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! r. : ; + t t + - + * ) ' -c = : ; Ht .7..1 t THE OMAHA SUNDAY ; BE'E r fHH.t = ; ; ; ; J
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London Requies Much Atenton from the
Rider on the Pale iore ,
Long Oontinuell L3w Temperature Tolowed
by Most Dirostrous Results ,
Popu'n ion of the Metropolis Sorely Stricken
by Malignant Infuenza ,
rt1hoflftb13 'CNt 1:11 : ] 'ccll the ) IICI80 I
ni 80\'crel ni the S1uii-Mevvro Coli
of Iflhrllry I5rItig 1 on
the Ip1.Icitic.
, . , l'res 1'ubU.iIng Company ; , )
( Cyrhhtcd. 18 r Iy ! luIlshtng CompIY
LONDON , March 2NelYork ( Worl
CableSIJeelal Telegram.-The ) Influenza Is
IncraIng : In London In splo ot
the continued mUd weather. rio epl-
cemlo Ecems to have originated In
the fashIonable West End , and It Is now
generally conceded that the dIsease Is In-
reclous. I has rapidlY spreall to the outlyIng -
lying dlslrlcls. To the American vIsItor
there 1 small wonder that the disease Is so
prevalent here The houses In lhe hest
quarters are lily equipped against such cold
w ather as that ot the last few weelts. Not'
one hal In 100 In the expensive houses Is
warmed at all , whim the windows and
doors ot all FnglIsti residences are Ill-flttlng
and draughly. 'fhe temperature of the halls
consequenty Is below that of the outer air ,
yet the people go Into them from warm
rooms and a sudden chi Is Inevitable In
the poorer quarters , unhappily , the temperature -
ture Is only too equal In the living rooms
and halls.
The coroners report that forty people were
frozen to death In London during February.
The month was the coldest In the officIal
.s record. To Americans a daily average at
soma 28 degrees docs not Imply much suf-
terlng , but the tact Is the extent at misery
among the poor here was unparalleled , so
Insumolent are the preparations agaInst cold
During the last fly years there have been
ony tour months In which the temperature
In London has been below freezing polnl
The number of deaths last seek dIrectly '
traced lo Influenza was 111 , but the official
report gives 1,119 , or thlrly-tour per 1,000
from disease of the respiratory organs.
The mortality , judging by the long death
columns In the Times , was largely among
the well-to-do. The list ot suet , Including '
b the leaders ot both national parties , Is like
a transcript from "Durllo's I'cerage , " while
five Judges , scores of members at Parliament
and many actors and actresses , Including
Henry IrvIng and Charles Wyndham , are suf-
rerers. TOlay the general postomce and
V other government bureaus , Uw great railroad
stations and oilier large slahlshments re-
port a large proporlton of employes down
with the dlease. The holiday papers print . '
many letters suggesting remedies.
DurIng the extreme cold the drains and
water pipes , the later nearly always here
are conducted io the upper stories outside
the buildIng , were frozen and burst. The
companies shut oft the supply lo the houses.
largo part of London now gels Its water
c'r all purposes from ( the supply pipes In the
.treets. I saw today footmen carryIng tubs
Sled In the street Into fine residences.
The World's MunIch correspondent tele-
graphs : . "In contradiction to the statements
published already regarding the prevalence at
influenza here , the police today state on the
authorIty of the munlcpal statistics , that no
cas , bas developed dangerous symptoms. The
lseaEo has never assumed a malIgnant form ,
and the number of cases Is Olmlnlshlng The
number of patients In the publc hospitals
last Saturday was 51 ; today It Is only 197.
rhero were no deaths from the disease duro
lug the weelt As regards scarlet fever , In
the garrison the disease shows a marked de.
crease. There now arc scarcely 100 cases
Three deaths ore reported for the weelt The
state at the public health throughout Bavaria
Is nominal " BALLARD SMITh
lehveon 1'hlrty aiutForty Thousand Clues
Ulllrtell lu flerhlsi.
( Copyrighted , 183 : , ! y the Asoclated l'acC5. )
DERLIN , March 2.-Influenza has taken
hold ot the people ot Derln , with a strong
grip. The mlter weather appears to have
favored Its spread. In fact , according lo the
statistics at the local sanitary bureau , three-
quarters at all the sIckness In the city al
present Is due to Infuenz : The epidemic has
IPparenly taken the firmest bold of the well- , and fe'I houses In the west , sOlllhwest
and northwest districts have escaped . I Is
also notch that the complaint , whIch was al
Irst at a 111\ ( character , has grown much
moro dangerous , and the number at deaths
from Infucnza and its complications this
week has relchrll several hum1red. In the
tlcllslag time usual attendance droppei to
about forty , some I&0 member suffering
from an attack . Time total number of cases
II Berlin Is esthnalell lt from : 0O00 lo
40,000. AIOI : ( the sufferers are lie ( two
vIcE presidents ot the IclehRlag , relhrrr von
Duol-nerenbrc and Herr Uuerltln ; .dmlral
van bits , Prince von UJest , Lieutenant General -
eral Spitz , I'rlnce Carolalh.leuthel , and
numerous court officials. I aha , l'elops
that Emperor William had Just recovced
from a mud attack ot Infuenza when he
started from Vienna to attend the funeral
at Archduke Albrecht. The United State'3
Imbaulllor , Mr. Theodore Ulnyol , has ale
suffered front a slight attack of the dlrease.
I Hclnell Money fur ( rtmiori.
mmJ.IN , Murch 2-lltor' the \ole on : I
the nvai credit waR laleI : , Herr nlchtrr ,
In defense of time attitude lf
the ( rels\llnISQ party II opposing
time grants said that German commerce did
not depend upon the lumber otarshIIJ'
ZOasessed by Germany , Moreover , he added ,
the existing feet was sllrlelt , a , shown I
durIng the clrgoa bay Illdolts and dnlnj
the course of e\tnl In Chihi. Ito conlrastell
the posl\lol \ of thl conservatives IUW and
the ppaIIuis . whJnn the ) took up lrel ) 'rarl
ago whel they II nowise scconilr'i the hhb-
Irnl efforts to tln'lgthcl tie fltt' ) ' . I'ihmmcc
) iisumarok's sons , contiuell hIea Wchlrr ,
then reproached tie liberals for sUlporlll :
the grants asked for 10 llul < ships , and now
the CO\ornlent wllted a feet , not us a
necouly , but for time IIrpl1le of dlspla
All\u/h thl lclch3tag refuted to grant the
alI IUIIel for to build thto new cruisers , It
, .
