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    TIL 13 OMAHA. DAILY HI5K : SATt'KDAY , JlTNrI3 12 L , ISO , ' ,
Utllvmil S/r catl r ( o nr ptrl of th cltr.
11.V. . TIL.TON , Lciiee.
TKI.UritONKl3--niMntM ! eflle * , No. U ; night
1 No. 13.
.11 IMSII .1U ; . >
( Until ! holM. OomnMI niulTs. NoMy fur-
DlnliPil. Hnipcr.o.l Ort. 1. I' . 1' . Clnrk. Prop.
Sl.'clnl mcetliiK ct Utiiff * illvtrion No. E7
Oil * urn.tut. W-rfc In the * lr Knights , rn.-.k.
Another excursion frcsr. fit. JM PI ! to
Council llluffr I * bi'lnt ; I-UUIUM ! lor July H
liy tlio Kanxii City taltvay company.
Tie ! -'Mtit , UlRKlitP IO.IKC of U.ill\v > ; Trr.ln-
men will run an cxcuwinii lu Ciuncll Illud *
Friday. Juno 28. Manawa. will bo the point
aimed for.
Another " -.mimiinw of the throe rates
jioadiiiK afMlnil John Cover. lic mWiea MV. lmun' . luc Wn nrariifc < l until Monday
at 2 o'clock.
tipoeldl ooinmutilcation of Uliilt City lodge
No. 71 , Ancient Free ami Atcciitdl Ma on .
tills cvonlni ; l r wurk In tt'O ' Hist uueru1.
All Mnsnn * Invl'ed.
II. Fullir. a lad who has li'-on carefully
cultivating a reputation for incorriKibllliy
lately , was arrested nR.iln ytmrnUy. charned
with JiitnpInK or. and off motor trains.
Hubert II. l.unfi. a brakeman on the Hitr-
lltiKtnii road , and Miss Jennie Sclx'nck of
Omaha , their ages lielns plven as 31 nn-1 22
respectively , were married by Hcv. U. I .
The funeral of John Dolinny tnnk place
yesterday morning from St. Krnncls Xavler's
church a larpo number nf friends of tlio
family beliiR procnt. The rmrilnt were
taken to the Catholic cemetery for Interment.
William Yomm. the Silver Creek township
farmer who Is churned with breaking Into
Ills house nml throw Inn out the household
roods of Mr. unil Mrs. 1'cter Nelson , wan
given a pnrtlnl lu-urlnR yesterday. The In-
vcstlgallon of the rourt ilrev. a UK crowd
of Interested cp ctnler * .
Tin- Matter Hay faints arc havlnt ; success
In their tent meetltiKS at the corner of
Harmony am ) Harrison streets. Cider Wil
liams will speak on the subject of "Evolu
tion. Its Truth or Falsity" next Sunday even
ing. If the weather ls > pleasant the services
will bo held In the tent , otlicrwlie In the
A nlekcl-ln-tho-plot machine In the Orand
hotel bar room has turcumlxnl to a confi
dence game and has been yielding Us treas
ures to some one who substitutes brats
h.irb.T checks for nickels. The other mornIng -
Ing when the machine was opened about
fifty of the checks , worth perhaps 2 cents to
any one who neHs them , were found cuddled
up In the reciptucle where the nickels ought
to have been.
Flro and tornado Insurance written In best
companies * . Money for farm loans at low-
rates. City property for sale or trade for
farm lands In Iowa. Lougco & Towle , 235
Pearl St. .
Have you seen the uncqunllei ) bargains In
midsummer millinery all new fresh goods-
no old stock to work off , and In cheap goods
hats at your own prices. Ilaby hoods and
Phlrred hats especially cheap at Mrs. E. J
Scott's , ! > 3G West Broadway.
Wevlll make special prices for running
service for gas to your residence for
the month of June. Call at Gas office lot
The Uardmnn. the piano par excellence
J'/CKSO.N.If. I'.Hi.Kllt.trilti.
MUs Miller of Oakland , la. , Is visiting
friends In this city.
Mrs. Dr. Montgomery has gone to Minnesota
seta for a few weeks.
F. J. Schnorr , the real estate man , Is vis
iting In Central City , Neb.
John Atwood of Sioux Falls , S. D. , span
several days with friends here this week.
Dr. Montgomery was called to Missour
Valley yesterday to see a case of appendicitis
Miss lllanche Arkwrlght leaves today fo
Portland , Or ? . , to visit her brother for sl\
Misses Gertie Davenport and Corlnne nm
Ella Albright are visiting friends In For
James Holcomb of Atlantic , la , . , was a
Illuffs visitor on his way to Portland , Ore.
Mrs. O. W. Ran of Tncoma , Wash. , I
visiting her sister , Mrs. C. W. McDonald
at M9 South Tenth street.
President W. M. Hrooks of Tabor colleg
and daughter , Miss Kdlth , passed through til
city yesterday on their way to the "Tabo
college settlement" In Omaha , composed o
young ladles from Tabor college who ar
putting In their vacation among the squat
A message has been received announcing
the marriage of Eleanor Schuylsr Swan
daughter of the late Charles Swan of Councl
muffs , to Ora Arthur Perry of Auburn , N. Y
The ceremony was performed at St. John'
church , Ithaca , N. Y. , by Uev. Stephen II
Synott , June 11 ! . No cards.
Goethe married his cook. With what ( lain
tlea would che have regaled the poei coul
liu have hail Dr. Price's Halting Powder.
