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    THE OMAHA DAfLY BKI2 : SATURDAY , IITN'R 22 , 1805 ,
"Western Ifsbrn'ka Oitizeus ProUst Against
Reports of Dcst'tution. '
Jirr pen lMo IntllvtilniiUlio UrntliUrd
Morli > < Diiliic Ilm I'poplu III ttmt
Section ( Irrnt tiiJiMtli *
\ \ urnril to llnUI.
HOLDUUfiK , Neb , Juno 21 ( Special )
ts'ulwltlutaiUIng the mafinlllreiit crop pros
pects ol wentcrn Nebra > k.i nnd iiartlciilarly
this grctlnn ot Hie sl.ito , citizens of Frontier
mid PerKlns counties continue to bo nu-
1105 od by rrpnr's from Irresp'mslblc sources
fit Manntloti confronting man ) lOM'le ' of Hie.r
] > art of the state. There Is no foundnt Ion for
rcporu of thU cl ar.icler. These complaints
flii\o bven thoroughly lin estimated nnd found
lo ha\o been circulated by persons not ac-
iiualnled with the situation
W. N. Nan'ii of Omsilm , whose work on
thn Slntn itcllof commission ga\u him many
let.illi In conucrtlon with the condition of
wcttern Nebraska' * destitute last winter ,
lias Jim returned from a trip of Investigation
through Frontier and Perkins counties anil
p.ays :
"I ha\o recently \lslted Frontier and 1'cr-
3 > lus counties ud Hud no rerlous destitution
nmong the clllroiis of each , as has been stiteil
by correapondouts of those countlw , bejoiid
ilio ability of local commlttnrs to suppl >
'I hcio has bten no stnivatlon or anything of
that nature nnd no prospects of such I3ach
onnty is , LunalderliiR circumstances , In fair
condition. Cmps look line nnd e\cry one Is
Jiopoful of abundant harvest"
Wednesday many prominent citizens of this
( .option held a public meeting nt Curtis to con-
Klder the e\tra\agant statements sent out
respecting existing destitution , some of which
lind been addressed to the governor of the
Htule , threatening violence unless assistance
was rendered. The parties stated nmong
other things that there were from 300 to
700 families on the % crge of starvation
TJpon careful Inquiry as to the condition of
* 4m farmers of Frontier county the falsity
of their statement has been disclosed , there
being nonu who were likely to Buffer Btar\a-
tlon without any assistance nnd very few
who would undcigo great discomfort for the
want of supplies beyond their own ability
nnd that of local committees to supply
The following were some ot tho'o attending
the meeting : W H Lotham , attorney ; A. R ,
Oriuen , banker , P A. Harris , merchant ;
Violin Adams , merchant ; C. II Compton , post
master ; 13 S. lloas , banker , W. II. Wilson.
merchant ; Dr. Wilson , W. 13. Paxton , drug-
Klst ; W. H. Coulm , farmer ; Frank Hill ,
leputy sheriff ; A. F Johnson , banker , I ) K.
Shaffer , publisher enterprise. A. M. John-
sou , banker ; Prof Scott , principal school ,
1) . llaeton. barber , O F Hackelman ,
butcher ; T. H Robinson , hardware , R. A. Ilur-
ton , lumberman , John Snodgrass , blacksmith.
A commlttpo was appointed to Intcstlgatc
thu iltuitlon and the following report was
"Wu tlnd that conditions ha\o changed ,
that despilr has gl\en place to confidence
mill hope , and that the recent rains have
been productive of much good In that the
product of milk , butter and eggs ha\e In-
crnastd and there Is not that urgent domain !
for a great amount of aid that formerly
existed , but there are > till a few families thai
will need help. Statements that were true
three weeks ago will not apply to the condl-
tloni now.
"We desire to express our gratitude to a
generous public for valuable anrt timely as'
slstntipe , nnd on a careful consideration ol
the subject wo find few , at the preso'H time
urgent demands for assistance , and none be-
3'ond the ability of our county nnd local com
mittees nnd friends
"Frontier county has been lately ble0 > cc
with abundant rnlns , by means of whlcl
crops have been greatly Improved , prospects
brlghteneJ and our people much nncouraijed. '
The mass meeting adopted the committee' !
repo't. together with the following resolu
tlon :
Wheiens , Ills excellency , Oovernor Ilol
comb , announced to the world that destltu
tlon had been provided for , and Hint furthci
louallonseio nnnecesi , uinstiuctlng al
ollcltors to icturn to their homes am
thanking the public for Its generosity , and
\ \ lien-ax , One P M Oalley of Curtis
Kt'broto sctin lions communications tha
\\eio published In the State Journal ot tin
31th lust , arraigning the go\ernor for hi
action nnd threatening mob \lolenco li
ca < * that moro alii was not hent In , nnd
Whcicas , The Cuitls Cornier has give !
expression to sentiments In Ilm
with the abo\o said communication , In M
far as pel tains to the governoi'H withhold
Ing further supplies ; therefore , be It
lle olved , That we commend the gov
01 nor for the honorable position that hi
lias taken to maintain the good nnme am
reputation of the htate of Nebraska , tha
we condemn the action of 1' M Dille'
nnd denounce him ns a fraud and Imposto
who has no other object Inlew - than tha
of personal gain , nnd we also condemn th
action of said furtls paper and say tha
H.iUl language was unwarranted.
LINCOLN , June 21 ( Special ) Oovernoi
Holcomb Is still In receipt dally of letter ;
from a man who signs himself P M Dalle ]
concerning alleged destitution In Frontlei
county. lie dates his letters Curtis. In om
of his epistles he s.ijs there are 700 peoph
In that county on the verge of starvation Ii
another he places the number at forty fam
A few days since Governor Holcomb sen
to Curtis , In care of W. A. Dradbury , count :
clerk of Frontier county , three tons of floui
on the urgent request of Dallej. In his repl ;
to the goNernor's communication accompany
Ing the shipment Ilradbury sa > s
"When Mr. Powers was here it looked ai
though there would bo suffering \ery soon
but as It rained the next cl.iy 1 had though
we could get along and not bother the Slat
Relief commission further. Hut It seems tha
Mr. Dailcy and Preston of Curtis hae led yoi
to belle\o that gaunt starvation Is stalklni
through the land , and , of course , as these ar
both reverend gentlemen , you could not bu
Klvo some credit to their statements.
