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S , THE OMAHA . DA. ILY BEE. . . '
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Condition of Foreiger in the Celestial Empire .
piro Demands Immediate Attention
I or'htJ IteNhI'tIM oC Slintiglint 11
It : lnHH : " 'etlA nlll UeJonlCC
thc Ilhnmnl : Inrdcr "C lint-
, SHANGHAI , Aug. G.-At a crowded meet-
( ( lug today of the European : residents of this
city speeches condemning the acton of the
Chlnee authorities In the case of the mas-
lere of missionaries at Who I Han , near Ku
Cheng on Thursday last , were made and a
re.oluton adoptcll to appeal directly to the
guropem : ! ovprnnentB against the outrage.
Thl resolutIon also rererrell to the Inadequate
S manner In which China has dealt with the
IJerpetrators ) of former outrages.
The Chinese mlnlsler at Ku.Cheng , waited
for the completion oC the massacre before
appearing upon the scene. There are 1,000
90ldler at Ku . Cheng. It Is therefore absurd
to say the authorltlos could not have stopped
the massacre , which .as evidently carefully
and secretly organized. The American mission -
I10n at Shanghai , near Hankow , has b en
destroyed , and the missionaries arc tUgitlVo3.
The American coniil has advised the mis-
I10naries In adjacent provinces to retire .
Some of the speakers at today's meeting dc-
dared lint ( they have lost confidence In the
diplomats at Peking. United States Minister
Denby and British Minister N. n. O'Connor
are being cspeclaly denounced. The Americans -
cans desire a special commissioner under
United States Consul , Ierlgan to Inquire Into
thE Outrages In Sze.Chuen
LONDON , Aug. -At the Chinese legaton
here I ts stated , that no information ha
been receiCd regarding the laS5acre of missionaries -
sionaries near I\u.Cheng beyond the meager
, Ic statement that the killed or wounded , are I
f at Wha.Sang .
, -l 'ho correspondent of the Times at Sbanp- I
hal says the missionaries killed at Ku.Cheng
were lurdered by an organized baud of
eight vegetanIami The c'respommdemmt says :
The women begged for their lives , promising
to yield their property and valuabIe . but
the leaders or the hllil shouted out order
to kill them outnigimt ; A corrected list or
the victims Is as follows :
MISS LENA 1111511 , burned In the he:11 :
MISS ST LLm NI\VCOMii , was speared I
and thrown down a precipice. I
MISS MA1Sl11LL , had her throat cut
MISS GORDON , speared In tIme head.
MISS TOPSY SAUDERS , speared In the
brain. ,
: IASlEl mmlnmT STEWART , skul
: \ fractured anti brained.
LENA STE\'A1tT. died from shock.
IIUFFALO . Aug. G.-Samuel Gracy of this
S place , hate United States consul at oo.Chow ,
China was interviewed today on the re-
ported massaero at Ku-Cheng. Mr. Gracy
said : "Ku-Cheng. the place mentioned In
time press dispatches as the scene of the
latest ant.forelgn riots In ChIna Is In the
Fug-Kion province Ibolt ninety miles above
I.'oo.Chow. 1 Is fully 100 mIles from Pa-
goda anchorage , the highest point ot navigation -
ton for steamers In the Jln river , hence I
Is entirely beyond the protection of Amer-
than or other foreign unboats.
. "Tho I.lerat have been stirring up trouble
p. against the foreIgn residents there for many
monthB , and the danger to life and property -
erty bec.lue so great that about two months
ago all American resIdents were recalled to
Foo-Chow. These arc 11ev. antI Mrs \ \ ' . C.
Wicox , and three children : lss label Chat-
ford and Miss Houset. time two later representing .
sonting the \Vommmarm's Foreign MissIonary so-
ciety , and nil of the Methodist church. Time
other forelners were three or four members -
hers of the English church mission who
may not have been recalell ( during the re-
cent trouhles. I Is probable that maters
may have 'uletell Ilown there after time foreigners -
eigners came away and some may have
been eneonraged to return.
"The common peollle 10 not ( lhstlnguhsiI be-
tween .Japane Americans , l nlsh and
Germaus , but nil are alike foreign and ob-
noxious. \e cannot but fear that outrages
such as have jlst translired at Cheng-Tu.
_ In the northwest Interior , will occur In other
r ( - _ localities \ here foreign mlsslonnrles are residing -
- siding Car away from the tre.ty porl , and
hence beyond the protecton oC foreign gun-
boats. The people are extremely ignorant
and exceedingly super ttous amid easily Im-
posed un. The fact that the recent outrages -
S rages were connived at by the highest au-
thoriies In the district at the tmo gives
cause for much anxiety for American missionaries -
arles living In time Interior. Time people and
the officials of the 1.'ul.Klen province , In
which Iuheng Is located have been the
most frIendly In time whole terrier ) anti this
masstcre will be most surprising to all fa-
miiar with tim cOlntr )
"Conslderahle light Is thrown upon the
feeling of the Chlnam toward foreigners
nntl time causes which led to the recent mas-
lucre by an article printed In the North China
.a Herald of Jmmiy f regarding .the previous riots
S a cop of which : lr. Gracey hall. I Is as
S follows : ' , \t Chcng-Tu the olelal . who have
moore than adequate force at their disposal ,
made mme serious attempt to stop Mstrlcton
of the Protestant and Catholic property
though allllPalel1 to from time first. although .
when the destructIon was complete. they pro-
5 , tecte,1 time lives of the missionaries , for the (
words seemneti to have been : "Drive put but
't ,10 lot kill. " 'I'lme chief ef police at Chenl'
Tim. a lanan ln , a Taot I rank , Isuell the
tolowlng proclamation on the second day of ,
the rIots : 'At the present time we have I
ample evidence that ( foreigners deceive and ,
kitlmmp slml clilltiren. You soldiers anti ,
Police must not h i disturbed anti flurried.
p \hln time ases are brought before us we ,
( certainly will not ho Ipnlcnt with them. '
"Another 11laeanl. which alpearell a tiny or
two before the riots rend , : ' 1 Is hereby no
ticed that at time Irelpnt tmo foreign bar-
barlans are . hiring bait : characters to steal
small children that they may extract oil
from them for their mmso. ' Another placard ,
put UII the day after tim rIots , and evidently
IntendBII as I sort of justification. read : ' \
the prpsent time . when Jap:1 has usurped
( hluese terrlte'ry , you imiglIsii. French anti
Amerlcaus have looked on with your hands
In ymmr slee\s. I In the future you wish
to itrearli ynmmr doctrines In China you must
" 1 drive lie Japanese back to their own eO\I.
try : then you will bo allowed to Ileach your tindranee. gospel ' throughout the country without
1t "Thpr was ale , we learn. I a proelmaton
put ont b ) the \Icero ) attributing the out-
break to tie presence of foreigners In the
p1llo ground , Iurlnl time fruit throwing that
. , Iccompanll'l lie fpait of the fifth day of' '
. the fifth muomith but as a mater at fact there
were no Corellners on the parade ground the
whole day .
iCilIt'd I ) ' n Irnnla.u GII'Ht.
"I RSAlt.FS. Ky , Aug. 5.-H. C. Romien- ,
blgh. proprietor of the Hotel Woodord ,
was hot and morlaly woundell amid his son
.Tismes was instantly killed this afternoon b )
Yo N. I.unl agent for a Lexington patent
fence manufacturer. Lane ramn to the ( hotel
runlc. lie found fault with the room to
which ho was a8Inell , alll began abusing
n C. nodlnbaugh , who is an old man. Young
Tldenbalgh drew 'a revolver amid ordered
I.ane from the house. The senior HOlIen-
A , bugh I a Ilal'ln\ republican of the Ighth !
