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Automatic Devices for Registering the
Freeman's Will.
UcNcrlptliiii of.Huvrrnl Mcclmnlcnl At-
lillinicci * IfnlKiir < l tu Simplify.
anil Fnrllllule Votliitf
lit KIcctluiiN.
Oao of the twelve amendments to the
constitution of Nebraska , submitted to the
judgment or the electors of the state , pro
vides that "nil votes shall bo by balloter
or such other method as may bo prescribed
by law , provided the secrecy of voting bo
preserved. "
The purpose ot the amendment Is to vest
In the legislature power to Improve and
simplify the present cumbersome system of
voting by authorizing the use of mechanical
appliances of demonstrated superiority. An
amendment of similar Import was Incorpo
rated In the constitution of Now Yoik state
and has led to thorough trials of. balloting
Thcro Is no more Interesting automatic
registering dovlco than the voting machine
of the highest type. It has a mind of Its
own. There Is no possibility of cheating
It without exposing Its Inner workings with
a coal chisel and hammer ; and by Its won-
ilerful system of lightning calculation It
has the votes all classified and counted at
each poll and the result ready for the wire
as soon as the last ballot Is cast. In addi
tion to these advantages the voter may cast
Ills cntlro ballot , even a split ticket. In less
time that It takes to purchase as many
cents worth of chewing gum from a vend
ing machine. The wages paid to a corps
of counting clerks can bo saved by the
state or by the organization bearing the
One of the most Interesting of these
patented devices Is the very recent Inven
tion of a citizen of Indiana , and Is ono of a
number described by the Philadelphia
Times. The voter , unaccompanied , enters
the booth , the floor of wnlch automatically
drops a short space the second ho places Ills
foot upon It. The only Interior furniture
Is a standing desk , through a slot In the
surface of which Is exposed a single blank
line on a continuous ballot sheet. The voter
simply stamps the choice of his candidates
upon this line , and In the appropriate col
umns. Ho promptly makes his exit , and In
doing this takes his feet off the pedal floor.
Itcllcved of the weight , the floor automatic
ally raises , thereby operating a set of lov
ers , which move the tally role up ono space ,
to bo filled In by the next voter. At the
same time the number of the voter Is re
corded by the automatic counter Inside.
Entering the booth patented lately by a
nrooklyn man , th > voter scea upon the wall
before him a collection of pueh buttons ,
each labeled with the name of a different
candidate. To vote for any candidate he
merely pushes the button bearing his name.
Ho looks through the collection , arranged
In groups , according to offices , and selects
his choice of ach. At the same time a
register , like that on a bicycle cyclometer ,
keeps tally for each knob and notes how
many votes have been cast by Its means.
A dishonest voter may push each button of
his choice a number of times. He may
come out with the depraved satisfaction
that ho has done as much voting as a st >
or more ot honest men. Hut the machine
Is not BO unsophisticated OR ho Is. Any
voter , even by mistake , Is unable to vote
twice for the same candidate , or even for
two men running for the same ofllcc and on
different tickets. As soon as ho presses a
button he locks It against further working
and at the same time locks all the other
buttons In the same'group. . As the voter
leaves the booth an olllclal attending the
door manipulates a lever , which returns
the whole mechanism to Us normal posi
tion , ready for the next voter. After all of
the votes have been cast , or during the
progress ot the election , when n test Is do-
slrcd , the result up to that time may be re
corded by clipping a card Into an opening ,
the score' being automatically printed
upon It.
Some months ago a Rochester ( N. Y. ) man
patented a booth which Is bound to afford
privacy to the voter. At ono corner la built
a largo cylindrical door , resembling a tall
drum. It revolves upon ball bearings at thu
ceiling and floor. An opening leading Into
the cylinder Is brought exactly coincident
with a goto leading to the open air. Step
ping tnsldo the cylindrical door , the voter ,
by means of a handle , revolves It upon Its
bearings until the opening In question co
incides with another door leading to the
voting space Inside. The voter steps out
and casts his vote by means of one of the
modern duvlceo described. When finished
ho enters the cylindrical door again and con-
tlnue to revolve It In the original direction
until Its opening coincides with a third door
provided as an exit. The attendant there
upon motes the cylinder around one-third
of a revolution more , until Its door and the
entrance gate ore again on a line , ready
for the next voter. This connects with an
automatic register , which keeps account of
the number of voters. It will not register
more than cno number without the cylinder
being revolved only In ono direction. Uy
this means It is Impossible for the voter to
be disturbed whjlo In the booth , since ho
himself has control of the only possible
means of entrance.
