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I iii ! ebraska Press Endorses the
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Schuylcr Herald : A. II html appropriation
for ( ho Trai i.mlnMsslppI Exrosltlon can con
fidently be expected at the hands of the Ne
braska legislature. That will be a practical
way of standing up for Nebraska.
Dorchester Star : The board of director *
ot the TranmnifHlsslppl Exposition hag been
Bdoctod , chiefs of the various bureaux have
been appointed , and the 'work of pushing
forward the enterprise will at once begin.
Blair Pilot : The TransmlssleslppI Ex
position booked to open In Omaha In June ,
18'JS , should bo the pride of every Nebraska
citizen , and every Ncbraskan should take
prltlo In promoting the objects of the ex
position ,
ORalallit Nev.ii : Every newspaper In Ne
braska nhould lend all possible nld In. . sup
port of the TranxmlAalFKlppI and Interna
tional Exposition. It will bo second only to
the World'n fnlr of auy similar exposition
over held.
Qrctna HeporUr : Now for a Transmits-
slppl Exposition. A long pull , a strong
pull , and a pull all together will imikc It the
gralest show ever held In America outside
of Chicago In 1833. Put your shoulder to
the wheel ,
Lincoln New Republic : The Trannmlssls-
elppl Exposition Is iibly started with a board
of strong , energetic men who will make It a
succc&s. Everybody Irnxl a helping hand.
Drop politics and push for results which will
help the northwest.
Nebraska City Prrus : The state loglola-
turo will convene In regular session next I
Monday. The Prat thing the legislature
should do after organization should bo to
make a splendid appropriation for the Trans-
Mississippi Exposition.
North Platte Tribune : If the Incoming
legislature does the piopcr thing It will
lend encouragement to the beet sugar In
dustry and appropriate a reasonable aum
for the TriinsnilEstsglppl Exposition. Doth
mean much to this commonwealth.
Atkinson Graphic : The first bill Intro-
clicod : In the legislature chould bo one In
aid of the TransmlMlsstppI Exposition
which Is to be held In Omaha In 1898. This
IB not only a Nebraska affair , but a na
tional and International one. A liberal ap-
pioprlatlon should be made.
IJcllwood Gazette : The TranemlBslsalppI
Exposition to bo held In our metropolis , Juno
to November , 1S9S , promised to bo a grand
thing for Nebraska and all the states near
her. No pains should be spared on the part
of the cltlzcmi of our fair state to make the
big show a phenomenal success.
Monroe Republican : Omaha's Transmlssls-
slppl Exposition should bu given a liberal
appropriation by the legislature. Money put
Into an enterprise of this kind Is riot thrown
uway , but will In time bring a big return
In the shapn of new enterprises and a fur
ther development of the resources of the
Emerson Enterprise : The Transmlssls-
lppl and International Exposition which
will be held In Omaha next year will be a
grand show and great thing for Nebraska
Subscriptions amounting to about $500-
000 have already been secured and the na- government will contribute $200,000
more. The state legislature should make
liberal appropriations and all the people of
the state assist In making It a success.
Manner Comity News : Ono of the > duties
of the next Nebraska legislature should be to
appropriate a suitable amount for the Trans-
mlsslsslppl Exposition In 1898. Congress has
promised not less than $200,000 for a govern
ment exhibit , private subscriptions to the
amount of como $400,000 have been secured
to tha capital stock of the association ; now
lot Nebraska como forward with a liberal ap
propriation. We must do this If we hope to
fcccnro Iho co-operation of the transmlssls-
filppl states.
Hurchard Times : Now Is a good time to
work up the Transmlsstsslppl Exposition ,
which will bo held at Omaha , Juno-Novem
ber , 1898. Congress has pledged not less
'than ' $200,000 , and almost $300,000 additional
Is contemplated. In addition to this there
have been subscriptions and other appropria
tion ! ] which makes the sum total which will
reach about $2,000,000. An exposition of
this sort will call attention more forcibly to
the western states and show their excellcnci
and wealth.
Burchard Times : Now Is a good time to
Work up the Transrnlaslsslppl Exposition
which will bo held at Omaha , June-Novem
ber , 189S. Congress has pledged not lees
than $200,000 , and almost $300,000 additional
Is contemplated. In addition to this there
have been subscriptions and other appro
priations which makes the sum total which
It will reach about $2,000,000. An exposition
i of this sort will call attention more forcibly
iir" to the western states and show their excellence -
' lenco and wealth.
North Nebraska Eagle : The Transmlssls-
slppl and International Exposition to bo held
at Omaha , beginning In Juno and ending In
November In the year 1898 , Is already being
pushed by Its promoters. Subscriptions
amounting to over $400,000 to ( la capital
stock have already been secured and congress
has pledged not Iras than $200,000 for a
government exhibit. Nebraska will take
great pride. In this enterprise and nothing
will bo left undone by Ncbraskans to make
It a complete success.
Tobias Gazette : The Exposition will bo a
splendid advertisement for Nebraska and es
pecially the city of Omaha. It Is a worthy
cntorprlso and every person that has the wel-
faio of Nebraska at heart ought to aid It In
every possible way. Congress has pledged
not ICES than $200,000 and the state ot Ne
braska ought to aid It by a liberal appropria
tion. Let us not bo peony wise and pound
foolish In this matter , but stand up for Ne
braska by lei.dlng aid. Success to the Traiw-
mlBslsstppl Exposition.
North Bt-nd Argus : The committees ap
pointed to make arrangements for the great
Transmbslsslppl Exposition arc now hard
at work and nothing- will bq left undone to
make the exposition a great success. Sub
scriptions amounting to over $400,000 have
already been secured and congress has
pledged not less than $200,000 more. The
exposition will bea great advertisement for
the whole transmlsslsslppl region , and espe
cially' Nebraska , and all Nebraskans should
bo ready to puoh It along.
Platte Center Signal : The Transmtssla-
Blppl Exposition Is beln engineered for
ward by the most enterprising and succesa-
ful business element of the state. Nebraska
BhouU como forward with a liberal appro
priation for this grand scheme In order that
wo may look forward with prldo to the year
1898. when our state will demonstrate to the
world at large that Its Industrial develop
ment la only excelled by our wonderful
natural resources for agricultural purposes ,
which make's Nebraska "
truly "Tho garden
epot of America. "
Dlxon Tribune : The TransmlsslMlppl Ex
position Is an assured success. Omaha has
Talked Its lUtlo $400,000 and congress will
appropriate at least $200,000 for a govern
ment exhibit. Almost every state In the
union will appropriate a nice Bum and bo
represented and Nebraska should not be
laggard In this matter , It IB the one chance
In a lifetime to advertise Nebraska. Let
the legislature this winter not be "penny-
wlso and pound foolish , " but appropriate
Such li 'sum that will give Nebraska an
exhibit such as > : as never been seen before.
