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    THE CVMA1TA DAILY 1113E : SATUKDAY , DEO 13MU till 12 , 189(5. (
fc ; * *
FI The Hercyles of Shsnnecock.
( Cop > rlsht. ISM. by Olnlon How )
PJWJrc * "
4ii * f i
"Wo ihil arc true lovers run Into etranRi
ca | > rs ; but ns nil Is mortnl In nature , BI
In nit In love , morlnl In folly. " -
The lost miles fell canly nml Datton hat
wondered , " rnlhcrcarlly , how much fnrthc
was his Inn , when suddenly Jio saw tin
IlcrrtilL" ! of fhlnnocock , nnd knew- that hi
lind reached the Ronl of that day's spin
The IlerculcB looking down from his re
pose doubtless fancied If that carved wooi
Indeed holds the Kod's Iheart that thli
was lull ono nioro of thu modern Centauri
whose loirs nnd hoofs evolution had nmdi
to wheels If In very truth the flcrculct
of Shlnnecock holds sonic of the personally
of the hero , became a Rod In the true daji
of table.
You luow how this Hercules stands faclm
the Inn , over nfinlnst the meadow nnd tin
BhltnmorlnR bay. All ilny , nnd all nigh
ho looks dcwn In mighty repose summer
dnjs of sketching ? artists who dream o
canvases at the next exhibition which slml
tell of the chatiKliiK colons of the llttlt
hkotch of hill country of Shliinccoek
niitumn days of Kolfcrs , nnd lens athletli
folk ; winter days nnd nlshts when raw
possesses the sea nnd this Imago dream-
Iiorhaps ( if the gone time when It stood , bur
feting tlio wavers , def > lng them bcarlnf
proudly the Ohio nnd Its Hag of the rC'
public. Do Innnlmnte things then pome
tiniest fnll n-drcamlng ? Do they Indcci
Bometlme-fl hold the nature of the creature
the artist has striven to produce ? So this
great block , carved by a forgotten sculptor ,
Into the semblance of the hero as ho was
conceived In the Farncslan Hercules icinln-
lucent not only of Its own past , but of all
that Hercules knew and saw and did.
A tree over lmdowii the figure at KOIIH
hours of the Hitting day. "A perfect rural
statue , " plillosoplilrcil Djltou In Us uncrltl-
cal mood , fitting there on the Inn steps
while HIP host mildly rlmtterlng of another
day might have decried tlilt opinion ; but
now thu low mPOM had taken up the pale
twilight had turned the dying light of day
Into a iurfupcdellowIslmes's. .
Tlio dinner was Ions ; over ; the last guest
hail gcno ; ntid still Dnlton fit there ; and
It WBS ns If IIM were back In Andovcr read
ing Mr. Holm's aid to Kngllsh students ol
tlio Orcek pouts. It way to him as If there
might appear su Idenly out of the half moon
lit spaces , the prlctts nml the mnldens ; ns If
n prayer might KO up to the god. as ? of mnny
n twilight Hercules was besought In tlio
old days on nn I tie of Greece.
"I've refiiBtd JM)0 ) for It , " said the host.
"Kli. " raid Dalian , taking a meditative
pull of his pipe.
"Tlio roads vvcro sandy , weren't they , "
Bilrt the hc t "You'd had to gone tn
Southampton before jou found another
tnvcrn. You like to know thnt thli was nn
Inn In 17ir > on the King's highway. "
Hut Dalton was not listening. He had
left the gossiping boat , and had strolled
amiss .the road nnd on under the shadow of
the Hercules where he paused for a musing
moment and. then , on toward the bay. How
Ktlll It all was , after the town' ' How nil the
world seemed to bo In retrospect nnd nil
the mythology ngaln true. Would It hap
pen In tlio course of the cyelp of Time , the
Father nnd the ever nglng > ct eternil
possessor of us. and our moods thnt men
would come back to the ra > thology , the folk
lore , thnt peopled the sens nnd the forests
and the stretches of meadow , with person
alities that were iiot so Improbable \inder
thin moon , by this lonely reach of bay , nnd
the hllltopa rangqd against n darkish blue
which the moan. ' permitted but an occasional
stnr to pierce.
For a full hour tfils sentimental fellow
not long out of his office pnced up nnd down
the beach with his fancies ; and then rather
regretfully turned back toward the shadowy
As he nrarcd It suddenly wakeful ho let
Ills Imagination go tripping Agiln ho iiaw
that part of the varnished Greeks , vaguely
true In. his memory of those schoolboy's fan
cies between the studious moments of dig
ging out explanations of the norht The Inn
stood Millet , the lights out the door ajar
for the laggaid guest , who hesitated looking
up at the Hercules who scorned to express
the verity the unknown carver had felt , oven
vyerc Ju'fl a copy. Now the moon omitted
flaws ; nnd this wns the god looking down at
his worshippers. Out of the past Dalton's
wandering fancy brought thrso old Greeks ,
praverful of HcrciiltM , and then
"Oil. dear. "
Ho started. Had he fainted , this oxnrep-
flvo e < lgh which had come out of the figure
nnd then he heard hut not the gruff and
awful voice of the hero raleod to the godp
Instead , n low , feminine tone possibly that
of dryiil , who still was In the trunk out of
which the carver had wrought this invlncl-
blo figurehead of the good ship of another
day Yet there was that note pronilscfiil of
n human cause In the exclamation , wlilc'i
set all at once Dalton's fancies ) at reel
Quickly ho stepped at the back of the Hercules
cules- where clinging at' If for protection to
hlti superhuman reposeful strength was r
flguro slight and yet human , which gave
out n llttlo dlsninvfnl cry. nnd drew nearer
to tlio wcodon block ( yet Is It Dot more ? ) nnd
crod | out-
"Don't hurt me pleape ? "
"My dear young lady , " said our young
gentleman. "I certainly 1m o no such In
tention. I beg you a thousand pardons. "
Ills volco may have reassured her for she
now stepped out Into the moonshine a slight ,
girlish figure. In a costume the Greek Hillcs
not Sappho , nor her Perlcle loved over
would have drrameil of. though they Indeed
mlnlit approve of It , could they revisit this
old 0-irth. nnd If they know out of the
gloomy realms of hndes. All , arc they there
* ho laughed in llg'itly on earth. Who so
loved pleasure's own dear self.
