Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 08, 1896, Editorial Sheet, Page 9, Image 9

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M WVM BT Wh w I"-Mil MV W BW , pa i MUM WBuBW OTMMV ' JP h WM MT > r - < MMEHV k HPT BPJ MV M W MMJPJBJ * VHkMJ V BpMMbM * R C * ClfcMtJpW VBM V Wtati
Just one year ago we bought the N. B. Falconer stock. Notwithstanding panic and conditions unparalleled . J
in the history of our country our business has grown marvellously.
. . . . You Have Shown Your Appreciation of Our Methods . . : ' ; '
We Wish to Show Our Thankfulness for Your Most Liberal Patronage.
We wish to make anniversary week a red letter week in your memory , and to do this will make such prices in every department as have J
never before been quoted on merchandise of equal freshness and merit. *
r Boys' "Wool WalftRwere n.IS , now
Vfjk Kir rmn't let the littl * men shiver
v > ifn It can be prevented at tuch
small coet ic.
Onp yard soft flnlcbed Bleached
Utinndale nn < J Trull of the Loom no
limit while thty lat C > c.
Thfs are the cenulne poods not an
Inferior lirnnd with the ticket on.
Genuine Naumkeag. otic yard wide ,
l4 l Unbleached Sheetlnc. l& c.
BUiachfd , Ktanv Idth. ir c.
BL.ANKETS A lot of line cotton
Blankets in sray and brown mixture ! ; ,
a milr Jcir GS > c
-will Fell during this
pale our Xf.00 ar J Km Blankets , 10-4
and 11-4. a jialr tor JX.flS.
Heavy < U-lncb ! Bleachud Muslin. T c.
A lot of 42 and -lnrh 1'lllow Covers ,
Sr. * always Fold ht i : , c
rull Bleached Sheets , made , soft fln-
iBh. 7-4. at aftc ; M at 37c. M at ,7'c
Sateens , elf pant for comforters , 1m-
; > orted. the repular 2T.C quality. i > c
A large assortment of Printed Wash
Goods , nera this season , were 35c , now
P cents'
riannels AH wool spjirlet , Rfcc I > er
yard ; a.11 wool twilled scarlet , Uc JKT
yard. Tou will know what these sell
at usually.
All wool plain scarlet , fine. 19c : sold
liy us at 3T.c
One cae only of fine all wool white
Flannel , which was 2 c , sale price J ! c.
fifi he avy Beyptian
fleeced Vi-Hf. and Pants for ladles , 2T.c.
Ladles I'nlon Suits In natural color.
S c. no raore need be Mild.
An assorted lot of all wool Vests
and PanttGSc : these were t-old at
n.2T > : may have your Mie
Choice of children's mixed wool t'n-
derwear natural and sanitary sires
20 to SC Inches IP cents per jrarment.
Same prade for mints' and boys-
sires s < * to S4-2Tic.
Men's Underwear Heavy natural
wool mixed , a partnent for ItOr
Shirts and Drawtrs at 0" c heavy-
all wool faced two-thiesd Suits
Condf never xold under n " Oc
r > oubl"l > naMd and double-backed
one of tbe finest grades made l > y
Swlts Conde sold everywhere at O ' < &
ztt Die You all know this lamou ?
mal.e SiSc.
An ImmeJiFC lot of Colored Shtrts
Monarch and other brands all 13 4 at
KI cents
Men's heavy cotton Sox. In tan col
ors , at HVc J > er preat value
Misses all wool ho e-nixes & to ! *
worth 2Tic for this hale 12V i
In Dress Goods In Black Goods In Silk Dept. Capes , Jackets , Cloaks i
We will sell one case of Novelty Suit A line of figured and plain Mohairs Ail the China and Japan Fancy" Silks A lot of Ladies' Cloth Capes in Boucle -
ings , all wool , new this season , goods that at 19 cents some sold at 30 most of IQr * which were originally 75 cents and $1.00 ' "lO/r cle , Beaver and Kersey , trimmed and
sold freely at 25 cents a yard , and were them sold early at 50 cents . 13/w for this sale ; OVC plain , which were barains at from
hard to beat at that , at At 39 cents , all wool , bright figures , All the Fancy Silks , new this season , $6 oo to $7.50 , for this sale .
