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    TUT ! mFATFA D.ATTjY 1VRTC' TTT nflTO 111317. 2 < K 1fin .
Photo supplies And camera * , Ml
Mrs F. M. Compton of Union street In re
ported III with diphtheria.
"Ilarkcst Humta" will be at thn Dohany
opera house Thursday night. Oftiibor 32.
Regular communion of IllufI City lodge ,
Ahflcnt Free nnd Accepted Masons , this
Justice Vlen returned yesterday from 6
brief business trip In the northern part of
the state.
A marriage license wn * United ye'tcrday
to Oi'oigc I , , McAllister of Cat roll , la. , ago
27 , and Elizabeth M. Kruune of Council
Jlliiffs , rtfio 21 ,
N. C' PhllllpK has n'tmn&d from Clnrlnda
whrro he went to nee Mr. Voawlnklo , whoso
condition has not Improved since lit- wan
Bent to thu twlum for treatment ,
All members of the McKlnlcy Qu.ird and
Until corps will nucl nt the armory
jiromptly at C:30 : this evening to take car
riages to t'rciccnt. Ilrlng an overcoat.
The funeral of Ml Altec Mary Thistle-
thwnite will beheld at 10:30 : a.m. today
from the residence CIS South First street ,
Itcv. Dr. Phelps of Omaha officiating. Ilurlal
t Walnut Hill.
Council Iluffs ! tent. No. 32 , KnUhls of
the MaccabccR , will tnltlnlo candidates
'Wednesday evening at Woodmen of the
World hall. All members rctjuejted to bo
present. Ily order of commander.
Two m.'w clllzrn * were made by Judge
McGcc yesterday. They are Lars P. Madscn
and L. C. Peterson. Judge McCJce wilt hold
a acsslin nf the superior court Thursday
ovonlng for the purpose of naturalization.
A distinguished party of railway mag
nates was In the city during the greater
part of last week. General Manager W.
C Ilrown , from the Uurllngton headquar
ters In Chicago , and C. M. Levey of Ilur
llnctnn were among the party.
"Ol" Pole. " ono of the veteran horsca of
the patrol department , was traded for a
new steed yesterday by Alderman Ilrough ,
chairman of the fire and light committee.
The new horse Is a large black , and John
Wallace was given Pete and $35 to boot for
Contain II. Robinson had his colored
marching club out last evening for drill
practice , The member * were dressed In
their new uniforms nnd presented a fine
oppearanre. The boys arc proud of the
distinction they have achieved as being one
of thn best drilled clubi In the state.
Ml.ig Harriett Gray MacDougal will meet
young women and girls In the Young Men's
Christian association gymnasium thU after
noon at 4:30 : and again In the evening at 7
to arrange for the various classes In phys
ical culture. This Is nn open lesson am
all who nro Interested are Invited to be
The police have been notified that on
the night of October 1C the Kansas City
St. Joseph & Council Bluffs depot at Mnrya
vlllc , Mo. , was broken open and stwcra !
trunks rifted. Among the plunder were
nliont 200 pocket knives bearing the stamp
of Hlbbard , Spencer K. Uartlctt , some baud
kcrcbirfs nnd clothing.
Sheriff Morgan Is looking for a petty
thief who got away with two silver hal
dollars from his ofllcc yesterday afternoon
Mr. Morgan was making out tome papers
and had u little money lying on the dcsl
with which to pay the costs for recording
them. Ho left the office for a mlnuto am1
when ho returned he noticed that he had
been "touched. " Ho found no clue to the
Georce J. Crane returned yesterday after
an nliHenco of several months In the cnat
crn states. He returned with ample proofi
that his business had been successful , am
ntso a new slelght-of-hand dcmonstrn
tlon of how llryan's election will make
money plenty. He came all the way home
iroai New York to vote for McKlnlcy. Hi
nays that In many localities' In the can
rcr-o are wrought up to such a pitch thn
U Is not safe to advocate populism. Hi
thinks McKlnlcy will carry Now York stati
by fully 500,000.
The Oakland Avenue Reading club , com
posed entirely of ladles , has decided ti
admit the gentlemen to four meetings till ;
winter. At each of these meetings tin
principal paper Is to bo presented by a
gentleman , and the subjects to bo consld
cred will bo ns follows : "Tho Fedora
Executive nnd His Cabinet , " "Tho Federa
Congress Its Constitution and Powers , '
"Tho Nation nnd State Their Relations
Duties nnd Powers , " "Tho Federal Ju
dietary. " The club Is now In Its eight !
"Trilby" has been successfully prescntc
all over the world and the orgnnlzatlo
which Introduced It to the Australian pitbll
will present thu piece here on next Satur
day , October 24 , nt Dohany theater. Th
most prominent members In Mr. A , M
Palmer's company are Eleanor Harry a
Trilby , Jennie Relffarth as Madam Vluard
George P. Webster ns Little Ulllee , Charlc
Cnnftcld as the Laird , Herbert Curr ns Taff >
E. W. Morrison ns Gecko , Gebrgo Trader a
_ _ 7.ou Zou , and Charles Kent as Svengall.
At a meeting of the Railroad Men's Soun
Money club held last night it was unan
Imously agreed to change its name to th
Itatlroad nnd Express Men's Sound Mono
club. C. II. Howard wns elected vice presl
dent to represent that branch of the scrvlc
on the executive board. The club Is In
flourishing condition and this nctlon wll
still add to Its strength. A delegation o
300 expects to go from this club to DC
Motncs on October 24 to participate In th
Btato railroad men's grand rally to bo hcl
at tint point.
" " " The work of preparing the roadbed fc
the macadam paving on lower Broadway I
being rapidly pushed. A start was mad
last Thursday , and nil the blocks have bee
torn up and carted nwny. A gang of to
men under the supervision of Prlco Olbso
nro clearing away the splintered blocks nn
the under layer of planking. Conslderabl
gravel la being left that had been used I
filling the Interstices between the blocks
The gunibc from the bottoms has been rollc
Into the cracks and caked until It Is altnos
as hard as slag. About two blocks a day I
all that can bo finished by the present force
and the roadbed has uecn cleared up as fa
Twenty-second street.
C. II. Vlnvl Co. , female remedy. Medlca
consultation free Wednesdays. Health bool
furnished. 309 Mcrrlam block.
N. Y. Plumbing company. Tel. 250.
Enti'M EncnpcH tlic AHylnin.
