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    c THE OMAHA DA.ILJY BEE : .SUNDAY , JULY 14 , 1895.
- - NO. 12 1'HAHL BTRCUT
Delivered by carrier to nny part of th * city.
H. W. TILTON , Lessee.
TninPHONnS-Ilulnc omce , No. 43 ; night
editor. No. tt.
MI.\Olt MKfiJTW * .
Buy your cigars , pipes , tobaccos and canes
In Grand Hotel Cigar store.
The city council will hold a special meet
ing tomorrow evening.
Grand hotel , Council Bluffs. Newly fur
nished. Reopened Oct. 1. E. P. Clark , Prop.
The Danish Brotherhood lodge No. 10
will leave for Neola at 1-15 p. m. today to
Join lodge No. SO In a picnic. Train \vlll
return In the evening.
Preparations have been made for n big
crowd to arrive this morning over the Bur-
llpgton road on the excursion train from
Bt. Joe. The train will arrive at 11 o'clock
and return In the evening at 8 o'clock.
Regular meeting of St. Alban's lodge No
17 , Knights of PythlaR , Monady evening
July 15. Work In the thlul rank All mem
bers of degree team earnestly requested to be
present. Vlilt'ng knlghto cordially receded
As a means of terrifying the tramps and
turning the tide away fiom Counrll Bluffs
It has b'en decided to put the chain gang
back Into operation tomorrow. All who will
not work will be given a bread and water
James Huron , an old friend of the police ,
was picked up yesterday ns he was coming
out of the alley back of Wcs Jackson's barn
on Seventh street Inside his trousers he
wore a nickel clock , which Is supposed to
have been stolen from somewhere. He Is
elated with vagrancy.
A social was given by the Junior Christian
Hndea\or society of the Congregational
church at the church pirlors Friday after
noon. A number of the older members of
the Sunday school assisted In preparing re
freshments and overseeing arrangements ,
and a pleasant time was had
At the First Baptist church next Thurs
day evening at 8 o'clock there will be held
a carnival , Martha and George Washington
at home , Japinrse quarters , a gypsy tent ,
minstrel singers , extracts from "Uncle Tom's
Cabin , " Aunt Ophelia and Topsy , fine music ,
Ice cream , cnlte and a good time- for cverj-
body. Admission free.
Mrs. A. Allgood , who lives on Ninth ave
nue between Seventh and H ghth streets , was
arrested for disturbing the p ace jesterday.
The difficulty seems to be that the whole
neighborhood where she lives became In-
volv d In one of Its periodical rows. Mrs.
Allgood claims that she Is the only Innocent
ono In the crowd , and that all the rest werb
disturbing the peace as though their lives
depended on It.
John Under , who was charged with chew
ing Paul Meyer's thumb while the two were
engaged In a fight , had a hearing In Justice
Cook's court yesterday morning. The testi
mony showed that several abusive epithets
were bandied back and forth , and Mover
asked Llnder to come out and fight him.
Llnder ordered him out , but as he went
Meyer grabbed him by the beard. In some
mysterious way Meyer's thumb got between
Llmler's teeth and was chewed. Llnder was
A boy named Bethcrs has been making
himself a general nuisance around Du
quette's candy htore- for some time past He
had bten warned to keep away , but yester
day afternoon visited the store. Joseph
Uoyne , who Is employed there , took him In
charge and locked him In the cellar stairway ,
from which he emerged some time later with
his hat broken and several other symptoms of
having been In some sort of a smash-up
To get even he filed an Information charging
Boyne with assault and battery Hojne was
arrested , but gave a bond for his appearance
In police court Monday morning.
John and Jessie Miller's preliminary hear
ing for robbing Oscar Bellgh attracted a
big crowd to Justice Cook's court room jes
terday afternoon , and the little stuffy room
was a good place to be suffocated. In spite
of the discomfort the case was ono of the
hardest fought ever tried In the city. The
evidence was all taken , and County Attorney
San ml ITS opened the arguments. He was
followed by Colonel Dally , who administered
one of the hottest roasts to Bellgh that lad
ever been heard by most of the court loung
ers. At the conclusion of the day the case
went over until Monday morning at 10
o'clock , when the arguments will be con
John Ward , an old soldier , drew his pen
sion the other day , amounting to $12 , and
started out for a time. Late In the evening
be turned up at the police station with a
complaint that ha had given a $10 gold
piece to M. Solomon , air Upper Broadway
store keeper , and had received change for
a quarter. Solomon declared that It was
not so. Ward wanted him anest'd , but the
police declined to act , Inasmuch as Ward
was suffering from the effects of a Jag when
he made the complaint. Last evening It was
learnsd that Kosenbaum , a saloon keeper
across from the Ogden hotel , changed the
gold pteco for Ward and the latter was so
drunk that he did not know It.
Flro and tornado Insurance written In best
companies. Money for farm loans at low
rates. City property for sale or trade for
farm lands In Iowa. Lougce & Tonle , 235
Pearl St.
ti > ns.
George A. Keellno returned last evening
from a western trip.
Miss Julia Gait of Sterling , 111. , Is the
guest of Mies Stella Patterson on South Sixth
Mrs. Curtis and Mrs. Harmon will leave
Monday for a pleasure trip to Denver and
the west.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McConnell , on South
Eleventh street , are the happy parents of a
little girl baby , born last Thursday morning
W. A. Wood leaves today for a trip Into
Nebraska , expecting to go from there to
Arkansas , and then to Ohio to visit his old
Mrs. Crawford and daughter , Miss Jessie
of Lohrvllle , la. , are In the city , guests of
the family of William Patterson on South
Sixth street.
W. Q. Sawyer , manager of the McCormlck
company's warehouse , has moved from 619
Tenth street , his former residence , to DIG
Fourth stret.
Conductor S. C. Geode of the motor line
with his wife , has gone to Pennsylvania , In
response to a telegram announcing the seri
ous illness of his father.
P. M. Gault of Chicago , formerly general
manager of the Omaha & St. Louis railway ,
with headquarters In this city. Is the guest
of A. T. Itlco and family , on Fourth street.
J. R. Black of Wright township was In the
city jesterday. He says crops are In excel
lent condition throughout the east end of the
county , and everything points to a phenom
enal yield.
The Misses May Hollls , Jennie Gulttar ,
Edith Reynolds , 1C me Bills and Gertrude
Kennedy will spend two weeks basking In
the sunshine on Manhattan beach and fish
ing for Miller's thumb In the placid waters
of Lake Manawa , commencing tomorrow.
The engagement of Miss Louisa French to
Mr. Byron H. Smith Is announced , the wed
ding to take place during August. Mr Smith
Is a prominent young business man of Omaha ,
a member of the firm of Williams & Smith ,
and Mis.- French a popular young lady of
this city.
Rev. J , W Strong , president of Carleton
college , Northfleld , Minn. , Is In the city , the
guest of his brother-in-law , W. J Daven
port of the Burlington road. He will preach
this morning at the Congregational church
Mr. Strong Is a brother of W. B. Strong , who
was so prominent a citizen of Council Blufte
In railway circles a number of years ago.
