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Pirat Stops in the Important Matter Taken
Yesterday ,
M nmiiliiycil to AiUlxo llic
Ijiiotil Commit ( < ! ArriiiiHt- for an Of lilt ! I'fOll-
nlite I.ocalloiiN.
IT. C. Alexander and A. C. Schradcr , the
Chicago cnglnccre employed by tlio special
committee of tlio Hoard of Directors of the
TtancmlaalEslppI Exposition association to
Inspect the five alte < ) proponed as locations
for the exposition , arrived In Omaha > OT-
terday. After engaging rooms at the Tax-
ton the experts went at once to the office of
C. i : . Yost , chairman of the special commit
tee. Hero they met Messrs. Yost anil Wll-
cox , the third member of the committee , J.
II. Mlllard , being out of the city.
After a short conference It was decided
that the most expeditious plan of examining
the fllttfl would bo for each alto to be shown
to the experts by Its friends without the
Intervention of any niembep of the special
committee or of any advcfse Interest , after
which the engineers mtqht make such In
vestigations as they wished. In accordance
with this arrangement , Mr. Yost telephoned
the advocates of each of the sites and asked
them to come at once to his office. In a short
time Ue Kstcllo , representing the Ulvorvlew
park site ; I ) . II. Christie , representing Miller
park ; City Attorney Council , representing
the Hanscom park site , and \ \ . II
Dennett and Ocorgo W. Kelley , repre
senting Dlmwood park site , were on htind.
After consultation It was decided that Miller
park should bo visited jtfiterday morning ,
Haniscom park In the afternoon , Interview
park this morning and Hlmwood park thin
afternoon. The representatives of Kast
Omaha were not present , but It was In
formally decided that the site lying between
Cut-Off and Florence lakes should bo visited
Wednesday morning.
Councilman Chrlatlo quickly secured a
carriage , and , accompanied by II. W. Hlch-
urdHon , another ardent advocate of the ad
vantages offered by Miller park , the start
was made for the north side park. The
parly returned to the 1'axton In time for
the engineers to take the edge off an ap
petite whetted by the short outing , after
which they were taken In band by Ulty
Attorney Connelt and drl\en out to Ilanscom
In rosporso to questions the experts said
that In inaUIng their reports to the com-
mltlco and Hoard of Directors they would
Include all matters which , In their Judg
ment , had nny bearing upon the desirability
of the several sltca for exposition purposes
To do this they said they should consult
with the city engineer regarding the grades ,
sewer and water facilities and other en
gineering data necessary to bu taken Into
consideration and should also make such
examination of all the surrounding condi
tions as would enable them to make an In
telligent and comprehensive report.
Itrnl HNlutc Mrll Drue tinXei - -HHl ( }
of IXiiiMlltlon.
The exposition was Ilia principal subject
, of discussion at the meeting of the Heal
n.state exchange jostcrday. As a result the
following icsolutlon , offered byV. . 13. Tay
lor , was unanimously adopted :
"Resolved , That It Is ths bense of the ex-
changa that It is of the greatest Impoitanco
that the Nebrauka legislature now 'In ses
sion shouid Immediately proceed with the
consideration of the bill'ifoupending making
an appropriation for tlio Transmlsslwilppl Ex
position , and that the said bill should bo
favorably considered without unnecessary de
lay. In view of the fact that the legisla
tures of other states aru now In session and
that they will bo largely governed by the
action of the Nebraska legislature on this
very Important measure , It should receive
Immediate consideration and prompt , final
and favorable action on the part of our
legislature. "
In support of the resolution Mr. Taylor
called attention to the fact that unless the
Nelnifik.i bill was passed before Februaty
1 then ? vould bo only two or three weeks
left In which to secure appropriations from
the ItglMatuics of tlio other western states.
Naturally other states could not be expected
t uct until Nebraska had done Us part. A
committee expected to go to Springfield
next week to urgi > the patsage of the bill
now befoio the Illinois legislature , and the
first question asked would be how much the
Nebraska. leclslntuiu had appioprlated. The
k'Klslirurcs of nearly all the western states
were limited In time and It was Imperative
that action should be taken n.s early ns pos-
6lble. The Nebraska bill , Mr. Taylor said ,
bhnuld bo paraed nt the earliest possible
date In order that the committees might go
before the legislatures of other states and
tt.turo adequate appropriations. The resolu
tion was dlscus-ced along this line and
passed. There will bo another meeting of
the exchange today to make arrangements
for following up the resolution.
A memorial on the death of J. Q. Gaston
wan Adopted
W IIII'N Club AlMiolntH a Committee
of Mni > tit l'r > | iurc I'liuix.
The Woman's club took action jesterday
afternoon upon the request of the executive
committee of the exposition , asking the
club to appoint a committee to formulate a
plan for a woman's department of the ex
position. A committee of nine members of
the club was elected to formulate such a
plan , and submit It to the exposition exec
utive committee for its approval.
The meeting of the club was held In the
Crclghtou theater , and was attended by
about 250 women. After the preliminary
business of the meeting had been disposed
of , the special older of the session was taken
up. and Mrs. F , R Ford moved the ap
pointment of a committee to name a com
mittee or five to prepare such a plan as had
been requested.
Mrs. Sutlborough moved to amend by
making the coitmltteo consist of nlno mem
bers , In order to give It a wider scope. The
amendment was discussed by several of the
members , and was then adopted.
President Harford suggested that the nom
inating committed should report eighteen
names to bo ballotled for. Instead of select
ing nlno names , thus limiting the cholco of
the club. This suggestion was Incotporatcd
Into tlio motion , which wna then carried
The chair appointed the following nom
inating committee : Mra. W. W. Koisor
Mrs. W. II. Wyinnn and Mrs. n , 13. Toll of
South Omaha.