- . ( thll ) district. alI I. wel known on time
. . . Ittnllck ) turf. - Lane . Is In Jail .
Alu'rh'lu , 'lter l'Imt. Gulul to 'l'oklo
r WAShINGTON , Aug. G.-\dvlce. received ,
f' at the ( Agriculural depatment announce that (
S a manufacturer at Allh , : Ala . . hiss lcured '
time contract for equipping the City of Tokio
.Japau , \ lilt water pipe Manufrrureu In
England , Oermany , 1elelul and other Iuro- :
peso countries competed ' In the bIdding but
the American contractor secure the job. The
pool. water pipes are thlppcd to Toklo \1& Lyer-
, UUI XIS si'ii.i , i'iitsccu'rin.
Turks :111c Xu I rrt to l're'emtt time
LONDON Aug. 5.-The Daly News has
advlel dated ArmEnia , July 29 , which say :
The condition of the Armenians Is wore than
ever. They regard Shakir Pasha 8S their
worst enemy and his appointment a a contemptuous - I
temptuous defiance of gurope's deman,1. De-
liberate persecution , slaughter and pillage of
the Armenians are pursued today with the
same ruthless vigor anti fiendish IngenuIty
as In former years. Arms are distribute
among the Moslems In the frontier districts
and every day news arrives of fresh murders ,
wholesale Imprisonments and pillages. The I
authorities In thl ( great towns from time to' '
tIme march heavIly manacled gangs of Imp-
InK and wounded Armenian prisoners through
the streets. I the sultan Is courting re\'o-
lotion be will surely have his way Unleu
the persecution Is stopped the country wIll
he In such a blaze that nothing short oC Hus-
sian occupation will extinguish it. Dwelling
as they do In miserable poverty wll ( the
Armenians , the correspondent extols tie de-
voton of the Amerian missionarIes , Hey-
nols and Cole.
- -
l'1lliitS'l'IltS ) lAIIl ) IX Ai'iPY .
Sloll nt'Clnrl'H tllt AII'rI.IIH Are
AHHIHtl1 CuilimiL IIHI rA'n t. .
MADRID Aug. G.-An ollclal dispatch received -
ceived here today from Havana says that a
band of fifty filibusters , commanded by
Sanchez , have landed In the province 01
Santa Clata. Many of the Inhabitants or
Sancto Fspieritu . In the Santo province , have
vanished anti It Is supposed they have joined
the Insurgents.
Tue Spanish troops dereted the Insurgent
band commanded by : latas Viga In the
fight which took place near lagaro. The
insurgents lost ten kied and had mammy
woundel. In addition the troops captured a
number 'of prisoners. The Spanish loss was
t\el . wounded
' 'hl.r 1111. n nl1 Ilmimmi .
DRUSSlLS . Aug. G.-When the eJhler of
the Savings bank opened hIs cash box this
morlnv he COlnll that the sum of t8S.000
francs In notes was missing. As the bo" 1,11
not been broken open anti tiiert . were no signs !
of the lock havIng been tampered with , It Is
prsumed the money was extracted .rore the
hex was locked and placed In the , ate , If the
bmmk. The police are investigating the mal-
ter , but up to the present no trace rf the
stolen money has been found. l1ply the
numbers of I majoriy of the note were In
the possession ! or the bank anti as . hl.e h\'u
been telegralllled broadcast It Is believed the
thief may eventualy be arrested
Irt'ltl nlllH In I''rt4lim.
TEHI HAN , Persia , . Aug. 5.-The bread
riots In Tabreesee continue . A mob has
wrecked the house of the governor . who has
resigned his authority anti promises a re-
ducton In the price of bread.
Later advlces received from Tabreez Is to
the elect that the price oC bread has been
reduced. The European coony Is In perfect
safety , as the rIots arc directed entirely
against the governor , who Is the Persian
crown prince. 1 Is reported that wher : he
mob attacked his palace he ordered his body
guard to fro all that from fifteen to twenty
I . 11er80ns were killed . An attack upon a larger
scale Is expected tomorrow.
- - -
AIIIII'11 1 : " ' % lcln 1i1 itor.
OAXACA , Meic. . Aug. G.-Darlo Ierlez , one
01 the most prominent journalists of south-
ern Me ) . has returned to this city after ,
a mysterious absence of several I montlms. lie
was pumblimihing a newspaper called EI Eatado
de Oaxaca and Indnl(1 In severe crIticisms
or state officials through Its columns. One
night Ito was kidnapped and taken to
Yucatan where ho was forcEd Into the federal -
eral army lie succeeded In sellng a lEtter
I to Prebfdent Diaz , In which the facts of his
ainiimctlon and treatment . wmire given. Presl-
Ibdlcton . , , , , . . , , ,
,1.n' nl. .nrnn ntIn,1 hiR r.I.Ro nntl
" " 4' ' , , , , u , -"S.t- , . . . . ' . . . . . . ' . . . . . - - - - - . -
sent him ; ; ; a present l ot' $100. . :
- - - - -
Clnn h'A Sllnl"h Cmi mitmimnim ii evm .
IONnON , Aug. . -A dispatch to the
Times front Havana says the Spanlsh-lnerls
In Cuba have been shied to different pests.
I Is believed this was done In anticipation
of a mono active policy.
Yellow fever II causing ravages along the
troops. : I. Hamslcn ! , the Drllsh consul at
Santiago lIe Cuba. has received a letter from
Jose laceo demanding a supply of arms and
ummunlton or $1 , 000 . with a threat to destroy
his plantation I It Is refused. I Is rimumoreml
martal law wi be proclaimed there
Negroes 1'I'IIA In 'm'rror , .
PAHIS. Tex. , Aug. 5-News reached here (
of a bad state 01 affairs prevailing In Delta
county. One night last week every negro
was notfed that he must leave at once or
be taken out all hanged. This e:18e,1 : , a
stampede among the nelroes , who , being
thoroughly alarmed , began to move out or
time count at once although good citizens
tried to dissuade them , amid offered them
every protection. Valuable property has
been abandonell anti the scare continues.
1)lsemussi'it .ITllrH - - - In the limihicmmitN.
MUNICH , Atmg. 5.-The Neueh Relcsteln
s.'S that the principal subject of Ilscuslon
yesterday at Ausse between the Austrian
Iremler , Count Luchowskl , and Prince
10henlohe , the German chancellor , were the
Liuianiamm anti lacellonlan reports , bllh : ( or
which were or a reassurIng nattmre . I Is
added that a perfect agreelent was arrived
at on all the qustlonf discussed
- - "
Orlt'I''ll tl , 11'III'n - tn Irlu.l.
nOI : Aug . . .Slgnor Martine has been
onlerell to return Immedlatel to Rio de
Janeiro In order to erect a settemont of the
Italian claims agaInst the government of
ThE claims referred to arc those resltn !
from the destruction of te property of
ItalIan citizens Incident to the riots during
the last insurrection.
_ . _
imieriemuim .11 'l'rmmmhmle In CI'rn'"I ) ' .
KISSING N. Au ! 5.-lr. Lotus Stern of
New York was sentenced today to two weeks'
Imprisonment for insulting a public official
and to pay a fine of 600 marks for resistance
to the authority of time state. The defense
pleaded not ! llty to the charge of resistance
and asked that : lr. Stern be fOln(1 guilty
of the charge of Insnlll ; an officer.
- - -
Cnhnl Nevn fl. : . . ' :1.-1. .
