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British Government Orders Ten Batteries of
Horse and Artillery to the Front
Anthoritips Are Powossod of Information of
Serious Character.
It is lutimatctl that a Widespread Plot Has
Been Discovered !
Kxlent of DlnlreH * III tin * Kinernld
Idle VlirlCN IIH VleVieil ! ) > .MfllllHTN
uf Different Polltlcnl
OrKniilintloiiN , ,
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LONDON , Sept. IS. The fact that no less
than ten batteries of horse nnd field artillery
l ) vo been ordered to omlmrk for India dur-
ItiK the months of September and October Is
much commented upon In military circles.
Under ordinary circumstances the Indian
batteries would bo relieved this month , but
these have been ordered to remain , nnd there
will bo shortly on the frontier fourteen bat
teries , a full complement for an army corps.
! As the Ilrltish force now assembled on the
frontier Is of ample strength to wipe out all
( visible resistance , the only communion that
con bo reached In relation to the dispatch ot
< ho artillery Is that the authorities are
possessed of Information ot a fccrlous char-
The Intimation carried by the War depart
ment Monday last to the commercial agent
cf the ameor of Afghanistan that no war
material or machinery for the manufacture
thereof will be allowed to cross the frontier
during the present crisis Indicates that the
Ilrltish government has by no means entire
confidence In the ameer's fidelity and It Is
intimated that the government has learned
that while professing friendliness with Great
Britain he Is preparing for war.
Leading men are discussing the secret correspondence
respondence- between Russia and Afghan
istan , which is said to have fallen Into the
liands of British odleers , and It Is further In
timated that a widespread plot has been
The truth or otherwise of these stories will
develop hereafter , but the fact remains that
the large Increase In the strength of the
( British artillery In India cannot bo Intended
for use against the Afrldls.
The extent of the distress threatening Ire
land seems to depend largely on which
party's eyes the case Is viewed with.
The council of the National federation has
decided that the country Is on the brink era
a widespread calamity and calls upon
Messrs. Dillon and Harrington to convoke u
meeting of the Irish members of Parliament
for the purpose of requisitioning Mr. Dai-
four , the government leader In the Commons ,
to call an autumn besslon of Parliament to
Covlso relief measures and to puss a bill re
ducing rents in Ireland In proportion to the
Ions Inclined by thu tenants owing to the
wholesale destruction of their crops. On
the other hand , the Dublin Kxpress says the
cry of famine is only a continuation of the
party war cry which IK raised every year
by the unionists In olllce. and adds : "Judg
ing from the past we'may hope that much of
the crops doomed to destination by the
prophets of evil will bo rescued and that
the general yield will bo larger than ex
pected. "
The Independent regards the suggestion
that the duchess of York will shortly appeal
for funds In behalf of the Irish who arc
threatened with famine as being an Insult
nnd says : "If the country was ten times as
iadly oft as It is reported H would resent
any charitable appeal to the English. " The
Independent denies that Ireland as a whole
will suffer acute dlstiess. Figures furnished
In tha report of the Inspector of Inebriate re
treats show that the effect ot legislative In
tervention to icform Ireland Is experimental
find wholly Inadequate. About one-third of
those entering these letreatH arc cured. The
report contends that the number of habitual
drunkards In English society l.i greatly un
derestimated. It Is also certain that among
women of all classes drunkenness Is Increas
ing rapidly.
Lord Rosobery Is preparing to ro-entcr
public Mo. Ho has commenced making
speeches and has n round of political en
gagements. Ho visited Mr. Gladstone , It Is
allowed , with the view of gutting the as
sistance of the graml old man In starting
him In the good will of all thu political par-
tie * .
The strike In the engineering trades con
tinues and while the employers' federation
at a meeting dotet mined not to accede to the
demands of their employes there arc signs of
a deslro on both aide * to end the strike ,
iwhlch Is costing the country hundreds of
thousands of pounds.
The Speaker says It regards the capture
Of Victoria do las Tunas by the Insurgents
8 being a salutary lesson , taking the ground
that It gives Spain n shock "which It Is
hoped will check It In Its drift toward bank
ruptcy and civil war. " Wlillo not express
ing sympathy with the motives , the Speaker
adds ; "Tho United States ran find excel
lent reasons to Intervene uliciioer It likes. "
The Speaker advises Spain to recall Cap-
< aln General Woylcr and to arrange terms
iwith the Cubans , , through tha Intermediary
of the United States , expressing thu opinion
that , otherwise , Spain may lm\o greater
dangers to face after the United States con
gress ineeU ) .
