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    THE 01SIATTA DAILV Hi : , . 1.VPt'nf > AT , OCTOBER 16 , 18i 7.
Mi.voit Mn.vrto.v.
lUrry Murphy , coil and wood. 37 Main.
Ii. Shrlvcr , dentist. McrrUm blk. , rom 240
Smoke Ollle ? Choice , 1023 South Main
Senator N. Krllz of 1'emlor , N'cb. , Is Iti
p- ( ho city on ImsliicfU.
pr Mr. and Mrs. J'.hn V. Davis and Mrs. Fred
Davis me In Chicago.
K. H. Gregory of Hot Springs , Ark. , Is In
the city vIMtlnc relatives.
$ Dick ( lunnoudo has gone to visit relatives
&t the llotobud Agency , S. n.
M. S , Walker o' Dos Molncs , formerly ot
thin city , U visiting friends here.
Satisfaction guaranteed at the reliable
llluff City steam laundry. 1'hone 314.
Mrs. Fred ( Iran , recently the guest of
Mrs. K.0 , llaldy , has returned to her home
In North I'latle , Neb.
Roy Lane , who lias been visiting friends
here for some time , departed last evening
for Central City , Neb.
Stranger In town. A lot of soiled linen.
Where Is tbo best laundry ? Ask any Opllcc-
man. Ho will tell you the "HaBlc,1 .21
II way.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Kastncr returned
last evening from their bridal tour to the
west and will go to housekeeping on Third
Thomas Ulshton furnishes only the best
grades of coal , guarantees correct weight and
prices as low as anywhere In the city. JIOG
"West Ilroadway.
Mrs , llallock , who has been visiting her
niece , Mis. A. C. Harding of Twenty-third
street uml Avenue 11 , left last evening for
Jier home In Waterloo. Neb.
Council muffs people cnn obtain copies of
the International art series. "Ireland In
PlctlllcV by calling at the Council Uluffs
oillco of The lice , No. 10 Pearl street.
The Denlson Herman Lutheran conference
will meet at Denlson on tno 10th. This con
ference Includes all of the churches on the
Northwestern from the Bluffs to Ilonne.
J"r. ) ( ! eoge : L. I.onpe of Uessemcr , Mich. ,
1s thu guest of Mr. airl Mis. George Van
Ornian nt the Transfer hotel , while en route
for his home after a six weeks' trip through
The dlrls' Industrial school meets this
afternoon at the Klscman building. Miss
Nellie Dodge and Miss llrldeiisteln will be
there to assist In the practice of music before
the opening.
Mcl'lierson & Reed will open today at their
downtown store. No. 0 I'earl street. Carnn-
tlona , roses or buttonhole bouquets will be
given to lady or gentlemen visitors. All are
invited to call.
Messrs. Legge. Konlgmacher , Estcp , Me-
J.llllau , Grey , Upo , llrownlcc , Stevenson , I'at-
ton and J. C. Mitchell accompanlned an ex
cursion of Knights of the Mystic Shrineto
Fremont. Neb. , this afternoon.
Mrs. C. U. H. Campbell has returned from
a week's visit with Mrs. K. S. I'usey of Den
ver. On Sunday evening Mrs. Campbell , ac
companied by Mlsa Nieman ot Schuyler , will
leave for a brief visit in Chicago.
H. N. Sucksdorf and daughter of Trcynor
were among the guests at the Kell yesterday.
( Mr. Sucksdorf is one of the most extensive
land owners and stock raisers of that local
ity , lie and his daughter are cu route to
the west on a pleasure trip.
Mrs. Cora Williams died at Kirksvllle , Mo. ,
on Thursday , where she has been residing for
Borne time taking medical t eatment. Mrs.
Williams was n niece of Mrs. E. J. Gilbert.
The body was brought hom& last evening and
will bo burled here. Arrangements for the
funeral have not been completed.
Ellle C. McKenzle. daughter ot A. and
Catharine McKcnzlc , died yesterday morning
at their home In Silver Creek township ,
aged 20 years. Deith resulted from typhoid
fover. The deceased was born In Summer-
Bide , P. E. I. , Canada , and came to Silver
Creek township with her parents In 1S78.
Mrs. Grace A. Grady died of heart trouble
yesterday at 11:30 : o'clock at the home of her
daughter , Mrs. Hale S. Hutcliliis , at 100
Fourth street. Tno dccensed was a widow ,
C8 years of nge , and resided In Sioux City ,
Avhcro the remains will be taken today for
Interment. She was here visiting her daugh
ter nnd was taken sick last Tuesday.
Nelson Allen , the colored man who
swindled James Donahue , a Kansas youth ,
out of | 10 on the plea that It was to bo full
compensation for carrying him as a Pullman
pafiscnger to the Pacific coast , was brought
over from Omalm yesterday. He refused to
come without the formality of extradition
papers and had his wish gratified. He will
bo tried upon the charge ot obtaining money
under fnlKe pretenses.
Henry O. Kent , of Lancaster. N. H. , was
In the city yesterday on business connected
with ono of the Cass county banks thut 13 In
the hands of n receiver. While hero Mr.
Kent took occasion to talk pretty freely about
politics In his own section of the L-uiiuiry.
Ho was the defeated candidate for governor
of New Hampshire last fall , and , as the New
England states went wholly republican last
year , that means that Mr. I\eni the
democratic candidate.
Ex-Congressman Ilynum of Indiana , chair
man of the national democratic committee ,
will spend tomorrow In this city the guest of
Postmaster llowman. Mr. Jlyniim spiuks at
Clarlnda tonight In the Interest of sotr.i.l de
mocracy and sound money , and on Monday
evening ho will speak In Missouri Valley. It
has been suggested that he might bo induced
to address a religious meeting In this ciiy on
Sunday evening , but th're Is slight probabil
ity ot him doing so , and a large party of
sound money democrats has been niado up to
accompany him to the Valley on Monday.
Prof. J. C. Hlsey went to Lincoln yesterday
to attend the meeting of the department of
state BUt'orlntendance of Nebraska. On
Thursday ho took the phonographic records of
about half a dozen pupils In Miss Thompson's
room , and a number of specimen fiages of the
work oi the pupils In Miss Morgan's room
In the illoomer building. These were to be
used In Lincoln last evening to Illustrate the
methods of teaching nnd exemplify the work
of the pupils In the Council Illuffs schools.
Prof , Hlsey has been rolled upon to explain
the work at flu Lincoln meeting. He cxpcctii
to return todiy.
