Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 02, 1898, Part I, Page 4, Image 4

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ftfanj Minor Functinrs Dnring ths Last
Week ,
Tllli Mllilrril Mpilii | nnoii I" > iitiiiri1 1"
l.i'ilil llumlnl SH nl 'Jri-ul
Soviet ; KMMIIVitliil
Prom a eoclcty standpoint the week bet -
t c n the holldas U usually the most quiet
nrd unlntcrcitltiK of the season People arc
tired out by the Christmas shopping and
( U-vo > o their time to renting anil gloating
over the good thtnRS that Old Saint Nle',1
han droppnd Into thplr stockings Tlio last
wcelc , however , all of the old cntabll lied
rules have been broken and , like prosperity
B0cla | functlonn have followpd ono another
lu rapid succession
It Is true that th ° ro was nothing that was
Interred to ahakn society circles from center
lo cl-cumtcrcnco , but there were ecoicn ot
thoao little parties that ate so pleasural ) P to
those who pnrtb Ipate People cnteiUUica
und were entortciliuil ; there were sumptuoua
lepasts sprcul In the households and frltmls
on I nelghborfi gathered alont table * that
gioantd under their loads of plenty.
The skailng cirnlval tint Is slated for the
near future Is an o.-cnt tint Is attracting
moro thnn usual n-tentlon. now that the
queen lias hern chosp n. Spoaklrg of the iuccn
of this carnival. It Is a ploasuic to moat of the
r-oclcty people to know tint AlUs Allldrcd1
StcvenBon Is the JOUIIK woman vho will leid
the holts In the Biatitl march and will wear
the crown and the ormlne of rojalty Aliss
Ht venson Is ono ot the most estimable
young women of the rli > and Is a dauqh'er
of one of the olilo1 famllloa In the i-tatc
While t'hc has not alwavs led the fashion
able set , she Is well knovn to the faBhlon-
nble ones and will pel form th duties of the
occasion with most becoming grace.
The maids of honor who will n slst the
qiite"i are Mlssrrc Anna Heyvvcod , .Maggie
Toley Blrdlo Auiswald Mae Hoblnson ,
Mabel Nelson , Edith Miner , Elolso Couch-
mnn. Alarlo SusterlrNellli - Hhlne , Emma
Ilrau , Jennie Graham , Prcda Lange , Agnes
Mjof. Plosslp Homaln , .Minnie Neilo , Auni
Fall , Marie Wooi'iril , Lottie Shalda , Ploi-
eiico Ha/ard Emily Wnreham
Most of the voimg women aio well known ,
which fact establishes the certainty tint
fiom a sotlot ) iwint of view the carnival
rwlll be a nattering SUCCESS
MIH HCII- > II'H Itffi
Cno of the most not 'bio icccptlons of the
week was Unit given at the residence cf E
iA Benson , Pen y-elgiith and DoJgo streets
on Ihurtjclai evening , b > All -and Airs R A
11nnnn Mr .Hi ,1 \ ! faV 1. p.plhv . MiSS
lAlexandcr and Mr Prank E Alexander
There were over 100 gue ts who called to j > aj
their respects during the cvmi < ig The
JiotiBo was beautifully orramcntcd In the
< linlng room thcio was a large octagon-
bhapcd bell of smllas. and ruses suapcnded
over the table , with pink rose and smllax
tastefully airanged Usewhero about the room
The drawing iroom was glared with large
quantities of pink loses and violets , and In
cBno recaption hall vvcro palms , ferns and red
roses In rich profusion Altogether the af
fair wan ono of the most notable of the larger
functions that have occurred this wxihon and
< was In ovcry respect an unqualified MICCCSS
The costumes ot the hostesses were as fol
lows :
Airs. Bciison , green silk brocade trimmed
In chiffon , violet velvet and \iolos with dia
Airs. Sclby , mess green velvet with trim
mings of p' ik sa In , llbcrt } allk , decollete ,
AIlss Alexander , black net over cherry col
ored satin , trimmed In green chlffMi and pas-
Blmontary , diamond pendant.
The costumes of these who assisted were as
AIlss Imogeno Alexandei , a beautiful cos
tume of pink silk brocxido , decollete.
AIIss Ada Alexander , blue silk and \c\vo' \
trimmed In fur.
Mrs E. M liartlctt , white satin brocade ,
\ \ let velvet and diamonds
Airs. E E. BucklngMam , yellow chiffon over
jcllow satin.
Airs Allen B. Smith , black eatln trimmed
In jot , -with jcllow satin and lace trimmings
Air1 ? Colfax , black satin with duchess lace
AIIss Tukey , black thlff < si trimmed in violet
let and grcon , decollete.
AIIss Blessing , white over white Katln , pearl
fMIss Adnee Van Gleson , jilnk net over pink
eatln , violets.
Airs Dale , white broendcd satki.
AIra James , black velvet , point lace.
AIIss > AIao liartlctt , whlto over white eratlti
lAIra. Alapca , whlto chlffcui over whlto silk
-iiiciiil > cr tin'I'liiirHloiiN. .
In addition to the lUt of presents men
tioned as last week received by Mr. and Airs
John M Thurston on the twentj-fifth an
Tilversaj ot tholr wedding the following
should be added
A genuine brcry samovar , brought from
Jlusala and presented by lion Peter Jansen
and vvlfu , founJer.3 of the Hu&slan colony a
Jansen , Neb ; six silver spoons and butter
knlvra , which had been prchentcd to Air :
I'olruil upon the occasion of her own silver
wedding ; A P Newman , a set of gold fin
Jshcd , enameled salt spoons ; Air. and Airs. L
II Dow , gold , plated silver Jardlnleret , richly
enameled and emtosscil , Mr and Mr . W 0
Thomas , beautiful porce'aln cracker jar wit !
gold enameled cover and trimmings ; Airs
Phoebe Knight emd Aliss Knight , a beautlfu
book accompanied b > an oilglnal poem ; Alts
J. P Boyd , a beautiful piece of silver ; Clar
cnco L Thurston , a Harvard spoon , and Grae
and Joan Thurston. silver after-dinner colTe
uomer : E J Tuttle. a. tall cut glass vase
Mr and Air..1 A Tooker , a largo silver berry
spoon , J. H Tower , a iiiiilque silver peppc
and BJlt ct , J C Wharton and C L Chaf
fee , a handsome oval bread dish of exquisite
rtcMlgn ; Air aid Airs Henry T O'arkca
( beautiful bony dish of chased silver , wltl
cpoon ; lion and Airs C. II Alorrlll. olaborat
bllver berry dah ! ; Dr and Airs George Til
den , fruit act ; an elegant cut-glass punc
iiowl , diver ladle and salver , presented by
AV H. Munger , George L Allller , A. J Saw
jer. Euclid Martin , 0 B Hllli.i , S H. Uu
J. L Woodaid and G H. Thummel ; a hand
jialnted punch bowl and cups and silver ladle
fro n George 1) Alelkle-John , lAslatant secre
1ary of war ; a silver lovtag cup prcsente
b ) the Union Pacific ofilclals , a beautiful ster
ling nil v 01 set upon a gold mounted mirro
stand , presented by John N Baldwin , Air
fnd Airs. W J Carrel and Chailcs Duudc )
also a cut-glaEt ? silver-mounted loving cu
from Congressman Stcwatt anl wlfo of WIs
eonsln ,
Wnlflicil tin * ( Mil VfiuOut. .