"Please rest assured , governor , that wltl
> vhat you have sent wo can take care of ou
destitute from this out. And If these gentle
men bother you any more please refer then
to the County Relief commission Neither o
them has c\er made any request of our com
julttee , but prefer to work the state for some
thing. When Mr Nason returns to > ou h
will who > ou a true statement of our preseu
condition "
W. II. McCow In , Justice of the peace at Cur
tls , al o writes the goternor that the loca
committee has on hand seven tons of fiour
and that no deserving ones need suffer In th
county. Mr. Dailey appears to be a secom
edition ot the Droddus nlgntmare.
Itnln Uolpf Mil til ( iruln.
JUNIATA , Neb. , June 21 ( Special ) It I
wonderful how the small grain has com
out since the rains. Wheat was supposed t
be injured beyond reco\ery , but was not , an
will easily go from fifteen to thirty bushel
per acre , winter whea ; as well as sprln
wheat , nnd oats and barley will make a ful
crop , while the corn crop Is > ery promlsln
and with favorable weather will be the larg
cst crop In years. It Is In good , healthy cor
dltlon and generally free from weeds.
I Inroln ( ounij's A > IPH > II Vuluntlon.
NORTH PLATTC , Neb , Juno 21 ( Spf
clal ) The assessed valuation of Llncol
county , as returnoJ by the county assessor :
Is gl\en by the county clerk as follows
Personal , $204.745 , real estate , J1.3CS.74 !
town lots. $2S0.91G. The total value of 11\
stock Is placed at $ S5.402 , against $116.70
for 1S94. The assessed valuation is one flft
of the actual value
Vdcl n ; at I'ulrlnirj.
FAIRDURY , Neb. Juno 21. ( Special ) -
Jast evening at the residence of Mr. an
Jlrs. John V. Swltzer , the bride's parenti
Hiss Nora F. Switzer was united In mat
rlage to Mr. Albert B. Cass of Chicago. Th
newly wedded couple left today for their ft
turo home in Chicago
Three IturelalM Sniitenreil.
NRIWASKA CITY , Neb , June 21. ( Sp <
clal Telegram. ) Thomas Martin , Fran
.Kelly and Christ Harmon were given foui
.teen months each In the penitentiary toJaj
\ftiey burglarized Captain 3 , II. Hunter' '
hoiino ft few vroakii co. stealing several |
hunJrt 1 d.dlars vrorth ot Jewelry The prop
erty h.n not been recovered tttul the men |
refused to tell Its hulli'.g pace ! , although > u
mrei | ot a much lighter tenlvneo It they j
Jill SO. I
Clixr nt n ill i < ' llll Inntltiltr ,
eOLUMlU'9 , Nib , June 21 ( Special )
The ilo o ot the mo t successful institute
oxer held In t'latlo county occurred last even
ing. Superintendent Uathlettncr treated the
louchey ! , 121 In number , to ice cream nntl
take , and they , III turn , greatly to Ills stir-
rl , presented him a line g hl-lieulod cane
n token nt their appreciation ot lilt untiring
fforis in the c.nito ot cilucntlon and ot his
orsoiul kindness and rcgartl ( or their vxcl *
are ns ttarher * . I'rof. William' , In n few
xell chosen words1 , made the presentation
peec-li. nnd Superintendent Rothleltner , al-
test oxreuine xxllh emotion , uttered n fen
ouihtng xxords In re ponte
Mr. Linvv , xx ho Ins hccn OIIP of the Instl-
ute in'triu-rns hi this county for four vears ,
ii il < 3 some appropriate lemarks exprcss-ive ot
Is npprothtlon ot Superintendent Roth-
eltncr , and of his efforts to ImlUl up the
cliools ) of this count ) .
Supprlutcilrnt O'Connor of West t'olnt , who
; , ivc Instruction In our Institute last venr.
nd xx ho , on .uc-ount of the excellency ot his
xork. xxns seleeted by the superlnteilent , nt
he ron.ii st of his ttnrlieis , to ilo xxork here
gain this , made "omo very npproprlite
losing remaik" , emphtsl/ing the Importance
: f the IP-ichors' profession and expressing his
pproi'latlon of the kindness ultli xxhlch he
lad been treated by the teachers ) . Superln-
endcnt O'Connor Is descrvedl ) popular as an
arncst Instructor In this state.
I riiiiioiit .Vi-xiit Notes.
FREMONT. Neb. , June 21. ( Spcclal.- )
Jrnest Shurman Is In Crete attending a
icctlng of the trustees of Uoauc college , ot
\lilcli he Is a member.
A. W. l-'orbes rcturneJ to rremont last
xening Since his mysterious disappearance
fexv xxeeks ngo ho has been In Onialu and
Jouncll Illuffs. Ilo learned ye"terday morn-
ng of the death of his son and returned at
nee. Will Forbes' funeral xvas held this
fternoon under the auspices ot the Sons of
Veterans. The members of the lire dcpart-
nent also attended In a body.
The committee having charge of the
\mrth of July celebration la meeting with
real success. Programs * and posters have
icen distribute ! through nil the towns and
Illagcs In the county nnd throughout the
arming districts , nnd n large attendance Is
is. ureii Ox-er thirty llrnis have already slg-
ilfled their Intention ot taking pirt In the
miles display
Fremont trlho No. 12 of the Order of Den
lur elected the follow Ing oillcors lapt even-
ng. Chief , Ira Wood ; Judge , Frank Ham-
noml ; teacher , r. M. Clallln , captain , II H.
Slcpker , guide , Mrs , Nellie Drcxv ; fccrlbe ,
) avld Franklin , keeper ot tribute , Harry
limes ; Inner warden , FreJ Urexv ; outer
xnrden , Norman Godfrey
Ilimlmml lit funtMl it Divorce.
AURORA. Neb. . June 21 ( Special ) The
llvorco case of Musser against Musper has
aken up the time ot the district court for
ho pist two days , resulting In a refusal to
grant the prajcr of the husband for a sepa-
John S Musser. the complainant , has been
a re , ldent of Aurora since 18S8. lie xxas
admitted to tlio bar hero nnd for txxo or
hreo vears has held the olllco of police judge
Ho llrst applied for a divorce In 18'J.i on the
round of desertion , but xxllhdrexx the suit
ind later filed a second. Mr and Mrs Mus-
.or . wore married at Lancaster , Pa. , February
10 , 1S86 , anl for txxo vears lived together
lapplly , ono child , a girl , being the Issue
Another xxoiium wa.3 the cause of an cs > -
tningt'mont which resulted In a temporarv
spparatlon , although the xxlfe aftcrxxanl
made oxertnrcs for a reconciliation and
agreed to llxe with her husband again , f
rrepiirnl for the X Ultor' .
