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i We will Close All Day
Saturday , January 1st
Not to give our "people a holiday , " but to prepare our store
for one of the greatest January clearance sales ever held by us.
Thti advancing1 prices on wool goods will cut no figure ,
but we shall go in to sell just as if goods were not going to
cost morn when we buv again.
ARY 3d , AT 8 A , M.
Watch The Sunday Bee for particulars and reductions , "
the council was elected by the people. The
president of the boird of aldermen will bo
chosen by the members ot that body.
Mayor VanWyck Is given power to veto
nny ordinance or resolution ot cither body
ot the municipal assembly unless five-sixths
ot the members ot both houses declare other
I3ach ot the five boroughs has a borough
president , but his principal duly Is to pro-
oldo over the various local bodies Inla \
borough. i
The passing of Brooklyn as a municipality
Into that ot the Oreater New York \\as ob-
Ecrvcd with elaborate ceremony at Iho
llrcoklyn city hall tonight. Within the
'building ' was handsomely decorated. The
cxercftcs began with n reception In the
mayor's cfflic. Later Mayor Wurster prc-
oldcd at a meeting held In the council clum
ber. St. C'.alr ' McKelvay delivered an oration
tion , "From Great to Greater. "
This was followed by the reading ot a
pcm. "Tho Patalng ot Uroolclyn , " by Will
Carleton. Hev. J. M. Farrar then delivered
au addreaj on "Commerce and Church , "
after which Rov. Fal'aer Malone pronounced
Iho benediction.
During the oventag 10,000 people attended
the reception at- the city hall , where , at
midnight , the bell In the tower rang In the |
new year and out the old ,
Jlayor Van Wyck announced tonight offi
cially the selections for a portion ot the
municipal offices within his gift. The re
mainder will be .ntado . public within a tow
days. The list , as far as ccrapleted up to
midnight , is -follows : Corporation coun-
scI , John Whalen ; first assistant corporation
counsel , Theodore Connolly ; second assistant
corporation counsel , William J. Lodd ; third
ornpTaMjjfl tounsel , Charles H.
prcsKcnirand commissioner ot the
' 'rfiartl ' of Charities for Manhattan and Dronx
( fix years ) , John W. Keller ; sheriff , Thomas
Dunn ; secretary , Charles J. 'McKchon ;
unsel , Philip J. Drltt ; under sheriff , Henry
ulvancy ; auditor , ( Edward H. Walker ; dls-
lot attorney , Asa nirdeardlner ; assistants ,
Jtimes J. Grady , John F. Mcln'tyrc ' , James W.
Osborne , . Henry W. Ungor , Jamea D. Mc-
GleltamU Stephen. S. Blake , James J. Walsh
qud Kobort Townsend.
CIPi-l | M for it I.nrwc Sum Are Cnrrlcil
OLITVELiVND , O. , Dec. 31. Mall box rob-
bdrs have been operatlns In Cleveland on a
large scale. It was reported that checks and [
Crafts aggregating about $50,000 were stolen
from the mall boxes on Water street on De
cember 16. These checks -were mailed by
wholesale houaes , and the thieves appear to
have iot them all.
Among the firms whoso checks and drafts
were taken are tbe following : Babcock.
Hurd &Co. , wholesale grocers ; the Lockwood
Taylor company , hardware ; the Dcnton-
Oloyora company , drugs ; William Edwards &
Co. , grocers ; the William Dlngham company ,
hardware , and J. Kraus & Sons , confec .
tionery. About twenty other firms deposited
checks In the mall box that was robbed.
A postofllce Inspector has ibeen at work en
the case for several days , and It Is pretty
definitely settled. It Is said , that Hlchard O.
_ -vvho Is under arrest In Now York for
robblnlStbe mall boxes , did the Job hero.
' .Mayor 'MoorcH ' Multo * an Arrt'Nt. action on the part of Mayor
Iloores just after midnight laat nlsht waa
successful In Interrupting tin nttnck upon
a woman. The mayor had been ushering In
the new year at the homo o > a friend and
was walking uj > Harney street , on h.s jy
home. As lie 'passed ' lulll H.irney htrect , just
west c-f the Crelghton theater , lie heard a
woman's screams In the second r ; ry of
ttio bulMliifr. The mayor pent no lime In
the E-qurch for nn olllcsr , but hurrltnl up Iho
stnlrs townnl the source > * ' the dlsliirb.inru.
GropliiB along a dark hall nt the top l.o
located the cries In u roar room , the door
of which WJIB locked. The woman was still
crjlnff for help : uul the mayor throv. ' ia !
weight against the door anil burst it open.
Ho fouml a , her throat in the t'rlp
of n man who was beating her nluut the
head. The mayor seized him and ilr.iRBfd
) ilm down the stalrr , where patrol wagon
nnd ready hands hud arrived. The woman
follcueil and mudd nn attempt to frco her
pcraeoutor , which made her tun arrest
neci'ssary. The < man registered the names
of 3. A. KIt'Uhnrt nnd wife , mid both1 weru
charged lAlth disturbing the peace by fight
-HlN 4 > f Oct-Illl Vl'NSt'lM , lli'O. ill.
At .Now York Arrived Germanic , from
Liverpool ; Thlnwvalla. from Copenhagen.
At iMovllle Sailed Furnessiu , for Ntw
York ,
At Lisbon Sallc-d Peninsular , for New
Yort. !
At Philadelphia Arrived Pennsylvania ,
fiom Antwei-p.
At Quccnstcnvn Salied Pavonla. for Bos
At I vorpool Arrived Lucnnla. from
New York ; Urlttnnnlc , 'trom Nu.v York.
At Amntcrdam Sailed Werkendam , for
New Yoilc.
Dreadful Sores
They Continued to Spread In Splto
of Treatment but Now They are
Hoalccl-A Wonderful Work.
