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Millions at Elalco in a Kcnutkab'.o Qnmo
Between Mnn and V/ifc.
A riiiiiiirr of 1,1 fp n ( IliiCtr , Mnn ( . ( In
\Vlilch Tim Win * Out nnil
llronl < N Toin'n Mimlit fur
Gil mitt I n K.
"One of the wealthiest men In my town
linui't got a cent to his name , " said George
Wltherby of Unite , Mont. , In a liotel cafe In
\Ynshlniton ; a few night * ngo.
The men In the party eyed Mr. Wlttaorby.
"Fad , I assure you , " ho wont on. "The
man has the use of the money , ho uses It In
lin ! tig operations lust as freely as It It be
longed to him , and ho la rated A No. 1 for
the whoc ! pile hy the commercial agencies.
Moreover , he made every dollar of the money
himself , All the same , ho can't call a sou-
martin In of It hi * own. Ho told me him-
nolf tcily the other day ( hat ho didn't have
the | > rico of a nccktlo In cash belonged
to him , and that If he happened to be called
upon to piy In. coin of his own for the half-
BollnB of lilfl show , ho'd probably have tote
to baicfoot , "
Some of the men around the table , relates
n correspondent of the New York Sun , were
DPRlnnliiK to regard Mr.Vlthcrby with
tnrnlfcstly distrustful looks , but he went on :
" 1 guess about a million Is the figure this
man has accumulated and has got the use of ,
although he doesn't now own any of It any
moro than you fellows do. It belongs to his
wife. No , ho didn't transfer It to her In
order to avoid the piyment of debts , or any
thing of the tort. He's a dcad-siuaro man.
end Ms word has always been ns good as
his bond. And ho didn't mnrry a wealthy
woman , cither , for , as I've already said , ho
earned every peseta of the pile himself. It
Is Dimply this : During the Itot four years
thU man has been playing poker with his
wife , anil she has been cluanlng him out
from the go-off. She broke him In less than
two yoirs after they started the game , and
BIO ! has kept him flat broke ever since. Ho
hasa't got Ifi cents worth of stock or bondn
In 'tho world ; he's got no personal property
except his clothes and his watch and chain
his wlfo has won all 'the rest of his Jewelry ,
though she lets him wear It ; he dcesn t row
jiotsesii so much ns nn 8x10 rough-board
shack nut at the hundreds of thousands of
dollars worth of real estate that used to
Etnml In his mine. Ills wlfo ban got It all.
Yet they are the happiest couple In thu
northwest , go everywhere together , and arc
genuine chuma and swccthcarta It Is a
( | iicer bus'ners. 1M nu'mlt , and I'll have to
glvo you tiio uetalls before you'll be able to
understand It.
"I'll to about four yenra ego , as most of
you probably know , nutto was probably thu
warmest gambling town 'In this country.
Them wcro lulf a dozen games on every
block and they weren't smothered up on the
1op floors , cither , nor perforated with pcnp-
Jioles with a house man at every hole to
Elzo up the proper people or the dangerous
ones t'jat ' tinkled for admittance. They were
run full blast on the ground floors , and the
clatter of the chips and the rattling of the
wheel marbles were Just as common sounds
In the cars of pedestrians on the main streets
of IJutte as the mom of the tamalu man la
ontho streets of San Francisco. All of the
join's were called clubs , and there was a
very wldo gamut between the best and the
worst of them.
"At faro bank you could get anything you
wanted In Ilutte , from two-bit limit to no
limit at all , and all the rest of the games ,
from mustang to fly lee and stud poker ,
worn run on the same scale to accommodate
the purstM of both punters and performers.
There was no municipal supervision of the
games at all. The only exaction was that
every layout should be run strictly on the
level , anl this was not a municipal exac
tion , but was a rule that proprietors of the
big Institutions took 'In hand and enforced.
If thu manager of a punting game pot caught
In the moBt venial sort of crooked work , or
even an attempt at crooked work , his place
would bo closed up In jig tlmo by thu chlel
of police , and no explanation would be given
why this was done. But the big bank pro-
prlotom would know why it was done.
