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COUNCIL nujri's.
OFPICI3 , - - NO. 12 1'ttAIU.i STREET
t/y carrier 13 nny part of Hie city.
11. W. T1LTOX , Lessee.
Tni.nt'HONT.S-nu lncM cmc * . No. ; night
wlltor , No. 2Z.
Buy your cigars , pipes , tobaccos and canes
In Grand Hotel Cigar store.
Special meeting of tlio Lodge of Pcrfcc-
tlou at Scottlih Kite hall Frllay night.
Grand hotel. Council Bluffs. Newly fur
nished. Reopened Oct. 1. E. F. Clnrk , Prop.
Unity Guild will wrvc supper In.thtlr .
Guild roonu Thursday evening Irom C to 7
Calantho aucmMy N. 1 , P. S. . will Install
officers this afternoon at Woodmen of the
World hall.
Encampment No. 3 , Union Veteran League ,
and Ladles' Auxiliary No. 17 meet this even
ing at their hall. A full attendance Is do-
M. Band , a second-hand utoro keeper , was
fined $10 anl costs yesterday for falling to
report to the police second hand goods bought
by him.
Articles of Incorporation wore filed yeiler-
day by the Mount Elon Baptist church ( col
ored ) , The Incorporators are Gcorgo Lvvlrt ,
Emily Ncaly and Cora Perkins.
George Hoffman ot the Swift Packing com
pany of South Omaha nnd Larry Noonan of
Cudahy's will be the principals In the beef
killing match at the butchers' picnic Sunday.
A reception will bo tendered Rev. R. W.
Abb-srly and wlfe < of the Christian church at
the tubernaclo thla evening. A program ot
literary and musical numbers has been pre
Bluff City lodge No , 71 , Ancient1 Frro and
Accepted Masons , will meet In special com
munication this evening for work In the
third degree. All master Masons arc cor
dially Invited to attend.
A marriage license was Issued yesterday to
Wallace Mcllor , aged 20 , and Jessie Rogers ,
aged 20 , both of Council Bluffs. They were
married yesterday afternoon by Rev. John
Askln , D.D. , at the residence of the bride's
mother , 820 Avenue A. Only a few of the
Intimate friends were present.
Chris Rudlo , who slatted up a saloon on
circus day without having compiled with the
mulct law , was tried by Justice Cook yes
terday morning In police court and fined $25
and costs. The court's heart melted with
tenderness , however , and the sentence was
ouspended during the good behavior ot the
convicted man.
The members of the Council Bluffs Rifle
club nro making arrangements for a mate !
team shoot with the members of the Kansas
City club on the occasion of their visit t <
Omaha next month. At that tlmo the Kansai
City club Is to hao a shoot with the Omalu
club , and It Is thought a team can be se
lected from this side of the river that wll
give the Kansas City people all they wanl
to do.
Flro and tornado Insurance written In besl
companies' ' . Money for farm loans at low
i rates. City property for sale or trade foi
farm lands In Iowa. Lougce & Towlo , 23 ;
Pearl St.
llrownV O. O. O.
Screen doors. 65c each.
Gasoline stoves from $1.93 up.
One-pint Mason fruit jars , per doz. , 49c
quart Mason fruit jars. B9c doz. ; half-galloi
Mason fruit jars , 79c doz.
21 pounds granulated sugar for $1.
One pound plug tobacco for 15c ; one poum
smoking tobacco for 15c.
Five gallons gasoline for 65c. Salmon , 10
per can.
Don't overlook the fact tnat the Spetmai
stock Is being sacrificed at any price to sell
If you do you will miss the bargains In dr ;
goods , clothing , shoes , hats and all season
able standard goods that you mu t buy. Th
larger the crowd the quicker the goods ge
nnd the greater the sacrifice In values.
JMi/t&O.V.lZ , VAItAGHAI'tlS.
N. P. Johnson of Chicago was a Counc
Bluffs visitor yesterday.
Mrs. William Geddes of Grand Island I
vlsltlnf her sister , Mrs. T. E. Cavln.
Charles Jacobs of Harlan passed throug
the niuffs to Tacoma to Join a party.
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Hall and family hav
returned from a trip to Salt Lake.
J. C. Blxby leaves this morning for a N <
braska trip of several days' duration.
Drs. D. Macrae , Jr. , and V. L. Treync
leave .today for an outing at Hot Spring :
S. D.
L. Zurmuehlen , jr. , has gone on the roa
selling gloves for the firm of Broad & Chai
Lee Evans and sister , Grace , returned fro :
a two weeks' ylsl In Lancaster , Mo. , ye :
C. n. Tnwlo and wife leave today for a tw
weeks' visit to the former's old home In Ne
P. Stewart of Crcston , la. , visited his si
ter , Mrs. T. C. Jackson of 021 Twelfth avi
nue , yesterday.
Ilev. T. P. Thlckstun leaves today for
two weeks' outing at Colfax , la. He will a
tend the assembly.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Swaneon went to Col
rado yesterday with their youngest daughti
and will be gone about a month.
Miss Estelle Baldwin , ono of the city scho
teachers , has gone to Hot Springs , S. D. , a
companled by Miss Anna Pencil of Chlcag
who has been visiting her.
O. W. Culllson of Harlan , J. T. Bell
Logan and T. P. Fitzgerald of Burllngti
were among the Iowa people who register !
nt the Grand hotel yesterday.
John Covalt , a wealthy ranchman of Wyor
Ing , lo In the city , the guest ot his brothc
P. Covalt. While here he met Theodo
Guitar , who was his messmate all during t !
war and whom ho had not met before sin
Deputy Sheriff James Talbert of Mil
county was In the city yesterday. He we
to Omaha for a burglar who robbed a hou
In Malvern last week , but the burglar refiia' '
to bo moved across the river without requli
tlon papers. Talbert left for Des Main
on the evening train to get the requisition.
