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Herman Officer's Ooltl-Bloo ed "Defense of
His Military Honor. "
Enraged Lieutenant Fnrsnos a Mechanic and
Cruelly Butchers Him.
Military Oppression Brought Homo in a
Moat Forcible Manner ,
VroiliiuInic CliiKNVM or ( lie IJinnlro Arc
liitllKiuititl ) IllHciiKitliiK ( lie 12u-
Klnc luI * CriinliFN Them So
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LONDON , Oct. 21. ( Now York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram. ) The lenient
punishment moled out to the German army
officer who deliberately murdered a mechanic
In a Carlsruho cafo. to "savo his honor , "
acorns to have aroused Germany as no aim
liar Incident baa done In years. Tbo social
1st leaders say It has done more to shako
the kaUcr's authority and prejudice the
mass of the people against the vast military
bglnbllshmcat than all their preaching o'
a dccado.
My own Information from Berlin gives a
different version of the story from that nl
ready sent to the World In the press dls
patches , and , as the case seems likely ti
develop Into one of great Importance , I scm
herewith the 1 robably exact facts :
In the Cafe Tannhauser at Carslruho an
artisan named Slcpmann , In moving hi
chair , struck the chair of Lieutenant von
Ilrcusowltz. This < nas not Immediately con
ntrued as an Insult , and the persons sit
ting at eiepmann'a table- first became awar
that the lieutenant was angry when ho askoi
th'o landlord to put Slcpman out. There
upon Slepmann rose and explained that ho
knrw nothing of Drucscwltz , and wished to
have nothing to do with him. He left the
room for a few minutes and afterward re
turned , resuming his Beat without touching
the lieutenant's chair. After some time
Brucsowbltz went to Slepmann and aske <
him to apologize. This he declined to do
Ba > lng that hena not avvaro of having
Insulted any ono. Dritcsawcltz repeated hi :
request. Slcpmann replied : "Kclne ant
wort 1st auch cine ontwort. " ( "No answo :
Li also an answer. " ) Meaning that he bad
nothing further to eay.
The ofllcer drew his saber and would hav
struck Sloprr.aim hadn't the latter spran
behind a table. Then began a regula
hunt , Slepmann dodging bcackward as th
lieutenant advanced. The women prescn
Khtlckcd and the landlord held the oince ;
back. Slcpmanu went out Into the cour
yard. Drncsewltz took his cap and left th
cafe , saying : "My honor Is dead. I mus
resign and blow out my brains. " In th
street the officer found that Slepmann ha
not left the cafe. Ho was , In fact , In th
cutirt talking with the landlon1
who had taken hint Ills ha
and coat. Slcpmann still main
tallied that bo bad In no nay Insulted th
olllccr , but declared his readiness to apolo
glzo BO as to save the landlord annoyance
A * the latter was about to let Slcpman
out through a private door Ilrucsewltz rushe
In , and though told. , that Slepmann wa
ready to apologize , atackcd him with hi
saber. Slepmann fled to the cud of th
yard. Drucsovvltz followed , and In the cor
ner ran Slcpmann through the body. A
Slcpmann fell Bruesewltz exclaimed : "
havu saved my honor. " Slepmaun died a
hour later.
The prevailing conception of an officer's
honor makes It Incumbent upon him to kill
any person by whom ho considers himself
Insulted , If such person docs not occupy a
social rank sulllclently high to bo chal
lenged to a duel. In difficult questions a
military court of honor decides whether the
man Is worthy of challenge or not ; but , of
course , there can bo no question as to work
Llttlo Is known as to Emperor Williams'
personal attitude In regard to tbo matter.
Mo Hoheiuollcrn bus e\cr fought a duel ,
but the > oung kaiser Is bclluvcd to fa\or
a strict Interpretation of military honor.
The only official document In point Is an
ordinance Issued In May , 1872 , by William
I , which enjoins moderation and polite con
duct on the part of officers , but recognizes
the necessity of dueling In casts of gross
Insult. In certain cases , adds the ordinance ,
"officers will use their weapons. " Em
peror William 11 has never Issued any
proclamation on this point. Ho congrat
ulated a sentinel once for shooting n
diunkcn man lu the street. Frederick Wil
liam III of Prussia , however , oneo Issued a
liroclamatlon promising sot ere punishment
to officers and military men who do not
Icnow how to bcha\u properly to civilians ,
who "produce the bread the army eats. "
The socialist newspaper , Vonvacrts , says
that the icvolvai law of America Is prefer
able to such officers' law , since under
the former both parties are armed. "If
things go on In this way , " It adds , "It will
bo necessary to Introduce 1n Germany the
revolver law , for safety's sake. "
The sentence of Lieutenant von Brueso-
\\itz to so-called confinement In a fortress
Is a mcro farce , as such a prisoner has
every privilege BIVO actual liberty. A civil
ian who had commuted such a causeless
imirdcr would have been Inevitably sent
to penal servitude for a long term , If not
promptly put to death. The official's trial
by court-martial , Instead of a chic tri
bunal , Is vigorously denounced In prUato
conversations , while such newspapers a
dare speak out at all , and they speak timor
ously , are Racing that the common pcoplu
ro asking If they can much longer endure
euch t > ranny.
Simultaneously comes a pathetic story of
rulcldo at HcUbroun of a coldler , ono of
four 'bans of a peasant named llaucr , who
had been persecuted to Insanity by a mall-
clous superior olllccr. The lattir , hmmcr ,
although the fuctti brought out nil showed
_ liU causeless cruelty , was la iirmlsc pun-
v isbcd. Millions of father * , mothers and
oilier idatives of common soldiers arc se
cretly , my Information snys , but angrily
discussing thl common danger to their boys
hold for compulsory military m-ivlio.