Cut lloiTii I'dllcc Vicitl : nv
When the night patrolmen went on dut
last evening Chief Scanlan informed th
members of the force that the rule adoptee
some time ago giving them one day oft eacl
month , In addition to the annual live days
layoff , had been revoked. The reason for thl
move , as stated by the mayor , Is that Hi
present size ofthe fore ? does not admit o
one day each month being allowed them with
out danger of demoraliz'ng ' the force. Ther
are no substitute ! * allowed , and the work o
every man Is needed at present , at least , t
keep order In the city. The action causei
considerable dissatisfaction naturally nmoii
the patrolmen , but they are disposed to ac
cept the situation as gracefully as possible.
Hought the Dungim Murk
Cole & Cole bought most of It and ar
making prices on some goods at less tha
Dungan's cest.
Screen frames. 19c each.
AVocil frame clothes wringers ? , J1.S5 each
Iron frame clothes wringers , Jl.GO each.
Western washers , $2.75.
Screen doors , t5c ! to "Tic each.
Spring hinge ? , lOc and 15c pair.
Tinware at your own prices ; no shodd
( tuff , but standard goods. Are closing on
bicycles at cost to quit for the season. Fill
line of gas ranges , pitollne stoves and refrlg
orators.11 Main St.
Wlllto < > > IK riling.
Five thousand feet 8-lnch top , 12 to 2
feet long , at 9'/ic per lineal foot. A. Over
ton , Council Bluffs , la.
Stippot-u to llo Thlcvm.
The police think that some spectacle pho
In this vicinity has been raided by thelve
and the booty Is now being disposed of here
A gang of men have been scouring the town
and four men. two at a time , have been gath
rred In by the otlicers , each of them we
loaded with ppectacles. Two that were caugh
yesterday represented themselves to be sew
Ing machine agents and tried to sell the spec
taclee on the t > ide.
lpfrp < hiiiciit fur Kxrur lnnUt * .
Wo will serve light refreshments to ex
curslonlsts to and from St. Joe Sunday.
Commencement IB not complete unless you
diploma Is f-amed. See the new stylsa |
frames. H , U Smith & Co. . 45 Main street
A nice assortment of children's wash suit
> t Metcalf Ilros.
.1 ml co > < ll < > r ciklp * .
Advices from New York Indicate that th
authorities of that city had more difficulty I
keeping Judge Adler than they did In gettln
him. He was released on a bond of ? 5,00 (
and Immediately took leg ball of his own , am
Is now said to be In Chicago. The bond ha
been declared by the court forfeited , and th
New- York people are now willing that som
other western police force shall locate hli
Our summer review for teachers will beg
next Monday and close August 2. W. b
Metcalf Bros , have a splendid line of sum
mer clothing. _ _ _ _ _ _
igency ( or Munvon'i remedies.
'cculiar Hutory Involving the Est\tu : ol
the Lite Etepli n Duun ,
HIV III Which \Voiiixn Clnlmlnir to HP
the I Irit nml Only \ Vlfinf the
Drrcud'il Snlimltlril lu
lllilrlrt ( 'mirt.
TJ.M'o was A Milt tried In the district court
yoitciday wlilcli , It It results In a victory tor
i lie plaintiff , \vlll make n sudden change In
tlit ownership of something over $2&OuO
worth of icnl etlati' In Pottiiwattamlo county
mid vicinity , which has been commonly sup *
pond to belong to the late Stephen Dunn ,
who died In IS-7. ; A lady has turned up
with the claim that she , mid * l'.c only , Is the
widow of the deceased , ami Unit the woman
who hears Ilium's name hud no authority In
law for doing to.
Stephen Dunn lived In Montreal. Canada ,
In IS 13. nml was there mnrrlcil to . 'unc ' Ann
Milter.Yllllum mid John Dunn , both of
whom are well known In Council HlulTH ,
were born In Montreal , but a few years after
the maiTlagt : the father bundled up his fam
ily and went to Cincinnati. About 1855 he
look his three tons , William , John nml
Stephen , jr. , nml. leaving his wife In Cin
cinnati , came to Council llluffs. Shortly
after his arrival he became acquainted with
i Mrs. Carson nml married her , It Is
'Inlmed ' , without ever having gone through
he preliminary operation of getting n dl-
, -orce from his drat wife.
He lived with his second wife until he
lied eight years ago. During his llto he
nnias'M'd considerable property , although he
'olloued tailoring as a business. Among
ither things he owned the property now oc
cupied by Ilahni & Zlmmerlaln as n sa-
eon building on Drcadway. near Sixth street ,
which now stands on the records In the nnme
of John Peter ; ,100 acres of land In Crescent
and Cinrnor townships , n lot on Fifth avenue
lietween Klghth and Ninth streets , another
: in East llroadway near the John Dunn
homestead , besides considerable farm land In
[ reniont mid Mills counties.
After being dei-crted by her husband , Mrs.
Dunn No. 1 went ns n nurse In the army ,
mil later en was employed as housekeeper In
liotels In New Orleans , Louisville and other
cities. About a yea ago she was tnken flck
nml while In a hospital was questioned by
one of the sisters as to whether she bad any
relatives living. She replied that sbe hail n
liusbaml living In Council llluffs. Corres
pondence wns commenced by the sister , and
upon her recovery Mrs. Dunn decided to come
In person and look him up.
When she arrived she found her husband
had died after marrying another woman.
She called upon C. G. Saunders and told him
her story , which seemed to him decidedly
gauzy. Nevertheless , he agreed to go to
Montreal and look up the case. When he
arrived there he found all statements Mrs.