The electric fountain at Manhattan ben
will bo Illuminated each evening from S :
1 to 9 and 9:30 : lo 10. The steamer Liber
will connect vlth all trains to and frc
Manawa. First boat will leave Manhatt
beach at 7 a.m. to accommodate the cam
ers at Manhattan beach who wish to cat
the early morning train to Omaha.
Grcnt v mil ItocUxr Snl .
The Durfee Furniture company will s
thla week the largest line of floor , sprlr
camp and swinging rockers ever brought
the city. Prices 25 per cent off. Hen
your chance for summer comfort. 330-3
Broadway. _ _ _ _ _ _
t'niuimitml lu l.tfp Imprlionmcnt ,
Sheriff Hazen received word ycsterd
from Syracuse , N. Y. , to the effect th
Charles Wilson's sentence to be electrocut
bad been commuted by the governor of t
state to Imprisonment for life. Wilson ,
will bo remembered , was one pf the burgh
who attempted to break Into the Boston stc
In this city several years ago. He was c :
tured , but jumped his ball bond and for soi
tlmo was not heard from. Ills next appei
ance was In Syracuse , where ho and 1
brother , Dink Wilson , shot and killed
policeman. Sheriff Hazen has made seve
It ' trips to Syracuse as a witness In the t
trials. Dink has already paid the death p <
alty , but his more fortunate brother has n
commenced serving hln life sentence In I
Auburn penitentiary.
Merry Iliitclirri.
, Arrangements are being perfected to i
sure a merry , yet orderly picnic for I
butchers at the driving park next Sund
Mr. Cudahy lias presented a bullock for i
barbacue. It weights 775 pounds wl
dre sed , the oven Is being built , and a too
some , bountiful dinner will be tendered f
for 11. There will be races and varli
Bports. The newsboys who enter In the p <
and bicycle races are requested to call
C. rt. Nicholson's , 136 Broadway , bet
Saturday night. The Odd Fellows band I
been secured to furnish music , and also
orchestra of five pieces. Over eight hund
tickets .have already been sold , and th
will be , many front outside the city , excun
trains running In on at least two ot
i , flRency far Uunyon's remedies.
W , H , Sharpnack Glinted with EmbcizV
ment by H. II. H.ill of Module.
Pitti ! to tl ri < Xrgatlntrit I'M IIP r In
\Vlilcti ll Hud no litterett
or Authority to
W. II. Sharpnnnk , a commission man of
this city , \\a arrested Tuesday evening on
the charge of embezzling TGI. preferred by
II. H. Hall of Mcdale. Tlio trouble re\v
out of a Kale cf nnrlcultural Imploiiitntii
maJo by Sliarpnack to Hall some tlmo ago.
Sharpnacl ; took note * from Hall , secured by
a inortKngo on some corn. Ho imt the notes
up with David Bradley & Co. as collateral ,
nml Hall sold the corn and paid off the
notes as fast an lie obtained the money , tak
ing SliarpnacU'e receipts for the amounts
paid. Ho\v It happened Sliarpnack claims
not to know , but the notes got Into1 the
hamli ! of John A. Hcrry of Logan for collec
Upon being notified Hall commenced the
criminal action already referred to , end
Shnrpnack war. taken to Harrison county to
bo arraigned. Ho was released on bonds
and returned to this city yesterday. Ho
claims that the arrest Is simply a pieces of
spite work on Hall's part. When he lived at
Modale ho caused the arrest of four brothers-
in-law of Hall for stealing IIORS. When Hall
heard of the note being In DerryV hands
ho Is said to have remarked that this was
a good tlmo to get even for the hog deal.
Sharpnank was at ono tlmo a member of the
legislature from Harrison county , and enjoys
the confidence of his business associates.
iiosro.s st'onix
Grout Cut 1'rlcn Sain or Wnll 1'iiper nml
Iliiunn KimilMlilnE * .
7,000 brown backs , fourteen different pat
terns , at 2',4c a roll.
White blanks , worth Co to 8e , at 4c a
roll.Mica gills , regular price So and lOc , re
duced to Go a roll.
German gilts , worth 12' c to 17c , on sale
at 7V4o a roll.
Embossed and Ingrains nt 12V&C and 15c
a roll.
22o silk paper at 12' ' , c a roll.
Special prices on window shades and mould-
In BS.
Council 111 lifts.
Wtiltn Oi u I'lllntr.
Five thousand feet 8-Inch top , 12 to 2 (
feet' long , at 9l c per lineal foot. A. Over
ton , Council Dluffa , la.
\Viint h iely' Property.
M. Feely and wife , who live In Norwall
township , are defendants In a suit com
menceil In the district court yesterday b ;
Frank Nugo Salvador , who describes him
self as having been , at the time he crosse.
the ocean In 1SSI and took up his abodi
with Mr. and Mrs. Feely a green , Ignoran
Italian , unacquainted wltli life and custom
In this country. They compelled him to d
the hardest kind of work all day , and mos
of the night , he Bays , and to sleep In barn
and sheds , without having clothing enough t
keep him comfortable. They agreed will
him In 1SS4 that If he would stay with then
and work until he should become 21 year
of age , which would be six years , they woul
give him at the end of that tlmo a team
wagon , harness and eighty acres of land.
In 1890 , Instead of giving him these things
they chose , as their contract provided the
might , to give him $1,000 In cash. Durln
the next two years , however , they did nc
pay him moro than $300 ot that amount. I
1892 a further agreement was entered tat
whereby be was to work for them unt
1895 , and receive as payment a deed to a
the land they owned In Norwalk townshl
south of the railway tracks. Now the tlm
has elapsed , and none of these contracts hav
been fulfilled. Salvador claims his service
during the first six years were worth $19.7
per month , or $2,600 In all , and ho wants
judgment for that amount , together with $ CC
which he claims Is coming to him as wage
for the last three years. It Is claimed th ;
Feely and his wlfo have deeded all the
property to a daughter , Mrs. Saunders.
Another Miu'tay Kxcurnlcin.