In her band , the supplicant of the mad-
Rid. } god , drncgcd n wheel : n slight girl , with
that Indefinable air of distinction , even In this
Btailllng and ludicrous moment.
"You have teen me. " she said , quickly.
"I am not sure , " IIP observed lightly , and
taking her appcnianco aa n matter of course
"Well , > ou have , " she declared gaining
bravery at n certain note of admiration In
his vnlre. which declared nt once n victor )
In the first skirmish of acquaintanceship.
"You will not , sir tell ci soul. "
* "Not a soul. " ho declared. "Hercules and
I alone know. "
"Ah " ! cried In "there
, BIO dlfnmy , they
nro ! "
She pointed to the slope beyond the bridge ;
nnd Dalton , looking , saw a vehicle approach
ing rapidly , and already heard Ita distant
'He will nsk for me. " eald the supplicant
of Hercules , for so Dalton icgarded her.
"You must not let them Know jou'vo seen
me , "
"Hut. " he began
"I never shall forgive you. "
"Well tlmt'H n terrible threat , " said ho.
Hut she now was hidden by the shielding
Horculrs , the wheel dragged Into the shadow ;
while the .wagon ever nearer , now creaked
on the bridge , and then crunched on the
sand toward the Hciculen ,
"Very well , " oalil Pulton apostrophizing
Hercules , who seemed to answer with n
emothcrcd "Thank > ou " Hack to the Inn ho
Vvojit , while the two stout cobs and the buckboard -
board drew up , nnd n giuff voice cried :
"llivo jou i-CM hci ? "
1/Ai'a > ou addrefclnfc m ? , sir ? " our nil-
venturer demanded.
The speaker was now down by the buck-
lioaul , followed by a thin JOUIIR man In a
clerical < N > iO.
"A jnuiiR lady , sir ; on B | wheel ? "
"At this time ? " said Dalton. "You don't
mean alone1
"Yes ; I do mean alone , " said the person
who seemed s li.isdblo us the father Mr
Irew ) facM In Hoacmary fat , red-faced ,
oven In that lli'Ul ; 11 man of 70 , who had
denied tv t of his vvhliiiH , and never his
ntomach ,
"TU.U In dreadful , " the clerical young man
declared. In a prcilse clcilcal tone ,
Tlio other.- > Id , "It's -bit. " mid to Dal-
ton. "Where's MOI.P ? "
"Don't Hnnwr him. "
" ' ' " the other
'Clip landlord , 'jon ninny ,
) crki < ' Ji ) the tone of a moht exasperated
JirW. < *
- "IJhltik J\e'B gene to bed. Who , sir , Is
tbb youui ; IndyT" D-ilton quorlcd , woudcr-
Ing nt the part so suddenly thrust on him.
"My daughter , sir "
"I thought BO And she has run away ? "
"How did jou know , Blr ? " cried the other.
"You said KO. "
"Did I I'll catch her. She didn't dnro
to tnko the trnln. That wns watched nt
Shlnticeock , nt Southampton , nt Uasthamp-
ton. She must have come on her wheel. "
"My dear undo , I beg pardon , " put In the
clerical joung n.nn.
"Ileg pardon , sir , the 'ossca bought to
bo watered , " declared n volcp with the
superiority of a groom who condescends In
Amerlmn sirvlco.
I The mastel said several things at cobs
who don't endure at the Inn and Its land
lord , while the joung man In the clerical
coat timidly put In deprecatory clauses
Hut tlio 1'iastir's rage wzs not to bo as
suaged tiven by the complacent host , who
suddenly atpcaied , lantern In hand. For
getting the dripping cobs , the angeled father
as If ho had stepped out of a piny but
tonholed the newcomer , whispering ns If
he had not told Dalton nt nil while the
Hercules , who knew , watched across the
way , siw Dalton standing by himself , and
the joung nan In the- clerical coat address
ing him , pe.sslhly with a sense that too
much had been said.
"It's very aggravating of my Cousin
Amelia "
"Oh , Amelia , " quoth Dalton.
"I trust , sir you'll say nothing. Oh , I
beg jour pardon , I know you won't. "
Here the boat's hearty volco lese above
Mr. Ktnnell's whispers.