MAIRlD . Aug. 5.-Accormiing 10 a dispatch
received hero from Havana , the gllernment
troops have defeated the Insurgents near
latanzas and In addiion , the Insurgent
forces commandell by laceo have been the-
foaled In time province of Santiago de Cuima
Several Insurglmts were hilled . In both en-
gageimients _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
. \ . " . . ted . \'UIA ( ' lvi.
MONTHEAI . Aug. G.-A dispatch from St
Johns says : A shocking apaul occurred In
Ihlvle , opposite here last wool I our men
brutally assaulted a Il-year-old girl who was
founl1 ( ted to a tree with a frog In
her threat to Prevent her crying out
timC.'liOmilmiItM Arc ( Immict ,
CONSTANTINOPLE , Aug. -The move-
menh of the insurgents In Macedonia have I ,
not ben reported hcro for several days. '
The agitation hi Macedonia Is regard . al
hovlng completely failed .
ltii'e Cr"ll n.II.1 II , IiImIiumm.
\OOI" IA , Aug 5.-ContInuous rains
have ruined Iho ( rice crops In many puts ot
Japan and a famine I feared . Many Ins
have already bel'n lost and the damage done
II enormeus. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
lCIJ or li'miinmmrk Still Sull'rl'A.
COPfNlIGlN : , Aug 5.-The king P.8i\
a bad nlgimt lie snrerld frCuent recurrIng
005. pains and hil condition ' Is thought to be son- .
Two Men ' Ieet Ul'llh II muVeli .
C1ilLLlCOTii1 . 0. . . '
CllIICOTI , Aug. 5.-WhIle dlg-
glng U wl'l at South Perry Joseph Dngbam
la lufocatell ( to death by poisonous gun.
his br.thlr.ln law. I Oliver Benway , tried to
rescue hlnl ; and shared his ft" . Doth men '
leave large tomle.
Planning to Capture Arms Stre in tho'
County Court Housc
'iegrm.'mtI RUII HnlnlH Arc ArmilA for
OJll'l , \'nrfnrc timid thc I.oenl
l'ohiee AiltilonItieM Are Xot
LUt1 ; I ilmummil .
ChICAGO , Aug. G.-A Post special from
Spring Valley says : The foreIgner under
the leaderhip of the Ialans and the nogros
who have concentlated their forces at Seaton-
yule . are both organizing today . anti o's the
towns are under arms a deadly conflict Is
anticipated. The gnglsh speaking miners
or Spring Valley to the number of 2000 held
a mass meeting at the lumber yard near the
Hock Island depot today and pasell a resolution -
ton that no neeromen , women or children-
would be allowed to remain Inside the city
limits after S o'clock tomorrow evening.
Speeches of the most inflammatory nature
were made advocating the Immediate openIng
up of lmostliitles .
The negroes at Seatonvle held ! meeting
at the Union church later and organized
themselves for active service. Bureau county
has 300 repeating rifles stored In the court
house at Princeton for the protection of the
citizens , and an effort will be made to se-
cnre them Shonhl they fail the men will
arm themselves with shotguns and fes and
smal arms and make an effort to regain
their homes anti bousehold goods.
They also pasped : resoluol tnt they
would contnu to work In the Spring Valley
minES unti rischarged b ) the ( coal compan
As thE police and sheriff arc mucking no
effort to arrest the dlotersn the spirit of :
lawlessness Is on the increase
In addiion to the negroes reported In-
jued at sterdJY's conflict four others arc
mlsslnj as follows : Washington Amiderson .
aged 4 ) ear : Arch Fleming , aged 35 years ;
Samuel Johnson , aged 30 years : Lswis lar-
timi . aged 35 years. or these It Is time opinion
that two at least arc lying dead tn the woods
surrounding the late negro colony , as rarler
report having een their bodIes.
Some oC the colored residents of Chicago
have been wrought up to a dangerous conmil-
ton hy the report or the outrages commltell
against their hrethren at Spring Valey ,
Some of the more radical have openly threat-
ened to march against the foreigners there
with an Armed force. L.mmte tonight the following -
lowing cal to arms wa Issued and circulated
In the colored conlnunly of the South Side :
"To the Colored People oC Chicago-There I
will be a meetnp at 500 State street at ! p. ,
m. , August 6 , and we want all able-bodied i .
men to come. Thc time has come for us to
raise our arms In deCense or our race They
are kIlling our IJeople al over tie country.
Every day \e rea,1 of their I'nchlng , murder-
lug anti outragIng our people. We declare
that this Is a free country. all unless we
fght for our rights the foreigners will run us
out , as the goverment has not protected
and will not protect us as we protected It In
the time of need.e ask all able.bol\ed
colored men to respond to this call , as they
must have our old at Spring Valley before
5 p. m. Tuesday or they will stan,1 , amid
slaughter the helpless women and chidren
that are ieft. We havegot to do thus and
we may as 'el die now as to tile a year
from now. F. S. MOOi1E.
"ii. : . IISIiE1t. "
A lass meeting was hehl earlier In the
night , at which speeches were made by lrs.
Ida D. Wels.Bnrnet anti others. A telegram
was sent to Governor Aitgcid asking him to
. . . . , , , . _ .
.nn tInt 'hn MlnM.1 mlnnr orn' nM'Mn.1
" . . . . . . . .u. . . . . % .n . " P'U" " ' I
amid I was deeled ] to hold another meeting
on'eI1ne5da ) nlht , and I by that time no
acton has been taken by the governor , ar-
rngements will be made to sell nurses anti
oUter assistance to Spring Vahiey. Several
meluhers of a colored mitary company who
were present declared IC the tate would not
protect the colored people ; at Spring Vale )
they \oull give the ItalIans nil the fight
they wanted. The meetimmg . however , frowned
upon the warlle young men saying that I
had not come to that as yet
SPItING VALLBV . Ill. , Aug. G.-The sltua-
te Is very quiet In this city tonight. This
afternoon a few nero women were "alowel
to pack up their goods and depart from 1.0'
cation. The 100 mmegoes run out of this city
are all at Seatonville. Many of them slept
In the woods last night. Time mayor con-
t"mplated putting on a few deputes tonight ,
but the situation Is so calm that In all 11111-
hcol this will not be necessary. A meeting
oC the mIners anti citizens will be held In the
public S'luare tomorrow morning at 10 o'c'ock.
The man Role who was shot anti robbed by
eolorell mon Saturday night , Is still alive ,
hut cannot live long . The coal company 0111-
dais herln to feel alarmed , as a dynamie (
b'mb was found near M'mnager Dahzeil's resi-
denco this tnorning. The' Is no clue as to
who dropped I there but It Is ! enerly be-
lEered that I had been there ever since yesterday .
terday . wher time crowd visited him to' demand -
mand the disellrge of al negroes .
' - -
CIAnGI J opp SOI 1.\1 lldII'l'S.
PlrHt Nut lommimi Inll < "r ChlelA"
\II"I.tH heroic : . .nHur. .
CHICAGO , Atmg 5.-The First National
banll has chargell oft from its surplus $1,000-
000. transferring that sum to the profit and
loss account. Ne'ver before have such heroic
measures been taken b ) a Chicago bank. In
charging off this large sum trout its surplus
the directors have completely wiped out the
real estate which the banI has taken at one
timmie or anJther anti which Is said to represent -
resent a \alue of some $100,000. The hank
charged ; Iheraly from its undivided proft'
at the beginning oC last 'ear. Tim& banl's
"tatement to lime comptroler December 19.
1S93. showed undivided profits 01 $ GSO.9 19.