Tlio now year was ushoied In b > the guest
ot the Aladlson In a most unique and orlgliu
manner. The early evening was devoted t
dinclng , Intcrepeued with various dellghtfu
solos upon the banjo and mandolin He
freshnirtilB wtro Bcrved , after which ono b
ono the guests dlsappcaicd , only to nhortl
The Royal la tha lilglieit grade linking powder
kntmn. Actual teit ho > v It o"
Uilril furtlicr than any other traad.
Absolute/ ) Pure
n * * wwot n co , new ve .
wt pear In n Brand giMxy of nljtf ' ir' s
who ore eedr I t exnuto a lake w ilk Tf
Lrni , mar n n U I l M Hur.y I an ) i I
w is a li i - Kith icicle i j ail I hi 'fi '
ll. o JUtlROR Htllld vVlth HI iSl RMT lit 1 c !
fct hint ? a'iMis Mr Miarles H K < liar an 1
M C Jo-aes had the difficult nsV if
arding the prlxo and after de jtf
decided th * oikc boloiiKfil to Allis Nellie
flnllBRher and Knwik I ) L > on
II would be lmr > o fllblo to mention the
iKiny ewllont < ind ludicrous costumes , but
Allm Aland Hind rnido a cl f second ,
drcimel In true colored dude attire an I cfi-
ctitiK hrr partner AIIss I.juls" Hobble
throujtfi the dlfflcull hosdmvn of the snnj
omli Mr Hay Ho > t was a dream In . .allot
crstinne : DrV. . I * Hire nuilea lilt with his
nodent blushing bride , Airs , Frank I ) Lyon
Allsa Walker , anothe- hello , was attended by
Ur James Seymour , who was dressed os a
.olorod Ocrm-in ixjllcomau Mr M. Pirnain
Fmltli was umltteti liy the chirms of - \ till
and vvlllnnl ) da nsol , vvlt'i whom ho dflii'ed
two or three limes holcre ho dLieo\ored her
to be Mr Ilarrj Llndwv Mlis HIM Vallle
vv is a p rfect blarl : nurse and acted her part
In the care or her oh-irmliiK llltlu niece All j
Heath Valllo Alias Sarah Shiver was a fairy
ultli n incut ! ) tlrd In a graceful knot at iho
luck of h r head , AIKi Fannlo Ollbpit , Allsa
AnlU Kollir. MUM Mlnnlo Kcllar and Miss
McS'uno rrniptontod different duskj illnahs
to ncrfectkn Mi Fnink Adams and hh
Dvlght Sftobe were attractive colored 01-
dclm Mr Arthur Whltvvorth and Mr H I )
Itcvens d were coloied choll > bo > s , Miss
Maud Axtell wan i tiny tvplcal Tnp.i ) The
fistlvitles closed with nn Inimitable mono-
logLO b ) Uncle IMstus Prank Ljon , after
which the pucHts icluetantly took their leave.
Mltt III' lilt'Vllf. .
Alias Ilennett entertained a fen friends at
n delightful supper party on Saturday oven-
Airs Sam ICatr gave a charming afternoon
party for her son Ja > o.i Christmas tlay , from
2 to 5 p m
Mrs 1' . II Cook entertained a few 'linlted
nests at her homo on Twentj-'cjoml < ind
nrJettc streets ChrUtn as da >
Miss Allco AIcCiillos'.i on Prlday iftornoon
ive a thoroughly enjojabie children's natlv
o a dcrcn of her > oung iichool ti lends
\ social dance and banquet was given Ne.v
'ear's c\e bv the 131 Capltaii Knickerbocker
lul Hcptnireron Dancing clubs About llfty
: ouplcs wcte present and all thoroughlj en-
ojcd the evening.
Alls * Mildred Poster , Cauhhtor of Heand
irs Prank W. Pcstel , celebrated the eighth
nnUcrsary of her birthday on Wodno.ilaj
fterncon by liultint ; in a number of her
OUCIK Ci lends to join her In a moot dellght-
ul ] .uti
The Semper Pldells Card and Music club
lot at the residence of Mr II IValkei I ) ,
CJfi AVirt street , on Thursiliy evening l'io-
ricislvo hlih fleas the gnmo of the oxen-
iB Ui'iTtj' ' refreshments \\cie semd duilns
jo evening
Iho ixm > Riven by the JOUHK l/coplo of
\11 Ealn s' church Tucsdaj afternoon and I
ovenhiR va a pleai.nt occaslcn as all those
ntcrlilnnionts are The chlldriri enteied In
cij jojously to the fun of 'he afternoon and I
ho older ones luuomblel In t 'u ovculnc
The New Year was pleasantly usherol In
b > thirtj-fho jotuiR folks at the icsideiice
of 1) 1) ) . Klnnuy on Prlilaj night The
jucsts constituted vvlnt U known as the
I | T C club Music and games wore In-
lulRoil In until a late hour , when refresh
iiLiits vvcro served
A dancing party at 'Morand's ' hall on
Saturdiy evening biought out a large attun-
lance of jouug folks , and the additlonil at-
raetlve features on account of the 1iollila >
season were cnjojcd by the largest number
of dancers that has jet attended any of the
> aitl > ' 3 of this class.
Monday evening last the. Tu\cdo club
nemocrs and friends , numbering about
lnrty couples , visited Chailcs Street park
and rjietit sevcral pleamnt 'Siouis in skating
Jvetythlng oossiblo to cnlunco the plcayre _
of the club was extended by the irina' -
ncnt and the skaters cnjo/od themselves
u the limit
On Clirlstmas eve iMr. and Mrs S. D. Lees
'n'ertained a number of friends In celebra
tion of their seventh anniversary Cards
occupied the early pirt of the ovenlrg , and
iftcr refreshments were served dancing fol-
ov cd till the midnight hour proclaimed
Christmas day. Tno house was artistically
decorated In redl and white
A toboggan pirty was given Tucsdaj nlht
In honor of Miss Claty of Nebraska City.
\mong those In the party were Mn ,
Kugene Plelds Patrick Messrs , ard Mes.-
lamei. J P. Bcrgncr , 'UobertV ' Dunn , W. C
Cole , Mhs Lizzie Plelds ot Lincoln , Mr
Berchfleld Dunn , Prof M A. Corbltt and
Miss Cora I : Clar > - of Nebraska City.
One of the most enjojablo events of thr >
week was a canl party given by Miss Uessie
Hrenholt at her home , 303 North Thlrtj-ninth
stic t last Tuesdaj evening A guessing |
contest formed one of the pleasing features
of the evening , the prize being won by Mr.
Hrod Slngstack The prices at the caid
table wen1 won by LMiss Daisy J. Janlcovvskl
anl CMrrchlo Coon. Delicious rcfrcshiiieuts
were served.
In honor of * Mlss CJeoigla Llndsey ths
Bichelor ' club gave ji tharming dinner
party on Tnursdaj evening Parisian cal
enders for the new year were the nppropilate
souvenirs Miss Llndsey bad the honor of
being Bponsor foi this civic-military coterie
before liei removal to Chicago and so gia-
clously did she assume the responsibilities
that the vacancy has never been filled bj
the selection of another.
Mrs George \V Megeath on Wedncsdaj
evening give a Christmas tree partj in
which a number of joung folks found great
enjoyment. The gifts on the tree r.iad been
distributed b > Mr. i : . G Buckingham , wno
acceptably nilcd the pUce of Mr. Megeath
PO Santa Clans en account of the Kilter's
unexpected abcanco Alter thaajlfetrlbutlons
had bean made the gumc of loto was played
ami refreshments were served.
