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    T1IID OMAHA DAILY HBI3 : MON'Mr , 112 , 185)15 ) ,
.inMIII Mi'.yrto.v.
I'lioto Mippllcs and mtnrrCR. Bit IJMwny.
H W. Ilyers nf llnrlan un § In the elty
yu > tcnl.iy rcstliiR from his cowimlicn effort * .
Clurlet F. Slrmin. onu of the proprietors
of the Ini Molnes leader. U In the city ,
the fciic-it of T. C. Datrwni.
WilH.itn li.von of I10 Sonlh Seventh
streituiii Sported l the llo r l of Health
\onnc jrairidny to bu suffering from dlph-
f t The regular mcctlnj ; of Kxc lo lge
I Js-n. 2-D. A. F. & A. M. . will be I held this
'moiling. Vl-ittliiK brethren arc cordially in
vlted to ntit'int.
The choral aoriety of the YoilUK Men's
Christian association will meet this i-vun-
Int. . Initead ot Thursday , as the board ot
directors will meet them.
Welter V. Crosby , I/mils n. Enrich and II.
J. Ilnuermaii of Colorado Sprlngr are In the
city to attend Iho mooting of the stockholders
of the Cripple Creek Gold Exploration com
pany this morning at the ofDco of Ross &
Itosn ,
John Shea has been arnstcd cm the charge
of ansnult , preferred by hla sister. The
youn man Is said to hav ? come to the house
Inn Intoxicated condition anil taken pos-
ncMlon of things In general. Among other
olfetises he drunk nil the milk he could
find , and when his sister protested he struck
ht-r. The slater supports the family hy sow
ing.Tho riiase-LlRtor cnmpiuy. supporting
Miss ClertrudiKwlntf , will open nt the Do-
linny ( heater this evening with "Dad's
Ulrls" for a week's engagement. The com
pany IB one of the brst repertory niwoKn-
tioi8 : on the road , and lion a high cla of
of the specialty features arc
plaj ! ' . Many
entirely new. nnd Iho entertainments to be
] iro4cnicil durltiR the week promise lo bo
ROIIIO of the brut seen hero this season.
The body of A. Obtrstell'T , who died at the
Woman's Christian Afnoclntlon ho.spltnl
from appendicitis , after n month's Illness
and n surgical operation , wan taken lo
his home In Liberty. Mo. , yesterday for In
terment. Two brothorn and an nunt wore
present to accompany the remains. The
dead man was n news agent on the Wabash.
The health department war notifl'vl yctcr-
dny that a case of diphtheria had broken out
In the family of Captain Ryan , MOD South
Seventh atrcct. _ _ _
N. V. Plumbing company. Tel. 150.
C. H. Vlavl Co. , female remedy. Medical
consultation free Wednesdays. Health book
furnished. 309 Men-lam block.
Lundgard. the Tailor , 130 S. Main street.
There Is no such evidence of popular ntU-
fartlon as the evidence of Buccr-ssful ex
perience. The "Corner" Cc cigar has won
this enviable reputation the best cigar
ever produced and sold for 6 cents. Moore
& Kills. _
N.I ( Ice.
J. C Andcrpon Is no longer In our employ
and la not authorized to take subscriptions
or collect money for us.
t liiM'Hllmutloii SliimN Ilir I'onl-
Iliin or llfiil l.alioi-lnn Mm.
One ot the men engaged on the street
work look n notion to poll the gang , under
the direction of Street Commissioner Mor
ris. H. Is the one department of the city
government where political discussions nro
tabooed , for the street commissioner has an
ideu that men cannot talk politics and do
good work at the same time , nnd early In
the campaign an order was Issued that a'
of the political discussions among the men
would have to take place In the political
headquarters building on Ilroadway. When
nny of the men felt that It was absolutely
ncccpnary to discuss the political situation
they were obliged to lay off without pay ami
go to the HlBcman block nnd have It out.
In consequence of this decision the pol
itical preferences of the members of the
gang were unknown to anybody but the
Individuals themselves. The poll was taken
Saturday evening after the men quit work.
H showed nlno republicans , two democrats
nnd ono socialist.
"It Is n singular fact. " said ono of the
men , "every laboring man I know of In town
who has a Job and Is going along caring
for his family and doing his duty with con
tentment and happiness. Is a sound money
democrat or a republican. Those out of em
ployment , or who would rather work with
the jaws than their hands , are Hryan shout-
crs. "
When your bundle comes homo from the
Kaglo laundry you know It will be rluht.
You get what you want at the "Kaglc , "
724 Broadway. Telephone 157.
Silver I'lpiI'In - llrliKIlcltlmr. .
Wholesale and retail. J. C. Blxby , 202
Main street.
Clothes wringers , wash machines , stepladders -
ladders , lanterns and all kinds of house fur
nishing goods nt J. Roller & Co.'s.
All kinds of hardware at J. Roller & Co.'s ,
the upper Ilroadway dealers.
Hoffniayr'c fancy patent flour makes the
Vest ! > ud most bread. Ask your grocer for It.
Ilrv. Mr. SavldKc at V. M. C. A. Itooiax.
Rev. C. W. Savldge of Omaha addressed a
largo audlcnco at the afternoon meeting at
Young Men's Christian association head
quarters yesterday. In point of numbers and
interest shown the meeting was by far the
best held In the rooms for a long time. Rev.
Mr. Savldge took for his subject , "Will I
Miss My Chance ? " Many favorable lessons
were drawn from this thcmo nnd the vnluo
of n correct nnd upright life strongly em
Fancy \VorU UlNiilay.
Misses Clark and Wctzel have arranged
to give their autumn fancy work display on
Oct. 15. 1C nnd 17 , at the Durfee Furniture
Co.'s. Souvenirs will be given away.
Sideboards , the finest in town , and of
course at the Durfco Furniture company's.
The ladles of the Maccabees will give
( heir Eceoiul annual ball October 14 at
llcno's hall. Tickets admitting gentleman
nnd lady , CO centx. Supper , 1C cents.
Save your "Sultana" coupons until Novem
ber 10.
StllVI'H Cllfllp
At J. Zollcr & Co.'s. Don't fall to Inves
DlaiiKimlN u M a AVnnlc 1'rniliiut.