Nebraska la all right.
Lincoln State Journal : The prospects for
the Transmlislrslpnl Exposition arc bright
ening and UioiiKh some local prejudice crcepu
out here and there the Interest In the enter-
prlto is growing and theru U little- doubt If
Iho people of this stateglva the proper aid
ml cncouracement the exposition will bu n
r.reat success and will bu of Immense value
to Nebraska and the states surrounding It
In attracting the attention of capital ami
removing the temporary odium that sundry
trop failures and political breaks In con-
influence have thrown upon the trausmlstU-
wlppl region. It behooves every Nebraskm
to fttlr himself lu behalf ot the exposition
and te * sec to It that a proper recognition bo
accorded It by the state authorities and a
generous appropriation be granted by the-
legislatureIt Is ono ot there things that
wo cannot afford to Ignore. It must not be
permitted to fall.
Dodge Criterion : There seems to be a
pretty general opinion among all classes of
newspapers that the coming legislature
should deal liberally with the Tranamls-
slsslppi Exposition and make an appro
priation for an exhibition that will do jus
tice to our growing state , and be In come
mcasuto commensurate with the great good
the state will derive from the exposition.
Nebraska cannot well afford to be parsi
monious In this matter , and wo hope to
eee > her get to the front as she ought.
North Bend Ilopubllcan : The com
mittees appointed to make arrangements
for the great Tranamlsslsslppl Exposition
are now hard at work and nothing will be
left undone to make the exposition a great
slicce. < ! . Subscription * amounting to over
$100,000 have already been secured , and
coiigrrtn has pledged not less than $200,000
more. The exposition will be a great ad =
vertlfemcnt for the whole Transmlsslsslppl
region , and especially Nebraska and all Ne-
braskana nhould be ready to push It along.
Surprise Herald : The Transmlsslsslppl
Exposition to bo held at Omaha In 189S Is
fast getting Into shape. The Omaha people
have subscribed $400,000 to Its capital stock ,
, congress has donated $200,000 and In all
; probabilities our coming legislature will vole
a liberal appropriation for the exhibition.
This exposition will certainly bo of great
benefit to our state In general. It will bring
people and money Into our state and , Indi
rectly , wn will all be benefited. We think
the exposition should receive the hearty co
operation of all Nebraska people and we
believe It will.
Bradshaw Republican : That the Trans
mlsvlealppl and International Exposition will
bo a success there Is no longer any doubt.
Tha Omaha people , backed by the able news
papers of the city , are putting forth an ex
hibition of energy that can only be fraught
with great results. E. Uoaewatcr , the In-
dcfatlgabln and energetic editor of The
Omaha lice , has been chosen to nil the re-
| sponslblo position of manager of the de-
I partment of publicity. Every newspaper
In Nebraska should step In Hne and stand
up for Nebraska by saying a good word for
the exposition.
Falrfleld News-Herald : The Transmlssls
slppl Exposition Is already full-fledged , sub
scriptions to the cmount of $400,000 having
been already secured , and a government ap
propriation of $200,000 already made. It now
remains for the coming legislature of No-
biiaska to make a liberal appropriation to
keep It moving and to show the Implicit faith
In the enterprise. A number of states have
already made appropriations. It will cer
tainly be of great benefit to the entire west ,
but to no state more than our own. Keep
Nebraska to the front for a successful expo
sition at Omaha In 1893.
St. Paul Republican : The management of
( ho Transmlsslsslppl Exposition announces
that over $400,000 In subscriptions to capital
slock has been raised from private sources ,
which , together with the $200,000 pledgeJ by
congress for a government exhibit , makes
a very respectable financial beginning for
the big show of 'OS. Itvlll not bo to Ne
braska's Interest to act niggardly In this
matter , which , means so much to her In the
advertising of her resources , and It Will devolve -
volvo upon the coming legislature to make
a liberal appropriation In order that the
state may bo properly represented.
North Bend Argus : The Transmlsslsslppl
and International Exposition to bo held In
Omaha June to November of 1898 Is now
under way for a successful end. Over $100-
000 has been subscribed by Omaha people
and Secretary Carlisle has made the con
cessional appropriation of $200,000 available.
There Is no question of the benefits of thlj
International exhibition , and the projectors
are entitled to duo credit. Nebraska will
take prldo In Joining -with her sister states
In making an exhibit that will at once prove
beyond the question of doubt her resources
as ono of the best states In the union. Suc
cess to the exposition Is hoped for and Is al
ready assured.
North Bend Argus : The Transmlsslsslppl
and Intcrnatloal Enxposltlon to be held In
Omaha , June to November of 189S , Is now
under way for a successful end. Over $400-
000 has been subscribed by Omaha people ,
and Secretary Carlisle had made the con
gressional appropriation of $200.000 avail
able. There Is no question ot the benefits
of this International exposition , and the pro
jectors arc entitled to due credit. Ne
braska will take prldo In joining with her
sister states In making an exhibit that will
at once prove beyond the question of doubt
her lesources as ono of the best states In the
union. Success to the exposition Is hoped for
and Is already assured.
Osceola Democrat : The Transmlsslsslppl
Exposition department of publicity and
promotion is already at work and from re
ports received the Indications are that there
will not bo a single state west of the MIs-
fcourl river that will not make the necessary
provisions to take part In the great Nebraska
enterprise. It Is the duty of the department
referred to to eee that every state Is In line
with the necessary exhibits and representa
tion. Ono manner In which the people ot
this state can assist In furthering the success
of this great affair Is by corresponding with
their friends and sending out ouch advertis
ing matter as may bo prepared. Let all put
a shoulder to the wheel.
Nebraska City Pros * : The Transmlssls-
slppl Exposition Is no longer a probability ,
but an assured fact. The citizens of Omaha
have fulfilled every pledge made to congress
and the board of managers Is composed of
Omaha's most prominent and worthy cl'Izcns.