While the committee was preparing Its re
port , the club took up the proposed amend
ments to the constitution , which had been
laid over under the rules. The amendment
changing the meeting dajs fiom Monday to
Saturday was defeated by an overwhelming
majority. The amendment providing for a
library committee of live members , to ha\o
Highest Honors \Vorld's Fair.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fieo
( rom Ammonia , Alum or any other aclultetant.
40 Years the Standard *
chargeof a reference library to be estab
lished by the gradual purchase of desirable
books , wan carried without opposition ,
The nomlnilltiK committee presented lt re
port , recommending the following eighteen
women to bo voted for In the election of
a committee of nlno. MefldnmcB B. T , llnd-
pcy , A. 8 , Stlger , T. K SudboroiiRh , Frank
Heller , I. II. Andrews , W. S. Strawn , A. N.
Tcrguson , J. II. Dumont , S. It. Tow no , C. C.
Yost , C. W. Damon , John A. MacMurphy ,
Henry Jnmcs , II. M. Webster , John Gordon ,
F. Droadwell , C. E. Squires and Miss S.
J , narrows ,
Mrs , Uroathvcll declined to stand for elec
tion , and Mrs. K. r. Ford nominated the
president , Mrs. Harford , to nil the vacancy
thus occasioned. This motion carried unani
mously and the balloting commenced.
The home committee was appointed to act
an tellers , and the ballots were collected by
the member * of the committee , who then re
tired to the waiting room to count the vote.
The meeting was thin turned over to Mrs.
T. K. Sudborough , chairman of the educa
tional department , who Introduced Superin
tendent C. O. Pcnr e of the public schools ,
who talked for about twenty minutes upon
the general condition of the public schools
from a financial standpoint.
The counting of the ballots occupied some
time , and the exercises of the meeting were
prolonged In order to fill In the time. When
the report was finally made It showed that
the following women hcd been elected as the
committee to formulate a plan for a woman's
department : Mesdaniea Z. T. Llnilsey , A. S.
Stlgcr , T K. Sudborough , F. Heller , I. It.
Andrew1 , A. N , Ferguson , S. It. Tow no and
C. E. Squires.
\VouliI AUrml ( lit * IiiiiiiKiirnlloti of
.Major M.'Klnlo.
There Is a possibility that Nebraska ma >
bo represented at the inauguration of Major
McKlnley by the Thurston rifles. A plan Is
being discussed by which It Is proposed that
the Rides shall go to Washington and
participate In the Inauguration ccrcnnonles
and at the same time do pome effectual mis
sionary work In the cast for the Tr.uismls-
slsslppt exposition.
The plan Is to send the nifles to Washing
ton In n special car , which will be decorate J
and supplied with a quantity of advertising
matter. The Iliflcs arc willing to stop at all
the principal cities and give exhibition drills
and at the same time afford an opportunity
for the dissemination of Information relative
to the exposition. At the same time they will
endeavor to secure the attendance of the
crack militia companies at the exposition
and will make their club looms at Seven
teenth and Douglas streets a headquarters
for the ooldlcr bojs when they come to the
city. The Idea has been submitted to mem
bers of the executive committee of the ex
position association and la regarded with a
good deal of favor.
The IVhi)11 > Story
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Hood's Pills cure nausea , sick headache ,
'ndlgcstlon ' , biliousness. All druggists. 25c.
icn MU.V OATiiiu Tiinut HAHVHST.
Not Wiiltlnpr for tiltComliifV of Collier
The Ice men are not losing nny time waitIng -
Ing for the weather to get colder , but are
cutting all the Ice they can find. The Ice
on the water works reservoirs Is from'alx to
eight Inches In thickness , and that on Cut-Off
lake Is about the same. Nearly all of the
Ice dealers have been cutting Ice for a week ,
notwithstanding none of it was over nine
Inchea In tlileKnees. They have had small
gangs of men at work , but will Increase the
number whenever the weather makes
ice fast enough to warrant so doing. The
Seymour Lake Ice compiny has about 100
men employed lr | cutting from the lake nt
Seymour park , and has made one cutting.
As soon as another crop Is ready It will be
housed at once. The Klmball Ice corapan >
had omall gangs at work on the Florence
reservoirs all of last week and Is still at
work. The Arctic Ice company started
cutting on the Walnut Hill reservoir yes
terday with fifty men. Tne Swift and the
Hammond companies have been cutting from
Cut-Off lake for the past week , and are stor
ing the Ice In jhelr houses at the lako.
No household Is complete without a case
of Cook's Imperial Extra Dry Champagne
It's the best sparkling wine made.
HurlliiKtou It im < i California
ljCIIIN lo UN.
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Tickets can bo obtained it city ticket office ,
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SIx.TliIrt ) ! . 31. li-niu.
of the
nest service.
Dining car.
City oflce : 1501 Farnam.
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i nn&o\Ai < I'AitAGHArns.
II , J. Davis returned last evening to Chi
P. C , Erlckson , a banker at Brevvatcr , Is In
the city.
"Dad" Dlodgett , the York hotel man , la In
the city.
George Dee , Dubuque , la. , Is stopping at
the IlarKcr.
I } . L. Hordvvcll of Chicago Is stopping at
the Mercer.
Peny Wtotphlllng , St. Joseph , Is stopping
at the Darker.
J. L. White left for an extended western
trip last night.
A. E. Cady. St. Paul , was an Omaha vis
itor last night.
Warren Swltlcr left last night for Lin
coln ou business.
J , N. Phclan , a I3urllngton ofllclal at Alli
ance , In In Omaha ,
M. C. Callahan , Longmont , Colo. , Is a
guest at the .Mercer.
