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    THE OMAHA DAILY IMS 13 : TUTUSUr\ , OrTOUEK 15 , 1800. ,1
B. r
Pliutn cuppllcft nnil onmpras , fill Il'dwny.
Mrs Joel Stewnvt has rfiturncil ( rora Chi-
Mr * . l.iiilcr Kelt of North Pintle I * 1"
tl.c ilt > .
S. II. Mbrrtmey of Ilarlan * * In the city
la t night.
Supoiv-Uor Dentlcr of Pit-Mini township
IK In the city.
MM I A. 3one ! I * visiting Mrs , Shaw on
North Six'h Dtictt.
MM flo rge A. Kccllno 1ms relumed from
visit tn frlcndtl it IIUillliKlon. la
Mm H. II. UMton of O'Neill , Neb. , Is
R ( jurat of her sinter , Mrs. 0. I ) . UlfiK .
W. U. RtotiT of DM Molnt't. roprnaoutlnR
the American Hook company. | R ! t'10 ' cll-v-
A. Stlllmnn returned from Hotk
yMciday. Ho 1 ! r. bad litalth find.
lu1 to 'or a re t.
The McKlulcy Ounn ! anil Drum corps will
inrt-t lor drill promptly at 7:16 : this evening
ftt the armory , Klxemnn buildlui ? .
O. H. Van Houten of Lenox , secretary
of the South wcMorn Iowa Ilnrtlcillttiral so-
clrt.v , wns In the city yesterday.
A case of measles was reported today
ot SCO.1 ! Third avenue , nud mf-mnrnnous
croup nt 2010 South Trnth street.
The Ilaptlst VOUIIK I'eopKs union Is
Making itrrminemenlM for KlvliiK "Tlio Tem
ple ot Fame" during the next month.
The had IPS' Roclety will nlvc n 0'lal nt
the Second I'rcsbytoilnn church , ccrnor
LoRiin and Harmony strci-U , this c'.cnliiR.
The Council muffs Uowlng niMsoclntluii Is
talkliiK of renting thn LeaKiie rooms In the
McrrlJim block fur-uptown headquarters.
Mr. and Mrs. AV.V. . Chapman are imiklnr :
arrangements to leave for Kirksvllle. Mo. ,
for the benefit of Mr. Chapman's health.
Mrs. QcurKo Clmvcs ! Is reported to be 111.
Her daughter , Mrs. l.oftcr Kills has bu n
called to bet bedside from North I'lattc ,
The Ladies' Aid society of St. John's Rn-
Rllph Lutheran church will mcul this after
noon at the residence of Mrs. L. Leffcrts ,
32ft Eleventh avenue.
The women of Unity iiild ! of Grace Epis
copal church gave a pleasant "Kxpcrlcnce"
social at the home of MM. Charles Watts
on Klrst street last night.
The 1'ottnwiittamlo County Farmers' aa-
noclatlon held a meeting at the Kiel hate
Tuesday afternoon. The organization was
Rhown to be In a flourUhliiK condition.
Frank Ilt-lllngcr was reported Kick with
measles at 2C03 Third a\unui > yesterday
1'eler I'etcrjion was reported hl'.k with mem
branous croup at 2010 South Tenth street.
There has been practically a corn famine
In Council llluITs for the past few days 01
account of the farmers being unable to gu
their product to market.Vhlte corn bus
been nt a premium of from 2 to 3 cents.
Card * , have been received by a number o
Council Illuffs people announcing the mar
rlagd of Miss Merlam Woolson , daughter o
Judge Wooleon , to Mr. Ilrookx. son of Pros
Idcnt llrooks of Tabor college , lust evening
A meeting of the executive committee o
the Western Iowa Poultry , Farm and flardot
association wns held at the olllce of Auilllo
Mathews for thu purpose of arranging the
premium list for the show , which will beheld
held here In December.
Charles W. Shrnder and Miss Mill/in 1 :
1'arrlnli , both of Omaha , were married yes
terday afternoon at the Haptlst parsonage
Hev. V. C. Ilocho olllclatlng. The par
tics wcro accompanied by the bride's par
cuts. They left for Denver last evening.
The I.ndlon of the Maccabees cntertalnci
a host of their friends at Ileno's hall las
night In honor of the second anniversary o
the founding of the order In this city
Dancing was enjoyed until a late hour
Supper was served by the women during th
evening. _
N. Y. Plumbing company. Tel. 230.
C. II. Vlnvl Co. , feinulo remedy. Mcdlca
consultation free Wednesdays. Health bool
furnished. .109 Mcrrlam block.
The beautiful art needle work display or
ranged by Misses Clark & Wetzel will oc
cur Thursday , Krldny and Saturday. Th
display will be the moat elaborate and beau
tlful yet given at 330 and 338 llroathvay.
IMaoi'n fur llruUlratlon.
City Clerk Philips will be ready to funilsl
thu council a lint of the places of reglstra
tlon by this evening , and the council wll
probably hold a special meeting tn rccclv
ami approve his report. He has been put tin
In U his Hpare lime looking up sultabl
building * and locations that will compl
with the law. Yesterday he visited Has
Omalu and determined that the rcglstratlu
.n'aco should be ot the corner of Ninth avc
line and U street.
The days llxed by law for registration nr
October 22. 24 and 31 anil the day of clectloi
The law declare that once In four year
there must be an absolutely new reglstratlo
made. On all other years and for all othc
elections thu old lists can be revised and cor
reeled. Kvery man who desires to vote at th
coming flection must lake the trouble to i ;
personally before the registry board of hi
precinct , answer all of the questions re
quired by law and swear to the truth of hi
BtatementH and Blgn his name to the lists
He cannot dclegato this duty to any of hi
friends. On the day of election the board
will sit for the accommodation only of tlios
voters who were out of thu cUy during th
regular registration days. Each man \vh
registers on that day must swear that h
unavoidably absent.
