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Extensive Improvements in the Store of
Browning , King It Oo ,
ficcomt riiuir Cmitnln * n llrntillfiil
HllOllt I'll fit I Nil Oil
lit the .Mint llliili-
ornlc Style.
It Is n significant fact that while some
business men have been complaining of a
slack trailo and business has scarcely begun
to recover from the ileprcsslon of the | st
three years , one of Omaha's retail firms has
indicated Its faith In the future by ex
pending a small fortune In converting Its
establishment Into one of the most hand-
Homely furnished stores to be found between
Chicago and San Francisco. When Drown
ing , King & Co. announced their 20 per cent
reduction sales for the purpose of clearing
out their stock preparatory to the Improve
ments , It was the general expression of their
customers that the Interior of their store
could scarcely bo made more attractive than
It was. Hut since then the firm has ex
pended upwards of 17,000 In beautifying the
Interior of Its establishment , and the result
nhows as luxurious and attractive an In
terior as can bo found In any similar estab-
i llshment In the great eastern cities.
j The distinguishing feature of the first
floor as It now appears Is the magnificent
tdiowcascs , which are the largest ever man
ufactured In this country. They are of
Eolld plato glass from the lloor up and noth-
j lug could display a profusion of tasty fabrics
I to better advantage. The cases are of about
4 the usual height .and the Interior Is hung
with glass shelves , o that there Is a con
tinuous display of goods from the lloor up ,
In the evening the effect Is still more strlk-
n Ing , for they are Illuminated with Incan
descent lamps placed fifteen Inches apart ,
which (111 ( the glass with a brilliant flood of
Hltht. The art glass In the show windows
has also been clungcd and the colors ar
ranged to harmonize more agree
ably with the general effect of
the decorations. These are also bril
liantly Illuminated with electric lights and
the effect Is , emphasized by the magnificent
plato glass mirrors which form the back
ground. A number of upright showcases of
the same construction and material as the
others contain very realistic wax figures
handsomely dressed and wonderfully life
Hut the most beautiful features of the es
tablishment are found on the second floor ,
which Is occupied by the youths' and chil
dren's department. This department Is that
most frequently visited by the women and
lioro they arc offered a most luxurious walt-
, Ing pUce. The entire north front of the
floor Is occupied by the reception room ,
which Is as magnificently furnished as the
drawing room of a millionaire ; . The floor
Is covered with moquctto carpet of exquisite
pattern and upon which the furniture of
solid mahogany shows to Its best advantage.
Mahogany la exclusively used In the furnish
ing and some of the pieces are models of
exquisite cabinet work. Among them Is
n handsome secretary , which Is liberally
stocked with stationery and other conven
iences and which Is for the use of customers. *
The walls are almost solidly banked between
the windows with mirrors , and In front of
each Is a largo Incandescent light , which ,
ndded'to those which arc distributed through
the Interior , make the Illumination com
The windows are magnificently draped
with I ice curtains and plush draperies and
the window seats , covered with Inviting
cushions of plush , offer a 'grateful Induce
ment to sit down arid' Indulge In the perfect
view of the streets which Is afforded. The
room Is not lacking In the more aesthetic
furnishings , for the stands and window
scats are relieved by handsomely painted
Jardinieres with potted palms nnd ferns.
On the same floor Is another handsome
showcase , which Is the work of a local
1 firm. There Is only ono other like It In the
United States and that Is In a largo estab
lishment at Cleveland , 0 , This Is used for
i the shirt waist display and the huge glass
iloor.i fold upward like the top c" a mod
ern desk.
In addition to these features the three
floors havd been repainted and redecorated
from top to bottom and the result Is some
thing that Is good enough to take one's
friends from out of town to see and admire.
The IlfHl Wny to Cure
Disease Is to establish health. Pure , rich
blood means good health. Hood's Sarsapa-
rllla Is the Ouo True Illood Purifier. It
toncH up the whole system , gives appetlto
and strength und causes weakness , nervous
ness and pain to disappear. No other med-
Iclno has such a record of wonderful cures
as Hood's Sarsaparllla.
Hood's Pills are the bat after-dinner pill ;
ustst digestion , prevent constipation. 25e.
Via tinWaliawh Itnllriiiul.
\VINTBU TOURIST tickets now ' on sale.
vemhcr 17 , December 1 , and 15.
TUB WA1JASH Is the short line nnd quick-
rot route to St. Louts and points south.
Kor tickets or further Information call nt
AVnhash ofllco , 1415 Faruain street , (1'axton (
llDtel hlock ) or write.
Q. N. CLAYTON , Agent.
Iloiitf California
Lcavo Omaha via the lUirllngton route
nny Thursday mornliiK nt 8:35 : In a com
fortable tourist sleeper and you reach San
Kranclsco Sunday evening. Los Angeles
Monday noon. No transfers cnr goco right
thro' . Uniformed I'ullman porter and ex
perienced excursion conductor relieve you
of nil bother. KVKIIYTIIING provided.
Tickets ? 10. llerths ( big enough for two )
Call nt ticket office , 1502 Farnam street ,
nnd get full Information.
I\III > IINI > H r ( iniirctii : > n.