The Oxford club and Its friends gave
a very cnjojable skating party last Tuesday
evening at Charles Street park. It being the
first of a seiies to be given by this club
That the efforts of the committee having
charge of the affair were thoroughly appre
ciated was attested t > > the assemblage that
gathered to partlc'tiate and It was Teadlly
apparent that It' was fully enjoyed by all
The party consisted ot about twentfive
Mr. anil Mrs. J. J. Cobry gave a New-
Year's dinner party In honor of Mr and Mrs
Al Ward at their home , 314 North Seven
teenth otrct. A small number of friends
were In attendance and a pleasant afternoon
was enjoyed with music , hinging anil good
cheer Mia Ward sing several selections
from her lurge stock ofocal music which
were highly appreciated In addition to the
above onteitalnmentthere was. music by the
Ideal Mandolin quattet.
At the residence of Mr and Mrs Charles
13. Hraismin , 2009 Cark ! street , an enjoyable
progressive high live party was given In
liutiot of Mr William llartcr of St Paul
Minn , durlai ; the week. IVIzcs were won
l Mr Ritas Wlnan.j , Mlts P.lla Wlnana. Mi
Will IlarU-r and Miss Ilutkly. Mr. Ilerbe-t
Postu tntortalned the conrany bj rendering
a few selections of vo-cal and whistling solos
T.iero v\cru also a few recitations , after
which refreshment were served ,
The danctag rarty of Air CIpicncoTiiurs on
was attended by moro of the young ret cf
local soclct ) I'un bus been oern at any
dance tl'is season It was given on Monday
evailiig at the homo of the jcung gentle
man's p.ii tuts , Mr utul Mra John < M Tliure-
ton , Twenty-fourth and Parnam streets All
the looms of tl.o llrst llaor of the line res
idence were cleared for the dancero , und
over 100 of the former to'iool frlindacf the
host > ad a iiumbcr ot -of-towtl visitors en-
jo > ed the occasion. Tae opening dance was
a popular Harvard air. pla > ud lo honor of
the alma mater of Iho joung host and
twenty other Ouall | > popular airs followed
for the turty of merr > dancera.
With the dreso pirty given by the Thurs-
ton nilleu last Wednesday evening the say
juletlJo seasou waa bilghtencd with cue of
the prottlont dancing fimctbns uat has taken
place livro thU jjeasco. TVio Thunstons have
thus far had a most enjoyable reason of
social pjyoty , and this betng the last party to
bo glvou during the remaining d.i > s of the
old jour nothing was left wanting. The spa-
eclous apartments with the wcaltui let llovs-
cra , petted plants end decorations of a na
tional nature , prrdcnt < sl a magnificent acene.
The oompany colors , rod , blue and old gold ,
were In profusion and were \vorn by many of
< ho dancers. The usual Informal recop1 I n
proccdod tlut dance , an-d was held In thu par
lors uiid bctuatd a canopy or electric ibVvze.
The ball room was very pretty and the
cUandcllera were bedecked vrlth smllax and
holly. About 9 o'clock the festivities of tao
were duly -liuuguratud with
now tw _ tp ' T.ic and otii > i I1
cvc , \ i K > , . fill pr , , am if tiv t
ii h - f i . i . ii . vs ! i
r.jj v , I it i , ji , , r
One of d n o ij > 'bio of th > vari m
watth jiartl' t h. . 11 li t IP < I'v on Now Yeir n
cvj > wa that a , tae lion ? tf'Jtr ' nl Mr |
1) H rhrlsile , on Man Icnon s'rrf , whin
flbnut thirty Invited giircti astemblcd to
observe th ? hlrth of thu npw-bo-n voar
Thn Chrlitb home prewnted a beautiful
display cf flower * nd Hag * , an 1 behind a
b nk of potted plsnU and ferns an orchestra
ii Btalloncd , and discoursed dolUhtful'
music durlni ! the entlru'evnlng Toaj'.s ap-
proprlato to thp o caslon were prapos d an 1
responded to an 1 refreshments vveio servel
DnrltiK the course of the frvenltiK's pleisur ?
Mr Christie was meat pleasantly surprise 1
when Dr. lll > thln. In a few well tlnten ic-
tnarks prcBcntcd the hostess with an elegant
silver water service
The Christmas enterilnment ! of the St
1 Hhn'B KHscopal Smulav ( school was given
Monday evenkis In the parochial school
I tul ding which was crowded to Ita utmost
irai > aclt > by appreciative filends The enter-
t talninont consisted of songs reltatlons
'followed ' bv iMo novel ami Interesting can-
! tan. "The Dutch Dell and the Walkl-m and
Talking Christmas Tree" Mrs Ada Coons
had charge of the musical pait of the
program and the radiations and stage man
agement VVCTO under the ible hupeivision
of Mrs i : P Calihvell Mr Walters , as the-
walking and talklrg tree proved to bo none
other than banti himself , and Margaret
Cildwell us the Dutch doll nude great mer
riment fcr the children and did hctselt and
IMP character much credit
The membeis cf the editorial stiff of the
Woman's Weekly celebrated New Year a
day by keeping open house from 11 o'clock
n m un II 5 o'clock p m Between thcso
1'ours quite j number ot Omaha citizens.
Including many business men called ct the
editorial looms of the popular publication ,
at 1214 Parmm street , to exchange New
Year's greetings Those who aislsted Miss
Mary P.iinbrothcr In receiving were M us
Vestt Otay cf Prcmont. Mrs. Kltchle of
Plattsmouth , and Mesilamcs Draper Smith
W. S. Straw n , C. W. Damon. White and
Miss Mary Mcoly Pugh of Omaha The
icoms were ta > 3tefully < lccoratcd , and light
icfrcshmcnts were served During the aft-
o"nooii "Mcgj" and his tribe of newsbojt'
called on the editors and wished them a
happy New Year.
Mlji White and Miss Brjan , assisted bj
Mrs J P Carpenter and Mrs 0. W. lljaci
gave a delghtful | > art > on Pi Idas evening at
the home of Mr J P Carpenter. 270G Pat her
street THcn'j-scven ioung women were in
atteniViKo , ilrnsscd In cos umcs to represent
a llbrarj cf well kn wn vvorkd ot pronincnt
authors .Manj of the costumes wcie elabo-
rote and unique , those capcciallj well taken
being"Undo Tom's O it > , n , " Lucille , "
"Sinanthallcn. . " "Old Curloslij Sliop , " and
'Old Mo her Hubbird ' The books of the
Itbiaij were In cceisti t circulation amciig
the g-ntlcmen , v\l-o were ciutloncd not to
cut , write upon or Injuio , deface or destioy
n > ( book , undei penaltj of a fhio At the
tlos ! < g hour of tliojold > oar the guesits formed
a librcrj clitic , aid speeded the old ami
welcomed iho New Year bj sinclnc " Void
Lang 3 > no "
Iho reception given by Mr and Mrs
Ilonrj T. Clarke at their homo , 2507 CEI.S
street , on Wednesdaj afternoon and evening
was an auspicious success The occasion
broupht out one of the largcit asseniblaKCs
of the belles and beaux of Omahi socl tj ,
as well as a numerous representation of the
oldci membeis of local society , that has been
s en at any function this'season American
Hcauty loses In the parlors and brldesmalt !
loses in the dining room were mast promi
nent After the reception a dancing partj
male the evening hours glide pleasantly by.
Mrs II. T. Clarke was assisted bj MUa
Clarke , who received with her , land b > the
following who served refreshments and al
the punch bowl Mesdames George A. Hoag-
land , George W. Kclley , W. ' n Clarke , P. P
Klrkenddll , J. S. Hrad > , T. J. Mackay , G. W
Wattles , K. Al. Bnrtlctt , I. B Congden and
J E. Summers , Misses Grace Allen , Cleve
land of Denver , Mabel Taj lor , Tukey , Buor-
gett of Toledo , Barker , Martin and Hoagland
Mrs. John S. Brlggs formd one of a con
genial part } which gathered at the residence
of Mi and Mrs A J. Sawj < ? r of Lincoln Fri
day ilght and watched Hie New Year take
( .barge of affilrs terrestrial and otherwise.