An extraordinary proof of tusulllclcuy of
olrcuustuutUI evJdenio U juit now sullat-
Ing Trance. A woman named Druraux was
convicted at notion nine years ago and
eotitcnced to Imprisonment for life for
poisoning her husband and brother. They
were found dead under circumstances point
ing seemingly Inevitable to her as the only
poisoner , but the wife of the next tenant In
the sAino house was found dead under
exactly the same circumstances and a next
tenant , husband and wife , barely eased
their lives after a similar attack. Then an
Inquiry was made and was found that fumes
of a limekiln next door had penetrated the
atal house and poisoned the Inmates with
he carbon monoxide. A daughter of Mme.
Druraux , who had been sent to an orphan
asylum when the mother was sent to prison ,
eight years ago , but pardoned after the
above developments , refused to believe In
her mother's Innocence , and hence the un
happy woman applied at Amiens for a new
rial. The public prosecutor moved for her
acquittal , and apologized for the Houcn
udgc and jury , throwing the whnlo blame
on the press. He said that even the Judge
could hardly help being Impressed by a
verdict of public opinion as expressed In
the Rouen journals. Mmc. Druraux was
awarded { 8,000 damages , and It Is to bo
presumed her now repentent daughter will
help her enjoy It. BALLARD SMITH.
I > H. im.NSO.Vs'llIMM.Y TO 1.120'S HUM , .
Death Interrupted Arrlitilxhoii'M
Pornuil AiiNVtcr ( o Hie I'oit > .
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LONDON , Oct. 24. The weather continues
unsettled , and snow to the depth of a foot
has fallen In many parts of EnglarJd. The
money market , the wheat market and the
presidential campaign In the United States
continue to Intercut the business community
and from the honeyed utterances of the
Inspired press It would seem that there Is
more truth than the German press vvll
admit In the stories told of a rapprochement
between Great Ilrltaln , Russia and France.
The last work which the late archbishop
of Canterbury was engaged upon was the
preparation of an answer to the bull o
Pope Leo XIII on the Anglican orders. In
which Dr. Dcnson said : "Tho posltlvencss
of the assertion may still have effect will :
some who mistook the ktngllness of a per
sonagc for the thawing of n frozen church
policy to which he Is committed. The lat
primate denied the contention and asserted
that Rome has not an accurate knowledge o
England concerning the Anglican orders
and declared that the "bull moves all Kng-
llsh churchmen not to be deceived by a pretense
tense of unity and proposals which havi
historically created the widest and dcepcs
separations ; but to draw closer together In
faith , In firmness and In forbearance. "
c3iAi.vro > n To u7i7n Tin : IHCYCI.I :
OliI 31 nil In PiiNeliiatetl li > - Seelntr Midi
diDorotli ) nil \Vliool. .
( Cop > rlBht , ISM , by the Ansoclutcd 1'rcf )
LONDON , Oct. 24 ; The Weekly Sketch
says that Mr. Gladstone Is about to
become a cyclist. Ills little grandchild
Dorothy Drew , rides well anr ! It Is explained
that her learning to rldo hie so fascinate *
the veteran statesman that i\c \ Is determined
to enjoy himself In the same manner.
The Empress Frederick Is to visit th
queen at Windsor In the middle of Novcm
her and will stay In England a month be
fore going to Berlin for the winter.
The duchess of Newcastle has established
herself In the- East end of London In ordc
to devote her spare tlmo entirely to tu
poor. She has ctuscd ( o bo erected a hous
called St. Gertrude's home , where all unfor
tunatea can II ml help.
Madame Antonio Navarre has given U |
hnr residence at Tunbrldgo Wells and I
shortly to leave Wimbledon , where her las' '
child was born , for her new homo In Broad
way , Worcestershire. Madame Navarro hai
taken a fine- old house on a lease of twcntj
one jcars and has already spent over 1,00C
In Improvements and decorations. ) MY M'AMAIUl'S QUX
Suitor on ( lu > DiiiiiitleNN Cut In Two 1 >
i > Shot from u Mimif - \Viir.
CHICAGO , Oct. 21. A Tribune epecla
from Jacksonville , Fla. , sajs : On the hurri
cnnc deck of the filibustering steamer Daunt
less Is a great stain that was made by th
life blood of ouc of the vessel's crew , killed
by a shot from the Spanish gunboat Con-
tramaetra during the filibuster's last vojage.
On the morning of October IS the steamer
was leaving a point on the northern coas *
of the province of Plnar del Rio , after having
landed her third cargo of supplies for the
Insurgents. When ten mll s from the shore
the Contramastra bore down upon them and
theDauntlesi was forced to her best speed.
Shot after allot was fired by the Spaniard.
The llttlo vessel was gaining , when a cry
from the pilot house and the crash of wood
Indicated that ono shot had struck. Captain
Lomm rushed forward and found that Hcnr >
Wllkcrson , a member of the crew , had been
struck and cut In two. Driving ahead at
full speed the Dauntless finally got out of
range and escaped the Spaniard.
I'ortiiKlifM * SoldliTM ] Iif\e n
Tilth the .Ylllll UN.
MOZAMBIQUE , Oct. 21. Major Albu
querque , the governor general , with 300
Portuguese and 100 native troops , recently
went to Manleala and whileIn bivouac at
Magenta he was attacked by 2,000 Masslar-
ill Ins. The Portuguese made a gallant do-
fcnso and kept the natives at bay for
twenty-two hours , but they were finally
forced to retreat owing to lack of water.