All the Lorraine goods which were usually sold at 65 cents which were sold as leadeis at 75 cents , A lot of Coney Fur Capes made from
. o for for this sale whole skins , 30 inches long , A Q Q
sold and are by us quoted as leaders elsewhere at 25 in cents this per country yard. " | Qp At 45 cents , 46 inches wide Mohair 20 pieces more of the Changeable full sweep . T . * J O
at 35 cents and Worsted Figures bright and brilliant Tafletas , which were 75 cents , Jackets in small lots , sold up to $12
Our 50 cent line will all be marked 39 usually 75 cents Black Priestley's , SSO/- > for tliis sale per garment , in smooth goods , rough Q Q
Boucle's etc. , at OVU Black Brocades Colored Brocades goods , very attractive . v3xO
cents. half a dollar This line absolutely peerless at All the Exclusive Pattern Suits , Plain Gros Grains Satin Duchess , all Ladies' Suits = in flannel , serges , nov
Worsted and Boucle Suitings b uSht out specially for us , ranging in price from reduced. All the extra wide Coduroys , elties some were marked $13 50 and S Q i
the \ji jj. . un o _ n i sold for this sale
miji r > were at $ i , sold that .
$8.75 to $35.00 all less 20 per rent nnp-fiftri the at figure now.
which were opened at one dollar , go on price taken from the bottom of every bill. These e will dean up the last of O
fnaleMli ll ° i r ii1'BrTI'-i' ' " * * ' ie. Silk Faced Velvets at . . . - ? and "
Misses' fine Imported Cashmere Hose , 25c Trimming Corsets Mittens
worth TKta , lu all bizes , at Armorsldc. gray and. black , 60c : always Linen
$1.00 I'rluia Donna , all Klr.w , for ihls
Ladles' full repular mnde Imported fast pale. ( KHrejrular ; price ? 1.00 F. I * .
Wack JOc. now cotton , never Mild at sales below Department. Corset 'M. all Mzei. , at Olte another $1.00 69c and Gloves. Department ,
18inch Feather Boas , that have '
Don't about with numb Ladies interested in Linens
Yarns go
sold . . . . " '
in 65c
some stores at "We will close out a lot of Thompson's
German Kulttlus Worsted. 12c per skein Glove Fitting. Warner's , nealth , Mme. and
of . pound sold nowhere In usual 12c \VarrenV Brest. Form at OTc each- tingling fingers , you can will "Ye have
way at less than 17c 48-inch Boas , sold for Sl.UTi to $ l.TrfJ each. If we 59c ' ens say : kept
usually 75c . cau fit you this is your opportunity. . . buy ladies' Mocco Mittens ,
Domestic Saiony all colors 3 skeins lOc S1.C9 the wine till the last "
Waists-at good
Will clo o all Equipoise -
1.69 ,
for loc everywhere r.c per skein were i ± 2o which were $2.00 , at $1-25.
Fancy colored Trimmings ,
were20c Get to this counter early if
Buttons Skirts Tops , were $2.25 , now
Fancy Metal and Pearl 5c and lOc per 5c Jets were 50c and you wish so share in the good
Fine French Satine , flannel lined at 79 79c
dozm cents , reg-ulnr Jl.2-5
Kid Mittens fur
, tops , were things.
Fleece lined striped twilled flannel Um "
Soaps All garnitures and fronts reduced. brella. Skirts at We usually Mid at 59c $1.75 , now $1.00.
Kirks. Queen of Bath , Oatmeal , Glycer Read the
ine White Lilac. Country Club , Col-
cateV Glycerine. Low's Imported KUR- Handkerchiefs. Knit Skirts , SOc ; everywhere SOc. 39c Beaver top , a beauty , were List Soap. Killer Flower. Turtle. Brown .
