor has asked that meetings be called for
the same date In Paotalx of lee Arizona Live
Stock association and the Territorial Agri
cultural society. A special call has also been
Issued from the executive office , asking for
a general gathering in Phoenix January 25 of
the miners of Arlzcoa , for the purpose of
forming a miners' association.
Oni > Ont , Anutlier In.
SUNDANCE , Wyo. Jan. 11. ( Special. )
The Board ot County Commissioners for
Crook county has deposed Melvln .Nichols
from the position of county attorney and
named as his successor Tom Hooper of Sun
dance. Mr. Nichols was appointed county
attorney by the board at the tlmo of County
Attorney Stott's advancement to the district
court bench. The action ot the board lu de
posing Mr. Nichols Is slid to bu duo to the
dissatisfaction caused , by his refusal to
prosecute Mrs. ( Barnard , who was charged
with being accessory to the niuidor of her
husband , Ed Barnard , by "Annie" Cunning
ham , the cowboy now serving a twenty-year
sentence for the killing. Mr. Hooper , the
new appointee , Is a vuteiau newspaper man
la Crook county.
SliootlnK Mfrii ) .
IIAWLINS , AVjo , Jan. 11. ( Special. ) A
shooting affray took placeat IHnnna Satur
day evening between Boh and Charles
Italmcy , colored. The men are brothers and
quarreled about some trivial matter. Ono
of them took a gun and fired point blank
at his brother. The bullet , fortunately ,
struck a button and glance-d off. Inflicting no
Injury. The man fired at then wrenched
the gun from his assailant and shot htm
twice , once la tbo leg and once In tbo head.
Neither of tbo wounds was serious. The
men were given a hearing before Justice
Lytla and were discharged. They swore
that the shooting' was accidental ,
lli-lil for Trial.
SHERIDAN1 , Wyo , Jon. 11. ( Special. )
Charles ( Wilson was given a hearing Monday
before Justice Tyler on the charge of crimi
nal assault , tbo alleged victim being a 12-
j ear-old girl uamed ( Elsie Flexing. Wilson
was hold In $1,000 ball , which bo furnished ,
for his appearance at the coming term of
the district court.
( Mn' > CIIIK ? A 111 criming' Ulrrtloit ,
CHEYENNE , "WyeJan. " / . 11. ( Special Tele-
grum. ) The Cheyenne city election for
aldermen , held today , resulted In the election
of the following ; First ward , Isaao Green-
tree , democrat ; Second ward , John L. Mur
ray , "democrat ; Third ward , Abe Underwood ,
republican. About one-half of the usual
vote waa polled.
STERLING. Colo. , Jan. 11. ( Special. ) At a
special meeting of the towa council tonight ,
and largely attended by the citizens , a com
mittee was appointed to formulate plans lookIng -
Ing to the establishment of a system or water
works for domestic USD and for tire protec
tion , The commltteo consists ot Messrs. C.
M. C. AVooIman , A. G. Sfasrwln and J , C.
Vrrillet ol Olnrilor Atnrnifil.
MADISON , Wls. , Jan. ll.-Tho famous
French murder case from Ashland county ,
which has been tn the courts for the last
llvo years and cost the county and state
thousands of dollars , VVMB nettled by the
supreme court today by ulUrmlnf the de
cision of the lower court. French stands
convicted of murder In the second degree.
French was arrested for the murder of
0. A. Stcele , whom he accused of under
mining his home. Through various court
proceedings Frtmch 1ian had ulx trials ,
Arnold's Brome Celery cures headaches ,
lOc , 26o aud OOc. All druggUU.
n vrM > r i TTI i > nnivn HIVM i
Plcntj of Peed and Water and No Scvero
Sloclc HctMot HufTcrcMl from Ail )
Sc.urcc Thus 1'nr DnrliiK the
\\lntrr nnil the OtitlooK.
PIERRE , S. D , Jan. 11. ( Special. ) The
Fort Plerro Stock Journal glvw Ihe following
flattering report ot present range conditions :
Heportfl from the ranges are most flittering.
The cattle on the range have not suffered In
the slightest from the early cold weather of
November and December. The beautiful
weather which has prevailed slaco tbo cold
snaps has allowed cattle to straighten out
and feed up to withstand storms that are to
come. Down on the Yellow cdlctno more
snow Is reported than anywhere else on the
range. In fact , the enow which fell a week
Rgo lias long slnco melted and run Into tbo
water holes. Below thcro la about snow
enough so that the stock docs not have to
travel for water.
Sheepmen from all sections of Iho range
rcipcrt that the winter so far has been must
favorable for their Hocks. The owners of
llvo stock have reason to bo thankful that
the ranges of the northwest have escaped
the storms of the corn belt states , whlc.i sec
tions consider that they are much moro fa
vored than the open range aicas. Cattle
on the northwest ranges have not > et been
called upon to face any blizzards or unusually
deep enows , as the cattle In the feed lots
have bad to staud , and as yet the range of
the northwest has a decided advantage as
far as weather aud wlater conditions aic
1'ntliiK LI > fur State I.nnilM.
