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ram. ' on and photo supplier , No. 12 prnrl
Bf " 01 t
judge l.cwln of nirpwood vas ft Hlutfs
tiiltor ln t evening.
I * II Hill Is In St. Louis attending a .iicol
iif ? of haidwnro men.
Mrs 1'nd Hlnkcr of North I'latte , Nib ,
In n guest of Mr . W. Ketn
Deputy SheillTfc Ooi.-.pun , Haite : ard
Wclghtinan nro In DCS M'jlncs.
Tlio youi g | ipilc | ) nf llio I'l.-st Presbyterian
give nn Initial pnrly In the cMireh
tlilo uMili'K. ' . Uvtijbody Invllid.
Mr li A. Cfihpcr Kavc 1111 aftcrtoon eotfce
jrnterdiy nt htr icnldenre on imt : iMerce
CM cot Tlicro vvore about llilrl.v-flvo ladl i
niiHtlc Itl'oada , llio tr.imn. h cald to
rtilnk from vxanhmg u different from
uooh'im unit to tlio Kaglc laundi ) . They
novcr shrink. 721 Ilroadway.
Lily Camp Aid torlety meets Friday aftcr-
nooii nt 2 30 at tlio rcwldinro uf Mm. I' . It.
\Vllid , 73S Washington avenue Ko/al
Kelghbom of Am" ! lea aio requested to be
All members of Martha Washington camp ,
No 12 , 1'atilotlo Older Daughters of Amer
ica , aio ierricsti < l tu nttrti'l tlio meeting to
night hi the hall , 101 Main Httcct. election
of ofltccin.
All person * Interested In the norlc of the
Huniane suilcty of this city arc ( ordlall )
Invited .ind urged to attend a meeting which
will bo held In the parlor * of the V. ? l. C
A nt 3 o'clock this afternoon.
Miss Nclllo Johnson was taken suddenly
III nt the High selioal jcsterdayhcrc > he
! a pupil. 1'rof Haydi'ii called a carriage
and had hrr tuKen to her home , 711 Mill
street , and a physician called
Tlio I'ajlon Comedy company , tlio at
traction at the Italian ) all next week , \i \ the
strongest repertoire attiactlon In tlio vest ,
carrjliu ; u cemian > of twenty people , a
magnificent band and orchestra and a clear ,
acting company The opening bill Is the
great four-act PoiiH.UIoral Atneil'n.i comedj ,
"A Midnight Cull " Lcdlts. are free on Mo.i-
d.iy night when accompanied by an escort
holding one SO-cfiil re'vi ved tent ticket. The
Kilo of et'ats opens this mornlni ; at Selter'n
drug store. With llio I'trong attractions nt
jiopular prices llio hoiiie should be packed
all next week.
R. Kaedale I ( .turned ycsteiday from an
extended western and southern trip He
went directly from Council Hluffa to Seattle ,
thence to llrlttah Columbia and Ihen by
ocean plcamor to Portland and San Fran
clsto Dilrlng twenty-four hours of the
ocean trip the ship was In a storm , and the
Bluklng up that Kasdalo received was so
much moie severe than any he ever received
while discharging hla duties as a policeman
In Council Uluffn lhat It made him very
sick. From San Francisco he went to Mexico
ice and saw enough to ( onvlnco him that
hn acted wisely when ho delayed starling
upon hlH trip until he got a chance , lo vote
agalnut free silver.
C n. Vlavl Co. , female remedy. Medical
consultation free Wednesdays. Health hook
furnished. 309 Mcrrlam block.
N. Y. Plumbing company. Tel. 250.
Iloston Store will bo open every evening
until nftei Chrlstinao.
Fresh meats. Ilartlctt ( irpccry Co.
Mixed nuts , fie pound. Drown'H C. 0. D.
Hool.rrH fur ClirlMlmil * 1'rt-ti'titi
Don't forget that 3. S. Keller has the
finest line of rockcra and chairs at the lowu&t
Nine liars silk soap for 25c. Urown's C.
0. D.
Tnli'M nf u Hit ) Tramp.
The police entertained a little black
midget last night who gave the name of Ud
linker. He drifted Into the station during
the early part of the evening and rinlcklv
got upon terms of familiarity with Captain
Maltby and the night force. The boy said
his futhcr taId ho was 1C jcuis old , "bill
I think , " said Ihe boy , "the old man's mis
taken. I think It's about twelve yoant ago
that I got ditched In this 'ere world. " The
boy had just come In on the trucks of a pas-
ecngcr car from Milwaukee , and for several
hours he entertained the otllccrs wllh amus
ing and glowing accounts of his travels all
over the United States. He Is a product ol
Council llluffx , and for that reason ho felt
no icluUnnco In calling at the station when
ho arrived after a long absence. He run
away from hta home hero three jcara ago
and hati since been seeing all that could be
BCCII by traveling \\bere\cr railway llnc
run Ho grew confidential and gave Cnp-
tnln Mallby several bints thai he declared
vumld bo of nac lo him If he ever vvcnl out
on thu roud. IIIx accounts of bis experiences
and narrow escapes from being killed v\erc
amusing nnd often pathetic. Once uhlle rid
ing on the trucks of a paf engcr train Unit
v\ns just pulling out of a fltnllon he had a
thrilling experience. A long utrnp vsas at-
laehcd to his bootblacklng kit. One end of
It \\a u rapped flrmly around his \\rlst , and
uhllu gulling Into a comforlablo position
on Ihe trucks the kit was placed above
one of the axles. The box fell v\llli llio sirup
ociess the iixlo and In some manner was
cairled nronnd the slowly revolving axle.