January It charged ofT something lo $ GOO.-
000 Cram its unllviled profIts. "There Is
nothing to say about the matter. " said l'resi-
lent Gage "fnrther ( than that the bank hu
made losses and accumulatell loubtul ] as-
sets , which I has ] now been deemed ] wise to
charge oft In this wa ) ' . We might have
worried along anti , bronjht out all of the e
assets , so that no loss would have been
shown. I 10 are still able to 110 that I will
simply go Into the profits as we realize on
thmomn. "
them. .
SI.U\ " VOlt ii " ' 1'1'1 ' 1'lg 'l't'lllS.
\\'nilul I I for 1''rmlHNI" . tn l'roH"'ut.
lt'uz : tul'II'I'I'rH.
ALTON Ill. . Aug. -Another letter has
been received In this city from WIlliam
Sachileben . who Is conductng the Len '
searching expedition. He states that his
misIon Is making rather slow progress. Ito
Is at Erzeroumu , waiting for go\'ernmental
authority to proceed with the prosecuton 01
the muderers of the lost American wheel
man hating establihed the identIty of
the assassins . he Is eompele1 to lie Idly by
until the United States , by force of author.
I ) ' , compel time Turkish powers to allow
proceedings against the guilty parties. He
has recently had a telegram from the Amer-
lean consul allvlslng him not to mo\1 for
the present , but to await de\elopments , a
steps have been taken to procure him the
needd authority. To undertake to act ag-
greul\ely without any authoritative mitary
escort he says , would be tantamount to
suicide !
01.1 i'toiim'lelora 'l'mm I. time .iit'reimr' .
NEW YORK . Aug. 5.-The Daily Mercury
bas returned to the control of its .former
proprietors Messrs. Caldwel and Noble. Four
thousand , nine hundred and seventy shares
of the capital tack were sold at auction
today anti , were bought for $ S0O The sale
ends the recent dlnlcullel between the old
propniotora and Harvey I.arayete ( , who at-
temptell to have his partial purchase of the
paper rescinded by the courts
- - .
loem.iemita uC U'nn Ntl'I'r. , Aug. iN .
At York-Arrlvell-Ethlopla , from
I Guguw : Trne , from Dremen : Cevlc , from
I LIVerpoQI ; Amsterdam from Am.t rdb.
, - ifls . ' " Jg " 'I''T - IHU. .
Xc\'er lIi'covere.ifrohtl tlit" SIUHk 01
the' Inrnln or the 'l'nhcrmimmcle.
DANS\'ILLI , N. Y. , AUG. 5Mrs. T.
Do Wit TalmaGe died here at GO : this
Since the burning of the Brooklyn tabernacle -
naclo Mrs. Talmago has stiffened from nervous
prostration anti alto has never fully recovered
from the shock sustained then. The fro
broke out while the doctor WAS holding his
Isual Sunday reception amid. a large number
at parishioners and visitors ' were In the
church when the fire broke out They all
made good their escape , hut Ir. Talmage
went back Into the burning edifice for something -
thIng he had left behind. During his absence
Mrs. Talmage , who , with other member of
the family , was outside awaitng his reap-
pea rance , became greatly excited and alarmed
for the doctor's safety. As soon as she was
Inrormed that hl was all right she broke
down completely , her oyerwrought nerves be-
log unequal for such a sthln. lien deters
suggested a guropean tour to build up her
failing health. She was accompanied to Europe -
rope by Misses laude and Daisy Talmage.
Whie In Home she became ill with Homan
fever and accompanle,1 b ) one ot her physI-
clans she returned home. While staylnp at
the fallh"s summer residence near East
Hampten , I I. , she appeared Ie Improve
and her friends had hones for her speedy
recovery. This was not to b. however , as i
she soon hail a relapse or the spells of ex- '
imaustion anti nervous Itrstration. Thin sufferer - 'I
ferer was removed to time Dans\lo sani-
tarium about a year ago , with Miss Daisy
Talmage atm her eenstant companion
While Dr Taln1e was absent on a lecturing -
Ing tour In the west last wade ho received
a telegram summonL'lg him to his wife's bed-
mimie . lie at once canceled all his en ae-
monte and hastened back to fnd that there
was very little hope for the patient's recoy-
cry and ho reniainei with her uutl the end
came thh miiornlmmg. . '
The lleeeaged was the s onll wire or Dr.
Talmage. His first wife wets drowned while
boating In 1862 , lea\111 a daughter , Miss
Jessie , and a Mn. who has since died.
WLthln two years afterward the doctor mimar-
rlei Miss Susie \hlemore oC flrooklyn. She
hecame the mother o five children , He\ .
Frank DeIt 1almae. Mrs. lorln. Irs.
: lang.n , Miss laude and llss DalY Tal-
IISCl'ilmtldtA ( ' 1"1\1 0t' IIUUI.
Selt'miei' . lmiit'M . . Upfoi' . , tht. I"ul I r. . oft
t lii' i1i'smvii forM In lie lmmisi'mII'itt. '
ChICAGO Ammg. G.-Human blood was
found today In Holmes' caste besptered from
one rol to another. Science aIded Detect\'cs
Fitzpatrick and Norton \here other agencies
had Called and uncovered ' mmmare startling
evidence against holmes and Pat Quinlan
than has been Counll In the castie. There
was found In the caste by time detectives and
a Icdlcal expert a trail or blood ledlmmg
from th doorway of the dining room oC
: IIs , Jolla I. Conner to the sink In the
same room : CIOI there Into tbe ( dark chamber -
her where she anti , Pearl formerly slept , amid
from thee to the Inilde or the ( door openhll
I Into tie bath rom , where the secret door
was ; on the baseboard of that room above
I th . Irn .Innr nntl , In\n ml h. 1p.'r't Rnlr"'R"
whicim ; - led " - to t"hr i elevator i - - shaft ' -11) ; )
thence Into the basement The blood was
human. A clot of blood mixed with human
hair was found Also from the debris from
the dark cimanmber where the ( mother anti
chid slept , there was taken some child's
Iltdcrwear stained with 1100d ; a pair of
brown diagonal trouser stained at the
botoln with blood : the Pocket of a woman's
dress boOlsoaked : ; a qn'lkechlef which
had been used to wipe up' blood with all I
various clothes and pars 'Jf underclothing
spoted with blood. . S
TheE articles were examined microscopic-
ally at the tme or their dIscovery and the
test made then anti there of the stains and
! alr
blotches showed : It to be human blood. With
but one or two exceptions the ( expert reelied
the ) ' were all larld wlh human blood. A
rope was found In the dark chamber , all tn
its Imots blood was dlscovercd.
Chief Badenoch believes all this evidence
to be the most Important of any save the
partial confessions of Mr. Qulnlan . that he
has yet sccured. The Infer nce drawn by the
officers from time trail of blood which was
Ils covered wa that the bl ad , being httmniamm
came from somno person \ ho was killed In
the dark ' chamber , dragged from there to the
trap door thence down. t e secret stall to
the' inmeemmiemit Chemical 'ah'sls of all the
bloo:1 : wIll Immeilately to ion' The hioody
doors were taken ciT an , the base boards ,
also portions of the floe lug oC the dalle
chamber and boards from the secret staircase.
. tlo
ZII 'Yt'l"l' IS SICn\'I.\ SISI'IXG.
AlhutN Ills fmk'iitltaimmi " " ' ' 1 I ( Pnr
tnl CoifesNlmmm.
