Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 01, 1898, Page 4, Image 4

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B. nOSEWATEtl , Cdllor.
Dilty He ( Without Bunda ? ) , On * Year MM
Dally Dee nnd Sunday , On * Year J JJ
BU Month ! JW
Three Month * , W
Bunday 13ec , One 'Year. . . . . . . . . * 2 W
Haturday Uce. Ono Yenr < W
Weekly Ike. On * Yea < -.i *
Omaha : The Bee Building. . . . „ .
Bouth Omaha : Singer ink. , Cor. N and 21th Bt .
Council IluT ( : 10 1'tntl street.
Chicago OlTIc * ! 817 Chamber of Commerce.
New York I Ilooms 13 , II and IS Tribune Bide.
Washington : Ml Fourteenth Street.
All communications relating to new * nnd edito
rial matter should be nddrcstcd : To the Editor.
11UH1NKSS ljl TT12I18.
All l.n . lnes letters and remittances should b
ddresied to The lie * Publishing Company ,
Omaha. Drafts , cherkt , nxprcsi and poitotnco
money order * to In mnd payabU to the order of
the company.
Binlo of Nebraska , Douglas County , ns.t
George li , Trschuck , necrctnry ot The llee run-
llslilnR ( Toninnny , being fuly awoin , a > thnt the
ictual number ot full enl complete copies of Tim
Dally , Horning. Evening nnd Hunilny Her printed
flurlng the month of Novtmbcr , 1837. was n fel
lows t
17. . . 11,171
11 . . . ! 2U4J
19 Zl.nil
20 21,0:6
H. " Zl.fili
Zj J1.31S
23 22 , 3
21 ti.ttn
23 . !
26 11.M1
27 21.7S2
2 ? 21,013
21 . , . . . 21,40)
SO 21.313
Tolnl .CI3.02J
unsold and returned copies 10,413
Net totnl rain CS 1.8 1
Net dally nvcrnge 21,1.0
Sworn to before me nnd subscrllu'd In my
> rp "pr thla 1st day of December , l97.
( Scnl. ) N. 1' . Frill , .
Notary Publlo.
Tin1 HKKro'fiid1 cnrrlcr Oellvcry clr-
ciilntlnii of Tlic KvcnlnK IIcc It
double the nptKrcKntc cnrrlur ili-llvpry
circulation of tlu Evening AVorld-
Ilrrnlil mill luon- { him HT lliuof
Ijrentcr tlinit tinnpTKrcwiite ciirrlor
iH'Ilvcrjcirculation of tin * MorniiiK
AVorlil-Ilcralil In Omnlin. a nil South
The cnrrlcr i1illvpry circulation of
The Mvi-nltii ? Itcc rvnchoM 7 , ! > : il liciiia
ilile NtiliMorlherM that nrr not ronuhcil
l y " ' KvpnliiB Worlil-IIernlil iiiul
7,01(1 HiiIisi'i-llirrN that arc not reached
! > } the MornliiK Worlil-llernlil.
More thnii 1) , ( > ( > ( > carrier delivery
nulincrlliiTN in Thu O ma till Evciiliip ;
lice a nil The Omnlin Moi-iiliiMT IIcc arc
not rcaclicil cither hy the MomliiK
\Vorlil-IIornlil or the Evening Worlil-
It KOCH without HnyliiK thnt the nuiii-
hcr of coitlcx ii f 'I'll'- Evening ; lice or
The MnriiliiR Hcc Niilil hy dealer * ami
lUMVHhoyN cxeeeilK hy n very cou liler-
nhlc the nuialier of World-Herald
dalllcH , 'inornlitK mill cvcnliiR , solrt I > y
dcnlcrn ami 'itcWHliovM.
Runiciiibor that tills Is tlic year of the
aVansmlsslsslppl Exposition.
The now taVHT law made n
finish In the last month of the old your.
Railroad , receiverships are not as pop
ular 1111(101' a republican admlnlstratlou
ns under the administration preceding.
The only nonpartlsan member ot the
police board Is the man who was elected
mayor of Omaha as a straight repub
Several dark war clouds are visible on
tin * horizon as the new year Is ushered
ln , but storms do not follow every threat-
The wheat deal was closed without n
single farmer in the United States losing
a cent , and the slate is fresh and clean
for another year.
The Sick Man of Asia might learn
something ot value from the late Sick
Man of Europe about playing the na
tions against each other.
-It Isnil right for the lawyers to keep
X 'n ' il turmoil whoiii there arc fat
" "Might. It Is another matter ,
however , for the man who pays the
The chief of police will soon have his
hands full In enforcing the law that requires -
quires him to keep th ? saloons closed
that have secured no license for the
next fiscal year.
Tlio Missouri state experiment station
reports that Missouri bouts do not COD-
lain a sufficient amount of sweetness
for the making ot sugar. But Missouri
has other resources undeveloped.
We are still looking for the member
of the school board who Is willing to
take the trouble to Inquire how the
school board can add tflO.COO a. year to
Its Income without paying out a cent.
An Iowa bank went out of business the
last week of thp old year , but there was
money enough , on band to pay all de
positors In full on demand. Business
was suspended simply because the long
felt want for money has boon supplied.
'Special courses In dairying are given
to farmers' sons and daughters nt nearly
nil the western agricultural colleges.
Thu dairy business can be greatly Im
proved by the education of those who
engage In It and the careful training of
Governor Adams of Colorado , although
Interested In a savings bank at Pueblo ,
comes out strongly In favor of tlio es-
tnlillshineiU of the postal .savings bank
y Umi. > , ln this lie puts his sense ot
( Uity.Ti ) the public above his Individual
.In looking after your New Year's egg-
iipgg you may encounter home dllllciilties
that might have been foreseen by deal-
e'rtf In liquid refreshments who luivo
failed to comply with the law In lnseit-
lug their application notices In the paper
of largest circulation. .
