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THE OMAHA "DAILY 1M313 : SATt'UDAY , NOVJSMitliiu : : . I 5U > .
Ml.NO It MC.Vrin.V ,
Tliolo Mippll < w and cameras , Cll n'dway.
JuilRO A. V. Larimer of Sioux City In a
I ) I lifts visitor.
Mm. C. W. McDonald la homo from a
visit to Ottumwn.
Dr. K. W. 1'orlcrncld of Atlnntlo la In the
city visiting his parents.
Klnloy Hurko was severely hurt by fallIng -
Ing from nn onico clialr became of the
breaking of a spring.
V. 12. Ilendcr left his Ice box out of doors
the other evening nnd a thief took the next
day's breakfast sjipply.
J. M. Callcndar and wife of Dos Molnos
were In the city yesterday , guests of the
family of J. J. Stpadman.
The Olrls' Industrial ( school meets 'hli
aftnrnoon at 20D South Main Htrect at L:30 :
o'clock. Visitors always welcome.
Wo offer special facilities to the man with
a llmliod supply of linen. Work returned on
mirh short notlco at the Eagle Laundry. 721
A sneak thief Invaded the hallway of the
residence of J. N. Cochran. 720 WashlnRlon
avenue , yesterday and stole a coat belong
ing to W. H. Huff corn , a boarder.
At the home of Mr. J. E. llollenbcck , Mr.
C. II. Sprague nnd Miss Iluny Savage , both
of llellcvllle , Kim. , were married on Thanks
giving evening , Itcv. Thlckstun omclatlng.
Sheriff Tubbs of Mills county sent to the
1'ollro department yesterday descriptions of
two burglars who performed n successful
I Job at Olenwood. One of them Is a colored
fellow , who Rives the name of William
1 Duller. The other Is a small white man
named Fred llrown. lloth are said to be
expert burglars , and travel together.
IJntrlcs are coming In fast for the chicken
Bhow to be held In this city at the Klseman
building December II to in. The exhibition
Is under the auspices of the Western Iowa
I'oultry , K.irm nnd Garden association , seconded
ended by Ihe Omaha Poultry Fanciers' asso
ciation , which have decided to abandon Its
show and unite with the Council muffs pee
ple. The Southwestern Horticultural soci
ety will meet at the same time.
Tlie heavy accumulation of sleet on the
electric llfiht wires was sulilclcnt to break
HIP connections on all of the tower circuits ,
nnd Council muffs celebrated Thanksgiving
night In total darkness , so far as Illumina
tion from the lower lights was concerned.
The breaks were repaired yesterday , and
the llRhts wcro burning last night. The
"outage" that was charged up against
the lighting company will approximate 1,000
The coming of the notable play , "Sowing
the Wind. " at the Dohany theater Sunday
night is attracting much attention. Since
Its Introduction at the New York Empire
theater no dramatic production has attracted
, such widespread comment for years. It Is
| full of Intense Interest nnd the powerful
t theme , "Sex Against Sex , " Is presented In
i n remarkably thrilling manner. The Froh-
' man company which will present It Sunday
night Is a stroni ; aggrcgallon of players and
will undoubtedly develop one of Iho best
productions seen hero Ihls sca&on.
MUs Lillian I ) . Jones nnd Miss Eugenln
nrlnklmus gave ono of the most delightful
evening entertainments at the First Baptist
church last evening. Miss Urlnkhaus Is u
charming vocalist , with a cultivated voice 01
great strength and the rarest sweetness and
n violin virtuoso whoso powers would charm
any audience. Miss Jones Is an Iowa and
Nebraska girl whose friends Tiave discovered
that she posscscs talents ns an elocutionist
that will surely bring her fame on the stage.
The young women gave a modest perform
ance last night , unhcralcd by the press , and
all who braved the cold to hear them wcro
i greatly ilollghlcd. Miss Jones' homo Is now
I in Darlington , Neb. Miss Ilrlnkhaus Is a
graduate and a medal winner In ono of the
great European conservatories. The young
women are going cast , with the Intention ot
giving a few unpretentious entertainments
In churches.
C. U. Vlavl Co. , female remedy. Medical
consultation free. Wednesdays. Health took
furnished. 30D Mcrrlam block.
N. Y. Plumbing company. Tel. 250.
llnrfi-c Furniture Co. Will Move-
On January 1 to the Dccbo building , but
they won'l move much furniture , because
they'ro going to sell It before then sell it
If prices count as factors. All Christmas
goods. Finest stock of furnlturo In the city.
Chances to get Just what you want at prices
that will suit even you. 336-33C Broadway.
OH can , grater and cake turner , all for
lOc at Ilrown's C. O. I ) .
dill to n\ioNllloii SiiliNcrllterN.
Chairman Wells has Issued the following
call for n meeting of the Council UlufTs
people who havu taken a financial Interest
In the Transmlsslsslppl Exposition :
To the Council I Huffs Subscribers to the
Stock of the Traiismlxsisslppl Exposition :
You lire hereby notllled Unit a meeting of
nil subscribers In found ) muffs to the stock
of the TninxmlsMls'litpl Exposition will lie.
hold In the city building. Council Bluffs ,
Katurdtiy evening. November "S , at t o'clock
Hl'iirp , for the purpose of considering liny
matters that may bo dei-mi-d necessary by
the subscribers. LUCIUS WISLI.S.
Chairman Finance Committee.
Iturulnry IiiNiiriiiioo.
Our burglary policies cover burglaries in
their broadest sense , even where there Is
collusion with employes or servants. Hates
ore low and company first class.