Charles A. Kennedy , advance agent for the
Dacroft company , Is a Darker guest.
C. D. Hlbbard has gone to Denver on a
business trip , which will consume a week.
Samuel Gamble has gone to Now York
City on business , to bo aUscnt three weeks.
C , H. Webster. Ed Perry and A. S. Allen
are Chicago arrivals registered at the
John Sullivan , J , II. Poage , J. J. Pike and
II. J. Jennings are registered at the Darker
from St. Louis.
Arthur 13. Smith , assistant general passon-
gcr agent for the Ilurllngton , left for the
east last night.
L. J. Drake , general western manager for
the Standard Oil company , who recently
moved his headquarters from Omaha to
Chicago , la In the city ,
Ncbraekana at the hotels : A. II. Teat
York ; John W. Markony. Ogalalla ; n. F.
Kloko , West Point ; W. II Humphrey , Lin-
coin ; II. S. ManvlIIo , Fremont.
Ilobert Ilenncrt , the famous hotel man of
Baltimore , accompanied by E. D. Crook , UHO !
of the n mo city , wcro the guests of Colonel
llanlon vcatcrday , while cnrouto from Den
ver to their home ,
E. n. Spencer , a banker nt Firth , and one
of thu eight republican members of tlio state
senate , was In the city yesterday. Ho was
not picpared to make any predictions on to
the possible work of the present legisla
ture. >
Wonderful Unity Among the Occupants o
the Oity Hall on Oao Point.
City ( Hill-lain llntc Their Oun Plan
In ( lie Hit-lit Ilia ! ( lie IVKN- )
latut-e .MnUi-N Some Char-
The prospect of a spring election Is hang
Ing with awful menace over the ofilcla
heads of the present Incumbents of the clt
offices , find , although some of them lm\
but recently taken their scale , they are al
ready beginning to build fences for re
election. The municipal family has burled
lot of personal differences during the pita
week or two In an effort to got together am
defeat the clause of Iho new charter tba
proposes to legislate them out of the of
flees with which they have scarcely had
chance to become acquainted. Hut It I
apparent that they have but little hope o
making any Impulsion on the holy of law
makers that nt present occupies the otat
house. A committee went to Lincoln lav
week on a aoit of scouting expedition am
returned with no evidence of satisfaction ,
The majority of the city officials take I
for granted that there will be an election
next April and are now making their plan
accordingly. No one Is more tully allvo t
the exigencies of the situation than Mayo
lircatch and for some time past he has been
Industriously at woik building up a com
blnatlon on which ho expects to secure a re
nomination. The most wondciful fcatuic o
the ma > or's candidacy Is the fact that Scwc
Commissioner Wlnspcar Is his conlldcntla
adviser and campaign manager. To thos
who are familiar with certain deals tha
wcro patched up In the major's ofllco las
summer thla la not eurpi-lslni ; , but a vas
number of others remember that only a > ea
aga the mayor wna rampaging up and ilovvi
the city asking for votes on the ground tha
the first tnsk of his prospective ndmlnlstra
tlon would be to annihilate Wlnepear The >
have noticed that Droatch did not annlhltat
worth a cent , but they are somewhat sui
prised to see two such rancorous opponent
peacefully slumbering In the same polltica
All this was accomplished during th
weeks In which John T. Clarke's appoint
ment as chairman of the Board of Publl
Works was held up by the Influences com
manded by Wlnspear and Munro. Th
combination which was hinted nt at th
tlmo has only recently blossomed Into at
admitted fact. Mayor Hroatch refused to
name a successor to Mr. Wlnspcar wl-on
Mr. Clarke had been disposed of ; Chalrmai
Munro retains his position at the head o
the board , while Mr. Wlnspear retains hi
title as sewer commissioner. In return
for this the board discharged Its secrotarj
to make room for a man chosen by Hit.
mayor , and Winspcar Is now the head of the
combination that Is engineering the candl
dacy of Major Uroatch for re-olcctlon.
Tlio plan of moblll/lng the city hall forces
now being worked out is said to have em
anated from Wlnspear. All the elective
officers. Including the councllmen , have beet
Invited to Join In an effort to beat the
spring election provision In the new char
ler. At least , that is what most of then
are given to understand. A few of thu
major's confidential advisers undcrstam
that the real purpose Is to Join all theae
officials In an alliance , offensive and de
fensive , for the purpose of securing the ic-
nomlnatlon of all of them In general am
that of Maj'or Droatch in particular. It Is
urged that Comptroller Wcstberg and Treas
urer Edwards have no ncrlous opposition li
sight. Therefore If all arc tied up to
gether the bulk of the effort can bo con-
conlrated on the opposition to Maj-oi
Droatch. If the councllmen from each vvari
can be held In the movement Its promoters
expect , with the assistance of the appointive
officials , present and prospective , to con
struct a machine thafwlll be powerfu
enough to control the prlniailcs In nearly
every ward In the city.
During the last few dajs , however , some
at the other officials have been displaying
some reluctance to becoming members ol
the combination. Some of them calculate
that as tlfo case ntands they have everj
icaeon to believe they will be renomlnated
They have gauged the opposition to Mr.
Hroatch that Is already breaking out In
various quarters and fear that In assisting
him to realise his ambition they will ef
fectually quash their own. Nevertheless
there is every Indication that a powerful
city hall combination Is In procecs of In
cubation , headed by the major and the
Doard of Public Works. It Is stated on
reliable authority that Clerk HIgby Is prac
tically p. part of it and that only the comp-
tioiler , treasurer and a few councllmen re
main to bo won over.
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MIHS AVInaiiot featlHlleil with Her
| ] liil > lo > mi-ill.
