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Advancing Agaiust the Mabmunda from
Pnnjkora and Shabkadur.
DifflonUta of Transportation in Mountiinoui
Oonntry Are Great.
Drives Them Back Into tlio Hills After
Desperate Resistance.
9Tnlvi > TrouiiM Show ( Srenl
Heeenl llntllfM _ Rink Tlu-lr
lilten In Curry Alilllllllil-
( Ion lo the I'ronl.
BOMIUY , Sept. 19. Advices from the front
how that the \nrlous columns arc advancing
against the Mahmunds from Panjkora and
Shabkadur As yet they have met with no
Borlous opposition , but dllllcultlcs of trans-
liortatlon In a mountainous and almost path
less country are Immense. The most for
midable obstacle In thu way of lupld move
ment IK the lack of water.
The brigade of General Jeffreys has not
Joined In the advance. Yesterday It left
Camp Ann jet with sixteen companies of In
fantry nnd font1 guns. In order to reattack
the enemy at th village of Damotngoa. The
tincmy made n desperate resistance , but were
driven out Into the hills The British demol
ished their totters and captured 400 mule
loads ot supplies. As soon as the troops
began to retire from the vlllngo the enemy
rcnppeared In force. The retirement , however -
over , was effected with great precision , the
tintlvo troops behaving splendidly. Two
Sikhs were ' < Hl0d and fix wounded.
U Is now known that the enemy's loss dur
ing thu fight on Thursday last between the
Maliiiinnils uml the Second brigade of Gen-
cial Sir Hlmlon Blood in the valley north of
Annjet was \orj heavy. The tribes engaged
did not press the brigade during the retire
ment , but fiesh tribesmen appeared. Cap
tain Rider's company virtually owed their
lives to n guide , an Afrldl sergeant , who ,
when the Sikhs had exhausted their ammu
nition and weie desperately cutting their
way back through the enemy , dashed up the
bill undei heavy tire with a supply of car
tridges. He airlved just In time.
Lieutenant Watson was thrice wounded
while leading a handful of Huffs , who routed
n Inigo body of the enemy that was trying to
Htorm the village at which General Jeffreys
with his guns had taken up a position after
missing his main body In the gloom Thurs
day night. It appears that the enemy lost
380 men before they captured the Saragosl
police post. They burned allvp two Sikh
cooks whom they captured while out hunting
lor firewood.
The queen has sent the following dispatch
with reference- the reverse near Camp
Anajot ; "I am deeply grieved at the loss of
bo many brave officers and men. I earnestly
deslie to be Informed as to the condition of
nil the wounded. Thu conduct ot the troops
was moKt admirable. "
PESHAWl'R , Sept. 19. The lower Mali-
munds , south of here , have submitted and
have agreed to pay a heavy fine and to sur
render their iiiins ,
iT I'ur M > nl
nifersuiiln lo Milijerl
Conlroerxj .
LONDON , Sept. 20. The Times this moui-
ing sajs :
The statement of the American press tint
the State department at Washington and the
British ambassador have received Instruc
tions to opin negotiations for n general
treaty nf arbitration Is at least premature.
It IH not Improbable tlmt the negotiations ,
which have never been broken off may be
resumed next month , when Sir Julian
I'auncefote lotiiius to his post , but It Is
difficult to see how n treaty of any piactl-
ral value can bo concluded so long ns the
Bonato maintains the attitude It dlsplajcd
When It lust discussed the question Sir
Julian Puuneofote will return to his post In
time for the conference of the Gperial Ilcrlng
eca commission ut the end of October or the
beginning of November. Prof. Thompson Is
now eiirouto. home and will start for Wash
ington next month.
Commenting on the communication from
the foreign olllce to tlie colonial olllce of
Mr , Sherman's letter the Standard sajo
"Tho correspondence ) shows that the British
government has a poifoct answer to the
complaints of the goveinmont ut Washing
ton and the careful reader can eawlly dis
cover In Mr Chamberlain's exposition the
basis of a serious Indictment ngalntU the
United States , not on account of Its high
handed treatment ot Hrltlsh coals but on
account of Its obvious desire to tompnss the
destruction 'of u Brit lull Industry and over
turn the Paris award. Whether In these
circumstances It wns wleo to agree to a con
fcrcnc" time will show. Possibly some good
will come of n friendly consultation , In the
meantime the MoKlnloy administration will
cultivate a mure conciliatory tone In Its
communications with European states. "
The Dally News , dealing with the blue
tiook , says. "Wo receive the gift of the blue
book with some misgiving und with
the iiusplclon that Its contents are highly
provocative Mr. Chamberlain , In writing
hla it'ply to Mr. Plienuan's despatch , had ciol
been roftrn'iied hy any of those concerns
nf diplomatic courtesy which Mr. Sherman
has been censured for neglecting.Vlij has
the present moment been chosen for the
liubllcatlon of stinging recriminations and
rankling Imputations ot bad faith ? The pres
ent exhibition of Indignation Is either too
Into or too noon , or theio In some contem
plated hltdi In thu negotiations requiring
a revival nf the lieateil controversy , Just
when we nil thought the combatants wcio
cooling down. There I& t o othci sign of a
hitch iul wit do not believe there Is a
hitch , Either the dispatches of Mr. Chamber
lain Imvn been allowed to comet out Inadver
tently , hlmply because the printer wan ready
In cither cane a blunder was committed
aliiiont SM Fcrloui an the publication ot Mr.
filiermun'x dispatch In July or there has
been n fool lob deulrci to gratify perscnal
vanity or to show the Canadians they hail
a valiant defender , In which care the blun
der has nearly attained the proportions of
a crime , for It would be u. crime to Imperil
a friendly negotiation at & moment when
a settlement wae most In view , "
D run it * of lt > liinnli > ii nil Ilnlll A
Knell Other.
ATHENS. Sept. 19. The conditions of
jiouco signed vi'bter.Iay between the ambas
sadors of the powers on behalf of Greece
and Tew ilk I'.itiha , the Turkish foreign min
ister , at Tnphaiich palace , are universally
pronounced bj the Greek press to be exceed
ingly onerous. The organs of M , Delyauulu ,
former prcm'tr , who coinnianiU a majority In
the boil lie. violently attack M , IUI1I and the
cabinet ,
'Hie unU-Oelyannlb press abuses M. Dely-
minis ay the "evil genius of Greece , " The
p'lbllc generally accepts the' result with
IVrrouli lle > iiiierleuu Mlulxlcr.
CONSTANTINOPLE. Sept. 19 , Korrouh
Hey , counsel of the Turkish embassy at St.
