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THE 031 ATI A DAILY BEE : TUESDAY , a , 1800.
MI VOIt ! tl i\TIO.V : ,
1'hoto supplies and cameras. 511 H'dwny.
I'or Justice of the peace : S. T. Walker.
The Culbprtton case has been continued
November 10.
NellUi Ualnes In nt homo from a
City trip.
d. I' . McConncll ot Ourdon. Ark. , n former
Illulllto. Is In tlio city.
Mrs J. Doyd Allen Is vUHItii ? her sister ,
Mm. II K. O'llanly. Avenue K.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. M. Squires returned
yesterday alter a month's pleasant trip
Ilk UlOjl'llSl.
A caBo of diphtheria WHS reported yes
terday nt the residence of H. A.Vyman ,
! 12 Third street.
Mr. and Mrs Moll of riillcdclphla , who
have been visiting the family of W. C.
Kstcp , have returned home.
In the case of Mary West against OeorRO
Weal a motion to strike * the petition of
the plaintiff wns Hied yesterday.
A marriage license was Issued yesterday
to Hugo Foster , age 25 , nnd Dertha W.
Dasch. age 2 , ' , both of I'ottawattamlc.
The pollco have been notified that n set
of Hlnglo lurncsi line been stolen from the
born of Jorghan 1'cterson on Sapp avenue .
Hobcrt Graham , John Oliver , James An
derson , Harry and Will Kccllno report n fine
tlmo vvhllo hunting. They were gone a week.
Al liar-hull will bo taken to the peni
tentiary this afternoon by Sheriff Mnriran
lo servo a thrco i ear's sentence for burg
Mlsj Laura FllcUngcr has returned from
a long visit to Independence. She was
accompanied by her sister , Miss Mary Flick-
ItiGC *
In the cage of Anna I'ralor against August
I'lhlcln nn answer was filed by the defend
ant giving a general denial to the petition
of the plaintiff.
Ii M. Uanlger. F. J. Hoaglnnd nnd J. C.
Deetkln arc home from the Stnte university
at City. Hoaglnnd has been ap
pointed assistant librarian of the law li
brary nt the nnlvcrslt } .
Washington , the colored man held for
Ml.ihblng Story In the Diamond saloon Sat
urday night , la still In the city Jail. The
hearing of the case has been continued un
til Story Is nlil to appear In court.
Rndocla S. Moffat , deputy supreme com-
mandrr-nt-largc of the Ladles of the Mac
cabees , will hold a school of Instructions
this afternoon nnd evening In the Dcno hall.
/ All members are requested to be present.
The funeral of James Flood will be hela
tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock at St
Krancla Xivler church. The deceased leav.s
a wife , five POHR at'd a daughter. Dr. H 10
riood of Michigan Is expected to arrive to
day to attend the funeral Interment will
bo In the Catholic cemetery.
An amendment to the petition of the
Plaintiff was tiled In the case of Julia H
atolicer against the Hmpklc Hardware com-
iidny A reply was filed In the same case
by the National Hank of Commerce to the
answer of Thomas Ollleer. An amendment
was also Illtd to the answer and cross peti
tion of the bank.
Ucnnlc Chcrrlngton entertained n number
of his friends at a matinee box party Sut-
iirdiy. In honor of his eleventh birthday.
AfU-r matinee lunch wns nerved nt his home.
C2.1 Sixth avenue Those comprising the
party were Misses Mabel llr.tes. Lunette
Taylor. May Snider. Sadie Orlmslcy ; Mas
ters Clmrllo Ta > lor , Franlcs Rutherford.
Johnnie C'larK , Ilcnnle Chcrrlngton.
The Woodward Theater company opened
up a two weeks' engagement nt tin * Dohany
opera house last night to a fair-sized audi
ence. The political attraction at republican
hindquarters cut doun the house considera
bly. "The Midnight Watch" was presented
In nn excellent manner. "Old Glory" will
be presented this evening , nnd arrangements
Iiavo been made for receiving election bulle
tins , which will be read between the acts.
C. II. Vlavl Co. female remedy. Medical
conciliation free Wednesday. Health book
furnished. 309 Mcrrlam block.
N. Y. Plumbing company. Tel. 250.
Campaign badges frco at Hughes , the
men's outfitter , 415 Droadway.
Tli * r * In n Illdlit anilVroiiK
Way to buy chors. The wrong way is to
buy chtap shoes at a cheap price. That's
false economy The right way Is to buy good
Hhoes at a fair price. Tliat'o the true econ
omy Sargent Is teaching and has been for
the past ten jcars i\ery jear wo add to
our experience In the ulioo business and
arc better pr ° parcd to teach true economy ,
Try us Look for the sign of the bear ,
that's Sargent s
Enameled brass-trimmed beds $3.95 this
week at the Durfee Furniture Co
Dr. I'miKli-'N llililiiTln | Siit-flllf.
BS/ Call at Dr. Tangle's ofllce and get his
Infallible diphtheria specific. Tested
through thrco epidemics ami never failed.
Would All ! lilt * I'lillrt * .
The major and chief of police have been
consulting and they recommend that when
the people lenve their homes temporarily
that they take their valuables with them
( or put the came In safe keeping , and when
' Intending to bo absent for a day or more
the fact should be reported to the station ,
that the olllcer on duty In that locality may
make close observation. Section 55S5 of
McClaln's cede provides "A private person
may make an arrest , first , for a public of
fense committed or attempted In his pres
ence ; second , when a felony has been com
mitted and ho has reasonable grounds for
believing that the person to bo arrested has
committed It "
It Is desired that the citizens exercise
this power conferred upon them , or promptly
notify the officers on duty , or at the station ,
of any breach of the peace observed by
them. If ntrango persons are seen lolterlm ;
or lurking about the residence portions of
the city , that fact ought to bo promptly
reported to nn officer , or at the station Tel
ephone. No. 2GS will respond to any call day
or night. Kvery citizen has a duty In this
respect to old the officers In preserving the
peace , and their cordial , active co-operation
Is earnestly solicited to the end that all
offenders be promptly brought to justice.