The total uxponao to the city for the elec
tion , so far an bills have been presented ,
reaches $1,320.99. Of thla amount
was for salaries of registrars , Judges clerks
and special police nnd J50US ( for moving
booths and hauling and repairs of furniture.
There arc a number of other cxpcnaw not
Included In ibis and the total expense of
the election. Including that which la paid
the police fund , will aggregate nearly
No menu Is complete without Cook'a Im
perial Kxtra Dry Champagne on It. If not
on nsk for It.
IIYAN Unymoml , youngest son of Mr. nnd
Mrs. K U. Itynn : agvd 2 months 11 dnys.
jMincral Thunulay. November 18th.
Internment Holy Sepulchre.
5A. . Highest Honors World's Fair.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
Com Ammonia , Alum or any oilier ndulteiant.
40 Years the Standard ,
\vuttic iusi.Min : ; AT I OSTOKI.'IOB.
\Vor km on ( 'oniiiicnrp DIuitlnK the lllu
Work was commenced yesterday morning
on the construction of the big drainage sewer
that Is to extend along the four sides of the
block enclosing the- new government build
ing. It will be twenty-five feet deep and four
feet wide. It will be partly under the side
walk , the center of the ditch being twelve
feet from the curb. When the trench Is dug
It will bo allowed to stand open , for a wn-U
or more , and the drainage of the new build
ing tested to sen that everything Is all right.
About a dozen men wcro employed In
digging for this work yesterday morning ,
nnd though the early morning was bitterly
cold the workmen wcro watched by double
their number , men out of work , anxiously
looking for a Job.
Whllo thcso men were digging the trench
along the Capitol avenue sldo of the hlock ,
others were at work on the Seventeenth
street side , felling the big trees that hive
stood there for a number of years. A half
dozen trees went down In the course of the
morning , and after the noon hour the woodchoppers -
choppers turned their attention to the trees
on the Dodge street side. These trees stand
In the way of the drainage ditch , and have
to ho removed before the trench diggers come
along. Within the building a number of
plumbers are at work , and altogether the
now poatclllco presents , u busier scene than
It has for many months.
Wlion In want of a good liniment , buy
Salvation Oil , which costs only 25 cento.
Sam'l Hums' reduction nale proves a great
success. Everything goes at one-tenth dis
count. Now for your "Thanksgiving" tur
key platter.
All people Interested In the formation of
n Visiting Nurse association to assist Miss
Kmina Mlllard In her work of district
nursing , will meet at the Woman's club
rooms , Thursday , November ID , at 4 p. in.
Appeal on llolmlf of tin * Worthy I'uor
of Our City.
The Associated Cliarltleo-aro having very
largo and urgent demands upon them at this
time and cannot meet them on account of
an empty clothing roam and exhausted
Donations of clothing of all kinds , shoes ,
provisions , coal , etc. , are carncatly solic
ited. Drop a postal card , or telephone 1C4C ,
and our wagon will call.
THOMAS I , . KIMIJALL. President ,
807 Howard street.
SU-Thlrty P. .11. Train.
of the
llest service ,
Dining car.
City office : IGOt Farnam.
IllKliop NtMiiititii I-\pr < -H eH HuKrct at
Ills Dfimrlurc.
Hlsliop John P. Newman arrived In this
city yesterday morning nnd U the guest of
C. 1'VWellcr. When ho ( eaves the city next
Saturday for the Pacific coast It will be the
termination of his residence here. In speak
ing of this the bishop expressed great re
gret that circumstances compelled his re
moval from the city , to which ho had become -
como attached. He will In the course of his
duties pass through the city often , and states
tint hu will avail himself of these oppor
tunities to stop off and renew acquaintances.
The bishop has just returned from the
cost , and hi regard to the situation there
said : "The results following the election
have amply justified the predictions of the
supporters of McKlnlcy. There are ample
evidences of a revival In business In ell
Jtnes , and Nebraska cannot fall to get Us
share of the prosperity. "
Dine , Smoke , Sleep , Ijlvc
As comfortably as In your own homo on
the Uurllngton's "Vcstlbulcd Flyer" THE
Leaves Omaha 5:00 : p. m. , EXACTLY. ,
Arrives Chicago S:20 a. m. NO LATER.
Tickets and berths at 1502 Farnam street.
Minor Court MiiUcrn.
William Mahlo nnd George Hall , two resi
dents of Plattsmouth , wcro put on trial In
the criminal court on the charge of robbing
Glaus Hosholm. The men are defended by
Matthew Gcrlng of Plattsmouth. who came
to town yesterday morning for that purpose.
Sarah Jane Norgard haa applied for a di
vorce from Peter Mlllpr N'ortrnnl nn thn
ground of cruelty. She alleges that she was
married to the defendant In Omaha January
S , 1MG ) , and that ho has been guilty of ex.
tromo cruelty at various times during the
past few months. She specifies dates on
which ho "struck and beat her
whllo she was In delicate health
and charges that ho followed this
treatment by driving her from their
homo and refused to allow her to take any
of her clothing. She asks that her maiden
namn. Olio. lx > restnrnil to lior.
The jury In the case of Andrew Herb ,
charged with stealing a calf belonging to
Andrew Jensen , returned a verdict of guilty.
Time Ciiril.