"Well , this wealthy man of Uutte , now
without a cent of his own , was one of the
mcst profitable patrons of the high-class
iamcs until the reform administra
tion came along , about four years
ago and swept about eight out ol
ten bankti out of existence and forccil
the surviving Institutions , the leading once
6t the town , to carry on business strictly on
tbo iiulct. He made most of his money In
working Montana's gem fields , and ho was a
shruwd Investor ami a rattling good 'business
jnau. Hut he was one of those follows the
] lko of whom you occasionally run across
with an Irresistible mania for gambling In all
Its forms , yet altogether locking In the
temperament , skill and experience required
tor succccrful gambling. Ho went against
oil the heavy games that were running In
Bntto under the old regime , and he got nil
bard by nearly all of them. Ho lacked the
will power to lot the tables alone , however
And after n whllo his steady louses began to
prey on his nerves and to Injure his health.
Although he never encroached upon hlo
capital , ho sloughed away the major portion
of his very large Income on the green cloth
and If the reform administration hadn'i
happened around just about when it dh
there's ivo telling how far ho might have
gone. Although he kept at It for a fo\v weeks
after the beginning of the reform he was
too upright to to able to stand for sneaking
up back stairs , to ho Inspected through a
peephole by hangers-on for faro hells. Hut
his wife wan chiefly instrumental In his giv
ing the banks the complete go-by.
"Ho had gone hack to New Hampshire and
man-led the nweethcart of his boyhood after
liu began to pile up money In ' .Montana. Ho
got a prize , too , and he knew it , and ho did
everything In the world for her but the one
( hint ; that t > ho most wanted him to do , and
( hat was to iiult gambling.
" 'After a whllo I'll let the banks go ,
fTlminy. ' ho'd say to Jier. 'I want to give
' 0111 one good , hard welt , and get at Icasl
Komo of It back , and then you and I'll spend
our evenings playing checkers and you won'l
.worry any more. '
"Well , you all know how It goes when a
fellow stacks up against another man's game
for the iiurprao of getting his money back ,
The player plays with desperation and Im
becility , unil he gets worse mired all the
time. That was what was happening to this
man when hH wlfo got Into the game. Site
/was / and Is a pretty level-headed and accom
plished woman and clever enough to keep
thu smartest men on their mettle on any
ubjcct. ,
" 'Tom , ' Ettld she to her husband very
early ono morning when ho reached home
" with a worried look on his face , 'you know
"I'm ' no Mrs. Caudlo and that I haven't sat
up to lecture you. You've been at the bank ,
haven't you , Tom1
'Tom owned up ,
" 'And you look ta If you were Jilt pretty
bard. I suppose you wcro ? '
" 'Middling hard,1 says Tom ,
" 'Well , now , ' fho went on , 'I'vo been
hearing today that the llrst-rato man don't
play bank any more , slneo they've been
compelled to go about It In a skulking kind
of way , Anil , otter having had the honor of
jrour acquaintance and your regard ever since
I was a llttlu girl In short frocks , < it Is clear
to mo that you belong to thu tribe of first-
rate men. '
"Tom smoked his cigar and kept his mouth
" 'Tom , ' Mrs , Tom went on. 'I believe that
you Just naturally love to gamble ; that you
voro born that way ; that you liavo a pzaslon
jor venturing your money just for the excite-
jncnt. the mental stimulus of It , Am I right ? '
"Tom ( licked the aelies from his cigar In
I way that said 'yes , ' but he kept still ,
" 'Well , ' said she after ' '
a pause , 'I've got
"Tom told mo afterward that he though !
it the tlmo that his wife was delirious from
inxiety , and thit ho looked at her pretty
" 'You needn't taro at mo In that way
om , ' she said. 'I'm not cruty and I havcn'i
Wet hysterics. I kuow Just what I am talk-
Jog about and I mean every word I say.
BUy borne and gamble with me ! I like to
gamble , too , although I'vo never told you
I'm pwf ctljr certain Ut J c n ylay OB K ' ! ft p-mr of < lr. w pj'tcr n y i
r n V-j'i might as well ki'pp all this money
you arc wnstinir at ilir public tables In ilu1
jomily mid let me have ionic fun out of u ;
" 'Tlmmy you're lonti y , % Bay Tom.
" 'No. I'm not , either. ' replied Mrs , Trm.