Two Portuguese were killed and thlitecn
wounded , Including the governor general.
The enemy's loss was heavy.
Kreiieh UilHnr Sn > Wo Mimt No ( Iii-
tcrfcrv In Cnliim Attaint.
PARIS , Oct. 24. The Figaro this morn
ing , referring to the rumors In circulation
regarding the Intention of the United States
to Intervene In Cuba , saju :
"Tho civilized nations ought to protett
against the Interested policy of the United
States In Cuba and not permit Inter
ference. " _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
nniiKeroiiM Meniiee ,
CONSTANTINOPLE , Oct. 23. ( Dclaycd In
Transmission , ) The ambassndois held a
meeting today and discussed the projected
arming of the Mussulmans , which , It Is
Listed , Is UIP object of the now poll tax
and U ipgsrdcd as the most Important event
liiro the beginning of the crisis.
lIolluiiil'H ItiHTIi Confirmed.
TUH HAGUE , Oct. 24-Quetn Wllhelmllia
was confirmed today In a ealnn on the
ground Hour of the palace In the presence
of the couit. Dr. Q , J. Van der Filer , the
court chaplain , preached the continuation
lermon ,
I'luii to Study American Klnaiii'i .
PARIS , Oct 24 The cabinet at a meeting
hold today decided to Instinct the consul
Kctioral of Fiasico at Now York to make a
special study of tht ? Interuatlonal financial
Brutality of a Gorman Sergeant Drives a
Man to Suicide.
Kaiser Said to Bo Also Preparing for an
Increase in the Navy ,
Told the Emperor the "Internal Enemies"
Were the Prussians.
( Hil Document ShouliiK It to
tu tin : IIoliriicollvriiM I'lnnlHt HON-
cutlinl in Itoutc < o America
Sonic ( Jcrmaii
( Cop > rlKhI , 1590 , by the Associated Tress )
BERLIN , Oct. 24. Another military scan
dal , following closely upon the sentencing
of Lieutenant von Drussewltz to four
) cars' Imprisonment In a fortress and to
dismissal from the army for killing a work
man with his sword because the latter acci
dentally pushed the lieutenant's chair while
entering a cafe , has created considerable
stir In civil and military circles. A peasant
named Daucr has several eons In the army
and one of them was lu garrison at Qmund
whcro ho was maJo a noncommissioned
onicer. Ills sergeant , on learning of young
Uaucr's advancement , was heard ( o exclaim
In a beerhouse : "I would like to know the
ass of a major who made Ilauer a noncoii
missioned olllccr. " For this utterance tm.
sergeant was Imprisoned for three weeks and
was then transferred to Hcllbronn , whcro ho
became the superior of Bauer's brother , upon
whom he took revenge for his Imprisonment
by subjecting htm to sjstematlc brutalities.
IJancr once attempted to commit suicide , but
failed and the cruelties were continued until
the victim In desperation took his ride and
fired a couple of shots Into his own moutii ,
killing himself almost Instantly. The mili
tary court , which Inquired Into the matter ,
simply declared It to bo an ordinary cane
of suicide. But a number of officials and
Inhabitants of Rcldllugcn have now taken
the matter up and have compelled the mili
tary authorities to reopen the inquiry. Thr
now trial has just begun.
It Is learned upon good authority that the
entire German artillery Is about to be re
organized. Cmpcuir William paid great at
tention to the matter during the recent
maneuvers and artillery exercises at Kum-
mcrsdorf. The plan comprises the forma
tion of smaller field artllltir > ccglmcnts In
stead of the present unvvleldly ones , the ap-
polnlz'.cnt of Riffrc officers and the gradual
substitution of wldo ran so and quick firing
guns for the present cannon , which art *
more or less antiquated. The general staff
favors guns of the Maxim typo for machine
In splto of the denials of the government
press there Is no doubt his majesty adheres
to his program for an Increase of the navy ,
as outlined In the big naval memorial pre
pared by Admiral von Hollenban. Partla
credits for twelve now vessels , of which
four will be of the largest tjpc , will be
asked for from the Reichstag this fall
totaling 70,000,000 marks Increase over the
naval expenditures of 1S9C.
The following Incident Is reported to have
occurred at the swearing In of the naval
recruits at Kiel : After delivering bis usual
"Fear God and obey your emperor" ad
dress , his majesty asked a Bavarian recruit
whom ho meant when he referred to the
"external enemy. "
The Bavarian replied : "The Russians. "
The emperor continued : "And who arc
the Internal enemies ? "
"Tho Prussians , " replied the recruit from
The birthday of the empress was quietly
celebrated on Thursday last. All the
princes and princesses wcro present , her
two eldest sons coming from the military
academy at Plowcn.
' *
Emperor William next week w'lll bo the
guest of the regent of Brunswick at Castle
Polcnkburg. There will bo grand hunting
parties and the king of Saxony , the duke of
Saxc-Coburg and Gotha , the grand duke of
Hesse , the duke of Connaught , Prlnco
Frederick Leopold of Prussia and other
princes have been Invited to meet the em-
Tu demolishing the oldest part of the
loyal stiiblo building at the castle on TilCb-
day last a document dated 1443 was dis
covered , apparently proving that the whole
of the soil In the vicinity of the castle be
longs to the Hohcnzollerns and not to the
city , as hitherto believed. In consequence ,
the emperor will begin suit before the kam-
mergcnlcht for the purpose of ousting the
city from the land around the castle and
If he Wins his majesty will make extensive
alterations and Improvements In the castle
and about the schloss platz , Including vast
terraces around the building.