On anil after Sunday , November IB , the
Missouri Pacific fast train for St. Louis
leaves Webster street depot at 3:00 : p. m.
Instead of 3:30 : p. m. , as heretofore.
; Hlnlit to AHNCMN.
The Young Men's Christian association has
commenced Eiilt against Douglas county and
Treasurer Hulmrod to restrain the county
from collecting the general taxes assessed
against the building owned by the associa
tion nnd situated at Sixteenth and Douglas
Htroelfi. The taxes standing against the
property are for the years 1S92-3-5-C and
aggregate $1,095.35. U is alleged that the
treasurer Is about to sell the property at
public bale for the taxes and a restraining
order Is nskcd to prevent him from selling
the property.
_ _
A rerplevln I'riilileiu.
Whether to take "Northwestern Line" No.
2 ut 4:45 : p. m. or No. C at 0:30 : p. m. , Chi
cagoward. "No. 2" arrives ut Chicago
7:13 : a. m. nnd "No. C" nt 'J:30 : u. m. Both
trains are models of modern art , skill and
ONE. Call at the City Olllco , 1401 Faruain
street , und talk it over.
J. A. KUII.V. General Agent.
Q. F. WEST , C. P. T. A.
Attenii.l | HIT Own 1,1 fc.
Mrs. EIlo Schcllcr attempted sulcldo yes
terday afternoon In her room at COS North
Sixteenth street. She was discovered by ono
of the roomeis , who found her In bed with
a cloth Haturutud with chloroform over
her face. Ily her side was a Httlo girl
whom she had taken from the Open Door
last July. The woman left her husband
thrco weeks ago , after being discovered by
him In a compromising position. The
cpuplo lived In the vicinity of Twenty-
eighth and Charles strccU. The woman will
The Overliiml Limited.
Runs every day In the week.
Fastest train in the west. (
Iluffct smoking and library care. '
City ticket olllce.
1302 Farnam.
! . ! On1 ivldi ii l.culnro.
Three boys , Spencer , Horn nnd Gillian ,
were put on trial In the criminal court Tuos.
day afternoon ou the charge of robbing J.
II. Cokcroft of a silver watch valued at
to.50. They demand separate trials and
Spencer was tried first. When the evidence
for the prosecution was all In Judge llakcr
took the case from the jury and ordered a
verdict of acquittal on the ground that
there was not sulllclcnt oUdetico to convict.
Ho gave the thrco boys a severe lecture
and discharged all of thorn.
\ eliriiNUiiVoiun II'K . \n\lllnry.
The November quarterly meeting of the
Nebraska branch of the Woman's auxiliary
was held In Trinity cathedral ! ye tcrday.
Holy communion was obtervecl nt 10 o'clock
a. m. ; btnitieea meeting at 11 a. m. ; luncheon
at 1 o'clock p. in , ; Rddrt'iNco by Rev. Or.
Morgan of Now York and other * at 2:30 : lu
thu afternoon ,
Rnilrcnds Ask for a Special Unto to the
Society Circus ,
IteiireKentnllveN of the Itoniln
u Denlre to Do Notiiethlni ? , hut
Think the ItnteNkcil
In Tou Low.
A meeting of unusual Importance to
Omaha and of special Interest to those who
are engaged In making arrangements for
the Second Annual Charity Circus , Hippo
drome , Menagerie and Wild West show , and
to the worthy poor dependent upon sweet
charity , was held In the passenger depart
ment of the Klkhorn road yesterday morning
at 10 o'clock. There were present a large dele
gation from the Knights of Ak-Sar-llen ,
retail merchants" and the paasongor repre
sentatives of all the railroads entering
The circus managers lost no time , after
General Passenger Agent Ruchanan of the
Hlkhorn called the meeting to order , In In
forming the railroaders that this was to
bo the greatest show on earth , and that
therefore they ehouhf demand and expect
the most favorable rates granted to all the
people within 150 mllea of Omaha who might
want to enter within the city's gates on thai
occasion. The spokesman of the circus man
agement said that-nothing less than a rate
of one faro for the round trip , good for all
thrco days of the circus. December S. 9 and
10 , within a radius of 150 mllea of Omaha
Would be acceptable.
The passenger men caucused a hit and
shook their heads. They said that a one-fare
rate had been granted for the society circus :
last year , and thnt but little Increase In
business had resulted. They agreed , how
ever , to refer the whole matter to Chair
man Caldwcll of the Western Passenger as
sociation , asking him to submit It to n
vote of all the lines Interested. The pas
senger men said they wanted to do the
square thing , and desired to help make the
circus a great success , but they said they
could not go too far In the matter. A prob
able result of the conference Is the granting
of a one-fare rate for December 9 alone ,
from all points within 150 miles of Omaha ,
as a compromise.
Former 1'nliiii I'nclflo Keciler to lie
Tut Upon the Auction It topic.
Notice of the sale of the St. Joseph &
Grand Island , formerly a part of the Union
Pacific system , has been received by Inter
ested parties In this city from Edward
Slmonton of St. Paul , special master for the
sale. The sale of the property will take
place on the mortgage- premised In the
depot at Hastings on Wednesday , December
23. It Is thought that the committee of
bondholders will bid It In , the upset
price of the purchase , as fixed by order of
the court , being J3"UO,000. which Is less by
$1.000.000 than the price originally fixed.
