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. , , ES'rAu.aSn JUNE 19 ! , 871. OlfAILUONDAY : l\OUNING i , FEnUU.AUY 18 , 1895. SINGT.Jg CODY JnV.lD omx'rs.
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Mmra1 Ting nUll ( Two Other Ohinoso Naval
: Officers Commit Suicide ,
. Jnllf\mso : lllllry Authnrlh' Officially Au-
u JIII'O tw Clllh'lo Unut Ir the
JIII : ) ' nil I.nllllnci SIIL-lo.
tnl ur the .lllr ,
YOKOHAMA , I.'eb li-n official dispatch -
latch from Wfl.lal.Wel b2arlng date of
l"ebruary 13 was received hert H slates
thai In response to the offer made by Admfral
Ting . the ChInese naval commanler to
surrender , his vessels I ccnlUlons of nm-
3est ) . were glJntet , \dmlral ( Ho , commander
t of the Japanese forei , deaanded : thai the
taval stees be thrown over \\edneslay
ujiarning. 'fhe Chinese mcs&enger who eOI-
vtyed this demand returned to Admiral Ho
and Informed him that Admiral Ting had
comm tted suicide on the Ilght of February
' 12 , and thai his rEsponslhllty had . been
.1 transferred to Captain McClure , crmerly
the master of n Britsh merchant vessel
who ) had heen appointed hy the Chlno.e
government lS assistant to Admiral '
Admiral Ho at the time the dhl'ltch was sent
was conferring w th Captain McClur
A dispatch dated February II 1 , [ 101 Field
Marshal Oyama , who Is In command of the
JaPanese military forces at Wel.lal-Wel. an-
nonnees the complete surrender of the
Japanese on land and sea. lie annolnc s
that Admiral 'ring enl two other oUccrs
committed siIcide ! after addressing a letter
from the Ch nese 1laghlpe , accepting the
Japanese Iemand . The Chinese soldiers
garrisoning the forts on the Island of 111'
Klng-Too. the last ] of the deenc of We I-
Iol-Wc 10 hold out against the Japanese ,
and the saior ! of the Chinese fleet , were
10 be taken ] beyond the Japanese lines and
liberated , while the captured officers and the
fareigners wilt , ho conveyed away by ship I
bcCoro they are glvcn their liberty.
A dispatch from General Nodsl , corn-
' mender of the first Japanese army In Manchuria -
chula , .tcd February ii , says that 16,000
Chinese wIth twelve guns attacked hal-
'Chrng from the La-Yang , New-Chang and
Jlnkao r' ad ! . They were relJhml , leaving
over 100 dead. The Japanese loss was f\'e
; killed or \\'oundc
1IIOH1'AN'f Plln M SOLVED. .
WAShINGTON , Peb. 17.-The Japanese
seemed to have solve for themselves the
! !
question as to the relative merits of the
battle shIp and thi' cruIser which Is now ag-
iatng congress In conncclon wIth the I'rop- '
osiion to provide for the construction of
three . . batlo ships. Whie their cruisers ,
: owIug 10 superior strategy In their management -
mont 111 great wariness In attack , supple-
' m nted hy the Indlspenslble tOledo boat
fleet , have managed to obtain vIctories over
the Chinese fleet In two cases , the bate
shIps of the Chinese eve I with inferior man-
agmcnt and personnel have glvel , such a
good account of themselves ns to male I
apparent to thc Japanese that IC ever they
hope 10 meet another naval combat wIth
chance of success they must themselves pos-
cess some of the great bale ships. I Is re- I '
garded as a foregone conclusion that they
will acquIre the Chinese battle ships Chel-
Ynen and Tlng-Yuel , If thc latter can he
raIsed , by cOllluest.
Dut the JalneSe ) government Is not content .
tent , to rest there , for advice receIved by
the navy department show that they have
Placed contracts for buildIng two great
ships that wt exceed the best of the United
States shll In offensive and defensive
V.- IJower. The batte ship will he of 12.2GO
r. ton IIsplacem nt.0 : feet long hy 7 feel
beam ; an armor bell 18 Inches thick wl extend -
tend for 220 feel along the shies over the
vials of the ship , whIch wIll be propelled hy
Inglnes of 11,000 horse power ali carry each
two 12-lnch guns ten O.lnch guns and a
great iitiiiber of smaler mschlue guns. I
wi require fully 6,000 tons ( of nIckel
steel harveylzed armor for these 81111)3.
These last requirements by the Japanese gO\-
ern men I IndIcate how qUickly their nuva1
olcers profit hy and adopt the very latest
discoveries In naval cruistructlon. for It Is
only very recently that Hie United States developed -
veloped this process of treating armor so as
to adl110 per cent to its resistIng IJOwer.
The secretary of the navy today received
Ihe followIng , dIspatch from A < mlrl Carpenter -
ter , commanding the Asiatic squadron :
CII-FOO. Ieh. 10.-'he ChInese feet
and the Chluese Isluml forts at \Vct-llal-
'V.I , ClIflhl. have surrendered. 'fho Chi-
neso mlmlllR ali the Chinese genells
COflnlttOll etlicltle. Have lent the United
Sttitei ship Charleston to watch the move-
Stntel Ihl
ments. ( CAHPl'NT : . .
_ _ _ _ -
IAHOgUss ,
Alnuull HIIJrl1 frol CaIro In to hue
! 1 { Ii , ' , itvli,4 F"eln ; .4.
LONDON , Feb. 17.-The correspondent ' of
the TlmeL at Cairo says there Is reason to
believe that the khedive Is determined to
get rId of the ministry of Nubar pashn ali
to render ImposI.le any minIstry simIlarly
inclIned to work amIcably and loyally with
the British representatIves. AlellJts are
being made to stnliato ant-Europc:1 : feelIngs -
tugs among the Mhaniinedans.Vurnings :
have been reeeivell even from natve sources
by various Europeans that trouble Is brewing
and the month of Iamaden , beginning next
week I , Is anticIpated with rJplrehlenslon.Viien
the aUthors of InHamJatory artIcles are
constantly seen hauntng this Ihedlve's ante-
chamber , the Ignorance of the orIental masses
naturnly aUumes that they have assurances
of omclal luncton for words and deeds eC
Commentng on tim . foreign situation , time
Times In a leader warns the khed'e thai
such Intrigues cannot safely he carrIed beyond .
yond a certa'n point , , especially when they
arc aecomp1nlell hy Prelnonl tory symptoms :
of disturbances which a f.w years ago
brought Egpt to the verge of ruin
1.1 JUNO C1I.tU'S . I\'I ) INTS : ,
Atltr n Cunf"r'llu with Ihu ICing lie Wil
l'a'oe"1 tip 1oIn .
" , ' tl Ilh.
LONDON , lreb 17.-A dispatch to the
Times from 'h'ieui-Tsin says that 11 1111
Chang . who has been appointed 1 peace envoy -
voy to Japan , wIll go to Peking on February
21 to confer wih time elperor , lie wi re
turn to Tlen-'faln II two weeks , and wi
then 11rQecel to Kohe. Alvlces from Seoll
pro 10 time LreCt that time king has refused to
accept time reSI1I1IOls of the mInisters . I
\ reported thot the nutl.couformlsts arc In-
stgatng another aUellt ) to assassinate
l'rlnce 101 ( .
A I:11ANS : 1 ; :1XtCU : : t'I.ISBU. .
lolur4 : IOWI ) I ho 1"111 ; llhler ut time
tin I I ni ! Iah' 4 . \\II..lalec. I
CITY OP MEXICO , Feh. 17-I \r'body
hero , especially , are highly pleaeJ
at time honor .howl to the dead AmerIcan
mililter hy : Iexlan omclals alJ citzen' .
There I absolutely nothIng to report In
reiard to thl Melco.Ouatemala negotiations .