Wo would remind the ladles that wo
make a specialty of family washing. Our
wagons call everywhere , and during this
cloudy weather you will find It very con
venient to send > our work to us. Kaclo
Laundry , 724 Droadway.
Get jour winter supply of coal now before
the rush and rise In prices. L. M. Shubert
will fill jour orders promptly nnd his prices
arc the lowest. Telephone No. 70 ; 628 Weit
Lost , on North Eighth street , old handbag
containing about } S , some old coins , small
gold ring ; $5 reward for return to Ueo
Como and see- our McKlnley nnd Hrynn
chrjfanthemums. Just the flower to wear
anil decorate jour windows with. Prices
reasonable , everybody welcome. J. F. Wll-
oox , florist.
Campaign badges free at Hughes , the
men's outfitter , -I1C Droadway.
F. W. Dean , M. D. , eye , car , nose and
throat , 241 Mcrrlnm block.
Itfiil KNlalr TriuiMffrx.
The * followInir transfers of real estate nro
n ported by J. W Squire * , ns having been
filed November 2. 1S96 :
C. 11. I. & r lly. Co. to William A.
Be-lvy. IH4. soli. 5-77-44. q. c. d t 5.00
JU I' . JudMon und wife to C. A. I'al-
, inor. HwM neVi , ne ; nvvy , 1G-7C-44 ,
C vv. d 280.00
> r Hherirr to Hlclmrd Green , trustee. lot
1 nnd n 'J lot 2 , block D , Curtis S
IlliniHVV'H uclcl , , H. U ! - - - - j. 2,733.75
Three transfers , total (
For Infants and Children.
* > rn'
Tie fis /y
llalll xT xx * r-
* & % %
Unknown Bryauito Empties a Shotgun
Into Old Glory ,
Vi'tcrnn .TollM llcrlen CliiincN thr C"i
iinl nnil I'lrpH n llo/rti Sliolx ,
Killing UN Morse uiiil
WoiiiulliiK tlif Man.
The most exciting Incident of the entire
Ilryan campaign occurred at 7 o'clock on
Sunday evening. H had all of the elements
of treason In It , and canio very near ter
minating In a tragedy.
John Dcrlcw , an old soldier , who has a
war record of which he Is Justly proud , and
whoso patriotism will brook no Insult to
the flag under which he lives and for which
ho fought , made a determined but unsuc
cessful attempt to kill an. enthusiastic lry- )
anlte. Bcrlew Hxes at HID Twenty-fourth
avenue. On Saturday ( flag day ) there was
no residence In that portion of the city that
had a more conspicuous or prouder flag
floating oxer It than the specimen of Old
Glory thai Dcrlew raised above his home.
It was attached to tlie > tallest Hag pole he
could nnd. and that polo was raised on the
highest gable of hla house. Every window
In the house was adorned with pictures ot
McKlnley and Hobart , but there was noth
ing about the place that was so dear to the
heart of the old soldier as the mngnlllcent
silken banner that Moated troin the hcusc-
top It represented a large portion of the
last Installment of the pension the govern
ment Is pas Ing him.
On Sunday evening the grossest possible
Insult was offered to that flag. It was llrcd
upon and riddled with shot.
The treasonable act was committee * ! just
before dark , llcrlew was sitting In hi * front
vvlniUw looking out upon the street The
. \lmlon was Immediate ! ) beneath the flag
pole , and the old soldier could sec the silken
folds of the ( lag as U rose and fell on the
gentle breeze. A man came along the street
mounted upon a horse. The flapping flag
startled the horse and he shied. The sight
of the flag and the conduct of the horse
angered the lr > anlte , and. spurring the ani
mal up to the sidewalk , he deliberately llrcd
bvth. barrels of lite gun Into the flag. The
( lag was pointing directly toward him , and
the charges of shot split It Into thousands
of pieces Derlcw saw every act of the
traitor and observed the remnants of the
stricken flag floating down to the ground.
An oath that would have done credit to
Fighting Jco Hooker burst from his lips
The Insult to the flag fired him as no sim
ilar Insult had ever done when he was ear
ning a musket In the war and shooting1 at
men who were shooting at that flag. He
forgot his rheumatism and his > ears Two
big 44-callbcr Colt's revolvers were * In the
houeu and loaded for use. In an Instant
he had these weapons and was out of the
The fellow who fired on the flag scented
the danger end was urging his horse out
of the neighborhood at the top of his speed
Herlew took deliberate aim and began send
Ing the bullets after the fleeing horseman
Several shots were fired without effect , when
one struck the horse and honied him ever
The rider went tumbling Into the dust He
was nearly two'blosks away , and as he
set ambled to his feet the sight of an old
soldier rushing toward him with n smok
ing revolver In each hand completed the
ttanle. Herlew fired his last shots at the
follow as he was fleeing. Once he avv him
put his hand with a spasmodic action to
his ear as If an angry hornet was buzzing
around that member. Again he stumbled
and almost fell. It Is certain this shot took
effect. The fellow recovered , though , and
never quit running until Tie was out of sight
The horse was found to have had one
of Its hind legs broken. The shotgun was
found where It had fallen several rods away.
The shooting created Intense excitement
in the neighborhood , and although that
portion of town Is not thickly settled a
crowd qulckl ) gathered The wounded horse
received much sympathy , and there were
mnny expressions of regret that the traitor
who fired on the flag had not received the
bullet Instead the horse. The horse , siddlo
and shotgun were taken to the residence
of John Teltge , on Seventeenth avenue and
Twenty-eighth street. There was little
prospect of saving the animal , and ho was
Ulllcd to put him out of his miser } .