I'etemburg , hai been appointed minister to
the United State * lu succession to Mouatita
Hey. The foregoing dispatch conflicts with
the statement In a cablegram from Constan
tinople September 3 thst Moutlafa Hey
would br succeeded by Rouftat Hey , former
counsellor of the Turkish embassy In Lon
si : vitcn rmt \ m.xvrs
Nil I. ril lloil } Poll ml In TlillllU'i lilonll-
II Ml UN Morltr i tin VrltliHin't.
( Oji > rlKU. IW. liy I'riM PubllKlilnR Ompnnv )
LONDON , Sept. 19. ( New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram. ) Scotland
Yard IH now actively engaged In endeavoring
to trace the murderer or murderers of Mor-
Hz Wllhclmon Vclthclm , a naturalized
American citizen who was from 1S33 to 1SDO
American consul at Santa Marta , Colombia.
On August f > the naked body of a gigantic
man , nix. feet four Inches In height , was
found floating In tha Thames In the vicinity
of the docks. A strong lanyard rope was
wound tightly round the neck and down the
back , tjlng the hands , and was then se
curely fastened to the ankles. The body
was declared to have been In the water a
month und the doctors ainrmcd that death
was caused by strangulation before the Im
mersion. The police seem to have mada no
Inquiries , and , content with the -verdict of
the toroncr's Jurj' , consigned the remains
to a piuper's grave In Calford cemetery un
identified. A couple of weeks back Madame
\oa Vclthclm applied to the home secretary
for an order for the exhumation of the body ,
ns he believed It to be that of her hus
band , whom she had lost sight of early In
the jear. shortly after which time he had
blgamously married a young Greek woman
Magrovordato , whom he met nt a HlooniBbury
boarding house" The body wns exhumed
Prlday night , when Madame Vclthclm In
stantly Identified It ns her husband.
Von Velthelm had a. remarkable career.
Horn In North Germany ho began life In
the Clermun navy , then fought as a volunteer
for Bulgaria against Ser\la. Subsequently
he tramped across. tlie Australian continent.
Ho married his first wife , Miss Yearsley , at
Perth , Western Australia , In 188G. He after-
wnids settled In the United States , then
went Into the banana trade at Santa Marta ,
where he was appointed United States con
sul. His second wife , discovering he had
another wlfo living had begun proceedings
for nullity of her marriage , but they were
postponed , as It was stated that Von Velt
helm was In Madigascar. A decree of nullity
was , however , granted In July. How he
eanio In the river Is a complete mystery , but
It Is surmised he was thrown overboard from
come fotelgn ship.
r. \ itTiKiiKIS MIAICH THINKS tip.
SilMinlinlNtiirluiiiocN Do niiiiuiKf In
Hnriiiit' nnd Axln.
HORNE , Sept. 19. The cantons of Gtnrus
and Grlsous were visited today by a severe
earthquake shock , accompanied by heavy
rumbling. The disturbance was so distinct
that It win everywhere noticeable and In
many places great blocks ot rock fell from
the mountains
T \SHKEN. Turkestan Asia , Sept. 19 A
severe earthquake shock occurred here last
night and the disturbance was felt through
out the whole of Turkestan. Several mosques
were damaged here and at other places.
The legion of the Turkestan earthquake K
filled with monuments of antiquity. Samar
kand Is iciiarded with crcat veneration by the
Inhabitants ot Central Asia. The city pos
sesses the tomb of "Tho Lame Tlmur , " vul
garized In "Tamerlane , " the renownei'
orluntal conqucior , who was born In 1336 at
Ke'h. the "Green City , " about fifty miles
south of Samarkand. Under this celebrated
warrior und administrator , who carried his
victorious arms on one side from the Volga
and the Irtl-h to the Persian gulf and on the.
other from the Ganges to the Hellespont , Ic
became the capital of one of the largest em
pires ever known , and the center of Asiatic
commetvo Its beauties were lauded by the ,
poets of Asia. At the height ot the city's
prospeilty it contained no fewer than fortj
colleges , of which only three remain perfect
It still has , though In a state ot decay , inanj
of the edifices associated with ( Its formci
Mfiloim Olllfor IH Cool nt III.s OH n
CITY OP MEXICO , Sept. 19. Caotaln
Cota ot the Twelfth Infantry was .some time
since crnilemned to death for Insubordination
for the killing of a major of his regiment
in Sonoia during the Yaqul rebellion. He
was shot here jesterday. Detachments from
ull tin gairlsons were present , about 1,50 (
men being drav n up on three sides of tht
sfjuaic Ilj n15 o'clock all wes ready am
a can Inge , containing Cnptn'n Cota and tum.
friends guarded by soldiers , drew up At
the further end of the square , oppoilte the
custom mound , In front of which the execu
tion was to take plade , the coach stopped
and the condemned men alighted He was
ImmeJIately conducted to the place of exe
cution bj u picket ot Infantiy
His hurvo wus Indomitable and his tour-
age siipo.b As he advanced down the length
of the square , a distance of at least 10 (
jaids , he was quietly puffing nt a cigarette
and walked deliberately to the position ns
sift ed to him. Not even there did his cour
age roixake him , for whtn the officer strode
toward him , bandage In hand , with the In
tention of blindfolding him , Capta'n Cota
at once motioned him away , declaring that
he was net afraid Not even as the officer
In ohmgc of the firing party took his place
and ultli his sword motlct ed tl.e orders
to the men was there the least tiaco of
fear on the face ot the condemned man. At
the first iKachargu he dropped dead.
\ \ \ii > orrr.iis TO ST\\n
PiTiu-e TnUeH u Siieelnl liitoroNl III
DuUf of Miirllmroniili'H Son.
( t'oi | > ilK it. 1VT. hj 1'rrxs I'ulillulilnt ; Coinp.ui ) 5
LONDON . Sept. 19. ( New York Woild Ca
blegram Special Telegram. ) The duke of
Mailborough has been overwhelmed with
congratulations on the birth of a son und
heir Out ) of the messages received this
minnlng was from the pilnce and princess of
Wales , who asked to bo Informed how the
duellos * and the Infant were getting on.
There were numerous callers during the
aftniiLnn. among them Mr. Vandcrbllt. who
Innrhcd with tha duke , whllo Mrs. Helmont ,
who been at Spencer houto from the
tlnio t'le duchess was taken III , wan also
In the mansion. The prince ofValoi Int
signified his willingness to stand sponsor to
the child , Intimating , however , that If any
prior or family arrangement has been made
In that connection his proposal was not to
beconsidered. .
Inquiij tonight by the World correspondent
at Spencer houto elicited the reply that the
duchess and the Infant weie both an well an
could be expected , her lllncsd taking qultti
a noimal tourse.
lllnhtii | Mny lime Tronlile ,
MADRID , Sept , 19 , Kcars are expressed
In well Informed circles that a tabinet crisis
limy i emit In the contumacy of thu b'bhop '
of Mnjorlca , Balearic Islands , who , in de
fiance of the order of the archbishop has
per-iitted In Ills excommunication of Slgnor
J. Reveller , the Spanish minister of finance ,
for taking po t > caklon ot a church In lilt
dlacest ) The degree of excomniunlceilrn was
read with ull formality today ! ci all the
churches of the diocese. Several Influential
prelates : appiove thu attitude of the bishop.
