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Tb&l Botaras from the State EaceurBjt Be-
Silver I * rpr Alinmlon the Tlcipr 'f
AVInnlni ; for Urjwn nnil Wort.
* * iinttt Oi *
State Ofllcrrfc. j
LINCOLN. NeOflt . < Speeti4. } In '
to an inquiry by yor correspondj j
cot Ctntlrmaa Pent e < tfec repnMtean state I
central committee te4y ptr * out tbe ! 1- .
Tbe aiosn recent tavenUrstim * mad fall
. -f'urus from pvUInc district confirm tbe
Interview that w an prlniHI in tb * newnna-
jrtf * en Sunday moraine ; Th re na been j
i.o change amc * rnut tnt ncnt wan rrver. !
lit. e-pi lnvormblf to tbt republican oatI I
li > ok The condition T tb * party tnftmffh-
out tin * rat * Is realty flirt cut * * and It Ir
not only i pimrent thut the- people are rrtdy
MOW to fo to ibe ) > ells bat are walthtc itn- '
jiatlfntl ) to nettle. tb ionae * frf tat * cam-
Trne gif-utrrt political activity of the cam- wittiewied Im week. but tb * ac
tfrlir and er.thVBliiKin of the prevent week
rurj ' " 't and an a flume climax at tbr
lepuhllnra campaign of education All that
tlir opposition hope * for I * to iwore the
f lorUon Ot fotnr one or mor on their mate
ticket , -wldcli they ar * endeavoring to do by
maKMtK m Ilr1oit ts upon our cnntft-
Aatftt and IT piopontnj to make political
tradw tor vole * to nooompll * tbat j > ur-
J'OH * .
Tb roinins of Mr Bryan on tb day be-
fr election wia not bare an ) material
eEfoet a * to chancing > oter It is now too
late to attempt lo affect the r > TOlt By en-
oeavwing to crente an enthusiasm not here
tofore pjriPtlBg a * is ronumplated bj Mr
Bryan * flying tour of n-xt Monday The i
if-ople have iwrlouxlv ronfildrntd the mutter *
involved to thi * i tnipulgn bnie made up
their mind * how Ihry will vote , and their
dprtnton IK alrrad ; pred < i mlnc-d that a re
turn of p'OBperltj to th < ? coutitrj can m lj
( mine through - ppubllran adznlnlntrattOD
and ( wcbtlDtlon
Retnibtlcan xhould lKi f\er make a vlc-
etrotn campalen up to the vrrj co - ot th *
l rtl and put forth the MUprem effort f r
the rreat pnrty nhloh hn * aw > * tirmiclit
w < pronperl * } ' An orern helmlnc vlrto'j
will In that event he the rraalt Kepvbllr-
an Fboald cet out pvcri available man and
vote Uwrtr ticket * traicht from the hlfrti.nt
M the lowrt candidate refuxini ; all oirr-
. re tor j oltlfal ! trader und l.ruxlilnR
HiHAc enrry rtmiildrratlon to xcratch ' The
hunbtevt candidate In entitled to a ! > loyal
mitport ni > the htpbewt. and one Just ai >
much as another '
AflAr aalDc iilnawlf to rppoblican-Iiopu-
) taM Calr > nas I'ont rttjf
Ifttonnntlon comes to tlxcommitt e. and
me ar ptmwl to know , that many \ \ dl
mfiatiim : popultut * who wire formerly re-
IinnHcann rcfuite to t * drawn or forced into
itoe * rmocratlc ) utrty. or to tie inreicled
into It by fraud and a * rholne l > rt et > n thin
nd a itrtiorahte alternatti e are returntnc
Mi fhr Tiartr of their choire W e
* cotnr them hurU and ao not doubt thai
( tartnc tbr ) < wrti to come tbtrt will be
abvaoant 8AilKf.at1on for their , a * will art
f r all other rLput.llraniltfin the circle
< M the reunited republican part )
Itrjicn < nj Ilr I'refrrn tlip IVliltc
Mrtnl for n ' InuJr Mtimlnril.
SYKACfSR. Xcb Oct. M { Special ) Tbe
subjoined letter and attdnvit were received
today b } l > r D T. Hill of this place la
te an inquiry aMresed the writer ,
a certain ocmvprratlon had with
Mr. Brytn last March , and which , it is De
parted , Mr Bryan cerer b C. The letter H
as foHow-
CBaCTRAL.TA. III. Oct. M 19W5 Kr D.
T. HIM. D. V. S. . Sj-racuw. Keh Dear
Sir Konlylnc to j our favor of 2M Innt. I
j nd you herewith a pwro-n ptatmcnt of
tiie oonvemation I had with Mr Brjan ttn
the Wth of hurt March. Trundni ; the uo
may reach v u In time to In of some
tternec to 7011. I am yours rettixx-ifuUy.
The fnMowlnR Is the rwo-n statement al
luded u > in the foregoing letter
On the night of the 16tb of March 1SK.
nt Cwtrmlla , III. . William J Brjan d tlv-
rr d BO oration uin tbe FUbjecl , "Free
Ht d Unltmtied CoinaKe of Silver" At its
dMHh and ap be wnn leavlne the hall , I
aftpreacbod bint and said "Mr. Brjan I [
want te ftl you one question " Mr Jlryan
rnfilkid , 'Tea rtr" 1 then RMl.pd him "If
vo liave fi'ee and unllmltod coinaa > of ll-
ver In the Vnltcd Sluti- only , would It or
would It not 1 > terrilil } diwiHtroiHi to thH
ciountry t have all the * rold withdrawn
from thi t'nltfd Statw 7" Mr Brjuii unld-
1 would ratlwr ha e it no" 1 a K d.
"And vine ailvrr exclualvely * * " Mr Hrjan
MiHwereA by Maying "Yem. and l > orrow
what mM we need at a preniium. for that
vouid be what Itwould amount to. " I
thanked bum and withdrew Thai l the
ontlre OMIVI ruatljn and < xuctir UP H oc
curred. EDWARD C EARL.
State ef HHnols Marion County , nk. The
above and fon-Rotnc Hlatemeut was Bub-
ncriited and sworn to before me Ihls 34th
day of Ociolnr A D IHSfi
S A rUAZlER. Notan PubHc ,
\Voulil \ < > t MnUr Ill TuIL Good.