The ball system ot voting Is so far Im
proved by a Callfornlon patentee as to become -
como applicable- political elections. Do-
fore entering the booth the voter Is handed
a tray which resembles a folding slate on
the exterior. While Inside ho opens the
tray , fastened Into the under side of which
are a number of small balls or marbles
corresponding with number of ofllccs to be
voted for. On the same surface are as many
columns of round holes as there are com
peting parties. The name of the party It
placed at the top of each column , and at
the side of the hole Is printed the name of
a candidate. The voter takes the balls ,
ono at a time , and Inserts them Into tht
holes corresponding to his choice of candi
dates. Ho then shuts and fastens tbo lid
of the tray and emerges from the booth
Ho hands the tray , still closed , to an In
spsctor , who , opening It , fastens It by means
of clamps upon the top ot a specially con.
etructcd ballot box. According to the man
ner In which the tray tlta the top of tbo box ,
the holes in which the hallu are arranged
ere directly above several groups of tubes
which correspond and respectively belong to
the different candidates. Ily turning a lever
the Inspector rauscs the balls to fall through
the cover ot the tray Into the appropriate
tubes. Ho turns a crank until all the balls
fall Into a trough In full view of the voter.
While passing through the ballot box each
hall registers ono vote , a count of which U
Kept by an Indicator Inside. Thus the balls
are euro to drop Into the compartments of
the candidates for which the votes were or-
Jglnally Intended , and It Is Impossible to
cast more than ono vote for the same man ,
elnco only ono ball will fit into
Highest Honors World's Fair.
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Com Ammonia , Alum or any other aiUiltciant.
40 Years ttic Standard.
each hole In the tray. It is
llkcwlflo Impossible to cast more votei
than there are candidates provided , since
the number ot balls used agree with the
exact number of candidates. The Inspector ,
or any observer , has no possible means ot
detecting the nature of the vote without
opening the ballot box. Having been dropped
Into the trough and counted by the voter ,
that ho may be satisfied that all of his votes
have taken effect , the balls are again placed
Into the fastenings Inside the tray and the
latter Is handed to the next voter. At the
end of the election the ballot box Is opened
In the presence of 'the authorities and the
statement ot the number of votes Is taken
from the automatic counters. A somewhat
similar contrivance for voting by means ot
discs to bo dropped in slots Is the Invention
of another California man.
A New England Inventor named McTam-
many has received more than n dozen pat
ents for automatic voting machines. The
best known of these has been adopted by
Massachusetts , to bo used , at local option ,
In local town elections. It is a small , square
box of steel mounted upon a high pedestal.
It may bo placed In a booth , but even
though placed In full view It would be dim-
cult to detect the nature of n vote cast
thereby. The oIHces for which the candi
dates have been nominated are arranged In
a vertical column upon"tho face. Opposite
Is a column of slots , each slot corresponding
\\lth an office In the other column. Dcncath
each slot can bo moved a long ribbon ot
card-board , bearing the names of the candi
dates for the appropriate offices , only ono
set of names being visible at a time. Ily
turning a hand-wheel at the left the voter
may bring his choice ot names Into view and
opposite the appropriate offices. As each
chosen candidate Is brought Into position
the voter presses a small button opposite
his name and this process punches n hole In
the card. By an Interlocking system each
button becomes secure against repetition as
soon as pressed once , and so remains until
the attendant operates n lever , making ready
for the next voter. After the balloting has
ended the vote of each candidate Is ascer
tained by taking out each of the 'pastboard
ribbons In turn and by grinding
them through n contrivance which
closely resembles n paper-roll music
box. Each hole In a ribbon automatically
scores upon an Indicator. The system Is
claimed to bo especially valuable for states
In which a man must be able to read before -
fore bc'ng eligible to a vote , as Is the case
in Massachusetts.