That the manufacture of hard steels may
be attended with a by-product In the shape
ot diamonds Is a consideration which has
not yet been reduced to any practical ele
ment , and ono that may cause some sur
prise , snya a trade Journal. Yet , strictly
upcaklng. the statement is true. Several
years ago M. Moluan proved that when Iron
was saturated with carbon at a temperature
of3,000 degrees centigrade , and afterward
cooled under heavy pressure , a portion of the
carbon separated out In the form of minute
crystals , which were found to be true dia
monds. In the "Comics Rendus" It Is
stated that It occurred to M. Itossol that the
comlltlcns under which very hard atecla arc
now made should result In the formation o !
diamonds. Ho examined a largo number ol
steels now made , and found that his theory
was supplemented by fact. The diamonds
nro obtained by dissolving the metal , am
then submitting the residue lo the Influence
of concentrated nitric acid , fused pottnaslun
chlorate , hydrolluorlo and sulphuric acids
respectively. The diamonds obtained are
almost microscopic In their dimensions , It Is
true , but they ptcsent all the physical am
chemical properties which distinguish the
true gem.
.Viv AlimUa Camp.
lluehnell's creek , about 100 miles down the
Yukon from Forty-Mile , has been located by
mlneru for Its entire length of thirty mllun
A great deal of prospecting and panning was
done when the thermometer was CO do
green below zero. The gold Is all coarse
The formation and location are euch that the
diggings will all be winter work , aa the
creek frcezen solidly from the bottom up
In tuaiiy plucca twenty /eot thick.
Sbailo * Who llnvo Not Yet Feed Olil Charon
HulJ ( JonTmitimi.
nMct'llntf of
It } ' Siliau Wild Have .Nut Yet
Sliul.Tii Oir the f-tim-
lieflmr Ctny.
A spook factory , that has been turning
out Riiooks hy the wholesale hua hi/en In
operation for the last few weeks at the
luslJenco of Hen Winchester on Knst Wash
ington avenue. Most weird ami uncanny
etorlcs come from the placu nntl the Interest
has groun until It attracted attention
In all purls of the city.
The manifestation ! ! arc produced by n
"medium" nnd hlh "manager. " The medium
Is n small , drtcd-up limn , who appears to
bo so frail that a puff of wind would carry
him Into genuine spirit land , but the man
ager IK , i stalwart six-footer. Hetwccn
them they glvo a show that Is decidedly
tiiteri.stliiR and ihat has attracted several
hundred of the most prominent men and
women rf Council Bluffs. The attendance
has been limited each night to fifty persons
or the Interest that has brr-n awakcne < l
would have cuiitcd a cniah , The first spook
show was given two weeks ago , and the
last one occurred last night. Kvery night
the full limit of people have born present ,
and for the last week It has required
diplomacy nnd Influence ) to secure ndrnls-
ilnn. The manager and his man require no
other cRndlitont ; than that the room shall
bu lighted dimly , Ihat the people shall
remain qnlot during the show and that
positively no teportcrs shall bo allowed
about Iho fremtsea. The spooks as well
well ns the man and his manager object lo
reporters , for there Is a suggestion ot
flashlight photography and newspaper note
riety. The spooks don't like to bo photo
graphed or described , and when a rcportcr
IIBS been around tlm premises they have
persistently refused to reveal their astral
bodies to mortal gaze- .
Last night the medium occupied n chair
In n darkened room , shut off from the par
lors where the hum in spectators Eat by
heavy portieres hung across the double door
way. In front of the curtains In the room
where the people sat a largo black rug was
lying. The feet of the spook-maker rested
upon the edge of this rug , but were con
cealed by the curtains. He was tied , and
sewed , anil roped and bound to the chair
by every devlco that human Ingenuity could
snidest , and the chair war newed to the
carpet. His hands were filled with rice and
flour and laid In his black broadcloth lap ,
where the least relaxation or movement
would bu revealed. The manager occupied
a conspicuous place In the ante room.
The seinco began at S o'clock. All of the
light furnished onto from n single tin lan
tern hung on a nail in the unll. It had
n red glass glebe , Just such a lantern as Is
used by the street Rang lo indicate washouts.
H looked simple enough and perfectly harm
less , but before the evening was far ad
vanced U became HIP most uncanny thing
In the place. When Hie lights In the room
were turned out the lantern was not lighted ,
but pie-cnUy n dim , icd haze filled thu g'o'iC
which grow brighter as Iho spook-maker
n Iho olhcr room went under the "In-
luenco" and became rigid. The ghostly
lame Inct eased until It filled the room wit. a
leiy red Ilgh' . Low music wan being played
iy some person In the audience , and r.s the
people present began to be affected by the
music nnd the wclrdncss of the surround-
ngH , the flame In the ghoslly lantern went
up and down In unison with the strains.
When the flame was at Its brightest the
spooks began to appear , and during the
evening there was a surging mob of apparl-
.lons rising from the black rug and stream
ing through the rooms , talking , kissing ,
shaking hands and renewing acquaintances
with living friends.
The first spook was a little girl , whom
the manager announced would have charge
of Iho show during the evening , and would
be responsible for the presence of all who
came. She chose a very sensational and
original manner In making her debut. An
Intensely brilliant light appeared In the
center cf the black rug. followed an Instant
alter by a small white hand holding the
flauio , which appeared to come from a can
dle. The hand was followed by an arm , and
the arm by the handsome body of what ap
pcared to be an extremely well rounded and
piquant young girl of 10. She was dressed
In the conventional white gossamer of fairy
stories , and had beautiful golden hair. She
didn't stop after she came thrcugh the rug.
but floated deliberately to the celling and
disappeared Inlo the plaster. An Instant
later the portieres were thrown aside and
the face of the girl appeared , while she
announced In a strong , clear voice , like i
professional stage whisper , "I'm Maudle. I
came up through the trap door that time
Did you see me ? " The next Instant the
curtains were thrown aside , and Magdle
pirouetted out on the black rug. At her
heels came a whole troupe of gauzy appari
tions , \\ho3uclotlus Indicated all ages , sexcc
and conditions. They mixed up and mingled
with each other In utter defiance of the
laws of nature , passing through each other't
bodies ns easily as one smoke wreath min
gles with another.
At least twenty were out at the first dash
Kneh ono at the first bath -ct publicity ap
peared to bo dazed and confused , and hai :
a staring , vacant expression of the eyes.
Kvcry feature was distinct , and every pe
culiarity of dress and personal habit as
marked as If It were a ball room gathering
Instead of a congregation of spooks. Tht
apparitions circled about the room , hunting
for friends and acquaintances. Many 'c :
them found those for whom they sought , and
sibilant sounds , strident exclamations of sur
prise or Joy came In great volumes from
all parts of the room. Ono of Postmaster
Bowman's great ancestors came floating
along and recognized him. Mr. Dowmzi
also recalled familiar family features , am
for half an hour the living and the deat
communed In audible tones. No ono In
Council Bluffs knew this member ot the
Bowman family , and PoHtmaster Bowman
a&keel a great many personal questions and
was given correct und valuable Informa
John Danforth and Mrs. Danforth were
each talking very earnestly with relatives
who had been dead from a few years to
forty centuries. Ovid Vlen was talking
French to his brother , who died In Franco
many years ago. Frank T. True was hold
ing an earnest conference with several
relatives and was celling lols of good
stuff. Mrs. Vlen was very nervous in the
presence of several of her dead friends
nnd relatives and was Inclined to bo In
credulous The ghostly lantern was ( tam
ing its red blaze , and Trowlison's zither
was twanging with a vehemence that car
ried the sounds far out on the night air.