General Antonio Izeta Is going to , \capulco
to meet hil fatally , which is I coming from Sal-
\'allor. itop'rts that he was t serve In time ,
Mexican arm ) arc untrue.
" " 1111,1 herr " ' ' 1 l.o'Ir t\
LONtO. Fob , 18.--\ dispatch from It'I'-
111 10 time Slanall SIL'S that II view oC
the adoption b ) Iho lelchltag o the mmw-
tel sl\lnl In.rclliell dlKclpllarj power to
the presldelt over thai boly , miltrimig tIme
umlttlngs : . \ 'Ol1 1.eVItaoy ) 111'lnl
to retain It'rr01 thl / levlo\ , : decided
Tn 1""Ijj ; ( lame .
_ . , 1.0NDON , Fob. 1S- , \ < llltcl to the
, Btnullnrll troll Athens says Ihat thu L')1- ;
mltel 01 the revival or th" OInDI:1
ptmes Int(1111 to Invite the chief corporate
fnmel or Fiurope ) nn.1 Anprlca to witness
or pnrtnke In the gaines of l$3. The heremi.
Inry prince of Snxe.llelnencen : will attend
numb offer n IJrlze.
- -
IN Ih1lIr.i' 0 ( A IAWAU.N nmUI ,
1lnrtl : letn Mitdt,1'rcvc nt the Jxccu-
thin % % ' , T. Sewn r ii.
PITSIUHG , l'eb. 17.-Accormilng to Judge
J. F' . Slgle of the Aleghany county bench ,
the United States government has taken n
hand In the Intended executIon ofV. . T.
Seward , time AmerIcan Implicated In time
hawaIian revolutIon. Slagle and Seward are
brothers-In-law. The former returned from
Washlnton today , where he went to interest
Secretary Gresham In the case After Ilear-
lug Single ] , the secretary telegraphed a maca-
sago to Vancouver to catch the steamer leav-
lug that place for Honolulu. 10 thou Informed -
formed JUiA Siagle that If Seward Is nol
xecutell h2ore the steamer arrives President -
dent Dole wi order a stay of time execution
untl the case can be mor fnlj' investigated.
JIIIe Slagle salll : " 1n [ 3Ilton to calling on
Secretary Gresham anti Minister Tlrston I
saw Senators Hawlej' Alison , Platl of Con-
necticmmt. I'orklns ant ilutier Inwley was
Major Sewnrd's chief of staff and Is glad : to
ali him ) ) . "n address to President Del was
prepared and slgnCI bj' the United States
senators. I am satsfNI It wl have consid-
erablo weIght , as the Hawalnn government
wants the good will of the AmerIcan IJeO-
pie. " _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
'hoy h'reIarn r. t ieerEXptsulitlUa ; or time
, \ IIIIInlrnclll. ' .
LONDON , Fcb. li.-A dispatch to the
' that the
Standard : trom Constontnoille says
Tnlllsh oicials will present to the Armenian
that the storIes of
commitee n declaration ]
time recent outrages are exaggerted. The
milspatclm adds that the declaration was signed
by Ignorant Armcnlan refugees , who were
Informed that It was a petItIon to the sultan
enforcing time Iluarantne regulatIons against
cholera. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
More Hnllr time mmmqunircc. ! II
BEHII , Feb. 17.-PrInce Bsmarek hal
heen elected an honorary memhel of the
iherilli Acamlemny of Fine Arts.
LONDON. 1.'eh. . 17.-A Berlin dispatch to
the tanllall a.t that 2mluimicim. Bavaria ,
anl scvcmmty-iive . townH In SaXOly will con-
fur ! their [ I.tCllol on Prln'e Dlmll'ck on
the occasion oC time coming Inllversn' ' or
hIs birth. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
birth.vIII'1 m . \nlrl'IU " I I " 111 Cmit t to.
PAHIS , Feb . li.-The Hel1blqlo Fran-
cais , the organ oC M. ldln , leader of the
French protectionIsts , reenlng to the efforts -
[ to facilitate time catty of American
mentt Into Ft'LLHCC. urges that Immelato ,
slep be tnlen to prevent the Importation
of American lead cattle.
"IIUlhl" ; Ii U ' cr1 lit " 'oIJI.
LONDON Feb. 18.- ' mliepatch to the
Times from Paris says that an opera hOlfe
hy Dlzzet , enllcl "Don l'rocoplo " has
been discovered among the manuscripts left
by Aubr . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
1'1'/ II'alh I hnpr\'lng. i
nOIE. Feh. 17.-The health of the pope
shows no ill)1)lOVCmlCllt. Today , his holnes !
received - tOO ItalIan pilgrims and spoke to
Iaeh oC thou ) . The ncevton : lasted nn
N1 > ; l'OIK i'oi.iricr.s . COSJEU.
( nucslloa nr Ctty l'mmtronmgo : InterestIng .
: lmy or tin J.el.I"r , .
NEW YO1t1 Feh. 17.-A conference was
heldn \ cx-Senor Piatt's room at the
Fifth avenue hotel today hy that gentle-
man , Senator Lexlw , Chnlrman Edward
1auterbach oC the republican county com-
mi tce and othel' ! of Mr. I'Imttt's frIends.
Time direct object of the conference was
to map out a plan of eampalgn res/lcclng / )
the city legislation . and to paSH the o his
now pendIng which are desired by Mayor .
Strong antI lho conllltteo oC se\'enl : I. .
Plat assured those who spoke on the sub-
jecl al the close of the conference that
no 'lolnlo ' acton had heen tulen. That
there was a strong dIfference of opinion
CXIrCSScml , lt the conCel'once was generally -
ally tmflderstood. 'rho disturbing Icment
wa generally understood to be Edward
Lull tal'hmachm.
The 1III0sitons he offered wore retal-
atory measures In the shale , of a power of
removal bill for the state , whIch would
enable Governor Morton to appoint repub-
Icall to olces now hell by .lemocl'ats.
' 1hls was said to be time method proposed
to lot off Mayor Stlonls appointment of
Dloolteld to bo eommlsqlonel of Imhle ,
wOIIq In this city. Laulel'haeh , however .
declined to 11 quoted beyond the fact that
nothing In the way of retaliatory leslsla-
ton had been agl'eel . upon
. .
O\'crlowor I : IR.uurl Sllrll III 1 II I
. , , .
Colored WUo Ilnrdnrm'
KINGSTON. :10" , Feh. 17.-Aboul 2
o'clock this mob of !
o'cock morning n masked men ,
SUPl10sed to he negroes from IhmTmmliton. surrounded -
rounded the sheriff's house and jail here ,
caught and bound Sheriff Goidsmvorthy
whose deputy was away took the keys
away ( Coma him and gained entrance to the
jaIl corridor , with the avowed Iurpose , oC
taldns out miami , hanging ( Ueore 'l'rnoy. a
ne1 who shot mind killed his wife lit 11am-
ilton . In this county , on the mornIng of January -
nary 30.
On the Inside the mob were unable to set
Into the steel cel In which ho was can-
lined , with two other negro convicts. Tracy
cfLwled under hts bl I und . the mob began
shooting through time bars oC the cell door
ntl 11ceeelloI , In putting six huletR Into
his body. 1llnJ him Instnnl ) ' . ' 1hehellff
Inde nil the resistance he could , hut was
over1welbd. 'rhe two prisoners In the coil
wih True eSCnlJel1 Uflimurt. 'l'racy was a
bal character nli hld lately served a jai
Aentenco here ror shootn1 a negro man.
lie hal , some years age lost both hIs legs
lust iebnw the Imel's , being run over hy a
trail ) which he was tryIng to board to es-
cape some Kansas otilcers.
l'I.r , ] USIW UIW.lOSI.
frhh mit Iimn'mi l"lurulnn t I . \ d opt He : mm-
lulJUI IIIL I.hl In : uw Vorlc.