E. II. SHEAFE & CO. , Agents.
Ret your winter supply of coal now before
the rush and rtao In prices. L. M. Shubcrt
will till ycur orders promptly and his prices
are- the lowest. Telephone No. 70 ; C2S West
Hroadway. _
llcservo your eeats today for the "Car
nival of Fame" at the opera house , Tuesday
evening , December 1.
For Kent No. 9S Fourth street , ten rooms ,
all modern conveniences , steam heat. Low
rent. E. II. Slicufe & Co.
Duke's Mixture tobacco , per pound 25c.
Brown's C. O. 1) .
Hi-ill i : lat < ' TriuiNri-rH.
The following transfers of real estate were
n ported yesterday at thu otllce of J , W.
Squire :
Charles Ilaughn and wife to Emma
Warner , lot fi , block 11 , Mc.Mation ,
Cooper & Jefferls' add , w d . J l
T J Hatch and .wife to William J Siimp-
KOII , n'i neU , S-75-40 , w d . . . -1.000
William A Hcdlck ami wife to John I
HedleU. lands In 21-75-41. < i o d . 1
Sheriff to I < * J Day , trustee , lot 11.
block U' , Crawford's add , H d . . 1CS
Four transfen Jotnl . . { 1,170
The following marriage licenses \\cro Is-
pued yesterday :
Numo ami address. AGO
Froil lie a runt. Council muffs . -15
Miih'Klu M. Llonberger , Council ItluiTs. . . . 2 |
Horace Olmstcd , Douglas county. Neb. . . , K
Anna Hundschuh , Douglas county , Neb. . 12
. We tell your doctor all
there is in Scott's Emulsion ,
just how much cod liver oil ,
hypophosphitcs , glycerine.
But we do not tell him how
these are combined. You
have your secrets ; this is
ours. This knack of mak
ing the very best thing has
come to us from years * of ex
perience with just one thing.
We make only Scott's Emul
sion all our energy is bent
on making that better than
any other emulsion in the
world. We have no other
business thought. Is it any
wonder that it is thestandard ?
fctorr & UOWMI. Ch mUu , NtwYoik.
J , 0. Wntts of Ncola , la. , Short Several
Thousands ,
Co in in n n It } ' N" ( Willing to
Wltliilratv UN CimlltleniM ; from
Him , i\cn In ( InI'a eo ot
i tlie Dcfnlentloii.
J. C , Watts , cashier of the State bank
of Ncola , has gone wrong. Ho Is a heavy
defaulter and Is now a fugitive from Justice ,
supposed to bo somowhcro In Colorado. His
bondsmen have taken charge of tbo bank
and have made good his shortage.
A week ago Walls left Ncola In answer tea
a telegram announcing the dangerous ill
ness of his brother In Denver. It was ex
pected that ho would return In a few days ,
or would at least communicate with the
bank. Several days passed without hearing
from him. In the course of business some
paper en mo Into the hands of the bank ofll-
clals that excited their curiosity. A little
Investigation allayed Iho curiosity and ex
cited suspicion and the work of overhauling
the cashier's accounts was begun. All day
Thanksgiving experts were at work on Iho
books and before night Iho fact was made
plain lhat Iho cashier was short In his ac
counts , The first Investigations revealed a
discrepancy of $2fiOO , and the Investigations
continued yesterday brought Ihe shortage to
nearly $0.000 , with a possibility that U
would reach $10,000.
Tlui president of the bank Is C. M. King ,
a bridge contractor and builder In. Def >
Molnes. Ho was at once advised by wire
and has been present , assisting In the In
vestigation. Herman Mendel ami C. D. 1)11-
lln , bondsmen of Watts , also assisted. Yes
terday at n meeting of the directors Mendel
was made cashier. The bondsmen have paid
Into the bank every dollar of the shortage
so far discovered and stand ready to make
good any further loss that may bo discovered.
Dlllln Is the father-in-law of Watts.
The story of Watts' downfall Is ono that
liis been written and printed In the news
papers a thousand times. He was a young
man of an exemplary character , enjoying the
confidence of his business associates and the
Ncola public to a most remarkable extent.
In an evil hour ho yielded to the temptation
of a friend to speculate a little on the Chicago
cage Hoard of Trade. Ho had the usual
luck nnd lo retrieve his losses began lo
use the bank's funds. He was on the wrong
Rldo of the wheat market and the last losses
tin sustained came Just at the time ho re
ceived the telegram announcing the Illness
of his brother. He left without attempting
to conceal his latest misappropriation of the
li.inl''s money. Nolhlng has been heard
from him since his departure. His mother
Is with the sick brother in Denver nnd It Is
only supposition that ho has gene there.
Walts Is well known In Council muffs.
For years his father , A. A. Walls , was
cashier of Iho Council Uluffs Savings bank
and young Watts held various positions In
Iho bank under his father. When the elder
Watts went lo Ncola for Iho purpose of
establishing the bank there the son accom
panied him. Three years ago when the
Tallier died Ihe young man was advanced to
Iho position of cashier. Walls married
Dtllln's daughter three years ago and his
family are among the most highly respected
licoplo In the village.
There wcro rumors thai Walts had do
mestic trouble , but this Is most emphatically .
denied by every person in Neola who could !
bo talked with by wire last evening. The I
ilgh standing of the young man is Indl- .
catcd by the general expression of sympathy "
; rom all classes of people. Merchants freely
expressed the opinion that if Watts would
return today they would not withhold their
confidence , but would entrust their money
and business to him ! without hesitancy.