"For many years I have been a great
eufforcr with vnrleoao veins on onu of my
limb : ) . My foot and limb became dread
fully Eiwollon , When 1 stood up I could
fcol tuu blood rushing down the veins ot
tlil-i limb. One day I accidentally hit my
foot against BOino object nnd a uoro broka
out which continued to spread nnd was
exceedingly painful. I concluded I
needed n blood purifier nnd I began taking
Ilood'o Bnrsnparllla. In n ultort tlmo
thoio dreadful sores which had caused
mo oo much Buttering , began to heal. I
kept on faithfully with Hood'H Barsapa-
lilln , and in a short tlmo my limb waa
completely healed and the eorca gave mo 1
DO moro pain. I cannot bo too thankful 1
tot the wonderful work Hood's Sarsapa-
rllla , has done for mo , " Jilts. A. E.
GJLSON , Hartland , Vermont.
Sarsaparilla -
Is the best In fact the Quo True Blood I'lirlOcr.
Hood's fjll * euro all llyer Ills , so cents. ,
Dingloj Expresses Belief Revenues Will
Equal Expenditures ,
Ilrnvy IntprpHt I'nymcntN In Tniitiary
nutl Aiiril Will ' 1'roliiilily Cause
u Uullult In
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31. Chairman Dlng-
ley of the 'ways cad meaao committee fur-
nlshcs'lho AfiSoclateJ Press the following
statement of the revenue outlook :
The revenue for December shows nn In
crease ot more than $2,5CO.00 ( over that of
September , and cvon exceeds the oxpen-
dltiuros for December nearly $1,750,000.
The ofllclal figures for December ( sxclud-
l ing $31,713,201 received during the month on
account of tlio 1'aclllc railroad sale and
tno $000,000 paid out to qualify the govern
ment representative to bid In case ot the
sale of the Kansas Pacific ) make the re
ceipts $27,9JU9I ; expenditures , ? 2C,19iCOO , and
suiplus $1,73G-9I. ! The receipts in December
1S94 were nearly $22,000,000 , in December UM
they were $2G,00COO , and In December 1E9G
a Ilttlo less.
I This surplus for December , 1E97. however ,
! arises from the fact that there have been
almost no Interest payments for the month ,
which .makes the expenditures below the
i average. In January the quarterly Interest
I < will be due , which will swell the cxpendl-
I turcs considerably above the average ami
I leave a deficiency for that month notwlth-
standing the revenue will probably rise to
! at least $29,000,000 and possibly more.
I On the basis of this estimate the secre
tary of the treasury that the expenditures
for the present fiscal year will be Wra.OOO.COD
a Ilttlo over $200OJJ,000 bavins already
been expended th2 average monthly ex
penditures for this six months beginning
January will bo about $29,003,000 na the ex-
pcndltures of the first bait of the fiscal year
are considerably larger than those ot the
last half , on account of the suspension of
many pub'.lc works In the winter season ,
and the huge July payments of the liabili
ties of the previous fiscal year.
There is no doubt in treasury circles that
I the revenue under the new tariff law from
I January 1 to July 1 will exceed In the ng-
f regale the expenditures for the same
j period , notwithstanding January and pos-
| slbly April the two montns for payment
of quarterly Interest will show a balanca
on the wronp side , The revenue was only
$ iaCCOCCO in August ( $7COOCOO from cus
toms ) In consequence of the large importa
tions between March 1 and July 24 In an
ticipation of the new tariff. It rose to
$22,005,000 In September ( SS.OW.CCO from cus
toms ) , to $24,000,000 In October-$11,753,003 ( from
ctfsloms ) , In the month of November , and
now- rises to nearly $23,000,000 In December
( S11 , " > 00OOD fiom customs ) . This Increase
will grow as goods Imported In anticipation
I of the new tnrllf are consumed. Indeed ,
| the Increase of revenue as to sugar and
i as to wool will not be materially felt far month * .
The increased receipt from internal reve
nue taxes arc duo to the provisions ot the
new tariff abolishing th2 discount on lieer
stamps nnd increasing the tax on ciga
rettes and to th T bottling law passed by the
last congress , In connection with tlio Im
provement in business.
While the apparent deficiency for the first ,
half of the present fiscal year lias been
about $14,005,000 ( the revenue having been
nearly $15S.OOO.OCO and the expenditures $ C02-
000,000) , yet it will bo observed that this will
have been almost wiped out by the $3SOCO-
COO of rev'iuie received from March 1 to
July 1 , from importations In excess of the
same period of tha previous year made In
anticipation of the new tariff nnd Intended
for consumption the present fiscal year ,
which revenue was necessarily placed to the
credit of the last fiscal year but In equity
bolonfR to thlo flscal year , And this does
not take Into account the absolute loss of
revenue arising from anticipatory Impor
tations which the treasury lias already ex
perienced and will continue for several
months to experience In a loss degree.
. . . . „ . , CJKOSS 11 AY TAKI * TUB WOHK.
Conference IteirnrilliiK Heller foi- Suf
fering CllIlllIIM.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31. Assistant' Secretary -
rotary Adtfo of the State department wis In
conference today for some tlmo with Clara
parton , representing the lied Crosa , with ref
erence to the distribution of relief funds
cpa supplies In Cuba. It Is not yet settled
whether the Red Croso will undertake to
use Us machinery In Cuba , but the confer
ence today tended strongly to that end , The
present moans of distributing contributions ,
in Cuba are iiald to bo good in most OISM ,
the agencies being the Catholic bishops scat ,
tered through the Island and the United
States consular officers , but thcro U otlli
opportunity for a betterment. Assistant Sec
retary Adoo lays particular stress upon the
Importance of contributing ca.ih , although
clothing iind other supplies will to thank
fully received , Ho points cut that a large
part of the Interior of Cuba Is accessible
only to ox teams and the like and that no
railroads penetrate thcso places , To carry
supplies In will require tbo hiring of teams ,
and this can lie iJono only with ready money.