The Myers voting machine , which was
accepted by the late New York constitu
tional convention as legal for use In such
city or town elections , Now York and
Brooklyn cxcepted , as may adopt It , Is as
complete as any .of tboso described. A
small compartment conceals the voter , wlio ,
upon entering , finds upon tbo walls the
names ot candidates arranged In vertical
columns , according to parties. The votes
are cast by pushing In the appropriate
knobs , each vote being registered upon a
dupltcato board on the opposite sldo of the
partition wall. The pushing of each knob
locks It against repetition and locks the
knobs of all candidates for the same ofQco.
The whole system Is automatically set free
by a combination of levers , put In motion
when the voters opens the door to make his
exit.Tho votograph , now legally usable In Mich
igan. Is n box with a horizontal face , upon
which the names of the candidates appear
as labels upon a scries ot punch-buttons.
Beneath are ribbons containing separate
tally voteii for each candidate , with serial
numbers printed upon them In a vertical
row. Pushing a button puts a punch In
position for each name so selected , and the
closing of the lid puts a hole through the
proper number , moving each roll up one
space at thu same time. The final results
are read by noting the last number punched
upon each ribbon. Repeating and Irregular
ity are prevented by a complete Interlock
ing system , Michigan permits either the
votograph or the Myers machine for town
or city elections. Last year Connecticut
legalized the use ot cither the Myers or
McTammany system for local option.
In most ot the machines It Is arranged
that a straight ticket may bo cast by pushIng -
Ing a single button as well as by making
each vote separately as described. The lat
ter method admits of the voting of a "split
ticket" by any of the machines. The in
terior mechanism of the greater number of
the machines is similar to that ot the cash
register , although some inventors have em
ployed electricity. i
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1401 n. It. RITCHIE.
Several Inchon of Snow Full * lu Wont-
emflmiskn. .
All ot the railroad weather reports yester
day morning showed that a great amount of
molsturo had fallen in Nebraska within the
past thirty-six hours. In the eastern part
of the state there was a good fall of rain ,
about the same as In Omaha. Further west
the rain was mixed with light enow. At
Columbus , Grand Island and Aurora there
was a halt inch ot snow. The Union Pacific
reported eighteen inches of enow west of
North Platto. Thursday nigh' and early yes
terday morning trains wcro delayed on ac
count of the snow , but all trains arc running
on schedule time now.
The B. & M. reported considerable snow
on its western division. At McCook there
was 8 Inches : at Benkolman , 14 ; at Akron , 7 ;
at Imperial , 12 ; at Broken Bow , C , and at
Dunning , 0. The Missouri Pacific anil the
Rock Island roada reported cold rains mixed
with snow and the Elkhorn reported about
the same depth of snow in the western part
ot the state as did the B. & M. and the
Union Pacific. _
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Denlc.H Hiivlnir Coiuiiilttcil tlio Crime
Clmrnnl A aln t Him.
The county attorney has finally succeeded
In having George Halts arraigned In the dis
trict court. Ha us is the deaf and dumb
man who was bound over to the district
court by Police Judge Gordon on the charge
of criminal assault upon Kathleen Rosslter.
The hearing In the police court was carried
on by means ot paper and pencil , but when
an attempt was made to arraign Haus in
the district court Judge Baker held that It
would not answer to let Haus read tbo In
formation himself , but that the document
mint bo rent ] to him by the county attorney.
Further proccrdlnna ivcro deferred until yes
terday , when Prof. GlllcKplo , superintendent
of the State lufitltuto for the Deaf , was
HUbpocmcd to act as Interpreter. With
the professor's assistance the charge was
read to Haus , and ho vigorously entered a
denial of his guilt. Ho was thcu remanded
to jail to await trial.
The llug oj pills la Brechara'ii Dcechtm'n.
Kuiipral uf .Imlffo Diinilj- .
The arrangements for the funeral services
of the late Elmer 8. Dundy wcro completed
yesterday morning. They will ho held at the
family residence , Twenty-eighth and Lcavun-
worth streets , , this , Saturday , after
noon at 2 o'clock. The services will bo con
ducted by Rev. Thomas J. Mackay , rector
of All Salnta Protestant Episcopal church.
and the mut > ! c will bo under the direction of
Prof , Torrena. In addition to 'the regular
pallbearers , thcrb will bo a number of
honorary pallbearers. The interment will
bo strictly private , and will take place at u
latu hour In tbo afternoon , tbo remain *
bolnu placed In tbo receiving Vftlut of 1'rca-
Pect Hill cemetery.
Remnants from tbo Great Pro-Election Sale
Now Going.