James J. Walker was arraigned In police
court jcsteiday ou the charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses. Ida Wlnan
alleges that when he emplojed her as agent
for the International Publishing companj
of Chicago , whnso lepresentatlvo he claimed
to be In this cltj' , and accepted from her a
$3 guaranty fee , he committed a fraudulent
transaction , as she says that he Is not the
representative of the company.
Walker stated this morning that at his
trial ho would bo In a position to show that
ho was the coinpany'ti agent and was
authorized by It to employ sub-agents. He
alleges that he made a contract to employ the
woman and did accept $3 from her as a
guaranty under Instructions from his coin-
pan j' . Tills contract Is now on Its way to
Chicago. The cane has been set for hearing
on next Monday.
Death of .1. Q.
J. Q. Gaston , a real estate dealer and mort
gage loin broker , died at 9 o'clock jesterday
morning at St. Joseph's hospital. Ho had
suffered fiom an Internal complaint for sev
eral months. It became so serious that ho
was confined to his bed several weeks ago.
A few dajs ago ho was removed to the
hospital , The deceased was about 49 jcars
of ago and had be In business In thla city
some ten years. Ho leaves a niece ,
Miss Anna Crow dor. Funeral serv
ice. } will bo held at H. K. Durket'o un
dertaking establishment , 1511 Capitol avc
nue , this afternoon at 2 o'clock , The body
will bo sent tomorrow morning ; to Clarlnda
la. , the former homo of the deceased ' foi
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Tickets at 1502 Farnam street.
J. I ) . UEYNOLDS , City Passenger Agent.
mnnsiiKiit.y : I\HIHSIO.NS soi-i'ii
Via the WaliiiNh II. It.
The next date Is Tuesday , the nineteenth.
For tickets and further Information call at
Wabaih office , 1I1K Faniam street ( Paxton
Hotel building ) , or urltu
0. N CLAYTON , Agent.
KKNDAU- Daniel , nt r.:30 : n. in. , iigpil K2
ycnra nnd 4 montlm. Kiimual at IHH Into
residence. No , Kl North 17th Htrcot , nt 10
o'clock u. in. . Wednesday , the 20th Inut.
Interment , Forest Lawn ccinotcry. , ,
OMAHA , Jan. 18-tTo the Editor of The
Bee ; I have read with pleasure The Bee
editorial of this ( morning on nhlp canal
projects which are taking practical form
under the auspices iofi the federal governi-
mcnt to conrect the .harbors and entrance.1)
of New York with thb chain of lakes and
Dtiluth. The partlcUlnrischcmo Is a step In
the right direction , but It deco not cover
what Is needed for tlio people In the middle
vvrat , I have been 'having some discussion
of the matter with Mr. Dana of the New-
York Sun during the p st fovv months , and
In a lesser way with iSocrctary Morton , Don
M. Dickinson , Governor Flower and Bourke
Cochran , but I am not , on account of my
obscurity In life , In a position to secure at
tention from thtao who have earned the
power to command
Not to Intrude upon jour valuable space
to. > much I w.'l ' condense my Idea of the na
tional needs b > quoting the following from
the memorandum not Intended for publica
tion , which I submitted lo Mr. Dana , as fol
lows :
"National prcsperlty and peace for the
next fifty jcars can bo secured by a bold
and biond policy for national defence anil
advancement through the direct action of
the government Itself , i > s follows :
" 1. Five huudied mllllona expenditure for
Rcacoast defenses on lines laid down by Mr.
Tllden In the Carlisle letter which you have
so long advocated.
" 2. A gieat sjstcm of Internal Improve
ments In the way of ship canals , of which
the Hcnncpln canal to connect Lake Michi
gan with thu MIsslEslppl broadwatcr to the
gulf Is an existing Initiative. The system
should also Include a canal via the St. Law
rence and Lake Chnmplaln to the harbor
and estuaries of New York.
" 3. These broader canals to extend to the
great Missouri basin , and perhaps to the
base of the Ilocky mountains ; all to be rc-
cnforced by lateral canals In the varloni
states , the latter to bo supplied by state
credit upheld by the federal credit , and subJect -
Ject to fedeial supervision ; the peopleto pay
low tolls on all canals to provide for low In
terest on money for a period , nnd no tolls
In the not far future. "
Mr. Dana printed and crltlcUed this propo
sition In , great personal kindness to the
writer , but with some sevorltjHo dc-
nouned It ns "a gigantic ocheme of social
istic paternalism , federal and state , " be
cause , and , 1 think only because , It suggests
ultimate Iieo tolio on thesj canals Thla
van tlono In the Sun of January 11 under the
heading * , "Tho Canalization of the United
States. " In an answer , whose publication I
wan glad to leave to the friendly judgment
of Mr. Dana , and which he evidently de
clined , I was not willing to admit his con
clusion , and suggested an amendment to my
plan by striking out the lame p-jrt of It
I cited to him , as I now cite to the editor
of Tha Bee. the Erie canal as the whole argu
ment for this great sjstem of Internal water-
wiijs. What Now York has done with the
Erin canal I would have the whole country
do with the great productive areas of the
If this country could defend Itself In war
at the cost of $3.000,000.000 and millions of
lives ; If it could tax the people to support
a pension list of more than $100,000000 =
year for moie than thirty jears ; If It can
waste countless mllllona In building a navy
whlcn will have to be rebuilt within twentj-
llvo jcars ; If It can throw away hundreds of
thousands and millions on postolllco struc
tures In the towra and villages of the Unltcrt
States which the people do not need ; If It
cm shouldet $80,090.000 a jcar to carry on
sjstcmatlc river and harbor piracies , Is It
either wild or unvvlso to say that It can af
ford nn expenditure during a series of jcais
of 51,000,000.000 , or so much of that mnn aa
may ho neccosarj , In building broadwater-
wajs for the development of the wealth of
the country ? Just as New York was en-
ilchcd by the Erie canal by the upbuilding
of the chain of manufacturing towns ana *
cities from Harlem river along the Hudson ,
and from Albany along the Mohawk and Gen-
cssce vallcjs to Buffalo , so would railroad
and watcrwajs build up the states of the
central west.