Polish agitation has lately assumed alarm.
Ing proportions and the excesses In con
nection with the demonstrations at Opal-
enltz and Bromberg In honor of Archbishop
Stablcvskl led to the prosecution of the
agitators , and the Prussian government
Is now considering a scheme for dividing
the piovlnco of Tosen among the adjoining
provinces of Silesia , Brandenburg and West
and East Prussia In order to facilitate the
Gcrmanlzatlcn of Poland.
The United States ambassador , Mr. Edvvln
F. Uhl , and Mrs. Uhl , announce the engagc-
mrmt of their daughter , Lucy Follctt , to
Dr. Guy Thompson of Yulo. The marriage
will taKe place In Berlin during the be
ginning of February.
It Is stated the. Bundesrath has proposed
to appoint Dr. Kcysor , the director of the
colonial olllce , who was recently again an
nounced to have resigned , to succeed Dr.
Wiener as president of the senate of the Im
perial law lourts.
A painful tragedy Is reported from Dres
den , whcro Dr. Paul Eulonbcrg , the author ,
has poisoned his wife and three children
with prusEtu acid and then committed sui
cide , owing to the fact they were starving.
Dr , Eulcnbcrg wrote a book entitled : "Ger
many's Position Since 1870 , " and a festal
play In honor of Prince Bismarck.
Merltz Iloienthal , the well Known pianist ,
sailed for the United States from Cher
bourg yesterday by the Augusta Victoria.
Ho Is under contract with Mr Henry Wolf-
( lolin of New York to gho 100 concerts In
America beginning November 10 , at Car-
uede Music ball.
Htroiinr Attraction ) " nrhrv I
CrotrriN lo ( he Wnxlc Hall * .
( Cop > right , ISM. by the AuWlntfil I'IT )
LONDON , Oct. 24 ? Business of West
End theaters continued good. Mis For-
tcscuc at the Standard theater , In
the East End , his been doing fairly
well In a round of classical and ro
mantic dramas , which Includes "Forget
Mo Not. " The music halls have been
crowded owing to the uriully strong attrac
tions , as the most popular variety artists
seek a London engagement at this erason
with a view to the lucrative employment of
the Christmas pantomlmce.
Mrs. Patrick Campbell haa been offered the
lead In 0. Bernard Shaw's "Tho Philand
erer , " which has been accepted by the Hay-
market to follow "Under the Red Rose. "
Wilson * * Barrett's novul , founded on the
'Sign of the Cross , " la tp have the ad
vantage when published of an Introduction
by a high dignitary of the Church of Eng
land , wherein will bs discussed devotional
dramas. Mr. Gladstones letter on the
play will bo tcprlntcd In fac simile as a
preface to the book.
Bccrbohm Tree , who hoa been playing a
remarkably successful engagement In the
provinces , has now settled definitely the
details of his American tour. The busi
ness department of the company will sail
for Now York on November 7 , the company
following a week later. Tbo Itinerary will
Include Washington , Philadelphia , Balti
more * New York , Brooklyn and Boston. The
last performance will be given January
30 , and Mr. Tree will open his new Lon
don theater ( Her Majesty ) about March 1.
The opening piece will bo the dramatiza
tion of Mr. Parker's -novel , "The Scats of
the Mighty. " Mr. Tree will assume the
role of Doltalrc.
C. W. Calvcrt has vvrlften a new mu
sical ekctch nncnt tliv perennial Robin
Hood. The ecorc Is by Dpnham Harrison ,
who Is well known to London theater
goers by rccson of his work In connection
with the Christmas pantomimes. The piece
will bo first produced at tlic Oxford on No
vember 9.
George Alexander was summoned on
Thursday last to Wjnard Park , the marquis
of Londonderry's place. In order to take
part In private theatrical in which Lad ;
Helen Stuart , Lord Londonderry's daughter ,
has made a great rcputaClbJn. The piece pro
duced was "Tho Woman Ho'ter. " Mr. Alex
ander has written to Mr. Charles Frohman
canceling his tour of the United States , ar
ranged for 1897-93. This' stop was made
necessary , as Mr. Alexander has no new
There was an enormous audience this
afternoon at the Lyceum theater which Sir
Henry Irving lent for loo'occasion of John
Harris * farewell performance prior to his
American tour. .
ICIIlH it Siitfir AVIu'ro IIIH : | Vrnr Ho Shot
One of ( lu > llrntfrx.
. ( CopjrlBlit. 1M , by the Annotated Profs )
LONDON , Oct. 24. 'Hie stage shootIng -
Ing In Scotland U tifarly over , and
the champion "b g" foil to Lord
Twccdmouth , who shot 357 bead ( during the
season. The United States ambassador , Mr.
Thomas F. Bayard , who has been visiting
tbo carl of Lovcn at Glcnfcrncs , Is said
to bo much pleased at the fact that he has
shot a royal , which la Considered a great
advance over his performance while grouse
shooting In 1895 , when , It Is alleged , he
accidentally ehot a man who was beating
up the birds.
The showing made by , [ the Kennel club
at the Crystal palace this week was the
largest on record. There were 2,357 entries ,
with quality of the highestordcr. A novelty
In the exhibits was BOIUQ Pekln spaniels ,
which were on sale fiom'j75 to $750. In
the colllo class the celebrated dog Southport -
port , valued at $25.000 , won all the prizes.