Dunn had made corroborated In every par
ticular. He brought back with him certified
copies of the marriage certlllete and the cer-
tltlcate of baptism of the two children , which
he obtained at the cathedral where the cere
monies were performed. He Immdlatly com
menced n suit against L. P. Jmlt-on Involv
ing n tract of land In Garner township , nml
this suit was tried and submitted to Judge
Smith yesterday.
Several more suits arc also pending , and
others are to be filed In the near future. All
the property owned by Stephen Dunn at the
time of his death is involved , as well as all
that owned and parted with at any time after
leaving his first wife. Mrs. Dunn No. 1
claims her dower Interest In all of It. She
Is 75 years of age. but Is remarkably bright
and active for her age. She took her place
upon the witness stand yesterday afternoon
and told her story In all Its particulars as
above given.
Another sale of ladles' shirt waists at the
Special for Saturday :
New line of shirt waists worth 75c to 89c
each on sale at fiSc.
$1.00 shirt waists on sale at 7f > c.
$1.25 and $1.50 shirt waists nt $1.00 each.
With every shirt waist bought at our stort
Saturday we will give an elegant belt buckle ,
Ladles' ribbed vests , for Saturday 3c each
Infants' lace caps worth 15c on sale at 5 (
Another case of our celebrated 1192 summei
corset on sale at 44c each.
Counc'l Ulutts , la.
Ilppilbllcun t'llnmriei * Innkglit.
The republican city primaries will be helt'
this evening at 7:30 : o'clock for the purpose
of selecting delegates to attend the count )
convention , at the following places :
First precinct , First ward , at Wheeler K
Second precinct , First ward , at 005 Broad'
way.First and second precincts , Second ward
at city building.
First precinct , Third ward , at Justlc ;
Vlen's olllce.
Second precinct , Third ward , at SOS SouU
Main street.
First precinct , Fourth ward , at south room
of court house.
Second precinct. Fourth ward , at Smith's
First and second precincts , Fifth ward
at 1125 Fifth avenue.
First precinct , Sixth ward , at Shubert's
Second precinct , Sixth ward , at Wlndsoi
Park school house.
Good wine needs no bush , and good bak
Ing powder requires no gift to help sell It ,
Use Price's llaklng Powder and get purltj
and strength.
S fiingriiiilirii will .Moot.
O. C. GaKon , court reporter for Judge
Theme ! ! , was In the city yesterday making
arrangements for the annual meeting of tlit
State Stenographers' association , of which hi
Is president , at Cedaf Rapids , heginn ng Julj
16 and closing the ISth. Arrangements have
been made for a rate of one and one-thlrc
fare for the round trip on all railroads
Among the speakers will bo Hon. Laf (
Young of DPS Mollies , W. E. Cody of Slou >
City , F. F. Dawley of Cedar Rapid ? , Presi
dent H. II. Seerley of the S'ate Norm *
school at Cedar Falls. Dr. C. E. Waters , Dr
S. W. Moori'heal of Keokuk , an old Councl
llluffs man ; J.V. . Johnson of Knoxvllle , lr )
J. P. Grunwell of Alliance , O. , Judge C. A
Hishop of Des Molnes , C. II. Sholes of Port
land , Ore. , one of the earliest Fhortlmiu
writers of Council Dlufts ; C. II. Rush o :
Chicago , Prof. A. N. Palmer of Cedai
Rapids. F. M. Ely of Fort IKdge. Prof. E. R
Rtetlno of Cornell college. Ml. Vernon , am
2 i& 3 ® SS 3i
none of the pretended substitutes for Royal |
Baking Powder * Royal only is Absolutely Pure *
SS ? S S Wt ! t3 t 7SS C ? dRSt , SrtS
; -1,1
Itoyiil Orahani Grins.
Us pints Graham , Ms pint corn meal , 1
teaspoonful salt , 2 teaspconfuls Rcyal Bak
ing Powder , Ui pints milk. Sift together
Graham , corn meal , salt and powder. Add
the milk , and mix Into a moderately stiff
batter. V4 fill cold gem pans , well greased.
Bake In a solid hot oven 10 to 12 minutes.
Chicken llrotli.
Cut fowl Into quarters. Lay It In salt
and water an hour ; put on In soup kettle
with an onion anJ 1 quarts water. Bring
very slowly to gentle boll and keep UiLs up
until liquid has diminished > /6 and meat
shrinks from bones. Take out chicken , wait
It and fct aside with cupful of broth. In
bowl ( covered ) , until next day. Season rest
of broth and put back over fire. Boll up
and skim , eld nearly cupful of rice , prevl-
\gnc II .Mrtm uf Ingerfoll Out Ml s
Laura Klitklnger of OoUnt.ll HWfts I * on the
program for A pa cr on the aubj ct of "llnsl- .
nom Women " |
Thrtu evening regions will he held end
the affair will wind up w'Kh a banquet. Delf-
giites are expected to bo prcfent from four
teen ctati1 * for the purjwe nf lirganlzlng a
wwtcrn court reporters' association.
III.VM : > > I ) > into * .
f ntiirilny'o Itlc HnrRiilni.
Every Item Is n genuine bargain.
All our $5.00 duck suits ( our own make ) ,
Saturday $2. ! > S suit.
Our J1.C9 lawn wrappers at $1.00. $
Hoys' $1.00 Faunllcroy shirt waists In plain
white , solid color , French sateens and fancy
percales , Saturday entire lot 49c cadi.
Ladles' COc summer corsets , 39c. '
Ladles' $1.00 chamois gloves , "Sc pair.
fiO dozen ladles' 25c Jersey ribbed vests ,
slll < trimmed , Saturday 16c each.
