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. ' " : THE OMAHJDAILY \ BEE. . . .
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J STAllLISII ] D JUNE 19 , 1871. OMAIIA , MONDAY \ roitip ' : i , l\AllOII \ 25 , 1895. SINGLE COpy FIVE 01 N rS.
Great Britain Swept by a Storm that Does
Great Damago.
Many Dwellings OU ed anti People Injued
by the railing Debris.
rrboro . Oatbl1al fufers and Monuments
at Stratford.on-Avon Arc Wrcckell
- I
Nine n".IR . Cnrrlecl Through R Floor Beneath
the 'chht of C.nal'M.I CIlkinne3 ' .
but the ( ceUllltM All , 1xtrIcntctl
Alh'o "y UCRclcr .
LONDON , March 24-A terrfc gale set In I
late last nIght and Is stLIlprcyalllng. The
storm Is general throughout Great Drlaln ,
There has been damage to property In the
towns. Hoofs and chimneys of a number oC
houses were blown cit and many factories
were similarly damaged , '
- . In many places church servIces were sus-
pernted . A great number of trees were pros-
tratOl by the gale and much damage was
done to the dwelling houses
In many parts of the country the telegraph
lines are down A few minor casualties arc
reported from along the coast.
Many PCIllo have been Injured by falling
.lebrls. A wall collapsed In the east end ef
London all three persons were crushed to
death beneath it.
'hree turrets of the pinnacles on the west
front ot the Petersboro ct'ledral were blowl
down. Other bu1dlnrn In the town were d1m.
aged and a number ot persons Injured.
The root of the railway staten at Strat-
blown off and number of
ford'on - Avon was or a
monuments In the parIsh churchyard , : ere
damaged. '
In Birmingham the gals was felt with exceptional - 'I
ceptonal severity. A man and three children
were killed there. The property damage In
the town Is estimated at thousands of pounlls.
Two mon and a girl In Leicester were
, . struck by falling debris and almost Instantly
Every house In the Ayleston dIstrIct was ,
II Wolverhampton one person was killed
and twelve InJurcd.
In 'Vnlhal two chImney stacks were
blown ovor. They crashed through the roof
oC n hospital , broke through the floorIng
and carried nIne beds with patients In them
Into a room beneath. For a time the cxclte-
LI mont I , and around the hospital was most
Intense and the widest sort of rumors were
afloat , some havIng It that n dozen persons
. b Ilid been killed. As quickly as possible the
wort ! ot clearing away the wreokngo was
' commenced , and I was soon found that no-
body had been Itled : The. nine occupants
I of the beds were extrIcated alive , but badly
, 4 J Injured.
At Klngslyn Immense damage \as done
to property. '
A great number of fine trees and several
fine buildings at Sandrlnghnm , the country ;
resIdence of the prInce of Wales , near KIngs-
lyn , were destroyed.
YIUlPR V 'iL , antI Vicinity Con ttfbly
I . UIRurbccl by the , \ . .
DENVER March t-A letter from Steamboat -
boat SprIngs , Colo" , which Is tar from rail-
I road or telegraph lnes , dated March 22 ,
says : "Today about 1 o'clock a distInct
earthquake shock wns tel In Ynmlla valley
fropi Phiasant about twelve mIles
: roI Pl'asant valley , twel'e mies
south ot Steamboat Spring , to Hayden ,
about twenty.lve miles west of the town.
The shock was accompanied by a report
resemblIng the discharge or a blast In I
mine , followed by I low , rumblIng sound ,
which , 'I ' descrIbed by seine like breaking
, of , Ice In 1 river or lalte The sound waR
: accompanied hy n distinct vibratIon ot the
earth from cast to west und violent enough
to cause windows to jar and dishes and
spoons to dunce.
Fart : hiluilkeN In Italy.
nou : , March 2J-Shal'p Earthrlnlto
shocks were felt today throughout the
ProvInce mil In the city ot negglo li Cnta-
bril _ _ _ . _ _ _
sqiicr His Jlen 11 ; Seventh WRS To'
Jln.h rot 11m ,
flFNVEll , Murch 24.-A special from
Santa lee , N. M" , says : Phi leley killed
Iten 1ollan lt I.orcsbuIS 1\ January slth.
out provocation und wIthout giving his vie-
tim n crnnc" to defend himself. HI was
acquitted ) a justice at the lleace and has I
Ilnce been playing the part ot "town ter- I
rur " making lan ! threttsV . H , Connor
forbade hll to come to his house to see his
daughter antI he statel this week that he
woulll kill \ I Connor. 'l'he latter arm':11 him
self ami hy chtllCe met tielley. Jlley tnt
shot lt Connor with hid Mlx-sllootl'r. Canner -
. nor returned . the tIre. . letey Hhot . \glln
and Conner then Ihot twice and 1.'loy I
dropped dead . The coroners jury brought
In n \ 'eitllct that Conner vas JUdllec In
IhoCtnl nnd Connor has been released.
Holmun was the sixth man Ietey hnll
kiiItI themselves ) , und , none hal any chance to defend
lT , 1.Ol'IN . .I"U"IUB VnWi.UIB FI1L.S. .
Sidoans slid Other l'ro orlbct t'itoca Jtnu-
fling VitIu (1"1Inli. .
ST. LOUIS , March 2 , , -The P 1Ithulstan
crusade against the saloons Inaugl'attl
some tIme ago was openly disregarded totiny
and saloons t nd barber shells wore run wIde
alIen. A few test eases wIll be matte "y
the ClosIng alsoctathl tomorrow . tht ro-
ot which wilt ' influence the .
suIt w1 largely Illuelce cru
tmlle. _ _ _ _ _ _
lCV , ( ' , I , II.clol tlot I IOltOI
SIJUNOI J ID , 0" , March -Hev. . C. H ,
nlwchel , IlalJor oC the Central Methodist
Riscopal church , has accepted the chair oC
Illstcrlcol theology of . the Bostol univ.rity , !
Ovrl'lt Wrocket II St'ulhl ,
ItFNO , 1e\ ' . , March 2J-'fht eastboUld
overland ran into n boulder late last night ,
derl1ng the engine , eXprC8Smll car and
one conch. 'fhe engine ran Ir.te a bank ,
burying the 1II0t ) out of 1"ht. 'l'he en.
Glneer and Ireman were thrown out of the
cab , Illt not fatally Injured.
- .
J'ollont'll b1 I tlluro 1"111' PowcIer.
GU''UHU' , Oki. , March I.-Slx IIPopie
In Lincoln cllnty have been r > lsnc.l I )
eating food lade wIth n certain cheap
baking powder wih IntrmlucC.1 Into the 1 .
bking . poweer . On\ of the vlctm , lr , J. J
Stewart , Is II U l rllul con'lltlI , I. ,
n . , . . , . . . . _ . ' . , , ' ' "
, . . . .