The prompt action of Walls' bondsmen in
making up the amount of his shorlago pre
vented any Injury lo the credit of the In
stitution and there will bo no Interruption
of Us business. _
DO good cigars for COc. Hrown's C. O. D.
Kruli OriMtiTM' M
A special meeting ; of the fruit growers
ind gardeners will be held In Farmers'
mil , county court house , Saturday afternoon
at 2 o'clock. Action will bo taken then
with reference lo making a display of frull
before the State Horticultural society at
DCS Molnes , December 8-11. Further ar
rangements will be made for making the
meeting of the Southwee'crn Iowa Horticul
tural society , to be held In this city , Decem
ber 15-17 , n success.
success.G. 0. RICE , President.
L. O. WILLIAMS , Secretary.
Special Xotlee.
After December 1 the following named
firms will discontinue giving ntamps of the
Co-Operative Premium association :
H. A. COX.
Sewer IMp < - , Fire llrlck , Held up.
Wholesale and retail. J. C. lilxby , 202
Main street.
Day & Hess , 39 Pearl street. Council Illuffj ,
have some extraordinary bargains lu fruit ,
garden and farm lands near Council DluflH.
Now Is the lime to buy real estate.
Ilattlo Ax plug lobacco , 20c pound.
Ilrown's C. O. D.
.Street CoiiiiulsNloiier I'l'iipom-M ncv
Deal 1 > urliiK the \Vluler.
The people of Council Hluffs , lhat is , a
good majority of thu good people , will have
occasion to thank Street Commissioner Mor
ris before the winter la over for the deep
and intelligent Interest ho Is taking In the
problem of good streets and sidewalks. The
cold weather which came around so sud
denly compelled a complete unspent-Ion of all
street work , and all of the extra force under
the direction ot the commissioner was laid
off. Only ono man on the regular gang , of
fldowalk repairers was retained , and he
failed to report for duty.
The commissioner spent an hour or Iwo at
the city building yesterday looking up the
matter of his authority for taking care of
the sidewalks In winter , and particularly his
authorlly for requiring properly owners lo
keep their walks clear of mow. Ho found
an ordinance giving him authority to put
men at work shoveling off snow from the
sidewalks In front of property where the
owners neglect or refute to do eo. The
Ptreel commissioner can , with the advice of
the engineer nnd city marshal , rot his gangn
to work removing the snow and reporting the
cost for taxation against the property. The
ordinance If. perhaps , a little weak , but it
Is probable that the council will consent to
strengthen it. There 1 a statute In the
I'tato ' code which gives cities the right to
pass ordinances taxing the cost of removing
wiow from the tldowalks to the abutting
property. For years the ncglecl of cltlzeno
to keep their walks clean has been one of
the most serious nultancos , Many of the
wealthier citizens , amply able to pay for the
labor necemary to do this work , steadfastly
refuse or neglect to have It done , Many of
the wealthiest have not spent a dollar on thlu
work for years , and have taken no Interest
In the complaints that have been made by
an Inconvenienced public. Accidents have
occurred and the city has been sued and
heavy Judgmontu obtained through their
neglect. This winter the Intention la to
compel these men to discharge the duty they
owe to the public. It U a singular fact that
the poorer claw of people are the most
prompt to clear away the enow ,
Street Commlmloner Morris has a scheme
by which ho can do the work promptly and
rapidly. Ho haa devised a wraper , which
will bo drawn by a horse.
Host sugar cured h m , 11 cents pound.
Urown'i C. 0. D.
.Indue Citron Drelitrn n tliieMInu o
Snli-K I'tiitcr MnrtmtKo.
Judge Smith handed down a decision yes
terday In the case of Wilbur AV. Holcom
against Daniel Dull nnd others. The cas
Involves the foreclosure of a mortRage on
1,400 acres of land In this county. Th
principal , with accrued Interest , amount
to about $18,000 on the loan , which wa
madci In 1SS6. In June , 1SS9 , Dull sold 55
acres of the land to John E. Hlackman ntu
In February , 1892 , notice of this purchast
\vts sent to Holcomh by Illackman. Sovera
mouths subsequent to this notice Dull soli
moio of the land to Urablll and Klopplng
These sales amounted to about -410 acres
At the tlmo the deeds to these lands were
filed releases were given by Holcomh1 to the
purchases. ) The title to the lands sold to
IMuckman by Dull passed Into the possesslot
of Pholon , Duffy fc Savage , who appear ns
Interested parties In Iho foreclosure pro
ceodlnRS. They Insisted that before the
mortgage was brought In force ns agalns
their portion of the 1,400 acre tract tha
the plaintiff exhausted the full value of the
laud sold to Ctrablll and Klopplng , whlcl
ho released. In the scttlemenl of Ihls poln
an interesting proposition of law was do
velopcd and ono that the courts of Iowa
have never been callc/d upon to determine
Judge Smith dwells at length nu the qucs
lion raised and his decision handed down
yesterday sustains the position of Phclon
Duffy & Savage. They Insisted that the
value of the land released must be credited
on Iho mortgage to Its full value and no
prorated , as asked by the plaintiff.
In deciding the point Judge Smith callct'
attention to the laws of the state regarding
the foreclosure of mortgages lu case the
original property given as security lias been
sold In parcels. The rule of all the stales
except Iowa and Kentucky is that the burden
of the mortgage shall rest upon the tracts
In the Inverse order of their date ot sale.