C. 11 , Vlavl Co. , female remedy ; consulta
tion free Oillco hours , 0 to 12 and 2 to u.
Health book furnished. 32G-327-32S Merrlam
block. .
N. Y. Plumbing comjmny. Tel. 250.
CoulniiMi for a Million Uriel.- .
K. A. Wlckham concluded a cent act yester
day with the Armour people In South Omaha
by which he Is to deliver Immedlitely 1,000.-
000 building brick. Mr. Whyiim has on h nd
at the present tlmo about l.oOO.OOO br k , and
expects to find sale for the remainder of the
lot in Omaha during tlio season.
"SOLID , not liquid ! "
Oh , the dignity
of an Honor *
Care !
The yigor'innjdng nnd actual nerve-
buildintj ( Dualities of Dr. Cliarcot'a
Koln Nervine Tablets are prtcise.
Dr. Charcot's q lclcy | rctn-
cdy nen'ous
nfilicticilS and
repair shat
tered nerves.
They kill
brain fatigue
mid keen the
k intellect.
Your capa-
'city for work
nud pleasure
_ _ will be doub
led If you will accept the simple treat
ment ,
llundredi of dank men and women have
wiiitcn to ui of their relief. Send for
jiroot ; of curei. Kola Leaflet 1'ice ,
Price , GOc and $1 a. package. Accept
nothing that Jiftt not carry Dr , Chariot's
name on the f adage. Druggists , or (
Eureka Chemical and Manufacturing Co ,
ta Cieuc , Wii ,
Postal Authorities Bollovo They Am on the
Bight Track.
Throw n I.ltlli-
on Hie OreiirreiH-e mill Iti'Niilt In
Severn ! of the.
ItullMllClerks. .
"Tho man who stole the postal registry
pouch will be arrested as sure as his name is
, " remarked a postal employe yesterday ,
"And ho will be arrested before he Is many'
days older , too , " continued the speaker. "Ho
lug gotten away with a bigger load than he
can carry , and he will either drop It soon or
it will be taken away from him. "
About all of the facts connected with the
dlsaiiicaranco of the J14.COO iiackago were
bought : to light yesterday , despite the efforts
of the postal authorities to keep It all quiet.
The date of the disappearance Is much longer
ago than was at first stated. The pouch
reached the transfer depot here on the- after
noon of September 29 , and the special agents
of the department have been puzzling their
brains over It ever since. The circumstances
under which It disappeared were correctly and
exclusively staled In The lleo yesterday
moi nlng. Thu postal clerks Into whoso hands
it was last trace. ) both reside in this city.
They huh declined to make any statement
contenting the matter for the i-iuson thai It
was the custom of the depatinent to ical the
lips of all of Its employes under such circum
stances. George V. II. llrlll , who recelptol
for the missing pouch and neglected to enter
It on his book , resides at 2535 Fourth avenue.
He has lived In Council Bluffs for many
ycais , and has been In the railway mall servIce -
Ice 1'or ' tlio last ten years. Ho bea-s the
j highest charade : for Integrity and honesty.
Ills run Is from Council lllnffs to Cheyenne.
Thomas Pheney , the clerk on the Burlington's
fast mall , who consigned the pouch to llrlll
and took his receipt far It , lives with his
family , on the corner of Avenue H and North
Ninth street. Ho has been In the railway
mall service for more than ten years , and Is
| likewise above suspicion.
It was admitted yesterday that the depart
ment had about ceased Invcs'.lgatlng ths em
ployes on the eastern end of the Union Pa
cific division and were looking up some
warm clews on the western end , and al
though It wus most strenuously denied yes
terday It was quite well understood that
special agents of the department and tno
Insurance company were sulllclently well sat
isfied as to tne 'Identity of the thief as to
Justify his arrest.
The methods pursued by the department
are supposed to throw every possible safe
guard around the handling and transporta
tion of valuable property that goes through
the malls. The regulations require the per
sonal Inspection and checking by two or
three men of every pouch containing regis
tered mall , but owiii to the rush this is
frequently impossible. Often it Is counted
has'lly and checked and received In a lump.
When the pouch containing the small for
tune disappeared this rule of the depart
ment was fully observed and every otic of
the hags passed through the hands of liic
two mall agents and were checked by the
transfer clerk at the depot , John Powers ,
lly some means that the department can only
explain as an oversight Postal Clerk Drill
/ailed to make the entry of the pouch In his
book. It has also been ascertained from the
Chicago end that there were on this par
ticular day two register pouches for Ogden.
There 'Is always one each way every day
and the postal clerks have become so fa
miliar with It that it would be an Impossi
bility to overlook It In checking or entering
It on their books. The fact that there were
two on this day was extraordinary anj gives
rise to the suspicion that a conspiracy to
steal It might have originated In Chicago and
chance would be given If by some oversight
.one of the clerks should fail to
note the presence of two and ac
cording to custom receipt for only
the one that came regularly. The
two Ogden pouches would be entered on ihe
books , the regular one first ar.J the extra
represented by ditto marks under It. It Is
supposed that this might have been the case
with the books In th'Is instance and that
llrlll had overlooked the ditto marks when
making his entries. From the time the
pouches are received In the mall cars until
they are delivered at their destination or to
some other clerk they are not taken out of
the Iron cages prepared to receive them. It
is presumed that when some other clerk
along the Una found Drill's report showing
but one bag ami two on hand he concluded
that U was hia pie. iAt least this Is the the
ory the department ofllcers are working. The
fact that seems the strangest of all Is that
.particular and valuable pouch should be the
one that Is missing.
ll * nl listnd- Transfer * .
