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cllnl undcmtandlp' ' with the Ocnnan en-
pfror , while the 0 knit Duke Vladimir who
represents the pro-Teutoti party In Hiiailan
politics , Lag been etaylng.ith Ilmpcror
Wlllliin , the German pnjiers bolng unant-
mouIn OKsertlng that hl visit has hern for
the purpose of renewing Ulsnmrck'n now
famous secret agreement with UiMnla , which
Inpqed when ho wan di mlsed from olllco
In 1SDO Under any circumstanced It can-
no be denied that Grrnmuy has n powerful
champion at the Uutmlnn oourt If the
person of the clever } ounK czarina.
Hmperor William Is considering the ad
visability of recalling all the officers whom
1m loan 11 ! to thn Chinese ROVeminent for the
purpose of Instructing the Mongolian war
riors In the arts of civilized warfare. Not
long ago 0110 of these Gorman Instructors ,
holding the rank of captain In the Gcrmim
army , having , aa he thought , brought lite
troops to a certain stage of military ef
ficiency , mulched them to the capital of the
dlHtilet In which ho was etntloncd and
01 direct them to parade before the vlrero }
To big great Biirprtao ho was attacked by
the viceroys bod.vgunrd , his troops tlla-
pr-raed and ho himself dragged from hla
horse and aoundly beaten. Inn lead of pun-
IshliiK the viceroy and reprimanding his
ginrd , th Poking government has ordered
all the Ou niiiii mllltaiy Instructoiu to
leave tlielr troops ami to remain at the
treat } ports until further orders.
Anil now KusBla Is about to adopt the
gold standard One of the nations , In
fact , the only great nation Into which en-
llghtmcnt nnd civilization have penetrated
to cling to the stiver standard , cilie , too , Is
now ready to adopt the monetary standard
of modern times , nnd aa soon as tlio InperlAl
council lias tdgninod its usjcnt , gold will
become the recogni/ed unit of value throughout -
out nil Uusjjla The audit of Iho Imperial
rouncll Is practlcallv ( insured for the Rus
sian minister of finance ami the crtr have
both recommended this bom change
So the tictid all over the world Is tow aid
gold and aw } from Oliver ; It Is a move
ment of common RCIISO and reoncm ; thu woik-
Ini ; out of nuUnc's laws ; and It cannot bo
Although King Leopold Is , so far as his
own subjects nro concei ncd , probably the
least popular monarch of Europe , } ct the
prosperity of Belgium has Increased In an
altogether phenomenal clegice during his
reign. In the great mining and Industrial
belt of which Liege Is the center , the values
of plant and output have been quadiuplcd
nlnee ho ascended the throne , while the com-
jnniro nnd Hade of the great seaport of Ant-
wrip have augmented moro than tenfold
All this Is In a greit measure attributed
to the personal efforts of tlie shrewd and
long-headed Ilelglan monarch.
Cedar Itaplds llcpubllcan llrjan Is In
Denver telling Iho millionaire mlno owners
how free coinage of their product will help
the "common people. " Same old llran ,
name old } arn
Sioux City Times1 The KCcrctary of the
Iowa state fair has a gnat relume IU >
wants to adopt the rule of admitting ovcr-
body frre to the state fairs In DCS Molnes ,
the state to pay foi iiiiinlng the fair. It Is
believed that In this way the present niana
gcrs of the Iowa state fad could make a
fljjccesa of Jiclr enterprise ,
la'avcnport Republican- Marshall Plcld
thinks that If congress would place a til Iff
of 1 cent a pound on sugar the chances are
that within ten } iars we should bo making
our own sugar from beets , and the 1 cent
n pound would glvo us In the meantime
nufflclent revenue for Iho government and
Hiifllelent piotcctlon for the growers of
beets. Then Mr Pleld would favor a com
mission to regulate the tai Iff
Dubuque Times New York Is having a
whole lot of fun with the Cherr } sisters
ami calling them , jas and other
choice names These may seem appropri
ate In New York , but hero In Iowa where
the Irrepressible sisters are known vvo
Know that by no means possible could the
gills eirii In a } cir what their sbatc of
ono nlght'a icrelpts In New York are
When It comes to taking them as representa
tives of Iowa art , wo want to remind our
aesthetic eastern countomon that n Cedar
Ilaplcls man has charge of the combination ,
that ho ( succeeded In securing the engage
ment and that he handles the dollars of the
1000 people who have been contributing
nightly to the display of lovvi gawklncss
Ilurllnglon lfawkco A strange ex
perience happened to Prof Charles Hlrt ,
now visiting friends In this clt } . He for
merly resided In Kctkuk , but for some
tlmo has been at the soldiers' home In Mil
waukee Ho had a brother named John
whom he had not seen or heard from for
eighteen } ears. and ho had given him up
long ago as dead On his arrival at the
Milwaukee home ho gave his name to the
nuperlntetiilcnt who Informed him that n
man by the name of Hlrt had been there
for some time What was his surprise on
learning that It was his long lost brother
It was a joous meeting Prof. Charles
Hlrt was at ono time one of the best
known musicians In Ho could pla >
any Instrument handed to him. and could
arrange music for any number of Instru
ments. Hut his labois lu this line are
ended , for rheumatism and other ailments
have left him In a condition which mikes
U almost Impossible for him to hold an lu-
trument In his hands.
riillntlelpliln llcrnnl
The winds nro high ,
And once moio
Wo hear the cry :
"Shut the doot. "
'VVnshlnston Slnr.
When the price of coil carouses ,
How vvo nil might scorn Its InrKa ,
Could wo only our houvo.s
IIy the warmth of our remarks.
