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    O Till : OMAHA "DAILY VHTDAY , D IK1 MM 113 K 11 , 181)0.
Incoming and Outgoing Ofllosra Pick Their
Puturo Addresses ,
Mont of Ilu HireK | Mi < n < lvi-M llnviI.o -
c-ulcil finlie ( Si-iHliiii , ! > " ! Son-
iilorn ! > o .Not S n to
lie III a Hurry.
LINCOLN. Dec. 10. ( Special. ) Prepara
tions for Iho assembly of llio Twenty-fifth
Bcsulon of the Nebraska legislature nre Kolnx
Ktoadlly forward t the state capltol. It
will convene nt noon , January G , 1S97. Tlic
work of assigning senators and representa
tives to ncats has been placed by Secretary
of State Piper In the hands of A. C. Wright ,
who had charge of the distribution of re
publican literature from the state headquar
ters during the late campaign. The senate
chamber has already been put In hapo for
the flCMlon , but the house l.s not In ns Rood
condition. Yet of the 100 members of the
house fifty-eight have already selected Hcato ,
while coniparltlvcly few of the senators )
have chosen locations In the chamber. Sen
ator Haller of Washington and Senator Con-
away of Vork were at the capltol today and
made selections for the session. They were
bulb members of the last cuate , and with
Nli'k Krltz of Pcnder and E. U. Spsticer of
Lancaster they complete the quartet of rep-
rcseiitntlvra who served In the Twenty-
fourth session , and found their way this year
Into the Hcnato. Of the republican repre
sentatives who served In the laat session
there nre returned William Sutton of Paw
nee , Patrick lloddy of Otcc. Joseph Crow of
Douglas and 0. L. House of Hall. In pro
portion to their number , this Is a better
showing of returned members than the pop
ulists exhibit , as there arc many new names
In the list who will come to Lincoln as leg
islators for the first time. Among the rad
ical populists will bo seen Representative
fioclcrman of Phclps county , who will be In
Ills old neat this winter.
Those representatives who have selected
iteats on the right of the speaker arc an fol
lows : Taylor and Dobson of Klllmoro. House
and Wclbe of Hall , ( iiiflln of Saumlcra , Kager
and Mitchell of Howard , McCarthy of Illalne.
Marshall of Washington , Young and Pollard
of Cass , Hull of Harlan , Stranb of Cass and
Otoe , Jenkins of Jefferson , ( ierdrs and Smith
of Richardson , Jones of Wayne , Plielps of
Hitchcock , Sodcrinan of Phelps , Dlaku of
Johnson and Snyder of Ncmaha , twenty-two
In all.
There are thirty-six representatives on the
left of the speaker. The Douglas county
delegation , Ilurman , Ilntler , Cox , Crow , Cur-
th. Kelker , Llildell , Hlcli and Smith , nre on
this side , and to the extreme rear of the
ecctlon. The Lancaster county people are
just ahead of them , ns follows : llurkctt.
Clark , Mills , Walto and Wlmberley. The
others on this side are Zimmerman and Hen.
rierson of York. Ilyram and Nosblt of Hurt.
Ilernard and Sutton of Pawnee. Gonhorn of
Thaycr , Cole of Kearney , Ilnrldy and Severe
of Otoe , Mann of Saline. Cblttondon. Case-
beer and Jonrs of CSflgc. Kouke of Gage and
Saline , Holhrook and Van Horn of Dodge ,
McLcod of Colfnx , Alderman of ruining ,
Klglimy of Brown and Prince of Madison.
Ed P. Smith of Omaha was today ap
pointed by Attorney Rcneral-clect Smyth as
his deputy. This Is on 'the ' authority of John
Stephens of Hastings , who was a candidate
for the position. Smith Is a free silver dem
ocrat , and succeeds George A. Day , present
idcputy under Attorney General Churchill.
While there arc many who strongly proph
esy that George Lawrence of Columbus will
lie tljp'.appolntce ' of the State Hoard of Irri
gation for secretary , It Is given out In
equally strong terms that Prof. Wilson of
the Omaha High school will be the lucky
man. While : OdvornoT"IIolcomb voted for
l awrcnco at the time of the selection of
Secretary Akers. It Is believed that the geographical
graphical location of Prof. Wilson la strongly
In hla favor. So far Omaha has shared poorlj
in the distribution of populist pie. For this
reason many are ready to bank their politi
cal sagacity on Prof. Wilson. It Is given out
that there la to be another "Pie meeting" nt
the Lincoln hotel Tuesday next. Quito likely
both the dopntyshlp of the new attorney
general and the secretaryship of the Hoard
of Irrlgatin ; . may at this meeting drop from
the now scat tlly-laden table.
The last sitting of the September term of
the Hiipreme court will be held next Tues
day. Only rehearing * and advanced cases
will bo taken up. lloth the Morgan case
nnd the sugar bounty case fall under this
provision of the court , nnd decisions are ex
pected In both.
Governor Holcomb today commissioned
Carson Hlldreth of Hnldrege ns a delegate
to the tlfth national Irrigation convention , to
1)0 hold at Phoenix , Ariz. , December 15 10
and 17 , 1S9G.
George L. Hurr of Hamilton county ha *
been apj > olnled private secretary to Congress
man-elect Stark of the Kourth district. .Mr.
Hurr Is a newspaper man. and has been In the
field for the past fourteen years. Kor four
years bo has been secretary of the con
gressional ctmmlttco of this district nnd for
the name time secretary of the Judicial central -
tral committee.
Today Selp Dundy came down from Omaha
and offered the Lincoln hotel for sale under
a judgment for $100,000 , obtained by the
Pcnn Mutual Insurance company ( ) f Phila
delphia. The property had lieen appraised
for $101.000 and had to be sold for $70000
There were no bidders. '
"While quito n number of the newly elected
state ofllclaly nro In the city and looking
nrounJ quietly for homes , fexv , if any of them
have decided where they will permanently
locate. T.iere Is also seine Indecision among
the outgoing t'tuto ' olllceru as to tlielr future
jihuiD and residences. Governor Holcomb
who now resides at 1747 A btroot. Is not cer-
In the 300
Rain Storm
the mnn got very wot. The
wetting gave him n. cold. The
cold , nocloctod , developed tea
a cough. The cough sent him
to a bed of sickness. A dose
of Ayor'o Cherry Pectoral ,
taken at the start , would
have nipped the cold in the
bud , and saved the sickness ,
Buffering , and expense. The
household remedy for colds ,
coughs , and all luug troubles is
lend ( or the "Curcbook , " 100 paces dee
J , C , Ayer Co. , I.tivcll , Uus * .