The child could not loosen the strap from
hla urisl and Iho winding of It was pulling
him from his position to death. The little
fellow held to his position , "for I knoued , "
nald ho , "Hint It uas between me and the
strap. I was stronger than the strap , an'
It broke , an" I staid , but It pretty near took
my arm out. an' of course I never see thu
box any more. " Ho showed a deep scar
around his little black wilst where the blrap
had torn the llcsli biforo U gave wax-
Parties having IIro Intmranco policies writ *
ten by 1 : . H Odell that need attention should
call on Moss 10. Day & I loaf , 3'J Pearl street ,
general Insurance agents.
Bartlctt Grocery Co. has two stores , one
opposite poslofllcc , one Elghlh street and
Uroad w ny. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Iloston Sloro will bo open every evening
until after Christmas.
I < \ W. Dean , M. D. , eye , ear , nose and
throat. 241 Me-rlam block.
Mixed candy. Cc pound. Urown's C. O. D.
Hartlett Grocery Co.'s big I ) flour , 99c.
If fill KNtnlo TrniiNfrrx ,
The following real estalo transfers v\cro
reported ) ostorday at the olllco of J. W.
Squlro :
Sheriff to Scotllsh-Ainerlcnn Invesl-
iin-iit romp my. lotH 7 nnd S , liloclc
h ; lotH 1 iiiul : , block 14 ; lot 1 , block
4 ; lots C , 7 nnd , block 5 , Poller &
Cobb'H ailil , H ( I $ 621 30
Annie ( In'on nnd husband to ThomiiB
Green , lot 17 , block 1 , aunnyslde ,
w d 25000
A V Larimer to Joseph ( illmoic ,
i-j-G \ vv'ine'i 15-77-41. l e il 1 00
12 11 OJi'll. triiHlee , lo ticottlxh-Amor-
Icutt InvpMtmi'tit I'nmn.inv tnt * .
block 7. UviTi'tt'H mid q c il
IMuunl I ? Hnnce nnd wlfo to Charles
K Klmliall. part lol 2. block 40 , iv-
erell'H add. w d
Mitggln A Mnlthnl et nl. to Mnry
A Allen nnd IMtlh N WeslerdnCii.
part lot IS. orkliml pint , w d
A N Cliase nnd wlfo to Corn 1C Mc-
Carly , lots 1 , 2 nnd 3 , block 11 , Oak
land , vv d
S W Henley to Snrnli SI HeHloy , lotH
1 to 8 , block 1 , Hetdey'H mihdlv , vv il
Joidnli Danfortli to William A
llrlileenmn. lotH 10 , 11 , -1 nnd 22 ,
block 11 , Howard's ndd , w d
Mnry A Allen et nl. to MIIKK | A
Mill thai , purl lot JS , original plat ,
vv d
CliurloH 1 > llniHlan nndlfo to Uiku
Mnnawn lmd eomp.iny , undivided
M4 acres In VI acres in neV4 11-71-
It , < i c il
Chicago , Hoek lulntul Af 1'nclllo llnll-
v\ny eompany to A J Steplicnson ,
Kunnllaii , iif'J ni'U 1S-T-I-4. , vv il
Dnvld Henry nnd wlfo lo John H nnd
AIIIOH A Henry , vvli wvU 7-T7-1I ,
vv il
Chicago , Iloek Ixlnnd & I'nelllc Hallway -
way eompany to Orlu W ll.irlon ,
n'i vv\4 \ 6-7(1-39 ( , < i c tl
I < I' Jndxon nnd wlfo to C T Ilrue-
Kenheinkf , part uwi4 neU 21-77-12 ,
vv il
James U Unvldbon and wife to Hllcn
A Wleklnun , lotx 5 nnd G , block II ,
CurtlH A ; ItaniHcy'H add , and H "S
feet lot H. block B , JackRon'H add ,
w U
Fruits of All to Bo Shown in a Big
Combination Exhibition
HID CculturNI : : < . | i < Tturni Cniii-
lii-Utlnii fni' Thi'lr I'riMiiliiniN ami
I'd u llr ) f'a'irlrr * Kium Tltoy
V. Ill MIMC .Manx tlxlilliltor.t.
The nUcmsn hulldlnM being rapidly
transformed Into a comforti.blc place for
Iti-ciilng 1,500 chlikenn , duckr. , geese and olher
fowls that arc expected to be on exhibition
at the- annual sho-v of the I'ottawnttamlc
1'oultiy , Fnr.n end Oardnn asaoclntlon , lo be
he-Id here next week. At least that number
of blida will be on exhibition and prepara
tions tan bo made for even a larger number.