The Si'llo department has been advised that
a loading religious newspaper which raised
a 'fund ' of more than $300 000 for the relief or
tha famine sufferers In India U about to
organize committees and solicit subEcrlp-
tlars of money , food and clothing ( or the
( suffering Cubans.
Iteport of Director of tlie Mint Slioivx
u I.nrKe 'InereiiNc. '
WASHINGTON , Doc. 31. The director ot
tlio mint from Informat'lm ' now nt hatid aays
that there Is mibitaiv'.lal evidence that the
world's product of gold ( or the calendar
yrar 1897 will approximate , if not exceed ,
$240,000,000 , an Increase of nearly 20 per
cent over 1890. Tlio gold product ot the
United Statca ( or 1890 was $53,100,000 ; ( or
1897 U will approximate $01,500,000 , co lu-
crcaso of $8,400,000.
The product of Africa fur 1S9G was $14.-
400,000 ; returns received up to December 1 ,
197. Indicate that the gold product of that
I rountry ( or the year will bo $53,000,000 , au
Increase of $ .13,600,000 , For Australia for
1896 Iho production wag $4.5,800,000 ; ( or 1S07
the Indications arc that it will not bo less
than $51,000.000 , an Increase ot $5,200,000.
Mexico In 1S96 produced $8,330,000 , : ( or 1S97
It Is estimated that It will be f 10,000,000 , ,
an Increase of J 1.070.000. The Dominion )
of Canada for 1890. 52,800,000 ; it is I
estimated for 1897 at $7.600.000 , or oil Increase I I
of | 4,700.000. India's product fpr 1S97 Is i
estimated ot $7,000.000. en IncrcaEaof $1- [
400.000 over 189C. Russia's gold product for
189G wss $21,5.10,000 ; for 1S97 estimated to
approximate $25,000,000 , an Increase of $3-
The Indication for the United States Is
that Colorado will lead In 'the production cf
gold for 1897 , as It Is estimated by ex-Gov
ernor Grant tlwt It will not bo lets then
$20,000,000. Nevada will follow with a prod
uct of probably $19,000,000. With the ex-
ceptlcn of the South Appalachian rcuge , 1 !
Is believed there will bo an Increase In
every producing state of the gold product
over that of 189G.
1'ronTL'NH of Step * Tiiirnrit tJic Expedi
tion to AliiMlcn.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31. It lias been dis
covered , on a careful Inspection ot the per
mit granted by the British government for
the taking of supplies Into ths Klondike
country free of duty , that the exemption ex-
tend.s only to such goods as are gratuitous ! ;
contributed. Under the terms of the act ol
congress the secretary of war Is permitted
io give supplies to such persons as are unable -
able to pay for them , but the act scorns to
require that where the minors are able to
pay for food , the money Is to be applied la
defray the expenses of the relief expedition.
A strict Interpretation of the lrltlsh ! permit
would not sanction tills action. Still , aa
the permit was In the shape cf a letter from
Sir Julian Pauncefote , the British ambassa
dor , transmitting a telegraphic acqulcscsncu
by the governor-general of Canada , and
since It was sent the Canadian iccretary or
the Interior has conferred with Acting Secretary -
rotary Melklejohn , with a full knowledge of
the Intention of the War department , It Is
believed that the Canadian government will
not Interpose any objection to our govern-
mcnt recouping Itself as far as possible by
selling supplies at cost to miners able to
pay for thum.
It appears that the plan of using reindeer
ns a means of transportation from the sea
board to the Klondike does not promise suc
cess owing to the Inability of the government
! Cgcnt , Mr. KJellman , to gct the animals
from Lapland In time to bo of service thlj
winter. It is the present puipose ot the
War department , therefore , to push through
with the muly pacic trains as : fftr 35 possible ,
nnd old campaigners assert that they can
get to Fort Selkirk at least , leaving the
reindeer to follow up the trail , If they
come along at all. The deer would be of the
greatest use If they can be gotten through
to Dawson , oven without a pack load , OA
they can b ? slaughtered for fresh meat.
Seeretnry fJnfre'M I'lni Informally JM- !
eiiKNeil by Member * .
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31. A complimentary"
dinner was given last night at the Metropoli
tan club by J. Foster Pcabody of this city
to the members of the Indianapolis Monetary
commission. This commission was appointed
by the convention of business men at Indian
apolis to Investigate the financial system of
the country nnd to prepare a scheme of re
form to be submltteu to congress. The mem
bers of the commission entertalnc'd were ex-
Senator Edmunds of Vermont , Robert L.
Taylor of Indiana , J. W. Frlea of North Caro.
Una , C. S. Falrchlld of New York , S. M.
Laughlln of Illinois , T. G. Bush of Alabama ,
| , C. Stuart Patterson of Pennsylvania. L. J.
Garrett of California , Stuyvesant Fish of
Now York , W. B. Dean of St. Paul and
George K. Lelghton of Missouri. There were
no formal speeches at the dinner , hut some pf
the guests discussed the various schemes
of currency reform. It Is said that the plan
of Secretary Gage was discussed and In the
main approved.
May Cut OfY the UoynlilcH.