NEW YOtK , Fei 17.-At a meeting ot
the Irish National federatIon hell In the
city resolutions were flolJte,1 IIJholdlng the
llohiC' oC the liberal party of Great BritaIn
lul IJle'hln1 atendust SUIJpor to time IrIsh
pnrlamentarj' IJar ' In,1 OnlemnlnH the
eonservntves anml John g Helmon,1 , Ind his
followers UI enemies oC IrelaUI.
: lchaol I"encl ) ' Presided. OnmltnH
the Iesolutrnt to the lmOUc he su /mltnH /
II time future the f' < elton wouhl Ignore
Hpllmond nail his followers anll cilst them
wih time Orlgemen , who uh\'a't opposed
the natonll aspirations oC Irelamul .
Fire nt 1.\ltUI , 101. . t'nlIMC ' Ullcr II 1:1 :
t"lnll" ' I'iihIv.
OItAYI41NO , Michi. . lel l7.-Threo chi-
dren , Ised 9 , 0 anilI years respecIl'ely. lost
their lives 11 a tire al lewlsloI last nigimt .
Time chittircu bind , been ,
chidren Ilut to bed while
their rathel' , ElI Sej'lour , un,1 wife at-
telled 1 Iaecnbees dance . \\'hen the ) ' returned -
turned the house wus In Ilamnes'iemm the
lre ha,1 hel'l IUICleltcxtl uIHhe.l to
oilier the hOUSl ! time cimlidmen , \ s'tm'e founll
micati sid bj' File In hed 'l'he \\le evl-
dCltj' been suffocated Wlhvlt 1IIIIg been
Iwaltened. . Time cause oC the lime It un-
( liii mmm Ill : II , "hll'o "r Ihn t 1'111 I 1.111. I : I
N1'YOI1IC , Ib. I7.- , \ special to the
World from halifax , N. S. ,
\0111 Illfax snl : SInce the
dlsappearanpc of lime wi ( f the late Taml'8
O. I.'ulr of San FrancIsco , t'lat\'el living
IJolh In I I SQU tim port end , ChliloletJ\I. I t Ivhl1 1. i ; .
I. , h:1e : ought COlward their Clll18 10 n
portIon ot the Cll1t. which he Ii'ft. lrs.
John Stewurt , aim alt,1 , willow living nt
Cross roads. near tommtlmport , Is : m flrm't
10uIIlort 1
ctmsIIl of the late f'nntor 1"air. their
fathers being hr : timers. : laxwel henry.
who remmiilt's nt ] { f/JIJCh , Is 1 Hlm.ln-Iaw )
\Ims. [ htcmlrt'iillnni / I Hash' mother was
a sister 1 oC time etimutor's fnther , Then are
. .
I'SO ' . .Iat\.s IvllH In 1lulll.
Fs I 'ml 111. lt Alrun , 0 I ,
\KHON . , 0. , Feb 17.-During the t'1011'19
of a small tire this 1 ' 1lns Fireneml
G.'orge JUlOI , 1"lault Nletwanler nail ,
harry ' Tow""JI'el'c cuught by a ( ailing
"hhller , The t\\"O first IUIItl ) faluJ IO
1.\(1) ' hun that t ! y wi lJrobabl' die.
Cl\'et. 'I' ) \ \ 'mmilemld , was badly l bl'ulsll , Iu twi rc-
- .
Second Triennial Session of the National
Council of the United States.
VarIous Organlrmmtions of Importaleo of
\nrh > ! Orgnnlmtol !
time NILtlcm itcprcscmmtcmi by 1.emmiilmug
: ll"llrr - V'I\llllnl " ' 11
COltlno Two " 'cck.
WASINGTON , I eb. 17.-TIme formal
omermIng of time econll triennial session of time
: at1on,1 Council of Women of the United ,
States will talte place In this e'y tomorrow
morning. The council will hold three sese
slon daIly for the next two weeks. Intro
ductory relgious service , ' conducted by the
11ev. Annie lorl Eastman and the 11ev. Auna
10warI Shaw , were IIe11 thIs aferoon ,
whie nearly nil the leaders or the counci
arc preaching or lecturing In the various
c'y churches tonight. The followIng women
are delegates to the council from the organl-
zatcns namel :
NatIonal AmerIcan \\'oman Suffrage asso-
ciaton , Susan D. Antimcny Carrie Chapman
Cal ; National Woman's Christan Temperance -
once union , Frances E. " 'llar.I , Clara C.
10rman j National Free BaptIst Woman's
Missionary socIety , Mary A. Davis EIlna :
13. Chene ; Illinois Iliustral : Scheol for
Girls ( National Charter ) Irs. H. : . Wallace ,
Margaret Isabel Sanders ; NatIonal Woman's
RelIef society , Zlnl n. I 11. Young , I melne
II. Wells ; Wlmodaughsls , Huth U. D.
Havens , Emma :1. Gillette ; Voting I.adles ,
National : lltl31 Improvement association ,
Emline S. 1'ay1r , : lnnle J. Snow ; National
ChrIstian League for the Promotion of Social
PurIty , Elzaleth B. Grannis , Caroline D.
Buel ; Universal Peace Union , lannah J.
Ihley , Belva A. Lockwood : International
Kismdergarten Ufflon Sarah A. Stuart , Vir-
ginia E. Graer : Woman's RelJhlcan asso-
elation of the United States , J. Ellen Foster ;
NatIonal Association of Loyal Women of
American LIberty , lrs. I. C. Manchester ,
Sarah D. LaetraVoman's : Foreign : lsslon-
ary Union of Friends Eliza C. Armnrtrong . I
Hannah J. halley ; Woman's Helef ! Corps ,
auxiliary to the Grand Army of the He-
public , Emma H. Wallace , Kate Brownlee
Sherwod : National Association of Women
Stencgraphers , Nela S. V1ghln. harriet
A. Shin : National Council of Jewish Women ,
Mrs. II. Solomon , Salle Emerlcan : American
Anti-VIvasecting soc ety , Caroline E. White ,
Mary P. Lovell.
The following are the permanent omeers :
ray \\'rlght Sewal , president ; Mary E.
Eastman , honorary vice president ; Frances
E. lageley , vIce presIdent : Rachel Foster
ivery , corresponding secretary : Lillian : I
Stephens treasurer ; Isabella C. DavIs , recording -
cording secretary. Mrs. hornet Ta'lcr Is 'I '
time press commHtEe of one.
SINA'UIS ' : . lO UI.SY ,
-enrs lltornlne.1 that So'eralpprOIrtIL -
tOI thus " 'mh1 Id I to 1'.8.
WAShINGTON , Feb. 17.-There Is beIng
some uneasiness exhibited on tIme democratIc
side oC the senate that some of the appro-
priaton his may fail. There remains only
twelve more working days of the session , und
four of time most Important of these bills
are still entirely unconsidered In the senate.
These arc the Indian , the sundry civil , the
leglslatvc and the general deficIency bIlls. I
each of them being considered as being moro
likely to afford ground for debate than any
of time approprIatIon bills which have already
rEceIved attention. The anxiety Is not yet ,
however , very pronounced. I would ba more
marked but for the tact It Is generally
thought time republicans are sincere In their '
protestations that they 10 not desIre to pro-
the debate to the fall-
Ions sulelenly cause [ al-
ore oC any of the bis , and therely render
themselves amenable to the clarge of making
an extra session necessary.
The democratic managers expect to gain
considerable tIme hy moving at an early day
for an 1 o'clocl session , and following this
session hy prohonging ' time daily sessIons Into
the night. They had not Intended to press
the question oC 1 o'clock sessions until the
sundry civil bill should be taken up ,
but when they reachclI that decIsIon they
had supposed that thc ) would be able to
dispose of the 110stofce , the IndIan and the
agrIcultrl his lost week.