Chicago Itccorcl
yruth criiHlicd to earth will rise once more
' So Is the Htory told
Ilut HCH , when crushed , got up and soar
A hundred thous uid fold.
Clcvclnml rinln Denier.
I Bald , "Yom hut Is not on straight ;
It'H tilted o'er your brow "
Bho answered mo with nlr Hedatc ,
"Wo v\our them tltnt way now , "
Imllnnnpolls Journal
tfnith crushed to e.irth will rlso again ,
When conicH the proper juncture ,
Whllu error , wounded , writhes In pain ,
And can't lepalr her puncture.
Detroit Irlliunu
Her dress vvaH no dicam , nt least
Tor him , a little bit.
He lay awake all night to think
How ho might pny for It
Chicago Itccord
' 'Them's nlwnH room nt the top , " ho said ,
Ami then , In n mood c CHtutlc ,
He showed the stranger up to bed
Just one floor under the attic !
Washington Hlnr.
I Thk weather Is a cruel thing1 ,
AH soulless as a Nero ,
Oun day It HinlloH like Kontlo spring
And next It drops to zero
Clcvoliuul 1'lnlii Dealer.
Thn sound that brings most anguish
To my vvciik nnd shuddering soul
Is Maria at thu furnace
As she shovels In the coal !
M ) ' ! ' Al.l. A DllKAM.
Chicago New *
4re Mev > t and snored at break of d ly
With all the roeltlenHiu's.s of age.
He was u hero , grim ami erav ,
Who oft had heard tint bittle rage ,
And led thu mad soldiers to the iimrgo
Of bloody death In awful charge.
And now ho fought those lights again ,
And muttered la his sleep uomnmiidH
To hordes of tlcree. determined men
ijaored mightily and clenched hln hands
And tosned llkn ono In awful pain
And Hpuried his folding-bed In vnln.
Itut maidenly within hln dream ,
He jiiiw tlio eiie my'a may line
J"nll baek. and open , then the gleam
Of Hubert ) llaahliiK llkn HUiiHhlno.
The move iiiimuHlced a mounted corpd
That ho hud not dreamed of before.
The order , "Char ol" rang , florco nmt
A Hound llko thunder Jurrccl the alrj
Of noundlnh' hoofH In mighty throng
Thun hu avvokr JudKu his despair
nn Inuirlnt ; till ! ) thosn Bounds of woe ;
" 1'wnu huali-diiy lu thu Hat bolovv.
Says the Tnopi Arc Well Locntod in iho
Department of the Plattc.
lleeoiiiineiidatloaw for Impriiv cnu-nls
at I'nrlN Meaile , Molirara , UIIN-
aell mill Crnolc , anil lit the
CarrlnoiiH ,
WASHINGTON. Nov. 27. The report of
Brigadier General Copplngcr , commander of
the Department of the Platte , headquarters
at Omahi , made public today , sajs the mill-
taiy operations of the year have not bc n
eventful. Ho briefly review A the Jackson
Hole expedition and appends the full report
rf Major Ch ffeo , who commanded the ex
pedition. Ho adds-
"Tlio troopw of thl department nro well
located In respect of any service that ma >
be lequlrcd of them , cither within or with
out the department. All cvropt the garrison
of Toit Washaklo are at posts within ready
acrtfcs to ono or more Hues of rallvvnv. It
Is takrn for giantcil that the dcslrablllt }
of conccntrollng the troopa of oich of the
two cavalry regiments , whoso headquarters
arc In this department , whenever local con
ditions will admit of It. Is kept In view by
tile authorities "
General Copplnger rcrnmmonds garrison
courtn of larger power us the ganlsous are
now of such slzo that men of rank and ex
perience could bn obtained fcr a couit hav
ing power of dishonorably discharging sol
diers etc.
Another suggestion In as follows : "A
special service corps , na sopaiato and dis
tinct from the combatant force as the lies-
pltal corps , and chiefly made up of dis
ciplined ex-soldkrs for the perfornnnce of
what Li known as 'e\lra dut } , ' would be a
great boon to the army. Not 'only ' would It
stop the decline fioni the fighting units
and abolish to a great extent the difference
between their paper and actual ntiength
In war a fruitful source of confusion and dis
aster but It w mid open up ta the man who
has entered the army for lifo u useful
career sult.iblc to a more mature } ct still
vigorous age , and what Is even moro Im
portant , It would vastly Improve and at
the FRino time cheapen the administration
service "
Recommendations aio made for Improve
ments of the garrisons at Pert Meade Pott
Nlobrara. Port I ) A. Russell and Fort Crook.
The report speaks of the- desirability of
a post council to look after the post exchange -
change , which would servo to pi event the
exchange- from degenerating Into a nicro
drinking plar'e.
vnnmcT is ( 'MHN rou 'iiiu ci.rn.
Jur > Decides AKaliiNl Prince Vlur-
lildc mill lit * > In > Aiipcal.