I will not argue the case. It argues Itnolf
And i am utterly oinabli to see any social
ism , either state or federal , In the propo
sition , any moro than itlicre has been In New
York from the building and operation of thu
Lrlo canalisince the daja of Clinton.
Ilaten AlU-Kcil to Hae IJHt-iI the Malls
( o Defraud.
J. E. Bates , who la employed In a com
mission house on Harncy street , between
Twelfth and Thirteenth , was arrested yes
terday afternoon by Pcstofflce Inspector
Thomas of St. Louis and Deputy Marshal
Uochmo of this city on an Indictment fourd
by the federal grand jury at St. LouLj.
charging Bates with having used the malls
with intent to defraud. The ground for the
ndlctment seems to have been that Bates
was engaged In the commlfjlon business at
St. Lonls for a few months last summer ,
and Is alleged to have sent out circulars
soliciting consignments It Is further al-
cged that after receiving these consign
ncnts he failed to return the proceeds lo the
shipper These are the facts as set out lr
ho Indictment upon which ho vvcs arrested
He had a preliminary hearing before Com-
nlasloner Anderson yesterday afternoon and
vas bound over to appear In the United
Hates court nt St. Louis the thiu Monday
n March He gave bonds In $1,000 for hla
IliielcIlii'N Ariilen Suite.
The best salvo In the world for cuts.
bruises , sores , ulcers , ealt ihcum , fever sores
otter , chapped hands , chilblains , corns and
all skin eruptlonf , and positively cures plies
or no pay required It Is guaranteed to give
icrfcct satisfaction or money refunded. Price
5 cents per box.
AthertiHi Clinri nlth I.areeiiy.
Yesterday Sam Atherton was arrested
on the charge of petty larceny , committed
on September 3 last. The complainant Is
'om Folfcv , /saloon keeper. Foley alleged
hat on tlib date mentioned ho sent Athi-i ton
out with a $10 bill lo get It changed. Ather-
on inever returned and was not seen In the
Ity after that. During the early part of
) ecemher the police were given a tip that
10 was In the city and the complaint against
ilm was sworn out , but ho again succeeded
n evading the officers , and was not located
ntll yesterday.
The king ot pills u Berrnam's Dcoebam's
I'nxtoa t VlerlliiK Iron Worltx.
The twelfth annual meeting of the Htock-
oldcrs of the Paxton & Vleillng lion
orks was held nt the ofllco of W. A. Pax- .
on j-esterday afternoon. Vhe old bonnt of
Irectors was elected , ns follows : w. A
ii\ton Robot Vferllnsr , Loul Vleillng , A.
. Vlerllng ana -A.'IMxton , Jr. At n wub-
oqueiit mootingthe. . directors elected the
allowing olllccrs : I President. Wllliim ! A.
Paxton ; vlro picxldent , Ilobert Vleilliifr-
bccrctnry nml trcnmiror. Louis VlerllnS
muimget , Adolph J.I 'Vlcrllng.
( ioliiK to ( he IimuKiiratluii at
Send for the beautifully Illustrated leaflet
descriptive of the trip over the Pcniiejl-
vanla Short Lines. Turnlshed free upon ap
plication to H. It. Dcrlog , A. Q. , P. Agt. , 213
South Clark street , Chicago.
i. OCA i ,
Philip Smith has reported that two coats
were stolen from him during tha progress of
a dance at Washington hall last Saturday
The next meeting of the Omaha League
wheelmen will bo held at the Commercial
club , Thursday evening. The ' 97 Meet club
will meet at the same tlmo and place.
A number of chickens were stolen from the
chicken coop of James Burt at 821 South
Thlrtj'-fourth sttect several nights ago. The
thief killed ono chicken and left It behind.
John I. Hcdlck has commenced the con
struction of a two-glory building , to take
Iho place of the one-story structure on tha
south sideof Fnrnam , between Fifteenth
and Sixteenth Directs.
Omaha joungotcrB are taking advantage
of the skating ponds that have been left
along thu streets and In the low places , all
ot which pond are covered with line Ice ,
caueed by Sunday night's freeze ,
The Furguton company , limited , has
ilccted the following officers ; President ,
Thomas Furguson ; vlco president. Thomas
Ircnnan ; secretary , Frank Chlttendcn ;
treasurer , Morris Palmer of Schuykr ;
directors , Thomas F , Furguson , Thomas
Jrennan , Frank ClilttouJen , Morris Palmer ,
3 , L. Loinax.
Has Now Sorvotl in Every Position Except
that of Ohiof ,
After Many IIOIIK Yearn of Active
Scrvlee a 'Member IH .Made
Ocorgo P. Wlndhclm now bears the title
of second assistant chief of the Omaha fire
department. The appointment was made bj
the Board of Flro and 1'ollco Commissioner !
and went Into effect yesterday. Socoml
Assistant Flro Chief Wlndhelm's bend'
quarters will be In No. C engine house ,
Twentjfourth and Cumlng streets. The ap >
polntment was of a civil service character.
as Wlndhelm was the oldest member In the
department , not excepting First Assistant
Chief Sailer. Up lo llic dale of his appoint
ment he was the engineer ot Engine company
No. I , located at Sixteenth and Izard strccls.