IWU.I.lS lUI :
Solthor of the I'olltlcai I'RrteR tRklnG Rn
,1lurt to Concilhitte.
LONDON. March 24-Tho Derln corre-
spndent of the Times telegraphs that It
scarcely needed Emperor William's letter to
Ismack , In which his majesty expressed hIl
profound ) Indignation at the refusal at the
Helchstag to authorIze Herr von Lo\'ltzow ,
president of that body , to congratulate PrInce
Dsmarck In the name at the House on the
approachIng nnnlversary of his birth , to give
a polItical character to thIs unedlylng spec-
, Te correspondent adds that I Is difficult
to avoId the Impress , , ) that Prince Bis-
marck's admIrers set the demonstration afoot
with a definite , though as yet veiled , purpose.
In the same manner ns that In which they
used the cry for religion , morality and social
order to Chancellor von Capri vi , I they
hall real ) wIshed a majority In the Helchs-
tag , there Is reason to believe they could have
obtaIned it , but for a fortnight last the press
oC the cartel parties has surpassed itself In ,
recrIminatIons against the centre party and
the radicals , which slowly but surely ex-
chulell every possibility of an amicable compromise -
promise No steps were taken to obtaIn any
courtesY that could not be wrung trout them
by force.
Stl ne oppositIon must bear a share oC
the hlame. The conduct oC the centrists wa
scarcely.wcrthy oC a powerful party. I may
he asmmed that thc centrists were Influenced
by time unyielding attitude of Herr Richter ,
the radical leader. Many nersons think that
herr Richter repeated his mistake of 1&93 ,
and carrIed his dCpotsm too far. As It b
the centrists and radicals have In the eyes
or a large part oC the country allowed them-
solves to he drIven by the macnlnalons of
their enemies to exhibit to time world a tes-
tamonlnm 11 per ts.
It would be hazardous to venture to conjecture -
jecture ns to the final object of the cartel
pa rle !
TheIr clamor for the dissolution of the
Reich stag Is a fitting sequel to theIr conduct
as a whole , but the correpondent says he
knows from excellent authority that there
Is no InclinatIon In influential c'reles to
listen to this queston about admnce. The
vote on the resolution was not equivalent to
the government's death. Neither the go v-
ornment nor the conservatives who arc cry-
Ing the loudest have anything to gaIn by
a dlssolulon oC the Relchstag.
I Is needless to remind the conservatives
oC what their position would bo In a general
election . with the government opposing the
Von Ianltz scheme for grin control by the
general govornrnont. With the single exception .
cepton of tie extreme radical and Catholic
and socialistic papers , the whole press admits
that the Reichstag , by its acton , lowered
Its prcstge , I Is probable that the new !
president oC the house wilt be a member of
the centrists , that Is . time clerical party.
LONDON March 24.-The Paris correspondent -
spondent of the Times says the press of that
city condemns the acton of thc Rcchstag !
A dispatch to time Times from Vienna says
there Is a universal expression of unrnitl.
gated InlignatIomi It the acton oC the Relchs- !
tag toward Prince I3ismnarclc . The scorn and
anger manifested by the press Is almost
excess I vo.
lolles of R J"n : amid Woman Found with
Thull I'roiits Cut
TORONTO , ant March 24.-Mrs. Sarah
Jane Swallow could not bo aroused when a
neIghbor called this morning , and the p311cc ,
believing something was wrong , broke open
the door. A ghastly sIght presented Itself.
LyIng on time bed was Mrs. Swallow . wIth
her throat cut from car to cad , and by her
side John Bel , an cxpressman , also with his
throat cut and time razor wah which the
deed had been committed still In his hand
Mrs. Swallow was a wIdow. I Is believed
that jealousy on the part oC Del led to the
Challmgoll to R liuciby Artist " 'hlstcr II
- ondon
LONDON March 24-I has developed that
a week ago " 'hlster , the artist , challenged
George Moore , the novelst , to fight a duel
Moore was the Intermediary In the now
more or less famous dispute between
Whistler and Sir WIlliam Eden , growIng out
oC time refusal oC the former to deliver a
portraIt he had paInted of Sir WIlliam's ,
wife. Moore Ignored the challenge , and I
Whistler has wrItten to hIs seconds regaflln
hIs dealings wIth what ho cals ! "a runaway , !
Colidoll with time Irltlh Steamer Storm
ICing in ii ) &
LONDON , March 24-The BrItish steamer
Storm King from Antwerp for Boston , was In
collision Saturday wIth the Italian bark Gui-
seppe , from Savannah February 1 for Ham-
burg. The accident occurred at Dungeness
during a heavy Cog. The Gulseppe was so
bally damaged that she slnle , but not until
the steamer had rlcued her crew The bows
ot the Storm King were stove In and It was
necessary for her to come to anchor. I Is
expected she will have to be partially discharged -
charge In order to make repaIrs.
CRtholcs unit t'rotostiimita ' In Manioba Un -
nub to Cumo to \rtomcnt. .
MINNEAIOLS . March 24.-A special to
the TrIbune from Winnipeg , Man " , says : Mani-
tobo and the Canallan northwest 'ms reached
the crIsis In its his lory , and the storm which
has been hovering over the country so long Is
likely to break forth before long. I Is a
war 10 biter that It mar wreck the dented-
oration Of the Domnimmion. The Catholics arc
lighting for their paroc'hlul schools wIth grim
determinaton , while the Protestant majority
wih equal resolution declares the parochial
schools , recenty abolished bJ act ot the Ianl-
tObl ; legislature , shall never be re.eslablshed.
The excitement Is Intense today.
In the churchc 11lJcheu confined their remark -
mark to tue , hnl1CI\lng struggle , Protestant
11rraclers warning lrotestanta to stand\1rm
und the Catholic clergy IPllealng to their
1011(1 to never gIve up time Ilglmt. The Orane.
men are taking a hall In the struggle Major
Stewart : lulvey , grand master of the Orane-
mitsui Mall : "It cost Canada SOOOOQ to sub.
Ilue the hal breeds on the bonkl of the HiS'
I.atchewan In 1885. 10w many millions will
It take to muke slaves oC time people of
Manitoba b ) Bnbjecthig them to the Cunllc
hlemrchy1"I I
A few men who foresee the consequences ,
are nrglng mOlleraton , but the spirIt of the
counsels ! .tctlons Is 'U'e im9w unheeded so fierce amid biter that theIr
JI'IcIIT.I ,11.1 A I. , ll - l' IW.-S''BI.I J "I
l'itz S.hnlI7\Ct \ IRI R Narrow I'srullc
train Ill' h.