No ono has jet appeared to claim the
homo and prope'rt > It has been prett >
nearly identified , and It Is probable that
the owner and rider will eoon bo dis
( ill U-KFl'lj THIlll'Ti : TO IIAMMVIV
Souinl lom-y Orator CIo i-i I InCiuii -
lllllK" V T ) . \IIKIllll IINl > .
John N , Baldwin closed the campaign In
Council Bluffs last night. It was the seven
teenth address that Mr. Baldwin has made
In the Interest of the country and In de
fense of republican principles since he
went upon the stump a week or two ago
Tbo slzo of the audience was limited only
by the area of the republican headquarters
where the meeting VMS held The rush
of people drove out the reporters from tilt
gallery that has all along been sacred to
them , converted their tables Into seats , and
left them not elbow room enough to
scilbblo a note. Baldwin's friends arranged
several graceful tilbutes to him. In the
press gallery was a large party of his
neighbors and closest personal friends ,
among them a largo number of prominent
society women.
Just before the speaking began from dif
ferent portions of the ball canio several
largo bouquets of Immense yellow chryban
themums and yellow tea roses , plentifully
adorned with golden ribbons. They were
passed along over the heads of the amlleiae
until they reached the speaker's table. The
gracefulness of the tribute and the signifi
cance of the color pleased the people
mightily , and they cheered the flowers every
time they arouc In the air on their way to
the table. Mr Baldwin was escorted from
his homo to the hall by the McKlnle )
guards , the junior guards , thrco or four
drum corps and the colored McKlnley club
the latter resplcudant In military uniforms
Wbllo no particular effort was made the
demonstration was fully as Imposing and ex
tensive as the Ilr\an blowout on Saturda\
evening The commercial travelers' club ,
headed by a drum corps , held a prominent
position In the organizations escorting Mr
Baldwin to the hall. They wore yellow
ribbons on their hats , largo yellow chrysan
themums on the lapels of their coats and
their canes were adorrcd by a bunch of
fluttering yellow ribbons. Lonk Hypes and
Harry K'Jlas were the marshals.
Mr. Baldwin's speech was one of his most
able and eloquent efforts. It was the keen
critical analysis of the lawyer announced
with the force and fervor of the orator
Mr. Bryan's speeches and public declarations
worn used largely as the basis of the argu
ment to show the fallacies of his theories
and predictions The Madison Spuare garden
address was quoted from and attention
called to the fact that in It and subse
quent speeches Mr Bryan had admitted that
'bo result of free and unlimited coinage
was problematical , and that panics would
follow his election. Mr Baldwin's exposl-
slon of the money question was very clear
and ablo. It constituted , however , but A
small portion of his speech. The great
question was not the financial problem upon
which the populists and Mr Bryan had
made their campaign. That was simply the
old greenback question revived and he
believed that It was already burled deeper
than the rag baby was burled. The real
problem was the rcsoratlon of the protective
tariff , which the democrats hsd stricken
down and with It tbo prosperity of every
American Industry and every Interest of
American man and woman , There had been
five periods of frco trade In thin country
and there have been five panics , Uvery
panic followed a radical reduction In the
tariff laws. Mr. Baldwin quoted from the
national ceuius to show the comparative
Importance that the gold and silver mln-
Inu Industries bear to the other American
Industries. There were barely 67,000 men
engaged In this kind of mining , while there
were 2D07,1'S2 ' engaged In the factories. The
product of the mines was only fUISOGOO.
while the product of the factories was $1,5(7 , *
444.001 In Iho mines there was Invested
only 114.323 238 , while the factories represent
JI.S29.S07 742. with a product of < 0 27S.33S.-
47(5. ( The speech was altogether a fitting
close for the campaign.
poivrs To\v\itn A v nUK ; von : .
-iiililloiuiM | Ciiiillinic to lie Quito
( ' ( million ! ot hiiocooi.
Everything points to the largest vote In
the history of Council Bluffs today. Up
to last night the work of getting voters
In shape was continued , and arrangements
have been made for caring for any naturali
zations that may come up today. Several
hundred new voters have hern placed on the
poll books In this way , The much-talked-
of "sllont" voter is what Is giving the
managers of both parties considerable con
cern. The republicans arc confident of car
rying the county by at least COO majority ,
and some good-sized bets Iiavo been made
on a 900 margin The claims of the re
publicans on the Ninth district are con
servatively placed at 2500. at IcaiH the bet
ting against Genung In favor of llager Is
mostly at that figure. The chairman of
the stole central committee. J. H. Wilson
of Casey , Is claiming the district at 3,000.
I. M. Trey nor. eccrctary of the- state cen
tral committee , has come home to vote ,
and docsn t gn half way In the matter rt
claiming the state. Iowa , he thinks will
go at least SO 009 for McKlnley , these flg-
uros being based on conservative polls He
said yesterday that the chairmen of the
countUs were all Inclined to make a poorer
showing than really existed , for the purpose -
pose of getting help from the state commit
tee , and thlH estimate was based on their
returns without any allowance for this
The free silver men have come out with
a scare about an alleged plan to work a
fraud by means of a marked ballot. It Is
the samn old story of getting an ofilclal
ballot and marking It for the voter , he
changing it for the ne-w onp he receives
from the judge , which In turn acts as his
voucher for the J2 he U to receive for his
George W. Turner , chairman of the re-
lubltean city central committee , said that
he would give a reward of $100 for the con
viction of any one caught trying to work
any such plan as mentioned by the free
silver men. He further added that every
ofllclal ballot that could Lc found to be Il
legally I'sued would be redeemed by the
same reward. He branded the entire state
ment as a falsehood and that It was but
the preliminary howl of the defeated silver
The polls open this morning at 8 o'clock
and clo e at C o'clock. The polling places
are the following-
First 1'reclnct. First Ward Ch. Sorcnsen
building. 114 East Broadway.