These forming the party cc < btitute an organ
ization which was formed about five jiars
ago < t pcoplo of lltcrarj tas e but wt.lcl
1 CiS never been dlgnllletl by a mine Tl'e
members gather at the Sawjcr homrslcai
each New YOT'S eve and pass out of COL
jear In o another amid the brilliant flashes c
1''erarj gc'ns The gathering was honorei
at the last mectVg by the presence of Pres
Ident Jord.n anl Prof Howard of Lelam
Sianfoid mlvcrsity , whoi appened to be pass
Ini ; through LIiiLoln en route to the IVc-lllc
coast from the cist. Amcug 'those constl
tilting the company were Jtcssrs am
Mcsdamcs Limb , Gere , 'Moore ' , MacLean
Vlfqualn and Palm of Lincoln , and a number
bor ot L .coln artis's. Mrs Hrlggs WI.B the
solo Omaha representative present.
In % pintMitH nf I'efiplo ,
Sir Camper E. Yost will spend the woe ]
in Boston
Mrs. n W. Dunn spent Christmas wltl
Brownvlllo friends.
Miss Hittlo Morris of this city la visiting
friends in Topeka , Kan
Miss Pern Maty and Miss Louise Me1
lett for West Point Prlday
Misses l-adie 'Alexander ' and lUestor Tajlo
hive returned fiom Chicago.
Miss H. Hstcllc Brown , who spent the hoi !
da > s In this city , has returned to Chicago.
Moirls Wilson of Lincoln Is spending th
holidays with Wai or Hargrcaves ot thl
'Mr. ' Thomas I-ee , after a short visit wit
hU paroits. has returned to Iowa State uul
Miss Agnes Lund has been spending th
week with Miss Daisy iBllnn of Councl
Miss Nelllo Valll La Sello of Heatriiie 1
spcnJing a few dajs with Miss Valll ut th
Master Dan Phelps ot Worthlngto
academy , Lincoln , Is the guest of Maste
Ralph Cole. *
Misses Kathleen and Hlvvood Smjth nr
spending a few daj'3 ' with Mrs. J. N. Biadle
at Denlson , la
Mr. anJ Mrs. lohn Clarke , Colt spent 'Nev
Year's day with the parents of the former a
Mlssouil Valley , la ,
Mr. Gus S. Harter , Bvansvillo , Ind. , wh
was In fhls clt > a few dajs last week , let
for the cast yesterday.
Miss KJna Wctzel will retina to the S'at
unhers'ty tomorrow , after spending the ho
lib > a with her parents
Charles True of the Unlvera ty of Nebraska
braska haa ( .pent a week In Om ia with th
family ot W U. Bow en
MLH Pannlo Cole , who Is attending th
Unlvcislty of Nebraska , spent the holidays
at her homo In this tit )
Mrs John Clirko Celt will ibo homo , 135
North T'hlrt-first ' avenue , on WcJnesdaja
tlurlng the month of Januaiy.
Mrs Waller II. Sanford has returned
from California , where she has been spend'
Ing the catly pait of the winter
Mrs P AV. Stallard Is entertaining her
sister , now hrmo on a leave of absence , after
six > oara as a missionary In Japan ,
MIE.J Nanna 1'rltchard of Ho3 Oak. la la
apendlng the holldaja with Mr and Mrs
Hobcrt Prltchard 2211 Davenport street
Mlm Cairlo Mercer will leave for Miss
Pceblo'a fichool , Now York , tomorrow. Sno
will bo accompanied by Mrs Helen Mercer
Miss Cora E Clary , ono of Nebraska City'a
most popular teachers , spent her vacation In
this city , the guest ot 'Mr. ' and airs W. 0.
Mr. and Mrs George P. Moore , during the
liolidays. entertained Piank Illlcy of the
UnlveuHy ot Nebraska and Henry Bellon of
Mrs James ! M Bishop and 'Mr. ' and iMrn.
Edgar W Bishop of Qulncy , III , spent the
hoi Ida ) a hero as the guests of Mr. aui Mra
W. V. Allen.
L M 'I ' the em and family , formerly ot this
city , spent the holldajs In Omaha with
friends , iMr Ithecm U now In Minneapolis ,
vvhoro ho has a line business.
' .Miss Helen ( Howes of Blair spent several
'ays of this vveck with Miss Mao Naudaln.
She returned to HockforJ college , whcru sbo
lun been attending school , on iMonda )
lit. Ilcv. Alexander 0 Garrctt. bishop of
the Protffttant Eplscoral dloccso of Dallas ,
Tox. , arrived In the city on Prlday morning
from KunsaH Cb'y ami Isalic Kueat of Blsnop
WortUlugtoa at BUho/thoru. The
\ < 1 Lo r . ) i rtod ai the flrvt Orin of
'irlnl > cathf anl his < i hnit of frlenlR
li On aa vv > ill 10 liisel to reinw
th Ir anU2l ( ' u w th him
i1. J M \ > IN n anl Mrs \MIson who
I ave betn In To.ipkt K" i for Uvo wtosa | i
home Thurdaj Dr. Wlliion has I
h' n'vpHRth audlclrtitb to aRaln .
wupy h1 * piilpl . I I 1
Mr nnd Mr ? 1C O H'tnlltas IHVP R ln | j
t Tt n tip their nmlttance In Onuha after rn I
abscnepf three jetrs. Mr lUmlUon 1-iv-
Int iraknel his position as .uipfrlntpndfnt | '
of the Ario starch works at Nebranki Clt } ,
Mr Ih T > MutnterfDrlnK silled on Situr-
di > from Nek. York on the steamer Norm -
m A tul I o. Mr MlfientoferlJiK'a father Is In
po r health In ntrmany , and the trip Is
parti ) made on that nrcoun' , nnd also to In
terest forrlgn-c\hJbltors In the exposition.
\ \ I'llll | | | M Jlllll
Mr and Mis O P Terry ot DcLand. Pla ,
announce iho engagement ot their daughter ,
ll s Lllllin DcLand Terry , to Ml Prank
orey Stcrr of Philadelphia
The marriage of Miss Josephine Gunther ,
jughter of Mr and Mrs. Alexander Guuthcr ,
o 'Mr ' Deltov Austin wlP take place at the
irldc's residence , H2I South Tncntloth street ,
n Tuesday , Janauarj I.
Mr. Hccse E Claw son of Omaha and Mrs
Cato M Clavvson of Muscatlno la , were
larrleil on Thursday evening , December 30 ,
t the rwldcnru ot Dr \ \ i ,
North Slvtcenth street , bj Itov Charles W.
Cards have been received announcing the
cddlng at Rapid Ut > , S 1) , on Wednesday ,
) iComber ! 29 , ot Harriet Ambrose , daughter
f Mi. and MM Orvlllo L Cooper , to Mr.
' "unk Sn cad King ot Omahi Mr. and Mrs.
ling will boat homo after Pebruar.v 1 at 438
outh I'\v cut ) -fourth street
William T Best ot Chicago. Ill , and Miss
'nddlc Stout ot Indianapolis , Ind. , were mar
led New Ycir's morning at 7 30 at the homo
f the ofili latlng pastor , Charles W. Savldgo.