Tctunii to ( io to
MADRID , Sept. 19. The ministerial organs -
gans : ! bsc rt that the Spanish mUilstcr. the
duku of Tetuan.111 ooon be gazetted as
Spanish ambassador to I'rance The duke
of Ttituan bad a long Interview today with
thu queen and United States Minister Wooil-
rtioil PrliTK Illne.
MADRID , Sept. 19. The price of all kinds
of food U rising steadily , owing to the grow.
Ing depreciation of silver and paper cur.
Trrnty at Pence MlKiieil.
MONTEVIDEO , Sept. 19. The treaty of
peace between the government and the In-
Burgenti w s signed today ,
President McKinloy's Note to the Queen
Bogont on Guba.
PoNlllon Tit Urn Will 1'lnco Siinln on
UKOiriMinltf If \iiy Hostile
Action ( irouft Out nf
tlir Mutter.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 19. ( Special ) 1'cr-
ons who enjoy the confidence of Pres'.dent
McICInlcy say guardedly tlmt many of the
published statements BH to Spa'it are true.
Two or three newspapers have recently out
lined the contents of the president's note to
the queen regent of Spain which Is to ba
delivered shortly by Minister \Voodfoid. The
note Is couched ! the most diplomatic way
and has had the careful consideration not
only of the president , but of those who Ktnnd
high In the world of diplomacy so far as
America Is concerned. A gentleman who has
the confidence of the president said : "I be
lieve that there will bo some trouble grow
out of the rote to the Spanish powers. It
will , however , be of a character plnc'ng
Spain entirely upon the offensive. I can
have no other thought but that America will
hovv Itself capable of writing letters of so
clever a character that wo will enjoy the
Bym-athy of all powers when the true status
of the situation comes to be known. General
Woodford's Instructions are of such a char
acter and so firm Is the president fixed In
his policy that there must needs be a good
deal of very readable : correspondence over
the Cuban situation.
Dr. George TJ.Miller has written a letter
\sslatant Secretary of War Melkeljohn
In which he gives some new views relative
to deep waterwajs. In the letter , which
will bo referred to the Deep Waterways com
mission. Dr. Miller says that nothing can
be moioltal to national development and
welfare than deep waterways for securing
cheap transit -of our western surplus prod
ucts to the Atlantic seaboard and the enor
mous volume of manufactured products from
the east to the growing millions In the west.
Ho hag wilttcn to Senator Hanna that Presi
dent McKlnley could Immortalize himself
nml his administration by Inaugurating the
work of a ship canal from the Hudson by
way of Lake Champlaln and the St. Law
rence to the great lakes , thence through
the Henncpln project on. to the Missouri
river and to the Hocky mountains. Ho argues
In fa\or of broad water nml deep canals from
Lake Michigan to the Missouri valley ,
which he believes Is the great common cen
ter of the agricultural universe upon the
Amoilcan continent. In order that hla proj
ect may be thoroughly understood ho lajs
down three plans. First To pledge the
public credit for the entire sum which such
a work may require and "do not haggle about
the total. " His second proposition la that
bonds should bo Issued running fifty years ,
to be based upon the tolls levied upon trafllc
anil he believes that they could be floated
at 2'/4 per cent , possibly 2 per cent. As a
result of these two propositions he lajs down
a third that the diversion and employment
of the vast volume of skilled and unskilled
labor would be a perpetual blessing to man
During Assistant Secretary Roosevelt's
presence at the recent practice of the vessels
Included In the White squadron , off Hampton
Iliads , homing pigeons were employed for the
purpose of carrying news from the ves'els at
era to the telegraph stations at Fortress Mon
roe In some cases pigeons flew over 100
miles , co\erlng the distance In two homy and
IPKS. Tn Knmn lnstnnpp thn vpsspls wnrn hiif
forty miles off Norfolk , the carriers covering
the distance In an hour. Offle'als , at the
N'avy department , are enthusiastic over the
success attendant upon thus Impaitlng Information
mation which , herctofoie , has only been ob
tained after the return of the vessels to the
land stulons within reach of the department
at Washington.
Prof. Rimer Gates of Washington eays he
has worked out a process by which objects
can bo magnified to a size 300 times greaiei
than by any of the microscopes now in use.
His Invention , ho claims , will revolutionize
microscopy and will advance science to a point
hitherto undreamed of. His discovery , IIP
ays , will be of especial \alue In bacteriology
and the study of the cellular tissues. The
piofessor declare ? that ho has succeeded
vvheio all other bclcntlsts have failed In dl -
coveiiiiga way by which the magnified Image
projected from one microscope can ho mag
nified by another as if It were the original
object To do this has been the aim ol
clentlflc photographers and microscopies ur
many years. Prof Gates does not take the
public Into his confidence sufficiently to di
vulge the details of his Invention , but he
says ho will be ready to give It to the worlc
In a few weeks. The power of the new In-
"trurncnt Is mentioned ns three million d amo
tors. The greatest magnifying : powei of the
mlc oscopo now In use U ten thousand diame
ters The scientific world will be slow to ac
cept anything short of absolute proof that
Prof. GateV new method of magnification I :
what IIP claims for It.
V nn for ( lie Army.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Sept. 19. ( Special
Tt'legratn. ) The rethement of Colonel A. G
Jloblnhon , now stationed at Joffersonvlllo , ef
fective October 15 , will make a lieutenant
ccloiiel of Major C. F. Humphtey , depot quau
tprmaHter , stationed In Washington. Major
Humphrey Is well known In Omaha , having
had charge of the building of Fort Crook
Ho Is also credited with the construction of
the 1'roildlo at San Pranclsco and Fort D , A
Russell , Wyo ,
Thu following transfers In the Second In
fantry arc made. Second Lieutenant Peter
E. Slarinart , company r. to company It ; Second
end Lieutenant John C. McArthur from com
pany I ) to company I.
Changes In stations of officers of the quar
termasters' department. Major Charles W.
WHIIamn , from Schuylklll ursenal , Pennsyl
vania , to Jeffcrsonvlllc. Ind. ; Ma Jar Forrest
II. Hathaway , from Chicago to Schuylklll
L'avos of absence : ' Captain George F.