The FlnlNtiliiK Ton'clicN to the Cirontmt
Furniture , Carpet tun ! Curtain
, | Siilo Hvcr IiinuKtirntcd
| lu Oninlin. ' ,
Every odd piece of furniture every carpet
of which there's only ono pattern every
curtain ot which there Is but a pair all
odds and ends as a result of our great Bale ,
will go on sale Saturday morning and continue
tinueon sale until Tuesday evening at C
p. in. , If not sold out before.
In fact wo want them to vote nt our booth
on the first flqpr. The lady who guesses
nearest to the plurality vote of either Mc-
Klnley or Bryan In Nebraska will have a
choice of any ot the following beautiful
and valuable prizes :
A beautiful Grecian , hand carved mahog
any writing desk.
Or a handsome curlcy birch chiffonier ,
with genuine French plato mirror.
Or a box couch , upholstered in French
corduroy especially designed for the recep
tion of party dresses.
Only ono Brownlo art square , Just the
thing for your nursery , rpprcscnts Brownlcb
in all games , 9x9 feet , price $15.00 ; now $5.00.
Twenty 30x60 inch Jap rugs , best quality ,
price $2.25 ; now $1.25.
Fur lap robes , elegant goods , black , lined
In green felt , price $10.00 and $18.00 ; now
$8.00 and $10.00. Wo shall not keep robes
after these are sold.
2 pair only , Oriental strip curtains , mussed
from being in show windows , prlco $1.23 ;
now $1.50.
Two only , tapestry lunch covers , fringed
all around , price $7,60 ; now $2.18.
Only four 8x4 wool tapestry table covers ,
price$8.60 ; now $5.7C.
Only ono pair silk chantllla porUcrs
price $22.50 ; now $10.00.
1V& pairs silk and linen curtains , either
for portlers or window drapery , prlco
$12.00 ; now $5.00.
4 pairs , every thread silk , flno damask
curtains , 3U yards long , silk fringe top and
bottom , price $30.00 ; now $18.00.
The only Japanese pillow stools , prlco
$2.25 ; now $1.45.
25 whlto fur rugs. 28xC4 Inches , $1.S8.
1414-H1G-1418 Douglas.
Momlny Nlnlit'a I'liniilen.
At n conference of representatives of the
democratic state committee and the com
mittee having In charge respectively Mr.
Bryan's speaking and the McKlnlcy parade
In Omaha , Monday evening , November 2 , the
following agreement was reached :
That Sir. Bryan -will arrive In Omaha nnd
ho escorted from the depot up Farnanx street
before 9 o'clock p. TO.
That If Mr. Bryan does not arrive until
too late to do this ho will bo escorted up
Harncy street.
That the Bryan escort will not march on
Farnam street later than 9 o'clock.
That the McIClnloy parade will not reach
or marchi on Farnam street bcforo 9 o'clock
p. m.
That the Bryan forces will remain south of
Farnam street after 9 o'clock.
That the McKlnlcy parade will form north
of Farnam street and remain on or north of
Farnam street.
Chm. Dem. State Com.
Chm. Com. on Parade.
Outnlilcrx AVIII Not HP Admitted tu the
Invitations have been sent out for a-ban
quet to bo given by the Advertising Mcn'u
club on November 9 at the Mlllard hotel.
It will bo exclusive , only members being
invited. The club membership composes
thirty odd men , connected with publications
In Omaha , South Omaha , Council Bluffs and
Lincoln , as well as writers and designers
of advertising.
Among the toasts will bo responses to the
following : "Reading Notices Against Dis
play Advertising , " "Tho Advertiser and the
Solicitor Their Relationship , " "The Future
of Advertising In Omaha , " In addition to
speeches by lr. ) A. E. Dickinson , manager
of advertising of the Cudaby Packing com
pany , and other members.
DcNcrtcd liy Her IIiiNlmnd
Nina Cunningham has applied for shelter
and aid at the police station. She and her
husband wcro lu destitute circumstances for
some time. In her extremity she was de
serted about three weeks ago by her hus
band. She struggled along until her last
penny was exhausted. The case has appealed
to the sympathy of Police Matron Bennett ,
who was working yesterday effort
to find shelter for the woman. T"ho police
matron will endeavor to have her accepted
as an Inmate of the new Institution for
women which was recently opened In this
city by the Salvation army.