In addition to the feathery tribe that will
or-cnpN the thiee floors above tlia flrsl Ihere
v.Ill ho an excellent display of fruit by the
Southwestern Iowa Horticultural society
that meets during the same week. So far
only two counties , Mllln and 1'ottawallamlc ,
have cntutd for the county exhibits , but a
large number of Individual displays will be
niude The local fruit men have been hard
nt work this fall gelling together the mosl
credltiiblo display ever made by them and
thej promise lo give Mills county a more
lulereitlng eonti it lhan for some lime.
The premiums for llio heal county dli-
plnv aio $10 , $ S and $0 ; for the best Indi
vidual display , $8 , $ B nnd $1 , for Ihe best
canned fruit and vcgelable , fC , J4 and $2.
In order to make llio general exhibit an nl-
traell/e as poslblu an additional Induce
ment has been offered for the most artistic
fruit design. The prizes for these will bo ,
$10 , $ S and $0. Premiums are also offered for
the best grain and ueed exhibit and for
butter and other household products. There
It. gieat Interest being laken In Ihls depart
ment of the show , as the wives and daughters
of Hie members are determined lo exceed
their efforts of Inst jear , when such a fine
( olleellon of bread , cakes and preserved
fruits was exhibited. In the list this year
are biscuits , cookies , ginger snaps , dough
nuts and various kinds of cake. All these
must bo entered .Monday , on which day they
aio lo have been baked.
The i-ntrlcu for the chicken show arc coni
ng In most encouragingly , nnd the com
bining of the Interests of the local Institu
tion nnd those of the Omaha poultry fanciers ,
has been the of
means ntlraUIng
many e\-
hlbllois from all parts of Nebraska and
elsewhere llmt have never before como to
Council Illufls.
The entrance to the
show will be appro
priately decorated. The windows have been
offered to the Iwo lloilsts of the city , but
they have not decided to dccoralo na on
foimcr years The windows will be used by
the Iwo rarlt'tlej and one will bo typical of
the poultry fancier nnd Ihe other of llio
fruit grower.
'Pie chicken show , will open Monday and
Urn Horticultural society meeting Ihe next
day nnd continue for three daya The
poultry fanciero will be hero all week.
A meeting of lliu Grape Growers' aoaocla-
llon was held > cstcrday afternoon nt the
ofllce of Secretary Hereld on Upper llroad-
way All of the members of thu decorating
committee selected to take charge of llio
exhibit tlio association will make at the
SoulhweMcrn Iowa Horticultural Society ex-
Itlblt at the poultry who.v were present. They
were D J Smith. J. A. Hcrcld , L. O. Wil
liams. Alex Wood I , A. Camper , F. J. Wllcox
and Joe Mcl'hcreon. For n hour the mem
bers discussed plans for preparing Ihelr
exhibits. Secretary Hcrcld reported t"iat the
management of the exposition had given
them all of the easl side and the wall of
the niKinan building If lliey required it
The matter of making Ihe deigns for tlio
cxhlhllB brought forth a great deal of dlscus-
Klon. Aa there Is to bo a sharp competi
tion among the designers nnd In the designs
the association felt that the selection of
llio men lo make llio design way of llio
grcalest Importance. The opinion was unan
imous thai Mr. Casper was tlio proper person
lo originate nnd execute llio plan , and In
I'plle of his molest demurrers he was dl-
iccted to do the work and call upon the
other members of the committee for w lint-
over help and material wnt ) needed. U Is
certain Hint Mr Casper will call Into piny
all of his skill and fancy In designing and
executing the work , and as bo has unlimited
mateilal 11 will bo tomclhlng nice.
llaplill ) IlliMiili-il.
Wo vcntnio to say that our toro Is the
bc t arranged in the city , tilled wllh tare
gems of diamonds , fine Jewelry , walches and
chains , silverware and ll\er novelties.
Wo make specially low prices on table cut
lery , carving n ts and full lea huts , quadruple
plato. C. U JACQUKMIN & CO. ,
27 South Main street.
The women of the Unity Guild will serve
meals today at 401 Broadway from 11.30 to
2 p in. and from fi-30 to 7 p. in.
Wanted , position as stenographer by lady
of ten years' expo'lencc. S , lleo ofllce.
Iloston Store vvll ! be open eveiy evening
until after Christmas.
No betlcr flour made lhan Daitlelt Gro
cery Co.'s big A , $1 10.
Fancy Now- York apples , Jl.EO per barrel.
Hiown's C. O. D.
DlNlrlcl ( ' ( iiirlolfN. .