The various managers have been selected
with a view of their special fitness or quali
fication for the department over which , each
will preside. The selection of Hon. Edward
Ilooowatcr as manager of the department of
publicity heads the Met of wise selections
and the newspapers of Nebraska will rally
to his support In making the exposition ono
ot the grandest successes ever achieved In
the exposition line.
Crete Vidette : The exposition of 1S9S
promises to bo to Omaha and Nebraska what
the Columbian Exposition was to Chicago
and Illinois. Located In the- center of the
greatest corn belt In the world , and upon
the edge of what was once termed the- Amer
ican desert , thousands of people lu the east
ern states will take advantage of the low
rates and vlelt our state next year. If prop
erly advertised In the south tnoro people
from that section will visit Nebraska next
year tnan have ever been upon her fertile
soil , The enterprising citizens of Onmha
have already contributed $400,000 to Its cap
ital stock and congress has pledged not less
than $300,000 more. The various legisla
tures this winter will make liberal appro
priations and an exhibit of western enter
prise will bu given commensurate with our
great resources. This Is a national enter
prise at our very door and should enlist thi
hearty co-operation of every citizen of the
commonwealth. Let no effort bu spared to
make tlio TransmUslsilppl Expcsltlcn a grand
Beatrice Dally Express : The Express la
In receipt of n circular letter from the de
partment of publicity for the Xransmlsala-
slppl Exposition , the purpose of which l-i
"to enlist the co-operation of the prets In
the effort to make knnwn Mio scope of the
enterprise and the advantages that must In-
ovltably accrue'to Nebraska and other west-
em stated. " The progrcia made thus far
with this project Is evidence that the enterprise
priseU In good hands and that Its consum
mation Is assured beyond a pcradventure.
Subscriptions amounting to over $100.000 of
the capital stock have been .secured and con-
grcM has pledged not lew than $200,000 for
a government exhibit In 1393. Among the
state exhibits Nebrtskn should tet the pace
for her western ulaterp. and to this end the
about to couvcuo uhould niako
a liberal appropriation that Nebraska may
prove her faith by her good works. The
Express will say to Mr. Kosowater that It
cordially approves the enterprise and that
Its columns will be freely opened to matter
sent out from hla department Intended to
enlighten the public as to the scope and
progress of the exposition.
Junlata Herald : Tha subject of greatest
general Interest for the coming year to Nc
braskans will bo the success of the proposed
Transmlsslsplppl Exposition to bo held at
Omaha In 1898. Liberal subscriptions should
be given to this great enterprise by our
moneyed men and all business men gener
ally. It will be a grand thlny for our state
and the western country generally , the scope
of the exposition taking In not only cur
country , but practically the whole world , and
bringing to our very doors the men and
means needed In the development ot our
great empire.
Monroe Looking Glass : The Transmlsslo-
slppl Exposition Is making good progress.
They have already secured $100,000 In sub
scriptions to Its capital stock , and E. Iloso-
wntcr , manager of the department of pub
licity , states that congress has pledged not
leaa than $200.000. No doubt this will be a
large thing for Nebraska. Especially will
thU prove true should the new system of
soil culture be so successful as to demon
strate the capabilities of our state to sustain
a dense population In our western portion.
At leaat It will help to acquaint the country
with our ndvantagcs for the relocation of the
national capItol upon our broad plains.
Plalavlow Gazette : The Transmlsrlsslppl
Exposition In Omaha In 1S9S promises to
be a fair on a truly magnificent scale. Sub
scriptions have been wcured for Its capital
stock amounting to over $400,000. Congress
has appropriated $200,000 for a government
exhibit , and there U some prospect of this
amount being Increased. The fair will bo
one 01 the best possible advertisements of
the resource-s of the west , and the spates
Interested will doubtless take pains to make
creditable displays. Nebraska should be nec-
end to no state In the list , and the legisla
ture , as well as Individuals , should extend
the greatest possible encouragement to the
enterprise. .
Plalnvlow Gazette : The Transmlsslsslppl
Exposition at Omaha In 1S9S promises to
be a fair on a truly magnificent scale. Sub
scriptions have been secured for Its capital
stock amounting to over $400,000. Congress
has appropriated $200,000 for a government
exhibit , and there Is some prospect of this
amount being Increased. The fair will be
ono of the host possible advertisements
of the resources of the west , and the states
Interested will doubtless take pains to- make
creditable displays. Nebraska should be
second to no state In the list , and the leg
islature as well as Individuals should ex
tend the greatest possible encouragement to
the enterprise.
Madison Chronicle : The TransmlsTlwIppI
Exposition which Is to ba held In Omaha
In 1S9S will be the grandest advertisement
for Nebraska ever vouchsafed our people ,
and every citizen ot the state should con
stitute hlmrelf a committee of one to further
the efforts of the managers In bringing It
to a grand and successful Iraue. Over $400-
000 has already been subscribed , and the
government has pledged $200,000 more for a
government exhibit. Mr. E. Rosewatcr , edi
tor of The Omaha Bee , has been 'appointed
manager of the department of publicity ,
which Is a guaranty that the details of
thoroughly advertising the exposition will bo
carefully looked after.
Steele City Standard : The Transmls
slsslppl Exposition ID just now attracting the
attention of all who arc 'Interested In Ne
braska. The subscriptions now amount to
over $400,000 , congress Is pledged for not
Iis than $200,000 more , and the exposition
promise * to be second In magnificence only
to the World's Pair. Every Nebraskan
fhould consider himself a committee ot one
to further the Interests of the undertaking ,
as all will be benefited by the attracting of
a large number of people to the state and
their consequent knowledge of the advantage
of settlement here. Information regarding
the matter will appear In these columns
from time to time In the future.
Brownell Mascot : Don't forget the
TranrmUslsslppt and International Exposi
tion to bo held In Omaha from June to No
vember , 1898. The date Is a good waya
In the future , to be sure , but there Is a
whole lot to do In getting ready to accommo
date and entertain the vast number of people
who will visit Nebraska during the exposi
tion. The exposition ceoaclatlon lias already
secured subscriptions amounting to $400,000 ,
and congrcfs has promised not le.-a than
$200,000 for a government exhibit. It It now In
order for the Nebraska legislature , as rep
resenting the wishes of the people of the
state , to make a liberal appropriation to
help make the exposition a success.