The engagement of IMIss Ulattle Cady ,
anghtcr of Jlr andi Mrs Henry iP Cady , to
Ir. William Herbert Wheeler was announced
urlng the week illoth have been prominent
igures In local society for several seasons.
nit 'Mr. ' Wheeler Is now stationed at Wash-
ngton , ocuiplng a responsible government
On Welncsday , Dccembor 29 , at the resl-
cncc ot Prof William Llghtou In Florence ,
ouls K. Llghton and Miss Alice A Pleld of
) maha were united In nnrrlago , Ucv T J.
Mackaj , lector ot All Silnts' chinch , of
ficiating. The lovelj joung bride was simply
gov nod In white muslin trimmed with doll-
: ate lace and white ribbons and cairlod
irlilo roses IMIss Dcrothy Hhcem Llghton ,
ile-oc of the gloom was the only attendant ,
and looked like a little fairy In pale blue
and white. Tao occasion was rendered
lonbly jojous by Its being the anniversary
of the wedding of the groom's parents Only
clatives witnessed the ceremony after
vUlch a delicious wedding breakfast was
'Ihe vve-illng of Jllsa 'Maude Johnston to
Mr S A. Wallace both ot this city , took
ilico at the lesldence of the bride's parents
.918 North Twenty-sixth street on Wtdncs-
liy evening. December 29 , at S o'clock The
ceremony was performed by Hc\ John vlc-
Quold , pastor ot the Kim Methodlti Eplscx.-
pal church , the bride and groom standing un-
lor a beautiful canopj covered with smlla\
and with a tasteful bickground ot white and
palms The bride appeared lovelj In a gown
cf Pails mousseli'ie , with veil and can led
a bouquet of bride's roses 'Miss ' Vi f > le Wal
lace served as rliiB-bearer. The wedding was
attended 1 > > thlrtfivc of the relatives and
Intimate friends ot the wedded couple. ! Mr.
and Mrs. Wallace , wlll bo at homo to their
friends after February 1 at 1'JIS North
Twenty-sixth street.
PrnHii. 'H\o IM < 'i > Niir - > t.
The next partj w 111 bo held at Morand's
hall on ( Monday evening , January 17.
The next dancing part > of ithe Cotillion club
will be held Tuesdaj \ evening at the homo
oKMiss Kount/o
Thi > next dancing party of the Young
Clerks' Dancing club will bo given at Pat
terson hall on Saturday evening.
On Thuisday ovonlng the Semper Pldells
Canl and Music club w 111 meet at the resl-
dcnco ot Miss Margueilto .McCarragher . , 403
North Nineteenth' street. - " * J >
OMn v
iTCovv YcarW tail w.'s given at the cltj
hall Priday night.
St. Maik's chuich gave a Christmas trea at
Iho clt > hall Wednesday evening.
Mrs Jacob Weber , jr. , gave a select partj
to a few friends Saturday evening.
Miss Lillltn Pogg spent vacation week
with frlci.ds a-ad relatives In Tabor , la.
iMrs. George Pilce ot Smartvllle , Neb , Is
vislt' 'g rela'Ivcy in the city during the holi
Miss Edith Sutherland of Blair Is In the
city v Islting MLa Eunice Trac > for a few
Mr. end .Mrs. Hans Iverson of Coffman
spent New Year's daj vvltCi the famllj of
Ole Olson.
Mr J. M. Tracy and vvlfo returned to St.
Paul Tuesda > , after spending a week at the
homo of his parents
Miss Mattlo Tucker leaves Saturday for
Campbell , Neb. , where aue is teaching a
term of school ,
Hov. Barnes Lower , the Presb > terlan mln-
lotcr of this place , attended the State Teach
ers' association at Lincoln.
Mr and Mrs. C V. Nieman of Omihi vvcro
In the city Sunday \lsltlng Mra. Nleman'a
parents , Mr and Mrs. Weasa.
'Mr. ' and Mrs. Luke Simpson of Lov eland ,
la , spent Saturdaj and Sunday wlLi Mrs
Simpson's mother , Mrs. Vose.
Mi. J G. Hunt spent a lew dis at homo
tills week wl h his famllj. ho being with an
Irrlgableci company at Sidney , Neb.
Meters. Tom Walker , J McGregor , Jake
Umlcr. George Cole and Glaus Anlerscn at
tended a dance a' Calhoun Priday night.
Mrs Ilcniy Peterson of Crescent , la , was
visiting her sister , Mrs. George Stalon , Sun-
daj and All nday , returning home Wednesday
JcAn Kirk , a bro'her if J C. Kirk of this
place , died In Omaha Wednesday evening
His remains will bo taken to Illinois for bui-
Mlsa Ida 'Miller ' , one of the teachera In the
public school here , v.ent to Lincoln Tueadaj
for ii v-lilit dm Ing the remainder of the taoli-
Miss Ida Allllor and W. B. Backus , teachers
lu 'th 3 public schools , represented the tcucheis
of Florence at the State Teachers' association
in Lincoln durliiH-tho week ,
lAIra. Wcad of DCS Mo'ncs , la , was visit
ing the family of D li. Walker Tuesday
going from hero to DoSjti ) to spend a few
dajs with relatives before returning ihome.
Charles A Smith , formerly ot this city , but
now playing Maries and Deacon In Undo
rjl ni's Cabin , vvsti' ' In the cliy Pilda > night
returning to Cpuipll Bluffs to join his torn
panj Saturday miorning.
The choir bo > slcfiSt , P : ill's diurch , Omaha
were glveu ) a trcati lat't ' Tuesday evening.
Cha'peroncil by tha oiganlst and Airs Brovvi
the > \\ero brought out hero and nerved wltl
refreshments at the fTiickernotel. .
W C. Harris. Connected with the Clivor
Dalr ) company' Ht fllalr , has recited a house
and will move hls f'inilly here In a few da > .
and make this lift futura homo , the company
having established ; ttl milk depot here , ship
p'ng the milk from Blair
A quiet weddlnx took place at thu homo o
Prof Wllllauu LlHlutJon last Wednesday
uniting his } oungcst Dan , LoulM itpcm , am
Miss Alice PleliL | Cply relatives were pros
cnt. It was iio uvca doubl ) happy occa
slcn , the professor and Ms wife ,
In their way their tblrty-tilrd wedding annl
ver&ar ) . Hov , 'f. J. Alackay oillclated.
rnrl CrnoU ,
Private Prank Hooso Is on a ten days
furlough , *
Private Hubert Grey Is visiting his brothe
at Sioux City , la
.Musician Blcck of the baud has been lali
up with a BOIL" throat.
Private , " "company B , Islaltln
Us parents at Sheridan , I ml.
Lleutenan and Airs. Wasscls have gou
cast on a two months' leave.
Sergeant -Claplns , first seigeant of com
p.iny A , re-enllBted un the 18th.
'I ie Tort Crook Christian league meet
every Thursday evening at 7 30 at the po.i
hall The society U growing rapldl ) .
Airs. ( lodges and Mrs Campbell enter
talned the. Card club Thursday night. Airs
Moslior r.on the women's head prize , woman'
louo hand Alias Koerner , mcii'a licad prize
Lieutenant Godfrey ; louc hanl , CipUiln
Mr Brown if thp E , > ls jpil I'liircli held
services at the Post lull list Smulaj
Iti'v llojt ot Bellcvue talked to thp men
at thp prat hill Stllula ) afternoon at 330
Private Mingling , conoany E , was dl < -
charged after serving a three ) oars' ctillsl-
m en t
From Upcembrr ,11 to January I there will
b" oio drllllim at the post and no duty but
the necessary guard and police during tint
Monday night Mrs. Alosher entertained
MM Ix > okwood Mrs Hodges , Airs Gelt } , .