WASHINGTON' , Dec. 31 , It Io ascertained
at the Navy department that the decision of
the patent office expeits , recently submitted
In the matter of the , patents for the Harvcy-
ized armor plae , may result In the with
holding or the payment of further royalties
cc > plate furnished by the large ateel com-
uanlca. The question submitted by Secre
tary Long to tfce patent ofllco was whether
the employment of a temperature above that
of mplten cast Iron Is an essential feature
of the Harvey patents , and the crpr.-ts
reached the conclusion that such heat was
an essential feature of the device. The
Navy dcfartment armor plato experts are
of the oplnlcci that the highest temperature
Is not essential to the obtaining ot the most
satisfactory face-hardened plate. * . The use
of temperature not qulto as high as that
covered by the Harvey process Is not re
garded by them as au Infringement o ! tbo
Harvey patents.
1'rnceeilliiK AKnlnnt Filibuster.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31. The attorney
general lisa received a letter from the United
States attorney at Mobile , Ala , , In which ho
states that the Inquiry Into tiio movements
of the suapected filibuster , Somcrs N. Smith ,
has not so far disclosed anything of a dam
aging character within , the laat two months.
The examination , however , has produced evi
dence tending to show that late last August
or early In September the Smith success
fully landed 1m Cuba a cargo of munltlcoo ot
war for the use of the Insurgents. Two of
the callers on this expedition have tcntlflcdi
to this effect and It la probable- the United
States authorities at Mobile will enter at
ones a formal libel against the Smith and
place Its officers on tral. !
I'nteiitH for WeHlcrn liivcnlorH.
WASHINGTON , Dee. 31. ( Special. ) The
following patents were granted today ;
Nebraska Fred S. Allen , Valparaiso , tooth
brush ; August F. Klehl , Norfolk , check
hook ; William W. Marsh , Lincoln , corn har
vester ; Edward Turuell , Elm Creek , corn
picker and husker.
Iowa Warren Cranston , Waterloo , hay-
rake and loader ; Douglass Fine , Slam , sprayIng -
Ing machine ; Earnest U. Hooper , Dca Moines ,
L. ! ' , Marks , Cedar Koplds , head for stringed
Instruments ; James A. La Grcsloy , Falrlleld ,
wagon brake ; James Mahedg , Kellcrton ,
heater ; Harvey H. Stiles , Davenport , dish
cleaner ,
I'oMtliniHlerM Appoint ( Ml.
AVASHINGTON , Dec. 31. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The following fourt-clasa postmasters
w-sro appointed today :
.Nebraska William II. Morrow. Sluibert ,
Hlcliardnon county , vice B. W. Mlnshall , re
moved , and George D. Mattlson , South Bend ,
CasB county , vice S. M. Patterson , removed.
Iowa Peter A. Knoll , Donncllsca , Lee
South Dakota Horace A. Cbase , Blunt ,
Hughes county.
Mercer Lojks Oat for tbo Packing Honso
! ff
Hint Tlicy lie Let In nn the
Mutter nt .IllililliiR for Slip-
pile * for the ,
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Congressman Mercer called nt the
Wnr department today In the Interest of the
packing houses ot South Omaha , requesting
that they bo rurnUmed with notice of the
War department Inviting proposals for sup
plies for the government relief expedition
to Alaska. Two thousand dollars has been
appropriated for the purpose and as much
ot It IB will have to bo spent In canned
meats and products of packing houses ho
asked that the department extend courtesies
to South Omaha packers , In view of the fact
that they are nearer the country to bo sub
sisted than the packing houses to the east
ward. Assistant Secretary Melklejohn has
taken great Interest In the relief expedition
to Alaska , the sickness ot tbo secretary of
war making It essential ho nuould meet all
parties credited from foreign governments
looking to the relief ot suffering miners In
that country.
Hon. Clifford SIfton , Canadian secretary
of the Interior , who has been In the city
with relation to the relief of Klondike suf
ferers , lu speaking of the Omalia exposition
said : "I should bo pleased to do everything
in my power to promote the Transml&ils-
slppl Exposition ami put Um matter before
the proper officials at Ottawa. Owing to
the magnitude ot the exposition and to our
Interests I think Canada should do all In its
power to make a creditable exhibition. "
A politician well known In South Dakota
said to The Boo regarding the report thak
Senator Pcttlgrow was endeavoring to get
back Into tha republican party , that ho was
now looking for friends who might repre
sent him , not only In the primaries , but In
local political situations , In various cities ,
towns and hamlets of the state , so that lie
would liavo an organization that would bo
powerful when his term as senator expired ,
March S , 1901 , and thereby secure his re
election to the United States senate. The
course of Senator Pcttlgrovr has been pecu
liar , and even here his friends have doubted
whether It was good politics to make the
plays ho has made for political preference.
In consequence of his position there- has
arisen against him , according to statements
of South Dakotans , n feeling which Is grow
ing stronger each year and which will Im
peril his re-entry Into republican politics.
The primaries are being looked after , so 'far
as can bo learned , against his breaking back
Into the party Which gave him political life.
According to those who dominate republican
politics In South DakoU , there will bo nn
uprising against , allowing I'eltlgrew to suc
ceed himself as Uujted Stales senator.
SnrpliiN Over 'ICMiemlHiircM ' for 'Month '
lof December.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31. The preliminary
figures of the ( government receipts and ex
penditures Issued today show that the total
receipts for the ( month of December
amounted to 59 , < J1GG8S , and the expendi
tures $27,093,000 , which leaves a surplus for
the month of $32,551iC9S. These figures , how
ever. Include the receipts and payments on
account of the Union Pacific transfer. In
dependent ot the Union Pacific account the
surplus this month Is $1,730,491. '
For the 'sixt [ months of the present fiscal
year , exclusive ot the Union Pacific pay
ments , there is ft-deficit of 514,303,000 , but
including the Pacific payments there is a
curplus of $95.454.
