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Oonviots Who Will Bo Sot at Liberty
Dnring June.
\Viirili-ii liflilluh Certified n Lint of
1'rlnoncTNVlionc ' 1'er iii.i lime
Jlci-ii .Muli-rlnlly Mnillltcil li ) '
i of I.m .
LINCOLN , May 25. ( Special. ) Warden
I.rlrllgh of tlie Htato pcntcntlary has certified
to the Hoard of Public Lands and ItultdlnRii
that a number of convicts will bo entitled to
ilLscliurgLTi In June , under the provisions of
the ln\v which allows the shortening of the
term for good conduct. Among .thrso !
Harry Smith , who was convlutnl of murder
In Wheeler county oil September 25 , ISS'J ,
mid oeiitciucd to serve n twenty-year turui.
Qovernor Ilolcnmh has commuted the term
to eleven yean , and the warden certifies
that under the KOOI ! conduct clause Smith
Will bo L-i.tltlrd to a dt charge on Juno 25 of
this } Snmiicl VlncenU , sent up from
LaiienflCtr rornty for two yeira for Kriuid
larceny , will be entitled to release June 28 ;
Ida Kins , Dounlas county , laiccuy from the
pci.son. sentenced .May 15 , 181)6 ) , to two > eari
acid ihrpn monthn , June 28 ; S. K. Ingrain ,
GURO county , horse stealing , sentenced An-
Kuat J3 , 1896. to ono year , June 2S ; Charka
Often S.iuiidera county , recrlvlnf , stolen
propertv. aentonccd Kcbrimry 15 , 1S8G , to one
year nn < l six monthn , June 20 ; P M. Martin ,
loUKlas lount } , possessing burglarn' toei's ' ,
BentPiici'd September 23 , U95 to Uvo years ,
Juno 12 , Wyatl I ) . Sinclair , DtwslaH county ,
burglary , seiilenccd Juno 2.1 , 1890 , to one
} oar and tun months , Juno 13 ; Charles
Adaiiiw , burglary , l.niicasler county , sen
tenced February ( ! , 1890 , to one year and sK
innntau. June 22.
The following notaries public were
coniinls-iloni'd today. 0. H. Klnt > ey , Ar-
cadU ; Hlchiiid Coryell , Ilroclc ; Mar
tin II. Li.iny , 1'lercc ; Oils 0.
llccher , Cnhiinbus ; Orlando 11. 1'rlce ,
Holdrege ; Augist D. IloiKett. Lincoln ; \V.
I ) . Cuurle. Archibald Achraim , Cphralm D.
I'ratt nnd L. > 1I. Kent , Omaha.
Tlio fnlo\\lnR ! members of company E ,
First icKlment , N. N. G. , located at bavld
City , have been ginntul dlscli.Um | on their
on M applications , the reasons il\cn belli ) ;
that they live too far away from the meeting
plaro of the company : Joseph Kudlack ,
Joseph V. .Max , Fred .1. Vanlcek , I2d-
\vard R 1'latek and Charlea Stava. John
Kosluiet of the namecumpniiy buy been
discharged on account of non-residence.
Lowls O. Cainer and Krai McMlndes of com-
luny 11 , Second regiment , located at Kearney ,
have rcci'l\rd discharges , their tunns of scrv-
Ice having e\plied.
M K. Stanley of Auiora and J. n. Wcn-
nter of Lincoln , attorneys In the free high
school case , are preparing an application fern
n rehearing of the case bcfor.0 the hupremu
court with the hopes that the former de
cision may bo molllled. The dec-talon affecta
about 3,000 pupils In the stile who have
taken advantage of the provisions of the
high Hchool law.
J. C . Thompson , county attorney of Har-
lan county , was In to see the clerk of the
BUpremo court today to protest against the
acceptance of n bond In the case of ex-
County Treasurer Whitney of Ilarlaii count } ,
who line been , convicted for embezzlement
The bond has not yet been presented , but
Thompson \\anto It to bo a good one before
it 1 accepted.
The eleventh annual convention of the
Woman's Foreign Miflslonary society of the
Lincoln district Is In session at Giace Metho
dist Episcopal church today and tomorrow
This afternoon a number of papers bearing
upon various phases of the mission work
were read and discussed. Hcv. Mr. Halstcaii
will deliver an address this evening.
About 101) ) of the young men of the State
university went out on the annual "ehlrt
tall" parade last night , and visited the cen
tral part of town. The chancellor wae
captuted at the corner of nievcuth and 0
streets during the evening and compelled tc
make a speech before the fantastically
dreHied students would let him go home.
Frank Mauritius' place at 1330 F street
was robbed last night and a number ol
valuable articles carried away. A couple ol
mackintoshes and eemio other clothing were
taken from the Alexander block.
Councilman William Lawlor accidentally
fell down some steps at the rear of a busi
ness house a few evenings ago , and wat
badly bruised. His condition has grown
worse , and he Is now reported to bo In a
precarious condition.
Omaha people at the hotels : At the Llndell
D. P. Hurd , G. S. Hood. II. U Wilson. Al
the Lincoln : A. J. Webb , John. A. Krug
Otto fi
Old Mint Dim HH tinIli'itiilt of Treul-
iiu-iit liy Sonic Yoiinpr FVllonii.