WICII'rA , March 21.-Dmmrng the abpelce
of hIs family early thl3 momllg n lendlsh
nttlpt to l'oaYt alive Fritz fkhle\zlel one
of the wealthiest In W'Icimhta
weulhlelt len WIchia , In his
house was matte. lie was sleeping , when
every avenue leading to his room was latu-
rt.l with coal oil amm'I fred , Before the
lire hall oLtulle < much heallway. firemen
arrived anti draggei Schne\zler , who
welhs over fO pounds . from his room .
'fwo Irenwn , UI wel al :1' . Slhle\zler ,
were badly burimed. There Is 10 clew to the
IIPrlCtmtol1 ul.1 no reason Is known for
In ) ' one commltlG the deed
- -
n"vC limo WOlnl a S"IV 'Frisi
DEI.I,1'\HI : , . 1" , March I-\nna
I lhl , who WIB convlch:1 ot the lullrr ot
ler husband , wits granted a lew trIal
on the ground that In a munler
caiC like .thC one In < u(810n the male
at'el "JY Is always lore guilty than the
frlH.1le . . tH'COIOllc1' . Sue thereupon plladed
Sushi ) , claiming . howevr , that sue hUll not
nlrder..1 her ! hunll. ' Judge WldeJlan
then HtnteIC.1 tier to life hnllrl80nmelt ut I
Chesto' 1 Ienl 'ntnry , He accomplce ,
theou * Ct'ntrul , suffered the dtath penalty
Semite mOlths ago.
Hoards of Spanish Troop3 Are Powerless
Against the Insurgents.
Accurate \eenunt of the Situation by Rn
A l rl RI'C"hRn " 'II 18 l'crsonnliy
) 'RIIRr with the FletR
TAMPA , FIn. , March : 24-ThQ steamer ,
Olveto arrIved tonIght from Havana , i
bringing a lumber or passengers from tIme
eastern end of the Island. They were able
to give moro authentc accounts of the
Cuban Insurrecton than apy yet received
Amolg those was a man who had been lt
Ianzanlo from Jaluary 8 to March 17 , cx-
celltng occasional vIsits to tIme Interior.
lIe states that the uprIsing occurred .
simultaneously throughout time province oC' '
Santiago February 24 The next day Gen-
oral La Chambro arrIved at Guankanmo
from SantIago with 200 Spanish soldiers , returning -
turing to Santiago on the 2Gth with a part
oC the same troops. Ils reason was unknown -
known , but It was supposed that ho feared
a trap
The duet of the rebels around Guankanmo
Is lenry Brooks , nephew ot Rich Brooks
oC Santiago and Guamikamimimo Since the first
outbreak ho has been joined by Perlquo
Perez , a very good soldier ! hey have GOO
len at Guankanmo In Santiago province
there are GOOO mel under arms. The opinIon -
Ion Is that should time Puerto Prlncipes rise ,
as planned upon his departure , this would
win a strong force of determIned men , increasing -
creasing the Insurgents to about 1,003 .
1lrbel , : bandit , who held for ransom
ono Lopez , son of Strandu , returned the
child to his parents on March 16. Mirbel
claims to bold a commission oC colonel from
time Cubans. le commands a strong , dan-
gerous band.
At Santiago some young len who were
In sympathy wih the cause did not join
the mnovemmient fearing that negroes were
the principal directors ThIs Inference was
drawn from Gillcrnmon's statement that his
chief was Guanalberto Gomez Abaut thirty
miles from antago , near EI Cobre , four
Spanish troops were on March 15 ambshed by
an Insurgent band under command ot
The Spaniard's loss was exceedingly heavy.
They were routed and the Cubans notified
the Spanish authorities to send for the dead
and wounded. The lumber of the Cuban
band Is not Imown Gulermon , who has a
band In the vicinity of Crlsto was seen by
the passengers Interviewed He Is a leader
of strength and the government forces fear
and watch him. He hovers near Manzlnlo ,
commandIng 500 well armed cavalry. About
March 16 he ransacked Chalpuegla village ,
which consists of about 700 Inhabitants and
which was guarded by fifty Spanish soldiers
The commanding lieutenant was captured
while absent from the garrison , the fortfca-
ion was surrounded , and , upon the promise
of life beln 1 snored. the arms of the bar-
racks were -surrend red. This hiappenedjn
midday. That night , after time Insurgents
had gone , fresh Spanish troops arrived , and ,
the surrenderIng lieutenant was arrested by
them and sent to prison
A great many ex-Spanish soldiers are wIth
Guerra , and Masson Four miles from 1an.
zanlo Guerr captured all the aJms front
the plantations. As a rule , the plantations
arc unmolested , except as mentioned , but
"Sofia . " a Spanish plantation , Is not per-
mited to work. In Manzanlo the volun-
leers and cItizens arc constantly fearing
captures . Time entrances to It arc guarded
and no one Is allowed to pass time gates '
at night. Those entering during the day are
compele to surrender theIr arms.
The streets were constantly patrolled at
night Some of the richer stores have erected
opposite their stands small turreted towers ,
with their round bodies projecting Into the ,
streets from corners . so that loopholes command -
mand the four directions , on the street. These
towers are ten feet high and twelve feet In
In lanzanlo sIx old turrets of the former
revolution have been repaired , and several
Impromptu towers of timber have been constructed -
structed The same work Is being done at
Daamo for the Protection of property. The
latest reports arc that the Insurents' forces
have withdrawn Into the Interior to plan an
attack , Ils thought , upon Santiago.
Colonel Santoelda has arrived at Manzan- ,
ia from Santiago and Is In command of the
Ianzanlo section ot Spanish troops , conslst .
Ing ot 100 soldlera. After a fight at Dalre he
started for Manzanlo , When passIng Bay-
ammio , and about five miles distant , he was
ambushed by nearly 400 Insurgents. The fire
was so fierce that they were compelled to
form a holow square to protect themselves.
The Spanish ranks were fearfully mowed
down , while the Cuban losses were not In-
significant. Among the later RodrIguez , an
aIde of Mate , was killed .
Had It not been for the timely arrIval oC
SpanIsh .troops from layamo the band of
Spaniards ) would have been totally destroyed.
This conflict occurred about Marto. Around
the Canto river section the whole country Is
In the throes or rebelion , lands are marchIng -
lug toward I.asunas de VictorIa anti Puerto
Irlnelpes , growing stronger as thpy proceed.