Cooke. Fifteenth Infantry , extended twenty
da > s ; Lieutenant Hugh 1) ) Hcrkeley First
cavalry , three months with permission to
apply for an extension of one month , Cap
tain Henry F Kendall , Eighth cavalry , four
nionlhti , Lieutenant Frank II McKcnna , Fif
teenth Infantry , extended to October 1 ; Lieu-
linant Colonel Johnson V. D Mlddleton
depiitj surgeon general , extended one month
Captain John Pitcher. First cavalry , ext ndei
one month ; Lieutenant Hanaford L , Threl-
kclka , Thirteenth Infantry , extended one
\ ( MVcNtoril I'OHtlllllNlorM.
WASHINGTON. Sept. PJ. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Postmasters appointed Saturday
Ion , i Calvin , Iliac k Hawk county , Samui
SvvolU r ; Korbush , Appanooso county , II. I )
llatielrootlr Morning Sun , Louisa county , T
J. Ochlltrcu , Otianto .Station , Mitchell
j ciiiinty , Aton George Jr. ; Riverside , Waali-
' iiiKtim iiunt > , O. T MathewH.
j South Dakota Kdneniont , Pall Rlvei
toiimj , J A. Slenvart , Frederick , Hrown
count } . II F. Ilurnham , Maltland , Tall River
county. .1 M. llrady , Philip , Nonlln comity.
Andruw Mllhurn ; Ronooe , Edmund * count )
I Ion ry I luck.
I'refrr t merion n ( IOO < | H ,
WASHINGTON Sept. 19. The United
States consul at Amoj , China , saj | n a
recent dUpatch to HIM State departmt-u1 ( hut
"Ilio Chinese people prefer Ameilcan cotton
fabrics , spinnings , Hour , oils , cantml goods
end meau and even buy them at higher
prices than oilier Importations cau be had
lor. "
1,1 r.T < iiiiT : iMM' K v rtcirr.
COIIICN Out of HIP KtUMtmttrr ultli n
I , n in T h I nil.
CHICAGO , Sept. ID. It icamo to llsht
today tint I.uetgert , " the .alleged wlfo mm-
* '
tUror , Indulged In A'fjghl jast Wertnesdiy
afternoon with William Yoflng , a prisoner
confined In the sumo tier on the chars" of
robbery. Tlio ex-sauwge manufacturer's
lameness Is not due to , rheumatism , as was
given out by himself ami his guards , but the
result of Young's hurling him backward the pavement of the Jail corridor to
save hlmcelf from Luctgrrt's big fists. 1 he
affair started In n friendly scuffle , but when
I.uetg.'rt saw his opponent "was gotMng
the better of him lie lost his temper and
began "rushing" his man Young , howuvor ,
who Is quick and muscular , caught his
opponent around the waist and literally
hurled him backwards about twenty feet
ngllnst the tile pavement and a steel door.
Luetsert hJd to be helped to his fcot and
almost carried to his cell. The Jail physician
sajs the fall wrenched one of the ligaments
of the thigh and It may be weeks before he
fully recovers.
When the trial Is resumed Tuesday the
pr , sedition Is expected to cpusumc only the
morning session In winding up Its case. The
defense will divide KB rebuttal evidence Into
two parts Plrst , they will attempt to show
that Mrs. Luotgert was BOSH and talked with
after the night she Is said to have been mur
dered. If the lOntsha nlabl In touched upon
It will be but lightly and this will probably
be held In ressdve. The principal part of
the evidence will be nil attempt to explain
the remarkable chain ot circumstances ,
which , the state claims , chows Mrs. Luetgsrt
was murdered by her husband. ,
Mrs. Louisa Johnson , vvhn lives near the
Luctgcrt home , will he placed on the stand
by ths state , whether the motive wltiKMses
are admitted or not. Mrs. Johnson would
have testified before , but she has been seri
ously 111 She will teJl of seeing Luetgeit
chase his wife at the point of a rcvohcr.
Ted 115 nil Altomiit Will lie Miulr to
ItOHIIIlie OlICl-lltlnllN.
HA2LRTON , Pa. , Sept. 19. Abs-lute quiet
prevailed In the entire strike district today.
Vice President McGulrc of the Federation
of Labor left for Washington today in at
tend the meeting of the executl\o council ,
and George II. Chance of the United Labor
league went to Scranton. Ths movements
among the military were the practlcj rides
of squadrons of the Governor's snarls and
the City troop , and tlio afternoon Oress
Tomorrow Is looked forward to ns a
dec'slvo day. An attempt vwlll be made to
resume at Latlmer and Andenrled. There
are nearly 2,000 men at theUtter place , and
they were the ( list to go out. The men
wanted to return to work , hut bands of
women have prevented them dining the last
few days. To secure protection a
squadron of cavalry and an entire
regiment of Infantry will go to the
scene. The men at Core's Drlfton
rnlno will tomorrow -decide on staying nut
or continuing at work. These places arc
well guarded by the troops and If the men
are peacefully permitted to resume work It
Is thought the backbano of the strike will
bo broken and no further violence will re
sult. The coioner's Inquest will begin
Wcdnesdaj afternoon.
Fl\c Pt > i'MiiiN Arc Injured , Coiiiluctor'N
lllirlH IlcliiKSrrlouH. .
ST. LOUIS , Sept. 19. A , collision occurred
near the Union station his morning between
the outgoing Wabash passebger Iraki and an
incoming Sf Louis , KapstfB Gift' ' & 'ColbVado'
passenger train. The Injured :
Charles Williams , Moberly , Wabaeh con
Mrs. A. T Davis and child , Lowery , Mo.
Mamie Hummel , St. Louis
Jacob Hummel , St Louis.
The Wabash was Just entering a switch
from the main track when the Colorado
train , which had the right of way , came
rushli g along at thirty miles an hour. The
engineer of the latter train , seeing an accl- "
dent was Imminent , shut off steam and ap- <
piled the air brakes , but the.y failed to work
and the next moment the Wabash engine
was thrown from the track , overturned and
partly demolished Conductor Charles Wil
liams received serious Injuries The others
hurt suffered bruises and shaking up.
CINCINNATI , Sept. 19. The Commercial-
Tribune's special from Hollalro sajs : Two
sections of a westbound freight train on the
Baltimore & Ohio railway ran Into each
other at Helpers Station last night Englneo-
Cahlll of Newark , 0. , anuL threa unknown
tramps were killed.
u > \ in ? TO TIM : sri'umu : rnrirr.
KIIIINIINlornc ( > lriiIt to III nil ItN
( > H II llllNlllCNN ,
TOPI3KA. Kan. , Sept. 19V The little city
of Kilp , In No slu county ( In retuin to an
alternate writ of mamlarnus. filed in thu
snpiemo court , buggcsta Jhnt the supreme
court of Kansas ought to mind Its own busi
ness. . r
Several years ago David Wilson secured
a Judgment against the town for $5uOO. He
was never able to collect It , and wnen 1'c
died C. J. Phelps as ednilnlstiator , er-
dea\ored to collect the a'm unt. Other * ne n.t
means falling , Phelps began a procoaJIns In
mandamus In the supreme court to icqulro
the mayor and the city council lo apprnpili o
the money. The court Issued un alternative
writ and gave the city until yeuteiday to
pay the Judgment , InHtead City Attrirnu/ .