\VHOI.i : 110111)1111 31A V II1SK UP.
Ucfeitt of liciiernl Jell'rjN AllVel * In-
illiiu Situation SerlniiMly.
SIMLA , Sept. 18. The revertra suffered by
( bo British force under General Jeffrya In
the attack upon the Momandca In the valley
north of Camp Anajatt are regarded mosl
seriously , and It Is stated In semi-official
circles that If the tltuatlon does not Improve
promptly the whole border will bo In arms.
Olijeot to SfrtliiK III the Army.
nnUSSRLS , Sept. 18. The new law com
pelling foreigners to servo In the Civic
guard U causing excitement here and in all
the cities Inhabited by foreigners. A mats
meeting of Americans between the ages of 21
nd 40 will bo held In thli city on Monday
next to decide upon the action which they
( Will take lit the premises. Thla will ho fol
lowed by a meeting ot the UrltUh subjects
lor the aatue purpose.
lionWllllniii WnlYlorf Hiijnjril Illni-
M'lf nt Stockholm' * I\IIOKIIM.
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IXNION , Sept. 18. ( New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram. ) William
Waldorf Astor , who has just returned from
a visit In northern Europe , writes very
cnthuMa'tlcally of the Swedish women. Ot
all the sights In Stockholm , he says , "tlio
one best worth n long journey to sec was
ho frokcns , or demoiselles , Hcsldc. the
particular charms of the feature and expres
sion lfco frokcns share the common charac
teristics of the tall , trim figures , frank
eyes nnd self-possessed chins. The vtry
scrxants and barmaliHi look refined and
tidy ; even the women wheeling a barrow
have a neat Jacket and n well garnished
hat. " Mr. Astor relates with gusto .1 joke
ho played on one of his party : "Having
heard something of Swedish ways , I lured
my unsuspicious companions Into a public
bath. One of them has not yet recovered
from the pink horror which seized him en
being surprised , helpless In the water by
a tall virago who pioceedcd to soap and
rinse him as In the days ot his youth. " Mr.
Astor had an exciting experience In n bar
ber shop. "I went to a barber to have
ray hair trimmed and soon discovered the
Inconvenience of unfamlllirlty with.tho lan
guage. While my arms were swathed In a
sheet and I had nothing to protect mo but
my tongue , the barber politely and delib
erately clipped off the treasured apex ot my
beard In deference to some fugitive local
fashion , and In spite of all my vigorous but
unintelligible remonstrances. One ot my
friends was meanwhile being chased around
the shop by n shaving operator who wanted
to go over him a second time. "
Thtre appears to be no doubt that the
iody of the old woman found with a frac
tured skull In one ot the moat * of the
fortifications of Paris Is that of Angellquc
Crucho , alias the comtessp de Margnou and
Rlgolclte , but still better remcmbercdi aa
"Bablnguctte , " In consequence of her .mar
velous resemblance to Empress Eugenie.
The stratagem ot feudcnts during the em
pire led to such scandalous errors that M.
Pletrl , the prefect of the police , sent for
Angcllquo and ordered her to- have her hair
dyed black. To this she reluctantly con
sented , and after a turbulent career she
dropped into a clan of ragpickers , leaving
behind her , atnld her squalid surroundings ,
photographs andi letters of her psuedo Im
perial days.
A syndicate has been formed for the
purpose ot buying Augustln Daly's lease of
Daly's London theater In Leicester square.
It has offered 30,000 for It. Mr. Daly has
not yet accepted the offer
Mn > . Arthur Paget has 1-een seriously 111.
She was prostrated at the end of the sea
son and went to Harrogate for three weeks ,
but the waters failed to agree with her.
She went to stay with Lord and Lady Howe
for the Derby races , became eo 111 that sue
could not leivo to go to Ireland to most
the duke and duchess of York at Lady
Iveagh's , but had to stay two or three weeks.
Now the has gone to Scotland to stay with
Lady Colebrooke , who has quite a bevy
of pretty women here.
Mrs. Ronalds went to stay at Bayreuth
with a party , which included Sir Arthur
Sullivan. She was made much of by the
prince and princess of Wales and Lady dp
Gray and all the people there. Afterwards
she went for a tour of Switzerland and bhc
Is now staying at Folkestone , her usual
resort each year.
The prince of Wales has written a charm
ing letter to Mlsp Kussner on the receipt
of n miniature which she painted for him.