Next Sunday there will be another e ;
curslon train of visitors who will como Inl
Council Bluffs over the Burlington , th
special train starting from Cameron Junctlc
at 0:20 : a. m. and reaching this city nboi
noon , and returning at night. Special a
tractions have been arranged at the fa
grounds and the beaches , and preparatlot
are- being made for a great day. The Uu
llngton has arranged for a return excurslc
to St. Joe on Sunday , August 4.
It Is a sure enough heater and doesn't co
half what the others do. See the new Inch
water generator at Blxby's , 202 Main st.
makes things boll.
Abnicil by III * Son ,
Edward Hermes , an old man who
c *
0 ( north of the Union Pacific bridge , near tl
river , called at Justice Vlen's ofdco yesterdi
and told a pitiful story ot the abuse
which ho had been subjected by hla so
Frank Hermes , and his housekeeper , Cla
Cozad. According to the story he told , tl
younger Hermes and the Cozad girl , who
18 years of ago and rather good lookln
have been living together as man and wit
although they never went to the troub
and expense of procuring a marriage ce
tlflcato. The old man objected to this so
of procedure In his own house , and w
promptly sat upon by the young people. Ho
long things had gene on In this way he d
not know , but ho claims they have been 11
Ing together three months to hla knowlcde
How hard the sitting down process was
shown by a big gash on his left wrli
made , ho claims , by a knlfo In the hands
ch his eon , and by long , deep scratches abe
30 his throat , where , he cays , the undutlf
ty young man choked him. Ho filed two I
formations. In ono ot which ho charges bo
his son and the latter's alleged paramo
Pch with conspiracy to Injure hU person , and
ch the other ho accuses his son of assault )
him with Intent to commit great bodily I
Jury , by cutting and choking him. Bo
the accused were released on their own i
B , cognizance , to appear on the 18th for
to preliminary hearing.
38 Yes , the Eagle laundry Is "that go
laundry. " and Is located at 724 Broadwt
If In doubt about this try It and be convince
Don't forget name and number. Tel. 157.
. The gas company's special prices for sei
Ice pipes will bo continued through July ,
he The Hardman. the piano par excellence.
It lct n r ip < * ri ic Contniot ,
irs A long and tedious meeting ot the tch <
board was held In J. J , Stewart's office h
evening , an hour and a quarter being tak
ir- up with the opening ot bids and the lettl
Ills of a contract for doing $140 worth of papi
a Ing and painting at the Bloomer school bul
ral Ing. There were eleven bids In the hat
ivo of Dr. Hobertpon ot the committee on bul
sn Ings and grounds. These were opened a
snow read Ch a very painstaking fashion , and
he was found that they varied all the way fn
$115 to $2.r 0 for painting and papering I
first floor ct the building , Bless Bros.M
finally awarded the contract at $115 , a
the further sum of $25 was allowed th
: ho for washing the walls and celling befi
ay. putting on the sizing.
the Dr. Hcbertson was given authority to nn
a contract with J. W. Sfjuiro for a redui
rental rate during the summer vacation
ree his bu'ldlngs ' , which are now being used
> us
school houses.
at 4 Intuit Mlllnrcl \ \ I'niluly Influrnceil
ore Kate Payne has started proceedings ngal
.the heirs of n. S. Mlllard , better kno
red as "Spell" Mlllard , to recover her Inter
In the estate of the deceased. In her
Ion tltlon , which was died in the district co
the yesterday , she alleges that In April , 1S93 ,
bequeathed all his estate to her and Fn
Letner. During Mlllard' * last Illness be
caino very 'weak , and hi * extreme eld ORB
rendered him InFsne. While In this condi
tion , the myF. Otlr l.ctncr and his wife ,
Lizzie , brought undue Influences to bear
upon him , and In July , UOt , he executed
what purports to bo warranty deed trans-
fctrlng all ut hi * firopcrty to Lizzie and
Frank Lctner. He died two months after
the dec-cl was executed. The Letners have
taken possesMon ot the property by virtue of
this deed , and refuse to allow her any share
of It. She askn the rourt to set aside the
deed , en the ground ot hi ! being not In a
fit mental condition to make a valid trans
fer , and to give her a half Interest In the
estate , as provided In the will.
llcilurcd tutn .
To Hot Spring ! , S. D. , sale July 19 , Aug
ust 2 and 23 , one first class fare for round
Triennial conclave Knights Templar , Bos
ton , Mass. Sale August 19 to 24.
American I'harm'.ceuUcal association , Den
ver , Colo. Sale August 11 and 12.
Baptist young people meetings , Baltimore ,
Md. Sale July 15 and 16.
National convention German Epworth
league , Chicago , III. Sale July C to 11.
National convention Keeley league , Har-
flrliurg , Pa. Sale August 16 to 22.
Denver , Colo. Sale July 12 to 20 , and
Attgu&t 8 to 17.
Toronto , Ont. Sale July 15 to 24.
Charlton , la. Sale July 23 and 24 ,
In addition I have on sale Summer Tourist
tickets to various points In the United States
and Canada.
Call and get copy of map and Illustrated
write up of the great Yellowstone National
park. O. M. BROWN , Ticket Agent.
Our best gas ranges will bake after flames
are turned out. Economy ot gas the great
question. A few genuine Qulckmeal 1895
gasoline stoves at very low prices. Just
when needed , allumlnum fruit kettles.
Granlteware verv cheap. Get an Old Doctor
Ice pick. Best In the world. Cole & Cole ,
41 Main strrct.
. Albert Martin , the 16-year-old blcyclo thief
who made off with Mrs. L. G. Knotts' bi
cycle last Saturday , was brought up In police
court yesterday morning. He did not deny
the theft , and the three days' Imprisonment
he had suffered had opened his eyes to the
unpleasant features of a criminal's career.
On account of his previous good character
Mrs. Knotts had not the heart to posecute
him. He was considered a little too big for
the reform school and she did not care to
send him across the state , and at her re
quest the procscdlngs against him were
luux City onicer 1'lnyn Detective with
CornUlerablo Succi'a * .
