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    THE OaLAJIA DAILY BEE ; IllTjUSD AY , JTJL r 18 , 1895. 3
Delivered by carrier to nny rnrt of the city ,
i II. W , TILTON , Lessee.
TRI.nPlfONnS llu lne * ofTlce. No. : night
nil tor. No. 22.
! / / . % Ult .1II.MWH.
The Royal Neighbors' social has been In
definitely postponed.
Buy your cigars , plpea , tobaccos anil canes
in Grand Hotel Cigar store.
Grand hotel. Council Bluffs. Newly fur-
nlnlicd. Reopened Oct. 1. E. F. Clark , prop.
Harmony chapter No. 25 , 0. K. S. , will
hold their regular meeting this evening at
Masonic hall.
George Cavln , Earl Beaidsley , Arthur
Ko.llno and Fiank Zurmnehlen begin camp
ing at Manawa today.
A free entertainment will bo given by
the P. 0. S. of A. and the P. O. D. of A.
nt their hall over 101 Main street this even
A marriage license was Issued yesterday
to J. W. Tidd , aged 33 , and Ella Sprague ,
aged 32. the former of Sioux City and the
latter of Lincoln , Ntb.
The Masonic Mutual Savings and Loan as
Boclatlon commenced a suit In the district
court yesterday for $1 046 on a note signed by
her nnd her husband , Joseph Hradshaw.
Mr. fi. T. Gilbert of this place and Miss
Viola Baxter of Afton , la. , were married
at the home of the bride on July 10. They
will be at home to friends at 802 Avenue
H , after July 23.
Johu Barhyte hns been appointed by the
mayor to take charge of the chain gang. Mr
Harhyto was deputy marshal and day jailer
for several years , and his appointment will
meet with universal favor.
O. E. Bcswlck has recovered from the
effects of Mi recent fall sufficiently so as to
lie able to walk about. Several bones were
broken In both feet , nnd one of his knees
van dlnlocated by a sixteen-foot fall from a
Unity guild will give a social Thursday
rvenlng nt the home of Mrs. A. B. Cook on
Vine street. Friends cordially Invited. The
Kiilld will hold Its regular meeting Friday
afternoon at the homo of Mrs. Madden , 115
I'lerce street.
Flora Keffer commence ! a suit In the dls
trlct court yesterday against Reuben Keffer
for a divorce and the custody of their two
children , 17 and 15 years of ago respectively
The cause alleged is that her husband do
Eerlcd her In 1893 without Just cause.
Dorothy G. Shepard , daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Shepard , died yesterday after
noon , aged 1 year and 10 months. The
funeral will take place from the resldenc ,
208 Btutsman street , at 4:30 : this afternoon.
The body will be burled In Walnut Hill ceme
tery , Rev. Simpson officiating.
The street commissioner has been given
another Job. He has been Instructed by
the council to take a walk all over the city
and hunt out and destroy every Russian
.JJilstle Inside the city limits. Anybody that
nan any thistles they want to get rid of
please leave word at the marshal's office.
There will be a carnival at the First Bap
tist church this evening at 8 o'clock. Martha
bnil George Washington at home , Japanese
quarters , a gypsy tent , minstrel singers , ex
tracts from "Uncle Tom's Cabin , " Aunt
Ophelia and Topsy , fine music , Ice cream ,
cake , and a good time for everybody will
be features. Admission free.
There have been some wholesale arrests
nf common carriers within the last twenty-
four hours for failure to take out the neces
sary licenses. The city ordinance requires
the license to be taken out July 1 , but a
number of express and hackmen have kept
putting off the day of reckoning until It
lias gotten them Into trouble. A fine of
Eiveral dollars will be added to the full
cost of the license.
"It Just took me thirty-eight minutes from
the time I stepped aboard the electric cars In
Omaha until I was In the Grand Plaza at
Manawa , " said an Omaha man last evening.
"That's pretty nearly real rapid transit , and
that's the way the trains are running now.
With such train service Omaha people don't
need to complain about difficulty in getting
to Manawa. and what a reward for the effort
It IR to get there these hot nights. "
A tourist giving his name as George F.
Cullen was found yesterday afternoon lying
under the trees in front of the General
Dodge place on Third stret. He was a suf
ferer from consumption and heart disease
nnd he was on his way to Denver from his
home In Chicago , having been told by a phy
sician that he might prolong his life sev
eral years by going there. He was hardly
able to walk or breathe on account of his
malady. He was given a place to stop at
the city jail and will go on his way west
ward this morning.
Four hundred people boarded the Manawa
motor at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. A
train of five coaches had been made up ex-
pressely for the Elks from Omaha , but they
did not arrive until 2.30. If they had the
ciowd of Omaha and Council Bluffs people
driven out of the cities by the Intense heat
and waiting at the depot would have been
so great that they could not have reached the
cars before the entire train was filled up.
The train thirty minutes later afforded them
ample accomodatlans. During the afternoon
and night the movement of the crowd to
ward the lake was uninterrupted and un
precedented. _
Flro and tornado Insurance written in beat
companies. Money for farm loans at low
rates. City property for sale or trade for
farm lands In Iowa. Lougee & TOAO ! , 235
Pearl St.
MIS3 Lilian Bell of Ashland. Neb. , Is In
the city , the guest of Mrs. F. T. True.
Misses Mary and Nellie Qleason left yester
day for their future home In Salt Lake , Utah.
Rev. Alfred Knoll of Modale , la. , has been
visiting friends In the city for the past few
O. C. Garven and wife of St. Louis are
visiting their brother , J. J. Keith , on Fif
teenth avenue.
Miss Marie Case of Fort Madison , la. , Is In
the city , the guest of Mrs. Albright on Soutb
Seventh street.
Mrs. C. M. Scott and daughter have re
turned from a visit with friends in Ottumwa
la. , and Aurora , 111.
Miss Nellie Smith left last evening to spend
vacation with her uncle and aunt In Ulkhart
Ind , , till September 1.