A , Cox has irplled to the supreme court
alleging tint the city has already levied all
tl'o taxes allowed by law. that It ban -s-iaicel }
en'ugh to pay Ufa regular expenses and closes
with this lemarkublo statement *
"That the court fiom which said writ of
mandate Issued has no taxing poweis con
ferred upon It by law and cjn Impart no'io
to said defendants , aa mayor and councllincn
of said cltj of Krlc , and has no Jurisdic
tion to coerce the levy of taxes speeded In
iho mandate. "
uo\v IN TIII : soc-vi ,
K ( 'UllllOtf AKri'CIII ! ItCKoIllllollN
Colli-rrnlilK Illirli'liill SliofilliiKr ,
DRTHOIT. Sept. 19A meeting of thu
Dutiolt brunch of thu Social
broke up In disorder this livening nftei a
hot discussion of propped resolntions upon
the shooting of miner * at Hazleton , Pa The
resolutions loundly condemned tlio at ion of
Sheriff Martin and hls/depjitjcn In firing on
the miners and demanil l their trial for
murder They also cttclarvd tint tin. 1'enn-
ujlvanla and West Virginia Judges \ > lm had
rcndiiicd alleged unjuut. tloelslouu In Iho
"governincnt by Injunction " cases should bo
Impeached. Several jcxtrenio socialists who
were present vvrathfully contended that inert !
bhould bo no appeal to government In such
matters bin ( hat vengeance should bo IMI | hy
the people themselves. They tried 'D shout
down the resolution ! ) and denounced the
chairman for appointing a committee to
draft them. After u lung , hat wrangle Iho
gathering broke \\llhilut-ikvhuIng llsel/ .
Irlxh Ciiilfiiiilnlkkuflnllon ,
NHW YOIIK , Sept. I'J The f > -comrnltteo
of the ommlttee of the * 98 Centennial OHHU-
elation , undei wliost uusplctH the IJ'K ex-
eur. Uti will be Klveri to Ireland next j ear ,
iiitt heie yt'Htenlaj' . Communte itloim weie
i iruil from IrHh nrgunlzatloim In I'lileimo ,
I'ltuhuig , Ban I-'raiielsco mul other placei ,
stilting that braiifheg cf thu imncliton : ! hud
been Htaileil bj eucli of them , The associa
tion tv II t-id't a monument to Dm men who
I fell In " . *
' llllMlllfNN TrOllllll'M Of ( I Dll ) ,
HUSTON. Sept. 1t'JaiU 1 , Arnt-H A : t'o. ,
' who opciated a eojiiijitfislon luui.-e an Devon-
Hiilre > Heet , luivcn'liapemled. . The CIIIIHU
Klveu IH tbu failure of j It. Wllluitl ft < 'o. ,
the llim'H New York t'oirtfl'ondent ,
11 in I HubllltleH are not Icnoivn ,
MoiloclilH of OctniirMHclH , Siil. | 111.
At New Yoik Arrlvpil-Huvt'l , fiom
III emeu , Ililiunnlu , fi&m Muisc'lUFui ; -
nosi'la , from Glasgow , liovlc , fiom Lher-
pool.At .
At Havre Arrived La Touralno , from
New Yoik.
At Movllle Arrived-Clty ot Home , from
Kuw York , and inocecdea.
nv P npiTii rivTIMIT f IOT O
This Sumniariz s Sunday's ' Yellow Fever
Situation nt Now Orleans ,
\iillinrllli < < > KnilriiMir to VTiolliti tlio
Flllli In that Portion ur Iho
Cltj _ \V en III > * rnrni
nml T
NDW OUUUNS. Sept. 19. The local
fever situation has undergone llttlo change
since yesterday. At sit o'clock tonight the
record book In the Hoard ot Health cillleo
showed a total of six now cases and ono
death , The olllclal bulletin Issued tonight ,
however , shows two deaths , that of the
woman , Santa Qralllato , who died In the
hospital last night , not having been In
cluded In the offlctal bulletin , although re
ported In dispatches.
This Is the record : Deaths Joseph fjlfi-
fay , an Italian , 2326 Urquhart street. Now
rases , Rosalie Ilackus , John Dell , Plum , be
tween Cnmbronnc and Jefferson ; Irene Ter-
loll , Charity hospital ; William llrandon , 639
Philip ; Xorah 11lies 341 St. Claude street ;
Lena Green , colored , 155S Camp street. The
first two cases arc In the e.xtiemo upper
portion of the city ; one In the fouith dis
trict ; one In the St. Claude street house
where the original six cases were reported ,
and one Is In the Williams houne , where
two cases already existed , There ore three
cases under investigation and the health
ailtholltles tonlirlif still view dm lln.itlnn
with some complacency.
The report of Dr. Mctz , the city chemist ,
on the condition of the Italian quarter ,
moved the board to prompt acceptance to
day of the offer ot the city of the iMarlnc
lospltal ns a refuge. Dr. .Mctz found as
many as s > lxty people huddled together In
: ho Italian quarter living In qualor and
fllth. In ono of the rooms a goat was found
sleeping nightly with the family who owned
t. The woman Graulato was taken from
: hls quaiter and the board realized that un-
ess something were done at once the block
in which the woman had lived was likely
soon to become a plague spot. It was , there-
'ore , decided to uuard and thoroughly dlsln-
Tcct and fumigate the entire squaie nnd to
remove as soon as possible mcst of the fam
ilies to the old Marino hospital. The him-
Ired squatters who now occupy the latter
building will be given quarters In one of
the new schoolhouscs In the vicinity and
the Marine hospital buildings will be per
manently used as n refuge until the fever
Is stamped out for the families of the Ital
ian quarter and those of the Indigent sick
tlnoughout the city.
House Surgeon llloom had a conference
with President Oliphant today relative to
establishing a place to which Indigent j el-
low fever patients might bo removed. There
ire usually 700 or SOO patients In the Charity
hospital , and It Is considercvl highly danger
ous to receive jellovv fever patients In that
Institution. U Is said that the hospital Is
ready to go to any expense to piovldc a sup
plementary hospital. The board submitted
an offer of the free iibc of the old biuallpox
detention camp , which Is entirely discon
nected from thu smallpox hospital , and It
seems likely that the offer will be accepted
anilall .yellow fever patients who for various
reasons cannot be treated at home will bo
sent to Dr. Beard's place. There are now
two patients Buffering with jellovv fever In
the Charity hospital , and their presence ,
although they occupy Isolated apartments Is
deemed a serious menace to other patients.