The following transfers are reported from
the title and loan ofllco of J. W. Squire , 101
Pearl street :
Lucy M. Fair and husband to
Charles L. Conr ! ; s'fc ' lot 22 , John
son's add , and n'.i e > { . lot 5 , orig
inal plat , w. d $ 550CO
A. C ! . Hough and wife to Edward M.
Smart ; lot I. block 10 , Oakland ,
w. il. . . 100/0
Samuel M. Hicks to the Avoca
bunk ; ' / He4 ! 20 nnd sVi mvU 21-
7fi-29 , w. d 4,7ir > .n
Edward U. McMahon and wife to
John T. Hcdlek ; lot 2 ! ) , block 11 ! ,
Potter & George Co.'s add. , H.
w. d 2-00
Same to fame ; blocks 3 , 4 and u ;
lots 1 to 7 , 10 to IS nnd Ifi to SO ,
l.ock : C ; lots 1 to 15 and IS to .TO ,
block 111 ; blocks H and 1.1 ; lots 1
to 2S , block 1C , Potter & George
CO.'H add. , s. W. d 2.03
Charles T. Olllcar and wife to Terry
Uvimoiv ! ; lots 20. 22 and 23 , block I ;
lots 10 , 12 and 2 : ! , block . " > , and lots
31 and Si , block C , Uabbltt Place ,
w. (1 1CO.CO
Hi mi' to Eudora A. Anderson : lot
1C , block 5 , and lot 19 , b'.ock C ,
Ual.bllt Pmee , w. U 100.00
S. H liust and wife to John Coleman -
man ; lot 10 , Auditor's Hiibllv. nw'i
iu'/i 12-i.VK w. d 7.W.IX )
10. A. nnd 1C. T. Pratt nnd wives
to Ernest 10. Hart ; feVl section 4
( except 10 acres ) , nnd mU neU
9-7J-40 , w. d 9.COO.OO
Potter K George Co. to John I.
Heillck ; Ki lot * In Potter & George
I'o.'s add. , f. w. d 2.00
Sume to same , lot 4 h'ock 1 , at.d
lot ; ! , block 2 , Potter < t George
CO.'B add. , fe. w. d 2.03
Eleven transfers , totnl $15,323.15
\rresleil for Sleiillnur I'llperx ,
Thomas Jeffries , a 15-year-old luy , was
arrested yesterday upon thu charge of stealIng -
Ing newspapers from the subscribers after
they had been dellvere.l by the carriers.
Ho was caught In the act of taking two
copies of The Dec from a business block on
Droadwuy , and when an examination was
nude of his pack of papers It wa * found lo
contain copies of all of I ho morning papers.
Jeffries U the boy who was found In com
pany with a gang of adult tramps In I ho
Hock Island yaids several \veek-i ago and
w.a taken to the station , lie prove : ! to be
a runaway hoy. havlns left his home In Ot
tawa , 111. , Eoine tlmu before , and was beatIng -
Ing his way over the country In box cars ,
H's father was cmmunlcatc'l with by the
police. He informed the ofllcers that the
boy had run away from his home frequently
and had cptnt most of his time for the last ]
two years In wandering around the coun !
try. Ho would like to have him sent back ,
ho wrote , on his mother's account , but ho
doubted If ho ivuld bo induced to stay at
home. The boy U unusually bright and
clean , and made many friends around the
station. These friends procured him a posi
tion as bell boy In one of the hotels and
have been trying to keep him in line.
I'nreliilHf n I'n
The trustees of Fifth Avenue Methodist
chuicli have purchased a seven-room frame
house on Pierce street , which they will move
onto the north end of the lot on which the
church now stands , and will bo used as a
parsonage. Arrangements have been made
whereby the rental that wouM otherwise bo
us Ul to outsldo parties by the p.tstor will bo
paid to the trustees of the church and arv'v '
on the debt Incurred by the purchase of the
iiinii SCHOOL A < rviv5T i7i < ; ii .SCHOOL.
Omaha nml Omiiell llhilTx Will Collide
ut ( he I'lelil Clnli ( iriiiinilN ,
Local foot ball enthusiasts are antici
pating a great game this afternoon between
the teams of the Council Illuffs nnd Omaha
High schools. The game will be played
on the gridiron In the Field Club park , be- *
pinning at 3 o'clock.
Omaha suffered a defeat at the hands of
the Council Hluffs boys last year for the
first time 'In the history of the schools.
Today both teams are going to try hard
and not have a defeat put down on their
Most of the men arc new on the first
! j team , but old foot ball players. The team
I ' has been working hard this last week under
i the captaincy of Dyar and coaching of Hess.
I The llccup la as follows :
C. H. H. S. Position. O. II. 3.
H. Dailcy . left end . Everotts
j Anderson . left tackle . Cor.elyon
I Morehouso . left guard . Morse
Hoblnson . center . ' . Stokes
Saunders . right guard . . . .Frakenburg
Itutts . right tackle . Dickinson
Itarnard . right end . Hutchlnson
Rutherford . quarter . Spafford
Dalesman . right half . Tracy
Dyar . left half . Thomas
Gr.iham . fullback . West
Itclkman-lless. . substitutes .Martin-Crosby
Jameson . substitute . Hughes
Money to Loan Reduced rate on first class
improved farms and Inside city property.
Apply to Jns. N. Casady , jr. , 23G Main St.
I Christian Home h'timnceM.
; The financial report of the Christian homo
orphanage for the week shows that the total
donations to the manager's fund amounted
to $20.37 , being ? S.C3 below the needs of the
week. Deficiency In this fund , as reported
last week , $184. OS , Increasing deficiency to
date to $103.31. Grand to'.al of receipts In
the general fund am-unts to $ S6.SO , being
$113.20 below 'the estimated needs for cur
rent expenses of the week. Deficiency In
this fund , as reported last week , $523.07 , In
creasing deficiency to date to $036.27.
Amount needed In the Improvement and con
tingent fund , as reported In last week's
paper , $ SSS29.50.
The financial report shows that at the
present -time thirty-four states nrc contrib
uting to the support ot the orphanage In
the form of state pledges , each pledge
amounting to $100. A number ot these
Btatcs hive completed and forwarded the
proceeds of many pledges. Iowa heads the
list with twenty-eight pledges , the present
one now having eight signers pledging $10
each. The pledges are complete when ten
persons In the state authorize the manager
of the home to attach their names to the
pledge and draw on them when the ten
names have been secured. Nebraska follows
next with Its eleventh pledge , which now
seven signers. Illinois pledge No. S has
eight signers. New York's fourth pledge
has seven signers , Pennsylvania follows with
Its third pledge having two names. Cali
fornia's third has five names , Massachusetts
third with eight names , Kansas' third with
seven names , Indiana's third with three
names. New Hampshire , South Dakota ,
Kentucky , Connecticut. Colorado and Min
nesota follow with their second U fourth
ple.lges. with varying nnnvbers of signets.
In addition la this Is the fifth United States
pledge with the names of ten people agree
ing to give $100 each. The smaller contribu
tions come from all of the states and from
many foreign countries. During Its exist
ence the home has taken In and cared forever
over 200 orphaned children from Nebraska.
X MV Counterfeit.