' _ _ t - -
granted time rqledt of Vice Admiral Ilolt-
mann for n credit to bull a new torpedo
division boat. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Oscar Wldl 1rln1clon for T.thrlgnll,1
thin lnr'IItN uf U"eIINhfrry ,
LONDON , March 2.-The marquis of
Quo nsherry was remanded on ball at the
Marlborough street police court to.y , chargll
with libeling Oscar Wilde. I appears the
marquis left wih n porter at the Albemarle
club a card , upon whIch was wrItten an
offensive remark referring to Oscar : \Vlhde .
A lawyer who appeared on behal ( t Mr.
Wide said lhal the hatter was on affectionate -
ate lermu with hi wife anti child , but had
been the object of n f'slem or the most
cruel persecution at tIme hands at the marquis
of Queensberry durIng the last len months.
Owing to the situation ot affairs In the fern-
ly at the marquIs or Queensberry , Mr. Wide
wa , most unwilling to take steps toward
criminally prosecuting the marqul9. nut
he had bean s : fearfully persecuted
mnlera hall now reached a clImax , anti he
was obliged In selt'lJroleclon to lake action.
03Ca Wilds and his wife are both members
of the Albemarlo club ; anti on February 2g ,
It appears , one of the hal porters handed
Mr. Wilde a card whIch the marquis ef
Queensberry had left for him. WrItten on
the card were three mosl offensIve and indecent -
decent word , Implying that Mr. WidE was
addicted to unnatural \Ices , This card
been lying In the club ton days before Mr.
Wide received It. Counsel for Mr. Wide
added that after a couple of witnesses had
been hearll ho would ask lhat the case be
adjourned for one week , when the whole
matter would be gone Into , as Mr. Wilde
did not propose lo rest the ci simply 01
tIme question at the libel referred to. lie
proposed to go into other case which had
occurred before February 18 , all after they
hal been investigated counsel would aslt
the magistrate lo commit the marquis at
Queen sherry lo prison.
The hal porter then testified to receiving
the call and an inspector at police deposed
to having arrested the marquis at 9 o'cloclt
this. morning In Carler's hal , Dover street.
The inspector said that when he read the
warrant to the marquis he thought that In
such cases proceedllgs were generally taken
hy surnmons hut he supposed It was all
right , and asked time Inector the date
when tIme card was loft at the Albemarle
club. When the police officer Informed hIm
lhat It was on February 18 , the marquis
said he had been wanting to find Mr Wide
for nine or ten days. rhc Inspector then
escorted the marquis to the police staten ,
Sir George Lewis appeared for the mar-
quis He said that when the cIrcumstances
In the case were more fully known the
magistrate would find lhat the marquis had
acted under feelings of great indignation.
The magIstrate , Mr Newton , here interposed
saying : 'Ve cannot go Into that now. "
SIr George saId he did not wIsh the case
lo bo adjourned without It being known that
there was nothing In the case against the
marquIs. , Mr. Lewis remarked : "I want
my client released on his uwn recognizance
In 1,000. " To this request the magistrate
said he would want a surety ot 100 In ad-
diton , and after a merchant named Tyser
became surety for the marquis , the case
was adjourned. .
Throughout court proceedings , the mar-
quis was perfectly composed , and when the
counsel for Mr. , 'Wide remarked that the
second word ( written on the card was ii-
legible , the marquis cody explaIned what
the word was.
IE\'UL\Elt DID Tim D1.tIJI.Y WORK : ,
Man Ordered to Lenvo nn omor , but In-
sto itt 1'lcJ(1 VI is f.ln anti Fired
VALLEY FIELD , Quebec , March. 2.-
John Loy , clerk , and Maxim Leboux watch-
man for the Montreal Cotton company , were
shot and killed last night , and Hugh Wilson ,
another clerIc , was shot and perhaps fatally ;
wounded. The assassin Is C. n. Shorts"
formerly private secretary to ' time general
manager of the company , but recently discharged -
charged on account of irregular habits . Between - I
tween 10 and 1 o'clock last night , while '
Paymaster Lowe , assisted by Clerks Lay
and Wilson , were making up time pay-
roll Iii the office . Shorls came
In Ho was ordered to leave. Becoming en-
raged , he grabbed a loaded revolver from the
pymasler's dealt and began firing. Wilson
tell , wounded. Lowe called loudly for help
and Lay stepped to time telcpllne lo summon
aslstance. Night Watchman Lboux rushed
In just In tme to see Ioy fall , shot In the
back. and Lowe slip into the vault ' , pulling
the door shut after him. Shorts took tie-
liberate aim at Leboux and shot hIm down.
Ills Injuries were fatal , and he
dlell before his b dy was ( hiscov.
ered. Shorls , after an Ineffectual
attempt lo open the door at the vault made
hli escape. There was no one lo Interfere
for all ihls deadly work hall been carrIed
on In the solitude ot time office wihout at-
lraeUn outside attention . , bout midnight
Wilson was able to reach an electric button
anll soulded an alarm whIch at once brought
aseistance. Shorts has been arrested and
jailed. I I an open question whether the
shooting was Inspired by revenge or b )
Shmurtis' desire to secure $ 2,500 whIch ho
know was lo be found In the office , but
which Lowe hastily srabbell np and took
with him Into tIme vault when Shorts began
his fusla4e , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
, 'lrlCI I Nlw l'remler.