PIERRE , 3. D. Jan. 11. ( Speclil )
The land commissioner's olllco has been
turning out a number of land patents lately
to pattleo who prefer to pay up for their
land with interest one year In advance rather
than carry the loans they hate with the
state. Within the last few days tweiity-
three such patents have been Issued , racotly
la the counties of Turner , Hutchtnson and
Bon Ilonuno , while Clay , YonUton and Moody
each make a showing. Thla action on the
part of purchasers of state lands showa that
the farmers In that section of the state are
In good financial condition , as well as these
In the range section
\I-TV South DaUota Corporations.
PIERRE , S. D , Jan. 11 ( Special. )
Articles of Incorporation have been filed for
the Black Hills Coal and Iron company , at
Rapid City , with a capital of ? 1.500,000 ; incorporators -
corporators , William T. Coad , Charles T.
Mattcaon John B. Henry , Rapid City , James
Conloy Now York ; Joseph II. Mtihlke , Chi
cago. For the First Methodist Episcopal
church of Castlowood ; trustees , J. G. Sharp ,
John C. Sharp , Mr ? . C. E Anderson , Hatty
Vandcrwcut , Mrs. D. M. Burgc , F. W. Ken-
npinocrntlo ( 'Inli nt Itnplil
RAPID CITY , S. D , Jan. 11. ( Special )
Democrats have perfected an organization to
bo known as the Pcnnlngtoa County Demo
cratic club. The officers are : President , D.
W. TUck ; vice president , G. Schnassc , jr. ;
secretary , J. R. Sharp ; treasurer , G. F.
Schneider , This organization will greatly
deplete the ranks of the demo-pops in this
city. A movement Is on foot to organise
democratic clubs la all of the Black Hills
\ ntlo | > c GotUiiK1 1'lclitlfiil.
PIERRE , S. D , Jan. 11. ( Special. )
J. K. Sechler , Indian farmer , at Cheyenuo
agency , reports that antelope arc becoming
quite numerous about sixty miles out on
Cheyenne rlvei. This is from the fact that
the ranchers are allowing the few which had
been left In that section to Incrsisc , and are
protecting them. If they continue In that
policy there will soon bo a largo number of
these animals in that section ognln.
Eggs are 75 cents a dozen In Elk City and
scarce at that.
The school boirds of Boise and Mountain
Homo voted a week's salary to every teacher
In their respective corps who attended the
State Teachers' association at Kalley.
Two wildcats were killed by Thomas Mlzer
within 200 feet of Ills farm house about three
miles north of Halley. They \ , ere so hun
gry that they refused to run when he walked
out to shoot them.
The big cojoto hunt took place In the Bolso
valley. The hunters were armed with shot
guns with light shot. No heavier weapons
were permitted In the hunt , because of the
danger that would bo involved.
The Pocatello Tribune Eajw It Is rumored
tfcot there Is a movemerat on foot to recon
vene the legislature , with the condition that
the majority of that body will agree when
they meet to Impeach the- supreme court of
The ( "lephono line being built from the
Anderson onnp at Twin Springs to liaise is
now completed to Quirk's place , a distance
of twenty-six miles from Andersen camp.
It la expected the line will bo completed to
Boise within a month.
Tco Montana and Idaho Stage company , or
ganized under the laws of Montana , with
headquarters > it Dillon , Mont , , and Blackfoot -
foot , Idaho , baa filed Ita articles of Incorpora
tion with Secretary of State Lewis. The cap
ital stock la $10 000 , and the directors are A
L Anderson , W E Knapp , N , A Jones
and J C. Anderson of Dillon and Clark An
derson of Blackfoot.
Wordnor News. Whllo cleaning a turkey
Mrs. W , T Hales found a nugget of go'd
approximating the size and abipe ot a split
pea. All attempts to discover whcro the
fowl came from were frultlew , except that
It was raised somewhere In the Pulouse
country A knowledge of this location would
probably have resulted --neither craze clm-
llar to that of the Klondike.
Mrs. Ann JobL'fan , the v. con boy of
We'sar ' , has turned off $500 worth of beef
cattle , settled all her debts and Is corre
spondingly happy and ccatented. All num-
mer she haj ridden , the range , been la at
the branding and helped at the roundup.
She has to turn the delivering Over to someone
ono 61se on account of a crippled arm , but
wltl'al Is as happy aj any Imccuroo In tbo
W > ( Hill HUT > < > Y\N iXoll'S.
A Masonic lodge * will soon bo organized
at Whoitland.