Ii I i tain that ho will remain there. Ho has
moved once idnrc hlr election two yenrn HRO ,
but the removal was simply a a raw the street.
Ot the outqclng officers Secroury ot SUto
Piper hiu not yet definitely decided as lo
wlpl line of bus'nesH bo will take up. He
Imwnn abvlract ulllco at his homo town , Alma ,
but there Is practically nothing doing In
hnidntwti now. Ills deputy , Captain Evan * .
KlvoH It out thai ho Is going bic ! < on 111 ?
farm near North Platie ami make wine
money. Hjys ho IIM done nothing bul
spend money since his Induction Into olflco.
Mr. Weeflflpr , his successr. ban not yet lo
cated , and nays he will not do MO until mme
tlmo In tin ? latter part of January or the
first of February. Stale Auditor HUROIU
Moore , who Intends to move back to Norfolk
when ho Ins handed his olllce over to Mr.
Cornell , declare- ' that ho , too. Intends to devote -
vote aoino time to money making. He Is In-
IcreottJ with Jack MacColl and A. D. Ileelner
In some western mining enterprise- . Deputy
Auditor Hollnnd , when jc/.ceil es to his fu
ture movctncntii , replied : "In the language
of tlio young lady to whom marriage \\a.-
iropoud , 'IhlH Is 110 sudden I hardly know
what to say. ' 1 shall likely rolurn lo 11 > > 1-
drest ? tor lime at least , but ne to future
movements I am not In a purltlon io EPOS ! :
dr > flnltcy. ! " Land Cvmmli'soner ! HusEoll. who
Is a , candlilne for the federal appointment of
pension commisploncr. will return to Schuy-
ler nl Uo expiration of his tsrm of ajape.
temporarily at loat-t. His plans for thc'fn-
turo should lie not receive the federal ap
pointment nro linlflnlto. State Treasurer
Hartley , who ha Forved four years In tlio
c.fllce , naya lie shill fesl like going iulotly |
back to Holt county nnd taking a more ao-
tlvo Interest la hlo lunklin : buslnesr ti-jn
ho hiut lately been able to do. At ono time
It wai reported that Mr. Hartley would re
move to Omaha and engage In biu-lness there ,
but ho says tliero Is nofilng In the report.
State Superintendent Corhott will likely re-
lurn to York when ho gooy out of ofllco. but
this Is not certain. At present he Ins IIP
definite location In view. Deputy Land Com-
mlwloner I toy to IntlniMcs that ho thnll for
the piesent retire to Broken How , but what
may develop In the future he Is not prepared
to titnte. Secretary of the state banking
boird , Lieutenant It. II. Townley , cays he
has boon chosen vice president and secretary
of Ihe Lincoln Life Insurance company al a
silary much greater than Hut which ho hau
received us secretary of the banking bwird.
Ho will remain at his home In Lincoln.
Stnto Penitentiary Agent Whltehcad bus not
decided an to bin future busJm-sy movements ,
bul ho says ho will go homo to Callawny at
the clos > o of his term nnd await developments.
Among the few fortunate ones who will hold
their ponltlons under the new administration
Is MlM Purcell , who has been bend clerk In
the secretary of btate's -lllco under Allen and
Pll > er. Shu has received poyltlvo assurance
that her service. " will bo retained.
The State H nrd of Traiifportatlon. by the
secretaries , today rendered n docMon In
the case of Holt Ilnrmxen ognliiBt the CXil-
tago , Hock Island & Pacific Railroad com
pany. HapiiLien owns a half peUlon of land
In Harpy county across which. In IS'Jl ) , the
( Iffendnnt road laid it- ) track nnd paid Harm-
sen ? ; i,50 ( ) damages' , following condemnatory
proceedings. A treptlu wns built In t'hc road
for the purpose of afTordlng a sluiceway for
waste water , but this was dry mort of the
time , and llarpitcn availed hlnu'Mf of the
privilege of making n private roadway undo-
the trestle for the accommodation of hlm-
oolf and neighbors ? . Subsequently tbla cul
vert wns filled tip , nnd Iron tubing laid to
rontluct two surplus water. This destroyed
the covered crorslng utlllzetl by HarniBcn.
nnd he accordingly appealed to .the Hoard
of Transportation to compel the company to
give him nn ovornead crossing for his private-
lead. Today the board decided that It had
no authority to order nn overhead crossing
for anything cls than n public roadway , and
Intimate. ) In the opinion that Harnipen
Uioultl go aead and legalize the rend ns n
public highway. The action wns dlsinUaed.
On Tuesday next the State Dairymen's
nssoclnllon will meet at tbe chapel of the
university for n three dny'n pcstlon. One
of the Intercs-tlng features of the meeting
will bo a bnminel at the experimental farm
In connection with the dedication of the
new stuto dairy building , recently com
pleted. This ceremony will occur on Thurs
day , the last day of tlie'Fcs.'lon. '
During the past two years there have been
a number of complaint * filed with the faculty
of the State university , regarding petty
stealing of articles of clothing from the
corrldoro of the Institution. In every in-
irtnnco where the thief 1'ns boon run down
ho has been found to be a non-attendant
ot the university. Hut In lee many Instance. ?
the offender hao not been caught , nor has
the plunder been recovered. There hns been
some talk of employing a detective to wat"1 !
over the property of the students temporarily
left In the hallo , but as this would Involve
( mite nn expense It has been decided to
build a "chock room" nnd employ nn at
tendant to assume the care of clothing left
with him by the students. That room Is
now being fitted up In the basement of the
main building of the university and will
he In running order next week. The outer
wraps nnd overcoats of the students have ,
heretofore , been left on hoolo In the main
corridors of the building , and ns rtrnngers
are constantly passing In and out. It Is a
wonder that the loss lins not been greater.
U Is believed that the new "check room"
will save the property of attendants , and
It certainly will that of all who arc care
ful enough ) to avail themselves of lt privi
Omofta people In Lincoln : At the Llndell
C.V. . Henzle , J. H. Kvnnt.V. . II. White ,
C. 12. Yost. At the Capital Kdson Rich.
At the Lincoln J. II. Sliccan , J. J. Dickey ,
J. C. Nelson , J. II. Kvant. II. T. Clarke ,
P. J. Monachal ) . M. A. Hall , T. P. Loomls.
KrNhlViu-e nf lU-v. I' . H. llryniil ItiiriiN
lit nil Karly Hour.