The latter Is full of k'udest words' of praise
and good wlshcn that Eho may have oven
more success In her profession. The minia
ture was given to the princess as a present
on the anniversary of their engagement ,
and the princess Is quite delighted with
It. The present which the prlrce gave to
Miss Kusmer as a souvenir is a model
In diamonds of his liorso Persimmon , with
the jockey enamelled in his racing colors.
Miss Kussner as a souvenir Is a model
shei painted the miniature of the prince that
she has had to raise her terms. Her "charges
are now 200 for a small portrait.
KiiKllxli Coiiimcrulnl anil rimmcliil
Worlil Trilllo Gold Staniliii-il.
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LONDON , Sept. 18. ( Now York World
Cablegram Special Telegram. ) The governor
of the Bank of England has brought upon
himself a perfect hurrlcuno of denunciation
for his shadowy concession to the blmot-
Hllists , although It U taken for granted
that the conditions laid down cannot possibly
bo fulflled. Still the mere fact of the bank
displaying even the most platonlo affection
for bimetallism has strikingly shown how
overpowering- ! adverse tlio vast bulk of
commercial banking and press opinion in
England Is to any Interference , however
remote or alight , with the gold standard.
The Statist says : "The action of the bank
is at once feeble and unwise , though the
conditions attached to holding one-fifth ot
the bullion reserve In the bank in silver are
extremely unlikely to bo attained and need
not cause any alarm. Tlio bank should have
said emphatically and distinctly that It was
not disposed to tamper with the more than
fifty years' established usages of holding
gold against Us note Issue. There may be
a deslro not to offend susceptibilities by
plainly tolling the United States and Franco
tint England Is not going to fall into any
schemes ; but even on the part of our own
government a llrm policy would have been
decidedly better than pretending seriously
to ronsldcr the subject. But the publication
of the letter by the governor to the chan
cellor ot the exchequer has evoked so much
proteat and ridicule that we are not likely
again to hear of the proposal. "
\\'c > U-r SVmlN Woril tn ( Iit > HpaiilNli
( iovi'riiiuviil.
MADRID Scot. 18. Captain General Wey-
lor cables to the government baying that ho
Is perfectly confident of being- able to pacify
Cuba In four months.
Ht'lr to MurlliorniiKll.
( CoprlKht , 1(97 , by rre I'ubllihlnK Company , )
LONDON , Sept. 18. ( Now York World
Cablegram Special Telegram , ) The duchets
ot Marlborough ( nee Vanderbllt ) , gave birth
to a son at 3 a. tn. today at Spencer House ,
the duke's London residence. Botb mother
and child are reported to be doing well ,
W. 1C. Vaudorbllt and Mrs. 0. H. P. Be- !
mont , father and mother ot the duchess ,
were present , having come to London In
anticipation of the event. Some Americans
have been not A little scandalized by the
fact that the duchess declined 10 go Into
retirement earlier. She wan active and up
and about to the last. Presumably she took
her cue In that respect from the princes *
of Wale * .
r l
, }
TOsfesS Sj
± u p/y \ & y.vT
* t"TrJ " rs-
The design of the Agricultural building shows a richness of ornament almost to redundancy , which not only gives It the character of an exposition building , but
suggests the wealth and abundance derived from agriculture. JUch and brilliant color Is an Important element In the design. This color Is applied to the loggias
and on the plain wall surfaces , leavl c the nrches. columns nnd' main architectural parts to stand out In simple , strong masses , having no color themselves , but relieved
against the colored background. This color treatment produces a beautiful nnd brilliant cffect , , whether seen under brilliant sunlight with the strong shadows falling
across It , or In half-lights late In the afternoon , reflected In tlio lagoon or half concealed bv the projections of the buildings , as It Is seen In the perspective. While
the building Is of Rennalssance or classic type , the decorations and ornaments will bo cntlrolv modeled from agricultural products festoons of corn and other cereals ,
nnd even the common market garden products nro given proper place In this decoration. The great wml-clrcular niche forming the main entrance will bo richly
decorated In this way In color , and on cither side of It there will bo figures representing the "Digger" and the "Sower , " taken from Millet's famous paintings , sup-
Dortcd on cither side by lesser figures and the arms of the state and nation. At each side of the great central arch will bn recessed niches with rich color decoration ,
and crowning this central composition will bo three sculptured groups , these o = either side representing the zodiac and tha seasons while the centra ! figure , crowning
the whole composition , will represent "Prosperity , " supported by "Labor" and "Integrity. " At the corner pavilions there will bo figures representing the seasons and
the favorable winds , and Inscriptions relating to the subject of agriculture. Names of these who have been patrons of agriculture or who have made notable Inven
tions In this field of labor will be Inscribed noon the panels In the frieze. The outside dimensions of this building are 148x400. It has a total floor space ot 84,260
square feet.
