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Effects Produced Never PosaSblo Before In
the Setting of Plays.
MnrvclotiN AlmoKplicrla nn > ct I'ro-
iltiocil by .Machinery Novel De
vice * to lie Uxnl In flrnna
Uuera Thin Ycnr. |
Tf this bo not the golden It Is certainly
the mechanical ago of the drama. Never
before In all the history of the thespian's
art was so much attention paid as at pres
ent to the purely scenlo qualities of the
Ploys produced. "Realism" seems to bo the
watchword of the cnd-of-tho-contury Btagc ,
and tho'stage carpenter has become a per-
Whether the tremendous demand for "me
chanical effects" among managers Is or Is
not a favorable sign the critics must dc-
cldo or ol least discuss. The scope of this
article merely embraces a description of
norno recent developments In this direction.
To begin with , there IB electricity. Nearly
80 per cent of recent "effects" are In some
manner connected with matters electrical.
As nn Illuminating medium electricity can
bo handled with far greater case and safety
than gas and more varied and dazzling re
sults" can be obtained from Us use. When
Robert Milliard , who Is now playing the part
of a mummy brought to life , wishes to ex
plain his revivification to an Intelligent
audience ho calls In the aid of the stage
electrician. Several young women apply a
real current to the ancient corpse and
awaken the c'ormant life In his veins. In
"Nlobe" a comedy of a decade since
wherein a somewhat similar revival was
supposed to take place , the electrical current
was left to the Imagination , Today Mr.
Illlllanl believes that to convince his audi
ence ho must make his battery wires sizzle
and let the current bo seen playing about
the cerements of the mummy.
When ho ashed the theatrical electricians
to product this effect for him , however ,
nearly every one of the craft In New York
declared It was Impossible. One only would
attempt the dangerous Idea , and ho labored
for months before he accomplished his plans
To show glints of lightning playing around a
wrapped up human body Is no easy task ,
when the safety of the enclosed Is to bo
considered. The final production of Mr. III1-
Hard's project was distinctly Ingenious.
The mummy's coffin Is double being of
Iron on the ItiRldc , but presenting n wooden
surface to Uru audience. Doth cncaslngs
stand on end ; the Iron one resting on plvotu
nbovo and below and being allowed a lit
tle playing room on each side so that It can
bo moved hither and thither for half an Inch
or thereabouts. Tho.uso of this device Is to
alternately make and break the current-
producing flashes of light between the outei
and Inner cases. |
The Iron case Is connected to ono side
of a current circuit ; a atrip of Iron In the
Inner rim of the wooden coco la connected
to the other side of the circuit. Little strips
of metal are also connected to the long Iron
strip nnd are vibrated against the Iron Inner A stage hand stationed at n crank be
hind the mummy case Is enabled to "shako"
It backward and forward , producing makes
and breaks of the current between the two
cases , resulting In arcs or flashes of elec
tric flame all around the boxes. The effect
Is vivid and to the audlenco Is a sufficient
cause for the mummy coming to life.
The Invention of the stage mechanic ,
however , Is not limited to electrical effects
by any means. In ono of the scenes of "The
Caliph" a two-masted schooner Is repre
sented coming Into a harbor. It Is In min
iature as though It were In tlm distance.
It tacks from side to side across the stage ,
apparently turning endwise to the audience.
As n matter oT fact , It Is made of several
Hat pieces of tin which slide ono past the
other , giving the effect nt Us having turned
completely around. As Intimated , the boat
Is arranged in sections. The bow comprises
ono section ; the masts and stern comprise
the others. There are four runways , ono for
each of these sections. They are situated
back of ono another , but to the audience
the various parts of the boat appear to
stand In the same plane. As the hull Is
painted black It thus helps along the Illu
sion. The bow has a hinged piece to which
the bowsprit Is attached. This Is the only
piece that rrnlly turns arouud. As the boat
sails across the stage the sections , being at
tached to ono another by pieces of cord ,
follow In regular order. As the boat nears
the end of the atago amIs apparently about
to tack , a stage hand who operates the
contrivance slowly pulls a cord which causes
the various sections of the be/at to gradually
jiasa behind onu another. This , of course ,
BhartciiB the boat , and to the audience It
appears to be gradually turning around.