WALLACK. Nob. . Dec. 10. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The home of Hov. R. II. Ilryant ,
pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church ,
was destroyed by flro this morning. It was
about 3 o'clock when the minister's wife was
awakened by tbo crackling of lire , and the
llanios spread BO rapidly that the efforts of
neighbors who had boon aroused wuro un
Mr. Ilryant's valuable library Is almost
n total loss , ns Is also the wardrobe. The
family came to Wallace last month from near
Munclel and the bulk of their possessions
were consumed by the fire. Citizens lire do
ing what they can for the unfortunates.
There was no Insurance on the building or
contents. The building was owned by Dr.
C. K. Hoag of Nevada. In. , and was worth
about J500. The orluln of the lire Is a mys
tery , as the family bad been nbbt-ut during
the day and evening and hud kept no lire
In the stove.
.SHOOTS IIIIIMCI.V ; : nr.sii.\M > .
.Mrs. I.ucy Si-nit of liliicoln 1'roli'rtn
Ilt'l-Sflf IVllll II I'lHllll.
LINCOLN. Dec. 10.-Special ( Telegram. )
At 7 o'clock this evening Charles Scott , -1C
years old , residing at 131 9 P street , was
shot In the head and dangerously wounded
by big wife , Lucy.
The ball from a 32-cnIlbcr revolver en
tered his hcxiJ to the right nnd a mile be
low the right eye. The bullet lins been lo- .
catrd , but not yet extracted.
The couple were quarreling. Sjott was
drunk and was coming toward hit. wife with
a largo butcher knlfu when she fired the
shot. Mrs. Scott wns arrentcd and roll-used
on ball to apprnr tomorrow morning nt 9
Kulr ANHiirlntliiii MCI-IH nt SloeUrlllt * .
STOCICVILLK. Neb. . Dee. 10. ( Special. )
There wa a better attendance at the annual
meeting ot the I'ulr association than usual
Saturday. Reports of the tvcretary and
irenMurer show the association to bo in good
condition , ull thing considered. The follow
ing olllcvru were elected for the coming year :
Sidney Stewart , provident : W. C. Wollnm ,
vice president : W. C. Reed , treasurer ; L. II ,
Cheney , Decretory ; R. D. Ijigun , general
RuptrlnU-mlunt ; W. H. WllkinKupcrln -
tL-ntlcnt of speed.
Kni'iiUTM l.OHlnu Cnlflr.
( innKUiY CKNTUIt. Nob. . Doc. 10. ( Spe
cial. ) Some of tlio farmer * liuvn been com
plaining of the IOM of cattle from Hinut.
H duvulopos , honuvcr , that In every Instance
( he entilevrrn turned In t'bu llcliUnnd left
a considerable length of tlmo without being
accustomed to It. Thom with whom The
Ilee correspondent has talked , who liau- been
careful when Iho stock wai first turned Into
the Ik'IJa have no rc.ipon far complaint.
Farmer * nro again hii'sklng corn , though It
lo ntlll very bad In the floldn.
MOVI : ox TIMliitTiTJsrii.Tu : CASK.
Slnti * Itnnril of Tritti'Mi'irliilloii Awri'i-N
lo it SHiiiilutloii.
LINCOLN. Dec. 10.-peclnl. ( ) The State
Hoard of Transportation linn made n stipula
tion with J. M. Woolworth , representing the
railroads , whereby n motion lo advance the
cnw for hearing will be presented to the
United State * inipreme court. The hearing
of the motion will be not for the third Mon
: day In January or as n > on thereafter ni the
court shall be In gecrlon.
j Thin BMtiplntlon wns the outcome of the
following rorolutlon passed recently by the
| Stnto Hoard of Transrortntlnn :
"Whereat * . It Is fur Iho Dost Interest nf
the people of this t-Uto Hint lhe > maximum
fiel&hl cases now pending In Hie supreme
court of the United States should bo speedily
determined , nnd realizing the Impossibility
of the present attorney general of thU > ntnto
tn nmko n trip to Washington during his
term of olllco to present the tame ; and
realizing that we have done all In our power
to have Ihcm determined , nnd that our wic-
ro or will nonn bo In charge and believing
that thofo can-s should have the personal
attention of the attorney general of Llie stole
ns well nn lhat of the t > pcclal counecl. be It
"Resolved , That the prepont attorney gen
eral be Ins'trurted to arrange with COIIIIPC !
for the several cPtiiFantPt' for n early a 'heav
ing ns possible , considering nil the clrcum-
Etnncoa , after the holidays. "
Attorney Cneral Churchill on behalf of
the Hoard of Transportation has since signed
a stipulation with J. M. Woolworth on behalf
of the rnllroadp which la to the effect thai
bol.i parties to each ot the separate causes
agree that Iho motion heretofore filed In
each of the causes may bo taken ns renewal
application and motion to advance ench came ,
and that the hearing of the motion bo sel
for Iho third Monday In January , provided
tiio courl In then In ressbn. If the courl is
not In cession then the motion will be for
hearing on the flrsl Monday thereafter on
which the court shall be In session.
l.lvcM III Klllh mill IMfM III n . Ml.s.Tillilc
\V ) ' .
HENNINQTON , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. )
Nclfl Larson , the bachelor who was re
moved to the county hospital evening ,
and who died there early this morning , Is
the subject of much conversation here. This
man was often * pukcn of an n "freak of
nature. Nels , as ho wns called by every
one who knew him , was about C3 years of
age anil Mail lived in the vicinity of llk City ,
this county , for several years , coming to
Hcnnlngton about two years ago. Ills natlvi
country Is Denmark and he has no relatives
In this country and very few friends. He
has for the past two years , or since he baa
lived bore , worked at the shoemaker' tradr
nnd iniute a few dollars now and then , ami
as supposed by most every one here , "tmltci
It down. " as he was never known to spcm
niiy money to speak of. He bought one loa
of bread each week and some fiodu crackers
Those who have kept watch of him ( \stlniat
that his cost of living would not exceed 3
routs per week and this wns the extent o
his expenses , as he never knew what a clcai
shirt was , or , in fact , laundry of any kind
Ills filth and economical mode of living I
thought to be the direct cause of hl.s doatl
and the only thing that throws a doubt on
this belief la that he lived ns long as lit
did. It is thought by those who have
watched his career clraoly thai he has
money secreted some place , or posslbl )
burled along the banks of the Paplo , where
he wns sofii going every few days. He had
on one or two occasions , remarked to an
Intimate friend that "lie had more nionej
than some people thought he had. " Fur this
and several other reasons It Is thought ho
had considerable money , although it Is prob
ably where his relatives nor administrator
will have anything to say as to the distribu
tlon of It.