New line of children's parasols at 25c , 35c ,
iOc and 7Bc each. They're nobby and rhcap.
A big purchase , SO ilozrn , gents' finest
quality French percale laundered Hhlrts , col
lar attached , actual value $1.00 and $1.25 ,
colors guaranteed fast , Saturday entire lot
nt one price , D9e each.
Saturday evening we offer our entire stock
of 50c , C5o and 7Cc sw.vel silks , 30 Inches
wide , nt one price , "fie yard.
Another big lot of ladles' GOc lisle thread
vests , silk trimmed , Saturday evening at " 5e
each. BENN1SON BROS. ,
Council Bluffs.
I Ity On u .
Township Assessor Hardln completed the
figuring yesterday on the census of Kuno
township anJ tlmls that there arc now 20.IJOO
people living within Its boundaries. There Is
no padding about It , anJ these figures repre
sent the actual population. In 1S90 the cen-
susc- ' gave Council Hluffs 21,474. Oilier clt'oa
In the west have suffered a loss of anywhere
from 10 to 25 per cent of their population
within the past five years , owing to the long
continued hard times and bad wops , every
0110 that could get together enough money
to pay his railroad faro out of town blowing
It In for that purpose , In the hope of bet
tering himself. In view of the experience
of the other cities , the present condition of
Council Bluffs Is n matter of congratulation.
The other townships In the county , with
the exception of Garner , which has not yet
reported , show a population of U1.226 , and
the towns 5,5)4. ! ) With the 2-18 people nt the
School for the Deaf the total population of
Pottawnttamle county becomes 4C.5C8 , mak
ing an allowance of 1,000 for Garner town
.liinr Mllllnor.v Siitr ,
All trimmed hats at a great reduction.
$10 hats for $0 : $12 hats for $7$6 ; hats for
$3 ; $5 hats for $2,50 ; a nice trimmed hat for
$1. These prices will continue for the next
30 days. Miss Ragsdale , 10 Pearl street.
A polish that will make your piano or
furniture look better than when you bought
It. It's cheap and all right ; get It nt Blx-
by's , 202 Main street.
Mnirr'/ > Two ninon.
Qporgo H. Miller , alias E. M. Patton ,
found In Justice Walker's court yesterday
that two names , unlike two heads , are not
always so good as one. He was given a
hell ing on the charge of passing upon A. T.
Elwell a forged money order for $15. He at
first refused to tell what his right name
was , saying that he haJ people whom he did
not wish to learn of his present predicament.
He said , however , that neither of the names
ho went under were his own exclusive prop
erty. The effort of the court to Induce him
to tell why It was that he preferred to travel
Incog put him In rather an embarrassing
position. He was finally bound over to the
grand Jury , and In default of ball was sent
to Jail.
Yes , the Eagle laundry Is "that good
laundry , " and Is located at 724 Broadway.
i If In doubt about this try It and be convinced.
Oon't forget name and number. Tel. 157.
rlul ) liny nt the Oltuivu Clmntnnqim.
OTTAWA , Kan. , 21. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Today was club day at the Ottawa
assembly. The various women's clubs
which composed the women's council are
discussing questions of special Interest to
themselves and kindred organizations. Prof.
Kent's lecture on the "Beginning of the
Hebrew Monarchy" deserves special notice ,
as well as the paper by Mls,3 O. P. Bray of
Topeka on "What Shall the Women's Chris
tian Temperance Union Do Next for the
Enfranchisement of Women ? " The mornIng -
Ing lecture , delivered by Prof. Charles F.
Kent , was entitled "An Old Hebrew Love
Story. "
This afternoon Dr. Gunsalus of Chicago
delivered the first of hip lectures , taking as
his subject "Phillip Brooks. " At the C. L.
S. C. round table the question was asked ,
"What Good Works of Fiction Have You
Read During the Past Year ? " and the an
swers formed a very Interesting list of b.oks.
A rally of Epworth League members , who
nro attending the assembly , was held at 7
o'clock. The evening lecture was delivered
by Frang G. Carpenter of Washington. . ! ) . C. ,
trio subject , "The Yankee of the Orient , or
the Japanese of 1891. "
"Hands that rock the cradle rule the
world. " Nursing mothers transmit alum
baking powder effects to Infants. Only Dr.
Price's Is perfectly pure.
MllllirlipnIU W hint < on rosH
MINNEAPOLIS , June 21. Scores last night
In the Whist congress for the Hamilton
trophy resulted : Hyde Park defeated St.
Louis , C3G to C12 ; Chicago duplicate defeated
Milwaukee , C32 to CIS ; Chicago defeated
H-amilton , C35 to Oil , Minneapolis defeated
University of Chicago , C34 to C14. The
greatest interest Is centered In the remain
ing games with three Chicago clubs against
MINNEAPOLIS , Minn. , June 21. The
American Whist league today elected the fol
lowing olllcers : President. Theo Schwarz ,
Chicago ; vice president , W. If. Barney , Prov
idence , It. I. ; recording secretary , H. II.
Kribbs , St. Louis ; corresponding secretary ,
R. II. Wcems. Brooklyn , N. Y. ; treasurer , R.
L. Richards , Rock Rapids , la. ; directors for
three years. GeorgL. . Dunn , St. Paul , Minn. ;
George II. Fish , New York ; George W. Morse ,
Newton. Mass. ; Gustav Mak , Philadelphia ,
and Arthur Remington , Tacoma , Wash. The
revis'd by-laws providing for auxiliary asso
ciations on state lines were adopted.