Isotlce *
Notwithstanding the serious accident at
the Evans Laundry , we will be ready foi
business on Monday morning as usual. S ,
P. Henry , Sec , and Mgr.
Schlltz' famous band at Manhattan beach ,
Lake Manawa , today.
Y. SI. I , . A. Mnutlne.
Wlde-awako meetings will ba the order at
the Young Men's Christian association today ,
A big street meeting will be held at 345 ;
o'clock and at 4 o'clock. Rev. Alex Irvine
will speak to men In the gymnasium. There
will be spirited singing and a general good
time. AUmen invited.
Good wall paper , a roll , at the Voa-
ton store.
i JJio Hardman , the piano par excellency
Jtimes Wcston Forced to Explain How He
Spout Hi : Money ,
i ; . II. Odnlt nml the Cltlsen' * Xttlontl
Hank Imarefttml In Ascertaining
llotr n Illg Itoll Un impoied
of Suddenly ,
James Wcston was brought before Judge
Smith yesterday for an examination as to
his financial condition. Weston Is defendant
In a suit that has been pending for several
jears In the district and superior courts.
It grew out of a land deal. tt. H. Odell and
the Citrons' bank nre the Interested parties
on the plaintiff's side. The case was tried
In the superior court about a year ago. As
there was a dispute about one of the judge's
Instructions , It was agreed that Instead of
appealing to the supreme court the case
should be tried In the district court. It was
tried about n month ugo and a verdict for
$1IOO ! was obtained against Weston.
A year ago last March , about the time
the decision of the superior court was ren
dered , Weston sold his farm to Charles P.
Hraslan , a Minneapolis speculator , for $4,500
In cash. Since then the cash seems to have
entirely disappeared , and when the plaintiffs
tried to levy on something In satisfaction of
their Judgment they found there was nothing
to levy upon. At their request Weston was
placed upon the witness stand jesterday to
give an account of his financial dealings , lie
accounted for $1,200 of the money as having
been given to his sons , James and William ,
who live near Logan The rest ho had used
for living expenses. The old man waa put
through a searching cross-examination , but
that was about all he could tell.
The case was not completed , but went over
until Wednesday at 10 o'clock , In order that
the two sons may be brought In to testify
Judge Smith stated that If It was fully shown
that the money had been given them without
consideration there would be grounds for an
action against them In the district court.
pedal Sale for Monday Great "siito of
Our entire stock of ladles' light wrappers
n four lots , at G7c , S7c , $1 19 and ? 1.37.
Lot 1 Big lot of ladles' wrappers , made
if standard prints , with large ruflle , Watteau
jack and rolling collar. Also a few pongee
\rappers that sold for $1.50 , In this lot at
j7o each.
Lot 2 Fifteen dozen ladles' wrappers , made
if the best quality prints , with full drop
ileevcs and large ruflle collar. Also a lot ol
Ino lawn wrappers , nicely made , with extra
arge sleeves. These goods are worth $1 an I
1 25. On sale at S7c each.
Lot 3 Thirty dozen lawn and cambric
v rappers , beautiful line of patterns and col
orings , worth $1.50 and $1.75 , to close at
; i 19 each.
Lot 4 Includes our entire stock , worth from
1 50 to $2 50 , made of gingham , percale and
cambr'c ' , trimmed with Valenciennes lace ,
mbroldery and feather stltchlngs to match.
Wo offer them at $1 37 each.
Special remnant sale All remnants of wash
goo'ls , worth from Sc to 19c a yard , on sale
at 5c a yard.
Remnants of wool dress goods , 25c a yard.
Extra quality ladles' pure silk mitts , full
shaped , our regular 5Sc quality , reduced to
33c a pair ; 25c silk mitts , 19c a pair.
Extra quality ladles' tan hose , our 25c
( uallty , reduced to 19c a pair.
See our assortment of wash goods at 9c a
yard , worth 12V4c and 15c.
401-405 Broadway , Council Bluffs , la.
I'ntertulned 1 heir I'astor ,
Rev. A. W. Abberly , the new pastor of
the Christian church , was tendered n warm
and hearty reception at the tabernacle last
Thursday evening. He and his wife have
lust recently moved to Council Bluffs , and
liavo taken up the work where It was left
at the departure of Rev. E. W. Allen. The
enthusiasm shown by the church members In-
llcated that in Mr. Abberly they have found
i worthy successor for Mr. Allen. The
young ladles had worked hard and long deco
rating the building with palms , evergreens ,
lotted plants and rugs , the prevailing colora
jelng green and yellow. The reception com
mittee met all comers at the door and ex
tended to them a hearty welcome. A pro
gram vvas carried out as follows :
Piano duet
.Miss lielle Fletcher , Miss Kate Sbepler
Address of welcome J. O. Lemen
.Mu lc Colored Quartet
Talk of pastor Rev. U. W Abberlv
Vocal solo Mrs Hoff
C'ornet solo Arthur Goff
Recitation Mrs. Wollman
Vccnl polo Miss Lucle Norman
Recitation MNs Muy Grosvonor
Vocal duet. . .Miss Hattle nnd May Worlej
Miss Judge , Accompanist
Banjo solo L P. Olne >
Recitation Sadie Grosvonor
Vocal solo Hattle Palmer
Violin i-olo Abbe Zer ° kovvskl
Cornet solo Arthui Goff
Mr. Abberly's remarks were greeted with
hearty applause , and at the end o ! the pro
gram refreshments were served.
At C. O. U. IIIOUII'K thin Week.
21 pounds fine granulated sugar for $1.00
1 pound Battle Ax chewing tobacco 15c
1 pound smoking tobacco 15o
Columbia river salmon , per can lOc
Tomatoes , pr can Sc
Corn , per can 5c
1-pound can Price's baking powder 35c
Rainwater Maker , per box 21c
Root beer , per bottle 7c
1-pound package gloss etarch , per pkg. . . Sc
1-pound package corn starch , per pkg. . . f > c
Breakfast oats , per package 8c
Quaker oats , per package 9c
Deland's soda , per package 7c
Screen doors , 1 % Inches thick , any size
you want , for C5c. Adjustable window
screens for 35c.
Ice cream freezers cheaper than ever. We
are overstocked and must unload them.
And new potatoes at lOo a peck at
I.rnted the Opera llounr.
The papers were signed yesterday after
noon by which Ellott Alton agreed to lease
the opera house from the Dohany estate. It
will bo opened to the public about August 20
and the work of cleaning and repairing will
bo pushed as rapidly as possible. This week
the building will ba filled with scaffolding.
A new drop curtain will be put In , the
contract being already practically let. The
opera house will be painted from top to
bottom In light colors , not a particle of the
walls , celling or furniture being left un
touched. A new carpet will be rTut In and
the establishment thoroughly cleaned.
Between 1,500 and 2,000 names were slgnel
to the papers agreeing to support the theater
under Its new management. Mr. Alton In
tends to have the names all printed on the
back of his letter paper , so as to show the
eastern theatrical managers just what sort
ot backing he Is to have from the citizens
Although ho has been In control but a short
time he has booked Cleveland's mlnstreU
and James B. Mackey In "Grimes' Cellar
Door , " with other good plays In prospect.