The receipts from customs thU month
amount to Ill.CCO.TSSj against 59,930,385 for
December , 1898. The sain over last mcuth
Is $1,830,763. /
The December receipts from fatermil reve
nue amounted to 114,342,928 , ao compared
with ; 43,10JS2S for December , 189G. The
gain la the Internal revenue receipts over
last month is $812,279. >
( Continued from First Pago. )
sent my state In the senate of the United
States , and I have so publicly expressed
mj'self , but I wish It distinctly understood
that It was never my Intention , as has been
insinuated , to use my office as governor of
the state in the manner which , has been at
tributed. I believe that It I dceircd to use
the patronage of my office to make myself
the senator from Maryland It could be done.
I think those who know me feel that rathen
than gratify any desire I may have had to
bo senator from MaryUnd by the prostitu
tion ottho _ office I hold for my own personal
advancement , I would resign It tomorrow
and .nevfer again enter public life. "
Governor Lowndes was asked what his
fdeas wore regarding the senatorial race , and
whal would be the effect of hto withdrawal.
Ho said : "Judgo McComas has a strong
following. Ho Is eminently qualified to
represent Maryland In the cenato of the
United States. " 4
1'leilRetl to Vote for Ilniinn.
COLUMBUS , O. , Dec. 31. The Dis
patch sent messages to all Ohio congress
men ns 'follows :
If Hon. M. A. Unnnoi Is the caucus nomi
nee. cap the republican members of tbo leg-
Isluturo honorably vote other/wise / than for
him ? "
To this Congressman Southard replied :
"No republican member of the legislature
who respects himself or the pledge of his
S > arty can vote against Hnnnn. for senator "
Congressman Snnttuck said : "I do not
think any republican member of the legis
lature can honorably vote for any other
than Hnnnn , whether lue Is or Is not the
caucus nominee. Hanna rans endorsed by
the state convention nnd there was an Im
plied agreement that members ot the. legis
lature shoujd carry out the convention
pledge. "
Congressman Danford says : "I reply no ,
nnd further , there Is not the slightest dan-
er that nny member elected as a repub
lican will vote against Hanna "
Congiessman Weaver said : "I do not
think nny republican imomber1 cf the legis
lature should vote' against Hanna for sena
tor , either In or. out of the caucus. "
The democrats \ & congress were asked :
"Do > ou bollovo .the' democratic members ot
the legislature can , afford to vote for a re
publican for United States senator to defeat -
feat Hon. M. A. Haiipa ? "
Congressman .Me klnson , democrat , re
plied ; "Yes , If sflim/ii oa currency when the
contingency arl q ? . "
CongrcEamnn McDowell , In effect , eald If
the democrats nlono could not elect , they
would bo JUEtlfloOi by their constituents In
voting for a atrlhtullvcr rcpubllcsn.
Culherxoit iiiul the Semite ,
AUSTIN , Tex Dep. 31 , 'Governor ' Charles
A. Culberson toddy announced himself a can
didate for the UniteU 'States ' senate , to suc
ceed Hogcr Q. Mills , 'whoso term will expire
In 1898. ' ; '
Ilryniii Jfo'w lu
SAN ANTONIO ; TCX , , Dec. ai.-w. j.
Urynn arrived here this evening from liiii
tour of Jlcxlco , Ho proceeded at once to
Austin , where ho ( will ppend one day as the ,
guest of Governor Culberson. Mr. Bryan
( stated that ho had not'changod ' his , opinion
on the frco silver question. IIu , , " compli
mented Piosldent Diaz and the hospitality
of the Mexicans In the "highest " terms.
" - J
Sixth of ( iaiiHT of KlreluiKM Con vleteil ,
U13NVEH , Dec. 31. Marks LlpscJiltz , ' a'
member of the band of Incendiaries which
operated in , this city and In Colfax three
years ago , has been convicted of conspiracy
to commit arson , Kjvo ot the song ore
already In the penitentiary , several huvo
loft the country nnd two remain to bo tried.
.Shipment of Tobacco from Culm.
NBW VOIIK , Deo. 31-Tho steamer
Concha , which ] arrived today from Havana.
brought MS bales ot Cuban tobacco. '
An Extended Popularity , Brown's Bron
chial Troches have for many years been the
most popular article In use for relieving
couctha and throat troubles.
St. Pmil I'coiito < ! lve a AVclronip In
M r. MnrUnelll.
ST. PAUL , . Minn. , Dee. St. A largely at
tended reception nua given Icmlght to the
apostolic delegate , Mgr. Sebastian Martlnclll ,
by the citizens of St. Paul In the Hyan hotel.
An address ofi welcome was read to him by
Hon. Daniel W. Lawlcr. Mgr. .Marline ! ! !
after thanking his hosts said : '
"Tho ability of a man and hta greatness
of heart and mind should bo judged by the
work ho has done and by the achievements
ho has attained. Mankind Is made up ot
domestic , civil and religious society. Leo
XIII , with his encyclical letters on mar
riage , oa the constitution of civil eoclety ,
and on the labor question , deals with the
security ot A superior mind with the greatest
problems and questions of the day and strives
to promote the prosperity and welfare ot so
ciety as well as ot the nation , pointing out
Iho niencn to bo used for attaining that end
and Indicating the evils which lead to Its
destruction or ruin. 'Among the evils pointed
out by the supreme pontiff are the want of
Individual and social freedom , the want of
honrsty , uprightness nnd religion , liccnuse
no man can bo honret , upright and loyal to
his neighbor who Is not loyal to his God ,
who Is not impressed with Iho idea that
there Is a supreme being to whom ho must
give sooner or later an account ot all hie
private nnd public actions.