NORTH PLATTB , May 25. ( Speclal.-
Calvln Iloso died at the county hospital
nt this place after an Illness of a week , re-
BUlt'ng from exposure and a debauch , In
which ho engaged with several young men
of this city. About a week and n half ago
Mr. Hose , who was a farmer/ living In the
southern part of the county , 'came to town
and It Is said drank heavily. A number ol
North 1'latto young fellows thought thej
would lm\o some fun with the old man , he
being about 05 years of age. They got him EC
full of whisky that ho became stupefied
and then shaved one side of his face an 1
clipped the hair from ono side of his head
The old man was then placed behind a cur
tain In Guy Lalng's saloon and a free show
was established for the crowd. Ho war
kept In this condition for a day and nlghl
and then placed In his wagon nnd utartcil
homo. The next day ho was found In the
bottom of the wagon unconscious , and the
team WOH roaming over the country. He
was In n very bad condition , nnd ho grew
worse us the result ot Improper treatment ,
lloso waa then hi ought to town , where the
doctors relieved him. Since then ho lias
been lingering between llfo and death.
Quito a mini of money has been raised
to prosecute an action against the persona
concoiiHMl. and It Is thought that both civil
and criminal prosecution will bo commenced ,
Clnli Women ICntrrtiilii ,
STIlOMSmma , Neb. , May 25 , ( Speclal.- )
The Stromsburg Woman's club gave Iti
third annual reception on Friday evening
The entertainment was divided Into three
parts , program , banquet and ball. The pro-
Brain was presented In the opera house am !
consisted of Hamlet's ghost scene and the
llfo of Mary Queen of Scots , Illustrated
by tablcax. nnd several speeches nnd reel.
tatlons. The club quartet rcndored several
excellent songs , A most pleasing feature
was th speech by Mrs. Field of Lincoln
who was the guest of the Stromsburg club
At the banquet In
the Masonic rooms an
address of welcome was given by eacli
woman In her turn , consisting of lines ol
poetry prepared for the occasion. The
decorations were very pretty , and displayed
the club colors of green und white mosl
cffecthuly. About seventy-five couples tool
part In the dancing afterward ,
nu > lil City .
DAVID CITY , Neb , , May 25. ( SpecUl.- )
Hev , A. Schwlmley of the Congregational
church preached the baccalaureate sermon al
the Methodist Kplecopal church yesterday
The graduates Of the- High school , seven Ic
number , were present , supporting the claw
colors Thu commencement exercises will bt
held May 28 at the opera home , Utmtenanl
Governor J. K. Harris making the address ,
Tlie graduating class of ' 37 arc : Carrlt
Hunna , Delia Stowell , Alice Evans Cor !
Young : , Mabol Ilussell , Marlon French , Jai
Jtlslng- , Karl Taylor and Kldon Long.
Front UOI-M Ittlu ! Di
DAVID CITY. May 25.-Speclal.-Ther. { ) .
was a heavy frost this morning and Ice wai
formed thu thickness of window glass It
some spots. The ground being quite dry
IltUa damage to crops or gardens will result
ICiilKhfx fit 1' ) thin * Ilrliriulo MertliiK.
UNCOIN , May 25. ( Special Telegram.- )
The annual brigade meeting of the Unlforn
Rank , Knlghla of Pythias , of the state wai
held In thta city today , being called to ordei
bf UrlfiaJo Commander V , II. iec ) tro ol
Klmball. About sixty mcmhoni from other
points In the state arc here. II. C. Chnppel
ot Lincoln wits elected colonel ; L. C , Schultz
ot Howard lieutenant colonel and C. M.
Sutherland of Hebron sergeant ot the First
regiment ; M. A. Hover of Kearney was
elected sergeant of the Third regiment. A
social and strawberry nupper was held at
the Knights of Pythliw' hall tonight.
MTTi.n mm. nns : PHO.M A nituisi : .
Struck on I In- ! . < by n Hull nnil
llloocl I'olMonlntr Sol * In.
IMIMM.ION , Neb. . May 25. ( Special. )
Little Grace Kmply. daughter of A. P. Urn-
ply of this town , died a few days ago from
blood poisoning which developed from a
brulso on her left les Just below the knee ,
whore n ball hit her while playing with her
schoolmates about three weeks ago. The
Injury did not appear serious at the time ,
and nothing was thought of It. On Sunday ,
the 16th. fdio first complained of paln where
the ball struck her , but went to school on
Monday as Tuesday ahe was very lit ,
and the best local physician was called In
and he pi escribed for her. Thursday she
w g milch wome , and It WM the opinion ot
the doctor that the bone was affected. An
other phyjlclan was sent for from Springfield
and , after consultation , the doctors drcldtd
that the bone ot the leg had been Injured
by the ball and that there was danger of
blood poisoning. Ono ot Omaha's most thill-
fill surgeons was telephoned for. hut In wplle
of the bent cffortn ot the dor-tot * ; blood pois
oning set In and the child dltd Friday oven-
The funeral took place on S-'undoy , the
ncrvlco In Ing conducted by H"v Mr. Under
wood of the Methodist KpHCnpil church ,
which was rrowdtd by the friends of the
family. The child waa 12 years old and a
general favorite.
isT YOIM : iMioi'i.ivs UNIO.V.
'V\M > Dny-4' COIM < > ntloii nl lluniliolilt
IN Well Atli-iiili'il ,
HUMUOLDT. Neb. . May 25. ( Spc-r-lal. )
A convention of the naptlst Young IVoplo's
union clo ii'd hero yesterday The first meet
ing was held oil Saturday morning , when
J. 13. Connor of Pawnee City delivered an
address. In the afternoon llev. J. S. Hadden
gave a discourse on "Ways and Work , " and
Mr. Cox , Mr Connor and Mr. Schoppel de
livered addresses un the methods and ob-
jectfl of the union. In the evening Mr. Con
nor delivered a sermon.