Don't overlook the fact that the Spetman
stock Is being sacrifice ! at any price to sell.
If you do you will miss the bargains In dry
goods , clothing , shoes , hats and all season
able standard goods that you murt buy. The
larger the crowd the quicker the goods go ,
ind the greater the sacrifice In values.
Kelt Cellar Fcnen I'oiU.
Twelve carloads standard red cedar fence
posts , 10c each , by the carload.
Ten days' sale of wall paper and house fur
nishings at the Boston store.
' Hardman pianos , Council Bluffs , 103 Main
Michael I'lialen u Sane.
The commissioners of Insanity put In the
best part ot yesterday looking Into the case
of Michael Phalen of Waveland township ,
who Is charged by his wife and daughter with
being Insane. The women told a long story
of the abuse to which they had been sub
jected by the husband and lather , who had
choked them frequently , beaten them , scat
tered the dishes and furniture promiscuously
and mads Hie a. burden to Uiem lioto. lie
would sit up all night to rend , nnd the bible
was ono ot his favorite books. He seemed
to gain much consolation from tt , for he
often told his family that they persecuted
him Just as Christ wa persecuted , and evi
dently enjoyed the comparison. The only
thing evident was that the family had been
a veritable hornets' nest for several years ,
and the commissioners failed to sec any cause
for holding him for Insanity. Ho was turned
loose. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
m.VMsi : N iiitos.
Itlff July Clearing Stlo.
Monday will be a big bargain day ; don't
miss It.
1,000 yards of sewing silk veiling In crenm
and navy blue , worth elsewhere 25c , Monday
only at HcnnUon's , 3c yard , '
3,000 yards of val laces , neat , tasty pat
terns , Monday Ic yard.
Ladles' tan hose , full regular made , lOc
Ladles' $1.00 quality black pure silk vests
39c each.
Ladles' lOc ribbed vests Monday 5c each.
Ladles' 60c lisle thread vests In white and
cream , 2Sc each.
Ladles' white china silk parasols Monday
$1.00 each.
Big wrapper sale Monday , SCc each.
Monday all our $1.00 , $1.25 nnd $1 50 lawn
wrappers , also Turkey red print nnd black
nnd w'jilte print wrappers , that were $100 ,
$1.25 and $1.50 , all at one price Monday , SCc
each. Don't miss this bargain Monday.
500 Jute porch cushions , lOc each.
Council Bluffs.
W hern l'i un V r Tree.
First Presbvterian , corner of Wll'ow avenue
and Seventh street Rev. Stephen Phclps ,
pastor Preaching by the pastor at 10 30 a.
in. and 8 p. m. Sabbath school at 12 m.
Second Presbyterian Pastor Sarchet
P'eachss. Subjects : Morning , "Helpful Hints
from the Hay Harvest ; " evening , "Preparing
Christ's Paths. " Christian Endeavor meeting
at 7 3C p. m. Sabbath school at 12 m.
First Baptist , corner Bajllss park 1030 a.
m. subject , "Manna , " 12 m. , Sunday school
3 30 p. m , Juniors ; 7 p. m. , B. Y. P. U , ; 8 p.
m. , evening services. Subject , "The Bible
Better Than Gold. "
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints. Huntlngton hall , 104 Broadway Sun
day school at 1 p. m. ; preaching at 2:30 : and
7 45 p. m. R , J. Huntlngton , president
St. John's English Lutheran , James' hall ,
17 Pearl street Rev. G. W. Snyder , pastor.
Children's flower day service at 11 a. m. , anil
preaching at 8 p. m. ; Sunday school at 9.45
a. m ; young people's meeting at 7 p. m
Broadway Methodist Episcopal H. P. Dud
ley , pastor. Sunday school at 9 30 a. in ; love
feast , 10 30 a. m ; sacrament of the Lord's
suppar , followed by a sermon by the presiding
elder , Rev W. S. Hooker ; Sunday school at
2 m , Epworth League , 7 p. m , ; preaching
iy the pastor at 8 p. m.
Trinity MethoJIst Episcopal , corner Fourth
trect and Ninth avenue Class meeting , 9 45
. m : quarterly meeting and sacrament , with
reaching by James Sims ; Sunday school , 12
n ; Junior league , 3 p. m ; Epworth league ,
p. m. ; preaching , 8 p. m.
German Salem Church Evangelical assocla-
lon , corner Glen avenue and Pierce street
j W Bock , pastor. Preaching , 10 30 a. m.
nd 8pm ; Sunday school 9 30 a. m ; prayer
neellng , Wednesday even'ng ; Young People's
oclety Thursday evening.
Congregational President J. W. Strong ot
Northfleld college will preach In the morn-
ng Evening sermon by the pastor. Subject ,
'The Fascination of Egypt and Its Results. "
Sunday services at Grace church , corner of
Union and Plercf streets Holy communion at
3 a. m ; mornlne ; prayer at 10 30 a. m ; even-
ng prajer at 8 p. m. The evening service
iv111 be the anniversary service of Grace
GulH. Mr H. B. Chamberlln of Omaha will
deliver an address Mrs. Mullls and Mrs
loff will have charge of the music.
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Later -
, er Day Saints , on Pierce street , three doors
ivcst of Glen avenue Praye- service at 9 30
a. m ; Sunday school at 12 m ; preaching at
0 30 a. m. and 8 p. m. Evening subject ,
'Evidences of Christianity" Sunday services
at the church. Tent meetings will be held
[ luring the entire week at the corner of Pierce
and Grace streets.
St. Paul's Evening prayer at 4 o'clock
with full vested choir , followed by Sunday-
x itouru.
Itednccd llntei.
To Hot Spi'ngs , S. D. , sale July 19 , Aug
ust 2 and 2,5 , one first class fare for round
: rlp.Triennial
Triennial conclave Knights Templar , Bos
ton , Mass. Sale August 19 to 24.
American Pharnr.ceutlcal association , Den
ver , Colo. Sale August 11 and 12.
Baptist young people meetings , Baltimore ,
Md Sale July 15 and 1C
National convention Keeley league , Har-
rlsburg , Pa. Sale August 16 to 22.
Denver , Colo. Sale July 1C to 20 , and
August 12 to 17.
Toronto , Out. Sale July 15 to 24.
Charlton , la. Sale July 23 and 24.
In addition I have on sale Summer Tourls'
tickets to various points In the United State
and Canada.
Call and get copy of map and Illustrated
write up of the great Yellowstone National
park. 0. M BROWN , Ticket Agent.
Object * of Ch.iilty.