'Vnu know I'VP a lot of innney In the
bank that I really IIAVS no use for. You
gavn It In me flat , ami It's rrally and truly
inliio. Isn't It ? Well , thiii , too. am I not
entitled to a one-third Interest In everything
you hive ? I've nlways understood It that
way. All right. I'll play the money I've
Already got and my one-third Interest in
your estate. You enn advance mo Install
ments on It. Then , Tom , I'll 'bust ' you'
Isn't that they call It ? '
" 'Well , Tlmmy , ' said Tom. 'I'll RO you. '
" 'It was such a novel sort of preposition , '
he said to me afterward , 'nnd It was no
nslmiatlngly put , besides , tl'at I just couldn't
tiolp but agrco to It then and there , and
to sUnd for It afterward. '
Well , this couple started their two-
lianded panic of draw on the very next night ,
and Tom told me that from the very go-on
lie never had so much fun playing card a In
his life. Not that his wife didn't know the
game. He had taught her the game of poker
soon after they wcro married , and on hla
evenings at home they had often played a
quarter limit game for the fun of the thing.
Hut It was so queer to bo playing with his
wlfo for really Immense stakes , ns they did
In nil eatnestneBs play when the game waa
well under way , that this Dutto man relished
the play enormously. Ho quit the faro banks
altogether , and devoted all of his apart ! time
to HIP attempt to brat his wlfp.
" 'If I succeed In breaking her , ' he said to
romc of us after the nm few weeks , 'of
course I'll hand back to her nil of the deeds
nnd securities constituting her one-third that
she has solemnly made over to me. Hut she
doesn't know that I will , and Is playing her
keeps , nnd so my fun Is not diminished a
particle. '
"Ho Mnn found that his attempts to boat
his wife's game nnJ her luclc were not pan
ning out. The whole truth of the matter Is
that she wns n better poker player than he ,
but what man would over own. up , even to
himself , that hla wife could beat him at the
game of draw or any other kind of a game of
cards ? In the first place , she was about 100
per cent more cool-headed than he ; In the
place , she hail a keneer appreciation
of the value of hands ; In the third place ,
she was a bluffer ; and In the fourth place ,
she knew her husband llko a book , nnd could
figure down pat from the expression of his
face just what his handa were worth. When
you throw Ir. with all of these advantages
the natural Intuition of a woman , and the
Instinctive 'hunch' she has to do the right
thing Just nt the right tlmo , you can per
ceive that this man I nm tolling you about
didn't have such a show as he thought ho
luil when ho talked to his friends about re
storing nil of his winnings to his wife nt the
"The little woman wns not loser a dollar
from the very first night they started play.
.VI the end of n month , as Tom told me hlm-
rclf. It scorned to bo no longer n question as
to which of the two would come out uhcad
on a night's play , but simply a question ns to
how much he would lose. At the end of olx
months his wlfo hnd $200,000 , worth of his
securities In her comiurtment of their safe
deposit vault.
" ' ' about this tlmo.
'Lose ? said Tom to me
'Holy smoke , she doesn't know how to lose !
She'll havemo a pauper before I know
whore I am. And bluff ! Say , she bluffs me
out of my own jackpots on eight or ten high
when there are thousands of dollars In the
pot. Then when I conclude to put a stop to
this binning and raise her up to the cell-
Ing by betting whole slathers of money on
really good hands I happen to hold , she
holds fours or a straight Hush. There's no
way I know of to got a line on the way a
woman plays poker ; but she's got me HO
deep in the hole now that I've got to bee the
game through. '
"Well , nt the end of n year this nervy
Httlo woman had not only captured all that
jortlon of her husband's Income that ha.l
forrr.erly helped to enrich the green cloth
men of Dutte , but she had gathered In about
an oven halt of bis capital. * H was all his
to manipulate and do business with , ns I've
told you ; but it was in her name. It took
her another year to break him. but she mndo
a mighty slick job oil It nt the end. It was
almost exactly two years to n day after they
had started the game when the Inevitable
night cimo on which this IJutte man had to
sail the sponge nnd acknowledge that ho
wns nil up. Each of them had on a corner
of the table a list of securities , stocks ,
bonds and other properties , with the money
values noted , that they Individually owned ,
and they hnd devised n system of checking
this list oir with a pencil as the securities
were wagered In the pi-egress of the play.
Then at the end of each week they would
have a settling day , and on these settling
days , nlno times out of ten , the securities
and real estate deeds would bo transferred
wholesale from the husband's to the wife's
side of the safe deposit vault. On the night
that she broke him flat she had been bluff
ing so persistently that he concluded he
would call a halt to that sort of thing as
soon as ho got a good hand. His opportunity
arrived when ho gave himself thrco Jacks
and then another Jack on the draw. Ills
list of securities beside him was pretty
well checked off by this time , but ho thought
ho had a. good enough hand to do n double
or quits turn , and so , when ho saw that his
wlfo was Inclined to raise him In the bet
ting , ho Just fired the whole list In the mld-
dlo of the table.