The Iowa courts hold thai Ihe various Iracts
shall bo imposed with the burden pro rota ,
and Ihls was Iho position taken by the
plaintiff In the present suit. Judge Smith
held thai Inasmuch as the sale of the Gra-
blll and Klopplng Iracts was made subse
quent to the Hlackman sale , the full value
of the land last sold should he credited on
Iho mortgage before any of its burden
should bo established against the Illackman
tract. A decree of foreclosure will be
drawn up by the attorneys In the case In
accordance with Judge Smith's holding on
this point.
In the case ot the Security Savings and
Loan association against Patrick Lyons a
decree of foreclosure was rendered.
A landlord's writ of attachment was sued
out yesterday In the district court bj' S. M.
Sorcnson against John Nelson. The defend
ant rented the plaintiff's farm In Fcbruar- ,
1S33 , nnd has failed to pay his rent to the
amount of $312.92.
The Milwaukee Harvester company -was
given a Judgment against A. C. Jensen and
others for $53 on a note.
The sealed verdict in the case of John
P. Martin against Anna D. Shugart wa.1.
opened by Judge Green yesterday morning.
The plaintiff was given Judgment for $135.
The suit Involves some real estate commis
sion on the sale of lands near Missouri
The case of James Wcston against Charles
P. Ilraslan and others Is on trial In the
district court.
Removal sale of furniture. 33C-33S llroad-
A AVoril to tlu > Wine.
Sweets to Iho ewcel. Young man , you
don't want to forget that In your efforts to
get along In the world there are more
ways than one to catch bceo. Come and
see RIekman's fine chocolates and get a few
Cll < ( illlHK Ill-lllltlflll.
Just received a complete line of the rich
est cut glass manufactured. Low prices.
Rich designs. Useful articles. Jacquemln
& Co. , 27 Main strccl.
Chuck steak , EC per pound.
Chuck roast. 4c per pound.
IIcat rib boiling beef. 2'/jc pound.
Mrx. SliimlU-y StnrlH Attain.
Mrs. Martha A. Standley , the widow whose
home on Avenue A , belwccn Fourlecnlh and
Fifteenth strecls , was destroyed by an In
cendiary fire Wednesday night , Is reported
to bo In a destitute condition. The house
was net on fire between 3 and 4 o'clock In
the morning , and the Inmiitcs only escaped
with their lives. Mrs. Standley Is a seams
tress , dependent upon her exertions for
maintenance of herself and family. The loss
of all her household goods ( eft her entirely
destitute. An unhappy Tnanksglvlng was
spent with kind neighbors , who tiharcd their
shelter with her. but yesterday she entered
anew Into Ihe slrugglo for exlslence. She
succeeded In securing a sewing machine
find a slovc lhal would heat a room into
and was engaged last night in the effort to
which she Is preparing to move. The police
are still unable to locate the person whn
committed arson and narrowly escaped com
mitting murder.
28 pounds New 'Orleans sugar for $1.
Rrown's C. O. D.
ijllIO.IIOO.OO Worth of Kiirnltiirr
Must be sold before January 1 regardless
of cost. Going to tnovo the stock. The like
In prices and quality never was heard of
Lundgard , Iho Taller , 130 S. Main street.
Now Orleans molasses , 25c per gallon ,
tlrown's C. O. D.
AllcKcil Vn rnii ( Will Kl lit.
L. C. Taylor was locked up In the city Jail
last evening' on the charge of vagrancy. On
Sunday evening Taylor was escorted to a
motor car and sent across the river by the
police department , with Instructions to keep
away. Last evening ho was found In a livery
stable on North Main street by Detective
Murphy and locked up. Ho at once employed -
ployed an attorney and announced thai ho
will make a hot fight for his liberty and the
privilege of living anywhere he may chose.
Hoffmayr'fl fancy patent flour makes the
best and most bread. Ask your grocer for U.
F. W. Dean , M. D. , eye , car , nose and
throat , 241 Merrlam block ,
The excellence and purity of the home
made tallies at Rtckman's are unexcelled.
Good potatoes , 20c bushel. Drown's C.
0. D.
Wantfd ii Ili-iM-lpt for HlH Our Fnrc.
The passengers on a Chestnut street car
enjoyed a laugh the other afternoon , relates
the Philadelphia Record , thai was worth
double the fare. At Eighteenth and Chest
nut streets the car stopped and an old man ,
who attracted considerable attention , got en.
He looked like a man who had built up a
brUk business In some provincial town. Ho
sat down near the rear platform and when
the conductor came In for his faro he handed
him a quarter and pocketed lila change.
"Say , " he shouted , "you give mo a re
ceipt ! "
"A what ? "
"I want receipt. First thing I know
some other coiiductor'll get on hero and'll
want another fare. You give mo a receipt. "
The other passengers laughed , but the old
man persisted : "You give mo a receipt. "
"My good man , " said the conductor , "wo
do not give receipts. Your faro Is paid and
it ls all right. "
The old man was not satisfied with Ihls
and ullll requested his iccolpt. The con
ductor went out on the platform and pondered
dered deeply for a moment. Then ho fished
an old transfer ticket from bin pocket and
handed It to the passenger. Ho was satis-
fled with thlu and held It lightly In his fin
gers until the car reached Eleventh street ,
when ho gel off.
O , R. Sims , the newspaper man and play
wright of London , tells a good story about
Switzerland. A referendum was approachIng -
Ing Its completion , The votes had been given
and the chairman was ready to declare
the figures. In this moment of anxious
expectation , when the fortunes of the coun
try were at stake , a voice from the public
gallery was heard crying : "Waiter ! " The
result was Instntantoua. The whole hov-
erclgn anucmbly of the Swiss people rcvo to
Itu feet an ono uian and answered , "Vce ,
sir. "
s "i
\ I
- rrwS5 = "
Would-be competitors CLAIM to have made themselves heard in the CANVASS for the better patronage of Western
Iowa and the GREAT state of Nebraska , but there is one CANDIDATE for the intelligent VOTE that up to the latest
RETURNS places beyond doubt the original and genuine Sandwich Adams Corn Shcllcr has had a greater number of sales
n this territory than all other corn shellers combined. It is hard work to get them fast enough , but we are hard workers.