George Wlndhelm entered the fire service
of the city In 1S75. The next oldest member
\a \ First Assistant Chief Sailer , vvhcsc service
dales from 1S7C. In those days the depart-
tmcnt was partly volunteer and remained of
Ihat characlor unlll 1SS4. The company was
known as Pioneer Hook and Ladder company
No. 1 , and was Ineorporalcd under the laws
of the stale. Wlndhelm was frequently a
member of leama from Omaha which com
peted with other fire companies In tourna
ments In this vicinity. After the depirlment
was put on a paid footing Wlndhelm was
appointed as one of the members. Since
thai lime ho has scivcd In all poslllons on
Iho force , wllh Ihe exception ot chief. Ho
waj for a short time acting assistant chief.
He also served as pipcman , driver , captain ,
assistant engineer , and finally engineer.
On January 29 , 1SSS , the body that Is known
cs the Benevolent Association of Paid Fire
men was organised and duly Incorporated.
The charter Hat of thld association contains
the mme of the second assistant chief.
The poslllon lo which Mr. Wlndhelm Ins
been promoted has been vacant since De
cember , 1804.
Lnst evening at the First Congregational
church Mr. W T. Tabcr gave the farewell
ccmcoil preparatory lo his dcpaiturc for New
York. A laigc and cnlhuslasllc audience
asssmbled lo do honor to one whose efforts
have ever been to forward the upbuilding of
muUcal art In this city , and 11 is as much
a credit lo the multitude of people who have
listened to Mr. Tabsr's free recitals as to
Iho organist himself Ihat the church wns
well filled No ono moro dcsetvlng than
Mr. Taber can bo found upon whom the cltl-
/ens of Omaha mav bojtow marks of es
teem. He has labored long and earnestly foi
thslr entertainment and Instruction , am1
often In the fnco of most discouraging otlils
Mi Taber'o playing characterized bj 01
Immsnsa amount of feeling. Ho plajs rv
cno who loves his Instrument and asks li
to proclaim thai facl to cvcrjono who lis
tens. How he keeps hla technique with
such limited practice no ono can tell , bul
his rendering of Ihe "Torchlight Match. " bj
Gullmant , would have been creditable to
cither Mr. Eddy or Mr. Archer , so accurate
was -R and so full of fire. In his raglstra
lion Mr. Taber always shows greal oklll
Ills place bids fair to remain vacant anc"
Omaha will appreciate him even belter when
ho Is cone than while he was here.
Mr. Hans AJbprt played Iwo violin roles
wllh good musicianship and plenty of en
thusiasm. Ho was at a disadvantage In Ihat
b's own violin broke Us neck a few dajs
ago and ho was obliged to use an Inferloi
Instrument. His rcnilc'lag of Schubert's
"Serenads" his encore was a wonderful
bit of playing.
The great aria , "Jerusalem , " from "Gal-
Ha , " by Gounod , sung by Mr. Homer Moore ,
with violin obllgato by Mr. Albert and organ
accompaniment by Mr. Taber , received such
a cordial reception thai llic second half was
Mr. W. S. McCuilo sang "Zellna , " bv Eu
gene Ouf''n ' , with a full , rich voice and In
telligent Interpretation. Ho was recalled
McFsrc Gahm and Butler plajcd the piano
accompaniments upn cti instrument that anj
djalor should have been ashamed to plato
before an audience. It was out of tune and
utterly lacking In tone color. The piano
used for Sunday school work In the church
li far superior to It and would have given
hotttr service.
Mr. Taber has reason to fo = l much pleased
with his audience. Omaha has not forgot
ten 1/ls good w ark In ma past. Its best
wishes will accompany him to hU new
Two performances will be given by Emily
Bancker and her company at the Crelghton
tomorrow , a bargain matinee being an
nounced for 2 30 Miss Bancker appearing
In "A Divorce Caso" will be the strong at
Hopkins Transoceanic Vaudeville company
will be the attiaction at the Crelghtou for
four nights , commencing with a matinee
Sunday , January 21
"Carmen , " as presented by Hosabcl Morrl-
non and a competent supporting company ,
will be the attraction al llic Cielghton for
three nights , commencing Thursday , Jan
uary 21 , when Prosper Merlmeo's Interest
ing story will lecelvc an elaborate selling ,
being prcsonled with new and attractive
scenery and Interpreted by „ . well-known
company of players. A special feature of
the play as presented will be the bull fight ,
produced by the aid of the cldoloscope. A
matinee will bo given Saturday.
The Corlnno Extravaganza company , num
bering sixty people , headed by the winsome
Corlnne , will presenl the up-to-date and second
end edition of Frazer & GUI's big operatic
extravaganza , "Hendrlck Hudson , Jr. , " at
Boyd's for four nights , commencing Thurs
day next.
It IB said Iho costumes have been most
lavishly supplied , the materials being of the
finest and richest qualities , and the colors
such as blend harmoniously and pictur
esquely. The scenery Is described as ren
dered striking by a series of Ingenuous
transformation ! ] , a scenic effect being fol
lowed by sonio artistic vpccialty , then a
song by a character ballet.
Corlnno Is rccognlrcd In musical circles
as ono of the clever mandolin soloists of
America. She has been a pupil of Slguor
Plctraporlora during several sojourns In
Pai Is.
One of the largest houses of the season
should greet the Magician Bancroft and his
remarkable production of magical feats , al
lied with spectacular scenic grandeur , next
Monday , January 25 , at Boyd's , Bancroft
has Just returned from India , vvhcra ho has
studied the magic of the Hindoo conjurers
and sumo of these feats ho will present here.
They will ho produced under the name of
"Tho Midnight Mysteries of the Yogi. " Ban
croft carries tvvo carloads of scenery for
hla magical entertainment , which Is said to
bo crowded full of mystical novelties.