HUMOOLBT Neb. . Oct. SS ( Special ) S.
B Miles a. wealth ) of Fall * City , had
cau d it to be rumored that he would bet
Jl.OMl on Bryaii't edition , end bad ubout
JStKi ( to JureM the eame way Grant
WomacL KCOordtOKly took TtODO in bin
jvockot and weot down Lo cluee the deal.
He entered the bank and introducing hlm-
lf. brVrily er ; > lalut'd the objwt of his call
Miles asked where he would dejioBit his
nxwity \
"I will deposit k at the Diwmm , Hum-
l oldt er PtIU City butl.s.Bald Wemaek.
Then Milt mated that he enl ) be-t on Btates ,
but noirid offar no proi-
Grtrt tbr O - nrul lit
TLATTSMOPTH. N b . Oct 28 { Special )
Guneral P l er and General Butknur
jia&wd tbroueh thlt cKy thle morning on
a fjxicloJ train and stopped for a few min
utes to D dr s the people A much larger
crvwd bad ussombled than that which
greeted Candidate Ilrjnn. and the entliuul-
Wiiii WBK much he&rtler und niore nmloDRed
The dUtlDiniinhed gentlemen made a brief
talk , and ihtuatnid the thunderous tfpplauce
or the CKnembled crowd the train fijied east
I I * JIM Cl < t e tlir Cnitiiialcn.
IWEEPING I WATER. Neb . Oct. 2S { Spe-
II cial ) The iK > j > ocrat had their final blov.out
if last iiiRht in the o ; > era liouhe. which was
1 \ery well filled Judge Ilroady and E H
Woolti } wurt billed , but H D Travis of
PlatUmoul' . ttrst devoted about an hour in
telling , vl J Rood set Df candidates they
had , count I Mate A. M ItunseH acted
us chairisi > r the meeting uud In'tween
the upturn t.nil before and after the
lue. made f little
MTK. J' " ( rr TulUk nt CIrniid Iklnnil.
GRAND 1SLANIJ. Neb Oet. 2S ( SjiecliC !
Telegram ) Mrs J Ellen Foster addressed
tbn voatea of Qrnnfl Ibland at Grand Array
hall at 18 o'clock thto morning , dwell in K
upon the flnnuclal and tariH issues. Music
WLS { urnl hra "l > y women * and male glee
clubs Mrs Pofitvr was the guest of Mrs
U H Uulse. hostei.8 of the Koehlrr botul
who gaie an impromptu reception in her
Oflrii Cnuxt'o No linil < if JutIrlnc. .
I'robabl > half the j > eopt ) > who we thus
crtide cuCt > r ( row Tiles It is otit o ( the
cun.inoi.ret dUrnses cud one of the moat
obstinate ! > < > oi > le have it for jean ; uad
just because it Is not immediate ! ) fatal the }
tieglMt it Coreleiisnu. causes tie end of
Guttering Ctrnltasuckt about so etaiple a
thins as piles has oft n rrueed death.
lietuorrbarts occur from v" apparent must
md lou of blood muses death Ilemwrli-
rpf occur duritic surgical treatment , oftfc
tsu mc d ft tli
IMes are simple in tht * l > ginnlng , and
easily cured They cau be currd t > v Q in
( ho worst stages without j'&in or lees of
blat QunUl ) . xurttly and oorapletiily
There is only one remedy that will do It
I' ) rate id rue Cure.
It tl a < s the lufiantation imruedUtMlj
lilals the irritated surface aiid with pee
ticued treatment reduiu * * the swttltitig and
l > uu < hr mnabranec luJo Rood , .ouud
litaitti ) rrud'tion The cure is thorough aud
l rttauei t nrurreUU nil the 1'yranUd Pile
Cure at W ) cenu S n4 far frw booU on
cause acfl rure of 1'rtt * by
' Hraiia Co Albion , Mleh.
STAMIS i r rou at'KJ.\LKr.
nt onn l Mnnrr ntrrii nf ttint
rctlon I.nrirrly 4tlrntlrt. . |
: S - fSpwhxl ) The
rally ftt thlt place last Bight
WM tbe larFTFl of ftt kind ever wtn ! * 4
In this vectlim at tbe emnrty Tbe Itoe at
march me ttimy atne blocks , rnaklnc ubowt I
tkrrc miles eoTered The propcmiofi
tntr a wlk > long ; The utrvet *
tit * lloe ot warca were < 4aborat < ly
illomtnatrd with : be exeepthni of an f oe -
iiinswl popoorH ! > . the route was BBC
maw of lia-kt * Tbr Wsrsrly WtMn n s
Msrclilni ; club and MrKltley club vrltli
drtrm txrrpt , Ifio utronc. the Orpfwwood
Woman > oJul ) and McKletey club US and
IIi mounted m B and band , the Waboo Ida
Mt-Klnlej i , m and McKlnVej club ino.
Sputh Berd club 5ft Artlswd two wosoeaa
rltttw. ISO MrKlnle ) club , 8W. the Mercer
Oun club of Oman * with ttrum conic , 180
ftrtMf ; Aifelsnd raralry. thirty t ra. flMU
and tra&s | r < tirief made up the parade ,
makit jr a tot * I of IJilN ) Tke oain rtrt t *
alone . the Itne of marcfe wore parked with
nonple emiancted at SOW The speaktni ;
tool , i > l r t the opera houif and ib a large
lent -ected for the purpose At the opera
hovF the rhrlnttac sisters , of Aahland
op-n-a the entTtiUiuwnt after which
General Mtspi'-rnwn d 4lT red an abie Bddrs
upon the quprtloti of the day At the tent
HOB H H. Wilnou of Lincoin Hl- * for an
hour and a half The B ge onertntte and
\hland Glef club bold forth at this place
Great eiith-.ialavm prevailed Refrcuhmentc
were wn-ed to the v tailing clubs by the club
LINDSAY. Neb. Ort SS ( SfKMilal ) The
republican * had Edrertined a meetiag hurt
for last night and a Mr Haas or Chicago
and Jud e Killian of Columbus w ere to speat. .