At a largely attended meeting of bankers ,
business men , ministers and representatives
of labor organizations It was resolved to ask
the Hoard of Health to cuiitldei the advis
ability of adopting next Tuesday as a general
cleaning day.
Acting Major Hrlttnln and President Oil-
pliant today replied to the suggestion
strongly deprecating It. They wrote that It
would be inadvisable and Inexpedient to de
termine upon a fixed day for cleaning pur
poses , as such a movement would cause an
accumulation of tilth and trash which could
not be moved at once , and b > the stirring up
of miasma would further endanger the health
of the city Instead of Improving It. It was
suggested , therefore , that each Individual In.
habitant of the city proceed without dela.v
to the cleaning of his own premises , to the
disinfection of his water closets , allejs , > aid ,
etc. , and the destruction ot all decajlng mat
ter by flro.
The detention camp at Foutalneblcii was
today declared to have been practically com
pleted and to be ready for the reception of
A special train today went to Uiloxl and
Ocean Springs and from there carried about
forty people to the camp. Tomorrow the
camp will be thrown open to all comers.
Those who arc not Immunes will have to
stay In the camp ten days , according to the
rules laid down by Surgeon Murray , these
rules being simply the federal law , which
the surgeon as the commander of the camp
Is bound to enforce.
There were no now cases reported nt Ocean
Spilngs up to noon , but the weather was
heavy and sultry and one of the patients
was not expected to live. She Is Miss l aura
Atkins. Chailes Edgier , son of prominent
Now Oileans people , was among those
stricken yesterday at Ocean. Springs , bin
his condition Is not yet considered serious
When the fever had been declared epidemic
and yellow ho closed himself up In his hniuo
nnd did not torao forth exeept to go to the
detention camp as soon an It was reads.
Isolation , however , did not prevent the gernm
from entering his home.
The worlc of the Now Orleans sanltarj
foitcs tontlnued unabated today nnd the ofll-
ccis employed themselves In hunting up
ninny old rookeries where people are closely
crowded In Illy ventilated homes and where
they Ilio In filth. Many of these places
\vero subjected to complete disinfection and
cleaning. The weather today hub been warm
and threatening.
< 'ivnn CASIJHT n\v\ > \ .
Inxiec1olIllminer | MnUoN lleiorl | lo
Marine llo | > lliil OtllelnlN.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 19. In his weeklj
icpoit to the Marine hoip'tol service Sani
tary Inspector IJrunner at Havana sajs that
for the week ending Septemb r ! l there were
J2 < ; deatliH. of which fifteen were from > ol-
low fever , twenty-nine from entorlc and per
nicious fevers , thirty-four from djH ntcry
anJ llftj-fivo 'roni enteritis. The Inspector
says the decline In deaths from yellow fever
la only apparently , many deaths from that
dlHcaset ho thinks being placed under the
head of enteiltls and enteric fover.
At the same lime there are not ax many
case's of jellow fev-r In the mllltarj hon-
pltals as there wcro two months ago. the
Hcldlcrs who are sick being cared for In the
hospitals elsewhere.
For two we''ks , according lo the mortality
i ports , no deaths from yellow fever have
occurred in the city proper ; this condition ho
says does not exist. The enormous druth
rate from on'erltls ' and dynenteiy the Inspector
specter saj . Is a result nf the lack of iiu-
{ trltlaus food , and the deaths fiom thcs dls-
i eases have not leached high water maik.
UnUci Hit ) laws are so amended as to admit
certain Important food products , nobody hut
the favored few will be afolo io obtain nu-
tiltlous food , Even at the present time all
flesh meats command prices , above the leaeh
o1 the lowei claf * H while hreaJsluffs are
) high ,
( ililt'.liiUH Arrlii'H nt , liii-l on.
J \CKSON. Mini. , 'eept. ' 19.Dr. . H S. Old-
dl : < gii of the maiino hospital service airlved
' here todij on biu wuj to Edwards n estab
lish a Crimp of lefugccs. He haa with him
200 tents and mattrcssex. Dr J r Hunter
uecictary of tbo State Hoard of Health , will
arrive ) hero tomorrow from Vlcksburg lo
confer with Dr , Olddlnga lUtti A ylcvt to
ir.vrs or TIII : n vv
\ < ( lie Mule I'll I r ( ironiuNl
Opening of the Kalr S A M
Hand Concert Court of Honor.
Jublleo Singers Grand Stand.
Judges Award Prizes U , V , n , P and H.
Hncei during the afternoon.
Mlnu'lloiiH In ( He I'll ) t
McSorloys Twins Hoyd 8-15.
Milk White Plag Crelghton S IB
YoMiTiluj'N THI peril tit re I
Hour. lieu. Hour. llru ; .
n n. in . . . . . . r.S i p. in , IN
< > II- t " U | i. n ( Ill
T n. 111 rv ; t p. n itt )
S n. 111 .Ml I | i. in tin
i ) n. in , - > s n ii. in < >
II ) n , ill IfJ n | i. in. (17 (
ti M. 111. . . . . . an r ii. in ( M
IU in ( IS S p. in .Ml
n it. in n ?
\\Vnllipr Forft'lisl for Tnln
Vnrlnl.UlinIH. .
Harrlngn trilling coolness the weather > < " > -
terdny was all that could bo desired. The
day was blight , clear and pretty , but thn
mixlmiim temperature was only 70 degrees.
It turned off quite c ol toward evening. The
coolness will bo overlooked by the fair man
agement , however. If the weather lemalns
clear and dry.
oMahllshlng a base of supplies and taking
stringent measures to stamp out the jellovv
iiiviv : : M\V : r\sus AT MOIIII.I : .
Ofllelnl Iliillt'tlii for n I'erloil Covt-r-
IIIH : Tv fnll'onr lloiirN.
MOHILB. Ala , , Sept. 19. The official bul
letin for the last twenty-four hours ending
ut noon today shows eleven new eases ot
jellovv fever , as follows :
J W. Cnrllile , Augusta street , near llrcnld ;
J. J. Hourno , C,9ri nimlra ; David Myrtim at
the Marino hospital , reported last night after
board meeting ; Gfoige Majtleld , Lettlo Johnson -
son , colored , Ceuar , near Augusta ; 15. S.
Shanonbcrg- and wife , l/tivicnro , near
Augusta ; Frank Collier , Old Shell road , near
Hollett ; Willie Charpln , : tuU Charles , corner
Klmlra , Eugene Hencher , corner Charleston
nml Charles , Miss Allman , Old Shell road ,
near Hellett. One death that of Krank
Donaldson , mentioned us one of the now
oasis In those dispatches last night Ho was
1C years of nge and a papet tarrler. Total
cases to date , 29 ; deaths , .1.