( iot ik I'liAtnlIira In l ° r ' Inslui ,
WASHINGTON. June 21. One of the few
postolllce appointments In Alaska was made
today , and Ludvlg Larson was appointed at
Karluk , to succeed W. M. Taylor , resigned.
There are twenty-five pcstofllces In Alaska
and appointments average about five a year.
ously soaked In bowl of water. Cook slowly
until rice Is tender. Stir cupful hot milk
Into 2 beaten eggs , then Into broth. Let
all come barely to a boll. When you have
added handful of finely mince ! parsley pour
out Into tureen and eerve.
Ht'llll MlUfl ,
Soak quart white beans over night ; In
morning pour off water ; add fresh ami set
over flre until fklns will easily ellp off ;
throw them Into coU water , rub well and
skins will rite to top where they may be re
moved. Boll beana until perfectly soft , al
lowing 2 quarts cf water to 1 quart beans ;
math beans , add flour and butter , rub to-
1 gfther. also salt and pepper. Cut cold
I bread Into tnnll pieces , toast and drop on
coup when you serve.
I t iiinlly .smiii.
[ Time , C hours ; 3 or 4 quarts pot liquor , i. e.
Iowa 'umlay Solo ill biken Pass a Can-
premise iWojution ,
Thirtieth A 11 mm 1 Convention Clo c nTlircu
Dnjrii' Sr-nlim itt YtlV ( Irovr I'rcM-
dent anil Sccroyiry Mu'iire .
i nr
IDA GROVE , 1.1. , OUIIP 21. The thirtieth
annual convention of 'tle..Iowa | State Sabbath
School association closed la three days' s s-
slou hero last night. A lively discussion was
produced by an attempt to piss a resolution
asking the next legs'nture to repeal the mulct
law. The matter was adjusted by the adop
tion of the following :
Hi'folvi'il , Tlmt the si'lrntlllc temperance
Instruction given In the public nchouls
should In1 supplenu'iitcd and strongthoni'il
by uuch moral touching In Sunday vchoul
us will create uril maintain a public yentl-
ini'tit that will not toler.itttlu - mle as a
III'VIMMRV of Intiixlcntlng liquors ; that It IH
till' Imperutlvi" duty of tin.state1 by the en-
forci'mi-nt of prohibitory law to protect
our homes ami families from their direct
foi- , the liquor saloon.
Mrs. Mattle Bailey of Shemmdoah wa * reelected -
elected state secretary and Rev. C. W. Sweet
of Ida Gruvo state president.
Tlirrutfiicil t.i l.jurli Hun.
SIOUX CITY , la. . June 21. ( Special Tele
gram. ) W. II. Hurd of Climbing Mill , fifteen
miles from here , was brought into town by
the sheriff's ofilcers today on a charge of
criminally assaulting his daughter , a girl of
2,1 years. He was released on bond and will
have a preliminary hearing tomorrow. The
residents of Climbing Hill threaten If ho re
turns home to lynch him. Hurd Is prominent
In politics .uid Is one of the wealthiest mer
chants in the country.
Anltn riiMollIro lUililird.
ANITA , la. , June 21. ( Special. ) The post-
ofllce was broken Into last night and what
changa theru was In the drewer taken. En
trance was gained through a side window.
No clew.
Work has been commenced on the $10,000
Masonic temple. The cornerstone will be
laid July 4.
The Epworth league will have a big rally
hero Thursday , June 27. The leagues from all
neighboring towns are Invited.
I'riltlmii for it Itfliriirlni ; .
SIOUX CITY , la. , June 21. ( Special Tele
gram. ) A pe'.ltlon for a rehearing of Its pe
tition of Intervention In the foreclosure * cas ?
of the Manhattan Trust company against the
Sioux City Terminal Railway and Warehouse
company was filed by the Trust Company of
North America in the federal court today.
The North American company's claim Is ? for
$1.1 ,000. It was ruled out at the May term
of court.
Iinil CoiiiiMtnv'M AKxi'tg Ordered S (1.
SIOUX CITY , la. , June 21. ( Special Tele
gram. ) An order of court was made today
for the sale of the Riverside Park Land
company's assets under an execution for $64-
182 held by the Rcllanco Trust company , trus
tee. The company wjll be reorganized after
the snle. ' /
IllsuppoareJ rrii > Iloino.
FORT DODGE , la.j'June 21. ( Spelnl Tele
gram. ) II. E. Grunde of Thor disappeared
Wednesday from home. , JI.e Is In the butcher
business and when last jj n was bareheaded
and barefooted. No : causg is known for his
action. _ '
Now l-.onr 31111 * fir Sioux t Ity.
' '
SIOUX CITY , la. , . .June21. , . ( Special Tele
gram. ) Stock has JUst been placed here for
a new milling company , , Which expects in a
few weeks to commenqo , the construction ol
a flour mill of 1,000 liarruls capacity.
Wcddlnc ui Ittd < mk.
RED OAK , la. , 'June 2L ( Special. ) Harry
F. Brown of this cltyitvas : married Tuesday
to Mis ? Blanche F. Qran'ger of Ames , la. The
entire class of ' 95 of Ames college escorted
the young couple to the train.
"Furs soft as sleep" wrote Theocritus , and
women endorse the sentiment as warmly at
they do the virtues of Price's Cream Daklng
Wyoming Mi'tlmilUt C'niiforenro.
SHERIDAN , Wyo. , June 21. ( Speclal.- )
Thc state conference of the Methodist Epis
copal church closed here on Tuesday. The
conference was the best ever held In Wyom
ing. Every Methodist minister In the state
was present. Among the distinguished mem
bers cf the church from abroad were Dr. J.