but Haw did not put In appearance and so
Judce Kllllen spoke upon the totrues of the
rampalga to a ery hirite an ! appretrlatlre
audience There was an attempt made to
disturb the meeting but the infttlgatort. wore
taken b ) surprise a < the plot was dlscox-
ered before the } had a chance to get In their
and -when the people discovered that
there was a echeme of that kind on foot
the ) -all denounced the participators and the
meeUng wttc in ever } oetise of the word a
succem About Kixtj German farmers of the
neighborhood , who were dMwppoluted on ac-
cowat of Haae * absence , asked the Judge to
make a German speech to which he kindly
ooMte.nt d. and as thi * was the flrnt German
* ptcb heard here a sooiS many who were
aot wtll informed and parti ) mleled b ca&
lo think differently of the extettng circum
stances and determined to ntcnd up for our
prevent money ejt m and iiound money
reciprocity and protection gained many
RErfBLICAN CITJ" Neb Oct 2S ( Sie-
cial ) R L Kc inter of Alma candidate for
count } attorney , and W S Summers of Lin
coln upol.o to a crowded houor here Mondaj
night. Mr Summers mad < a pw > 3 repub
lican speech and aasured the audience that
McKlnlo would bt the next president
HI5BHON. Neb . Oct. 2S ( Special ) Re
publican enthusiasm Menw to be on the
lucres M hi Thajrr count ) Lsft night a
magnificent parede was git en b ) the
Women s Sound Money club and the
Women K MrKlnley club. After th parade
the } repaired to the oj era hou * w litre Hon
W S Summers addreawd a la-tje audience
on the issues of the day Be handled the
tnonev question with eaw and logic to the
satisfaction of all present- This county will
af IT co for Mt-Kinley at least 300 strong
EXETER. Neb , Oct. 2S fSpeclal ) Tbr
republicans held another very withuMantl-
rally fire miles northxveat of this place last
night The principal speakur of the even
ing was Hon Jacob HaucL of Omaha who
( ixpounded republican doctrine in the Ger
man language to the very evident satisfac
tion of the Germans presoat. The English
speakers were T H L. Lee. sound mono
democrat of this place , who made a short
but MIT } pithy talk on the money question
J IL Kushion of Fairmont and Dr O I'
Ilaker of this place Each made a er )
flue speech on the -tariff and money ques
tions. It will 1m hard for the free silver
farmers who were present te kick against
the pricks presented by these gentlemen
Not Ibe least successful part of this enthu
Rtastic met ling was the work of the Exeter
Glet dub , which rendered nine of Its choicest
selections and the storms ef applause showed
how veil Its efforts were appreciated.
ATKINSON' . Neb. . Oct. SS ( Special )
lion G M Lambertson upoke to one of the
larcest R tberlnpe of the campaign at the
, opera bouse here last night He held the
clone attention of his audience for two hour *
j and was warmlv applauded throughout. A
strong feature of the address was the clear-
ne * with which he exposed itorne of tht
| recUi-BB and glaring misstatements made
here a few nights ago by "William L Greene
WAHOO , Neb , O"t 2S ( Sjttcial > Near ! )
300 people1 WBIH from this place to Ashland
lest night where General Cow in ri > eke to
an immense audience Tie Ida McKinley
rlub of thte place a large number
ot the McKinley club numbers and
a delegation of the citizens went
from here by speUal train The
republicans expect to hold the final rail )
ft the campaign at this place Saturdaj :
night. John L. Webster and General Cow in
will BIK ak
ATLANTA Neh . Oct 25 ( Special ) An
enthusloMic McKinley .meeting was held
here Monday night. Senator Eln el County
Attorney Hall of Holdrege and Judge
Strawn from Omaha spke to an Interested
cudlence of Hall count } ; > eoMe
UTMORE Neb Oet 28 { Special )
Fourteen earloadis of people left Wjmort
for I awnee city la rt night The Railroad
Souud Mone } League Wmore McKinle )
club. WmoreWoman's McXinley club
Blue Springe clubs and other del < gallons
band * etc. that attended Itft the town
practically deserted The fight b re Is prac-
tlcall ) over The only qucstim now is hon
much raajorlt } McKinle } will have
Ilnrb MJc tniKe tb * Oilier of 1'iicU-
Ins ll'f 1'Iiirr nltli t olern.
LINCOLN. Oct. S ( Special ) Both Mc
Kinley and Bryan managers are accusing
the other side with having colonized student
votere in A precinct of the Fifth ward in
this city , the same being the home precinct
of the bo } candidate on the frte-Ellrer-go-as-
u-pJtt&Ar platform of the fusmnlBts Early
in the campaign republican managers polled
the precinct and discovered itut it would
sureJj be lost to Bom As 6oon as this
hurtled around and began to un-
laad university student voters on the free
silver residents of A precinct with a Tiew
to earning Brian's home precinct at all
hazards It is now charged by the foxy Brj-
anlire that the republican managers retal
iated b ) colonizing an equal number of Mc
Kinley students in the proclnct. tnd if the
oharres o' both tAies be true A precinct is
left In the same doubtful condition that it
wus before tbi
diamood-cut-4laniond deal
The Lincoln mauagtrt , of Mr. Dryaa't com-
paigu are making extensive arrancements
for having a great big Mott-out next Mon-
da ) the day befort ele-titm which they jmr-
; < we mal-lng the
greatest effort of their cam-
jiaipii Mr BO an will be home some time
Saturday afternoon or evening but as tbe
hour in BO uncertain no big demonstration
It being arriinred , although most of them
are keeping their voices veil oiled
The doctrine of patriotism ana protection
was expounded to the voters of Crounie
last night b } E J JJurkett , J S Baer and
A L Sullivan. The rail } was widl at
tended and the enthusiasm was pronounced.
Ihe republicans of University Place will
bold a big rally next Saturday afternoon
There will be a parade of uniformed club *
and upeeebce b3" Jnct : MacColl Judge Strode
and the local republican candidates
William Law lor presided at c republican
rail } at Second and L streets last night ,
given for the benefit of Germans and Rus
sians of the Second ward Speeches were
made in German by Fred Beckniann and
Louis Otto
Another republican rally was held in the
big tent at Third and E nreetc lust night
and great foot wai done the cause of pro
tection and sound money Speechtt wrre
mode by Ed R Slzer. Capt&lu A darn Buz ,
Judge Cochran and othuru
The closing debate between representatives
of the McKinley and Bryan cluhs of the
Slate unlvert-ity will occur tonight in the
ehapeJ D J Flaherty and F. E. "Brown
will talk for sound money and D. .L. Killea
atid Joan Corr for free tllrer
One of 1'nUr Factor ; * liter
I > ODC E. Neb , Out. 2S. { SpealaU There
wa u dlvnr tpench here loHt night F K.