Shade of Anne Boleyn Seen Walking in
London Tower.
I'rluci * mill I'rliiccNN of Wiilex to ) Vnlt
. London In ( lie Winter PropoNUl
to lUlllzc Street I.mniiH
lo Heal Wntcr.
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LONDON , Sept. 18. The prince and prin
cess of Wales have announced their Inten
tion of paying several visits to London In
order to encourage the winter season , the
tradesmen of the metropolis having suc
ceeded In conveying respectful hints to his
royal highness that otherwise the season was
certain of failure , which would be followed
by a consequent depression In trade , owing
to the social reaction which set In after the
celebration of the queen's diamond Jubilee.
In spite of official frowns and attempts to
suppress the chatter It has leaked out that
the detachment of Footguards quartered at
the Tower of London swear the sentries on
night duty have seen the ghost of Anne
Doleyn , the unfortunate wife of the much-
married king , Henry VIII , whom he caused
to bo beheaded on May 19 , 153B. The ghost
of Queen Anne Boleyn is only supposed to
appear on the eve of the death of a mem
ber of the royal family , and , therefore , the
matter has been made the occasion for con
siderable gossip.
The marquis do Leavllle , It Is announced ,
has gone to Paris with the object of chal
lenging all the detractors of Prince Henry
of Orleans so long as the prince Is unable to
wield n sword in his own defense.
The king of Slam has returned to Taplow
court from Prance and will remain there
until October 1.
The relations between the duke and duch
ess of Aosta , the former being the oldest
nephew of the king of Italy and the latter
being Princess Helena of Orange , daughter
of the late count of Paris , are once more
reported to be strained , and H Is further
stated that their separation Is only a ques
tion of n short time. Although they were
only married about two years ago , In June ,
1&95 , In Juno , 1S9C , the Figaro announced
that the marriage had turned out to ho very
unhappy for both parties , and that a Judicial
separation was only prevented by the Inter
vention ot the duke of Aumalo. The duchess ,
the Figaro added , refused to bo reconciled
to her husband and kept eeparato apart
ments. In December of the same year
there was hold n meeting of the members of
the houses of Savoy nnd Orleans , at the end
of which It was announced -that the duke
and duchcts of Aosta had been Induced to
abandon their Intention ot an Immediate
separation. But , when the duchess was
here last week , she declared she would never
live In Italy again. Her mother , the count
ess of Paris , has done all she can to soothe
the ruined feelings of the duchess , but all
her efforts to make her change her mind
seem to have been unavailing , and It Is gen
erally admitted that her separation from the
duke Is again looked upon as being almost
A curious suggestion has been made , with
the object of emphasizing the union of the
British empire , and It Is meeting with con
siderable favor. The Idea Is that , In. place
of such distinctive names , Canada , Australia ,
etc. , the designation of the British empire
should be applied to all tbo countries under
British rule. Under this plan Great Britain
proper would be known as the BrltUh em
pire-central , Canada would be known a
"British omplre-northweBt , ' etc.
The appalling number of cycling accidents
Is leading to doiuands for legislation to abate
the public danger. There were ton deaths
and a score of dangerous Injuries among
bicycle riders during the first half ot tbo
present week ,
A royal residence In Ireland now appears
to bo within reach , as the quern seems
to support the proposition. In a long letter
to the dnchfpa of York congratulating her
upon the success of her recent tour with her
husband In Ireland , her majesty asks It she
would like to sprad a part of each year In
Ireland. On the other hand , Michael Davltt
declares the Irish do cot want royalty In
Ireland , and be asserts that the duke and
duchew of York mistook Irish hospitality for
William Waldorf Astor Is about to erect a
huge Napoleon marble fountain at Cliveden ,
his magnlPcent estate on the Tliamfo. for
merly owned by the duke of Westminster.
It Is uuJgrttoyJ that a syndicate usi "cor
nered" all of .Whistler's future work In this
country , securing exclusive control , and that
a gallery exclusively Whlstlerlan shortly will
be opened.
About the middle of October an exhibition
will bo opened at the Imperial Institute ot
all the Jubilee gifts and , addresses presented
to the queen during the celebration of her
jubilee. Half of the iprqcedds will go to the
prince and princess of. Wales hospital fund ,
the contributions to that charity having fal
len far short of expectations , reaching only
a total ot $923,000.