VICTORIA . C. , March 2.-Al a caucus
ot time government party lieu . O. I. Turner
was agreed upon fur Ilreller to succeed
Theodore Davy , who has been made chief
justice , _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _
11 , t J'Y P.LIIUfl1 , . r IC.tVS.IS GIrl
( ) Imo of tim , lnr\l.t 'owdry 1'lr/ ' lam thin
CI , lnkl's 11 Isslgnnmotit. ,
KANSAS CITY , Mal'oh 2-'fhe Jaccard
Jewelry COmpln ) ' , a branch ot lhe ( St. Louis
house at thaI name , lalb this evening made
n trust deetl oC IR stock ! lo secure their
creditors Time PI'cfer/d cl'cdUonl hell
claims against time company nlmregatng
$ $15.01 'rhe Rlels ore placed , al $15,0
but emi for.'ell stile woull he worth halt that
anioutit . and perhaps less. 'fhe MetropolItan
National ' bank , J\unPls City , Dernanl Cor-
rhun amI th\ local mmewpapems , are among
the cle.1oro gl'en ; 11reftlcnce. Outer cled-
Iorl are Hoer , Rmlh . & ( ' 0" , the G'Jrman
Mannflrtulnl COIII1 Ilrk ( I10s. and
Hoerer . ( ' 0. iiV. . lIotk.'r ! . lute 'PI I-
Ilelt of \IetropuiiIau :1110101 bank , Is
mantle time trustee amid ioesIon ! vas eur-
lellerEl to hll laic l'mlghl ' , Ih wi at
once lull aim II\eutol' ) IU.alJllralso \ the
IlrOpPll ly all ! OltIU ! to sell lt reai UI-
II June 1 next , Iff which lie Is to sell
the stuck then rlllllnl on hand II hulk ,
Inlft the ( dfltl Ire fOQnt' 111hl. 'J'ha Irm
never IC'o\ ' 'r\1 flol I * ' , OO loss IHllhlrll
Ir lire two years Ilt' . his olhicers' III.hl
have pamileil nlonl for 1I111r ) ' , hut thmm'y
knew Ihp ( 'OIu > was crippled ) antI
thought 1 hut 1ut l to their In.lnl and
to lhr'lnh't'l to hillj hue flql , 'rho' house
1111 "Iwa ) ' teed hlih In lu lle"K rHlc :
'l'h 11llal stock If time c/III'al ) ' , fully
1"111 lPu ' 10,0) ) . time major " ' ' 1Iun of
whIch wits hlld II ) Eugene V. anti \III'r
hi , JICC.fl mind Itubcrl J. O\\crt
Leader , of the Hawaiian Revolt Have Their
Sentences Oommutld ,
Thirty-Five Yenrs' ' Imprisonment and n
Fine of Ten Thou3nnd Dollars ,
Her View of the Cause Oontributcg to Her
07erthtow Two Years Ago
Suggestion If Trt'lchcr ) ' on time I'nrt of
liar Cabinet-I'osiiiiiity that time l'rR- :
onol May Uo Ielcs'd If Everything -
thing Ienmils Ullet ,
hONOLULU , Feb. 23-vla ( San Fran-
cisco , March 2.-Whilho the government has
easily pnt do\n the revel , I docs not
take the most hopeful vIew at the situation.
This Is due , to some extent , to the ex-
ciement of the momenl. President Dole
and his cahlnet are disposed to adopt a
most lenient policy towarll those captured
In arms and UIOiO suspecled ) at sympathy
with them. But time ) ' are urged hy those
who have much at stake here and desire
lo remain to use severe measures In order
to prevent another revolt. The natives have
shown no fighting qualities. Of the men
coiled out by Nowleln , the military leader
at the revel , only about 12 responded.
I \ appears that the revel was planned
by whIte men , Gulck , Seward and nclmrd ,
that time money for guns was furnished by
white men la San FrancIsco , that the vessel
which , brought them was owned hy while
men , that white men went out In a steamer
and landed the guns , and lmt ! two half-
whites were the chlet commanders of the In-
surrection. Nowleln , the commander-In.
chief , says he was Informed positively by
his whlo royalist friends that he could
bring a force ot natives and that the
clUzens' guard at 500 men \ould not dare to
come out and that the "missionaries" would
yield at once , He believed thee statements
and acted on them only to discover that the
citizens' guard instantly turned out and some
300 more ' whites joined lhem
Even time absolute abdication at the ex-
queen does not settle mnatters. The natives
are thriftless and In the present commercIal '
depression are suffering to some extent
lS they have no earnIngs laid by. They
are told and believe . that a change at government -
ernment would brllg better times. The ex-
aminaton of witnesses under martial law
discloses the fact that there are many' white
men who wish a change at government , be-
cause It Is economical.
There Is a bonanza In the opium and
Chinese gambling buincss and the men
who control tile police and custom house
are In time way at making large perqulsltes
out of It. The great majorIty at whites ,
however , stand by the . government without
The government and its supporters much
regret . lho defense made at the queen's trIal ,
under advice of Paul Neuman. She denied
\i knowledge at the revolt.wbile her place
was fled wih retainers armed with guns
and plslols. I was hoped she would plead
gully to a simple knowledge . at the revel
and then make a statement whIch would
almost compel the utmost leniency. I
was not difficult to show the facts tram
which conclusive knowledge at the revolt on
the queen's part was evident.
In the queen's diary , now In the posses-
sion at the government , Is lo be found very
curIous and definite information about thl
revolution ot January 19 , 1893. I Is well
known that the queen's cabinet at that time
had advIsed her to promulgate a new const-
luton , but when I saw trouble changed its
course and advIsed against I , anl even
went so far as to appeal lo Thurslon and
others to support I against the queen , The
demoralzaton of the cabinet male prompt
acton against time revolutonlsls Impossible ,
and the revolutionists calm ] , gave tim'm a
chance lo take possession of the government -
mont without the aid at the AmerIcan ma-
The queen makes this entry In her diary : I
"December 4 , 1893. I laid Mr. Uchar son ( an
intimate friend ) he had better tel Sam
Parker ( her minister of foreign rah s beforetime
the overlhrow ) he had better resign whpn I
I told him to He , as one ot time cabinet ,
had commlled time great crime ot treason
In fact , the ) ' all ( ( cabinet ) turned against
me and folowed 'fhurslon's instructions and
allowed themselves to LI guide by hIm :
until time overthrow of my lhrone "
The above Is time queen's \1'W ot time situation -
aton at time time the AmerIcan force landed
and wi be regarded as ample proof hy many
that time overthrow WS due , as the queen says ,
It was , more to ! the treason of her cabinet :
than to the interference nf time AmerIcan
forces This view ot the cafe was never
present to Mr. fliount The queen hall
two Bets ot enemies lo deal with lt time
same moment , her own cabinet and Timlirs-
lon's friemlds
The attitude ot the BritIsh ' eommlsslmer : ,
Hawes , toward the Drltsh subjects who wue
involved In the revolt , Is very satisfactory
to time government , as ho tells them that I
they have got themselves Into trouble he
wi not help them and hI knows they are
I havlns a fair trial Mr Wiis , the AmerIcan -
can minister , Is also disposed to aid the
goverment. The evidence In the treason
cases Is so clear he cannot dispute the
gui of the American ciIzens charged with
the crime , but he has raised some question
to the jurisdiction of time
as jurIsdicton military court
to entertain these cimarges
A number of sentences were announced
today. Among them were these of Robert
Wicox , W. 'f. Seward , W. U. Hekard and
Charles T Guhlck . 'fhey were the four
leading ploHers. ihach man Is sentenced to
servo thlrtyfh'o years and to pay a fine of
$10,000. 'fhese four men were originally
sentenced to be hanged , hut the verdict of
lime court was chalged to ImprIsonment hy
President Dole. Thls means that no capital
punllhment wi he inflicted on time leaders .