Pierce County Leader : , The Transmlisls-
slppl Exposition Is now the leading topic for
discussion among Nebraskar.s , and It should
be , for the 1898 exhibition will be a great
advertisement for Nebraska. Over $400,000
have already been subscribed , and congress
has pledged not less than $200,000 for a gov
ernment exhibit. Concerted action on the
part of cltlzena ot Nebraska will advance the
interests of the enterprise to a high degree ,
and by booming this project properly Ne
braska will acquire a worldwide reputation
for thrift and Industry unparalleled In Amer
ican history. Stand up and work for the
exposition , and by so doing you stand up
for the garden spot of the universe Ne
Blair Courier : Since the first whisperings
of a TranpmlsEipslppl Exposition , to be held
at Omaha , came to our cars , we have been
heartily In favor of the project , and now
when It Is no longer a project , but an as
sured fact , with $400,000 subscribed by the
citizens ot Omaha and $200,000 pledged by con
gress , wo wleh to call the attention of the
legislators trqtn this county to the benefits
accurlng to the state from such an exposition
and the neeeralty ot an appropriation from
the state legislature. Nebraska stands with
noble mien In the center of the richest coun
try In the world , and a succcroful exposition
In 1898 will allow her radiance to shine
grandly out over her sister states and to
command the attention of the entire world.
Waterloo Gazettte : The Board of Man
agers of the Transmlsslsslppl Exposition
has got down to business and progrcea Is
being made every day to make a grand suc
cess of this exposition. Congress has pledged
not lefa than $200.000 for a government ex
hibit , and Omaha has already secured $400-
000 In subscriptions to Ito capital stock. We
hope that our state legislature will add
dignity to Nebraska's fame by granting a
liberal donation for a magnificent display
ot the products of our great commonwealth
at this time of abundance of crops and
assured return of financial prosperity. Hur
rah for the TransmuwlFslppI Exposition at
Omaha , 1S98. Neighboring states are ar
ranging to assist In this gigantic enter
prise , and Omaha will bo the ette for a
"world's fair" on a grand scale.
Tlldon Citizen : The Transmlsslsslppt Expo ,
sltlon , which Is to be held In or near Omaha
during the year 1S98 , is calculated to exhibit
to the peoplu of the world tbo unlimited re
sources , vast wealth In lands and minerals ,
and chances for development of the region
lying west of the Mississippi river , which
contains considerably more than half the
area of the United States , and only lacks
development of Its natural resources to make
It ono of the most productive and desirable
localities In the world. The exposition will
show to the people of the world what this
region 1s capable of producing under partial
development and endeavor to enlist the co
operation ot capital and labor toward Its fur
ther development. It , therefore , devolves
upon tha people residing In this grand part
of the world's domain and especially those In
Nebraska , to exert their Influence In favor
of the TranauiUsIsBlppl Exposition and use
their best endeavors to have Ha resources as
grandly and fully represented as possible.
Each person can do his part , Talk It up
at every opportunity , write about It to your
acquaintances nnd thus give It the widest
possible publicity , encourage favorable leg
islation and In every other way give It your
heartiest support , thus demonstrating that
yiu appreciate the grandest opportunity ever
presented tn place this section In a more
favorable light before the people of the world.
It's"S good thing push It along.
Lincoln News : The Transmlsslsslppl Ex
position has passed that stage where It was
should bo left untakcn , no pains spared to
make this enterprise n success. The exposi
tion offers us a cheap and effective way of
advertising to the people of the cast that
this region Is a safe and profitable ono In
which to Invest , and a step Ilka this Is
necessary to concentrate Investors' at
tention upon this section. And not
only there bo Old from the
state , but every loyal Ncbraskan must take
hold personally and eco to It that ho leaves
nothing undone to make It even more of a
DUCCCSS than Us moat sanguine promoters an
Ncllgh Leader : The entire state of Ne
braska should bo deeply Interested In the
success ot the TransmListtstppl Exposition
to be held at Omaha. It will do more than
all else to attract alteiftlon to the natural
resources of the state as a r.Ich field for the
Investment of capital , nd the legislature
will fall far short of Its ijuty to the com
monwealth If It falls to make a liberal ap
propriation for the exposition , and without
which the co-operation of ojher state ? cannot
bo expected. The gcneraPEOvernmcnt has
already made an appropriation of $200,000 ,
and the citlze-na of Omalja have- made sub
scriptions to the amount ot $100,000 to the
enterprise. In justice the state cannot
afford to bo a niggard nor a laggard.
Alma Reporter : The Transmlsslsslppl
Exposition Is now an nssnredtfact , and every
body may begin to arrange for a vllt to
Omaha In 1S98. The subscriptions to stock
amount to over $400,000 arid congress has
already plelged $200,000 for a government
exhibit , so the big exposition Is assured. Of
course the legislature will recognize the
necessity for making an appropriation that
our own state fthall bo credibly represented
at home. Everything Indicates an Exposi
tion excelling any other eycr held In the
union , except Indeed the gr at World's fair ,
and every loyal Nebraskaji } vlll lend a hand
to make It the crowning success of this glo
rious nineteenth century , of the wonderful
development ot western Interests and re
sources. |
O'Neill Sun : The Transmlsilsslppl Expo
sition to be held In Omahailni 1898 will doubt
less bo second to the Worjd's fair held at
Chicago. Oxer $100,000 oE capital stock has
already been eubecrlbcd mid congress has
pledged not less than $200,000 for a govern
ment exhibit. Every citizen of the state
should take an Interest as. Wall as prldo In
having his county thorouBh lyadvertlswl at
the exposition with the bwt- exhibits that
can bo had. Boards of supervisors should
devise eomo means whereby their counties
may make a proper showlna , and the leglala-
ture should uot be backward tn making a
fitting appropriation for n state display as
well as to offer some Inducements to.county
exhibits. Subcommittees la 'each county , to
work tn cri junction with the Board of Man
agers , might also prove ot benefit.
Nellgu Yeoman : The Trangmlsslsslppl Ex
position projected for 1898 at Omaha , Neb. ,
must Inspire a just prldo In the people of
the whole country , but particularly thcso of
the great west , and especially the- people of
Nebraska. Four hundred thousand dollars
have already been subscribed to Its capital
stock and congress has pledged $200,000 for
a government exhibit. A largo additional
eum will be needed to carry out the program
on the grand scale which Is Intended. This
exhibition Is designed to surpass in grandurc
and completeness anything of the kind yet
undertaken In the country. It will bo the
grandest display of American skill ami en
terprise ever witnessed In America. Favored
as wo ore by this first great Transmlsslsslppl
Exposition , wo are placed .under weighty ob
ligations to lend our best efforts to make
the undertaking a brilliant success.