Resolved , That during the year 1S93
Omaha shall have cleaner streets , inoi-.i
paving and sidewalks , better street car
sen-lee , a now hotel , a new union depot ,
everything Unit goesto , make a good
city , and that uyury man , woman and
child In thp city shall work for the suc
cess of tlu , ) ThinsmlssU ppl Exposition
vutll Iho gates are closed uu < the last day.
ZJ/B A'Kir YRAtt ,
In greeting the now ycnt ! the disposi
tion should be to look hopefully ahead ,
to take ou renewed coufngo for the con
flict of life nnd to determine to meet
whatever cares or dllllcuHIrs confront us
with n bravo heart nhd a firm purpose
to triumph. There Is no time demnrca.
tlon In the going out nnd the coming In
of the years. The Instant that records
the death of the old year also records
the birth of the new. But hi the affairs
of life the transition from ono year to
another marks for many of us a distinct
change In our relations. .It . brings to
some new duties nnd responsibilities , It
la the starting iiolnt of new plans and
enterprises , It Is a time for balancing up
tlio books nnd finding how we stand with
the world. It Is also the occasion for
making good resolutions , not all of which
survive the day , but which nro not alto-
gcthcr without good results.
The beginning of 1808 finds the Ameri
can people In a much more prosperous
condition than a year ago nnd with every
reason to expect thnt there will bo fur
ther Improvement as the year advances.
On friendly terms with all the world ,
peace nt home , an abundant supply of
the necessaries of life , ample capital for
every legitimate demand and more lo
come1 from abroad , the credit of Uio na
tion high and the revenues of the gov
ernment growing surely with nil this
the American people ought to he the
happiest people In the world. In this
cheerful and optimistic spirit The Bee
welcomes the now year and extends
hearty greeting to all Its patrons.
President McKlnley stated In his an
nual message that he concurred with
the secretary of the treasury hi his
recommendation that national banks be
allowed to issue notes to the face value
of the bonds which they have deposited
for circulation and that the tax on cir
culating notes secured by the d-.i-oslt of
such bonds be reduced to one-hall' of 1
per cent per annum. lie also Joined In
the recommendation that authority bo
given for tlio establishment of national
banks with a minimum capital of fiC- )
Discussing these recommendations In
his annual report , Secretary Gage salu
that the complaint uttered against the
national bank act as It now stands Is
not directed toward the method of bank
organization or the absolute safety
guaranteed to the noteholder , but
toward those restrictions It embodies ,
wlileJi result In Its failure to accomplish
tlio full benefit It ought to carry. "The
requirement of the law , " said the secre
tary , "now makes it Impossible to or
ganize a bank with n capital of less
than ? dO,000 , no matter how small the
place In which It , is to be located , or
liow restricted the volume of business
there to bo transacted. Because of that ,
with the added expense of taxation ,
both national and local , many communi
ties are deprived of the aid of banks of
issue and burdened with onerous rates
of exchange 'and interest charges. "
These recommendations are not new and
all of Ihcm have received consideration
in past congresses.
It Is now said that there Is favorable
promise of a measure embracing thesft
proposed amendments to the national
banking law receiving affirmative action
in both houses. Some members of the
house committee on hanking and Cur
rency , while desiring a general measure
which would include every feature ot
the currency question , are Inclined to
favor the reporting of a separate bill
relating to the'"national banks. Indeed ,
it Is said there can. . be no doubt such
a measure will be reported if it shall
become apparent that agreement can
not bo reached on fi general bill.
The proposal to allow national banks
to bo established with less capital than
the law now requites. In any place hav
ing a population of 2,000 or .less . , is im
portant to a large portion , of the south
and to a considerable part of the west ,
where better banking facilities are
needed. There Is no question that these
sections ought to be given the relief in
this direction they require , but unfortu
nately some of the communities that'
would be helped by the proposed legisla
tion are not friendly to It , cither from
hostility to national banks or because
they believe state banks should be al
lowed to Issue circulating notes. As to
reducing the tax on circulation it will
certainly , meet with vigorous opposition
and the proposal to allow national banks
to Issue notes to the face value of bonds
deposited has not hlthoi'o met with
very great favor. There may , however ,
bo now a better chance for such legisla
It Is understood that the Spanish gov
ernment will take Its time In replying to
the last note of the American minister , In
which the course of this government In
regard to filibustering expeditions Is de-
feuded. There will be no serious objec
tion to whatever delay Spain shall bo
pleased to make In this matter , for the
statement of our government nuvit sat
isfy the Impartial judgment of the civ-
Ilixed world that the United States has
most faithfully and diligently performed
Its duty with respect to filibustering.
The statement made by Secretary Gage
ought to be conclusive us to this with
every candid mind mid tliu fact that the
Spanish press and people are not satis-
Hud with it is not a matter of serious
Importance. Wfe cannot expect to satisfy
them In any respect , so long as this
government Insists that It has some In
terest In' the Cuban conflict , some concern -
corn in a war that lias already been ex
ceedingly damaging to American com
mercial Interests.
The truth is , as was pointed out by
Secretary Gage , the landing of filibuster
ing expeditions In Cuba was duo to no
lack of vigilance and precaution on the
part of the authorities of the United
States , but to the lilelllelency of this
Spanish naval force In Cuban waters ,
Tlio secretary of the treasury declared
that If this force ! had been watchful and
flilelent not n slnglo expedition could
have landed in Cuba. With the oppor
tunities for sending out filibustering ex
peditions which our extended seacoast
affords It Is remarkable that there have
not been more of them. At all events ,
It can } > Q confidently , ussertetl that no
other country would have shown greater
diligence than the United States in pre
venting such expeditious' or more faith
fully observed the obligations of mm
trallly. It Is a matter of small cons" ,
quuiioc when Spain answer * the List
note of our minister or what may bo the
nature of the answer.