" -If I haven't got you beaten this time ,
Tlmmy , ' ho said , 'I might as well go broke. '
" 'Well , that won't break you. you know,1
she replied , sweetly. 'You've sot your diamonds
mends yet. haven't you ? '
" 'Oh , I'm too strong this tlmo to let you
bluff mo out that way , Tlmmy , ' said ho.
'It you have the audacity to think you've
got m < > beaten this tlmo and will stand for
Hid raleo hy checking off an equal value on
that little list of yours over there , I will
put Into the pot everything I own In the
world except my duds rrid this watch and
chain that was given to me nt home when I
was u boy. '
" 'And the value of what you've got left ?
she Inquired , cool as a cucumber.
" 'Well , ' said Tom , 'I guess my rings nnd
pins are worth $10,000. and you can ap
praise my wardrobe at about $1,000. '
"Tholittle woman calmly took the pencil
nnd checked off $11,000 worth of securities
on her list. - > '
" 'I call you , ' said ohe.
"Tom smiled as ho spread out his hand.
" 'Too bad. Tlmmy , ' ho said. 'Four Jacks. '
" 'Too bsd , Tommy , ' said nho , spreading
out her hand. 'Four queens , ' "
OK 'FlAV' ( Wi.VTlIKH.
I'alr lit NcliriiBUn , ivllli I.lKliI .Smith
WASHINGTON , Nov. 2.-Forecast for
Woilnt'Fday :
For Nebraska , Kansas nnd South Dakota
Fair ; llht ( poiitli winds.
For Iowa ami Missouri Fair , variable
" " '
"l"dr'\Vyomlngl-Fiilr ; variable winds.
1.oi-u I llfonril ,
OMAHA , Nov. 2. Omaha record of rainfall
iiml temperature comp.iroil with the cor
responding tlay of the last three years :
Maximum temperature , . 01 48 CO 40
Minimum temperature . . 27 37 41 33
AvewKH temperature . . . . 44 42 f 4 40
Hnlnfull 00 .00 .00 .00
Hcoonl of temperature nnd precipitation
at Omaha for this tiny nnd since March 1 ,
HU7 :
Normal for the clay 42
Hxeess for the day 2
Accumulated L-XCCHH since March 1 401
Normal rainfall for the day O."i Inch
Deficiency for the tliiy 05 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 17.S7 inches
Oefli'U'ncy ainco March 1 10.37 InchCH
Kxct'ss for cor. period. 1S3G 4.41 Indira
UellclfiKT for cor. period , 1833. . . . 10.00Inches
from .Sliilliiiix nl H i > , in. ,
75th MerlJIan Time.
Time.&l &
ajj ! S
Ornahu. rUur 10 , ,00
North I'lalle. cleur . . . . . . 72 ,00
Halt I < ake City , cloudy CS .00
Cheyrmie. cleur 70 .00
llniilil t'lty , part cloudy 70 | .0)
Huron , clear . , , ( S , .00
Clilrngo , clfar 60 | .CO
Wlllliton , cleur SO , .04
Kl. lmil > , clear
Bt , 1'uul. clear .00
Davenport , clear .00
Helena , cloudy , , , .00
ICunsoH City , clear , .00
Havre , cloudy .00T
lUnmarck. clear .0)
GaUetton. clear C2 . (0 (
T Indicate * trace ot precipitation.
J * A. WELSH. I/XiU Forecast Official
Hartley's Attorneys File n Motion in the
Supreme Ootiit.
II > ' thr Hnlr * OpinliiK | CiiiiMNct llnvc
Ttvonty llnj'n 1'llcllrli'f *
Ucdilicr UO , Wlii'ii Hnrlli'j-'n
llrlrfN Wcro I'Mlt-d.
LINCOLN , Nov. 2. ( Special. ) The at-
torneje for cx-Stato Treasurer Hartley have
filed a motion In the supreme court asking
the court to set a day for the hearing and
argument of his case and to fix a time In
which the state's attorneys shall serve and
fllo briefs. Hartley's briefs were filed Oc
tober 20 and the rules of the court allow the
opposing counsel twenty days In which to
fllo reply briefs.