Got your winter supidy ot coal now bofor
the rush Mid rise In prices , li. M. Shubcr
will fill your orders promptly and bis price
are the lowest. Telephone No. " 0 , C2S Wes
U road way. _
U takes half a ton of starch per nioiit
to BtinVn the shlrtH , collars and cuffs of th
Kaglo Laundry's patrons. Have you trlc <
them ? 724 Droadway. Telephone 1G7.
Choice chocolate creams at Purity Cand
Kitchen at 20 cents pur pound , Saturday ,
Itrnl llxlntr TrtlllMfiTN.
The following trnnsfora of renl ostnt
nre reported by J. W. Squire if. Co. , n
having "been filed October 14 , UtKJ :
Kchvard Lewis and wife to William
LewlH , jti'VJ IIWU 35-71-40 , Vv il . $1,400
County ti-casuror to W. P. Webster ,
lot 3 , block 13 , Hyatt's mihdlv , tax il. 17
Same to some , lots 1.1 , 14 15 , 19 to 27 ,
Mock 2S , HityllHs' 3d ndd , tax d . i
Saint ) to same , lots 2S , 29 , SO. block 2S ,
lots 2. It , C , 7 , X , 12. 13 , block 23 , Bay
lies' 3d add , tux it . 1
Bamn to tuunc , lots 1 to 10 nnd 11 and
12 , block 2S , liiiyllsti * 3d add . 1
Sanui to name. IOH | Hi. 17 , IS , lit , ? ) . 21 ,
22 , block 27 , Itnylbs' 3d ndd , tax d. . . .
Sam' ; to name1 , loin 23 to 39 , block 27 ,
llayllHs' 3d add , tax d . 1
Sheriff to I' . S. Masonic lienevolent
Association , lots 11 nnd 12 , block J ,
nnd lots 1 and 2 , block O , CurtlH &
liiimtuiy'H ndd. His se'/i ll-7l-43 ! , n d. . 5.0CO
Bumu to Mime , ce'.i nw'.i 12-74-41 , a d. . . 2,51
'llHl trnimfcrn , amounting to . $9 , j
The opening of the Purity Candy Kitchen
which was postponed for n week , will b
held Saturday. Candy at half price. Chocolate
elate creams at 20 cents per pound.
SiMVi-r l'lif , KJre Uriel.llt'ltliiK. .
'Wholesale and retail. J. c. lllxby 20
Main street. '
, _ _ _
Lundgard , the Tailor. 130 S. Main street.
The following mnrrlago licenses wcr
issued yoHterday :
Names nnd Address. Ace
K. K. Oebler. St. Louis . .3
l-' J. Swire , Council Illuffs .
Harry lusher , Potlnwiitlnmlc . i
Dtrtlm McICeHson , I'mlerwood . j
A. K. Pntton , I'ottnwuttumle .
Hosalcu Osier , I'ottuuiittanile .
For Infants and Children.
* ties
Police Make a Round-Up of the Ter.smten
n Dray
limy Men lnilliii'it : to Ignore ( hiI'IMI -
vlfiioiiN of the OrilliiniMMItruu -
ii' the Mininvr of i'lili-
The police started a crusade yesterday
gainst the ramnton earilers who have
PKlectcd o * refused lo comply with the or-
Inance icquIrlnR them to exhibit In a
Jii.ipli.uouB place on their vehicles the brass
> iHtr- furnished by the city Riving the iiunt-
MT of tlso ilce-nce under which each vehicle
M bolni ; operated. The police have had a
great dinl of trouble with the teamsters
.bo have looked upon thiV provision of the
ordinanrn with contempt. At the beginning
of each year the ollici'ra arc required to do
i good deal of missionary work among the
oninsiers. Licenses are talc'ii out and palii
or and the- teamsters will forget to remove
ho old plate nnd substitute the ucw. Many
of tlit-m will also forget to take out the II-
COIMO , and n.ori ) trouble Is made for the
lolloe. A round up of all the corumot : cat-
Hern In the city wan made yesterday and
( ohii Vanwy , IM. Gerard and William Hoi-
o\\ay were found to be operating their
wagons without a license so far as an In-
Hpuctlon of their vehicles revealed. The >
weru arrested and will liavo n hearing In the
court this morn'iiK. '
A million r.v.-iil.
IfiO pieces of ullk ribbons in all the new
and desirable shades on sale this week.
ThcFo Rccdi were bought very cheap and
cannot ho duplicated. Note the prices : No
7 and a. at Oc a yard. No. 12 , 10 nnd 22 ,
nt 1'Jo ' a yard.
A new line of mitres' and children's caps
In nil the latest styles and designs.
Our special sill : sale to continue nil the
$1 grade plain changeable taffeta silk to
go at C9c a yard.
r,9c and 7 ! > c fancy slllcn r.t f > 0c.
$1.50 grade fancy printed warp silk , beau
tiful and Dresden patterns , at 9Sc
a yard.
Heal Imported Japanese silk In pure while
at 2 ! > c n yaid.
7 ! > c grade fancy figured black silks at CQc
a yard.
? 1.25 quality satin brocade grosgraln t-llk
on sale at "uc a yard. HOSTON STOHE.
Hroadway , Council Hluffs.
Sideboards , the lln t .1 town , and nf
course at tlio Durfe , . . urniturc ciunpany's
( ; . \\Tiiiii/.s cunivi ) TOO I.IIIKIIAI.
Clirlsllim Church DrrhlcH lo Ai'i'rp
Ilii * Voimu ; I'nxlor'N llfNtdiintloll.