Flvo hundred thousand tons moro of coal
were mlucd lu tbo state last > ear than lu
Laramie contractors vvlll make an effort
to bavo only Laramie sandstone used In the
new government building at Cheyenne ,
A largo flour mill Is to be erected at Cody
City In connection with the Improvements
bolng made by the Cody Canal company ,
There are soventy-ono patients In the
state asylum for the Insane In Wyoming ana
complaint Is made that the Institution U
At least 12,000 tans of Ice will bo bar-
vested at Evanston by the railroad company.
Fifty men are emplojed and they will be
kept at It about sixty dajs.
Mrs. Kato Pluto , the mother of thirteen
children , was tlned $10 and sentenced to
thirty days In Jail on n charge of adultery ,
at Rock Springs. The woman's husband waa
the complaining wltucss.
( The land rental receipts of tbo ofllce of
the slate register of lands , Miss. Estcllo
Reed , for the month of November were aa
follows : School funds , $943.62 ; Agricul
tural college fund , (534 20 ; charitable Insti
tutions fund , $ l,3i 8 01 ; Soldiers' homo fund ,
JOG.01 ; library fund , $3l7.i5 ! ; fish hatchery
fund , $03.83 ; Insane asylum and deaf , dumb
and blind fund , $532.01 ; penitentiary fuud.
$811.73 ; public buildings fuud. $97 ; total ,
< > \ imnuvninvr STOHP.S.
All thr VeimiinporIA4iil Sninll Driller *
Tnko n llunil lit Unncr.
DKNV'ER , Jan. II * n extraordinary con
tent has started In ibU < clty with all the
dally pare" on cue slfit > and fourteen ot
the kirgcst dry goods. tid clothing depart
ment stores on the .other. No advertise
ment of any of the firms appeared In todaj's
papers nnd formil tMlfce has been given
tbat none vvlll appear until the papers nc-
ccdo to ttio demands of Ino merchants. I.snt
week the business managcra ot the dallies
aero Informed th t the department
etoro cojiblne liai'i ' arbitrarily de
cided that iidvcrtlsing rates must
bo reduced about 20 per ccat. The
firms decline to enter Into discussion of the
denuud , sljply stitlng that they Lad given
tholr ultimatum. They control about CO pet-
cent cf the regular city advertising and be
lieved Hint the papers must submit to their
dictation , notwithstanding that advertising
rates in Denver are lower than In nny other
city of the earns size In t'.io country. The
newspapers rcollcd tbat concession to the
autocratic orders was not only Impossible
for business reasons , but would destroy the
Independent of the press. If the dtpart-
ment store * could fix rates arbitrarily at
their pleasure they could likewise dictate In
all matters ot policy and the pners would
bccouio moro handbills without Influence or
The first result of the contest Is the pas
sage ot a resolution by the Trades assembly
calling on the city council to Impose a heavy
license on department stores , and warning
all members ot labor unions against them.
The smaller merchants nra taking advantage
of the opportunity to Increase tholr advertis
ing. In Denver , as la other cities , depart
ment stores have been crushing the smaller
stores and the latter are exceedingly glad of
the chance to cut lute the business of their
larger rivals.
lM\noni , Tftthcr mill Son , Arc ! o\v
Fret * Mm.
ST. PAUL , Jin. 11. The Dawsons , father
and son , are free men. The two remaining
Indictments agiliut them went oft cuddenlj
today like the others. The trial of the In
dictment for embezzlement of $97,000 by
overdraft against Wlllam Davvacn. sr. , short
ns it was , was not without sensational In
cidents. One was the withdrawal of Attor
ney General Chllds from the case In view
of the ruling made 'by ' Judge Willis that the
iTttto mutt elect on what specific charge the
case vvlll go to the Jury , 'ihe other notable
Incident wag the remark of Judge Willis to
the counsel and Jury , that as no evidence
whatever had foeen presented , aa the scato
had lied the field. It only remained for him
to direct a verlct of not guilty.
At the conclusion of the case another In
dictment was called for trial. This was a
Joint indictment against the Dawscca. charg
ing them with the embe/zloment of $281,213
County Attorney Anderson uald that under
the ruling of the court the Etato did nc-t
think It could make out a case rnd thcrc-
fore moved the Indictment bo Jiollcd The
motion was gianted Mr O'Brien asked
that the defendants Ibe discharged , there be
ing no further Indictments against them
Tlio motlcn was granted , ending the sen
sational cases growing out ot the failure
of the Bank of Minnesota ono year ago.
HUMID * IN coM-nnn > cn.
of ( lie \\orlc During the
I'ail Year.