At the meeting held In the council
chamber by citizens who are opposed to
the extension of the time of purchase of
the water works Mr. Henry W * . Vntcs
presented the following resolution :
Unsolved , That It Is the sense of this
meeting that the rights ot the cltx should
ho protected br proper appeal balng taken In
the case of iho city against the water workn
company , lately decided against the city Ii ?
Judge Mungcr , and that the city council
direct the city attorney to take the proper
steps ( or that purpose.
This resolution was unanimously
adopted , which only goes to show how
easily men who have not given a sub
ject the slightest thought can be bodily
carried off their legs because some prom
inent man , who probably Is equally un
conscious of the practical effect of a
declaration on n question of public pol
icy , has ventured to father It. The
proposition to appeal ou behalf of the
city from the decision of .luilge Mimgi'r
Is not In the Interest of the city of
Omaha , but In the interest of the stock
jobbers who wrecked the water conv
pany and drove It Into bankruptcy and
foreclosure. The contention In the fed
eral district court was that the forcclo-
sure sale was Irregular ami operated as a
forfeiture of franchise. Ou this point
Mr. Henry W. Yates was fully In accord
with Judge Munger only a few mouths
ago. lie did not believe that the pur
chase of the water works at the fore
closure sale Included only tlic water
mains , reservoirs and machinery ,
left the company without any right to
operate the plant , as was contended by
John I , . Webster , the attorney of thu
Wise men change , but fools never.
Mr. Yates has an Inherent right to
change his views on any question , but
we fall to see where he gets any ground
for joining Mr. Webster In his conten
tion. If It is conceded that Judge Mttn-
that the company -
ger Is right in declaring
pany has not forfeited its franchise , what
Is the city to gain , by an appeal to tlu >
Unltcd'States court of appeals ? It will
take from six mouths to one year to
reach a decision by the Tutted States
court ot appeals , nnd If that court BUS-
tains. Judge Munger , which every ra
tional man conversant with the case
must concede It will , then the next step
would be to appeal to the supreme court
of the United State ? , which would not
reach a decision In lo w than two to three
years. Assume , for argument's sake ,
thnt the court of appeals reverses Judge
Munger. Then the water company will
appeal to the supreme court , because it
could not afford to have its property
confiscated under pretext that Its fran
chise had been forfeited. In either
event the final decision by the United
States .supreme court could not be
reached before the city , by Its existing
contract , would be able to acquire , the
works by purchase. Instead of proving
of advantage to the city the proposed
appeal would not only involve the city
in a large outlay of court costs In addi
tion to the heavy bill already incurred *
by It in its efforts to pull Mr. Vernier's
hot chestnuts out of the fire , but it would
entail upon the city Incalculable loss ,
frlrst and foremost , the water company
would not expend a dollar In extensions
and betterments of its plant , except such
as It was obliged to in order to carry out
Its contract with the city.
In a state of continued warfare the
company would make no concessions
cither to the city or any consumer , but
would exact the full meter rates from
manufacturers and institutions that re
quire large quantities of water. On
the other hand , if the city accepts as
final the decision of the federal court ,
which the water company's
right to operate Its plant under its con
tract with the city , nt least until the
city fakes possession by purchase , the
company will bo disposed to give liberal
treatment to its patrons and maintain
amicable relations with the city. Man
ifestly , thcrcfo-c , the demand that the
city shall reopen the controversy and
contest the franchise of the water com
pany In the higher federal courts is 111-
advlscd and If carried out is sure Jo ;
cnuso needless and costly contention In
which the city has nothing to gain. This
view docs not imply that the city should
extend the time within which Its right
to purchase shall be exercised upon the
terms proposed in the pending ordi
nance , or upon any terms unless the city
gets a fair equivalent.
It Is all right for taxpaylng citizens
iand water consumers to demand that-
the council 'shall order the water com.
pany to turn oa thu supply for the ex
position , but It Is also eminently proper
that these gentlemen provide the way *
and means by whlcli the exposition can
raise the money to pay for the water.
It may not be Impertinent also to remark
that when ono of these remonstrants
loads the exposition up with the extra ,
ordinary outlay for water he ought teat
at least show a disposition to contrib
ute his fair proportion of the money re
quired to pay for the water. This ap.
piles with espdal force to that class of
remonstrants whoso business will bo
enormously increased Ijj- the exposition.
As n contribution to the current dis
cussion of Iowa's little warrant indebt
edness the Sioux City Journal points
out that "in thu iast eight years thu
number of those who are provided for
at the state Institutions of Iowa have
Increased 80 per cent. This simple
fact , " adds the Journal , "shows the en-
nnnous Increase of expense. Yet the
rate of taxation has Increased very little.
The levy Is only 2.8 mills , while the as
sessed valuation has actually been re
duced. " Tills Is an all-sutliclent answer
to the earplug critics who assert that the
state ought not to spend a dollar In nmk.
Ing a creditable exhibit among other
states at the Transmlsslsslppl Exposi
tion on the score of poverty.