Rlo uautli was tb tpfaUor His audlon-e
was eamposed of seven republicans , four
wotoBC. Sie bays anB ttlpvcn tioe etlver } 'Oj ' > -
ullsie. Toul Audience ,
Up the Campaign in a
Blase of Gkrj.
IVntnrr * of the I'nrntlr AVlileli Are
Vrrj Sliriiincniit of tie Sent-
in cut Hint PrrtnllH In
Hull County *
GRAND ISLAND. Oct. SS ( Spedal. )
night's republican demoantratloa was
a o rker. In the language of the day Tbe
pra e was brilliant both from the stand-
lK > lm of number * as well as that of make-up
and fri n 4.0t 0 u > t.OO * iteepte , standing
tkisg the id walks and fram tbe wcond
utories of liMliaingR , vtewcd tbe came , and
every new aud tb B broke out in cheers
After tbe parade Hon. John M Thornton
d < 4lm-ed a discourse uj > en the polltlral
of the dty In vrhlch he. fiixx d tne
fallactec of mmf of tbe mere Important
arUBi ets advanced by * e free silver tb/eor-
urts and the Bryan crew generally , and
made a stroag argument In Javnr of the
republican ticket
The parade wsc tbelong-ert that has taken
place in this camftaicii or that will take
place in tilt campaign , emnpoaed only of
home people It was extremely difficult to
take an txaet teronut B eidee Grand Iclan ]
cavaJrjmen. however there were in the
I arade a mounted club of thirty from Cam
eron u delegation of 300 from Wood River
led by tbe Wood River band * evrnt3ve
railroad mtn with poled lantern * and
two headlight * . v nteight from the
Soldiers' Home erventy-two members of the
Grand Army of the Republic a deleg&tlon
of lxty-flre factory employes and seventy
Hiads of sucar beets There were further
more the marching clubc of Grand Ifland ,
led b ) the Pacific Hope company and
Kriecer bands , ateo a i > ortlon of the wheel
rlub vtlth lanterns end decorationA ;
spring waron carried c lerge transparency
of tbe eucac factory
The ] era house v ae packed w Ithin a few
minutes after the ixirade and the audience
was soon called to order b } State Committeeman -
teeman Thummel who Introduced the glee
club "That Tired Peeling" with which
; ht > boyj made such a hit st Wood River ,
nae sung equal ! ) atleotlve ) ; and the rendi
tion was most entiiuciastloelly enocreA
Mr Thummel then infnAuced Senator
Tnvrrton and tbe latter afttr greeting hie
audience was given a most rousing greet-
ag in tbe fora of three vorlferoas cheers
Senator Thurston first ] > aW his sttentloti
to a circular which had been jw ed errand
upon the street * during the j radr A few
y * ago the Brtan people wild the ) wen
going to put a few quentiics at Mr Thurs
ton when he came here. Inele&d of doing
no they iiawitd a little handbill which Mr
Thurston otami > ed a * a willful , wicked fate .
hood while a few Brjan men gathered near
the vicinity of the opera house and jelled
for Bryan but did not succeed in disturb
ing the meeting There was nothing in thf
circular which indicated the authorship or
the source of publication which in itself
is a tacit admission of Its unreliability It
purported only , to have been taken from
tbt proceeding * had in tbe federal court
before Judge Caldwell. and relates that as
attorney for the Union Pacific he applied to
the court for a reduction in the wages of
tbe laboring men. but not the salaried
officers. In regard thereto Senator Thurstcn
"I am corai > elled at the outset to pay a
little attention to an ordinary campaign
slander I have dlwuiwed the iseuec of thlE
campaign as calmly as they should be dU-
eiwsed and nave refrained from sBing an-
tblng of on abusive character I have
alwcjs lieJk'ved that when a person sloop *
to that kind of campaigning he is not en
titled to the confidence of an intelligent
people A little leaflet has been circulated
in ynur citj tonlfrht which is on absolute
forgery from top to bottom Whoever
originated that willfully and wickedly pub
lished what did not take place in cii } part
of the proceedings "
Senator Thurnton then went Into detail
on the presentation in the senate of the Mil
for a board of arbitration to settle labor
difflcultler and the succesaful eCort to secure
the adoption of a clause favorable to the
labor interests in the republican platform
He also read from letters from labor leaders
thanking him for the interest he mani
fested in their behalf.
, The speaker then made a most convlnc-
I Ing exposition of tbe etraddle Bryan makes
between his eastern and western spet'ihes
and bow absolutely impossible it wac for
any intelligent man to reconcile the two
He demonstrated how In the same po'i'ical
grip sack in which Mr Brjan tofla } carried
a silver brick he carried ' protected cutler }
In 1881. demanding Icuer prrvce than the
'robber tariff" gave how in 1K94 he I
"thanked God that he had assisted in glv-
mg to laboring men lower prices" and '
how he now wandered over the length aad
tircadth of tbe land telling them that tbe
gold standard made prices too lw the }
ought to pa } twice as much for the producte
they 1 > U } At the close of hit address Mr
Thurston was given aa ovation of Thlch
any man might be proud The glee club
closed the program being twice recalled.
Miter Cninimltrn Ind ut Ilnriintrtnu.
HAHTINGTOX , Neb , Oct. 2B { Special
Telegram ) The silver people had their
final rail } at this place tonight for which
ther bad made extensive preparations A
special train frota Emerson , \Vane and
"VYakeficld brought in about 1.000 visitors ,
who participated in tht rail } A torch
light parade preceded tiie shaking The
citizens of Uartington regardlees of party ,
joined bauds in giving the visitors a hearty
welcome Ever } business place end mauv
residences were beautifully decorated and
brilliantly Illuminated Sidney Kent of
Omaha made the principal speech of the
meeting j
Mlv-rr llnllj nt I'liitlr Center.