It was a melancholy looking crowd that
Sheriff Hazen brought back from Sioux Clt >
Friday night. There were Mrs. Looman am
her 9-wceks-old baby , Mr. and Mrs. George
Potter and their two children , one 3 years ,
old and the other 11 months , and Henrj
Phillips. They had driven , almost night
and day from Council Bluffs to
Sioux City In a light coverei
wagon with one horse , which was almos
dead. Potter's youngest child was suffering
from cholera Infantum. The men were It
Jail when Hazen arrived at Sioux City , am
the women were camped Just outside of town
In the wagon , which contained two trunks
and a lot of household furniture. Hazen's
sympathies were aroused at the sight of the
women , who were still 200 miles from their
relatives in North .Dakota , for whom thej
had set out , and as they had no money am
nothing to eat he bought them tickets to
Council Bluffs.
The women stayed In the county Jail nl
night , not having any other place to go , am
yesterday morning they were taken In ham
by several charitable women , who provide ,
homes for them temporarily. Phillips am
Potter are both In Jail , the former chargec
with kidnaping and the latter with obtain
Ing money under false pretenses and running
mortgaged property out of the state. He
had mortgaged his horse and wagon only twt
days before leaving for $100.
Mnnlinrr < n Kpncli I'loclrlc I'ounta'n.
To the millions of people who visited the
World's fair there was no single feature
inore beautiful than the great electric foun
tain , where the water was changed by th
wizard touch of the electric magician Into
the most brilliant colors ever seen by humai
ejes. Every night It was the center of In
terest. Thousands of Council Bluffs and
Omaha people who did see the fair hav'e
only heard of the magic fountain. Now thc >
can see It. for the Manhattan Beach people
at Like Manawa have constructed one Iden
tlcally similar , only not so large. The foun
tain Is located Just back of the pavilion on
the beach , and Is Illuminated each evening , a
0,000 candle power electric light furnishing
the Illumination. The fountain Is a beaut !
ful thing. A great central Jet of water rise
to the height of many feet and spreads ou
like a gigantic Illy , and around It are nine
teen other Jets. Through this cataract o
water the big electric light flashes its rays
varying from the molten white Into everj
shade of the rainbow. It presents a beautlfu
spectacle and should be seen by all , and I
costs nothing to see It.
llrnnii'i < \ O , I ) .
Screen doors. 65o each. i
Gasoline stoves from $1.98 up.
One-pint Mason fruit Jars , per doz. , 49c
quart Mason fruit Jars , 69c doz. ; half-galloi
-Mason fruit Jars , 79c doz.
21 pounds granulated sugar for $1.
One pound plug tobacco for ISc ; one pounc
smoking tobacco for 15c.
Five gallons gasoline for C5c. Salmon , 10
per can.
I utchenT I'lcnlc.
The butchers' union ot Council Bluffs wll
give a picnic at the Driving park , which
promises to bo largely attended. The pro
gram , as prepared by the committee on ar
rangements , will furnish plenty ot amusemen
for the guests. A greased pig will b
awarded as a prize to the man who Is abl
to capture him. The fat men will run a race
the boys under 14 years of ago and thos
under 18 will each have a bicycle race , th
former half a mile and the latter a mile , th
newsboys will have a pony race , and the re
tall butchers themselves will compete for
gentleman's road race prize. Two expert
from South Omnni will furalsb wnusemen
f an Intellectual kind by eclng which can
111 and dress n beef trie faster. A roasted
x will be presentedtlln"smnll hunks to the
Isltors In barbecue style1. The retail butcli-
rs of Council BlufM'huU the Omaha Pack-
ng company's employes' will organize two
Kill teams and play < ti match game , and
here will be a free-ilbj'Aill contest with the
asso , the prize being tt , wild steer without
ny horns , ' '
Knmrino In Trouble Acnln.
John Emarlne , who vvas mixed up In a
hooting scrape several months ago , dropped
nto misfortune agalir 'esterday , when Harry
itcepy , who keeps a restaurant nt 1017 South
tlaln street , filed an Information charging
ilm with obtalntnc mortey under false pre-
enses. Emarlne , he bldlins , came Into his
place last Wednesday , and after eating din-
icr tendered a check for $1 , drawn on the
Citizens State bank , Sleepy cashed the
heck , giving him the balance In money , but
he check was afterward thrown out at the
iank , Emarlno not having any deposit there.
< o settlement could be reached with Emar-
ne , and Sleepy had him arrested. Emarlno
gave a bond for his appearance Wednerday
ftcrnoon In Justice Walker's court.
The electric fountain at Manhattan beach
vlll be Illuminated each evening from S 30
o 9 nnd 9 30 lo 10. The steamer Liberty
vlll connect v tth all trains to nnd from
lanavva. First boat will. leave Manhattan
jeach at 7 a.m. to accommodate the camp-
rs at Manhattan beach who wish to catch
he early morning train to Omaha.
( irnee tlhuroh Anniversary.
Grace Episcopal church will celebrate Its
birthday anniversary this evening at the
'orner of Pierce and Union streets. In addl-
Ion to the regular pervlccs a very Interesting
program of music has been prepared , under
ho direction of Mrs. Mullls and Mrs. Roff ,
vho will sing a duet , "The Lord Is My
Shepherd , " by Henry Smart. The choir will
ilng "Magnificat" and "Nunc Dltnlttls , " by
: . Bunnett , and Mr. C. B. Altchlson will
Ing a eolo , "Just as I Am. " A selection will
> e rendered by a quartet composed of Mrs
Mullls , Mrs. Roff and Messrs W. S. Rlgdon
and C. B. Altchlson.
Notwithstanding the serious accident at
he Evans Liundry , we will be teady for
uslueis on Monday morning as usual. S
' . Henry , Sec. and Mgr.
Schlltz' famous band at Manhattan beach ,
, ake Manawa , today.
ICeUekih 1 odRe Olllcerx.
The following offlcers were Installed at the
ast meeting of White Rose Rebekah lolge
\'o. 284 , Independent Order of Odd Fellows ,
or the ensuing term P. G. . Mrs. Sophia
lynstcr , N. G. , Mrs Fannie Pardey ; V G
Irs. A. M. Brenneman ; treasurer , Mrs. Miry
'Ibblts ; secretary , Anna Rosenfeld , warden ,
Irs Clara Whltthell ; conductor.Mrs Eva Eas-
lale ; I. S S. , Miss Bertha Scherer ; 0. S. S. ,
.Ilss Nettle Kraht ; R. H. S. , N. G. , D S.
Irennaman ; L. II. S , N. G. , Miss Nettle
lunt ; R. H. S. , V G. . Mrs. S. A. Pippin ;
H. S. . V. G. , C. A Tlbbets ; chaplln , Mri.
F. Hunt.
Yes , the Eagle laundry is "that good
aundry , " and IB located at 724 Broadway.
f In doubt about this try It and be convinced
Don't forget name and number. Tel. 157.
Read Davis" ad. Davis sells hammocks
cheap. ,
Itmmfiat KntertiilriB.