Attorney General Smyth has appealed the
Home for the Friendless case to the supreme
court. The case was brought In district
court some time ago upon mandamus pro
ceedings commenced by Mrs. C. S. Jones , the
newly appointed superintendent , to gain pos
session of the home. In his decision dis
missing the writ of mandamus Judge Holmes
said that the state had entered Into a con
tract with the society.
I'll ? I IT IX A I'd IIINC llllOTtt.
l Simple In n Conlrovorny mill
Ilir Scrap lliTumcM ( Ji-iifrnl.
nKATItlCB , Neb. , Nov. 2. ( Special Tele
gram. ) An exciting encounter between
prominent citizens occurred at the Second
ward polling pl-ico tonight. The room was
packed with watchers aid In a controversy
over a ballot , Frank Norcross olrnck Judge
J. E. Hush , who had a few moments before
'been ' engaged In a controversy with Nor
cross' father. Charlie Hush , a son of the
Judge , who was on the board when his father
was struck , attempted to take a hand In
the affair , which resulted In a general scrap.
As soon an quiet had been restored , young
Until , who hid stepped outside with the
crowd , took up the iiuarrcl hy striking young
Norcross In the face. Bystanders again In
terfered and further trouble was averted.
Previous trouble between the two families
\\as largely responsible for the .affair.
Kiinrnil of Itlt-hnril Can mm.
T12CUMSEII , Neb. , Nov. 2. ( Special. )
The funeral of Hichard Cannon , who was
killed at Alliance , Neb. , last Saturday , was
held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Cummins In Tecumseh ycsterdaj. lift.
T. U. Davis of the Unptist church In
charge. The Interment was made In the
TccuniEph cemetery. The young mini was
but 2G years of age , was single anil hla
parents ore not living. lie was a switch
man at Alliance and In attempting to cross
the track In front of a moving locomotive
frll and was run over. He lived three hours
after the accident. Mr. Cannon formerly
resided here.
IIIiMV Open n .Stiff.
BDGAU , Neb. . Nov. 2. ( Special. ) The
Clay county hank of this city was broken
Into last night and the safe blown open , but
before the robbers had tlmo to secure the
money James McNally , editor of the I'cot ,
who happened to hear the explosion , came
upon the scene and the robber fled. He
aroused Stout and Voorhces. the proprietors ,
and returned with them to the bank , but no
trace of the robbers could be RCCII. There
was about $2,000 outside of the cash reserve
drawer , most of which was still In the safe.
It Is not known yet how much cash the rob-
bere secured , If any.
Hull nil A. O. I' . W. Tri-HHiiror.
UED CLOUD. Neb. , Nov. 2. ( Special. )
The safe In II. E. Grlco's drug store was
opened last Saturday night and about $50
taken. The robbers drilled Into the eafo door
with a common brace and steel bit and blew
It on with a charge of powder. Mr. Grlce
Is financier of the Ancient Order of United
Workmen lodge and as it was the last of the
month It is thought the robbers counted on
getting a large sum of money that Is paid
In on assessments at this time.
The gang la supposed to he the same that
robbed a saloon In Guide Uock Friday night.
lllHlorlriil Iliillilliit ; TiiUfN Pin- .
MILFOUD , Neb. , Nov. 2. ( Special. ) The
building that was kpown In the early history
of Mllford as the Frlsbco house caught flro
yesterday from explosive stove polish. The
lire was soon gotten under control and the
damage was Htt'o moro than nominal.
The Frlsbco house was built In 1SG7 and
was orglnally sixteen feet square , with a
small lean-to for a kitchen. A host of Ne
braska notables have eaten and slept In the
building In the early days.
Hnllriiiiil Itcct-lptN An * l.nrKc.
SHELTON , Neb. , Nov. 2. ( Spectil. ) Re
ceipts for the month of October at tibe Union
Pacific station here are almost $32,000. This
is a large increase over several years past
and Is In part accounted for by large ship
ments of stock to this point for feeding.
NVliritNliiiIMVH \ntcH.
Corn , huskers are scarce In the western
part of the state.
A school near Shclton has been closed on
account of whooping cough.
Members of the Christian church at Beaver
Cl. ; ' are building a house of worship.
Farmers In Hitchcock county lost several
head of stock during the recent storm.