PLATTE CENTER. Neb , Oct 2S ( Spe
cial ) Last night the Bonn club of this
place gave a rally at which Judge Robinson
of Madison addressed the people. The crow a
listened with attention to tbe eloquent
speech and able argument of Judge Robin-
- %
„ V 7
IMS sty rliymws with S i ly and that's
tins kind of wool uipraliit , we're
now for Wc ) a yard There ucrer
time whim \vt > could hliovv as
different jmttenis and eteii with our
f ufillUe ; . for bU3-luK w e have nev er
uble to hwure such jnvat values for the
tiumej ah we are todnv selling at OOe
are uuutualljbetter than any
you're Ktm j
Omaha Carpet Co.
1515 Dodge
' '
, nrynn People n Utt'-J * " " 'u Hlrl R
n. Itnn < ( . |
There was trouble at the silver headquarters -
quarters thl m > ralng U Reeaw that WM-
llaai J Bryan is t * vtctt Omaha sext Mon
day algbt to cheer the drosnleg putltleal
splrlU ( v ! hit follew > ' K wac suggcMei
that it would be tbe proper tblnc to hire a
band to as lKt in the reception ef such a
dfcttlncmlsbed perMraagr and tnl moralng
a committee was p nt ut to secure tbe
M > rvlc s of the tnuRlral adjunrt But th
member * rrturned Trltbctn. rv.oftf. and re
ported with much ubcisof ; iDdlgn&tloo that
the republicans had. mnsldited every band
lo Douglas county , cod t&at eaeh and every
one had refused te play with the Bryan
It stems that tbe charge IB not altogether
| without founOatk * Tor some weeks pant
the republican county central committee hai >
been jilanirtnr ; te follow the usual custom
In Omaha and top oS the campaign with a
bt deiBODFtraUoc on the night tx < ore elec
tion CnriFf-gttwitly tw-sty liaotle have been
to furnwb aaolc for the nocaston.
and as this Included every band In tbe
tbf democrats were a few day * late
| in I making their musical arra&seuentc
j Chairman ( Lewis expressed much regret at
the situation in which tbe popoerats found
therm-elves , not remarked that as they had
hired all the halls they could not object
If tbe rrpub'icans had monopolised the
The Bryan men say tney will have a hand
If they have to go to Kn M City fo * It
n > TIUMt.iiM Toll MltMJ MOMI1.
Ofiif-rnl Mnnilerxoii Pliiilt. tlir Itnn-
tlon In tinMiitr Knconrnclii .
General Mandersoa j-esterdgy mo-nlng re
turned from a campaign trip of five days He I
has been speaking In the open air goat * and
as a reault his voice is quite boerse On
Friday ulchl he riKike at Tel. am ah on Sat-
nlcbt at Wskefixld OB Monday night
at Nebraska City and Tuesday night at Ashland -
land Yesterday mornlcglie said tbat though (
he had been through tie state on ai n ) i o-
lltiral mifwiioi.i- and had address * d the voter *
of these towns beforton the iMiues of
various camjialgns he had never seen any
thing like tbr interest and enthusiasm In
the. Bound money cauie that be w itnessed on
the trip from wblrh he had Just returned
All of the meetlugt were crowded At
Wakefleld there were pwplp from flv differ
ent eotinties and man ) farine- * had criver
twentv-flve miles to attend the rally Gen
eral Msnderpon is of tbe opluion that Mc
Kinle } and Hobart win oame Into Douglas
county with a plurality1 of C.OOO and poc-
Mbl ) 000 He th'nkt this count } will add
at least : .OM ) to this pUrallty
Thte we k General ManderMin will efl-
droac tbe vmerr of Kearney , Aurort and
Mfeln rlirotrr .
Jack MoeCoIl if spenClag tbe last dEjF of
the campaign in Doughe county , where h * >
Ic making an effective personal appeal to
the voters He has ratde the peroonal ac
quaintance of all the s > en employed in tbt
packing bnusfs tbe htt &Su tbe local re
tail und jobbing estuMtshrneiiU * nd hit
reception has been pveiywhere enthusiastic
Yesterday mo-nlng he v\a out
early to meet Ihe street gang
of the Hoard tt Public Works
before the members wtat out to vork. and
later in tbe day he vest , in company with
Secretary O C Holmrs o ! the Nebraska
Manufacturers' &nd Corw tiM > rt'aa oclatloi ) to
round tip the local moaafacturing establish
ments Mr MacColl Is hlghlj pleased with
the reception vvbit.h tie worklsgarn have
aooorded hint and ic coaSdat of a big ma
jority in this county
Sr rrtnr Thrown Tp tinJoli. .
"Aa indicative of the change that is going-
on among the voters in the ctate. an occur
rence whish if repDrte jtrom Pawnee City
Is a ralr * BTBl4's tB i prominent repub
lican politician last -ev cttag ' During a re
publican meeting a : that jilate tbe Hecre-
tary of the Bryan club trose and announced
that he had been conferred tn m tbe error
of his was fcnd Uixt from now on he
wouhd be foui > 4 trjlng i * hard as he couid
to clone for tbe mtach.ef he had done in
preaching free coinage tbuc far in the cam
paign He followed tbi up the next day by
surrendering hte books .u J jtapers as secre-
tar } of the Bryan club od LB now out w ork-
ing for McKinle } . "
\utloiinl UrmocruCr I'nrt ? Jlnllj.
BLAIH. Neb . Oct 2S ( Special Telegram )
The first regular denocratlc speaking of
the campaign was hull in Germanla hall
tonight. "Warren Switzkir wai , the speaker
of tbe evening under Lhe auspices of the
national democratic piny Although tbe
evening was ver } bad there wss a large
crowd out aud he found man } impathlzers
in the cause he is advocating ' protecting
the honor and flag of tht countr } " Julet
Lumhard of Osii.ha wa ? present also and
eung several fine Felectlins If thi wtathcr
had been favorable a l&tger audience would
have creeled the visitors
Frontier Comity 1'opt. Ilnllr.
STOrKVlLLE , Neb , Oct. 2& . ( Special )
This has been the red letter day of the cotn-
! paign for the demo-jiops of Frontier county
' About 1.500 people gathered here and lis-
j i tened lo H. D Sutherlind this afternoon
who tolled on the iHsutl of tht day at the
fair grounds A torchligbt proceeaion in the
evening was followed L > njieaking at tbe
same place by W B Price of Lincoln and
Mr Edmunds of North. Platte Music was
furnished b > the Cambridge Gltte tlub and
the Curt it hand. A free lunch was fcerved to
1 itluii Pnrlllc Men Can Votr.