If the men in the business world were
nil like "Deacon" S. V. White of Brooklyn -
lyn , who has just paid debts aggregat
ing over $1,000,000 , there would be no
business for bank examiners , surety
companies * and laws for punishing dls-
honesty In business. White failed four
years ago , but hla creditors voluntarily
permitted him to to on with his '
on the proinlsOjjtJifn. ho would pay nil hla
ilililK. lie Iiai1onvo , though In might
have eneapi'd piijlueiit had he been BO
disposed. It illKylie of Interest to know
that White's IfiWtnvss habits woiv flsert
wlille IH was .VBf'ji western man strug
gling against //Hro for a start liv thi ;
The qui'stloiV llfjit bonfronta the exposition
position Is not' ( o\y to get nn abundant
supply of water , , b.nt how to sot eiioiiKh
money to pny .fjOf , It In addition to the
obllpitlons nlreatlvhntMiiTcd for the erec
tion of buildings nnd Inlprovciucnt of
the Rrounda. | f , llu cltlr.ens who nro
tnldiiR the lead 'In ' the renewed watet-
llsht will como forward and wise the
$ 200,000 which are absolutely needed before -
fore the Kilted open the exposition mann -
n einont will cheerfully forego any ne
gotiations for a concession from the
water company and pay It for every gal
lon of water that will be required.
' \Vlipre Trouble In llri'\vliut.
The kaleidoscope Ot events has suddenly
made the Pacific the center of Interest. China
divides the sensations of the day with
Hawaii and Alaska.
Kxteriuliiiitlnu Abandoned.
Uuflalo ExprcFB.
Spain Is willing the United Slates should
feed Iho women nnd children ot Cuba whom
the orders ot Woylcv reduced to starvation.
This , at least , Is a practical proof that the
Idea ot txiclfylag the Island by slowly ex
terminating the Inhabitants has been aban
Shady Slorli-H from tlic Artie.
IlnUlmorc American.
If wo place sldo by aide the \arloufl Inter
views about the cbndltlon of thing * at Dawson -
son City , the conclusion Is Inevitable that
somebody Is doing a big lot ot lying. Ocio
man reports enough food , and the next gives
us tales of certain starvation , and thus the
contradictions multiply. It may bo that cer
tain persons are Interested In supplying food
ami drink , and that the storiea nro k\iaded
a.3 far as they can control them , to suit tholi
purposes oC speculation.
\Vlioiu It IMonNCN.
Chicago Tlmcs-irernli
President ntcKlnlcy's Cuban policy does
not seem to meet the approval of tbo Spanlsl :
newspapers. They and the jingoes of this
country are agreed on the point that It Is
a bad policy. Fortunately Mr. McKlnley doe ;
not look to thu Spanish newspapers or thi
American Jingoes for approval. The pcopli
whom ho wishes to please ani1 who an
pleased with his course are t'ho people fron
whom ho came , 'who elected .him iprcsldent
the conservative , lndut/riouii , sober , peace
loving people ot the country.
Union 1'aclllo 'Iteuriranlzittloii. '
Philadelphia ledger.
The Interdependence of the railroads of thi
United States Is strikingly shown In tin
careful selection of a now prc9ldo'it for thi
reorganized Union Pacific company. Thi
claims nnd Interests ot almost all the rallroai
systems between the Missouri rlvor rnd thi
Atlantic seaboard had. to bo consldcrtxl , vn <
finally the principal ones had to bo providei
for by placing tjjelrj representatives on tin
board of directors. The same thing 1
shown In the troubles about fralg'it ' rate'
and passenger tickets. The tendency of th
railroad businessof , the country seems to b
toward a consolidation of all the lines In :
uniform syatem , whether under governmen
control , government auspices or simply cor . , il
13xcliniiK < of Sliolx.
New York Mull nnd Express.
There Is anuriusual * tone of cnthuslasn
as well as of sincerity ? In the formal speecht
Interchanged bgt-i.6n Mr. Hagard tl
Orltlsh mlnlster'-co'Venezucla , and1 Preside :
Crespo. when the minister presented to
credentials. T-ho'qudcn's representative dl ;
, playc3 , -genuine1 pleasure In this renew
of diplomatic 'relations after' ther ( 'severj\i\ \ (
fdr ten 'years , 'bift his was at strange asse
tlon that 'IBnglaniT .has In the past give
many proofs ot her .sincere friendship fi
and sympathy with Venezuela In her pal
of liberty and progress. " Crespo clever :
countered this by congratulating the rcpr
sentatlvo of ( British bulldozing upon tl
beneficial effect of the "mwal" system
arbitration , whlcli ihas universal happlne ;
as Its aspiration.
1'alnfiil Slap nt llryanlsiii.
New York Sun.
Bad -news awaits Hon. William Jenntai
Bryan when ho Is restored to Lincoln. Tl
Christmas trade of the Nebraska merchan
has been very much larger than It was la
or any other year.Fifty per tent large
some of them declare. Nebraska Is on ui
grateful state , and doesn't deserve hi
privileges. What right has she to be pro
porous wfoen her most industrious leotur
knows that pr-csporlty Is cod must be
mere illusion as long as silver Is neglectei
It will be Mr. Bryan's painful duty to wai
his deluded1 citizens as-ilnst the seauctio :
of a false prosperity , and also to rcmii
them that In making money and bccomii
mcaey changers they are cutting themsclv
oft from the "toiling nsasses , " which ti
for BO many hundred dollars a speech
half the gate money.
1807 1X1 'IIUSIXKSS.