, Mrs IMvlson ami Miss Patterson at slx-
hindod euchre.
Monday nlRht the annual meeting to elect
I the officers of thp club for thp enduing ) t\ir
was held Ceytaln Alosher , who has held the-
pcsltlon as secretary nnd treasurer , rcMqncil , '
much to the regret of all , a ho filled the
position ladmlribl ) . Lieutenant Hodges was
elected In his nlacc and ho will doubtless
do ns well as tils predecessor , being a most
capable and clllclunt olllccrs
Christmas da > there were a number of din
ner parties Colonel and Airs Wlckoof en
tertained Vr Koerfer and famll ) Colonel
Patterson had for Ills guests Atr and Airs
DavUui , Llenten mis Wolf and Newell. Alajor
Van Horn cntertainul Captain Kcll. Captain
and Mrs Getty entertained Captain and Airs
Mosher Air Patten entertained Cflptaln and
MM Crlttondon and Lieutenant and Mrs.
The service of the Cit'.iollc church was
held at the Post hall Christum morning fit
7 o'clock The enlisted men donated ever
greens and some of the women white llowers ,
which , added to the candles , etc , undo aver
vor > prott > altnt. Air Helchardt tilajed the
rgin and special Christmas music was one
I the features of the ecrv Ice. Too much
cannot bo slid of the kind fattier who wine
II the way from Omal-a 111 a sleigh after
oldlng midnight mass In one of the Omaha
liuichcs to give commuiton
Services will bo held this evening at the
lelhodlst Episcopal church at 8 o'clck.
Miss Cora Johnson hns been on the sick
1st during the list week.
Airs. B. L Chllds left last week on an
\tcudcd visit to her old home.
Sam Ilortcn and famll ) , who wore rosl-
cnts ot this place some time ago , moved
) ack to Benson last Tuesday.
The little ones at the St. James orphanage
vcro made happ ) during the holldajs bv
ho many donations of friends and 'patrons '
ot the Institution
Airs B. Tuttle of Colorado arrived In Ben
sou last week and ls\lsltlng | at the home of
ler aunt. Airs. S H Hoffman.
Etllo AIcGuIre , who has been quite 111 with
nembrineous eioup Is out of danger and Is
mproUng rapldl }
The Scandlhovon dub gave Its last ball
of the jcar at the Town hall on Christmas
eve. It was attended by a large crw < l
The officers of the Bonbon Praternal Union
ot America lodgeNo lib will bo elected for
ho coming jear at thu meeting to bo held
icxt Wednesday evening All members are
requested to be present
The Ladles' Aid soclet } met at the home
of Airs S H. Hoffman last Thuisdaj aftci-
10011 They arc preparing1 to give an entei-
talnment In the near 'future.
The women of the Alethodlst , Episcopal
chuich will give a reception to' Hev. nnd
Mrs Dross at the next Alonday even-
ng at 8 o'clock , nnd a eordlal Invitation is
extended to one und all to bo present at
: hls reception. i
A son has been born to Air and Airs Jav
Servlss , 4919 Davenport street.
.Mr Henry Van Glcscri , father of Dr. Van
Gleson , attar a visit of several months , has
returned to his home lu Paterson , N. J
Tl'e Choral soclctv , which meets once a
week under the direction ot Air Thonns
Kellcy , Is doing good work and adds to th °
sociability as well as the culture of this
lopultr village.
The Christmas celebration at the Sundav
school , In which the children took part , un
der the leadership of AIlssSophia Pischor
was a great success this \car. Speeches bj
Atr. E. A. Benson , Air. Haugh and others
were cxcoptlonallj fine
All the Dundee people met In a bed > at
the liomo of Mr. W. J. rischer to watch
the new year In Guessing games , must"
and speeches wore the foatuies ot the evenIng -
Ing and each guest pronounced It a happj
method of closing the account's of 1SM7.
Ort Thursday evening of this week a large
icccptlon was given at the home of Mr. E A
Denson bj the following hosts and hostesses
Air. and Mis Benson Air. and Mrs W. L
Selbr , AIlcs Alexander , Mr. Prank Alex
ander. Extra cars ran at frequent Intervals
on the Dundee line for the accommodation
of the townspeople who came and went be
tween the hours of 8 and 11.
1 v 1 1 ii c-To I in I e.
HURON , S. D . Jan L ( Special ) Andrew
J. Kline , a Minneapolis druggist , and Alls
Christine C. Tolrnle of this city were unltei
In marriage Thursday afternoon , at the
homo of the bride's parents Hev. John It
Jones of the Presb > terlan church officiated
the ceremony being witnessed onlj by nea
friends and relatives. The couple departec
for Allnneapolls on the evening train.
NEW YOHIC. Jan 1 Prof. Aloxande
Alclvlllo Boll , the distinguished Scotch scion
list , and father of A , Graham Boll , the In
ventor of the telephone , and Airs. H G
Shlbley of Toronto , were married at the
Park Avenue hotel here today.
IIUAIBOLDT , Neb . Jan. 1. ( Special )
Police Judge H. T Hull of this city and Alls
Mlco Hlllebert also of this place , were mar
rlcd at the Presbjterlan parsonage this
morning b > Hev. C. Week.
PENDEH. INeb Jan. L ( Special. ) John
Porrest , cashier of the State bank of Ponder
and AIlss Edith Pilling , also of Pcndei , wore
united In marriage last evening by Hev. O
W. Comstock.
iiiToii i > TIII : MiiriomiT ovsu
riiar i-H Mil ili- \K-nliiHl Outof ( In
I'rcMriiC .Iiii' > men.
CHICAGO , Jan. 1 The Luotgcrt trial wa
brought to a halt today. When court wa
tailed to order this morning Lawyer Harmon
of the defense objected to the holding o
court and lioailng of testimony today on th
ground that It was a legal holiday Judg
Gary , who had announced yesterday that th
trial would go on today , had evidently ru-
consldeicd the matter , for ho at once sus
talned Attorno } Harmon's objection and ad
jouuied court until AIonda > Judge Gary nali
that while In bU own opinion the fact tha
New Ycai'a day was a legal holiday It dlt
not Invalidate the proceedings , the suprem
court had never \asseil teen the matter am
there was a posslblllt ) of Uio ono day's pro
ceedlngs spoiling the work of months
There Is a possibility of the trial comlu
to a sudden termination Dy icasm of th
challenging for cause of Juror Elmer \ \
Perrls , who Is charged with having exprcftsoi
the opinion that the defendant should b
hanged The lawyers for the defense , It I
oald , have affidavits to this effect and wl
present I'.iun to the court. No action wu
taken today , however
Tvv < ! 'I IioiiNiinil llfiul riiniiKc 1 1 ii ml
nt ( ioiiil I'rIrrH.
SAN ANTONIO , Tex , Jan. 1 Ycbtcrxlay1
transactions In cattle were a fitting close t
the moat active ) ear ever known on till
market , Over 12,000 bead af cattle change
hands at prices frequently up to the to
tiiuics of the year. Joinings , Atoorn &
Lyttln bought of the Alamo Cattle compan
1,000 2carold steers , 1,000 2earold hell
tru ami 2,000 cows ut $17 per head a
around The same parties , bought of J. I
lllooker 2,000 2carold slews and 2,000 cow
at $17 per liead all around The 6amo par
ties bought of T. A Coltman 2.000 ulcers
3s and 43. tor $51.000 Sam Walker Iraugh
of J. B. Well * 450 2a at $17. and 150 a
and 4s at $2.2. The wiiio party bought o
Oua Porthing 1,000 steers , 2n , 3s and 4a
at $18 all around , Total talcs aggregate
$210,000. $
SWIll ?