The latest development1 In the use of waste
Is a scheme to produce hot water nt 1 pcil
cent per gallon from the waste heat of the
street gas lamps. A machine for this pur
pose has been exhibited , and appears to woik
effectively. The various authorities of the
poorer districts of London arc considering Its
Introduction Into the streets.
The Paris municipal cc-ijicii , la debating a
scheme to furnish cheap baths in small
buildings erected on the sidewalks.
An agitation which has" assumed proportions
tions In Paris Is against a proposal of the
municipal council to I'lUiie' the octroi duties
from 19 to 50 centimes on each bottle of
champagne. . The wlno growers declare this
extra tax will materially affect the con
sumption ol champagne.
The unclaimed jewels and curios to the
value of $150,000 , which were found In * the
ruins after the fire of the Charity bazaar in
the Rue do Goujon , which occurred on May
4 last , have been sold at auction. The money
realized Is to remain bonded for thirty years ,
after which all the money unclaimed goes to
the state.
The London county council has undertaken
to lefonn or abate the noises In the -streets
o this city , so far as the shouting of news
paper boys Is concerned.
The report of the asylums committee of the
London county council shows tbcro has bcon
an alarming Increase In lunacy during tbo
last nine years , especially In London. While
the population of London Is 15.49 of Eng
land's total , London's percentage of insane
persons u 18.87. D > . Cloyo Shaw , an expert
on the subject , says : "There Is no doubt
that as regards the nature ot lunacy wo are
doing all In our power not to stamp out , butte
to Increase It. This Is largely duo to the
want of asylum accommodations , the
technically cured being discharged before
they arc really cured , and thus adding
further chances for transmitting lunacy. "
Theatrically , the week has "been " dis
tinguished by four first performances , In
cluding that of "Franclllon , " which takes
place tonight. The most praiseworthy one
was that of "A Summer's Day , " byHenry
V. Eumond , a young actor who has played
In America. Other productions were "The
White Feather" and John T. Day's "The
Purser. "
IrUli Knrini'i-N Hccovcr n Little from
tlie Wreck of Tlielr IlnrvpNt.
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LONDON , Sept. 18. ( New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram. ) The reports
from 'Ireland state that owing to a slight
Improvement In the weather this week some
thing was done toward saying the oat crop
In thcso districts where its bad not been al
ready destroyed by rain. JJlut the potatoes
are gone beyond retrlval. . nnd thcro is no
averting ucuto distress over a largo part of
UHI country nnd actual famine along the
west and southwest seaboards. Public bodies
throughout Ireland paused resolutions Im
ploring the government , to [ take timely steps
to establish relief works , 'and John Dillon
has summoned a special meeting of the Irish
National Federation to uecuro support from
all sections. The Irish representative ! ) de
mand an early assemblage ot Parliament to
adopt measures to cope with the disastrous
situation. The Irish government has given
no signs of hearkening to the warning cries
rising from all quarters , and owing to the
effects of disorganization In the national
tanks an agitation to force tbo government's
hands seems Impossible , Thus the plight of
the poverty-stricken peasantry Is grievous In
the extreme. It has always been the policy
at Dublin Castle to remain deaf to tbo wants
of the Irish people until either by violent
agitation or by criticism of other countrlcu
the government Is compelled to act.
SttriimerH WreeUril In n I1'on.
ST. JOHNS , N. P. , Sept. 18. During the
dense fog that prevailed last night two
steamers were lost between here and Cape
Rico. The UrltUh bteawer Shadera , from
Boston , Eng , September 5 , for Philadelphia ,
! g ashore at Renowes , anil Is a total wreck.
Its crew tooli to the boati and was picked
up by the coast utcaintr Grand Lake this
morning. ' . other steamer , the name of
which Is ) et unKtiQvui , Is ashore on an Island
off u'licES ; bay Two men only are visible
on tli vreck from tbo mainland , Boats have
gone to their abulstance.
Two More Deaths from the Dread Disease
at Now Orl-ans ,
Forty-Seven Slelt ivltli the Fever lit
UiUvartln Authorities HxertlnK
TlieiiiMlvex to Staiiin Out
NEW ORLEANS , Sept. IS. The Board of
Health of the state ot Louisiana officially
announces the status ot affairs In New Or
leans "as regards yellow fever to be as fol
lows :
During the twenty-four hours ending at
6 p. m. there , were : Positive cases officially
reported fever , five ; suspicious cases under
going Investigation , none ; deaths , two ; total
cases of yellow fever to date , thirty-four ;
total deaths from yellow fever to date , four.
The majority of the cases under treatment
are reported by attending physicians to bo
doing well. One of the patients Is dying.