A new and very dangerous counterfeit coin
was passed lost night at the Jarvis bar
room , on South Main street , by a couple of
strangers. The coin appears to be an old
live-dollar gold piece , and Is so skilfully
constructed that it would b < ? taken wtthnut
hesitation almost anywhere. It has appar
ently the proper weight , the proper size and
Is heavily plated with gold. Its spurious char
acter can only be detected by a close exam
ination , which discloses the fact that It Is
cast an 1 not stamped. I
The men came Into the saloon and ordered
drinks and presented the coin In payment. H
was taken by the bartender without hesi
tancy and $4. SO In change returned. Its true
character was not discovered until tlio cash
was being counted for ths day. The police
were furnished with a fairly good description
of the men , but they were not found.
r llu.Mcllnurli ( 'line.
Floods of oratory were encountered by all
who Invaded the upper floors of the county
court house yesterday. The arguments of
the attorneys In the McHugh case occupied
the entire day and were not finished when
the time arrived last evening for the ad
journment of court. Colonel Dalley resumed
his argument for the defense , when court
cor.vcnod In the morning ami did not con
clude It until after 4 o'clock in the aftcr-
uoon , making a speech that covered more
than a full day's session of the court.
County Attorney Saunders began his argu
ment and gave the jury three-quarters of
on hour more of oratory before court ad
journed , and gave notice that he would
finish this morning. It Is expected that the
case will reach the jury before noon. . .
llnptlxt Illlile Students.
The students of the Christian culture
course of the First Oaptist church held the
Initial meeting of their winter's work last
evening. The meeting was well attended
and considerable Interest shown. This Is
the class' third year in the sacred literature
course of the Baptist society , which Is com
pleted In four years. Two classes were main
tained In different parts of the city last sea
son , but the two are consolidated this year
and will meet cnce a week at the church.
Kor > irv \Vonuii
lloi-Kfonl'M Aelcl PhoNiilinle.
D. ' . J. II. Alexander , Charlotte , N. C. say * :
"It U pleasant to the taste , and ranks among
the best of nerve tonics for nervous females. "
liidliiii Allotment Seheine IN IMxriiNNCil
111 Ill-lull.
MCHONK LAKE , N. V. , Oct. 1C. The dcs-
Ing session of the Indian confo/encu was held
today. The E-UCCCSS or fallire of the allot
ment scheme was the main theme of the
day. General Whlttles-ey eald ho believed
there was now enough light to bellevo that
the allotment had been a wise and benefl-
clent policy.
Major Wooclson , U. S. A. , continued his
account of the operations of the system at
the Cheyenne snd Arapahce agencies In Ok
lahoma. He ccntrEHtcd the c million of
thesj Indians twelve jears ago , when an
outbreak from them was feared , with the
peaceful industry now existing. He empha
sized the Importance of th ? service tendered
by the farmers and field matrons and urged
the conference to use its influence tupaclally
to procure : n Increase In the number of the
Alhrt K. Smiley desc.lbed ces'.a of Inrthns
who cannot well take their lands In sev
erally now. Among these are the Navujos ,
win nre and drh-3 ihelr flocks a
thousand miles , the tribes In southern Cali
fornia who cllim to the place where they
have long lived and the Pueblos of New
Mexico , who will not glvB up tlulr village
lift ) ami community ownership of land.
Ruv. Dr. Hubbell of Buffalo explained the
situation of the Now York Indians G.OOO In
number , with 80,000 acres of land and their
unwillingness up to this tlmj to take laud
In severally oit account of threatened claims
upon their land In such case , by the Holland
L.nd company. Dr. Frlsu-ll. Miss Ivcs , Rev.
Charlei W. Shellon. Ml.u Scovllle , D1. Hart-
marn , Re.Dr. . mith cf Hirtfird , Mr. Frank
Wood uml others poke Inlelly.
Rev. Dr. A. E. Dunning of Boston urged
the retention of the Indian names for In
dians and Mrs .Qulnton pointed out the
objections she found to this. The confer
ence udjounied after an extended eccslon.
MllHIIIIN All jlllll-ll ,
HAI/TIMORE , Oct. 15. The general grand
chapter , Royal Arch Mosona , adjourned
finally today after a brief morning ueyjlon
at which the principal buBlncna wua the
election of Dr. William M. Kuhn , grand
high priest of MUsourl , Etncrnl master of
the Urn veil , thus completlni ; the list of
olllcera ' <
/ ,
Additional Hand ? Given Employment In the
Manufacturing Lino.
I niiNiuil Activity | \ofrtt In tin- Iron
Market , While September IHporl *
of Wliriit .SitriiiiNN All
NEW YORK , Oct. 15. II. O. Dun & Co.'a
Weekly Review of Trade will any tomorrow :
Foreign trntlo In September , the heavy In
crease in Iron production nml consumption
anil the wriest ipiiymcnta through clearings
over known In October nrc Inillcntlons
which outweigh hesitation In some markets.
The Increase In employment or labor tins
continued r.vlth further accounts dally of
, works opening , Increasing force of hands ,
or raising of wngcH , and at every point
where actual production can be tested It ap.
pears greater than ever before ,
Efforts by the llnnk of Hnglnml have de
layed further gold exports , but with a cnt-
ton movement rising , lurgc shipments to
this side are deemed certain and not dis
tant. .More gold , however , menus less Just
now than more Iron.
The output of pig Iron October 1 was 200-
1IS tons weekly , against 112,7i2 ! a year ago ,
the Increase since July 1 having been 2 HIT
cent. Unsold stocks have been reduced at
the rate of 40,217 tons * weekly In Se : > .ember.
Indicating a consumption exceeding 2X2 OCO
tons weekly , < whle > i Is about 20,000 tons
greater than ever before and 40 per cent
greater than three months ago , Prices of
pig hold steady , though the production him
boon further Increased since Oo.ober 1 , and
.prices . of llnlshed 'products ' gradually rise
with especially heavy demand for plates ,
rods and bars , while another contract hns
boon taken by the Illinois Steel company to
deliver 30.000 tons of steel rails for j ! > mn ,
and the Pennsylvania company hus bought
3.,000 tons of ore shipments on the lake sur
passing all records , and the Rockefeller
company has contrite.cil for another
steamer with two consorts to carry LV.COO
tons , the largest over built for the lakes.
Makers of black sheets have raised the
Di-Ieo for No. 2S to ? 210 and wire nails are
Be higher , the average of Iron and steel
products rising G per cent for the week to
the highest ipolnt since April S. Tin plates
arc cheaper at JX10 , with enormous produc
tion , and copper at $11.12 for lake , with lead
nt $1.10 , but tin Is fairly strong.