Thla ll if hnirtntl nt fit -Townnh nn the Rt.ltn
ilne. and runs through Kansas and Nebraska
to Grand Island , through a rich territory , nnd
Its franchise Is regarded as very valuable.
Its sale was ordered by Judge Sanborn of
the United Statefl circuit court for the otate
of Nebraska a year ago , but the attorneys
for the bondholders got ready for the sale
only n few dajs ago. They notified Master
Slmonton of their readiness Thursday and
ho completed arrangements Immediately.
The court haa determined the bonded In
debtedness , which amounts to about $7,000-
000 and Interest.
Committee ConipiiHeil of OIllelnlM. I
It Is announced that the Western Traffic
association will have a rate committee com
posed of officials no lower In rank than
assistant general freight agents , In addition
to Its executive and administrative boards.
Just how the membership will be appor
tioned among the roads has not yet been
made clear. In the Southwestern Traffic ce-
soclation. In which there are but four large
systems , each sends a freight official to act
on the committee when It meetu. There
are so many roads In the Western Freight
zssoclatlon that the same plan Is hardly
practicable. It may be followed , however ,
for no line will care to have Its rates made
for It by a body of men connected with
competing lines.
ItullwiiyoteN unit I'erKonnlN.
William H. Garrett of the Union Pacific's
general freight office 4s In Denver.
Traveling Passenger Agent Taylor of the
Ilaltlmoro & Ohio Southwestern was In lliu
city yesterday.
J. F. Anderson , general western freight
agent of the Georgia railroad , Is In the city
from St. Louis.
Traveling Freight Agent Gray of the Cen
tral of Georgia railway came In from the
south yesterday morning.
George U. Murray , advance agent of "The
Twelve Temptations , " was a caller at several
of the local railroad headquarters yesterday
Assistant General Freight Agent Wood of
the Union Pacific Is in Kansas City attend
ing a regular meeting of the transmlssouri
frelcht committee.
General Solicitor Kelly , Mastcr-In-Chon-ery
Cornish and Chief Clerk Taylor of the Union
Pacific are on their way to New York City
to attend a meeting of the rccclvern.
Chief Clerk Howard of the Chicago &
Grand Trunk's general passenger depart
ment nnd Traveling Passenger Agent Roland -
land of the same road are In the city.
The railroad weather reports yesterday
morning showed extremely cold weather ,
with considerable high wind throughout the
state. No damage has yet been reported
from the wind.
General Manager Dickinson and General
Superintendent Nichols of the Union Pacific
returned yesterday morning from an In
spection of the Omaha & Republican Valley
line. Whllo out they shot four quail , though
they saw many , many more.
David W. Aldrloge , well known In Omaha
because of his long service with the local
office of the Northwestern , was In the city
yesterday , renewing his many friendships. Ho
Is now the traveling passenger agent for the
same Bjstcm , with headquarters at Cleve
land. Ho In accompanied on hla western
trip by Mrs. Aldrldge.
Assistant General Solicitor Kclby of the
B. & M. and Judge E. U. Duflle went out to
Hitchcock county yesterday afternoon to look
after the Interests of the road In u
lawsuit there today. It Is the II. & M.
against Hitchcock county for special taxes
levied to pay Judgments In the village of
Trenton. The amount Involve , ] IB $1,000.
Chief Clerk Ilucklngham of the II. & M.'s
passenger department returned yesterday
morning from a pleasant vacation spent In
the south. Ilo enjoyed some rare hunting In
Arkansaa and visited New Orleans , Memphis ,
Mobile and other southern cities , Dell
llranch , assistant city passenger agent of
the same road , who accompanied Mr. Buck
ingham on the trip , will return on Friday.
It was said at St. Joseph's hospital yester
day afternoon that both Uobert Ultchle , the
young stockman , and E1. Wrlghtman , the
colored porler , who were Injured In the
wreck of a Union Pacific caboose at Chapman
on Sunday night , are Improving rapidly and
will bo able to be out In a short time ,
Itltchlo's right arm and back were bruised ,
and Wrlghtman sustained light Injuries
about the chest and stomach.
The Great Northern has completed ar
rangements for the construction of a rall-
wav tunnel In the state of Washington that
Is expected to be ono of the greatest tri
umphs of engineering skill In America.
The tunnel will take the place of the famous
Cascade switchback , between Spokane and
Seattle , and will rrducu the distance ten
miles and save over an hour's time. It will
bo 2.49 miles In length , nnd will run In a
straight line from the head of ono canyon
to that of another. The coat of the cuter-
prise Is estimated ut $2,003,000 , and It U ex
pected to he completed early In 1S9S ,
Use Hrown'a llronchlal Trollies for Oougha
Colds and all other Throat troubles "Pre
eminently the best" Hey. Henry Ward
Uccchcr , i
llnvr Awrrliil , Ilottrcvcr , on llio
t'ourne tn > llu 1'iirnneil.
The various applicants for the clerkship
of the United Statw tlrcult court to succeed
Elmer D. Frank will lhavo to wait awhile
yet to know their ( ato. In addition to the
numerous parties 1& < Omaha and elsewhere
In Ncbraslti who hare lines out for the
place , there In a candidate In St. Ixnils who
Is giving them all considerable uneasiness.