The olllclal board and a large part of thr
congregation of the Christian church met
In the tabernacle last evening for the pur-
pone of determining whether or not the >
should keep Hev. E. A. Cantrcll , the > ouni ,
minister from Mount Pleasant , who was
called two weeks ago. Thn young man cam ;
here under circumstances that made hlt >
prospects bright. Hut for no me reason that
Is not clearly understood liy a large ma
Jorlly of the congregation the sky darkenec
very quickly , and when ho returned to Mt
Pleasant after preaching his flirt sermoi
he carried with him an unmistakable bin
that he might expect to have bib rcsigna
tlon called for before many weeks. Instem
of gntlinrlng up his household goods am
making his arrangements to remove permn
nently to Council Hluffs the young minister
sent a letter to theolllclal board notlfylnr
It that ho would resign at once. The trouble
grew out of some portions of his first scr
mon which some of the older and more
conservative members of the congrcgatloi
thought contained n trace of heresy or some
thing dangerously near It. This matter was
discussed at length tn the meeting las
evening. Mr. llonham. who has been the
most pronounced In his opposition to the
new minister , thought the young man was
Inclined to preach'a gospel of his own rathe
thnn that of Christ , and as a C'hristlai
church they could not 'consistently perm I
this. The heresy was supposed to have beci
contained In a sentence where the yount ,
mlnlstei was dilating upon his charity am
declared that ho would not refuse to extent
the hand of fellowship to any person. Thl
was taken by some of the church odlcla
board to be a defiance of the church's nu
thority , and might mean the bringing Into
the church of undesirable members who
could not be gotten rid of If the mlnlstc
lefuscd to withdraw the hand of fellowship
Many of them present thought the ynnni
minister had been misundciutnod , and the
discussion was continued until 10 o'clock
A motion was then mailo to refuse to con
slder the resignation. A secret ballot wa
taken , which resulted In thirty-six In favo
of refusing to accept the resignation am
twenty-six opposed to retaining the in In IK
tor. This was cot unanimous enough t
satisfy the congregation , and after furthc
discussion n motion to accept the reslgna
tlon carried. The friends of the new mln
Ister who voted for the motion ndmittct
that there could be no harmony with sue
a large proportion of the congregation op
posed to the pastor.
A pulpit committee consisting of Member
Mack , Conoyer , Holloway , Harr and liar
stow was appointed to assist the onicla
board In securing a pastor.
I'lirmorH * liiNiiriiiiei * Company.
The Pottawattamle County Farmers' Mu
tual Insurance company was In session yes
terday. Vice President Harrett In the dial
in th.2 absence of President Campbell , wh
is HI.
Heports of odlcers show ECO policies Issuet
last year , ot which ISO were renewals and
3SO new. They represent $120C3I on llv
stock and $ OS0.987 on other property. Th
net gain In risks was $323,111 ; total risk
on Iho stock. J527.CS3 ; other property , $2 ,
122.15 ! ! .
During the last year there was an assess
incut of $8.01(1 to cover $ SGOO In losses , Th
total of unadjusted losses is but $800.
Most of I tin afternoon was devoted to th
adoption of new articles of Incorporation ,
the twenty years' lifeof the company hav
ing about expired ,
nutrlcl Court \olcH.
The ease of F. H. Evans against Joslah
Danforth was continued In the district court
yesterday nnd assigned for special hearing
December 1.
A continuance was taken by agreement
In tlie case of Charles Johnson against Xels
Judgment was entered In the case of F. T.
True against F. II. ami J. F. Evans yester
day In favor of the plaintiff.
The arguments were commenced yesterday
afternoon In the case ot William Wajar
against Peter Peterson.
Hoffmayr'c fancy patent Hour maker the
test und most bread. Ask your grocer for It.
I'aliuor mill lIui'liiiiT lu Hillcrc. .
The democrats ot Council Illuffs have decided
cided to have a Palmer and Uuckner meetIng -
Ing within the next two weeks at which both
the leaders will speak. Word was received
yesterday from L. M. Martin by Emmet Tin-
ley asking whether October 27 would do for
the demonstration. Hath Senator Palmer
and General Hucknor will bo here. The time
of the meeting has not yet been definitely
settled. A Urge reception will also be held
during the day to the two distinguished vls-
( It'll -r-S\vln- l - .
Mr. EmllP B. Oeliler and Miss Fannie
Swlro wore married at noon yesterday at
the homo of Mr. and Mrs. John Ileno In the
presence of a number of friends and rela
tives. Mr. OchltT Is a prominent business
iiian at St. Louis , being manager of the Illi
nois Jlydaullo Preas Hrlck company. The
bride Is well known tn thin city and hat
been a teacher In the schools for several
years. Mr , and Mrs , Oehler left at 4 o'clock
for their homo la St. Loult.
.HP.V13ll M.TTI { II < JOiS OVKH A JAI\ .
of CnttliiK < > " ( . OnKlrnt
Stri-i-t ItlNlrlfl I'imclltiMl.
Thn city council met In opcclal session last
veiling to consider the petition of the prop-
ity owner * on Graham and Madlion avc-
ties to have their portion ot the First
trcet sewer district cut out from the con-
Hict. City Attorney Hazlcton submitted a
cport on the legality ot such n course by
he council. He held that "the city had
10 right to take this portion of the work
rom the sewer district without the consent
f this property owners on South First street ,
r without the city assuming the difference
auscd thereby In the asscflsmcnt against
ho property on South First street. " The
Ity attorney then quoted the ordinance
; ovcrulng the assessment of sewer Improve
ments , which provided for the apportion
ment of the cost ot the Improvement pro
rat a per lineal foot of the abutting property
along the whole line of the aevve-r. Irre
spective of the size of the pipe used.