Suddenly a dog beneath the window caught
sight of the reporter and his stepladdcr
and set up n terrific barking. Instantly
the ghostly lantern went out and the
throng of spirits disappeared. A minute or
two later a llttlo ball of red flro appeared
again In the lantern glebe and gradually
grew In Intensity until It filled the room
with the uncanny light. When It grow
light enough to see distinctly "Maudle"
reappeared on the black rug. "My , how
that scared me. " she remarked with a
musical laugh. "I bcllovo that dog has
got a coon up a tree , don't you ? " The
reporter's legs were far above the dog's
teeth and the scnnso went on.
The red fire In the lantern blazed out
until It again tilled the whole globe. Anew
now troupe of spirits emerged from the
black rnir , ami again thuy tilled the room
with their prieentc. Warm lingers touched
Icy-cold palms. Full , warm lips were
pressed upon mouths that had , If not the
mold of the gravu upon them , still Uic let-
ness of death , The spirits were pouring
out of the black rug ( Ike uteum from a
treat cauldron , CouvertmtloHH were , jearrlod
on In tones audible to all the mortals In
the room.
On spirit came up to John
Danforth and called him brother , "You
speak of us as the dead , but you are mis
taken , brother , " ssld ho , "You are the I
dead : we arc the llvlnft. Don't you fear to i
die. It's but go I nj ? from one room Into
Knottier and larger one. Thcro Is much I
beyond ux still. "
The words were spoken with great dellbj j
oration and so loudly that they would have j
been audible from the stage of a large j
theater. Ono spirit of n woman stood In <
the center of the black rug. A bridal
wreath was on ber brow and she was
dressed In brMal robes that were ex-
qttlMtr-ly lovely. She turned and faced the
au.llenco and extended her open hands ,
palms outward , as If to show tint they
were empty. Then bending down with
witching grace she began to knead the
arpet. Her hands worked nimbly and
quickly , revealing the flash of a diamond
Ing on her third finger. She appeared to
10 gathering up Rome Invisible substance
'rom the floor and Blinking It out. Slowly
die arose from her stooping posture mull
tor hands were even with her knees. What
Tpprarcd to bo a film of bluish smoke
gathered ihcre and gradually grow Into n
jrcat mass of fleecy lace. This quickly
look Iho form of a bridal veil , which Iho
white arms , with ravishing grace , tos ed
over her head and she disappeared with
Iho veil trailing a yard on the carpet. The
Taccwns Ihe face of an angel. A moment
later a tal1 man Jresscd In a full mllllary
uniform appeared t pfore Mr. and Mrs.
Vein , and from the Invisible air ln < wrought
another great mass of filmy lace of most
exquisite texture and fineness and threw
Is over the-lr heals. :
'Squire Vipn was especially marked for
ghostly consideration. While the room was
Iliad with other ghosts who were hugging
and khsltiR their living friends , an Indian ,
six feet and a half tall , dashed out of the
rug and pranced around the room , holding
iloft a fearful looking dagger. He paused
ticforo Vlen and passed the scalping knife
close to his face and over his hair. Women
screamed and the red light gleamed with Infernal -
fornal malevolence. "Get away from here :
I don't want anything to do with you , "
( Tiled Vlen. The redskin strode away with
Ills face stretched In a malicious grin nnd
came porllously near where the reporter's
stepladdnr was shivering. Mrs. Vlen was
Inclined to hunt for the trick of It all and
asked a big. healthy spirit that was near
her for some Information. The face that
was turnc-d upon her was that of n murderer.
"Come Into the cabinet with me and I'll
show you. " It said. Mrs. Vlen demurred
nnd clung the closer to her slalwart hus
band , but the spirit put a hand on each
shoulder and lifted her bodily. In nn In
stant she was whisked through the curtains.
' 'Put one of your hands on my face , " hlsncd
the spirit , "and the other on the face of
the medium. " Ono was warm , small and
Boft ; the other was large , bony and cold
an Labrador Ire. "Am I the medium ? Go
out and tell these people what you saw. "
Another apparatlon stopped before Vlen
and made a Masonic sign , ono but rarely
offered In public. "You know I dare not
answer that sign here. If you nro n Mason , "
said Vlen. "Give me the grip nnd the words
that go with It. " "I will give you the grip ,
but to say the words I must be In your
arms , " said the spirit. "I'll excuse you , "
said Vlen.
French , Danish , German , Swedish and
Italian were being spoken In various parts
of the room In communications with the
spooks. Hundreds came who found no
friends and went away bitterly disappointed.
One young man came out of the black rug
with an expression of Intense expectancy
on 'his face. Ho scanned the features o'
every mortal In the and as he turncil
to walk away an audible sob broke from
him. Instantly "Maudle" was at his side ,
walking away with him and saying con
solingly : "Don't be so disappointed. Rec
ollect , 'If at first you don't succec.l. ' You
will find them same time. Don't take It
so hard , " and the voice died away beyond
the curtains.
The seance lasted for nearly two hours.
When the light In the red lantern would
dlo down the "manager" would call on the
people to take hold of hands , ami the
ghostly fingers would quickly turn up the
red flame. The manager explained that If
the light wont out under such circumstances
the medium would die , nnd when Ihe flame
would get dangerously low the manager
would leave the room and look after the
When all was over and the gas lights
were turned on the medium was found
rigid as If dead. His hands were clutched
60 tightly on the flour and rlco that they
could not be pried open. Ho had not moved
and It required twenty minutes of rubbing
and alcohol balhlng to bring him to con
sciousness. While this was being done the
reporter folded his stepladder and silently
stele away.
Kaspcr against Wulla. Error from
Douglas county. Afllrmed. Opinion by-
Chief Juutlco Post.
The measure of damages In action by tin-
rnorlgageo for the conversion of mortgaged
chattels Is the amount of the plalntltT'r
mortgage , not exceeding the vnluo of the
property converted.
Atchlson , Tope'n A- Santa Fo Rnllroid
company ngnlnst Meek. Error from Nurk-
oll.s county. Ilevensed. Opinion by Chief
Justice I'o-U.