A Jolly crowd of young peuplo were Invited
out to the home of , Rena Gay , east of thr
city , Friday evening to attend a party given
n honor of Miss Lottie Lennon of Storm
Lake , la. Music and refieshments passed
: he evening very pleasantly and all leturned
lome at a lite hour. Those present were
Misses Hattle and Dlllie Atkins of Cincin
nati , Keren nnd Ellen Woods. Mamie Field
'anny Brock , Amy Gay , Edna Luring ,
Messrs. Brock , Spencen Cutler , Sylvester
ay and Luring , i
The Standard only sscand to the Hardman
The Durfee Furniture Co.'s special rocker
sale , the most successful ever held In the
city , will be continued another week. Lounges ,
couches and parlor suits will be Included , A
dollai's worth for 75c. Got it , 336 and 338
Broadway , , . ,
Hurt on did Mlclil > iclc.
Arthur , the little S-year-old son of Harry
Evans , electrician for the Electric Light
company , met with a serious accident last
evening at Manawa. He was riding on the
switchback on the north side of the lake
when he fell off. The roller coaster caught
'ilm ' as he fell and almost tore his nose off ,
besides gouging his e > e In a terrible manner.
The gas company's special prices for serv
ice pipes will be continued through July.
Hardman pianos , Omaha , 113 N. ICtu.
.V JIU.IJtDl .l/l/.SJ IM1' TAXKtt
I'ropcrty from Which Itcvenno In Derived
Held Not to He Kxi nipt.
NEW YORK , July 13 The board of home
and foreign missions of the Prcsbytenon
church have failed In the attempt to have
the assessment and taxa'lon upon Its proper' } '
at Fifth avenue and Twentieth street for [ he
year 1S94 declared Illegal. A decision was
given toJiy by Judge Beach In the special
term of the supreme court , sustilnlns tl
demurrer , which was Interposed In behalf if
the city. Judge Beach gives Judgment foi
the city on the demurrer , with leave lo the
missions to amend the complaint. The bo.i-1
of missions secured possession of the prop
erty on April 1 , 1S93 , and made preparations
to erect Its new building. Some of the lead's
did not expire until May , 1894 , and In tn
meantime the missions were receiving- the
rents and profits under the leases , which
did not expire until May 1. Judge Beach
bays during the taxable period the propertv
was not In actual use bv the board or m'.s-
slons , nor held exclusively for the puiio i )
of those two corporations , but they dlvlJed
the rentsi or Income , and therefore are not
entitled to exemption under the act relative
to religious corporations.
If.lTCUKIt JtV A/.IJS/.S/I DETl.UTll'K *
Uvcry Movement of t ulmn Sympathizer *
ICi purled lo thn ' piiilfh .Minister.
NEW YORK , July 13. N. R Borden of
Fernandlna , Fla , has come and gone from
New York. He arrived recently with his
private secretaiy and the captain of his
yacht. All registered under assumed names
at a leading Broadway hotel. Mr. Borden
came here with the Florida delegation to the
Christian Endeavor convention at Boston
A conference was held enroute , resulting
in the framing of resolutions in behalf ot
Cuba to be Introduced by Miss Race In the
Boston convention. Mr. Borden said the
delegates were unanimously In favor of urg
ing President Cleveland to recognize the new
government of Cuba as' soon as It Is estab-
llshed. On the steamer" from Florida was a
detective. All the-coait steamers are con
stantly watched by special agents of Spain
This man overhcarr'tlie ladles talking of
their plans to offer resorutlons favoring Cuba
and when the steairtur 'reached New York a
cipher dispatch Instatitly Informed the Span-
'fh ' minister at Washington of the situation
Minister de Lome straightway went to Bos
ton , It Is said , to Ciu'nteract the Cuban Influences -
fluences In a conventM representing nearly
2,000,000 membeis.
SCMTO Hull MtorM'ln N'uw Mrxlco.
DENVER , July IsTPi pectal to the Repub
llcan from Espanola-J > J M. , says : A cloud
burst and hall storm 'today did great damage
In the Oko Kallent * T lley. Farm products
and orchards werel washed out and totally
destroyed. The hall was as large as hen's
eggs , and every window In the Hot Springs
hotel was broken , several thousands ot dollars
lars worth of damage being done by the
storm ,
1'clli vne Hie I <
HELLEVUn , Neb. , July 13 -Speclal.- (
Mlsses Cora and Alice Baker left Friday fo
a month'H visit In Colorado.
Among the guests at Klwlna Hall are
Mrs. A. Fitch. Omaha , and Miss 1 } Van
Gnesbeck of Nellgh. ,
MIHS Helen I.ongsdorf left for Decatu
The Junior Chrlstlaji Endeavor Boclety
gave nn Ice cream social Thursday evening
to rnli-o sulllclent funds to meet Its pledges
to church and missions.
Scrlnui Charge .icaliut a I'hynlclau.
HOLTON , Kan. , July IS. Dr. G E. Locke
a leading physician , was arrested today on
the charge of having criminally assaulted
Oda Maul In June latt , now the wife of Pete
Maul , Jr. , who swore out the complaint , am
having planned an attempt upon the life o
County Attorney A. E. Crane. The latter I
thought by tome to be an attempt at black
mall , i
mivii'S ' Wis
Thousands of Iowa Citizens Gather at Con-
tervillo nnd Extend Greeting ,
ItcpnbllcnnNoiulneo for Unrornor , Sur
rounded \r \ llu Delighted I'rlomla ,
Kxprcusei Ilia IhauUi for the
Honor Conferred.
CENTEHVILLE , la. , July 13. ( Special
Telegram. ) General Francis Marlon Drake ,
the next governor of Io.\a , was tendered an
ovation here today. It was n continuation of
.he scenes of delirious Joy which broke out
lere Just after the news of the nomination
reached this city. It vvas a ratification meet-
ng of Monroe , Davis , Wayne and Appanoose
counties , and It seemed that every family was
represented. In this county alone are 1,500
miners , most of them populists , and nearly
all were In the procession jelling for Drake
like veteran republicans. Every secret so
ciety turned out In force and the military
company acted as escort. The Grand Army
of the Republic post , Sons of Veterans and
the fire company Increased the procession ,
and then came men , women and children , Ir
respective of birth or Elation.
It had been the Intention of those who had
: he matter In charge to mass the people nt
3eneral Drake's home , while the procession
went to the depot , but when the Iowa Cen
tral came In with the prospective governor
aboard fully 5,000 people were there to meet
ilin. Then pandemonium let loose ; every
whistle In the city commenced to blow and
every bell ring. This was a signal for 500
men and boys with horns and the din was
leafenlng. General Drake acknowledged the
ovation giacefully , bowing right and left ,
and then the procession started for the resl-
lence. Here a felicitous speech of welcome
and congratulations was delivered by Judge
Fee and the general responded , choking up
with emotion a half dozen times before he
could finish. Tonight there were speeches
by Congressman Hepburn and others and an
abundance of pyrotechnics and noise.
111 IIIVID : TO in : IK.UN iiomtiitb
I'llrllier Dentils of the .Shooting nt Dot
Mollies Last Miht.
DES MOINES , la. . July 13. ( Special
Telegram. ) Thomas B. McLaughlln , the
Rock Island detective who shot and prob
ably fatally wounded William Badgely last
night , was arraigned In police court this
morning , charged with assault with Intent
to kill , and the hearing set for next Wednes-
lay afternoon. Ball was fixed at $1,500 and
signed by Superintendent Gllmore of the
[ lock Island.