SOUTH ENID , OkI. , Aug. ' 5.-Zlp Wyatt .
alas Yeager , the notorious bandit , Is still
alive . but fast sinking. lIe has three 45-
caliber bullets In his hOlly two of which arc
10dpe,1 , In his InteqUnes. Wien told this
afternoon that he was bonD't to the he male ,
a partial statemnemit a.lnltUng . his Ilentt ) .
and rcqnested that his fmjthber be scnt for.
His father Wilamrat lives near Guthrie -
rio anti Is known as "SIxslmmoter lull , " 10 Is
a tall , muscular old man and when In his
cups Is In thQ hahlt 01 m 1lng a hot house
for time boys. Zip Wyatt , tle hallt , Is the
only one of the Dalton gmjiig who made hl
etcapc from the raid at Coir yvihle . Kan. He
was wounlled at the Dover robbery anti wal
the leader at the Little Hock train rohbery
on time Santa Fe. lie has asslse(1 ( In a score
of more of murders and prhaps 100 robberies
of hanks , stores and private families. lore
than 500 people visied , th jai ( omiay ( to see
hint : Ian ) of Ihom IJoslfel ) Identified him.
A dcputy Unied States nlarhal stated this
afternoon that the pursui hnd capture of Zlll
had cost the United States government ten
or twelve brave o0c rs anli private citizens
and probably 50000.
A'1"l'l1t ( "I' 'FASS.tI'i.'m' - ' , , UI'H ' n.\s'I'
lemmim I y ' Sii'rlfTs nIH"r.h flit' , ' , mlVhmo
11 g'I.lent ) iimsimmui ' .
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. -Tho first attempt -
tempt to do violence to Theodore Dmmrrammt
on trIal for time murder Qf Danche Lament
In . Emanuel church , since his incarceration
was wade today as the _ defendant was lea.Y-
lug time court room The prisoner was In the
custody or the chief jailer when a wild look-
lug young lan rushed fro n the crowtl towa,1
Dlrrant. wlh the evident Iptpnton of as-
sanilng hIm. The jailer threw him off be-
fore he could reach Durrant ali the assailant .
I ant tried to dr.\ w a pIstol. Ho wns seIzed
by two delll sheriffs betoru he ( could aim
Insane. his weapon. I Is believed time assailant Is
A seventh juror tQ U" Durrant was secured -
cured at the morning ttnsion of the court In
the person of II. J. Sm.the $ , a Tetred farmer. ;
- _ . I _ - ,
1,11 rice Xnll'r or. Comiu'Iets . , InJlr ( . . .
JFFFEISO CITY , :10" Aug. G.-TwI
convicts , Suillvaa . of Kansas City and 100ley
of St. Louis , are In the prison hospital tonight -
night possibly fatal ) ' hnrt. Twenty prisoners -
oners are mere or less InJured. The prison-
era working In one of the shoe shops were
being marchell to supper acoss a bridge
twenty feet long connecting the second
stories of the factory iuiiding. Sudllenly
and without a moment's wanIng the ( bridge
broke , and all rf those whO were emi It were
precipItated to the Irouill Sullivan and
Hooley were among thE first to fall , Strange
to relate , no bone" were hroken. Hooley war
hurt In the breast , Stlh'an In the back All
were badly I bruised
p -
HI"'Hlro 'l'l'HtIOIhOlt . \1 lit.
UNION , Mo. , Aug. G.-Just before court
adjourned this' evening the defense In the
case of Millionaire Duestrow stated that It
had Introduced all its tebtmony except the
expert alI semi-expert testimony. Just prior
to the adjournment court held that.a hpo.
thetcal case must be made by the defense
before It rested , and not after the state had
made its rebuttal. The decision Is consid-
ered quite an Important victory for time state. I
Two At'rommntitpi 1'coy'rllA
JACISONch. . , Mug , 5-The two aeronauts -
nauts who tel from a baleen at Vander-
cook's lake yeterlay afternoon will probably
recover Time ) 'oung"man hal both her
legs fractured. broken , while Elliott's cola bone was
Petition for n Hearing Presented , but Not
Received in the Supreme Court .
Judge Xor"nl i1hrestmes 111"1 I to
'lhlH ' 1 leet lull . SI'H I :11) ' Ic
October hiefore thc CIHe
I" liciuril.
I.IXCON. Aug. G.-Sreclal ( Telegram.- )
Attorney General CimtmrciiUl this evening pre- ,
sented a petition In quo warranto In the C8e
of the Omaha Fire and Polce commission to I
Clerk of thd Supreme Court Campbel and
asked to have It flied . : lr. Campbel re-
fused to either receive or file It. To a reporter -
porter for The Bee Chef ! Justice Norval
said that permission to file such a petition
must be grntell by the full Inch either at a
special or regular session The supreme
court woull not be In sessIon until September -
her 1i , at which time the petition could be
presented and a hearing ot the case had. As ,
there are criminal anti other cases docketell '
sufcient to consume two weeks of the cotmnt's :
time . It mllht bo until October beCoro time :
quo warranto case eoull be reached. Chief I
Justice Norval said that he did not anticipate - '
pate that a special term would be called to
hear this case.
This morning Governor 10lcomb rCuested
PrIvate Secretor Marat to walt
) on Atorney i
General Churchi and request him to file i
quo warranto proceeilngs In the Omaha Fire 1 ,
and Polce commissIon case with the supreme
cotmrt The attorney general , throuph hula
deputy : lr. Day , said that hu wouhl ron-
skier the request of the governor as malla-
tory anti IJepare the pap rs accordingly. The
governor's request was to the effect that I It
were not possible to file th.m today that
such actou woull certainly be hall tomorrow.
The attorney general assisted by Mr. Day.
ImmedIately set about tie IJeparaton of the
docummnemits The petition . which Is Ihort ,
sets lP that at present there exists In Omaha
two contestn Boards of Fire anti Polce Com-
mmmissioners giving the names or the respective
boards and stating the facts under which the
nel board was appuilt.d and citing the law
under which such acton was taken. Time attorney -
torey general then presents the condition of
the old board , giving their reaSOl1 for at-
tcmptn to retain posseslon oC their offices.
and statng that timy do so under the belief
that the law unmier which the new board was
appointed was ummconstituiomiai. (
I'l' thlt 'i'iuieStlmVl ' imil Ont If the
Chnrt'hll-ln"H1 I Stul Is .
LINCOLN , Aug. 5.-Special.-Timo ( ) legal
net continues to tghten about tie combine eo
assiluously seeking to force the Cimurcimihl-
ltmmsrell FIre and Police commission Ufon
Omaha In spite _ , of the interdiction of the
cotmrts. Papers were med with the clerk of
the supreme court yesterday directly In the
relation at Mayor Bemis , member of the
present Board of Fire antI Police Commissioners -
sioners , and ex-oiilcio chairman , as Tllalntl
In proceedings In the nature of quo warranto ,
to test the authority under which Broatcii
Vandervoort and Foster assume to have been
nppointed ( police commissioners and to claim
limo ofilce.
Time commencement of these 'pro0dngS !
threatens to bo like ! c01 stream ot water
poured on the neck of-tbe combine. One of
Its chief contentions In f htng time amicable !
Fe , tement In the courts as IJop08ed by the
old comumuisslommers was that time latter en-
tetalned no intention or ( eating the case
In the courts These proceedings disprove
that contentIon. They show that the present
board Is not only anxious to test the ( new law
by jlulelal process , but Is oven willing to
Institute the necessary proceedings itself .
whether time attorney general commences suit
In time name of the new appointees or nJt.
110'I'CIXH 10IH .tNS'i'LiIt.
Gen"I'nl Ht'nlli nf . \ " ' ntlnN 11 ! cl .
ttll fil' liii mmmmetluii .