Gcorgo R. Sims won the championship In
tbo bulldog class with his dog Baruc )
Barnato. '
At tho'twenty-first nrnual exhibition or
the British Dairy Farmers' association at
Islington , during the paqt-weclc , there wei
over 7,000 entries. A special effort was
made by tbo carl of PowHs to Induce the
British dairy men to Imltato continental
methods. There wcro J65 butter-making
contests and the largcet- show of cheese
over made here. f
hl'AMAllDH Itni'KI , " Tlin CtlllANS.
\Voiupii mill Children > Killed by lu-
HiiriroiiN Iloinlinrillnic n Town.
HAVANA , Oct. 24. Details were received
hero today of the recMif-j/lghtliiB / In Plnar
at Plnar del Rio. At 10 o'clock on Thurs
day the Insurgent forces , under Antonio
Macco , attacked ArteraesaJopenlnR fire upon
that place unexpectedly with artillery. The
garrison was taken by surprise , but soon re
plied , and twenty shells \rcro fired Into the
Insurgent center , Inflicting heavy losses.
The Spanish commander ambushed a detach
ment of troops In a 'p-im grave and In
structed them to allow the Insurgents to advance -
vance to close quarters uo'foro firing. Then
the government tioops poured a terrible fire
Into the Insurgent ranks , and when this was
added toby the fire of a rapid-firing gun ,
the enemy hurriedly retreated. Many of the
enemy's shells failed ( o explode , and only
five houses wcro destroyed. Ono soldier of
the garrison was wouiidcj. The Spaniards
severely blame the. Insurgents for savage
conduct In not notifying ( he authorities ot
Artcmcsa that the place was to bo bom
barded , and so permit the women and chil
dren being ticnt out of barm's way. Five
citizens wcro killed as a result of the Insur
gent bombardment , and ( e\ \ men , ten women
and eight chlldicn , under lo years of age , lu
addition to three Infants , .were wounded.
Thrco editors of La Discussion have been
arrested , and the editor1 qf the Coronado Is
In hiding. i
II > ITOH i.i.ovn o.v TUTS BLCCTIO.V.
Tliliilcn McKhili-y , irit > - Win , ItiK ( he
Outciiiiii * IN L'ucc'rtiiln.
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LONDON , Oct. 24. ifjew York World
Cablegram Special Telfcgrnm , ) Mr. Lloyd ,
editor of tbo Statist , on an eminent finan
cial authority who went out to report on
the political situation of the United States ,
cables from Chicago to today's Issue that
tbo outlook Is , but ho
thinks all Information ( uncertain. In fact ,
ho notes , that while only pno-Chicago news
paper supports Bryan , "I ought to add
that a considerable number of Individual
journalists with whom I have spoken arc sup
porters of Mr. Bryan. " Therefore , and from
other similar Incidents that have corao to
his notice ho thinks the people , particularly
the workliigmen , who rpfltciuibly are for
McKlnley , will bo found at tbo polls voting
for Bryan. _ ;
I'olli-e Kill Ti > o KlottTM.
MADRAS , Oct. 24. A icrlous riot baa oc
curred at Ncglpatum , nlxtcen mllea south
of Carrlcal and forty-eight miles by' rail
from Tanjore , Several thousand railroad
trackmen , who were lucked out , made an
effort to rob tbo fort depot and the pollco
fired on them , killing- two men and wound
ing many otbr .
England May Bo Forced to Withdraw to
Gain Franco's Good Will.
Great Britain to Pay for Admittance to
Franco-Russian Alliance.
Levying of Taxes to Arm the Mussulmans
Causes Great Anxiety.
Sir Henry HllloK hHKKCHN that
] ior ( to the Reform Part } IN the
Nt Wny Out of
( he IHIIIuiilO.
( Cop ) right , ISM , tiy the AsuocltUcJ I'rcfs )
LONDON , Oct. 24. Dlcpotchcs from Con
stantinople announcing that the Imposition
of the poll tax of C plasters per head and
the lev ) Ing of other taxes In order to arm
the Mussulmans have caused the situation
there to assume a very grave , aspect , has
Increased the anxiety felt here regarding
the outcome of the eastern Imbroglio. Tils
Speaker , dlscuralng the matter , sajs : "The
new war tax Is a sign that the sultan
means to fight , possibly , after carrying
out the fresh massacres of Christians ,
which arc dally expected. The 'sick man , '
wo trust , U nearlng his death struggles.
There Is little doubt In the public mind
that an arrangement for joint European
action exists , and at present It Is only re
sisted by ono power. "
The Speaker's well Informed Constanti
nople corrctpondcnt , however , doubts the
existence of such an arrangement. A later
dispatch from Constantinople sajs that ex
tra precautions were taken yestcrdaj
against a fresh Armenian outbreak , but no
outbreak bad occurred at the time the mes
sage was filed.
Sir Henry Elliott , who was British ambas
sador to Turkey from 18G7 to 1S77 , and
whose life has been spent li > the diplomatic
service of Great Britain , in an Interesting
letter just published sa > s : "The present
state of Turkey greatly resembles what
It was Immediately before the deposition
of Abdul Azzlz , when thcro existed , as now ,
widespread discontent , arising from thi
baneful Influence of the palace. " Con
tinuing , Sir Henry Elliott urges that sup
port bo given to the reform party In Tur
key , "as tbo whole empire , " ho asserts ,
"needs a change of administration , and
the eultan Is more afraid of the young
Turks than of the powers. "
Indication * generally point to the Egjptian
question as being the bingo of the situation
and there Is a renewal of Its discussion In
the British and foreign press. The Tluus
has published a letter from the Right Hon.