"Thu part which It Is sought to cut out
s the least expensive , " snld the city nttor-
ley. "It will therefore be readily seen
hat the amount of the assessment against
he property abutting on South First street
Icpcnds upon the work being done on Gra-
lam and Madison avenues. The owners of
iropcrty on South First street had and now
iave HIP le-gal nnd equitable right to rely
on the reduction of their assessments caused
) > the construction of the whole sewer , and
hey cannot now be deprived of thh right
- > y the proposed action of the council. "
L. C. Larsen. one of the- property owners
in Graham avenue , addressed the council
s nd threatened to consult a goo I lawyer
a'bout ' the matter If he was forced to pay
'or the sewer on First avenue , from which
IP would derive no benefit. He Is one of the
> etltloners who want the upper portion of
hr work abandoned for a year or more
until the < raving Is ready to be done on his
G. W. Jarkson of South Flist street an
nounced with equal emphasis that If the
isl of the sewer was not asse icd accord-
ng to the ordinance ho would go to law
ibout the matter.
E. 0. Wlckham , the contractor , had agreed
in relinquish his contract If the legality of
he assessment of the work on First street
was definitely settled.
After an informal discussion of the mat
ter by the property owners and the alder
men It was decldi'd to lay the matter ovc-
null Monday. In the meantime AhlTvan
"asper volunteered to get the couaent of
the Graham and Madison avenue property
r.vners to their proportional share of the
First street sewer.
KllxKrrnlil FlnilN n Knrliinr.
I-Mward Fitzgerald of Chicago and Mrs.
Maria M. Stackett of Cou..cll Hluffs were
married in sils : city September 28. This
fact created but little Interest nt the time
outsldo of the Immediate circle of friends
if the two persons , but recent disclosures
ibout the Identity of the Vroom , as given
iut by Mrs. Fitzgerald , show that her hus
band Is by no means an ordinary personage.
U now turns out that he is the heir to
ono of the largest estates In Ireland and
'hat ho Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald will leave
Council Hluffs In the near future to start
on tbelr Journey to their home place. Glen-
delaugh , County Wlcklow. Ireland , which la
famous us the home of the great Parnell.
Mr. Fitzgerald Is a traveling correspond
ent ot a Chicago paper and Is at present
cove-ring Iowa and Nebraska sizing up the
political outlook. Mrs. Fltzgcrild wan seen
about thp report of her husband's good
fortune and while she hesitated to give
any details about the matter In the absence
of her husband admitted that the story
was true.
"Yes my husband Is the sole heir to an
estate embracing 450 acres In County Wlck
low. Ireland , " she Bald. "His uncle died
May 15. leaving the entire estate to him.
There Is a modern bouse upon the place and
the description my husband has given me
of the family diamonds makes me more
eager to BCP them. Mr. Fitzgerald's father
had two brothers. Ono of them went to
\ustralla and has never been heard from.
Thtt other died a bachelor and all his prop
erty conies to my husband as ho Is an only
son. Ho has been In America for the past
three and a half years. He has been en
gaged In literary pursuits all his life and
has written several books. Wo expect to
stay In America until after the election
when he will take up out home In our
: dace In Ireland. "
Mrs. Fitzgerald met her husband for the
first lime about two years ago , he having
como to her house to board during one
of his business visits to Council Hinds.
Tonrlntv DIMVII 11 lloiiMe.
Mayor Carson was notified yesterday after
noon by neighbors living In the vlvlnlty of
: \ vacant house on Vorhls street that It wns
being torn down and carried away piece
meal. The property Is what Is known as tin
"Haunted house , " and 1ms been vacant tor o
long time. For a year or more It has been
haunted by tramps In the night time and
boys through the day. Since the wcathci
began to be cool people- hunting kindling
wood have been tearing the building tc
pieces and carrying off the lumber.
( merry Storr Alliiflivil.
Nathan Mcrrlam attached the stock of
groceries belonging to Mrs. Clara Cattcr-
mole at COO West Hroadway yesterday morn
ing on a claim of $105 for rent. The shcrlfl
took possession. It was shown to the court
that the agents of Mr. Merrlam had discov
ered that a portion of the stock of goods
at the store had been removed during Tues
day night and given over to Stewart's Hros
In settlement of the firm's claim.
Tetter , eczema and all similar skli
troubles are cured by the use of DrAVltt's
Witch Hazel Salve. It soothes at once , ant
restores the tissues to their natural cou-
P'.iou , and never falls to cure piles.
SrvrutU Animal Slrrllnic of tin ; Or
Kliiilztllloii nt lloonr.
HOONE , la. , Oct. 14. ( Special Telegram.
The seventh annual convention of th
Iowa Womcu'B Christian Temperance unloi
opened for a three days' session In the
Methodist church here this morning. There
arc 100 delegates present , with the following
officers In their places : Mrs. Marlon H
Dunham , president. Hurllngton ; Miss
H. Mix , corresponding secretary , Danville
Miss Addle M. Estey. recording secretary
DCS Mollies ; Mis , L , D. Carhart , treasurer
Marlon ; Mrs. Howcna Stevens , chairman en
tertalnment committee , Hoono. The gave
used by the president Is made from an oal
beam taken from the houeo In Monroe
county , New York , where Frances Wlllard
president of the National and World's
Women's Christian Temperance union wno
born. It waa presented at Haltlmoro las
year at the national convention to Mrs
Dunham of thu Iowa Women's Chrlstlai
Temperance union , The reports of officers
and committees occupied n large portion o
today's session. Heports show 111 new aux
iliaries organized during the year , with
I.07C members. The treasurer's repori
nhows that the financial storm has rcachet
thu society , but It has already planned to
meet this by sending' a financial ngent Into
the state to raise funds for the continua
tion of the various Hues of work. Tonight
there was an address of welcome by Mayor
Farrow , with a response by Mrs. Eleanor
K. Mcacham of Washington , la.
1'iuilN ItcfiiHfil Hall.
WEHSTEH CITY. la. , Oct. 14. ( Special
Telegram. ) Judge Hlndnmn denied Dr. Pau
and his son. Jim Paul , ball , as their at
torneys requested. This Is a success for
the state , an the fight lay as to whether
or not the grand Jury Indicted them for
murder In the first degree , which Is not
Sin-Hill ItrllKloiiH .Srrvlrr.