County ComiiilualanerN Meet.
'Tho ' Board of County Commissioners held
a short session yesterday morning. Llttlo ex
cept routine business was transacted. Bids
for supplying hard coal to the court house
and jail wcro opened and referred to the
proper committee. The bids were as follows
lows : Nebraska Fuel company , $8.90 ; C.
W. Hull company , $8.95 , Tbo bids opened
a month ago , which were rejected because
they wcro too high , were for supplying the
necessary hard coal at $8.78 per ton. The
board adjourned until Saturday of next
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ICIIlH HIM Wife In a Quarrel.
CUMBERLAND , Wls. , Oct. 30. Rufus G.
Clark , a farmer living near this city , de
liberately shot and killed his wlfo in bis
own house last night as the result ot a
quarrel. Clark Is now under arrest.-
TfTM T PIT Tvrtrii n n m\
Winter is Upon ! Us Tour Underwear
Ohanco is Hero Saturday ,
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Misses , and boys' natural wool vests , pants
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Cor. Farnam and 15th Sts.
Six Thirty I . M. Train.
of the
Best service.
Dining car.
City office : 1504 Farnam.
Dr. Miller TnlUn to TeaclierN In the
Intrrcnt of the Iluinanc Society.
Yesterday afternoon Dr. George L. Miller ,
as president of the > Ncbraska State Humane
society , addressed , the principals of the
Omaha public schools upon tbo subject of
organizing bands ofc mercy In their classes.
Dr. Miller made a most eloquent appeal for
the kind treatment" ot animals and said ho
considered It the duty of every teacher to
Instill Into the mind ot a pupil an early love
for the dumb brute. The tlmo was , and not
long ago , said the speaker , that murder , in a
lesser sense , was committed dally upon the
domestic animals. The excellent work ac
complished by the 'Humane society In Now
York City and other places was worthy of
emulation In Omaha , and a great per cent
ot these good results had been performed
through children. The doctor spoke for half
an hour and concluded by requesting that
an effort be raado by the toacbera to In
terest their pnpllaMu. tho-work.
On behalf of the principals. Superintend
ent Pcarso replied that the subject had al
ready been considered' by the teachers and
that many of them had formed small bands
oftheir pupils together for the purpose
spoken of by the doctor. Ho assured Dr.
Miller that after the war against the use
of tobacco , which is now being waged by
the teachers , hod received Its proper at
tention the next subject would -bo that of
Instructing pupils in the laws of kindness
duo all animals.
It is proposed by the local officers of the
Humane society to furnish literature upon
the subject to all puplla who band them
selves together for the good of this cause.
Among the things promised when societies
of more than twenty are formed Is "Our
Dumb Friend , " a periodical ; "Ten Lessons in
Kindness , " "Band of Mercy" hymns and
other articles , Including a gold pin for the
president ot each society.
The Orerland Limited.
Runs every day In the week.
Fastest train In the west.
Buffet smoking and library cars.
City ticket olllce ,
1302 Farnam.
AeknowledKCK Ills Guilt.
John McAdow , a young colored man , was
arraigned before Judge Baker yesterday
morning on the charge of grand larceny. He
was charged with stealing two diamond rings
from a pawnbroker , valued at $35. The
charge constituted grand larceny , but Mc
Adow asked to bo allowed to plead guilty
of petit larceny. The county attorney con
sented to this and a plea of that kind was
entered , after which McAdow was taken back
to jail to await sentence.
Clieiin Hut CM , Nov. Hd ,
Via the Burlington Route to points south
and west Arkansas , Texas , Nebraska , Colorado
rado , Utah , Wyoming , etc.
Ono fare for the round trip , plus $2.
Call at ticket office. 1502 Farnam street ,
and get full information.
Gave the Glrln u Scare.
A -dozen you DC women who attend the
seminary at 514 North Nineteenth street were
given a bad shock yesterday morning about
breakfast time , and were unable to give
proper attention to their studies for the rest
of the morning. The cook endeavored to
hurry up a slow flro in the range by the use
of kerosene. Tbo usual results followed ,
though the flames wcro extinguished before
much damage was dono.
"Why a Few Prominent Business Men of Omaha Are Silver
Bugs. " "Confidence and Credit , Their Re
lation to Prosperity. "
These subjects will receive consideration atl the , hands of
Admission up to 8 o'clock by ticket ; , after that hour the
public will be generally admitted ,
Tickets may be had of the following committee : F. A.