Cl.i\iit CAI'TI'IIK 1IY A
Mnn trllli Mmiy AlliiNe < < I'ntlc-r Arrctit
.lit Dakota City.
DAKOTA CITY , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special
Telegram. ) Sheriff Dorowsky today arrested
Charles Hlllman , alias Charles Cunningham ,
who Is wan'.ed nt Sidney for obtaining money
under faleo pretenses. Hlllman Is one of
the gang which has boon operating for
TO mo time past In deeding land , on which
they have no title , In making trailes. His
brother Is Incarcerated In Jail at Sidney ,
charged with aixxiull , and lliroiigh this
channel Hlllman wao located here ; and by
means of decoy telegrams , remained hero
until Sheriff McAleso and Attorney Miles
of Sidney could arrive here. They arrived
Tuesday night nnd kept watch until today
when Hlllman came over from Sioux City
after Ills mail and was promptly nabbed.
It wao a clever capture. HHImau la wanted
In Denver.
O. A. Hull < > f I'IUVIKMCity Dcllvcrx
I lie A ll n u ill AddrrNM.
CURTIS. Nob. , Doc. 10. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The Nebraska State grange Is In
session hero this week , with full delega
tions. The annual address was made toilaj
by O. A. Hall of Pawnee Clty The follow
ing officers wore elected for the ensuing
year : John R Williams of Culbertson , mas
ter ; It. Hnnscn of Curtis , overseer ; A. M
Ilovee of Vancoma , lecturer ; Trnvclplece o
Kearney , steward. The sessions are wel
attended and a great deal of Interest man
ifested. The locution of the next session
will undoubtedly go to the eastern part o ]
the state.
Norfolk ( IfllolnlM Arrrsl n Mini Wlioni
Tlu-y Tlilnk tinM ill-tie re r.
SCIIUYLEIl. Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special Tele
gram. ) A tele-cram was received from Nor
folk this afternoon that a man answering
the description of Glaus Petlefsen , murderer
of Deldrlch Closing , was detained there by
ollicers. The man Is n German , but glvea his
name as Smith. An olllcor , accompanied by
a mar. who knows Detlefscn , went to. Nor
folk tonight and will arrive tliero about U
loivn IMKor CiiinliiMT \oliriiHkn. .
ASHLAND. Neb. . Dec. 10. ( Special. ) Kd-
1 1 or La Chappie of the Mills County Journal ,
Glonwuod , la. , Is In town today getting sub
scribers tea popocrat paper that he con
templates starting hero In the near future.
To fill the "long felt want , " ho contemplates
moving the MlllH County Journal to this
place. La Chappie has received some eu.-
couragcmcnl and If he can get enough ahead
to pay the freight will come.
LYONS , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. ) Rev.
George Lunn , of the Prerbyterinn church , Is
conducting a orlon of meeting hero thl week
Mr. Limn la still n student In the Hollevue
university , but lias developed nt the .ago
of 22 ycart > , a remarkable ability for the
work he has chosen. Ills Herinon loot even
ing was ono of the ablest . ever preached
In thlu town ; subject. "What Is Your Life. "
OJMMINO n .s'liri'liil Tux I , fry.
STOCKVILLIC , Neb. , Doc. 10. ( Special. )
The county cotnmlsHioneru are in session
this week and have a large quantity of busl-
IIOM to transact. The proposition submit
ted by them nt the last election for authority
to innkn an additional levy for a poor farm
xvaa defeated , not receiving the required
two-thirds vote.
ThlevoH ( ilvrn Tlirri' Ynrn ,
NORTH 1'liATTU. Neb. . Doc. 10. ( Spe
cial. ) Judge Norrl2 > yesterday sentenced John
Uhrltty and William Mawm to throe yours
In the pententlary for grand larceny.
Tliofce porrfJiis were convicted of stealing
n lot of clothing from Max Klnstcln of North
Miiri Curative I'mvi-r
Is contained in a bottle of HooJ's Sam-
parlllu than In any other ulmllar preparation.
It cost a the proprlrtor and manufacturer
more. It costs the jobber morn and It U
\vortb \ ir.oro to the consumer. It has n rec
ord of curia unknown to any other prepara
tion. It U the bent to buy because It Is
the Ono True Illooil Purifier.
Hood > PI1U are the bent family cathartic
and Hv.T medicine. Ucutlc. reliable , sure.
Denies Thstt ; rfo Attempted to Wreck a
Burlington Train ,
ArctlM-il A/lnlllM ( lull He Mlti-ims
J'of 'liniiorliiiu-i- tvllli ( In-
A\-ll/lllK' / Wlllll-NK , Illlt
\olliliiR .tloro.
YORK , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. ) W. L.
Leo has spoken'nnd the curious townspeople
nro now commenting on the etory lie has i
told. It Is n remarkable one. Kor original- I
Hy of style , It Is only equalled by that of
lit iiibstance. Lee says that his conversa
tions with Mwaplay were for the purpose of
nscsrtalnlng his guilt or Innocence with re
gard to n burglary which wns perpetrated
nt Leo's bouse , In which about $110 was taken.
Leo denies over plotting to wreck tha Uur-
llngton llycr. He denlca ever confessing to
Messplay that he attempted to assault Ills-
sell. Lot' says that Mcvwplay was the one
who suggested the wreck. Ho also sayj that
Mcssplny told him of nn attempt on HlGsell's
life , which he had made from nmbush.
The two stories by the principal characters
In the affair nro decidedly at variance. Which
Is true nnd which Is false Is for the jury to
A summarized account of Leo's testimony
U as follows :
"I first met Mcssplny at his homo October
r > when I called to sco him. 1 told him I
wanted to move and that 1 wanted him to
help me. Messplay ieked : mo about my rob
bery and I told him the facts. I asked Frank
about canvassing for me , nnd then left him.
Prank told mo It would bo hard for him to
provo where I was the night of election , nnd
cited some dlcrcputablo places ho claims
I visited that evening.
" 1 wrote him the letter produced In court.