or the rcbehhlcn. I appears that the presl' ! '
mient has been opposed to executons , an'l
his feelings were shared by members at the
caWnet. The other sentences are : Thomas
\aler ; , thirty years and a tIne ot $5,000 ;
( ' all Wlddeman , thIrty years ; Wiiam GreIg ,
twentY ) 'ear ; Louis Marhal , twenty years ,
Time last IWo were fumed $10,000 each. Jmes
C , Lno was given five years and a fine at
$5,00. Samuel Nowleln smut , Henry Bertle-
mann , two of the lromlntnt leaders , have
been allowed their lberty , They gave vaIn-
able cvhleneo for time government , without
whIch convictions In many case , could not
have beau secured . captaIn Davies has
been sentenced to ten years nlll ordered
to pay a fine of $10,000. He II the man
who landed the arms for the rebels.
Alhough the queen's sentence has not been
made publc , lie Associated press corre-
spolient Wits informed this morning by a
cabinet officer that she has been sentenced
to serve five YEars In prison a 11 to pay a
fine or $5,00. I Is understood that the
sentence will not be changed by the president -
dent Within the last few da's a number
ot prisoners have been released tram eus-
'todY , Among thc number 16 Charles Clark ,
who gave information that afterward reslliell
In the discovery at the arms and ammuni-
ton at the queen's resldel1
Ou the 22d twenly-on rebels were sen-
tencel1 These sentences arc ummlform . The
men are each to serve five , years at hard
labor. A fine Imposed upon each man by coin-
mission was remitted hy lrcsllent Dole upon
advice all consent ot time cabInet The
punishment fixed was time mlnlmu:1 : under the
On the 19lh Inst. a rumor was going the
rounds lo the erect that time government
was about to ask for Drlish protection.
Minister Willis' attitude was the reason
given for this radical step. I was stated
thal the representative of tle" Unied Slates
hall made unreasonable demal1s when he
called on Minister Hnloh the : day prevIous
A government official was seen In regard to
the matter , and he stated there was abso-
lutlly no truth In the mmor. lie said Miii-
later WIllis hall not made ' any demnands.
He bath sImply made a request In regard to
some political prisoners who claim the pro-
lecton at time United 'Slate
DavId Kawanouakou , who was a prince
under time monarchy , was arrested on the
20lh on a charge at mIsprIsIon ot treason He
was afterward released.
Judge 'V , W. Dixon , who , was a represent-
atve In congress tram Montana In time last
congress , Is In Honolulu The government
was informed lhat lie was' senl here by ChaIr-
man lcCreary et time house' foreign relations
committee to make an investigation ! and re-
port. When IntervIewed by 'an Associated
press correspondent he denied the report and
stated that he came 10 thLvountry merely
for a pleasure trip.
The militia court I still slUIng
V. V. Ashord , who lE stiffening a sentence
of five years for misprision of treason , will
probably be allowed lo pay a fine at $5,000
and depart from the counlry.i Doclors agree
that It he Is kept In jai he' will die. Ills
health Is very poor
Time commutation of the death sentence of
the court martial to life imprIsonment ! Is accepted -
cepled by the conservative people at the com-
'munly ' as the best final disposition ot the
matter. Il Is believed that If there Is quiet
for some time time prIsoner now under sen-
tenc'e"wl be raieaseth : The ex.queen has It
In her p Wr to do omei , good ' among the
natives , but Il Is leaned "ier natural dlspo"
slon wi prevent hlr cromruly $ accepting
the situation. She may , ho.n ver , qQ.SO
It she ' does she will not suffer any , imardsht '
at the hands of the government. Her con-
finernent' will 10 at present In the executive
buIlding , which was her former palac She
will occupy one at the large . rooms formerly
, used by her and overlooking the fine park
surrounding the building.
Thro Quarters of n : llton In Property Dc-
stro'ed lt 2:30 : thIs II0rJII . .
TORONTO , Ont March 3-A lremenious
fire Is raging In time block hounded hy
Younge , Queen , Richmond and Hay streels
Robert SImpson's department store Is totally
destroyed. This building was Just cl'cclel
at a cost of over $300,000 , and the stock Is
enormons. . John Wanl ei & Co.'s retail
Jewelry store Is totally destroyed There Is
a high wind from the nort west and the
fire Is spreadIng at thIs hour , 1 :50 : a. m.
TORONTO , March 3.-(2:30 ( : a. m-The ) fire
nt this hour Is still spreadiug Knox Pres-
byterlnn church In Queen , street , and
Jamieson's cloUllng store ae " hurned. The
loss exceeds $ O.000. . ,
Insurgent "Icory I/i I / Brazil .
RIO DE JANEIRO , March ,2.-The , Insur-
gents In time province ot 1'10 ' prando du Sol
have defeated a detachmini or the govern-
mont troops and havE captured General Sam-
pal , commander of the garrlscn ot Sanla Ana
JI.slolrlcl leeollll F.mmxloimim. I
LONDON , March 2.-A Daily New dis-
patch from Dlls says the American mIssion-
aries are anxious regarding the attitude of time
Moslems , UnIted States MInister Terrel has
aslted the Porte to protect thorn ! .