Section 37S , Code Civil Procedure , requires
notice of the taking of depositions ( unless
tnken under n special commission ) to be
served upon the adverse party. lilH agenl
or attorney of record , or left nt his usual
place of residence.
2. Service In such case upon n
station agent who Is not the at
torney of record of the nd-
ve-rse parly , a railroad company whose-
employment In no wise relates to the par
ticular controversy , and who Is without
authority to nccept or waive service In Its
behalf In nny unit or proceeding to which
It muy bo a party , docs not satisfy the re
quirement of the statute. Atchlson. Topcka
& Santa FP Ilnllroad company against Sage ,
19 Ksin. C2 < .
Ilath ngalnst Xembleman. Error from
Flllmorecounty. . Alllrmed. Opinion' by
Commlroloncr Ryan.
In an action foi damages alleged to have
been caused by the drainage of surface
water from a po id on defendant's land Into
a draw by whleli said waiter was conducted
to and ticrosH the land of plaintiff , nn nd-
mlsslon by nlnlntlfl that the draw was a
natural waterway and had. since ills own
ership of the land claimed to have been
damaged , been such a waterway , nnd thai
Iho water pcnernllv from that uorllon of ihu
countiy pail How d through this ravine- , pre
cluded the possibility of a recovery of dam
ages for the destruction of the grilse In
the bed of such draw on his premises , caused
by the additional lion age resulting from
the aforesaid dralnaco.
Farmers' & Trust company against
Funk. Error from Brown county. Af
firmed. Opinion by Commissioner Ryan.
Thi > provisions of section 7 , artlc'o 11. ot
the Constitution of Nebraska , designated
corporations that : "Every stockholder In
a banking corporation , or Institution , shall
bo Individually rosponfiblu and liable * to Its
creditors over nnd nrovo the amount of
HtoeU by him held to an amount equal to his
respectivestoe'k or shares so held , for all
Its liabilities accruing- while bo remains
such stockholder , " are enforceable without
special Hiuiplementnry statutory enact-
2. The special Individual liability of a
stockholder In a hanking corporation , or In
stitution , supcrndded to his ordinary- lia
bility by the > above quoted section of the
constitution Is for the creation ot n trust
fun'1 f"ithe liPiH-Ilt of all creditors of the
banking cornorntlon. or Institution. In which
stqiklshold nnd an action to render avail
able such liability muit bo itroaecnted by
one creditor cf ai'ch cornorntlon or Institu
tion for the bi-neilt of all other credited , o-
by the receiver of such corporation or In-
Ktltlon , when there Is a receiver.
It. The requirements of section ! , article
II. deslKnitcd mlc.pllanetm corporations of
the constitution that , bi-foro enforcement
of Individual liability of stockholders , there
iiiiiat be judicially ascertained f'no Inilebt-
cdnePH proponed to be enforced , and that the
iiHsnU of the corporation In- first exhausted
held applicable to the stockholder' ! ? liability
in banking cornotatlons , or Institution * , Uc-
scrlbcd In section 7 of the rntma article.
Will ll > li | Out Mtr : > NvllIc.
The completion of the Eevlcr branch of
the Illo ( Irjndo Western railroad as far
north as the mouth of Clear creek canyon ,
Utah , will stimulate the growth of the min
ing camp at Marysrlllo and greater activity
Is expected , cbpt-clally as next season con
siderable work will be done on the placer
gold deposits of that region ,
\\i\vu nit HAN A suojrrj I.UAD.
Itecnril of ( InKlr l t'U < > lloimiU nf
tlutttiiln I'i'Mtli Tom minii-nt. j
1IUI1A PD3TII , Oct. 11. ( Key ; yprk World
CRfolcKram Special TelcRram.--Thli ) wan
the Hccoml tiye-ilny of the IhlngnrlBti chc * *
tournament , and us there were no adjourned
games lo llnlih , nil the maHLnrtyppent the
afternoon In a irconil visit to life National
exposition. This evening an Impromptu
ropsultntlcn KHtnofta orgmtUitl between
Plllsbury and Marocr.y , plaslnn , whlte , , nml
Wlnawcr and Tarraich In command of the
black forces. The game , xvhicn was n
queen's gambit dt'olluml , wasf-'rdn after n
hard struggle by the white allies In 40
moves. Following Is the record of the
llrst dvc rounds.
I'laytiii , Open. Ms.Von.Uy
I'lrnl round
Jnnunfkl'Non 41 .Innnwrky
T > ihlK < irM-ro | > li-l K.O.ilW ! 4 * Tchlnrln
Wall-rmH-Mnrnofy rhllodor 3 Mrtrcvzy
ChpRrUsck-Hohleehtor . .IJInnoWi O 1C Drawn
I'MWjui-y-Albln T'lcntli at Alblii
\Vlim er-'rntrnK.-li llimnw ! < 0 Wlnnwer
Scecnd lound
Alldn-Wlnnwcr ( llonclo \Vlnawcr
? c.ilechter-rillruury . . . ,4 Kn'ts SI Drawn
Mr.rocty-Clmrouzok Irrraul'i 3iJ rimrinizoU
l' | | ltl-\Vnlliroilt Slclllfin ( A Wnlhrotlt
S'riH-TivlilKortn Ultimi 71 Drtitvn
Mari'u-Jnnuwtkt It. Ixi | > 'i 71 Drnwn
Tlilnt roniiil
Tii-lilnorlP-.Mnrco Cllu co fit TpohlRorln
Wi n < r < Mll Nua Krtneh M Wnlliru.U
C'lmiouwk-l'opl * ! Hrtitfh 5(1 ( Cliarutizck
IMIIiibury-Mnracxy ( J.(5.ioo | 4S 1'lllsliury
WinmuT-SolilcTlitor . Kiwnrh 31' Sctilcchter
TMtfiiM-li-Albln Dutch 41 IJrewn
routtli rmiml
Pchlrclitcr-Turrnscli . . . .K.ll.O. 41 Drawn
Man-riv-Wliinwir Vienna S Wlnawcr
I'i'tilcl-t'lll.-lHii-y K.1J.U. Mi 1'lll'bury
N'ua-Cli.lloU7.'k 4 Kn'ts Tit rimrouzcU
Mnrco-VVBlliroill II. types ilt I'iiiv.-n
JanhivHld-TeclilRorln . . . .Q.G.iloC 39 TtclilKorln
Klflh rounJ
\\'nllir , lt-.liinow kl . . . . It. Lopez \Vnlbroilt
I'lttrliury-Noa Dutch SI 1'llUbury
Wlnawcr-I'oplcl Kreneli M Wlnawer
Tnmmeli-Mnroozy Q.O.tlec 4" Maroety
Albln-tVliloc'itor U.U.iU'C 41 AUiln
Appended nro the fccorca of all the com
petitors up to date : i
riaycrn. Won , I.o t.