WEST POINT. Neb , June 21. ( Special )
Tlio preparations for the entertainment of
the 2,000 01 more visitors expected here
Sundiy are about completed The picnic
grounds are thoroughly renovated. A com
mittee of reception , comprl-ing the h ° st busi
ness men of tin city , has been appointed and
carriages will be In waiting at the depot to
convey the ladles nnd children of the party
to the grounds. No expense or effort has
been spared to nuike the stay of the city's
gucsu agreeable and to sustain the fepnta-
tlon of West Point as being the Queen Cltj
of the Elkhorn.
llriiiidi-ii ( .tit * I xvontv-I lirro Ve. r .
FALLS CITY , Neb , June 21 ( Special Tel
egram ) Judge Hush closed court here today
by passing sentence on three criminals
lroatl ) ° n , who shot ami killed George Powell
near Rule on May 13 , xxas given twentv-three
years In the penitentiary. Moses Roberts ,
who bit J. Sxxlneturth's ear oft last March ,
got ono jcar. Richard Roe , who stole a team
of horses on June 2 , and xxho xxas caught
near Oak Grove , Mo , , pleaded guilty and got
three years.
kiM-rotiiry 1 uniniit anil Pnrtv.
CIIADROX. Neb , June 21 ( Special Tele
gram. ) Secretary ot War Limont and party
passed through this city today on a special
train at 2 p m They go from hero to Fort
Robinson and then to Fort MeaJe , S. I ) , and
\v 111 spend Sunday at Hot Springs , S D. The
secretary Is seemingly enjoying his trip.
I t'K t roken.
ODELL , Neb. , June 21 ( Special ) As J
C. Hagens was exercising n young stallion
for H. H. Price he xvas thrown doxxn nnd
had his leg broken Just beloxv the knee. Mr
Hagens Is about 70 years of age and It may
provo a serious fracture.
Knox Ciitinty ( > HIH lnn ) ,
CREIGUTON. Neb. , June 21. ( Special
Telegram. ) Parts of Knox county received a
heavy rain last night. The fall here was
very slight. Almost a cloudburst Is reported
from Verdlgre Several Inches of water fell
In a fexv minutes.
Onrlllni ; lp troyoi ) .
HLUE HILL , Neb , June 21. ( Special Tel
egram ) A dwelling on William Shultz's
farm , one mile from town , was struck by
lightning last night and totally destroyed by
tire. Insured for $101) ) In the German of
Freeport. _
Highest grade Ingredients scientifically
compounded rentier Dr Price's Pow
der the acme of perfection.
Caies Disposed of In that Doily Ycstunluy
nt 1 luoiiln
LINCOLN. June 21 - ( SpecialIn ) the su
prcme court jesterday the following case
were considered
State ox rol Marrow against Ambrose
leave to docket , alternative wilt of man
damns allowed McMillan against Richards
advanced Gordon against Little , motion tc
recall mandate sustained If rcmlttitur I
Hied In ten days Tjson ugalnst Chicago
Huillngton & Qulncy Railroad company
dismissed , oixler on plaintiff to return rec
ord. Hranthoefer against Bain , advanced
Crlcago. Ilurllngton S. Qulncy Rnllroat
company against McOtnness , bill of excep-
t.ons quashed Ackermin against Acker
man , diminution of record allow oil Squire
against Hunt , dlxmlsH-d. McFoggun ngalnx
Hamer , appeal dismissed , order to til
brief. . Hlglcr agaln t Muff , dl mls etl Jan
sen against Lcwlx , motion to quash bill o
exceptions overruled. Continental llulldln
and Loin association against Mills , motto
to remand case overruled , order to 111
briefs Cruse against Harpham , motion t
difmlss overruled Heals against Wosten
Union Telegraph company , diminution o
lecord allowed Brown against Alberts , mo
tlon to advance overruled Lindsay ngalns
State , motion for allowance for brief over
Chicago , Buillngton & Qulncy Itallroa
company against Putnam , error from Lan
ccbter Lounty , nlllrmed , opinion by Commis
sloner Irvine. Smith ft ul against First Na
tlonal bank of Chadon ! , error from Dawe
county , alllrmed , opinion by Commlsslone
Irvine. Montgomery ot nl ngaln t Willis
error from Oavveh county , alllrmed , oplnlo
bj Commissioner Irvine Kearney I'3lectrl
company against Laughlln , error from But
falo eountv. reversed and remanded , opln
ion by Commissioner Rugnn Ixzure ngalns
Thompson , error from Knox counts , af
llrmexl , opinion by C'hlef Justice Norva
Lozuru against Miller , error from Kno
county , atrlrmed. opinion by Chief Ju tlc
Norval llarr ugalnst State , error fron
Cumlng county , reversed and remanded
opinion by Chief Justice Norval Richard
against Connell , error from Douglas countv
alllrmod. opinion by Justice Post Shellen
berg agulnst the Fremont. I3lkhorn & Mis
sourl Valley Railroad company , error fron
Madison count ) , reversed , opinion by Jus
tleo Post Stratton against Dole , erro
from Lancaster county , utllrmed , opinion b
Justice Post Hill against Plerson , npji
from Douglas county , alllrmed , opinion
Justice Harrison.
Lincastor Couuty Farmer Who Wixs Shot
Wednesday Much Belter.
Inn Miulo No stittpiiirnt In tlio Affair
I'tirtlirr limn to DPIIJT Coiiiplli-ltJ
In dm .Mjr tcrloii <
LINCOLN. Juno 21. ( ) John 13
laas , vxho was shot iJi the back ct the head
y some unknown party , Is reported some bet-
er today , and It Is betlevctl tint ho will ro-
ovor. The doctors will not give any pcsl-
Ivo Information In the casa. but It 19 believe I
hat If Inflammation keeps down no bad re-
nlts are feared This morning County At-
orncy Woodward filed a coniplilnt charg'ng '
oung Garten with nssnult with Intent to
nurder. He will bo Riven a he.irlng next
Vcdnusday. So far the boy has made no
tatonieiit concernliiR the nutter save to deny
hat he committed the deed.