"Thoro Is no need for mo to speak to you of
the pope's great love for your country and
Its la&tltuUons , nor ot < the Interest ho takes lu
Its prosperity , The general character of
Hio American people , the uaturo of your
political constitution , based < cn ono ot tha
greatest attributes with which man U endowed
dewed , with liberty , atfiods as the basis and
foundation of thU hope.A. . ke-cn observer
cannot fall to notice ibat the marvelous
progress made by 'tho Olthollo church In
this country la duo not only to Ita principles
and doctrines , but also to 'tho liberty wtilch
It cajoys In this tree land. Such progress
cannot bo accounted for unlcas wo admit the
Intrinsic forcn of Christian principles and
doctrines and the fltnoss and adaptability of
the laid In. which suc'i seed Is sowa. Let us
therefore congratulate you all for your good
dispositions end on the work already
achieved , and lot mo hope-Miat yau will por-
sovcro wKh united efforts till It will bo com
pleted cod become a model for every ether
otato and .natlcxi. "
In conclusion Mgr , Jlartlnelll paid a warm
tribute to Archbishop Ireland. The mcnslg-
nor will leave St. Paul next Tuesday , having
been the guest of Archbishop Ireland since
before Christmas , other guests during the
same tlmo Including most of 'tho ' leading
church dlgnl'tarlcs ' of Iho northwest. ,
One Favorite Only Wlnx , nnd Unit Ji > -
a Scratch.
NEW OIILBANS , Dec. 51. Crystalline ,
who shared the betting honors with Taboret
In the second race , was the only winning
choice today , nnd she was forced to a hard
drive to land the purse. The weather was
line , the trark good and the attendance
large. Summaries :
First race , five furlongs : Nancy Till
won , Saratoga , second , Solution third.
Tlmo : lOJ-i. :
Second race , five furlongs : Crystalline
won , 13en Frost second , Wiggins third.
Time : l:02 : i.
Third race , six furlongs : Gath won , Harry
Duke second , David third. Time : 1U5V4.
Fourth race , handicap , mlle and twenty-
yards : Salllo Cllquot won , Tranby second ,
Elkln third. Time : 1:4CM- :
Fifth race , ono mlle : Sister Glare won ,
Terrant second , Ultima third. Tlmo : l:45'/i.
SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 31. Weather
clear , track fast at Inglesldo today. Sum
maries :
First race , purse , eleven-sixteenths of n
mile : Prince Tyrant won , Henry C second ,
Texarkami third. Tlmo : 1:09VS. :
Second race , six furlongs : Xnmnr II won ,
Polish second , Miss Prim third. Tlmo :
1:15. :
Third race , purse , eleven-sixteenths of a
mile ; Prince IJlazcs won , Ablna. second ,
Main Bar third. Time : 1C94. :
Fourth race , handicap , seven furlongs :
Lord Marmlon won , May W second , Lib
ertine third. Time : 1S7& .
Fifth race , one nnd one-sixteenth miles :
Bernadlllo won , Marquise second , Souffle
third : Time , < 1:4SV4. :
Sixth race , one mlle : Cabrlllo won , Ru
bicon second , Key del Tlerra third. Time :
CnrrleH Oft Hoiiom In Iiitercollegltiic
'ClieHM Tournament.
NEW YORK , Dec. 31. The semi-final
round of the intercollegiate chess tourna
ment was begun today when the pairings
and openings were as follows : Mur-
dock ( Yale ) and Meyer ( Columbia ) ,
Spanish opening ; Hewlns ( Harvard )
and Young ( Princeton ) , French opening ;
CoDk ( Yalp ) and Howard ( Columbia ) . iDutch
opening ; Southard ( Harvard ) and Dana
( Princeton ) , Frencli opening.
Meyer excelled by beating Murdock In
brilliant style , forty-eight moves oeing
made. Only nineteen moves were made in
the game between Hewlns and Young , nnd
the players agreed to draw. Cook and Seward -
ard contested their game very stubbornly
and they had to adjourn the contest until
evening when Cook beat Ills man after
forty-nine moves , Southaid's superior play
was too much , for Dana , who , after forty-
one moves resigned the game.
This victory secures for Harvard tha
possession of the trophy for another year.
None of the other rivals can r'Vah their
total iot eight points , which / Harvard
men have so far scored. Fol. . , lng Is the
record of the tournament :
Won Lost
Columbia , 4 % fi %
Harvard 8 2
Yale < l/4 W
Princeton 3 7
Will Xot Meet JleCoy lit One Hundred
mill Sixty-Two Pound * .
CHICAGO , Dec. 31. Parson Davles , man
ager for Joe Choynskl , t'iio heavyweight
pugilist , today Issued the following ultima
tum in answer to Kid McCoy's announce
ment that he would meet the Callfornlan at
1C2 pounds. "Joe Choynshl will light 'Kid'
McCoy nt catch weights nt nny place and
nt any tlmo for a purse ot $3,000. Ho will
ngreo to no particular weight. " Prospects
for a meeting between the two pugilists
therefore are -lot very bright at present.
McCoy's first proposition to Choynskl was
a meeting at IBS pounds. He afterward
agreed to allow Choynlskt to enter the ring
at 102 pounds , but Parson DavlcB will not
listen to any. proposition limiting the weight
of Choynskl "Heretoforo the question
of weight did not seem to have bothered
McCoy BO much , " said ho today.Vliy Is
ho so particular in this Instance ? Ho fought
Crcedon nt cntch weights and Dick O Ilrlen ,
and when ho promised a match with Joe
nftor the Long Island city match ho said
nothlntr about 102 pounds. Wo will not
Sgree to pull the rmlit off nt Carson City ,
just to please Dan Stuart. That Is too far
' the match
nway , and wo won't postpone
until next summer either , Just to please
McCoy nnd Dan Stuart.
tJrlniniSlioot Toilny.
llelUi-H u nil tJrlnini -
DAYTON O , Deo. 31. The llvo bird shoot
between Holla Helices and Charles Grimm
for the cast-Iron medal ami tltlj of cham
pion iwlnj ; shot of America , Is to bo shot
hero tomorrow , 100 ( pigeon * each and J100
a side Grl.ran'nnd others are hero. In pro-
llmlnnry matches In a snowstorm today
MMkArt scored 03 I > er cent of b rds shot at
and his other | , lr.lB died out of bounds.