Tne president of the Hoard of Health to-
ulght comments upon the dnj's report as
follows. "The cases reported today were
taken , ono on the l"th , ono on the 13th , one
on the 14th , three on the 15th , four on the
IGth and one on the IStb , so there Is shown
that there has been but ono new case In the
last twenty-four hours The total of CIIKC-H
shows a persistent j" of the disease between
a rapid Increase and nil the cases nio In one
Infected district save In one locality on the
Old Shell road nnd In the Marine hospital
All the cases , with one or two exceptions ,
are doing well. The Sunday cnlni was In- I
Unsifted todaj- , all tralllc suspended and the ,
streets being even dcecrtcd by the usual '
throngs of worshippers. Not only have
many people gone away , but those lemalnliig
think it prudent to avoid gatherings of all
sorts. The Hujsldo park closed Us season
prcmatiirelj jcsterdny and Sunday street car
travel In that direction , which Is generally
verj largo , was cntliely lacking. There was
n small shower about 2 o'clock today , ac
companied by n cool wind that was most ie-
fleshing otter tbo Intense sultriness of the
last two weeks. "
SI.1CHT I.tCHElStt AT KIMVlll > .s.
Four Jfcw CIIMCN ArtRoiiorlrd , lint -No
Don I Iin.
VIOKSnURO , Miss. , Sept 19i The fo\T
at Edwards shows but slight IneronsB nnd
no deaths have occurred. Dr. Purnell re
ported four new cases todaj as follows Mf * .
Dr. lluttllff , Kraulc Angele , John Ivey tilid
Jesse Sharp , colored. Disinfection has com
menced nnd bedding Is being burned when
It tannot be disinfected. Dr. Dunn , : io.\
nt Oremi Springs , h-aa been ordered ( o Kd-
Dr. Glddlngs Is expected there tonight n .
aie nls ) tents for the camp of refugees The
State Hoird tiled to prevent Fnther Prouder ,
gast of this cltj , who has never had thf
fever , from going to Edwards , but ho con-
sldeied It his duty und the board gave way
The board has a icport fiom Hlloxl show
ing thirty-six cases to date UPRldex six
msplcious and tiventy-Fovon cases ( if > ellovv
fever now en hand. No deaths rcpo'ied.
Colonel Rofob , an aged planter near Ed
wards , Is one of the cases reported jester-
Vleksbmg Is thoioughlj guaided and en
tirely healthy. It Is estimated that peilmpx
10 per cent of the population has loft town.
No N M > CiiseH ill Oeejin S' | > rliiK * < .
OCfiAN SPRINGS. Miss. , Supt. Ill -1)
Kells wlics Dr Dunn fiom Scranton , re
porting three new eases of mild fevei , no
deaths , and all eases doing well. Dlspatchc > -
from Doctors Hunter and Klger , executive
committee of the Ml'slnslriil State Hoard of
Health , order Dr Dunn to luin over to Sur
geon MiiTuy bin charge cnnsl'tlng of Ocean
Spilngs , Scranton and Pascagoula , and pu >
ceed at once to Edwards Dr. Dunn will
leave Monday for that place. Surgeon Mur-
lay went out to Fonlalnoblcati detention
camp today 1-Vitj-llirco persons entered
CMIIIP , town went to Ocean Spr.ngs. Mrs.
Patteison , hei daughter , Mrs. G eeno and
two children , of Iowa ; Messrs White , Ansley
and Levj of Now Oilcans , left hero for de
tention camp today. No new ici es have been
reported and the sick aie all doing well. A
lelreHhlng thowtr fell today.
Three DeU-iillini CIIIIIIIM.
WASHINGTON Si pt i'l. Complete ad-
vltoa were retcied today by Surgeon Gen
eral Wyman of the hospital Hervlto of the
movementu of Ilia oflitlals In the yellow
fevei districts and of the measures to pic-
vcnt the spread of the disease. U IH ex
pected tlut soon tlnce detention camps will
bo In operation tlut at Kontalnblcau , Miss. ,
ono near IJihiardo or Jackson. Miss , and
another at the Mount Vernon Harracks , Ala
Dr Wyman thlnkn the sjs'.cm of limpeetlon
Is now pretty thoroughly organised.
Two I'IINON nt Cairo ,
MEMPHIS , Tt-nn . Stpt. 19 A speclil lethe
the Conirne cal ! Appeal fiom Cairo , III. , syH
Dr. Gulttras , the jtdloiv fever expert , who
airlved hero from Mobile at noon today , huu
pronounced Ilia two suspicious cnxcH ut I lie
Mailne hospital to be jellow fevei of a mild
\.S > 1,1 M SC
TciiniNlci'liarKoM OlllelnlN vvllli
HeliiK llriuiU on .Siiiiilii ) ,
TOI'EKA , Kan , Sept. 19. A scandal has
tome to light at the TopeUa Insane. Atjlum
and may result In an otllelal Invedtlgatinn
J. J. Allen , u teamster at the asvlum , lus
resigned bis poultlon because ) he says tilings
uro tarried on In uch a hlgh-handcd man
ner at the Institution that he doe * not
care to be mlMil up In It. In an open
letter Allen chaige * that the officials spend
Km. day In drunken vuoutoUi around thu
HHylum n d that frequently membeis of tne
bob nt participated In tlie. festivities. He
SIJH It was not an uncommon thing to Ilnd >
Home of the fubordlnate ofriinra lying out
In the jard dead drunk at uny hour of thu
night. Superintendent \Velmoro denies the
Sert li't * .
IKNVii : { . Colo. , Hept. 19 A new
p j b i\ice to Portland , Ore. , comtUtlng of
a tourist tdtfper uml a clinlr tar on the
leguUr night ti.iln foi the west , has been
Ir.stltiite'l tivi-i the Denver & Itlo Orandf
railroad. AiruiiwinenlH have nlso been
made l > v vvlileh pausenKerB over thu Denxei
& Itlo Ur.tncle , destined for the noithwctil ,
tun change Hlueperd ut firuml Junction nr
Salt I < nku nnd be uciomimidated In bertlm
for the Midland uleeper , luavlng Denver
about tlie tiiune time.
Thirty-First Aununl Stnto Fnir Heady for
Visitors mul Inspcctioni
Eihibitiou urpnssjs Any Ever Mtulo iu the
Btnto's History.
Waiting Till the Last Moment 'Ends in
Getting Shut Out.