Sunday motnlng Mrs. T. U. Davis led 'hi ?
exorcists. The subject for the Sunuay RohoM
lesion was "The , Conference at Jcius > alem. "
J. 13 Connor delivered the sermon , nnd ! n
the afternoon spoke again nn "How to Study
Your nible. " A question bo-c was con-l.ic'ed
at thl i meeting by C. A. Schoppel ot Pawnee -
neo City.
Itev. O. C. Cox of Auburn was the speaker
In the evening.
A good attendance was present each day ,
and the convention was .1 general success.
ouc.iM/.n AX A'niMvrio CI/UH.
York lliixIiiriN anil I'rorVnMloiial .Mm
Hum ! TII > IIIXI-M-N ' ! ' < > < ( her.
YORK , Neb. , May 25. ( Special. ) An
athletic club has been foimed among the
business men ot Yoik The organbatlon was
perfected last night by the adoption of a
constitution and election of olllcers. Arthur
W. Ulchardiou was chosen president ; W. W.
Wyckoff , secretary ; T. W. Hamilton , treaa-
uicr ; W. H llojtr und Clydo Waterman ,
directors. .The ofliceis and members com
prise soms o the most substantial and In
fluential business and professional men In
the city and the movement Is an assured
success. The membership has a minimum
limit of forty and the Initiatory fee Is $10.
Articles of Incorporation will probably be
filed soon. It Is pioposscd to lease a largo
suite of rooms for the purpose of furnishing
a gymnasium , baths and reception , reading
and amoking rooms.
iTM Around hrlmylpr Snriirlse
tlie MHIIHK < 'I"I liy Tholr.ual. .
SCHUYLEH , Netb. , May 23. ( Special. )
The Schuyler Creamery company has far
more than met Its most sanguine expecta
tions In the starting of Us creamery. The
wheels were first rolled for active operation
Thursday , May 20 , upon which date 2.6SS
pounds of milk were received , being more
by all over 2,000 pounds than the mauageis
expected. The second day 3,031 pounds were
icccived , the third 4,0f > 5 and today B,2G1 , aud
It Is known that , the number of patrons
will very materially Increase during this
week. This one being the first centrifugal
system plant near here , the visitors at the
plant from day to day are many. The In
terest the farmers are taking augurs suc
Three 3Ii > n Sent to the Penitentiary.
FREMONT , Neb. , May 25. ( Special. )
Judge Marshall held a session of the district
court here today for the transaction of eenilty
and nonjury business. Ernest Yarrlngton
pleaded guilty to stealing a horse fiom
Albert Jonas and was bentcnced to five years
In the penitentiary. Since Yarrlngton has
been tit jail here ho has contested to taking
several horses. Albert Liens pleaded guilty
to forging Ed M. Mahon's name to a check
for $5 aud uttering the same as true and
genuine. He was sentenced to two years.
George Schaeftcr also pleaded guilty to breakIng -
Ing into Peterson Urea. ' store on Sunday
moining last with intent to commit burg
lary. His headquarters will bo In Lincoln
for the next three years.
Old 91iiii IiitHen a IIiiiul ,
FIID.MONT , Neb. , May 23. ( Special. )
Peter Ivesen had hla right hand taken
off In the machinery at the hemp mill
last night. He was feeding ono of the
breaking machines when some of the
hemp twisted around hla hand drawing
It between the rollers. The machinery
was stopped ns teen ns possible , but
not before his hand and wrist had been
drawn In. Ho was taken to Dr. Smith's
ofllce and It was found necessary-to amputate
the arm just below the elbow. Iveseu Is
over CO years of age and Is In poor clicuui-
Flllfll fillItfSlHtlllK OlIllMTN.
FREMONT. Neb. , May 25. ( Special. ) A
gang of four men who caused a dis
turbance when Ofllcer Lydlck attempted
to arrest thorn on Saturday night were
up before Judge Cowan today. Two of
them pleaded guilty and were fined , one
$20 and costs and the other $15 and
costs , which they paid and were dis
charged , The third ono was fined fl and
costs and the fourth atecrted that he WAS not
Implicated In the affair , but after hearing the
testimony of several witnesses the court
fined him JIG and costs. Ho took an appeal.
Doimlil 11 I'mniUfM u Train.
DAKOTA CITY. Neb. , May 25. ( Special. )
Donald McLean , the promoter of thu Pa
cific Short Line , was In town yesterday and
Informed The Ilco correspondent that com
mencing Suuday , Juno C , the Pacific Short
Line railway would commence runnla su
burban trains out ot Sioux City , la. , to the
Crystal Lake pleasure resort , two inllfa
north of tula place , giving a half-hour serv
ice. If this ta done It will probably Inter
fere 'With the extension ot the electric rail
way from South Sioux City to thp lake- , for
which a right-of-way on the public highway
waa granted by the commissioners at th * lr
last meeting.
siinitirK TIM : MAUSHAI. .
Ilrnilntinw Hunk KoMicm Tittceii to
HnnllnK * Hit llonle to York.
HASTINGS , Neb , May 23.-Speclal ( T-le-
gram. ) Tonight's train brought In Sheriff
Price of York county with thj two Hradihaw
bank robbers. The marshal nt Davenport
captured the robbers and had emplojed an
attorney to go to Hebron to secure a writ of
habeas corpus. Sheriff Price heard of the
scheme and drove with hli prisoners to Edgar
whcret the St. Jete & Grand Island passenger
was caught and the men biought to Hajtlngn.
The prtaoncM will be taken to York tomor
row by Sheriff Price.
lloiiielirraker I'lnod Kite DoIlnrN.