T.ic National Cash Ueglslcr company baa
broughl suit agalntl Iho liurtlctt Grocery
company for the poswisslon of n cash regis
ter. The machine Is valued at $200. The
plaintiff stales lhat the register was wild
to I'ratt & Cllne of Omaha lasl February.
One of the conditions of Iho sale was that
they were to pay all Ihe notes duo on the
register before II could leave their POIUCP-
flon. The Hartlett company claim that they
bought the machine from Meyer & Haapke
of Omaha. Judgment la asked for the re
turn of the machine and $22.CO for the UPO
of It since the demand was made.
In the superior court the cnso of Pyle
ngalnst Wllllanm was submitted yesterday ,
T.IO action wau tried some time ago and
Involves a disputed draft amounting to
about a hundred dollars.
Judge Green took the case of Pcycko Dros.
ngalnst John T. Hazcn from the jury ycs-
terdny by agreement of the parties In
terested , The point at liuuc was held to bo
one simply of law and not of fact and will
be decided later by the court.
The care of Michael Goodwin against the
Travelers Protective association for $500
benefits for an accident lhat he Buffered
was tried before Judge- Green yesterday. The
defense pet up by Iho Insurance company
was lhat the plaintiff 'had ' changed his occu
pation during the life of Ihu policy , male-
1 11 1him n morn hazardous risk , and thus
not bringing him within the scope of llio
policy ap al llrsl Iwued. The cneo WBB given
lo the Jury at C o'clock last evening.
Go to Ilartlctt Grocery Co. 'a flour sale.
Illinium * .So r ! < ! > ! l
Uev. Henry , as president of the
local branch of the National Humane so
ciety , 1ms called a meeting of the society
to take place Ihls evening In Ihe parlors
of Ihe Young Men's Christian association
The Invitation Is cxtendiM to all persons
not members of the society who take an
Interest In Its work to bo present. The
society has had lltllo more than a theoret
ical existence In Council Illuffs , and has
never been respoimlble for a prosecution
but the members now propose to make It
an active organisation that will bo the
means nf protecting whatever Is unable to
prolect Itbclf , The members at the meet
ing tonlKht will familiarize themselves with
all of the stale lawn under which the- so
ciety can bring. prosecutions , and will also
inako an effort to Increase the member
ship , _
Uest pork loin roast , 5c a pound , Urown's
C. 0. U. _
Iloston Store will be open every evening
until after Chrlstm&u.
Bartlett Grocery Co.'i big A flour , fUO.
. \fitii : \s TO TIII : MV < S PXVIMS.
Ainonu :
on ( linl Tiiilr | riniill ) i < > ltli-il.
All misunderstanding In relation to the
slag paving on Ix > wcr Uroadwny was re
moved for the time being at the meeting of
the Joint committee of the board of super
visors and the city council last evening.
Colonel linker had raised Ihe question nt
Ihe session of Ihe commlltco n few dajs
ago that the work was being Improperly
done because Ihe slag was being put down
on the frozen roadbed Ho also Insisted
thai llio lime limit of December 15 should
be enforced. Since them , however , he has
been Investigating the matter and he voted
with the rest of the Joint committee to
extend the time for the completion of the
work until June 1. He Insisted thai Ihls
lime should be slrlclly enforced , nnd that
a penalty of $25 n day should bo fixed
for failure to comply with these terms of
the contract.
Dr. flarstow presided last evening , nnd
all the members of the- Joint committee
were In atlendance cxccpl Supervisor Auld.
George F. Wright was present to represent
the motor company , as they had contributed
$1.000 to Iho Improvement. Mr. Wright
was In favor of letting the contractor go
ahead with the work nil winter as the
weather pcrmllled , and urged that the
tlmo. bo extended until Juno 1 for the final
completion of Ihe work.
Mr. Wlckham stated that ho had been
delayed In getting the slag along. In
stead of gelling ten carloads a day , as he
had contracted for , he had only been able
to got three or four. Ho hail no object
In delaying the work , as the roller he was
using cost htm $7 a day , and ho was as
anxious as anyone to get llnougli.
Colonel Daker stated that ho objected
to the manner In which the large pieces
were- being put In , as this would make them
work lo llio lop of the street nnd prevent
It from packing properly. The other mem
bers of the Joint committee were perfectly
willing lo consent to any requirement thai
Colonel Ilakcr might ask as lo lime for-
fell , nnd the matter was all satisfactorily
Tlin - < o Glenn I'p.
It Is getting about time there should be
a general cleaning up. This nice weather
gives a person time to think how much nicer
the city would look If the Htreets were
cleaned up and put In shape before winter
sets In. The merchants also rtallze that U
is time to clean up n little and get rid of
olds and ends. Hughes , Iho Men's oulflller
at 415 Droadvvny , has caupht the fever nnd
has commenced cleaning up. He Is mak'ng
a great cut on remnants In Shoes , Under
wear , Caps , Gloves , etc. , before the holiday
Irnde fairly eels In and will devote this
week to cleaning up. Hotter drop around
You may find Just what jou are looking for
and get a bargain.