The cotton mills are producing as largely
as cheap cotton Invites and 'With modi-rate
demand ; print cloths nrc low at $2.-14 and
some grades of other goods arc slightly re
duced. Sales of wool for specul.itlon have
greatly decreased , but manufacturers do not
tlnd that current prices are 'warranted by
thtlr market for goods , though It Is strong
and advancing.
S . 'cs of wool for two lAceks have been
24.331.nro ; iound t at the three chief markets ,
of which iri.SOT 3f < ) were domosilr , and while
quotations are maintained , large lots previ
ously withdrawn by consigners are now
offered. The demand for spring goo'ls Is
limited , but the prices of some iiuulltlos
have advanced a shade further. There Is
also some qnlet contracting already for
heavy -weights.
Wheat has been fairly steady , but moving
more largely than last year from the farms
and from ' .he country. Western receipts
were 15,167,054 bus.iels In two 'weeks ' of Oc
tober , against 14 2.t.,01t ; lust year , and Atlan
tic exports n , irh1,401 bushels ( Hour Included ) ,
against 4,747Slo last year ' .vhllj corn ex
ports were 3,2C7..t7 bushels against 3,300,925
last year. Stiplembor-exports of wheat sur
pass uI ! records , amounting to 2iJ,8fiSS3S
bushels , against li.filfi l , " last year , owing to
high prices , the value being over 100 per
cent larger for all breatlstuffs. The price
of wheat has decll-ied ij of a cent , and corn
1 per cent wlt'1 the g6vernment report of a
yield exceeding lifO > , ( .OVOJ liu-shels. Cotton
has declined 3-lfic to $ < ; " 1 for spot , some au
thorities of repute having pub'lshed esti
mates that the yield will be O.fOXKX ) bales ,
but the movement Is yet retarded by the
the fever.
Failure ? , for the week have been 223 In the
United States , against : ; S2 last year , and 30
In Canada against 40 last year.
iilc of l.'ilNliM'NS Ti'miMielloiiK of
tll < * ANSOf'lllU'll IlltlllCS.
NEW YORK. Oct. 15. The following table ,
compiled by Ilradstrect , shows the bank
clearings at eighty-seven cities for the week
ended October 14 , with the percentage of In
crease and decrease as compared with the
corresponding week last year :
rounding- the elections In New T ork wpro
conditions to unsettle the nubile. The con-
tinned brcnk In rhlcnpo Gas wan the ln < M.
dent of the downward move , tind that ute k
led In the rally , although It showed some
fluro whs every evidence not only of
covering by tVe shorts , but of ncrmnulii-
tlon.M of certain stocks In the hand * of
whnt the street calls the "big people. "
Commission houses , however , arc Inactive ,
nnd the public having linen fhakt-n out , are
slow to return ns buyers of stocks.
Kuropo has done little , though It bought
at a decline nnd sold on the rnllies. The
fact that further old Imports nre delnye.i
by the artificial advance of the Hank of
Kngland rate on gold < \nd the marking tip of
Its discount rate to 3 per cent 1ms had com
paratively little Influence. It Is recosnlzed
thnt the persistent purchases of brend-
n'.uffs by foreigners must result In lowering
of rates to the gold point nnd the transfer
of considerable ppeele In this direction.
Ki-rr.s iuj"vin\v 01TII.UIK. .
Aetlvlly hi lU'iuniid for Staple * IN Not
( litllf So Markod.
NEW YORK , Oct. 15. IJradstreefs tomor
row will say :
The activity In staple lines of merchan
dise Is less pronounced than a month ngo ,
duo to Interior merchants having supplied
their demands for the time , a Ki-.ulimted
Increase of the territory Included In this
yellow fever quarantine , the low prices of
cotton , n tendency In thu Missouri river
valley nnd Mirlne wheat states to hold
wheat for 'higher prices nnd to farmers be
ing bu y with fall planting. Unseasonable
weather linn had an unfavorable Influence
on the distribution of iiterchand'po through
out the central west , and nt Chicago and
St. Louis Bales have fallen off.
A well Informed correspondent of Hrad-
strect's , after extended personal Investi
gation , gives reasons for anticipating" a
much smaller yield of cotton than trade es
timates Indicate. He looks for a Texnn
crop not to exceed 2,0000 | bales , or less
than Inst yenr , while the Mississippi valley
will , tie thinks , produce less than an average -
ago crop , nnd Arkansa be In less favorable
situation than last yenr. The long nnd p-
Vere drouth , facilitating picking and mar
keting , has , he > declares , destioyed nil hope
ofi top crop , and will materially cut slnrt
the later yield. The position of the cotton
goods Industry Is no more favorable , but
woolen goodn manufacturers report demand
brisk , prices steady nnd an unwillingness
by maker-1 to accept new order * nt pre.'vnt
quotations. Advam-cs are ) rtx | > rted for bcs-
spiner pig Iron and steel , billets , with quick
saliis , but'prlces < ire Ilrmly held , Some steel
mills are not able to keep up with order ? .
The domestic consumption of pig Iron last
month was extraordinarily heavy and prom
ises to greatly > tlmulate production.
With tile slackening olC in the rate of
distribution of merchandise , the upward
movements of prices IM correspondingly
checked , and in this , the third week In
succession , the number of staples for which
quotations are lower Is greater than those
which are higher or unchanged. There are
nominal advances for lard and men's shoe. " ,
but prices for pork , Migar , other forms of
iron nnd steel than those named , for enp-
per , lumber , coal , hides nnd wool nre un
changed. Quotations are lower for butter ,
l > otntoes , wheat , corn , oats , Hour , beef ,
coffee , print cloths and lead.
Wheat exports have again expanded , the
total for the present week belnq among
file largest on record. The total export *
of wheat ( Hour Included In wheat ) this wCik
from iKith coastn of the United States ag
gregated 0,039,720 bushels , against 4.S3V.I1
bu-hels last week. 4liSt7 ( bushels In Ill's
week a year ago , 2,40:1,01X1 : bushels In l.Wi ,
; ! ,1K > , OCO bushels In 1M > 1. 2,70'J,00 ( ) bushels iti
1803 and 3,270,000 bushels In 1SH2. Corn ex
ports again make a small tot il , belni.