Gcrlng Courier : Nebraska Is Interested
ca a state In the success of the propcaed
Transmlsslselppt Exposition. We believe
nothing can be done which will tend to off
set the unfavorable Influence which resulted
from the repeatoJ drouth years more than
the holding of a monster show In the state.
Unless our own legislature corncn to the
front with a liberal appropriation for the
exposition , we cannot with justice ask other
western states to participate , and Inasmuch
as the great preponderance of benefit wilt
accrue to Nebraska , the Courier Is most
heartily In favor of an appropriation of not
ICES than $200,000. This is a minimum ,
and we believe still more would be war
ranted by the Increase In the taxable prop
erty which would follow hero aa It has in
every other state where such exhibitions
have been carried on.
Tckamah Herald : Ever } ' Ncbraskan will
take great prldo In the TransmUtslsslppl Ex
position to be held In Omaha during the sum
mer of 189S. It will bo to Nebraska and tha
Transrnlsglsslppl territory What the World's
fair was to Chicago and Illinois. The pre
liminary work for the exposition la now un
der full headway. Local subscriptions have
already been secured to tbo amount of $400-
000 and congress hca appropriated $200,000
with promises ot more. Appropriations by
the different states will swell the amount of
money to bo cxpem'ed to fully $2,000,000.
The benefits this great exposition will be to
Nebraska cannot at this tlino be calculated ,
and Nebraska should show the Interest It
takes In It by appropriating , at the coming
session of the legislature , a sum
sufficient to make the Nebraska ex
hibit the pride of all Ncbraskans.
Let our own state do the handsome thing
and neighboring states will fall In line with
liberal appropriations.
Crelghton News : The committee having
charge ot the TrausmlssLnlppl.Exposition Is
making rapid progress. Four hundred thou
sand dollars have been raised by dona
tion from the citizens of Nebraska and the
legislature will undoubtedly make an ap
propriation for the promotion of such a
worthy cause. The cltlrcn's of Nebraska
should feel proud of the fact that such a
grand exhibition will bo llcld within the
state ; Nebraska will bo , the center of at
traction during tbo conllng ; years. People
who visit the expoaltlcm cjumot help but
look with pride as thcy < pcsrf over the state ,
at the fertile * plains , beautiful valleja , mag-
nltlccnt churches and tcmplea of learning
dotted hero and there , and ( when they gaze
with admiration at the wonderful advance
ment Omaha has made within the past
few yeara. which Is only an index of the
advancement of the state lot large , they
will feel like taking up their abode among
us , and live tn a state , that la noon to be
the prldo of the nation ,
Schuylcr Sun : Every true Jjfcbraska c'.tl-.en
should take an active Injcukt In the Trans
mlsslsslppl Exposition of ; 189p , and In every
way possible do that which will tend to
Insure Bucceui. The advantages to the
state In general and the 'citizens as In
dividuals can not bo overestimated. Both
directly and Indirectly tuo' bcncflti will bo
felt over the entlro etatoT Tfca other stated
represented will alto com InUor their share ,
but to Nebraska additional advantages are
lent from the fact that It ; Is to occur within
our own borders , and pn our own eoll
visitors from the cast iU > p. It depends lu
a great measure- upon tlio Impression re
ceived whether or not thpife' visitors will
care to make any Investigation , If n
general debilitated aspect , hangs over the
exposition the effects will | bo more detri
mental than though no i-xpailtlon ware held.
Yet If an air of thrift. Induftry , wideawake
buslncua activity la maintained , If eastern
visitors are given to , understand that
Nobraika It ) not the "great American deleft , "
but a prosperous and active common
wealth , anxious and ready -to do her part In
the great economy of the nation , success
will be assured and benefits will accrue In
proportion It then behooves every cltlzeu
of the state to constitute himself a committee
of ono to talk for the great Intcroceanlc
Fremont Herald : Long strides arc being
made by the officers In charge toward the
ultimate success ot the 1S9S Transmissls-
slppl Exposition , which Is to be held at
Omaha. This enterprise will not alone provo
of great benefit to Nebraska's metropolis , butte
to the state and district at largo. U will
attract national attention to our resources ,
and every Indication Is that It will be the
Introducing of a reign ot gcnultio prosperity ,
which will bo duly appreciated. Wo are
pleased to observe Edltoiu Hitchcock and
Kosewatcr working hand In-hand In this
cause , each being chairman of responsible
committees , and will agree that any ono
who shirks his duty toward thin 1S9S fair Is
not worthy of Nebraska citizenship. Good
progress Is reported from headquarters.
Hlldrcth Telescope : The coming session
of the Nebraska legislature will be called
lipon to make an appropriation for the
TransmtssIsEtppl Exposition to bo held at
Omaha In 1898 , and It Is to bo earnestly
hoped that It will bo a. liberal one. Over
$100,000 has already been seemed In sub
scriptions to Us capital stock , and congress
has appropriated $200,000 to make a govern
ment exhibit , and now It remains for Ne
braska to do the right thing. It will be the
poorest kind of economy for our legislature
to refuse to make a liberal appropriation.
Wo may never again have such an oppor
tunity to show to the world the \ast re
sources of our great commonwealth. Every
Nebrcskan who loves his state and takes
pride In her development will take oft his
coat and do everything In his power to make
the Transmlsslsslppt Exposition In 1S98 a
grand success In every respect.
Hlldreth Telescope : The coming session
of the Nebraska legislature will be called
upon to make an appropriation for the
Transmlsslsslppl Exposition to be held at
Omaha In 1898 , and It Is to be earnestly
hoped that It will bo a liberal one. Over
$400,000 has already been secured In oub-
Hcrlptlons to Its capital stock and congress
lies appropriated $200,000 to make a gov
ernment exhibit , and now It remains for
Nebraska to do the right thing. It will be
the poorest kind of economy for our legis
lature to refuse to make a liberal appro
priation. Wo may never again .have such
an opportunity to show to the world the
vast resources of our great commonwealth.
Every Nebraskan whp loves his state and
takes prldo In her development will take
off his coat and do everything In his power
to make the Transmlsslsslppl Exposition In
1S9S a grand success In every respect.