Brogan , Jas , E. Kelby , Jno. A. Johnson , Robt W. Richard
son , Frank Murphy , Henry W. Yates , W. S. Jardine , Her
man Kountze , John R. Webster , Frank Colpetzer , W. A ,
Webster , Warren Switzler.
llco , Oct , 20 P. M.
After Election
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$5.00 a suit. The stores that are .selling these same
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getting left. Somebody is going to gee left.
Our Catalog ue will be delivered before election too.
Among the notable bargains which remain
hi our Special Sale arc the following
Reduced to
Mahogany Table ? G5.00 , $25 00
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1'arlor Chair 35.00 ' 15 00
Corner Chair 112.00. . , 5 00
Morris Cliair U.OO. . , 5 00
Box Couch 122.00 10 00
Coinblnntion Book Case & Desk. . 15.00 7 50
Combination. Book Case 128.00 1i50
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Oak 10.00 ii 00
Mahogany Finish 10.00 3 00
Oak 0.00 2 25
There arc many other bargains equally as great.
Furniture , 12th and Douglas Sts.
YOUHKXUTM Wli" Throw SiniicN nt Carn
IMncril Uiulcr Arretit.
The Union Pacific authorities arc getting
after the boys who have been In the habit
of annoying railroad men by jumping on
and oft moving trains and throwing stones at
has been especially
car windows. This annoyance
pecially prevalent in and about South Omaha.
A few days ago n gang of the lads were
spotted and arc beliiR gradually arrested.
Thursday four boys were arrested for the
offense and taken to South Orooha for a
hearing , they having been guilty of boarding
moving trains In that city. Yesterday morning
Charles Johnson , another lad living near
Sixteenth and William streets , was arrested
and taken to the packing house city. Other
arrests will bo made.
HreiiU n. Tlnif-lloiioreil Hule.
Railway men have for some tlmo con
sidered It Impossible to get a Pullman car
on any of the Vandcrbllt lines , Just as It
Is Impossible to move a Wagner car on the
Southern Pacific west from Ogdcn. A
notable exception , however , to this Iron
clad rule has just occurred and Is exciting
much comment in railway circles. Some
of the troops that the Union Pacific brought
east from California a few days ago wcro In
Pullman cars. . .Tho cars were carried
through from hero to Chicago by the North
western and , wonderful to relate , were
taken from there to Now York by the
Nickel Plato and the West Shore roads.
The soldiers refused to change cars and
thereby succeeded In fracturing ono of the
time-honored rules of the Vandcrbllt lines.
M Mov I UK Went.
The Rock Island brought In the light
battery of 'tho Third artillery , United States
army , at 4:35 o'clock yesterday morning. The
troops were under the command of Captain
BIrkhelmcr. nnd numbered ICO men nnd
officers. They oomo from Washington bar
racks , and were bound for the post at San
Francisco. They travel on a special train
consisting of ono Pullman sleeper , two
tourist cars and two baggage cars. In this
city the Rock Island turned the train over
to the Union Pacific , which road took It
west at 8:20 , as the first section of the
"Overland limited express. "
Grnlu SIilpnifiitH Continue.
Shipments of grain and corn continue to
go cast In largo quantities , Rverythlng Is
In readiness to restore the freight rates to
the basis they wcro on August 1 on Mon
day , ar.d In consequence the farmers are
hustling to ship as much of thblr products
as posslblq bcforo that tlmo. There prom
ises to bo'a largo movement of merchandise
soon after McKlnley's election.
HallTvny No ten anil I'orKoimlH.
Traveling Passenger Agent Branch of the
Erlo la In town.
"W. W. Lunger of the Union Pacific's land
department Is out on the road on business.
General Manager Dickinson of the Union
Pacific went to Chicago last night on busi
ness , but will return In tlmo to vote.
Actuary Alexander of the Union Pacific
has returned from a trip to Milton , Wls. ,
where ho attended the funeral of a relative.
Hugh M. Wilson , secretary of the general
association of Hallway Men's Sound Money
clubs , has Issue * a denial that P. M. Arthur
and F. P. Sargent subscribed their namco
to a free ellver document , as alleged by the
Bryanlc followers.