Charles Estcs was brought before the com
wlasloners of Insanity yesterday morning fo
o.vnmlmiMon on charges preferred by John
Jlyerly. Both men live near Big Lake
Ilycrly stated to the commissioners tha
Estcs has been despondent for some tlm
becauto he had been out of work. SunJa
afternoon he was found with a gun placcc
against his head In the act of .taking hi
own life.
The examination of the patient dovelopoi
the fact that ho was Buffering from nervou
prostration , brought on by the excessive us
of tobacco. Estcs Is a young man , 21 yean
old , and came hero from Harrison county
Ho has on several occasions threatened to
commit BUlcldo. When brought before th
board Kates talked rationally and agrcc (
that If ho was not placed In the asylum h
would brace up and banish nil Ideas of self
destruction from his mind. He was nllowc
to go with Bjcrly , who will keep a watcl
over him.
Get your winter supply of coal now lief or
the rush and rise In prices. L. M. Shuber
will fill your orders promptly and his price
are the lowest. Telephone No. TO ; C2S Wes
Iloirmayr's fancy patent Hour makes th.
beat and meat bread. Atk your grocer for It
l It on I I'uliitc TnuiHferN.
The following transfers of real estate ar
reported by J. W. Sijulrr , us having been
filed October 19 , l&M :
K. M. PiiKoy and wife to Hans Olscn ,
lieJ4 nn',4 2S-77-43 , n , c d
I. B , Wrlsht and \vlfo to U. 8. An
drews , lot 7 , block 31 , Central mibillv. ,
Four tnumfere , amounting to . GO
the Tailor , 130 S. Main treat ,
Boy Who Had n Bad Dollar Goes to Jail
for the Winter.
} la c U'K-nConliiK- * to Sluil.'o III *
Account nt Itnw He'nine lo
Ilnvc tin * Siicirloim
Frcil DeLonn , the 17-year-old boy arrested
ti the charge of passing counterfeit money ,
was given n hearing before Commissioner
> tcadman yesterday afternoon. Special
gents of the Treasury department were
ironcnt lo prosecute tup case , and the boy
vas held to the grand jury. His bond wi" :
fixed at J500. There was no one who felt
ncllncd to stand good for his appearance nt
ho next term of the federal court and he
was sent to the county Jail. He may bo
obliged to remain there until the middle of
icxt March.
When brought before the commissioner
the boy still adhered to his fltory of fin
nystorlous htranger having given him the
money with Instructions to return him the
: hange. The story was given In such a per-
slatent and straightforward manner that the
federal officers arc rather Inclined lo be-
leve It and will make a determined Htarch
for the real culprit. His story was some
what corroborated by the testimony of Man
ager llowen of the .Dohany thi-ater. who said
.here were four strangers behind the hey
when ho nttcmptrd to pass the counterfeit
silver dollar , and that they followed him
out when ho left the rotunda. DcLong says
the man first accosted him mar the corner
of Pearl street and Broadway nd asked him
If he did not want to buy norao theater
tickets for him. When the boy replied In
the Affirmative the mat' gave htm the
spurious coin nnd told him to buy the tickets
and keep them , but lo bring back the
change. When the worthless character of
the coin was pointed out he started to re
turn to the man , and found him watting for
him nt the doorway of the theater. When
ho gave the man the money and told him It
wan bad he said the fellow exm eased sur
prise , nnd taking another coin from his
pocket , told htm to go and buy 10 cents
worth of cnndy nnd ece If It was also coun
terfeit. He did so and was caught by the
young girl nt the candy counter. An hour
In the nwcat box did not Induce the hey to
make the slightest variation In his story.
While ho was being questioned he admitted
that he ran away from hln home In Blonm-
Ington , III. , six months ago. The boy Is a
bright and handsome llttlo fellow , with a
refined face and manners , and has evidently
had good home Influences. Every person
about the commissioner's ofllcc felt the
strongest sympathy for him. When he was
told that he would have to spend the winter
In jail he had n hard struggle with his feel
ings to keep from breaking down. A few
tears gathered In his eyes and n sob shook
his bosom , while ho murmured something
about "mother not knowing It. "
Monthly .Mei-llnp ; ntVlilch
Uautliit * HiixliiONM IM TrniiNiicteil ,
The regular monthly meeting of the
Hoard of Education wns held last evening
with all the members present except Dr.
Robertson and W. H. Thomas. In the ah
sence of the president , E. R. Fonda was
called to the chair.
After the routine business had been dla
posed of Member Fonda , chairman of the
committee on fuel and heating , reported
that the furnace at the Avenue B building
had played out and that , owing to the ur
gency of the ease , the committee had gone
ahead and replaced them on its own re
sponsibility. The new furnaces , he said ,
had cost $110 each. The action of the com
mlttco was approved. .
Superintendent Hlscy submitted the fol
lowing report of the enrollment of the
schools for the first month of the school ycat
ending October 2 : First grade , 902 ; second
grade. GG2 ; third grade , r > G5 ; fourth grade ,
133 ; fifth grade , 401 ; sixth grade , 2G7 ; sev
enth grade , 221 ; eighth grade , 14S ; nlntli
grade , ICG ; tenth grade , 101 ; eleventh grade
0 ; twelfth grade. 47 ; enrollment In grades
3Ci02 ; In High school , 334 ; total enrollment
3,936 ; average number belonging , 3,806,22
average dally attendance , 3.G90.6I ; cases o :
tardiness , 239. Continuing the rejior
states :
"Tho ntitubci of teachers' nnd principals
meetings held during the month was nine
teen. At eleven of these the attendance
upon the part of the teachers was voluntary
No record of attendance at these meeting
has been kept , but all of them have beci
well attended. At the request of the teach
crs arrangements have been made for hold
Ing grade meetings for each of the prlniarj
grades as often as once per week , while
thu evenings are snlllelently long to make
the afternoon meetings practicable. This
demand upon the part of the teachers for
an opportunity to discuss matters of dls
clpllno , school management nnd the tales' '
methods of Instruction Is to ho commended. '
Secretary Ia\v ) on reported that ho hai
askrd Attorney General Remlcy for an
opinion on the right of the hoard to change
tbo books of the schools without advcr
Using for bids but had not yet hoard Iron
him. The question was raised nt the farmei
meeting of the board when It was decldci
to change the geographies now In use. The
board had settled the matter by advertising
and the bids w'll ' be opened tomorrow even
Ing , when a special session will be held.