Ills name Is Heiid nnd'ho ' Is nt present dep
uty clerk of the circuit court ot appeals
and by virtue of fcliu position has an ac
quaintance with all ( three -of the Judges
Sanborn , Thayer and Caldwcll who have
the appointing power.
A telegram from St. Louis states that
Judge Thayer says no clerk has been ap
pointed for the circuit of Nebraska to his
knowledge , and ho would bo Informed It
such appointment had been made.
The following telegram to The Ueo was
received from St. Paul :
Scon todny with reference to the appoint
ment of a successor to Hlmur U. Krunk ,
elerk of the United States circuit court.
Judge S.'tnliorn said :
" .Mr. Frank tendered his resignation a
few weeks ngo , but the same docs not tuko
rffoct until his HUccct" or Is appointed ntul
nutillflcM. Thu Judges who make the np-
polntmrnt nro separated nt the present
tlmo. but desire to state that wo nave
ngroi-d what course to pursue. Wo have
announced no appointment or action In the
promises. " The Judge was very guarded
in Ills mtrrnnccH nnd careful that ho might
not bo misquoted. This la the oxnrt sltu.i-
Take advice ! Stop coughing at once by
the Immediate use of Dr. Hull's Cough
Syrup. Ono bottle will euro you.
City Coniiell IliMiily for ( lie Annual
WroMtlis > vltli Tux Hooks.
The city council met yesterday morning
for lie annual struggle equalizing the assess-
mcnta on property In the city of Omaha.
They reorganized by electing Uurmester on
halrman and appointing Duncan , Christie
and Kmcnt cs a special committee to hear
complaints. Thr-ro are a number of com
plaints filed already , all of them being by
parlies who think their property has been
lilted too high.
In looking over the books In a cursory
manner a number of errors have been dis
covered , some double assortments and one
or two where there has been manifest errors
In entering thu valuation of some pieces of
The total valuation Is about $000,000 less
than last year and with the present con
dition of city funds It Is predicted a higher
tax rate than the ono made last February
will he necessary. The pifflcnl levy Is 41
The king of pills : s Beecham's tlccchain's
Permits to wed li.ivo brcn Issued to the
followlng parties by the county judge :
Namu and Uesldcnco. Age.
Mr.dlKon Mllbourn , Omaha . 33
Mrs. Katlo Itoscnvelt , Omaha . 20
Michael Sulley , Omaha . 3 ?
Katie Houlton , Omaha . " > -
Chnni'py , Omaha . 5. >
MM. Hose Luce , Oitiaha . -II
Elmer L. Platz , Omaha . , , . 13
Alice E. Ellis , Omaha . 2.1
Stanl.Mlnus Wawezynklcwlcz. S. Omaha. . .22
Salomln WIza , South Omaha . 2 ]
Take I'n ( lie 'World I.tlu-1 Suit.
The libel mil of the World Publishing
company against The. J5eo Publishing com
pany for $ . > O.OCO damages for allcsed llbi-I
was taken up for trial In court room No 4
yesterday afternoon. Nothing was done
yesterday except to Impanel the Jury and
trakc the opening ftatomenls.
Deiiiniul n Ciihlitfl OIHee on Miiie.M ami
Mining : .
A very lmportant < convontlon for the min
ing Industry of thmstato > was that which has
just closed Its session at San Francisco. De-
sides numerous , stirring and Instructive ad
dresses Interspersed between Its delibera
tions , a number of resolutions were adopted
recommending state legislation upon vari
ous subjects relative to the mining Indus
try nnd a revision ot the general mining
The following are among the more prom
inent resolutions adopted by the convention.
Hellovlnpr that the time has come when a
new cabinet olllccr should be created In the
United States , to be known IUH "tliu secre
tary of mines and mining , " und believing
further that the Indorsement of this Idea
by the Transmls3lslppl congress , soon to
convene nt the city of Salt L-ike , would go
far toward securiiiB the oume , therefore
bo It
HcKolvcd , That tlio California Miners' as
sociation strongly iind urgently desires the
appointment of a o.ililnct oflleur to bo known
as the secretary of mines and mining- .
Itesolved , That the delegate. " from Cali
fornia to the said Transinlssi ! i < l , > pl congress
bo and they urn hereby requested by the
California Miners' as ocMtlon to secure
fioni said congress an Indorsement in favor
of .said cabinet olllcer.
Hesolved , That transportation facilities
are of paramount Importance to the success
of all mining1 enterprises , and that the pres
ent road system of this state 1 entirely un
satisfactory and totally liiMilllclent for the
srceesHful development of our mineral re
sources ; and , therefore , that this * convention
heartily indorses the movement for good
roads , na evidenced by thif creation of the
state roads commission , and wo do ask for
Immediate legislation for tno betterment of
our public highways.
IlcHolved , Thnt the California Miners' con
vention Indorses the plan of bavin ; ; the
State Mining bureau co-uperate with the
t'nlted States geological survey to make a
topographic and ueologic map of the min
eral rcKlons * of the state of California ,
county by county , on a scale of 200 feet to
ono Inch.