Catalogue and terms quoted on application to branch house.
Office Telephone , No. S ( > .
iM an tiger's Residence Tel. 303. CO. , COUNCIL BLUFFS.
South Omaha News.
A conference has been held between Gen
eral Manager Dabcock ot the stock yards
company and Chief Ilrcnnan of the local
lollco force In relation lo card sharps and
aklrs of different kinds frequenting the
yards for the purpose of catching some un-
vary Htockman with money.
U Is known thai men of the class mcn-
loncd hang about the yaros and Exchuigc
mtldlng watching for cattlemen who draw
money. An acquaintance is quickly formed
and the stockman Is steered across the tracks
nto some low resort where .In a very
shorl lime ho Is fleeced of his money. Man
ager Dabcock Is willing lo keep Ihese sharp
ers off stock yards property , provided
ho local police will work In harmony with
ilm. Chief lircnnan and Mr. Habcock both
aver the Idea of stationing an officer who
mows all of these swindlers at the ex
change lo warn Ihcm off Iho grounds under
penalty of arrest. Under an ordinance
> asscd November 3 , 1S91 , the mayor la cm-
> owcrcd to appoint one or more citizens of
good repute as special policemen , wlthoul
o-st to the city , to patrol grounds and
mlldlngs and prevent trespassing and mali
cious destruction of property. Ono section
of this ordinance provides that no person
shall trespass upon th6 grounds of the
lock yards company , without permission of
ho company or remain there after being
varncd to leave. The penalty for a viola-
Ion of this ordinance Is a flue of not more
nan $100 or not to exceed ninety days in
he county Jail. Mr' . ' Habcock says that If
his ordinance Is good ) ic thinks he will
mvc no dllllculty In" keeping swindlers off
he company's .properly Janet wllh , a little
assistance from the police such men could
eon bo driven from..the city.
Xo SucecHHor Yet for AVlilte.
No one has yet been appointed chief
mlcroscoplst In place of Dr. W. S. White ,
vho was removed av short tlmo ago , nnd
t Is understood that no appointment wJil
ie made at present. Mrs. Ilushncll Is now
n charge of the microscopical room. At
ho time Dr. While was removed two
nlcroscoplsts and a laggcr were dismissed
nd they have appealed their cases to Jho
JIvlI Service commission. Dr. White refused
o apply for reinstatement and the papers
of the other three wcro sent forward wlth
oul his.
City CiiKxIp.
Twelve cars of feeders wcro sent to the
ounlry ycplerday.
John Tous of Cordova Is Ihe guest of Police
udge Frank Chrlstmann.
Dr. Slabaugh baa returned from a three
ceks" trip through Old Mexico.
James Wyness , one of Hammond's cattle
uyera , has returned from a trip to Chicago.
C. M. McCoreff of Iloswcll. Cole , , IsIn j
10 city looking after come business mat
Wallace Carpenter , a Utah cattleman ,
rought eight cars of stock to this market
Mlaj Elizabeth Claeby of Savannah and Mrs ,
. M. Ross of Stanb3rry are the guests of Miss
Anna Hunter.
German Towl Is spending a few days with
ID parents. Ho will return to thu State
nlverslty Monday.
"Ncta" was repeated at nium'tt hall last
light to a crowde'd house. A matinee will
ic given this afternoon.
The members of the Eastern Star will give
social nnd card parly lo their friends at
laronlc hall this evening.
Nora , the Infant daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs.
'atrlck Doyle , Twenty-fifth and I * etrccls ,
as burled yesterday afternoon.
Jack Vannoy was tried In police court
'csterday for fleecing Joseph Smith out of
10 and was sentenced to thirty days In
ho county Jail. Vannoy appealed the case
ind Mrs , Mary Dolczal signed the appeal
> end for him.
Mrs. Condon of Pawnee City , president of
ho Women's Relief corps of Nebraska , will
10 In the city this afternoon to Inspect Saw-
icl Dennis Women's Relief corps , All mem.
icrs ore requested to be at the hall over
lie South Omaha National bank at 2 o'clock.
City Treasurer Droadwcll yesterday sent
o the ututo ( local agency In Now York the
inn of $ SG30 , lo pay interest on intersection
laving , refunding viaduct bondx and power
lends , which becomes due December I. The
; rcatcr portion of tlils'amoimt ' is for Interest ,
nit a number of Hinall ma'turing bonds will bo
akcn up. i
George Worley , atf old Ecltlcr here. Is
cad , and the fuucraj ivjrvlccs will be held
t hli ) late rcpldcncei Twcnty-sixlh and P
trceto , nt 2 o'clock' ' this afternoon. The
IcccatxMl wao Ptrlckeri w lth paralysis about
wo months ago and never recovered from
10 attack. At thu time of his death he was
4 years of age. ' ,
Ron Drooks , who | pccured of robbing
"rank Hrablk of Avery of a mini of money
nd a revolver last Sunday , wao arraigned bo-
ore the county Judge ut I'apllllon ycslor-
ay and held to the district court. In default
f 41.000 hondo. Uroolo admitted taking
oino money and a revolver , but asserts lhat
10 amount of money was not as largo as
aimed by Hrablk. ' Tie ) prisoner will bo
alien to the Douglas county Jail for Eafe-
ecplng , pending a hearing.