The bids for furnishing coal for the com
Ing year were opened. Estimates were re
cclved from N. W. Williams , II. A. Cox
Carbon Coal company. Council Bluffs Coa
and Ice company nnd E. I. Shumaker. Thc >
were referred to the committee on fuel an
heating tor tabulation.
The board adjourned to meet Wednesday
evcnlnr , when the school book bids wll
bo opened and the question of changing
the session at the High school decided.
llninllox n Gun
Robert Stevenson was brought to thS (
Woman's Christian Association hospital yes
tcrday from Garner township , suffering from
a bad gunshot wound In the neck. Ho was
out squirrel hunting Sunday afternoon , when
ho accidentally discharged his gun , , receiv
ing the cntlro load on the left side of hh
neck. Ho was stooping over an embankment
and was trying the firmness of the clay with
the butt erul of his gun , when It was dis
The entire muscles from the lower sldo
of his chin and the neck were torn away ,
severing the jugular vein. Ho bled badly
and was In an unconscious condition when
the doctor arrived on the scene , having been
summoned from the city. The flow of blood
was staunched and thu chances of Steven
son recovering are considered fairly good.
Ho was brought Into the hospital yesterday
afternoon In order that he might bo better
cared for. Ho was employed on Mrs. Dil
lon's farm and Is about 19 years old.
For Sale Antique parlor set of hand-
carved. solid rosewood , tapestry upholstered.
Also No. G Radiant Homo heater In perfect
order. Inquire Mrs. Q. A. Robinson , Thirty-
fourth street and Avenue A.
lyln r with CoiiNiiiniitloii.
Oliver JOUCH a young man of 20 years , has
been admitted to the Woman's Christian
Association hospital In the last stages of
consumption. Mr. Jones Is a bright young
man who has been making his way without
the assistance of friends , and has given
great promise of future brilliancy and use
fulness. Hn has completed his academic
course and was arranging to begin his col-
leg * studlei In nn caateru university when
ho was taken sick. Ho struggled on with
out medical aid until the disease had reached
an advanced stage. Ho was aent to the hos
pital by order of IJr. Keller , county physi
cian , who was called to sea him. When ad
mitted the physicians could give him uo en
couragement to hope for recovery.
Sewer I'liuKlre llriek , .
Wholesale and reUlL J. O. ilUliy. 202
Mala itreot
Council Multc * Another IJITorl to Set-
tip tllO IlNllllV. |
The city council last night took another
vhnclT at the sewer problem Unit has arisen
ver the controversy between the contractor
nd the property owners nt the Juncture of
raham and Madison avenues and South First
trcct. The council has held a session or
wo considering the matter and endeavoring
o fix It up to the satisfaction nf all con-
crncd. i Attorney C , M. Ilnrl was present to
cproscnt ( the property owners hst night and
ho I city attorney looked after the Intercsta
f the city. The contention of the city Is
hat the Madison and Graham avenue sewers
ire n part of the First street sewer and
hould be assessed with the other property
n the sewer district according to the new
aw. The property owners contend that these
ro separate sewers , and that If they arc con-
itritrtcd they shall only be taxed for the
dual cost of construction. These pipes are
inly eight Inches In diameter throughout
heir entire distance , while the lower end
t the First street sewer la much larger and
more costly. The residents along the two
xvcnucs have stopped the contractor by
hreatenlng him with Injunctions If ho goes
ihead , and the action of the council at pro-
lous meetings has helped the delay until
he contractor has demanded that something
> o done or that these two short streets be
llmlnatcd from his contract.
The aldermen discussed the problem for
in hour und n half last night , and finally
leclded to refer It once more to the commit-
ec of the whole and the city engineer and
attorney to Investigate today and report at
a special mcctlug for the purpose this evcn-
The contract and bond of N. W. Williams
for furnishing tbo city coal was filed and
llldfi for paving the alley between Bryant
nnd North Main street were opened. J. J.
flughcs bid on DCS Motncs repressed brick ,
op and bottom , $1.49 cash ; all Council Bluffs
jrlck , $1.34 cash , with 10 per cent added for
certificate * . Frank Cooper bid I1.3GV& on all
Council Bluffs brick and $1.4816 on DCS
Molnee repressed paving brick for top nnd
tom courses. E. A. Wlckham submitted
a proposition to do the work with nil home
jrlck for $1.29 or $1.43'/5 for Des Molncs ma
terial , payments In certlflcacs , with G per
cent discount for cash. The. bids were re
'erred to the engineer for tabulation.
Mrs. S. R. Woods asked to hnvo the tnxcs
on her property for thu past year remitted
'or the reason that she was old , Infirm and a
widow and unable to prevent her property
! > clng sold for taxes. The request was re
fcrrcd to the Judiciary committee with In
structions to report at tbo meeting next
Monday night.
Neighbors of James Snoddcrly nnd An
drew Peterson of 119 Madison street notified
the council that the fence In front of the
property had been moved Into the street
about six feet , to the serious damage of the
street and the residents. Referred to the
Judiciary committee.
Just before the council adjourned a mo
tlon from Alderman Brough called nttentlc.n
to the condition of Indian creek from Nine
ternth avenue to Broadway. It was shown
that It wns necessary to complete the exca
vations begun last spring. City Engineer
Tostevln estimated that 15,000 yards of earth
must be moved In order to complete the
work , nnd that the cost would reach $2,300
On motion of Alderman Brough the engineer
was ordered to go ahead and do the work
at once , nnd give employment to men nm
teams In sufficient number to work advan
tageously. The council then adjourned un
til this evening.
1-MrMt I'rcHliylcrlnii Cliureli IlccliU-n
Upon Him fur I'liHlor.
The congregation of the First Presby
terian church decided to. call llev. W. S.
Barnes of Madison. Ind. . at a meeting 1'eIO
last evening In the parlors of the ehureh.
Rev. Joshua Rlalo acted ns moderator.
When the question of selecting a pastor
was up several weeks ago the veto of the
congregation showed that the majority
vcrs In favor of Mr. Barnes , but the send
ing of the call was postponed for .1 time In
order that the matter might bn further
discussed , There were over sixty present
last evening nnd all favored the extending
of the call to Rev. MK Barnes nt once. The
elders nnd trustees were nccordlugly In
structed to prosecute the call , Mr. Barnes
pastorate to tnko effect January 1 eras
as soon thereafter as convenient lo him.
Rev. Mr. Barnes occupied the pulpit at
the First Presbyterian church the first two
Sundays In September nnd made n favor
able Impression. Ho Is n good thinker an >
forcible pulpit orator. Ho has been a
Madison. Ind. , for several years , having
formerly occupied a pulpit at Kearney
It takes half n ton of starch per mnntl
to stiffen , the shirts , collars nnd cuffs of the
Eagle laundry's patrons. Hnvo you tried
them ? 724 Broadway. Telephone 157.