"Not a soul , sir ; I know Miss Fcnncll. "
"I'm going down the road to Good Ground
station , any way. Keep jour mouth shut ,
Morce "
"Now don't jou need "
"Your beat rye and water , oh ? Come
Paul ' to the clerical person "havo some
whisky. "
"You know , sir , I don't "
"Hut It's chilly "
Dalton tipped his chair back , and waited
nnd wondered' how Amelia felt there behind
the Hcrcuico , but neither she nor the Hci-
culca said n word. He was surprised at hlm-
slope carries your wheel hnlf way up the
"I wns thinking , " she said , "that wo
haven't been Introduced "
"Hy Hercules , " he snld. "You ride very
well. "
"t do several things well , t rldo a liors
or n wheel. 1 don't golf so badly , 1'hl
sajs "
"Thnt'a ho. I'hll. Is he worth while ? "
"I don't know , " snld she. "He's very
handsome. "
"Ho ought to be. "
"Why ? "
"To deserve "
"You needn't go further , " said Amelia ,
"Your father , and j'our cousin "
"Oh. Paul , Isn't he horrid ? "
"Ho Impressed mo ns n very good youn
"Hut Philip. I take It. Isn't. "
"How did you know. No , he's dcllclousl
bad. That's why I like him , nnd pap
tloet-n't. "
"They don't generally approve of dellc
lously bad young men for their daughters.
quoth Dalton. "I think I know Philip "
"Do jou ? "
"His like. I mean. Ho has n very gooi
tailor ; he Knows the celebrities the lad
clobrltles at the concert halls. "
"Yes , lie does , "
"He's nn utterly unprincipled youn
I'camp. "
"So pi pa saj's , "
"Ami ho Isn't worthy of such a charmln
little girl "
"I'm not little. "
"Who has to bo watched. "
"Do j-ou think It would be better for m
to bo watched ? "
"If I were the watclicr "
"Isn't the moonlight beautiful ? " t'hc lln
gercJ over the adjective.
"What the moon shows Is more so. "
"Oh , you say these things better tha
Philip. "
"I should hope I did the cub. "
"It's very ttruiiKc our being together-
over these hills. " Amelia said Inconeaquently
"It wasn't nearly so much fun before. "
"That lu remarkably naive or craftj1. "
"I have lived 19 years , I told jou. "
"And I JO ; we're Just of an age , I believe. '
She made no answer to this ; nnd now
rather silently they wheeled on and on , am
out of the hill country , and over the love
to Southampton , nnd through the sleeping
village , and bejond , nnd nt last througl
a lodge gate leading to n far out red house
with n glimmer of the sea bejond. They
cald some things I can wnger jou ; but Dnl-
ton liover repeated them to me.
"This Is the place. " said she. "J cnn gel
In. I hnvc n latchkey. They never wll !
Belf , at hla very extraordinary conduct. The
host came out , and talked to tjio Rroom
The rosy-faced gentleman , and lils paloi
nephew followed , and , then , the chano begat
again. "Well , I never , " quotU the landlon :
loquaciously. Them of couiuo was a mar
In tlio case , am ! the Kennells were vcrj
rich , and
"I am going to take a wheel In thu moon
light , " &ald Dalton , rising.
"I expect an > thing of an artist , " said the
hctit , wondering at the lack ot curiosity Ir
his guest.
"I am not an artist , " Dalton expostulated
"A poet , maybe " observed tlio host.
"I have never written , " said Dalton.
"Tlio best ones never do , " observed the
host , with psnetratlon , while Dalton draggei
out his vvliccl "I'll leave tlio door un
latched" t'.ilcl the host , watching hla gucsi
disappear toward the bridge. Then rcllcctlnf
on the peculiarities of people who have
enough money for wlieclti and excursions , he
wont In sleepily ; and fie scene lay still , save
for the Hercules. Uutt at last was a footfall
down the road , anil Daltun returned. The
Hercules ttool Irresponsive , while the Inn
window r , vviiluh might have held to many
cyoo , Eocmed to watch , and as. ' ! : why vvae
our eccentric returned. Ho walked toward
the figure , and stopped.
"Tho coael Is clear , " he said. Hut there
was no answer ; nnd then ho looked behind
the statue , and started , rubbing both eyes
Amelia had . ( 'qulslied. for ro ho had begun
to call her. Ho vvhlp'lcj and looked up tc
the statue uhfcli seemed to smile derb'on
How could aho have gone ? And was this
fair , after nil that ho had done ? Then sud
denly the figure Ei-cmcd to give out real
laughter , In the same fcmlulnu notes that
had before surprised and attracted him.
"It was very good of > ou , " she said , now-
stepping about "I couldn't resist tan
talizing jou. It wae childish of me vraen'l
It ? "
"Not BO much as jour appearance hero , "
quoth Da'iton. "I am going to escort you
back. Wo can't wait here. The Inn has
ojes , and the Hercules can't protect jou. ' '
"Was It he7" she said , looking up at the
great face. "Hut jou are right. " She was
on her wheel now , and Dalton following to
the bridge * , where ho had left his own.
"Of cournc , " said ho , "there IB a man In
the case. "
"There usually Is , " said she.
"I don't think It a laughing matter.
Where la ho ? "
"In New York. "
"Oh. and "
"I was going to him. "
"You nro going back. When Mr. , the
enraged gentleman "
"Koniicll. "
"When Mr. rcnnell returns ho will find
lie has been on a wild geese chase. "
"I believe I nui. " said she.
" hat "
"A w
"A goose. "
"Well , perhaps. " said Dalton , firmly. "Hut
now that jou have put the matter In my
linnds , I Intend to bo obeyed. "
"I like jour Impertinence. "
"And I jou but not jour escapade. "
" " she said hand his
"Why ? , nutting a on
nrm."You are too llttlo n girl not over 10. "
"Well. I lIKe that , sir. I'm 19. "
" " he "we bo
"Ilurrj1 , Interrupcd ; must
going "
"I Ilko the Idea to show papa that h < s
was wrong , Fancy htm returning and find
ing me "
Her words now led to action ; for she fol
lowed Dalton , who suddenly had gained some
cense of responsibility Ho felt bound to get
this entrancing llttlo girl out of her scrape.
Ho had not expected thnt she would obey
BO easily. Again nnd agnln ho looked at
her trudging up the first slope.