II. Btnnett , formerly at the head of th <
r Inspection bureau of the Insurance companies
doing bus ness In southwestern Iowa , now spe
clal agent of the Fire association of Phlladel
phla , has been spending a few days In tin
city. _
The electric fountain at Manhattan bead
will be Illuminated each evening from S.3 (
to 9 and 9:30 : to 10. The steamer LlbertS
will connect vlth all trains to and fron
Manawa. First boat will leave Manhattar
beach at 7 a.m. to accommodate the campers
ors at Manhattan beach who wish to catcl
the early morning train to Omaha.
Iteil Cpdiir fenre I'ontf.
Twelve carloads standard red cedar fenci
posts , lO ic each , by the carload.
lliirllnuton Itouto Kxrurtloti
To St. Joseph and return Aug. 4th. $1.5 !
round trip , il.CT. O. M. Brown , TKt. Agt.
Hardman pianos , Council Bluffs. 103 Mali
St. _
I * Kmrrhie Ini no ?
John Emerlnc , who has had a heap of troub'
on his hands In the last year , has been con
fronted by a new problem. Yesterday hi
sister filed an Informat'on charging hlh will
Insanity , i nd he wa : brought before th
commlrsloncrs yetttcrdiy afternoon. The mem
bers of the family testified thit he waa de
cldedly Insane , but the man himself said h
waa the victim of conspiracy and family per
secutton. His examJnat'on by the com
mUiloners was not altogether talUfactory
and It was decided to Keep the young nu
where he could be observed for a short Unit
He Is consequently In the county jail.
Read Davis' ail. Davta sells hammock
cheap. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The gas company's special prices for serv
Ice pipes will ba continued through July.
Ten days' sale of wall paper nnd house fur
nishlngs at the Boston store.
Hardman planoi , Omaha , 113 N. ICUu
Omaha Elks Enjoy Their Annual Outinr at
Lake Manama.
Large .Number Present and tlio I'rojrnm
Was Diversified KnouRh to Sutlifr
the Cnnlng ( or I'lcmuro
niul Novelty.
The Omaha niks had thrlr annual outing
at Manhattan beach last night , and It Is
not sti etching the matter a particle to cay
that It was the most pleasant time the lodge
has ever enjoyed. All afternoon the steamers
brought little groups of members , all bent
on having a good time at the expense of
no matter how many buttons. After arriving
at the beach It did not take long for the
water to claim Its own , and for a full hour
there was Imminent danger of the lake over
flowing Its banks from the displacement of
the water by so many fat men. While dls-
poitlng his fragile form among the breakers ,
Doc Haynes tan his great toe against a hard
object which later on proved to be a beer
bottle full of poetry. Several tears were
shed , more on account of the emptiness of the
bottle than the pithos of the lines.
W. J. Colvan of New York , agent for a
metropolitan refrigerator company , under
took to show the wild westerners a few Coney
Island tricks , and It Is a mere streak of luck
that the cororer doesn't have to sit on his
case today. He had been telling the openmouthed -
mouthed Omahans how he had swam five
miles at a stretch In the ocean one time , and
had conveyed the Impression that he was no
smill potatoes when It came to aquatic
sports. He got beyond his depth and began
to call for help. Sergeant Tom Ormsby of
the Omaha police force heard him , but
thought he was joking and advised the
other fellows not to be fooled. Suddenly It
became apparent that there was no fooling
about It , and there was a great effort made
to rescue him. Ho was finally pulled out ,
hair first , by Vandecar , and after he had
been Industriously rolled the last trace of
Manawa water was removed from his In
A foot race by the slim fellows was run
George Mills , alias Spike Hennessey ; George
Perrlne , Charlie Potter , Tom Ormsby and Jim
Alnscow , each of them weighing between 220
and 250 pounds , lined up for the contest.
Potter coughed up three tomato cans In his
mad anxiety to have his nose counted first ,
but the superior sprinting abilities of Mr.
Hennessey enabled him to win the prize ,
which was a large pie.
The Irish reel danced by Beech Taylor ,
president of the Globe Loan and Trust vOm-
pany , Steve Larklns of the Colorado Coal
syndicate , and Lloyd Jones , president of the
Frank Ramge company , was a pleasant and
Instructive feature. None of them had danced
the reel since they left the "ould sod , " but
no one would have ever dreamed It.
Spud Farrlsh and Manager Burgess of the
new Crelghton theater did a very neat Job
on a tight rope stretched from the bath
houses to the top of the toboggan slide , and
the afternoon sports would have terminated
very pleasantly had it not been for a slight
accident. The rope broke and both men were
dumped Into the water. Neither , however ,
fortunately had any conscientious scruples
against water , and the accident caused only
a temporary cessation of the festivities.
Billy Paxton , Jr. , and Henry Phllbln , In n
song and dance , wound up the Intellectual
part of the ceremonies , and then the banquet
was served In the pavilion. Manager Hulett
was everywhere , looking after the Interests
of the cuests.
The following is a partial list of the appe
tites that were in evidence about the banquet
tables :
W. B Taylor , Frank Barrett , A. H. Drlpga.
Spud Farrlsh. M. Kelly , By Smith. Lloyd
Jones , F. Klmblc , Tom Ormsby , Lew W.
llaber , Kd P. Mueller , S. J. LaRue , G. O.
Rohm , C. M. Bartlctt , P. II. Phllbln , A. S.
Brlggs , H. Muentcrferlng. W. A. Paxton ,
Jr. , George T. Mills , C. W. Rohrstron , T.
K. Sudborough , A. J. Hunt. II. J. Shurl ,
W. J. Burgess , Ed Brandt , D. M. Chamber-
lln , J. H. McTague. M. 0. Maul , A. L.
Frank , Lew Rever , George Vandecar , W. A.
Wallace , Hodder , James Alnscow , nd Alns
cow , diet Hulett , H. K. BurK3t , Tom Mul-
vl'illl , Doc Haynes.