Second I'rec.nct , First Ward W. W.
Lingslrom building. 123 Hast Broadway.
Fliht I'rr-clnct. Second Ward George
Schlndele building. 17 North Main street.
Second 1'reclnct , Second Ward L. P.
Scrvlss building. 734 West Broadway.
First Precinct. Third Ward K. II. Sheafe
building , 29 S.uth Main street.
Second Precinct. Third Word A. J. Ste
venson building , S23 South Main street.
First Preclnrt. Fourth Ward D. C.
Bloomer building. 502 Pearl street.
Second Precinct. Fcuith Ward II. Mc-
Ardlo building , between Sixth and Seventh
streets. 612 Twelfth avenue
First Precinct. Fifth Ward County buildIng -
Ing 1120 Fifth avenue.
Second Precinct. Fifth Ward County-
building. 1511 South Thirteenth street.
First Precinct , Sixth Ward Midway-
building. 2020 West Broadway-
Second Precinct. Sixth Ward Anton Bcr-
neke. Cut-off Island ; Thirteenth street and
Avenue H.
Kane Township , Outside H. Green's
Wealth of Wlxilom.
Wealth and wisdom travel together. We
can't all bo wealthy , but we can be wealth
ier than we are. Wealth consists In what
Is saved and not In what Is earned. Saving
means finding the store where you ran get
the same quality for lers money than anywhere -
where else. It may take a little more time
and trouble to find the right place , but It
will pay you In the end. If you start here
you wlil make the shortest Journey on rec
ord for you will end at Sargent's shoo
store , -113 Broadway. Sign of the bear.
Lost Black tnare with white saddle
marks. Hcturn to C W. Haln. 544 Mill
street , and get reward.
Campaign badges free at Hughes , the
men's outfitter , 415 Broadway.
Hnffmayr's fancy patent fiour makes the
test and most bread Ask your grocer for It.
Cut Rliiix IloaiKlfiil.
Just received i complete line of the rich
est cut gla&s manufactured. Low prices
Rich designs. Useful articles. Jacquemln
& Co. , 27 Main otreet
Sewer I'lpe , Plro Uriel ; , Ileltliitr.
Wholesale and retail. J. C. Bixby , 202
Main street ,
Lost , opal and diamond pin _ In alley be
tween Main and Bryant streets. Hew ard for
return to this ofllce.
Lundgard , tbo Tailor. 130 S. Main iitoet.
A. S Lipman , who plays Jim Iladburn. the
sheriff In "In Mlzzoura , " Is an actor of merit
Some few years ago , when Gus Thomas' first
success , "Edith's Burglar , " was extended tea
a four-act drama and called "The Burglar , "
was put on the read Mr. L'prnan vvai selected
to play the leading part. "In Mlzzoura"
comes to Boyd's Thursday and stays three
nights , with matinee Saturday.
Denman Thompson's great success , "The
Old Homestead , " will open at Boyd's tonight.
The sentiment of "The Old Homestead"
touches the purest wellsprlngs of human
nature1. H presents a picture of a sorrow-
ptrlckcn old man , who dreams of his wan
dering boy ; of a lovable old lady , ever vvti
ling to lend a helping hand ; of two old boys ,
who "for nigh unto thirty years" have been
rivals In love , and who , at last , through the
Instrumentality of Uncle Josh , stop "knock-
Ing chips" off one another's shouldeis , an.I
become firm friends ; of f , boy , who , having
failed to find that contentment which he
sought for In the great city , returns , like
the prodigal of old , and titl.tB the farm on
"tho coming New Year's day , " finding ther *
that peace and happiness which are not
vouchsafed for In the metropolis , of a tramp ,
reformed but why go Into detail ? The play-
Is worth seeing again and again , and should
It become an annual visitor for years to
come It will still be esteemed a pleasure
to ace once more.
The pageant , "The Gathering of the Clans , '
will take place at the Crclghton theater for
three nights , commencing Thuroday , Novem
ber 5 The program Is a long and varied one ,
consisting In the main of dancing of all
varieties characteristic of the nations that
Iiavo made reputations an votaries of terpsl-
ehore There will be Scotch dances- Irish
dances , Spanish dances , Hans , with his
wooden shoes , and the plantation darky with
bin breakdown. The mystery of mysteries
Is how these 200 children can be taught the
myriad of steps In so short a time to be able
to go through them without a mistake
"Hob noy. " a drama from Sir Walter
Scott's famous novel , Is the bill for Friday
end Saturday nights and all that Is bravest ,
most patriotic and most beautiful In the wonderful -
derful story nlll bo exemplified by talented
IOMII DriiUKlxt CoiiiniKH Snlolclr.
OTTUMWA , la. . Nov. 2. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Dell Campbell , a young druggist of
Dlakesburg , committed suicide last evening
by takliiK morphine. The cause assigned
was temporary Insanity , caused by betom-
Ing overheated -\vbllo \ Dchtlug fire. Futurday
i IOT cniMiTii '
His Wild Flight Across Nebraska .Ends nn
Exciting Stumping Tour. ,
I'lirloni Crouitn .lam llallM to See the
Ilo > Oi-alor n ml lloliiru toValuli
the tin-ill Molvlnloy
I'll rail e.
In comparison with the grand and un
rivaled McKlnley demonstration that kept
the city In a blaze of light and a roar of
enthusiasm from the early evening hours
until nearly 11 o'clock last night , the re
ception to Candidate William J. Ilryan was
a literal and unadulterated frost To be
sure , there were between 3,000 and 4,000
thousand people assembled at the depot
when his special train arrived , and there
was an Interesting scene presented when he
undertook to alight. Among the throng of
people , however , were hundreds and hun-
ddreds who will today cast their ballots In
favor of sound money and the nation's
honor , as was attested by the myriads of
yellow badges which , depending from coat
lapel or streaming from hat bunds , resem
bled the mazes of a maple woods In the
golden autumn tlmo , and the grand dlapasan
of shouts and cheers which swelled niton
the crisp air , as Nebraska's lllustrous son
emerged from the car , were attuned about
equally to the musical name of McKlnley
and that cf Mr. Bryan. Curiosity was the
magnet which attracted a third of the very
ordinary crowd. This was made evident by
the dullness that pervaded the atmosphere
by the lack of hurrah and warmth might
exncc * .