The old board of officers was re-elected
without any opposition and amid much en
thusiasm the most successful and largest
gathering of miners In Iho association's his
tory adjourned for a year.
uunu' : ix THIS couuu IVAMJXKS.
Kmploynieiit \ouniiloii JIc-ii May
Lend ( Trimble.
A dispatch received from Wallace , Idaho ,
aays the Helena and Frisco mine has been
reported sold to the Standard Oil company.
It Is one of the leading silver-lead mines of
ho Cocur d'Alcnes and Is located on Can
yon crock at Gem. It was among the drat
mines opened up In the district and has
iccn working steadily except that the mill
was destroyed In the strlko of 1802 and
was not rebuilt until the following spring.
The mill built then has a capacity of 600
tons dally , nnd has hcfen Increased by iiomu
additions since. During the pant year It has
employed 125 men stcaiJIIy. milling 525 tom
dally nnd shipping about thrco carloads of
concentrates. It piitd $50,000 In dividends
monthly for several years , with occasional
Intermissions , two being passed during the
last year.
The company Is 'h-icloso ' corporation , with
headquarters at Hdloim. Tha stock Is
mostly owned by Haiucr , Holton , John T ,
Murphy , Sollgman ami Peter Lurscn. Noth
ing Is known of tlnf prlco paid , but the
property In commonly considered worth $2-
000.000 or more.
The sale Is of particular Interest , be
cause the Standard1 Oil company employs
nonunion labor In the Bunker Hill nnd
Sullivan , whlla Canyon creek Is In
tensely union. Should nn attempt bo made
to- employ nonunion men there It will al
most surely result Im.trouble. The miners'
union just elected thb whole county ticket ,
defeating the ticket Indorsed by the Stand
ard Oil company , The feeling Is Intense
because of this , and It Is feared some hot
headed members of the union will take rash
steps If nonunion men are Introduced among
Hither Muriler or Sulehle.
HLOOMINGTON , III. . Nov. 18. The dead
bodies of James Ware , a single man , aged
30 , and Mm. ICIla IllckeltH , wlfo of Albert
Itlckuttii , wcro found on thn 1/ocust street
viaduct tonight , with a bullet hole In the
forehead of each. A revolver lay beside the
bodies. The police bavo not determined
whether It Is a case of murder or suicide. '
Iiiterniitliniiil C < i"iern' Union.
CINCINNATI , Nov. 18.-Charles Lclaner ,
president of the Coopers' Protective associ
ation of Cincinnati , bis just been appointed
organizer of the International Cooper * '
union. Ho was prominent In thu recent In
ternational convention at Kvnnavllle , and
will have hla headquarters hero.
Some Pear Expressed thnt Whcolor's
Water Works Resolution is Loaded.
Comiclliiien llnpe for n HeiliicUon In
\\"nU-r lU'iilnlN Company Mummer
Snj'M lie \Vnnln to llenl
Mlturnlly ultli the City.
The resolution adopted by the city council
Tuesday night providing for the appoint
ment of a special committee to confer with
the Omaha Water company relative to an
arrangement by which additional water
service may be secured without n material
Increase fn the cost , Is a subject of con
siderable speculation In olllclal circles. In
view of the very complicated relations
which now exist between the city nnd the
water company , any legislation on the sub
ject Is regarded with a good deal of sus
picion nnd a good many of the members
of the council are disposed to regard this
resolution as preliminary to some action
by which th-j city will forfeit some of the
rights which It now claims
The contention of the city through Its
executive and legal department haa been
that the new company did not acquire the
franchise which belonged to the American
Water Works company when It purchaacd
the property. Since then the claim of the
new company to this franchise has never
been olllclally recognized. Hven when per
mits were Issued to open streets for neces
sary repairs to the system , the permit was
stamped with a reservation by which the
city declared that In Issuing the permit , no
recognition was made of the rights of the
company. Some of the councllmen now
contend that If this special committee should
confer with the water company and agree
on some arrangement , the position held by
the- city would be rendered Insecure. The
minute this arrangement was ratified by
the council the city would have ofllclally
recognized the claims of the water com
pany nnd It would be the legal owner
of the disputed franchise.
Councilman Wheeler , who Introduced the
resolution , says that It was In
tended simply as a feeler In the
direction of a reduced rate for
rentals. He says that for a long time past
there has been n sentiment that the city was
paying too much for water , and now , that
litigation lias been suspended nnd the plant
has become an Omaha property , there Is a
possibility that something might be
accomplished that would be to the advantage
of thn city.
Manager nierbowcr of the water company
says that he knows nothing of the resolution
except what ho read In the morning papers.
In his opinion anything that would effect
an understanding between his company and
the city would bo a gcod thing. The officers
of the companyrecognize the fact that there
Is a sentiment among the taxpayers against
the water company , and they are disposed to
get rid of It by giving the best possible
service and dealing liberally with the city.
They have extensive plans for Improvements
outside of the new main from Florence , hut
us n uusmess proposition iney ur > not reel
like , Investing additional capital whllo there
Is a question as to their title to the franchise
Mr. Blcrbowcr says that It would be a good
thing , both for the city and the company. If
an understanding could be reached. If the
city was In a pcsttlon to buy the plan
all right , but If that was not the case , the
next best thing should be done and the com
pany placed In a position where It would fee
safe In going ahead with Its plans for th < i
Improvement of the system.