The answer flied In the injunction slit
3alnst Vammtlervoort Broatch and Foster
now on file In the district court Is , In the
main , a denial or the allegations of the
plaimmtift's imetitlon . The answer admis that
tile new board was appointed by only two of
the appointing board provided for In the
eomblhe's law and without time concurrence
of Governor Holcomb , hit seeks to have the
court dissolve the restraining order on the
assumpton that the old board docs not Intend
brlnln an ) qmmo warranto procrdlngs to
test the right of time new hoard to assume
0111 Co.
When Judge Scott was first asked for the
use of court room No. 1 for the heaing of
the injunction suits he refused , telling Dep-
uty Sheriff Hosenzwel , who cemlunicatcil
the r'uest of Judge Hopewel. that he needed
the reel every day for his worlt Later at
the earnest solicitation of Dick Hal and
Franlt Hansom , he consemmteti
ll.t'ld MItS. ( : \IUSI' 1 IOC.\'I'EI.
SII.I tu lie ' 1''n'hlA I S.'houl II n CUI-
. ' '
mmt't'tletit 'l'uvmi.
BOSTON Au ! -lro. . Annie M. Gardner ,
the missing Nebraska Christian Endeavor ,
delegate . Is belevtl to bo teaching school In
a Connecticut town. A woman answering
her description has been traced from the
plco where lrs. Gardner got a woman to
write to her husbanl , under an alonymous
name that she was dead to Cam-
bridge where site went by time name of
Mitts : lansfell1 She left the day Mrs. Gardner -
nor Ilsappeared , haYing her trunk smt to
the New Pnlanll depot , where I was checked
for the Connecticut town.
S.\ ' SO IXU1\SS OX ' ( ' 1111 'CR11' .
Inrt ) . IC It.n _ t'Slierlfl's . . It t' I ml rim frln ' ' Iiiit' .
LANDER W'o. . Aug. 5.-Speclai ( Tele-
gram.-Thmo ) sheriff's posse which went to
Jackson's hole returned tonight at 9 o'clock.
They report that no Indians were seen on
the 400-tulle trip except those on the reserva.
ton.DENVEH , Aug. G.-A News special from
Cheyenne , Wyo. , says : Adjutant General
Sttzer arrived here from Jackson's Hole. lie
reports everythIng quiet at that place and
says he believes the Inllal police will bc
able to take the Indians hack to their reser-
vation . .
Cismmfilt't lug Xt''H C'nm Jli'ii'er IMliIiul.
TOSKEY , Mich. , Aug -Captaln Van-
derhof of the steamer Thomas I'rJant has
returned from Beaver Island. He denies
that any gr'at damage has been done , 8S
given out In the early reports. On the
other hand , equally reliable vessel men who
landed relte that Gillette Is certainly destroyed -
stroyell and that St . James although 8a\'ell
a yet , Is threatened by swamp tires , which
are iiabiq. to overcome the vigIlance ot time
islanders No lives have been lost A
levay rain Is falling . tonlght. ,
UlltlA I UUWI t" . Clmnisto its .
SOUTH M'ALESTIIit , I. ' , Aug. 5.-The
Christian gang robbed another store near
Calvin last night Marshal : tcAleEer bas
telegraphed ] the Department of Justice to
appoint special deputes to hunt the robbers
down Marshal Hutherford of the northern
district has a force of deputes on theM way
bere. The officers are delermlnell to either
kill or capture the entire . gang. _
"nlnl" ' 10rH ( ' " Ilutriieii.
FORT WAYNE , Inll. , Aug. 5.-The $12,000
stock barn on n. D. McDonald's celebrated
Riverside farm 'V8S burned nlgbt. The
$0.00 California stallion , Truman , wih a
record of 2 12 , and five tine cell by Electric
namel. King , valued at $10,000 , perished II the
l nlli ldfli'ets oC R Sllute from It StimulI
Cii itnuim.
SPlNO ILD , 0. . Aug. 5.-A cannon
fred from 1 KnIghts of 1).thlas excursion
today struck a passing train carrying time
Third regiment of Ohio National Guard ,
Colonel Anthony comnmnantiing , resultng In
the serous InJur ot a number of soltilers .
The regiment has been In camp for the I'ast
week at Johnson's Island , and broke camp
toda ) ' , TOllay was also the day for time
. .
Knights of 1).thlas of Slllngnehl anti layton
to start for camp at Sanllnsk The two
trains were to pas near ilehifontaimic. The
l.thlans hall a small cannon In the baggage
car of theIr train and were firing salutes as
they went along. One or these salutes was
fred just as the train beaing the reglnlnt
was i'asshmmg. The two trains were but two
feet apart , The full charge of the cannon ,
powder and wadding , was delverel , rIght
In the faces oC time crowlled carload -
load of 5hlers , who hall the win-
dews open. Instant ! there were
shrieks of pain from the wounlle(1 soltilers. To
make matters worse the car was filled ( with
the surocatng smoke of the Ilowller. With
IJO\ tier burning Into some bloJl1 flowing ( remit
time wounds of others who .had been struck
b ) the heavy wadding the scene was one of
eontnslon. The Injured were In great aeon
The car doors were opened and the slo.e ]
cleared away. Time hospital corps of the regi-
ment was aboard and was 1lmellutel ) ' called
Into service. Three mcn ere batily cut
about the heall Two little boys eompan
"mascots , " ' hall their faces shot con1letel ) '
ful of powder , and wcro In great alon ) ' ; two
soldiers were made dcar prohabl ) beyond
recovery ; another will lose his e'eslght One
man was sitting with his face betl eon his
hands looking Ilt or the window and recelv-
lug the discharge Cul In the face , was
serlolsly burne'1 ' SOle twenty morl hail
their faces partially fled S with the powder.
" ' . \X'I' 1'lnD' , 'l' ( ) nn'I\:1 (101,1)
L'iisiit'i'i'ssiI Efforts ur Sliver t1i'mt tu
lurH ! :11'1
\ \ ' < , rk lnIHIH It'IHIIIu'r" .
TOPgtA , Knit. . Aug. f.Thlslselslon dlY
antI checks for several imummidremi thioumsand dol-
iars are beimig Paid out this week by Unlteti
States Commnissiomier Glick. Time following
cIrcular was distributeti mumnong time old set-
tiers of Topeka amid Simawmiee commntles wimo
this niornhmig visited time United States peim-
sion effico to get their quartermy allowance
front the government :
"Comrades , halt ! You are entitled to gold
iii Paymmient of your checks. Demmmamid it. Do
not accept depreciated currency. "
Time voneiommers are Imaiti by checks wimlcim
are casliemi at time Topeka hammks. It is
claimed time circular was prepareti by a bi-
betalhist vhmo wamiteti to simow timat tiiere Is
miot enotmgii gold imi time banks to pay time
pommsloners alone , aside from doing time otimor
buslnesmm of tim country.
It hmas also been smiggesteti that timls many
be part of the Sovereign boycott of imational
bank tmotes. It is not known who distnibutemi
the circulor.
Over 500 peimelon checks vere paid by time
Topeka bank tolay. emil ) ' two askIng for gold.
Omme was a customer mumti lie 'as givemi the
yehiow metal. Time otimer 'as immsolent anti
was toiti to get out of time bamik. l'restdemit
J. Il. Muivammo of time Hank of 'l'opeka saul :
'We generally flSY moat of thie pensioners
in gold , as it is more convenient when we are
rumsimeml , but this circmmlar wimlchm was distrlb-
tmteti amnoiig the pensioners is diabolical. I
know not what else to call it. We tb not
get a cent for making this payment , or ratlmer
for casimlng these cimocks. We do not ciimirge
these veterans anything for collecting their
mnoney.nmimi it.rcmzlly coats us about $25 every
three montims to hiamidle this pension business.