SIOUX CITY , July 10. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Mayor Fletcher of this city made
the rounds ot the slums last night In dis
guise , as a result of complaints that houses
of prostitution and gambling establishments
are being run openly and that the saloon
men are violating the state liquor law. His
discoveries seem to have startled him , for
he says he will take steps ut once to drive
the objectionable classes from the city. The
latter say the move Is due to the Influence ol
the Iowa and Nebraska Pontoon Bridge com
pany , the managers of whlcn think their busi
ness will be Improved If the demi-monde If
driven across the river.
\t 1 I ( llvn Pic Honda .Moro Time.
CEDAR RAPIDS , la. , July 10. ( Specla
Telegram. ) The board of directors of th <
Order of Railway Conductors held a meet
Ing here today and a number of matters wen
taken up and considered. The most Im
portant action taken was ttic passage ot res
olutlons relating to an extension of the tlmi
In which the car coupler act shall go Inti
effect. In substance the resolution Is tha
owing to 'he depression from which tin
country Is Just recovering and from which tin
railroads suffered as much perhaps as an ;
other Industry , the board of directors fee
It would be Inconsistent to protest an ex
tension of time , as asked by the railroads o
the Interstate Commerce commission as loni
as one year.
Saloons Won thx
DES MOINES , July 10. ( Special Tele
gram. ) At a meeting of the city councl
today the mulct saloon ordinance was take :
up and passed and resolutions granted t
all who had filed applications , except Wllllan
Prlebe , Louie Jacobs and J. B. Blank , wh
are under arrest or Indictment for Illcga
sales. This means that the saloons will bo I.
full blast again.
! S
( Jolilen Wedding Celebration.
CRESTON , la. , July 10. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Mr. and Mrs. James Joy today cele
brated their golden wedding anniversary wit
a grand family reunion , at which most c
their nine children were present. Mr. Joy I
78 and Mrs. Joy 68. They have resided 1
Iowa forty-three years , coming to this stat
n from New Boston.
itt DeinlM ) of hntli IllclmrcH.
Ir OTTUMWA , la. , July 10. ( Special Tele
is gram. ) Scth Richards , millionaire capltalls
isjj | jj who owns over $500,000 real estate in thl
county , died at Oakland , aged 83. He wl
be burled there. His death will probabl
st open up for residence lots 100 acres In tti
heart of the city , which he has persistent !
refused to plat.
Prominent Mar8lmllio\vn Man Arrested ,
MARSHALLTOWN , la. , July 10. Georp
W. Weeks , a prominent loan and Insurant
agent and abstractor , was arrested this aftei
iy noon , charged with the embezzlement i
$8,000 with which he had been cntrustei
ton Weeks was prominent In church ami socli
n , circles and his arrest has caused a scnsatloi
10 Interesting Muslcule ut Anltn.
la ANITA , la. , July 10. ( Special. ) A grar
g.e . nmstcalo was given at the home of C. I
e , Townsend last evening which was very muc
enjoyed by all present. Way's orchestra rci
dered Bonu very fine music , among whic
rt selection from the of "
was a opera "Tl
Queen's Lace Handkerchief. "
Front In town unit South Dxlintn ,
SIOUX CITY , July 10. ( Special Tel
gram. ) From South Dakota and northwes
ern Iowa light frosts are reported last nigh
it , The leaves ot the corn were slightly nlppe
of but no serious Injury done to crops.
utul TlionriK II , Lacy fur ( iraml I'ommanile
n- SPIRIT LAKE , la. , July 10. ( Special Tel
nth gram. ) Thomas B. Lacy was today electi
ur grand commandeer of the Knight's Tempi ;
In of Iowa.
n- f renkllh L'chtnlnp In Tcxn > .
nth MUs Fannie Moxle , living about five mil
north ot South Maid , near Denlson , Tea
while sitting at an organ during a thund
storm , was struck by lightning and felled
od the floor , apparently lifeless. A Miss Gul
was standing by her Fide with her hand <
Miss Moxle'a shoulder , but felt not t !
slightest shock. The bolt came through tl
v- celling , making a hole therein' about II
size of a 38-callber pistol ball , struck Ml
Moxlo on the left side of the face , ran dev
and across the breast to the other side
301 the body , burning a path In both body ai
clothing until the current reached the stoc
ist Ing , ripped that open , tore the shoo from tl
en foot , driving some of the nails out of tl
ng heel , thence through the treadle ot the 1
sr- strument and the floor , killing a chlcki
Id- under the house.
ids There was no evidence of the current touc
Ing the roof or any part ot the bouse , exce
nd the celling and the floor. Miss Moxle was ca
ndIt rlcd out of doors Into the rain , and soon r
> Itm gained consciousness.
Arrcitid im Knicrprli IIR Counterfeiter ,
nd SAN FRANCISCO , July 10. The Unit
sm States marshal madean Important arri
ire today In the person of William Hlldebrand ,
counterfeiter , who has been flooding t
ike southern part o' the state with spurious sllv
: ed dollars and email coins. Ho was located
for San Bernardino and his plant seized , t
Hlldebrand escaped to this city , where
has continued operations for the past moni
Pnllroitl Will He Sold.
nst SPRINGFIELD , III. , July 10. In t
wn United States court today Judge Allen enter
est a decrea ordering the tale of the Chlcai
pe- Pcorla & St. Louis railroad within four wee
urt from date ot publication. The ealo Is ma
be under forecloiuro ot mortgages held by t
ink Mercantile , Trust , Central Trust and Met
be- polltan Trust companies of New York.
Excursion Rates Both Er t and West Be
coming Generally IJetnpralizad.
Western Itonds ARllntpil Oror the TencherV
Uomcntlun nnd Kmtcrn Lines nlVnr
Our the ChrlsUn'rf Kn-
dciivor Tlcliets.