NEW YORK , Jan. 11. The first session of
the sixth confeicaco of the foreign mluslon
boards of the United States and Canada wa > '
hold In the Methodist building at 2 o'clock
this afternoon There ate thirty-three for
eign missionary societies of the evangelical
churches of the United States. The work of
thcso societies Includes 1 913 stations , 1,617
out stations , 3,774 American laborers. 15,581
native laborers , 3,836 cnurd-os , 430,266 com
municants. Theio were 31,870 additions laat
year. 2GJ.56' ] children and ycung people un
der Native contributions last
year were $348,130 ana the total Income last
year was $4.333,611. These statistics arc ex
clusive of the work doao by some of the
societies In Europe. There are six foreign
missionary sock-tics in Canada , where work
Includes eighty-nine pr'nclpil ' stations , 227
out-stations , 242 Canadian missionaries , 50G
native laborers , 112 tativo churches , 9,111
communicant ? . Thcro v.ero 1,045 additions
last year. Native contributions last year
were $32J39 and contributions In "Canada
la t year wcro $28170. The first pappr read
today was by the treasurer of the American
board , F. Wlgglu of Bcston , relating to
"Legacies. "
iiKciril IH-eaiife Ho Ilnd HIMMI III--
fnnril Komi.
ELGIN , III , , Jcu 11. A tramp called at
the homo of Christian Wollett at Algonquin
this morning , and because ho was refused
breakfast drew a revolver and shot Louisa
Wollett , a 13-year-old daughter , who was in
the house with the mother. Her mother run
out to summon help and the tramp completed
his work by choking the wounded girl to
death A rosse is scouring the country for
thci msn and declares It vvlll lynch
Itoht-rtuii-DiM In.
NEBRASKA CITY , Jan. 11. ( Special. )
The nuptials of John Rcbertea ot Chicago
and Miss Dorothy Davis of this city _ were
solemnized nt St Vary's Episcopal ch'urch
at noon today , Rev. F. W. Ei < sa officiating.
More , than 200 guests -nero present. Mr. and
Mrs Roberton left for Chicago on an after
noon train
TO CLlin COLD I > > MI I ) VY
Toke Laxative Brome Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the mouoy if it falls to rurc.
23c. The genuine has L B. Q , on each tablet.
SOMI : UJCIVP i\vivnot\s.
A cuspidor recently patented Is kept con
stantly clean by a spiral-shaped water pipe
having perforations fitted to the splral-
srapcd outer wall of the cuppldor the watei
flowing through the wall at Intervals.
V handy device for kitchen use i.s a table
having the top nnido up of a sorles of
shelves attached to a tilting frame by which
tbo rows of shelves can be raised to a
vertical position and used as a cupboard.
A Colorado woman has Invented a pencil
sharpener which has a crank geared to < i
vertical shaft with a pencil-receiving head
at the top of the shaft , having a cutting
blade set at nn angle , and a cup surrounding
the shaft to catch the shavings.
An 'Englishman has Invented an appliance
for bicycles which ho claims will keep dust
from the gearing , 'a revolving fan bolng
mounted on the frarito between the two
sprocket wheels and 4/fven / by a cord and
pulley mounted on the4prank shaft.
Ordinary pens en a bo changed Into foun
tain pens by a new dovlco , consisting of a
spring clip with a point shaped like a pen
and adapted to fit ofer'the ' upper side of the
pen and form a resetvAlr with a small outlet
for the Ink Just over ) ho nib of the poll.
An English Inventor has patented a de
tachable gas motor far bicycles , which Is
attached to the rcaf part of the frame nnd
has a plutonrod connected to n crank set In
the motor frame which turns a sprocket
wheel anl transmits the power to the rear
wheel of the bicycle .
To prevent tunning out on
tbo main track after being placed on a
switch a bteel bar Is sfct across the rail In a
slanting position , with1 tlio Inner end pivoted
In a socket and the outer end lilted with a
loop to bold It In place over the rail by
meant , of a pin and lock
In a newly designed coal cart curved
arms are used to support the box , so that
when It Is raised from the frame by means
of the gear shaft and crank It twists around
at an nngle with the frame to discharge the
coal , thus allowing the wagon to stand close
to the curb while unloading
In a new stair carpet fastener , patented
by a Canadian woman , a wire cone Is slipped
over the edge of the carpet with ono end of
the wire ending In a loop la which thu
screw Is Inserted to hold It la place , the
fastener being put down first and the car
pet afterward forced Into the cell of the
vvlro cone.
Housekeepers will appreciate a new
colthrsdrler which can be used In the house
and consists of a framework supporting a
doubln row of bars , on which the clothes
are hung- , the device being ouspendcd from
tbo celling by a rope and pulley , so It can
be drawn up out of the way after tbo
clothes are bung.