In the absence of the exalted ruler , B. M.
Bartlett , Biggs Taylor officiated as master
of ceremonies. The toasts wo'e shnrt and
enthusiastic , the songs were loud and rand-
some , and when the last Elk lelt at mid
night several cracks In the titmosuhere v ere
plainly visible.
Milluininer Ilnrgmini Ilonton Store.
$1.00 crochet bed spreads , 7Be.
$1 50 Marseilles spreads , 98c.
33c and 39o Turkey red table damask re
duced to 25c a yard.
All wool French challies reduced to 25c
a yard.
Big line of wash goods In lawns , dimities ,
jaconets and Swiss at 9c a yard.
D'autlful line of dimities at 12'/2c a yard.
25cephyr glnghamS , 17c a yard.
25c quality ladles' tan and brown hose at
19c a pair.FOWLER
Council Bluffs , la.
Council \Vtll Taxe a Jnnnt.
The members of the city council will leave
this evening for a brief visit to St. Joe. The
party will Include all of the memebers and
perhaps Mayor Cleaver. The object of the
journey Is to ascertain whether or not some
work done on a creek that runs through the
Missouri town , very much In the same manner
that Indian creek meanders through Council
Bluffs , will afford any suggestions applicable
to the control of our own stream. The St ,
Joe creek has been changed from an open
creek Into a closed sewer , and It Is for the
purpose of Inquiring Into the-plans and cost
of the work that the aldermen will undertake
the journey. It has long since been an ad
mitted fact that thd only way to solve the
problem presented by the big , unsightly anil
unhealthful ditch that w nds hrojgh the heart
of the city Is to enclose It in solid brick walls ,
It would not be necessary for the aldermen
to go to a neighboring city for this solution
but the question of regulitlng the flow ol
water In storm periods is the gravest pfob-
1cm. This Is said to have been successfully
solved by the St. Joe engineers , and It Is
mainly for the purpose of looking Into this
feature and noting the construction of the
dams that the aldermen will make the visit
City Clerk Phllllpps wrote to the city clerl
of the Missouri town yesterday morning ad
vising him of the contemplated Invasion.
At C. O. I ) , lirotfii'i till * Week.
21 pounds fine granulated sugar for | 1.0 (
1 pound Battle Ax chewing tobacco 15c
1 pound smoking tobacco 15 (
Columbia river salmon , per can lOc
Tomatoes , per can g (
Corn , per can C (
1-pound can Price's baking powder 35 <
Rainwater Maker , per box 21 <
Root beer , per bottle 7 (
1-pound package gloss starch , per pkg. . . S (
1-pound package corn starch , per pkg. . . S (
Breakfast oats , per package S <
Quaker oats , per package 9 <
Ue'.aiul's soda , per package 7i
Screen doors , l',6 Inches thick , any elzi
you want , for 65c. Adjustable window
screens for 35c.
Ice cream freezers cheaper than ever. Wi
are overstocked and must unload them.
And new potatoes at lOc a peck at
BROWN'S C. 0. D.
Onlv line of Vlmiy Lettari.
MONROE , Neb. . July 16 , 1S93.
"Your Wheeler's King Temperance Bee
goes like hot cakes. Please ship me Imme
dlately two barrels W. King Temperanci
Manufactured only by the G. R. Wheele
Brewing Co. , Wheeler & HerelJ , wholesal
dealers , Council Bluffs , la.
Yes , the Eagle laundry Is "that goo. .
laundry , " ana Ik located at 721 Broadway
If In doubt about this try It and be convinced
Don't forget name and number. Tel. 157.
Good wall pnp'er , 2 c a roll , at the Bos
ton store.
Held to the ( Iriind Jury.
In Justice Cook's court yesterday John ani
Jennie Miller , an unsavory pair of colore
creatures , were held to the grand Jury t
answer the charge preferred against them b
a barber named Belyh , whom they csniplre
to rob of $245 $ In cash. Jennie got the mone
whllo Indulging In a hugging match with the
white barber and John shared the spoils with
her. The woman wag held under $500 and the
man $300 bonds. Both were locked up In the
county Jail.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Himi.INdTON HOUTi : .
Itrdnced Itnte * ,
To Hot Springs , S. D. , sale July 19 , Aug
ust 2 and 23 , one first class fare for round
Triennial conclave Knights Templar , Bos
ton , Mass. Sale August 19 to 24.
American Pharm"ceutlcal assochtlon , Den
ver , Colo. Sale August It and 12.
National convention Kecley league , Har-
rlsburg , Pa. Sale August 1C to 22.
Toronto , Ont. Sale July 15 to 24.
Charlton , la. Sale July 19 and 24.
In addition I have on sale Summer Tourist
tickets to various points In the United States
and Canada.
Call and get copy of map and Illustrated
write up of the great Yellowstone National
park. 0. M , BROWN , Ticket Agent.
No Innr for Viicntlon.
The Industrial school , which lia" ! been
doing so much good under ths dlrtullu.i
of Rev. Henry DeLong , has dlshindod dur
ing the summer , but Mr. DpLong nnd hi *
wife find no time for a vncutlo.i. In t.ilk-
ing with some of their frljivls thay fird
that an opinion Is abroad and that the work
of looking after the sick nnd .iumMigs
should go right on during the summer the
same as any other time of year , nnd as
they are willing to back up th5lr opinions
with good hard cash the poor will still
find their friends at the old stand.
"Since. . May 1 , " says Mr. DeLtnp ; , " < iur
house has been a homo for thtrty-lho per
sons for from one night to two wei'ks. Old
men unable to work , trying to reach reh
lives at distant points , have rt'iis the bell
after 10 o'clock , saying , 'We have no place
to sleep , and have had nothing to eat all
day. ' We have said to them , 'Come in.1 and
have given to them such as we had. Young
men away from home for the first time ,
fining themselves among strangers and
unable to get work , have called with a rote
from some pastor or business min , arklrg
my assistance. I could not refuse them
when I thought of the time when I was a
boy in Council Bluffs In the " 10s , " hungry
and almost naked , without a friend on eaith
that I knew of.