CHESCENT CITY , la. , Oct. 14.-Spcclal. ( )
Sunday the pulpit In the Latter Day
Saints church was very ably filled In the
morning by Hev. Mr. llutlcr and in the
afternoon by Hev. Mr. Williams ot Councl
> pecd and safety are the watchwords of
the age. Ono Minute Cough Cure act *
speedily , safely and never falls. Asthma
'jrouchltls , couEbt and coldi are cured by IL
Desperado of tlio Elierburao Affair Turns
Out a Country Boy.
ICnuivii nt Their Home nt Itook jltni
tin fii iulToiiNlvc , % % ' < ' I I lle-
linvril nnil IniliiMtrliiiiM
You ii n Men , '
PAIHMONT , Minn. , Oct. 14. The Shor-
burne bank robber confined lu the Martin
county jail has made a statement to Sheriff
Hill , which has been verified , giving his
tame as Lou Kcltlhan nnd his home as
took Ilaplds , la. , where his parents reside.
Ic gives his age at 21 and stales that his
brother , who was killed , was but 18 years
HOCK HAPIDS , la. , Oct. 14. ( Special Tel
egram. ) The latest developments In the
Shcrburne murder and bank roabery fell like
i thunderbolt upon this town last evening
at about 7:30 : o'clock , when a telegram was
received from Hlue Earth City by Sheriff
Kemplay , to the effect that the confession
of the second robber , captured at Lake Mills ,
showed that they were boys who had been
torn < and brought up In this county and been
residents of Hock Haplds for nearly twenty
rears and that their names were Lou and
ilans Kclllhan. The parents , wbo have al
ways been considered as generally good eltl-
: cns , are prostrated by the news. Hans has
leen away from homo for about four years ,
.ho most of the time with a theatrical
troupe. He came home about two weeks ago
and paid ho had a position for Lou at $12 n
iionth and expenses. There being nothing
> ctter In sight , Leu went with Hans and no
word had been received from them until
nst night. The portrait of the one In jail
ip.s been recognized by a score of
rlends and neighbors , who have known Hans
and Lou Kclllhan from boyhnod. and who
iave always known them as quiet and Inof-
'cnsive , quite free from the usual bad habits
of boys of their age. Lou has always been
'ound trustworthy and he has been held In
the liUlifiSt esteem by those who have ers-
iloycd him. Hans having brrn away for
'our years , little Is known as to what he Vas
> ecn doing. The father , John Krlllhan , and
ill brother-in-law , J. U. Wllion , starteO
early this morning for Hltie Earth Cltv t < i
lurther Identify the second robber , Lou Kel-
Orilcrn for ( lie IKIIIN | | < | OII of HIP Colu
mn nils of tin * Tlilril Artillery.
WASHINGTON. Ot. 14. The secretary of
war ordered the following disposition of the
commands ot the Third artillery , now sta
tioned in the Department of the East , but
vndcr prdcrs to Join the Department of Cali
fornia : Thn colonel , headquarters , one
irnjor and three batteries to Angels
Island In San Francisco hart.or ; one major
nnd two batteries to Alcatraz Island
In the name harbor ; one battery to Kort
Manon , name harbor ; one mnjrr and one bat
tery to Fort Canby , Wash. : and the lieu
tenant colonel and four battrrlcs. Including
HIP t-.vo light batteries , to the Presidio. San
Fraii"lsco. In addition , the colonel , head-
qunrtcrs and four companies of the First
Infantry , now stationed at Augels-lsland , arc
transferred to the Presidio.
At the Instance of ; he Interior depart
ment the secretary of war directed the com
mander of the Department "of California to
remove the United Stites troops , now sta
tioned In the Sequoia and' General Grant
parks , to other posts In the , department on
or before the first of November.
OrilorH \ViilmM4lii } ' .
WASHINGTON , Oct. 14. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Captain Jefferson I ) , P.oludcxter ,
assistant surgeon , has been relieved from
duty at Fort HHcy and ordered to Wlllet's
Point for duty.
First Lieutenant Louis M. Kohler. Ninth
cavalry , has been detailed * s professor of
military science and tactics at the College
of Agriculture. Durham , N. IL , relieving
First Lieutenant Henry C. Hodges , Jr. ,
Twenty-second Infantry , who will Join his
Post Chaplain George W. T unbar has been
onirreil lo his homo to nwalt retirement.
The following transfers In the Fourth In
fantry are made ; to take effect upon the
arilvnl of that regiment at Fort Sheridan :
Captain George O. Woostcr , from company
K to company F ; Captain Sllns A. Wolf ,
frcm company F to company K : First Lieu
tenant Frank P . Andrus. from company C
to company E ; First Lieutenant Mangus O.
Hollls , from company A.o company K ;
First Lieutenant II. Hrown , from company
K to company A ; First Lltntcnnnt Dwlght
E. Holley. from company D to company
C ; First Lieutenant George y. French , from
company C to coirlpany D ; First Lieutenant
William C. Near , from company E to com
pany G ; Second Lieutenant Melville S. Jarvis -
vis , from company V tn company E ; Second
Lieutenant Joseph C. Castncr , from companj
C to company II ; Second Lieutenant William
Hrooks , from company A to company C
Second Lieutenant FrcdcrlcK Stetson , fron
company H to company A ; Second Lieutenant
Wllli-iin A. Halbourn. from company E to
company H ; Second Lieutenant Daniel Dun
can , from company II to company F.
Leaves of absence : First Lieutenant
George L , Anderson , Fourth artillery , ex
tended three weeks ; Captain Nathan S. Jar
vis. assistant surgeon , six months , with per
mission to go beyond the eea.
ItrfiiHCM ( o lit * TniiiNfrrrtMl.