Overtoil MlNxloii Aniilvrrnnrr.
The Ovcrton mission people held a meet
Ing last evening that was largely attended
It wan In the nature of an anniversary eel
cbration and commemorated the fact tha
the mission , founded ono year ago , had licit
a meeting every night since without a miser
or a skip.
The mission meets In the old Pierce strcc
school building on East Plerco utrcet. When
the building was abandoned for school pur
poses Captain Ovcrton secured the consen
of the Board of Education to use it at nigh
for mission rr.ectlngs. The school furnltun
was taker out and the mission people wen
permitted to provide their own convent
eiicca. The old pews of the Broadway Meth
odlst church were secured by Captain Over
ton , and as they nro of a substantial nature
turo nnd well cushioned , they have affcrdct
comfortable seats for the crowds that hav <
gathered there nightly.
The mooting last night was In the naturi
of a praise service. Every person prcson
who was Interested In the work detailed th
pleasant Incidents connected with the year'
labor. Captain Overton pledged the mis
slon workers redoubled efforts for the com
Ing year. A meeting will be held every
night , regardless of conditions , and this
will bo continued as long as the schoo
board permits the use of the building.
Sideboards , the finest In town , and o
course at the Durfeo Furniture company's.
Illlitly Hurl Iiy 11 Full.
Jamo.s Current , a labo-lng man , sustained
severe , If not danger ; .a. Injuries yesterday
morning by falling from a ladder while en
gaged In trimming shade trees at the rest
dcnec of C. R. Hannan.
Current was standing on a twclvc-foo
ladder Hawing off a large bough. When I
fell It struck the ladder and knocked I
down. Current fell with great force upoi
the brick pavement , striking on his bacl
and the back of his head. Ho was uncoil
sclouH when ho was picked up and carrlc
Into the house and remained so for som
time. . A KUigeon was called and the In
jurcd man was taken to his homo at 31
North Twelfth street. An examination
showed that ho had suffered a severe caucus
slon of thu brain und It was Impossible tc
determine the outcome. Ho was partially
delirious and was vomiting moru or less aj
day yesterday.
Current has a family dependent upon
I'liliiu-r n nI Ilnukiicr nt.
General John M.
Palmer of Illinois an-
QenerJl Simon D. Iluckncr of Kentucky
candidates for president and vlco preslden
of the United States on the national demo
cratlo ticket , will address the citizens o
Council ItlulTa and vicinity Monday evening
October 20. They will bo accompanied b
General Edward S. Uragg of WUconsln. Hon
T. J. Mahonuy of Nebraska , Colonel W. \ \
Wttmer of DCS Molncs , Hon. J , K. B. Mark
loy of Mason City , all well known through
out the country as democrats and orr.toru
It Is the desire of the local committees t
make this tbo greatest meeting of the cam
palgn ,
They are so Illtlo yuu hardly know yo
are taking them. They cauie no grlplug
yet they act quickly and most thorough ! )
Such are the famous little pllU known a
UeWltt'a Llttlo Early Hlaere , Small i
size , treat lo rexulti.
- II10
lason City Oitlzons Prepare n Bjilomlhl
Reception fortho Visitor ' , . ' .
iiiiiiirliinl .MutterVIII Coitiu'ltvforc
the Unity ToitfhliKt CniiNtltiitlonnl
UiU'NtloiiN UHickitli II I'll n ell
In IJvliloiioc. I ' /
MASON CITY , la. , Oct. 19. ( Special Tele-
ram. ) The forty-ninth annual susalon of the
; rand lodge of the Independent Order of Odd
nt the grand encampment of Iowa
, nd ninth annual meeting of the state as-
embly of Rcbekohs will convene In this city
oaiorrow morning. The entire business por-
lon of the city Is gaily decked with cm-
ilems of the order , flags nnd bunting nnd
ho Intersection of State and Main streets
s a double arch surmounted by life-sized
portraits of four of the leading officers of
he lodge and gaily festooned with national
olora and many colored lights.
Important matters arc to come before each
body this year. The grand encampment
Tuesday will consider and probably adopt anew
now constitution for the subordinate en
campment. The grand lodge will , among
other matters , take action on building the
Orphans' Home , the matter now under tern-
> orary Injunction , restraining Its being built
at Indlanola. The state assembly work , for
he first tlmo under the state assembly de
gree , will bo conferred by the supreme repre
sentatives' session tomorrow. An Informal
reception was extended the grand lodge and
state assembly at Hotel Anderson tonight.
Moderate Sentence for AfiMinlt.
DKS MOINBS , Oct. 19. W. A. Cummlngs.
convicted of criminal assault on Myrtle Hock-
well and Ucsslc Stephens , 8 and 10 years
of age , was sentenced today by Judge Holmes
o fifteen years' Imprisonment on each
charge. The second sentence la to begin
after the first Is served.
Democratic Cliiilriunti UfRCN IHipli
of Kinhleiii of National Honor.
CHICAGO , Oct. 19. Chairman Jones of
the democratic national committee Issued
the following appeal Into this afternoon :
Democratic National Headquarters , Chi
KO , October 19. The American lint ; has
always been the emblem of national honor
and It will alwnyx remain so. It Is too
sacred to be prostituted to partisan pur
poses an Ims been attempted for the first
tlmo In tills campaign. Its Influence lum al
ways been for the good of mankind , Its dis
play IM always potent for the advancement
of all that Is bent In our government , for
It appeals to every Hcntlmcnt of patriotism
and national pride. I , therefore , suggesl
that on Saturday , October 31 , nil those who
desire to preserve the country's honor nni
Independence an It came to its from the
fathers , who believe In the rights , of evcrj
man. rl h or poor , to cast n. free nnd untrammeled -
trammeled ballot , who oppostl government
by corporations nnd the coercion 'of voters
and desire that real nnd genuine prosperity
may once again return to bless our people
display the national colors at their homes
their places of business 'and wherever else
they may be seen In order that voters
whoso hearts are for their country , may IK
oheered and their purposes jxtrcngthcnrd
and that those who are wavering may taki
oourngo of their patriotism texperfprm their
duty as citizens "to the eml that govern
metit of tlio people , by the neoplH and for
the people shall not perish from th'c earth. '
Chairman Democratic National Cum
HIIN X < IlpnrlnK oil L'olltlcN.