S'imimt to 'oo Alerlcll Cimvisiry . II Iollon ,
LONDON , March 2-Tho Telegraph says
negotiations are on toot to obtain consent
that half a troop of Amel'lcan regular cavalry
shah attend the tournament to he hcld In
London In May.
- _ _ _ _ .
7'1.1FS-IlWJ.n TO 'ISUr .I1OVI.i , 1-
Conslllltol of Cimiemigo's 'Cwo UI10l'riUo
Jlorlll Xnwslllertcolpl : Hhc" . '
CHICAGO , March 2dle Timnes-hiorald ,
wll le Issued Monday WUi ! . James W.
Scot us edllor-In-chlet anti Ilhlsher , mind
Henry \ \ - . 1Iwley as muhagln editor. 'l'imls
Is the result of the consolhjlUon ot the two
'l'ime Times was started In'181 by Isaac
Cook , James " ' . Shealami tAAd Daniel Cameron -
SheahaJ tl.d
eron , democratl , In J& 'It Ihlol'bed the
original Herald und Ih ' : lnteIC'ls 1cCor-
mlclt obtained c ntrol" Wilbur F. Storey
secured Il In June , 1SG1 , awl durIng the war
the papel' had aim er.n\ul 1 history , being
suppressed once by G/lell. Burnside tar
treimmiormuble ulerancea , 1e' fl other Clii-
cage Ilapels , the TImes wus.burnel out In
1&1 , hut wihin a weelt IIJpearnCe
again After Mr . fHore"sdeuth the ' 'llea
was time subject of much litIgation , and
when the various suits were reted the
late Cnrter I. Harrison blght \ it. Ills two
ache conducted I for a thlt , . ) ut lost control -
trol 1) ' time sale hy cUlor h lrllto Mr. Adolph
I\raus. A short tme afterward : r. Hawley
acquired the interest at tIme 1arrllJn boyH.
11r. Hawle ) ' wits a skillful newipaper man ,
having itt one time bon OWlel of the : ln-
ncnpull Journal and the Dtnver Times .
The 1eI\1 was urtinied In Ala ) ' , l&Si.
Time owners were JnmemV. . Scott , Frank
W. Palmer , A. 11 , Je1mes and Daniel Shep.
an1. I was "stalwar ( republican , " and Mr.
Palmer , now oC time S'M1ISe 1oSl , wait time
el10r-IIchltt. Thell was n reorganization
In 1183 , /I exept MI' , pott ceiling their
stock to Jol1 H. 'Vulsh fcot banker . The
hoper became democratic . Recently Mr.
Scot acquIred time % tenest oC Mr.Vahsh
anl lroucht about ' the oneoldaton wih
time TImes The Times-hIerald will he tie
olly democratic momlng puper In ChIcago
Time exact umount omoley ) In"olnd Is nOl
known , the Hvenlng 10lt ben" ! Included II
the sale to Mr. Scott , but \ I b said to le
about $2\O whloh would make the deal
the largest relating to the newspaper hla-
tory at the country ,
ills ReHtqubhment of Office is Expected
te Come Very Soon Now ,
, -
Shattered Hmlth and Sensitiveness Sorely
Wounded by Partisan Orlticisms
Strgglo for Control of the Municipality
One of the Most Bitter ,
OlO of the S\\elcst or the Swell Sol
Ostraclze.1 for Utrh\ : to Chnlge
Ills I'nrtymUIUUIS , nt
time I'rcsent Timomo
( Cpym hhlcI , 1IDI , I ) ' Ire s ru18hln Company . )
lONDON , larch 2.-New ( York World
CabeSpeelal ] Tclcgramn-Tho ) speedy re-
trement of Mr. Gladstone from the post at
prime mlnlsler I was able to predict fourteen
monlhs ago , as wel as time certaIn succession
of Lord Hosebery. The possibility at the hatter -
ler event especially was scouted at that tme
by every prominent Irllsh paper of both
Parties and hy the correpol1ents of New
York papers. Now I cal assert time very
I strong possibility at time speedy resignation ot
Hosehor , for personal reasons , even whie
I the present majority lu the House ot Commons -
mona remaIns assurell to him. He Is still
suffering tram Inluenza , but that would give
lIttle concern lQ his friends and 11hyslclans
I It were not complicated hy Insomnia , which
has been almost ehronlo for a year or more.
The sleeplessness began after an attack at
scarletua seven years ago , but lately has increased -
creased to such a degree that for several
monlhs he has found It Impossible to sleep
here , going to one at his two country seals
every night. The depressIon whIch Is the
InvarIable consequence ot influenza has so
affected him that only the influence or Lord
TIeedmouth , a man of strong wi , robust
courage and highly traIned political knowl-
edge , has prevented , time prime minister's - , I
resignation within the last two las , Dotl
Lord Tveeamnoutlm and other friends tear that
no Inluence can prevent It within the next
torl-clght hours unless Rosebery's present
temper changes
' 1Ie bitter attacks of Mr. Labouchere amid
SIr Charles Duke In the ' , house the other
day , both being members , or his own party ,
have affected the prime minister greatly. 01
the other hand , It II wen known that he Is
nmb10uB ! ! , has worked unceasingly for the I
premIership since hIs entry Into publo life , .
mid therpforo would not throw It away
lightly. Nevert\leless , hIs hIghly excIted and
; nervous condition mnakesThflhiThbMlnate In his
present purpose _ . , . "
The great municIpal confest which ended
In London after as bIter and long continued
a canvass as that In New York last year
was curiously like and yet unlike our fight
against public corrupUon. There were two
parties , the moderates and the progressives
- , , . . . . .