"Wo will meet , there , " he said. "Hut "
"Well ? "
"You fnn't care so much for him. "
"I was tired of monotony. Life Is BO
tame "
"Oh , ho. " cried Dnlton. "You have been
reading novels. "
"Yes , " she said quietly. "Hut I don't
think adventure Is so much fun. Now It's
off my hands. "
" .In whose ? " said ho , evasively.
"In yours. " she returned , "You have
taken It. You "must bear the responsi
bility. "
"If I we're not a cert of guardian I bo-
Hove "
"What ? " 1
"That I rouLd.fiQ tempted. "
"Sir , " she sald- t" . > ou wouldn't dare. We'd
better be wheeling. "
"To avoid temptation , " ho eald , mount
ing.I'p and down those slopes they went , fleetIng -
Ing figures In the moonshine , that showed
now a gabled roof , and alwajs tbo far watery
atretcti. Tlio descent of ono SUIuuecock bill
know. It's been awfully good of you
.Mr. "
"John Jack Dalton , Amelia. " '
" "
"You call mo Amelia. "
"So your cousin Paul had 'tho privi
lege. "
"And he never did bo much for mo as
you "
"I wish I might do It again , Amelia , "
said ho then.
She gave him her hand , which ho pressed ,
I fear , for she pulled It away.
"I wish , " said he , "that I were fascin
atingly nicked like Philip. "
"You needn't , " snld Amelia. "I like you
better than Philip. "
"Amelia , " he said , retreating.
"Pay us a visit. I'll say 1 met you nt
the Lclghtons. "
" .May I tomorrow ? "
"If jou don't object to the ride ? "
"Jfs that Philip , " said he.
"Don't mind. I detest him. Don't come
nearer. There , good night. " And she was
running up the drive. For a moment he
hesitated ; and then he heard n door opening ,
Turning , he wheeled melanchollly back
Near the Shlnnecock reservation , ho passed
the buckboard. Ho made sure of that ; If
ho were not noticed. He fancied their sur
prise when they had returned to nnd Amelia
was there. The moon sent a last fading
glow over the darkening landscape Sev
eral times ho dismounted , and sat on n
height , and lit his pipe , nnd dreamed ; and
finally the sun sent Its first ghostly warn
ing of the daybreak , which spread over the
hill and sea , the promise of God and love.
'Twas a long time for a chap to elt , sen
timentally , alone In the dark , you'll bay ,
but , then , mighty Shakespeare whom no
body but the clever Mr. Dernhard Shaw
dares to question s ld that madmen , and
poets nnd lovers were all the name. At
some tlmo wo are all mad , or rhyming , or
loving ; at some tlmo we , too , have been
In the mood to sit all night on a moor ,
awaiting the sun.
Dalton came over the bridge , and under
the fiunllt Hercules.
The host said :
"You mndo n night of It , eh ? An ar
tist "
"I'm not an artist ; I'm theoretically n
broker on Wall street , nnd practically "
Ho looked at the Hercules who knew , "a
poet. "
"They came back from Good Ground with
out finding her. "
"Of course , she was at Southampton. "
"How do you know ? " asked the host ,
mid letily suspicions
"Hum I know Mlsrj Amelia rcnnell well ;
yes. very v.ell , " said Dalton.
The Hercules there against the meadow
and bay , now sparkling under the sun-
know how well ; for Great Hercules Is aged
god , who , Paganism teaches , possesses his
Images ; an 1 a god , of courne. knows a man'H
mind , and , what's more , his heart ,
Coiillnuratluii Iiy n llnnxr.
Miss ? Clnrn Evans nnd 11 mouse , the ono
a teacher In n U.ilttmore public nchool nnd
the other n resident of the same building ,
collided while traversing their respective or-
bltH one day thlo week , nnd so Htiiitllng
VVPI-O the > noit ! > 8 which ensued thnt n nnnlu
nmong the children present wn the result
They tusheel for the door nnd down st.ilrn
in wildest terror , nnd a citizen who saw
tr-em emerge tumultuous- ] Into the sttcot
promptly turned in nn nlnrm of llro from the
nearest box When the eiiKlnc ? arrived the
entire nolghboiliood wns filled with excite
ment nnd motherH , but flnnlly Miss Kvnns
muungcd to oxpliln most of the trouble.
I.a ml limitary.
The failure of A T Hutch , the largest
fruit grower In California , hac excited much
comment In thnt state. Hatch's collapse IH
duo entirely to hln mania for land buying
Hn hns tlio llncst fruit ranch In the state
MO ncreH In one piece In Holnno county , and
from this his prolltK In HOIHO years have
been J2V,000. Hut ho could not rcslnt the
temptation to buy more Innd nnd plant It
In fruit trees , l-'or two years oiclmiilx linvo
not paid , ns thcro 1mH been poor rale for the
fruit In the Cast and Europe , nnd Hatch's
revenue has been nothing , interest has ac
cumulated and mortgages on liln ranches
will now bo foreclosed. H Is doubtful
whether hl property , worth $1COO,000. will
bring over J'lOO.COO , which Is the amount of
tils Indt-btcdncxH. Hatch wan thu pioneer In
the luislncsH of i-hlpplng fresh fiult to New-
York and Chlc.ico. and ho was the first to
try sending fruit to London.
llcipi-flll ,
The dry goods ineichnnt was explaining
thn Munition to the neivv drummer ho hnd
Ji'Bt employed , rclutca tlio Detroit Free
"Your prcdeci'FHor , " ho mild , "lins gotten
Ills liuHllit'HH nil tnnglcd up. and If you taku
bin plnre. you will have a illlllenlt ti ; k iet- ;
tlii order out of chaos. "
"I don't know who e'hnox In. " cheerfully
replied the drummer , ' but I bet I'll sill him
u bill of Koocla if i have to IIUIIK on to him
foi a wick. "
iSirSicSlcii' :
I Current Literature
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Incntly sensible article ou "The llclatloi
of Art to Religion , " by the widely knowi
sculptor , William Ordvvay Partridge , am
prominent among other thoughtful am
timely contributions to this number is Elt
wood Pomcroy's Illustrated paper on "The
Concentration of Wealth. " The article
shows by carefully compiled &tntUtlra the
accelerating tendency of wealth to coneen
trate In the hands of a few nnd Indicates the
dangers lurking In such a situation.