McLaughlln stated to your correspondent
that he received a telegram yesterday after-
teen from Chicago , saying an attempt would
je made to hold up No. C here. Dctcctlvo
Lewis of the Rock Island secret service was
also on the train. They saw two In
dividuals , one a big fellow with a grip , get
on the front platform of the sleeper ns the
train pulled out and quickly swing upon
the roof and run toward the head of the
train They were on the front chair car.
\s the unknowns were stepping to the
baggage car , apparently going to the engine ,
they pulled one down and he Jumped to the
grcund from the platform. The big fellow
with the grip Jumped from the top of the
car and both escaped. When the train
crossed the river Badgely and three others
attempted to board It on Second street
McLaughlln hit one and he jumped , fol
lowed by two others , and then Badgely , who ,
on reaching the ground , was seen by Lewis
to stop , and he yelled to McLaughlln : "Look
out , he's got a pin. " A switch lantern
shone in McLaughlln's face , and , knowing
he would be an easy mark , shot Badgely ,
alining to strike his legs. All the others
escaped. The fight lasted five blocks.
Badgely's doctors say ho lias a chance of
recovery , though four Intestines were cut by
the bullet.
Toolc I verythlup ; In Sljrht.
DES MOINES , la , July 13. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The defalcation of C. O. Davies , the
missing banker of East Peru , la. , keeps ,
growing as unpaid drafts are constantly
being received. The latest estimate of the
amount stolen Is $28,000. Detectives of
this city are at work and say they have
a strong clew and are likely to bag their
game. Davies came from Denver about six
months ago. About Juno 1 he associated
himself with J B. Hensliaw and J. H
Kuhn of Des Molnes as partners , and , gainIng -
Ing the confidence of the community , was
trusted with large sums of money by mer
chants and farmers. On the morning of
July 5 he left via the Great Western , as It
was supposed for Colfax , taking one valise
and a package with him. Later It was
learned that on July 3 he expressed his
personal belongings from Wlnterset to Des
Molnes. Suspicion was not aroused until
July 9 , when his partners were called from
Des Molnes and the defalcation discovered.
W. H. Deardorf vvas appointed receiver
yesterday. Among the heavy losers are
J. B. Henshaw , $10,000 ; J. Kuhn , $4,000 ,
Valley National bank , Des Molnes , $2,000 ,
William Fennlmore , $1,300 ; M. L. Sllllman ,
$1,500 to $2.000 ; Green Bros. , about $1,300 ,
Wright , Baker & Co. . $800 ; Dr. Painter ,
$900 ; J. Harwood , $200 ; I. D. Jacobs of
Wlnterset , $300.
Sioux < Ity Aflor u Now I'lant.
SIOUX CITY , July 13. ( Special Telegram )
President Johnson of the Vulcanized Pulp
company of Kansas City Is In the city con
ferring with the commissioner of the Com
mercial association with reference to moving
his company's works here. Vulcanized pulp
Is a kind of papier mache and Is beginning
to be used quite generally as a 'paving ma
terial , In conduits for electrical companies
and for other similar purposes. Straw , soft
wood and the fiber of some weeds are used
In Its manufacture , and It Is thought the
proper kind of raw material can be more
readily obtained In the vicinity of Sioux City
than Kansas City.
The Fidelity Loan and Trust company ,
which passed Into ths hands of a receiver
several months ago , has been succeeded by
the Fidelity Security company. The main
ofllco will be In New York and the western
branch here. The Security company was
organized some time ago to dispose of the
old Fidelity's collateral. H has been so suc
cessful that It was decided to allow It to
swallow up the old corporation. W. B. Crom
well will have charge of the eastern office
and T. A. Thompson of the western branch
Itntlflecl I ho t onvuntlon'4 Work.
IOWA FALLS , la. , July 13 ( Special )
republican rally under the auspices of
the Third District Republican club met here
yesterday. Several thousand people gathered
from over the state. The prominent speakers
were General Drake , Hon. W. P. Hepburn
and Hon. John J. Ingalls of Kansas. Many
other good speakers made addresses , namely :
Hon. C. W. Mullen of Waterloo , F. E. John
son of Sheffield , Hon. W J. Molr of Eldora ,
Hon. H. E. Thompson of Independence , W. E.
Bullard of Belmcnd , and others.
Hun Diitru l > ) n 'I rain ,
CHEROKEE. la. , July 13. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Seth Loft , a farmer residing four
miles northeast ot town , attempted to drive
across the railroad track In front of a mov
ing switch engine and was run down. The
engine was backing up slowly and struck
one of the horses on the bide , turning the
team and wacon clear around , tearing the
flesh from the ribs ot the animal. The horses
gathered themselves In a few seconds and
ran away. Loft escaped with a few slight
scratches. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
DeniUe of n 1'innetr.
CHEROKEE. la. , July 13. ( Special Tele
gram. ) William Johns , an early settler , dice
at his homo In Pitcher township yesterday
aged G4 years. He had been an Invalid am !
great sufferer for the past three years. Ho
was a soldier In the late war , serving In the
Twenty-first Iowa volunteers. The funera
services will be held tomorrow , under the
auspices of the Grand Army of the Republic
and will be held at hid late home. The re
mains will be Interred In the Aurella ceme
One on Nnmnroui llondi.
WEBSTER CITY , la. , July 13. ( Special
Telegram. ) George Carr , who was arrestei
by United States ofuclals on the charge 01
counterfeiting and UUea 19 Fort Dodge fgr
It McaiiH the Correct Treatment , Not of Catarrh Alone , lint of Klicti *
inntlsin , Nervous Diseases and All Common Chronic Ail
ments on the Same Inexpensive Plan.
The cnftlcU wny to Rot lel < U to tiiknn
rnlil , I. ct tt mity long enough , mid sink Mini
Bottle doeponongli , mill spread vrlde. mill Inr
nniiuh , tiiul It cun end In fifty < tl oinr , Ilko
1 ty MI ikes' hends. Ono of the mnilo hcitda
iii > ) > o rhriiiiiniUin nnil a burning Joint or
minelel iiiiutlicr limy hit H hleedtni ; lung )
niiiither nny h tin lull nurd nnd ipi verlng nniitliur nuiy hit n norn liver or nn
! iiurml | lienrt or n riiliunl Mom uli nil of
thrill roillallilni ; poltou rnoliili Id rot the
liuiiiaii hotly liku an apple , nnil p tin niut g-
miy I'lioouh to nlckru human hope anil lillght
n hniiiiiii life. A thousand people illo us the
nltlinitn oiucnmn ot n cold , who o onn In
killed liv strlelinlne ur cancer or smallpox or
No wonder , then , tliut cit.trrli 1 dlncvne
ilnu to unrurvd eold should hu thoooni *
inoneftt form o chroiilcNlcknonii 111 this v irl-
ii bl u ollnmte.