ClirlxltniiH t'roNcntu for lien.
Longlcy ami Dunlap hata.
Louis Auerbach's fine neckwear , Just re
ceived from New York.
Smoking Jackets , dressing gowns , bath
Fancy vests , fancy shirts , silk and linen
Hoffmayr's fancy patent flour makes the
best nnd most bread. Ask > our grocer for It.
23 Ibs. fine granulated sugar , $1.00.
Ilroun'8 C. 0. D.
Fine lUcry for parties and dances , Ogdcn
Livery , 158 Broadway. Telephone S3.
Hlg U flour , 90c ; good enough for anjbody.
liartlett Grocery Co.
Durfco Furniture Co.'s great removal sale
Is now In full blast. You In It ?
If jou want a bargain In watches and
diamond's call nt Snjdcr's , 323 n'way.
Bartlclt Grocery Co.'s big A flour , $1.10.
Visit C. O. D. Brown's toy department.
Dt'M MiihifH OllU-lnls' I.IXIMIlltiNlmNH
MrtlmilH CIIIINI * ComiilliMitloiiH.
DCS MOINES , Dec. 10. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The dally clly hall scandal came
forward today. It develops that the work
men In Iho east sldo Intersecting sewer are
about to o on a strike for their wages. The
city has been paying the contractors regu
larly , but Ihe men have not been paid. There
Is about $5,000 due them , and Iho work
would have been completed in a few dass
The city has been paying In oitlmatcs to the
full amount of work done , and indications
are that , as the contractors nro not finan
cially reliable. Iho city will have to pay
about $4,000 of the labor clalrcs. It Is one of
the results of loose business methods.
OlllcMTM for tin * Ailll-Mlliion I.rnuriu * .
WASHINGTON. Dec. 10. The meeting of
the American Anti-Saloon league , which lias
been In session this week , adjourned toJay
The reporl of Ihe board of dlicctors. which
was submitted and adopted was as follows
"Wo recommend the following aa members
of the executive committee Hcv A. J
Keiiiett. D. D , LLD. Philadelphia , Mrs
Annie Wlttenmeycr , Samtnga , Pa. ; Mra Mar
garet II Plait , Washington , D. c , Hcv. II
A. Tnppcr , D D. , Baltimore ; Ilev. 13. C
Dlnwlddlo , Hnrrlsburg , Pa. ; Itcv. W G. Alex
ander , 1) D. , Atlanta. Ga : Uev. F. M. IM-
waids , South Honton. Va. ; .Mrs. F. M. Ilradcy ,
Washington. D. C "
The board also recommended that Colum
bus , O. , shall be the place , and January 11 ,
12 and 13 , 1SUS. the tlmo of holding Ihe next
annual convention. AUo that the league
adopt the following article to the constitu
tion "The principal odlce of the league
shall bo at Washington , I ) . C. "
Wt'Ntfril I'lllOlltM fi I'll II It'll.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 10. ( Special. )
Patents have been Issued as follows : Nc-
baska Luther II. Barnes , Nemaha , wrench ;
Finis M. Barney , 131m Creek , power trans
mitting gear ; William Clajpolo and C. n.
Dooley , Goring , water elevator ; Sabina Heyn ,
Omaha , opera glass shield.
South Dakota .Mark D. Wheeler , Hedflold ,
strainer for artesian wells.
Iowa Albert J Gary , Denison , folding
box ; Olus Gates , Ksthcrvllle , hog catching
and lifting machine ; Lcander Pellon , Des
Molncs , broom sewing machine ; Ferdinand
Hclmers , Davcnporl , culllvator or plow ;
Itomulus H , Richmond , Charlton , automatic
machine gun ; Robert M. Saint , DCS .Molncs ,
music writing machine ; John L. Sullivan ,
Albla , mall bag crane ; Irvln D. Walker and
L. G. Nllsan , Sioux Clly , rail bond.
Olllllllll Itllllll Will IHllt > I.1MV Illlll'N.
CHICAGO , Dec. 10. The Omnlni loiul IniB
given notice of Its Intention to mnko n
rule of one faro for llio round trip from
St. Pnnl nnd MlnnenpollH to Hie national
IrrlKiitlon congress , which Is lo ho held In
PhCH-nlx , Ailz , December 15 lo 17.