Dawson Newsboy : The TransmlsslsslppI
Exposition , to bo held at Omaha , Neb. , In
1898 , bids fair to be ono of the beat ) exhibits
ot Its kind ever attempted. All of the trana-
mkulsslppl statea should , and probably will ,
participate In tl-is exposition ; and as for
Nebraska nothing could bo more beneficial
to her various Interests than a successful
consummation of the contemplated exposi
tion. The people of this otate , especially
tiich who are financially Interested will make
no mistake If generous support Is" given to
ward the carrying on of this work ; and no
citizen of Nebraska -who Is proud of his state
will refuse or neglect to give the undertaking
at least his moral support. The press of the
state will no doubt do Its full share In keep
ing the matter before the world by giving It
the wldret publicity possible. Sketches and
letters descriptive of the various features
of the exposition will appear In the columns
of this paper later on , and no doubt will
prove Interesting reading tn our patrons.
Battle Creek Republican : The Tmnsmls-
sleslppl Exposition will mean much for Ne
braska , as well as all the states In the
tranrmlsKlsslpiil region. But as It Is to be
held in Omaha , It Is parthul.irly Important
that Nebraska should lead out with as lib
eral Inducements as she can afford. Other
states will follow her example when they be
come fully aware of the vast benefit that will
Inevitably follow an exposition oC such broad
environment. People from the east and
south will be attracted to this country with
their money. They will see the biggest and
best field for Investment on earth. They
will Invest , and likely kick themselves for
not coming sooner and taking advantage of a
good thing. Foreign countries will bo In
vited to participate In the expedition , and It
will bo little less than a World's fair If the
Intentions of Its promoters are successfully
carried out. Subscriptions amounting to over
* 400,000 are already secui-ed , and congress
has pledged not less than $200,000 for a gov
ernment exhibit.
Hastings Tribune : The Transmlsslsslppl
Exposition , to bo held at Omaha In 1898 , bids
fair to be one of the best exhibits of Its
kind ever attempted. All of the transmVi-
sisslppt states should , and probably will , this exposition ; and as for
Nebraska , nothing could be more beneficial
to her various Interests than a succcssfu'
consummation of the contemplated exposi
tion. The people of thU state , especially
those who are financially Interested , will
make no mistake If generous support Is
given toward the carrying out of this work ;
and no citizen of Nebraska who Is proud of
his state will refuse or neglect to give
the undertaking at least his moral sup
port. The press of thestate will no doubt
do Its full flharo In keeping the matter be
fore the world by giving It the widest pub
licity * possible. Sketches and letters de
scriptive cf the various features of the ex
pedition will appear In the columns of this
paper later on and no doubt will prove in
teresting reading to our patrons.
Nebraska Farmer : It Is now generally
understood that preliminaries are steadily
going forward for the futheranco of the
Transmlsslsslppl Exposition. Congress has
evinced much Interest In the success of this
great project , and when Uncle Sam puts his
shoulder to the wheel It Is a sure go. It Is
yet for congress to eay what shall bo the
cost of the buildings , and when this matter
shall have been definitely settled then the
public may expect to begin to get some pretty
accurate Ideas concerning the magnitude , of
this great enterprise. Subscriptions amount
ing to over $400,000 have been secured to ItG
capital stock , and congress has pledged not
less than $200,000 for a government exhibit.
It Is expected that Nebraska shall come for
ward with a liberal appropriation. Let us
Ect Iho pace for other western states In this
matter. This Is to bo made , the crowning
event of the ago toward showing up the In
dustrial development of the tranmrvlealaslp ; ) !
country. The project should meet with the
hearty endorsement of every western In
Lincoln Ca'l : "hrough various kinds of
adversity , no state In the union has loat
more than Nebraska. One -of the most sub
stantial measures of restoring confidence
among the people and In the resources nf
tbU state Is the Transtnlssleslppl Exposi
tion. Subscriptions to the amount of $100-
000 have already been , secured and congrcaa
has pledged not ICES than $200,000 for the
government exhibit. In this connection It Is
urged that the coming sccfllon of the legis
lature , do the proper thing HO far as a , state
exhibit Is conccrnoJ , It 1 well known that
the reveral tranamlnslsslppi states will vie
with inch other aa to the exhibition of
their resources , and that Nebraska , being the
chief promoter and the present homo of the
exhibition , the center of all attractions dur
ing a considerable period of tlino , It be
comes Imperative that the Nobrnuka Htato
exhibit bo- second to none , and that In
every particular the legislature and the pco-
lilo bo found wanting In nothing that will
Inspire all the west to make the Transmla-
Blaalppl Expedition ono worthy of Iho genius
and energy which have led the course of
empire , beyond the Father ofVutcrn. . It
should bo reiromberud that there are many
ownem of Nebraska property who no longer
reside hero who uhould , neverthclcru , Inter-
1-61 tbcttuiclvcn la the succetaful representa
tion of Nebraska and her Interests at Omaha
In 1S9S. Besides , It Is none too early for
every traveler from this state and every so
cial and business letter that leaves It to
carry abroad some pleasurable Information
or solicitation relative to the exposition. No
such opportunity has ever been given to
stand by and to stand up for Nebraska. What
are our people going to do about It ?
Bloomlngton Echo : It la with consider
able pleasure that the Echo notes the great
progress that Is being made tn the Initiatory
\\nrlc ot the Transmlsslssippl Exposition , to
bu held In Omaha. Already subscriptions of
over $400,000 have been secured' , together
with the eum of $200,000 appropriated by the
government , Is a guaranty that It will be a
success. This enterprise Is one In which
every citizen In the btato should lend all of
their Jld and assistance , for Its benefits to
Nebraska will be of untold greatness. The
state legislature should now do the hand-
Borne thing at Its approaching session by ap
propriating a sufficient sum to enable the state
to take a front rank In the manner of dis
play. Among the ofllcers at the heads
of departments U Editor Hosowatcr of
The Bee , as manager of the department ot
pub ] city , which fact Is a guaranty that the
publ c will at all times be fully cognizant ot
all that Is happening during the preparatory
work. Stand Up for Nebraska by working
for the Omaha exposition.