Judge Sanborn of tbi United Stales cir
cuit court has directed Ihe following order
to the receivers of the Union Pacific
"The receivers of the Union PeeiSe rail
road and thflr suborditittes will take such
action tt. is oonsooant rHh the reasonable
operatioti of the lailroaS trains upon the
railroad as will give cacl of their
a reasonable opportunity lo cast his vote at i
the election oc Novembei 3 , Ib&C " |
Itud llluek Siifrlj Lodtril In Jail.
KNOXVILLE Oct. S Bud Black the
negro who killed two men at Coal Creek
Mondaj iilght is now In Knox county jail
He WTES arrefited yesterday near the tcene
cf the shooting , and a janb at once began to
gather , so the eherltr did not take his
prisoner to Clinton , but at once brought lilm
tn to Knoxvllle During the Coal Creek war
Black struck one of the Coal Creek soldiers
on the head with a billiard cue , almost caus
ing 'oWth
The oia reliable remedy for cough , cold
croup ana sore throat. Dr Bull's Cougli
Syrup should be ktpt In every home
Ohio men and those In Fynijiathy wltli
the Ohio man should M ear the beautiful
liiKlpulu of the Buckeye ttaUvvehae
thetu with the liLtntKHof MeKlaley
the honest irloney candldau. j > holo-
jrrajiliud on the tocc * we're pot a pot > d
many but when the lot Is jone we
can't pet any more before election nice
aud IneAimubJve watuh chariu.
Music and Art 1513 Douglas
of Prcs aring die HutioaBl Honor
lie Od Dktater.
x-floi rrnor Crnon e Ml U a Telllnc
5lrcb Itrforr tlir Aoninrll nn
So n nil Dinner Lrncnr UtiKl-
iiri , * Men Turn Out.
Last night another o ! the erlr * of rallies
of the Sound Money .N-M-Pnrttwin league
was held in Creivhtos bdl end again the
zaectlBC w a * crowded There If no bett r
Indication needed of tbe ddtermlnKtitm o :
the people of thlt dty te nloooatttenaaec
financial repudiation and dishonor tban tiie
big audk'cre many ot whom were demo
crat * which parked the hall In tbe fare of
the ioolemenc } and dteipree bl ie * of tiie
weather Toe seat Ing room w t sll mwapM
and tbe reat of the ball was. blocked with
a croud of standing Hvteoerc
AE the other meeting * held under the su-
uplres of the league have been , lost night's
meeting was marked by the nrmence of the
btnlnens clement of th city Thi * was not
only noticeably on tbe stage , which wae
occupied by dome of tbe most imli t Etlal
and prominent citizenr of the city , hut
I ahw w * true of the bulk et tbe audience
Yet many vmrklapnncn were present and
signified tbei * thorough sympathy with the
speaker r b } repeated applaune
1" A Brocsa called tbe meeting to order
fthortly after S o'clock end introduced DC the
RiTt speaker of the evening. R. H Thorpe
"Tbe tramp bey orator" who met with an
enthusiastic reception and wo * frequently
interrupted I b } applause He sketched
briefly the early financial b tutor ? of the
country in which silver figured up to the
"crime of ' 78' He showed that before
thit time silver being at a premium the
silver mine owners did tM > t present their
aietal to the mint , but now when silver was
down thcv were bowline for tree coinage
In "onfuttng the arguments of thf Brvaa-
He * tbe youth follow ing their argument that
law could create value aud price and that
therefore silver at a rstto of 16 to 1 could
brlns prosperity leked why It would not
be possible te cttaic Will greater prosper ! ! }
by reducing tbe ratio to 8 to 1 and still
further to 1 to 1 He alto anked whv it
would not l > e possible if the sump of the
government created money , to riamp out
side of the dollar n and tbt other 130 and
wte tbe one coin as occasion demanded la
similar wsys ht ridiculed the other Mate-
ments and jtrni-oaitlotiK of the sl'vcrite * In
conclusion he cpoke of tbe patriotism din-
played b } tbe sound money men of tbe
country in fighting for national honor men
tioning as an instance tbe vMt made to
Canton by ex-confederate and ex-union
soldiers together
At tbe conclusion of tb * } ( rate's renmrkt
the usual iretrlotlc featur at tbe
of tfce learue was exemplified by tbe
I&C of national hymns Homer Moore r n-
deed tbe "Star Spangled Banner" and tbe
"Hymn of tbe Republic " the audience Irts-
tag to tbe rborusec and following tbe Hing
ing with greet spplatwe
Mr Bropin then introduced ex-Governor
Crouniie as the speaker of the evening The
Kovcraor began his remarks happily by allud
ing to the er } of "coercion" tint was rabied
by ibe fiUvcritee in the campaign dwelling
some ? hat on Bryan' * hpncr1 y In advis
] ing worUwmen to wear McKinle } buttons ;
and tote for tlinwtll fit Ibe ] K > llE. He
stated that he w-as being coerced to volt
tor tbe republican leader a * the other people
of the btute were in order to save the
tuaioD'n honor and to preten e thi financial
utandlng "f Nebraska.