CHICAGO , July 10. Moro complications
have arisen over tbo calc of Christian En
deavor tickets by the Erie road , and this
time they are of a nature to threaten the
regular traffic rates between Chicago and
New York. The Erie , having In some man
ner run out of the regular Christian En
deavor tickets , sold about 750 tickets of
another form to people asking for excursion
tickets , and quite a number of them found
their way Into the hands of brokers , the
latter part of the transaction , however ,
through no fault of the Erta people. The
brokers , who have for several days been
using ovcry pretext to break the market ,
wore not at all slow In letting It bo known
that they had become possessed of the Erie
tickets , and Immediately a storm rose.
Vice Chairman Donald of the Central Traffic
association was at once overwhelmed with
protests against the action ot the Eric , and
demands were promptly made upon him for
relief under the association rules , which , In
this Instance , permit all competitors ot the
Eric' to sell tickets today and tomorrow at
the same excursion rates as were used by
the Erie. He granted the demands , as ho
was bound to do , and now for two days all
the eastern roads out of Chicago are prepared -
pared to sell tickets at the came price as
asked for the excursion tickets tq , the Chris
tian Endeavor convention.
The Eric people claimed that the calo ot
the tickets was an error , and as soon as
It was learned that many tickets had been
sold they made every effort to recover the
tickets from the scalpers.
The western roads are becoming some
what uneasy over the repeated reports that
the return portions of teachers' tickets
arc finding their way Into the hands of
brokers , and that eastbound rates are
threatened. There seems , however , to be
more smoke than fire about the matter
The brokers nro unquestionably getting
hold of a number of tickets , but not In a
sufficient number up to date to bo able to
create any demoralization In rates.
The Railway Ago , In Its next Issue , will
say upon the subject of railway receiver
ships and the foreclosures In 1893 : A year
ago , on Juno 30 , 1894 , receivers were
operating 1F > 6 railways In this country , rep
resenting about 39,000 miles of lines and
$2,600,000,000 of capitalization that Is , about
25 per cent of the then existing mileage
and about 25 per cent of the combines
capital stock and bonds. Within the last
twelve months forty-five roads , represent
ing 6,723 miles. tof Irncs atic
$343,000.000 capitalization , have been
released from the hands of the courts
by foreclosure sale , reducing the numbei
In receivers' hands to 136 , although the
mileage and capitalization are not verj
much less than a year1 ago , owing to the
slow work of reorganization of the few lines
who own the aggregate ,
Seimatlonal Allegation * In Cross 1(111 I )
tlm llnlnth nml Winnipeg I a e.
DULUTH , July 10. A sensational cron
bill and answer In the suit brought to fore
close the $2,000,000 bond Issue on the Dulutl
& Winnipeg railway by ; the Guarantee Trus
and Sato Deposit company ot Pennsylvania
was filed In the federal. pd'ur ) hero toila ;
by John 0. Hunter , W. We Spaldlng am
II. M. Peyton , Duluth citizens" ; Senator C. K
Davis of St , Paul and the estate of the lati
A. J. Sawyer of Minneapolis , who want tin
claim of the Pennsylvania concern declare :
void and the receiver , W. F. Fitch , wh
waD put In charge at the instance of th
president , Van Horne of the Canadian Pa
clflc , supplanted by a disinterested party am
the property sold to satisfy just claims o
the creditors of the company. The Interveners
venors state that the North Star Constructlo
company , one of the defendants In the sull
made an answer that was merely a pre
tense , and that It admitted nearly evorythln
claimed by the plaintiff , particularly In orde
to further the scheme of foreclosing In favo
of the Canadian Pacific , In whose centre
the road has been ever since January , 1893.
The intervcnors claim their stock In thread
road Is worth $123,000 , and If the foreclosur
goes through they will be frozen out. The
further show that the sale cf the road wa
ordered by Judge Nelson last January , 1
accordance with an agreement between th
plaintiff and the pretended defendants. Th
claimants state that the bonds to secure th
mortgage were Issued In excess of th
amount authorized by law , and that the
were therefore void ; that the 100 miles <
road already built cost considerably less tha
$1,500,000 , yet- bonds and stock were Issue
to the extent of $4,500,000 , and that S !
W. C. Van Home secured a controlling It
terest by promising to complete the roa <
which ho never did or tried to do , an
that he caused the road to be mismanage
for the benefit cf one of his companies , tl ;
Duluth , South Shore & Atlantic , a Canadla
Pacific corporation.
No 1'ropor Choclis I'rovlilril to Provci
Underhanded Itate Ciminc.
, CHICAGO , July 10. The eastern roads 01
now blaming the action of the passenger di
partment of the Trunk Line association fc
the chance that they claim It gave to tl
Erie road to demoralize the business to an
from the Christian Endeavor convention.
Is claimed that no provision was made f <
the appointment ot a joint agent or the ce
tlflcatlon of tickets until after the brpkei
had been given ample opportunity to stoc
up with the tickets In a liberal fashion. Tl
Erie discovered that a good deal of undc
handed manipulation was going on and toe
measures to meet the action of Its compel
tors In such a way that the lion's share of tl
business would come to the Erie. This , thi
thought , was a better way of doing than
make an outcry against their competitor
which would only come up for hearing lei
after the business was out of the markc
The outlook now Is that the holders of tlcke
will have no trouble In 'navlng them honore
no matter how late the1 ( hue set for the r
turn may be.
Ilui No Konion toMeet / tlifl Union I'ac I
10 ' Unto Krduotliini.