A strong band of Insurgents are on the
norther coast daily expecting an expedition
from the UnIted States ,
The Insurrecton movement does not appear
to be receIved , \Ih favor by time'oliio , who
are moving Into the cites , All kinds of
work Is suspended. The cutting oC high
grade tmber has stopped from the fact
that number of the cutters are with time
Insurgents amid others are not to be had to
take their pluces The Insurgents do not
allow oC the movement of cattle , keeping
them la their regular pasture In the later
part of Apri the rainy season beg ns In that
section . 'he roads will become Impassable ,
making all kInds oC movement difficult anti
expensive , eipeelaly with foreign troops , as
hone with tender feet will have to be shod
or abmtnttoflt'i. Everything ' wi then be In
favor oC the Insurgents
The Cormaton of the new Spanish mln-
Istry attracts much ath'nUon. I prudent
they mny hohl time revoluton In a puty
pabsh'o Mate for beveral months , or I they
Ire unwise they may hurl a Irebrand Into
the powder magazlno and drIve many Into
revolt who are now neutral . A 8mol gunboat '
boat was patroling time coast near Cape
Cruse larch 16 amid noticed a shIp's yawl
heading Cur timemn I proved to contain two
( herman sailors who wanted water. They
claImed to be Ishermen from San Domingo ,
being blown from that coast by heavy south.
eastern gales. They were bent to Santiago
and Put In jai , where were aho two Amerl.
cans found In the same lanner two weeks
previously. The American and German consuls .
Buls both have the matter before them
Time 1'luengcl' mentioned Is i an Anmerican-
Cuban and gives a truth CuI oeeount oC the
situation . Mummy Incldent mentoned he Is
acquainted with by personal knowledge.
NEW YOH , March 2t-The Pacific Mali
stpolshlp Colombia , from Colon March 1G , ar I
rh'ell here tOllay. Captain Henderon reports
that at 3:35 : p. m. on the 19th the ColombIa
Ilaned Cape llrsl about three and one.halC
mies from shore. Shortly afterward the otli-
cer on the bridge slghtt11 0 Spanish man.oC-
war about seven miles ahead , steaming
lord the north side oC the island of Cuba ,
The wor vessel was two mated , schooner
rigged and painted white . She showed no
sIgnals and no atenton was paId to her by
I lime officers of the steamship , which Ilrceeedet
-'I her uual course ,
l'flOOItES8 OJ' TltWl 1 ; fE souTh.
Now Itnterllrl of AlhlDsbOtIptlOflb ! tn lie
Stlrtfcl thltSIl ; trr
CHATTANOOGA , Tenn. , t1rh 2 . -ne.
ports from all over the sOtl rl time week
endIng March 22 , received by the Tradesman ,
Chattanooga , show that more favorable
weather has Improved the'conditlon I of busl-
ness. The revival In turld"manuCActurlng Is
quite noticeable , but w'\lb \ prices arc firm ,
the advances In values Pcted "y some 0)
erators have not been maae as ) 'et. But at
no time In the past year have Inquiries been
so general as at present , both . for home and
foreign simipimienta.
Now cotton mills and enl rgements of cxlst-
Ing ones contnue to be reported from several
states representng the Int rest taken In cot-
ton maters by local Investors The Trades-
mnn's list oC new mills multi of enlargements
Is al follows for the weak : 1M lie with $100,00h
capital at Greenville . Ickory Grove and Wal-
terboro , S. C. : with $50OOOfcpltnl , at leels-
yule . N , C. , luntsv\e and Iledmont , Ala" ,
Shreveport , La. , Tupelo , 11" , Hltherford , N.
C" , and Cherow amid New errJ S. C. Enlargements -
largements of cotton mis ire to be made nt
Dalton , Ga , HenrIeta and , Seueca , S. C. , amid
Trenton , Tenn
Iron production In the southern territory
continues to be active , with somewhat of an
Increased business at unchanged quotations.
Building prospects requiring the use of Iron
and steel Ire now better tuna , for a bug time
alll an active spring seaSOn Is anticipateml.
Dusluess Is falling oft BOIUewhat among the
coal producers , but no lessning ot the outlllt ,
Is reported Collections ar4 god for the sea. '
son : merchants are buyimjg carefully and
stocks of goods are kept lo' , , wlt' no disposi-
tion to Increase In advance . of , the daily demands -
mands oC local trde , t '
Advances to planters wIth \'hlch to make a
crop wIll be made with tnueh caution this
year , there beIng a gen rnl understanding
among merchants that thll practce should be
dIscouraged j
Among the Important ne industries estmmb-
Ished or Incorporated In time . southern states
during the week Is a $30 , OO hnprovement
nnll Ile\elopment company\to \ do business In
Tennessee ; a $100,000 telephone construction
company at Louisville . Ky. , anti a $100,000
hat factory at Wimeeling . .V. , Va. A compress
with . $75,000 capital will e built at Cuero
Tex. ; a $50,000 woodenwure factory Is re-
ported at Portsmouth , Va.and ; a wagon factory -
tory wih $25,000 capital ' at Chase City . Va.
Flouring mills are to hoj built nt Mineral
\Velis . 'x" , and Point PlebsantV. . Va , : Ice
factories nt Jonesboro Ark. . Columbus , Ga. ,
nrownv1e , Tenn. , and 'RAilford , Va. ; phos-
phnte works at Goodrich , 'cnn" , and lumber
mills at Carrbele amid 'Suwanee , Fla. , For
SmIth. Ark. . Atauta , Ga"IIopklnsvle , Ky. ,
and AlexandrIa , La J .
NEhI : lOIUi TO 7'lYTllJJETIWlT _ PLA' .
Vacant tot anti Lmd : : in jov York Will
le Cultivated by th nemI1Joyod.
NEW YORK , March : 4.-.The committee
on the cultivation ot vacant : lots by the unemployed -
employed as an alxlidrytot time New York
Association for Improving time Condition of 1
the Poor has made Public the result of
their many conferences In regard to the experiment -
periment of provIding ethploynient for the
worthy unemployed men ' oC this city. The
commiteD reports they have . secured . for the
coming summer from Whiliam'Stelnway , the
piano manufacturer , 3001 ; acres of land In
Long Island CIty. Ex-Mavor HewItt has
also donated the use ot fifty acres ot land at
Inwood , on the Judson rIVer Each applicant
must fl out a blank form"whleh wIll be furnished -
nished him , and I properly Indorsed by
some responsible persomiihe ' will be allowed
the use of a quarter otal 'acre of land ,
which he will cultivate durIng the summer
and the proceds from tM'saleot ' the 'vegeja : .
bles w\ Ie given him. \hero a
man has mIargo tamIl anti -dndOQn Is' '
extra worthy he wIll be glvn halt an acre , of
the land to cultIvate. . ! h commlteo has
ordered 1,200 bushels of see1 potatoes and has
already on hand all the I other vegetable
seeds that will ho requIred ! The seeds and
all the agriculural Implements necessary to
till the sotI 1 wIll be furnished to the men
free of charge , The committee has secured
the servIces , of J.V. . Kjelgaard , a practical
farmer as superintendent of the farms The
committee wIll exercIse general supervIsion
over product the work and wiliflndainarket ' ' , , for the
A letter has been received ; by the commIttee
from Henry A. Hoblns ; chief of the sta-
tstcal divIsIon oC time Department of Agrt-
culture at Washington , In which he states
that from a personal Investigation of the experIment -
perIment at Detroit 1U b. , and ' from the gen-
oral opinion oC those to whom he applied for
information , he Is convinced of the efficiency
of the Bcheme. Sirnilar.exeriments will be
tried the comIng summer In Minneapolis , St.