Upon Tenth street the bulk ot the crowd
awaited the Hey Orator's appearance , and
when the four black horses and the open
carriage , with Its fluttering emblems and
colors did appear up the steep boarded In
cline , another burst of cheers followed , and
then to the Inspiring strains of the Twenty-
second Regiment band , the line of march
was taken up for Boyd's theater , via Tenth
and 1'jniam streets , thence across Seven
teenth to the Thespian temple , where the
gentleman made his principal speech of the
The mounted marshals and the band
shewed theway. . Then came the convey
ance of honor In which were Mr Bryan
Judge Doanc , Dr. Mercer , Dr Link , and
Jim Dahlman , followed by the carriages con
taining the stale , citizens and JacKsonlan
reception committees , the alleged Old Vet
eran Bryan club , and a long , hctcrogonous
and straggling procession of torch and color
boarera. horn blowers and women and chil
dren The old vets who nro driving them-
s"lvcn Into the night sweats over their en
thusiasm and spirit In Bryan's behalf , and
who composed the club before mentioned
numbered exactly thirty-six souls. Instead
of a stalwart column of 350 , as we have
been led to believe would bo seen In escort
of the youthful elocutionist of the gurgling
Platto. The drive through Farnam street
with Its solid walls of shouting MKinley
men , assembled and In vvaltlng for the gorg
eous parade which shortly followed , was
both picturesque and enjoyable , but the gen
eral McKlnley pandemonium ithat filled the
air must have fallen with an omnlous thud
upon Bryan's strained atirlcujars.
Boyd's cnre reached , and It looked In
deed as If there wore a few silver freaks
In the city. The palatial structure was
packed from pit to dome , and the sure :
In front for a distance of a hundred yards
either way a seething sea of struggling.and
yelling humanity. Policemen were power
less and for a time It looked as if Mi
Bryan's carriage would be picked up bodllv
and carried away so tremendous and irrc-
blsMble was the mad rush to BCO him. B :
the greatest exertion entrance to the the
ater was tbtalnc'l for the candidate and
his immediate retinue But that was all.
Not another soul could have found breathIng -
Ing space within those terra cotta walls
A thunderous wave vibrated through the
house when Governor Holcomb strode for
ward on the stajre and Introduced Mr
Bryan , and It was several moments before
a sulflclent subsidence cf the uproar was
obtained to allow the gentleman's name to
bo heard. In the bright glare cf the elec
tric light Mr. Bryan looked badly. Ills
handsome and classical face was pale and
haggard , hlb usually gleaming eyes were
next to lustorlcss , and ho looked generally
as If he had passed through a hard vs In
ter. He said
Mr. Chairman , Ladles and Gentlemen : It
gives me great pleasure to greet the citi
zen" of my own state on thl" , the hint
night before the election , and to llnd an
enthusiasm hero which Indicates what they
will do tomoirow I < in > Kind to bo wh i
you. for , vvhllo the entliuM iim which you
manife-ht here has boon seen all thevv.iy
between the Missouri anil the Atl.uitle
eoast , yet It Is nlw.iy * gratifying to ono to
feel ho has the good will of his nolgh-
borb and the poop'o vvlio have 11 vert with him
and Knci.v him best ( Cleers ) I vviiut
to ay to you tonight that 1 feel grateful
to those of the opposition who Jmvo on
many oce-.ihlons taken occasion to answer
false charges made , and , tnough they eould
not votei with u , have tried to do Jus Ice
when othort , have eh ciliated rumors which
vvoro not true. And If thcio are fcome vv"io
have in this camp \\W. \ eiroulntod charh
vvhloh they knew not to be- true , I shall
li-avo them to their own oonsclencos and to
their nelghborfs beo.uiso I believe , my
friends , that. In spite of nil the ilesporate
things that they have done , the- conscience
of the American pe-oplc will biQinorc uotont
than all thi-lr comblnei together. ( Cheers )
J believe American people are coming
to realize what this tontost means When
vvo started out In the oninpnlgn , declaring
the money quest Ion to lie the paramount
issue , we impressed our willingness to bottle
tle that question now and leave- other queh-
tlonn for dotoimlnatlon hereafter. But we
found that , whim wo attackul the money
changers , wo attacked all those associated
corporations which llvo together and act
together as ono man In any hour of flahgot ,
and we found that. In this campaign , every
man -who has used the Instrumentalities of
P.ovorninont for private * gain , every man
v.'ho actks to ui-o government for private
plunder , recognizes that In our \ietory
there ii a menace to bis business of living
upon some one else , rather than working
for his own living , has contributed to nn
enormous campaign fund , with which they
expect to eorrupt 70,000,000 of people.