Citizens have organized a volunteer sanitary
force , labor organizations uniting , and they
will make Tuesday a general cleaning day.
There has been a total ot thirty-five CBFCS
hero , and the death rate has not yet reached
10 per cent. , thus showing the mildness of
the type of the fever now prevailing.
MOBILE , Ala. , Sept. 18. There has been
an accumulation of caf.cs today. The presi
dent of the Board of Health states that had
the physicians recognized and reported
promptl } the suspicious cases many of these
cases would have 'been ' announced several
days ago. But two of them have been dis
covered In the past twenty-four hours. Tiic
number announced today Is eleven , making
eighteen In all so far announced.
There has been a quarantine line drawn
from CUcasaboguo creek , north of Mobile ,
wcbt to the Mississippi line , so as to prevent -
vent an absolute embargo against Moblllans
ponetrutlng by land Into tbo Interior of Ala
bama , This trocha Is guarded continually.
The people , hero are still In great panic and
all are leaving who can. The death list Is
as yet but two.
VIOKSBURG , MUs. , Sept. 18. The total
number of cases at Edwards and vicinity Is
forty-seven. The health officials are using
every effort to stop the spread of the Infec
Ail in I ml Ciiinnrii Dli'iiHHfH ( lie Mutter
In n Very GuiirilL'iI Way.
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LONDON , Sept. IS. ( New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram.Mm ) Ira 1 do
la Camara , naval attache of the Spanish em-
'bassy ' , has gone to Glasgow , presumably to
buy stores , and possibly ships , for the Span
ish navy. Just before ho left I asked him
for his opinion of the naval strength of the
Spanish and American fleets In the event
of war.
"Spain Is the last country In Europe
which wishes war with the United States , "
ho said , "hut It war bo forced upon us the
Spaniards will make a good fight. "
In answer to the question relative to the
strength of the Spanish and American navies ,
ho said : "It la a difficult question for a
man In my position to answer. I am not
allowed to express an opinion of the mari
time strength of a foreign nation. The
United States , considering the position they
occupy In the nations of the world , are not
strong at sea. Many of their Bbljw are up
to the requirements of modern warfare. The
same may be said of ours. Wo could ccr-
taloly lay waste American seaboard cities
jntt as It WUE > predicted the Engllth fleet
would If war broke out between Great Brit
ain and the United States. As to a naval
basis for Spain In the wcat beyond what
Cuba and Costa Rica ffcrs , there Is noth
ing we can absolutely count on , although
possibly some central power on the South
American conO.cnt might give us a chance
to refit and coal our ships. But only after
war Is declared can we tell what we have
to count upon In this respect.
"As for our own coasts , they are defended
by an extensive -system of fortifications and
heavy guns , as Cadiz , Valencia and Barcelona
lena , while the population could be depended
upon to volunteer for active tcrvlce. "
Admiral de la Camara Is a middle-aged ,
handsome man , with a grey moustache and
skin tanned by exposure to wind and sun.
lie tpcaks English well. Ho tpoko without
acrlmau ) of the prospects of war.
on' tliu
MADRID , Sept. 18. 'A company of In
fantry his been sent to MorelU , province of
Castcllcn de la Piano , as It to feared that
a C'srllat uprising In to take place there.
Weather Forecast for Xcbrnpkn
l-'nlr ; Northwest Winds
1 > n p
1. Adilltlnnnl Troops Sent to India.
Tower ( iuiinls Sec Anne Itolcyn'H Uhoxt.
Yellow Favor Still HIIKVI.
OeriiiniijIViiuU No Cominrrflul Wiir.
S. Mlclmel Units T.cHim nml MulliilUo.
Iltiltlmuro Continues to Win.
Stnr Pointer Siim lirs u ICeeord.
3. Prof. Ulllesplr nml tlio ItoolCB.
1'liuis for u Week of Piigemitrj- .
Cult for ICopnbllcuu Comity Convention.
4. Lust Week In Omuliii Suclnl Circles.
B. Now School Laml I.t w Attacked.
Duy with the Methodist j at York.
0. Council Hlufr * Iocul Mnttrrn.
South Dakotii'H Publln AcfOiintK.
7. Another Kxpiialtton Contr.iot Lot.
Itlvalry In Railroad Clrulen.
8. Prosperity anil the Orc , t Htiito Fair.
Lawyer Vlooj froin Hln Creditors
10. Woman ; Her Ways and Her World.
11. Coiuitu'relal and Financial Nuws.
IB. Editorial nnd Comment.
13. How an Kipnslllon IK Advrrtlxrd.
Mtmle : Local and Othur\vlso.