'Xotnlilc Improvement in Kliumcli
nml Imlnntrljil Coiullttoim.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
The year which Is > now near Its end saw
wonderful improvement In the financial co
dltion ot the United States. In the closl
days of December , 1S9G , the net gold In t
treasury , which had grown greatly olnco t
overthrow ot Bryan eight weeks earlier , stc
at $136,000,000. Today It Is above ? 1CO,000,0
cr higher than it was at say previous til
since September , 1890 , and Is Increasing cc
stantly. Exports of American goods , will
tne IOCS OI UIO uuiKiuy tv onm luaw i
would diminish , havd advanced by leaps i
bounds since that act went on the stat
beak , and the balance of trade In the co
try's .favor ! s steadily growing , The roven
which Kiok enemies ofthat law declared wo
bo reduced as a consequence of Its enactmi
has been advancing steadily over since , w !
out any Intermission , while the oxpendltu
are not likely to increase materially In
Immediate future. Therefore the predict !
of the disappearance of the monthly rtofl
before the end of the fiscal year , on J
30 mext , stand iin excellent chance of real !
tlon.But Improvement Is not confined to
treasury situation. In the entire bunlt
field there has been a marked and contlnt
change for t'.io better , There It an actl
In all the great orpuuctivo maustries suci
was not seen before stacu 1891 and 1
The cotton manufacture of New Eng'.am
la true , has been * buddcoly checked , an
reduction of wages has como , out till
because of a BhlWnp of the field of
Industry which Is'passing to the soul
states on account,05 certain physical
vantages which they' have over tlio re
farther removed frpn ; the place of pro
tlon. After the 1neccsEary rcadjustmen
jnade. however , Ulft imnufacturo. will bt
sumed In Now "Engltnd , though doub
ou a smaller scale than before. ( Mosnv
In the south the cotton rillln ard busier
their output h far rijater than nt any pi
In the past. The volume ot rho manufac
of woolens and ot coots nnd shoes li
near the highest figures over reached , >
Iron cad steel production has broker
records for thu Unltiyl States.
The growth In Imtmclal confidence anc
consequent business Improvement an
fleeted In the bank clearances and the
road earnings , both of which are nt
highest level ever reached In this cou
Nor Is this prosperity confined to the
centers of manufactures and comn
Higher prices are obtained for form pro
of all sorts than were had for several
past , and the condition of the reslden
the rural districts has been , materially
torod , The change , Indeed , began li
very place which Insures the continual
the Improvement that la , with the
masses ot laborers on the farms and 1
factories , Tha prosperity which 1ms
knows nq llmUtlcao | of aoo'.lon or clas
pervade * all parallels and meridians ,
felt In every Industry and calling , Thi
1897 goes out under far. happier com !
than those which greeted It , while J !
about to open under still brighter promt
Jnpa. Ins great IntorctM la China nnd hi
bail aver lnco ho beat back the Invadln
leglona of tfublnl Khnrt am ] established he
right to Independence ot her Riant cclghhoi
She stands ecot < J to Great DrlMln In mng
nltudo ot trade with China having $25,000 ,
000 a year far more than IliiisU or all th
real of Buropo put together. Naturally eh
want * to retain that trade and Increase II
Hut In her MSB , too , there Is room for grav
questioning whether It would bo wise to In
crcaso her territorial possession. ! toy seizin
a province or two on the mainland. A
prcwnt Japan1 Is aecuro In her Island home
Just as Great Britain Is. She has merely t
keep control of the sea about her to be sat
from Invasion. There are only two po er
In the world today that could beat her In
naval war , nnd If she keeps up her prcscn
rnto of navul progress thcro will probabl
never bo any more. But If she had an em
plro ca the continent to defend she woul
bo subject to 'land attack from the over
whelming forces ot llusaln .ml uhe woul
also 1me to divide her fleet In euch an
rs actually to put her Island homo Itself I
danger ot Irvoslon. It would bo a fine thin
In many respects to annex some Chines
provinces , but such possessions would he
source of weakness that might In tlmo prov
* *
That CroMn question' Is today exact ! :
where It wco seven months ago. It 1s not t
bo wondered nt that the Inhabitants of th.i
much-vexed Island have become Impatlcn
nnd arc now calling attention' tack to themselves
solves by stirring up fresh disturbances , No
will It bo a cnuso for wonder If they flho\
less regard 'for ' the "concert ot the powers' '
then heretofore and are lesa Inclined to In
trust their "lives , fortunes and sacreJ honor' '
to the guardianship ot that Impotent , or a
least do-nothing , organization * . As for th
powers themselves , they will probably hav
to do something pretty soon , especially I
the troublcsi In Crete attain ccmldcrable dl
mccelons. They will find the problem all th
harder to solve now because of the dcla
and also because they have now Itv Chin
another and perhaps still moro difficult proi
' 1cm ou their hands. Certainly If they cm
not settle the Cretan business , right at thel
own doors , the chances of their partition ! ! !
a vast empire at the other sldo of the worl administering It well after It Is part !
tinned , among them arc not Euchas to Insplr
the looker-on , with overwhelming confideuci
* *
The Maoris of Now Zealand cecm to b
( loomed to extinction In splto of the fact tin
all the conditions surrounding them appea
to bo favorable ito their survival. The quni
rel between the races Is ended , and lavs
tracts of land nro reserved for them. The !
young men are educated , 90 per cent of thci
being able to read and write. Their chle !
In many cnses dcrlvo largo Incomes frci
rents ot land , and are represented In tl
legislature. A great Maori college stands j
To Autl , Hawkc's Bay , and not a few i
the cleverer Maori youths have passt
through the classes of the New Zealand i < n
verslty. And yet , says the ( Australian Hi
view of Reviews , "tho Maoris , under thi
mysterious law which makes a colored rai
vanish before the breath of the all-coaque
Ing , white , are passing away. " A conterum
of educated Maoris was held a short tin
ago , and papers were read on the cwidltlc
and prospects of the race. These are republished
published In pamphlet form nnd make
very melancholy bit of literature. It Is d
clarcd that 90 per cent of educated Maor
go back from their schools to mere saxagcr
The race , these representative Maoris d
clare , Is lower both In morals and In vltall
than it has over yet been , and threatens
perish. Yet physically and Intellectually tl
Maori Is or" was the finest colored race
the southern hemisphere.