Orlmm tlld not shoot.
Severe Wind Storm at Chiittanooea ,
CHATTANOOGA , Tcnn. , Dec. 31. A de
structive windstorm visited this city at nn
early hour this morning. A largo frame
church and a two-story dwelling were de
molished and numerous minor damages
were dono. The windstorm was followed by
a heavy snowstorm.
ISlKht HiiHlnexH HuiiHt-M Hunted.
NASHVILLE , Tenn , , Drio. 31. Fire orlgl-
.Me re If 111 tPM , Wlr U.
When Lord Durert ! U.yUcroy . ( : ot India
ho had a "ahlkawyJl 'QfUPprtlnB servant ,
whose special duty Via $ * 'tend the visi
tors at the vice wilUfoJtf'- their shootIng -
Ing ercurslons. RfWinUM oa6 day from ono
of these expcdltlodf { W ilkarry encoun
tered the viceroy , tjvhtf | full of courteous
solicitude for ibla gugi/ ( enjoyment , asked :
"Well , what sort ct nyort has Lord
had ? " " 0 , " replJaJ peropuloualy polite
Indian , "tho youiirflfihyu nt t divinely , but
Qed was very we l | | -o tbe birds. "
Names of These Who Will Diract
All IClemoiit-i Arc Itcprc-n-ntril In HIP
Ortrntilxntlon , Wlileli I * llcllcvcil
to He ( lcnernll > -
| , ( , i Satisfactory ,
HAVANA , Dec. 31. Captain Ocvncral
Ulanco last night signed the appointments
ot the president of the council and the- five
secretaries , The natno of Hduardo Do'z ' was
substituted for that of Senor Arabian ] as
minister ot commerce. The following com
pose the first colonial cabinet of Cuba under
the recently Instituted echomc ot autoiiomy
which goes Into effect tomorrow :
President of the Cabinet Scnor Jose Maria
Minister of Finance Senor Hafael Monlc-
ro , marquis ot Mcmtoro.
Minister ot the Interior Scnor Antonio
Minister of Education Scnor Francisco
Minister of Commerce Kduardo Doll
Minister of Posts and Telegraphs Scnor
Lriuroaua Rodriguez.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 31. The Spanish
minister received a dispatch from Havana
this aftcrnoca giving the list ot tlic now
cabinet. It Is the same as tha foregoing
except that the official announcement ( Places
Scnor Uodrlgucz as mliilater of commerce
and Eduardo Dolz as minister ot public
works and telegraph , The dlFpateh adds
that In tlio absence of Senor Dolz. who Is In
Spain , Scnor Rodriguez will handle his own
portfolio and also that of public works and
telegraph , Mr. Dolz , the new iiamo on the
official list. Is a young Cuban and b < is been
secretary of the central commlt.teq cf the
reform party. Ho has qulto a reputation
aa an orator.
The Spanish minister regards the cabinet
ns an exceptionally strong organization ,
thoroughly representative of Cuba , ns three
of the members are Cuban-born and have
spent their lives In Cuba , and another , Rod.
rlguez , while of Spanish birth , has lived for
thirty ycirs In Cuba , and has all his Inter
ests there. It Is said , also , that the cabinet
represents the autonomists and the reform
ists , the two elements who are seeking to
carry out the present policy In Oilba. Rod
riguez and Dolz arc both reformists , Dolz
being secretary of the central reform party.
When asked for a sketch of the several
ministers , Mr. Dupuy do Lomo turned to the
book , "Cuba nnd Cubans , " by Ralmundo
Cabrera , from which the following biog
raphies of Calvcz , Montero and ( lovln are
taken :
Jose M. Golvez , premier , wna bom In
Matanzas , November 21 , 1S35. Lawyer and
a famous forensic orator. Journalist ; has
published anonymously many political arti
cles. During the revolutionary period hu ,
was ' confined In the Isle of Pines. Before
and'after his Imprisonment , and up to 1S7S.
ho remained In Havana , cxercjslng his pro-
lesslon and co-operating wlllr the revolu
tionary Junta of Now York. In recognition
of his patriotism and talents liowaj elected
by acclimation ns president of the orgai.lz-
Ing committee ot the autonomist party.
Rafael iMontcro , minister of finance , wu ;
born In Havana , 1S52 , went to 'Madrid ' In
1S67 , and became known as a crltjr
crateur and editor of La Revasta
poranea (1S77) ( ) ; undersecretary , o
cloty of Spanish Authors anwWtftts
the presidency ot Emlllo CaiJjllar , rsturnixl
to Cuba In 1S7S. Ho PsurH M.tfnt. of tljfl
founders and pillars of jt < ' ! X\JjOmIst \ party ,
of whoso executive coriiinlUti bo Is a mast
active member ; editor 'u'f ilio Rovlsta Cu-
bana. El Trlunfo and El MOSSfVleo secretary
of the Socledad Econlmoa'r'IJiWyer. Elccteilj
deputy to the Cortes" "by'Ifavana artdTm
Puerto Prlnclpo In thrco successive leglsla-l
turcs. Commissioned by the Socledad Econ-
imca (1890) ( ) to report to the government in
Madrid on the financial crisis.
Antonio Govln , minister of the interior ,
was born In Matanzas. 1817 : graduated In
law In 1872 ; ono of the founders of the au
tonomist party In 1878 ; elected secretary of
the executive committee In 1879 , which ofllce
ho still holds. Grand 'Master ' of the United
Mafonlc order of Colon nnd of the Island
of Cuba. First editor1 of the political news
paper El Trlunfo , now known as El Pals.