All.ln . T ? . . . . 2 114
Chnrouzlc . 3'i 1'S
Mnlln\vfUI . l'i 'j
Marco . 2 2
Mnroczy . 2 3
NII.I . , . . , . , , : . . . . IJ 4'i
" "I'b'iiy . * * " -iMlfrJV4 J'4
Tunioi . , . jVtii" ) r ,
Schlcclitcr . , . . , TTV ; . 24 ! 2'4
Tai'rn'ch . , " > 4TK.,1 .1
\Vall.rodt . . 4tfc. ' . 3'.4 IVs
Wlnawcr . .7. . . . 4 1
Hint byes In previous rovnvls.
Total number of Raines won , 30 : total num
ber of panics lost , 30 ; total number of games
still to be plnycdIS. . T"
The pairing for the sixth round which Is
to bo played tomorrow. Is as follows : Mar-
oczy , nR.ilnst Alblti ; I'DplojAgainst Tar-
rasch ; Noa , against \Vlnawcr Marco , against
I'lllsbnry ; Janowskl.ogalttBt Charouzck ;
TsrhlRorln , against Walbrtrtt. Schlcchtcr
has a bye.
Ciitoli IH Ciofiil , lint DcnVrdTM llnvt *
C.lvcii All ICIiiils of Triiutilc.
SAN niANCISCX ) , Oct. 11. The steamer
Jennie , which acts as tender for the I'nclflc
Steam Whaling company's fleet In the Arc
tic , today arrived from Alaska , with a
budget of news. The Jennie had a hard
time coming down. She was pinched In
tliol cc , and It was a case ot all hands at the
pumps all the way down , to tjcep her afloat.
She brought 59.SOO pounds ot whalpbone and
245 barrels of oil.
The whaling fleet thnt wintered at
Hlrschol Islanil had a lively time. In the
spring Second Ofilter Frank Jomvi and Third
onicer II. C. Howcn of the Bajacna quarreled
and Jcncs was killed. The ships greatly
troubled by desertions. At oijo time twenty-
three men flod. All except .eight were
caught. These men started for tic Yukon.
4T > 0 mllrs , overland. They got about ISO miles
Into the Interior , where they robbed n few
Indians. A pursuing party from the licet
caught them finally and brqught them In.
Later others deserted. They attempted to
beat off a pursuing party and a deserter
named Thomas was killed. Ho Is .suppose * !
to be the sen of a wealthy Jianufar.Uirer pf
London. Another man nsmfd Kltzpatrlck
was wounded In the flghl. 'Doth of these
men were from the Jcancttc. All the other
deserters were caught except live , who arc
believed to have pcrUhcM ID the snow.
Sixteen whalers wlntarcfl at Hlrschel Is
land last year , but all except six arc com
ing down this winter. The Dalacna and
Crampus wintered at Franklin bay , the
most easterly point In the Arctlo ever
reached In winter.
The catch of the fleet up to the time the
Jcnnlo left was as fallows : Dalacnn. 10 ;
iirampus , 10 ; Mary Ilumu , C ; Newport , S ;
Jesslo II. Freeman. 4 ; Dcluga. 2 ; N'orwhr.l ,
I ; Thrasher , 1 ; Karluk , 1 ; Alexandria. 3 ;
Fearless. 3 ; Wanderer , 1 ; California , 1 ;
Northern Light , 4 ; Guy Heat ! , 3 , and Alice
Knowlcs , 1.
Prominent Niifiikcrx AV111 Talk Itr-
imlilloiin Doctrine ( < > ( lie rooyl- .
Thcro will bo a grand republican rally at
Orleans , Neb. , Friday afternoon , October 1C.
Major William Warner of Kansas City , Mo.
and Hon. Edward Hosewatcr will talk on
matters of national Interest , csslstcd by Hon.
J. H. MacColl , Charles K. Casey , A. S.
Churchill and J. H. I'Ipcr. For this meeting
the following train arrangements have been
made by the burllngton , specials trains
being run from Hod Cloud to Orleans and
return on the following schedule : Leave
Red Cloud at 10 a. rn.j Inavale. 10:15 : ; Hlv-
orton , 10:27 : ; Franklin. 10:50 : : IlloomliiKton.
11:03 : ; Naponee , 11:17 : ; Republican , 11:33 : ;
Alma , 11:15 : ; arrive at Orleans at 11:59 : ; leave
Orleans at 10 p. in.
Special train from Lebanon to Orleans
and return on the following schedule :
Leave Lebanon at 10:1G : a. m. . Wllsonvillo at
10:35 : a. m. , Hcndlcy at 10:52 : a. in. . Heaver
City at 11:10 : a. m. , Stamford at 11:40 : a. m. ;
arriving at Orleans at 12 m. ; returning , leave
Orleans at 10:00 : p. m.
No. 2 will stop at all points from McCook
to Oxford.
No. 77 will stop at all points from Hol-
drt'po to Oxford , and special train will leave
Oxford after the arrival of No. 77 for Or
leans , leaving Orleans In the evening at Cr20
lor Oxford , at which point No. 5 will bo held
for connection ; passengers for points be
tween Oxford and Holdrcgo to take No. 4.
TIlC ItllllllK I'llHNlOII.
Chicago Post : "I fear , sir , " said the phy-
slclin , with a shake of his head , "that the
time has como when you will have to pay
the debt of nature. "
With an effort the popocrat raised him
self up In bed. '
"Can I pay It In free sliver 4 , 'dbctor ? " ho
asked hoarsely. "Or must I 'reckon on a
gold basis ? " I' I
"You must pay It all , " re'plle'rf ' the doc
tor. "There can bo no 63 per 'Ct'nt compro
mise. " UJ'iU
"That means gold , " said thMlonocrat , re
gretfully. "It seems hard th3l'a ' < man can
neither llvo nor dlo on a sllvir basls. "
* ' . r <
Cold , Clammy . \tiiioN | > lit-r , < - , o Glvt *
I'lnce tn More Ci-iilul C < ui , < illoiiN. )
WASHINGTON' , Oct. 11. TJI ? forecast for
Monday Is : ' . . '
For Nebraska nml Coiarjivor-Goncrnlly
fair ; warmer ; southerly wind'fy ' , .
For South Dakota Fair ; wnjippr In east
ern portion ; southerly to wcri\eflx.wimlti. \
For Wyoming Fair ; nou < cf/y / , shlfllnK
to westerly winds. ,
For Montana-Genorally fair ; westerly
winds ; eoolcr In northern portion.
For Missouri Fair , jireceek-d by showers
In FGUtheimtcrn portion ; northerly winds nn 1
KllKhtly warmer.