We mmmsmt be very partietmiar about every check
amid time checks niumst be forwarded \Vashing- -
ton by express. We cannot risk time mails.
Time govenimment does not keep ammy mmlommey
deposIted with us , so you can mmcc how fooi-
isis it is that timis circular sliommid be sent
out , telling themmi to demand gold. "
- - -
11 11'IdIt S'Vli3i11mCS IIUI1NIII ) .
lit , ) ' i'hityl tig ' . 'ItIi ( Imi telmeim Stmi rts it
hIsiiuulrt.i 'I'Imimitsmti..l lolhmtr lilnat' .
CINCINNATI , Aug. 5.-At 2 p. imi. fire
was tliseoveretm mmi time ijmncmnnaut wmmarmuoau.
It soomi titreatenctl everything on time inmbiic
landing ammd In iort. The commilagratiomi
lasted less than an hommr , bmmrmiing two large
\vhmarfboats and two steamers anti causimig
a loss of over $100,000. All time loss fails eu
time Cinciminati & Louisville Mail Line coma-
pany. Time fire originated on time wimnrfboat
known as ( imo Cimicinmiati anti was caumsed by
a boy striking a mnatcit mmear baled imay. Time
steanmers Big Sandy and Carroitomi were
cimaineti to the large wliartiioats anti had ito
steam tip , so timey commiti not get away from
time fire. Both were destroyed. As time fire
occurred tlmree or four imoumrs bolero time start-
lug time- there were only a few passengers
on board , antI timeyvere carily lammded. There
was a mnultitutle about time river hiammks 00
thais sIde , anti intense excitement exlteti because -
cause of reckless reports about time loss of
life , Several firemen amimi stemmmrmhoatnmen
vere painfully liurnetl , btmt none seriously.
Several wiitmrf imtmlitiings anti other bmmhlmiings
near by were batily scorched. A hmnrse at-
tacheti to a dray cotmltl not be miniven frommi the
burning wharf anti pltmnged imito time river
anti vas tlrowmmed.
Commodore Loirilow tonight says thm
losses of the mall himie are as follows : The
Dig Samiiiy steanmer , $15,000 ; immsmmrancc , $10-
0)0 ; tIme Carrolton stt'amimer , $35,000 ; macmr.
amice , $10,000. Time loss on time Lommiavilie
wimarfboat is $8,000 ; lmistmrance , $ ,0O0 : Cirm-
clnmiati wimarfimoat , $15,000 ; inmmmmrsnce. $12,000 ;
total loss of time mmmii line , $100,000 ; lnuramice ,
$90,000. TIme imumlis of tUe imoats jmank. Time
steamers , as well as time u'immurfijoats , are
total losses. Then' is no estimate of thin
cargoes. The insmmrance is mostly In foreign
and eastern companies.
(1t'li UI' 't'1'l'IlU'l' A F'l(1lI'l' ,
Slayers tif SIienlffsSlmgg multi ln.'uves
iii 't' < , iselt' Commimty , Utmils ,
SALT LAKE , Aug. 5.-Cougimlin anti
George , time slayers of Simeriffs Stagg nmmtl
1)awesm near Echo on Momiday last , imavo
been captured aimti are safely beiminmi tIme
bars in the comunty jail. Timeso young des-
imeramiocs hail successfully elmimlemi time oillciais
of three counties for nearly a week , belmig
emigagod in time naeantirno in two encounters
at elmort range. Vlmilo time sheriffs' posmes
anti time Salt Lake city police were tcourlng
time cotmntry east of Salt I.lko CIty the two
men made their way through time lines , stoic
two horses in time suburbs omm Saturtlay nlgimt
anti reacimoil Toocle commnty on timeir 'say
west. Sheriff MeKeilar of Tooele commity was
notified of timeir movermients and smirrountieti
timemn timis muonititig in'illo's' canyon. Time
men were taken by surprise anti surrentlered
without fighting or firing a simot. They
said it was tue first opportunIty they had to
surrender without hieing imimot mlwn like tiogs.
They arriveti imore at. 4 o'clock thus afternoon.
Time jail is besIeged i'y a curIous crowd ,
anxious to see time prisoners.
Corri'sjinmmilemit Iti'tum mmmcii to lalmimemni mti
ISII1'iIMING , Mlcii , , Aug , 5-Time correspondent -
spondent of time Detroit flrenlng News , who
left town under coummpmilsiomu of a crowd of
miners last Friday night , returned from Marquette -
quette alone today. The strikers have gone
(0 ( Neguanee to hold a demonstration , Mayor
Joimnson hues mamlo futile attempts to swear
in special pohicemmien , but none came be found
whmo will serve ,
Mayor Joimmisun has received a telegramn
fronu Governur Rich urgIng tIme prevention
of Immterfercnco with any person engaged in
legltimmiate pursuits. itevVilhiam Coaml ,
ciialnmnan of the Miners' union , professea
willingness to assist In. mnaimmtainlng order ,
but doubts the ability of himself anti oilmen
leatiem's to control some of tue strIkers , who
are suspIcious of outsitlers ,
The Ishpemuing strikers , after a meeting
at the Midway park totiy , went to
Negaunco snti helml a joimmt ilenmonetratlomi
TIme cimief approiienslon today was tIme poasi-
bihity that the' rain. wiitm'hms'as falling , might
drive time miners Into Neg.aummee saloons. coma
that they mmilght return lnfmmrkateti Mayor
Johnson today sent a demnarmil to Marquette
to the sheriff to conic bore.
School Board Gives the Place to 0 , G.
Pearse of Beatrice.
Other Sememi 'emit to l'rnt , , , < - ' .
Suhmiry ( Imisii' * 8ouu-Conl Comm.
tnutets for timi. % ' ' r
tmtnilt'sl ,
C. a. l'earmo of licatrleo was elected as
sumperinteuumiemtt of schools by thme Hoard ot
Etimmeatlomi at time rogimlar meeting last night ,
lie received exactly time eghmt ! votes miece airy
tm elect eu time first ballot , wlmila time re-
niainmler vent to Prof. homer P. LewIs , pnln-
cipal of the Iligim school.
.At a cammeus in the afternoon time mnmajonity
agreed to tmmmite on l'earec , l'iersoma went to
Lewis , tlflms leaving timemmi wlthu exactly time
imecessary votes. Time supporters of Simiitim ,
Carhart , 1toberts anti Strong united to ac-
comuphisim t'carse's election.
'l'imero was a tiechled tiliferenco of opinioa
In ( tic matter of salary. Tmmkey nmoved that
time salary be mumamie $1.000 a year. Rhodes S
ammiemutietl to tti effect thm'mt It remmmnin at
$ ) .G00. Tuikey saimi that It wits hot timmsini'ss-
like to ta' $3,600 to a mmmnmm who aa nou
getting emily $1,200 at lieariee. ( If Mr.
l'earse luroveti to b tile nlgimt. sort of mann It
would be utrolmer to increase lila salary mifter
the first year.
CITi' SIX I1UNIilll { ) OFF.
Kumodeil saul timmut. there was a contain
aumiomint of auorlo comimuected aItlm time Position
ammtl ono mmmati avmms worthi jmtst eut miimieim as cmi-
litmrgess cmiii Cramiibiett timommgimt that $3,000
watmhmi Ito emmommghi , anti after sonic fmmrthier dls'
emission time ammmentlmnemtt was wittmmlrmmwmm anti
Limo lresitiemit amid secretary % ere mumtimorizett
to sigmm a commtract with Mr. l'e.mrse for emma
year at $3,000.