'When all the sections occupy a position di
rectly back of one another the boat appears
to stand bow-on to the audience , the bow
piece having the shape of a boat In that
position and effectively covering up all the
other sections. The bowsprit gradually
points in the opposite direction to that
which it .first maintained , and the other
sections , opening out again Into their orig
inal positions , complete the Illusion of the
boat having turned around. Doth cuds ot
each section arc shaped alike , therefore the
etrrn looks natural In cither position. The
calls being attached to their sections , ot
course follow around in natural order. The
Echooner finally comes to anchor , apparently
In the distance. This Illusion has been
tried before with miniature row boats , but
never with vessels to which sails are at
In "Under the Polar Star" ( a purely scenic
play , the action of which takes place In
Arctic regions ) the most noteworthy Inno
vation is tlm spectacle of the Aurora
Boreal Is. This effect belongs to what Is
called In stage parlance "tho Fata Morgana
series" of Illusions , 1. c. , illusions produced
with the aid of a magic lantern. On the
stage the magic lantern Itself Is described as
a "Fata Morgana , " and most atmospheric
pictures are produced through Us agency.
In the Aurora scene the raya of light nro
projected against a back drop scene. The
breaking of the Ice In this play Is an excel
lent place of work , from the view points of
seeing and hearing alike. Cobblestones
rattled about In i > asks containing broken
crockery and shot dmUcn In tin boxes con
tribute the noise of the rending ot Ice ( loci
which are of harmless wood and canvas.
The burning of n ship by fire In this ultra-
melodrama was actually condemned by the
Now York flro department , until It was ex
plained that the supposed dangerous sparks
which > flllcd the stage were merely pieces of
cllt foil blown about by bellows and re
flecting the lycopodlum flames below.
A great many of the effects in grand opera
this year will be produced by means of the
lantern process. The instrument used looks
like a photographic camera. An Intense
light Is received from a bunch of Incandes
cent lamps or from an arc focusing lamp
Highest Honors World's Fair.
12 R ;
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
torn Ammonia , Alum or any other adulterant.
40 Years the Standard ,
and Is concentrated and projected through
a plano-convex lens. Unlike the ordinary
magic lantern the regulation painted slides
are not used. Their place Is taken by re
volving glass discs. The dlics arc centered
above or beside the lens , so that when re
volving the center of the radius will be ex
posed to the light. Various atmospheric
effects arc produced by means of the differ
ent platcfl. A rain plate , for Instance , Is
glass disc marked with concentric streaks
of paint , The circles are broken , as It
wcro , so as to account for the beginning
and cessation of A rain drop. When thlt
plato Is rcvDlvcd In the apparatus the effect
produced Is a capital representation ot a
driving rain. The rapidity with which the
Plato Is revolved decides the force of the
storm. A snow plate Is made In the same
manner , except that daubs of whlto paint
toke the place bf the black streaks. Effects
of fleeting clouds con also bo made with a
plate , although the latter must bo centered
above the lens so as to glvo the Illu
sion a horizontal trend. The flcry clouds
utcd In some of Wagner's operas are pro
duced In this way. "Rlenzl , " for Instance , Is
made much moro effective by the use of
plates. "The Kldo of the Valkyries" Illus
trates' another use of the apparatus. When
the first rider departs through the heavens ,
on the way to Wnlhnlln , the effect Is pro
duced by means of a plate painted with the
regulation horse and rider. The plate Is
placed In the frame and the whole ap
paratus Is turned on a pivot. The enlarged
effect Is very realistic. When the
rider passes another plato with two horses
Is placed In the frame. Then ono with
thrco riders , and so on till the full com
plement of riders Is shown. Many other
effects con bo produced with the apparatus ,
such , for Instance , as a waterfall , forms of
lightning , a rlpplo or a sand storm , for
the latter of which "Tho Queen of Shcba"
was a good Illustration.
When Siegfried welds his magic sword
every blow of the hammer produces sparks ,
much to the wonder of n certain part of
the audience. The effect Is produced
electrically. Every tlmo the hammer Is
brought down 'upon the sword It jams a
small wlrn screen against the anvil , the
screen and the anvil each form ono end ot
a circuit and the result Is a numb'cr of
arcs. When the head of AVotan's spear
Is knocked off by the sword of Siegfried the
departure of Us maulc power Is symbol lied
by a flash of lycopodlum powder , which is
caused by n spark from nn electric battery
concealed within the .spear.