WASHINGTON. Nov 27 Judge Uradloy
of the district supreme court today refused
to grant Prlnco Yturblde of Mexico a man-
dimus to compel the Metropolitan club of
this city to reinstate him In membership
The case was n sequel to the expulsion of
Ytuibldo for alleged circulation of scindal-
ous charges against the daughter of a mem
ber of tlie club to whom ho had been en
gaged to bo married. Iho mandamus was
refused nftci a two-das' jury trial , at which
iho facts In the case wore rehearsed The
jury , after being out about fort } minutes ,
re-turned with n verdict for the club
In tlu > com so of his argument Mr Ilcrry ,
counsel for Prlnco Ytnrblde , said that the
case Involvcn not only his client's mem
bership In the Metropolitan club , but the
additional cue as to whether ho was to be
barred from ever } club In the country and
In Hurope , as well ai In his own native land ,
Mexico In making his charge to the jnr\
Judge Ilradley referred briefly to Prlnco
Yturbldc's connection with the Metropolitan
club , biylng that when the prince joined
the club ho made himself liable to all the
provisions contained In Its constitution and
must bo bound by them The only question
for the jury to decide was whether , at a
meeting of the board , the relater being pres
ent and the spcclflc-.itlon of the charge being
made to him , ho did or did not admit that
ho had made such accusations against the
u.innn In question U was not Incumbent
on the board to lnqulrc Into the icasomi
Mr Ytuibido had for making the accusa
tions and It was not within the province of
the Jury to say w bother , on those grounds
the decision cf the hoard was a proper one
rhu jury had only to deal with a question of
fact If the } found that the relater had
made such admissions as the board of gov
ernors said he did. then they must find for
the dub If they agreed tint ho did not
make iinch admlssl-ns. then they Hhould
find for the relater , Mr. Yturblde It Is
understood that a motion for a now trial
will probably bo made.
Suc'rcdiry I'riinclH HUH u Uni-Mllon
Mill Open on Hln llaiulx.
WASHINGTON' . Nov. 27 ( Special Tele
gram ) A telegram was received hero today
from the Lincoln land olllce asking for In
structions us to lion to proceed against
settlers on the Otoo and Missouri lnnd < i In
Gage county. Secretary Praneis directed
that an answer bo withheld until tomorrow ,
when ho will undoubtolly formulate an
ol'lclal order for the guidance , not only of
the land ofllco people , but the settlers aa
well. It was expected that this case had
about reached Us final conclusion , but con
tingencies ma } arise that will postpone
settlement for a vvhllo longer
The Nebrafka rongrohslonal delegation Is
looked for b } the middle of next week , Sem-
tor Thurston having Indicated thit ho will
roach Washington early In the week , stop
ping at Canton enroute Representatives
will bo stiaggllng In from western otatm
within a short tlmo and the liveliest short
session of congrcb-s In many } eais Is con
fidently looked for.
OAVAI.KV rou MI\ICA > ruovriiHi.
Ccncral llllNH Points Out ( irou 11117
> < lraleulc lniMirlaace | or 121 I'.INO.
WASHINGTON. Nov 27 IJrlgadlcr Gen
eral X H IJIIss. commanding the Depart
ment of Texas , calls attention In hU annual
report made public today to the desira
bility of having another troop of cavalr }
on the Mexican frontier , near HI Paso , and
opposite Juarez. On thn Mexican side at
Juaraz a new road has been laid out and
Our line of uwlenvenr Is a Mirpilso to
uvmyliotly anil the juice \vi > mnko on It
IH iuu > tlu > r MII prise u vvliolo Milt JiThoy
tllilu'il HiiL'il with cotton on tlio oiithldu
Hoi-evil lliu'd with cotton on thu liiHlilo
only ? l.oo-i'mi ( 'iimd'H hair $ l.f o-
caslimiMo $ 'J.r > 0 ImllirlKKan § ' . ' . .riO nat-
uial Ki y wool if'.OO naluial and Jen1-
si > y tlltbi-il . ? L'50 those juice's are for a
Milt uhlrt and ilnnvoiK vvhcro > ho can
jon Ki't hiich vului's vve nlso lia\t > Jersey -
soy rllibud colored shltts nt ? l..r)0.
Albert Calm ,
Mall ordcrn 1322 Furuavi
filled alnay * .
work has commenced on It. This road the
Rio ( Irflnde , Sierra Madre K. Puclflo road ,
when complclcil , will open up the Sierra
Madre country , which Is noted for It * wcilth
of silver mines , over which to trannfer
troops and In connection with the Mexican
Central , wilt make the city of Juarez a
point of great strategic Importance to Mexico
ice Thcno roads ami the live others now
running Into El Paso , Tex , will tn.iko the
latter place of Increased Importance to the
United States ai a military station.
POLITIC\i , \SMSSMI\T : vr n
ntiKlneer Morlej DlHc-harKeil for Vlo-
latlini of Civil Service Hales.
WASHINOTON , Nov 27 The secretary
of the treasury haa dl-snilssed William R.
Morley , engineer of the public building , Den-
vcr. Col , for collecting political assessments
from government emploves In violation of
the civil service laws Ills case has been
under Investigation by the civil service com
mission. Morle's room In the poatolllce
building wna political headquarters during
the camiulgn The case has been referred
lo the attorney general for pioscutlon of
those persons alleged to have violated the
Took Coal tlecaiiMi' IIYliN Cheap.
WASHINGTON. Nov 27. Admlial Ram
sey , chief of the bureau of navigation , Nav }
department , sas the report that the crulsei
Philadelphia will make a speed trial In
or l"r to establish a new record from San
Pranclsco to the Pouth Pacific \n \ Incorrect
Tim Phlladelphli will make frequent btojo
at all available points on the v.ay. Her
unusual stock of coal taken at Jan Pran
clsco h duo to the comparative cheapness
of coil there
ItrjX - < nil Hie llllfle ( h ! | > Te\lli.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 27 The navy de
partment has rccclvol the report of the
court of Inquiry which Investigated the con
dition of the battleship Texas H Is under
stood to bo a sevcie criticism of the ( .hip . ,
but the naval officials will make no state
ment concerning it , as It has not } ct been
parsed upon b } Secretary Herbert. \\lll Iti'ltirn In Havana.