2.221,000 bushels this week , against 2lonOJ
last week , 1,711,000 bushels n year ago ,
l.GSO.OOO bushels in ISM , ll.V 3 bu-'hels In
'SS4 , 1,123.000 bushels In 1S93 and 701,000 bush
el : ) In 1892.
There are 196 business failure. " reported
throughout the United Stales this week ,
compared with 23(1 ( last week , 279 In the week
a year ago , 2MI two years ago , 2.V1 three
yeais iigo and. 340 four years ago. There
are 41 business failures rtpirtcd through
out the Dominion of Canada this week
compared with 45 last week , SO In the week
a year ago nnd 37 two years ago.
South Omaha News .
Yesterday afternoon a permit was issued
to the Schlitz llrewlng company for a $12,000
building at the west end of the Q street
viaduct. This structure will be of brick ,
two stories and a basement. The building
will have a frontage on Q street of 100
feet , and. wilt run back sixty-four feet. 11
is the Intention to push work as rapidly
as possible In order that the roof may be
placed In position before extremely cold
weather sets In. The old frame buildings
which formerly occupied this site have been
tomoved , and the ground is being prepared
for the new structure.
Grading for the foundation of the Schlitz
warehouse at Twenty-seventh and L streets
is about completed , and the work of erecting
a cold storage house will soon commence.
With the completion ot the buildings men
tioned , the Schlitz company will own six
teen different sites In this city.
\o SettleiiK-iil I.IUely.
All efforts to settle the Ellen Tlmony
claim have proved futile , and possibly the
city will have to stand suit. Mra. Tlmony
was Injured last February by falling on a
slippery sidewalk. Certain attorneys got
hold of the case and filed a claim for $5,000.
This was not pushed , and recently Mrn.
Tim my sent a written offer to the council
agreeing to settle for $250. The council was
willing to .pay $150 , but no more , and so the
matter has been dropped as far as negotla-
.ons are concerned.
IJniiNiinlly lilulit KfurlNlrudon.
Thursday was the first day of registration
and only 1S5 voters took occasion to regis
ter. This was very light In compar'son with
the first day's registration of 183G , when the
total was 1,171. There Is not near the In
terest In the campaign this year that there
was last , probably accounting for the light
registration. Not as many newcomers have
registered as was expected. Everyone de
siring to vote jnust register this fall. Thr-
iiext day for registration will be October 22.
for mi Alleficil In.NiiU.
Sadie Sandon has commenced suit In the
district court against Cai.italn Patrick Mc-
Danougli ot the police force , to recover $5.000
Tor an alleged insult. The -n-oman called at
the city jail some nlglils ago to enquire about
a friend who was a prlsone- , and was told
by the captain that there would be a warrant
out for her In tlio morning. The police c'alin
that the Sandon woman has been lined In
police court for disturbing the peace.
ItoiimlliiK ; I'p ViiK'riintN.
For several days past the police have boon
rounding up the vagrants. A large number
wore brought before Judge Ch.tstmann yts > -
terJay afternoon. Without a single exertion
they all put up the talk of looking for work.
The judge gave each ono a couple of hours t'
leave the city.
Ann Seillile.I.
William nobler , an employe of Swift and
Comi any , had the misfortune to f > nald his
light arm yesterday afternoon. While quite
badly burned , Dr. Schlndel , who ottendej
Ilobler , said tliat the Injuries were not seri
ous. Dubler lives at Thirty-second and .S
John Payne of Elgin was a visitor at the
oxclunse yesterday.
J. S. Illxliy of Clarkson wus a Imsliiets
visitor hero yeoterday.
Frank Kramcl , Narka , Kan. , Is registered
at onu of the hotel * .
The democrats will hold a meeting at
Blum's hall tonight ,
T. J. Davidson , Hepner. Ore. , Is here lookIng -
Ing after his property interests.
Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Corbett of Nelson arc
the guests of Mrn. Carl Smith.
Dorn , to Mr. and Mrs. Paul -Mollner , Twen
ty-fourth and Polk streola , a con.
Quito a number of Shrlners from tills cl'.y '
wont to Fremont yesterday afttriioon.
W. J. Cliadwlck will build an addition to
oils s'.ore over near the Cudahy plant.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Illlne of Crescent.
Ja. . are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones.
A son has been born to Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam NeumelEter , Thirty-sixth and Q ttreets.
This evening the Swedish Salvation Army
will hold fcrvlcen at thn corner of Twenty-
ui'-Kin : , nar. JIAI.V STIIIIT ,
Jn I'lutner Hullding.
. , , .Tell'iilidlie > ii , fi.
fifth ami K street * . The Bcr ccs will bo
la charge of 0. V. 1'Mctisv.nnl anil A. J.
Kor fifteen days this month the fees col
lected for building permits Issued iimount
to $32.
Oalt Leaf RI-OVC will plvc n ilanco t
Workmen hall , Tncnty-alxlH and N streets ,
tr. Ucrry reports .1 r.iso of diphtheria at
the homo of M. riannaRan , Twentieth and
Drown streets.
C. K. Itruen has lakrn out ft permit to
build a frame .resilience at Twenty-seventh
and Ij streets the cost to be $009.
Mr. and Mrs. llalph Hall " 111 entertain
the Mohican club this evening at their
home , Twcn'y-fourth ' and U streets.
City Clerk Carpenter Is writing n history
of the funding bond ordinance , which wan
passed at the last meeting ot the city comi-
The state retail lltiuor dealers were en
tertained nt the South Omaha brewery yes
terday afternoon. After a trip through Hie
brewery refreshments were served. The
party wan In charge of 1) . Jcttcr and Man
ager Henry Mies ,
Hev. .1. 0. Staples and Ilurton Hlce of the
local order of Good Templars have been
elected to ofnces In the grand lodge. Hcv.
.Staples was chosen grand chief and Ilurton
Hlce grand treasurer. The next annual ses
sion of the grand lodge will be held In this
I ook to your Interest. You cnn buy Salva
tion Oil , the great pain cure , for 25 cents ,
I' ; FOR i.ri < n' < ; iiiT's : i.ii'K.
i\-.Illilu < % Vllieelil ( "onlllllleN Ills Ail-
< lres 4 < i ( lie Jury.
CHICAGO , Oct. 15. Klcctric fans buzzed
merrily on Judge Tut hill's desk today , but
ton feet away men and women sat and
swoltoro.l ns they listened to the closing
Argument of ex-Judge Vincent , chief counsel
tor the defense In the Luctgert trial. The
crush of humanity at the criminal court
building was torrlllc. A hundred times the
number of people the court roam would ac
commodate clamored for admission. After
the court corridors were crowded with
moro ptoplu than could bo seato.1 In the
co'.irt rojm hundreds stoo.l In line on the
sidewalk outside and persisted In their de
mands for admlssl.n. It was the greatest
crowd tlio trial has yet seen and the nolsest.