Tao former IClaeu practcalY nil toe great
properly lords at London and all the arls-
tocraoy and tory party In general ; repre-
sentatves at the state anti church were
unanimously on that side , and with them
were the liquor interest , the proprietors In
the musIc hals , the frequenters of these institutions -
sUutons , the water companies , street car
lines and olher private monopolies. The mar-
quis ot Salisbury and Arthur Halour , the two
leaders ot time conservatives , gave lhelr aid
to the moderate candidates , adjuring every
member at the conservative party to vote for
them , so It might appear that this was the
respectable party , but the tact Is that It
represented all flint Is worst In municipal
The corruption and scandals of the old
Board at Public Works , never fully exposed ,
because the press was and Is muzzled , led lethe
the overthrow of that body six years ago
amid the establshment at an elective county
council. The liberal party In naUonal affairs
captured the council and has controlled It
' ( rosa the slart. The council has In a large
meaelre reformed time administration , and
time hospllal and alnuhouse management , 1m-
Ilroved the fire department , given thousands
at ucre3 to new 11rlts and has made efforts
to reform the present system of taxation , by
whIch the ground landlords largely escape
their share of the munIcipal taxeS. These
efforts have been defeated thus tar hy the
House at Lords. Time council has been very
, walchul In the lIcensing and the control of
I puhlo houses and has broken up such dens
as the "promenade" In time Empire music
hall. I has many retorms yet to nchleve ,
among lhem the proposed purchase hy time
city of the water supply system and time
street railways.
These things arrayetl against the progres-
siva party all the interests nanmemi The Es-
lahlshed Churcl here Is always on the side
at time landlords Time progressives have es-
lablshcll a system of tiny labor under supervision -
pervIsion whIch has produced more efficient
results at less cost. The moderate program
approves a return to the old contract system -
tem , which was prolific at scandals The
counci Is an nnpald hotly. Both parties presented -
sented candidates of good character Among
time progressives mire many of the best known
hanker In London , among them such men as
Lords Tyhbledalc , Russell and Cmmrrington
Among tie moderate candIdates were the
duke ot Norfolk , Lords Cadogal , Churchi ,
Donoughmore , Durham , Dunraven and IQle ot
honorahles , several \'Icars and ex-omeers In
the Irmy and navy , Harry Marks , rormerly
a World reporter , and 10W the owner of a
IJrosperous fnalclal paper here , was a mod-
crate candidate . Women who arc householders -
ers are allowed to vote , but seem to make
Ito ot time privilege .
A Itrollg ; lght Is throwl on time Infuence
at Ihe soc l feelings here against time liberal
party hy the fact that Captain Le'lnnd , who
married the famou8 AmerIcan beauty , Miss
JennIe Chamberlain , and \ with his wife untIl
lately was Ilrominenl In time mOil exclusive
circles of 1.0ndon society , Is tOW Ilracteal )
ostracIzed hy hIs former frIends. lie lately I
relgned his seat In I'ariiamnent : al this ,
ground thnt he had been converted to the
liberal policy , As ho Is very Ileh , had I
sure conservative seat and could command
any rea80lablo IJolteal nlce within lila
own party , hs ! sincerity Is unlmpfachablo. ;
Ils resignatIon was publicly allolueed
while ho was convalescent uler a serious
illness. The card basket lt hi resldcnce
hall previously been filled n\'cry da with
time cards of all the fashIonable world . .r
Wrnlhrr } t.'orrn for Nebraska-
l'nge. I'nir , Followed by Snow Flurries \ Col < r.
1. ICplietmilcnf 1101fIZn tim I urollf.
11Iwllll Ulhlll Will Not lie 111 III ,
] 'reummlcr Ih'lhlr ) ' lIenS on lht'slgnlmig.
. lmmpium's , 1 1Thlf lt " 'II'lnl-W'I.
2. I'II\llt. , lu ) ' Mlkln Ilrlll )
Imuo .I\rff. ii ) time Sugar Iluuty ,
" ' 01(1 C118f Tholr tel : rl " .
3 : , 1mlI : iemmmI'r . Iii n Vnmmmmgie.
( bvm'nmmor iIolt'ommih'm . lhimm'ui ' Not Severe .
Nlhrnkn Itff , \ Ir lil ' ,
Unlol't"nl I.cimgmm o 11 I St'seltim.
, I. 1,1t Wlol tim 1,0111 Soel.'t " ,
Ilr ' 11)\1111 I I 101 Afll'rlr ) ' .
r. UOIIIO Clllt ) ' Crllll .11r3' Ufllrts ,
hONNll1 , Cnn iii I"t 1.11\0 It tmtumms.
O. COllel lllnrTe locMlter. ; . ,
l\cCIY aim Trial lt l'ierro.
7 , Theatrical ( lomimip hero IIt . 'mbroati. ;
:1"lo tutu Her le\'otel5 ,
10. Wceilly Crl.t of Sllrlhl : no"II
I 1. ihymi ' nll ( line' UClmrllrll.
Ur. 1.1v1 aim . ' Iullolllni CO\'Orllent.
J 2. 1 lltur"\1 niI Cotimmimetit .
I 8. h.ttcriur3' 1.01,101 , ,
1.5 Whlt time Churchl , Are lolmig .
I a. Clllllion I or tn\I ) : ' , 'obbll m : 'rulo.
lllle\cllllll 1'hllol\t , , NU\ .
I'cnturl' of time Live Stock Alarlcot . , .
J 7. Ituseise's HI11110 Ih\lroul Schemime .
18. Chronleles If l'oUltntllto"I , ,
10. " ' 01111 ler " 'ityi 1\11 Ih'r Wurhl ,
'l'uimmh \brnlll timid Saris ,
20. COlcernln ! time t'imtullo I'hIOI. :
\ hltN' 1\11 I imo Y"'II t'eopie
JlodeaUol ot : Iret 'nUs.
London , hut tram that day It has been al-
most empl ) ' . So potent Is the social In-
fuence here antI so universal the hope or
expeclaton at most ot limo conductors of
newspapers at titular honors at tIme hands
of the queen , that no public alusion has been
, made to these significant tacls Captain
Le'land , 1 understand , will he a radical
candidate at time next general election ,
- -
Mcmistmrce ' for the Ioll'f of time Agricultim-
nets to 11 C'ommslmlomcl.