DUBLIN. Oct. 19. Archbishop Walsh has
been In receipt recently of considerable cor
rcfipondence by mall and wire regarding his
pamphlet on bimetallism , which .has been
reprinted In the United States. Ire' , says he
Is not surprised that It has been sought to
turn It to account for political purposes
but he adds , no ono reading It with ordlnnrj
care can fall to see that nothing he has sail
about bimetallism has uny Veal bearing
upon the question now being'to warmly dls
cussel In the United States.
TILIU.\PIIIC niinyrrins.
Missionary bishops of the Kplscoim
church are to bo chosen this week.
Monstnpha Tnpsln Hey , the new Turklsl
minister , arrived nt Washington Into yes
International Typographical union has
flnl ! < hed Its session at Colorado Springs
having cost J30.CCO.
Treasury gold reserve stands nt J121.7S7 ,
201 , J253.100 in gold coin und 132,100 In bir. :
having been withdrawn.
Kdltor Horace Rublee's remains will IK
cremated at Forest Homo cemetery , Mil
wntikce , on Wednesday.
Naval court of Inquiry lias exonerated thi
captain of the battleship Texas which wn
grounded recently in Newport harbor.
Coon Itros. , PhlladclplUa cheese dealers
have assigned , on account of the nionej
stringency. No statement Is given out.
Golden Kagle Clothing ; company nt Topeka
managed by E. Httllngcr , has fulled , will
assets and liabilities amounting to abou
Steamer Cora left Key West with 100 ton
of coal In sacks and It Is believed thU < wn
transferred to thu Three Friends to In
landed in Cuba.
Revenue cutter Wlndom will leave Haiti
more today under sealed order ? , presunmblj
to watch for Cuban filibustering expedition
off the Florida coast.
Murloii Deposit bank at Marlon. O. , hni
failed , and thu owner. T. 1' . Wallace , ha
assigned all his Individual property for tin
benefit of his creditors.
Western New York Preserving and Mnnu
facturlng company of Springfield has KOII
Into a receiver's hands. Assets nro glvet
as J2C.7M. and liabilities. J1G7.373.
Fraud order has been issued by the post
master general against James C. I.ovini
treasurer of the Tortlllata CJold Mlnlnt
company , advertising mint.In ! California.
Twenty delegates , representing generally
beneficial associations of civil service cm
ployes nt customs houses of eleven ports
met In Washington to form a benevolen
Final arrangements have been completci
for transfer of controlling- Interest In Sea
board & Hoanokc common stock to the Ryai
syndicate according to reports. Thn urn
stipulated In the contract expires today.
George Gore and Frank Martin , colored
were killed , and Jim Dennis probably fatally
Injured , In a light nt Hello Ellen mines li
Alabama , when Sheriff To.turn attempted t <
arrest Gore , who was a notorious negr
George S. Moore , assistant district nt
torncy for the middle district of Alabama
has been appointed by Juslletr 'white of th
supreme court as acting 'litbtrltt ' attorney
In place of Mr. Clayton , roodiltly removei
until a reeular appointment made by
President Cleveland , tcll , . ,
Postal authorities nt WatdijiJHton look 01
thu arrest of Wallace , nlliuiluntoii , wli
was seen to take a nuill a&c from th
union depot In Kansas wfifle he was dls
gulscd as a railway mall 'clerk' as an Im
portant capture. Thu mnn'liamconfcsscd tether t
other similar robberies. -
Dr. Hagar of Zurich hafe , discovered i
hitherto unpublished conoti't' ' overture b
Wagner. -o , t <
London newspapers contlniipi to complalt
of Sir Kdwnrd Clarke's 'V/inezucla speech
raying his attempted cxplaiWtlbn evades th
teal Issue "i *
Vaults of the Rank of KfAntdoY nt Guaya
null were entered yesterifci/mror thn firs
time since the great llro oijrj ei'crylhlnjj In
fide found safe. jj , (
Prof. Bering nnd Ilerr.JCnorr , a Horll
lecturer , 'has discovered a tetanus ant
toxin , which Is expected to greatly reduc
the number of deaths from traumatl
1'olltlenl IteniM.
Judge Powers nnd Judge King of Utit
will go east to take the stump for lirya
at Chairman Jones' request.
Women's National Democratic league \vl
present Mrs. W , J. Ilryan with a hamlsom
bible , bound in llexlblo seal leather ,
Tom Reed spoke on currency und tarl
to an Immense and enthusiastic audlenc
In the Auditorium ut Chicago yesterday.
Tom Watson's nllidavlt declining lo per
mlt the use of Ills name on the olliclal hallo
In Kansas on the fusion ticket has rent-tie
Topeka through the malls.
Judge O. D. Jones , populist candidate fo
governor of Missouri , has resigned In favo
of the democratic candidate , which make
fusion practically complete.
Sterling R. Holt , ex-chairman of thIn
dluna democratic committee , 1mH written u
open letter denouncing free silver and ro
pudlatlnif Llryan , who , lie suys , la not
ix SHOUT sciHM'inr SHTTOH. \
'our ut NIMV York mill Ono nt HaitiI I
.Mure , All ( n n Meelxlou.
NEW YORK , Oct. 19.-Four bouts mmlo
p the cnrd for the dccond troxlng HIIOXV of
he Union Park Athletic- club tonight. The
ttrtnln-rnlscr was nn eight-round go nt
IS pounds lietwcen Charley Leopold tif
Inrlotn nnd Charley Kelly of New York ,
wo minutes nfter they negan operations" ,
tolly Moored his opponent with n tight
wlnn , Leopold ntnylng down over the limit ,
ut the referee nllowcil the limit to go on.
n a minute later Leopold went down airnln.
Tic referee sent him to bin corner , hut
Kalli the fighters were allowed to con-
Inue. In n few seconds Leopold was sent
o the floor once more , nnd Kelly wns given
ho 1 decision ,
The second pair was Sam llolon ami An-
rew Cunco. ten rounds , nt 115 pounds.
They went the full ten rounds , although In
he sixth , Ciineo was floored nnd It looked
s though ho wns out. Helen fought hint
II the way nnd was declared the winner.
Thu third event brought Joe Hopkins and
George McFndden , both of New York , to
gether for ten rounds nt 12S pounds. Me-
< "nillcn ( got the dcclxlon.