W \SIIINOTON , Nov 27 Olllclala of the
State department attach no Importance to
the lumom that Consul Cleneial Lee will not
return to his post at Havam , because ho Is
said to bo unacceptable to the Spaahli
authorities there There U no picsent
change In General Leo'a purpose to return
to his post at an early d iv
NIMV .Itnlire Tor VVi-stern ArliMlisav.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 27 The prcslcb-nt
has appointed John II. Rogers of Arkansis
Pnltcd States district judge for the western
district of Arkaiais Judge Rogers was atone
ono tlmo In congress and was known as a
forcible speaker.
Ringing noises lu the cars snapping , bur
zing , roaring , caused by catarili , all dis
appear with the use of Hood's Sarsaparllla
E J. ncll of LaramloVwas In the city } cs-
W. O Porter of Custer , S. D. , was In the
city } estcrday.
John C Watson of Nebraska City was In
the city last night.
J E Martin ha i gene to Chicago , where
ho will visit friends.
Ex-Governor Dawes of Crcto was among
the arrivals } cstcrday.
Phil McShnne left for Denver last night
on n o ort bu"lneqi trip
Samuel M Chapman of Plattsmouth was
among the arrivals } esterday.
M S McDevltt. with the Cndahy Packing
company , South Omaha , Is at the Darker.
John Kllpatrlck of Ilcatrlco arrived In
Omaha last nlyht on a short businesstrip
John Her , ntock aent for the Ilurllngton ,
left list night for an extended eastern trip
George Prauzenburg nnd Jack Harrison ,
Aillngton , Neb , aio stopping at the Harker
O II Rooso. a lumbcrnnn of St. Louis ,
Is visiting his brother , F. K. Reese , In this
Miss M Pullmer left last , night for Chicago
and eastern points , to bo gene for a foit-
J. II. Rothwell , a well known cattleman
from Crelghton , was an Omaha \lsltor } ep-
P. E. Dowers , advance agent for ncach
& Bowers' mlnstrelfl , Is stopping at the
Mr and Mrs. Clnilcs A. nickel pirtook
of Thanksgiving festivities with relatives In
La Clare , la.
G Ooldrmlth of the Pullman Commi'-Mr }
derartn.oiit , left last i.lght for Chlcigo , after
pi" lim "overal das In this ellv
George A Ilrool.a of Hazllc Mills , one of
the prominent business men of Knox count } ,
was an Omahi visitor } csterday.
C H. Ilane , W. P Spence , R II. Allen
rnd wife. P W. Draton and O W Argu-
brlght nro Llncolnltcs registered at Iho
linn Charles F. Mandeiion has gene to
Chicago on business connected with the
building of the now depot at Tenth and
Manon rtrcet'i
Orand Island was represented In Omaha
by the following cltlrens } esterday II Helm ,
H H. Loughrldge Jack Donald M C Vol.
Rahden. C W Springer. G. H. Miller.
W R. Morse. Thomas H Morgin Sirah
Morgan. Mrs Strlngham , E A. Richardson
and George Hit ! } of Clarks are In the city
'as witnesses In the poEtotllco lobbciy case
from that place , now on trial In the federal
Dr. G II. Summers , L. D Munson. Charles
E Walte. S Til Mellck , C. P. Haw ley , R
W. Johnson. J P. Hebard , C II. Gregor } , A.
E. Moellcr , E Dlgnell and L C Liwson
wcro Lincoln representatives In the city labt
Iowa people at the hotels- Jay W > land ,
Harlan ; II W Reed , Carroll : George E
Pennell , Atlantic , J L Rose , Cherokee ; W
E O'Dell and wife. DCXJ Moines , II. 11
Stuart. Charlton , L P. Dean , Hamburg ,
Charles M. Ilillko , Walnut
Ncbraskans at the hotels C. W. Pierce ,
Waverly , 13 R Clapool , Orleans ; E. R
Spencer , Plrth ; M L Evans. EMierson , N.
R Peislnger , Central Clt } , E J Waddcll ,
Auroia : I. Coe , J S Kennedy and Albert O
Swift. Nebraska Clt } , W. G Potter , George
P Wolz , W II Haven , L J. Reno , Prcmont ,
Ed P. Gallagher. O'Neill : A. R. Allen , L.
Rosenthall. West Point. T. J Plckett. Wa-
hoe ; Will A. Nccdhani. Hloomfleld. E Mc-
Iutri' . Seward , C C. McNIsh , Wlsner ; J.
M Plannlgan , Stuait , P C Matteson and J.
J Ilonol.einper. Sutton , S W Hayes , Nor
folk ; E C Hoiihton and R H Smith Te-
kamah ; Robeit Krench , H II Goodcll , Kear-
no } , It II Rankln , Cambrlclgo ; Alexander
Stuart , William Snnllwood P C Letts and
J G Anderson , North Plattc ; H. G. Lens ,
Gordon '
Sidney's ' Dofnnltinp P6stmastor Believed to
Have Taken Poison.
A -i
' '
DtMM-iiMi-il WIIK tn'io'iif I lu > Mont Pop
ular lion In tlinl M-ollon. Iml
AVnn Short Klttlit llnmlroil
TAHOR , la. , Nov. 27 , ( Special Telegram )
-While out hunUtiR near Sidney today sov-
crnl bo > s dlscoveied the badly decomposed
body of n man which , upon Investigation ,
pioved to bo that of Moses Yovvcll , who
disappeared from Sidney about two months
ao Yowell was postmaster at Sidney and
the postofflco authorities , tmsplclonlng that
all vas not rorreet In that olllce sent an
Inspector to Investigate the matter , who
discovered a shortage of about $800. Yowell
stated that ho had the monc > at his honso
and was allowed to go after It. but failed
to leturn. No marks oflolcnce were
found upon the body- and It U presumed that
ho tool , poison.