"One old lady of 84 years , whoso only
daughter had Just died , leaving her without
a home , was trying to reach frlsids In Ne
braska City. Through the klndntHS of Mr.
Swearengen , overseer of the poor , we se
cured transportation for her.
"Uvery day children who are hungry come
and have their wants supplied.
"In addition to this we have furnUlied
clothing to a large number of per'o-is , aril
Mrs. DeLong and myself have \lstert many-
sick and destitute families.
"But sadder than all are the cases ff the
unfortunate girls , of whom wo have had
several since the 1st of March. I will nut
attempt to describe my feelings as I have
looked upon these outcasts of eoci"ty : nnd
see despair written on their faces , while
"the other fellow" Is perhaps mads wel
come to some home and permitted to steal
the affections of another angel gill , as pure
as the driven snow. "
The Standard only second to the Hardman.
Hlg Corn.
Go on the excursion to St. Joseph Aug.
4th and see the big corn in the Missouri
Valley. Nothing like It anywhere. Why
miss the opportunity of seeing the beautiful
valley. At no other season of the year does
It look so pretty. Large fields of corn and
sniaH grain and the beautiful orchards
make a pretty picture , and you can get a
nice ride of 12S miles and return on a
smooth , straight and level road and tec
all these beautiful things for $1.50 by buying
a ticket for the Burlington's grandest excur
sion on the above date.
Special sale of fine shears. Fine button
hole scissors about half price. One-third off
on all shears and scissors and heavier re
ductions on our stocks. These are both the
Dungan stocks and our own. Sale one week
only. Cole & Cole , 41 Main street.
The Hardman , the piano par excellence.
More Unntiglncr Testimony AgiilnU the
I'uclllBt Hrouj-lit Out.
NEW YORK , July 17. There was another
hearing today before Referee Jacobs In the
suit for divorce brought by Mrs. Ollle Cor-
bett against James J. Corbett. Miss Marie
King , a member of the dramatic company
with which Corbett traveled , continued her
testimony as to the relations between Corbett
and the woman known as Vera. Miss King
related instances of a display of affection as
the company was traveling In a railway car.
At Corning , O. , she had seen upon the hotel
register the entry " "J. J. Corbett and wife. "
It was agreed between counsel that if the
referee's report should be In favor of the
plaintiff alimony should be fixed at $100 a
week. Adjournment until July 2C was taken
In order that testimony might be obtained
from the west.
SHOT O.V.E Of U1S imi > T FJtIE.MS
Trrrllile MUtake of a Man Who Had n
llnndv ( inn.
BRAZIL , Ind. , July 17. This city Is greatly
wrought up over a probably fatal shooting af
fray which occurred last night. Hon. George
A. Knight , one of the best known lawyers In
the state , while sitting In his home , heard a
noise In one of the upper story rooms. A
search was made and a gate was heard to
shut on the outside. Mr. Knight saw a man
disappearing In the darkness on the sidewalk
He shot at him and was horrified to find that
he had fatally wounded his best friend , John
Wehrle , county clerk. Wehrle Is still alive ,
but the bullet pierced his abdomen and the
physicians have little hope of his recovery.
Ten Tliounnd Men Will Thereby Da Glut of
I mployment.
PHILADELPHIA , July 17. The striking
Ingrain carpet weavers decided not to accept
the manufacturers' proposal to continue work
at present wages until December 1 , after
, which It was promised they should have the
Increase demanded. When their decision was
announced to the manufacturers the latter de
cided to close their factories About 10,000
people will be thrown out of work.
linen Not Kxpect to Meet Ilurrlion.
BUZZARD'S BAY , Mass. , July 17. Presi
dent Cleveland stated to a representative of
the Associated press today that the report
that he contemplated a trip to the Adlron-
0 Jacks shortly and would be there at the same
tlmo as ex-President Harrison was Incorrect.
He said nothing Is further from his thoughts
than such a trip and that he expected to re
main at Gray Gables for some little time.
The president Is In excellent heal'h and spirits
and Is evidently enjoying his rest thoroughly.
Mrs. Cleveland and the baby are doing well.
Trunemro Jnilge 'luxes nVlfo. .
MEMPHIS. July 17. Judge E. S. Hammond
mend of the United States district court for
the western district of Tennessee , was mar
ried at St. Mary's Episcopal church this
morning to Mrs. Margaret Wllshlre. The
ceremony was performed by lit. Rev. T , F.
Gallor , assistant bishop of Tennessee. United
States D'ltrlct judge Charles D. Clark ol
Chattanooga acted nt best man , and the bride
was given away by Senator Walthall ol
Itudproclty n llein'nlscence.
NEW YORK. July 17. A special to the
World from San Salvador says : Discovering
that the decree Imposing Import duties on
certain articles from the United States wat
not being strictly enforced the government
has reissued the decree reminding collector !
that no reciprocity now exists with that
Well Knntrii Liquor Dekler Fulcldr * .
HOT SPRINGS. Ark. , July 17. Thomai
Radcllffe. a well known liquor dealer of tlili
city , and who Is extensively known through'
out the country , committed suicide yester
dny morning by shooting himself through tb >
Mndlinu'M Miininer 8ehool.
MADISON , Wi . . July 17 , The attendant
at the Columbian Catholic school , the west'
ern Catholic Chataqua , Is better attendee
than the most sanguine anticipate ! and everj
Incoming train brings Its quota of visitors.