UKATUICE , Neb. , May 23. ( Special. ) In
the hoiiscbrcaklng case against Fred Car-
pontcr and Cal Raines the defendants were
let oft with the payment ot a fine of $3 and
The case against Kdward McConnell ,
charged with house burning , was begun In
the district court thlii morning. The prore-
ciitlon will Introduce a confession signed
by the defendant nt the time of his arrest ,
admitting that he was responsible for some
five or six fires , nnd the defense will bo
that McConnell was < scared Into making the
conte.3lon. .
Owner Till. en CluirKf Illnixelf.
SCHUYLER. Neb. , May 23. ( Special. )
Today ot noon J. L. Klnney , who has had
charge1 of the Togg house during the pant
two years , dropped out of the management.
D. N. McCord , the owner , ot Dei Moines , U
In the city , and will have charge of the
hntol In the future. The hotel will undergo
repairs and Mr. McCord will bring his
family from DCS Molnca In a couple of
weeks. Mr. Klnney has not decided upon
what ho will do , declining health prevent
ing him from resuming hotel work.
Veteran * Will > > | ienU < o tlie School * .
03CEOLA , Neb. , May 25. ( Special. )
County Superintendent G. W. Crozler has
got out a very patriotic program that all of
the schools In the county will use next
Friday afternoon. There will bo a detail
ot veterans to make a short address In each
of the schools. At the school In Osceola
the following named veterans have * been de
tailed to do the talkingJ. . II. Mickey , B.
C. Campbell. II. F. House , Hov. W. H.
Adams and T. II. Saunders , ono to each of
thu rooms of the High school.
fleet with Little hiieceMi.
BEATRICE , Neb. , May 25. ( Special. )
Some men are here from Chicago endeavor
ing to arrange for the erection of a large
sugar cane syrup plant. A couple ot Informal
meetings were held yesterday and the matr
ter will be presented to the council this
evening. Quite a bonus Is asked for and It
seems doubtful If anything will result from
the attempt.
HrliiKM ii Uiilek. IleHionai > .
M'COOL JUNCTION , Nob. , May 23.
( Special. ) About eighty letters were re
ceived by the secretary ot the
Men'a association here from newspaper men
In response to the statement published In
"The Bee , " calling attention to the need of
a newspaper in this town. The fiiet number
of McCool's newspaper will be Issued about
Juno 10 , next.
Sllpw nnil IlreiikH Ills lt'K-
FAIRMONT , Neb. , May 25. ( Specnl. )
Joseph Fltzpatrlck , the 15-year-old eon of
Timothy Fltzpatrlck , met with a painful ac
cident yesterday afternoon whllo unloading
a load of corn from a wagon. Ho had Just
let the end-gait down to commence unloading
when ho slipped and fell to the ground and
broke his right leg near the ankle joint.
Dr. Plumb reduced the fracture.
llnnk CiiMhler ( JetH i Divorce.
FREMONT , Neb. , May 25. ( Special. ) Carl
Halm was granted a divorce from his wife ,
Julia Hahn , on the ground ot desertion , but
the custody of the child was awarded to the
mother. The plaintiff procured leave of the
court to file a supplementary and amended
petition. Mr. Hahn Is cashier of the State
bank ot Hooper.
Ainu ( our TlieatrlealH at .Nelirimkii City
NEBRASKA CITY , May 23. ( Special. )
The charming little operetta , "Bonnie Bell , "
was given at the opera house tills evening
under direction of Mrs. F. D. Spinccr , as
sisted by young people of the city. The
affair was well attended nnd was pronounced
a success by those present.
Sin nil Iloeket In Clny County.
CLAY CENTER , Nob. , May 25. ( Special. )
The May term of the dlstr ct court for
Clay county convened yesterday , with Judge
William Hastings presiding. The docket la
small and , being an equity term , the attend
ance Is not large , there being no cases of
public Intereat to bo heard.
Corn HotH In the Groiiiul.
ASHLAND , Nob. , May 25. ( Special. ) Re
ports come In from various sections of the
farming districts that some of the corn has
rotted In the ground and will have to bo re
planted. The cold , wet season Is the cause
assigned by some ot the fanners , while others
attribute It to Inferior seed.
ii DainiiKe Claim.
HASTINGS. May 25. ( Special. ) At the
regular meeting of the city council last
night the claim of Chris Peters for $1,200 for
damages was disallowed. The claim of the
school board against the city \vas returned
by the claims committee and filed without
Horne anil Cart Are Stolen.
TECUMSEH , Neb. , May 25 , ( Special , )
A horse und cart , the property of Robert
Llmpka , a Tccumseh tailor , were stolen from
a hitch rack on the public square last night ,
Joluifeon county offers $50 for the return of
the property and apprehension of the thief ,
KnU-rtalii Their Krleiuln.
SHELTON , May 25. ( Special. ) Mrs.
George Melaner and her sister , Mrs. S. H
Smith , entertained about fifty women , mostly
from Shelton , at the Melaner home , about one
evening. Flvo o'clock tea was served and
mile north of town , yesterday afternoon and
OHirnoil'H Cane Coined Up Next Week.
TECUMSEH , Neb , , May 25. ( Special , ) D.
F Osgood's arson , case will bo tried In the
Johnson county district court next week ,
Tha ! arrangement waa decided on between
the court and attorneys yesterday.
Normal .School Contract I rt.
PERU , Neb. , May 25. ( Special. ) Hayes
of Peru was today awarded the contract for
rebuilding the dormitory of the State Normal
school at this place.
The retail dealer who advertises "We always -
ways give Ju < u what you ask for , " and lived
up to his promise , Is certain ot a good trade.