Russia's main object Is the completion
her Rrcat railroad project and the dovelo
mont of a trans-Siberian trade. What
Franco ? That country's Intercast lies In t
promotion ot trading with south and cent !
China by way of Tonquln , and hero UritI
competition has been encountered. Rngll
agents havij been seeking a franchise for
railroad from Canton to Calcutta , which
granted , would seriously Interfere with t
French interests. However , the fianch !
has not yet been obtained. The Gcrma
have been doing a largo coastwise carryli
trade ; , but their Interest has heretofore bd
confined to that , and here the Japanese 1m
been driving them hard. And Japan ? Wh
Is her interest ? It Is nothing less than
become the guiding , directing , stlmulatli
Intelligence In the Chinese empire ; to su
ply the hugo Chinese body with the recc
sary brains. How that ambition can 1
reconciled with .tho interests of Great Brlta
U ono of the puzzles of the situation.
* *
The example set bji the engineers of Gre
Britain Is finding Imitators on the contlne
ot Buropo. It Is announced that the engl
cers and stokers on French railways are nj
tailing for a 'reduction ot 'their hours
work. These at .present are often so lo ;
that It frequently happens that neither stok
nor driver can return to his ( homo for sc
cral days together. It is argued by the
who are promoting n iblll for restricting t
hours of labor that this long absence frc
homo has a bad ) effect on the morals of t
men. However this may be , a . .billwill ,
any race , bo laid before the iPrench Chanu
very soon to reduce the hours to a maxlmi
. There will .be .
of ten In the twenty-four.
clause In It fixing 'tho allowance of holldt
In the year to 'bo allowed to every m
employed. They are to get three days
leave every month , or ono day of twen
four hours in every ten , and a clear fo
night a year above and -beyond. This pli
of proposed state Intervention , fixing
obligatory period of holiday In the year
any ono" Industrial class , Is believed to
without precedent. Meanwhile , there <
signs , according to the French press , ol
general movement among the working clas
of Franco for a limitation ot the work
The difficulties under -which Gerrai
labors In the development of her naval p
gram In the far east are Illustrated In
.fact that the war ships < Joflon and Ueuts
' on board , .bei
'lan.4 , .with iPrlnco Henry
their voyage to China by going Into Spltln
England , for coal , and , In continuing tl
further Installments of B
voyage will get
Ish coal at Gibraltar , Malta. Port Said , A < '
Colombo , Singapore and Hong Kong. Tl
Is coal to too had at Klao Ohau , recei
fleet , and this i
occupied -by the German
will too extremely handy If Germany la
In the east on iliri
cease to bo dependent
ty coaling stations. At present the depend !
complete. Much
as seems 'to bo pretty
12. 'samo Is to bo said of other powers that a
war ships around the 'world. No coui
and In all seas , u
is Independent at sea ,
stat !
Is it has provided Itself with ccallng
Isat in every quarter of the globe. The (
their u
rn ships of today are steamers ,
idon extends little further than
on facilities.
lie lie Royal is the highest grade baking
nd known. Actual testa Bhow It goes on * <
led third further than any other braa
.lie .
; here
I Of
I Is
'car '
I la
nmtlmoro' * now * chart ? provides A proi
M-tjr qualification for ly omclsls nn
changes municipal clcctlc i to May.
The OorRla house of r prescntnUvoft In
indefinitely r > oitpone < A b I providing for n
Australian -ballot nml hud rejected a bill t
reduce the salaries of railroad commli
Hilly Dynum of Indiana nnd Mr. lllley c
Iloston have turlcil iholr mouths for tli
winter. Ilynum has nun * out his shlngl
In the Brooklyn division of Greater Nc <
York nnd Hllojr has retired Into the "Innc
conoclousnces" of his political vindication.
A Haitimoro club of free silver
has decided to talio the road with a dram
entitled 'Tho Curse of Gold. " The enl
objection to the proposed "elevation ot Ih
staRo" Is that It follows too close on th
heels ot "Undo Tom's Cabin , " which ha
caused a dearth of vegetables In the lam' '
However , the country will try to ees It on.
The Ilatnes liquor law In New York I
generally esteemed a very defective mcasim
but It hoa ono quality which commends It t
thcae who take an Interest In the qticstlo
ot taxation. In the first year ot Its opera
tlon It yielded a. revenue of $0,911,743 , ncarl
trebling the receipts derived from the llqnc
traino muler the previous liquor law. Th
city of New York contributes J3.59S.OS3 c
the total cxclso tax.
The Greater Now York enters upon II
corporate existence without very much fen
ot n water famine. There are SOO miles c
water mains ; the supply of thoOroton , Dron
and Dyrnm watershed Is 400,000,000 gallons
day. In Ulrooklyn there nro 850 miles c
water mains ; the capacity ) ot the watcrahe
Is 90,000,000 gallons a day. I.OIIK Island Clt
Is supplied by * a private company able t
furnish dally 3,000 gallons. In Ulchmon
there Is a totnl supply ot about 3,000,000 gal
Ions a day.
The Empire state has Its annual scanda
exclusive of the capltol , which lias bocom
a continuous performance. Two years ag
the state voted $9,000,000 to be used In iJccr
enlng the canals. The sum was conslderc
ample for the work. Now comes the stat
engineer nnd Iho chief of the 'Hoard ot 1'ul
lie Works 'with a joint report In which the
assert that $7,000,000 more Is needed to com
iloto the Job , making a total of $16,000,00 ,
"he $9,000,000 Is about 'gono nnd scarce !
ivo-thlnls ot the work Is done.