Consular Reporta ELow TLoj' Are iu the
Main Very
Knclnml nml franco A\onn \ Have Stiffereit
by Ail t erne WouthorVlillo
nud Austrln Are Ahovo the
WASHINGTON , July 17. The general ag
ricultural conditions In foreign countries are
reviewed In the report of the department for
July. It Is shown that over a large- part of
Great Urltaln Insufficient rnln interfered with
the general prospects for an excellent har
vest. The effect of the partial drouth Is felt
with particular severity In middle and
southern England. Tlio wheat Is reported In
several counties as lets than half a crop ,
with oats and barley practicaly spoiled. In
the grazing counties the hay Is reported as
of fine quality but deficient In quantity. The
haymaking season has been early and plen
tiful rains coming now would result In good
second crops of clover. In Scotland all pros
pects are reported gooJ.
Reports for the other Important countries
are as follows :
Franco Tup unfavorable weather condl-
ons have resulted In premature blooming
f the wheat and diminished prospects. The
heat crop Is estimated from a poor aver
se with a falling off of 41,000,000 bushc'.s.
. will be remembered that the whit area
as somewhat diminished In the autumn , and
. Is certain that this year s crop will not
e sufficient for domestic needs. Meslln ,
ye and oats are reported as up to the av-
Germany The weather has been more fa-
orable throughout Germany than In France ,
he detailed report from May of the Imperial
tatlstlcal bureau showed the expectation of
reps of wheat , barley , oats and hay to be
etter than the average , but rye was under
10 average. The weather In Juno has mod-
fled the expectation of the May forecast ,
routh having characterized the entire month
i many parts. The wheat crop Is now ex-
ected to fall below the average to the ex-
ent of G to 30 per cent.
Austria-Hungary In Austria the June
eather has been entirely propitious and BO
cneral a recovery has been made of all ce
cal growths that a good average Is confl
ently anticipated. In Hungary the wheat
rep has not done quite so well and Is ex-
ectcd to fall below that of last year from
,000,000 to 8,000,000 bushels.
Spain Heavy rains and floods early In
line denuded large areas of the then stand-
ng crops and Inflicted considerable Injury
enerally. But the prospect now Is for an
verage crop.
Italy An average crop IB now assured.
Russia All authorities predict a bountiful
arvest , particularly In the southern dls-
rlcts , which supply the export wheat to the
Hack sea ports. Here the condition of
oth winter and spring wheat Is consider
bly above the average'and the prospects
f the rye harvest are reported as better
Imn at any previous period In thirty years ,
'ho outlook for a corn' ' crop better than
he average is universal.
North Africa The harvest In Algeria and
Tunis Is completed and Is reported as above
he average From the best evidence attaln-
ble the wheat harvest is believed to ag-
; regatc about 40,000,000 bushels.
iJSTi i\Tis ON THI : i.vcoain TAX
Vet ns Originally I * i e < i Would Have Pro
duced ST OOOOOOO of Itevmmc.
WASHINGTON , July 17. The Internal
revenue bureau has practically completed the
vork of recording and scheduling the returns
received under the Income tax1 act and very
soon will be ready to begin the work of re-
"undlng the amounts paldbefore the law was
declared unconstitutional. y < The applications
o refund , however , are coming In very
slowly. No classifications to determine the
occupations of the taxpayers or the lelatlve
amounts paid by each state or section of the
country have been made thus far , but judg-
ng from repeated handling of the returns
a tolerably close estimate of some of the
principal deductions which will bs made
ater can now be stated. They are , how
ever , only approximations.
From the returns made ! t Is believed that
'ully ' one-half of the number of people s\ib-
lect to the tax made no return whatever , and
: hls proportion Is believed to ha even greater
n respect to the amounts of the tax nvolved.
The aggregate of the returns made represent
about $15,000,000 of tax and hence about
$30,200,000 , It Is calculated , would have been
collected if all who were subject to the
Lax sent In returns. It Is also estimated that
the first decision of the supreme court ex
empting rents and receipts from bonds from
the operation of the act resulted In the lo s
of fully $15,000,000 , so that had the act re
mained as It originally stood the total re
ceipts from this source , according to esti
mates now made , would have approximated
$45,000,000 , and even $50,000,000. As to the
proportion of the tax which would have been
borne by each section of the country only
a rough estimate can now be made. The
returns , however , seemed to Indicate that
New England and the middle states would
have paid about two-thirds of the whole tax
and the western and the southern sections
each about one-sixth of the whole.
Secretary Laniont Speak * Encouragingly of
the Condition * In the Writ.
WASHINGTON. July 17. Secretary Lament -
mont said today he did not talk politics and
did not see any politicians during his western
"I was not hunting ghosts , " said he ,
"though I am told some were about. My trip
was purely a business one and I had neither
Inclination nor opportunity to meddle In poli
tics. About the only people I saw were the
military people. "
"You observed the condition of the country
through which you passed ? "
"Yes , enough to see that It appeared pros
perous and promising. The railway men whom
I met told me the outlook was very favorable
for great prosperity. They are about the
only ones I had an opportunity to talk with
on the subject , and I presume they are about
the best judges , I could see the country was
as green as our eastern lauds and the rail
road people told me the crops were In an un
usually good condition and gave promise ol
the beet results they have Juid In that country
for some time. It was said the whole coun
try was experiencing a renewal of prosperity
and that the people were corttcnted and sat
isfied with outlook. All'tb ? cropa are In the
best possible condition iSnd the reports from
the various sections of ( he pountry Indicate
a great product for the year1. The railroads
arc all providing for an immense amount ol
business. The president1 of , ype of the roads
told me they were getting , rpjidy to haul 75-
000,000 bushels of wheat on his road. All
this , they said , Indicate ) ! general prosperity
and contentment among weitern people. "
Applet anil Pcuchci llnve Nuflared Greatly
In .Many Stutef.