The Llltputlans will have a rainbow effect
In ono of their plays this winter. A rain
bow machine Is a projecting apparatus , a
modification ot the magic lantern. No lens
Is used , Its place being taken by a semi
circular opening in the front of the box.
Strips of wire arc fixed In this semi-circular
opening so as to break the rays of light.
The brilliant colors of tbo rainbow arc pro
duced by projecting a strong light through
two candelabra prisms. The semi-circular
opening decides the shape of the light as
It appears on a back-drop scene. When
the prisms are turned In opposite directions
inside the box the most vivid colors are
The "Ulack Crook" will start out on the
road this year with a number ot electric
effects. Ono of the most striking Is that
In which Zamlcl causes flro to issue from
his finger tips. The result IB obtained by
having two ends of an electric circuit"ter
minate In thimbles , ono of which Is carried
on the thumb and the other on the middle
finger. When these thimbles are brought
together the result Is an arc or flash ot
electric light. The same result Is obtained
when the IHack Crook signs the fatal com
pact. Ono leaf of the book Is composed
of n sheet ot copper. The pencil used Is
made of carbon. When the two arc brought
together the result Is flashes of light all
over the stage. In Lewis Morrison's "Faust"
the duelists who have a sword combat stand
upon metal plates set In the stage floor.
The circuit Is continued through metal heel
plates and long wires concealed under the
duelists' clothes to the sword handles , which
are of metal. Naturally when the swords
clash flashes ot flro are produced. la fact ,
this will bo a season or much mechanical
effect on the stage. The science of stogo
mechanism Is by no means fixed. Even
the stage electrician Is very little related
to Ills more distinguished brother tbo gen
eral practitioner. The conditions ot his
calling are always changing , nnd ho maybe
bo called upon today to do something which
yesterday impossible. Yet , after all ,
his fame is limited , for the use of his
devices and the memory ol them are BO
ephemeral that , concealed from the public
as they arc , they afford him but little scope
for general approval. So much Is this the
case that hardly a first-class electrician or
stage mechanic Is famous outside ot his
own confraternity.
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Stove repairs of any description , 1207
Douglas. Omaha Stove Repair Works ,
Johnson Bros. , naru coal. S3.
Two StorleN of u Mltlo DlnUirluinco on
bou tli Twentieth Street.
Joe Calabria , an Italian living at 120S
South Twentieth street , has been arrested
on complaint ot Mary Josephine Simpson ,
who allege * that Joe beat her about the
head and shoulders with his fists and that
ho Intended "to inflict , great bodily In
jury. " Joe says Mrs. Simpson and his
wlfo llvo In the same house together , and
that there has been a continual jar be
tween Josephine and his better halt ot late.
The other day ho went home early and
found his wtfo lying on tbo floor , with the
Simpson woman on top , and they wcro both
fighting llko Kilkenny cats. Joe con
jectured that his wife was getting the worst
of the deal , so he took a hand in the fra
cas and succeeded In parting them after
parting with several pieces of his own
cuticle. Ho says the Simpson woman
should not complain , as ho has reason to
bollevo that ho is the Injured party.
J. C. Metzlcr ot Lincoln Is a Barker guest.
Judge Dundy Is confined to his homo by
J. J. Squicr of Chicago Is stopping at tfce
W. C. Brooks of Beatrice was in the city
J. W. Dullard of Milwaukee , Wls. , Is regis
tered at the Barker.
M. J. Hughes of West Point was nn
Omaha visitor yesterday.
W. V. Hcddcr. with Spauldlng & Merrlck ,
Is stopping at the Barker ,
C. S. Crane left last evening tor St.
Louis , to bo absent a week.
Hon. R. O , Richards ot Geneva was
among the arrivals yesterday.
Henry Torpln of Glen Rock , _ Wyo. , was
ono of the yesterday arrivals.
Charles II. Pojcan and LeRoy Rogers are
Chicago arrivals stopping at the Barker.