Tht speaker then pictured the jiollcy belag
pursued b } Brjao and his following oT
Altgeld * and TillniBcr In teaching anarchy
ami In arrainr clnw Rgainst clasp and sec
tion against section With them be com
pared tbe prese the clerg } and tbe rtfjH-oi-
able riement of the country who were
ctandlag shoulder lo bbouldp- for tbe
cottntr } ' s honor He Mated that Bryan WM
Bteadfestl } traveling tcward the meet
radical popuIUm. furnishing thereby c
threat to capital VTith this threat removed
and c&pltolisu bttng aacured tbat they
- would re < y4ve in return -as good monev
' or the } Invested he said tbst busiueais
would rrilve and this city and state would
once more be oa the tidal wave of pros-
Govcrmr Crmiuee then repudiated Br"an's
aseenloo thM his poeltioa had been sup
ported by the post leaders of democracy I
p&rllcularl } Jefferson end Jackson In tbe
Qrtit place be eald that these men w ere men '
of deeds and statecmeu. while Bryan IE c ! '
man of words and a dernegogut Then hehaid >
that Jefferson , in his financial tjntem. had ,
never atleanpted to arbitrarily fir the ratio
between the two metals wHhoul tbe con
sent of an } nation ta earth , but had care-
full } consulted the commercial ratio be
tween them which at the time was 1 ; > to 1
It w-os found later that this ratio could
not be maintained and it wac then changed
to 1C to 1 which was then tbe commercial
ratio thu being tbe ratio at the time tbe
"terrible crime of ' 73" was jKsrpetrated In
the lace of this erperience and despite the
proposition of the great Jefferson that the
ratio between the two metals mu t be tbe
oomiuerciol ratio lirjcu jiro ; > i , d to fix an
arbitrsr } ratio
Tbe governor ridiculed the claim that the
circulating medium of tbe country wae no :
largo enough , when as a matter of feet
the per capita circulation of this oountr } if
greater than an } other large nation , and
EiLce the principal po'tlon of bucineas is
transacted on credit , he maintained that
what was needed wae more confidenct in
order that capitalists and business men
might be sure that the } would receive az
good none } as the } Invested and not depre
ciated mone } Moreover he showed inat b }
tbe adoption of free stiver the currency
would not be Incrtabed but that at a matter -
tor of fact the one-third , which is gold
woulfl be withdrawn entirely and the other
two-thirds vould be cut in two from depre
ciation , leaving the countr } with about one-
thlrd the currency It has now
The other fciieaker was Dr Miller , who
alK > dwelt upon Jefferson's position on the
financial question He usutrtud that tbr
great democrat had always maintained that
tbe currency of this country should be on
on equality with the currency of other
nations with whom tbe United States
traded aud never put forward tbe morj-
they flock to see out new
shots It's the best value In a ladles'
$2.00 hhoe over shown in this city It IH
niitde on an extn-iuo razor to ? last and
has u styletliat will In every way eow-
jmie with the $ SK > aud $4.00 shoe-
and for service It U better than Jots of
tlio-e that fell In other store * for $8 00
It't. a shame to sell uuh shoes furU.K >
but we can't help It that's our way.
Drexel Shoe Co.
Ladies ?
. . . .
{ In dark effects mostly
Jackets lined with sIk ?
The latest styles
Neat and pretty patterns
A very fine line of new Skirts
Just in.
i '
New Store Dougla
I i < trous proi > ositlon that thin country could
Bx the ratio between the two metals rbf-
l trarilv , tbat Jefferson * proposition was
| such i ac rhowi ) by the ( hanging ol the ratio
i In IBS I to U lo 1 putting this country ac
i tually ' on a .gold standard lias IK since which
I it ' has attained its marvelous development.
Iir Miller then humorouKlv presented the
sktllfnl juggling of tbe poltttral lw ucs by
| Bryan In hit speeches tbe anarchistic char
acter ' of hU principal followers atid the aii-
I arcby i evident In the i > oi ocratlc platform
He predicted a calamity if Bran were
elected tbe proportions of which no man
eojld foresee
In conclusion Dr Miller called ujwn Ne-
hruskan * to reinitiate the poixtcratic ticket
for th" prrpo e nf preserving the national
credit and thru to tast ttS the bane and
blight of populism from the state To
60 this be advised tbe rltlreng to vote tbe
republican ticket entire from coast a Me up
to toe preeidtiDtla ! electors
vinw OP arv c. H.unov
William Mm v < HOMI-II P j * HI * Coin-
lilliiieiitK 10 the Simrltcr Iliimmtr.
Tiie local Bryan organ prints an interview
with Guy C Barton of tbe Omaha A. Grant
smelter , who has just returned from the
e t In tbe Interview Mr Barton elves hi *
opinion of tbe political tituttion there as
I'reHldent Barton of the Omaha and
Gram Smelling company ha * , returned
from a two week * trip through the ea < t ,
more confident than t-ver that Bryan -will
be elected.
[ AP the surface Indication ; , In New YorK ,
i Mr Barton say * are for McKlnlrj Hver-
! v h re are seen MeKlnl'.v pictures atid
flags with "McKinle } and Sound Mont-v
at lurbed to them But underneath the pur-
i face and not very far underneath it. there
1 * . right in the shadow of Wail street , a
alrong undercurrent for Brj n While the
. hankers and business rnt-n are talking Mc-
I I Klnle } tht laborers and tbe pwiple of
MinHll means art. HF a rule , for Bryan The
democratic campaign in the city and utate
It. well In hand and its manager * artcon -
i fldent of carrying1 both of them Ont fact
I of which Mr Barton satltitled himself Is
thut in New York then Is at present an
1 immense undeveloj d or unexpressed vote.
t und tiiot 4lrW W for Uryiin.
I Continuing Mr Barton goet on to detail
I what he thinks regarding tbe outcome in
| other mates
t Whet the east thinks of Mr Barton , which
! < is of equal interest to the peoplt of Omaha ,
Is shown by the correspondence of William
, Shaw Bow en in the New York Woild of last
I Monde } and -which is as follows
The -weaLept point In Omaha for Bound
money IF among the emplov ef of the Omula
& G-ant Smelting compunv This creat
concern has Iwen exploited by the World
ap part of the combination of the Hllver
I Interests now striving to elect Brj n J
| I B Grant of Denver for whom the eoncrn
1 if named is a largt owner , and in one of
the rtilif tiortdle ralM < rs of Colorado
Thi president of the company. Guy C
Barton a wealthy citizen of Omaha , a
I lifelong republican , haf < come out for
Bryan , and if one of the mait radical of
the free Bilverltes
Barton , besides hip Khare of the Omaha
& Grant Fmeltpr posxt-Bprs large holdincs
of Mv ! r-mlnlng propert } in Mexico He is
a silver man solelv from wltlsli mollvex ,
exjHitlng to get double price for hi * prod
ucts He claims that the "WO emploves of
the smeltlnc works are all for Bryan
Tht re are RfiO Bohemian workers Burton
alw a } E ohlulnfs as chxap lalior as poxolble
In Chicago and Milwaukee the Bohemian
vote IK all for McKinley but thus far
those of Omaha rehlst the efforts of the
pound money -workers and remain in the
Brvun club Barton organized for them
Barton has given out that if Bryan is
elected he will take on WO additional work
men at the smelter
Gtioilk tluil Ufiilrr * Fnr Will llcfuinr
liopvv < * rii.