Paul , Los Angeles , Syrncusc , Chicago , DuC-
tale and SI LouIs . I 1 .
Ul'UI"-ATI. . 1' 4. lo1.DS A MIE1'JZG.
" - . - . ! - . U
l'ulnro of Archbishop nron'8 ] Jnnkilg
Schema l'ro\-o" [ tIme Trouble.
CINCINNATI , Mlieil -There ' were
about 30 people present . at rbeltr hal
today , pursuant to I cul .of time portion ot
the creditors oC the lateArChblshop Pur-
cell , inviting members ot lime ,4. P. A. to
meet and co.operte with them. William
LIst of Hamilton presided 'nd spoke Other
speakers were lrs. Ellen Trempe oC Ham-
Ion and 11ev J. A. Lo\ve , pastor at the
A. P. A. congrelalon at this city. The
tone ot the speeches wads .denunclatory , re-
citing the history oC tug celebrated ArchI I
blfhop Purcell's failure. The - result of the
meeting was a memorial to Governor MCKInley :
KInley to use his InlUence to have ' a law
passed prohibItIng unincorporated banking :
also the IssuIng ot n circular to members oC
the Catholic church , giving a complete history -
tory oC the Purcell flllure to date , which
the A. P. A. agrees to prInt and circulate
broadcast all over the Unltel Slates.
Clulm8 of a " "olln m to l'ertorimmimmg
Sllra'ulomms Cure " thu Cmtumto.
EI , PASO , 'fox . ! uicll 21-A dispatch
Cram Bnrterln , Mex , says I woman call.
Ing herself "Terese de Covrn , " and clnlm-
Ing to perform miracles ; has so excited the
eople there that thiy are simply crazy.
The MexIcan gOVellllent ordered her ar-
rest , amid the religious fanatics opposed the
order , mind as a result one men was killed
In a tight nt 1ulato , nc 'l'eoillo Vnsquez ,
time Jeto politico , was ! wound el , This Is
the same woman wlo'\\ ! UI ( cause of a
hloolly h revolt at Temlhla about fourteen
months ago , and whlchlrc/ulell In the 1ex- '
leln authorltls makillt Uhe womun leave
the country. She crosi ' to Nogales , Aniz .
where It Is claimed li . ! Mexicans she
erfor1d wonderful citoL She dlsp
Iiearcd from Nogales , izrjd.two weeks age
made her appearance Iplihe village at m
Valve her. , where 40 arPedrt , arc protecting
, /or I'OIUC JI II'L IY . TOU lWItIhRI ) .
" 'I
Iis Thoulant [ : J r L of Dhmimmiond.
II fecur ly"bl.ves.
NE\V YORK , MarcI ? : ' ! , -The jewelry
store oC Constant LucW was robbed yes.
terday atenoon and dIam6tIs to the value
of $ GO stolen An bnkiwn lan , who
was well dressed , drove' up-tim a buggy oppo.
site the store and bekQCI to the clerk ,
Mr Frederick to cor e out to him. AI.
though Frederick was aon In the store at
the time he did so , anti tlu ; 'Itranger ' , taking
a handsoma gold watch from his pocket ,
engaGed him In conversation regarding some
fancied trouble In tie ' movement When
I'rederlck returned to the tore to hIs dls-
many he discovered that In that brief time
some one had enerl the store ' and taken
from the show cases two trays ot diamonds
valued at $ GO : .
Wonu'mm's Press I.rmigue of Chicago \1
H"/I I Ud"JIto to 1.01dol
CHICAGO , Mardi 2J.-A decided step was
taken today by Chicago women interested
In the case ot Mrs. Marbrlck. .t a special I
meeting of the " Womnan'ms Press league ot
Chicago I Wil decided to send to England
n memher of the league to try anti arouse
some Interest In ? , Maybrlck' tavor. A
number of Iietitlona have been sent to the
home secretary without elect , 60 the woo
men of time Chicago' lres have resolved to
try al I last resort the influence on the
l nllHh press American women Imbued
with time Idea that their countrywoman Is
Innocent. nail letermlnel thal Qther Ihal
believe UI they tc ,
Blacksmith Mnguire Almost Boasted Alive
In His Burning Shop Yestrday ,
Filially n"lensea himself , hut ISles In 8m'cl
UUlrM After lcaerlhlmmg R Horrible
t Struggle to MrnI1e-'rlnn.IM ) olht
. I " ' mme time " 'orlt of 1'1 0 Il.
Cornelus Maguire , a blacksmith 50 ) 'earl
old , living In his shop , 3j03 Shermnn avenue ,
was awakene by a fro In the shop yester-
day morning at 4:20 : , alt before ho could
make his escape he was so badly burned that
he tiled seven hours later at the Emanuel
Maguire halt been occupyIng the blacksmith -
smith shop for nbout two and a malt months.
The buiding was formerly a traIning stable ,
but was later fitted u ( for blaclwnlthlng by
Smith Coffee , who ownell I nt the tme It
was buaned. Maguire fitted ) tip a room In the
northwest corer of the building , whIch he' '
occuled as a slcelng reom In thIs room
there wns but ono Wlllow , and I was boarded )
up half way both on the Inside and outside.
Maglro had been asleep for sOle hours
w'el he was awakenell by the roaring anti
crackling oC the flames , which were rahll'
enveloping the entire building , I wooden
structure anti very dr ' . Ills first effort to
make hIs escape was at the front door , and
being unable to get It open he rushed through
the fire to the rear , and failed In hIs attempt
to make his escape In that direction. The
bulling at this point , where the fro had
evidently started , was a mass oC fames , and
lImo ! heat and smoke were st ng. The night
clothes oC Maguire were now on tire , and hIs
body was being burned In a horrible manner.