This morning a neat appearing mid prepos-
essliiR > OUIIR woman called at the police sta-
lon and asked aid In locating her run.iwj )
insbnij. She RIVO her mine as Mr * . Chirles
lansbury , and la about S3 jeirs of age. She
aid she was nnrrled In September last. Her
nether , Mrs. M. T.iggart , made her homo
slth them. Slio slid her huslnnd arose this
nornliiR , hitched up his horse and started
away , siylng he vxas going down town after
some fish hooks , after which he Intended to
; o flailing. When asked why she thought
10 had not gone tlshliiR she replied with an
emphatic shake of the headVe know bet-
er. " She had recently found letters In his
> ocket which led her to l > ell"ve he has gone
o Join some relatives he has IhliiR In Hlch-
and Center , \Vls. Her belief was strengthened -
ened by the fact that he had stolen $15 be-
onRltiR to her mother before lie went away.
Among the olllcers the younR woman excited
considerable compassion , as she was evl-
lontly greatly distressed. She had followed
ilm toward \Vavorly with a horse and buggy
anil tsald that had she found him the knew she
could have brought him back A lad of 1C
years , who appeared to be her brother , ac
companied her on the chase ,
At the State Teachers' Institute today Dr
Norton , with a class of ll\e children , Illus
rated method ! of grading- pup Is The teich-
ers have been well pleased with the work of
Dr Norton this week President Cook of
the Illinois State Normal will have this p'rlod
next week for pedagogy FollowIIIR a solo
by I'rof Tucker , I'rof. Marble made a few
remarks commendatory of Dr. Norton's lec
ture , and J. C I'ent er of the executive com-
nittos announced that arrangements had been
made for a visit of the- teachers to Lincoln
Normal this evening The enrollment In the
county and btate Institutes la now -450.
Frank W. Seacrest and Kathrene II Hath
away , daughter of Job Hathaway , w'll ' be nnr
rled Juno 23 at the homo of the bride , Thirty-
fourth and I' streets
Charles Fuller , a Hock Island engineer ,
from Talrbury , who Is In the city receiving
medical treatment , was found on the street
In a demented condition. He was taken to
the station and cired for until his physician
sent for him The man was harmless , but
his queer actions excited the curiosity and
fear of the people In the vicinity where he
was found
There Is a rumor alloat among some of the
Hurllngton railway engineers that Superin
tendent Hlgnell Is not likely to again reaiime
the duties of his position , and that he hid
severed all connection with the companv
1'rlends of Hlgnell deny absolutely the report
Some time since he applied foi a month's
vacation to enable him to visit a health re
sort. He had been suffering from rheuma- ,
tlsm , anil while the disease hail releawd its
grip he felt that a rest would do him good
According ! ) Mr English was placed In charge
during Mr. Hlgnell'b absence , with the con
sent of Mr Holdrege.
Judge Hall has called a meeting of the Lin
coln Light Infantry company for next Momla >
evening , when their legal troubles are to be
definitely settled The Judge told them there
were but two things for them to do. either
to go ahead with the organization Just as
though a part had ne\er gone Into the mili
tia or disband.
Returns from the assessed \aluatlon of eight
counties In the state show a reduction of
nearly Jl.000,000. A small compilation In
the state auditor's otHco exhibits the following
figures York. $ . .02,000 , lied Willow , J7G.OOO ,
I'olk , $93,000 , Kearney , $123,000 , Reaper. $ CO-
000 , nilmore , $178,000 ; Stanton , $82,000 ,
total , $ ! )23,000. ) Richardson county Bhows ,
howe\er. an Increase of $10.000 Dut the ag
gregate net reduction of the eight counties
mentioned above Is $114,000 , which would
make throughout the stite , should the same
proportion be maintained , a total reduction
of assessed valuation of $10,200,000
At the Llndell C W. Hlnzee , Vance Lane ,
W. S. Jardlne , II Hitchcock Windsor H.
II. Thompson Capital II. Hall Lincoln
Mrs. Charles E Ford , C W. Hicks , A P.
Hrlnk , George H. Ljons , A. P. Marble ,
Walker Moise , J. n. Ulanchard
Kxetor Iliippeiiingi.
EXETER. Juna 21 ( Special ) Some very
unique and attractive notices are out. an
nouncing the grand musical concert at the
opera house at this place next Thurelay
evening by Prof. D H AVorloy of York and
his large chorus class of over forty voices
from here. The professor will be assisted bj
his daughter. Miss Florence Worley , leading
soprano soloist In Mrs P. V. M Raymond's
chorus of Lincoln , and also by Miss Mable
Cobh of York , a musical graduate of Oborlln ,
as piano and violin soloists.
Miss I\y Wallace gave a Hwn party to a
large number of her young friends Thursday
evening. It was somewhat In the nature ol
a farewell party also , as Mr Wallace has
purchased property In Lincoln and will re
move his family to that place In the near
The Knights of Pythias folks gave a very
select social and Ice cream supper In the
lodge rooms Thursday evening
The Exeter and Seward base ball clubs
made all necessary arrangements to cross
bits on the Utlca grounds July 4 for a purse
of $25
The city fathers or Exeter are making pann
extensive Improvements.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Ponder I :
acknowledged the moat wholesome am
econom cal ,
At the lleatrlco Cli.iuiiqn ,
nCATRIcn , Neb. , June 21 ( Special Tele
gram ) After the usual clafvj work of tin
Chautauqua this morning Prof Leon Vlncen
gave a very Interesting lecture upon tin
novels of Defoe , which was thoroughly en
Joyed , as are all of this talented gentle
man's talks. At 2 30 this afternoon the Jen
nlo Llnd quartet gave a whorl IntroJuctor ;
concert at the tabernacle , followed by a tali
by the manager , Dr , W. T DavlJuon , 01
"Experiences In the Heart of Italy , " opcnlni
with a historical sketch of Switzerland am
the Alpa. This evening Prof. Favour do
llvercd his second lecture upon "Electricity,1
and was given the closest attention by
thoroughly pleased audience. The attendant'
today showed an encouraging Increase , belni
at least a third larger than It was yesterday
Tomorrow U to be one of th
several special days , a grand con
cert occurring In tlie afternoon , par
tlclpateil In by the Jennie Llnd quartet
Miss Julia A I'helps , the noted harpist , ani
others. In the evening Dr T IJeWItt Tfcl
muge will deliver his lecture "Dig Blunders '
On Sunday Dr Talmage will preach at 1
o'clock and all roads will run excursions , am
the railroad officials report that trie Indlca
tlons point to a very large attendance Elab
orate preparations are being made for th
day and all who come will be prupurly caret
r.i-MllllniiHlro ConrlctaU of Kurgory.