WASHINGTON , July 7- , The fruit croi
bulletin of the Agricultural "department foi
July shows a material decline in condition
The report Is summarized as follows : The
condition of apples hag been materially lowered - '
ered since the report of June. Losses hav <
been especially marked In some states whlct
have already low conditions , viz ; The New
England sta'es , New York , Pennsylvania
Michigan , Wisconsin and Minnesota. In tin
I'ledmont region the outlook Is dec'dedly mori
favorable. In Missouri and contiguous state
the decline hai been light , not above 3 pei
cent In any case , but the conditions are no
quite aa high as in the orchards. On thi
Pacific coast conditions fell about 11 per cent
but the prospects there are still good. Fros
at time of bloom , subsequent drouths am
heavy droppings are the main causes of tin
Impalrel prospects.
The peach crop returns are also unfavor
able. Georgia and Connecticut alone of thi
leading commercial states have a higher per
centage , the former having moved up to 100
a gatr of 1 per cent ; the latter declining ti
80 from 91 New Jersey has lost 12 point
and now stands at 73 ; Delaware , 13 , standlni
at 70. Maryland has advanced from C3 to
66. The condition of Virginia , 69 , Is
lower than In Juno by 13 point * . Michigan
has prospects of less than halt a crop , while
Ohio Is 22. lowest of all. In California the
condition figure declined from 88 on June 1
to 75 on July 1. Frosts have done much
dnmago to the grape crop , and especially In
the more northern belt anl central wcit.
Aleinptili Corporation * Ocnjr tlio Itlglit of
Tennosoe to Assn < Them.
WASHINGTON , July 17. The Memphis
tax cases were filed In the United States su
premo'court yesterday in an assignment of
error In the decisions of the supreme court
of Tennessee. There are twelve of the rases ,
there being one each on account of the city
of Memphis and the county of Shelby , against
the follow Ing named Institutions : The Planters
Fire and Marine Insurance company , the
Home Insurance and Trust company , the Mer
cantile bank , the Mechanics Savings biuk ,
the Memphis City bank and the Dank of Com
merce. These concerns all claim Immunity
from taxation on account of old charters
granted to United States companies of which
they have come Into possession and some of
which are never utilized by the companies to
which they are granted. The state denied
the existence of the Immunity claimed In all
the casea and brought suit to compel the pi/-
inont of taxes such as arc required to be paid
m other property. The claims run back for
everal years and they aggregate several hun-
red thousand dollars. The decision of the
'ennesseo ' supreme court was favorable to the
ocrco Agatimt Knights of Pythtittl \
Not lie Modified.
WASHINGTON , July 17. It Is stated au-
horltatlvely that no assurances have been
given to Mgr. Satolll that the papal decree
egardlng the Knights of Pythias would be
oconstdercd with a view to Its modification
nd possible annulment. The authorities
ere do not recall any visit toy a member
f the Pythian order from Galesburg , III ,
nd certainly nothing was stated to him to
ndlcate that the decree would be vacated , or
hat the vacating : of It would even be con-
Idered. On the contrary , all advices re-
elved by Mgr. Satolll show that the sub-
ect Is settled for good. As there was some
elay In putting the first decree In operation ,
iwlng to discretion vested In the bishops , a
econd , was promulgated requiring the decree
.0 be Immediately and fully put In operation
V special case arose In Fall Hlver , Mas ; . ,
hero the circumstances were so exceptional
hat Cardinal Gibbons took the papers to
lome with a view to securing an exemption
lit this , It Is explained , does not Indicate
ny purpose to consider a modification of the
ecree Itself.
into Department Knowi Nothing New nf
the Morn Clnlni.
WASHINGTON , July 17. No official con-
rmatlon of the decision of the Spanish cabl
et to pay the Mora claim has yet been
eached at Washington. According to the
ipanlsh practice , the ministry , who form a
ouncll similar to the British council of state ,
sually refers such cases as the Mora claim
o a subcommittee for determination , and It is
lelieved here that the decision referred to In
he cable dispatches are really only that of
he subcommittee , which has been considering
his particular claim. If the full ministerial
iouncil approves the report of the full com-
nlttce It Is not absolutely necessary to await
.n appropriation by the Cortes , which could
, ot bo had before next winter , for the mln-
stry may In urgent cases make an "acurdo 1
, vhlch Is similar to a Ilrltlsh "order In coun-
II , " and thereby provide for the payment of
he claim.
llHcredltltiininrHt onctriilne Algr. O'Conml
WASHINGTON , July 17. Among high ec
clesiastical authorities here nothing Is known
concerning the reports that Mgr. O'Connell
of the American college at Rome would be
assigned to an Important post li the United
States. The reports as to Mgr. O'Connell are
regarded as vague speculation. Thus far no
word concerning him has been communlcited
o Mgr. Satolll , who would be the one most
Ikely to know If any change of Importance
were about to occur.
Dividend * on llrouoii llanlcs.
WASHINGTON , July 17. The comptroller
of the currency has declared dividends In
favor of the creditors of insolvent national
banks , as follows : Thirty per cent. First Na
tional bank of Texarkana , Tex. ; 20 per cent
the Washington National bank of Tacoma ,
Wash. ; 5 per cent , the Chemical National
bank of Chicago.
CnlU for n Hunk Htatemenr.
WASHINGTON , July 17. The comptroller
of the currency has made a call on national
banks for reports of their condition at the
close of business , Thursday , July 14.
Iowa Po tinater Appointed.
WASHINGTON , July 17. ( Special Tele-
gram. ) T. W. Argo was today appointed
postmaster at Woolston , Jefferson county , la. ,
vice D. W. Shelley , resigned.
Kxtenitiil Leave of Aluencu flrnntod.
WASHINGTON , July 17. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Lieutenant Colonel Merrltt Barber ,
assistant adjutant general , granted twenty
one days extended leave.
r.i.Aria ins mrr.
Queer Legal Proceeding Kenortcil to by an
Intrn t\
SIOUX CITY , July 17. ( Special Telegram. )
An odd legal proceeding has been com
menced at Doon , la. , a small town near here ,
as a result of troubles between Mr. and Mrs.