Instead they succeeded only In passIng
the IJOstofce bill and In having the agrIcul-
tural bill still only party considered and
the Indian bill untouched. I Il becomes IP ,
parent that the Indian h:1 : wi require time
proportionate to that put ill on the postolce
or DistrIct oC Columbia bill the motion for
early meetings , which Is already pending ,
will be press , early In the wee Ie. The
agricultural bill will be disposed of early in
the weelt and after that Is out of the W\Y '
the sundry civil bill will he taken up. The
sundry civil hi has not yet been reported
from committee , but II Is hoped It will be
reported tomorrow , certainly II will be beforetime
the Indian bill can be gotten out of the way
so that there Is no pr0llect of the senate
finding itself without un appropriation measure -
ore to proceed wIth.
There Is very little prospect for the consideration -
sideraton of any subject and the prospects
for any general legislation , such as that
proposed In the poolimg. territorial admis-
Von , Pacific railroad and bankruptcy bills ,
are growing smaller and smaller .
smaler all snuler every Iay.
There will b' a strong effort to gel up and
dispose of the pooling bill , hut there will
he determined opposItion and some of Its
best friends are growng : discouraged over
time lmrospect
' 10 prohahlites for the week also Include
n enrsorj" discussion of the territorial bills.
hut time prospects are agaInst their passage.
There are several financial his anll resolu-
tons which may he called up and time rules
of time senate permit sueh latude of debate
that n Inanclal sp.cech may be injected at any
time , and regarless of the measure In hmamul .
There Is still occasional reference to the
agreement which came so near being com.
pletef } last Thurslay for a two days' debate
nt the beglling of tlO week for nIl Jones
bill , for a vote at the close and the mater
may he revIved wih or wlhout unanimous
conaeimL Jones still Insists that either his
bill shul be consileretl on Its meris or that
Its oonents shall show their Indisposiion to
consider It hy Ilhusterlng against it. Senator .
ntor Vias has also given notice of his Inten-
ton to cal up his gold bond bill tomorrow
and hil doing so Is liable to precipitate u
Inanclal discussion at the heglnnlng of time
weelt's work . Alcget1er the outlook Is for a
busy week In time senate
' \11.\1 J.o H.\I.HU.\U 1.\ S / ( hlttN'I''I. '
Secretary uf tlB interior SllllS tn time
house "UIO Inlereslng ' lal'L ' ,
W\SIINGTON , I eb. 17.-The seeretsry
oC the Inter'cr has transmItted to the hous
an answer from the commissIoner of the
general land office to a resaiuton !
rCuestn ! information hy land diE'
trlctl a ! to what lands have
ben IJatentel to land grant railroads since
May :0 , 1&91 , what meals were taken to
discover their non.mlneral character and
whether any lands so patented were before
or have since been claimed as mineral
hnls ; and ale a rst at pending selectIons
awaiting apprcvah
'fhe commluloner submits n shellule
Ehollnt lands patented by acres since May
20. UiI. : as ( allows : Idaho , 91.422 ; Montana ,
303,201 ; Oregon 229,913 ; Calforia , 93,2GO.
'hD cemmunlcaton says that prior to
JUly 9 , I SJI , there were no specIfic regula-
tons for determining the non-minerai '
character of lands listed and selected by
land grant roads . The lands were Ir9 examIned -
amIned In connect.n with the tract books
of the land ofce by Ihe ; raIlroad grant d"- "
\.IOn and bucb are found free fr-m
adverse claims were lsted anti referr.1 to
the .mlneral dIvision , whIch 1a4 an exam ! -
nation as to their mIneral cHlrActer , and
thereafter the lands showf b1 the ) records to
be clEar were made up Into a list and submitted -
mlte to the department with n recorn-
menllalon that time same be proved fer
Since July 9 , IS9 I , the same examinations
have been made and In additIon thereto
other mnemns have been token tD glard
against patenting mineral lands under these
grants. The commlnlcnton then details nt
len th the regulatIons enforc to this end.
I Is statEd that I woul bt Impractcable
to furnish a list of pen ln ( selecton !
awaitIng approval on account of the magnltlde
ef the Inlertaklng. The comlhlnlcaton con-
eludes wth : the , sltemenl that no further
lsts containIng lands In the I mineral states
named above will bo submite to the department -
p3tment for IPllrO\'al for IJtlmt until llrec-
tons from the department shal be recel\el\
allAN ! ) Husn IN TtJ ' tOUSI : .
Every % lnuto or time Clnslul In8 lu Great
letimmmui.l ) Iy ( ' oilgrossImlemm.
\\'AsmGTON , leb . 17-The rush of the
closing lays , of time session begIns tomorrow.
In the hOlse for time past week members have
heen crowding for the consllernton of bills
by unanimous consent. This week time rlsh
wIll be more apparent whene , 'er time regular
appropriation hills , conferimo reports a \1
other privieged maters are up before the
imolise. Hut two uIJllrOIJrlnton bills are yet
tirnilsposed oC b ) the housEnaval all general -
oral Ilelclenc ) The former has been con-
shlerell for two days , Tuesday and Wednes-
mlay ( tomorrow , under the rules being sus-
IJenslon dll ) ' . ) .
The general defciency bill , which will follow -
low , wi take up two tiays Conference reports -
ports will conslme the rest or tie week un-
1 another 011(0rtunly Is given to secure the
vote on the Clndlng bill , which was again
reported favorably with nil \ nmnendmmment In
the shape of a proposltol for thc Union
1lclfc to settle with time government by a
payment of the principal dIme. Among the ,
bills upon which acton \yl bt Iked In
suspension of the rules tomorrow , Is a bill
reported from the commitee on pensions
to equalize the pay of Mexican veterans.
Argentine Minister Zolmlo , 1011e8 that Ho
Slims U""I Hocalca
WAShINGTON , "Feb. 17.-Tonlght In
speaking oC time report thai he was abotmt to
leave the country , Minister Zebalos of
the Argentine Republc Mid that the state-
mont that he hall been reCalled was tn-
correct. lie had , imowever arranged t leave
Washington soon after the adjournment of
congress , and In April wcull start on a
European trip of n year's' dlmration. Al the
end of that time he might or mIght not return .
turn to this country. No new , minister would
he appolntel , durIng his Ibs < nee , the duties
of the minister being dlscharge.1 ) by lieuten-
ant Juan St. Clair Atwell , n . secretary of
the legation , who wou11 beeoml charge
d'affaires. . ;
1'ntouml for " 'etit'u-n .
I'nlell" 'Mern Invlnlnr
17.-Speclal.-Pat- ( )
ents have been Issued as followsNebrftska
-George C. Ferguson ] , assignor one.half to
: I Oswahl , Odell . hootjacl ; Samuel S. Ger-
rishm \\I son vI I. corn cultvator : Nathaniel
P. HarrIs Omaha , 'necl'j'ole center. South
Dakota-Godfrieml , Lammhe . Huron , assignor
one-half to J. H'mans. Del Hlo. Tex. , vehicle -
hide wheel : Delbert l McOaJ ! . Vermi-
lon , thl cotmpiing. lowa-Merrick E.
Chids , West Liberty , apparatus for cutting
J.lcture . mats wIth cIrcular openln19 or
holes : Edwin \V. Crairme. MissourI Valley ,
rein protector ; WIllIam E. Elilott . MarIon ,
button atnehlnl maehlne ; Charles 'r. How-
arti Simennndoaim wire stretcher or staple
puller : llrenus F. 1arsh. Des Moines. hand
screw clamp ; George \Y. Leuty Percy ,
fence post : John D. 1onOghan. Vinton ,
slide for tonguelet cultIvator : WillIam J.
Pugh , Klnross , shingle plnnlpg mill.