Mc-ssplny talked to me about going Into the
robbing business. I told him I could not
go Into such things , ns there were too many
chances. He told mo he had hit a man with
a stone , but did not get n 'sou. ' 1 told him
about the policy on Hlsscll and explained
thoroughly about It when he asked about
It. Frank suggested my getting Hisscll on
n railroad and making nway with him. I
told him I would da nothing of the kind ,
especially In the case of the best friend I
over had. "
Continuing. Leo snld : "Mivssplay walked
down to the creek with me ; we went by wny
of the Elkhoni nnd t'e ; St. Joe railroad
tracks. On the way Mcssplny picked up
tome railroad splkeu and ho showed me how
to derail n train with them. Messplay told
mo how ho nnd another fellow had ditched
n train In Colorado with n steel plate. "
In telling hl I'tory , . also stated that
ho had been out near the railroad crowing
caKt of the city on the date mentioned by
the two witiifs es who raw him there. He
say.i he wcs In fiM lisblt of walking around
that way. Continuing Lee paid : "I have
never admitted to Mo&'play tVat I threw a
stone at nny'tone. > 1 remember that asiuult
on Hliucll. r- went rtrnlght to my photo
graph gallery frotu homo that iilg'ht and
worked thero-for # omo time nnd then went
to Krold's store. , I'rom there 1 think 1
stopped nt r. IIIsscll's on my way back to
the gallery. closed up and went ihome.
Forrest Stnlfli wHs with inc. Ho put up
the horpe nnd I want Into the hoiu > e. In re-
cnrd to the policies , Mr. George visited me
several times. Ho wanted mo to let him
write IllsrclU il did not tell 'him to go ,
neither dlil I : toll lilni not to go , to Ulsscll.
Ho brought the policy to mo any 1 paid him
$3 down.
"On nnothqr poljryi when reading It over
nnd finding 'pie clause about foot-pads , I
Just laid the policy dot . I first mentioned
the policies -to Mcssplny October 13. I did
not tell him that I.Jind a policy on myyelf.
I would not teH nlm 'wlio It .was on. Al
though ot'hers knew of my having It.
. "When I told him 'about the assault and
the Insurance ho Bcemed to catch on
quickly. The application for the first policy
was written August S. George wrote two
now policies for mo after this one. "
Other evidence was Introduced this after
noon tending to provo nn nllbl. Miss I > eve
Wiley testified to'being at Lee's homo until
0 o'clock the evening ot the assault. She
says Lee was there when she left.
Mrs. Leo wasu placed on the stand , and
substantiated tho. testimony of Forrest
Smith nnd Miss Wiley ns regards Leo's
whereabouts on tbo night of October 15. Leo
nnd his wife were subjected to a terrific
cross-examination' by the counsel for the
state , but they stood.tho nre well.
Following this the prosecution began Its
pica before tbo Jury. The case went to the
Jury at a late hour tonight.
Vouiif ( Ilrl KlrUil ( o Dentil.
HLUE SPHINQS , Neb. , Dec. 10. ( Special. )
Miss Llllle Daniels , a girl of 15 , living
near Ilolmesvlllo , wao kicked by n 'liorwi '
yesterday evening and Instantly killed.
Members of the steel billet pool , now In
conference nt I'lttsburg , say dissolution Is' '
not ; > robiblo. :
Ilrcndn. a Hrltlsh sugar ship. Is still
af-horo ut Long Ucach , Long Island , and the
cargo Is being removed.
Joseph II. ChontP bns been endorsed by
the Union Lenguc club for the United
States senate , to succeed Senator lull.
Joseph Krlesol , aped 21 , nnd hl.s sister
Lrnn. aged 12 , were killed by a nnHxengpr
train al a gradQ crossing near J ew Itleh-
moiul , Win.
I.uko Alexander has been sentenced to
twenty years' Imprisonment for killing bis
wife at Llnneus , Mo. , because she refused to
live .with him.
A conference of delegates from towns In
the Illinois vitlley to protest against the
Chicago drainage ) canal was called to order
at 1'eorla yesterday.
WheelocU O. Vcnzy of the Interstate Com
merce commission has not resigned. He
may do so HOOII , liowt-vep , on account of
his lunlth. Ho Is over 00 years of age.
1'rpsldrut A J. Wnrner bns summoned
the executive committee of the lllmetalllo
union to meet at Washington IJopeiiiber 15
to dlsciiHS the literary work of the union's
throe he.idnimrters.
Maria linrbcrl. the Italian girl who
killed her faithless lover , linn been , ac
quitted by n New York Jur.y. A verdict
of not guilty was returned nnd the girl has
been releaseil from the Tombs prison.
Jesslo n. Mnbor of Wao'ilngton has [ lied
n petition at Chlcaito clalmlnu to bo the
In/Aful wife of the late Mark IT. Mailer and
claiming a share In Jds estate , bhe in his
tlilrd willow. The estate lf valued at nearly
William Stanley , n convict , bolnp returned
to the Ohio poiillentlary after giving evi
dence at a Chicago trlnl. Jumped from ft
fast moving train near Kenton , O. He hai }
been scon later alive and Is being pursued
jy bloodhounds.
Superintendent Allen of Iho Cromwell
steamship line gavin reception today on
joard the company's now steamer. Creole ,
to prominent transportation men In Jsow
York. The CuodUOstarlH on her maiden
voyage on Saturday.
The Wlndow trtHS Workers' association
has averted disruption by a decision to up-
> ly for a charter and In the nu-anUmo to
suspend the Issiu ! fef credit certificates. The
charter will nucU u } > ' protect the property
loldurn , but i a\lrfiry | ! tihc seeedtrp.
Chief Justin * Maugham has given nn
order for the rftcniKi of Hev. Frank Hyatt
Smith of PatnbrlilKe. Mans. , from the Bt.
: ilzaboth Insane nHylnm , on the petition
of Smith's brother and another man , who
rave bond of J3,000 to jiroperly care for
Mrs. Ornce Dolnn. K white woman , shot
Hid InHtnntly killed Henry Jackson , a
legro , nt Indlniiapolls. Bhe says ( lint IK
( misted In liU efforts to enter her home
after she had turned him nway. nnd finally
hrnw u brick nt her. Jackson wns IS years
of ago.