The last event was to bo n twelve-round
ontest at 150 pounds between Tommy West
if Hoston nnd "Tarantula" Hilt Smith of
Texas. West led off with n left punch on
he nose and ' Smith began to bleed. Smith
landled hlm'pclf like n novice and West
mushed him at will throughout the first
ound. In the second round , nfter llght-
ng 1 minutes nnd 23 seconds , Smith was
{ necked down nnd out.
HALTIMORE , Oct. 19-Dan Sullivan of
Hoston nnd Jack Ward of Newark fought
n twenty-round contest to a draw tonight
before thu Eureka Atblctlu club. Sullivan
vas the stronger at the finish , but showed
evidence of strong punishment. Ward was
vcak , but apparently unharmed. Joe Gnus ,
colored , of Haltlmoro , made n chopping
dock of "Professor" Jack Williams of
t'ensncoln In a contest stopped by the
> ollco In the second round.
UernrilM ColiiK nt Dnllnn.
DALLAS , Tex. , Oct. ID. Severn ! trials
'or ' time records were made. O , I * Stevens
made n mile In lf : > SV4. paced by the quad ,
nnd 15. K. Anderson made a half In 0:39 : ,
weed by the same team , while Arthur
Gardiner rode u quarter unpaccd In 0:27 : 4-5 ,
ircakltiR thu state record for that distance.
Tomorrow night Gardiner will go against
the world's record for n mile , paced by the
quad. Hu was to have made this attempt
tonight , hut It wns postponed In order to
allow him to rest up from his long trip ,
Results :
Mile , lap , professional : Xlmmy McFarland
won , seven points ; E. E. Mockctt , six
points , second ; Jj A. Woodllof and .1. A.
jkelton tied for third with four points each.
Time : 2HV4.
Mile amateur : Dan Daughcrty , St. Louis ,
won : .Will Loupe. Dallas , socoml ; H. A.
Canfleld. St. Louis , third. Tlmo , 2:13. :
Mile , professional , for Texas riders only :
iCdttar Boren. Dallas , won ; Lloyd \Vllman- ,
Dallas , second ; Max Morris. Fort Worth ,
: hlrd. Time , 2:09. : The last half was intide
n 1:0314. :
Two-mile handicap , amateur : Dan
Datisherty. St. Louis , ( pcratch ) won ; Will
troupe Dallas ( sixty yards ) , second ; H. A.
Canllcld , St. Louis ( scratch ) , third. Vlme ,
6:03. :
Mile , professional , handicap : E. K.
Mockett. Lincoln. Neb. ( twenty-five yar.lsj.
won ; Hlmmy Mc-Farland , San Jose ( scr.Udi ) .
second ; C. S. Well ? , San Francisco ( fifteen
yards ) , third. Time , 2:11. :
Klevrnlli Hiiiinil nt CliriK.
HIJDA PEST , Oct. lO.-The eleventh round
of the International chess masters' tourna
ment wns played In this city today.
Charousek bent Wnlbrodt In n Ruy Lopez
nfter twenty-nine moves.
Tarrasch bent Wnlbrortt in a Fnlkborfi
gambit after forty-one moves.
Tschlgorln bent Albln In a gulocco piano
after forty-one moves.
Schlechter bent Jnnowskl In n King's
gambit declined after seventy-one moves.
Mnroczy nnd Marco drew a Ruy Lopez
after twcnty-ono moves.
Noa beat Poplel In n King's flanchctto
after thirty-two moves.
Plllsbury had n bye.
Tlircc V ' mi > In Hollered ( o lie CniNlicil
Iiy Ice In < luNorth. .
PHILADKLPHIA , Oct. 19. Fears arc en
tertained In this city for the safety of the
barks Argenta. Silicon and Serene , which
sailed several months ago for Greenland to
load crollte for Philadelphia. Whether
they have been crushed by the Ice floes that
have drifted down from the far north or not
la .not known.
The Argcr.ta sailed from Cadiz on March
17 for Ivlgtut , the loading point on the wesl
coast of Greenland. She was commanded
by Captain Smith. He was formerly In
charge of a whaler and has had many years'
experience on the Ice. He had with him a
crow of seventeen men , shipped mostly li
Philadelphia. The Silicon left Stocltholn
on June 5 and the Serene left Havana on
April 29. both for Ivlgtut. Captain Hough
ton Is new to the Ice , while the others-havo
had experience bcforo assuming comm'am
as mates and In other subordinate positions. .
\ortli AVIinl * Will liliMv mill II AVI 11
Slightly Colder In \i > liriinkii. .
WASHINGTON. Oct. 19.-Tho forecast for
Tuesday Is :
For Nebraska Fair ; slightly colder ; nortli
For Missouri Fair , preceded by local
showers In eastern portion ; decidedly colder
north winds.
For Iowa Fair , preceded by cloudi
weather In southern portion ; colder ; nortf
For South Dakota Generally fair ; nortl
wind * , becoming variable ; slightly warmer
Tuesday afternoon.
For Wyoming nnd Montana Fair ; wlmU
shifting to south and warmer in the caster )
For Kansas Generally fair and decided ) )
colder ; north winds.
Local Heeonl.
OMAHA , Oct. 19 , Omaha record of tem
perature nnd rainfall compared with th <
corresponding day o : the past three years
1S9I5. 1S9.1. 1S94. 1S93
Maximum temperature. . . 07IS "s c
Minimum temperature. . . 40 29 S3 41
Average temperature fil 38 CO s
Ilalnfall 00 .00 .00 .00
Condition of temperature and preclpitn
lion nt Omaha for the day and since March
1 , 1S9G :
Normal temperature for the day
Deficiency for the day
Accumulated excess since March 1
Normal precipitation for the day. . .OS Inch
Dpllelcncy for the day OSlnci
Total precipitation since Mar. 1..30.83 Inche
Excess since March 1 3.01 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period , ISSJ. . . 3,21 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period , U9I..14.32 inches
HeiiorlN from .Station * at N p. in.