W. Shanks' ' , editor of the Omaha Christian
Advocate , Dr. 0. II. Payne and Dr. A. H ,
Leonard of New York City. The assignments
for the ensuing year are as fololws : Presid
ing elder. Rev. N. A. Chambrlaln ; Almy
Rev. S. F. Beggs ; Big Horn , Rev. C. I ) ,
Day ; Buffalo , Rev. W. T. Thomas ; Carbon
Rev. G. II. Smith ; Casper , Rev. II. A. Toland
Cheyenne , Rev. J. A. Johnson ; Cambria ami
Newcastle , Rev. J. II. Glllespie ; Douglas anil
Manville , Rev. It. A. Ball ; Evanston , Rev
S. A. Beggs ? ; Lander , Uev. George Mooney
Laramle , Rev. J. W. Taylor ; Otto and Blp
Horn Basin , Rev. W. II. Thompson ; Rawlins
Rev. J. D. Long ; Reel ; Springs , Rev. S. J
Rogers ; Sheridan , Rev. G. P. Snedaker
Wheatland , Rev. Henry Carylon. The church
In Wyoming is In a flourishing condition.
Now Ihrungh Line to Ilio Onlf.
KANSAS CITY , June 21. J. C. Newton o
Holyoke , Mass. , president of the Des Molnei
& Kansas City railway , and TheoJore Sher
wood , general manager of the road , havi
concluded arrangements to enter the city bj
the Kansas City & Northern railway tracks
They have been In the city several days am
alter completing t'ae arrangements left fci
Des Molnes. At Kansas City the new lini
will connect with the Kansas City , Pittsburf
& Gulf railroad , which Is being extended t <
the Gulf of Mexico nt Saline Pass , Li. Thii
will make a direct line from the gulf to Dei
Imprlnnned for Cnnlompt of Court.
CHARLESTON. S. C. , June 21. Judg. .
Simonton this morning sentenced three dis
pensary constables to one and two month !
Imprisonment In Jull for seizing liquors im
ported Into this state for private consump
tion , the seizures tcing In contempt of at
Injunction issued In accordanc ? with the In
tcrstate commerce law. One constable wai
dismissed and the cases of several other
are under consideration.
Colored MimliTCT Hingr < l.
DUMAS. Ark. , June 21. Anthony Johnson
colored , was hanged here at 1:46 : o'clock tlih
afternoon. Johnson , .on Aurll 26 , 1SU1 , she
and klllfd Howard , another negro , whom hi
claimed had been criminally intimate will
his wife.
the water in which mutton or salt beef ha
been boiled. Any bones from dre.'sed meat
trimmings of poultry , scraps of moat or
pound gravy beef , 2 large onions , I turnip
2 carrots , a llttlo celery K-ed tied In a pied
of muslin , bunch bavory herbs , 1 sprig pars
ley , 5 cloves , 2 blades niace. n few pepper
corns , pepier and tall to ta&to. Put a !
your meat tilmmlngK , meat bone. ' , etc. , lnt <
stew-tan. Stick onions with cloves , adi
them with other vegetables to meat ; pou
over all the pot liquor ; tet over flow flro am
let simmer gently , removing all scum as i
rUe-i. btraln through fine hair sieve.
'rinin Vlr ,
Paste No. C , 3 cupfuls plums ; simmer li
water , cover with Us cupfuls sugar , mill
tender. Line pie plate with the paste ; we
edges ; cover , wash \vlth egg. bake In quid
oven twenty minutes.
TOOK IV , l'f > ftf , I Hint HI I. 111. Ill
Miort I.IMP ( n r ftmv llmt * In tlin I'oitrl
nf Apprnl.
SAN ritAXClSCO. Juno 21 Tr.uisorlp' *
were filed today In the fnltod State- circuit
court of appeals hero Upon appeals which
have been taken from the Oregon circuit
from -decree paujcd In nnc of the Union
Pacific receivership suits and pcnJIng In Oregon
gen , to-\vlt : That In which an order was
passed appointing Egan rccel\cr of the Ore
gon. Short Line and t'tnti Northern com
pany's properties , extending from Wyoming
to Oregon , with branches through IHali ,
Uaho and Montana. Receivers' certificates' ,
U Kuiti' , wcro ordered to Issue , although It
Is alleged the rend wan earning more than
sufficient to pay operating expenses and
maintenance , to the amount of $1,000,000 ,
chargeable t\f a Hen upon the1 road , to aid the
American Loan and Trust company ti > pay
Interest due upon first mortgages. TliC
Union Pacific rocAelvers protected against
the Issuance of certificates for this purpose.
H Is to test the validity of receiveis' certi
ficates Isvued not for malntemintv , for oper
ating or for orpalrs , but purely to enable a
second mortgage to pay Interest on the first
mortgage , that the appeals are taken. Oliver
Ami's , second , and Samuel Carr of Boston
bring one appeal and the Oregon Short Line
and Utah Northern railway another. It Is
stated that hearings cannot bo had on the
appeals until the fall term of the court of
Ciilnrril Mitn I.ynclioil for Icu-ont.