( Cnp'rlihll < , 1593. I ) . the , \ soclalell Prcs" )
BERLIN , March 2.-As toreshadowed some
weeks ago time emperor has convened the
state council for March I , the main purpose
beimmg lo devise means lo alt the agrictmltur-
lets ot Prussia , who , eSJJeclal ) In tl eastern :
provinces , are heavily depressed In financial
cOlllon as a result of foreign competition
In grin and cattle. The sections at the stale
counci called to meet arc those at husbanlry ( ,
, The session will he
trdes and eommer e wi
Inaugurle by an address upon the Interal
situation of Germany by time emperor , who ,
imowcver will nol preside , as he did In 1890 ,
but leave that duty lo Chancellor liolmemmloime.
The summonIng of the councIl Is interpreted
as showing time emperor and the cabinet , In
view of the Incessant agllaUon of the agra-
rans , have reslveJ to endeavor to arrange
some measures oi ' elet , But they will adopt
nothing so radical as , Count von Kanitz's pro-
' '
posed grain monopoly. According to' the
Franllf ! qR . .t4 'woposals which will
be dlscusse by time state council include the
organization of a certain system for smal
farmers , selements for ngriculural laborers ,
the cheapening of production , tariff reform
and n moifcaton ot the brandy and sugar
dutes , Several political personages consid-
ere to be exp/ls upon agrarian questions
have been invited' to sit wIth the stale .coun-
cl , and among them are _ Dr. Koch , prcsde . t .
of the Deutsche bank ; Count van lOnOI-
Frledrlchsleln , who warmly supported time '
Russo-German commercial treaty : Oehlmrath
Frenlzel , the ex-presldenl of the body of
commercial elders ; Herr van iardOrff : , Count
von 11rahaeb , herr van laltznhn , ex-secre-
lary of time treasury , and Herr Wltenbzrg ,
president of Imo ( Posen Settlements company .
These names , joined lo those of time eminent
memhers of the council , arc regarded as InsurIng -
surIng the atopton of measures beneficial to
German husbandry and cognate IndustrIes
An Interestng question arose In connection
with the convening of the slate council as lo
whether Prince Bismarck Is still a member of
that hody This was settled by a nolo In time
German Gazette announcIng thal the prince
was not only a member , but he < tl retains
time vIce presidency of time council.
Time UelchRlag has been busy with tho'
naval estimates during the past week , anti
alhough the government demands for new
crulcers were conceded , the Uelcbstag test-
fed its determination to oppose expCndlture3
upon an Increase at navy merely for display ,
hy refusing time credits asked for to build time
torpedo boats This rebuff at the government
Is due to the abse'ntaton and In some case
to the opposItion of the conservatives , who
acted thus In defelse of theIr traditional
policy , as a warninG lo time government to
pay greater alenUon to Igrarlan interest ! .
The discussIon brought out several interesting
Prince lohenlobo yesterday warmly ap-
pealetl to time hOle to grant time cstiinatoi.
10 2all time Corelgn tfile of Oermnny , In
which not only Industry but hushandry was
concerne.I , requIred greater protection , anti ,
this enl could only bo attained hy on ale ( I
qualo navy. lo could net believe the Inler- I
cst In time navy , which was so keen In J818 ,
had entrely vanished. 'fhe German navy
must he equal lo Hs task and keep pace with
the development of German trade , They
must have vessels of lodern construction
and modern armament. Many at the German
warships which a few years ago Insplrcd re-
8peet , looked now as thoush they might he
Iwoeltcl lo pieces lt time first simot The gov-
crnmcnt IUd not want lo create a great navy ,
but to replace obsolete and useless "essels '
lie appealed lo time feelings of Germans and
sall ho hal once indulged In time dream of
a great ammO mimigimt' fleet whIch 'auld bear
this German fag over limo seas. These
dreams , imoivovc'r , rapidly \anlshel , In obe-
dlence to time wishes of Iarlamenl and time
laxpa'er many cherlhell wIshes hal lo be
abandonell 10 concludel\ with relarltn (
he hoped the Uelchslag woull agrei lo the
lresent modest request of time naval aulhor-
ltie. I
Count vim Mlrbach , time agrarian leader ,
announcel that alhoulh time conservatives
would vole for this crllber credit upon this
occasion , time ) ' would loL premise ) to support
HI fnal adlns unless that go\erament
sholed Iut mole DIrenlLle to time agrarian
.ifnmands. .
'he' Iteicimetag'ms : .Jecton of the IW torpedo -
pco grant was a great dloppolntlent : lo tlJ/
naval authorllu , Two of these s'csseis nero
to ba\e been buIlt , and they wrr Intendpd
lo bo the swiftest vessels In time na\'y. I
been should be constructed
hall blea plnnel ! they
bO UI to 11n'lup I speed of twell.fh'e : knots
an hour and bo able to 1\'e \ a \'uyogC of
5,000 mlel without rc ' oall . 'fhey were'
expected to be In\oluah ! for reconnoItering
and for conveying dispatches , while being . I
aha 1\"lahIG as "torpedo cah hels. " Time
general belief II the gCI'IIICll wi make
another atenlJlt . te cet the 1\loj1la to
- - - - - - - - - -
( Contloie1 OQ Second 1 1 . )
Tortress of Wel-Rai.Wel Was Vacated
When the Jnps Arrived ,
Blizzard : il Pe-Ohi.Li Gulf Mor of a Hn-
. thence Tlnu nn Aid ,
Torpedoes Sent Many LnrgJ Vesse1s t tha
Bottom il the Darkness ,
lie l'hmiimiieil time , UIII'lt nn Port Arlhur 111
. ,
" ' \111lhlo In ills Couumtmy nnc -
cnunt of Ills limmon ledge
of ' 1'lctCN.
TORIO , I eb. 1G.-Vin ( Steamer City at
Peltng to San 1.'rancI8co , March 2.-The ) liar-
tier or \\'el.lal-Wells lo the south 111 ot the
bay ot l'e-Chml-Ll what Port Arthur was to
time north. its possession , however , was not '
really Issental to the Japanese , whoso n9\'Y
hall very tree egress lo the guH , hut its eap-
lure was thought desirable , parl ) ' as 1 bril-
lant 11on lo time prestige , of time coumqtmor-
ore , amid partly to set at rest all smumxietie
with respect to time still liowerfimi hoot coma-
immamimled by Admiral Ting. '
After a successful laumdiumg iii Jaumtmary , limo
nmarchm inland fromim time hmiy \'mtng-Ciiuimg ,
began oum time 29 ii tiimd 30im of that imio.itim , amid
before umouim time following day time heights
ovonlookiumg tme harbor were reaclmeti , amid time
first grotup of forts at I'o-Cimi-Ya-Sim wore
taken. Time eommtest at this ioilmt Was time
severest in which time Japaumeoc troops 'ere
engaged. Their losses vere not imeavy in
imtmmuber , being lhimmited to less timamm 100 killed
and vommnded , but time tientlm of time general
conmumanding time first brigade of time Sixths , or
Ktmmiiammiato division , was a veritable caianiity.