, Hut tuc nirk no\or iniido it bigger niHt iko
t him lo nuppoftu flint the curn of eatanh In
the. one Htiprcmu rpccl illy of lrs. Copohtnd
SlK'pird , It l not true. It Is an error.
IJrtTjr chroma ailment In the uhote blaek
cntegoiy of liitnmn alcluiefn unit Hiillurlni ; In
tro itcd at thu nominal rnto ol iT n month ,
inedlilneH Included. Not to kno thU lil'Kht
hoi iilnnilloiift to hundreds nlio c.innnt nllord
the emit tiny need except upon the very
l > lnn provided lor them hy lrs. Copulaml X
rhu nrect or Cntnrrliul I'liUnnn Upon Ihn
htom nil an Civoo hv u M oil Knnu n
Onmhl Man ,
Mr. Geoigo Spangler , 271G Howard street ,
city , Is the credit man for McCord , Ur.tdv
& Co , the wholesale gtoeers Speaking of
hi" * relief and cuio from the horrors of dys-
l > ep la , be BIIVS :
"Catarrh of the stomach nearly ruined
my digestion for several jenrs Almost tin-
medlatelj after eating I would have a dull ,
heavy pain In the stomach nnil bowels , as
though filled "up with load or putty. The
food would lie on the stomach without dl-
Ktstlng , causing discomfort , distress , and
often nausea A number of phjslclnns tried
to help mo , but none of them peetncd to hit
It until I began with 13rs Copeland and
Shcpard , and they cured me 1 have never
had a sign of stomach trouble since 1 fin
ished the course. "
A Fort Worth Mini' * Kiithiislimm Over
the Mail Trent in out.
Mr Philip C. Brayton , yard mailer for the
Fort Worth , stock Ynrda Company , Fort
Worth , Tt c , who Is now under mall ticat-
ment , writes as follows :
"The head pains and stoppage of the nose
are fast leaving me ; my nppetlte Is crowing
every day and the bad tasting morning
coating of the tongue has gone. You can
not Imagine how well pleased 1 am with
what you are dolntf for me. It Is giving
me t-tiength and a geneiul sense of health
and comfort I have not felt for years I
enclose order for next month's medicines ,
as I don't want to be e.umht without them "
IllCOMllllla AM ) AVT11MA.
Wlmt a Slnglo Month' * Trent incut Accoin-
pllnhod In n * evere ( InHO.
Mrs. Mary Whalen , a widow lady of stcr-
prellmlnary hearing , was placed under $2,000
bonds. Tljls makes Carr's bonds altogether
$9,400 , $5,000 on the charge of burglary ,
$2,000 to the state for counterfeiting , $400
to keep the peace and $2,000 to the govern
ment on the last charge. Carr's father went
on the bonds.
I'uvnr Homo .Manufacture of Liquor.
CRESTON , la. , July 13. ( Special Tele
gram ) Union county populists held their
convention today to nominate county ofllctrs
and a representative. There was no refer
ence to fusion , but a significant act of tha
convention was the power given the county
central committee to name candidates should
there be any withdrawals. This makes fu
sion possible. The farming members defeated
W. H. Robb and the city leaders In their
attempt to nominate S. A. Bowers for repre
sentative and succeeded In nominating their
candidate , R. J. Brown. W. S. Gummere
was nominated for sheriff , Frank Hudson for
treasurer and Miss Mary J. Taylor of Lor-
Imor for county superintendent. The follow
ing resolution was adopted :
Resolved , That ns long ns liquors and
beers are sold under the laws of Iowa we
are In favor of their manufacture In the
state , In order that the disadvantage of the
liquor t radio muv to some extent be coun
terbalanced by the better pilces for grain.
Cut In Pieces by n Harvester.
CEDAR RAPIDS , la. , July 13. ( Special
Telegram. ) T. G. Armstrong , a fanner living
near Atkins , was thrown from a harvester
yesterday afternoon , the machine passing
over his body and Inflicting Injuries which
proved fatal.
MOICI : Jtuava JIU.MIS AKE rooAit
.New Kvldenco of the Peculiar Methods of
nn Ohio I'limncirr.
DAYTON , O. , July 13. More spurious
bonds are dally turning up as the creditors
of Z. T. Lewis was heard from , but they are
all In the same line. Forged bonds vveie
Used as collateral only and those Lewis sold
were genuine so far ns known. It Is believed
that not less than $300,000 of the forged
bonds were hypothecated. Minnie Fletcher ,
who was Lewis' stenographer , says that
Lewis representtd himself to her as unmar
ried , and there are sensational reports re
garding them. She says she copied many
bonds for Lewis , but denies that she forged
any names. The names were attached af
ter she prepared copies for the lithograph
ers. Miss Fletcher came here from New
York two years ago and Is a talented woman
Lewis had his brokerage office here. He had
ofllces also In Urbana and Interests In Green
ville , Ansonla and oilier places.
CINCINNATI. O. , July 12. The Commer
cial Gazette's special from Urbana , O. , says
A third set of spurious Mechanlcsburg school
bonds , Issued by Lewis , was discovered to
day. They are finely lithographed on white
paper and tied with a blue silk ribbon Tluy
are dated January 18 , 1893 , and they mature
In 1896 , 1897 and 1898. A Uoston bank , not
named , holds the ' 98s. There Is no dellnlte
statement of the amount of this third batch
of forgeries. The fact of the Issue Is estab
lished beyond a doubt ,
VLRI'XK A.IAW Sll'lfiltLKR .lltltH.ITKlt
sold I'lirai 1'roperty to Which He Had
No Title.
KANSAS CITY , July 13 C. Robbs , alias
Jones , who , the police claim , Is a member of
a clever gang of land swindlers which has
operate ! In this city for some time , Is under
arrest. There are said to be six men In the
gang , led by a shrewd real estate dealer of
this city , who , It Is claimed , furnished the
money to work the schemes by which at
least twelve men In this city have been
swindled out of sums of money ranging all
the way from $200 to $0,000. The scheme of
the gang was to secure accurate descriptions
of farms In Kansas , Nebraska , Iowa an3 Ml-
sourl and other states , and obtain transcripts
thereof. Then these were extensively adver
tised for talc , and in the courte of a few
days the swindlers began to receive ipnllei
from people who had i-aved up a few hundred
dollars which they desired to Invest In Ian *
The swindlers would give purchasers war
ranty deeds to lands of which they had de
Rcrlptlons , but no title. It U claimed that the
gang has swindled many business men here
and In other cities.
Stanford < 'n r > Mill Ho I'linlio ' ,
SAN FRANCISCO , July 13. The govern
ment will try to rush the Stanford cult
through the appellate court. JuJge McK'ssIck ,
who U handling the legal end of the case ,
has been ordered to force the cate Into the
United States appellate court. He will file h a
appeal next week. Ordinarily the case would
not be tried until October , but fclnco the gov
ernment is so anxious to force matters , a
petslon will probably be convened here next
month to hear the caee. It will probably be
presided over by United States Circuit Judge
Gilbert of Oregon , Judge Hawley of Nevada
and Judge Morrow of thU district will with
out doubt be bla aiioclatej.
ling sciiFo nnil worth , who'o home IB nt SS3
South 2 M itiei-t , South Umalm , after endu
ring the weakness and manifold agonies ot
lung disease for ilghti-cn monthx , resortcil
to the C'opeland and Shcp.ird treatment nnJ >
Is toJua well woman. Said Mrs. Wlmlciu
2SJ S "I'd St , South Omuhn.