No man In Premont county stood higher
In the public esteem than Yowell and after
hla disappearance the citizens of Sidney
petitioned for and secured his daughter na
his successor. Ho carried about $ G,000 life-
insurance. _ _
i\liloiiri' of Ilie Slate \unliiMt One of
Hie Accused t'oneludc'il.
WE1JSTE11 CITY , la , Nov. 27 ( Special
Telegram ) Today finished the evidence of
the state In the Jfm Paul minder case
County Attorney Olmstead and Attornej
Chase succeeded In weaving about the ac
cused a network of circumstantial evidence
of outh a nature as to fix tin- crime upon him
ll'o following aio n few ol the main points
provin That Mrs Dulln dlc < l from otrjch-
nlno po-sonlng ; that the first smptotri
"ccurrcd shortly otter taking dlnnor , lint
James 1'aul was there for dinner , that they
two ate alone ; that she cumplalucd nt the
meal and afterwards that the tea wi'3 blttci ,
that Paul was with her most of the time
of her Illness and administered the povvdeiti ,
that he put power In the stove after her
death , that a bottle- containing strvchulnc
was found In the potato patch ; that the
defendant said things that led to the
Inference that he would prollt li } her death
Chemist S U Mncey of Highland ParU
college Dca Molnes , who made a chemlcil
analjsls of the stomach of both v.omcn
swoie Hint he found strchnlno In the
stomach , liver , brain , kldiujs and oplnal
cord , and lint It could have gotten
there only through the stomach. .Ilm Paul
made the statement to the sheriff vviii'n
Informed that the body of hli wife and Mis
Dulln wire being exhumed "that the } might
as well hive nil cs a part of her , s he
was a goner , aii\va } " Dr George Paul
was the first witness for the defense.
1-nst 1'ielnlilrocl.cil. .
CHEROKEE. la , Nov 27 ( Special Tele
gram ) Pest freight N'o C2 , custbound , on
the Illinois Central railroad , was wrecked
at Mcrldui , eight mllas cast of thl.i place
at 11 o clock labt night , \elvo ears going
Into the ditch Killing fort } seven head of
cattle and a number of hogs The cars aie
nearly all smashed bcnnd repair The plat
form WCG torn from the depot and the side
smashed In on the elevator The total leas
to the compnnv Is estimated at $ S 000 The
rillway officials say thcie U reason to be
lieve that the switch was tampered with , as
the connection bar was detached , leaving
the rails without support Detectives arc
at work on the case.
Hold I p a Polleemnii.
TOUT DODGE la. , Nov. 27 ( Special Tele
gram ) Night Norman of Da } ton
was hold up at ml.liilRht ! aet night at thn
points of the revolvers of three robbers.
TScj relieved him of hi" fireinns and valua
bles , and the ) locked him In a freight car
while they proceeded to plunder the Rlrlmrd-
on Hardware company's ttoro Norman
nianrgpcl to escape from the car , and n poioj
as ralrrd and cha"j was riven the daring
t loves but they os'arTid under cover of the
night _
\ \ IIIIniiiM Ileicirler SiiHiiemls.
WEBSTER CITY. la. Nov. 27. ( Special
Telegram. ) The Williams Reporter , eljears
old , ! > isronlel publication today. The plant
ft 111 bo placed In forage , and the list con
solidated with the Graphic-Herald , In till >
city. T. It Evans was publisher and pro-
pi letor. _
I nilcr Arrest Tor Seduction.
WEBSTER CfTY , la. , Nov 27. ( ? peclal
Telegram ) Prank Plumb of ,
la , wao arrozted at Ulalrsburg and brought
'iero Ho I" wanted at Maratalltown for EC-
ductlon. The sheriff of that place took him
I OsllllV llllll } IIOKH.
VERMILL10N , S IX , Nov 27 ( Special )
Hog cholera Is iaging In this county in its
most destructive form , nvcry fall the dis
ease makes Its appearance and continues to
do great havoc among the svvlno herds dui-
Ing the winter. Clay count } Is the banner
hog count } of the state and yet o.cry } car
nlmcst half the number of hogs raised die
be foil ) it Is lime to market them. The clU-
case Invariably attacks fat hogs which nro
being made read } for market A hag oneo
taken sick rarely gets well John Alrth. M
It C V. S , of Sioux City , probably the best
authority on the eviration of hog cholera ,
writes a friend In this clt } , a fancy hog
raised , a slmplo remedy. Ho BCS "Thero
Is no euro for the disease. Sick hogs should
bo removed away from the healthy ones and
given the following prescription. Sulphate of
copper , ten grains , charcoal , three drahms ,
mix and make one powder This powder Is
equal to ono dose and bliould bo given twlco
a day to sick hogs In soft feed. Disinfect
all the yards with o'llorldo of lime "
llaiilt'N ANNftH .Solil a ( Aiiftlnn.
HURON. S. I ) . Nov 27 ( Special ) Re-
celvcr Ij L Loatutter of the Huron National
bank , which closed Us doors nearly four
} ears ago , sold at auction hero Tuesday the
lomalnlng assets of that Institution These
consisted of notes , warrants , accounts and
other personal property to the amount of
If yon weio to Inly the moulding saw
and nail the fiamo together II wouldn't
j ho as che.ip for yon as vvo can furnish
the 1'iiuiH ) complete then our vvoik
would ho moio satisfactory to you wo
are always making frames piaetlco
makes perfect and our largo assoitment
of mouldings elves jou an opportunity
to select Just what yon want nothing
adds to a loom M > much as a nlco pic-
tut o well fiamod v\u have the pletwcs
A. Hospe. Jr.
Music and Art 1513
about $50,000. The vale was made by di
rection of the comptroller of the currency ,
for cash. Some of the accounts sold for
about one-fourth of their face value ; others
onlv brought n few cents on the dolhr The
bidding was not spirited , except In two or
three Instances , where there appeared to bo
n show of making a few dollars The whole
lot $5,000 brought only about 11200. ThU
rale1 winds up the affairs of the Huron Na
tional , and Mr. Uistuttcr will soon have
made his final report as receiver.