Mutton far 11 IMIIMHIII | linn Ilcvn
A motion has been 11 led In the Crclghton
Mil ease nnd It will be argued beloro Judge
Fawcctt Saturday. The motion asks that the
appeal from the county court be dismissed
on the ground that the will Is void on Its
face. If this motion Is sustained , this
case , which has already had two trials In
the district court , each consuming between
three mid four weeks , will be dismissed. In
the event that the motion Is overruled , the
case will be taken up for the third time
next Tuesday.
The will in dispute Is ono made by tlio
loto Joseph Crclghton , In which he
bequeathed to the bishop of Omaha , of the
Iloman Catholic church , certain property In
trust. The will Is contested by Mra. Shelby ,
a daughter of the testator , on the ground
that th maker of the will was not com
petent to execute such a document at the
time the will purports to have been made.
Criulle mil the Crnie.
The fojlowlng births and deaths were re
ported at the health office during the twenty-
four hours ending at noon yesterday :
Births E. K. McKlune , Thirteenth and
Nicholas streets , boy ; Harry Mclroso. 814
North Nineteenth street , boy ; A , I. . . Heed ,
Thirty-eighth and Farnam strecta , girl ;
Frank Flala , 1213 South Fourteenth street ,
boy ; Joseph Novoall , 2422 Spauldlng street ,
girl ; Joseph Munch , 1709 Leavenworth street ,
girl ; Edward Jones , 107 South Seventeenth
street , girl ; Henry Graack , Twenty-fifth and
Martha streets , boy.
Deaths William II. Deekman , 35 , 216
North Twenty-sixth street , congestion of the
lungs , Interment at Petersburg. 111. ; Ellen
Iacy , 30 , 3929 North Twenty-third street ,
Forest Lawn ; Dertha Miller , 2 months , Thir
teenth and Uurdctte streets , Forest Lawn ,
PI re In a Conl .Sheil.
A blaze In a coal shed called the depart
ment to Twenty-fourth and Sprague streets
at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Damage.
M -x
Thousands of men are afraid of the lighting -
ingnnd yet not one uiait in ten thousand
Is ever killed by it. Vcvr men arc afraid
of consumption , and yet it causes otic-sixth
of all the deaths in the world. It is more
deadly than either wars or pestilences.
Any sort of wasting disease may lead to
consumption. Any blight disorder of the
respiratory organs may easily develop
it. Weakness of the body , emaciation ,
lack of vitality nrc plain invitations for the
germs of consumption. Consumption is not
entirely a disease of the lunga. U in a dis
ease of thu blood that shows itself most
strongly in the lungs. It is not as it used
to lie considered incurable. Dr. I'iercc'o
Golden Medical Discovery has changed nil
that. It will cure ninety-eight percent , of
all cases of consumption if taken in time.
It is the most wonderful blood maker and
flesh builder in the world. It cures where
doctors have failed. It has brought back
to life hundreds of men and women who
were considered ns good ns dead. -
Mm. Nancy K. Tulib , of Atnory , Monroe Co. .
Miss , , write * : "About ten years ago I suffered
an attack of ncrvoui prostration resulting In
other trouble * which my family physician pro
nounced consumption. } Ve doctored with him
until we lost nil hope. I finally happened to find
one of Dr. l'lercc' little Memorandum Hooks ,
aw hU medicine recommended nnd thought I
would try it : sent and got oue txjttle of each
Golilen Medical Ul overy' and 'favorite 1'rc-
icrlptlon' nnd one bottle of'relicts. ' Asfcoon
an I began la use these medicines my health be.
to Improve mid before I had u ed onohalf
San bottled felt almost as * Irons ni I ever wai.
I nm now enioyliiif good health attain. Two
year * ago I had a little hey who keeiuol to be MI > > >
ject to phthisic ( asthma ) and I th J Jit I would
try the 'Golden Medical Discovery. ' and to my
iitrprlic It cured him cullrely j he haa never haa
auotlier attack. "
Hoc , Nov. 18
That doesn't sound remarkably cheap in the face of
some of the "Sales" around town , and yet these suits are
better suits , better patterns , better made up and bettor
values than the suits advertised as "big bargains" at $3
in any of the prevailing calamity sales. It's no trick for
any store to advertise things cheap. It's no triclc to make
things sound elegant in print. It's no triclc to get up a
sensational sale and beat the torn loins and use big type
to help out small values , but it's something of a trick to
buy goods cheap enough so they will sell without thn aid
of any such methods , and so the people will know that
they are special bargains without having to swallow whole
pages of printer's ink to find it out. TheSsoo suits now
selling at The Nebraska are remarkable value for the
price. The $2.50 suits at The Nebraska are as good as
rhe $3.50 suits anywhere else. The handsome Chinchilla
Reefers we sell at $1.75 for lads 4 to 10 years are as good
as anybody sells for $2,50 , and the Boys' Suit we sell at
§ 1.50 , $2.50 and $3.00 are easily worth $1.50 to $2.00
more , according to the way they are sold in other stores.
It doesn't need any hair-restoring sale to get The Ne
braska offerings into the people's hands , They "jes
nacherly" goes.