L. F. Scott of that place. The couple were
married last night , but have not lived hap
pily together. Hecently Scott determined to
leave his wife and packed up preparatory to
doing so. Mrs. Scott concluded that she waste
to be deserted and secured an order of court
restraining him from leaving. The case can
not be decided until the next term of court
and In the meantime Scott will remain virtu
ally his wife's prisoner unless he violates the
order directing him to remain with her.
Lnlmr I oniniU'lontir'ii Hrport.
DCS MOINDS , July 17. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Labor Commissioner W. E. Oble-
ness has filed his biennial report with the
governor. He. deplores the Insufficiency of
the law which gives him the power to com
pile statistics and no means ob obtaining
this information. In the state but twelve
factories have filed reports with the commis
sioner , and the Individual reports are far
below what they should have been. Nine
hundred and thirty-eight of these were re
ceived from Polk county , where the commls.
stoner could personally secure them. He will
recommend to the general assembly that If
no power Is given to the commissioner the
office should be abolished , as It Is practically
worthless now.
Fight nt n Clinrch Meeting.
SIOUX CITY , July 17. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Sloan , a town eight miles south ol
nere Is greatly excited , over a fight last
night at a revival camp meeting at that
place In which several people were quite
badly hurt. It nppepars that the evangelist
In the course of his remarks became so
personal that about 100 members of his
congregation left the tent where he was
preaching. This aroused the Indignation ol
the few who remained , and they went out to
expostulate. The crowd respond with a
shower of rotten egggs and a rush , In which
the tent was corn down and number of people
ple considerably battered. The fight wae
finally quieted by a posse of special con
stables sworn In for the purpose.
lllc Plant Thruatttncd with UMtrnctlan.
DCS MOINES , July 17. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The big plant of the Liverpool and
Oes Molnes Packing company came neai
going up In smoke at an early hour tlili
morning. The fire was confined to sectlor
5 of the smoke house , located In the centei
of the plant. The firemen kept the fire Ir
the one building and the big plant was
saved. The damage was about $2,500 , full ]
covered by Insurance.
llerlfled AcHlnxt the Hoard ,
KCOKUK , la. , July 17. ( Sp'chl Telegram.
Judge Burk today decided the case of thi
College of Physicians and Surgeons agalns
the State. Board of Medical Examiners li
favor of the college and ordered the Issuanc
of certificates. It was held that the board'
declaring the college not lit gnod standing
was Illegal , nml because Scroggs had an In *
tcrcst In the result , the board's action was
arbitrary , without evidence and unfair. It Is
also held that Secretary Kennedy had not a
vole In the board. The caic hai excited deep
Interest , ns the college li the oldest west of
the Mississippi. The board has given notice
of appeal to the supreme comt.
l'ri > oniMllnc Agnlntt nn Attnrner ,
SIOUX CITY , July 17. ( Special Telegram. )
An unusual proceeding was commonc'd here
today to debar W. 11. Levy , n local criminal
lawyer , from practicing In the courts of this
state. Levy was admitted In South Dakota
but came to Sioux City about a year ago.
The state law permits attorneys fiom other
states to practice within Its borders so long
as they do not establish a residence here.
When they do they are required to satisfy
the supreme court that they are qualified for
admission to the bar of the state. Levy has
never made this showing , although It Is
claimed he has established a residence. At
the application of a number of prominent at
torneys he has bcccn suspended pending an
Inquiry Into the case. If It Is decided ngaliift
him Levy will appeal to the supreme court.
The procedlng Is the first of the kind ever
tried In this state.
llonTj" Mold III Hurley.
JEFFERSON , la , July 17. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The first reports from threshing
show bailey yielding fifty bushels to the
acre. Oats now harvesting will ga fifty to
seventy-five bushels. The quality Is fine.
MALVEKN , la. . July 17. ( Spechl Tele
gram. ) This has been a corn-making day
hot' without hot winds. Thermometers re
gistered 93 In the shade. Corn Is maturing
rapidly , fully two weeks earlier than usual
ANITA , la. , July 17. ( Special. ) Yesterday
was the hottest daj of the year heie , but
crops were not hurt.
Stenographer * Aumiclalloii
CEDAR RAPIDS , In. , July 17 ( Sp ° clal
Telegram. ) Tha State Stenographers associa
tion today elected ofllcers for the ensuing
yeir as follows , : President , C. A Hawkins
Leon ; vice presidents , Fred Hiibli , Gainer ,
Dora M. Thomas , Fort Dodge ; F M Van
Pelt , Des Molnes ; O. Ileman , Otltaloosa ,
secretary and treasurer. Miss Jebsle Uetsack ,
Newton ; librarian , Carrie A. Clarke , Des
Molnes. A number of papers were read at
the meeting held this evening.
t tir Sutler Klllril.
CLINTON , la. , July 17. ( Special Tc egr m )
Charles Blckcrt , a Northwestern car sealer
was instantly Killed In the yards here this
morning Ills body horribly mangled
Ho was 30 years of ago and high In Masonic
and Odd Fellows circles. He leaves a wife. ,
Ninall HHZO | Nt'nr Anltn.
ANITA , la. , July 17. ( Special. ) The house
on the S. Moore farm , three-quarters of a m le
from town , occupied by G. W. Slater , was
burned this morning. All household goods on
the first floor were saved.
lleavr < Jwlo In AVmtern Michigan.
DETROIT. July 17. Specials to the News
from St. Joseph , Btnton Harbor and other
points In the fruit belt , western Michigan ,
report a terrific gale early this morning , leachIng -
Ing n velocity of seventy miles an hour.
Many smull buildings and forest and fruit
( rets were blown down and thousands of
bushels of apples , pears and peaches blown
from the trees A heavy sea Is running
and much anxiety Is felt for small boats
A sharp lookout Is being kept along tno !
shore.'HlL llltlKl-S.
The third annual jewelers' convention Is In
session at St. Louts.