5ts fie-
It littf
" "
ilcllt / s/G/j . s >
tT"1 ( & & * & & & WP
EVERY WOMAN nccu > a relfabl/
inoiillily regulating intxliclnf
Are prompt. Rafe and certain In result. Tim eena
oo ur. ) IVal'H ) ii vi'rdli iuiJ < ) iiit. bmciuivwaora
Bhcrninn & McConnel Unit' Co. 1513
street. OmnhJ. Neb ,
The Perfume of Violets
The purity of the Illy , thu Klow of the rose ,
and the fluuli of Hobu combine In I'OZZONI'I
wondrous I'owdcr ,
Acousctl Denies thnt Ho Qqmiulttcil the
Forgorj ns AllogpJf
T of UKnt > rciiiiiiu ( , tie vti'
or UKCrhiH - If Any , rMimilil
lie INdilillNluMl , UN
MASON CITY , la. , Dec. 10. ( Special Tele
gram , ) The cnso ot the Plate of Iowa nRnlni't
\V. B. Dullard , who last vs Inter tilled the le-
snonslbto position of sorofiry of the ente ,
vsas called for trial thlo morning In the
Wright county court , Judge Uardwll pre-
sldlnc. The cnso has nvvakcnctl conpidernble
Interest throtiRhoul the stnle on nccount of
the prominence altnlned by the de
fendant. The facts the state ntteniils | lo
subslanllalo are tint In Ueecmber , ISO I , Ihe
defendant forged a note for $ GOO signed by
131 and Mary Kcpllnger. payable lo Mrs. U
13. Dullard , mother of the defendant , duo live
yoaro from date , nt 7 psr cent Interest. A
niorleaKo V\H Issued nt the same time cov-
erliiR Ihe propeily of these partlca and rre-
tendlnK lo bo security for tide note. Thcru
v\im also an abstract with the pipers nnd an
Insurance policy. In April , 1S96 , Mrp. U. U.
Dullard brought the nolo agilnst the Kcp-
llnRcri' , tnorlKapo and nbslract to the Io\\i
Valley b nk nnd deposllcd them for interest
collection. They notified Kepllngcr mil he
denied the Hlgnatnre. The bank olll'crs noti
fied Mrs Dullaul and she secured the pa-
perj and. ns t'he ' admits , burned them.
At the conclusion of the state's evidence
defendant's counsel moved to dlwnlw the
case , which was denied. It In staled that
the defendant will claim that ho executed tin
papers to please his mother , v\ho delights In
her display of notes nnd mortuaRes.
Party III Io ii CnllM n MiTlhiB for
DriM'lillMT - ! ) .
DKS MOINKS. Dec. 10. ( Special Tele
gram ) The democinlle slalc committee will
hold a big meeting here December 20. The
call has Just been Issued by Secretary 12
M Carr. Kvery district commltlocman Is
asked lo invite n largo number of leading sil
ver men In hla district , and It la cxpectel
300 to 400 leading silver men will be present
Democrats , silver republicans nnd ropullsts
will bo Invited The meeting will be behind
clctjed doors , and will discuss means for re
uniting Iho factions of the party In Iowa , as
well ns llio outlook for silver The state
committee at this mcellng will probably
chocso a new clinl.inan , anil It U definitely
known that National Sccictary Walsh wants
the plase. He lies been nominally support
ing Sccrelary Carr for Ihe place , who has no
possible chance of gcltlni ; It , and shaping
matters GO that the result will bo a division
and the selection of Wnlah as a compromise
Siililli-rs' Iloini * TnixtcfM n f Inuii Will
Sol Am-Mli'il. .
DKS MOINCS , Dee. 10 ( Special Tele
gram. ) An agreement was finally effected
today by which the officers of the Soldiers
homo nl Marshalllown wll | not be'arrcatcd
for violation of federal pension laws. Dis
trict Attorney Pullen agreed [ to this after
a long conference , and the warrants al
ready Issued vvll I not be served The of
ficers and trustees ogno to appear before
the court at any date that may bo fixed
for trial. They will be called in some time
next week. _
limn Manic rioMcx UN DnorN.
HAUI AN , In. , Dec 10Spe ( lal Telegram )
UanK Cx.xminer Kred I'cnnelt COEU ! Iho J
doors of lite llarian - ' . . L..uK todiy nil i c
failure of the bnnlt to i.mke , i piopcr
Ing of Its ralvcr.ry. 0. J niid 1) ) M W > lnnd
conducted n prUalo bank licio rlnce IS" ' ,
but \\lthlti the I'ist ) i > ar or anl7cd n slate
bank , capital $10,000 , one half owned by John
Klngery , Klngery came hero from Alnp-
worth , Neb , mil as caahlcr did not gel
well with ihe older rie"iber of the corpora
tion and withdrew his cuplinl. The Kink's
deeron cil eapltil nnd depreciated secnrllles
led to the failure The oillcers of the
b-uik have turned over their realtj for the
benefit of their creditors Two of the lurncK
firms , Tlnslry Hrof. ind Dr. W > lnnd. are
Involved , the former having mnde an as < lgn-
SW MI " l.ntiil * In .Tnll.