AiniiHomiml Xotim and Gossip.
1-1. "I.lttlo Clilnrgn Diplomats. "
ICchoog from thu Antu Itooms.
10 , Querr Ilomuii to Swelter In.
KlnrtoKconu'H Ugu In Mudliilno.
18. "Shrewsbury. "
ID. Weekly ! rlst of Sporting1 ( io 1p.
Ul ) . In the World of Whirling Wheels.
Uttlc ChniiKe Predleted III Toiluj'H
Hour. 1'rK. Hour. Dcuf.
If the weather men's predictions hold good
this will be one of the prettiest Sundays
that has been sera hercaways for many a
month. They venture the opinion that It
will bo EIJ ny nnd cool , with Just enough
snap to make It enjoyable. Yesterday was
as fine a day as Nebraskans have witnessed
for some time. There was n cloudless sky ,
a gentle brcezo from the north and a maxi
mum temperature of 84 degrees , this point
'being ' touched between 3 and 4 o'clock. In
the afternoon. The table at the head of this
column tells the tale of the day's weather.
Ordei'M Hnve lleen lilven lo Inquire
Into ( ho Affair.
CITY OP MEXICO , Sept. IS. Orders hnvc
been given to Investigate the lynching of
Arroyo. President Diaz has decided that the
Inquiry shall bo most rigorous and that the
guilty parties bo severely punished , as ho
feels that the act was n reproach to the na
tion , which has taken prldo In the fact that
lynch law has been unknown hero. The
twenty-odd men arrested nro ( Hill In custody
and formal papers ore being drawn up In
their cases. The Imparclal ( newspaper ) says
tonight that If the public will have patience
It wjll bo entirely satisfied with the result
of the Investigation. The same paper la
ments the lynching for various rcationa and
rcgrelH that Iho net of tlio mob prevents It
being ascertained whether Arroyo had ac
complices or was In any way Instigated to the
deed , or whether any political motive under
lay his crlmo. The paper adds that In the
United States , which Is the cradle of lynch
ing , no such act on the part of a mob ever
look place In Washington or In nny largo
renter of population. Lynchlngs In the
United States commonly occur In sparsely
eettled regions , country towns or at most
county neats , hut never where the higher
authorities live and are supported by the
pqllco and military.
The Mexican Herald says Arroyo was more
than half mad. a victim of morbid Imagina
tion , pos. esbcd by a fatal deslro for notoriety
and adds : "It U generally felt that speedy
trial , followed by execution of whate\or
penalty abould luivo been Imposed , would
have better maintained the dignity of the
country and saved us from the reproach of
the foreign press. Hero In Mexico news
papers have vehemently rebuked lynching as
practiced In the United States and all at
once In the capital city we uero startled
by a manifestation of popular vengeance
without a parallel hero. Tht > motlvo' wan
unqut'ntlonably powerful , but the act was an
invasion of the domain of justice and an
attack nn public order. "
Huron I'liva Not Iteeiilli-il.
KOMU , Sept. 18 , All official statement has
bum Icsued denying that Duron Kava , the
Italian ambassador to the United fttatcs , had
been recalled. It Is further stated that the
baron la only abient fiom Washington en
regular leave.
German Manufacturers Do Not Dcsiro to
Retaliate on United States ,
Some Contemplate Starting Factories on
This Side of the Water.
I *
Propose to Conduct a Fierce Onslaught on
American Meat ? .
Miniof I litCeriitini IndiiNtrleN Are
lliiril lilt liy lh - DliiKlpI.inv ,
WhlU- Others Art ; llurely
) , , TollI'lU'd. i f.
( Copyright. lfS7 , by the Ansoclatcil Prctt. )
UKRU.V , Sept. 18. Tlio ttrst batch ot re
plies to a circular of tmiulry as to tlio effects
of the new United States tariff law circulated
by the frankfurter Zeltuni ; has been printed.
Tlio general tenor of tlu > answers allows tliat
thu inantirticturcrB generally expect to bo
able to stand ( lie now tariff without such
aid as the agrarians propose , In the shape
of a tnrlff war with the United States < ind
higher prices for cereals. Tlio replies , however -
over , show that some branches of the Gor
man Industry have been hit more or left
hard. For Instance , the Iron and steel In
dustry of Sollngcr and Kemsheld , with the
solo exception of sclHsoTs , hns bcon seriously
Injured , mid the sumo Is trno In the case
of yarns and the cheaper silk stuffs of Cre-
feld , the cloth factories of Lennep and Huck-
onwagen , the prints of Oladbach and the
leather and glove and cheaper linen and lines
of Sillcln. On the other hand , the Chemnlla
Unit goods and hosiery , the Sa\on cotton
Industry , the Gera woolens , the IJerlln and
Barmen trimmings , the Crcfeld neckties and
the Voightland laces , curtains anil knitting
machines are barely touched. Resides , a
number of manufacturers , notably the Chem
nitz hosiers , are contemplating starting fac
tories in the United States , In the conviction
that the new tariff will last Tor a number
of years.