George Morton , private secretary of Gen
eral Freight Agent Miller of the Burlington ,
returned to Chicago yesterday afternoon ,
after a few days' visit among friends In this
city , hla former home. He was accompanied
by Mrs. Morton , iieo Mlsa Miller , on his trip
hero. '
The Union Pacific yesterday morning ran a
special train of five cars from Kansas City
to Fort Rlloy to carry a detachment of
government troops sent to the latter pest
from Newport , II. I. . The Baltimore & Ohio
and the Missouri Pacific took the soldiers to
Kansas City.
Chief Clerk Buckingham of the passenger
iopartment and Assistant City Passenger
Agent Branch of the Burlington will leave
on Tuesday night for on extended southern
trip , They expect to do omo hunting in
Arkansas , visit Now Orleans , Memphis and
Till the flirt and Dee will wnnt Ills check
for olHco rent ami commUsloii now , I'ets , ilon't
disappoint him KCt his account chrcKcd up anil
pay him promptly , ns you Know Doe will wnnt
every cent Hint's coming to him. This la a
Bcnllc reminder to nil the corner stores nnJ the
mliliHc of the Mock ones.
Ono dozen S-grnln Quinine Capsules Co
One dozen 3-Kifln Quinine Cupaules * . To
Ono dozen C-Rrnln Quinine Capsules lOc
Tnlno's Celery Compound Co
Hood'fl Bnrsnpnrllln ( lie
Uulty'a Mnlt Whiskey fee
Warner's Snfo Cure SOc
Vine Kolnfru ? oc
Kola Car.llnott KV
Cnmnlo Juniper 11.00
Castorlu " -0
I'yrnmlJ Pile Cure r.'c
Jnyne ' Expectorant T3c
I'e-ni-na T..i :
Ajer's Hair Vigor COo
S. S. K 7Sc
No-To-Unc C5c
I'oiiil'.B extract sc
Kcott'B Kmulelon CTo
Stunrl'a Dyrpepglu Tablets -o
Williams' 1'lnk 1M1U Kc
lllrney'B Catarrh Cuic 30c
10th and Chicago.
Don't blow a fetid
blast from un unclean
mouth in your friends
faces and expect them to
love you. Sco ?
BAILEY , Dentist ,
Commencing on Wednesday , November 11 ,
at 10 n. m. , wo will sell at Public Auction
for account -of wbom It may concern , on
third , fourth nnd llfth Iloora of building ,
corner Monroe btreet and \v'abash avenue ,
Chicago ,
Inventoried Value > f $200,000
Immense Wholesale Stock ,
Consisting of Fancy Dry Cood8 ! , Kmbrold-
erlcs , Table Unens , To-.vollngH , White
OoodH , Lacos. Ladles' nnd GontH1 Kunilsh-
Ing Goods , Notions , Gloves , Handkerchiefs ,
etc. , formerly owned by
EdBOii Keith. & Co.
Stock arranged for sale by
SAMtll'.L UAN.S , Mnunacr ,
Western Salvage Wrecking Azctizy.
OF.O , P. flOHH H CO. , Auctioneers
Cincinnati , and return In two weeks via
Chicago ,
Herbert T. Lcavltt of tbo Union Pacific's
legal department , who has been confined to
his house for a few day * with HlnvsK , was
able to bo at his desk again yesterday morn-
lug.Out of respect for the memory of the late
Elimr S , Dundy. who as Judge of the
federal court , was cloaoiy Identified with
the Union Pacific receivership , the Hag on
thu Union Pacific headquarters will bo at
half niasl throughout the day.
Our Wednesday and Saturday Issue each
week until election , will glvo the leport by
state ? of the famous umnan's veto for preal-
Snoulul I'lilliiu for Toululit.
Chief Hlgwurt will detail twenty oxtrn
men for duty tonight to hold In bounds thu
precocious Juveniles who Insist upon dc-
Dtroylng property under thu fjtiluo of cele
brating Hallowo'cn , The men will go on
duty at 7 o'clock nnd bo relieved nt 10. All
offcndem found traveling around with other
pcoplu'u gated and wagons will bo placed
under arrest.
A Column
for the
Economical ,
We Sell the
Butterick Patterns.
Men's Hats.
Just arrived , a full line of Men's Hots.