( Choe re )
This struggle has to be made every KON-
oratlon In tlmcH of quiet pcoplo becomi
Indifferent to their political duties , nnd
when the masses nre- Indifferent then are
these great and powerful agencies most
notlvo They fend their representatives
around legislative halls ; they secure legis
lation ; they Inttcnch thcmbftlvcft behind spe
cial privileges , and the masses boar It until
patience ceases to be a virtue and then
they rise , us they nre rising In this cam
paign , to take government < lnoh into their
own bands , und placeit jiKaln upon the
foundations laid by the fntburs , ( Cheers )
H In not strange that puriy lines haw
b'-en disturbed We have idmply been ox-
ehansln ; , " prisoners , my friendsv have
been having In our pauy'J pfrrsons who ,
under the IJIIHO | of demoor.xts , have been
aiding plutocracy ; nnd thereihavo been
In the republican party tho-fo who have
earnestly striven to make that party repro-
fi-ntatlve of the popular" nil ) , but the
chance came and wo nonenrl our pluto
crats to them and thev send their nnmmnn
peojlo to us ( Applauso. ) ; , ,
The Issue Is drawn , nnd v > J)4 ) > n this contest
shall be > determined vvln-ii .ibex , vote shall
be * counted you will llnd fv\p enH ! e < of
ptoplo voting' iin they uiiiK'fHtnnd this
iiuostlon. On the one sldn yUu will llnd
the capitalistic classes , from whom no
rffnrm ever came In the nlstory of tile
world ( Cries of "That's right" nnd ap
plause ) You will find the- trusts imd the
combines nnd the syndicates nnd the cor
porations nnd those who live off of them
and fawn and Mutter them , and receive
the crumbs that fall from their tab'ov.
( Cheers ) On ttio other side you will find
I hose who still believe that government
has done Its duty when it iruarantros to
each Itidlvl luil the light to life nnd liberty
and tbo pursuit of happiness and five spn-
clal privileges to no one. ( Chee-rx ) You
will llnd those who nro In sympathy with
tin * stnillnB ( masses on our side * In this
contest , hrcnnxe our contest means that
tbo strugulln'T masses shall not struggle
In vain , but shall e'ljoy a fair shareof the
fruits of their own toll. ( Cheers. )
We hnvii to inee-t the money question
first , becnusu it vvns presented tlrst. Wo
hnvo to meet It now because * It Is presented
now , but back of it nro all these great
combiner that support It In this light and
which iiro supported by It In their fight.
My friends , on tomorrow this nation uvlll
determine tit the ballot box tha llnunclal
policy ot the American people for ut leant
four yearn , and thin U the Issue presented :
i Klmll we b.ivc an Aimrl in llnntKlal policy
for the American rn.or < li. slnll we liavi' .
our Dnnncc * stilted to our own nii.ta , or I
shall 't'OOOOM ' of pcvjpl. bow the n * ok to1
the yoke of foreign domination nnd ji II
tlon where they otmht to demand ? ( Ch ! )
I want you , before you vote to
morrow , to rertd the republican
platform on the money question H does
not my that the gold tnndard N
n good thine. It dare not i-ny It. U can
not any It , because , my frletuLs , the volco
of distress rMtiR from the producing musses
would silence nny voice that they should
rnl o declaring that tbo gold standard had
brought bloRsliig ! ) to the American people.
Ayo. more than that , they not only di not
declare that thi- gold stnndard Is a good
thing , but they expressly declare that It
Is bad , by pledging to tiso every effort to
get rid of the sold standard and sulotltute
the double standard when other nations
will help to do It ( Lnughtor nnd chcvr ) I
rcpoat now what I have said so often , that
If the gold standard Is good. If It brings
liUsoliiK1 * to the American people , then ,
Instead of netting rid of It , we want to
keep It If the gold standard Is nn ad
vantage , ln tend of nbandonljig It , wo want
to preserve It. Hut we want to preserve It
on Its own merits , and not under compul
sion. If the gold standard Is bad enough
to get rid of. It Is bad tnough to got rid
of now , whether any other nation wants
us to got rid of It or not ( Cho rs. )
I might appeal to the democrats of this
state and or this nation on the ground of
regularity , because I was nominated In n
regular convention , regularly called , nnd
the most democratic convention held In ro-
celit ymrs , heoiuiso the people- Instructed
their delegates and the delegates followed
those instructions ( Applause * . )
It cost Mr. Bryan an effort to say this ,
but it did not take him long , and In less
than twenty-five minutes he was on the move
again. With a rush the big crowd was emp
tied Into the streets , and then It was a fran
tic scramble of man , woman and child to
see who could get to Farnam street first
where the Bengal fires were painting both
earth and heaven , and the roar of n.usketry
and artillery were shaking the foundations
of the universe as the McKlnley hosts
trooped In columns , brigades and divisions
along the great thoroughfare. Bryan was
for the time forgotten Curiosity had been
sated. A glance , a strain of his husky voice ,
that was enough To Washington hall he
was driven In gloomy silence But on ar
rival hero a ray of hope gleamed forth , but
It IK doubtful whether It was of sulfle-7ent
volume to fill Bryan's heart with a flood
of light The hall was full to Its capacity ,
but that was all. There was no oversow on
the sidewalk , no one In the streets H cost
no effort to crawl down out of the rockaway
and walk Into the house. And Inside , of
course , there was an explosion of enthusi
astic sound , but It was not unanlmoua
enough and was cut short too quickly. It
did not take Mr. Bryan long to wind up
matters hero. Ho was through and hurry
ing across the way to Germania hall In less
than twenty minutes
Here again he found the dimensions of the
small enclosure well tested , and hero again
was a spasmodic burst of applause. Nobody
In the streets , no wild scenes of oxclto-
mrnt on sidewalk or street But the distin
guished party lingered a bit longer hero
Fred Metr. er , Introduced Mr. Bryan , pre
luding the act with one of his most felicitous
and most grandiloquent addresses , and
which. In fact , evoked fully as much ap
plause as did the remarks that followed from
the man hankering for a home on Potomac's
slopy shores
From Ciprmanla the partv was driven to
Mctz'h hall on South Thirteenth street
where another house full was awaiting him
From this point ho returned up town , stop
ping for a ten minutes' talk at Morand s
Dancing academy , then across the street
for twenty minutes with a packed audience
In the Crclghton hall , ending with similar
effort In the theater. There was n great
rrovsd hero , and having had the cockles of
their hearts warmed up by lucious sugges
tions of "Gay New York" they grew mire
responsive moro fervid and gave * Mr Brynn
a right royal welcome , and somebody at
tempted to smother him In an avalanche of
Governor Holcomh Introduced Mr. Bryan ,
and then after a twenty minutes' talk In
which he said he closed the campaign , lie
bid the cheering crowd a feeble adieu r.nd
left the theater by the rear way. He was
driven straight to the Paxton , hustled
through the clamoring crowd that quickly
began to assemble , up to his room nnd tea
a rest ho so much needs and so well de
serves. Mrs. Bryan , anxious , pale and care
worn as her husband himself , was waiting
to rece-lve him. They clasped hands , a whis
pered word or two was exchanged , th n they
turned and shook hands with a number of
ladles who had crowded Into the room , but
the reception was a brief one , and at last
the last good nights were- said , and the. first
act of the great drama was over.