Farmers near Battle Creek are. buying
sheep In lots of 2,000 and lesa , for winter
Ewlng has a mad dog scare. Several heaO
of stock have been bitten by a dog supposed
to have been mad.
Dr. U. C. Talbot of Broken How got tangled
up In a runaway , and sustained the fracture
of a collar 'bone plus two rlh .
The ministerial cosoclatlon of Holdrege
district. Western Nebraska Conference of the
Methodist Episcopal church , will bo held at
HUhop Scanncl of the Omaha Catholic
diocese , assisted by Hev. Father Flood , con
firmed a clsss of fifty-four at Broken. How
The 10-year-old eon of E. H. Heskltt of
Sidney was thrown from a cart on Sunday
last and both bones of his right forearm were
broken near the wrist.
Emll Anderson , ago , ' ! 13 , of Mason City ,
with several lads , was digging a "dungeon"
when the ground caved , burying him com
pletely. When rescued his only Injury was
found to bo a broken leg.
The Battle Creek Republican has on exhi
bition an car of corn that beats anything
seen In that line In uhat vicinity. H weighs
nearly two pounds , has twenty-two rows of
corn aril over 1,200 grains 1n all and meas
ures ten and one-half Inches In circumfer
ence at the butt end.
George Humphrey , formerly a resident of
I'lerco county , la charged with the murder of
his wife's brother , the. act being committed
near his old homo In Marlon county , Vir
ginia , while under the Influence of liquor.
George , with a party , was out hunting and
got on ono of those sprees ho was noted for
while In Nebraska , striking Cils victim with
a rock. The boy lingered for several weeks
before dying.
Tuesday night of last week fifteen head of
cattle disappeared from the ranch of the
Beaver Creek Cattle cotiiiony near Valen
tine , They were missed the next morning
and E. 0. Perkins , foreman of the ranch ,
atartcd In search of them but could not find
their trail. Every indication points to the
fact that the cattle did cot estray from the
ranch but were driven away. Among the
bunch were cows , Btccrs , belfera and
calves and two or thrco of the
missing cows had calves In the
herd , Ono of three cows went to the
farm of Nelg I'oleu the next day twenty
five mlk'a cast , going there from the north
and had evidently left the other cattle on the
Indian i enervation to go to her calf. That
the cattle weru rustled there seems to be uo
Harry Cole , a mulatto who hag a small
barber shop at Chancery and Hanover streets ,
Trenton , N. J. , U turning white. Two years
ago ho noticed white sfola ou hla right arm ,
: Restored to Health
And Hundreds of Dollars Saved by
Dr , Miles Restorative Nervine.
G. STAIIH , liimlwnixs dealer UptvU. FUANKL1N MILKS , LU U. ,
nnd iiro.slilunt of the lloiu'oyi1 BHcommenced active practice more
Kails Water Co. , of llonroyo than twenty years ago , directing
Falls . . " . Ids energies especially to the nervous
, N. Y. , writes : "I have taken Dr.
Miles' Uestorativo Nervine , imieh to my system ou the theory that u derange
ment of the cells of the brain
nerve exerted
benefit , having HUiTered for years pant
erted a wider Influence in the production
from nervous prostration , dizziness and
tion of disease than was supposed. Dr.
a weak , tired feeling. I have bseii tivatL
Miles' theories have been gradually
od by a number of plyslelans , but receiving
adopted the world over and the wonderful
ceiving no permanent benefit , I tool ;
ful results attained by Dr. Miles' system
Dr. Miles' llestorntivc Nervine and can
of restorative remedies , directed especially
only speak of It in the highest terms ,
ially to the nerves lias led to many Imitations
as it restored mo to health and saved
itations , some of which have been widely
hundreds of dollars Jh doelors' bills. 1
ly advertised , but none have equalled
have also recommended the Nervine to
the elllcacy of Dr. Miles' scientifically
many of my friends and take pleasure
prepared remedies. They have gradually
in telling the public of the permanent
ly , but surely , grown in popularity.
benefit I received from it. " Those who 113 them are their best ad
Dr. Miles' Kestonillyo Nervine is with vertisers , i
out doubt the grainiest restorer to Itev. W. H. Baldwin of Oak CHIT ,
health , from nervous'lustration. It is Texas , says : "For years I suffered with
the great cure for the nervous , weak , facial neuralgia , especially In the eyes.