Record of a MiBsdnri Korea with an Appatito
for Human Flesh.
tlln Wild rnpcrn nt Council MlnfTn ,
llpil OnKOnknloiiMt , Dei
Molnc * unit Otltrr lovrn
la parlor P of the Murray Hill hotel , re
lates the New York Sun , a pirty of horso-
mca were waiting one dij- not long ago
for the Dotrd of Hovlow of the National
Trotting association to end Its labors la
executive se'slon when the conversation
turned to the subject of vicious horses ,
"Tho worst trotter I ever drove , or ever
saw , for that rruttcr. " s IJ Charley Thorap-
eon , "was old Dill Abbott's bay stiul horse
Wcstmont , from St. Joe , Mo. He was one
of the grandest looking stallions In the
\\orld-iblood "bay " , sixteen hinds high , looked
like a big , strong thoroughbred , and car
ried himself lllco a king. I was campaignIng -
Ing a string of trotters out In Iowa and
Missouri la the spring of 1SS3hcn Abbott
and his horse turned up nt the Council
Uluffo meeting.A \ fellow named Dunn was
doing the driving , and "Scar-raced * Char
ley took care of the horse. The outlU hap
pened to ibc stabled right ncross the row
from where I was , nnd I saw a good deal
of the men. and horse for a few dnjs No
body but Charley opened the door of Wcst-
tnont's box , and whenever ho wilked the
horse out of nn evening It was at the end
of a long polo nnd chain , .like you sometimes
see used to handle an ugly bull. The bojs
from Missouri all said the stud was crazy
and 1 guess ho was. nut Dunn started
film when his race came on , and ho won
It so cleverly without doing n wrong thing
that 1 began to think the talk nbout his
being a bad horse was all moonshine.
"All of a sudden ono morning , though ,
Just ( before wo shipped away to the next
town , there was a terrible uproar In Ab
bott's row , and I Knew In a moment that
Wcstmont had got somt'body ' at la t 1
heard a mail scream for help , nnd then
something was slammed against the side
of the stall with terrific lorpe After tint
I coultl hear the stallion snorting and tearIng -
Ing around In lib box like some wild beast ,
and I guessed tint 'Scar-Faced' Charley wcj
done for. Uy the time I could grab up n
pitchfork that v\as before the dnva of
wooden hayforks nnd get over there , the
man laj stretched out on his face near the
door of the stall with the horse down on
his knees trjlng to cat him up He bcl-
lowoj like a made bull when the door swung
open. I raised the fork like a haipoon , ami ,
taking good aim at his neck , let fly as bird
as I could , expecting to eo the long oteel
tinea go clear through him. nut they
didn't. They went In maybe an inch , but
tbat was long enough to take his attention
aWaj from the man long enough so I could
drag him out and e.hut the door. Kor the
next half hour we could hear Westmont
threshing around his stall like a caged tiger
the old fork handle knocking against the
boards every itlme ho turner ? a corner. The
man turned out to be Dunn , the driver
Charley hadn't turned up for some reason
or other , and Dunn , it seems , \\ent In to
feed the stud Ho waa terribly cut and
brulsod Eibout the back ami shoulders whore
the stalllcn got nt him with his teeth , and
ono of Ills arms was broken , 'but ' he got' I
"Old man Ablott came to me over at Red
Oak the next week and asked ire to drive
\Vei3tmont In liU race there. Dunn , of course ,
be'og ' laid up. I had seen all I wonted 'o
see of Westmont at the other town and told
Abbott so , but he begged and begged , and
zsiuic'd mo that the atudr was TPVCT k icwn
to make trouble after being hitched. I re
membered how well ho had acted In lib race
at the Uluffa end flnaily consented to Orivo
him on the track , provided IJI1Ind his help-
eis would take charge of him between hcita
"He acted so well for a while that It kind
of threw me off my guard and I get carele a.
After the second heat I Joitgcd back to the
judges' stand and poised my hand for per-
rnlsslo.i to demount , looking up and tiKlng
mj OJES off the horse M I did 10 lint
them somebody came alongside with nnoUicr
horse stopping c oae \Veptmont QUICK
a.3 n flash l.o let a foawl cut of him > ou could
have heard a mile away , and itirtod for the
other horse- with his moi'th wide open , at
the tame time trjlng to Kick Icoss I went
up pretty near aa high as that judges' stand
at the first jolt , but as luck wou.d have it ,
! ii-dcd partly on the sulkj seat when I
oime down. Before lie could let fly again , I
raised up cad Crashed him over the licid
with the butt end of the big whip that I
was carrying , which started him off up the
stretch on a dead inn. You can bet he never
stopped wltlT me until he was run down and
tco tired to break looto again The moment
ho oime to a standstill I called to Abbott to
get his horse right wherehe stood , and I
never sat beh'nd him. again.
"Over at Oskaiocsa that fall Wcatmont
turned on 'Scar-Paced' Charlej and scared
him terribly. I happened to to with Abbott
when the rubber came In town to throw up
his Job Ho was the color of chalk.
" 'You'll have to get somebody eloa to take
care of that crrzy stud of yours Colonel
Abbott , ' said Charicy. 'I want to quit. He
coiro at me thU morning without ever liyln'
his ears back or glv'n' a sign , and I'm going
to quit. I can stand a mean horse to take
care of , but lies plum crazy. '
" 'All right. Charley , ' sajs mil , 'jou Jtnt
look after him a day or two until I can find
another boy , nnd It'll be all right. '
onivnus wnitn SHY.