For Iowa Generally fair ; northerly wlmlj
becoming vurlnlile.
l.iienl Itei-iiril.
OMAHA , Oct. 11. Omaha record of tern-
peruturo and rainfall compared with tne-
ccrrcspondliii ; day of the three years :
45JU. itn . . 1KOI . laJJ
Maximum temperature. . . . Dl 6S "U K )
Minimum temperaiuro.12 4S w 45
Averape temperature 8 M v 52
Halnfall T T . ( X ) . ( X.
Condi'Ion of temperature und precipita
tion at Omaha for Iho day and slnco March
1 , ISStf ;
Normal temperature for the day 55
Ocllclcnoy for the day 7
Acciiinulated excess since March 1 2S
Normal precipitation for the day. . .00 Inch
neildcncy for the , ( flinch
Total piecr > ltatlon since Mar : 1..30.80 Inche ?
BxceHH Hlnco March 1 4.H Inohfr
Uc-flelency for cor. period IKiS.i , . 8.11 nglie ?
Pcllqlengy for cor. P9rlod , Isai..13.CS IIP '
AssAtt.Tui ) A i.rrri.i : fim.ti.
I 'n m 1 1. v K < M < PN II 4ltilct. lint Nclutttiorn
( 'mini' Ot-urK * ' WhllclK'Mit'n Arrant.
QcorRp Whltchcnd was nrrmtcil lust nlRht ,
Whltrhmit until lately boarded with n family
named Sommerf ilvlng at S10 North Six
teenth. They hnvo a little girl bnby barely
3 years of ae , of whom Sommers has ap-
jieired to be very fond. A week ago last !
Friday , BO Mrs. Somtnem say * , she left her j
child alone In the house under the care
of Whltchend , and went down town to do i
some shopping. When she returned SamI I
mers hail dlsappeaied and the child was
crying as If in great pain , t'pon examina
tion the mother nays , she found the little
girl had been criminally DM Milled. Physi
cians were summoned , who pronounced the
caao one of assault , and the child In a
serious condition , although not necessarily
fatal. Themuther mined her child for sev
eral days , and was at length rewarded by
seeing It partially restored to health.
The Summers family are very religious
people , and not wishing to cause Whitehead - ,
head any trouble , and ulso from a disin
clination to make the affair public , re
frained from having htm arrested , contentI I
Ins themselves byarnliiK him to keep away j
from the house. The facts , however , leaked
out among the neighbors , and an luvrsllga-
ti-M in. iio police resulted In the arrest of
Two good-sized audlinces yesterday j
greeted the company which opened a thrco
nights' engagement of "A Green Goods ,
Man , " at the CrclKhton theater. The farce-
comedy Is presented by W. K. Gorman's
comedians In a pleasing manner. There Is
rather moro nonsense than In the average
attraction of this kiiul , and the specialties
are nnlllclcntly amusing to make ono forget
the cares of business or the worry of the
campaign. In these days , hov.ever , one
must not expect to have all political reformers
mers excluded from the stage ; FO in this
play thcro are Uumorouu allusions to each
01 the presidential candidates and the house
has several opportunities to manifest Its
John T. Hanson takes the familiar part
of a "rcuben" In an apt manner. Herry
Maxwell , as a grcon goods man , and Frank
( illletto ns a "dead easy" tramp are the
best of the others in the east. Among
the musical nuii'icrs arc many catchy
airs and some timely parodies to airs ( hat
have been catchy. Thcro Is some splendid
danclni ; . The live ualciv girls make a good
appearance and amurc the green goods
victim and others. There Is a burlesque on
the Salvation army , nlwajs of doubtful
propriety , that Is cleverly given and draws
forth much In-arty applause from the galA -
A number of Omahans their name Is not
legion who had not seen Katie Kmmett
In "The Waifs ot New York. " Improved
their opportunity jcsterday , vhcn another
engagement of that popular play was iH'gun.
Many of those who had seen cheery Katie
In her favorite role before were also there.
There was a scant house In the afternoon ,
but a better audience was present In the
evening. In addition to the fascinating
scenes of a great city , In which the lire
and police departments play an Important
part , there are llvo good specialties. Katie
herself sings a number of songs In her
usual cheery manner ; Jenny Hngcl as "Did
dle McSliano" draws forth considerable ) mer
riment ; Harry West does some clever dia
lect work ; the DeArvlllc sisters dance well ,
and "llaby" Isabcllc , said to bo the- young
est child on the st-ige , pings better than any
prodigy heard here for some time. The
engagement Is for four nights and a "bar
gain day" matinee will be given on Wednes
day afternoon.
Seats for the engagement of Joseph Jeffer
son at the Crelghtou Wednesday nleht , Oc
tober 14 , will be placed on sale at that
theater this morning at U o'clock. The ; coin-
Ins of this great player In the success ot
his long career , "Rip Van Winkle , " should
bo an Irresistible attraction , and should 1111 '
the Crclghton to overflowing. The com
pany's support. It Is promised. IH of thnt
same degree of merit characteristic of the
man , ami an evening of unalloyed enjoyment
Is promised those attending.
"Darkest Russia , " Sidney 12111s' elaborate
scenic production , Is apparently n bonu of
contention between the local playhouses ,
both advertising that attraction for the
same dates next week , four night's , com
mencing Sunday mctlnce , October IS. The
novelty of two tin-atom advertising the
same attraction for the same nights la ex
citing much comment. In a Interview on the
subject. Manager Durgcss stated : "Von
may siy positively that this attraction will
bo seen at the Crclghton on the dates men
tioned. The attraction Is a good one , and
the contracts held by us nro Indisputable. "
Manager Miner Is equally certain the piece
will bo given at the lloyd.
Nothing succeeds like success , and Otis
Skinner , who opens an engagement of three
nights at the Crelghton on Thursday next.
Is certainly one of the most successful actors
now before the public. Indeed , It Is doubtful
If there Is an actor of his years who moro
thoroughly understands the technique and
details of stage work better than he. The
engagement will open with the presentation
of "Hamlet. " In many respects , Mr. Skin
ner differs In his Interpretation ot this com
plex character from his predecessors. As
Romeo Mr. Skinner will bo seen on Friday
night. Saturday afternoon. Lord Lytton's
"Lady of Lyons'1 will bo presented , with
Mr. Skinner as Claude Melnottc. "A Sol
dier of Fortune , " which will be presented
on Saturday evening and with which the
engagement will close. Is n romantic play In
four acts , with its scenes laid In Italy early
In the sixteenth century , at the time when
the Uorglas were at the height of their
power. This play is said to be well writ
ten , with highly dranrttlc situations and
climaxes and bright , trlste dialogue. It la
very handsomely staged , both scenery and
costumes being all that can be desired , and
hero the management has taken great pains
tlm historic. . ! accuracy bo followed. Mr.