The torture was becomIng unbearable and
crazed with paIn he made a last effort to free
himself from the burning building , and again
rushed through the flames to the front part
oC the buIlding , where , gathering all the remainIng -
mainIng strength he had , 'Ie hurled hIs body
agaInst , the door and burst It olen
The site of the blacksmith shop Is a block
from the nearest business house or dwelling ,
and up to this time the 11eoplo nearet to the
burning building were not aware that a fire
was In their vicinity. MaguIre's cries for
assistance had not aroused any one. In a
pitiful condition , with his night clothes burn-
lag and the flesh pealing from his legs , arms I
and hands , ho male his way a block distant
to a building , 3802 Sherman avenue where
with lila cries he aroused L T. Foreman ,
whom he begged to extInguish the fames
that were burning his back and which he
was unable to reach with his mangled hands
Mr. Foreman . rendered all the asslstanco that
was In. his power , and , In obellenco to Mr.
MaguIre's wishes , he led hIm a block further '
north to where a friend pf lagulro's lived.
HIs friend , Ted Deecher , assisted him up two
fghts of stairs over Cumings' salon , 3824
Sherman , avenue where he was nut t bed .
iie ; tlice ambulance was called , mind a phy-
' atclan. havIng. arrIved , ' he was , : ord FId , token
'fn , Emanuel hospital , where , remaining
consclols to the mat , bo died a few hours
In conversation wIth his frIends he stated
that seine one had tried to bur him up , amid
that the doors had been barred cn the out-
sIde , melting his escape almost Impossible.
FrIends oC Maguire stated that they knew
of no one that could be construed to he an
enemy of hIs , and that all oC his acquaIntances -
ances seemed to tblnlt a great deal oC him.
Time only difculy they had ever known
Maguire to have was a few weeks ago , when
a colored man went to his shop and bad a
horse shod and paid for the worle. 'In a few
days the same man returned and had another
horse shod and asked for credit , but this was
denied and the horse was held until the
money was paId over. A few words were
had at that time , but no particularly bad feel-
lag was expressed on eIther side
Although the building was entirely burned ,
which destroyed time chances of learnIng
whEther the door had been barrel from the
outside , the friends are unanimous In saying
that they do not think that such was the
case , and explain time tact thut Maguire was
unable to escape at first from eIther of the
doors as being cause from the excItement ot
the moment.
Mr. MaguIre came to this city last Juno
from San Francisco In charge of a carload
of race horses belongIng to a horseman
named HendrIckson. lIe was In charge of
the horses for some tme , bu when they
were shipped from here he did not accompany -
pany them. After that tme he was engaged
In various ways until he took charge of
time blacksmith shop. Ils former home was
Janesvle , Wls" , where ho was engagell In
the livery business for a number of yearmm.
Having some domestic troubles he left
that city and came west amid a Cow
years ago , In company wIth others , put up
a bulllng at IlaUsmouth to he used as n
distillery , but time building was burned before
It was ready for occupancy. This msfotune :
disheartened him , as he lost all ho had , and
from there he went west , returnIng last
year. Ho leaves a wife and chid , a daumgii-
ton , In Chicago , One brother lives In Chicago
and another In Saldl , Colo. Time latter , Ii ,
F. Maguire , was tetegraphed by time coroner '
'No disposition of the body will bo male
until a reply Is received 'fhe body Is at
the morgue , where on Inquest will be hold
at a date which Is not yet fixed .
Time burned building was valued at about
$ GOO , _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _
T.ILK 01 I.r.\'OIIS ( } J'oun NIWll/ ,
Chnr'11 with ni Atuck on I' VUllio In
, \llblll ,
BIRMINGHAM . Ala , March 24-Isaac
Tankersly , Iham Fails , John Roberts end
Mack Fails , negros , are In Jai ' here charged
with a brutal attack upon Mr and Mrs. John
Barr last night. There Is Intense excitement
and some talk oC lynching. Barr , who has a
store at Tuscaloosa , was returning home last
night wIth his wIfe , hayIng II his pocket the
proceeds of the day's sales The couple were
attacked by the tour negroes and both were
beaten Into Insensibility , Barr beIng probably
fatally Injured Barr identified Tankersly as
anD oC time assailants and he confessel , iniphi-
eating the other tbree.
catng .
Iullerllto Eight "lh R Mauminc .
PARIS , March 2-Shert Umltall and
posse , while attempting to arrest Thomas
loutlW , a manIac living near here , were
forced to shoot him and beat hIm Into In.
sensibility . MOltaw fought like I tiger .
Irt whim I Ihotgun and afterwards with a
large corn knife. Several oC the I'osse were
Injured before the maniac was overpaweted .
His wounds may not be fatal
I Sllo.ttonI toltrlct ) No Debts. .
DENVER , March 21-'he directors ot time
International Mining and Industrial expoll-
tion have unanlnusly 'tecldel that no expenses -
ton shoull be Incurred until they have I
fund ot $0,0 In bank I Is expected
that tie aura will be raised In a few weeks
. .
. - -
Sixty 1olltR IntCrrCd Rt Evanston , " 'FC.
' Fmmimiille te.tItutc.
'csts'rdmmy-Mmuii7 !
YeMt.rtRy-JlnI1 FRIIItA UUttlt
EVANSTON , W'o. , March 24.-Walter
1\er , the last of the victims oC time coal
mine disaster at Red Canon on the 20th ,
was found last night.
The sixty who met theIr death the annie
day were laid ) to rest today wIth most 1m.
pressl'o ceremonies. Thera were thlrt.two
burled from the Mormon church alone , where
the services were conducted by Bihop
flowers oC Aimny , nsslted I ) Bshop Drown
of Evanston all Cmlnont 11'gnltarles ' oC time
Iormon church Crom Salt Lake , Includln
Franklin n , Uehards , church hhtorlan ;
John henry Smlh , ono lf the twelve nllos
tIes , a 11 Seymour B Young and lwnrll 1
Stephenson , two of the seven Ilresilents ,
lsllp Clur of Coalvlo ale nsslsted
The church Is the largest In Ulntnh county ,
but was Insutcent to accommodate one-
thIrd oC the 11eoll10 who attended , I was
ntemptclI to take time connell bathes ) of the
tOfu Into the church , but after thirteen
had been carried In It was found that all
oC thcm would occup so much room that
there would not be enough room to scat time
mourners , amid the belies were mo\'ell out
again amid arranged In rows at the side of
the cimurcim
Such a scene has rarely been wlnesscll
anywimero and I requlrell time utmost efforts
of Dlshop Chair nnl Aposte Smih to hush
by words oC comfort all consolation time
sobs of wllow8 , mothers and chlllren EO
that time exercIses might proceed. All these
were burled at the Mormon ccmetery at
Red Cammon The FInns , too , were burlell
from their own chapel lu their own burring
ground 11ev. Mr. Lepperto conductel the
services for those ot time lethollst : faitim .