E. I > . Abrahams has gene to Denver ,
where ho will visit friends ft < r a fortnight.
1C. 0. Moorchouso left for Chicago and
the cnst last night , to bo gene a few days.
J. E. Market has gene to Chicago , and
will also visit Cleveland , 0. , before return
ing homo.
Secretary Glllan of the Board ot Edu
cation loft last evening tor a week's visit
lu Illinois.
D. Blgncll of Lincoln , division superin
tendent ot the I ) . & M. , Was an Omaha vis
itor yesterday.
John L. Webster loft last night for Crcto ,
Nob.where ho will deliver an address
on sound money.
R. R. Rttchio of the Northwestern left
yesterday for Chicago , whcro he will re
main for some time.
MM. 0. M. Lombertaon of Lincoln , who
baa been visiting In this city tor several
days , returned homo last night.
Georco Wyinan Tryon ot Now Rochellc.
N. Y. . a member ot the Now York Times'
staff of correspondents , U vliltlug friends
In the city ,
Nebraskans jit the hotels : DonaM Kemp ,
Norfolk ; Dr. G. M. Smith. D. C. Woodrlng ,
n. D. Sadler and S. J. Dcnlson. Lincoln ;
W. V. Hoasland , North Pluttoj Ed A. Uaugh
and wife , Oakland : Dr. H. P. Knight , Long
Pine ; Hud Latta. Tekamah ; E. II. Barnard.
Fromout ; Matt Daughcrty , OgollaU ; J. W.
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nunnn si AIM : COMMUNITY.
Thriven Without School * , Lnir , Thc-
olouTt Mcillclnc or Tnxcn.
Residents of Maine who look to the New
York and Boston paperg tor accounts of queer
people and strange forms of government In
different parts ot the world , says the Ne-v
York Sun , could learn facts worth studying
by going to No.-cross. The settlement of
Eskimos , on the coast of Greenland have
their old men , the tribes ot Africa have
their chiefs , and even penal colonies
recognize the authority of firearms and the
lash. At Norcross the law-abiding people
feel but ono power the hurrying , un
sympathetic cars , which bring everything
that comes to their homes and take away
everything that goes out.
The distance from Mllnocknt bridge , which
crosses the west branch cast of Norcross ,
lo Perkln's SUIng , which Is three rallcs wwt ,
Is five miles as the railroad runs or the crow
flics. At and between these two points arc
five settlements of now log and board
'structures , comprising about forty buildings
In all. Ot these ono Is a. railroad station ,
ono Is a Email store , two are small hotels ,
one Is a sawmill , six are good sized sporting
camps , eight arc frame houses with shingles
and clapboards on them , and the rest arc
primitive log cabins with splits for roofing ,
cpottcd poles for floors , and boughs for bed
ding. One-halt of the male Inhabitants arc
cither guides or lumbermen , partly both
one-quarter are mill hands , who caw spool
bars and dowels at Perkln's Siding , and the
remainder are section hands and other cm
ploycs , who work for the Bangor & Aroos-
took railroad. Though no census was ever
taken of the place there are about 200 people
who llvo there the jcar round. Among them
are some twenty-live women and nearly forty
children. This Is when the population Is at
low ebb. In July , when the West Branch
drive cornea down , the population swells to
400 or GOO , and after open season for big
game begins It often reaches 1,000 souls , be
sides Indians.
Having grown without governmental re
straint from ono log camp to Us present
proportions Inside of three years , Norcross
has made itself the most anomalous com
munity on earth. It Is not a town. It Is
not even a plantation. On the old survey
maps It la named Indian township , No. 3 ,
so called by the surveyors to distinguish It
from Indian township Nos. 1 and 2. The
name of Norcross signifies nothing. It was
EO called In order to locate a station for a
railroad and a postofflco for the hunters.