Woodworking machinery makers mot at
Clmilmmtl to nffoct u consolidation. Watt-r-
jurj' K WcHton of New York. Halter of
'hlladvlphla mill AUcnborg & of
Cincinnati were lirenent , probnbly as a
eommlttre appointed at n meeting held last
Governor Morrlll IIIIH grunted n pnrdon to
James li. Dick , rufaultlng treasurer of Ellu-
vorth comity , KanmiH , on account of the
iccldental denth of the prisoner's son. who
van hla mother's solo support. The pardon
urn frrqucntly been aukoU for on nccount
of the prisoner's
Clilerinhi Sm-euiulm ( o
SEN'ICCA , Mo. , Dec. 10. Scar-Faced Char
ley , a noted Moiloc chief , ls dead of con
sumption on the Modoc reservation In In
dian territory , four miles from here. He
wan n number of the conference with the
United States commission , General Canby
and others. April 11. 1S7.1 , near the lava bed *
In Oregon , at which lime General Canby
and Dr. Thomas were killed , and Mr.
Moaclmm nnd another eommlMiloner
wounded. It Is said that Char
ley llred the shot that broke up the con
ference. Tlir Modocs finally surrendered to J. S. Loomls. June 1 , 1S7I1.
South Omaha News .
The committee of business men appointed
by President Knsor of the Hoard of Trade
to hunt up a site for the Keokuk eooperago
factory has looked the ground over and will
bo In a position to .talk bu lno. < s to the rep
resentative of the company when ho arrives.
The South Oniulia Land company has several
doslr.lblo sites , which It has agreed to sell
very cheap. The land company. It Is under
stood , does not care to donate n site , but In
tends charging only enough for the land -to
pay taxoa. etc. These sites of the company
nre nil In a good locality , whore It would be
easy to legate lire hydrants and where rail
road facilities arc the best. John J. Ryan
asserts that ho will give the new factory
two acres of ground In the west part of the
Third ward , along the line of the Hurllngten
road. Members of the committee nre con
fident that some of the offers will suit the
company. The building and opt rating of such
n factory In this city will mean employment
to 150 or more men , which would bo a big
thing Jtirt at this time.
At present some of the packing houses. If
not all of them , arc using barrels and casks
mndo nt the penitentiary. The managers
of the Keokuk concern want to be located
within at least three-quarters of a mile of
the packing houses , so thai goods could be
delivered by wagons and thus save freight
bills , liy doing this It Is thought that the
company could compete with prison labor.
Mrs. C. M. Scblndel Is among the sick.
Olllcer Mulwity la out again arter n short
lllnesi- .
Imac Noyos of Waterloo t-petit yesterday
In the city.
.1. M. Calder of Tamora was a visitor al
the yards yesterday.
Mrs. R Graham. Twenty-third nnd J
i-treetx , In quito t'ick. '
M. 1' . I'etcrscn , a business man located at
Cordova , If In the city.
The Ensor-Hltclmrt libel case Is to be
calloJ In Judge Uaker's court today.
Peter French had nine cars ot cattle here
yesterday , which were shipped from Ontario ,
It was reported licre yesterday that Clans
Detlcfren , the Sebiiylcr murderer , bad been
teen taking a. street car for thlo city. Oiiluf
of Police Hrenimn was notified end went to
work on the case no scon us ho had been fur
nished n description of the murderer. A
tlioiough search of the city was made , but
Detlcf&en was not found.
At a meeting of the King's Daughters
which was held nt the Young Men's Christian
association parlors yesterday aflernc-on Mrs.
McMui-phy of the Omaha Woman'a club gave-
a chafing dU < ! i demonsitratlon. Thoa ) present
wcro ontei-tali'cd nnd liu'tructcd for a couple
of hours In the art of preparing dainty eata
bles with a challnc dish. rAlt.VCHAl'HS.
J. G. Cortclyou has gone to Milwaukee on
M. Marley of Carlln , Wyo. , was In the
city yesterday.
F. S. Wllklns has gone to Hillings , Mont. ,
on a short business trip. .
W. M. Geddes of Grand Island was nn
Omaha visitor yratcrday.
L. Cornell and wife of Dcnlson , la. , were
Omaha visitors yesterday.
J. J. Pike and U. I ) . Jennings of St. LouU
nre registered at the Darker.
F. 13. Severance , from Hattle Creek , Mich. ,
Is stopping with Myron D. Karr.
M. A. Hell and Charlw n. Hunt of At
lantic , la. , were In the city yesterday.
Chicago arrivals at the Barker arc : Ed
Perry , W. .M. Jennings and A. S. Allen.
A. Elwood left last evening for DcKalh ,
111. , where he will visit relatives for a week.
O-scar Schmidt left for Denver yesterday ,
where ho will visit his brother for a fort
E. II. Glapscock , agent for the Adams Ex
press company at St. Jcecph , Is at the
F. W. Little. Jr. . II. G. Spencer. T. L. Ran
dall and Cecil L. Gates are Kansas City arri
vals at the Darker.
Otto A. Mohrenstlchcr , J. C. Puetz. W. S.
Summers and C. II. Scott wcro Lincoln people
ple In the city yesterday.
City Treasurer Edwards called In $1,800 In
warrants on the park and health fund yes
terday morning.
S. A. McWhortcr hao been granted a
permit to build nn $1.800 barn on his property
at 104 South Thirty-ninth street.
The executive committee ef tlio Retail
Grocers' arenclatlon held a meeting last night
nt th'j Commercial club , transacting only rou
tine buslr.cM.
The Current Topic club of the Young Men's
Christian association , which was announced
to begin this week , 'has ' adjourned Us meetIngs -
Ings until after the holidays.
Members of the Royal Arcanum , together ,
with their \\lvcs and t > weetioarls. ! gave aj
very enjoyable high five party in their rooms
In Tlio Hoe building last night.
Prof , llaiu Albert has resigned as director
of the Orpheus Singing society anil big resln-
n-jtlon hnu been accepted. Alex Guonthcr lias
been selected to act us director until the next
regular election.
J. Alexander , a stockman from South
Omaha , while engaged In driving a herd of
cattle from South Omaha to Council Hlulfs
was thrown from his horse while near Thir
teenth and Jackson streets and hlu right
ankle was fractured.
mix ovr.n nv A rnniuirr r.\i
Joint MornMliy , n Trump , ( lu Vlclll
i f n I'rlublfiil Accident.