Skinner brings with him a largo company ,
containing some of the best known players
In the profession. Seats for the engagement
will be placed on sale tomorrow at 9 o'clock.
PnlmiT nml Itiiukucr In Di'trnll.
DETROIT , Oct. 11. The Palmer and
Duckncr party arrived in Detroit from
Grand Rapids at 2 o'clock this afternoon ,
their car being attached to the rear of the
train of the gold standard delegation from
this city. The two generals were taken
to Don M. Dickinson's home , where ad
mittance was denied to all callers during
the afternoon. A number of citizens called
and paiil their respects to the candidates
this evening. After addressing a Detroit
audience tomorrow afternoon Generals
Palmer and Iluckner will depart for Cincin
ovnitn'r * TUP utiri' IMUVTIMI
SlRIRhS lllh WAUi liARNhR
r e GohmjfS of Sihor a Phcft Blow at
His Prospsrity.
.1 ml no tlr-i'kii unit I' . ItiiHtMtitfcr Ail-
ilri'MH an Knllitiila llt' AinlliMU'O < if
Iliihciiiliins at \iilliinat Halt
V ( filar AttcriHiou.
A rousing meeting At National hall , ( m
South Thirteenth street , yesterday after
noon brought out a larga crowd of Iio-
hemlan voters to hear the IIMIWS ttt the
campaign discussed by K. Hosowalcr t-.tid
Louis Ilcrka. They listened to speeches
both In Kngllsh and In their native tongue
and formed ono of the most appreciative
and enthusiastic audiences that has assem
bled In the Srcomt ward during the present
Anton Kmcnt acted as chairman anil
briefly sta'ted the purpose of the meeting.
Ho then Introduced Lou la Derka , who spoke
In ttoucmlan. and was heard with marked
attention. Jui'ge llerka dwelt brltlly en both
natlona and local Issues , and made an ef
fective appeal to his countrymen to support
the republican standard bearers.
Following Judge Uerka , Frank Hurman
and M. F. Singleton , caudldaUs for tlu1
legislature1 , were- Introduced and briefly out
lined their posltU-n. They were cspi unity
outspoken In opposition to any change lu
the present valued policy law , and this sen
timent was heartily applauded.
Mr. Roscwater made the principal a.l
of the afternoon. He llrst spoke brlelly In
Pohemlan , and then more at length In Kng-
llsh. Ho addressed himself almost exelu-
ulvtly to the laboring men , who formed the
greater part of the audience , and showed
them by arguments which were within the
comprehension of each of them that the
free and unlimited coinage of silver was a
direct blow at the prosperity of the wage
camera of the country. He was frequently
applauded , and his most telling arguments
were received with more than ordinaly en
lly way ot Introduction Mr. Roaewatcr
very brlclly reviewed the history of coinage
In this country. Ho asserted ns a first
principle that the. value ot a commodity
wjs the cost of Us production. The value
of gold and cllver represented the test of
digging It out of the earth and putting It
on the market. Hut price was a very dif
ferent thing. For Instance a gold ring
might represent an actual cost of § . If
then1 were ten men who wanted the ring
and they proceeded to bid ngalnM each
other the price might be raised to ? 10
but the value was unchanged. Bryan and
his followers were constantly confounding
prlco with value.
The speaker showed the fallacy of the
assertion that the government could main
tain silver nt the ratio of 1C to 1 by citing
had been compelled
, HIP changes which congress
pelled to make in the ratio earlier In our
' history. If they could make that ratio
' stick now why was It that It had been
' found Impossible to make It stick In 1S31 ?
1 As a matter of fact every double standard
I that had ever existed had bci-n n single
, standard. Hither the gold was used and
I silver was forced out ot circulation or nl- !
i vcr was used and gold kept out.
Hut Mr Uosewatir argued that It was
after all a question of labor. There wai ,
In the world
not a silver standard country
today In which the laborer was paid more
than titty cents n day. Thcro was not n
gold standard country In which the laborer
was not paid at least twice as much as In
the silver countries. In Russia the gold
wjs cornered by the nobility and the peas
ant was paid In the credit rouble. Uven In
Turkey , which was the lowest In point
of civilization of ( ho gold standard coun
tries the laborer was paid more In good
money than the Russian laborer V.MS paid
In the cheap money.
The speaker went on to show that the
effort to foist free silver upon the country
promised no bcne.1t to Iho wage earner.
Bvcn assuming that It would Increase ilia
nrlco of silver. It only promised a big proill
for the mine owners. The silver owners
wore now holding fi',000,000 ' ounces of silver
for speculative purposes. If silver should
rise 10 cents an ounce It would mean n
profit for them of JO.OOO.OOu. The Omaha
nnd Grant Smelling and Retlnlng company
was holding 2,000.000 OUIICCM for the tiamo
purpose , but would they give any part
of their profits to the men whom they cm-
ployed In their shore ?
The laboring man had no way to obtain
money except through his own brain and
muscle. The great trouble was not the lack
of money , but the lack of work. What op
portunity for employment would free silver
bring ? If a man had a stroke of apoplexy
and the blood was all congested In his head
the physician would nut offer to relieve
him by Injecting more blood. There was
money enough In thla country now , but It
was congested In banks and In pots nnd
kettlee. where It had been hidden by men
who ucre afraid to Invest It. What was
wanted was to Inspire these people with
the belief that if they Invest their money
In building n house , a factory or mill they
would get It back again , and then It would
begin to flow out. offer employment ant'
bring prosperity again. Mr. Roaewater con
cluded with a vigorous appeal to his hearers
to support not only the republican national
ticket but the state and Icg'alatlvc tickets
as well.
Dcailly DlNiMiHi * lit CiiUa.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 11.-Dr. Burgees ,
sanitary Inspector of the marine hospital
at Havana , Ina iccent report says that
yellow fever continues to be epidemic there
nnd he Is Informed It Is so In most of the
places where Iho Spanish soldiers arc
fnumi. During September thcro were 1,031
deaths In Havana from the disease. Small
pox , Instead a. ' diminishing , Increases dally ,
not only In Havana , but In the suburbs.
The doctor expresses the fear that it will
bo many months before this scourge Is
over. Ho also reports the danger from yel
low fever to vessels discharging cargoes at
Tallapledra wharf , Havana , because of Its
clcro proximity to an old and badly affected
military hospital.
IIIIlN < ; aiiiiiil | n.