CHICAGO , Oct. 14. Dr. James H. Hamll
ton of the United States Marino hospital ,
stationed at Chicago , has wired n peremp
tory resignation to President Cleveland.
This action puts a new complexion upon a
matter which has been agitating the arm >
for weeks. Dr. Hamilton bcs not received a
reply from the preoldcnt. Some time age
Dr. Hamilton was ordered to the Marine
hospital at San Francisco. Ho objected tc
being transferred and made an official pro
test. This protest was overruled and Dr.
Hamilton waa notified that ho must proceed
to San Francisco forthwith. He then de >
elded to retire from the service , nnd his tele ,
gram of resignation was short and sharp.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 14. Surgeon Gen
eral Wymun declines to reply to
the strictures of Dr. Hamilton , saying
that ho was ordered slnrplr la accordance
with the regular custom ot the service.
Dr. Hamilton Is editor ot a medical journal
In Chicago and Is also a professor at
Hush college there. There IH llttlo doubt
but that the president wllUaooept his resig
nation , > . :
DflltllN of t1)1(5' ( .
JEFFFEHSON , la. , Oct..ll.r-jSpeclal ( Tele
gram.William Dllllngcr , forty-three yean
a resident of this count'/ and a wealth } '
farmer , blew ! his brains out li'tu last night.
Ho was 75 years of aue. '
The I'jTiiinlil I'llo iSnrVp Cun-H lln >
MOM I AKKi-uvatt'il ( 'IINUI of I'llc-s
With . \IiNOlilU-.silfct > - .
Pyramid I'i.c Cure wilpc'tirfcthu most ns-
Kravatcd cosu of hemorrhoids In an astonlfih-
InKly short time. It relieves the concealed
rmrts. reduces the tumors Instantly , no
matter how Inrsc. allays Inflammation and
stops the achlnK-or Itchlot ; nt once.
Thousands who had re&orted to expensive
surgical treatment have bee'n cured by the
Pyramid I'ilo Cure In a numlicr of Instances
porsonsi who had spent months In a hospital
under n pile specialist.
It Is n remedy that none need fear to
apply , even to the most aggravated , swollen
and Inflamed hcmorrholdul tumors.
If you are aflllcted with this stubborn
disease you can master It , and master it
( Illicitly.
This remedy Is no longer an experiment ,
but a medical certainty. U Is manufac
tured by the Pyramid DruK Co , of Albion ,
DruggUtu sell It at f > 0 cents per box. It
Is becoming the most popular pile euro this
country has ever known , and druggists
everywhere uro ordering it for their cu -
TlKirMnii lUllcs Auree In Pill it UleU-
Inir I'rmxil In Iliv Flcltl. ,
Omnha sepias lo be on the way of bavins
nemo fool ball during the sen son.
nlKhl another loi'al foot bitll airitrcRnUou
was launched under the name of the Thurs-
ton Hlllos Kent Hall tonni , Ha members
beliiK largely of the mllllary body.
The meeting wns hold In the armory nnd
was an enthuslaMIc one. KlKlitecn nten
wcro In nttendnrco nnd plo.lnod themselves
to turn out regularly for prartlei' nnd to
do all In their power to form n Hrsi-ol'iM
team. Preliminary plans wvro dlj-cuHvod
at lelietll. O. t'olemaii was eleeled ea.talu |
of the team , ami A , ! ' . Owln the muuacoi.
It was decided to meet for the llrst practice
In the armory hall tomorrow nlirht.
The follow ) ! ! ; ; form the muteilal out of
which the team Is to bo formed : A. R i
Owln , O. Coleman , H. Cross , U. Tow lie. J
\V. Kleld. H. Askwllh. M. Suyder. H. Miller - '
lerV. , . Haehr , H. I'rlckett , A. Slokes , \ .
Korby , ! ' . Vincent , H. H. Taylor , \V. C.
Taylor , V. Mumrecke , O. l-'lslior , Kd.
l.owry , Cal 1'ane , .1. Mllie.V. . Mclxell , H.
HopUliiR , Frank l.ehmer and Joe 1'olcar.
AiiNli-iilliins ut Sun I'Vimi-Noo. ' I
SAN' I-MIANCISCO , Get. ll.ThlIlMt of i
tlio series of the CallfunilAu : ! < tr.illi :
orlteket malohi-it took jdnoo today on the
1'roMlillo ovnl and the ilr < t d.iy's play re-
suited In a victory for the visitors by a
store of 1KI to 20. Austr.ill.itut In llrsl
nnd Cnllfornlu li-d : lost ylxlclctn wlioi >
the day's sport closed. The homocnm :
pliifcd a surprlsliiRly oo.l Kanie im.ilayt the
ClmmpIoU ! " . allhoucli the soorc does not lu-
dlcnto a show of ability on the lurt of the
locals. Their showlUB toward tlio last part
of the KIIIIIO wat really of the top tioti'li
order and surprlsod llio vl.-tltnrs Ouilii *
Iho llrst half of the name the local ten-n
Heomoil awed by the playing the Autri-
Hans , but after lunch the homo lonm soenifd
lo nain conlldeiice and llielr plnylnt ; Im
proved Kroally. The visitors showr.l
KtroiiRth In the Infield and scorned lo rol >
on their liowllni ; to di-feat the local im-n ,
while the latter paid more iitteullou tii the
outlleld work and spread their men out as
much as possible. The lulling of liincu
nnd Purling of tlio visitors was a ivvolntlon
o the locals , ns was the liowlliiK of Jones.