There Is not a day passes but that wo
have something new In our art depart
ment tlmtri why wo ask you to come lu
our store every time yon pass the door
You nro sure to see BOIUO new and pretty
picture that will repay you for the time
spent You need not buy wo want you
to feel that you cai > come in hero at any
and all times nnd look over our stock
If you do want to purchase you will
Und we make Uio prices as they should
bt > Ont-oMown visitors are requested to
make our store headquarters while in
the city ,
A. HOSPE. Jr. ,
Music and Art. 1513 Douglas.
win PTP
Presbyterians Dcoiilo Not 'to ' Soil the New
York Strtcttira ,
In Ilrtiorl of llonril
Of l < 'OfflKII SIlMtllltlllllollll U'llll-
ninnlipr a Knllurv IIM I're-
HAOLU LAKE. Intl. , May 25. The Pres
byterian general assembly here today set
tled two Important questions. The first was
not to sell Us building In New York , and
the second to have only one secretary of
homo missions. The latest echo of the con
troversy over lr. Ilrlggs and the Union
seminary came up In the report of the
judicial committee , which extended to all
presbyteries the order to exclude students
of that seminary from their care. It was
apparent that tew commissioners knew what
they were \oting upon , ns the matter came
up on appeal fiom some unnamed action of
the s ) nod of New York , the niuno of the
case nlono being given ,
The devotional services of the as
sembly today were led by Dr. William G.
Alexander of Washington , . 0. The report
on bencvolcnco was made the second order
for Thursday afternoon instead of evening.
The 1'rcsbyterlan building matter was made
the special first order llils afternoon. An In
vitation to visit the city of Fort Wayne was
refuircd to a committee. Permission was
gi anted to the synod of New York to change
the name to the synod of New Yoik and New
England as boon as the necessary legislation
can bo secured. Applause greeted the an
nouncement that the grant for a Unman
Catholic chapel at West Point had been de
clared Illegal by the attorney general , him
self being a member of the lloman Catholic
church. Sabbath observance was made a
special order for devotional services Thurs
day morning.
The complaint of the members of the Pres
bytery of New York against the synod of
Now York with regard to llcensuro of stu
dents was withdrawn upon the answer of
the Judicial committee that the action of
previous assemblies applied to all presbyte
ries who were thus "enjoined and Instructed"
not to take under their care any students
who are pursuing or purpose to pursue their
studies In seminaries not approved by the
general assembly. The report of the Judicial
committee was adopted without debate.
Ilio regular order was the report on for
eign mUtiioiis , which In the abstract was as
follows :
The report showed that efforts had been
made to curtail expenses us far as possible
In view of the reduced iccelpta , but In splto
of such efforts an Increased dellclt was re
ported. A large part of It was due to the
tailing oft In the Item of legacies. It wan
suggested that the extra eltort to extinguish
the debt of the board had an effect upon con
tributions to the cause of foreign missions.
Special pr.xloe was given to the work of the
women's board and to thr young people s
societies. Mention was made of necessary
retrenchment , but thq basis of it was not
Six foreign missionaries died and eighty-
three were sent out during the year , a large
proportion of whom , however , returned to
loimer llelds of labor. .
The receipts were , ns , follows : From
churches , $270,479 ; ' Women's boards ,
f2TO.llr ) , Sabbath schools and young
pcoplo'a societies $ S4H9 ( ; legacies , $ S9-
7M ; miscellaneous sources , ? 93-
349. Unused appropriations and the sale of
properties on the Held Increased the assets
The 'total expenditures Were J02G.001 , of
which J57.C21 was for administration nnd
printing. '
The total debt amounted tto $113,239 , which
was reduced by receipts from the anniver
sary reunion fund to a net debt of $97,451.
The largest appropriations were made for
work as follows : Cliliin , $171fi97 : India ,
$107,373 ; Japan. $78,145 ; South Ameiicn. $ SO.-
OSO ; Syria , $ Ti9OG5 , ; Slam , and Laos , $71,111 ;
Persia. $73,19' ? ! Africa , H1.3S3 ,
The board has securities to the amount of
$2i7,5 ! > S , the Interest of which Is available
for current work. It also owns securities
of $3S,102. upon which it has not yet realized
and special funds aggregating $3GGSCG , of
which $13.- ,4.Vi belong to the permanent fund.
The Presbyterian bul'.dlng In New York
stood the board in $ S29.Si5. of which $ Til,710
belonged to the interest account and $14,203
represented taxes. Loans on the building
aggregated $010,000 and $17,034 had been re-
colvpd from rentals. The gifts made toward
thp building amounted to $270S93 ,
The selection of Charles W. Ilnnd of
Brooklyn as treasurer of the board was an
At the opening of the afternoon session
the following reply to a cablegram to Queen
Victoria , sent yesterday , was read :
"The cjuecn thanks the assembly for Its
kind telegram. EDWAUDS. "
The special orders for discussion were two
reports on the Presbyterian building at New
York , and the report of the special com
mittee of conference with the Board of
Homo Missions. Several speeches on the
former subject were made under the flve-
mlnuto limitation , and then the floor was
granted to Ur. Wlthrow , chairman of the
committee , who entered upon an exhaustive
review of the conditions surrounding the
property In/ Now York and the report of the
special committee appointed to Investigate
these matters. The Introduction of sectional
Issues ho deplored , particularly when the
four synods of the east contributed two-
thirds of all the benevolent funds of the
church. Ho urged the adoption of the re
port returned by the majority of the com
A motion to lay the minority report and
all substitutes on the table was promptly
carried by an Immense majority. The ques
tion of the adoption of the majority report ,
which does not favor the sales of the build-
lug , was put to a rising vote and only two
coinraisjloners were seen to bo on their feet ,
ono a minister who ducked down too quickly
to bo recognized , and the other an elder , who
was BO dazed by his loneliness that ho ( stood
longer than his nimbler fellow conmilutoiicr.