PORT GIBSON , Miss. , Juno 21. James
Saunderii , colored , was hanged last night
about twelve miles from here by an Infuriated
mob of both whites and black ? . He was
caught In a compromising position with his
own daughter. The son reported the case to
Saunders" wife , who was the stepmother of
the girl , whereupon a row occurred , In which
the wife of Saunders was killed , either by
Mm wit or his daughter. The firnther of the
murdered woman , with about 200 blacks and
fifty whites , went to Saunder ' housv labt
night and took him and hung him. It Is re
ported that the daughter of Saunders wilt t > o
strung up tomorrow. Sheriff Walker and
posse have gone to the tcene of trouble to
prevent the lynching of the woman If possible.
reeling Among tlu > Inilliini tiitrimlHiMl ,
WICHITA , Kan. , Juno 21. A dispatch re
ceived here tonight says t'nat the bitter fool
ing manifested toward the white settlers In
the Canadian valley of Oklahoma by the In
dians since the wanton shooting of Red I/Jdgt1
by the sheriff of O county was .Intensified
yesterday by the killing of an Indian at
Cantonment by a cowboy iintneil Burke. A
party of cowboys were hunting for stolen
cattle whfti thty met thl' Indian with fresh
meat , and thinking It was lie tliat htolp the
cattle and killed them , they shot him. Burke
was the leader of the cowboys and did the
shooting. Agent Woodson has gone out
among the Indians to pacify them.
I'owoll tlio Only \\rntt-rn Miin Iteroui.l/iMl.
PHILADELPHIA , June 21. Charles J.
Bonaparte , chairman of Hie executive commit
tee of the National Municipal league , which
recently met In Cleveland , tonight announced
the appointment of committee ! on finance ,
laws and grievances. Nearly all of the com-
mlttcemen named are from the eastern states.
J. G. Powell of Omaha , Neb. , on the commit
tee on grievances and abuses , Is the only se
lection from west of the Missouri river.
V. M , C , A , OUtrlrt rnnvr-ntliin Opens lu
> ri > liM ,
Last evening wlttH'ssril the opening icr.-.rcs
of the Young Min'r Christian a nccUUon con
vention of district No. 1 of N'rhra k , At III. '
First Methodist Eplicopal i-'mrch. ' It wis
the rnmmcnruiicitt of the third nnnuil con
vent'on ' f the district. About ton dflpgatpi
were prittnt. Huv. Frank Crane , pastor of
the First Methodist church In Omaha , de
livered the opening AiUtrt-ra. Hcv. Mr. Crane
told of I ho many good worku of the Young
Men's Christian aisocl.Ulon , and what the
young men could do In carrying the teaching ! *
of Christ Into every household In the laud. If
they only persevered In their work.
This morning devotional service ? will he
held at ( ha Presbjlerlau church , commencing
at 9 o'clock. S. S. Clark of Fremont will
lead the wrvloo. Bible reading ut ! i.30. and
nt 10 o'clock llioro will be .in address oil
"How to Interest Men In Small Towns In
Men's Gospel Meeting. "
In the afternoon W. S. Hylor of Nebraska
Oily will liMil the prairo service , coii'iiutu'ltiK
at t0 : : ! o'rlorh. Illlil" reading by Uev. E L.
Ely will follow. L. T. llau'ii of Omaha.
Harry Curtis of Council Bluffs nml L. C.
Dale of Blair will i.ich conduct short srrvlci's
during the afternoon. The nftcrnonii tps. lon
will close with an address by E. 1) ) . Hender
son of Omaha on "Things to A-.old In Artvj.
elation Work. "
At S o'clock tonight services will pppn at
the First Methodist Episcopal Church ; W. E.
Johnson of Omaha will lead In the praise
service. Major E. W. Halford , U. S. A. , will
deliver an address on "The Value of the
Young Men's Christian Association , "
Sunday morning at the Presbyterian church
fellow ship meeting will be held at S.30
o'clock. In the afternoon nt the Methodist
church , F. W. Ober , superintendent of the
Young Men's Christian association In Omaha ,
will give a bible chat to men at II p. in. A
street mei'tlng will be hold a half lu.ur . later
by L. T. Haven. Farewell.sorvlces will lie
liclil In the evening at the Presbyterian and
Methodist churches.
After the servlec J. A. Williams- Omaha
was elected temporary chairman , A. L.
Tucker of Wayne vice chairman , and W. T.
I'ugh of South Omaha secretary.
It Is expected that at the meeting this
morning all of the delegates will be present
Will Cnmici't ultli the Kmxltrr * .
MILWAUKEE , Juno 21. Judge Jenkins
has authorized the North'-rn Pacific receivers
to enter Into a contract with the Parrott
Silver and Copper company wh reby the min
ing company Is to build four miles of track
at a cost of JfiH.OOO. Th5 track Is to be built
from Whitehall , In Montana. The mining
company as about to erect a smelter and
agrees to furnish all the money to build the
track , but the receivers are expected to pay
It back. This Is done by allowing the mining
company 50 per cent of the freight charges
on material to thc.tmclter on account and
fiO ptr cent on ore hauled until the amount
Is paid up.
tliulrr ArrcHl \\liolosuln HtTtniltliifir.
EAGLE PASS , Tex. , June 21. Harry Hill ,
the noted Oklahoma boomer and owner of
"Harry Hill's Wild West show , " Is under
arrest for wholesale swindling. Hill , It Is al
leged , has drawn drafts on the defunct
Wichita Horse and Mule Market company of
Wichita and various hanks In favor of Texas
and Colorado creditors , which have all been
protested. Hill has been absent several
The cool : within the kitchen stood , Her victim was the grocery-boy ,
Ilur hands upon her hips , And softly thus siiako sno :
And miiny were thn iiiifjry words Oh. what u llttlo fool yon arc ,
Came pourinrr from her lips. To bring such bluff to mo.