Central City Nonpareil : The Nonpareil Is
a thoiough believer In the benefits of adver
tising. U advocates It on the part of local
mprchants , nnd when It comes to thu broader
scale of Iho slate we adhere to the s.amo
policy. When the enterpilslng men of our
western states conclude that a transmlssls
slppl exposition would bo a coed thing for
the Industrial Interests of Iho west , the
Nonpareil thinks they have none about the
proper thing and stands ready to put Its
shoulder to Hie wheel. The fact Is , Ne
braska needs a good advertisement. Stories
of her poverty have permeated the cast until
people have begun to believe that Nebraska
Is the very center cf the great western Sa
hara , and nothing will so effectually dispel
this Idea and open the way for Immigration
and Investment as a visit to the state where
they raiseso much corn there Isn't time
enough to crib It between crops. By all
means let the state legislature encourage thu
enterprise by an appropriate appropriation ,
aid every loyal citizen lend his hearty co
operation , and Nebraska will leave behind
her the memory of past discouragement ! ) and
resume , acaln her old position of Industrial
Pawnee Press : The Transmlsalsslppl and
International Exposition , to be held In
Omaha from June to November , 1898 , Is nn
event In which all Nebraskans feel a keen
Interest. The success of the enterprise Is an
assured fact. Omaha people have subscribed
liberally to the undertaking In amount over
$400,000 and congress has pledged not lesa
than $200,000 for a government exhibit.
Whatever tends to the upbuilding of Ne
braska ns a whole Is worthy the undivided
support of all our people. In tbU connection ,
therefore , It Is a matter of congratulation
to know that all citizens of the state arc en
listing their co-operation In the Important
event. The coming legislature should be as
liberal as posalblo with an appropriation for
a creditable exhibition of tbo resources of
Nebraska , which will be returned tenfold
through the judicious advertising that will
result from such exhibition. Sketches and
letter ; * descriptive ot the various features of
the exhibition will be published In the Press
from tlmr to time , In order that our readers
may acquaint themselves with the scope of
the enterprise nnd the advantages that will
ultimately accrue to the states .west of the
Mississippi , and eppcclally to Nebraska.
Kearney Star of Empire : Eduard Hose-
water , the editor of The Omaha Bee , has
been appointed manager of the Department
of Publicity for the Tranaiilssltslppl Exposi
tion. This Is a very important position In
connection with that great and worthy enter
prise for the upbuilding of the great central
state of the republic and the drawing to
gether , In bonds of amity and unity , of all
parts of our great national cominonuealtb.
No more suitable person could have been
chosen for such an Important position , for
ho will draw all these elements into play
which arc requisite for 1(3 ( success. The
various elements to be considered arc :
First , publicity ; second , financial aid ; third ,
good management , and fourth and last , en
thusiastic general nupport. Without thcso
elements In full there can be no .succors for
the enterprise , which means , not alone the
building up of Nebraska , but the advance
ment of the best Intercuts of the whole North
American continent as the removal of our
national capital to the Fort Kearney reserva
tion would have been , only on a larger
scale , when the question of removal woo be
fore the people and congress about twenty-
flvo years ago. Let every ono do something
to help the good cause along ,
Gothenburg Independent : When the com
ing atato legislature convenes It will find
plenty to do. Tlio Transmlsslsslppl Exposi
tion , to be held at Omaha In 1898 , Is now re
ceiving a world-wide attention , and as It Is
practically a western enterprise , located In
Nebraska for the purpose of showing to
the world the magnificent development and
growth of "Tho Great Wait , " and espe
cially Nebraska and Iowa during the last
two decades , It will bo quite an effort to
make known the magnitude of the enter
prises and the advantages that must In
evitably accrue from the same. While It
may bo true that out of the many thou
sands of people who attend the exposition
but few of thorn will make Investments ,
yet all who do attend and are able to take
a trip out through Nebraska and Investi
gate the wonderful fertility of the soil and
Its undeveloped resources will speak a good
word to their eastern friends for It , which
In tlino will he the means of locating many
an eastern family In this great common
wealth. To make this exposition a success
requires capital. The Omaha citizens
have already secured subscriptions amountIng -
Ing to over $100,000 , while congress has
pledged $200,000 for a government exhibit.
Now our coming legislature should have
enough enterprise to make a liberal appro
priation of not less than $200,000 to aid In
making tle | TransmlselFslppl Exposition a
success and In developing the resources of
our magnificent state.
Meadow Grove Tribune : The grandest
thing In the closing years of the nineteenth
century In the weatcm world will bo the
TransmUttteslppI Exposition to be held at
Omaha from Juno to November next year.
What the Columbian exposition was to the
whole country the Transmlssltalppl Expo
sition will bo to the Mississippi valley.
If It Is judiciously managed and properly
advertised , and wo are fiure It will bo , thou
sands of people will como from all the four
corners of the earth to eeo the garden of
America , Not a civilized country on earth
but has Its representatives In this vast and
fertile region , who have sent homo and
carried homo glowing accounts of the fabu
IOUB richness and extent of this wonderful
country , which Is dlstlned to become the
homo of moro millions ot people than It now
has thousands. This grand display of tbo
resource's of the country of which they
have heard no much will afford them an ex
cuse to como and bo an Incentive to bring
them hero by the thousands , and with them
will como millions of dollars of the wealth
of the old ! world to be Invested In the broad
acres of our boundless pralrlca , and In enter
prises which afford unlimited opportunities
for the employment ot their surplus capital.
The Columbian exposition showed to the
world the grandeur of our cities and the
wonderful development of our country , but
the TranamlBslpslppl Exposition will uhow
them something far bettor , It will show
them the grandest country In the world.
In Europe there- are valllea , mere garden
npots however , of equal fertility anil lovcll-
nc ii , but nowhere clso In the world has the
beneficent hand of providence unrolled mich
a vast expanse of rich plain and rolling
prairie , eo well fitted to biconiu the homo
of tccmlnr ; millions of happy and prosperous
people as lu the valley of "The Father of
Waters. " From the Allegheny mountains , a
thousand miles to tha east of us , to tha
"Great backbone of earth. " a thousand miles
to the west of us , rivaling In extent and
natural resources anything found elsewhere.
With a climate unsurpassed for healthfulness -
ness , and supplied by nature with everything
necessary for the comfort and happiness ot
man , It only needs to be seen to bo appro-
elated ; and this Transmlssl5slppl Exposi
tion will bring people to sec It. Push It
along. Let nothing be left undone that will
add to Its completeness.