Polled UlieMlonalile Voles.
PinUlin. S. D . Nov. 27 ( Special ) Secro-
tar } Persona of the republican state central
committee , has been collecting evidence as
to Illegal voting nt the late election and
states that ho has enough evidence now to
make good grounds for contests on the state
ticket , nnd that still fuither evidence Is
being secured Ho mentioned one precinct
In which it was Impossible- 11 nd but 123
voters before the election , but which precinct
returned 1C1S votes and that the committed
could secuio allldivlts to account for every
republican vole In the precinct , whUh were
just the number their polls showed , and that
the natural Inference would be that Iho In
creased vote went for llryan Ho has trail *
men } to show a great deal of such voting In
border counties and that contests will very
likely bo Instituted
inleriirlne In Snnlli Dakota.
Pinimn , S. I ) . , Nov. ST. ( Special. ) Ar
ticles of Incorpoiatlon have been ( lied for
the White llock State bank with a capital
stock of $ . " ,000 ; dlicolors , Harvey 0 Powell
nnd William P Houston White Hock Is In
Roberts count } , the furthest nor.'heast town
In the s'ate The Itoscbud Hydraulic Oold
Mlnlrg company Is also Inoorpoiated , with
heidquartcis nt Hay vv aril , Pennlngton
county , with n capital stock of $500,000 ; ill-
irt'tora , John W Moody , HUlmrd H 12vans ,
Prank U Kline , Charles A. Avails. Udward
U. Hall. Mm shall It Phllllppl. J H Ilollcn-
bcck , II. II. Perguson and William Hmley.
liiHiiritiiee Ooniiaii | > HleelH Ollleeri.
YKllMIUjlON , S. I ) , Nov 27 ( Special )
A meeting of the Palmers' Mutual Hurricane
and Tornado Insuianco company for Clay
and Union counties took place In Hlk Point
the first of the week A new set of directors
was elected , consisting of Andrew Martin
C n Krause , S A Amdohl Plavln Mon
tague , M. J. I.chiie , A. W Johnson J. T
Norton , all of Union count } , nnd P O
Lolkvold and L A Larson of Cla } . The
oniecrs of the association will be elected
at the meeting to bo held on November
IS. at Ells Point. The Insurance compan }
h ono of the richest In the state.
Ill 'millh llaUolu'M School of 'Mine- . .
RAPID CITY. S U.Nov 27 ( Special )
The trustees of the South Dakota School of
Mines at a meeting this week accepted the
icslgmtlon of Hcv J W Hanehcr , president
of the boaid , who lemoves from the clt } ,
and filled the vacanc } b } the elect Ion of
lion ( ! O. Dennett of Deadwood The fac-
ult } will recommend the legislature to ap
propriate $3,000 for a new building , as the
picsent accommodations are Insufllclcnt A
smelter was recently purchased In the north
ern hills and will bo removed to the school
Chilli lli'riiM ( o Itcalli.
PAHKSTON , S D , Nov. 27 ( Special )
Mrs. Jacob \Veldonbieh of this town went to
the Btoro Tuesday to make a purchase , leav
ing her tv.o binall children at homo alone
When she icturncd she found her l-cai-old
girl ! } lug In the middle of the room , her
clothes all burned off , the room full of hinoke
and tl-o child djliig How she net flro to
her clotl es is n mvstery , there being enl }
, x bard coal stove In the room The child
lived about thirty minutes
I.mid Iliiiini nt "X erinllllon.
YnUMILUON , S. 1) . Nov 27 ( Special. )
The election of McKlnlc } has had the effect
of starting up a fresh boom In Clay count }
real estate fclnce November S deeds have
been placed on file with the icglster , aggre
gating the Bum of $13,155.
now M2iinvsic\\s isivi ; TIIMCS. .
I'liloa ItcllKlmis serIces In tlie Ia >
anil DanchiK In die i\fiihiK.
RANDOLP11 ! , Neb , Nov. J7 ( Special )
Thaiiksglvlrg was observed by union aci vices
In the Methodist Episcopal church and a
grand ball In the Boughn opera house b }
tbe Modern \Voodmen.
EXETHIl Neb , Nov. 27. ( Special ) An ex
cellent union Thanksgiving aervlce at th *
Iljptlst chinch was ran led out. icgardlcvfl
of the storm The musical pa it of the
program was urtlcr the direction of Prof
Worlc } The sermon was delivered by Rev
W. T Cline of the Methodist Hpldcopa !
chuch Ho wasassbtcd by Kcvs Mr Hucstls
of the Congregational and Overman of the
Christian churthci
Mrs. Mlllan Mulhollanil gave a famll }
dinner Thursday at her home at which the
following were present Mr. and Mrs J W
Ta > Ior , Mr and Mis T. d lilouih and
children. Mrs. S P. Itogcis and Mr. Claude
A. Talor.
The women of the Methodist church gave
their annual Thanksgiving dinner and supper
In the Woman's Christian Temperance union
looms Thursday , which ACS quite well
PUHMONT. Nov 27 ( Special ) Thanks
giving day passed off ver } quietly here
The w cither was very raw and windy. It
grow cold duilng the day , and this morning
the mercury sUed at ? eio The usual
Thanksgiving sen Ices were held at the Pres
byterian church The sermon was b } Hev
W II. Iluss. The music was especially ap
propriate to the season , hist evening the
Ornrans bad an entertainment at ? acngcr
hall Prof Maer performed several Blcight-
of-hand trlcka , and a fine musical pie ram
wrs tendered , which wza followed by danc
SYRACUSE , Neb , Nov 27 ( Special )
Thanksgiving services were participated In
by the live churches of this village In the
evening the Uaptist Young People's union
guve a very Interebtln0' social at the llaptist
clmi-el A aplondld program was well icn-
deicd , after which a choice collation was
serve !