The best wotk on the part of the local
ilayers was done by Hoberlson nnd Myers
I'lmlli'r Million n > IMV Itot'iiril ,
NOUTII ri.ATTNeb. ! . , Oct. U.-vSpeclnl
Telegram. ) The bleyolo laces wore Ilist-
class. In the llvo-mllo professional Ji.nnM-
cap , C. 11. Coulter KOt the world's recorder
or the unpaeod professional llvo-trllo.
miking It In 12:12. : The results :
One mile , county championship ; Frank
Orlck llrst , Joseph Filllou . ' 't--sud. Time ,
Ono fourth nilio , professional : IJcrllc
tanks of 1'enver tlrst , C. U. Coulter seo-
onil , John Oreon third. Time , 0:3.1. :
One mile , amateur : C. S. I-'rswoll , Clic-y-
enne , llrst : C. II. Xlinnicriiiun , Koarnoy.
secoml ; 1-Mwanl llurst , Cheyenne , third.
Time , 2:2.1U. :
Tl'.r ie-iulle linndlcnp , amateur : Joe
Motrlck , Cheyenne ( H20 yards ) , llrsf. O. S.
Jrswell second. Time , "MS',5.
One mile , profosslonnl : c. C. Collins.
Denver , SJrst ; II. J. Hanks seconti , SlcCall ,
O.t-'a , IJilnl. Time , 2ld.
-Svo-mlle handicap , professional : C. 11
Coulter ( . : ; -ratch ) Prst. F. H. McCall ( llfty
vnrds ) second , Danks ( scratch ) third ,
rime , 12:12. :
TI-IH-IIII SlitKH it ItviKirdT.
CMSVKhAXP , O. . Oct. 14. A story I-
irinted here to the effect that I'at Tebeau.
captain and manager of tlio Cleveland H is > -
! > nll club , last night assaulted nnd badb
iijured IClmer I'asco , a reporter for an
nftcrnoon newspaper. The affnlr Is alU-go I
: o have taken place In the barroom of tbi
Kennard bouse. Tobeau ohiirm-tl I'arco
with writing for his piner an e.visKoratcd
iccount of the recent trouble between him
self and Left Fielder MeAleer. The dlseiii-
ilon wnxed hot and the lie was soon passed
losultlng In I'asco being knocked down by
Tebeau. The bartender then v ont between
the two and while beas remonstratiiv
with Tebeau Jack O'Connor , also of the
Cleveland Hasp Hall cluli , iilso struck the
rejiorter. The latter was taken to the toilet
room otvl the wounds warned , wlile ! Te-
lic-au wen * home 1'anco refuses to have
Tt-l-oau arrested.
I'lncN fur tin. SII | | | TH.
I > OIMSVILI.K. Ky. , Oct. II.-The ease of
the Cleveland base ball players , which was
tiled In the police court last summer for
disorderly conduct at the ball park , came
tilt hi the criminal court today before Judge
Noble on an appeal. The players were
Tobenil , MeAleer , Hurketl and MoKenn ,
and they were lined Trom $ r > 0 to } 100 by
Judge Thompson.
Dr. Stucky , the president of the I.ouU-
vlllo Haso Hall club and chief prosecuting
witness , wrote Judge Noble that the trouble
arose In the heat of excitement and that ,
as tlio men were non-reslilents , the matter
had best lie settled. Klnney , Orcgory and
Klnney , their attorneys , confessed lines of
J10 each for breach of the peace and tlie
cases were disposed of.
Vi'Htorilny'H Pool Hull Score * .
1MUNCHTON , N. J. , Oct. ll.-The Carlisle
Indians came upon the Princeton foot ball
Hold today In of Tiger scalps , and
at the end of the llrst half It looked ns
If they would prove successful , ns the
score stootl K to 0 In favor ot the Indians ,
and the Indians wore outclassing the
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding1 of the
transient nntiire of the many phys
ical ills , which vanish before proper ef
forts pentle efforts pleasant efforts
rirlitly ; directed. There is comfort in
tlie knowledge , that so many forms of
sickness are not due to any actual dis
ease , but simply to a constipated candir
tion of the system , which the pletisauV
family laxative , Syrup of Figs , prompt
ly removes. That is why it is the only
remedy with millionsof families , mid is
every whisro esteemed so highly by all
who value Rootl health. Its beneficial
effects are due to thu fact , that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness vithout debililating the
organs on which it acts. It is therefore
all important , in order to get its bene
ficial effects , to note when you pur
chase , that you have tlie genuine arti
cle , which is manufactured by tlie Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by
all reputable druggists.
If in the enjoyment of good health ,
and the system is regular , laxatives or
other remedies are then not needed. If
iilllicted with any actual disease , one
may bo commended to the most skillful
physicians , but if in nerd of a laxative ,
one should have the best , and with the
well-informed everywhere , Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
ussd and gives most geiieralsiitisfuctiou.
Fine Line of Fall and
Winter Suitings ,
130 S. Main Street
Council Bluffs , la.
Dohaiiy Theater.
One Solid Week and tinturJuy Mntliioc ,
Chase-Lister Theater Co.
&uuts no'v on sulo at Kullor'u DruKtitoro , lOu.
In thr- second Imtf. however , Iho
n jthiyem took a lilg brnec and
tumid the tnldcs upon their opponent .
At tit ! > end f the game Princeton hntl
rolled IIP a noort of 52 points , niul the Car-
Unit s failed to add to their cor < \
I'lllLAniCl.t'IllA. I'n. , Oct. H.-Thf I'nl-
vcittlty of I'eiinsylvanla Foot Hall lp m
dofcatod the l.'nlveiiiHy of Virginia on
Frnnklln Held this afti-ruoon , 20 to 0.