Collisions between guards and deputy sher
iffs on one side and the ml.xe.l throng on the
other were frequent In thu early morning
and much loud and vulgar talk was In
dulged In. The speeclimaklng In this fa
mous case seems to be the greatest ran ! In
the two months' continued Judicial per- |
fcnuance. .More than half the number of '
the crowd that surged , pushed , pulled , gesi i
tlculateJ , demanded , beseeched and otherj j
wise /ought admission to Judge Tuthlll's
court was composed of women. !
Luctgtrt came Into court leaking much ,
Improved In personal appearance. Ho also
appeared to have had a better night's rest ,
than upon Wednesday night. He greeted
his son , Ainold I.uetgcrt , nnd William
Charles , his business partner , with hearty |
handshakes. Then he turned and facel the '
large audience present. His lio.ivy eye
brows were contracted and the habitual
scowl deepened as Luetgert gazed about j
him , apparently In search of the presence '
of friends. '
Kx-Juige ! Vincent took up the evldenc" In
lhi > case and discussed It at length. Ho de
fended William Charles. Liietgert's iwrtncr
against whom Impeaching testimony was In
troduced , nnd practically admitted that the
story Charles trild was the story Luetgert
would have told had he gone on the wltnos *
stand. The bone experts wore discussed and
thrsG of the prosecution were ridiculed , while
: li evnerts of the defense we o extolled.
Tomorrow State's Attorney Dcncen will
spoaK. He will close the case in a live-hour
argument. It is expected that one hour and
i half vxlll bo required Per Judge Tuthill to
read the voluminous Instructions.
You can't aturd to rhk your life by al
lowing c cold to develop Into pneumonia or
consumption. Instant relief and a certain
euro are afforded by Ono Minute Co'Jgh Cure.
ll'iiiiniii > AN.NOclnl Ion Ail joiiriiN.
NASHVILLE , Oct. 13 The American
Humane association closed Its annual meetIng -
Ing today. John G. Shortull of Chicago
was re-elected president ; F. H. Rowley ,
Fall Hiver , Mass. , secretary ; D. C. I'annu-
l.c Cleveland , O. , treasurer. I
Hev. I. Iewenthnl nnd Matt Hello of
Nashville made brief speeches regarding I
the work of the Nashville Humane socle y.
Oovernor Tayloi Introduced .MIs Will Ailm
Dromgoole of Tennessee , who ddiven.'d an
address on "Gamins of the Gutter" Tie
address consisted chleily of recitations of
nor poems and n story. Airs. Hale of
Louisiana read n pa.per . on "The Correlated
Duties of the Humane Public and the Medi
cal Profession In Regard to vivisection. "
I Cndirrh yiuir Life's Climil I
Eminent nose and throat specialists in dally
practice highly recommend Dr. Agncw's Catarrhal -
tarrhal Powder , as safe , sure , permanent ,
painless and harmlcfs , In nil cases of Cold
In the Head , Tonsllltls , Hoarseness , nnd
Catarrh. It gives relief In 10 minutes , nnd
banishes the disease llko magici. ( i.
Knhn & Co. , irth , and DOIIK'II- ; Sherman
& McConiicll DrilK Co , T.13 Dodge St.
Airl S' hstltati.
lG051)oUuSt.Oiiiiha ! , Neb
Chronic , Nervous and Private Diseases
and niSIWIJKUSof ill fella .
HYDKOCEI.Kiiiul VAHIC > jCEnK i > o.iii.inently anil I
Buccenufully eureil til twery cane1.
I1LOOI ) AKD SKIN DlHiTiHHS. Sere Spots. I'lm- '
pleH. Scrofula. TiunorH. Tetter. Kr7cnia mill Hlood
I'olKon thoroiiflilv eloaiiHi-il Troin tlio Byhtoin.
KKHVOUS lleblllly. Kperiuatorriei ) , Seminal I
LosueH , KU-ht Kmlbtilonx. Loan ut Vital I'owera '
lieriiKlncnll ; unU hp'-nllly cured.
( Vitality Wealt ) . imide HO l > y too eloHo npplle-illon \
to biiHincHH or Htndv : Hevero mental Htraln or
( trier : SICXUAIj KXC'ESSKS in mlilillu llfu or fioin '
IKI ottectu of > nuiiful ) Jolllc-s. Call or write them
oiluy. Itox S77. i
Offlalia Medlcilad Surgicil Institute
Private Diseases
Vl lin i > ad Uliordf r of
0 YmrnISxp ricnca.
1(1 ( Yours in Oinnlin.
'rf'k ' Free. ( 'i > n"iilta-
tionl'ieo. Joz1C ! , ot
1-ith and Farnam Bti.
OMAHA. KKi ; .
Young Womanhood.
Sweet young girls ! How often they
develop into worn , listless , nnd hope
less women because mother hns not
impressed upon them the
importance of
attending1 to
physical de
No wotnnn ,
is exempt
from physi
cal wonh-
nct/imdpor *
io'l'cal pain ,
n ii 1 young1
( iris just
budding in
to woman
hood should 1)0
guided physical
ly ns well ns morally.
If you know of any young lady wh
is siolc and needs motherly ndviee , ask
her to address Mrs. I'inhham at Lynn ,
Muss. , and tell every detail of her symp
toms , surroundings and occupations.
She will get advice from a source- that
has no rival in experience of women's
ills. Tell her to keep nothing hack.
Ilur story
n . - , , is told tea
a woman ,
not to a ,
mail. Do
not hesi
tate ahout
stalingdi > -
iiivvvS < 3"frsstfti '
ftS -SS2S
not \visli
to men
tion , Imt
which are
essential to a full understanding of
her case , and If bhe is frank , help is
certain to comet
& Searles.
All l > i-it lc Discic
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Ct tisiiitiitinn lrco.
Cured for life anil ( lie poison llioioMKtily cle.i inod
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SlK'rnialc > rrlu'i. ! Seminal Weaknuis. l.osl Miin-
hooil. Nlirhl KinlHSloiiN Deeaveil Kacullli's Ko-
niiile Weattness. and all ilelleale illdonlern n 'iMi-
llnr Hi eltlieiwx. . | -Hltlvoly cnnil. 1MI.KS
KlSTt'LA mill HKCTAl , t'l.rKIW II VnUilCHI.H
AND VAIIIOO "BfjS 1 > erinanently and aui-cenitully
ptu-eil Metliod lu-xv and iinf.ililni ; .