' "No. I've done quit now. I got through
just as soon as I got nut at Wcstinont'8 stall
I was nil done two hours go , ' and Charley
never went Into Westmont's box again
"I guess Abbott get tired trjlng to find
driver , ! and rubbers for the stud , for he sold
' . : lm to Jim Togo not Icng after that , and
Page brought him down cast , trading him off ,
I think , to partlnt in In Vermont \\Vstniont
got n record of I' 24 at Dts Molnes In 18S1
His sire , Colonel West , was a Lad horse be
fore him I am convinced ftrom what I have
scon and heard that both of them ncro sub
ject to fits of lusHiilty I never saw another
stallion that wouldn't lay back his cars be
fore ho attacked a man "
"Wasn't Bill Abbott In Homo way related
to Jesse James ? " Inquired the young driver
from Indiana
"Ho was an uncle of Jems James , " replied
Thompson , "and it was In Bill AbbMt's
house up ilicro on t'.io side hill near the Si.
Joe track that Pord shot James In the back
for the big rowaid LIUOB up by the governor
of Mlstnirl Jnmrs lived thrro off nnd on
for several jcwrs right at the tlnio when the
detectives were looking for him.
"Ho wont by the name of Howard , and ho
used to nniM with old m\in AbtMttVi trotters
over at the track now and then when tils
repilar butlnruo was n little sMck. I suppose
there worn more thin twenty persons In St.
Joe who know pretty well tfcat Howard wes
Jcso James , but It was n good subject to
fay nothing about down there In those d ) .
Ho alwnjs were a loose fitting IVInco Albert
coat and kept It buttoned. How many gunx
and knhcs ho ctrrled on the Instdo I don't
"Ono tlmo when the old mnn was slek
Howard proposed to V. ti. CMrk , whu was
then training for Abbott at the SI. Joe track ,
Hint they go down the creek nnd try to get
n. squirrel or two for t'.io old man. Clark
carried a rifle and Howard took along a re
volver , remarking that ho used to shoot
pretty well with that wecnon when o boy
They sighted game after n while la the top
of a tall shollbirk hlrkcxy- . Clark blnzcd
away with his rifle , but missed twlco In suc
cession. Howard then told CKirk to go nround
cti the other side of the tree nnd siaro the
squirrel back to whcro lie could get a shot
at him. As soon as Mr Squirrel came la
sight Howard whipped out his gun and fired
without seeming to take nlm nt nil , but the
game drorvwl just the sime Clark once told
mo that Howard picked off three squirrels In
the simo way th-U ( "ay without mMsltii ; n
shot. It wasn't until Pord shot Jnmcd Hint
Clark knew ho had been out hunting with
"Old man Abbott himself was something of
nn expert with a gun , " continue * ! Thompson.
"UvoryboJy knew It down through the Missouri
souri circuit , nnd ho had things pretty much
hla own way there , like Uob Kncehs up In
town In eirly dnjs. I remember drlxlug nn
old blind horse for him down that way a good
many jears ago. This horse was ns game
Es his owner , and would go through any open-
In f that jou steered him Into , blind as ho
was. The trouble was to keep him going
Gtralght nnd avoid running over everbody In
the race , for ho had a mouth llku n mule ,
and. of course , ho couldn't see. Well , > I
drove him the best I could , but he llnnlly
carried me Into some one , taking n spoke or
two out of the other fellow's wheel The
judges ruled mo out for foul driving , and aa
I wanted to explain to tl'eni how the colli
sion happened , I went up Into the staud after
the heat.
"I hadn't said ten words before the mnln
guy broke In 'That will do , joung man , we
have heird that storv toomanj tlnua before '
It riled mo n little bit to think thej wouldn't
listen to mj explanation , and ns I Know If the/
didn't , tint 11111 Abbott owned the hoiso and
was down at the foot of the stalls , I tiled
again In a diplomatic sort of wny tn give an
argument , nut they wouldn't have It.
"Tho man who acted ns starter said to mo
right awaj 'You get right down out of hcic ,
now Don't jou opsn your mouth to saj an
other word If jou do. I'll expel jou. ' Just
then there was a no'uc down below on the
stairs and pictty quick old mil's slouch hat
nnd whlshi > i a bobbed up through the trap
door In the floor of the judges' stand Ab
bolt atood six foot sK Inches In h'a ' stocking
feet nnd he itcpt a-comlng up through that
ttao door bv the jnrd HKo a Jack-in the bo\
until his head was near the roof by the tlmo
his feet reached the floor. HP had a 10-ltich
gua poked away In his outside coat pocket
ard there was ( Ire In his cje.