Kearney Hub : Edward Itosowatcr , editor
of The Omaha Bee , having been appointed
manager of the derailment of publicity of
the Transmlsslsslppl Exposition. Issues a
circular letter to the press Inviting news
paper co-operation In making known the
pcope of the enterprise- and the advantages
that must accure to the states west of the
Mississippi , through the holding ot the ex
position , Mr. Hosewatcr's request will have
a hearty rwponse. He Is ono of the best
known men In the west , rnd one of the best
flttrd for the position , and the work that
haa been given out to his management
and supervision will bo well dmio In every
particular. When It Is understood that the
country west of the Mississippi comprises
about two-thirds of the area of the country ,
and that It possesses all the elements ot
wealth neccisary to make It as nearly In
dependent of any other section as 0110
country can be Independent of another. It
will be realized that there are great pos-
plbllltlcs In the coming exposition , which
will bo moro nearly national than any here
tofore hold In the United States , aside from
the Centennial exposition and the World's
Wahoo Wasp : The managcis of the Tratm-
mlsslsslppl and International Exposition to
bo held In Omaha In 1898 havei entered Into
the details of the work necessary to be denote
to accomplish an undertaking that will
ccllpso anything of thu kind since the
World's fair. It will require a vast amount
of labor and money to complete this enter
prise , but the advantages to the wejst will
far exceed what 'It wlil cost. Already In
Omaha subscriptions have been secured
amounting to over $100,000 to the capital
stock and congress has pledged not less
than $200,000 for a government exhibit. The
various transmlsslsslppl states will also
make appropriations for state exhibits. It
will be , of course , necessary for Nebraska to
tako. a leading * part In this matter and have
an exhibit that will do her proud. This
costs something and th : legislature thla
winter will bo asked for an appropriation
necessary to make a suitable showing. Wo
believe our representatives fully realize the
advantages to'bc derived and look with favor
on the proposed exposition. The action of
Nebraska will have great Influence with the
other transmlsslsslppl states. Let every
citizen of Nebraska take a personal Interest
In this matter and do all they can to niMlst
this great enterprise that means so much to-
her people.
Elmwood Leader-Echo : The Transmls-
slsstppl and International Exposition to beheld
held at Omaha , beginning In Juno and end
ing In November , 1898 , deserves the hearty
support and co-operation of every resident
of Nebraska ; for , by our hearty support wo
I will draw the other western states moro
I closely Into the project. There has been
already 1 subscribed over $400,000 of capital ,
and congress has pledged not less than $200-
j 000 for a government exhibit. Surely this
will be a wonderful thing for Nebraska , and
the results to our state financially would
bo Inestimable. Nebraska Is a glorloua
state and the moro nearly the people of the
cast are brought Into contact with us the
faster we will gain In population and capi
talists to Invest la the development of this
grand state. Wo take pleasure In heartily
endorsing this grand move and hope the
people of the west will feel It their duty ,
as well as their pleasure , to aid In this
project as much as Is In their power. Ne
braska and Its citizens ought to , and wo-
feel sure they will , take prldo In this ex
position and do all In their power to make
It a grand success. Now , dear readers , let
us put on our Sunday clothes and show the
people of the east that wo arc a generous
and hospitable people. Let us all con
tribute what wo can and do all that lies
In our power toward forwarding this
grand enterprise. Your farm products will
bo In demand and the value of your prop
erty and farms will be enhanced by this
great gathering of peoplu In our midst.
Scwnrd Iccporter : The board ot managern
of the Tranrmlsslsslppl Exposition haa been
duly constituted , and efficient men have been
put at the head of the various departments.
These men have been selected from the lead
ing business men of Omaha , men who have
demonstrated their ability In business af-
falrn requiring great capacity , and under
such management there can be no doubt of
the success of the exposition. Subscriptions
have been received amounting to $400,000 ,
and the government has pledged $200,000 to
make a government exhibit. The great bene
fit which Nebraska will receive from this
oK.jcsltlon can hardly bo estimated. Whllo
It la not and will not ho a Nebraska affair
wholly , this state will bo more largely bene
fited than nny other part of the great north
west , which Is Interested In the exposition.
It Is much to bo hoped that the Nebraska
legislature will sec this matter In Its true
light , and appreciate the Importance of a
liberal appropriation. Other states In the
contiguous territory will be caked to partici
pate , and In order to secure their hearty
co-operation Ncbraaka must manifest her
own Interest In the matter. Tills 1,3 not a
question of politics or partisanship , but a
question of business for the state , and every
member of the legislature should feel a per
sonal Interest In the exposition , and glvo
his atslntanco In putting Nebraska In the
right attitude. Ilejond question every del
lar spent by the state 'In the exposition will
bo returned many times , and a liberal ap
propriation will be a Judicious Investment.
It Is a matter In which every citizen of the
state Is Interested. The success cf the expo ,
sltlon will bo of the greatest benefit to Np-
braska , and Nebraska should ungrudgingly
Invest a sum of money Hufllclcnt , with the
other guaranteed assistance , to make It c ,
Norfolk News : The Omaha exposition
should do moro for the than cither of
the others did for their localities. The
west Is now. Nebraska has only been a
state for thirty years , during which tlino
It has Increased In population from ,00,000 to
more than l.&OO.OOO. Many a Nebraska man
of today well remembers when he attended
an eastern school that on his geography
map of the United States was a great blotch
of dots crossing the central western ppr-
tlon , which was labeled tl.o "Great American
Desert. " What Is now the fruitful Btato
of Nebraska was then Included within the
territory described as the desert. The es
tablishment of Omaha followed the journey
of the Mormons to the west. Then It wait
conceded that the country lying 'along the
rlvor was fertile , and the Imaginary 'boun
dary of the Great American Desert "wan
moved to a line just west of Douglas county.
Hardy pioneers penetrated the desert , foil ml
rich soil and on admirable country , anil
the dctcrt line receded again. Thus grad
ually the limits of the Great American
Desert have faded away , until now by close
scrutiny may bo found on some maps just
west of Great Salt Lake , In Utah , , a terri
tory , covering two or three countloi , which
Is still marked the "Great American Desert. "
Map makers Insist upon clinging tu the
ancient myth of a desert , and although Ita
limits , as now outlined , are too clrcum-
i < crlbcd to entitle It to the name of "great , "
still the "Great American Dcnort" yet haa a
place on most of the mapa lu UHU at this
tlino. It U for the purpo.-o of eliminating
that Idea from thu minds of mup makers , an
well as educating the great bcxsts of caitora ,
people an to tbo true condition of the went *