Take high ; price baking powder back ,
And bring mo "Calumet , "
And If 1m did not RO straightway ,
She's likely scolding yet.
is Drug , Paint and Class House ,
The largest direct buyers in our line selling at retail in
Council Bluffs. If you buy anything in the drug , paint or
glass line it will pay you to see us.
200 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
All kinds of Pyelns
and Cleaning dune In
the highest style ot
the art. Faded anil
stained fabrics mads
to look as good as
new. Work promptly
done and delivered
In all parts ot the
country. Bend tor
price Hat.
O. .1. .U-AC7/.I.V.
l'r < ti > rlot i - .
Drnadway. near North
western Depot. Council
liluKa. Iowa. Tel. 3Ii
Formerly Known as
Entirely non-ak'oliollc. Ki'qiihvs no license , either government or state
to sell. The lii-Kt snlisiltnle for Inner lieer ever manufactured. Testimonial
from iireneliers , doctors , lawyers and others. Send for samples and nam
lihli-ts. Manufactured only by the
G. R. Wheeler Brewing Co , ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
Cleaning and Djeinj of Garment ) anJ
Goods of Every Description.
Scliouilsuck's Twin Clly Dye
WorUs , ( 'or. Avenue A ami 2itli (
St..Council HUills. OlVice , 1521 I'm
nam St. , Omaha.
Sciul for Price List ,
Cuticura Remedies
A warm bath with CUTICURA
SOAP , and a single application of
CUTICUIM , the 'great skin cure ,
will a ( lord instant relief , permit rest
and sleep , and point to a speedy ,
economical , and permanent cine of
the most distressing of itching , burn.
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a iid scalp diseases , after physicians ,
hospitals , and all other methods fail.
its cures of torturing , disfiguring ,
humiliating humors are the most
wonderful ever recorded in this 01
any age.
CtTieimA RnMRDinstre toltl throughout IheworU.
Piice , CirricfKA , soc.s SoAr , jc. : KB'OI.VBNT , $ i.
I'OTTIH DRTQ ANI > CMKM. Cnwr. , See ! Props. , Itanton <
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and wtalcneftt , luck ache , weak Vidneyi ,
rheumatum , anJ chett paint relicvetl io
onn uitnuto by the Cutlcura Anti *
lntn 1'l.iKtor.
P use Malt Whiskey ,
All Druggists-
. . , , ,
The Good Samaritan. 20 Years' ' Experience.
\VOItlJ > ' .S IIiUKAL : DlSl'UN-
/ freaf the following Diseases :
Catarrh of the Head , Throat nml Lungs : Dl
raseHof the K/u nml Kur. Kits and Apoplexy ,
Heart Disease , Liver I'om plaint. Kidney Com
plaint , IServoiiH I el > lllt.v. mental Ic-
, I.OHM of jtzimlioocl. Hem-
itinl WealtneHH , HinlxMcc , IliiKlit'8 EU-
ease , St. Vltus' DaneItliuiiiimtldni. . 1'nralynls ,
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OTH anil I'lHtiilii In sum removed
wltliuut tlic Itiiifu or clrawlnu : a
dropofblood. Woman wllli licr
delicate or aiiti rent ore tl to
lioallli. DropH.v cured without
tapping. Special Attention jflveu
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nny Venereal JHHeawe 1 cannot euro
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In two or three hoiiri ? , or no pay. Hemorrhoids
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Will save life nnd liundieds of dollars by call-
Tlio only I'll j lrlnn nliix-uii trll uhutulll
B pprmili without ll Ulll ll qiK'ntloli.
TIIOHU ut a distance * MMK ! for Oiii'stlotl
lllnnk , No. 1 for mm , NIL 4 Tor winupii.
All coneppomlenco strictly conlldentlal.
Hedlclnu sent liy cxprcsn. Aiidrets nil Icttcra
O. W. I'ANOI.K. HI. ! . ,
Enclose lOo in stamps for replv.
JUNE 23 , ' 95.
DKl'OT AT 7 A.M.
President. Cashier.
Capit il , - - $1(10,00 (
1'rolits , . . . 1'2,0000
One f the oMi'Bt lotiks In ti | < > 6tttto of Iowa.
\V > - solicit your busmi'ks nml colliolloiuV
pay 5 | ier c > tit nn time delimits.Vo will ti
| iprm | ] to i'u ainl feive you.
" "
SIMS RAINRHIDPil' A r" " "f-i.i v ,
Ol.UO A DAINDlUlMll.n'rarllce
In the Sttua
end Federal Courts. Hooins
3W-7-S-9 , Hha <
I'.trt , Block. Council Hluffs. lowu.
Special Notices-Council
KU llurkc , ut W. 8. HOIUIT' , Mi Hrouilttuy.
sale clu-ap iinj un easy terms. Day A : llesa ,
W 1'eurl street ,
prui | rty C. U. Nicholson , K'iy , Droaiiuay.
wrltirj UK cotxl un new. . iululih Manufa.iur-
IliK Co. . lies ami 10JO a. Main fcUevl.
WANTl'.n. 01 111 , Toil OKNP.IIAI. IK list : .
\MiiK. ut O' ) KaM I'llTlM * nil * ! .
roit SAM : , A M-uni.v NIW : NINI : KOMM
ll ll i > . \\ilh Uilll. . . . rl ! > uulrr ( II lu >
nn.I I.u ii , fiuit , nt , , , h | . , , ( , . n.r , . u nu-rly
Ki.i.lnl I , i . ' \i , t , , i f , . | j-j : , , , , ltttj ilirj | (
luol. Vt5 I1. . Mil US'llUi. I' Ull I I. Ulli.