It la not known whether the youthful nn
nnoccnt Charley Towno hfdulgcd too muc
ii the cup that cheers or took an ovordos
f mtnco pie. Whatever the cause , ho ha
ail an attack of the ulRhthorsc , ilurln
fhlch ho saw plutocratic ghosts nnd gold
iugs ns largo as elephants. The substanc
f Charley's dream was that somebody oftere
Im ? 50,000 to support McKlnley nnd that
iko sum was spent to defeat him for cor
iresa. If anybody had offered Charley th
0,000 plunks ho would have become nn an
natcd verification of the adage , "A fool an
Is money are soon parted. "
Pens can be quickly removed from a no1
icnholder , a sliding piece being eet Indlil
ho barrel to clamp the pen In position ft
isc , and a knob set In a slot In the barn
o force the sliding piece outward and r <
ease the pen.
To prevent the extinction ot the flame c
Icyclo lamps In high winds an addition !
guard Is used to Cover the top of the lam ]
which extends along the front and sides i
ho top and prevents sudden draughts reac !
ng the light.
A handy atachmcnt for knives consists i
a rod having curved cuda with metal sprln
plates rlvetpd thereto to slip over the blaO
f the knife "when paring fruit , the rod lyln
close to the edgu of the blade and kccplii
.ho peeling thin.
Fruit jars can be easily opened by a ne
wrench , consisting of . curved wlrq with
rubber tube surrounding the cntro.1 portlc
and handles ou ilio end to bo gripped In tr
hand until they decrease the size of the clrc
sufficiently to grip the lop.
Tn a new self-cleaning filter a valve la placi
below the fllt r tn shut the watec off , tl
valve at the same tlmo opening a tul
through the center of. the filter to force tl
water back through the filter to the uppi
sldo and cleanse the filtering material.
To tighten ho tires of Wagon wheels
newly 'designed ' felloe has two V-shaped em
lying close together , with a pair of wedgi
mounted In the opening , to too drawn itogeth <
by a bolt until they Increase 'the clrcumfo
eneo of the felloe far enough to grip tl
Incrustation of hollers Is prevented by
: iew apparatus consisting of mercury , zli
[ ilatcs and castings ot zinc and mercury s
n a water chamber through which the wat
must pnss before It reaches the boiler , tl
mpui'ltlcs in the water adhering to tl
A New Yorker lias Invented a < levlco
prevent the picking of pockets , consisting
a single piece of sheet metal stamped to for
Ings or loops for the 'watch and chain , wl
'our projecting points or 'barbs bent
different directions to grip the sides of tl
To protect horses' feet from snow nnd 1
a newly patented boot Is made of fibrous in
terlal which extends nearly lo the kn
joint , with an Iron shoo at the 'bottom , tl
hoot being lined with liquid proof materh
so It will hold medicaments to treat the ho
and , leg.
An Improved hair crimper just placed <
the market has a cylindrical member wl
a catch at ono end and a concave leaf hlng
to Its opposite end to clamp the hair in pla
after It is wound on the cylinder , a sprli
loop being 'provided to hold tbo leaf la c
gagomont with the catch ,
A Boston woman has Invented1 a skirt n
juster consisting of two pieces of wire sew
to Iho skirt nml linked together to form
hlngo , with the outsldo ends Jiavlng Iran
verse Interlocking portions which can
pinched together and fastened to secure t
skirt in its shortened : adjustment.
Gas cannot escape from a new burn
when the light Is blown out , the key * avli
a spring attachoi to Itwhich Is wound i
by turning on the gas and automatical
closes the key ns soon ns the tip of t
burner cools and contracts sufficiently
release the tip of the craak arm mounted
the upper end ot the key.
To glvo an alarm when the water gets It
In a teller -weight Is mounted on ca
lever Insldo t
end of a centrally pivoted
boiler , ono of the 'weights ' 'being ' cup-sbap
to receive a circular float which sinks It
it as the water lowers , ithus , displacing t
lever and pulling n vulvo open to 'blow ,
steam whistle until the boiler Is 'filled ' , aga
Gentlemen who have
chant tailors under the imprt
dressed otherwise ought now
think the garftients we make
stylish as any tailor can offer
less and we guarantee fit ai
Our assortment is not n conglon :
but cHjicclally Bolccttul nuil patterns
This yeiir'a IniHim-HH lins been in :
tend tlmnlcs to Urn inun , HID boys IIIK
And hoping for a eoiUInuiuico of tlio
families , > yo wish you all a very Hup
15th an
liAST Vli.Ul J.AtlfiltS.
lloslon Transcript Charles UMRR Ytf
Ml * * lirlRhtly , It ooxtfl mo ton thousand
year to llvo. t U
Ml s nrlnhtly-Oh , Mr. .Iirnpir. Jo ye
think It's worth It ?
Chlcairo Tribune : Concerning dcu , .
ynmlM-bllt's North Carolina palace < \ "wlvl *
ho calls iJlltmoro , ' " observed lllvcrs. f'
proaumo ho wlthca now It wcYCj bulll Icssu
CtftvclntM Plain Dealer : "An KngllshmaH
clnlms that itho Garden of I&lonwas I"
South Aifrlcn. " -
"Then our nrst parents made no mlstn
In leavlnR U , "
Dot roll Free 1'rcra ! "Her father pa ; !
positively that I cnn't mnrry her , "
\\hnt nro you rolnj : to do ? "
"There's nothing left now but to neft tl
New York Weekly : Stranger-T want ( ,
roomi as low ilow.n . a you can ftpnro.