Though property that cost $500,000 Is there
and visible the assessed and tax collector
never visit the placo. The children are born
and grow up without seeing the Inside of u
school house. There are not two rods of
bicycle and not twenty rods of cart road In
the whole township. As tbo nearest clergy
man , lawyer and doctor are from thirty to
fifty miles away the people get along very
well without them. When a couple want
to get married they take their bridal tour In
hunting up a minister and coming homo
again. If a person is sick ho is sent out tea
a doctor , because no physician can bo coaxed
to como and sco him , and , in case bo dies ,
the body must bo transported moro than
thirty miles before It can rest In a Christian
burying ground. There Is no drug store , no
dance hall and no bar room or other place
where liquor Is sold In the township. If two
or more men have a dispute which leads tea
a free fight the non-combatants stand byte
to bco fair play , without attempting to Inter
fere. In case the defeated party feels him
self wronged and wants to take the matter
Into court ho cannot afford to do so , bccauso
ho would have to travel nearly all day by
rail bcforo ho could find a Magistrate.
Even tbo game wardens who arrest men for
killing deer spend more money In taking
their prlsoncra to court than the fines
amount to when a conviction Is secured.
Once In Its history , when a murder was com
mitted near there , a sheriff from Dover
epcnt a week In reaching there and getting
back home. Tbo chances are It would take
something bigger than a murder to bring
him there again.
The person who reads this description ot
Norcrocs and thinks the Inhabitants are de
graded or Immoral will make a great mis
take. A mall four times a day brings let
ters and papers from everywhere. An en
terprising and considerate railroad carries
away all the people have to sell , and brings
In all they buy. Dlvlno Providence docs
the rest. The men are Industrious and
moral. The -women are model wives and
excellent cooks. The echlldron are bright
and .welt dressed. If Norcross were formed
Into a plantation or Incorporated as a town ,
the residents would bavo to pay municipal ,
county and state taxes , Now they pay no
taxes , they do not vote , and every man Is
as good as his neighbor. The place U
falitr than , Utopia , and sweeter than the
dream ot a nihilist. It has no counterpart
on earth. _
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troubles are cured by the use of DoWltt's
Witch Hazel Salve. U soothe * at onto , and
restores the tissues to their natural con-
n , and never f IU to euro piu (
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goods. You needn't be a Judge to buy
tables Saturday.
1414-1416-1418 Douglas Street.
"The Gay Parisians , " -which Is pleasing
Crclghton patrons , will close Us engage
ment at that theater with two performances
today. The play , which Is constructed for
laughing purposes only , fulfills that desid
eratum admirably , and the Indications are
the patronage today will bo In every way
commensurate with the merits of the pro
"Charley's Aunt , " the well known rollickIng -
Ing comedy success , presented by what Is
said to .bo a strong company , will be the
attraction at Boyd's for three nights , com
mencing Sunday matinee , October 25.
The scenery of "An American Beauty , "
the new comic opera , which will bo seen next
Tuesday and Wednesday at the Crelghton ,
with Miss Lillian Russell , Is said
to bo very flno and particularly
striking. The costumes , outside the
gorgeous gowns Miss Russell wears ,
are said to bo moat elaborate. There are
any number of .pretty girls In the chorus ,
all from the New York Casino , which Is
celebrated for the beauty of Its chorus
women. Miss Russell's dresses , she says ,
are the most magnificent she ever wore.
They were all designed by herself , but
Felix and Worth of Paris ore responsible
for their making. This engagement Is an
nounced for Tuesday and Wednesday , Octo
ber 27 and 2S. Scats will bo placed on
sale at the Crclghton box office this mornIng -
Ing at 9 o'clock.
A. M. Palmcrfs company , presenting
"Trilby , " will bo the drawing card at the
Crclghton for two nights , commencing with
a tnatlnco tomorrow. The company , which
has just returned from an extended trip
abroad , Is In many respects the same as
on previous visits to this city.
The first production In this city of Sar-
dou's "Madame Sans Gene" at the Crclgh
ton theater on Thursday evening for three
nights , and Saturday matlnco promises to
bo an event of unusual Interest. The play
presents a picture ot tbo times and a scries
of portraits of the emperor and bis en
tourage moro vivid , and life-like , because
moro human nnd personal * than any dra
matist has ever uelOitr achieved. Tbo stag
ing and inouatlnc-aro ilcacrJbOil as being
magnificent. 'Tho .furniture hangings and
decorations of the Napoleonic period arc
said to bo accurately reproduced. The In
terpretation requires a company ot aboui
forty-five people , nnd great care has been
taken In selecting the cast. The play Is In
thrco acts and a prologue. Thr action ot
the prologue takes place in Madame Sans
Gene's laundry shop In the Rue do St.