When Mr. Bryai. closed bis last speech
his linen wes as wet from perspiration as
tr it had l > cen put Ir. the bath tub , but ho
was still buoyant and professedly as hope
ful as he had ever been In the campaign.
He declined to make any statement for
publication as to his hopes of the outcome
of tomorrow's contest. He said to friends ,
however , that he still felt absolutely con
fident , and expressed the belief that to
morrow's result would Justlfv his most san
guine claims He exhibited with much In
terest a telegram from Chairman Jones , ex
pressing continued confidence.
Mr Bryan had precede. ! me night's work
with flftce'ii speeches made during the day
at the following places , nil In the state of
Nebraska- few art York , Aurora. Grand
Island. Hastings. Harvard , Saronvlllc , Sutton -
ton , Grafton Fairmont Hxetor , Friend , Dor
chester , Crete and Lincoln. Ho had traveled
during the day 2MO miles It had been Mr.
Bryan's original Intention to speak In every
congressional district in the state during
the day , but this was found to be Imprac
ticable and he entered only four of the six.
YORK. Nov. 2. Seven o'clock this mornIng -
Ing found Mr. Bryan speeding westward
from Lincoln on his last day's v.ork of
the campaign. The sun had not risen whn
ho reached the special train which was to
convey him on his trip , and there were only
comparatively few people gathered about
the depot to see him off These few , hov-
o\er , gave * him an enthusiastic shout as
the train pulled out , and ho began his labt
day's campaign under favorable auspices.
Tt-o first stop of the day was at the own
tf Seward. This Is a republican place * , and
there was an exceptionally large display
of yellow badges , fully half of the crowd
being decorated with the republican em
blem. Mr Bryan was , however , reopect-
fully received and he was listened to wlh
marked attention. The appearance of the
golden colors in his own state seemed to
put the candidate on his mettle , and while
ho talked for only ; about ten mlnute-s he
delivered a very pointed address. Re
ferring to the appearance of so many gold
colors , he Intimated to his hearers that the
proper material for the farmer to use who
would display a gold badge was straw , for
ho said under existing clrcumstancee Wall
street gets your wheat and leaves you noth
ing but the straw. Ills address was de
voted largely to a denunciation of the Issue
of bonds. Notwithstanding the largo num
ber cf republicans present Mr. Bryan was
liberally applauded.
AURORA , Nov 2 As the day progressed
Mr. Bryan's audiences began to swell In
numbers and enthusiasm. At York , which
town was reached at 9 o'clock , thousands
of farmers were waiting the coming of the
candidate and the enthusiasm was great.
There were some yellow badges , but not
neatly so many as at Seward. Mr. Bryan
was introduced as the next president of the
United Statcti , and he replied that If Ne
braska furnished thn next president It de
pended a great deal uron the people of
Nebraska and hew they vote. This
brought out a great cheer and assurances
that the Htate was all right for him lie
said that this yu > ar the people had tried
an experiment in choosing a presidential
candidate from west of the Mississippi
river , and that some of the people of Ne
braska uee-mcd to be very much afraid that
there would bo a president fiom the west
Ills speech was to the farmers and fund
ready response with them. The train
tlov.ed up is It went through Bradahaw ,
and the few hundred people aeacmbled at
the depot cheered Mr. Bryan loudly. He
stood on the back platform of the special
car and bowed In response to the greetings.
AURORA. Nov. 2. Mr. Bryan had n big
crowd at Aurora , but It Included a largo
percentage of men wearing gold badges ,
which wore , however , moro contiplclous
About the train than In the vicinity of the
platform from which Mr. Bryan apuko. Ho
dwelt In his brief nddivts at tliU point
upon the alleged effects of the gold stand
ard , especially upon the farming Inter cots.
After To9tlnq In His Own Cnso the Mot-its ofn Well Known Mcd-
Icnl System , Ho Commends the Snmo to the Public.
Tbo merit if lr . Cnpolnnil . ( .Shop-
nnl'n iirofoNHliinnl t\nrU In ilnlly
prinen bj I In- bout of ovlilrnoo. To
il ny Hot. MelCoiidroo Ut * Mntli * . iiiein-
lior lit th * > olirn * Uii eiinforeiioo unit
Idnlor of tilt * MottllldlHt UiUoiitll1 | |
( liuroli of TiilnuiKo niul llroolt , niliU
liln ( oMliiion.o.
For llvo years thesp physicians have
holdtho lending place In tbo treatment of
chronic diseases They hnvo patients In
every county In the stnte , nnd possess
every equipment for treating the most
stubborn cases , olthor nt their otlleo or
through the mails Head Hov Do Mott'w
testimony Ho was treated by mall nt his
V \
own homo If you wont additional foots
write him , enclosing stamp He writes Ur
Shepard as follows
The speaker was loudly applauded , not
withstanding the presence of gold badge
GRAND ISLAND. Nov. 2 Thh was the
extreme western point of the day's tour , as
It Is the most western place visited by Mr
Bryan duilng the campaign. Thcro was a
big meeting at this plate. The attendance
was large and the Bryan sentiment strong ,
Judging from the vociferous applause and
the absence of gold badges. Mr Bryan
talked for thirty minutes here , dwelling
upon the Importance of Individual efforts
at tbo polls tomorrow and saying that the
result o ! the election might turn on the
casting of one vote. He urged upon the
agricultural clement to declare for the
double standard as tbo most certain means
of securing the return of prosperity , which
was Impossible under existing circumstanced
The applause at this place was frequent
and at times deafening , the volume of sound
being greatly augmented by the tooting
of a largo steam thresher which had bei n
rigged up for the occotilon. Thu return trip
was begun at 11 30.