SIOUX CITY , Dec. lO.-iSpeclal Tolc-
gram ) K. Strom , llio "M > < iteilous Sv.ede. "
got Into Jail today and m do himself more
nosterlons than ever , liewai. . niicsied
and fined for assault upon .1 boy , and when
put In Jail In default of payment was
searched and C rents taken from him
The bailiff declared he , oarehed him thor
oughly , but a few minutes later Strom
sent out money and honght tobacco for
all llio Inmates of the Jail. Uo then sent
for two lending Masons of the city , wlu ex
amined him nnd declared he Is u
thirty-second degree Mnton Jn good stnnd-
uo Itropon tin Juivn
SIOUX CITY. Dec. --Speclnl ( l'cli' rani )
Oeorgo M. Collln deputy lomptrollni ot the
treasury , arrived In SlotK City tul.iy from
Washington lo txo vvhftt eonll be done
toward llio reopening of Ire htnltvn I'lrst
National bank. Ho ays that If tlioo In
tel eslcd can do what they s.iy Hiey ejtn
the bank will be allowed to re umo It li
the Intention to Increase Iho capital of Ihe
bank lo J300.000 , pay off most of lh" In
debtedness and eleet new officials The im-
Jorlly of Iho depositors have icsolved to
continue their deposits If Ihe bank H re
opened. _ _
! > C'nnl TIiU-vi's Vrr * M < i-iI.
SIOUX CITY , Dec. 10.- ( Special Telegram )
The Illinois Cenlral Unllru.ul company
company has been losing coal In Plcu\ City
all winter and determined upon n thoiougn
Investigation A detective was rent heie ,
who organized to caplure the tblcve Todaj
twenty nrrerts vveie made nnd tevrrnl per-
i > ons were convicted of petty larceny and tent
to Jail. Some of them were caught taking
coal In dn > light , coming for It with wheel
barrow e , carts nnd buckets In all about
150 tons of coal have been lost by the com
pany here
llorllciilliirnl .SooloJj MiTtlnjv CliiHi-M.
DHS MOIN'HS. Dec. 10 ( Special Tele
gram. ) 1 he State Horticultural socirn
closed Its sessions today , elt-e'lnt ; the fol
lowing oniccrs President , Dr. 1' M
I'owell. Glcnwood ; secittary , George Vnn-
Hontcn , Lenox ; treasurer , W. M. Dom-
berger , Ilarlan. The boclcty voKd lo re-
Imbnrso Silas Wilson , ex-lreasurcr for
$1,850 , which he lost by the failure of the
Cnss county bank In ISO I Ho made it
good to the society , and toda > It was voted
to repay the amount to him In fho annual
Installments , beginning AprU 1 , ne\t
nlNtrlliiiU-H I'piiltftiflnr )
DI3S MOINCS , Dec -Special ( Tele
gram. ) W. C. Drcmmcrnian of Doone , de
fanlllng poalmaslcr1 at that place , w.u todnj
sentenced lo three > eais in the pcnitontiar >
am to pay a $2.fiOO fine.
"Honey" Drown of Mamhalltown , lead i
of a counterfeiting gang , was given rl\
jeara and a $1,500 line.
George Dnrns nnd Charles Thomiiaon woie
sentenced to five > ears and $ .100 flno each
foi the burglary ot the Quarry postolfice
DlHtiirlii'il ii ItclluIoiiH Mci-lhip.
James Gllmore waa urres.ed lasjt night nnd
locked up on a charge of disturbing Ihe
meeting of the Salvation army during the
early part of the evening lie was unable
to plead the customary excuse of Intoxica
tion. and frankly avowed lhat he sought lo
break tip Die mcellng for Ihe reason that
tLo Salvationists were maintaining religion ! )
convlrlions nnd lenenlo lhat were Incom
patible with his Ideas.
Many thousand dollars
worth of valuable articles
suitable for Christmas
gifts for the young and
old , are to be given to
smokers of Blackwell's
Genuine Durham To
bacco. You will find
one coupon inside each
two ounce bag , and two
coupons inside each four
ounce bag of Blackwell's '
Durham. Buy a bag of
this celebrated tobacco
and read the coupon
which gives a list of val
uable presents and how
to get them.
Would-bo competitors CLAIM to linvo made them
selves heard in the CANVASS for the better patron-
ngo of Western Iowa and the GKKAT state of Nc-
bnibka , but there is ono CANDIUATE for the Intel
ligent VOTI- : that up to the latest KETUKNS
places beyond doubt the original and genuine Sand
wich Adams Corn Shollors bus hud u greater number
of Hub's in tlil-i territory than all other corn shullerd
combined. It is bard work to trot them fast enough ,
but vvo are hard worker ? Catalogue and terms
quoted on application to branch house.
Council is urns.
OflJcoTchphono No. 80. Manager' * ) Residence Tol.OJ. !
TWIN Gin DY WOHXS Council Bluffs , Iowa.