What is It's Scope and Purpose ?
To Provide ( 'hrosilc SulVorers With Proper Cure , Treatment ami /
clues at One.Quarter the Usual r.xpcnsc , and to Introduce
More Scientific tuul Successful Methods in the
Treatinent of C.hfonlc .Mahuiles.
Let U bp distinctly undPretood that the
ilrlt and purpose' of the Shepard spec ally
, tem Is two-fold.
Plrst. It Is to bring to the treatment and
tire of chronic dlaeasM Rcncrillv the ef
orts nnd labors ot phjslclans specially ed-
cated and trained to their master } , and
ins to Insure a moro competent , n more
idleal and a more fiicceslul handling ol
lose seated , stubborn and malign disorders
iott prolific of human miser } , or most do-
tructlve of human life
Second , It la to place rich and poor alike.
11 absolutely one level and footing , as re
ards Its benefits , by makling the fee mi
minting nml uniform at a snail sum per
lonth. Including all medicines
And this la all the expounding all the
lucldallon necessary to nn undorstrndlng ot
his sjfitcm. Invalids who can not afford the
sual fees for ticatment are thin < loarl > In
ormed of a ticatment which thej ran nf-
ord Per these who are solicitous that tholi
reitment bo Intelligent , fiUuful , skll'tul ,
nd effeetUe , there is am ev'ilpuce ' superior
o any clinches of argument and th it is the-
Inecro personal tcstiinonj of nelghbnia anl
cllow Hiiffcrcis who have been pattrnts nf
) r Shepird What thej desire Is deflnltp
nformatlon , let them receive aw\\ \ Inform i
Ion from these who lave acquit cd It not
rom honrsa } , but from expcilence
In othei words ask jour friends nnd
neighbors about It who have been cured
( In * iiKinlliN of .Innuiii.i nml
Wliriiin > Dr. Slii'iiiinl \ \ \ \ \ innl.c n
\ < - rIIMV rnli * oT I'lunucN fur nil i-nsi-s
iimliiK' lllnlcr HiiiKlciil i' I'll'l'd Icnl
li ciitiiicul. Ml wliu hiill'i-r fiiini lliip-
nre. lli'inoi'rlinlilw. or niti-i'lliiiis rc-
liililiiK ( lit * imr of IIll.i flu in ot o ! < ! -
rlclt iv 111 In * lu-oiih-il 11 iMltnicnt it I
nui'li Irs * I Ini n ( Iniisinil lot' . 'I'll I M
Hlri Is I ill- nil MIO lllllooiiii * . Con-
NIlllllllOII fllM * .
A The villoiH foim of
nsul.itlon tie.itmcnti. the bret/i the
spi ly , the \ailou * forms of spuk1' , tin
ntoiiupteil cuirelit , and otlin forms ot
KLIKI U ind locil ticatment with 0111 laige
iioctro-st xtlc machine , as well as aalvnn-
MU nml Pin ullsniailouslv ippllnl are
workingvvondcr * In our hands In tcllcvIiiK
mil cm Ing all kinds of pilnful and nerv
ous affection" , suili as neiiialgia , pirilj Is
or iiaiesH. nervous cxh.uixtlon and vveak-
icss , swellings , Illinois , etc. Electrle-lty l
now ncknowledKeil to be the gre ittst pain
reliever known In all foniH oC ductile neivo
Bronchial Catarrh-
Might Have Passed
Into Consumption
"As far Inolc as 1 can icinpinber I VV.IH
never able to tnke a full breath of air Into
my lungs and was never fito from .1 spust
of heivlness and obstruction In my chest
Nothlnpr ever helped me until I breatlnd in
the healing vnpors admlnl teieil at tin
3hep irtl Alrdlcal Instltutf These it onci
lie.iled and soothed the * bronchial tubes and
seemed to b what I aliould huvc hadjeiTs
ago 1 frcqupiitlv rouchnl ntul pit ttfi
mutter streiiKi-d with blood. Af > ' fither'H
fiunlly was ( oiiHiimptlve Al > , lui i vveni
alvvnVM ihic and inj bienth wi short Unit t
touldn't Hwrfi u door , nor use m > nrms
to kncnil lircnil I was ml eniblv thin iiml
pooilv noiirlshril
"As eon ns I bulled mv lungs In the
Mnlluitiilnpors and took the constitu
tional utnrdli s that the doetoi pieidlbid I
Kxlncil tight alonu , oven fiom my llr t
trentiiieiit. It In a coed while since I fin
ished tinCOIIMO ami I am Mnf in suing
tlint my hculth ami strength are ill I ran
ileslio. 1 vis ui'voi so well and stionp
befouIn m > llfi "
Sick Women
Home Doctoring-
Throtmh the Mails
frtrsiii > * tf'
* J
' , '
AiHs i : n pitppfAMi n\ii\A s n
, . " ' ' ' 'V , ' ' ll " ' ' ' ' ' " "s e > r doitors f-ii whit
"IS I 111 ll fllllll llmlt'lt lint uiiu in , ir
sn "liiminlh l.Mun.uliiMtllliooUMcour'S . .
aimiKii iU. | m ilN with lu Sicpiinl AIv
oc-il tioiibl , hid been allllctliiK mo for
i , , NV1 V , " . , ' ' " 10 " ' ' ' b u > 1j"l' ' inltabl , .
lilonlliu. wi h Inarlnt , ' down pilna
, and a bouse of duig and fullness vvhon long
, on niv fin'tVllh tin o vvue ilso nilnlta
I'm , , Ihishc of luat and painful nuWru i
. -i itc health In ivuv itspect. making
me able lo pasllv ile " " " 'k-a ' thine Im
posslbK br > fuii < "
111 * . Prcoln nil's IIH ! ( N ( -i l.min-,1
lii'iillli Mils to MI ml tor the SMiiploni
Illiiulv for \\onn-n. si , , . HII.Ml Mill
oil ! nml i elm i , , . , | n i , , ! ) , . _ shciHiul ,
Mlui ni.uhn illtiKti , , | N , , f j , , . , . , . „ „ , ! ! .
lion nml placed | , , . , Ht „ , , , . , . „ , , , , „
Irealiiii.iit nl her hoiiii *
No Coc-iine
o liurimi ili'UKM mo ciii)1ovi- | TIJ
P. Micplllll. VllUM pnllMll UK lIlflllL-l
fo - iMtniili nnil inline prc.H < Tlill | < nn
Of OoOtOTN COIltlllll llctllllj OIICIlllll * .
Hotter Niiiri-r nil > our lift * from thn
Illtli nml ilNtrcsN ol ontiirrli tlimi no-
inlio tinIi'inll > CiKiilinllalill. . llot-
l < -r out
inoriililno. licttor lic < 10 11
ill it. Hiin Miiull tiniloiull > 'o-
I'llllH' .
IIOMI : T iiiM'iMior in ii\n.
I'nllonts i lie ll\o ill ii illHtiinoo i < nn
lie tronloil tilth porfrot NIICIM'NH lij
( Inalii ol tin' slu'putil NiniptoDi
Iilaiik anil piitlciitM * i i-ooi I
rfont lioo on niHilIoiilloii.
C. s. siiili'Vltl ) , M. I ) . , | | sonsuitlii ! ; *
nml 'VsNiiflntfN. | | pijsloluus
' OOAIS an. 312 & an xnw YOHIC LIFE
Olllto hours 9 to 12 a in , 2 to 5 p m.