Anne , Paris , August 12 , 1792. The action
of the remaining thrco acts Is set nineteen
years later. In 1811 , at the Chateau de Com-
pclgne , In the apartments of Marshal Lc-
fcbvro and the library of the Emperor Na
poleon. Thcso two scenes have been copied
from paintings of the rooms ot the famous
Chateau. In addlton to Napoleon a num
ber of historical characters appear In the
play , notably two of Napoleon's sisters ,
Caroline , queen ot Sicily , and the Princess
Eliza ; also Foucho , Savnry , duke of Rovlgo ,
Marshal Lcfcbvre and his wife , Duchess
Dantzlg ( Madame Sans Gene. ) Kathryn
Klddcr appears In her original creation ot
Madame Sans Gene , * while Augustus Cook
will bo the Napoleon.
Our Wednesday and Saturday issue each
week until election , will give the report by
states of the famous woman's vote for presi
dent , i
.V California Mnltlcii of Eighty DC-
voIopM Into 11 Scori'her.
Miss Christina E. Yates claims the dis
tinction of being the oldest'wlfeclwoman in
the state , says the San Francisco Examiner.
She Is proud of the record she has made
awheel , and stands ready to meet any woman
of her 'age on the coast , cither in a contest
of skil'ful riding or JB a matter of endurance.
Miss Yatcs Is SO years old. She says that
ago docs not count when it comes to riding
a bicycle. She can wheel her way over the
roughest roads , and seldom gets weary.
Miss Yates resides at 900 Grove street ,
Oakland , where she can be seen almost any
day going out lor her exercise. She gave
an exhibition of riding yesterday morning In
Jefferson park , Oakland , In the presence of
a number of people. The way she sailed
around the paths and cut the figure eight
with the wheel was a revelation to a few
young damsels who had been Inclined to
make eomo fun of the aged cycler. But
Miss Yntes docs not fear the smiles of the
younger members of her sex. On the con
trary , she onjoyb attracting some attention ,
and is pleased to be recognized as the cham
pion old lady rider of the Pacific coast.
Miss Yates had for an escort yesterday E.
G. Wilbur , tbo man who can stand on bis
head while riding a wheel. Sometimes , by
way of a change , Mr. Wilbur takes a trip
Into the country , riding on a single railroad
rail In order to astonish tlio natives. It
was under tbo caratot Mr. Wilbur that Miss
Yates first learned to rldo a wheel. She has
made such a success that her teacher will
now show her how < to bccomo a trick rder.
The old lady has never been timed on any
of her trips , and consequently has not es
tablished a tlmo record , but she will do so
before long.
Miss Yatcs does -not llko bloomers. She
does not believe they are just the proper
thing , and so refuses to wear them. Ex
perience ban taught her , she saya , that a
light dress skirt does very well.
"I bcllevo I am the oldest woman bicycle
rider on the coast ; " sold Miss Yates , after
giving an exhibition-of her riding and pos
ing for her picture. "I am proud of It
and I Intend to hold the record. I do not
bcllevo tboro Is a woman ot my ago tin the
state who car. outdo me In ordinary or trick
riding. H was queer the way I learned to
ride. I saw a lot of thcso old gray-headed
men around town sailing along on wheels
and I came to the conclusion that there
must be srmcthlng good In U. I iiald to
myself , If an old man can rldo a wheel
surely an old woman can equal him. So I
got a wheel and commenced to rldo , and
now hero I am , a maiden lady of 80
years , and the champion rider of my sex as
to age. In a short tlmo I am going back
to my old homo In Columbus , O. , and I'm
Just going to astonish the natives. Won't
the old boys open their eyca when they BCO
Christina coming Into town on a wheel and
cutting a figure eight on the way. "
"Wonderful old woman , " said Mr. Wilbur ,
after ho had scorched around the track
with her. I'll back her against any
body of her ago In the itato either as a dis
tance or a trick rider. I don't bcllevo there
U any old man of EO who can beat her. "
Speed nd safety are the watchwords ot
tbo ago. Ono Minute Cough Cure acts
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' ) rccchltl , couEhi and colds are cured by It ,
ncc , October 23 , P , M.