CAPITAL , . $100,009
wis nusiiiB voun COLLIOTIO.\S. :
OIIH week , cummericInK Moniluy , Drc , U ,
Hupitortlni ;
DYKING AND CI.KANINfi Oprnlni ; bill , l-urt Ainerlcun tfii utlonul comuly ,
Clothing , Dress and Houston I.mlleH IrtH Monday nlKlit , Hvcry liuly aiccim-
panltit by an cucort lioHIni ; one We imlil ticket
OMAHA OKKICB-1411 K-rnain. Tel. 1121. will lie udrnltluil free , Our prlc'n ) Cc. ZOo no
COUNCIL DI.UFFS-Worlu atd OIQc * . Cor. lilvhcr. Kcat iai ) op tin iiclUri' dru moiti Fri
nuo A and Htli Hi , T L 115. day mornlne.
I n-IRISTMAS is coming and do you
" " " "know any one who wouldn't
like a Camera for a Christmas present ?
Anybody can take a picture nowadays -
days and everybody would like to if
they only had a camera. You can get
more real pleasure out of it than any
thing you own. You can take snap
shots of your friends you can photo
graph your pets you can get pictures
of beautiful scenery. _ * _ * t t to t „ * „ *
"TUB COMET" Is n small but
perfect pocket magazine Camera ,
cm vying sulllclent Him for four
pictures without reloading.
The Him can be developed nnd
pletme > 4 printed nt n. cost of
about 20 ceiiN per dozon.
The Illustrations will give you
an itlo.i of the ilzo of picture
tnltcn with "Tho Comet. "
If desired they can be culm god ' 1 *
at a very small coat.
Four new subscribers for three weeks each
Three new subscribers for four weeks ettcli
Two new subscribers for six weeks eacli
to The Omaha Hee , prepaid at the rale of 15 cents a week ,
paper to be delivered in Omaha , Council Bluffs or South
Omaha by carrier , or sent elsewhere by mail
"TUB UOMKT" Is Hindiof stroiiR innterlul , Is lionu-
tlfully covered with blnck Icathurottc uiul Is of the very
It cannot not out of order nnd It nrnctlc.illy Indc-
structablu. Should any pails of It be mislaid or loaf ,
all parts arc made Intcr-
they can easily be replaced , as
"Til 15 COMIVr" will take Picture one Inch square
or a louuU pluluio out' Inch In diameter.
Tlie dlu'ctlons are so simple a child ran succi'ssfullj
use It. The operation of taking a picture Is simply to
point the camera and pi ess a button.
Its Biiinll sire enables it to lie cairlcd with no Incon- in = i
vonlcnco when a peison would hesitate about beingp , .
burdened with a more unwleldly Instiument. - " -JS4Ml l
Size of "Tho Comet" la U Inches ; weighs S'iIts"iTyS '
three ounces. < & \
Eight new subscribers for three weeks each
Six new subscribers for fear weeks each
Four new subscribers for six weeks each N
Three new subscribers for eight weeks each
Two new subscribers for twelve weeks each
Prepaid at the rate of 15 cents a week , paper to be de
livered in Omaha , Council Bluffs or South Omaha by car
rier , or sent elsewhere by mail
The "Crescent" us n IilKli-Rrndc , first
t'liiss cniuern Is not only n snrpilHo ,
lint a delight to the thor.miixls now
usiiiK them In pipreienee 'o nil others.
It tnKes n photoKiiiph < ec by three
Ini'lii'.s , the sine of the nccoinpnnylng
pic-tine. The hl/.e of the cninuin Is <
by 1 byI Incht.s.
The "Ciesecnt" Is vvnrinntcd to lie
f iht-i'ltibs In every pnrtlenlnr mill cijinil
to r.ny $10.00 luiiul camera on thu mar
Tin"Cre cpnt" Is the latest thliiK out
In tiie camera line. They vveio fliHt
Introduced In October , IWKi , and thu
enormous * , ali of moro than _ 0,000 the
( list month Illustrates thu Kieat'.ii'iiiand
for a p pnlar lil 'h wtiulu camern.
Tin * "Crescent" Is equipped with nn achromatic1 lens Kiound fioin the
finest Impelled optical tflass , mndi > oxpiosly for thu "Cic.stent" caincia and
warranted to give equal If not bettor icsnlts than the lenses found In Inslin-
menls costing from J..VM ) to . 1'J.OO.
The "Criv-eont" shutter Is probably the most peifcet over used on n hand
camera. It Is adapted to InManlunuons or tlmo o.xposnre , and can be changed
from one to the other In a second.
The "Crescent" Is adapted to either plates or 111ms , but as boiler results
are Invaihibly obtained from plales at a oApjiibo , we recommend their
use lii the "Ciesecnt , " at Iwist to start with.
N. B , A new Biib-
Eoribor under this olfor
be ono who has nut been
tnkinf ; tlio Hoc through
our ofllco or H'H icgnlar
agents Inter than Nov.
2j , 1800.
Uring In nil subsoi-lp. . - . * sirw\v J
tlons to the business k
ofllco of The Kco , Room
JUO , Dee Buiiain ; ; ,
Oinnhn , or No. 10 Main
Street , Counull UlulTH ,
la. , or
Omaha Bee