After devoting several paragraphs to c
lucid and Instructive nnnljsls of the results
of the presidential election , the editor of the
Hovlcw of Reviews under the department
"Tho Progress of the World , " In the De
cember number , proceeds to review the his
tory of the efforts to obtain arbitration o :
duo reading from Ilarrle'a "Sentimental
Tommy" is ahx > given nnd one from Mrs.
Ilnrr'w "Knight ot the Nety. "
The December plans for Hnrper's Unznr. It
is announced. Include txjinn notable Christ
mas feature1) . Stories bv Mary E. Wllktns
nnd Ella W. Pcattle , entitled respectively
'An Unlucky Christmas" nnd "A Shylock
of the Sandhills , " will be begun , with llltiE > -
; iatlons by Keller nnd Do Thulstrup A
ilay entitled "One Dlslntcrcrtel Friend , " by
nrollne Tlcknor , nnd a variety of papers
elllng of Christmas ) dinner ? , Christmas
gifts , nnd Christmas pleasures In general ,
will round out the jcar.
Outing for December opens with "The
Sectoral Cross , " a powerful story of the
stage , by Justine Ingcrsoll. A second com
plete story lo "Zlnto , " by H. F. Munn , dcal-
ng with life among tlio Indians about
jreut Slave Inko. Among other Interesting
oplcs nre "Hares nnd Hare Hunting , " "At
the Top of Europe. " , "American Amateur
A'thlotles 6f 'JtG'I UntI "Golf in America to
Date. "
Godoy's Magazine for December has an es
pecial Christmas time flavor. The frontls-
ilcco is a reproduction of the splcn-
llil painting of > Ghcrardo delta Nottc ,
'Tho Adoration of the Shepherds. "
Two Chi latinos ' . : stories brighten the
lumber , "Tho Santa Glaus of the
Midland Clarence Herbert
s'ovv nml "A Ha til Times Christmas , " by
tupert Hughes. A strong special feature
s the article byiGrnce E. Drew on "Art nnd
' . " This contrl-
'ashlon In Dinner Giving. -
ititlon gives soimuch valuable Information
hat the homemaker woman who docs not
read it will lese , a-great deal that Is worth
ho knowing. Tbo subject has been thor
oughly digested/ amply illustrated with
ilctures of the dinner table properly and
mproperly arranged , and covers almost
every contingency that may arise to per-
ilcx and annoy a .hostess.
The near approach of Chrlstmastlde Is slg-
lallzcd by the appearance of the December
St. Nicholas , for this Issue of the maga
zine Is full of Christmas stories , poems nnd
ilctures. Of particular Interest to boys and
girls Is Edwin S. Wallace's description of
Christmas in Bethlehem. " Mr. Wallace
ells of the famous old Church of the Nn-
Ivlty , built above the grotto where the
Christ child lay In the rude manger.
The Christmas Scrlbner has another of
hose brilliant and beautiful covers In gold
nnd colors that ( Irst attracted popular favor
on last summer's Fiction number. Another
example of buccereful color printing Is In
ho twelve pages of decorative designs
vhlch Oliver Hcrford has made , to accom
pany Kenneth Grahamo'js story. "Tho Magic
ting. " This story describes the flrstvisit _
of some children to a circus. The fanciful
reatment of It exactly suits Mr. Herford's
cry original talent as an illustrator. An
ther novelty In Illustration Is Grleffenha-
gen's quaint pictures and cross-texts to ac-
ompany IJ. . Stlmson's "Liw-Latin Love
" . The
Story" n thirteenth-century romance.
notion of the number Is represented by no
ess than nlno complete short stories. Rich
ard Harding Davis In "The Last Rldo To
gether. " gives the meditations of ono of
amebon's Transvaal raiders on the way to
irlson after sentence , nnd n story of mj-s-
cry entitled "Tho Square Diamond. " which
gives glimpses of India , is contributed by
Minion Ross.