Managing director of the Rovlsta General
do Derocho y AdtnlnLstracIon. Collaborate :
in other literary and scientific Journals. Has
published several works on law. Orator.
Jurlstconsul , publicist.
Senor Rodriguez , minister of'commerce ,
is a Spaniard by birth , but at an early ago
ho removed to Cuba , settling nt Santiago do
Cuba , where ho became prominent as a law
yer and also as the owner of an extensive
tobacco plantation. Later he wont to Ha
vana , where he was thr > leprejsntatlve of the
Santiago chamber of commerce. Ho took a
leading position in the reformist movement ,
and Is named In order to glvo recognition to
that element In polltlw. His landed Inter
ests lu Cuba are said to bo very extensive.
Iliirrmit'w litiHt Hone Gone.
SAN FRANCISCO , Dec. 31. Late this
afternoon tha supreme court irefused the ap
plication of attorneys for Theodore Durrani
for a certificate of probable cause submitted
to that 'body ' yesterday.
Sllvi-r i\por < H to Knrope.
NKW 'YORK , Dec. 31. The stcamMiip
Eutruria , sailing for Eiircipo tomorrow , will
take out l.Oua ounces of silver.
Go to your grocer to-day
and get a 150. package of
It takes the place of cof
fee at the cost.
Made from pure grains it
is nourishing and health
Inslat that rour frroc r glres joa Oft AIN-0.
Accept no imitation.
Motl ci-H > Mornernll MothurNll !
lira. Wlnnlcm'B Soothing Syrup Iina been used
for over CO yearn by millions of moilicn for
tlielr children white teething with perfect sue-
ceca. It soothes the child , soften' the t'unin ,
allaya all pain , cures wind colic , anil U tha bent
remedy for Diarrhoea. Bold by drugglita In
every part of the world. Do euro and usk for
"Mrs. Wlnslow'n Soothing Syrup" unl take no
other kln'i 23 centa a bottle.
"Mogy" to tliu News
JANUAIJl I , 189
Tickets on sain nt "Mogyi" ) or by
_ A t7SKMBXf9. |
fhe Qu irif ;
. of Reattfli
Keturns to Lecture ! I
At the tfrsont Bluest of
- Thou , , mta
Omahr-'a-progrosalvo Worn ,14 , |
XWKTB . ' , 'S
IH * iMpv , ' , , ;
* Wl &lt\ \
. ri mil ]
Monday Roman's Hea\
Tuesday-YaleJtaaufy Sfys
Ladles you nre hereby notified that
Yale has most graciously consenti ]
again visit Omaha nnd deliver two lee :
During Mine. Yale's recent visit , - , ,
of , O8&l-a'8 progressive women who udpJt „ „
hnitAtitA tiraut by Mme. Yale's wise ah-.f "
BnaJfl-i to obtain tickets iltcf
i-n dntrittt * * to the tlicntci
consented toifiiant , but d.eel'l
lectures , so thrtt her compl.
be intelllRontly understood--
gldl benefit of sick women .aiiti , Y
deliver a sclentlllc lecture iof
ssytem Unit treats of curing all known , S.
monts nffoctint '
woman's health Kvjji , '
lady attending the lecture ;
noon , January 3rd. will receive a frco uftcv bol
tie of Mme. Yale a sreat remedy , FrtJil
"Woman's Tonic" These attendliUl
the beauty lecture
on Tuesday
Jan , 4th , will * aftcrnool
receive a valuable
Clo free , or\ (
' Stme. Yale talteo pleasure In nnnounc
that her lectures will bo compllmentof
Heservcd seat tickets for both of t
lectures can now bo obtained frco bv
Ing at tbo drug- department of the Ho
Stole , thf as tickets entitle bearer to toie. '
seats , Ssouio tickets early us many
bo turned away.
I'nxtou d
- ' : > HU5
lloyl'n OrcntcNt Suucenn
lllliUlilt , imiUHTKlt , DUTTKK THAN EVJ
Strongest Cant Ever Organized , Headed by ,
JHIM : ; AiiciiEit.
prices , Lower l'"loor ' . "
, Jl.CO , 7"o ; Balcony ,
Me. Matinee prices eamc aa evening.
> .VIY TWO MOIII3 l I--i-
- ' : " SUB
America's Greatest Comedians ,
Donnelly and Ci
nPTTTPnT"lT"7 / iH"Pi
IB Mr l-rh r / P re
1 JQJ-J < /
- M EjIJ/j.L.iJL\ .
Funniest 1'lay Kxtant.
Prlcea , Matlnco and Uveiilis , 23c , Mo , 7Ce , JJJ
2 Paxton & llurgesi , Mnnagori
' Telephone 1013 , j ,
CO.MI'A.VV , 111 lilM i
CreiiteNt of N , Y. J-eeinii Succi
of Zen
IIY AvmoNv Horn HAWKINS' ]
Prices lower Floor , $1.CO , $1.00. nnlj oy\ \
7Cc , CDc , Seats now on tialo ,
H. 15. Cnr KMli n nil Iliiveunort Sin
Matluoci TueeJay , Thursday and Baturday , 31
Headed by Thelma-tho World's arollf
Illce&Uelmar derman Comedy Sketch , 'I '
Ono week more of The , Allyna. 'Jo. '
Miss Hesalo Iliiymond PJcaslnj ; Soubreti
Mr. Ed , Wrothu Comedian.
13th nnd Douj-liis Sts. , On
J. E. BIAIlKUIi & SO.V , fcl.
110 roomi. bath * , etenm heat ini/yJl'j '
convenience * . Itatei. ll.W and M4. " rfi
Table unexcelled. Special lgruUn . li , i
* \tnlfWil1 > t > .tF