" 'I want to know who the h 11 Is going to
make him stop talking , now , ' demanded the
old Mtaiourlan , looking square at the stirter
Not one of thcnv opened his mouth Abbott
turned aroand to mo then and sai 1 'Young
man. you go nnd get that hoiso ie-dj foi HID
next heat. I'm hero to sec that ho gels a fair
slioiiIn this race ' And the old maa btajcd
right thcro In the stand , too , and sat\ that
the judges let him start ngnln I v.onder
what the Board of Review would do In a
csso of that Kind If It ever came up
'Twouldn't make much difference , though
Old Dill In dead now "
Mrs Mary Bird , HarnsDurs ; . Pi , cajs
"My child Is worth millions to mo , jet :
would have lost her by croup had I not In
vested twentv-llvo cents in a bottle of On ,
Mlnuto Cough Cure " It cures coughs , colds
and all throat nnd lung troubles
it vii.iio vn I'lcobi'iici'h i > rn % \ .
Vlnnj I.IIICN VIn.-i He IliiiK. Inil for tin *
PrcNC'iit TJitn - nil Llici-rliii 11(3 .
Tlio only roatl In China besides the Peklng-
Tlentsln-Shanhainuaii line which appears , ? ti
absolute certainty , sajs the Hallway Ago , litho
the Wocaung-Shangbal line , of a dozen mllcrc
The loidbed Is ready , and the lalla , which
have been ordered In Belgium , are c\pcctoil
to arrive in February The locomotive's wilt
also bo built In Belgium. The roul , It Is ex
pected , will bo In operation In May.
If the drenm of Shcng Taotal Is over ful
filled there will be rallioaus as follows
1. from Shanghai southwest to Hankow ,
100 ra'lcs
2. From Shanghai northwest to Sookovv ,
about sixty miles
3. From SooLhow to Chlnklang , Q very
largo and important city , whole the Oiantl
caral crosses the Yengtso rivei , about sev-
ent > miles , thence tn Nankin capital of Anhu
province ( and of China under the old Ming
dnasty ) , about sKty miles.
4. Troni Nankin west and northwest to
Yunlng-Choti , on the proposed Hanl.ow-
I'cKIng line , pawing through Lurhovv , JA
Hung Chang's former home , a distance of
stout 250 miles.
D From Hnnkow almost direct north ,
through r. rich agricultural section , to Peking ,
750 m'lei '
C Fiom Hankow In a fairly direct south
erly loute to Canton , the great city of south
ern China , a distance of about 700 miles
7 from Hankow in a southwesterly direc
tion , following the telegraph line , and pass
ing through u rich mlacral section , to Yun
nan , about 00 miles
S From Siitmn , on the Hnnlconr-Yunnan
line , northwest to Chungking , in the gieat
Szcchv.aj piovince , 150 miles.
! > From Postlne-fu. which Is on the Han
kow-Peking lire , and only a short dlstaiao
south of the latter city , suuthwcnt to
Tal.Mien , thcnco continuing Its &otitliwpstcrly
course to Tungchou , where the Yellow river
It crossed , aud on to Hslan , capital of Shennl
province , about 400 miles
10 Trom Poking northwcut to Knlgnn , N
large place In the northernmoit section of the
gieat Chili ( LI Hung Chang's ) province , and
very near the boundarj line between China
proper and Mongolia , a distance of about Id )
milt. ! !
11. Prom Shanhalquan ( being a northerly
extension of the Peking Tientsln-Shanhal-
quan line ) , to Klrln , where connection will
bo made with the Manehurlan branch of the
Tran-ulberhn railway , a distance of about
400 miles
Ill's would mnKo a system of approximately
4,200 miles. Hut 320 miles only are now In
War .SliljiH for ( Vntinl lincrlcii.
SAN FUANOISCO , Jnti. 11 The sloop-of-
vvar Alert Ht.irteil for Central America to
day The guiiliout Mnrletlu H expected to
get away for Nie.iriiuua the latter pait oC
the week.
EUREKA We have found It ! "
iHow Ridiculous !
It is to see a business man fumbling
among his papers with a cigar or
tobacco in his mouth. He cannot
see , he cannot hear , lie can
not think. He is stunned
by nicotine and his mental
edges are slowly blunting
while he nervously sucks
or chews away ! The sit
uation would be laughable
if it were not pitiful. His
& & X" * business capital health
fV&l&f j2& \ and money are slowly
. . . - / Z Z& . . poangaway and clearer
business brains are tak
ing the advantage.
Bill Don't Stop TobaCCO SUDDENLY and wrench
the nerves , permanently injuring them , take
An absoltileaml kindly vegetable cure for the
tobacco hibit , a kindly antidote for tobacco
poison. Use the tobacco you require and
take BACO will notify you when to
stop by removing the desire. FT GEHTLY
cl Wrllltn < lcir aeU ! cur * piruutill ; uj >
"Ilk thn * k i , or r f.od Ui muitrj. toe. at 11 Uil ,
Urn Loin ( pitruiird ton ) fs.lO. Uru hu , > r
viutiu tutaiiAL isu wru , cu , u tcosss , nu.