1111 I'rop08N hy Htfckholdors Looking tu
nn Inrly iett1enirmt.
CHICAGO . Feh. 17.-I 11 stated here that
plans for getting the 'hlsly trust on its
feet have been practIcally agreCI upon b )
the stockholders' reorganization commit-
tee. Every effort Is being male to keep
the terms secret until ali address to time
shareholders can bo prepared. Three mem-
hers of the reorganizatIon committee-fl. D.
Hartshoro and S. D. Rice ot New York
and \V. D. Hutton of Clncmnmlatl-are In
conference with Receivers 1cNulta , Mitch-
oil and Lawrence. I Is said the concern Is
In excellent condition all 'no ' dleuly wIll
bo experienced In raising the , moner neces-
Rary to get It out oC the receivers haimds.
Insteal of a pressing Indebtcdness of $1O'JU-
l or 10le , as JIIIe UrosseuJ was led to
belIeve existed , the reeelvers discovered
that the company owed only a Ito more
than $ GO. { In time form of rebate vouchers ,
anti $10.0 or these hav4 been forfeitemi. ,
'rhe remalnll1 $ IGOCo Is not dlo In IL lump
but matureR In small amoUnts from tiny to
day all cnn readily he met wihout sac-
rleing any of the URsets of time company.
It was discovered that the trust had almost -
most $20.0 cash In bank , which could he
used for time pay men t of llehts. 'rhe Imsl-
ness , however , requires n reserve caplnl of
that amount , ( or In lIvely times from $8,0
to $0,0 n day Is paid to the Interal rove-
nuo collector In getting spirits out of
bond. 'lime trust owes only a small
nmount , aa the managers had paId casi
for all Aupples hough
' 1he plan whIch It Is saul , will probably
he . Ilopted ) Is to force a judIcial menlo oC the
property and hny II in I'ls Ihought thut
stoelhohlels favor the plan because I
\vould get time company away rrom the receivers -
eelvel's and restore It to mnnagels frIendly
to those hohlns its securitIes. One ren-
lre of the piln Is said to bo to dispense
wIth Gm'eeisimumt 11. lult hole would not
talk about the Intentions oC the company
further than to Any that any plan that
might he adopted would Inclllo the re-
! emI1ton ! oC $ JO.Co In hands now out-
tmtammtiing . ' 1hese wore SQII at [ ) cents ems
1 iso mlolimm r.
I If said tonight thai whatever the roe
stilt oC the case now Pentilnuf before the
Ilnoll state supreme 1'ollnl the stoelt-
hohlels wIll , lee lte to ulrendel' the IH'esenl
cimmtrter 'l'hoy wIll then Immedlatelj' IPply
fem n chllter 11101' time laws of Now
Jersey. 'l'hls granted . time company wi
lroCeei to reorganize under its lrovlslols , ,
heaving Plesllent Greenhlt nail his ( chow
ollicems mitranmietl . the managers or I corporatIon -
ratIon that hnl ceused to JIIVO a conlomte
existence . I II reported that the ahillil- ,
elton for I new charter \n \ Now Jersey If
likely to he mantle . , . ' '
IIel ) wltimim I weel 1he
mitockhohilermt' ] , commitee will hOd ! a Inal
consulaton with time recctvcll Wcducs-
day nex t. " ,
, ' i 'J1NTJI IM 1' AIJ'E.\'TJiTH ,
- t
'D\'r1 Now holempttiCrniniycstern IsRtos
/\lmtl"llu I Ih. I Uenlr411 I ( Ilf"rolco.
BATTIg ChEEK , Mich. , leh. 17.-Al to-
dly'l session of the Seventh' 1)11) ' AdventIsts -
Ists general conference uvermtl new delegates -
gates were received from . wester states.
A commlteu of five was dppolnted to ar-
mn\u for the sale ] oC the rmlsslonary ship
I'ltcaum'im and provide ror a larger vessel.
Iror , Prescot , elucatonn' Keelulurr , read
his report. ' 1 he denomltolal schools
hOW number hive cOlleses , ' live academies
al,1 , twenly lreparatory : chmoois wllh 'n
totll enrolment or 3,0:0 : st louts
' 1hu Ir"t meotllJ of th Intern1 Tract
ammmi Missionary society wa ; held this after-
' 110011. The report sho\(1 hat over 10titKJ-
0\ lanes , oC lIterature hll , oem n lhtl'I"ute ,
tree ( morn the central eli alone , l.eshlll
limo IUlg ! amount sold , " 1 elo were . 2.10
SallIlh Echools , with a to I membership
of 48.0W. ( ' ,
. "I
V.llH ) UJ .1 < IJI"I . .j' llMll ,
\ut : ( .ummimmtiIy or -Ol" " ) no I.umher
: nlc'd II tIme , \ t'ii'ntle ,
NEW YORK , Fob. h7.-Caaiis ggGet oC
the BrItsh shill Con9tanuD which arrived
here totlay , from Dunkirk ( , jtnd which was
ohilged to take a southell l i course on ac-
count of a luccclslon of ht \ ) sales , re-
ports that on 10111) last. whcn : about 22
miles southeast of Suamly hook , hl vessel
passed , Cor several hours through arm isa-
menso quantity of yellow lime lummsber , ap-
IJurenl ) ' the deck load or IQmo . vessel 'l'hme
umuel' carrying steamshlJI'I ) Ir St. Au-
ustine , whkh 18 more thai ) ten days o'er.
mitme at thlH 'ort ( from JacksonvIlle , OWI- . ,
1118 not yet hcen heard ( roam , the hi coin-
manlt.1 by uptain F I ; . GaEJtl and carries
a a CI'CW of fourteen mems .
Two of the Craw KOI ana Many ( Trnin-
mon Injued ,
Htsul or 1I : hte'r Cmril'S h1ilt'iur's Mis-
tlko ns to the Tmlns " ' .re
to J'ns1 Co.t Jlm
Ills l.e ,
- ,
OUTlmm , Okl. , Fob 17.-The Texas express .
press and n through h cattle train on the Santa
Fo colllleJ ) In De31 Mnn's cut , five mies
south of imere , at mIdnight Saturday ' nIght.
The freIght was coming around n short curve ,
so near their headlghts eouhl not be seen
uut within thirty feet of each other. The I
IJassenger engineer jumpel , and saved his
life , nll as did relghl I EngIneer : Charles :
Uilleb ) " , but his hoall sUruek the rocky sile
of the ctmt all he was 1,1 el. Pasenger
Fireman Patrick ColMon was caught In the
cab , and scalded so hall ) he died this morn-
Both engines , baggage and mal cars anti
hal n dozen freight ears were lemolshe,1
Seventj' head of stock were killed. 1 The pas-
senger coaches did nol leave the track and
no passengers were badly Injured.
Time Injurl arc :
James Moorman , freight conductor , left
arm broken.
Edward 1.ltehen , passenger conductor , hall
mashel and body bally bruised.
Messenger . n. D. Dengle , body badly
bruised .
Dnggageman George Nevie , eraided
Mal Cleric hilmtchllns heal cut
Road Master cKlnncy , hrulsed.
E. Drhlgeman , John J. Englsh and I. A.
Sprow , belies lacerated.
Harry Trower Kansas City stock yards ,
cut In the Ieclt anti [ ace.
A. Hahn , Ireman on Crelght , leg mssasimed.
A. J. Graves , freight brleman. sprained
I , . D. Weitienimaimer , cuts ems face all body.
The _ wreck wi nol he cleaned so trains
can go through untIl tomorrow. The wreck
\\'ns cause by the error of the freight engineer -
gineer , who thought hc was to pass the pas-
Fenger at Guthrie , Instead of Seward . two
mies south of the wreclt.
tss 'lnn Husno ' IUlc.1 II . n CollIsIon lt
PITTSnURG , Feb. 17.-A wreck occurred
tonight al 10 o'cloelt at Rank'n crossing be-
tween the eastern express emi the Daiimore
& Ohio ali a trolley car on the Dralord &
tankln branch of the Second avenu lIne .
whIch resulted In the death oC Miss Anna
Ktsne and the severe 'Injury of Wiiam
Jones , both passengers en the electric car.