SAN FRANCISCO , June 21 Alonzo T
Whitman , onca a millionaire and a promlnen
politician of Duluth , Minn. , was convlctoi
here yesterday of forgery.
II J..W/.H.V f'l.VSJON.S.
% rti < nui4 of DIP I.iitKUt'liolHim Itnmonibrroit
hr thn ( inn-nil lum-rnmi-nt.
WABHIMITUNJtrer -Speitil ( -Tho
pension Iwne of JiyuMi was
Nohrnsku. Original Alexnnder Admin.
North 1'liiiU' , LlnViffrV AtUllllonnl-IVtcr
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I rolfor > ri-rrn Cnnnrit Ho lonml.
SAN FRANCISCO , June 21 Eugene A.
Hree/e the partner of L. W. McGlauflln , the
grain speculator who engineered the big Fair
wheat deal , is still missing Ilreeze disap
peared last Monday , after drawing all thp
turn's funds from the bank , and has not
lieen since seen. As he had entlr * charge ot
the olllce he is wanted to explain to th
receiver appointed by the court certain dis
crepancies In th ? accounts of the firm.
Eat biscuit nnd pastry prepared by altl of
Dr. Price's Making Powder and perfect diges
tion will attend you. r < uisv.isT.
I'ntr anil Warmer nrlth turlnhln Winds fur
WASHINGTON , Juno 21 The forecast for
Siturduy la
For Nebiask.i Pair ; warmer ; variable
For Iowa Pair ; wanner In the western
portion , variable winds
Per Missouri Fair ; westerly winds
For South Dakota Fait , vailablo winds.
Per Kansas Pair , variable winds.
l.otal Keforil.
OMAHA. June 21. Omaha record of tern-
peratnro and rainfall , compared with the
iorre > i > ondlng day of the pist four vears.
. . 1S9I 1891 1811. 1892
Maximum temporatiiro . . . "J 78 88 & (
Minimum temperattfrb . . . . m ra c ; c-
Average temperature1' 72 70 7fi 7 ,
Proclpltatlon . ' Ol ) 1 OJ .81 .1 !
Condition of tenlperaturo and preclpltatlot
at Omaha for tin * iMy and lnce M ircli 1
Normal temporataroU 71
Deficiency for the , ilqy :
Normal precipitation , 'M Incl
Deficiency for the tla > 24 incl
Total proolpltatlon slpto March 1 8 48 Inchei
Uollcloncy since Mxrlli 1 4 57 Inehei
L A' WELSH , Observer
Iteporti from Other .St itlonl nc H P. M.
. . . I. A WHI.SII Obairver.
"T" InJItatca trai o of prenpltatiuu ,
Ividcuco Showing Ho Wns Not Pressnt nt
the L'nirott Scott Lynching.
'fcopo Mnhos Another Allnnpl to Mate
HIP t'limi Dlniiiliord ( tilth unit Con *
Rtltlltlllll Ot till'
rum in It ton Milimltted.
lU'TTi : , Neb. Juno 21. ( Special Tclo-
lain ) Silas Smith was called by the state
his morning. He tcstlllid as to the condition
f the Ice in the Nlobrnra before the baJy
MIS found.
Mis Scott was recalled and Identified the
ullt found In the river as the one taken from
ho buggy nl Parker.
JnKo Hcrshlscr wns recalled nnd stated
tint ho knew Scott's gun. U wns n Win-
heater and No 12.
After this tlip state rested , whereupon thu
cfemlants , b > their attorney , M. F. Harrlng-
on , moved the court to Instruct the Jury to
iturn a verdict of not guilty without requlr-
ng any cvldenco on the pirt of the defend-
nts , because no cvldenco wns offered on the
urt of the stnto tending to show the com-
iilsslou ot the crime ot murder In lloyd
ounty , and that no cvldenco was offered to
how that llarrett Scott wns strangled In
loyd county.
After listening to the arguments on the mo-
Ion nud the reply of Attorney
'hurclilll , Uiu ! court held that the question
MIS one of fact , nnd that there wns sulllclent
vldcnce to Justlf ) the submission of the case
0 the Jurj.
The defense then called their first witno ,
Auguut Oberty , one of the men who wns ar
rested on the omnibus complaint , charging
he commission of the murder In Hovd
county , nnd who was discharged on the llrst
lav ot the trial on motion of the county nt-
orney. Mr. Oherty is CO years of age , He
vas a union soldier , nnd was born In France ,
la came to this country forty years ago , en
gaged In farming in Holt conntv eUven sears
igo , elected sup ° rvlsor of Holt county last
November December 31 wns at various
ilaces in Scott township gathering up town
ship property turned over to him by his
iredecessur nnd attending to ofllclal duties.
Us evidence was corroborated by Peter
Kelly , a witness for the state , nnd several
others. Swore he saw I3lliott and Roy about
1 o'clock In the afteinoon of December 31
Irlvlng toward Elliott's home Testified use
o the reputation of the accused being excel-
cut In Holt county
This undisputed testimony virtually de-
trojs the evidence of Mrs. Scott and proves
an alibi for Moses 13111ott. It will be re
nembered that Mrs Scott testified that she
\as n positive that Oherty was present at
'arkcr ns sl.e was that any of her statc-
nents on the stand were true
Hen Postlewnlle was the next witness He
at one time lived in the house whore Scott
vas supiKiscd to have been hanged. He
corroborated Oherty's testimony as , to hlb
being engaged in looking after township
iropcrty , saying that ho was nt his homo
ihoiit 3 o'clock in the afternoon of Hr corn
ier 31 He sttoro that that evening ho at-
cndcd a meeting of the Women s Christian
Temperance union , and Hint the night was
very dark He was accompanied by a soung
ady nan.ed Rul mil
Jamiis A Barnes testified that the night of
December 31 was o dark that ho could not
recognise Ills old friend , Jameb Pinkerman ,
who called at his place that night , until after
IP had spoken
George A. McCutchoon , county Jud e of II Mt
county , was called and testified t'jiat ho was
acquainted with Henry Schmidt , the driver
of Scott's rig , that he remembered that at
the piellmlnary trial Schmidt had tehtllled
hat he had no acquaintance with I311lott and
iad never &een or talked to him before the
day nf the tragedy , that on December 2S
Schmidt and 1311lott had a long conversation
at Plnkcrman's barn In O'Neill , nnd that
Schmidt called Elliott by name Ho
also said that Miss McWhorter testified nt
he preliminary trial , when asked If her finger
mils would fit the mark on Mulllhnn's hand ,
that they did not lit
John P Hopkins was the next witness ?