Leonard H. Courtney , liberal unionist , for
merly deputy speaker and now member oj
Parliament for the Bodmln division of Corn
wall , suggesting the withdrawal of the
British tiioops from Egypt In order to prove
Great Britain's disinterestedness In the
eastern question , and M. do Blowltz , the
Paris correspondent of the Times , today
sends a lengthy account of an interview
with "a prominent politician who has twice
been a.minister end who baa returned from
visits to the capitals of Europe. " In thli
Interview the ex-minister Is quoted as say
ing that ho was struck by the fact that no
matter what International question was dls
cussed It nlwaja reverted to the situation
in Egypt as the leading factor. "Egypt , "
ho continues , "h the paramount question ,
C3 prolonged peace depends upon Anglo
Russian reconciliation , which Is only possl
ble through a prior Anglo-French agree-1
mcnt In regard to Egypt. English states
men arc now a riddle. They apparently
want to show a disdain for the continental
powers. The British embassy at Paris has
been vacant for the past three months , which
In Itself Is a source of misunderstanding.
No power wants to replace England In
Egjpt , but It Is desired that England , Instead
of lemalntng there against our will , should
remain thcro with our consent. "
M. Hanotatix , tbo French minister for
foreign affairs , once said : "But for the
Egjptlan question , I would undertake In
five minutes to settle all the other Anglo-
French questions ; " while Baron do Coin eel ,
the French minister at London , recently
remarked : "I wish that Lord Salisbury
would agree to converse on the matter ; but
as soon a I attempt It , be changes the sub
ject. "
This Is now the only real cause for dis
quiet In Europe.
It Is announced that all the sovereigns
and chiefs of state have been invited to
visit London and attend the fetes which nro
being organized for the celebration of .ho
sixtieth anniversary of the opening of the
queen's reign , and It Is stated that Emperor
William and the czar have already accepted
Invitations. As an Indication of the scale
upon which the fetes will bo given , her ma
jesty. In declining to bo present at the school
board function , took the ground that the de
mands which would bo made upon her time
and powers In 1807 would preclude her at
tendance at the ceremony referred to.
Lady Paunccfote , wife of the British am
bassador at Washington , and her daughters
sail for New York on Saturday next.
The Dally Mall , which Is printing a scries
of Interesting letters from America , devote ?
several this week to Chicago , which Is de
scribed as "Tho queen and guttersnipe of
cities ; the cynocuro and cesspool of the
vvorlu ; the most beautiful and the most
squalid ; widely and generously planned with
atieols of twenty miles , where It Is unsafe
to walk at night ; whcro women rldo strad-
dlowlso and millionaires dine at midday ;
the chosen scat of public spirit and munici
pal boodle. "
The Truth again this week devotes sev
eral pages to tbo Fourth Hussar * scandal , the
brunt of which. It says , must fall upon the
commanUer-ln-chlcf , Lord Wolseley , and Sir
Rodvers Duller , the adjutant general of the
farces , for "glossing over the bullying scan *
dal , which wag prejudicial to the whole
army. "
Mr. Iknry Labouchoro also recalls the
turf scandal of 1S05 In the same regiment ,
when an unknown horse , surreptitiously sub
stituted for an outsider , won n race , tlio
uubslltutlon being arranged by o filters whovo
horses were In the race , Including Messrs.
Spencer and Churchill.
J or omo 1C. Jerome's paper today , which Is
notoriously hostile to everything American ,
has a vicious attack this week on American
\\Vnlhcr rorccnst for Ncbrafkn
rnlr ; South to
1. Honor MriiMired In Iliinmn
( Irrminy tin Another Arai
Kjjpt the Key to Iico nt
Why \Vheit Him Uunci Nkyvraril'
2. limy Situr.lty nt MoKlnlejr'n llnmc.
\\lir the I'oiiiilry StilTon DrprrMlon.
llrjiui ! > enh HI * I'uiilu Sprrcli.
X < ! > [ ku VvtcmnV Cuuin for Klrkl'iff.
3. I'olnH of Intrrc't to Witgn Wnrkrra.
Lincoln Wnrklngmca ( let la 1.1 no.
CrmviU Suiirin to llopiibllr in Ililllpv
llr.Miu lloixtorrf ( lot Verj Unruly.
4. Ijut Week In Onmlm Society.
n. r tin ( lili. < r In A narln.
Alton Train Iliihlirr * I.puvn No Tr.iro.
AmiHciiinnt Note * unit ( lo lp.
Among tliu Mmlrullj Inclined 1'ollc.
n , Counill HliifTit I. oral Mutter * .
Affitlrn nt Hontli Oiniiht.
7. DiMil It3it 1 1 u To it lli'.l MUch.
8. Krlioe * from the Ante Hooan.
10. "Tho Tappet. "
11. ( lood I.uek la n C > clone.
19. IMItorliU unil Comment.
ty. After the Klertlon 11 in 1'inneil.
father of .Moil era Hiirgprjr.
Meuna Ituln for Itnttroiul Men.
14. Ilnliltnl n Smn ! < rlo Locomotive. .
1'romiithm In Sight for Muiiroo.
15. Commercial anil I'limiulnl Ncmx.
10. Whoa the Women Come to Vote ,
18. Womnn : Her \Vayn nml Her World.
20. New York Herald's Congrcimlonnl Fore-
cm t.
SS. In the World of WliDcU.
S3. Weekly Urlftt of Sporting Ginilp.