At S o'clock yesterday afternoon. Jnh
.McCarthy , a tramp , died from Injurle
received In nn accident which occurrei
yesterday morning nt DSO : o'clock on tli
Union Pacific tracks In the vicinity of Eight
and Nicholasstreets. . The accident was wit
nessed by n number of section hands wh
wore at work near the plnce where It oc
cm red. McCarthy was seen wandering abou
the yards for a couple of hours nnd then h
sat down on a lall at the end of a lonr frelRh
car. He began upon n lunch which ho lui
been carrying In a piece of paper. Whll
he- was thus engaged a nwltclihiR crew begat
to move n number of the Mr In the yante
Two of these they wltiMicd upon tlif tr.ick
upon which McCarthy was seated. The tw
cars bumped Into the car near him and forcci
It along. The car ran over McCarthy , who was
dragged Its length before It ennio to a stand
McCarthy presented a horrible spectacle
when he was finally drawn from under the
whee's. Ilia right arm and left leg were rui
over and were nlmoit severed. Ills f.ire ha <
also been caught ntil the Ursh upon the
right side w.irf torn off , exposing the teetl
nnd jaw. The Jawbone was broken. Ills
eyes and the remainder of his features wen.
also badly bruised.
The corom-r nnd the police were notlfleil
nnd the Injured man wns removed to the
Clnrlison Memorial hospital. As ho went
out ulthnnt Instructions ns to the disposition
of the Injured man , Palrol Conductor
Marshall was compelled to call up the city
physician nnd learn to which hospital t'u ' >
man should he taken. The health depart
ment olllclalo upent almost fifteen minute.- *
dickering with the railroad company In order
to decide whether the city or the rnllioad
should take care of the man. The wound'.vl
man ns compelled to lie In the wagon while
this dlFcusrlon was going on.
McCarthy 'lias ' been known to the police for
the last two or three years as a continued
vagrant. Every winter ho spent the greater
portion of his tlmo nt the t'tntlon , either
under nrrest for vagrancy or as > a lodger. Ho
iuld after the accident that he had been
employed nt the Arcade hotel ns a fireman.
but ( ho manager of thl hostelry stated that
he had never been In his employ , but had
made several applications for work. The
Injured man alto said that he had been
boarding at Tenth nnd Douglas streets at a
lodging bonne. He has n brother refilling In
Greenfield , MOPS. , who was notified of the
accident. Very little Information could be
obtained from McCarthy about himself. n
ho was almost unable to talk on account of
the Injuries 'o ' his mouth.
Coroner Hurket empaneled a jury lasl
evening , which returned a verdict of acci
dental death with no blame attached to the
railroad company or Its employes.
lti < Kle rc < l liy I'lncc Hunter * .
lion. W. F. Porter , secretary of state-
elect , Is In the city al the Paxton hotel.
His room Is besieged by place hunters
from Ihe ranks of the ollvcrltca and popo-
crals. U Is asserted that he has had over
100 applications for places at his disposal.
As there are only three places It Is evident
that several of the faithful must be disap
Too Krev with 11 lli'vnlvrr.
Oakes Sand.s went Into a Biiloon at Ninth
and Douglas .streets last night , nnd , sin
gling1 out Moss Hanlpben. who chanced to
be seated at a table , drew a large revolver
and I'Xi'lalmed : "Draw another biviith and
1 will make a popper box out of your hid- ' ! "
Hanlphcn lost no time In getting under
the table , and an olllcer arriving about
this time , took Sands and his gun Into cus
tody. He was * charged at. the station with
being drunk and threatening' to shoot.
Foil ml Ills : IMHIIU- | | | ( "ni-pct.
David Williams , colored , has been ar-
j rested for the laieeny of sixteen yards of
! velvet carpet from the residence of Dr.
S. IX Merei r. Williams was employed by
the doctor about a month ago. and while
working around the house Is said to have
taken the carpet. A m > arch win rant was
Issued last nlKht and tin- carpet found In
the front parlor of Williams' bouse , at
Twenty-fifth and Patrick avenue.
Nfliriiskn IN I'rtinilsril AiiotliiiI'nl
Day.vltli SouMnrlylnilN. .
WASHINGTON , Dee. 10. The forecast fo
Friday Is :
For Nebraska , fc'outh Dakota and Iowa-
Fair ; southerly to southwesterly wlnibi.
For .Missouri , Kansas and Colorado-
Fair ; variable winds.
For Wyoming and Montana Fair , will
Increasing cloudiness Friday afternoon
westerly winds.
Lot-ill Iti-i'iiri ! .
OMAHA Dec. 10. Omaha record of rainfall
and temperature , compared with correspond-
inn day of the past three years :
ISSfi. 1SW. IS'-M. UM
Maximum temperature. . . fiT. 32 III 21
Minimum temperature. . . . . .S , J M II
Average temperature W U IS
Rainfall W01 ' -02
Icocord of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for tbo day and since March 1
1500 :
Normal temperature for the day 2fl
Excess for the day Vt''V' V " .l' ,
. - '
Accumulated dollcli'iicy since Mr.n-hi > - -
Normal precipitation for the day 03 Inch
Deficiency for the day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .OJ Im ! >
nAnl .i , it\ll > i Hnn a Mini ) Alnli 1..J1 S
comes first ,
in washing- . What is the use
of making the \vorlc easy , as
long as it's risky or dangerous ?
What docs it matter how little
a thing costs , or how many
prizes you get with it , if it
rots and ruins the clothes ? It
can't be that you want to take
J any chances. Use Pcarlinc.
* * Nothing that has ever been used
for washing or cleaning is more
absolutely harmless than Pcarlinc.
_ gives you the easiest , the quickest ,
the most thoroughly economical work.
LADIES. lliuitlmlH of rrmiilioi aru put ui < ciinrn.
Do not Irlllu with Mi > i > fil triil iKCnrc lout inuniiouj bin they ilon't a'
nii.nunmiloti. t"it Kfinl ifl It. TurlUtli [ , OBt Manliuu'l Ujpttiiluu li1'
furbox TurUluli Tin > .y anil \vurriuiL'il ami nioiuvy rninrii' il form cry 0,1. "
l'eni I' I'llln Hunu > II dm D not mini ut WitnU Mi-iuur ) ' . Ljul < lrjn :
tli ( liy : Hold only by l'i\ . r. l.o. t M.uihoiul , .S''lit jntii : : > . 'in
Jl . \ II W 3 1'KAUMACi \ \Vi'iKiu- ; of Itiipruiliicilvo ure nt , ca ii t T
Hili imil Kirui ; : 11 KIIT liy youil fulcrroiH divi Dj-ini IIMW IKo. ho J
Oniiihii , : 't-j liy inUL : omy lUAilN .Sl'IlAll.MAOi' Itiln [ mil 1,11
nniiiKtn..Oin.tlin Nub itl.OO box by iiiall.