> e Ofllclals ot the freight department ot tl
Burlington , when askcdMhat that compai
would do toward meeting-,1 ' Union Pacific
rates , effective July 16 , . to Montana , Ida !
and Oregon , stated that th 'iUtcs ' as announc
by The Bee yesterday morning would
no wise effect BurllngtoV' lflc. "The rat
are lined down by the t/ijlonjPacific that I
territory south of Dllloh. mAy be equalize
Hates are not effected .florin of Dillon ai
ttie promulgation of a 'TOW 'tariff ' Is simp
to get all rates In line Wltli 'tho ' changes ma
In the Utah tariff. " < J V disparity h
existed for some time In" the
northwest rates and the Union Paci
has done nothing but get them In line wl
former reductions. These rates will not i
feet our tariff one way or the other. "
. . . Iron Alolilen * Convention.
a CHICAGO , July 10. The annual conventl
he ot the International Iron Holders unl
er was called to order today by President Mi
In tin Fox at Brand's hall. The attendance
lUt the first session was not large , but It Is <
ho oected by tomorrow 300 delegates will
present. Today's Jesalon was largely oci
pled by the consideration ot credentials a
the completion ot arrangements for the c <
he ventlon.
ed TITO Small Failure ! In Chicago.
so.ks CHICAGO , July 10. Two failures were i
> ks nounced on the Board of Trade today. T
de firms affected were Gilbert Montague & I
he and F. A. Hlbbard & Co. It Is claimed tl
neither ot the failures were bad ones a
that both flrms will make good settlementi
ItotlRloi Had No Mm p.
NF.W YORK , Ju'iy lO.-Thoro wns little ox.
cltemcnt about the races nt Brighton Beach
today , but the attendance was Rood , In
the Wave Crest stakes for 2-year-olds He- |
llglon was the favorite nnd pho had to bo I
driven out to win from the outsider , 'Ostler '
Joe. In the fourth race Ed Kearney and
Harrington were equal first choices and
wtro henvlly backed. Harrlnaton and Cap
tain T ran locked together to the stretch ,
when Ed Kearney , well ridden by DogRctt ,
came through nnd won handily by n couple
of lengths. Results :
First race , six furlongs , selling : Certainty
( C to 1) ) won , Fusllcer (4 ( to B ) second , Mng-
Kle K (15 ( to 1) ) third. Time : 1:15 : .
Second race. Wave Crest stakes , flvn fur
longs , selling : Religion (3 ( to B ) won , 'Ostler
Joe (20 ( to 1) ) second , Loirnlnla (12 ( to 1) ) third.
Time : 1:01 : % .
Third race , ono mile , selling : Sue Kitty
(3 ( to 1) ) won , Doggct (2 ( to 1) ) second , The
Swain (4 ( to J ) third. Time : 1:42. :
Fourth race , one mile , selling : Ed Kear
ney (7 to G ) won , Captain T (3 ( to 1) ) second ,
Harrington (7 ( to 5) third. Time : l:41 : i.
Fifth nice , six furlongs , selling : Hnlton
(6 ( to 5) ) won , Mlrshal (9 ( to 5) ) second , Gold
Dollar (8 to 1) ) third. Time : 1:15H. :
Sixth race , half n mile : Little Don-lit
(6 ( to 1) ) won , Ijavlcnto (0 ( to B ) second , Sky-
blue (8 to 1) ) third. Time ; OilOVJ.
Wlluon ditto 'llicm it Mirprtto.
KANSAS CITY , July 10. The first event
proved a surprise , Wllkon , a BO to 1 shot ,
landing the money. Longfellow , 8 to 1 , In
the second , led nil the way nnd won easily
from Kansas Girl , the favorite. Mnmlo S ,
Ten Spring nnd Ulllle Sunderlund , nil favor
ites , won the three other races. In the tlfth
nil the horses except Ulllle Sundcrland. who
fell , ran a half mile to a false start. Truck
slow ! attendance good. Results :
First race. live eighths of a mile , soiling :
Wllkon (50 to 1) won , Green Prewltt (3 to o )
second , Ben Harrison (15 ( to 1) ) third. Time :
1:05. :
Second race , five-eighths of n mile , sell
ing : Longfellow (8 ( to 1) won , Kansas Girl
(8 ( to B ) second , llardln (5 ( to 1) ) third. Time :
'Third race , three-quarters of a mile : Mn-
mle S (2 ( to 1) ) won , Murphy (8 to 1) ) second ,
Importance (2 ( to 1) ) third. Time : 1:19. :
Fourth race , three-quarters of a mile ,
selling : Ten Spring (4 to B ) won. Last
Chance (20 ( to 1) ) Rccoml , Ed Glenn (6 to 1) )
third. Time : l:17 : i. , , ,
Fifth race , one mile : Ullllo Sundcrland
(6 ( to B ) won , Martha Smith (8 ( to 1) ) second ,
Alphabet (100 ( to 1) ) third. Time : l:4G'i. :
Fnvurlii1 * All Oo' ' l. fr.
CINCINNATI , July 10. There wns n large
attendance nt Oakley today and six races'
were run , three of them with largo nnd un
wieldy llelds. The featuio of the day's
incliiK was the marked Improvement shown
by Ray S. He won the handicap at n mile
nnd seventy yards handily. Not a single
favorite won. Results :
First race , purse , five and n half furlongs-
Joe Clark (4 ( to 1) ) won , Dcmoclcs (7 ( to 6) )
second , Slilka (20 ( to 1) ) third. Time : l:09Vi. :
Second race , selling , six furlongs : Hul-
bert ( G to 1) ) won , Marlon Star (1 to 2) ) sec
ond. Noel (20 ( to 1) ) third. Tlmo : lilCH.
Third race , selling , four and a luilf furlongs -
longs : La Wanda (10 ( to 1) ) won , IlnlllP Guy
(7 ( to B ) second , Forget (20 ( to 1) ) third. Time :
0:55 : V4.
Fourth race , handicap , mile nnd seventy
yards : Ray S (3 ( to 1) ) won , The Ironmaster
(2 ( to 1) ) second , Voorhccs (5 ( to 1) ) third.
Tlmo : 1:46. :
Fifth race , selling , one mile : Un.iper (3 (
to 1) ) won , Dominion (5 ( to 2) ) second. Gran-
nun (15 ( to 1) ) third. Time : 1:42',6. :
Sixth race , jmrsc , six furlongs : Trover ?
(10 ( to 1) ) won , Susie 15 (6 ( to 1) ) second , Med
dler (8 to B ) third. Time : 1:15. :
Only Ono Knvirll Imvred In Front.