The numbers of St. Nicholas for the , past
ear , bound up In two parts , contain the
liaterlal for half a dozen of the usual Juve-
illo books. There are more than a thousand
lages In all , and more than 700 pictures
. 'our complete , richly Illustrated serial
torles are "Tho Swordmakcr's Sou , " by W
O. Stoddard ; "Tho Prl/o Cup. " by J. T
Trowbrldge ; "Teddy and Carrots , " by James
Otis , and "Slmlbad , Smith & Co. , " by Albert
( earns. Besides these there are scores of
lories , sketches and poems that make spc-
lal appeal to bojs and girls. There are also
a number of patriotic articles and hosts of
rue stories about distinguished people and
bout animals , ns well as tales of adventure
nd bravo achievement In order that the
maglnatlon may not bo neglected there are
anclful tales and fairy stories , as well as
torles about every-day. nlnctcenth-centurj
themselves. Tlio Century
) o > s and girls
Jompany , New York. , , . , ,
Bound In gorgeous colors and breathing
unshlne in every page. Father Tuck's Nur-
cry Series will be a Joy to thousands of
Ittlo tots when Christmas comes again. One
crful Lamp" aiid "All Baba and the Fortj
'hlevee , " Raphael Tuck & Sons , limited , New
"My Brother" ' Is an exciting tale by Vln-
out Brown. Tho-hero la a queer college
hanictor known an "tho prophet , " and gcu-
rally regarded , oa a harmless weakling
Vhen the 1s ruined by Lord
, \iB3on her bratlier kills the seducer nnd
hen ! lee . Mc nvrtille "the prophet , " having
ono to the Lupin's mansion for the pur-
lese of t'cttliiK ihlm to make amends to the
; lrl , Is found near the dead body of the mur-
orcd man , Huiln scUed , tried nnd hanged ,
Ithout telling nUiero the crlmo belonged
ho tragical portion of the btory Is written
Ith much fervor. Rand. McNally & Co. .
S'ew York , ami tleceath's ,
"Four Young ! Explorers or Sight Seeing
n the Tropics" Is. ono of Oliver Optic's lat-
tie Vemwuclan boundaiy illnputo with Great
rlUln , which halve finally resulted success-
ully , explaining the attitude of the United
talcB in the coiurovtMy ; dlscuascK the
rucrlU and elemorlU of the Cleveland ad-
Established 1SS7. Comes Kccry Week
f f
The Companion of the Whole Family.
The list of those who will contribute to THE YOUTH'S COMPANION
during the coining year is , as usual , long and brilliant. It includes
not only popular writers of fiction , but also some of the most
eminent naval officers , travellers and explorers , men of science
Life and Work at Washington *
M . When Mr. Gladstone wan Prime Minister lie contributed to Till ! COMPANION' , as ilid Mr. lllainc when Secretary of State.
Sji ? All the members ol the present American Cabinet but three have written for its columns. During the coming > car the
following features of national work will be described by members of the national government ! SBC -
/ [ C-
BUILDING A WAR-SHIP , HON. HILARY A. HERBERT , Secretary Navy. SiCt. /I- \ .
For Ambitious Boys. For Ambitious Girls. AA !
THE HABIT OF THRIFT , Andrew Carnegie. TRAINING THE VOICE , Madame Lillian Nordica. A
Jesse W. Wcifc. NURSING AS A CAREER , Dr. W. L. Love.
PopuL ar Writers for 1897.
In addition to twenty-five staff writers , Tiir. COMPANION Contributors include not only the most popular writers of
fiction , but some of the most eminent Statesmen , Scientists , Travellers anil Musicians.
' Ian Maclarcn. Gco. W. Smallcy. Hon. Theodore Roosevelt. The Marquis of Lome.
S& ? Rudyard Kipling. Harold Frederic. Col. George E. Waring , Jr. Lady Jeune.
fS ( < f Hall Caine. Hamlin Garland. Hon. Carl Schur ; . Lady Harcourl.
) : & rf Stephen Crane. Max O'Rcll. Dr. W. A. Hammond. Miss Alice Longfellow.
At * . Frank R. Stockton. W. Clark Russell. Dr. Cyrus Edson. Edward Everett Hale.
Charles Dudley Warner. Lieut. R.E. Peary , U.S.N. Dr. Austin Flint. Rev. Lyman Abbott , D. D.
And more than one hundred other eminent men and women.
i ? One of the most beautiful CALENDARS issued this year
At/ / ! . will be given to each New Subscriber to The Companion.
It is nude up of Tour Charming Pictures in color , beautifully executed. Its size Is 10 by 34 inches The subjects ate delightfully
attractive. This Calendar is published exclusively by The Youth's Companion and could not be toldfin Art Stores for less tlian $1.00.
Wl 700 Large Pages in Each Volume 52 Weeks for $ J.75 Send for Illustrated Prospectus.
, M . ' & & $ & & 6644&4& : + & 4 + + & & & & & & & & & 64&&A&&A&6&&it
1 ! 1 I2 = CoSor SPECIAL OFFERS. 4 Rich CoSor
J New Subscribers who will cut out this slip and send it at once
with name and address and $1.75 will receive :
FREE The Youth's Compinlon every week from the time sub
scription is received till January t , 1897 : kai Calendar Iff
FREE-Thanksgiving , Christmas , Kcw Year's Double Numbers ; t'
FREE The Companion's .i page Calendar for 1897. a beautifully
colored souvenir. The most costly gilt of its kind Tlie
Companion has ever offered ;
And The Companion 52 weeks , a full year , to Jan. i , 1898.
THE YOUTH'S COMPANION , 201 Columbus Avenue , Boston , Mass. (
7i ? i i j i ? ? i' ' ? vvi iv : ; v : o ? : ? vi ? iv ; ? t i j ?
ministration now drawing to n close , crlt
Iclsing with especial vigor the nreslilcut'i
Turkish policy ; describes the latest phase :
of the European situation , with reference te
ho eastern question and the Franco-Hue
Ian alliance ; comments on Lord Rosebcry's
resignation and the resulting complication !
n English politics making altogether t
newt Interesting and valuable ( summary ol
ho world's Important doings for the montl
list passed. A feature of this Issue Is the
Irst full and authorized account of the grenl
enterprise In text-editing and translating
uiown as the "Polychrome Bible : " "Some
: stlmatcs of the Year's Literary Output"
ire offered by experts , Mr. Hamilton W
Mnble treating of the departments of fie
Ion , poetry and belles-letters ; Prof. Albert
inslinell Hart , of hlstorv and political HC- !