DouliliKorccN TVorU Mnlil mill
lo ( id ( ItnllilliiKN RIMI < | > for
tint'oinliiu of TO < | II > 'M
CromN ,
Piomptly at S o'clock thla morning the
big gates nt the f > ilr grounds will swing
Outward and the thirty-first annual exposi
tion of the pioducts and icsuurces of Ne
braska 111 be formally opened. All that Ima
been promised In icgard to the superiority
of the exhibits bus bscn more than fulfilled ,
and tlio thousands of people that will throng
the grounds during the week will bo per
mitted to src wlmt Nt-bi s' < a t\in offer for
Us natural advantage's. It furnishes a most
cffcptlxe object lesson In one of the most
magnificent expositions of stcck and agrl-
cultuiiil products oxer brought together In
any xtato In the union. At 3 o'clock jes-
terdaj afternoon Just 100 mote carloads ot
exhibits hud boon brought Into the grounds
than were a\er brought to a state fair In
Nobiahka anil a large number of additional
carloads weie scheduled to nrrhe during
the e\enlng and early this morning.
The busl'o of preparation was Intensified
jestoiday mid hundreds of workmen wcro
biiMlly enguipd In lushing lluough the task
of pacing the vast amount of mntfrlnl that
wus offered foi exhibition. Vu Immense
amount of woik was accompllnhed , but even
thpii It was necessary for tinny of them to
woik all night In order to ba mul ) to open
this morning. The Agi ( cultural building
was a veritable beehl\p nnd It wjs found
necessaiy to close the ilnors In cider that
the workmen might not be Impeded. ICarly
In the day theie w < is mine materlil In place
than has p\er beLMi on e.xhibltlon ut a previous
fair and from then on It wat > simply a ques
tion of how much of the ( in unity that re
mained could fop ciowded In With tlio ex
ception of CUP 01 two exhlb Is which aulvcd
late the building will bo piactleilly complete
this morning.
The greatest deby Is notlcublo In the
buildings which are occupied chiefly by local
exhibitors. In spite of ths constant re
minders of the management a vast numusr
of Omaha people insisted on wajtlug until
the last minute to make their untrlcs More
Onnlia cntil- " . were received dining jester-
il ) > y than during the entire previous week and
as j fault a large number of them wer6
turned down. Thp clerks wt-ro compelled to
have the books ready for the Judges to begin
work this morning , nnd It was finally found
noi'esHaij to absolutely shut out all new on-
tiich \s 11 was the clerks In this depait-
inent had to work half HIP nltht In order
to IIP ipad > for tliw Judges tmliy.
Aside fiom this , however , there haa been
iiuthlng to Intcrfcie wi'h the eoniplcle suc
cess of the fair. Nearly all the live stock
tlut had been enteiPd was on Hi" gioundi
before midnight lust night , and the penu
are falily swamped with the tremendous ex
hibit of tattle anil hogs. In each of these
clauses the show Is ltniiicns ° ly superior to of on > picvlous year both In the mint-
foci of exlilblls and the quality of the stock ,
and the breeders on the ground who iuvo
been making the tin nit of State fulls for
yiMis , nay that It It , In every respect the
finest exhibit of stock ever seen In any
uesLcin bta'.p Tlie hoiscs aie not up to
the htaudard attained before the blujclc and
tiollej ecu made horse bu-cdlng a losing
g.inio , but the pxhlblt 1 * equal to the best
thai hns been shown dm Ing the last few
The Ponlttj building Is too uiull to equal
tindem.mlK for space and cirps cf birds uro
Mail.eil up In ever } \a < unt space liven the
nixies au > piled liiili with exhibits and
Ilieic It Liuely pimugh Hp.ite left to pass be
tween the rows Thp varieties shown are
exivplionall } complcto and the quality of
the fowls Ih pxtioordlnary.
The trains on the xtub line wern heavily
loided with vIsttorH all day > > sterday and
some ( if thorn protested most vlgoroutily
hen thej found It was nercssary t ) pay the
usual admlfulon ot thu gate Their illHsat-
hf.icilon wax H'ljl more Yl'"ol'slj ' ; expressed
when they attunpted logo into several build ,
ings rind were met by tlr * sign of "No ad-
nilltancn , " whl h was strict y cnfo p d , The
admittance WUK clurgpd by tlie management
nialnl ) for the pniposc i/f | ne < entlng the
Imllillngs from being overrun with vUItorn
who might interfere with the workmen , but
the pe < plu who paid to lee 111" show that was
kept behind clrsed doois wore nimble to sco
the Juttlcs of this aiiang mcnl.
Matters tool ; a lively tuiii In tliodmlnls -
( ration * building yen. da ) . All duy long
IIiiPBof busy exhibitors thronged the ofllces
of President Dpollttlo anJ Sf ttt-ary Knrnai.
The maihlnerj for handl. 3 multitudin
ous Inuliu'ss of ( lie big Hrmv has been
brought to a condition fai mi < i perfect than
In my prc-vlotiH year an 1 a vast quantity nf
it wjs tiar.nactcd by the ofTt lals with vciy
llttlo friction.
'Thu fall thla year" bald Secretary Kur
iidj. "will beat anv < hlii' < of It ? kind ever
I.IIUVMI In the state The. exhibitors went a
trllln slow In getting their display * Into posi
tion along at llrtt but tiny are making
. "meiiiln for this by flaenu itsorlc iloublo
fortes of moil. The sun circal dUpUys In
thp Vgrleiilturil building prom o to eollpto
all prevlor cffortH. anl ui > 10 pace , I don't
think there Id an available Inch which haa
nut been allotted.
' One of tl.n new leatiiMH of thin Year
ivlilcii Is woithy of mention h the fact ot
State Veterinarian A T Pwters of Lincoln
forli g with us. lie will hn In fttfmlance at
the grnnnds during tno entire perjol covcrcil
b > ( h ? fair , Kvery animal pinurd on exhlbl-
t'on v/lll paus under lilu o > cs. Ileretoforo
nun ) owners of fine cattle and swim * havv
iff alnpd from tnkli.g thu host productu of
( heir farms to the fair on account of ( ho
danger of dhseasu by tontJglon This In par
ticularly true of hogs I'mler the present
uiinngeinent any anlmaln ulilch appear even
a trUlu usplclous as to health will ho barred
from the grounds Yon may baj that the fair
\\Ill ho luidy for all HlgitECcru when tha
gales open Monday morning "
AH Illiistratlvu of the wonderful renouice *
of Nftirai-1a there Ifi on t < xblltlon In the sec-
retaiy'a olllce a well matured cnfTttt plant.
The poiU In which the rai'en berries neatlo
are well developed and thu plant to an un
til to red oyu appears up Ic all requirements
lequlrcd In the growth of Iho product Tim
plant was utud In thin city by M. II ,
Hthanku of North b' streft , It
will be later placed In Ilio Horticultural
building. This coffee exmfolt , together with'
the cotton exhibit , both homo grown will
provj quite a novelty to those Inlerrutel in
the ever expanding flora of the state
Secretary Kurnao ban had manufattuied
500 souvenir badges , whleh will be distrib
uted to a few of the main exhlbltom n . |
to the various headc ot deparlmentu of tha
fair , It U In the form of a badge and I *
quite liundBouio In dcelgn , Tlio pin ecctloa