DKCATLIR. Neb , Nov. 27. ( Special. )
Thanksgiving was approprlitely and very
prettll } observed hero by bpeclal services
In the Methodist Episcopal church. It was
cosmopolitan , all othci denominations glndl }
KEARNEY , Nob. , Nov. 27. ( Special )
Thanksgiving day pushed off rather ijuletl }
to most people In Kearney. The
Etorm of the night before continued during
most of the da } , and people kept as elope In-
doois r.a possible In the evening thu Wide
awake Hose compnuj gave u ball at the
city hall , which was cjulte well attended
and a very enjoablo time w.-s had
HUMDOMJT , Neb , Nov 27 ( Special )
The city public school celebrated Thanks-
Wliun you net that picsrrlptlon fioin
tlio doctor don't lictdlatc lint nilni ; It
rlKlit to UK uc inalci' a InislnoHS of 1111-
Inn pii'si-ilptioiiH piopcily imni > of HIIMII
are too dlllk'iilt for us our picscilptlon
clciKs aio oxpt'tlonue'd iiuiutk-al nit'ii
and \vc hack thoin up with a Htock of
clniKH that IH uni > iiualle > d any\vlicio no
fancy pilcc Jiint the iljht price for tlio
rljjlit Hervlcc.
Aloe & Penfold Co
III flOIlb 1408 Farnam
Paine's Celery
ft % ! fiflMrt
| |
The essential difference betwien Palne's
celery compound and the bewildering uumbr.
of sir.saparlllas nnd nervines that Its success
has brought Into eslstcnco IH that Palne's '
celery compound furnishes just the appro-
pi Into nutriment to the exhausted ncrvca ,
"lid securely builds up the & } stem against
dMcasc , while the unscientific remedies con
fuse and add to the derangement of the
Palne's celery compound not only relieves ,
but effective'1 ! and pcinuncntl } cuies.
The most pprininont anil direct cure for
debility , ncrvoins wcakncas. languor , and a
"run-down" condition , Is the strong icllahle
Palno's celer } compound The rasping , Irri
tating effect of a badl } nourished nervous
system upon all the orgaim of the body
icases when thU medicine \ used
Palne's cilcr } compound Is the most ad
vanced nerve and brain utrcugthcnoi ami
restorer known to medlcil science
The tired , worn out sufferer who Is not
advancing toward health , Is falllin ; Inch
There Is no standstill In bid heillh One
can endure a headache or a backicho once ,
me ran endure It twice' , but the repeated
sirk headache and the constant pain In the
back and In the region of the hcirt must
lie got rid of Pur the pcrnnnent ami posl
live cure of thcpe unheillh } states of llio
I oJy. as evinced by repeated attaiks of
rheumatism , neuralgia , sleeplessness , or kll-
glvlng day with an appropriate program In
ticaily all dcpaitmcuts.
Jury I'allH loKreo ,
GRAND ISLAND , Neb , Nov. 27 ( Spe
cial ) In the case of StanllauGrablln. . ad
ministrator of the estate of Samuel rirablln
deceased , against the H li M . In which the
defendant sued for Sr > 000 daimgrs for the
killing of a child of Samuel Grabllu In l vS ,
the Jur } , after being out thlrt-flvo hours ,
failed to icach a verdict This ease was
once tried , a verdict found In favor of the
plaintiff , appcalcd'to the auprome court and
icmanded for a new trill. The disagreement
Is said to have hinged upon three members ,
and It Is said that all weio In favor of a
vcidlct for the plaintiff , but the } dlsigreed as
to the amount ranging from $3 000 to $500
ItlMil Il < | iior DealelH * Work.
DnCATUH , Neb Nov 27 ( SpecHl ) The
bootleggers' stock In trade Is abundant hero
} ct , but the trade has fallen off considerably
of late , the direct cause of which lies In
Bancroft The Indians at this end of Iho
reservation can got their chinks passed to
them over a bar The saloon keepers have
two bars , ono for ludlins and one for vvhlto
men The Hancroft liquor dealers have
combined and Bay If they are molested they
will carry it to the supiemo court , $ ! ,000
has been laid aside by them for this pur
Clime PlNli for "irliraNKa U'nlcrn.
SIDNHY , Neb. Nov. 27. ( Spi cial Till
gram ( Superintendent W. J O'llrlcn of thr
Nebraska Pish commission v.ns hero todiv
with the fish car and distributed blacl' u s--
citllsh , cropplo and carp The vvatera of
the Lodge Polo are being handsomely
The Youth's Companion has recently done
conspicuously good work In the polltlcil
educitlon of } oung Americans Without
an } partisan bias. It has been so foituiiatc
ns to hccuro articles from the most eminent
statesmen of both parties , explaining the
theor } nnd practice of government In a
lucid and attractive stle The attorney
general , the postmaster guicral. the secre
tary of the navy , besides Senator Ledge and
Speaker Heed , will bo among the contrlb-
utoirt during 1S97.
I'oilmval IH HIM In ; ; Wlien ( .
MSI10N. Nov 27 The government of
Portugal haw authorized the Importation of
13S.OOO.OOO kilos of wheat to supplement
the deficiency In the national supply.