nce ; and Mr. Rlpley Httcncock of popular
The Christmas McClure's Is a fiction num-
> cr containing stories by Rudj-ard Kipling ,
'rank A. Stockton and Ian Maclarcn. Cjrus
C. Adams gives an account of Dr Nanseu's
dvcnturcs and achievements , accompanied
vlth numerous Illustrations. Hamlin Gar-
anil writes of "Tho Early Llfo of Uljbsca
Grant. " The cover Is decorated with one
f Potlcelll's most famous madonnas , spe-
lally redrawn by Henry McCartcr
Among the special features of the De-
cmbcr Current Literature are a French
Chrlstmaa legend. "The Three Low Masses , "
) > AlphoiiEc Dan Jet ; a Yulctldo legend of
ting Artliur'a country ; two pages of Chrlut-
ia verso , and n timely reproduction of
Vas'hlngton IrvIng's "Christmas Fe-ast at
Bracebrldgo Hall , " from the Sketch Book. A
cat efforts , In which ho takrs his party to
aigon , In 'French ' Cochin China , act CBS the
; htna sea to Manilla , In the Philippine
slands and thence to Hong Kong , Shanghai
nd 1'ekln. The adventures narrated , coupled
vlth the Information disseminated are fully
p to the usual standard In the interest
hey arouse. Leo fc Shcpard , Boston.
Thomas Kllpatrlck & Co.
"A Brief History of the Nations nnd Their
Progress In Civilization , " by George PaiK
' 'Islier , LL. I ) . , a new work designed for
ilgh > cliools , ly a scholarly production , In
vhlch tlio leading events of ancient , me-
laeval and modern history nro fully pre-
entcd. However , forces , principles and social
Ifo are dealt with , rather than mere facts
f dynastic and military history , and the
vork forms an Impressive drama of the un-
oldlng civilization of the world from the
arllest historical period to the times of lJli -
narck and Gladstone. Although ancient hls-
ory l fully treated , a larger amount of tpace
a given to the moro modern periods than Is
sual. American Bool : compiny. Chicago.
The Ladles' Homo Journal. The Curtis
'ubllshing company , Philadelphia.
The Pocket Magazine. Frederick A
tokcs company , New York.
St. Nicholas. The Century company , New
Harper's Magazine. H'arpcr & Bros. , New
Godey's Magazine. The Godey company.
N'ew York.
The Pall Mall Magazine. The Intcrna
onal News company , New York.
What to Eat. Pierce & Pierce , Mlnneap-
llfl. Minn.
The Black Cat. The Short Story Publishing
ompany , Boston.
The Strand Magazine. The International
N'ews company , New York.
The Cosmopolitan. Irvlngton , N. Y ,
The Esoteric. Esoteilo Publishing coin-
any , Applegate. Cal.
The English Illustrated Magazine. The In-
crnatlonal News company. New York.
Cassell'B Family Magazine. The Cassell
ubllshlng company. Now York.
Scrlbner's Magazine. Charles Scrlbncr's
ons , New York.
Fronds P. Harper. New York : "Walt
Vhltman. the Man , " by Thomas Donald-
on. Cloth ; * 1.75.
Scott Foresman & Company. Chicago
Getting On In the World. " by William
lathcws , LL.I ) . Cloth ; 2. "Primitive
luddhlsm , " by Elizabeth A. Heed , A. M.
I' . Tennyson Ncely , New York"Her Res-
uo From the Turks , " by George Rathborne
'aper , CO cents.
American Book company. Chicago : I1 Irst
'ear In German , " by I. Keller. Cloth. II
A Brief History of the Nations and Their
rosretis In Civilization , " by Gcorgo Park
'Isher D. D. . LLD. Cloth. ) l GO. "Tho
" Henry Lyman Koop-
laKtcry of BooKs , by
nan , Cloth , DO cents.
J. S. Ogllvlo Publishing company. Now
'ork "Tho Flirt to Death , " by Lulio Lcarj
npor , 25 cents.
Harper Brothers , New York ; "A Ilcbel-
llous Heroine , " by John Kcmlrlcks Bangs.
Cloth ; 225 pages. "Gascolgno's Ghost. " by
O. P. Burgln. Cloth ; 21C pages. "Tho
Dwarfs' Tailor , " by Zoo Dana Underbill.
Cloth ; 200 pages. "Lovo In the Backwoods , "
by Langdon Klvvyn Mitchell. Cloth ; 249
pages. "In the First Person , " by Maiia
Louise Pool. Cloth * 315 paces.
Charlcu Scrlbner's Sons , New York"The
Court of Khg Arthur. " by William Henry
Frost Cloth ; $1 DO.
Houghton , Mlfllin & Co. , Boston"A
Genuine Girl , " by Jeanlu Gould Lincoln.
Cloth ; $125.
The Cassell Publishing Co , New York :
"Not All the Klng'n Horses , " by Katharine
Elvvca Thomas. Cloth ; 210 pages.
Prcderlck A. Stokes' company , New York-
"Classical Authors , " by R. B. Holt. Cloth ;
312 pages.
Harper & Brothers , New York"Green
Fire , " by Fiona Macleod Cloth ; 2S7 pages.
"Aspects of Fiction , " by Brainier Matthews
Cloth ; 234 pages. "A Primer of College
Foot Ball , " by W. H. Lewis. Paper ; 205
pages "Iras. A Mystery , " by Theo
Douglas. Cloth ; 231 pages. "Limitations , "
a novel , by E. F Benson. Cloth ; 313 pages.