The final result was celebrated by singing
the doxology.
As A sort of compromise measure- the fol
lowing rule was IntroJoccd and accepted to
KOUTII Iho action of boards :
When nny board re > elves n. legacy , the
no of which Is not Indicated in the will of
the testator , the funds shall either be used
for curient work or Invested In nccord-
nnen with laws provided foi the care of the
trust funds In the state vtlieie the board Is
located. Hut If not " o n l , they shall be
held until the Keiieial assembly upproves of
= 01110 different use of them than that which
the b m i el may propose to make.
At this point John Wftnamaker took the
inolerator's chair and parllimcntary confu
sion began. Dr. Kane , chalimau of the spe
cial commlltpo on home missions , look the
floor on Hi icport and moved the adoption
of the 11 rut resolution , which directed that
the work of the board be committed to one
secretary Instead of two , ns heretofore. The
motion ns put without opportunity for de
bate and declared carried. A motion to
reconsider was lost by A largo vote. The
motion to reconsider was followed by a
moi'lon to rescind and several other votes
\\ero Dually had , but the recommendation fern
n single secretary prevailed.
Iho other recommendation referred to the
making of appropriations for each year ,
which were dliectcd to bo made on the basis
of average tcoelpts for se\erjl years. The
board was directed to avoid debt , and ordered
to pay ( he sainu from the nssct.s of the suc
ceeding year.
Home missions again uccupled the atten
tion of the assembly In thu evening at a
popular meeting. Dr. John Hall of New
York presided and dellveied an address.
Addresses were also made by Dr. George L.
Spinning of New Jersey , Dr. H. Hilrd o :
-Montana and Huv. S. U. Hush of California.
< ; ivn cossim TMI : coi.u HIUHJMHIII.
DoiiiiitiMtrittliut lit llCNrnliiicnt fur AN-
Hiiult oil HorUi'ft'llcr.
PlTTSIlUUG , May 25. The llnal session of
the North American , Baptist 'May ' anniver
saries , which have been going on In the
Fourth Avenue Baptist chuich of this city
since May 17 , began at 10 o'clock this morn
ing. The delegates In attendance say that
the nnnUerearlEB Just held have been the
most profitable and enthusiastic of any held
for years. Before the meeting wa'i formally
opened all foreign missionaries , with one ex
ceptlon , were Invited to seats on the plat
form. The- exception waa Hev. W. U. Coii-
sum of China , who yesterday caused a sensa
tion by his remarks on John D. Rockefeller.
Whether the omission was accidental or In
tentional la not know. Mr. Cosanm occu
pied a seat close to the front , and there was
a rather set expiesslon on his face.
After devotional exercises , Hev , H. P.
Cochran of Burmah and W. H. Leslie , M. D. ,
of the African mission , gave Interesting ac
counts of the mission work In their respective
Addresses on missionary work were also
made by Hov. George Warner of West China ,
Hev. K. Tribolet of Burmah , Dr. J. S. Grant
and Hev. Dr. Blxby. The latter offered a
resolution favoring a fuither and fetrongcr
union of the various bodies. This was
A resolution was also passed requesting
the foreign secretary to prepare for next
year's meeting a comprehensive survey of
the work abroad , with a view to ascertaining
the best methods of carrying on the work.
Dr. Burnam of the Colgate university ,
Hamilton , N. Y. , gave n five-minute address
on the work done at the university.
After prayer the Missionary union ad
journed to meet at the call of the executive
committee. An Informal reception was
held , farewells said , and the anniversaries
were ended. Most of the visiting delegates
left for homo tonight.
Southern ProNhytcrliinn Iloi-niiimeiul
mi IiiiI < M piul'-iit Chiiroli for Them.
CHARLOTTE , N. C. , May 25.- After the
opening exercises of the assembly today the
report on education for the ministry was
taken up , pending consideration of which
the report on colored evangelization was dis
cussed. After an explanation by the chair
man , the assembly heard a strong address
from Hev. 0. B. Wilson , missionary to the
colored people , showing how fitting Presby-
terlanlsm wao to their needs because of Its
Intelligent and spiritual worship , Its Godly
ministry and the spsclal responsibility of
southern Presbyterians as a debt of justice
and gratitude.
The assembly also heard Hev. E. W. Will-
lams the colored Presbyterian of Ferguson
Williams college of Abbeville , S. C. , who
spoke eloquently In behalf of the organiza
tion of an Independent colored Presbyterian
church as absolutely necessary to the eelf-
development of the negro. These addresses
made a deep impression and secured a lib
eral collection.
The report urges vigorous prosecution of
work along the lines already approved by
the assembly. It provides for the early or
ganization of an Independent colored Pres-
bytcilan church upon the motion of the col
ored people themselves , to to aided by the
general assembly as In the past. The report
was unanimously adopted ,
An paii. of the Westminster celebration ,
"Tho Old Man Eloquent , " Rev. M. D. Hoguo ,
D. D. , delivered a forcible address on the
relation of the Westminster standards to
missionary labors. Great crowds waited
hours patiently to hear this address.
I.uUicriiii MlHslunnry Convention.