I. Oenenil ( Irani' * llnpplent rnrloiigh.
bicycles , denouncing them ns "utter trash "
The Speaker calls attention to the per
sistent rumor that the secretary of state for
the colonies , Mr. Joseph Chambcrlnln , was
cognlrant of Jameson's raid before It oc
curred and asks for a dlsproval.
I'lii.-vci : or iTAi.v MAititinn.
nnil ItellirloiiM CcreiiionleH Cele-
Imitcd vi I Hi lloltUltiK Pomp.
ROME , Oct. 24. The civil marriage of
the crown prlcco of Italy to Princess Hclcnc
of Montenegro took place this morning In
the ball room of the Qulrlnal , and the re
ligious ceremony occurred later In the
Church of Santa Maria Augcll. Both cere
monies .were most brilliant , and the young
couple were enthusiastically cheered by the
crowds which lined Via Na/tonalc , through
which the wedding procession passed. In
the ball room of the Qulrlnal , the rojal
palace , was a large table , at which wuro
seated King Humbert and Queen Margaret
and all the Montenegro princes and
princesses. Maria Pla , sister of the king
and dowager queen of Portugal ; the duke
of Oporto , brother of the king of oPrtttsal ;
Prince Victor Napoleon and Prlnco Kliarn
Gcorgevlcrs. Standing around the royal
group were the knights of the Order of
the Annunciation , the cabinet ministers ,
the court dignitaries , the senators nnd de
puties and the municipal and provincial offi
cers. The ro > al party afterwards preceded
In state carriages drawn by six horses to
the Church ot Santa Maria Dogll AiiRcll ,
The route was lined with troops brilliantly
decorated and thronged 'with enthusias
tically cheering population. Church bells
pealing and cannon roaring out salutes fiom
batteries In different parts of the city.
iui.ur i.v 'inn CASTIIH : cuii/r.
Hall Looked Upon UN Hvl
of ( hi * .MtiKlNriii'N Ilrror.
( Cnpirlght , 1&M > , liy the Arsoclnteil I'lcru )
LONDON , Oct. 24. The strange case
of Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Castle ot
San Francisco" still causes much com
ment and the action of Magistrate Newton -
ton In fixing their ball at $150,000 Is ac
cepted as the court's belief In thcj r guilt ,
Whether this * Is so or not , It Is a remark
able fact that an English woman of high
rank charged with a similar offense was
Immediately afterwards balled lu only f 1,000.
She Is a Mrs. M. A. Scotte , a woman of the
manor of Salop , near Shrewsbury , and was
charged on Wednesday last with stealing
fKo nlntoil rnm1lf > Kllcl : < i from n hntol.
Walter M. Castle has engaged Sir Frank
Lockwood , Q. C. , as counsel for his wife ,
In addition to Sir Edward Clarke , Q. C.
Both thcho lawera arc former solicitors
HlH Departure .Hade I'leiiNimt liy Some
rnrlher Splenetic Kllnn * .
( Cop ) right , 1(1-0 ( , li > I'rers I'ulillchlni ; Company. )
LONDON. Oct. 24. ( Now York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram. ) Howard Gould
sailed for New York today. The malicious
disposition toward him In certain yachting
circles continues , finding Its latest expres
sion In the allegation that the fact that tbo
disputed tanks were made of copper showed
they were not Intended to hold drinking
water , the deduction bring that they were
Intended for surreptitious ballast. Mr.
Gould said bcforo leaving that It was a
question which Hcrrcshoff , the builder of
Niagara , might easily answer.
ItfiiiH from Central America.
GUATEMALA , Oct. 24 , ( via. Galveston )
Representatives of twcntsix foreign coun
tries nro working for tbo success of the
Central American exposition.
Senor Dolores Rodriguez has been ap
pointed mlnlbtcr to the United States.
I'oNtal Delegates from ItiiNxla.
ST. PETERSBURG , Oct. 24. The Russian
government has decided to send delegates
to the postal congress , soon to bo held at
ItepIleH ( o Her IIiiNlianil'N ChaiKCH anil
AecnxcH Him of Inllilellt > .
SAN FRANCISCO , Oct. 21. Mrs. Nat C.
Goodwin Is pit'parlng fora legal battle with
her actor butliand. Through her Now York
lawjera she has forwarded an allldavlt de
fending herself In the local courts against
her husband's charges. Mrs Goodwin's affi
davit , after making a general denial to
the charges of h'abllual Intemperance on her
parts , rccltcn her experience in the Now
York courts with her husband , She tells
of her successful suit for maintenance three
years ago , which resulted In her husband
being compelled to pay her $15,000 $ , She
then turns the tables on the actor and
charges him with Infidelity , and mentions
as corespondent Sadlo Thorno and Mabel
Amber , both of whom arc well known In
the theatrical world ,
.Mov einenlH of Ocean VCNNCIH , Out. ! M.
At Now York Arrived La Brelagnu , from
Havre ; Normanuln , fiom Hamburg ; Mans-
dam , from Rotterdam ; Lucanla , from Liver
pool. Sailed Etrurla , for Liverpool ,
At Hamburg Arrived Persia , from Now
At Havre Arrived La Touralno , from
New York. Sailed La Ilouigoene , for New
At Southampton Sailed St. Louis , for-
Now York ,
London Economists anil Financiers Look for
Reasons for the Rise.
Conditions Necessitating Import Instead of
Export on the Increase.
Russia is Holding Baok nnd Anstralia's drop
Promises Little.
Hay ( ho I'rlee Han Cone Too Illicit null
Mimt Come llaok to n
r I.iMol Very
Short 1) .