ItelleelloiiH of n Ilm-lii'lnr.
Now York Press : A wise man never tells
woman lhat she looks well in a veil.
There never was an intellectual woman
ho didn't envy some pretty one.
A man's opinions almost always have come
tile weight , exccpl In his own family.
Love U like the toothache It makes every
ther feeling ncem as though It were not
orth inentlcnlng.
Girls always seem to think they have to
my a whole lot of futsy lace things to wear
ust because they are going to get married.
The woman who marries a man with an
dca of devoting her whole life to reforming
ilm generally compromises on taking care
t her own complexion ,
IIiu-l ItiiNHell Sllll Air * ] | | H Family
NenniliilH In I'ollee Court.
LONDON , Nov. 27. The central criminal
court ( Old Dalley ) was not to crowded today
no yesterday , when the trial of Lady Sollna
Scott , mother of the Conntew HuHJcll , nnd
co-defendant with John Cockcrton , nn en
gineer ; Frederick Kasl , n groom , nnd Wil
liam Alott , a valet , In the action brought by
Earl Hn3L'll for criminal libel , was resumed
thh ) morning before Justice Hawkins.
Earl Kuiucll was re-examined by his coun
sel , Sir Frank Lockwood , Q. C. , nnd said he
Informed Lady Scott on the subject of his
"wild oats" prior to his marriage to her
daughter. Counsel for the carl , continuing ,
read n teller from Lady Scoll lo his client.
In which she wrote : "I wanl you always to
trust me. I am thankful I know every
thing. I love you Just the same. Your lov
ing IJo. "
Answering further questions , put to him
by Sir Frank Lockwood , Earl Russell said
that by the end of the suit of the countess
for a restitution ot her conjugal rights the
litigation had cost him between 10,000 nnd
St. George Lane Fox , a cousin of Earl
Russell , corroborated the Jailer's evidence
on Iho subject of the yachting trip , and
said thai ho warned Ihe earl not to marry ,
for from Inquiries which he had made , he
considered Lady Scotl lo be "a woman of
Infamous reputation. "
A bookseller named Carres testified that a
"masseuse" had Introduced him to Lady
Scott as her sister.
Witness then proved the printing and dis
tribution of the libels on Lady Scott's
orders and produced a letter from her. In
which she said : "I want you to find me a
rich American gentleman to help me bear
these expenses with a view to marriage.
I have had plenty of good offers , but I
must have riches. Kindly have all ready. "
The documents were mailed by her order
to every paper In London , some Paris news
papers , the colonels of the regiments of
Foot guards , to the three masters of Bath
college , Ihe masters at Winchester , the New
York and California clubs , the Jockey club ,
to tradesmen In Maidenhead , Windsor and
London , to the station masters nt Maiden
head , Cambridge , Oxford , Teddlngton , Wln-
chcslcr and Ilrighlon , nnd to all secretaries
of clubs at Maidenhead , to the members of
the County Council , the managers of all
theaters , the head masters at Oxford , Cam
bridge , Harrow Eton and Winchester ; to the
police of Maidenhead , and to a large num
ber of private Individuals , as well as to the
members of the House of Lords and HtniMC
of Commons.
The document giving the list of persons
to whom the documents were to bo sent was.
It appears. In the handwriting of Lady Seotl.
The Irlal was again adjourned unlll Mon-
PAIUS , Nov. 27. The customs committee
of the Chamber of Dcpullcs today adopted
the sugar bounties , 3 % to 4V& francs , and
also a tax of 2 francs to 2'/ francs , accord
ing to distance on colonial and French raw
sugars sent to port refineries.
The tariff committee of the Chamber will
consider on Tuesday how to raise money
to provide for an Increase of sugar bounties.
During today's discussion it was con
tended lhat beet root culture was Jeopardized
and even if there was any prospecl of an
International contest It would not benefit
France to enter It with bounties equal to
Germany's '
Terrible Stormx In Ori-eee.
ATHENS , Nov. 27. An immense amount
of damage has been caused by the terrible
storms and floods which have Inundated the
low-lying quarters of this city and the
Piraeus , drowning a number of people , floodIng -
Ing the gas works at the Jailer place and
plunging Ihe port In complete darknc % > last
night. Many houses liavo been destroyed
and the tents sheltering the Armenian
refugees have been swept away. As a result
ot the disaster great distress prevails ) . De
tachments of Bailers from the foreign war
ships In port imvo been npplPtlng all the
night long lu the work of rcucue.
Herlnt ; Sen CoiiiinlHHloii MeefN.
VICTORIA , H. C. , Nov. 27. The licrlng
sea claims commission met at 0:30 thla
morning. Mr. Pclcrs made an application
for an order to examine Andrew I ) . Lane of
Victoria , witness in the W. P. Sayward
case. None of the American counsel w'cre
present and the order la subject to their
approval. Duel Small wan appointed a spe
cial examiner to take evidence In the
claims. From sixteen to twcnty-alx have
nov been filed.
Tom .MaIIH Kxpelleil from fieriiiniiy.
IIAMIJURG , Nov. 27. U now seems lhat
the report circulating In London last night
and subsequently denied that Tom Mann , the
well known Englluh labor leader and prlmo
mover In the proposed universal dockers'
L'trlke ' , has been arrcutod in Germany Is
correct. Mann was taken Into custody at
Elmsbrueta , charged with Inciting to create
dlKU'tor , and UUP placed aboard n otcamer
bound for Grlmaby , England , after having
been cautioned not lo rclurn.