Wo glvo you a $6.00 Hat for $3.00 Knoxi
Wo have n Dunhp shape that wo are sell
ing for $2.00 which costs you elsowhcro
Our $1,50 Hat cannot bo equalled for $2.23
In this city.
You can save money on that election bet
by giving us a call , as wo are getting ouf
some specials for the occasion.
Ladies' Ready to
Wear Garments ,
A mixed Frlczo Jacket , worth $ S.OO , for
$5.00 Saturday.
A blue Kersey Jacket , half silk lined , In
laid velvet collar , pearl buttons ) new back ,
new sleeve , for $7.50 ; worth $10.00.
A fancy Iloucle Jacket , all wool , very lat
est style , for $6.00.
Flno Imported Jacket , rough material.
$12.60worth $17.00.
Illack Heaver Capes , $2.50.
Black Kersey Capes , fur trimmed , slnglo
or double , $3.98.
Plush Capes , fur trimmed , for $3.93.
I'lush Capes , trimmed with braid end
beads , at $8.00.
Dark Flannelette Waists , 25c.
Ladles' 75c Wrappers for Me'Saturday.
Corduroy Waists , $2.9S.
250 Ladles' Wrappers , worth $9.00 , fof
Visit Our
Millinery Dept.
Special Sale of Mens *
Children's and
Ladies' Woolen
Ono case ot ladles' Jersey ribbed Vests
and Pants , only 25c each ; special value.
Ladles' extra heavy jersey ribbed Vesta
and Pants , only35c each ; worth COc.
Ono case ladles' natural wool merino
Vests and Pants , 35c each ; worth COc.
Ono case of ladles' wool Pants , 35c ; worth ,
75 cents.
IvullcsLplnln wool camel's hair Vests and
Pants , COo each ; worth $1.00.
1,000 dozen of children's Underwear to
ho placed on sale at less than mill cost.
Ladles' Combination Suits , COc , 70c and
$1.00 ; worth 7Cc , $1.00 and $1.50.
Men's Shirts and Drawers , 25c ; worth COc.
Men's flecco lined Shirts and Drawers ,
33c each ; worth COc.
Men's heavy merino Shirts nnd Drawers ,
7Co well ; worth $1.00.
A special sale of Kid Gloves for Satur
day.Boys' heavy wool \Mlttcns \ , lOc and 12Vio
per pair.
Special Sale
Fancy Goods ,
Fancy Head Rests , 15c.
Fancy Head Heats and Sofa Pillows , wort > .
$1.25 , choice COc. '
Kancy Silk Drapes , 25c each.
C-lnch Stamped Linens , lo each.
Stamped Center I'iccos. lOc and 15c.
Linen Splashers and Tray Cloths , stampcl
and fringed , ICe each.
Full slzo Dresser Scarfs , worth COc , tof
25 cents.
10,000 25o books at 12 < ,2C each.
Health Food Dept.
25 pounds Granulated Sugar . . . . . . . $ .
Whcatcl , the breakfast food , package. Co
California Breakfast Food , per pkg. . . Co
Wheat Manna , per package Co
Sclf-Halslng Pancake Flour , only So
Breakfast Oatmeal , per package Go
Schcpp's Coconnut or Dunham's , lOo
packages Co
Baker's Chocolate , per package 17Vic
Brooks Soluble Cocoa , per package. . . . IDs
Full Weight Condensed Milk TAa
Pure Corn Stnrch , per package Co
Snlder's Tomato Soup , quarts . .12'o { ,
Now Graham Flour , only Z a
3-pound can Now California Peaches , . lOu
3-pound cnn New California Plumn. . . lOo
3-pound cans Now Tomatoes GV&o
2-pound cans Corn Co
'Uranolu , the new health food , package. 9o
Snlder's Catsup , only ICij
A Few Starters
For Saturday from the Homo of Bargains.
New Mlnco Meat , In packages , only. . . 7'/4o
Cranberries , Capo Cod , now Oo
Country Duttor 7c and Do
Full Cream Cliccso lOo
California Hams 6o
Soda and Oyster Crackers Co
Bucon 7o
Plcklo Pork . - Co
Fresh Oysters
Saturday \vo will soli you fresh Baitlmora
Oysters nt 30c a quart.
Also wo will have a flno lot ot fresh
Ctilcry on hand.
Call in and take homo sera flno Oyster *
and celery. i