Or fighting leaders time Jnpaiiose army line a
profusIon. Witim skilled sttmdcmmts of strategy
it is riot so liberally provided. Major General
Otcrmt was as aasidtmous iii plannIng cam-
paigims as mc was energetic iii executIng theimi.
It was lie Silmo laid out time imioveunent against
t'ort Am'tlmur. lIe was time first of imia grade
to fall iii time war. Time forts seized by the
Kmimnammiato brigade were four 1mm ntminber.
Most of their guns were in gooti order and
were immedIately turned tmpomi time Chinese
imips and batteries on time islands in the
bay ,
Meanwhile , time second grade division , from . I
Semmdal , proceeded along a range of bluffs.
driving time enemy like sheep before thorn.
No opposition ivorthi speaking of ws offered ,
mmd time works on time opposite , or western
attic , wotmid imave been promptly captured but
for a uddcn downfIl of llindlng snow , which
brought .niIlltary operations to a standstill.
Time soldiers suffered greatly froumi Oxposute
to time piercing cold , amid it was not until th
morning of February 2 that time task aliotte
o them was accomplished.
Not a soul encountered them as they en-
toned time works. The garrison haul all fled ,
but not w itimout leaving acme cvidencoot
thoughmtlulnes anti caut1n aesmmnma mmmcm. Tao
big cannon hind been thrown from time wall
and otherwise rendered useless and the cx-
pectations of training them upon time comrades
of their former owners vas necessarily given
over. The share of time army in reducing
Wei-IIai-Wei was practically at an end.
Small bodies of foreigners and artihlorists
iscre set to work planting montana and guns
at advantageous spats and seine of timese vere
afterward served witim decisive effec.
But time main interest of time proceedings
was transferred. to the lower , level of tim 3
bay , Admiral Ito's ships had been much
more hardly dealt with by time tenmpest than
General Oyarna's soldiers , The latter had
found elicitor of some sort , whIle the fleet
was so beateum about by time raging winds that
time positicn outside of Wei.hIai-Wei could not
be maintained , and for timree days , from January -
ary 31 until February 2 , it was obliged to
take refuge in thmo w'atcre of Yurmg-Chmmmng
more than a score of miles away ,
Time Japanese atimumiral had intended. to coin-
mence ills attack January 31. At time outset
little could ho done withm Imis omen-of-war
owing to limo difficulty of entering time imarbom' ,
All tue openings hind been bhcked ) by strong
barricades of cimaimi cables and spars , forbidding -
bidding ingress to strangers , amid allowing
iassane only to pilots familiar witim time line
of obstructions. Time Chinese ships witimin "
occmmpied a basium fifteen or more miles in
lcngtit by five or six in breadth. With thia
opace at timoir disposal they commhi nt easily -
he reacimeti imy artillery froumm any point imehti 4' '
by the Japanese troops. 'Fhie emily resource
timeui was torpedo boats , If a breach could
be made In time barrier , timese compact mes- '
Bengenim Cf destructIon mighmt burst in mmmnong
time ironclads , anti all alone umecomnpllsim thou'
terrible erroimfi at anmmihmiiatioum , Six of them
\rere celected to undem take thus expleit on thmo
mmighmt of , Ianuary 30 , but thmrotmgim seine Un-
ltmcly blmmnmiening they vero met by a heavy'
fire train their friends in l'e-Clmi-Ya-Smm forts ,
as they were eimdeavonlng to force the eaitenn
ebmamimmel , This coimipehied a vostvonenment of
twenty-four hours , limit befomo time imewly
tiesmigimatemi tinme imafi conmo a snow storm was
driving time entire body of ships , large and
small , far away train time sceime ,
Three days t'erc thus host , antI miothmhmmg waa
done ummmtil time imighmt of February 3 , whmeim time
torpedo boats reneweti their attempt. Again
they vere unsuccessful , time barrier proving
hmnpassahiio ( em' timmit occasion , hut a good
icginnlng had been umade , amiml on time follow-
himg night a flock of giant kihiers made an
aperture of 100 yarmis broad , and , utter carefully -
fully picking their way thniugim , bore miown at.
tepmnost speed upon limo Chimiest ? uigshm1p ,
wimlcim even 1mm time blackness of immltlmmlgimt was
distinguished by its huge bulk , At a die-
lance of 400 meters timey sent their torpedoes
plunging sheath , repealiuig dlzcimmrges until
time supply was exhatmeteml , 'l'iw big ironclad
wise not immimediately suimlc , but it was
woummdccl to death , Its side was torn away ,
amid tIme injury iniiictcd wise so rmmhmmtus that.
Admalrimi Timig be said to have 'ost ' no time in
trammeferring isis quariers 10 time Clmesm Yuen ,
time second simip of time I'ci-Yammg squadron ,
wimlcim , thmosmgim recently bathly dumagc.d b ,
rmlmmmiing upon a rock , hmmod been eiitficlentl
repaired to take liar place in line. Other
Ciminese vessels icro amuck , emil one , suls.
hmosest to be a gunboat , was edit La liii. hot-
toiii. Four of time torpedo boats retmmnsmtd to
their station outsitie time imaniiu , though CUb
of tlmen : hind been lilt fOrty-seven timmmee , an
all were pretty bauiy ] hunched about. Thm
( ucimerl were badly used , anti mimaimy of timeir
: crw were killed by the fire of time enenaz
- , - , - - - - - - , - - - , - - - - , - . - - , , , - - - _ _ . _ , . - , _ _ . _ _ , _ _ - - . , _ _ " -S