He was the president of the much talked of
organization dubbed by the piosecutlon
vigilantes He outlined the object of the or
ganization and offered in evidence the consti
tution and oath of the same , which was
strenuously objected to by the state but was
dually admitted by the court , and Is as , fel
"An organization and its object We , the
membprs of this organisation , for the mutual
[ irotectlon of our chattels nnd property ngalnst
thieves , Inasmuch as any member of this as
sociation having stock or other property
stolen from him , each and every one of us
pledges his word and honor that he will at
any and all times turn out and
help search to the host of his
ability until the property Is recovered
and the guilty parties brought to Justice , if
; > ovlble And wo furthermore promise to
n nowise act rashly , hut at all times to
< eep within the confines of the law and to
Help the officers of ( lie same to secure the
ends hc'cln enumerated. Wo furthermore
agree to keep seciet the proceedings ot this
organization and In nowise parade ourselves
before the public \lgllantes , whltecaps or
regulators , but will try to make It our mis
sion to bring thieves and rustlers that Infest
our communities to load honest lives or give
their places to moro worthy citizens.
"So you , as a member of this organization
iromlso on jour ycred word and honor that
jou will support the principles and consti
tution of this association to the best of your
ability , keeping the password and proceed
ings secret at all times and to all persons
not belonging to this organization or one of
-Imilar character. Signed S Nelson , secre
tary "
The next witness called wns Thomas Lear ,
who swore that ho was ncqua tiled with Mert
Roy's buggy , which was Identified by Miss
McWhorter and Mrs Scott as the one used
at Parker and as having a home-made whlf-
lletree and one singletree which was un-
palnted. Mr. Lear swore positively that the
whlftletroes and singletrees had been painted
several days before the tragedy
This was corroborated by Ben Saunders ,
who also testified that he saw CHIott and
Roy about I o'clock on the afternoon of the
31st ot December driving toward their home ,
Mrs Lear swore to the same state of facts
Mrs Clara 13Illott , wife of the defendant ,
Elliott , was called and swore ho had been
married fourteen years and has three chil
dren On the afternoon of December 31
Mullllinn came to her house nt 2 o'clock ami
umalniMl there until the next day nt 11 30 ,
and that while Unere he went to the barn tc
htrv\ .
Take the oysters with their liquor , adding
a little water , if not sulllclent liquor , 1
tublespoonful butter , pepper and Bait to taste ;
cover the stew pun ; place over fire , then re
move as soon UK It bolls ; If milk Is desired ,
the bottom of the soup plates should simply
ha covered with cold milk , then servo the
Vanilla t uslnrd.
Bolt 1 pint of cream with 4 ounces of
sugar for ' 4 of an hour , then . 'train through
muslin. Beat well > elks of G eggs , and pour
milk o\ei them In a bowl , placing bowl over a
pan of boiling water anl stirring rapidly until
It thickens. I ut It cool gradually , add 1
tcaspoonful Royal Extract Vanilla to suit
taste , and stir continually When cold
serve In dish covcrei with wtipped white of
Bitted over with sugar.
attend to his horses .and got tils Imml hrnlrril
Ho i nine to the houiciand ho fuin shed water
to wash oft the liKunl and tintidagud It Shu
Idfiitlfitsl n pulp of green ntrlptd ovutnll *
whlrh were Introduced In uvldonca ns the
ones ho wore on that d }
Neil ramp llnrrctt Hcott's brollicr-ln-lnw ,
A mo * S.ugpnt , who WAS uiic < ot the stiongcst
witnesses for the defonsp Ho swore that
the nirel mire which Miss McWImitcr nnd
Mi Scott Identified at their home In O'Neill
as being the property of Mert Ho ) nnd one
of the Inrscs which Imulod them awny fiom
Pniker nas in RU'H pasture nnd faun surd
all day en December ol , nnd ( hnt he went
over and drove this mare out of tin' burn
> atd about 0 o clink that evening. He also
testified that tlio whllllclrcpii on Ro ) H liugg )
had been painted black p.-cvluiis to the Fildiy
hi fore the nt < snull at PatKer. He HWOIO that
he was n good fili'iid ot Scuti's nnd Scott
hnd v sited his plncu not moro than two
weeks bpfoip his death.
Junes Plnkoiman. nuothor of the men first
accused of the muidpi , was the iirxt wit
ness , and established the fact that heMIR In
O'Neill on thu day thn crlnu' wu t > mmij.tPt1 ,
ami Orovp to Elliott's that night , artIvIng
there nt S o'clock , and Majcd nil night nt
Elliott' " Elliott was thort and with Mis
Elliott the thru ) Ml up until 12 o'clock He
swoio that he know of no two-horse cart as
thn ono ( Vserlbud by the slate witnesses In
Holt coiiu'y , pxtcptlng ono drlvon by llanK
Mi Exonj , ox-silierlff of Holt county , at
McEvony was a witness for the state
nnd a chiso friend of Si alt' ? Ho swore nlso
tint Schmidt , Scott'a coachman , was nc-
qualnted with Elliott , as did al o t' . C. Me-
Hugh , editor of the O Nelll Sun. Dm Palmer ,
one of the etnte's wltnesjes , and others.
This completely riddles HIP testimony of the
man Schmidt.
The defendant , Mo'es T. Elliott , was cilled
to the witness stand jiut before couit ad
Aim IIIIKII I.lids thn I n e.