Clerk dlvo you No. OTfi , top story , llcstl *
Stranger I MAIU to be low down , ? o na t
bo handy tt > the barroom ,
Clcrk Krontl Show the Bcntlomnn to
Parlor 1C.
Cincinnati Knqulrer : "Ah , yoi , " pnld tl
Btnr , "I have been muirrlcd for eigh ycixrs
"Continuously ? " naked the urltlunl on
lint the query was d.pemwl unworthy
Indlinaprt < Journal : "You say that Imr
I < r's defense watt a pica of insomnia. Doi
you mean kloptomnnln ? " '
No , I mean Insonvala , Ho claimed th ,
ho couul not sleep of nights , and hated , OM
have his tlmo golng'to w sto that way. " / /
VKAlt aillSiai'lXKS. IV
I I Welcome.
nilnlwth C. Ixivcrlnff. t
O Rind Now Year !
\ \ hcnco luist thou como ? Krom that remote -
mete far cllmo .
Whoso name's ISlernlty , whose shore 'Is '
Tlmo ?
Hast thou sped on with swiftly Klnnclne
feet , >
The comlnfr of the morning thus to rtbt. .
O glad Now Year ? |
| l
What Is the message that thou hnst for
cuch ? >
Can It bo told In sad or Joyous speech ? >
1st It the lieapcd-up uood of vanished Hays ,
Lavished on others without thought o
praise , '
O glad Now Year ?
Or Is It penalty for wronga undone , .
That grew but fuller with each sottliiB sun1 ,
' ' angelwept tel
O'er which th' recording angel
write , R
And closed the book from all but hoavenlyB
sight ,
O glad New Year ?
Brlngst thou the bays to crown some wor-j
thy brow ;
Albeit Tlmo hath touched Ha locks
snow ?
Or Is't a somber wreath , of cypress .made ,
To bow with grief the head on which 't
laid ,
O clad New Year ?
The circling year whoso round Is Just con
Came as thou dost , with Joyful , glanch :
feet ;
But ore he went loft hero n vacant chair ,
And snntchod a Jewel In his crown to wen ,
O glad Now Year !
Tell us , hast seen our frlond , SD uafllf
missed ?
Whore lunds his path and whither doth 1 , < J
list ? . i
Greatly nccompanlcd doth ho know thy lor > ,
And Is for him the over opened door , ,
O glad Now Year ? J
Not thine to lift the veil to mortal sight , ' .
And show behind the dazzling , radiant
light ;
Patient wo wait until we hear the
Respond "adsum1 then wo shall kno ( , ' It
all ,
O glad New Year ,
Bo tiiou the mesPiiKor of joy or woe/ /
T is not for mornrnreajjsn-que'U to
'T Is ours to meet what comes wltli _
elate. , -i ,
Knowing tlfat this Is but n passing sta } ,
O elad Now Year ! '
% Vlio lays his armor , without striving- .
May win the cross but not the hea\
crown ;
Firm and erect , self-centered , strong
know , , i
We hall thy mesaaEO , l > o It joy or woo ,
O glad Now Year.
llniipy Nc v Yenr. i
Somervltle Journal. i
"A Ilnrxpy 'New ' Year ! " says t'ho ' man'wih
As ho hnuils It In , and a. nervous thrill
Huns through your qulverlnjr arm.
You'd Mku to knuckle your dexterv list ,
And clafp him tlfiht with a gra e-vlio
HA 1st ,
And do him bodily harm.
"A Haippy Now Year ! " gays the greet
man ,
As ho opens the door , with ! the Iccrosc
can ,
And takes out a leatherette book.
I You reo - \ \ hat you've bought In thlrty-oi i
days ,
How tiio money has cone In various way
And you give him. a horrlblo look.
"A Hnripy Now Year ! " says the glr'l yoj
love , I
In n. volco tis soft na the coo of a dove ,
And you feel so eternally blest.
When you see the love In. her smiling fa a
And claFp her close in > a iwarmlembraciv
That you promptly forgot all the
Washington Star.
Hero njrnJn ! And hero's a. Erecting
To the many I aim "meeting
Who have manners It would certain ! )
we.ll to readjust ;
The llnanclal-scarn creator '
Ami tiio coal-manipulator
And the very orton-montloned "bold
ovcr-bearlne1 UruBt. " i
JVml.tho folk who fill t'ho ' * papers
Wltlij stransc stories tit their capers
From dayln wild election betsto rum
olt with cash ; < (
And the bore who comes and gaily
leaves the door ijUile-opcn , daily-
May they formulate resolves too- strong
anything to HinuEh.
Happy Neiw Year to the charmer
( May no clldnco occur to harm , licr
Who Jilted the admirers aho had capti
by the score ;
And itho jjlrl who wakes creation
With her weird vocalization !
Let us hope they'll Uotlv endeavor n
do tK > any more.
Thero's'-an old unique offender ,
( Ono Is U'roiptcd ' to be tender ;
Dut , nlofl , > moro than thr > others doc
need tomend his wny ) ,
Ho iwhoao penitential spasm
Warms with , sad cnthUHluHm ;
And .wWt/11 ffiilly break tomorrow even
ho inado today.
een spending money on
sion that they couldn't be well
0 discover their mistake. We
ire just about as well made and
and our prices from % to' i
1 quality ,
atlou of tlio ordinary clotlilug JIOUSCH ,
nillned In quunUIIeH. '
sxeeodliiKly HatlHfnetory one , nndjwo
i lie mothers for their itlnd rcinenivrunce.
io and u good word for -ua
and prosperous Now Year.
King &
Douglas *
1 I rtn * 'I