HOT SPRINOS , S. D. , Oct. 11. ( Special
Telegram. ) A special train with a band ,
glee club and nearly 103 enthusiastic repub
licans went from hero to Bdgcmont last
night to hear Congressman Gamble discuss
the political Issues. lie made a magnificent
speech to fully 400 pccple and aroused the
voter.s to n Ki'nae of their responsibilities In
the support of republican principles. He
has mailu a general campaign through the
Black Hills , finishing at IMgcmont and now
goes to the caBtprn part of the state , confi
dent of a big republican majority.
Don't Scold
about washing powders. " If you
feel like it , it's because you haven't
got the right kind. Get Pearline ,
and see the difference. Pearline
has been imitated but
never been equalled.
There are all kinds of imi
tations ; powders that save
work , but ruin clothes ;
powders that don't hurt ,
and don't help you ; pow
ders that are cheap to begin
with , but dear enough in the end.
Try them all for yourself , if you
won't lake our word for it. But don't get them mixed up In
your mind with Pearline.
Sckt-irl I'eddlcrs and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you " this Is as need tii" or
CUU "the same as 1'earline. " IT'S 1'Al.SK 1'earllne is never pcddl'd , and
If T3 _ 1 if your grocer scuds you lomcthini ! in place of Pearline , be huneit
* V ZSSLCK. told it back. OW MMBS J'YLH , New Yoik. ,
You Cnlimit Mre Them Hut Von Mtty ltd
Devottreil lij Them It Vim Are .Not on
Ytine ( iiiiii-il ,
M.Onria-bvl Mr. What Is "Iwtl Alt7" It
In air loaded \vtth millions of minute nuliiiAla
too small to be ween by the linker ! eye , nnd
oveiy enp of thc-in polconoux. Look nt u
Minhrnm where It oomes sltcumlmr through
your window nml notice the million ! ) vtt
iilonisif dust thnl it contain * . lto\v mnny
thnusund * or millions of jim.illcr nnlmnl-i
therr * must he in every breath drawn Intti
tl.o lungfi , nml not oni oflilch oan l < a
seen ! lUit they mili < l llvo , ami they do
\vhleh live npnn that portion of the human
body they ciin pet nt. Thai la mnlnrla. H Isi
nny wonder Unit nearly rvrry ntnn ninl
woman U troubled with It ? Kill the germi. :
How ? Noihlni ; so ( pilelcly nml eeriiilnl/
OooM U nu pmc whlsUey. Nothing MO eer
tainly Injures as Imptiro whiskey , nnd no
vthlskey wa ever known thnt I * so abso
lutely In every recpect ft UutTy'n pura
malt. I'rofcs'or Henry A. Molt of No\v
York deelnrrsi It , Mr. Win. T. Putter , ntntu
chemist of Connecticut. unlicnltiitlnKly as-
verts It. nnd prominent scientists , doctor.- *
nml professors who 1mvo InvestlKiiled U
njrreo nml are unquulllled In their com-
Any man or woman who feels tired , weak ,
CNhn.isted , ( lespomleiit , vvllh all the slifilrt
of m.'ilailn and mil.ill il prison , should not
di " , iy and e.nni-il il.i bitter tlnin to u e In
II.e proper iii.inin r nnil ulth modcialion ,
HulTy's Pure Malt Wtilskey.
Seavles &
Searles ,
, } \ srrmusis is
; 4 Neivous , Cliroaic
Private Diseases ,
1'rhatc DI49.1HC4
ml DNortlcrsof Men
Tro.itme it li > milt
Consult itl-'ii free
run d for lire and the po sun tluiouchly
clcmiM-d from the lystem. I'll.lCS. KISTIM.A
nnd KKi'T\f. ri.CKUS , lIVimnfHhKa
and VAHIiHH'MI.IJ permnnently and S'ie-
e-rssfully < ur < d. Method new and unfal'lni ;
By now method without pain or cutting.
C'all on or address with stamp ,
Dr. Scarlcs & Searlcs 1 10 S. Mill St.
. , Umilin , Ncb >
Fine Line of Fall and
Winter Suitings.
130 S. Main Street
Council ( Muffs , In.
Sotnrtt.r.ea nn'un n n-lliibli
monUily regulating tnrdlcln
Ave prompt ifo nnd certain In rejult. The ceuu-
fco ( Dr. 1'i-al's ) imvi-rdlsauiiomt. SrntnQywcsi-4
Sherman & Mcl'onnel I'rug Co. 1513
street , Omaha. Neb.
( AllVfl
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
CAPITAL , $100,000) )
a run CISNT i-Ain ON TISIK iii > usiT3
Dohaity Theater.
One Solid Week and Saturday Matinee.
ChaseLister Theater Go.
SnppoitliiKMISS ( IKKTin IMVINd
Monday Kv.'iiln , ( ) . ( . 12. DAD'S (111(1-
Suuts no'v on b.ilo nt Seller's DrasKloro lOo.
Lcave IllUULlNOTON & HO. IllVEU..Arrives .
Oiimhall'iilun Liftiov , 10m & Munun au. | Omaha
S-.Uam Denver Hxprefi . t > : Mjin
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4:33pin : Denver I xiun > s
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! : Wpm..t''iut Jlalt ( for Lincoln ) -iully. . .
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Omahal.'iilur. ) Depot , K'lli & Mason tjl . | Omnha
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Leaves ( CHICAGO. Mil * & ST. I'AUUJArrhca
Omulml Union Depot , lOtli .t Maeon Sts.junmia _ )
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U:00-.m..ChlcnEo Kxvntn ( ex. EumJay ) . . 3spm ,
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C:30i-in : Oinnha ClilcuKO Special. . . .
Missouri Valley Local
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C:15i > m . Hi. 1'HUl Limited . 8:10am
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OmalmUnlonDepot | _ , 10th & Mapon HtyOrnaha
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IQiMpm.K. ( . ' . Nltht lx. _ via t' . I' . Tianii. C:30am
Leaves I MIBBOUIU PACIFIC. ( Arrives
Omulml Depot , l&tli amiVetmer His. I Omaiin
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_ : lSpir. . . ' " . . . . . .St.lfaul Limited . L. . . flilOam
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OmalmlUnlon Depot , 10th A Miuon HtsJ Omaha
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Qmulml Union Depot , 10th & Mnnuii 3tK. | Omaha
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6Cam. ; . . . Overland Limited . 4lSpit :
I'SOpm.Jleut'ce A Blromnh'R Kx ( ex. Hun,12iSpm ) ; (
Gi5pm. : .Qrnnd Iiland Express ( ex. Hun..12Mpin ) ;
Kunt Mall . . . ! < tdiii
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OmnliHlUnlbn Drpot , 10th & Mnixiii Hti. ( Onuh
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