Father Imzgerall of time mnston
Cathole church for those oC his fllth ,
whlo He\ E. F. Deggs of the I \mton
Methodist church preached the funeral
sermon at time opera house over thc remains
oC O. Ialb ) who was buried wIth Masonic
Fred Morgan was burled by the Ancient
Order oC United 'orkmen , of which order
he and Mr. lalbJ were members , carrying
$2,000 insurance , time only two Insured out
oC time whole sixty-one. Contributions are
coming In freely and It Is hoped thlt none
oC time moro than 300 almost destitute people
without means oC support will be permited
to surer for time necessities . oC life.
J'.ITIlUll'OL,1.UH , 1 11R2'it.LCTION. -
lecnll from the , \lnr time Statements
Ildo ! ARIIRt time Sioux l'nUR SlotorM.
SIOUX FALLS . S. D" , March 21.-Spe- (
chal.-Mgr. A. Havoux , vicar general ot
the archdiocese or St. Paul , has been here
for the past three days It time instance or
Archbishop Ireiammd . to take evhlelce with
u vIew to clearing away the dllcuiles
existing In local Catholic circles.
existng Catholc I has
been no secret that for some time Archbishop .
bishop Irelanll has conteml11ated removIng
both the sisters and 1"atlel' Nolan fl'om
this diocese II order that the bishop who
wi SOOI succeed Bishop Iurty will find
emily harmony In this the largest Catholic
congregation In the slate. I hUs , however -
over , been about decided mow to let Father
Nolan remain hmem'e all the questIon as
to whether or not the sister will be removed -
moved Is a mater which rests wholly 01
the decision of Mgr. Huvoux after considerIng -
lag the evidence which he has taken here.
I was supposed that there would be I I
regular trIal amid the sisters secured counsel -
sel They had Sir Charles Rumasehl , n 11rom-
IneiI New York attorney , and 11ev. Thomas
Barry of Phlldelhla , come here to assist
them. These gentlemen accompanied the
sisters before 1 gr. Rayoux on the opening
'rooming' ot the ' confer nce. , They were
asked by the presiding dignitary what their
business' was. Whjn told , he said 11 no uncertaIn -
certaIn term that . their presence wa Cli-
trely superluols and that they would not ,
be hear In the mater at al They conso-
quenty left on the first train The cOlfrr-
once was carried on In a most careful man-
nero each sister being examined separately
amid alone. I Is expected that u decision
will be reached by Mgr. Havoux In about a
Today , at the peremptory order of the
vicar Ioneral , Father Nolan retracted from
the altar the statements made by him n
year ago denunciatory of the 81sters 'I'hls
Is u victory for the sisters. I Is Iller-
stood they will leave voluntarily and follow
Bsho ( Marty to St. Cloud , 1lnn. alhough
the vicar general lies not decided time case
3'et. . The retraction his widened the breach
between the two factons ,
SCIBRtOlnl Turn In time Gold lut Hohblty
ut Ensenmmdmm .
SAN DIEGO , Cal" , March 2I-'rhe In-
vestgaton of the rolJhery oC the big gold
bar amid gold coin at Elsenata took a sea-
satonal tur today , when .111 Pratt and
James A. Garrtt were arrested there
charged with time crime. They are being
held on niuspiciomi , but time arrest of Oar-
ratt , who wrms not known to have been sos-
pected , Indicates timat the authorities imave
it clew which may result In time conviction
of the guilty panties. Allan Pratt has for
mmix years served Manuel Itivemolii as cashier
and coniidemititml clerk , mind was In fuhi pan-
session of time secrets of the ilrm , kumowlug
also time conibination to time safe. lie is a
young Englishman , anti imis reputation hints
been the very best. James ( larrmmtt Is a
young Canadian , amid ( or soimme Iliac was
clerk for time International compammy at En-
senada , lioth men are umnnatmirahized Mex-
leans , and therefore ask protectiomm from
England ,
? .1h1lLLI'OX Ji'JPR ! ) I ) UT it'l' MIL Ji'A UJEi' .
Over Oimo Timoustummil Cities mtmm.l . Two 11mm-
tired lJm'mmtim time Itooar.l.
MILWAUKEE , March 21-Time ammullpox ,
whiiclu was for some time last mmmmmnrner amid
fall epidemic in Ilium city , and which bait
kept time htealthm depnntmimemmt busy all wium.
ter , is practically wiped out. Time titolatloum
imospitaimi Imave been closed amimi thieve nm'n
now only six cases In time city. 1mm mmlmme
mnontims theme imave been 1,011 canes aiim ] 268
dentimmi. Time nutimomities lmmtye humid iflhtliY
evils to cope withm 1mm their work of suppressing -
pressing tIme diseitse , Mobs imave ( ought time
imeimltim authorities wimo svere emit to reniove
immmtlents to time imoiqiltals , amid it cormstammt
svarfmure hums hieemi wimged in certalmm qmmnlntems
agaInst time mnethiodim of copimig with time
Imest. _ _ _ p _ _ _ _
J. . jlL'lJhtl' 01. . .PU1IJU1JJC 1)UUJJ..ISS.
1.1 , illark'mi Ehmisemihmal ( limmirehi of New York
the riccimo ut ii Notable ( lmutimortimg ,
NE\V YORK , Mmmrch 2i-St. Mark's
Metimotiist EpiscoimnI chmumreim was crowded
todimy by colored neopie to flttOfld time me-
nmom'ial item-vices in hmoimor of time late Froth-
crick Douglass , unmier time auspIces of Si ,
Mark's Lyceum , Time services were liii-
premmatyc mind were opemied by a prayer by
lte' , Eummest Lyon , pastor of time church ,
Dr , J. 16 , Itmmnkimi of Howard uumivoummity ,
W'utsimlngton , 1) , C. , read an etmiogy , In
wlmleim ime referred to loughmmss nit betumg to
time Afro-Amem icons what \'nsimlmigtuum immmi
Lincoimi wcmc to lime Ammglo.Amnenlcmnmms ,
immiurmiumcu Agent % rrcstett for Swismtluiimg ,
MEXiCO , Mo , , March 21.-Il. N , Nicker-
semi , an insurance agent , was arrested here
yesterday charged with swindling several
peoPle at Famlier , Mo , Dickerson visited
Fam her it few dityim sluice , amid claiming to
lie time ngeumt of the Mutual LICe Immsimranetm
COiiihiUIiY of New Jersey , lie wrote up hiail.
des to the anmoummt of several hundred dol.
lana. lie took umotes iii ptmyment of imoticies
and cashed them at. time l'm.iI lien tunic. 'ro.
day miews was receivemi that hue Wamm mmot tuu.
thonized to represent tue cOimipammy.