The Dalimore & OhIo train was an hour
late and was coming al a high rate of speed
just as the trolley car approached the cross-
Ing. When tle motorman and conductor saw
time colls'Qn was inevitable thej' told the
passengers to jump for their lives. There
were twelve passenger . al of whom sue-
ceedel In gettIng elf except Miss KUlme.
She could not understand English and did
not know the danger Jhe was In.
The car was struck fairly In the center
and was redue to kindling wood. Miss
Kusne's heal was cut entirely off all her
body imorribhy mutilated. Wl'am Jones had
his aria crmmlmet1 and head badly cut. All
the other lassengers were bruised or slghty
cut by flying pieces of the wrcked car.
F.JUISIlU ) S1'lJ lWS SUit ILIs' ! ) L'it.
FIght or Empty Stnmachs : , \g'Lllst ' Cntlnl
II Irnnkl,1 nt aim ' ; 11.
BROOKLYN Feb. 17.-In calling oft the
stllke cf time Brooklyn Helg"lts and the D oak-
lyn , Queen's County & SulJlhan railways ,
distrIct assemhly No. 7 [ Issued the [ olowlng
address :
To the PublIc : Acting In behalf of their
employcs ) we presentetu to the olilcials of
the Brooklyn ! Jle lellhts anl olclals ) 'n ,
Que.en's county & HUburhan Hallway com-
IJnCS , certain requeats for Implovelf eOII-
lens of labor on their roads for the year
16 5. Subsequently these requests , which
were le\'er other thln of time most Ieason-
aisle nature. \CI'O molled so us to leave
tm companies no exeuso for I failure to
come to an Igreement wIth their em-
\ \ have exhausted every honorable
meals 10 effect a friendly settement , hut
the trolley oleinia nlHumcl l most In-
eompromlslng attitude and refused 10 malt
a sllrlo concession In rcsponsu to our rea-
fonahlo l'equesta. ' 1he ) ' ' went further , und
so far front Improvllg time condilonf or
their emsmployea they insisted upon terms
lest flvorble than thej" 1111 ml.le without
protest In 1891 amid Iii IH'evloul j'cars. ' 1helr
actons forced thel' emlloyet to suspend I
labor on JIII ) ' 1 inst. Since then there
hat not been a day on whleh the len have
not been wiling to so more than halC way
In In endeavor to adjust I dllcultr that
entailed , hUldshlps on the employes as well
us ( Incalculable lost Ind IleOn\'enlence wel
time PublIc. The companies have not had
the same eonsilieralon for tile 11hlc , the
Slle spirit oC Coiflhl'omise. 'l'hey started
out to starve their employes Into suhmll-
810n , timid they have 1IIIy mIlieceedeti . It
hams been a light of dolal.t against eml1ty
atomachs , stud lt WUI to have heen cx-
peetel , , the ( Iolul have won n victory ,
though a dear omse Our people , alter he-
role resistance , have at ILlt Cuhmlltl ) to
time Immovitoble . 'J'lmo civic , mlltalY , anl In. .
some Inltances the judIcIal powers have
all heen used to coerce them
\'o cesl'u 10 return our most sincere
thnnls to time onallzutons and inmiivhdtmals
who hlve In amsy way aided otmr people
durIng time Itll111 hope ' our olr symllnthl -
UI'S may never heel the power of corporate
oppression. Many of our peoplu still need
afslstnnce to Ieel the wolf si hunKeI
train theh' doors. A little from lists many
will miutilce . und Iny citizen , society malY 01'
newspaper thlt wi hcp ] our men In this
respect will receive the best thanks or nil
wih the hope that the time wIll yet como
when equal IIhts1 he accorded to nih .
special privileges to noime ald that nil
most will /talli lesl1eeluly qunl , to the law , \U lemull al ,
.JOiiN ( ii huN , .
1' . J. COLLlNti ]
ANH W J ) . I : S'
This actIon on time part of district assembly ]
No. i6 wIll permit the strikers of these roads
to return to work , or al least allply to ba
taken back Time strike against Iresllent
Norton of tIme AtlantIc avenue lne Is still on
Iresllent bowls oC the 1100klj'n Ihhhts
Halroud company maui tonIght that ,
the duy about & 0 oC the old mel hac !
plell ( for worl ( . A numher of them , lie
udled , , hall heen received hack Into time
service anti others 1111 their lames pul emi
thc eiiglbie limit. lIe fully ,
elglhlo lst. le fuly epeetl,1 that
the remalmlel or the strlEIH would IJ on
hllll In the moring lookIng for their old
imosithons. (
Muster Workman CannaIs reported at
Canna\ lt
his heme us IIPllg very 111 ( . time result of
the labors \hleh ho has umlervone during
tilt IJast live weeks us euder ] of the strike ,
'l'lme strike , which IUllel1 thlrt-rour slrle ,
has cost In enormous amount oC moult ) ' .
Three milon dolbarA Is considered hy those
Invol'ell a , mO'l'rato ' t'stmlte , 'hen the
strike started It \11 stated that dIstrict Its.
semll ) ' No 73 bind from $ .O.03'J to 1 ! .OJ In Its
Irealul'j' . About $1JtW'IS luhsCrlued by
sj'mpathlzers All this huts been spent
nail , I the $3WO ) wages the men woull hlVn *
Ilrned hiss b'en lo ' t. ' 1ho 1100klj'n
Heights company was time heaviest loser
ansong the rOluls. I Is estlimsateii , 10 hln'f
lost dIrectly $ G.O. Time othel' systems
have lost clone to f3o.oJ. Time cost to thl
city and stnte for troops Is uxpet'led to exceed -
coed t O.o. 'l'ho damage ' : IU by cars
: '
Ilnn"1 inexperienced 1(1 Is Illn,1 at
UO.O Inert' . 1111 thl losi I 11 cnl'n ' Ca-
\Inclt' \ bj' tile mliia ilui'immg . thllr Itn\ ' In
flroolclyms ' II ( stnat,1 lt $20,0OO. 'Iterl ,
were lan ) ' other loSses to 1\1 the nmoult ,
11 1111ton tn time 111'Onvmlpnco nlll stIffer-
Ing calse,1 , by time big strike.
JSLS.V1'S .SlCOX1) . S co.Tisso.\ :
Snl.1 to ni" " Indo n 1lnte1lnt th"t Wi
( : III/ : . time 'i'm ibm . Case .
: nNNEAIO.IS , Fob 17.-Miss Wnchtel ,
the stenographer , was seems tonight , anJ from
her the fact was elicited that Blxt ma,1e nn-
other confessIon , which changes the whole
ecurse of events , If It Is allowed , In the trial
of Inrr ) ' Ia'warlSho claims that 11xt
stated to imer In answer to a question from
his atorey , that AMy Ha'wor.1 Illt him till
to the job of mlllcrllg Miss Glmmg. 1 was
plannell irc'Iotmsly to the tragedy , nml all
time details agreed 11101 , almost exactly as
stated hy Blxl on the stand , cxceptn ( that
the nmo of Atry shell be Ebsttlt1 for
thai of Harry In time confcss10n.