Fremont C. White , n private nt Fort Sim
Houston , Tex. , committed suicide Wednes
Edward Yeno , viho nvovvs himself a Cuban
i evolutionary journalist , has landed at Ual-
The Jury nt Trnvcrso City , Mich , hns re
turned n verdict of not guilty In the Curtis
murder case.
A small excursion Fteamcr WHS cnp-lzcil
nt Mnzomaiile , WIs , and Mlbs Nellie Kerr
was drowned.
Prof. Walter A. Edwards of the Rockfonl ,
111 , public schools has resigned on account
of a cut In his salary.
Mavor Petit of Kcnooha , WIs. , has called
on the State lio.inl of Arbltiutlon to settle
the strike at that place.
The two Amciicnn ' Itlzons , Vnrgas nnd
Hulz , under nrrest nt Ilavnnn , have been
relented on ugieeliiB to leave the Island.
The assignees of Potter. Lovelnnd & Co.
of Boston huvo filed a bill of discovery lor
$3,000.000 against J. V. Furvvell & Co. of
Elaborate preparations have been mode nt
Columbus , O. , to entertain the Young1 Poo-
pie's Christian union of the Presbyterian
chuich , which meets theie on the 31st.
The Hte.imshlp St. Louis on her next trip
will be given a trial to ascertain whether
the bulldtis are entitled to a subsidy under
the provi lens of the naval subsidy net.
Arthur News.m , formerly a m.iglstnito of
the Island of Trinidad , has been arrested nt
Brooklyn , charged with embezzling $250,000
belonging to estates entrusted to his caro.
Alt ore trains nt Islipemlng have been
abandoned nnd all work In the mines
stopped except to keep the pumps runnlni- .
Three thousand miners tire out ou the
The Garden of the World !
Summers Cool-llKinlersMildl
Mtnn temperature 12 to G < 5. Average rain ,
full W Inches. No long tohl winters. No
litlRhttilf ; licit fumtnoii. No lillzxnrds. No
drouths , rreo fuel. Good \\ntor. The
earliest markets In the country. Tlio ben
prices for fiult nml Kntden tiuclt. Twenty
notes properly \\orked ulll innko > ou more
money uiul innkn It rnslcr than tlio best
ICO acres In thee t or north , The tltlo hni
tuned towards the couth , the land of quick'
e t ntul surest results \\lth the least rifle
and labor. Ono half the uoik you do licio
will brliiK you four tlnu-i the results In thlt
wonderfully ilch countu ; there Is no such
thing UK failure. The people nre filcndly.
the climate delightful mill healthy ; railroad
facilities llrst-oliisH , inul ( ho whole country
bids and pays for what sou tal'o Tattle
run out the whole > enr ntul do will nml two
to three crops can be rnlsod each year.
Particulars MS en on application ; correspon
dence solicited
Fariiiun St. , Oiniilin. Nub.
All form's of Blood an 1
Shin DUoase" , Scores , Spot ) .
PiinpUn , tkrufulu , Tutnorv
'letter , iX'iumn nnd Hloo I
Poison thoroughly clotuisoJ
from thosystuni.
l.ADILS Ktvon curoful
iirt xpocliil nttcntlnn for all
thulr nmny pccullur nil-
RaH. Throat
Vbr. Dyspepsia
. Troubles cured by spools !
f'courtuof tro.itinoiiu
A/PAW l\flPI\I ( VITALITY WKAK ) mixclo
B0 iy too close applica
tion to Linlneta or iludy , overs muntal
train or irUf. SEMJAL UXOnssUS In middle
life or from ib eftectii of youthful follies , all
yield readily to our n w Ucatnwnl for Ion of
trouble * If out ot city. 'lhcu aniU
cured ftt horn * by eortv-.pon.linc * .
1-410 I'urn.ini ,
oiiutlm. Anb.
Cures the effects of
Eelf-abusc , excesses ,
emissions , Impoicncy ,
vnrlcocelo nnd consu-
. Ono dollar a
osix for $5. For
sale by TI1H C1OOD-
anonan : p. SANI-OIID. A.v. . RKIKMAN.
President. Cashier.
CnpitU , SI 00,00
Profits , . - - 12,0000
Ono of the oldest banks In the state of Iowa.
Wo solicit your business and collections. W
pay 5 per cent on time deposits. We will b *
pleased to see and serve you.
Scientific Opticians
Complete nsinrtmciit nf gold nnd steel
spcctiulcu mid eyeglasses , Kycs exam
ined free nf charge.
No. ' ' 7 Main St. - Council IlIiifN.
Special Notices-Council Bluffs
LM liurke , at W. 8. Homer's , 133 Broadway.
eale cheap and on easy terms. Day & Hess.
19 Pearl street.
house , with barn , cistern , city water at hous *
and barn , fruit , nice shade trees , on a ntcely
Graded lot 50x225 ( cet , for 12.300 00 , two-third *
cash. 8S I'erln uvcnue. Council muffs.
for Infants and Children.
" Cnstorla hso well adapted to children that Castorla curt. * Colic , Constipation ,
I recommend It as tuperlortoany prescription Sour Stomach , Diarrhoea , KrucUitlon , ]
known to me. " H. A. ARCHER , 51. D. , KI1U Worms , gives tleep , aud promotes dt
Ill So. Oxford St. , Brooklyn , N. V. pestlon ,
Without injurious medication ,
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Its merits so w ell know n that It becms n w ork ' Castorla,1 and shall always continue to do
of supererogation to endorse It , Tew are the KO , r.s it has Invariably produced beneficial
Intelligent families who do not keep Castorla results. "
vrlthui cosy reach. " " . TAUDEE , Jt. D. ,
CARLOS JliUTYN , D. T > . , 125th Street and TtU Avc. , New York City.
New York City.
If so it Is to your Interest to select lint Pain
which puts off the necessity of rep.iiuting for
the longest period. The paints iniintifactured
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PAINT ? forty years nnd have won the distinction of bc
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country. Bend for
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western Depot , Council
lllutts. lows. TO. IU.