A. D. 162O.
Hero Is oneot our "Delft reproductions of
the present season. You have seen lilKh-
backed chairs before that wcro called
"Colonial , " but It Is quite a different mat us
ter to pcnsess a fac-slmlle of ono of the
old Mayflower chairs.
The lines of this chair arc unmistakably
n sign of Its authenticity. They are like
the points of a fine horse ; they are not
easily mistaken when once seen.
The high arms ; the recessed , solid scat ;
the cross braces from the head rest to the
base ; the sv oiling Dutch legs all these are
the proof marks of the period. T
The finish Is In Ivory white , with old
China , bine painted decoration under a
stout varnish. One or two of thcso old
Colonial chairs should be In every homo.
The LoHcit Prices ou I-'urnitiirc ,
12TII AM ) IOUiL\S ( ,
j a-3o o _ ' o ov/ o/o''X'Jo j .7wo ,
* j ( "Luke Sharp. " )
1 "The B"
ROKKUT DAim needs no Introduction to American editors , since.
* S IOIIK before lie attained distinction as a novelist in KiiKhuid , ho had
49 achieved no small measure of fniilo In this country through his "Luke
49 Sharp" letters , written for the Detroit Free Press.
49 Ills Ilrst novel , "In the Midst of Alarms , " placed him nt once amoii } , '
49 the leading nrc.sent-day writers of llctlon In Kn lam ! and America.
49 For years Mr. llarr has been ambitious to sot forth In the. form of llc
tlon the conditions of life as they oxlst today In a great Industrial
center , as did Dickens years ago the life of the social conditions that
then existed. With this purpose In view , Mr. Burr hns made u
49 study of the.manufacturing districts of London , and In this , his latest
* 3 novel , "The Mutable Many , " he pictures In his charnclerlstlc manner
the struggle of Mursten , an intelligent young worljlngman , secretary
49 of a labor union , against Mr. Sartwell , the manager of the great iron
works oT Monkion & Hope.
x It Is n drama of stirring scenes from beginning to end. As a foil
to the exciting situations In the contest , Mr. Barr Introduces the happy-
49 go-lucky character of young llarncy Hope , who turns up unexpectedly
49 In every emergency , and in his own way helps in the solution of many
49 dllllcult problems.
* In short , the story abounds In the humorous , droll and lively invention
49 tion which makes Mr. llarr the most diverting of tlio newer writers ,
and might be characterized as refreshing , highly amusing and stir
ringly dramatic.
ThoUsnijd for Oija.
( Troilo Mark. )
Oiktmlty Coiiiininy ut New YurU.
g-lv < 5B THREE MONTIIB' insurance ,
$1,000 for $1.OO ,
( u men or ivuinun ,
cctnccn IS and CO yeain of UKC , aealnit fatal
Btit'Ct Accident ! a-uat. or on Ulcyclcn , Harsci ,
Wagons. Ilorto Cam. ItullronU earn. KlovnteO ,
Bridge , Trolley and Cubic corn , Hlt'iunilil s ,
SlemntionU find Stenrn rcrrlon , 1100,000 ilrponltcif
with the Inturnnce Department of the matt ) ol
Now York for the security of the Inaurtd.
for Sale by
Chas.Knufmaim ,
1202 Oouglai Street.
Til. CO * Omalin. N U.
So * Tooth. 85.00.
Teeth extracted without pain
Alloy nnd ullver fllllnt , ' , )1. < X ) .
J'uru paid HlllnKB. J2 up.
Gold Crowns. 22 kt. . IS to JS.
DAELEYth8Qnist. !
TEL , 103T ) .
Mth aud KarnamSti.
U Til * ONLY
Weabneu & U'uatiStt a !
K ) V a Kiptiicnce ,
0 V ri la Um < ha.
nook Kite. CoiitullalloB
> nd hiauuMiiiioii Kite.
Mtli and rarnam Sll *
A 1,1. Xrriuiif / > / rrr r ] -nlriK | | Mcra-
initcrii-jKico.i.Mh | . . , .inu.e.l .
u t > uii < l oilier | 'K UI ami Jmll >
\ gi * # cruloin. lltii iiilrlilu unit iHirltf
\ T rettoio lx t Vltiilllt In olJ ur juunu. iinj"
fj-j * * ! . lit ii man for tlinlftWlitn * or inhrrliiuo ,
T w 'XV1)1 ' ) Imnnlly end < 'on uini > llon If
. _ _ nuln '
liuio.'lbiilr ; u tliawi lnini dlHl Ininraiw *
laent unj nlTncti a OUKU wlioro ull otlicm Jail. In ,
l.t uion ji niK Iliatnulna AJ x Tabloli , 'I her
Imfrtcurn. ) lliniiiAniUninl will euro /ou. Mo ! Jv
jinltltn wrlllon Humanlcp lo ( foct a cum In mcli ca
or r [ una Ilia . J'llruBO
tuuimr. r ni < iwr paikuito , or
r'j' " " ' ' " ' . r ' ! ! j.f ? ! , V ii.K
I'Ufn . .
' w * * M lniof | .rlt .
Tor f lo In Omahii by Joint. Kurnylli , id ! M.
Kill tllrevl.
Kulm & Co. , Utb and Douglu UVrtU * .