( Copirlcht , MM , by I'rcfd 1'ublUhlnB Coinpnny. *
LONDON , Oct. 24. ( New York Worlfl
Cablegram Special Telegram. ) The finan
cial and economist journals of London , IB-
sued today , generally cxprces the belief
that , \\hllo thcro probably will be an even
further reaction In tbo price of wheat , all
the statistics avall'abln point to much
higher prices than for jenrs back bclnii
maintained. Both India and Australia ,
which hlthcito have exported wheat , are
now Importing It , and the Indian fauilno
promises to grow more severe , while the
failure of the Russian * crop teems most se
"There Is. " eajs ono authority today ,
"an extraordinary holding aloof of Rus
sian Ecllcis. The prohibition of the ex
porting ot Russian wheat In 1891 Is re
called as perhaps being enforced again
now , though privately.
"Tho Argentine crop , " continues this ,
same authority , "which Is reaped In De
cember , Is fairly well spoken of , but It Is
not safe yet , and , In any case , the Argentina
supplies cannot have the same effect a *
ubcn the gold premium was between 2&0 and
300 per cent , which was the case In 1&93.
and 1S94. The present premium Is , In fact ,
178 pur cent against 230 per cent at thi *
tlmo last vcnr , and 253 per cent In 1891.
This difference In premium represents about
5 shillings per quarter on wheat. The
question , how much India , In consequence/ ,
of the famine , will require to Import , has jet.
to bo determined. Already two or thrco
steamers are on the v-ay to Calcutta from
California with wheat , and the outlook In
that later India will require a good deal. "
In fact , not since the general European
war , preceding 1S1C , has there been In
such a shor period so great nml midden a.
rise In the price of wheat , and it Is noted
that the upward movement began In Ruropr ,
showing that It could not bo In any way
a political maneuver In tbo United State * .
On the hand , Inquiries made by
the World representative among Individual
exporters on tbo London Corn exchange *
today elicited n very emphatic concurrence *
In the opinion that the recent jump In the
price of wheat was excessive , and that ft
healthy trading basis will not be reached
until It has fallen a couple of points be
low the present figure. The tendency ot'
the London market nluaja Is to mlnlmlzo
the Importance of such advances , and It
Is averred that the possible failure of the.
crop lu Punjaub Is already fully discounted.
On this point Samuel Woods , a recognized
leading authority , sajs that tno > ear ago
a famine In India seemed certain until
Christmas , when rains came and the crop-
uas saved.
"Tho recent raid on the maikct of India , "
Mr. Woods observed , "uns organized and
executed solely by the firm of the Bassoons ,
other great firms In the India trade , such
as the Hallla , not being concerned In It.
Tills fact Is held to show that the Indian
famine predictions nro fulminated chiefly
for speculative purposes. The Indian specu
lative demand has been za Us fled by four
steamers , carrying 80,000 quarters , two of
which have not > ct been appropriated. Nor
Is It deemed probable that Imljan markets
arc likely to rise to a level warranting
any further shipment from here. Although
the autumn shipments from Russia are 600-
000 quarters below latt } cr , this shortage-
Is explained by certain dealers on the ex
change by the statement that the largo
supplies are accumulating nt the shipping'
ports , but shippers are waiting for a break
In freights. The apparent Russian short
age , according to thcso hears In wheat , will
be neutralized by an Increase In the autumn
shipments fiom the United States of nearly
2,000,000 quarters , and from the Danube/
provinces of nearly 1,300,000 , which , In ad
dition , covcis the shortage from Argentina
to date. " IIALLAUD SMITH.
un.vvnu onowns cinnm .M'Ki.\inr. .
Senator Wolc'od TnlKx lo I.arKC Au
dience on Trill * IllinedilllNin.
UHNVKR , Oct. 24. Senator Edward 0.
Wolcott tonight dcllvncd the principal
speech of the McKlnley camiialgn In Colorado
rado to a magnificent audlcnco at the Coli
seum. The crowd begun to gather two houru
before the speaking v\ns to begin. After
the doors wcro opened 4,000 people quickly
packed the hall , and 6,000. unable to gain
admittance , remained In Urn streets In front ,
many of them shouting for Bryan ,
as an echo to the buists of
McKlnley enthusiasm Inside , When
Mr. Wolcott made his appcaranco
on the platform the audience rose to ltd
feet and cheered for several minutes. His
remarks wcro confined to a largo extent testate -
state mutters. Ho ridiculed the term "sil
ver republicans , " claiming It v\as akin to
"white crow , " Ho severely denounced the
Denver prcxs for asserting that money wan
being sent Into this state for the purpose
of engendering a conspiracy to defeat the
re-election of Senator Teller , "a condition , "
said he , "which does not and never will
exist. "
He declared that tbo national context la
ono between the people as to the bent
means of securing bimetallism , "In which
95 per Lent of Ilitm hilleve , "
Colonel I'tiliMl Itclranei ] on Annl-
vernar > of UOTMIMV Jiliiliir. |
MILWAUKKB. Oct , -Colonel Quilay
I'abat , son of the wealthy brewer and a
member of the 1'abst lIumliiK company , had
been granted a dlvorco In the Mllwaukco
county circuit court from Margaret Mather
I'abat , the actress , The ground alleged wan
cruel and Inhuman tteatmcnt and the spe
cific charge was that Mr * , I'abst attacked.
her husband nlth n hnree\\ilp ) In the street
on October H , 1895. No dcf n o was made ,
A propoity sclllcmcnt wax made a jcar
ago , when MUs Mather left Milwaukee If
resume her stage caiccr ,