Found Ili'iul In HlH Hut.
TOUERMORAY. Onl. , Nov. 27. The cap
tain ot the tug Seaman ycotcrday found flic
dead body of John S. Rankln , a Detroit
landlookcr. In n hut on Fltzwllllam Uland ,
Georgian bay. A note pinned to the corpse
stated that Rankln'd companions , Thomca J.
Austin of Dcfrolt and George L , Ilolrose , a
guldo from Tobermoray , had left for Tober-
tnoray last Tuesday. Nothing ha been seen
yet of the two men.
South Afrlon lli-ntrlctH ImiiilKrjitlon.
PRETORIA , South Africa , Nov. 27. The
t'nlksraad today formally paraed the Im
migration restriction bill , requiring Immi
grants to produce pauportB showing that they
posuosu the means of support or that they
can obtain work. The measure goes Into
force on January 1 , 1S97.
CriN | l SIIN IluropcVitiitH AViir.
LONDON. Sept , 27. A Ilorlln dispatch to
the Morning Post says : Signer Crlspl , the
former Italian premier , In an autograph let
ter to a charity bazar duclaren U la a de
lusion to suppose that Europe Is In favor
ot peace. The ambitious and revengeful
powers , said Slgnor Crl&pl , are only waiting
until success is assured to plunge Europe
Inlo war.
ItrltlMh War Ship Ooen < Maiilln.
HONG KONG , Nov. 27. There has been a
continuous exchange of telegraphic messages
tween the British consul at Manila and
tlie Hong Kong government. As one of the
results the Itrltlt'h t > ccond class cruiser Pique
has gone to the Philippine it-lands.
Itclicllliiii Ciroi\s In
PARIS. Nov. 27. Dispatches received from
Antonarlvo , dated November 13 , say that
the rebellion In the Island of Madagascar Is
rampant , though the vicinity of the capital
Is quieter. No colonists are arriving and
trade Is paralyzed.
AVIIIIniil Hits Another \ < > phew.
KIEL , Nov. 27. Princess Henry of
Prussia , wlfo of the emperor's brother , gave
birth to a son today. The mother was
formerly Princess Irene of Hosse , and Is a
sister ot the empress ot Russia. She was
married In 1SSS.
\ < MV I'l-fNldi-nt for Hungarian IHcl.
DUDA-PEST , Nov. 27. In the upper house
ot the Hungarian Diet today Huron llaiiffy ,
the premier , communicated to the house a
roynlarrunt appointing Wllhelm Toth presi
dent ot that body.
\VII1 111UN On n 1'rliue Mlnlhler.
TEHERAN. Nov. 27. The shall an
nounces that hereafter he will dispense with
a premier and will preside In person over
the cabinet , which will consist of Iwche
minlslcrs. _
ItiisNlu mill iniIiiiiil llainl In Iliinil.
LONDON , Nov. 27. The Times Vienna
correspondcnl says that pourparlers ex
changed between Russia and England prom
ise to succeed In securing reforms In Turkey
Cieriunii Ih lo Itc Itefiiiult'il.
DERLIN , Nov. 27. The budget committee
of the lower house of Iho Prussian Diet today
adopted the bill providing for the conversion
d the 4 per cent consols into Wstock. .
run un.ut's KIXIJ.
A TiisNlo Mllli llrulii I.cndM to n Fall
anil n Fortune.
John IJ. Sargent of San Francisco , who
has been In the Kootenay mining districts
for the past two months , tells n remark
able story of the way a tenderfoot from
Montreal discovered a gold mine In thai
far away mining region. The young man ,
who was a clerk , was spending a few weeks
wllh a friend engaged In mining , and put
In his lime fishing and hunting , relates Ihe
Denver Republican. The location of his
friend's cabin was far up toward the head
waters of ono of Iho tributaries of the
Kootenay river , far fron < any other pros
pector , and In a section where the bears
wore not only numerous , but Inquisitive
and troublesome.
When l-itli men were away from the
cabin it was necessary to carefully close
up all the openings , as the bears had an
unpleasant habit of climbing Into the cabin ,
and. besides gelling away with nil the pro
visions In sight , playing foot ball with the
cooking utensils. The bears were of the
common brown variety , none of them very
large , and were not considered dangerous ;
In fact , their worst trait of character was
the familiarity which bred anger rather
tlian contempt. One day as the two friends
returned from n hunting excursion they
saw three bears Investigating the surround
ings of the cabin , occasionally stopping to
roll about a camp kettle which had been
thoughtlessly left , outside.
lloth men were armed with rifles , and as
they succeeded In getting near the aiilmnls
wlthoul being perceived , were able to take
deliberate aim. As tliey delivered their
fire , two of the bears fell , the third t-cam-
wrlng off up the mountain. As they sup-
xvcd both animals dead , they neglected to
reload , and had approached to within a few
'eet of the prostrate bears when the larg
est auddenly sprang to his feet , and , with a
fierce roar , mai'Jirectiy for them.
The young man from the city had never
cultivated a close acquaintance -\lth the
jcar family , and did the first tiling that
occurred to him dropped his weapon and
sprinted for the nearest tree , about 100
, -arJe away , and growing on the edge of n
julch twelve or fifteen feet deep. The bear
stopped a few second : ) to milff at the rifle ,
and then contemptuously tossing It asldo
continued the chase. The hunter reached
he tree and had climbed to the lower limbs
when his pursuer reached It , and without
any limitation commenced the ascent Thh
wa * something that the amateur huntsman
lad not calculated upon , and lie at once
iroceeded to climb higher. In the hope that
its antagonlsl might get tired and give up.