Big Milwaukee Conconi Purolmsos the Old
JJollnmn Property , fl *
llclliiinti Itiilldtim Will I'.ltluT lie
'Torn Dim it or ItiMitnilHcil
the riiroliii * ! ' I'rleo
of ( lie Properly.
Ono of the best evidences of confidence In
Oinnlin which has yet boon announced U the
declaration by the Pnlwt Iin-wlng comp.iuy
that It Intends making large Invcstmenta
hero In the near future. A. N. Rixsoncgk ,
general traveling agent nnd auditor of the
Milwaukee concern , has been In the city for days and while considerable of his
work has consisted of checking up the local
branch , the major portion of It hns been
employed In looking over the city for desira
ble InvMtmenta.
The company 1m had under consideration
for some time past the project of making
this city the headquarters for n largo dis
tributing depot. Last evening Mr. Rosencgk
stated that negotiations had praetlrnlly boon
completed for the purchase of the property
which Is known as the Hollman building ,
located on the southwest corner ( if Thirteenth i
and Karimm streets.
The pioperty Is nt present owned by the } ' .
Northwestern -Mutual Life Insurance com
pany of Milwaukee. The building and lot
Involved Is valued In the neighborhood of
$ ,0,01)0. ) It faces for n distance of forty-
four feet on Kni-nam street with n fronlngo
of 132 feet on Thirteenth street , nnd ls
covered by n three story brick structure.
When questioned n.s to t'.it- ' Intention of
the company In connection with the In-
\ootmeiit , Mr. Rowncgk said :
"The company which 1 rcprctvnt hns for
many years considered Omaha n very desir
able ( .lace for Investments. The piirclnu-o
of the llellmnn place Is In n fair way of
rencMng a consiimnlion in n few days.
When the transfer Is completed the m
architects of the company will bo Instructed
to draft plans' for a new building or n com
plete remodeling of Hie building , which will
make It practically a new structure. It Is
proposed to construct the finest bar and cafe
In the city on the groum ; Hour nnd the two
unm-r utnrln * will nrnlinhlv In , iliwli.nml frir
an European hotel. I cannot give any llgures
as yet ny tov at lbe"e Improvements will
cost , but no expense will be rpniod In order
to make the new city hoadqtmrlero of tlio
Pabst company first class In every renpect.
"While In this city I have Inspected over
fifteen dllTerint propeitlca with n view to
recommending their pui chnsc by the com-
; > any nnd It Is highly probable that If the
nvnera and the company can agree ns to
Igures that three or four additional places
will be purchased. The company has nl-
cady. In addition to the property on lower
I-'arnam street several lots nt Twenty-eighth
sttect nnd Farnnm , besides the supply depot
it 1,507 Leavenworth street. In case the
leal on the llrllman lot Is completed , the
ompany will start at once to make the Itn-
) iovemenls.
VIMV AUornoy Ceiiernl SeltM-ln II I'M
. \NsNtll lit.
.Most of the Incoming state ollicers are not
mvlng any trouble finding men to occupy tlio
arlous depntyt > ! ilps nud npjotntlvc nfllcen
vltliln thrir gift. C. J. Smyth , the attorney
genoral-cloct. has nrt been so fortiimto , but
although one declined the do uty&hlp It Is
10 ; likely tliero were not many who wcro
vllling to take the place. The position was
rst tendered to Leo Ilcrdman , who was wc-
elary of the free silver democratic coni-
ilttco during the lite , capip'ilpn. llr dc-
llned. though It Is rumored that his dedlnn-
lei ! was because ho liJ'l ' Ills' wcither eye rn
imntlllnr * vvMnll unq 'rutiriMllIn ) , .
as then tendered to Ed P. Smith of this
Ity , who la reported to have declined at
first and t'-en ' reconsidered and accepted.
Ainonir those who wanted tlie olllco wore
nimor E. Tin mas of thly city , who ws a
candidate fcr 'the nomination before the pep.
iilift convention , but withdrew In order to
leave n place ! or the democrats ; Ioula
COUPS ot Plorco and John C. Stevens of
Colori'il llruli * IM ( ( lili-Kly Senfni-cil. (
ALHANY , On. . IJee. JO. S.inkey Cuiiiiing-
! mm , colored , clmrged wltli assaulting Mlns
Camp on IJerember 3 , renplied hero today
from Silicon , under escort of the Macon
militia. The four court IIOIIKO r ntranrc.i
were gunrdcd l > y troops. Wllliln twenty .
minutes u Jury was empaneled. The evl-
ili'lini elosi'd In fifteen nilinites. Tin1 lury
returned u verdict of guilty. Judge SpOnea
nonteneeil Ciiiiiiliiglnim to hang January 1 ,
The trial occupied but one hour.
llovrmciilM of Ui't-nii VCNSI-IN , li-c. 10.
At New York Arrived Spri-f , from
At Hri'ini-n Arrived llavel. from New
York , vlii Houtliamptoii.
At ( . .JuiMnatowiiSailed Oermanlc. from
Lilvorpool. for New Yoik.
At HoHtun Sallcd-Servlri. for Llvirpool.
fCi lW ctt ;
fe < . & &
m * M -
AV *
< &
For Children's Skin
K-alp , nnd lulr. nothing l tVnholu world la o'j
clvauulu , i > miryiiip , and I.i\Milfylija3 ! ;
piironlnnil for mirpcry.
l''or illr.lrun ili , ' fu'ilal fruptlnii * , IrrlLilluim nf
tlio Kuilji , iliy , tliln. nnd f.illiuii linlr , i-d. Inuuli
ImnilH , cli.'illnu' , liilliiiniii.itiiiii * , "ii'l ' fliui.lo bnty
mid t.umlrlii- It li
iM i tlirnti htul . r. ale r ll.ftti ( tt * cont.
llnr.iilri'iBi | | ndxr .kin n | ii. r.irnu DIIUII AMI
Cll u. Cniff . o | l'-ot | , lli > * ton.r. H A.
tw - llov11 , 1'urlfond llf uuulJlib'i b lnf- irtr.
fol. 151' .
tt'.n & Ujr./c / ,
Mallncc Knturdny ami Suit'l.iy.
I'rlciHKic. . We. 73r. Sl.oi , | l.Vj.
Matinee I'tli i > a- r , Jtn7.V , } l.ix ) .
Tliroo n'K ' ( ' 'iiiinciirlni ;
MONDAY , ( 'KMIIl < ; il M ,
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