Tomorrow morning several surprises are ex-
pectell In the Iawar,1 tria ] . The defense
has been lnms3' today In colectnl mater , and
will be prepared to go along hantl ) with
the casc. Miss Wachter wIll he 1laecII on I
the stonll , and Mr. grwln wi argue whim .
the cOlrt ns to whether or not she can tea-
t ) as to what Ilxl saId whie she was
tallnl his statcimment. I the cOlrl hohs
wih him It wi create a rule wlureby ! stcn-
ogr31Jher clplocd by attorneys wi have
to be Iept In thO dark ns regards all state-
\ents between attorneys amid cliemmt. H appears -
pears thai time statutes have not been altered -
terel since the stenogrllher "eame a nec-
essarj' aljunct to an : Htofle a omee , and
there Is no pro\'lslon for their Prtcctioms .
On Saturday Judge Smih was quIte certain
thai the Inlent of the law was hot slch that
she could test [ ) In ndllton to lhls , there
will be souse evidence In regard to those
"bloody clotimes . . which Il has always been
slated were oun,1 out ncar Lae ] Calimomin.
I now develops thai Ege dhl not fml the
clothing al 11 , hut thai the discovery was
made by Daniel P. Darling , who wIll he
lJlaeet on tIme stauI
--5- .
PUlTI1'IllS.t.'IJ ICE lr.1 fl I ) .
II mIce Coma vi mm leti Wil I I i'miy tim mt . \lnull
for S Ime A o preim emmal Ins " C Iii Im . r.
KANSAS CITY , Feb. 17.-Forty thousand
dollars is time reward offered for tIme mum-
lmreimemssioms of Dr. Geom'ge ldm.mthcr. 'l'hmo
offer i shade by time instmrancc comapammies
whelm issued 1)OliCiCC on Ir. ldraltcm"s life.
W'hcn the confession of Jtmdgmmsemmt vas
tnlcems In tue femleral court hiatt . ' , iommtiay us
tlse case brnugimt to collect time $ I0OiJO in-
stmmt'ammce , It mvns ; agreed Iii time sthlmulatbotm
tiled at tIme timmmo that time imsatmi sulmi
simould hot lie paul untIl time expiratIon of
mmlx mommtims. 'limere was no remsoms gIven
by time hmmsuranco solheitor for timhs clause
amid isemso was reqmilred , btmt it wits tmmbcm'-
stood that It was sumsiply one of business
Cliii tlmlt It was in good faith.
Nott' , however , it Is icarised that the
companies hmavc joIned 1mm lssmmlmmg a clrcu.
mr to thmcir agemits offerlmsg m0,00i for Fm-
ker'ti recovery within time six mmmommtlms' stay
before time lmaynscnt of time money. 'l'ime
nmmnmier ( If ugemstm employed by time 'mn-
itmmmles mtmmsommmmts to mi small nrmny. muid In-
citmdes ot'ei'y city , village , anti imamniot him
thse lammtj. its addition time offer han bceis
mmmtidc to every reputable detective agemicy
In time coummtry.
' 0-
To RECO l.Ei : iJ'l' 0.111 .V ( 'S VU.vis.
Legis'mutmiro himstruct' . time ttt.vney GeimcrmuI
to Iiocln Stilt , t glilum4t i ime iX-Tremt.imrt'r. ,
ChEYENNE , Feb. 17.-Speciai ( Tele-
gramn.-Just ) before time legislature ad.
jotmrmed slime die at 5 o'clock this mnormmlng a
rcoltmtIomm was iistrodueed and unmmmml inotmsly
adolted uimstm'uctimmg the attorney general of
\r.otnimig to at once begIn proccedimmgs
against the bondsmen of Otto Omninimi , cx-
State trcastmrcr , and time assignee ot' time
T. A. lCemmt iammlc , to recover 5t,000 of state
funds , which time treasurer lost cit aecount
of time failure of the banlc in Jtmly , 1503.
Graunmu failed to reimburse time state wimeim
ime turned over time 0111cc to his stmcccssor
us Jammuar ) ' .
Time only important measure vetoed by Governor -
ernor Ithchimti'tia was the act creatimsg mt State
board of ai'liitrmstloms. 'i'imo govoimmor's rca-
Son for time veto was that time act comm.
Ilicteti withm time state coimatitutiorm , w'imicim
provides that time deeisiomm of time atbitmators
m4hmahi be huh mtiiti t'old tiniess hmtis imam'tIeA to
time contrcmversy vohuntat-ily ngreeii In advance -
vance to hit ! bounti timerchy. The imili passed
ii ) ' time legisiatmire atitimorizeti eltimer party
to commipel a imeimring wIthout tIme consent of
tIme otimers amid therefore conflicts with time
Yotmumg I I tislam mmii Shu cot s I I Is Chti I tI 'i'I ( a
in1 tab I v mmmi ml % 'oii mm ciii 1 I I unmet I' .
ST. LOUIS , Feb. 17-At time female lmos-
pital of timimi city today dine W. Cnmneron ,
It 'Otmtlm of 18 , made a desperate nttemnpt to
emsd time lives of bus girl wife , Mamolc , aged
17 , amid hminmself. 'J'imroimgim a succession of
misfortunes time coupie imati iseconsci ummaiie
to inalce a llvimmg , Mrs. Cameron was tnlems
with an attack of malarial fever amsil me-
moved to tile cIty institutIon for treatment.
Cameron , still out of work , cttiieti to see
lmltl mvle today. 'l'imey talked earnestly tom'
seine time , wimen sudiiemmly Cameron drew
a cimemlil revolver numd tired otme milmot at his
wife , immilicthmig a lmroiJaiiI ) ' fatal votmmmmi ims
time side mmear thm lmeart. lie then tmirneml
time m'eapon on imimnmsel ( , but intilcted emily it
siiglmt scalp woumid beom'O ime was seized.
Ills wife will prohably die ,
11.0 111,1) . 'Vt 'J' 1'OLICId rn JHiOIhiltS ,
State Soumator Newsumm of Tt'umrmt'sqeo W'Iii Not
rprm'im vI I im l mm , , 4 t itumit hi ii 1ii rm ; a I ii
NAShVILLE' , Feb. 17.-Semmatom' A. 11.
Newmsom : semmt in imlmi m'eaigmmatlomm to Gos'ermior
Turimey today as senator ( moms ) ttsc 1"our-
teeimthm district , Governor 'rumney iii mmut ims
time city nnti has not acted on .thmo rosigna-
lIon , Senator Newson gives as his scummuim
for resigning time extrlmm'smgoItcc of time ieghmt-
immttmru In fom'climg tmpn conmmnitleemi smppuiimtctj
to visIt state lmmmttitu'Li3ims multi eomti nmtimrs t-mmrrns , lelmortermi tmimd chimer Ott.
tmmcmhmes at $ i Per tiny antI cxpcrses who vlli
tb notimlmsg hIlt mii'tv ; srtlmmrics. , 'J'ime resigema-
tiomm created mmoincwhmnt of a nemssntioim ,
JIUSTOX'S UJ'.ITO. ' To hOOT ! ! ,
Commu , ummirmder o t t lie ' mti I oi . 's riumy ( I I veil a
( I i'i tm d I ti'et , m t I lii ,
BOSTON. Feb. 17.-General Booth , coin-
imianmier in cimit'f of time h3itlvmtthun aminy , mmi-
dressed three big amass mmmeettmmgs at time Me-
cimaimics buulihlng today , 'l'imla e'tilmiflg time
hmaii ss'amm erowdemi to its utmsiommt ealmat'ity imimi
it Is estimated ( lint his Imeameis mmumnberetl at
least 25,000 1)001110 dtmriiig time ilay. 'i'Ito
usual exmtimusiummmm wimicim hams fuiioweml imls
apImcam'mtimcc cvem'ymm'ierc' cis hmimi ( gill across
time cotmnti'y mum Icemi today's mimeetimigs. 'rime
iemmemalm'mmms titteimmied Imy imis staff omi'l tiso
iiover of hme local b'alvatbon nrimmy corps.
JIC'i'Jt ( ) 1 1' .S.I JO.'N ( ' 1,051.1) ,
C Isle I'.ti t rmul I nim Eum f.rt'c t I m ti S mm ii iimy I mi mm
amid Z.lllmium It'mmtcms t III ht.mliIlmit.