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A Drunuitcr'H Hot Met that Irrleateil
the CroTvil.
A party of men were talking politics at the
Gllcher the other night , relates the Danville ,
( Ky. ) Advocate. There wcro Bryan men and
McKlnley men and Palmer men In th
crowd , and the discussion grew fast and
"All I bavo to say , gentlemen , " finally
exclaimed a drummer. "Is that four months
after Bryan was elected every bank In the
United States would be closed. "
This assertion had the effect of bringing
a half dozen Bryan men to their feet , and
many angry glances wcro 'cast at the man
with the button-hole boquct and waxed
"You needn't look at mo In that style. "
resumed the drummer. "I mean Just what
1 say every bank In the United States will
bo closed four months after he's Inaugu
rated , and I'll bet money on It. "
"Hats ! " "Como off ! " "You make me
tired ? " and elmllar exclamations came from
all over the reading room.
The drummer appeared to get mad. Draw
ing a J5 bill from his pocket ho held It up
and said : "I'll bet that what II Bay Is true ,
and will put up the money right hero with
old man Hughes. "
A half dozen men Jumped up to take hU
bet and the stakes were deposited. Then
the drummer remarked !
' 'You see. Just four months after Bryan
Is Inaugurated will bo the 4th of July 1th
of March , 4th of July and the banks will
all bo closed that day , bccauso It will bo t
legal holiday. "
There Is no bar connected with the Gllcher
but a boy was "sent around the corner , " and
the bets wcro declared off.
Up to Time.
There Is a young journalist In New York ,
relates Harper's Bazar , who prides 'himself
on hlH cplgraroo and repartee. It Is usually
tbo occasion that prompts the remark rathoi
than the person to whom ho addresses It.
If It U a good ono , ho remembers It and
UBCb It lu his business. Sometimes ho gott >
as good as he semis , and from the least ex
pected quarters.
The other day he rushed Into a dairy lunch ,
room not far trora I'ark Row , to cct a be
lated blto.
"Can I have two poached et'EH oil toaet
In a hurry ? " ho asked of the waltrcm , who
was pretty enough to bo stupid , He looked
up at the clock an ho spoke , and saw that
[ hero wcro no hundu on It. Bo ho added ,
locotely , "I see U Is Inter than I thought. "
"In a hurry ? " cald the waltreig , whoie
eyes tolloaed bU BlOJJcp , " .Why , y9u can
" Don't So to Schaefer"
There's a whole lot of "Docs" who make
the nbovo remark every day because
"Schaofcr" won't puy their ofllco rent or a
commission on their prescriptions. Hut
these "pluggern" can paste this In their
lints , that we've eot moro principle than
thixt whole lot or duffers put together
stick n pin right here , that wo are netting
their prescriptions every day but not with
their consent It's bccauso wo save them
from 40 to CO per cent on their prcscrlptlona.
Egyptian Lotus Crcum 100
Chamberlain's Cough Cure 15o
Hood's Kar.snparlllu do
Hyrup of Figs S'2c
Cnstorla J2O
Klnjt'fl Now DlHcovery , 400
Klectrlc Ulttcr 400
Piilne'a Celery Compound ( MG
Vine Kolafra , 750
Duffy Malt Whisky SOo
Wnrnor'H Sufo Cure sflc
Itlrncy's Catarrh Cure SOo
Onrllcld Ten I5c
IMorce'a Gplilen Medical Discovery Ke
Kendall's Spavin Cure 75c
S. B. 8 75e
16th and Chicago.
Don't ' blow a fetid
blast from un unclean
mouth Jn your friends
faces and nxpcct thorn to
love you. See ?
BAILEY , Denfist ,
have those eggs In no tlmo by the Hock. "
"What's Iho matter with that clock , any
how ? " Inquired tbo journalist. "Has U
struck ? "
"Oh , yea , U has struck lots of times , "
answered the waitress ; "but this tlmo It's
a lock out. "
"A lock out ? I don't quite understand , "
queried the newspaper man , puzzled for once
"Say , but you'ro Blow , " said hli Hebe ;
"don't you * co they've laid ott tbo bands J"
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