Hal Hold's beautiful play , "Human
Hearts , " continues to please patrons of
Boyd'B. Only three moro performances re
main to bo given , tonight and tomorrow
matlneo and night ,
Do not let your dealer palm oft on you
any now remedy for colds. Insist on hav
ing Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.
An Operation Ueeiueil .Neeexxary.
Hnirj' Fumy , eon of Major John H.
Fumy , living with hla parents nt Twenty-
fourth nnd HevvnrU utreclH , was yeiUcidiij'
removed from liln horne to 81. Joxcph'fl
hospital. Ho JIIIH bc-c-n mifforlni ; from nn
nttiick of iippcndlcltU for uomo tlmo piiHt.
YcHtonlay the uttcnillllK phj'HlcliiiiH ilo-
cldul that an operation VVUH necciunry to
ward an effort In Having ) IH | life. The
} lteration 1 will bo performed lit the lion-
[ iltiil.
For Coughi and Throat Troubles 1110
Jrown'n Dro'Hhlal Troches. They relieve
ill Throat Irritations cawed by Cold or UBO
> f the voice.
Bees 118-07
TMie Nebraska can no more help selling things cheap than
some people can hclp snoring through their sleep. It's a
way we have. When we started in two years ago to sell styl
ish , wc'l made and perfect filting shoes of solid leather for
$1.25 , folks said 'twas just for an advertisement and that we
possibly couldn't keep it up , Not only did we keep it up but
we bettered the shoes and last week sold ten times as many
asye did The same week last year. When we commenced
selling a fine laundered shirt for ,500 , some years ago , people
who always got a dollar for their white shirts , thought we
struck a job lot somewheres and wondered how long 'twas
going to last. Our contract with the factory this year calls
for more 500 white shirts , by several thousand , than all of the
dollar shirts combined sold in Omaha , outside of here.
\ \ hen we introduced our Nebraska Special , four years ago ,
people who couldn't get a decent derby hat less than $3.00
bought them by twos , because they were afraid that the snap
was too good to hold out. We have just received 112 cases
of this remarkable fine fur derby , being the first invoice for
the Spring trade and we will continue to sell the self same
quality for $1.50 that people from far and near have come to
know and appreciate as the equal in shape , finish and wear
ing quality of aiiy other $2.50 hat in the world. Yes. The
Nebraska sells things cheap too cheap maybe , but our busi
ness was built up that way , and we've been at it so long now
we couldn't stop it if we'd try. Folks would find it out too. .
100 Couclice In the special sale at JS , $10.
70 different styles of dining tnblea In $12 , $15 , $18 , $20. $25. ? 30 , $10 and $50 all at
tlio sale nt ? 5 , $ G , $ S. $12 , $14. $13. $20 , ? 25 ,
$30 and $10 all at greatly reduced prices. about half price.
Largest Stock and Lowest Prices.
12th and Douglas.
U'AITIMJ ox TIII : CITV oomcn , .
Ciuil Dealer * ' IileeiiNe Cases May Ou ( o
Supreme Court.
Thlrly-flvo Omaha coal dealers have paid
the license Imposed by the new coal ordi
nance. Whether their money will bo re
turned to them or not will depend on
whether the suit that was decided adveiscly
to the cltj Saturday will be carried to the
supreme court. Clly Altorncy Connull Is ot
the opinion thai the license of $20 lo not
excessive and that the supreme court will
uphold the legillly of Ihe ordinance But as
he has beo'i absent from the city , the recom
mendation of Assistant City Attorney Estellc
will probably be followed The mailer will
be brought before tlio city council tonight
for some soit of action
License Inspector Hursl sajs lhal In his
opinion Iho cvldercc upon which Iho de
cision agilnct Iho oidlnance was obtained
will not hold. This evidence was lo the
effect that there vvcio about 120 coal dcalcis
In the city who would be compelled to pay
n. license It the oidlnance was sustained.
On that nuppcsltlon the court figured that
the revenue would considerably c\ceed Iho
cost of regulating the dealers. Inspector
Hurst calls attention to the fact thai fully
hnlf of these 120 dealers are not bona fide
dealers In the scuio that they would pay a
liter-He. One big coal concern has sent
iu on ml a lot of cauls announcing that the
establl.ihmci Is where thej are prated are
agen'a for a ccitaln brand of coal These
have bean posted In Iho windows of gioccrlcs
and other business establishments and each
of these has been icckoned as a coal con
cern by those who are opposing the ordi
nance. The Inopeclor contends that If a
license were levied not ono of the con
cerns would pay , but would simply take
.down the card Consequently the Inspcclor
figures lhal only aboul sl\ly firms are really
In a position to pay n license , and on this
uaais tlie tax imposed would not bo ex
cess Iv e.
sncics nivoitci ; rutm THIS IJOCTOH ,
III'M. Clni-lc CoeN ( o ( lie ConrH for
Itellrf from Mntrlnioii } .
Mrs. Jennie Bedford Gluck hasa applied
to the cot.rto for a divorce from her hua-
band , Dr. Isador Gluck.
Tlio grounds on which the application la
ba'jcd could nol bo learned , as llic allorncya
for lira. Gluck abstracted the Hies from the
olllco of the clerk of Iho district court , and
tlio records In the olllco do not show the
contents of the petition. The attorney in Iho
taso first applied to llio clerk of Iho court
and tried to have the case "auppressed" by
not entering It on Iho dockel , but Deputy
Clerk Harris refused to consent to any
vlolition of Iho stnttitcH and Informed the
attorney that the case must take Us regular
course Ilia eamo aa all oilier cases , and
must bo cnlcrcd on the court docket In its
proper place and the papers then filed In
regular older. Finding that this method of
suppicBsIon would not work , the atlorncy
started out on a still hunt for ono of the
judges of the district court. Ho succeeded
In finding Judge Uaker , and secured from
him an order allowing the flics to bo re
moved from the ofllco of the clerk for
twenty days. This left nothing except the
record showing Ihat a petition bad been
filed and that an affidavit for publication had
also been filed , the latlcr indicating thai
the prcflt'iit whereabouts of Dr. Gluck aio
Dr. Cluck Is well known In Qmaha , having
been a prominent ploslclan and eye spe
cialist hero for several years. Ho Is re
ported to bo In Mexico , where It la alleged
ho haa been for some tlmo engaged In busi
ness. During his residence In Omaha Dr.