\\'arianlcl lo luil.o hcttor and with
less fuel than nnv other Htovo or lan o
you ovi'i- ' saw stK'h Is the "Ae-oin Slci-l
ItaiiKo" a hotter made laiiKc the hest
inatt'tlal nolhliiK lint cold i oiled Nice !
and the toughest lion aie used In Its
constinetlon Inferior stoves at other
places will he asKcd moio tor-althoiiKh
( ho "Acorn Steel Itanp " Is hy alljooil
houscKeepeiri who use It adjudged to ho
the Ilnest steel tan o made.
John Hussiej- ! ; ; ; ; : .
2407 Cuming
inv trouble , theio la nothing to bo compare I
for a moment with the great dlacovny ol
Piof IMwaid n Phelrs. M. 1) . M.I ) , ol
Dartmouth medical i.ihool Palnv'o celery
If } ou are out of health or despondent be
cause of lepenled trials of other lemedlis ,
take-a fresh mart. The bracing weather lu
In } our favor
Here Is the o\pcrlencc llko that of hun
dreds of others of Mrs I.dli M. Hadin
of Marlon , Iml. :
"Ileforo commencing the- use of Palne'n
celery compound I was troitrd by many
doctorn , and tiled man } lemcdlcs. but did
not got mi } better. I seemed to bo all
bro'crn down I was tired all the time , and
my constitution seemed to be giving out.
I weighed only 11C pounds loot fall when I
commenced uaing Palne's celery lompnund
In less than two mentis I weighed 1JI
pounds , an unusual weight for me I Invo
had better health ever slm e , and have
felt better this Rummer than I have for
} enrs
"M } little daughter wss away from homo
on a visit , and came home looking us If nho
hid had a hnrd sickness 1 wot.t right away
and got her a bnttlo of Palue'a eolm com
pound and slip bos hud better health olnco
thin she ever had In her life , caU luaity
nnd ! growing fast "
There Is no woman who In justice- ber-
celf , ran fall to take Palne'H celer } com
pound under similar circumstances
iiRiiiir.iA.s'i OVIJH 'run
l.noul mill A lnlMiiK slirlners llnniim't
vvllli < li - Now Mcinln i"4.
niuhtecn novices dcslrotiD of becoming
members of that myt'torlnua bed } , the Slirln-
oi , rndnrcd the privations and hnrdslilj at-
ten lant upon n trip nerot'i the bands of the
dt" Tt last nlg'it nnd directly blossomed
forth In all Iho manly boautleo of a full-
flci'ged noble The ceremony was rurformod
nt Masonic temple , where mail } nobles of
tlio shrlnosj from Colorado. Kaiuns , low.i ,
\H-s50iirl. South Dakota. Minnesota Ne
braska congregated. 00 In all
At the conclusion of tlio Inltlitlon a biu-
quct was urvcd In the dlnlnir room of the
templiIjong tablou/ which completely
filled the largo room. presoiteJ n mo-t re
freshing fight to the victim' ! and their
friends , ns the } look their pl-non. while an
orcluistra , conceale-d behind nrcheu filled with
palm.i nnd flower ? , dlucourfod svvrpt music.
Thirty nobloB from Sesostrls temple of Lin
coln , with Potentate Summer i nt their head ,
were present In a body and added their portion
tion to the geol c'leer which prevailed
Nablo Henry H Hard } , potentate , L H.
W recorder and acting director , a mud thu
dut } of master of ecremonlor ) , and Introduced
to the nsEomblul nobles Noble 8 Wllght
Ilutlcr as tonslmostor. Deputy Impel lal
Potentate A H McOaffey of Colorado , Noble
II C Akin , flrat coromonlal ma Her of Im
perial council ; Noble H W Ilreckenrldg" ,
Voblo Hi ad Slnugliter of Lincoln , Noble Ilarr
of Council IlliilYs nnd Noble1 S'unilortrn mndo
short nddre'snas , which were dlrcctl } to the
point , and wern receive ! with tniniiltuouH
applailEc At the conclusion of the banquet
Noble S Wright Unller o\tendei ] an Invita
tion to nil prc.'jcmt to nttend the orvlrcs at
St Mao'u Avenue Coagrugatlonal c'uireh In
a body Sunday , December ( ! , which was nc-
Senator VonrliecH llenllli luiiro\eH.
WASHINGTON , No27 A promlnunt
citizen of Terra Haute , Iml , v/iltlng to a
friend \\nshlngton concerning Senator
Voorhera1 health under dito of the 2Cth
Inst. says "The senator has Improved
( iUadlly since his return home and la now
almoit free flora jmln He U able to walk
out when tin weather Is good but ho IH stilt
weak Ho oxpucts to Icavo next week for
Hoys' and inNsos' school slifics the
best on earth for $ l.r > ( ) a pair you may
Iliul hotti'f hhoi's for ? 2..r)0 inayhc not
hut oao tliliiK IH cot-tain ours IH the
host solid wearing hoys' and inlhso.s'
shoo for $ l.rx ) all made of heavy plump
Mock with holld and heavy hole.JUKI
the tiling for Kchool wear our boys'
$1.00 shoo will cost you $1.50 anjvvhoro
Olh0 ,
Drexel Shoe Co.
1419 Fariiain
Koniu Oriental Itiif , '
Klilvn , ( J.f5\8.5 . ? fiO.CO
Halindtiir , 7.0.\11.t ! . . . . . fiD.CO
Kci hull , 8 TIN 10,5 . , , . . fi.'l.ri
H , i.l\11.t ) ! ( . 7500
Analola. 1.7.\V. ) . r > fill
lihloulcH , 1.10\'t . .I.Tfi
M < > lyi i > lini c , l.OxJJ . li.'fi
Shlrv aim , 'l.'x 111 . 11,00
Omaha Carpet Co.
Only cxrliiHlvo
Carpet IIouso hero.