MILWAUKEE , July lO.-Favorltrs wcie
bowled over at State park today. The
only choice to win carrying plenty ot
money was Mordotto , who ran six fur-
lonKs In lin. : Summaries :
Klrst race , for 3-year-olds , ono mile , sellIng -
Ing , purse WOO : TH for 'Tat (0 ( to 1) ) won ,
Governor Hngood ( CO to 1) ) second , Mips
Isorma l5 to 1) ) third. Tlmo : 1:41. :
Second race , for 4-year-olds nnd upward ,
seven and a half furlongs , purse $300 : Bol
Wagner (20 to 1) ) won , Clinton (4 ( to 1) ) second
end , KvunatUb (2 ( to B ) third. Time : 1:35 : ,
Third i ace , for 1-year-olds and upward
five and a half furlongs , purse $ .100 : St
Anna (4 ( to 1) ) won , Duchess of Montros *
(9 ( to 5) ) second. Ensign (8 to 1) ) third. Time
1:09. :
Fourth race , for 4-year-olds and upward
free handicap , six furlongs , pun < e $ oOO
Mordotte (4 to 2) ) won , Captain Ilrowr
( oven ) second , Fra Dluvolo (10 ( to 1) ) third
Time : 1:13. :
Fifth race , selling , for 3-yenr-olds nm
upward , non-winners of two races since
June. 1 , seven furlongs , purse $300 : Annr
JIayes (5 ( to 2) ) won , Ix > ster (12 ( to 1) ) sec
onil. Imp. Damask (10 ( to 1) ) third. Time
I rolco tlio I niiHfl'n'i ' I'MclitR lleeonl.
DETROIT , July 10. Vestige broke tin
Canadian pacing record at Windsor thli
afternoon , going1 ft mile In 2:09U : and win
nlnx the second division of the day's p.iclnj
events from Johe , the favorite. The tracl
was excellent nnd the contests were ho
throughout , und the blK crowd present ap
predated the sport. Results :
First division , 2:14 : pacing : Uabette woi
the first , sixth and fifth heats. Time
2:12'i : , 2:14U : , 2:1514. : Stately won the pecom
and third heats in 2llVi. : 2:12ife. : Shcrll
il won the fourth heat in 2:1314. : Gertlo 1 !
Molly McCauley. Dick Wills , Duke I-
American Lad , Amerlta , Cheerful Alcy un <
MnKKle also atarted.
Second division , 2:14 : pacing : Vestige wo
i ho fourth , fifth nnd sixth heats. Time
2:09'i : ' , 2:10V4 : , 2:12. : Joho won the sccon
and third heats In 2:11. : 2:12. : Little Joke
won the flist heat In 2:12H. : Be Sure , June
Imp , Phenol , Weed Wllkes , Hr. , Glenwoot
Neddla H nnd Johnnie B also started.
Hairy B won ono bent of the 2:22 : trol
unfinished. Tlmo : 2:17i. : Lumont , Chlot
ItaFsorn , Mason Nutwood , Uryson , Cntanull
GlenmorP , Comnnche , Dally News , Klttl
V and George Napoleon also started ,
.Jocliry HrnrJoliH Unit tel ep.
SAN FRANCISCO , July 10. In the sccnn
race Uandldos was winning easily , but Hen
rlchs went to sleep nnd allowed Tiberius t
pass him on the outside , beatlnc him by
length. Henrlchs was lined $ JO for his care
lefsneFS. Results :
First race. live and a half furlongs , sell
Irg : Silver State (7 ( to 1) ) won , O'Bee (12 ( t
1) ) second , Blue Bell (7 ( to 5) ) third. Time
1:07 : % .
Second race , five furlongs , handicap , fa
2-year-olds : Tiberius (5 to 2) ) won , Roy df
Bandldos (9 to 5) ) second , Don Guru ( IB to 1
third. Time : 1:01 : % .
Third race , five nnd a half furlones , sell
Ing : Nelllo G (6 ( to 1) won , Tlogn (11 ( to !
second , Joe Cotton (11 to 5) third. Time
'Fourth race , llvo and a half furlong ;
handicap : Howard (11 ( to 5) ) won , Montere
(7 ( to 1) ) second , Imported Ivy (8 to 1) ) thlrc
Time : 1:074. :
Fifth race , ono mile , handicap : Mr. Jlr
gle ( no betting ) won , Fllrtllla ( no betting
second , Arnette ( no betting ) third. Tliiu
Itcvrnuo Snrirl > eil Tlii-m Aguln.
ST. LOUIS , July 10. A good crowd wl
nesscd a fair card at Association park tc
day. Weather cool and track fast. Revenu
surprised the talent In the first race , n
peatlne his performance of yesterday an
winning easily from a largo Held , Sun
maries :
First race , purse , six furlongs : Uevcni
(9 ( to 1) ) won , Hosa Simpson (20 ( to 1) ) seeoni
Safe Home (7 ( to 1) ) third , Time : 1:15. :
Second race , mile and a sixteenth : Joli
Hlckey (8 ( to 1) ) won , Constant (40 ( to 1) BCI
end , Uelle McKcnzlo Wj to 1) third. TInv
1:50. :
Third race , purse , live furlongs : LIU
Bramble (7 ( to 1) ) won , Uyrdo S (15 ( to 1) se <
ond. Utopia (4 ( to 1) ) third. Time : 1:02)4. :
Fourth race , purse , six furlongs : Ben L <
mend (3 ( to 1) ) won , Ellen (8 ( to 5) ) secon
lo Uillv S (10 ( to 1) ) third. Time : 1:1416. :
Fifth race , purse , seven furlongs : Oi
Magglo (8 ( to 1) ) won , Llllle Eastln (5 ( to
second , Strathmeath (6 ( to 5) ) third. Tlm
1:29. :
Itoliort J rnred III 9:04 1' ut ,
LACROSSE. July ! ( ) . The event of tl
id racing hero today was the exhibition ml
In paced by Robert J. Ilia tlmo was 2:01 : flat.