DAYTON , O. , May 25. The tenth general
convention of the Women's Homo and For
eign Missionary society of the Lutheran
church Is In session herq with 200 delegates
present from all parts of the country. The
ofllcors of the convention are as follows :
President , Mra. A. V. Hunter , Columbia
City , Ind. ; vlco presidents , 'Mrs. ' A. G. Bond ,
What wo are all after our money's
worth coupled with the satisfaction of
knowing we've got it you can't buy any
thing in our store no matter how smaller
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It for granted you know a good carpet
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price ought to be hi'iico in buying our
carpets we buy only the best and we
price them so llm ! ; , you know you ate
getting a bargttln-r-Wo have no bargain
days Kvory day. il i a bargain day for
you at our store.
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i .til
Wo have n little 'chamois skin glasa
wiper curry it1 bn * your watch chain-
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to people who use. them It lias our name
on the "sll/ered" handle Our name Is
on about everything Units good In the
glass line nowadays HometimeH you
can't see our immo tlien's the time to
buy glasses We can mnko you ee > if
anybody can \Vo do it Belentllicaliy
no guesswork about It Wo JU the
frame something others do not do W
H lit tlie sight We do it all for less Hum
* any other house.
| Columbian Optical Co
A Denver. u a ICth St. Kantag City ,
CCCC3330 { OOTC3993 CKK > 3XJ ( CCCO CO
These Who Have Ailing Wives Will do Wall to Accept It.
Do not wrangle nnd quarrel , and finally rush into the courts and try to get m
separation from your faithful wife ; but just stop a moment and thinkl Your
wife , who was oven-tempered and amiable , and all that was lovely when you
' married her , has changed. Now she is poevlsh , irritable , joal-
discontented nnd miserable in a word , she has uterine
disorder of some kind ,
Law is not the rcmcely for this condition , siio needs med
ical treatment , her uterine system is at fault.
My advice to you is , sit down nnd write a
letter to that friend of women , Mrs I'inkliam ,
of Lynn , Mass. , state fully and freely the
whole case to her and she will honestly ad-
kviso you what to do. Give your wife that
chance , goexl man I
If you do not wish to write about your
-wife , bring her a bottle of Lydla K. I'ink-
' ham's Vegetable Compound , uutuh its uf-
feets , you will MHUI see the beginning of
fthc improvement ; then got her another and
keep it up until she is restored to you , the satno
lovely woman you married years ago.
Following1 tte relate the circumstance" * of a
of this nature. Mm. MKI.VA. KOUPON , of
Camby , Ind. , says :
" 1 have used'Lydla 12. I'inkham's Vegetable
Compound and found it to be of great benefit to me. Tlio doctors said 1 had
womb trouble. I had the headache all the time , also a terrible backache ,
was nervous , eioss and irritable. 1 looked so pale that people would ask mo
what was the matter. 1 suffered in this way for about four years , until ono
day about In despair my husband brought mo a bottle of Lydla 13. LMnkham't )
Vegetable Compound. I commenced its use , and much to every one's sur
prise , it cured me. It has completely changed my disposition for the better also.
Several of my neighbors , knowing what the Vinkham mediuinn has done for
uio , are taking it , aud are much pleased with the result. "
Sallna , Kan. ; Mra. J. P Marlnun. Altoon.x.
Pa. ; recording secretary , Mr S 11. Ilelmer ,
Cincinnati ; corresponding Kcrretaiy , Mlos
Mary Hay Morrl. . ? , Baltimore ; treasurer ,
Mru. A. V. llamma , Baltimore ; hlstoilan ,
Mrs. Utnma 11. School , Baltimore.
CUM mm i , AM > iMi ( > mft'iuiA\.s.
StiuloiitM mill I'mlutf lon
ers Are Not Allnuoil to blurry.
CHICAGO , May 25 Today the general ao-
sembly of the Cumbt'ilaud Presbyterian
church was largely given over lo reports
from committees.
The committee on Banetifloatlon , which
has been considering doctrinal statements ,
or the confes-slnn of faith , to he submitted
to the presbyteries for their approval , re
ported their Inability to agiee and asked to
bo discharged. The question \\us Indefinitely
On recommendation ot the committee on
education It was oidered that theological
students obtain the consent of their presby
teries before being allowed ( o attend other
colleges than those of the Cumberland de
nomination ; also that the marilage of stu
dents and probationers be not permitted
until they have obtained n permanent chaige.
A committee was appointed to co-operate
with the coloied blanch of the denomina
tion In response to a rcqucct sent by J. T.
Humphrey , stated clerk of the Cumberland
Colored Piesbyterians.
The following were appointed as a board
of directors of the Hoard of Education : Rev.
W. J. Darby , J. E. Wrenu and Frank Slee-
lU'formtMl 1'rcNli ) trrlmiM Scud n Doiill-
tloii to Iti-llof Dlntrpsx.
PITTSBUHG. May 25. The morning ses
sion of the general sjiiod of the Reformed
Presbyterian church was occupied almost en
tirely by short talks on home missions and
the best methods of carrying on the work.
The president of the Board ot Foreign
Missions announced that ho had received In
structions that the editor and publisher of
the Christian Herald had donated the sum
of $500 lu old of the suffers fiom famine In
India to be distributed by missionaries In the
field. It was icsolved that the thanks of the
general synod bo tendered the generous
donors. The synod by a unanimous vote In
structed the committee on foreign missions
to cable the money at once. After the an
nouncement of the standing committees , the
synod adjourned for lunch.
At 2 o'clock the session reassembled and
the reports of the various missions were
con.sldered. This work consumed the whole
afteinoon and the synod then adjourned to
meet next year In Philadelphia.
SIIOH HPT Knthpr-lii-T.nw.
SAN FRANCISCO , May 25. Mrs. Margaret
Moffatt lias brought suit In the superior
court to recover damages In the sum of
$50,000 from her husband's father for al
leged alienation of affection and also in
stituted proceedings against her husband to
compel him to support her. She alleges that
Bho has twice been married to W. M. Mof
fatt , but at each time her father-in-law has
Induced his son to desert her.