"My nllllctlon was that of defective nnd
distressed breathlnp. My throat and brou-
el lat tubes wcie full of catarrh , giving mu
a cough thnt was wonylng and painful I nigh dead with asthma and bronchial
catatrh , and no woman can go eighteen ,
months gasping for breath , ns I did , with
out lo lng hope and courage XIv Illness
was recurunt and spasmodic u few dava
of comparative comfort , then d.ivs or weeks
of sickness , prostration and agou > Any
little over-exertion , lifting , climbing stairs ,
a rapid walk , and I would have to sit ami
P'int for air n though there was no air for
me Any little bad change of weather
would lay mo up The air pi uges would
seem to shut tlj-ht and the little nh 1 Inhaled -
haled would cut through them with n whis
tling and a vvhee7lng that could bo hcaril
fiotn the parloi to the kitchen
"I felt at times that I would strangle anil
die Sleep or rest would bp out of the ques
tion For two months before going to Dr.
Shcpnid I senicel > slept nt nil At times
1 would be unnhlo to He down down at all ,
for fear of a complete mifTocatlon , so that
I would pass night after night In a sitting"
posture Hut all this Is changed under Dr.
Bhepard's most mlmlinblc treatment A.
sli glo month's tieatmtnt cured my cough
and asthma entirely I luentho In health
nncl comfoit and my lost strength has been
completely restored. The dlteuto has been
conquered. ' "
$5.00 a Month for July.
Tlieno who rend the pnpcrn lll note Ilia
Inel , nnil thixo vihn do not read the papers
should In klndneH * bo tHiicht tint fact Hint
nil ( tulTeierH Irani chronic dlii nso applying
during Jnlr reci Ivo the earn and treatment
they need without my i xpeimn v hati vor he *
vend n nominal nomsment on n hiifdn of 85
niontlilIntituling mcill < liicn and M'rxlces ,
loolllcniind mall patients alike. 'I rial no it-
ment reo to these nppljlng in p < ! i on.
Office Hours 9 to 11 a. m ; 2 to 5 p m . I5ve-
nine's Wedncsda > s ami Saturdays only.
C to 8. Sundaj 10 to 12 m.
Special Notices-Council
Ed llurke. at W. S. Homer1 * . Ub Uroiulnny.
rAitii NOAiiDtNAND : roit
sale cheap and on ia y term * . Day & Hesa.
M Pearl utreet.
TOR SAU2. A NE All IVY NEvF jJl.N'G IlodiF with barn , clntern , city water at hmisu
anil barn , fiult , nice BhaJo tins , on a nlcily
graded lot 50x223 feet for J2 300 00 , two-tliirdu
casli. JUS I'crln avenue. Council Ululta
M on It. 1'lcaso leave nt Dee olllce.
Sovcrnl Coich I.oaiN of Citizens Tnken to
I ri inont nnd ( iilnmlnm.
Last night at 8 30 o'clock eight coaches
brought In their burdens of tired picnickers
who had spent the day at Fremont , the occa
sion being a picnic given by Patten lodge No.
173 , Ancient Order of United Workmen Al
though , as such an affair requires , the excur
sionists were badly tired , they were not loath
In admitting that they had an unusually good
The excursion train left the union depot In
the morning at S 30 o'clock. When they ar
rived on the picnic grounds they were wel
comed bv the mayor ot Fremont and by A 1C.
Dame of Fremont lodge No. 23. H. W All-
wlno of Patten lodge responded In behalf of
the visitors. The picnickers then disported ,
and lounged about and depleted their lunch
baskets until early In the afternoon , when
the athletic contests took place. These re
sulted as follows :
Riico for members of the order- The prize ,
an Ancient Order of United Workmen pin ,
won by C. A. Burdlck.
Ilaco for girls , between 12 and 18 years of
age : The prize , a fan , won by Miss EdltU
Race fcr boys under 12 years of age : Tha
prize , a knife , won by Perry Rltz.
Fat men's race : The prize , a sack of flour ,
won by G. W. Burkhelmer.
Married women's race : The prize , a set ot
silver knives and forks , won by Mrs. J. J.
Young married women's race : The prize ,
a lamp , won by Mrs. II. L. lloand.
Free for all men's race : The prize , a halt
dozen pairs of BOX , won by George
Free for all women's race- The prize , a
picture , won by Mrs. H. L Boand.
The prize for the best lady walUer vvas
won by Miss Flaherty. The prize was a
bottle of perfumery.
The committee that had the affair In charge
consisted of J. W. Allwine , W. H. Madden
and H. W. Allwlne.
Ono of the biggest excursions that ever
pulled out of the union depot left jesterday
morning shortly after 8 o'clock. The train
wan composed of fifteen coaches and everyone
ono of them was crowded They were filled
with the members and families of the Union
Pacific Pioneers association who were on
their way to Columbus to take their annual
The affair was a most Joyous one The
day was spent In the manner usual at pic
nics , the morning being spent In talking and
lunching and the afternoon In taking part
In or witnessing the athletic contests , all
of which were highly exciting. The train
vvas boarded again shortly after C o'clock and
arrived In the city a few minutes after 10.
Hey * I urn Thloven ,
The residence of Mrs. Holmes at GOC North
Nineteenth street was entered yesterday by
a band of boys. The members of the family
were at dinner and while they were engaged
In this pleasing occupation the front hall
was entered by the kids. They htrlpped
It of all the clothing In sight. Shortly after
Detectives Savage and Dempsey arrested two
bays who are supposed to have hud a hand
In the robbery. They gave the names of Ed !
Hyde and Ambrose Wilson.
the llntf ,
The Elks have changed the date ot tliell
picnic to July 17 , at I ko Maimva. . ,
Till , UKAI.'IV
INSTRUMENTS placeJ on record July 13 ,
U H lleiil and wife tu J II i\unn : , e '
w nw nnil w I''i ucmi of ne nw 1SI-1V1J 112,009
Hcmi.m Kountzo H al lo Drill. . I Mill IIullil-
InR nuMJclallun , lot 17. block 3 , loin } 6 nod
U , block II , lota 8 uml 9 , block H , Hruld
Hill . 3,109
K O Smith to H M Miller , lot K. Uock la ,
Kunnytlde uiMUIon . COD
Bherirr to Omaha Having * bank , * 63 fret
lot B , bluck e , gulxllv of J 1 lUilick'u a-1d. 3,411
game to rume , lota 1 and 2. block 20Vixt
in : < ! add . , 3,713
tiame lo came , lot 4 , block 20 , U V Hmlth'v
odd _ . _ . 2,220
Total amount ct uuiifcn . .JW.S81