Evenings Wcdnosdajs and Saturdays only ,
tf to 8 Sinidajs , 10 to 1. ! .
EstnblU'hoJ 1872. Sitfslillcd by the governi'ictit ' Enlarged , 1876 KieiiieeiteJ | hither o
by 1,003 poisons. COMMENCEMENT OP THE COIWSE.S on the 1st of Much , 1SOS.
The direction
vrvirr M\V 11:111 urni UK : run : .
Hold nml llmiU llnllilliiK llui n at
ST LOUIS , Jan. L A special to the Post-
Dispatch from Cairo , 111. , eajs The now
year was ushered In bj a flio that was ono
of the most dlsastroia experienced heio for
jears , and which , but for the efforts of the
fiicmen , would have destroyed much more
than It did Sliortlv af ei midnight flames
broke out of the European hotel and the
entire building was "soon ablaze The lire
soon communicated to the City National
bank bulMIng adjoining and dcstio > ed It
Per a time It sermed that Iho whole block
would lie destrojed , but the fire was kept
wlthlu Uio two 'bulldlngu ' mentioned
The total loss , which cannot be given nov ,
will amount to many thousands of dollars
ami Is full > Iii.sured.
I1EATRICE , Neb , Ian 1 ( Special Tele
gram ) The laundry nt the State liiRtltn'o
foi Feeble Minded vea burned down between
fi nnd fi o'clock thS evening The flro vartoj
In the roof and was presumably fiom a do-
fecllvo duo The loss Is about $ lr 00 , which ,
owing to the action of the populist IcglJa-
tnro In dccreolng that the stale should e-arry
Its own liiHiiranre , Is total ,
miui11 : > iNsruNCI :
'llllnlllii'H T o HOJH Conic In for ll
CIIIOAGO Jan. 1 The twin sons of the
late Gcorpo AI Pullman will como Into pen-
session of $18,000 each as the result of their
Interests In llfo Insurance policies carried by (
their father. Thcso policies are now being '
adjusted , and the amounts the sons will reI I
celve will bo In addition to the $3,000 a jcar j
left them by their father's \vlll
In his will the mllllonalie palace car
maker stipulated with consideiablc omphasls
that ho did not ibcllevo his sins competent I
to manage successfully laigo propeilles , but
In spite of this ho named them -is beno-
ficiarkfi In several Insurance policies taken
out a number of je.irs ago The other two
children MM. Florence J'lillman Lovvdni
and Mrs Harriet Pullman Caiolnn , the lat
ter of California also receive In the neigh
borhood of $18000 each by 'the ' policies The
widow of the magnate derives about $ J")000
from the policies mid the sisters nnd brothers
of Air. Pullman arc also remembered
rou.u vi iu/\Tin > s run VI'KIMI\ : ,
Cnloriiilo Siirliiu ( 'luiinlicr of t'oiu-
IIMTIMSi'i'K I'roHpi-rllv.
OOLOHADO SP1UNGS , Cole , Jan -The
following telegram \\an fcont President Alc-
Klnlej from Mils cltj
The Ch unber of rommi-n e > of Colorndo
Springs wends to > ou best vvlshos foi a hupp }
new > oar and coiusrntulatlciiH on the pie < -
perlty that promlseH IncrfusliiRly to iitiml
your adinlnlstiatlon. filpplo Cn-d. , In t .N
county , IIHH uilded moio than $ UOAOito
the world's output of Kohl ilurliiB 1 I7. an
IntrtMHo of 40 pn eent ovci the pievloiu
jcar. Colorado'H ( ? old production for the
piHt jcir Is lu-aily JiJ.OfiO.diW , IK Ing one.-
third of the total gold production of tin *
United Stilton , u Hum equal to HCi foi t icli
man In thu state , or $ -J < iO for m in
eiiKUKcd In gold mining Colorado II.IH dtno
ItH Hharo tovvurd InerciiHlnB the Kcnvral
inospirlty of tl o nation anl cnteit thu IICIA
> eai with hope and conlldencii.
iurlliiiuiKi- : | Soiilhcrn I'lillfornlii.
SANTA HO3A , C'al , Jun. 1. Two dlstlnet
shoekH of cnrth'iuake , the most severe
which Imvo bi'in felt heio for many yearn ,
awoke the residents of thin city and vicinity
shortly aftei C o'clock tliU mornliiK The
ulioikH lAi-ro inch of about twenty-live hue-
omlH' duration nnd vibrations wore from
u.U to east. No ilamaco hua been te-
Thc interest in
our Cloak Sa'c '
grows as the
news goes from
ono to another ns to the lui ' .iliis vvi of-
Ic'i told b.v lliosi > who hnv c Ill-oil lii-ic
'IVsilnninj ol llilsklnil helps inoii > Ilinii
whole JHIKC aihci ll.-.cnii'iil.s A MIT tlio
M'.isou's liiislni'ss we have biiiken sl/i- <
in all Mills of ( 'lo.iKs-vvt > sell them
< lienp to close them out -l-'lno hlaek Kei.
sey t'lonkx , all .alln lined , lor .S7.r > < ) . Ml
and MO. aie woilh nlmiil doultle -
A lew tlut sold lorVIS00 will KO now
lor v.'o Don't put oil1comingl > ul coma
nt once and weenie a
sriviisiin : >
\\lll i : 'lliNi'n | , of l > ri-Ni-ill K III
SI/c neil SiM-cil.
SAN PIlANCIFfC ) , Jan 1 If the present
plans of the malingers of the Pacific Mail
Steamship company nro carried Into offett
thoio will bo built In this city a Btuanuhui
that will BUI pans In H- | , speed and /artj i /
of equipment any vewsul nu v la PncHlu
watciH It Is asserted on aiitho ity
the airangemeiils for the bullying of 1)1:1 ) :
Bhlp will soon bo complete 1. It li tin , . c .
out Intention to build tlm n'v.tanil at
local shlpjaid. and to glvo It un American
regl.stcr It lu to be somewhat lari'T tlun
the China and will have a speed that will
tcmpaio favoiahly with the blstlantm
Climrc HiiHliaiiillti , | | , ,
PITrSHUIta , Jan 1.-\JrH Harah Me-
Oovvan was xliat and killed at her bomi In
Itinkln , Pa , near be-to , last night , ami lar
liupliinil , Anthony AtcOounn one of the
vvcvllhloHt n HlileiitH of the IUAII , , ! H In jll
charged with ht i murder. No one vv 1 1
l > ri'ent when the worn inwatt hot and tlm
motlvu of thci eilmela not known vf tr
thn muidd McCiUAtin WIIH fouiuj joilud In i
bcdioom , aiuuniiitly aslcuii. llo cltiiul ,1 I
knowlcdho of the cilmo. hut wan aiiouti 1
und Hut to Jill.
Woman Convicted of Vlunlrr ,
nnSTON , Jin 1 A verdict of Kiillty AT
rftiiraod b > the mipeilor couit Jniy , which
hnh been liuirliik' llm evidence In the ( IHO of
Aln Ni Ille Pi ti rkln of Nc-vv York chnruei !
with nuniHluiiKiti r In canxliiK the death ot
AIr . C'atherlm V Aluiphy at Ihe lutte'i'i
homo In the U'lHt End on October : , < ) la t
The ; dcMith of Alr . Aluiphy wa tlm result
of Jealousy on the jurt of iAlr Peteiklii
The ease has been on trlul eluee Wdlnesdir
To cut from l.lbliey rut nin IMI-
proves llm Itavor of > our fooil
tlenulno I.llibey Cut Glata Imu ( hit
tradg muili cut lu.