Ilontfiii Mnti Innaiiti In Denver *
tad. DENVER. July 10. De Witt Ray , wl claims to own an Interest In the Hide ai
iy Leather Journal of Boston , Is In custody
iyM this city on account ot his violent actions , 1
M dlcatlng Insanity. He says he was lleutena
se governor of New York at one time. He
nc about 60 years of ago and of polished a
th pearance.
Wo Offer a Remedy
Wblchlnsurcs Safe
on WIVES ty to Life ot Mothci
_ and Child.
"My wife used only two bottles. She wai
easily and quickly relieved : Is now dolni
splendidly ,
| n" J. S. MOIITOK , Harlow , N. 0.
Pent br-erpren or mall , on receipt nf price
Hl.oo per bottle , Uook "TO MOTIltuS'
iat mailed free.
ULU IIY ALL imi'uuiax * .
( Continued from First Pago. )
ptcOKcd. It It a fnrclcnl pretense for the
democratic party to claim credit now for
a measure from which nine months IIKO Its
president withheld hH approval and de
nounced as a humiliating nbnndonment of
their cardinal principle ! ) . The senate 1)111.
substituted for the Wilson bill , Is not n
mcnMiro which the republican party would
father. It reduces the revenue upon the
luxuries , n method of levy more effective
than any Income tax : It restores taxation
to sugar , i * nccwwlty In every home ; It re
duces the WOKO rate In ninny tmluMrtcs
In which labor Is the chief element nf cost ;
but It maintains In many of Its p.irts the
principles which the demociatlo iinrly de
clares to bo unconstitutional. To claim
credit under It Is to claim credit for aban
doning Its own policy and adopting the
principle which It has denounced.
The platform further deplores the revo
cation of reciprocity , denounces the tariff
for revenue only and declares for American
wages. On currency the platform sajs :
Wo afllrtn the declaration of the repub
lican national platform of ISO.1 , adopted
ut Minneapolis , that "tho American people ,
from tradition and Intel out , favor bimetal
lism , and the republican piuty demands the
use of both gold and silver as standard
money , with such restilctlon and under
mich provisions , to be determined by legis
lation , as will secure the maintenance of
the parity of the two metals , that the pili-
chnsuiB and the ilebt-p.iyliiK power of the
dollar , whether of silver , jjold or paper ,
shall be at all times equal. The Interest
of the producers of the country. Its fann
ers and the worUlnKmen , demands that
every dollar , paper or coin , Isiued by the
government shall bo as good ns any
other. "
Wo urge that the United States exert
Its Influence to establish with the Impor-
'unt commercial nations of the woilil such
in International agreement as will enable
his country to reopen Its mints to the
'rce and unlimited colnngo of both inutnls
I'lthout IOSH of ono or the other from the
olumo of our money.
The platform favors restilctlon of Iminl-
jatlon and pensions for all honorably dls-
liarged union soldiers , and closes with the
allowing endorsement of Senator Allison :
Wo congratulate the people upon the
'act that thu state of Iowa will be n-pro-
'ented ' in the Fifty-fourth congress by two
ienators and eleven representatives , where
ro zealous and fearless advocates of re-
ubllcan principles , and whose services In
he past we heartily commend. With es-
leclnl pride do wo remember the distin
guished services of our Konlor senator
vliose long and honorable iccord ns a ser
vant of the state entitles him to expres-
lens of our full conlldonco and our un-
ndlng affection , We hall with satlsfactloi
he universal desire of the republican pnrU
if the state to continue him In his present
le'.d of usefulness until called to the larger
ervlces of the nation.
x i on A niacvssiox.
olut Ucbnto with ' oinil Currency Moi
WASHINGTON , July 10. A. J. Warner
resident of the American Illmetalllc league
ias written a letter to Hon. Charles S. Palr-
hlld , chairman of the committee on souiu
currency of the Reform club , New York , It
which he says : "Tho Bimetallic league re
pcctfutly Invites the committee on souni
currency to a discussion of the money qucs
Ion on distinctive propositions to be agrect
upon and to be carried on by questions am
answers. I would suggest that not more
nan five nor less than three on a side b
selected to conduct the discussion , the dls
cuEslon to bo held at such tlmo and place a
nay be agreed upon. Should this suggestion
nect your approval I would suggest ai
early meeting to agree upon the proposition
o bo discussed and the regulations untie
which the discussion shall bo conducted. "
Onllinr Middled with Ilnllcta.
MEMPHIS' , July 10. William Walker ,
noted desperado who has been robbing an
terrorizing the people of his own race 1
the Fourth district of his county , has bee
killed by William Walton , a member of
posse which had besieged Walker In his ow
house. Walker made a break Into the yan
armed with a Winchester rifle , and onlem
the posse to clear out. Walton fired on lili
and other members of the posse followed hi
example. Walker was riddled with bullets.
Think of the thousands of limns
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tiablts and manners. It Is much the oldest , Invest
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litcllmato delightful nnd nrnltliy ; railroad
.tcllltle * llr l-oliiP ! , and the whole country
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tin out the \\holo ycnr nnd do well nnd two
o thtec crops can be raised each year ,
'nrtlculnrs given on application ; correspon
dence tfoltcited.
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The Good Samarllan , 20 Years' ' Experience.
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Catarrh of the Head , Throat and Lungs : DIs-
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preHHloit , I.OHH of niiiitlioocl. Hem-
iitiilVciitciict4H , Diabetes. llrlRlit's Ih- )
ctiflc , St. VlttiV Dance , llheinnivtlnm , Paralysis ,
WhitoSwchlnir , Scrofula , Fever Sores. Tum
ors nucl I'leUiila lit into removed
wltliout tlic Unite or clruwlnir a
tlropoClilootl. Woman wltli lier
delicate oruraiiH reHtored to
licallli. I > r i > Hy cured wltliout
tapping. Hpcclal Attention Klvcu
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