The tree loaned somewhat ovrr the ravine ,
making the climbing easy , but the fact
favored the bear as well , and when near
the upper branches the young fellow found to
his dismay that the hear was entirely too
close for comfort. At thai moment , however -
over , his friend , who had recovered from lila
fright , and reloaded , shot the animal through
the head.
Now another danger manifested Itself. The
combined weight of the man and the bear
had been too much for the slender hold of
the roots of the tree upon the soil , and as It
leaned further and further over the gulch
it became evident that unless ho could
sercmblo down the man would be thrown
upon the rocks at the bottom. Clinging to
ono limb after another , he made desperate
efforts to got down , but before he had ac
complished more than half the distance the
last rcot gave way and there seemed to hn
nothing between him and death or Herloim
Injury. Ills grip closed upon the limit to
which ho was clinging , and In another mo
ment the top of the tree rested on thu hot- i
torn of the ravine , while the thoroughly '
frightened man dropped upon the carcass of ,
the dead bear , hlmuelf almost dead wl'.n '
Hut the ulrangost feature of the udven-
turo was that In falling over the Ireo had re
moved thu earth from a four-foot vein ot
rich quartz , the existence of which had heon
entirely unsuspected. Now the young man
from Montreal la a. horny-handed miner ,
nuKlnir a good Income out of hlu claim ,
winch bo haa named "Tho llcnr , "
Fine Line of Fall and
Winter Suitings.
130 S. Main Street
CouncilBltiffs , In.
Council Bluffs , lovsa.
CAPITAL , . . . $100,00 *
OM ; OK THH oi.niLhT IIAMCS i.v IOWA ;
All Druggists.
Till ! Umpire Theali-r X. 1. SueiM-HM ,
Presented only by the c < un | > .iny i > rcsc > itltiR thli
brnntlful drama
PHICi:8 : Iloxes. Jl.CO , 75c , . ' .do uiul Me. On vale
ut Kellrin' drug pture.
sin : is OMV IKHT. :
SfienlCH Four I.HIIKIIIIK N nnilono
( iliN ii CliMV lit ll * r Nil I liiiinllty.
Maria Hose , aged 8 , was born In America ,
but Dr. Achilles Hose of 332 East Fifteenth
street , New York , who adopted the nweel-
fuced orphan four years ago , docs not know ,
to what race her parents belonged and can
not explain her extraordinary ability for the
acquisition of languages except by saying
thai her natural gifts are great and her am
bition to succeed keen.
The girl Is of fair complexion and her hair
and eyes are brown , relates tlie New York
Herald. She Is quiet anil demure , but of
quick observation. Dr. Hose has Inng written
and spoken in advocacy of the adoption oC
living Greek as Ihe International language
for physicians. Ho was anxious lhat the
child should learn Greek wlien he saw how
rapidly she progressed In English ami
French , both of which he speaks fluently.
He speaks Greek , but he does not be
lieve In the general method of teaching It ,
being sure that the acquqlrcmcnt of a now
tongue through daily contact with some ono
using it Is the best way.
Not content with what his own compan
ionship might do for his adopted daughter ,
ho brought from Greece Miss Kustathla
Momochartzi. Maria in a very tdiurt tlmo
spoke Greek nearly as well as her governess.
Miss Maria for the last few mouths lias
been attending the school of the Sisters of
the Sacred Heart , In West Seventeenth
strcel. It was there she prepared u sur
prise for Dr. Itose. She know It would plcaso
him greatly If she acquired still another
language. Without taking any one Into her
confidence , she began to talk with the Ger
man speaking school children and borrow
their vocabulary.
She busied her little head In this way1
for mouths , and yet during all that tlmo
not a word of German escaped her wlillo
she was In Dr. Hose's Iiearlng. When ho
hpoko German to his friends or patients
the little woman pretended to pay no at
tention. She heard every word and under
stood most of what was said , but slio wan
not yet cs far advanced as she wished to
be , so she said nothing. The Greek fox
which disposed the aforesaid gold brick ;
was not nearly as shrewd as this modern
Her triumph was coming. One day when
she felt fully equipped she surprised Dr.
Hose by breaking Into a conversation hv
German which he and a friend were having
and making II plain lhal she could xpcalc
Iho language as well as ho could. . . . .
"How's Ibis ? " ho cried , delighted. \ , .
"Oh ! " slio said , laughing , "It was easy
to learn. I thought you would like U. You
do , I see. "
The best feature of It all In thai the
child has not been a victim of over-study.
Dr. Hose is thu enemy of all systems ot
forcing. "I teamed English In the slums , "
he says , "and I know a man who speaks It
well and scholur-llke. who learned It In thu
Howery. My little girl bus not been tlcil
down to Irksome tusks as some are. She linn
learned naturally I mean , In the most nat
ural way. "
Dr. Hone says the assertion that w do
not know how the ancient Greeks pro
nounced their language Is all nonsense.
Greek , he says , Is the only homugeneouH
speech easy of acquirement. H had not
liorroucil from languages. The Greek spoked
today , ho says , lu practically the saino
tongue that wus iibi.'d by I'lato , Demosthenes
and Plutarch. The Greeks of today , he nay * ,
Hpoak a language which I'erlclcs and Socra
tes would undeniably have understood ,
Dr. Hose lu attacking the methods or
teaching Greek In the schools has lila
adoptcil daughter as evidence of the uc-
cms of the methods ho favors. Many prom
inent men am In uympathy with his work ,
and have vpoken enthusiastically of hli
cblld'u accomplishment ! ) .