If the projiorHon that exists between tbe
sales of Bryan and McKinley emblems in
tbiE cltj Juralbb any indication of-the waj
In which tht cit } v ill go on election da )
McKinley promises to curry it by an cnor- j
ITJDUB JDcJorlty. '
Among tbe emblems that are being sold I j
by the loial dtalert ic a small leathnr watch
chain with a picture of ither Bo an o"
McKinle } attached nc a cherin Tiie other
day a customer entered one of the stores
and tifckod for one of the novelties
"You want a. McKinley chain , 1 suppose" "
asked the dealer.
"Yes. "
" 1 thought no. " elghed tbe dealer. "I wish
some people would buy the BO an chains "
The cauM > of the merchant's complaint
was his fear that lie would have man }
BO an cmblsms on uls hands after ( .lection
He had orde-ed eleven dozen of tbe Mc
Kinle } and one. dozen of the Bryan chains
Of the McKinley chains he had two left. _ Of
the Bean ho had eight.
"It Is the same way with buttons , " stated
It's the sight thut we make peed
tilde's some.-thin ; : inuie to our bight fit
ting than a showcase of spectacles
from whlc-h to choose your size your
slaws If bought hero are ground to
fit your sight there'H no guesswork
about It our expert optician makes a
thorough examination and uhoii he ) I 1
gets through you have glassed that uicj
Aloe & Penfold Co.
filtrn of Die
1408 Farnam
Lion in front.
! ' the i merchant "The same prope-Uoa seems
to exist Nobofl ) eeeras to want Bryan s
badpe "
1'iipnrrnt Hullj tit tlir Ho ? it Ant
llrllllnnt Viicrrttn.
The dotnopep * held h t was intended to
be a We rally Iwtvenlng at Boyd's theater
i and so far as the site of tbe crowd went
they might ) ut ec well have hired a much
fimaller hall , for the vacant * eate were far
more nutuerou * than tbe ones which wr-p
occurrted Judgt Doane was 'the first
speaker and be utarted out by naylnr it
wax disgraceful tbe amount o > personal
abu e thai had bern Injected Into tb
prosrat rampalcm end that It wac a bam
ll't trucli a great , and good. nd bright
e man as William Jennings Bryan should
lave even lieeu eubjeeted to ridicule b ) the
prew aud public npenkerf of tbe opposition
JUK to lm\r how Rorry lie wa * tbat persoo-
alitle * had entered into tbe dtacunicmc
of the catnimign he proceeded to way some
verv hard things altout Generals Palraer and
BiK-kmtr. applying lo tbt-tn such namec at.
nMcalK fraudit deceivers and a few other
choice expressions When he had fintahed
with them he followed this up with nome
equally as bitter things about tome of the
present state officer * . Tbe remainder of
his rpeech he devoted to a pi sountatloa
c ! the tuiual Hue of free rilver argument
W r Porter comblMtion candidate for
secretary of rtate followed going over much
of the same ground and charging all or
the ill * which the people individually and
collective ! ) euffcr from to the failure to coin
the Mlver of the world at tbe ratio of
1C to 1
TALMICR AM > 111 CKMCIl I > U\\ \ .
Ljirtr - Crond * In tlir
Mini krj f Stntr.
General and Mrs Palmer and General and
Mrs * Buckner left Omaha yeFterda ) morning
for a short trip through Iowa , A ejK-clal
tralo consisting of an engine and a private
car corrl * tbnn i > mr Jl aurllnctnn read.
Singular ! ) enough tbe Pullman car In which
they travel beirs the name "Pre lde "
The start was made promptly at E o'clock
and } eterdav morniuc ten-minute Mop * were
made ot the following points , where the two
generals addressed large crowds ot vote *
Glenwo d , Malvern Hastings lied Oak
VllliRca and Corning At Creston the party
titopped frcm 1 until o dock for dinner
In the afternoon ten-mluutc stopt were
made at Afton Oseeola and Charilon aud a
tv entminute stop t Albla. The part ) ar
rived at Ottumwa at C 10 Inthe evening
Today the party will leave Ottumwa
at 1 o clcK.1. p m and stops of an hour at
Pairfleld and of three hours at Mount Pleas
ant will be made The candidates wilt
speak to the people of Burlington this
I'lrliin-t. of M'Klnli-j nnil llolmrt In
Grt-ut I > finuiid.
The approach of "flag day" is Indicated
by tbe number of flags and MrKinle ) and
Hobart lithographs thai are appearing in
Ihe window e of residences all over the city
On man ) residence streets nearly every
houst for blocks is thus decorated and it is
expected that by Saturday this feature will
be general
The county central committee had 7 000
MtKlnley and Hotmrt lithographs Tues
day morning and now on ) } a few of them
remain The demand has ttou such that
1"OUU would not have satisfied It , The
lithographed flags which have beeu providt.d
for Saturday are in equal demand. There
were JO.MKof ) them at tbe
headquarters yesterday morning and
these will not be more than
half enough to supply all the people who
want them Thetie flags are about eighteen
luchee b ) thlrt ) and tacb bears excellent
lithographs of McKinle ) and Hobart , with
tbe motto. "McKinle } , Sound Mone } and
Proleotion. "
Itrjiin Mfftlnt ; n Plrrlr.
The reports received b ) the ouuuty cen
tral committee indicate that tbt country
prucinots of Douglas county will he lor
sound inonej b } a itnjorlt } that will be ex-
traoidlnary Kffective work has been done
in the county and the fanners are nearly
all for MtKlnley. Mercer end MaeColl The
other night the Bryan people tried to hold
a meeting at the school bouse In district No
HO In Jcfftrsoii precinct. Ibty sent a man
all over the precinct on horseback to ad
vertise tbe meeting and J J Points * ud A.
A Pero of this city w ent out to tpeak. The
result was an audience of nine men. of
whom four were open bound-tnoiif ) work
It's enough to make anybody wcer >
that is anybody who Is in the business
and can't get the Myles we hn\e and
they can't they can't You'l not Bee our
coloied hhirt styles anywhere elst ex
cept in the best IIOUM < In Chicago or
New YoiL and ut , for our uenobl neck
tJw we had them maOe to order they
aie our styles and thej are the best
You'll haj w > iv hen you nee them rich
offectb that none can province cxcej t
Albert Calm ,
2 Famatti