NORTH PLATTE. Neb , June 21 ( Special
Telegram ) The Edwards ngalnst Vaughn
seduction case was brought to a sudden ter
mination today by the father of Miss Vaughn
consenting to a maringe. The leiemnnv
vvat performed by Judge liny When Ed
wards was liberated by the fchorlff he wns
penniless nn.l stated that ho did not know
what to do or where to go. The bride was
ttiken homo by her father.
Forty jcars ot honest methods nnd pure
Ingredients have made Dr Price's Baking
Powder n world-wlUo household necessity.
Suit A-i\lnnt Mining ( oiopity.
SIOUX FALLS , S. D , June 21 ( Special )
Considerable Interest Is centered In the
coming trial of the case of the United States
against the Homcslako Mining company to
recover on a claim of $700,000 for timber
cut on government land and used try the
mining company. The case will be the prin-
clpil ono tried nt the July term ot United
Stiles court here It U estimated that oxer
,100 witnesses from the Black Hills country
will be here to testify In the case , that the
trial will occupy two months and that It will
require an outlaj of $30,000 to cover court
expenses during the trial. That the United
States proposes to prosecute the C1S9 thor
oughly Is evidenced from the fact that Judge
John 13 Cirland of this city has been ap-
pilntt'd special assistant district attornex to
assist District Attorney Miller In handling
the case The Homestake people will set up
as a defense that the timber vxas u ed for
mining , building and fuel , nnd will claim
that they are not liable for pay for the same ,
as there is n United States statute which
allows the use of government timber for
"manufacturing" purposes.
> o ( iiiiiljatoi- fur thu < lilt ago Diocuop.
CHICAGO , June 21 Chancellor Muldoon
denied emphatically today that there Is the
least semblinco of truth In the slitement
published that Bishop Dunne of Dalli ? Tex ,
who arrived hero today , had Ineu appointed
coadjutor to Archbishop Feehan. "The re
port , " said the chancellor , "Is simply a
canard manufactured out of whole cloth A
coadjutor Is appointed only for one of txxp
reasons When the falling health of the
aichblshop renders an assistant ncce'-aiy , or
when the dloce e has outgrown his powers ,
in either of which cases , the archbishop would
alwajs bo the first to suggest the appointment
of a coadjutor
"The sole purpose of Bishop Dunne's visit
to Chicago , " the chancellor continued , "is
the acceptance of an Invitation from the
Jesuit college at Blue Island avenue nnd
Twelfth street to preacli next Sundiy , when
this college celebrates Its sllxer anniversary "
It-ill I'onds of Cltj UtlKhilrt rued.
SIOUX FALLS , S. D , June 21 ( Special )
Judge Andrews , has fixed the bonds of
Major Stutenroth and City Attorney Gove
of Watertown at $100 for each Indictment
Attorney Gove Is under two Indictments and
lie furnished his own cash bond , although
manj friends came forward and offered to go
his surety There nre three Indictments
against the major , making It neci sary to
put up a $1,500 bond. The business men of
\\atertown , to show that they support the
major In his allowing the Faloons to run , in
slsted on going on his bond Sixty-eight
business men went his surety , making a bond
good for from $230,000 to $500,000. It Is not
thought that the charge of compounding a
crime In allowing the saloons to run In the
city of Watertown will be sufficient to con
vict the mayor and city attorney when the
time comes for trial.
Wound Up the l.lck Truot.
SAN FRANCISCO , June 21 The famous
Lick trust , organized In 1875 , has come to an
end. With the pajment of $181,000 by the
Fair estate to the trustees yesterday the last
act of the Judicial agents of James Lick was
accomplished The Society of California Plo-
neers and the Academy of Sciences , the resl-
diurj legatees , specified by James Lick In
' | > B original trust deed , will now receive
$ GOO,000 each. The receipts of the trust
have bsen about $5.000,000. The principal
public legacies In Lick's will were Lick
observatory on Mount Hamilton , $700.000.
School of Mechanical Arts , $340000- Old
Ladles' Home of San Francisco , $100.000-
Lick free baths , $150.000 ; monuments at the
city hall and park , $160,000.
No < himro for u rn-srnt Settlement.
CHICAGO , Juno 21. The meeting which
the western passenger lines was to hold In
Denver June 24 has been Indefinitely post
poned , as has the general meeting which the
lines Intended to hold next week in Chicago
It has been found practically Impossible to
reorganize the association until after tin
settlement of the troubles between the Unloi
Pacific and the Oregon Short Line Untl
these matters ire determined one way o
the other , the Union Pacific will not bo In
a portion to Join any association , nnd none
of the xxestorn limy are disposed to ente
Into any sort of an agreement on wtstert
nnd transcontinental business with the Unloi
Pacific on the outside.
superior to all the others in every re
spect. It is purest and strongest.
Consulting Chemist , Chicago Board of Health.
To llroll Huh.
Clean , wash , nntl wipe dry Split , so tha
when laid flat the backbone will bo In th
middle. Sprinkle with salt nnd lay , instil
down , upon n buttered gridiron over u clca
tire until It Is nicely colored , then turn
When done , put upon a hot dish , butte
plentifully , and pepper. Put a hot coxe
oxer It and neiia to tnble.
One-half pound maple sugar. 1 pound cu
sugar , 3 pints water. Break maple sug
small , place on fire with cut sugar and water
boll live minutes , sklin , then cool.
Ciirritnt .lolly ,
1 box (2 ( ounces ) gelatine , dissolve In
pint cold water. 1 pint wine. 1 quart bollln
water , 1 quart granulated sugar and 3 Icn
ona , grated , lo each quart of juice.
tuny of the Dcst Uuslncsi in the
Town in Ashes ,
ontnlllon Included In tinllnrnrd Hltilfl.
turpn mill Only n I'ortlou of til *
Mull Atnltnr Scd lnmir-
IIIHP About Half.
llI3LL. ) ) Neb , June -Sprclil ( Teh-giant J
Flio broke out on M.iln stirot In Odull tills
lornlng and for n whllo It Uiol.ed as If the
ntlroIIUign would bo awppt a\\.iy. \ \ lucky
lmiiK In the wind s.ucd m.iny hulld'ngs ,
tut > of the best business structure * In-
hiding the postollUe , nre In ntho * Tlia
dlowlng list ghes the losses nnd ln ui.incol
13d Joy's building , $ Jr > 00 ; fully Insnied.
Slnullo H.udwaio nnd Fitrnltmu cumpiny ,
n R'OL ! . , $ ! , SOO ; Insurance , JI.500.