Omaha , cloudy C6
Nortli I'lnttf , part cloudy
Salt Lake City , clear
Clieycnno , clumly
Itnplil City , part cloudy ,
Huron , clear
Chicago , cloudy
Ht. I/jiils , rnlnlng ,
St. I'aul. clear
Dnvciiiurt ; , cloudy
KnnsiiB City , clear
Helena , part cloudy
Havre , part cloudy
lllemnrck , cloudy
\Vllllnton , clrn.r
Oalve ton , | art cloudy
* " *
T Indicate * trace"afprecliltnllon. |
L. A. WKI.SII. Local Forecast Ofllclnl.
A\ hon I was thirteen years eld I began lo have
soru eyes mid cars , and from my curs u humor
spread. I doctored with llvu different nkllful
doctorr , but they did mo no uood , My dUeano
was Kcr.nim. Ily this Iliuo It Itad KOIIB all IIVIT
my head , face , and body , Kobody thought I
would llvo , and would not have but for Curicnu
HKUKIUKI. I used four boics of UUTICHIIA ,
llrocakunof CirriciiHA HOAl' . and three bottles
of COIICDIU UESOI.VCNT. Uv hair all came out
at that time , but now It Is o thick I can hardly
comu It. I am Blitetn years eld. welsh 130
pounds , and am perfectly well ,
Miss IltKAN CWANDKL , OUytou , N. V.
Brnnr Ci'ss TstiTHrRT. Wirni l th > with Cu >
TICVSA Biur. ccnIU iMIulkini nl Corlorm ( ulnl-
mm I ) . ndtii'MitoKi ' ofCullcmi ItiiuLr > rfr > iUit
tf humor euro.
Bold Ihrouiliout Iht varld. Price , CirncuiJ , Kit. )
SOAr , 3C. | HlHllYlfT , ft * . Hid Cl. I'OTTSS UI9
int. CHIU , four. , 8ol | 'rop . . U < Uin.
mg 'Uvv to Cu Litrj Bkia Humor , " tailUd &M.
Catarrh and Headache.
\nothorIMttin Lecture on the AIM'tfrv.uUnj ; Power of This Disease
Illustrative Cases of Various Kltuls in Kvklcnce Toiluv.
Sufferers from hfndnrho nro numovons.
Vhon ( hey Inquire ' : ito the cause of the
le.idache , varloti.i reasons nro given. It
M the stamnch , ynyn one doctor ; It Is the
irrvc ! , savt iinnthcr ; U Is anaemic blood ,
ays n ; hlrd. For the past few years It
ins been the fad for the due tor to say that
'eye strain" Is the cause. Then the patient
) otmht eye glasses to relieve the headache
nd antl-pyrlne nnd other conl-lar products
nnd other narcotics were taken to subdue
he throb In the head.
A recent article In a medical Journal
omes out plainly and endorses the Copc-
und nnd shopnrd position. The wtlter
ays. as they say , that the chief cause of
londacho Is catarrh. The headache ls
crused mainly by the extension of the ca-
nrrhnl congestion and Inllammattnn from
Iin nose to the frontal slnns alnni ; the or-
llpary line of cDinmunlcixtlon. nnd the only
euro for It to bo found Is the euro of the
cause , catarrh.
low CiMnrrh COKM ! anil SwolN tlio
ClmrlCB Sherman , 1M3 Nicholas street ,
CHAHLES SHERMAN , 1513 Nlnholao St.
ias been nn employe of the Missouri Pacific
railroad for nine years. Interviewed nn (6 (
ills experience with the Copeland nnd Sliep-
ntd treatment , hn said- :
"A brief course with nrs. Copeland nnd
Shepard has cured mo of n bad throat tils-
ease of many years' btandlng , I first no
ticed n sense of fullness In swallowing. The
walls of thn throat seemed thick nnd Htlff.
Later on n bunch soemrd to form deep In
the throat , which beo.nmn a permanent
swelling. This wns always present and
sometlmr.i fell ns big tin n potato , rising
nnd falling with each swallow of food.
There wns always n slimy , thick mucous In
my throat that I couldn't get rid of. For
years this thing was n real misery , but I
couldn't find any relief. The effect of the
catarrhal disease had also lowered my sys
tem until 1 wns thoroughly affected by Its
poisons. I am nil rlidit now nnd cannot
speak too highly of the prompt nnd radical
treatment that did the work. "
9.-.n PEII .MONTH.
In the I'Mvo.l nn.l Uniform Feu for All
AV. II. COI'EI.AMJ , 31. . , ( C
c. s. siiEPAiti ) , si. u. . r
Olllco Hours : 9 to 11 n. in. :2 : to 6 p. in. Evo-
nlngs Wednesdays and Saturdays only
6 to S. Sunday 10 to 12 in.
WHY ? Because your Liver and Kid'-c is arc
out of ordet
Dr. J. H.
is the "PEERLESS REMEDY" or curing
> ailments of the Liver , Kidneys and Bladder , Diabetes , Rheu- ( i
inatfem and Bright's Disease. 9 <
2 THE DR. J. H. MCLEAN MEDICINE co. , sr. LOUIS , ivio.
( undgard
Fine Line of Fall and
Winter Suitings.
130 S. Main Street
Council Bluffs , la.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
CAPITAL. . . . $100,000
Sea-rlss - &
Searles ,
Nervous , Cliroaic
Private Diseases.
Private Diseases
nisurdcr.sof Mou
Treatment by mill
Cured for life and the poison thoroughly
cleansed from the system. PILES. FISTULA
and VARIC'OCELE permanently and suc
cessfully cured. Method new nnd unfailing
Ly ) now method without pnln or cutting1.
Cnll on or aildrcus with stamp ,
Dr. Scarlcs & Searlcs 110 S. I4th St.
, Ouialm. Neb.
NC-.V life , new strength , new vigor.
will brine back your lost powers nnd stop
They act quickly , create a healthy digestion ,
pure rich WooJ. firm mujcles. Weed
strength , steady nerves ana n cliarbraln.
$1.00 Per Box , 6 Boxes $5.00.
A lepal Runranteo to ruro or refund tlio
money wtlli evcryJ.'j.OOunlcr. Addiets
Bherniar. & McConncll 1'ruc Co. ,
1113 Dodeo St. . Omaha ,
A / . / JVVrroi/f tiUcniti Fnlllnu Mem *
ory. Impotoncy.HletpleMnoM.tto.rnuMMl
hy Almi.0 ami olhar KICAHMJU und India *
cretlonv. Wiry r/iilr//i/ ( fluAIIIT'I /
rnittoro Lnt Vitality In olil ur jounu , nnd
tit u man for tud-bu > ln"ior niurtlii n.
1'rrrimt lunaiilly uml Connu nipt Ion 1C
taken In llin . Their u n thowH linmeillatu Iniiiravo-
ment and oRecli a OUJIK whoronll others lull. In.
tint upon hamm tha iirnulnn Ajax Tutlolo. They
Imracureit llioutnnilinnd will euro > ou. Wa ulte a
roiltlTO wrlllen cuuranten to rllect n cure In each cu o
or refund the mouoy. 1'rlra 6O cunm for l ctnao , or
lxickaK < M Hull treatmentl for 9'iJ" . Ily mull , lu
plain wrafiicr , unon rnculj'tof price. Clrrulnr free.