CAMHUIPfJK. Mai. } ! . Oct. -llaivnrd
MoatedVesleyan this artoruoon. SS to 0 ,
In a contest nmtkfd by loogo
Da ; ' < Cnur limnt Iliii-iin ,
S. . , Oct. 14.-The iiocond day
of Hit . .ViiiprlcnnVnterloo cur cuurnlng
m-'stluir brouiht ; some surplices for the
l.tlfiit. rrolender "touted" ns "hot , '
but heAMS ruuudly beaten by old Sir Huno ,
wlilio Hoi I'Ven her owner e\ifcieil | the Im-
Jiorted dog. Hetl of Sloue , to beat Silvia
The ( liteni of Mlniiciipolls , the < -r.iek of the
kennrl owm-tl by Mr.VntnuR , was not so
.iflonlMilHK to Ilioso In who know. n they
wi ro av.iro that she wis dr.iwn lo.i line
and hid UOIIG off form. The wiMtbvr wn
fiMln rl'.ir and hot , too warm ti-.iliy for
pourMng. The attendaiu-o was iaiije. prob
llbly 100 or 'tl ' | ieuie. | | lIvlUillUB rt gr.Ml
many women. Hares were none too plenti
ful. Sixteen courses \\ero run. Not ninth
fault could bo found with the slipping , but
the jii'lRC-i were not altogether harpy In a
t'i w tlecl'Ions and the dissent was ncivral.
Tlio three courses left over from yester
U.iy's tnrd wcro run off llrst and resulted
Sir Hugo , Huron , beat rrelender. Si'i.
Atimnroh , Huron , beat Faiiuln , K'kton.
. I ) .
Muiklrl ; , Hiiwarden , in. , beM Miss Mat-
felt , Huron.
This finished the first uoiiud of the
\\Vti-rioo clip. The rcHullt ) la the st'i-oml
round were : MlHterton , OaUs , bent Itochester.
IUd of Stone , Oaks , N. U. , bent Syhi.i. I |
S't. l.ouM. I
Moitii , Alinrd cn , heal Kami , ouviii.i. !
Mgbtfoot , MlniiPanolls , beat .Mt-rey Max
Uojnl HticU , Hatita Cruss , Cal. , beat 1'ai
Malono. Cable , 111.
Ol.'ii Hvf" , Cable , 111. , beat Hobi-rt de
Plable , Chicago.
I'Vnnk Orei-ti , H.-twartleli , la. , beat Sir
Hugo. Huron.
Monarch , Huron , beat Mulklik , Ha
A start wns m.iilc with the llrst round
of the \Vaterloo purse , which Is for lln-
sixteen Kieyhounds beaten In the llrst
i ound of the big event. Five courses win-
run :
Pakota , St. Louis , beat Josephine , Hrook-
lyn , N. V.
t : tii > Aberdeen got n bye.
Mas'.ic Dennis , Chicago , was wlthdra\iii
need rhei r , Chicago , beat I.ndy Tali-o'ier ,
Gyp. Klktun , S. U. , boat Minnie. Minne
Moonshine. Oaks. X. IX , beat Snowbird.
Mitchell , S. D.
Punt Hull ( Jiuinat UVhxtor I II ) .
wnusTUii CITY , in. , oct. n.-Spi-t-i.ii (
Toli-Rrnm. ) A matfh game of foot ball
was playetl here today between the Wi-li-
ster City Athletic association and Iowa
Falls. Kllsworlh colk-KO. Score : S3 to 0 ill
favor of Kllsworth.
Is far ahead of any blood remedy on the
market , tor It dooa M > much mote. I- )
flik'3 rrinovln liapurltleM , nnd tnnlngiip
tlio run-tlown oyntcin , ItriiTi nny'blnod
discme. Hiiiattirsiiotbiiwdccp. eati'd or
nbstlnatc , which other so-callrd blood
remedies ) fall to reach. U U n real blond
remedy fnrreal blooil dl en e8.
Mr. Aa Siul'li , of ( iruciu'nstlc , Intl. ,
writes : "I had such .1 hail case of Sciatic
ItlicunmtUni that I bccamo absolutely
liclpe ! < 5 unablJ to take my food or hindlu :
mv.'elf In any way. 1 tnolc many patent
medicines , but they did not reach my
trouble Ono ilozcn bottles of K. 8 H.
cured mo Bound anil well , and I now weigh
170. "
Hooka on blood and Mln diseases mailed free
b ; Swift Specific Company , Atlanta , Oa.
Vtv lligd fur mi mural
illrrlinrBPH. lnllaiiiiimiliin .
IrrltMloni or uUvrnllonu
uf llllicolla It'tlllt'rutH'0. '
I'utnlcM , Bill ! Lot llftrlll'
B"11 or r i uniiii.
* lwl l ' ' . " MniCKUIii.
or M-iit In rlnlntrnrixr. .
! 'v ' ' " "I"1'I'lfl'iiM. ' . for
The Best Romuily for
Chills , Coughs , Colds , Grip
mi d Pn oxiiii onia. It - iTord s
the tfroixto t I'oliof to
WOMEN nnd K i v o s
strength to MEN. Soiul for
Rochester , N. V.
Searles ,
Nervous , Cliroaic
Private DiseiS3S ; ,
\UULV. .
AM PrlMitc DNcnvc *
iiJ DNortlcrnof Men
Trent m out tiy mill
Consultation frro
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Uy new method w. ibout pain or rutting.
Call on or address with Ht-imp.
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. , Umnlia , Neb-
rra cin DY ;
* * vt
Clothing , Dress ail lions 'hall G
OMAHA OKKlCti-Uil Kniiium. Tel. I"i i2t.
COUNCIL , IIMJI'TSVoik and Olllce. Cor. t v *
nue A and :6tti St. 'I > 1. SID.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
CAPITAL , $100,000
\vi2 SOLICIT YOUU uusi.vnss.
vvi : nr.smu YOUU COLIIOTIO.\S.
a run c'nNT I AII > o.v TIMI : mi'osiT2l
OA.LI > Arm DEB un on WHITE.
S :
© 000 te
Will Speak at
teF \ & -
Senator Manderson will introduce
Mr. Allison.
ALL ARE' WELCOME ooo fe l %
- ' Wi- ' *
The Keeley Institute
, .
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* Net > .