Gluck figured quite prominently In society
nnd was married to Mlro Jciinlo Uedford , a
daughter of Jcffcison W. llcdford.
On Tuesday , Jan 10 , the Missouri Pacific
railway will sell round trip tickets at very
low rates to certain points In the south ,
southwest and southeast. Stopovers allowed
on the going Journey. For Information ,
landfolderv , pamphlets , etc. , call or address
company's olllco , 13th and Farnam. or depot ,
15th and Webslcr sts. , Omaha , Neb ,
T. F GODFHEY. P. and T. A.
J. 0. PHILLIPPI , A , Q. F. and P. A.
Illaek IHIlH * ( . 'olil.
Wo are forming a local company to take
advantugo of the wonderful discoveries now
being made at the Black Hills. The amount
required of each one will bo small. If In
terested call at room 308 , N , Y. Life , bids. ,
this afternoon or evening.
HeiniiliiH .Sent Hunt tinIliirlnl. .
In obedience to liiKtnictlon received
from hlH furnlly the reiiinlim of ChurlcH
H. Kirk , who illed nuddtnly nt the Paxton
hotel Hiindny uliclit , were him evening
sent to bin homo for Interment. The body
WHS accompanied to the depot by nix of
ruinulna were accompanied ciml by ( iconic
Hudlo , ment ; of tlio company and un old
friend , mid also by Dr. Ij. W. Leo.
Tliu remulna of ilra. Curpcnter , dcccaaed
) Y purchasing uonds nitido
at tin : following Nebras
ka f ictork-H. If you cannot -
not litul what you want )
communicate with thu
manufacturers as to
\v li a t dealers handle ,
their goods. _ = = r
Manufacture. } < if all klnli of col ton nnd burlap - ,
lap bugs , col ton fl jr Barks and tnlna u spec
ial : y. 4 MC CIS H. llth St.
Car loail ililpmcnts made In our own refn. . .
orator cars , lime Illljbon. l.llte Uxoort. VUnn * .
Export nnd Tamlly export delivered to all pa-iu
of tiic Hty.
Iron ami lliMNk l-'uiinilern.
Mnnufnctureia Jolibera ot Machinery. < ) n-
ral rep Urine a nrccrnuv. iMl. 1503 and 1COK
Jickeon elree : . Gmal.a , Iieo
Manufucturlne ar.3 rcpxirlnc of .ill Mn < ls ot
machinery , englnca , pumps , dtivutiirtf. pr ntlnu
presjes. Imnscra , elmrune ana ujuplmi-j. Hi'J and.
HO ? Honnrd St. , Omaha.
Manufacturers 01 Architectural /ran World
General Foundry. Macnlnt an IHar'xtmltr work.
I.'liKlnecni nnj Contractors for Vila Proof Hulld-
lues. onicc and work ; , : U. I * . Ity. ind So.
17th Btreet. Omatm.
The only perfect prctictlcn to rroptrty. Kxnrn-
Ine 't. Ileit tiling on cnrtli. ItcUucoa Insurunc *
rates. ir04 Douglas Btreet.
custom Bhlrt tullori15H Farnam.
All Druggists.
S Beautiful
Teeth ,
What docs Us menu , but Ihat
tlio possessor keppa them beautiful
by conHUltlni ; hla or her dentist ?
Ciolil OIMTIIM. . . .tfn.OO ( o
rorei-lalu Croviiix ( jri.OO /T :
BAILEY , Dentist ,
In Paxton Bile , 10th nnd Fnrnam.
vvlfo of C. It , Carpenter of thlH city , \ver&
vent cam , to Maiem.'o , 111 , last ovcnlnij
for Interment In tlio family burin ! plot.
The remalim were accompanied by Mr
IHUHO W , Carpenter , William Carpenter , ,
the htiHband and Itov. Thoman Andciuoiu
HUH Abandoned Politic * for Mining.
JoMi-pli DurriH , the well known Lincoln
politician , VVUH In tlio city ycHtcrday
KiiniH H.'iyji ho IIIIH abandoned all liln liiml-
iie-Mi vcnturcH at the Capital City and la
now t'liKngcd In mlnltiK In Wyoming. Tlio
company of which hu IH a immther IUIH u
mlno HouthcaHt of Hurralo , from which It
IH tailing copper , and the mi-tnhcrH ftcl
that they luivo the mi mo kind of ere which
ha.s inadu the Amitonda mlno fammin. At
any rate , tlu-y nny tboy are very much cn-
cuuruKeu vvlt.i their oxpcrli-iieo HO far and
are oxpuotlnK muth bettor retunm In the
future , IluniH Is on liln way lo the liluclt
IIIIlH , where ho also IUIH Intel cuts.
.Vi-vv Council UoiiiiulUri-N Mi-i-l.
TJio nuvv city council < onunlttooH met for
the flr t tlmo yentorday afternoon. Notlilnir
except a fuw unimportant matttTH wan
contridorcd , The ronuldcrutlon of the blda.
reuilvtd lu t wotk for the renewal
WUB postponed , until this afternoou.