SlrifilureadGleetS"mii0 ; !
by mw inetlioil without pain or ciittlnir. Call oil
or nililrpBHvltli BtaniP-
S. 1-lth SI .
DRS. mm O.UA1IA , Nr.3.
a well
Man of
Me :
rnonrcEP Tr E AFIOVE
nil Narvutifl Dinonjos , FnlliniMemory
1'arosis , 9lecpl < yrnn9B , Nichtiy Knilfi-
inn , ctc cuusBil by ppit nbutcKlviM
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MUr ly restores Isirt Jffrtittitoil in nlil nr rnuDK.
I'MlrcnirKhl ' In vMtpockot.I'ricfljM.WnpacltnKo ,
fill for * S..Ofi'lf/i a lritttnllfir | in/rr to flirr r
nonfrrfiintlfii. | . lie ; 'T HOY AN IMITATION , liut
iiiKitt on having INDAPO. If your druRitUt lintt not
( tot It. WH will * -enit It prcpnid.
Ill.MlUO Itr.nrilY CO. , rro | < r , rhtMto , III. oronrijinli ,
Kn in .t Cu. ( . 'or I-"li nml IXnicluss His , Mini .1 A
Duller .V. Cii. 14tli k Donirliis' . bts . OMAHA. Nl J'
Dr. Onuly > woiulcrful Irlfh
lnvli ; ' < n > t r , tlie ureili-.t
inn > ly fur I.n t MMMI M. . | ,
( \T lines pri iniitiui tif H
nml i-ti'pH ' u'unnutuial ' \
drain1ami lo "e . Ail -mall.
' ul < u.itns enlnrKi'il an I
HKIIunnl. .Sufftlc'iH liy
itllll 11 nealei ! | patk-
UK1' ciillllllnlll' KO pillH cile
inll > ii iniiuumifil , will | je
fcnt liy mail fioin ran ljlnr-
utitry. < iru will fniiiNli vlx
IMI l..i.1'i fur jr , , witli a
< : IAUNTIR : to euro "i-
nii'iuy ii'fiiiidfil. All lelit n
conlUcntlul , uiul K tiAcnt
with lull ilihtlil.-tiiiliH fieifniin l IIMT atlmi
I'VJIST IMIMJ. . CO. . lomll. Ma .
Orletnul and Only Ucnulnc.
CATC , lll.Fl t.liul.le. LADUO > .1
( "r OUihtant Ftitilu * lita-
lufi.llio > Itli Mm rllihin TnUo
lllinlliir KrfHtfitangfunn
fic iiii.i innrnri.ifi
a lUinl'i Pr parllculatR , irttlmnnlaU to
"Heller fop l.n\lrf"laliltr' \ . lit rrlur
Hull. UI.IMIO T"'llnTOl , li. # * m : raver.
or rcit In plain vrrtpHr.
j ; eiprti" , prepaid , lot
tl.iu. or a oti.i : , U.JJ.
C'lrculf * t rcacwV
I.\I. i HIAM
F'ir Tun nriU
* * / X\XX/WWN /Vy\/V'WW/w\V/Xxw
w i.i/iIM ; . Mil 11 , i AUM A.MJ UAUDION
lanilH fur tult ur lent. Ij.iy & IH'Ba , 34 I'vail
street. . j
nroTsUBpn "cupiDENf ? "
Hr.S I iihiri ! 'rinacicntVt'RuUililo
llbU B .
tlouol u laniounl'renelj physician , will quickly cuiuHjiiol ull HIT.
volts or < llHi'UM.'H of the ecnvruuvu urwiiiii , Midi in Jo t Miuilinoil ,
Iiiiummu , I'lilnaIn tlio ll.-icKKeiiiliml Jinilunniiii. Nfrvnim Ili'hlillv
I'lmplca , UiillliiMd to Marry , Kxhuumliii ; Jlrnlim , VurlrnrHa miil
Cotiitlnatlon , 11 Btopnu I IOSSI-H ' . ' .
by liny < ir tils' i. I'IPVPHIH iiiilcl :
, - - - - * - - -
ncssoi UlwlinrBOwlilchIfnotclK-1---1
nil tliu linrrnmiil Inipotcnpy. I't'l I > i\i ; : rlcai.bc-s thu liver , lit *
kiUncyabnillhn urinary oreauso' all imjiurltlcs.
rupinr.Nn utrongthenBttnilrestorraiitnBllwcakorpuns.
Tim reason mm-roni re not curi-il lij1 IXirlnrN li IHTIIUFU ninety pfr rrnt urn trouljlp. ' wltJj
I'ronlnllll * . CUl'IDKNKIithiinnly Itnowiiri'mi'rty to euro without imopiTallun. E/'iaii'nilmniil.
uli. A wrlW-nifii'irHnli'nBlvpnBnilnK.iicy rrlurni-il II Bii hiixes doc-n not cllucta ponnaiicut euro ,
JLOOn tot , BIX fur | 5. 3tiy mall , rfondfnrriinKclrcilnrana U-Blliuoiilala.
Ajllrei > 3 J > AV J < JIianCIKK C'O.,1' , O. llox a/70. Don I'rdiiclit'o , Cnl
DR. H. A. WOODBURY fer } Jii'y ist my father , Dr.
I K. I. Wood bury , will have char o of
TH7WTIQT ' 1O ' ' ' ! l'0 ' w"i'H in mv i Illco nnd ] will
LsIjlN 1 lO 1 . jrlvo my ontli-o attention to Ononitno
Dentistry , Orinvu mid Uridgo Wet k.
No. 30 Pearl St.
. . , TT A x \nrfcnTTr fr T > TN n
N t to < ; r.nd notd. H. A. WOODBURY , D.D.S
NoM-rcHldeutH of lown now hava no oxotnptiotiH ntidcrtlio new
CoJo which went into offet October 1.Vo can COI.I.IJCT HAD AC
COUNTS us of old , uuttluHtMAIUMKI ) or SINCil.H cmpIoycH of Hull-
wnyri , HxproHH , Telegraph , Telephotio and Sleeping Cur conipniilo.s /
NASSAU INVESTMENT CO. , Council Bluffs , la <