AmirrhlNtn KeleiiHril from I'rlnon.
PITTSBUHG , May 25. Henry Bauer and
Carl Nold , the anarchists who were accom
plices of Alexander Bergman fn the at
tempted assassination of II. C. Frlck during
the Homestead strike of 1892 , were released
from the pen today after serving their terms
of flvo years. They were given a royal re
ception by the anarchists of Allegheny , who
are arranging a picnic for them.
Trnini > FullH Uinlt-r a Train.
CHEYENNE , Wyo , , May 25. ( Special
Telegram. ) John D. Barkhurat , aged 21 , who
was beating his way from Sacramento to
Chicago , fell under a Union Pacific passenger
train from which ho wcs trying to alight in
the CMiojcmio jards thh morning and had
both ftet cut ofl. llalkhurst Is the tomtit
tramp who haa met with nn accident of this
kind lu and near the Chcjeinie jarda during
the past week.
Ml ) VIM ! A UimiM5V UVl'llin.
All IllnhiKU r-roiil Om > Ti'imsiioi'tiil
on SKIilN N curly 1 , (111(1 ( IVfl.
Tboro are two wa > si of moving a chimney.
Olio way , and that usuall ) followed Is to
tear It down carefully and icbulld It in the
dcsltod place. This utlll/es only the bilck ,
and means a great deal of labor. 'I he other
method of nmvlng n chimney Is tu handle
It much as n house would bo handled and tu
move It bodily and without tearing It down
by putting It on jjklds.
The latter method was follow cd by a firm
of contractors of Drldgtiiamptoii , N Y. , In
moving a chimney for the Mahanset T.n-
pio\L'incnt company < it Mahansct , N Y.
The chimney Is tight } -the feet high ami
ne\ou feet squat e at the base. U weighs
neatly 100 tons , and jtl It was moved a dis
tance ot 930 feet over lough load , ! and up
and down steep grades without Injury or
accident. But nix men wuc required to do
tlie work. One horse attached to \\ludlasa
fuinUhcd the needed power.
The skids weiu well griflsod on the bottom
tom , and the rate of progieai was o fast
that but nine da > s elapsed from the tlmo
work was begun until the chimney waai
secuicly located on Itu Hew foundation.
Moitry IM llfliiK llnlsi-il liy IoiiuUou
mill l > y hiiliirrlptloiiH ( o lloiulH.
NEW 1'OHK , May 20. The Preys pub
lishes the following : Officers of the Cuban
league have decided to attempt the raising
of a fund ) of $1,000,000 In the United States ,
believing that this will cnablo the Cubans
to establish their Independence. The fund Is
to be raised In. two wajs by donations and
by the yale of gold bonds ot 0 per cent.
"pajable ten years after the evacuation of
Cuba by the Spanish tioops. "
Alicady about $10,000 lisa been raised to
ward tbo fund. Among those who have pur
chased bonds are : John Jacob Astor , $1,000 ;
Ethan Allen , ? 1,000 ; Dr. Seward Webb , $400 ;
N. F. Grlswold , $500 , and Edward McKlnlev ,
$250. W. 13. D. Stokes has donated Jl.OOU.
The bonds are Issued In denominations ot
$1,000 , $500 , $100 and $50 , all of which are
sold for1 CO cents on Iho dollar. Bonds of $3
and $10 ara sold at par.
IIliU-M In 11 Closi-t mill HrnrH Him 1'lnrt
1 ! 2loirnlUi | AnodiorVoiiiiiu. .
ST. LOUIS , May 2fi. May Campbell , a
variety actress , who came here from Cin
cinnati , hid In a clothes closet In Maud
Dovcro's rooms yesterday. She listened
whllo her husband made violent love to the
Dovoro woman nnd beard him arrange for
an elopement. Mrs. Campbell emerged with
a revolver and put live bullets Into her liua-
band and ono into Maud Dovoro. She then
walked Into the police station aud gave
herself up. Campbell was taken In a dylnff
condition to the city hospital. When a do-
tectlvo brought In his wife and asked hhn
to Identify her as his assassin , ho refused !
to do so , nnd kissed her affectionately.
Campbell was shot through the lungs and
In the throat. Tlio woman's' wound U
nn Kni I MI-CM for < he Iny.
DAKOfA CITY , Neb. , May 25. ( Special , )
S. Mansfield , general merchant at Homer ,
this county , harf made a general assignment
for the benefit ot creditors. Mr. Mansfield
has been engaged In business lu Homer for
fifteen years past and hla failure la caused !
by poor collections and ovenitock ,
Now Drex L Slinonmn Is happy lie's
stuck on our "Sprocket ulioo the Bhoe
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tills spring that has become the rngo
in the cast thousands of them being
sold for easy walking whom alone the
price $3.00 recommends It So do we
If Its not good bring It back and get
your money We are sole agents for it.
Drexel Shoe Co. ,
Bend for our Illustrated Cntaloguc. Frea
Just think of this sterling silver
waist ficltf r > 0e Including three buttons
a collar button and two uleevo links
all for Me the new designs in enamel
waist sets nro very attractive nnd cannot
bo found elsewhere $2 to ? a a set
They are beauties ( Joltl sets M kurat
as low ns $5 a set AH the moat per
fect and latest In design Our engravers
are always busy but wo hiivu a faculty
of turning out the llnest wedding sta-
tlonery on time now designs In paperu
colors new workmanship of the very
C. S. Raymond ,
15th and Douglas.