Mr. l'eam'ao Is imetweemi 30 ammti iO years
of age. lie has leemi SUiu'rimitemlmlcnt of
tlmo Beatrice schools several years ammti was a
camitiltimtte before limo last repumbllcan state
commventiomi for thit' mimumuimiatiomi for tata Bumper-
intemmtiemmt of public immstrmmction.
Time report of thma superimmtontlemit of build-
hugs I mmii lcmtt cmi a mu atenia I sari ml g by iuul mating
time school btmllmiings by day labor , Time cost.
out four large bmmildlngs was 4 1-10 cemuts per
3'anmi. Last yemir thu work was let by contract -
tract tutu cost 6 ½ edits iter yard.
Time report of Cli ) ' Treasurer ltmmmiomat imuii-
cateti a imalammce 1mm ( lie fimmmtl of $26,827.15 , ox-
elusive of time SlO,000 tit'posit imi time Mimilamad
Sttmte batik.'arramita mmmmiommmmtimmg to $51-
665.OS were Paiti dtmrimmg time last twenty days
of the mmioumth.
Time reutignattomi of J05510 Mdfloberts , one
of time recemathy eiectemi teacimers , was tema-
tiered amid acceptetl.
MIss hum iimehlenberger was grammtcd a
leave of absetmce for one year.
Time petition of proparty owmmers for mm. scimoot
at Ounmthma I bights was iilnceti 0mm llle , TIme
committee reltonteti that time school avmta
mmeetied imy abommt twenty-five Imumluils , btmt tlmo
finammcos of time board ( liii umot warrant limo
'Fime mmaomatimly bills vere ailoweti. These in-
clutied time Janitors' pmy roll for $1,619.50. amid.
that of the sumperintemadcmat of buildIngs ,
amommmmtimmg to $2,920.C,0.
0mm rccomnmmmemmtlmmtioma of time commmmuitee ( out
judiciary time board rofimseil to consider the
meqmaost of time bondsmnen of henry hahn to
fluke a demaumti on J. O'flommclmume for a
balance of $56.35 ( ; dime ott ) mi saloomu license.
This au'as tuft case 1mm which a bill of O'lon-
oimuma ngaimmst Iioiimm aa foummad In time casim
tlmawer mis part lutymnent on time llcemise , Time
boarti aiii reqmmire time bommmismnen to mnako
good time amnoummt.
'i'imo comitract for imanmi coal for time cmmrrent
year saas let to time Simenidnmm Coal comiupammy
mit $7.50 ror toma. Time soft coal contract waa
let to \ ' 0. Goss at $2.90 , mind tlmmut for nut
coal to time Amnenicami Fuel cummipany at $2.61.
mtm'ICOVING ' .ll1lC5tN . ' . 'm'A't'ldIt'"s'fl.
l1adt'mmI s'i. l'lmi' I imisiissl Nimvlgmt-
I limit Il'l iii.r lei'iomst'si ,
CITY OF MEXICO , Aug. 5-Major Scoum-
gal , an irrigationengineer , wimo lies been in
time emmiploy or time British govcrnmnent in
Imadia , will inmmnemIately begin work eu time
Tempoal river near Tammiplco to enable
steamners to ascemuti to time tuwmm of Temmmpomil.
lie will also , imm conjmmncttomm with Mr. Core-
hell , who am'as time constmltlrmg mmgineer at time
Tamupico jettIes , excavate G00 kIlometers ot
clmatmnei fromn time upper 1110 Grantie , Scongat
also will be in cit.mrge of time canalization
project fruna Timmmmitlco to Juximaumi through
Like Lamuilmmmmm. A concession has been
granteti for mm canal to commmmect time west enti
of tIme lstlmmnmms of Teimuantelec , time canal to
run luarahiel with the coast. 'rime new water-
uva ) ' uvill be nearly 400 mmiiles lommg amid wilt
extenml into Gmiatemmmala. 'fime Mexican gov-
erummmmmmmt is giving mnumchm attetitlout to extend-
lag Its various waterwmmymm so as to develop
Immianti navigation ,
General Jnimn Ii , FrIsbee of timis city , for- .
imierly of CalifornIa , has jmmst received a
concession for an electric railway from Jim-
lipa , on time Interoceammic rallroaml ( a Cornima ,
on time Vera Cruz railway , passing timroumgim an
extensIve coffee aummi fnmmlt commmmtry. 'rlmis
road auth facilitate time ommllet for time emmor-
mmaoums coffee croim of limat region. Siurvey and
construmctlumi will begimi Iinmnetiiatt'ly. George
Topimanm imaum time engineering in eimarge. 'i'Imi
is time first electric railway projected iii time
Americans lucre avimo mare lmierestetl ( In pumgil-
lsmn will endeavor to imavo time Corbett-Fhtz-
simmons figimt hielti here macar time borders of
time federal district. i'tmbhic ohmimalon is boa-
Time examination at Pmmebla of time niother
of Editor Olomumeomi discloses that site kmmew
rmotiming of imer son's political contests and was
mmmiaware that ime had enemiuies. 'Fime edItor of
Cronhsta imas Imeemi reieaed frommm prison at
CITY OF MEXICO , Mug. 5-An autopsy
has been helti upon the hotly of Js'sums Olunos
Contreras , time congressman antI jommrmialliit
who was aesmissimmatetl in l'uehlo. It revealeti
the fart that lie Imati been stabimemi forty-two
tlnies in time cimest anti wommmd probably have
been stabbed oftener imati mmot one of time
daggers been brokemi , time blade rommaaining
Imbedtlemi in time mutcles. Time imeart was
traverseil twIce by a weapon wleldemi by a very
strong hand and with sumre aim. Other stabs
might apparently have been gIven by blind
men. so wllti was their direction. Nobln (
at present Is kmmown as to time ammthor of th
deed , butt indications simow cleurly that It
was tin act of private vengeance , done by
men who so tlmueii ( heIr crlnie as to elmimlo
the vigilance of two policemen who were lxi
the neighborhooti of time street where time body
m'as founmi. lioth ofiicers have declared that
they neitimer saw nor hearti anytiminit uuatmsu4
dmmrlng the night.
flmiriitt'uitVorlt'rs' Strike Ilmislesi ,
NEW YOILK , Aug. 5.-The Garment Work.
era' strIke is vracticaliy a victory for time
umiiomi , although Secretary Wilkowski , who
on Sunday night made a formal aurrende
in time name of tue Contractors' association ,
was not able to deliver time gootis , and a few
employers are still resisting the workers' do.
mnande. Forty agreements were filed today.
This makes a total of 400 contractors , repro.
senting 12,000 strikers in New York aumi vi-
chilly , who have acceptemi the terms of the
workmen. Leader cimoenfelmI of the strikere
saiti today : "Another 5,000 of our mnen re
turned to work yesterday and today , anti
there are now only 200 comitractora who have
not signed our agreement They are nearly alt
association men , and th' may hold out. two
or three weeks. In the mmieanime the otimtr
contractors will be doing all the work , "
. - - -
It < 'setiesi Smillorsm Iii ii Smmd 1'iI&iit.
i'OItT TOWNSEND , Wash. , Aug. 5.-Six
survivors of the sealing schooner , Waio ( ,
whmicit was lost last spring In Aimusica , am'-
rlvcml today , All of time survivors are item'-
ribly mutilated , havimig lost toes , flugeni ,
arms ' i feet frcmn be mug frozemi , They sea
on their way to San Frageitcm.