( Iuvarmmmmmcuit % mmreimuusos iii lniigor ,
OSCEOLA , Ark. , March 21-TIme river
bank ricer Eimnont , hive mtmilemi north of thus
place , began caving yesterday mimorning lii
front pf time govcrrmuneimt ' % vareimouso , in
which lit stored Imundreds of thousands of
dollars worth of engines , maciiimmery aumd
material. Men were Put to work movimmg
the contents of time warelmouse to a Iluoo
of safety. Halt au acre of ground lies already -
ready fallen Into time river and time wareS
hmoumme viil soOmm go ,
Sster mmmiii 1ighmt tnmimpmsimy lii iifliemiiulc , ,
WACO , Tex. , March 24-Judge It'ctor
has appointed Major Titibs of Waco receiver -
ceiver of time Waco Water I'ouver amid Light
company , The liabilities and assets mire
not iumpwn
- . -
Young Jaanoso Attempts to Assassinate
the Distinguished Ohinaman ,
Msguit1etl Patriotism Believed to Have Bco
the Cause ,
Effort to Kill the Emperor's ' Ropresontativ
Prothices Intense Excitement.
Catemmt of time l'cace Coimmmmiissloner's 1fl
j cries Not ltmmtu im-Crimime Commmmtmltted
' , 'imiio time \ 'ictiimt'n mm
tIme Street ,
SIIIMONOSEIU , March 24-As Li Iluni
Cimmmmmg , time Chmlumese peace envoy , was rettmrn. j
immg to his lotigimigs Iii this place today , after
havIng attemmded a commterencO witim Coummt Ito
anti Viscount Mmmtsu , time Japamiese peace plen.
Ipotentiarics , ayoung Jehmaneso hIred a pistol
at hmini.
Time bullet sped straighmt , bumt most fortu-
imatchy did no mmiore hmarmmi than to immfiict. a
wound In Li hlumig Chmang's face.
At thai timmie of sending this dispatch it ii
impossible to iearmm whmetimer or mmot time wound
is serioums.
Tue attemmipt to assassinate time representa.
tivo of time emperor of Cimimia caused the mnosl
intense excitement , amid on every side timers
were expressIons of deep regret.
Time would-be murderer was arrested.
It Is believed that lie was prompted to ( h
cnimne by misguided patriotisnmi.
YOKOIIAMA , March 24.-Time news of the
attempted assassinatiomi of Li Ilummg Cimang
created mmiucim excitement. Time emperor and
empress will send a messemmger to Siminmo-
noseki to express to time distinguished Chinese
statesman their regret at tIme unfortunate co.
LONDON , March 21.-A dispatch from
Shimonoseki states tlmat time name of time
would-be.assasshn Is Koyanma. He 18 21 yearj
of age. ' g
Count Ito , president otthie Jopaneme coon.
elI of mnialsters 'and one of thm peace corn.
missioners , has visited Li Hung Ohang anti
expressed to Itimni his sympathy and regret.
YOKOhAMA , Marcim 24.-Time assmmssin'e
antecedents are unknown. Li liming Clmang
was shot In time clmeek. It is believed that
the wound is miot serious.
Pm'Immie Minister Ito Inns telegraphed to Hir-
oslmimna asking that Dr. Sato , time imperial 4
physician , be semit to attemid time Cimimmese corn-
missioner. Every precatmtion has' been taken
by time police amid mmmiiitary to prevent. any ,
trouble , Time govermmmmmemmt profoundly regreta
time affair. 4
WASIIINGTON , March 24-TIme news of
tbme assault on LI liming Ci.ang caused a sea-
sation in dipionmatic circles in this city. Time
opinion here is that Japan will suffer greatly ,
as a consequence of time assault , and that. this
Position of Cimimma vIhl be so strengthenel
that ahme mmmay be able to make better term. :
than umime could otherwise have secured.
Time incIdnt may lead to time breaking o
of peace negotiations , or at least may postpone -
pone further action in this direction until the
Japanese have guaranteed tIne mafety of - - -
China's envoys.
No news of time attack on Li lIming Ciian
has bcemm received by time Jmuimanese legatiomi
here , and Mimmister Kunino is imnwliling to discuss -
cuss tIme occurrence , Time memmmbers of the
iegatiomm rcahizo timat it lii a seriommmi mmintter ,
but hope that the first reports many prove to
ime exmmggeratetl. 'fimey say no ommmi will de.
imlore such an affair mmiore than time Japanesi
timemmielves ,
Time Cimimmese legatlon received jmronuipt no
lice of limo ummatter , but their amlvices commtalumeml
nothing mmot in time lii'CSS dispatcimes. Minis.
ten Yammg Yu dimi not care to thiscmm tIme sub.
joel. It was stated mit time legntlomm that it
was miot believed that It will Iced to time total
bremukimmg oil of peace negotiations , altimoug
it. might cammse them to be interrupted for a
tlmmie. _ _ _ _ _ _
'tWo T.t1ihi Toil ) OP OND EiGhT.
liimimmmctrIcaily Ohlimobito dtcoUIitI , ( if tim.
Affair at the i'cscailmmr islitimths ,
YOIcOIIAMA , March 24-It is utated timat
Cii Timmmnumtiay last time Japammete occupicit
FIshier island , one of time l'cmmcanior group.
Sailors were landed on time coast , mind times
wore followed by troops. Time Cimimmeac mnada
mme olipOsitioni ,
Time Imapers here say timmmt Japan lies purchased -
chased two warsimips train Cimihi , Aim oiflclal
returum timat has just been issued simuws that
time total.Jalmammeso Iota dum'Irmg time wimole earn.
paign imita bevmm only 1,651 mcmi killed.
HONG KONG , lmlarcim 21-/itivleeim receiye
hero commflrmn the report of time repumise of tiii
Japanese troops tlmmmt attempted to mmimtke
Jaumilimmg on the Pescador itlamids.
Tue point at wlmiclt tIme Japanese attemptemi
to laum'i was Makummg , in time mmoutimwestern
part of tIme island of l'ougiman , Makung is
well fortified place nail hums a barber timat ad-
nuts vessels of large draught.
1011 to ( . .umhinaim limo Iloport ,
LONION , March 24.-A hong Kong dis.
hatch to time Dhsimatcim says that Inquiries
full to conllrimi time report tfmat time Japanelo
niade an attack on time ls'aad of For imola , .A
Slmangimei disimatcim to the samno humor says
time ChInese iiavo retreated toward Northern
Klncimow Manchuria , upon viiioit place tim
Japanese are now advancing. Japammes.
vosmels imave capttired Tlmoaimua island , wimicb
lies in time Ijao : 'rummg gulf to time soutitwesi
of iimmehmow.
' ,
- - - - - -