For sale In Omaha by James Forsylh , 203 N ,
Klh Street.
Kulm & Co. , ICth and Douglas Streets.
Weakncti & Ditordcr of
tO Ytari Eipcricac * .
B Vetri lo Omaha.
( look Frti. Coniuluiioa
nd nxtmination Kr r.
Mth snd Firntm Sis-
CIToy worn
Clotbiaji , Drcs5)5 ) anJ HotisJhali
OMAHA OWICC 1U1 Karnam. Tel. Ml.
COUNCIL ILUI'TSVoiks and Onice. Cor. / f
nun A and : eth Ut. Tel. 210.
Sidney R. Ellis' grand production ,
Darkest Russia.
A company of superior excellence. Scats
on sale at Seller'H Drtit' Store.
Direct from Auntrullu ,
Under the direction of Win. A. llrnily ,
presenting the Krcut
Ily Oco , Du Muurlcr. Dramatized Iiy 1'nul Potter.
1'rkTH : : < . , S.'e , Me , 'Cc nmt Jl.l'U. ' tjcatu mnr
on Eulc at Holler's drug Htuie.
Leave * IHU1U.INOTO.N & MO. UIVKH.IArrhra
Omaha ) Union Ucpuv , lOtn & Macun m.v | Oir.uha
C.l3am. : . . . . Uenvtr l xiiei | > u . ' . . . ' . ' : li ta
4& > [ im.llv IIllli. HonU & 1'uKCt Sid. Ux. 4Uipia ;
4 : ii > m . Denver Exiutra * . 4:41pm :
7u5iin..NcLrnhliu ; Local ( except Sumliiy ) . . 7:45prei
. . .Lincoln Local ( except Suniliyi:2uum ) :
2iilin..l-aut : Mat ! 'for Lincoln ) -iMy. . .
OmnliaUnlon ] Depot , lotli & Mnson Kta.J Omaha
CiCOpm . Chicago VeHtlbulo . . . . . 8:00atn :
3MSum . clilcuKo Uipreos . : pra
" : CCpm. , Chicago unit Bt. Luula Ilxiiresf. . 8:00am :
IlMO.mi . I'acino junction Local . C:10um :
. Fait Mall . SiOuia :
Leaves ( CHICAGO. MIL. & BT. 1'AUL.IArrlves
OmalmL'nlonDepot | _ , loth & Mason ate. | Omaha
C:30prn : Chicago Llinlten . .77 8:03 : ra
llOOam..Clilcngo KxprccB ( ex. Sunday ) . . 3:25pm :
Leaves ( CHICAGO & NOnTIIWEST'N.IArrtvea
Omalmjlinlon Depot , )0th & llakon fit . | Omaha
lOM.'am . Uar'.ern Kxpremi . , . , , 3'Mnm
4 : < Spm . Veatlhuled Limited . , , UMOpni
GE : prn . St. Pout Expicci . 9:30am :
SHOam . rft. Paul Limited . . . . 8Wirn :
7Mom..Carr-l : ! jt Bloux City Ixjcal.vnlVpm
C:30pm : . Omnnu Chicago 3perl l . S:00am :
. Mlieourl Valley Local .
I.aCHICAGO. ( . It .1. A -
Omalmll.'nlon Depot. 10th & Mason 8 U.I Omaha
_ KABT. "
JOHOam..Atlantic Cxpn- IPX. Sunday ) , , B:3pm :
T:00pm : NlKhi Kxpri-ae 8lnt : : >
4Mpm..ChlcaKO : Vemlhulcd Ltmlted. . . . l:3Spn : )
450im..Rt. | T'linl Villlnilert Limited . . . l.3ini : |
G45pm. ! Oklahoma ft Texan Ex. ( ex. fiun..IO5am :
IMOpin . .Colorado Llmllto. . . . 400pra ;
csT. ; Airlve "
Omaha Depot , lit ! : act ! Wcbt" * . _ Omaha
sirain : Kloux C'.ty Acvon > mudatlon. . , , SiOOpa
lMpm : . . Sioux City KAIUCIK it-.i. 8un.nUuin ) :
C'.lSpn ; . . . . . . . . .m. I'uu ! Limlli-d . ; 10am
" " "
Leaves P. . . "i MO. VAJ.LKV. lArrir * ! "
_ pniaho Df pot16tn _ and U'lrtnuT Bti. i Omaha
"SiCOpm T.lPnit Mail np.i'KxpieiB . li00nm ;
3 : ( Opm. ( ox. Hut. ) V > 'yo. ix , ( ex. Mon. ) , . D00prn ;
7tOain. : I < 'ieiniuit Loeal ( Bundnyx Only ) . .
7COnm. : , , , Norfull : Kxprern tcx. Hun..10:25am ) :
CilSpm Bt. raul ixpr ? a. . . . . . . . . . OMOam
' "
Leaves I Ic'roTat" . A C. l lAnlvnf
* OmahaJJunlonDep6t , JOth * Mason Bti. | Omaha
> ; CSam. . , Knnins City Dny'Hxpfci . ( ilOom
IQiMpm.K. C. Nliiht U. P. Tians. : JOam
Leiws | MISflOUHI PAOIFIC. lAnrlvcT
Omahu | _ Depot , > Cth and Webster Sis. | Orruilm
3:30pni.iNtbri : < lm A Knnvait Llmlted. TTl2:2ptn :
0:30pm : . Kantas City IJipr-re 600um ;
. Ni'l > rn > l < a Local ( ex. Hun. ) 9:00.\m :
f.envcsT "tiIOtJX CITY & I'Aril'IC , lArrlVM
Omalml pcpoi , IMIi nnj Wtbeter His. I Ornah
. . . . . . . .St.JMul UmltcJ OilOara
Leaves"sTotJX"CITVr"A / PA"rin > fo7 Arrive *
OmnhaUiilon | Depot , 10th & Mnson BtR Omaha
EMCam HI. Paul Pusrenecr. , " , , . , , " .Ililfprn
7 : > 0am Sioux City Pus ene < r. . . . . . . OiOIpm
etSpm ; fit. Paul Limited 9:20um :
830prn ! Kn > l Mull , ; „
. , n Depot , 10th & Mama tits. [ Omsli
i St Louis Cannon Uflll.i..HSOAB ; }