Leo & Shepard. Boston"Four Young
Explorers ; or. Sightseeing In the Tropics , "
by Oliver Optic. Cloth ; $1 CO.
V I ) > liiK ' "nil Milken Noti-N of Illn
A man , supposed to be E. L. Bryan of
Plttsburg , Pn. , committed sulcldo In the
Klmball house , Chicago , Monday , and while
awaiting death made notes of the sensations
ho xporlenced after taking a dose of lau
danum. Ho wrote-
"Drank an ounce of laudanum at C 10
o'clock. After flvo minutes feel better.
Heart action more pronounced. Slight pain
In stomach. Ten minutes Condition about
the same ; pulse rapid and pains In wrist ;
slight pains In region of heart ; a feeling of
dullness , with more pain In all parts of the
bodj- . Note I will keep up the description
of effects as long as possible. Hope It will
bo of use to medical science. Ejes show
change. A feeling of drowsiness coming on.
A sort of feeling of Intoxication , accom
panied by slight pains. Twenty minutes
Pain Increasing. Am getting sleepy ; have
numb feeling , no pain. "
Here the notes stopped abruptly , and they
wcro found on the table on which his life
less head rested. The cause of suicide Is
not known.
In addition to the note , the sulcldo left
the following letter to the proprietor of the
hotel :
"To the Man that Keeps the Hotel Dear
Sir : I am awful sorry to cause jou this
annoyance. You will get some undesirable
advertising out of it , and upon the whole
it won't pay jou. Still , Bilcli things must
occur somewhere. In all sincerity , I hope
that jou won't think I would have lint mod
jour house for nny motive except accident.
Regretting the trouble I cause jou and
trusting that you will regard the Incident an
trifling , I am , sir. with great regret no more ,
"E L BRYAN ( no relative to W. J ) "
Another letter re'ad ns follows
"To Any Old Authority , Newspaper , Core
ner , etc. This Is Just a case of 'shuflllnfC
off this mortal cell , ' or attempting to do so ,
for ono can never bo sure that the most
carefully laid plans will bo successful , anil
this , Ilko almost every net of my life , 1st
careless and bungling so far. "Who am I-
I have no friends. I am glad of that , for
there will bo no mourners. lron suld hla
ono regret was thnt ho left nothing that
caused u tear. My case Is the same , but
I don't regret It at nil. Hopelessly handi
capped by bad health , by injustice , and by
disappointment , I give up the struggle. C
die because I cannot live. "
.V AVIilovM-rV Mrun r Trlliutr ( o ( he.
Memory or HIM Wife.
For Bevtrnl years Louis l.elir , a laboring ;
man of Memphis , Tonn. , lias earriid with
him as hlH constant companion u can look
ing much like an oiillnnry p.ilnt or oil
leceptacle , with a top which scievv.s on , but 7
which , so far as any one know * , liaH never- '
been removed.
If he had been neai with the can only
once or twlco or a dozen times It might ;
not have attracted attention , but vvheix
theMe who know Lehr found that this com
monplace object wan the constant com
panion of Ills llfo , night and day , they be
gan to wonder what U contained. Some or
them asked him about It , now jokingly anil
ngaln seriously , but be mn-er hud anjr
satisfactory answer to give.
The thing when lie got up In they
morning Lebr got the can Ho carried It
to tlioailous points about the city where
Ills ( lutlfH culled him. Ho mood It , vvhllcr
ho worked , wlicie lie eonld wee It con
stantly , and Kolnir homo In the evening bu
carried It can-fully with him. At night It
Ktaiuls on a llttlo table close lo his bed
side , where he can nee it readily when lie *
The longer these who knew him w-atclieil
this performance ) tin- more mysterious did
It Keem , and the more lively WUH thelr-
One day last spring home- fellow laborers
thought to piny u Jolco on Lehr by rcniovlnir
the curious little can when ItH owner vvaa
not looking and hiding ItVhen the usu
ally quiet and reserved innn discovered ,
that the precious objeot WUH gene 1C
elmngril him Into something Ilko a miiil- The two ciilpiltH , abiimed bjIH ) ! ex-
olted state , confe.ssed their Joke and re
turned tlio can.
Ifl II bad not been for the Interference ot
others Lclir might have KOIIO to tlio gal
lows for day's vvoik. Ilefoio help ,
could n.icli them both men had been felled ,
by an Iron bar that stood linndy. anil , an It
\vn thought at the ( line , fatally Injured.
They recovered afleiward , but the Incident
Hliowul mote clearly than ever the Intensity
tensityof Lehr's feelings about the mj-ti-
terloiiH can
It now appeals that the can contained
Hie ashes of his iluid wife. At bei dcatli
HIO | bad uiiue.stcd that her body bu cie-
matecl Lebr carried nut her wish and ,
luaitbroken nt bur death , determined never-
to bo Hcparntu ] from her UHhcu. This uc-
coiiutH for his constant earn of the tin.
tun , or urn , an It proved to bo.
ClIIINC Of ( Kil-ltl'IIICIII. .
Chicago Post : The enthusiastic patriot
became oxeltul
"I Hie tliuo IH great excitement at th *
navy j-aul , " ho said
The man who was just an much of a pa
triot but not unite so vociferous about It
Inclined bin head.
"It Is unquestionably true. " ho said "t
untlcmt.ind they caught ono of the marines' IvT
t'ving to 'rush tlio can. ' "
P$25ac $ c&sfc5d > e 5 > c2 >
It will conlliuc lo lie a
llciides will hive
and oilier § | > lal fealurci will be
JOContsnCopy 84,00 a year
HARPER & DHOTHER8 , Publishers , Now York