Tolls Her Bxporlonoo With
A dull , throblilnp pnln , nccomprmlpd
by a scuso of tenderness niul hcnt low
don n In the slilo , with nn occnslonal
shooting pnln , Indicates inllnnnnntion.
On examination Itvrlll bo found that
the region of pain shows some swelling.
This is the first stnpo of ovaritis , in *
ilnmnmtion of the ovary. If the loof of
your house leaks , my sister , yon have
it fixed nt once ; why not pay the snmo
respect to your own body ?
Do you llvo ratios nwny from a dee
tor ? Then that is
allthciuofo reason
why j on tthouhlnt *
tend to j'ourself nt (
once , or jou will
soon bo on the Hat
of your back.
You need
not , you
ought not
to lot your
self ( jo , \
your own
BOX holds outthohelp-
ing hand to you , and
will advise you without money and
without price. Write to Mrs. I'inklmm ,
Lynn , Mass. , nnd tell her till your symp
toms. Her experience in treating female
illsis greater tlinn nny other living per
son. Following is proof of what o say :
" For nine yotirs 1 suffered with female -
male weakness In its worst foim. I
was in bed nearly a year with conges
tion of the ovailes. I also suffered
\\ith falling of the womb , was very
weak , tired nil the time , had such
headaches as to make me almost IN ild.
Was albo troubled with loncorrhoun ,
and was bloated so badly that seine
thought I had dropsy. I have taken
be\eral bottles of Lyditi lj. I'inkham'a
Vegetable Compound , and sovetnl of
her lllood Purifier , and am completely
cured. It is a wonder to all that I got
well. I shall always ewe Mrs. 1'ink-
hnm a debt of gratitude for her kind
ness. I would advise all who suffer
to take her medicine. " Mua.
CUIITIS , Ticondcroga , N. Y
& Searles.
All Private Disease *
ft Dlscrdort of MOM.
Treatment by Mall.
Consultation I rco.
CurcTl for llfo and tlio potion thoiotichly cloaiiooi
' 'spl-riTnlorrfica. Seminal Woaltney , T.piit MTO-
hood. Night KinlnnlotiH Deciycx : Fncultlns I'o-
male Wcaknes * . and all ilfllc tto dlaorUors pceijj'
AND V\KlCO"13r.K p criiianonlly and successfully
cured , Method now an d uiitftlllnf
by new method without p tin cr cutting. Call oa
or Rddress with BtiniP
In ( In * SprltiK will Iiu TrpiiiiMiiloiiH.
'Hie moit iirolltiiblu liiiHlni'Hii ivlll ho
In Transportation anil HfrcIiiiiiiIlKliiK
niul in rurnlxliliiu I'ooil anil 4ui > j > llcM
( O ll ( > Illtlllllllllr of ( illlll SlM'Kl'IN ill
Kliorl , u Ki'nrral Tiniilni ; , MITI'IIII-
tlli * nail btcaniNlilp Iiaslm-Hx , It IVUM
no In 'iH : ) -iv HI liti HO lit MtH.
Tdo Alaska Transportation
and Development Company
"roi7PTued ! ! $5 ,0005000non " "
To meet tills demand will own und operate Its
U\\N STI : v vi iiis , no vrs VXD
o\ Tin :
CoiiiiPflJiiKT itlili llx cm ii liar of
anil iimKiilllci'iit Orcini bf rnmor/i.
specially adapted ( or pasiLiiuu CJUSIJILB : ! carry-
IMS to that country an Inimcnui. amount cf ) Lr-
I'l.lKS AND iQl7II'MiNl fur the nilinm. na
ncll as lurnlaliliiB lhani Til VNSl'OltTAI ION
for IhcnuehcH mid their sec . .9 niul otnlillslilni ;
TilAIJlNO arvriONS at dirr.Meiu polntH All
opportunlts Is nficrul nny poreon ho lluy at
mill or lais * infill" tn I1 } fnurea nt Btoclc
li tills conpiny mil I'Altl KTPATH In the
HNOUMOUS l > IVIl > iM : > > , .
rurc to bo cirnid within Ihe next Union * . IB.
anui.9 AJtr. orri.iiui ) vr ii oo
nnr v iluc. non-i oiisable , and will bo ofttied for
a Mini Pd tlmo only.
I'aylns larger < lluiluiJs > V illc mnncroi.i rav
ings bun ! . 3 und bank * tine cuojj-nutil , iiunrpur-
tutlon anl trading < .oni > inlc were never itui
In the lUt of failures. rij | ttoiu la one of inu
morl clesliublu Invutim nt , offered the public.
Jho lnC'ii | > orJlcj | nn < l MotkhoMlrs who lire ujn
tiected with ttil company are men of t\ldu ex.
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