HASTINGS. Nov. 2. Mr. Bryan poVo
hero for a short time. He told the people
of his Impressions of his eastern trip.
MiiriiiViiitber In Smith Dal.ulii.
YANKTON , S. D , Nov. 2. ( Special Tele
gram ) Stormy weather has prevailed
throughout South Dakota today. The
weather bureau predicts snow or rain to.
morrow. Inclement weather Mould reduce
tbo total vote.
"s'Inoo oonihiK ; out of tbo nrm > In
ISO I , I luiil boon uroiKl ) iilllloloil with
oiiliit-Kotiionl unit ilUiliiecinonl | "f
tbo lu-iift vt , till
noiiiniiiiii ) IIIK vvonU-
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biixo nlvii > H urentI > milToroil front
ohronlo I'nlnrrb. l.nxl itlnlor n tory
* > o > ere slol.nesH loft mo In nn o\-
troinol ) feeble pointltlon anil wholly
until for an ; vtnrlt. Vflor n ouui' o
b > limit with Dr. .Shoiuint , It nIToriln
mo Kreat plonxuro In xlnlo Unit I
bin o fiinnil mnoh relief anil utmtiin-
Ihil beiiollt from MM Iroiitniont. My
OIINOin haitiUoil with o\oollont
jiiilKinonl nnil nUIII iiiul I in out lioiirt-
ll > ooiiiiiionil lrx. ( 'oioliiiiil iV Shoi- |
nril IIM i-oiirteoiiN , lioiiiiralilo enllo-
inoii. ( hnrtiiiKh ! } iiiulllloit | u * > xpoolaU
! NN III their oluiNoii
In the 1'lvi'il unit 1 ill form IVo for A1J
w. ii. C < UMI.AM > . M. n. , KM
C. S. MIKIMlin , M. I ) . , ( l-hyslel uis.
Ofllco Hours 9 to 11 n tn ,2 to 6 p m Hvc-
nlngsodiirsdavs nnd Siturdnys only
6 to S Sunday-10 to 12 m
Priced I < i5cx Bottle.
. ; . - . -l-lJl -'I.J ' n-.1..1vl..ll. l. .
Y ptirohasiiiK goods made
at this f dlowinu Nebras
ka f ctofios. If you can
not litul what you want ,
communicate with the
mumif.ict tirers as to
w h a t dealers handle ijoods = - - ,
Manufacturer * it all KliU > of cotton and bur
lap t'li fs i oil in Hour earki and tulne u ipes-
laity C ] < f.lC CIS S 11th Ft.
Car luuj itilpmenU made In our oun rcfn , .
erator can. lliue HILbon. l.ltte Export VUnM
hxpirt anil Tamil ) I.iport dtluired to all pan.
of the clt > .
IJA'V IS .V L. V.II.L , lltU. % UOKlvS.
Iron null llr.iKN t'liutiilorn.
Manufacture ! * nnil of Machinery. ' ! tn.
ral icpiilrlns s rpccia.iv. M ) . rjtl and 1M5
atree : . OnmuA ,
Manufacturing ana repairing of all I.In't ot
machinery , engines puniiui. tieviiluni pr mini ;
prtuea , hangcia , chnfitnc ono couplings Htj and
HOS Ilon.ird St . Omaha.
Manufacturers 01 Architectural Ion WotJ >
General Foundry. Alacniur arj Illac nnltt unrk ,
KnKlnetra und Contractoiv for FIi * Projf Hulld-
Ingr. OlIUc and v\orU& : U. r. lly. end Bo.
17th street Omaha.
AMiiticA.\ :
The only perfect protection to propirty
me * t llest thins on earth. HeJucoa Intjranco
rates 1304 Douclas street.
j. ii. ; : VA.NS.MIIII.\.SKA MIIHT
Cxclutlve cuitom thirl tailor * . IMt Farnam.
In chirgo ot th
This widely known Institution has been
doubled In size during tbo pasl summer and
rcado one of the mosr m-dcrn and model
Institutions of Its character In the vtest.
Tlio new addlt'ona will be ready for occu
pancy by the flrrt of the year When fully
completed , accommodations will bo afforded
for 300 patients. It la beautifully cltuafd ,
overlooking' the city ot Council Uluffi. A
full itatf of eminent physicians and trained
nurses minister to the comfort of tb pa
For fuller particulars , apply to
Council Bluffs. la.
Fine Line of Fall and
Winter Suitings.
130 S. Main Street
Council Bluffs , la.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
CAPITAL , 100,000
\vn boi.icrr voim
VV ccnd Ilia I rrncli JUuoJr
CAUTMUG r 'C. ( uC II 1- . ) L1 >
Icgnl nuarantto that Cxi THUS nlll
HlOI'Dlirliarrivlond Kuiluluii * .
< tli ! ; * crmutorrlii'inrliurclo
anil UhnlOlti : l.t Vigor.
Uit it and fa ) i/ialn/ietl ,
VOH MOIIt. CO. , 332 B ,
Solo Amfiln.ii imU , flmlntilllUbla.
" i N , Ilowen , tlanngur.
JSo. 1.
Two Wcuk , CommenclriK Monday , Novom *
bcr 2 ,
Opening Hill , The Great Comedy ,
I'rluc 10 cuutK.