In the meantime , the agitation of the cn-
tlro agrarian and conservative press In favor
of a regular tariff war with the United States
In more vigorous than over. The Dcutschcr
Zoltung , thu leading organ of the agrarians ,
In an article Inspired by high government
olllclnlfi , says : "In spite of the deslro to
retaliate against the United States , the
hands of the government arc unfortunately
tied to a largo extent , as experience has
clearly demonstrated that flormany cannot. do
without' ' the. main American supplies , such ai
cotton and petroleum , find to" a smaller de
gree , cereals. Hut In nnswcr to the chicanery
with which Gorman sugar Is being treated
by the United StatcH the German govern
ment will henceforth treat all American
meats and other pieservcs with similar
stringency. Laws will be passed making
meat inspection much moic rigid and these
laws will be extended to every kind of food
preserves. "
The correspondent hero of the Associated
press has secured full corroboratlon of the
above views. In ofllclal. circles It is not
concealed thai the aim is to frame laws to
exclude in the future all American meats
and preserves on the plea that the sanitary
Inspection hi America Is not reliable ) and
not stringent enough. Uven this , however ,
falls to satisfy the agrarians , who have re
newed their demand that American cereals bo
excluded from Germany. 'As ' a striking com
mentary on the plans to exclude American
meat , the fact may bo noted that pork In
Germany during tlio InU fortnight ba
reached a price ui'.tjualcd In many years ,
that of 2j ! to 40 cents per pound at retail
and 18 cents per pound at wholesale. Tills
Is duo to the exclusion of Russian pork la
the Sllcslun frontier districts.
This review of the situation may be- con
cluded with saying that ad a result of the
canvass made by the Cologne Gazette among
the importing and exporting firms In the
Cologne district u memorial has be-on sent
to the Imperial chancellor , Prince Hohcn-
lolic , setting foith that most of the export
er. s and all of the Importers of that district
are opposed to a tariff war with the United
The stuigglo between tlio Slavs and Ger
mans in Atibti la over tha now language or
dinances IIIIK aroused Intcnuo feeling in Ger
many , Many of the nuwspapera ot this
country aiu Nlgoionsly condemning the Ha-
denl cabinet , but the nlllclal anil 8oml-ofliclat
nowxpapcrs uf Germany are discrediting auch
utterances , whleh urn very Inopportune ) at
the inniiiuit when Kmprrur William U A
guest of IJmporor KranclH Joseph. All move
ments organised In aid < > f the associations
anil other similar inensuiea In encourage the
Germans In Anstila In their fight nro also
severely snubbed by the Prussian and other
Gorman government ! ) , and the projected
visit to IJohemla of the l.olpule university
students > n masse. has been forbidden by the
Saxon government , Nevertheless , there IB
a strong feeling In Germany on the subject.
The North German Gazette , In an energetic
article , wains Its leaders against "nil emi
gration nnd all dreams of aiding Germans
In Austria to find a now homo In Germany , "
Ad the launching of the now German Iron
clad , Kaiser Wllhelm der.welte , at Wl-
lit'lmshaven on Tutuday hat Prince Henry
of Prussia emphasized In hU conversation
with the naval olllceru present that all mis
understandings between Emperor William
and himself had been arranged ,
Particular * ! regarding the Ir.rarcoratlon of
Prlnco Henry XVI of Helss In an any him for
the Insane In this city t > how the prince wai
secluded under thu name ot Count von
J'laur , His affairs have been placed under
the control of a court owing to alk-jfd
scandalous financial transaction * connected
with a Hungarian estate bought by the
prince at Pctrli and upon which he gave a *
rommltalon checks for 136,000 florlni , which
the banks refused to cash , as the prince U
not good for that amount. In order to avoid
a Bcandil a banking company offered to p y
the amounts duo , speculating that Erhp ror
William would recoup the company.
the prlnco'tf agenti , ft man named Made , ob
tained letters from the prince which are
catd to ( ompromlco high personages of Km-
pcror William's court. These letter * , It * p-
.pears , have bocn obtained and will probabjy
foim the babUi ot u court scandal in the