Windsor all at lOc per box of three lOc 63c $2,50 at $1.75.
cakes u.ually l ie to JKVc per box. . . . Heavy all wool , (3c ; very cheap. . , For Monday.
received 375 dozen all linen hand
Just , ,
A better grade , well vrorth If 1.1:5 : to ? l.r.O ,
Shavers will be dellphtisl with our 15c embroidered , the last lot we will import each , at 98c 3-clasp Mocco Gloves , were Table Dnmask-20 pieces bleached and
Shaving Sticks Ubtially t-old. at ir.c. . . Unblcachfd Table Damask that sold 39c
port this season , . sold for Mete at 4"ic , r > 0c- and CMC , all po at
A lot of Fascinator. which
25c $2,25 at $1-50-
Wool Soap , Oc cake , nsual price lOc. . . 6c sixfor . to > c each , for this sale. . , .1- , , - -
All otir 72-luch bleached and unbleached
Shetr Cambric , hand embroidered - Eiderdown Capes for childrenall colors 12 dozen only Gauntlet Cue Satin Damask , that bold at S'c 75c
. .
ors . \t and l > r c , will be closed at
Art Department ed , initialed , at , each .
. Hatid knit Angora Hoods , in white and Bicycle Gloves good value at 100 dozen o-S silver bleached Damask
time Is on the Avay. We will sell : 98c ,
' pray , at * this . . . 55c
Gents' hemstitched , printed border , nea to lot we offer thorn at.
r-lnch , Stamped lOc each Doylies , 3 for T.c , Bold 5c designs , worth 12k to 20c QlV Lined such Silk value Caps at 40c-JVvo , never saw 49c 75c , go at 43c , 100 doan % -S size bleached * Damask
as high as each . that sold . .
Napkins at $ and ifl.riO , 94c
3-iuch Doylies , 0 for r > cusual price r.c 5c All our extra large and flue hemmed we offer thib lot at , dozen
and fringetl Huck Towels , regular 35e lOc
each 3 ( 0 dozen 3-4 size extra fine and heavy
Brushes. Veilins goods , will be offered atOne pure linen satin Damask Napkins ,
IS-iuch Center Pieces , usual price from 25c . that have sold regularly at Sand
UT.c to : C > c Honitouiborders One case of Hemmed Bed Spreads , reg 50c $ . : KI and Jfi ; . " . ' , your choice of this en- 1.89
" 2-lnch Center Pieces , 20c. sold usually 20c S olid back , genuine bristle , you Black were Vellfi liT'C lace and . " ? ? . . . , . lOc ular size , atOne tin- lot at , per dozen
- match these . Our stock of fine hemstitched Huck
Tinted from ! Table 5T > c to Covers. TiOc J'.O inches t-quare , ca nnot 2T c for Yells that were OOc. 25c One case of Hemmed Bed Spreads , full 69c Damask and Uirds-eye Towels , , sold at 25c
JC and 40c , all
lOc size , Marseilles patterns c ? o at
K > e each , regular price quarter of a
dollar Pocketbooks 40 c for veils that were $1.00. ' 40c All our fine heavy Marseilles pattern Bed AD our flue hemmed Huck Towels , tlze
, r Spreads that sold at 51.25 to ? 1.50 , all 98c ilJi ! : , a regular 2T > c Towel for this 15c
Ribbons 7r > c for Veils that were ? J.U5to $ l.r > 0. . . 75c go at
Fancies , Watered , Ombre Taffetas , Combination , all leather , sterling and We have about liT > very fine Satin Marseilles IiO dozen very flue and extra larpe Dam
. Chameleons. Printed Warps- and Sill : Ruching : for collarettes and , at half of seilles Bed Spreads that aie the best ask Towelh , with plain fringe , knotted
Glows. plated tips corners just capes
, . . and . ' work , all will be 19c
19c In fringe
new this , season sold from : iT > c to We former prices. " ! value ever shown this city at $4.00. 2.29 OJH.'U
per yard , for this sale halforice . We clor < e out this lot at offered at
Doors wll be opened on the minute of 8 o'clock. Let'us once more impress you with the BIRD AND WORM adage.