' . A plain story of my paiu > would read
tired out In body and 'spirit. For the
like exaggeration. No tongue can toll
sleepless , the dyspeptic , the rheumatic ,
what I endured for twenty yeais. The
the sufferer from fear and melancholy. Texas Baptist Herald advertised Dr.
It strengthens the memory and the Miles' Remedies. 1 took the Nervine
mind , and Imparts to the listless and and its effects are wonderful and scorn
discouraged the impulse to IK > up and to bo permanent. I have no fear of that
the will to do. Dr. Miles' Nervine is an dreadful enemy and say to everyone ,
absolute nerve tonic thatmakes , the step do not suffer with any nervous disease
elastic , the disposition cheerful and the when you can obtain Dr. Miles' Itestorn-
spirits buoyant. It is 'a ( strengthening tivo Nervine. "
nerve food that rebuild ' the decayed Dr. Miles' Itemedles are sold by all
and destroyed nerve .tissues , replacing druggists under a positive guarantee
the worn-out weakened nerves with flrst-bottle benefits or money will bo re
new , fresh and vigorous life , and sends funded. Hook on diseases of luiirt and
men anil women about their dally du nerves sent : free on request by the Dr.
ties .with renewed energy and vigor. Miles Medical Co. , Elkhart , Ind.
e Restore
It is true that exclusive furnishing goods
houses are severely hampered by the
competition of merchants who sell caps
and gloves only as adjuncts to their other
lines , and who in order to attract custom
ers offer them at the lowest prices Test
the power of a small outlay in jthcse de
partments of ours Jor example-
A black cloth or mixed colors cap in golf style
with ear protection
Silk lined golf and square crown , all wool caps ,
the exclusive cap and hat house 75c article
Satin lined Scotch wool , all colors and styles ,
for cold weather wear
Extra heavy caps of plush , melton
and beaver cloths
Oil tanned calf gloves
( lined or unlincd ) . . . .
Heavy cashmere gloves 2f&sf
( self lined ) . . . * -J * * s
Street and '
driving gloves
Undressed kids , " ! '
( castors and rt ochas )
Heavy woofeii'mittens ' , mittens tmde of hide , sheepskin
backs patented domfort gloves and mitts , kid gloves for dress
wear only , and gloves for the school boy , all are here.
, , gs ,
Cor. 14th and Douglas Sts ,
Mail order department for outsiders.
which grow until hla arms were nearly
while. Similar spots began to appear on
other parts of his body until he U now two-
thirds white. The spots when they dm made
their appearance wcro no bigger than a pin
head. Ills face etill remains yellow , but
the small whltu spots ore beginning to make
their appearance. Cole figure * that within
the next sixteen months he will be a white
man. Where the black fades away tbo tkln
Is of the color of that of the Caucasian race.
No other members of Cole's family have been
similarly affected. They are all dark omo
of them very black uegroes.
JI.-IN nn.
A Cleveland man who has been In London
brings back a story of two costermongers.
They had made a bet of half a sovereign and
the drinks as to which could cJtcli the most
flan. Accordingly , wlih the drinks taken be
forehand , they had repaired to the river and
cast In their llnca. They sat there for some
thing like four or five houra without cither
jf them getting even a bite. Klnally one
or them Imagined thai he felt a nibble , and
In his excitement ho fell Into the river.
"net's off ! " cried the other coster. "It'a
no fair dlvln' fer 'eml"
Extraordinary Offer
A chance to secure a valuable
addition to your library at very
small expense
Prepared in anticipation of the
Centennial demonstrations to
occur throughout Ireland dur
ing next year. This work will
be welcomed by all who con
template a visit to the Emerald
Isle during 1898 and by tour
ists who have visited the islander
or who anticipate a journey to
its beautiful and picturesque
sections. To those who are
familiar with the scenes em
braced in this splendid series
of photographs the views will
possess particular interest. . .
The descriptive sketches ac
companying these views were
prepared by
These illustrations are not con
fined to any one locality in Ire
land , but include every section
of the Emerald Isle from Lif"
ford to Bantry and from
Dublin to CaBway.
The Round Towers , Vine Cov
ered Abbeys , Crumbling Mon
asteries , Shrines , Churches and
Cemeteries , the BattBe Fields
and Eviction Scenes are all
faithfully portrayed in this great
word .
Til .
Bring 10 cents to The Bee of
fice , either in Omaha or Coun
cil Bluffs.
Mailed to any address on receipt
of 10 cents in coin.