James Duncan , drug stock , $ .1,200 , insur-
nee , f . ' ,000 ,
J. C. Anthony , building , jl.'JOO ; liuur.ince ,
H. R. Tlnchor , drugs , { l. OO ; Insurance ,
1,000. H. R. Tlnelior , loss In postolllco ,
Ifi , no Inaurancn.
Hagcman llios , dry goods nnd ,
500 ; fully Infilled.
11 ink of Olell , Imlldlng , $2,000 ; fully In-
Perry Walker , loan on building , $1,500 , no
13 II. Hinds , loss on building , $1,500 , In-
uranee , Jt > 0i ) .
J. C Lake , loss on block nnd household
; oods , $1 OOi ) ; no Insuiancc. Loss on bulld-
ig , $1,200 , Insurance , $700.
13d Simmons , barber shop , $ G5 ; no Insur-
Mrs W , F. Ouy , millinery goods , $200 , no
Arrangements nre being made to replace
lie burned buildings with brick blocks Work
\lll probably bo commenced ns soon as the
nsnrnnce cm be ndnsted.
Only part of the mill matter was removed
rom the poMoIllce , all supplies , Including
tamps , being lost.
Tlu > Insurance , which wMI cover about Inlf
ho loss , was mostly carried In the Oerman
f Freeporl , Phoenix of Hartford and State of
) es Molnui.
I.n rinttu llrlrf .
LA I'LATTC , Neb , Juno 21 ( Special )
Inrvey Mank and Miss Ruth Stp\ens wor
Isltlng In Omaha on Wednesday
Jasper lillnes of Clark county , Missouri ,
? spending the summer \lsltlng relatives
ier Richard Ilocklehone Is prostrated with par-
Inl ii.ualjsU and Is in acry serious condl-
Ira McDanlel , wlio has been absent down
he rl\er for tome time , Is at home again ,
ri will attend school In Fremont during the
omlng winter.
Miss Thorn is of Omaha , while pleasuring
long the Platte , In company with sotno
Hinds found an old Spanish 25-cent slUar
oln which wis maile In the fifteenth century
'ho Inscription nnd dates are quite legible
nd the piece , being o\cr 400 jears old , makes
n Interesting relle
A pirty of plea ure seekers were over from
Mittsmnuth on Wednesday and spent the
a > at fishing and recreating along Larainle
ake , near town
All week the Plat to river has maintained a
retty high stage of water.
The Christian I3ndea\or society held Its
\eckly meeting Thursday evening
C. W. Illlne made a 1 > uglne > > trip to
) maln Friday He occupies the Clark farm
no mile noitli of town.
A disease resembling In lt effects whoop
ng cough Is pre\alent among the chlllren
f thl localitj The complaint Is se\eie In
ts nature an ) lasts for some week" No fa-
alltle1" ha\e been reported from the disease
o far
A social part > enjnjel thcmseUes at the
esidenco of Mr. Klmhall , Friday osenlng
Oil I iijojlni ; u I Illlu ) . \ < iltMiiciit
PITTSnURC Pa. . Juno 21Oil took a
ittle Hurry It opened at ? 1 73 and sold up
o $1 SI it then broke to $1 77 , and at noon
\as offerel at $1 75.
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Finrs is takc-n ; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste , and acta
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys ,
Liver and Uowcls , cleanses the eys--
torn effectually , dispels colds , headaches -
aches and fevers and cures habitual
1 obstipation. Syiup of Figs is tha
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced , pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach , prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects , prepared only from the most
healthy and agiccablo substances , its
many excellent qualities commend il
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50
cent bottles by all leading drug ,
gists. Ai.y leliablo druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
Hit' npre-H-nntlvp orknn of the liotol lull-rest ,
read at all Hit * print Ipal of tliv mild ) thuu *
tuiut holt In lestuuruntH uiul iluba of Amor ,
li.i. nml hire. I ) In Unrop.-
Is now imlilMilnic A UST UP TIIH HHST
I'AI'intS ailaiiliil for hot- ! uliTtlsltlK ( Tha
liolilH of Ani rlrii i > nenil BIX MILLIONS Ol *
I'lll.l.AllS AN.SM'Al.t.V. with Hi. ' ni' imM'r | .
It N n > w | iul > llshlnR it tnmpli'tH Itxt of itll Sum *
nn r llotoit tUli'U il.iMllU'd , utij plated amen
Hie vi-r > lli t Ihil'nltt Sluti * * nnd the
lirand t lilon. Hanit x , tin' lloti-l I luun.
plain I Union i mnl ) l.jki < fluuniil in tha
IIuli-1 llr.-alln. l.ikiHomU'onn | N J , tlio
VA t st Knil , l.imt ; IlrHiuli , eti , t ti
lt H tin- enl ) ptppr imMlfhlitK Hll utxmt h tels ,
Iniliullnt ; .suimm-r unit \Vlnlir IteocuU
S.-ml 10 cents foi M'MMIIU KOITION .ir onlt-r
of Ann ih ; m NV rmipaii ) , or at ani hotel
01 of un > m-wmltMUr
Til * ll"tl UoKlHiir an ) Tourist Act-no lleml.
quarter * for all hotels , ratPD , nitliiK ami gill-
< liil Infoi MUM Ion
mi : u rii : < uiimvrwi COMPANV. i Barren
Bluet , New orl.
Olllre Constructing Quartermaster. Omaha ,
Ni'b , Mil ) & , IhM tif.ilod proposals. |
triplicate , subject to the IIBIIII ! conditions ,
xxill bu it'ccivi'd lioro until U in. ivntrul
standard tlmt > . Woilne day. Juno 'C 1S35 , nt
which time and id u-n the > will bo opent'il In
tht' jiroDi'tuu or bidders , for connuui tinir
nmciid mi load * ut Tort I'rook Neb Guv
ernmt'iit ro oivcs the right to rojis t unv or
nil proposals 1'lans HIM ! .spocliUations can
lie M'fti an t nil Information obtained on up.
p'Uatlon hero Knvolopos rout lining pro-
pos.ils Hhould IHI iiinrki-il. Piupusalx for lulam loads , " un 1 mUlrossiod lo rharlc *
1' Humphro ) , major and qunrtormnstor
M2S 4t JJ1 2m