DE'l'JtOhT , Micim. , Feb. 17.-OwIng chieuiy
to time elfortmt of time CIvIc fcdei'atlorm me-
cently organized 1mm ilmimi city , ithi time Crd'oms '
in ttme cIty imsve iieem rtbeoltmteiy clostmt.i
mimi t3mmnmiay aimoi totiuy. At mm immrge ymmeetlml
of time Liquor Ieaiers aSEoeintiOlm totla ) ' Im.
was decided to urmdem take mmomio retaliatory
emelloim. , Auithor ineetimg is calioti ( or 'i'ues-
tlmty , at mvimicim a d efttmi t u 1115mm of eauisj aigim
svhli be theclmteml ulmon. I I is lOlieVdmi thmmmt
the saloon IceelmerS will attesnpt to have time
"blue laws" enforced ,
I uchi t.mmtw on ilumiio-t umst rimtmm Idroumi
LONDON , Feb. 17-A tiispatchm to time
Stammdmtr,1 ( rein Omiessa says timid fearful
sooty mmtorlmsm4 itre prevaIling along the Russo.
Austrlars frontIer , TIme ruilrommmlmm ama iitl'r- )
iuimttai and misally deutims imayc bcwm caused
by time extrcmmse cold ,
- '
sriii SIIOUL1) ) TAKE ITS O\VN \
Oouclusions of Hon. William Loose in
Connection with Moshor'a Gontract ,
I.egl1mtturo iittl No htighit to eluml ( hue ' 4
Sttimt 'm't'rumm-\Vtmmi.l hIm't . 'r Cimmumpel
liturgimuu It , htrhimg Smmlt if .tmmy
lie ilrotugimt.
Time hmotmso cotmsmitto eu lemsitentlar' of
time semsioms of 1S93 msas comahicacti ofV. . J ,
trtvhmi , cimairimmams ; C. I ) . Casper ,
C.V. . Heal ammtlV. . 1) . Ilaller.
To thmat cemmiimsittee was referred time
prlsems commtract between time etmite amid \I , II.
Iorgan and C. W' . Mosimer. Time commimlttee
emmmployeml ibis. \\mmi , Loose mis cotmmmsel ,
tilmol ) tm'hmoso iiutlimmgs mmmlii cItations time commm.
mmsittee rccomnmmmcmmtleti timat time Prleoit contract
be dcchmirctl imimil mmmiii 'oti nail ( limit time state
take charge of time piammt , llrisoml multi groummmtis.
Time wrlttemm elimmimmm of comiimsel is mIS tel-
lows :
OPINION Nl ) Ci'I'A'I'1O'S 01"'hL -
LI . ? it lKlSi' . 4
'i't time I Iomsormlmic Commmmmmittce on i'emmitrns-
t imtm' ' ( ; t I i'mmsemm-I ccci of
: cmi - it in I mm m lmt ytitir
commI mistimmi ( 'mu I 10mm iii ) foi low's :
' ' 'l'iio cuimsimm I t tco omm Imelmi I emm t bit my ml cmii rca
its mmttorimey to look tIll time law mtnml time
fac ts an ml lit formii t ii o commsmmmi t I i'o t'hmc timer I mm
ii Is 011111 10mm t im so.cmii ltl comm t mmt c I i let myceit
time stmmttt of Neimrasktt mummilV. . I I. lh. Stout
itimicu itsmmtgimemi to ommo C.V. . tluslmer , mmmlii
i- , hmi in Slttti to lie mm mmsigimcti to omit' 1)or-
gmmmm , is mmow it gtoi commtrmtct nnil imimRilmmg
oil time state Of Ncbrmti'ica , itimti wimmtt stops
tIre mmoisecessary to tm tmmkeim to mtmmimlil
smtll eoiltt'miet Pi'uvltit'tl it is simowim that
t ito 51)111 t Itimli I hOt' isiommim of ttti : ti colt I tact
111'O beIng violatel by tlmosa itoiihlmmg time
souse , mmr tvimt'timur oi mmot i.mthd commtrmtet im4 ml.
vmtlld t'ontrmtct. ' '
1mm iunsmvcr timereto 1 hmmt'o time lmomor to
stmhimmsit us follows :
First. 'i'hmmmt umlimier } mc''tloms 19 at' um'thcie v ,
oh' time coiistittitimsil , time hitmmti'ti of l'mmbiie
1..itimmit ; nmmii 1 imilitllmigs Is gbvemt time gcmmt'rmti
m3tmpert'Immitmim it mmd cc mm t rob of mm I I tim e tmu i iti-
logs , grommmmtis Ltimi Ittttis of tise state multi
state Pi'isomm , timid be stmbjcct to stmcim mImics
mtitii m'egtilatiomms us mmma' tmu provIded by
'I'Imnt for time Immmm'imoo of cmmi'myurmg mimto of.
feet time above commmmtittmtioimmti Imruvisiomm , time
iegimtiattit'e , by ins mtct mipprot'ctl Februitiry
13 , 1577 , ImasSed lii ) act , cimtttl'li mmim umet "cmi-
( mm iii isimlmm g mm Iloit rti of 1 'tmbl I e I _ mt mstls mu mitt
hitiiitliisgs of time mttmm te of Ncbrmtmilca , mtnd
tieiimmimlg thmeir tihmties. ' '
I mm St''t it ) mm iT o f mimu ill at' i , provisiomms w't'me
mimmttie for saId boam-il to mmilvem'tise for ealeml
hmm'oiOSals for time lemtsiimg of time Iieimitemm-
timt1) ' , ht'mmi I tim I lit i'y gmlm ntis mumtl eoimvict
latter. ( SeIiOms lmtmvit of 1577 , page itS , )
Secunti. him hltii'ittiitlit't ) of saId net the
110mm rti 0 f I 'Imiji I c I .mtmmtl s 1111,1 , i immiitl Iisgs ,
after 111mb ) ' amivcrtisiimg for sucim Healed 1)10-
hiOsilis , thiti ( ill Chic 22d , hmt' of Selmtumsmber ,
11m77 , nwmmm'd toV. . I I. B , h5iottt time state
1101 mi t em m ti ary , mlimll ni I time gm is LI imtis , ymi nut ,
mtimohmi ummti oiithnmlililngs colmimecteti wIth time
imamime , ttimti iii I ilm'Otem'tY thmeretm mm to belommg.
11mg , mom- time imorioti , lf .y emtm's frommm amId
tmfter October 1 , 1S77 ; mt seliellmllo of mill
mmmchm rem'sumimti pi'opcm'ty is omm Ilbo vItim the
sccrctmtry of state.
0mm October 1 , iSi7. said Stout took umos-
sessioms of mthl the it'OpCl'tS' ) of tile Stmtte ,
COmiflL'Ctcllvltim time pcmsitcimtimtry Iischumdiimg ,
a mmtiiimhcr of hmom'm4es , wagons , live stocic ,
vom'iciiig tools , coolcing tmtemtslimm ttmtd otimer
All of tile personal prollerty wail tlmeis
to be nplmmailed anti wits to be returmsed
ill kInd to time state by Stotmt at time ter-
mimlnation of thse six years' lease. 4
Otlmcrwise 110 vmui to Pay to limo state
time mimprmtiSctl vaimme tlmereof.
Third. 0mm Fobrunmy 20 , 1870 , tise logia-
lattlre passed mtmi act cxemmmllimg ( time tlnia
of expirmttiOmm of time nfom'esaid lease for a
ftii'them mmoriod of sIx yemirs conmmmmomscimsg
october 1 , 1553 , ammil terimmImmatiimg October 1 ,
'Sb.Tlmmmt Os a comisitiemation fomstmcls oxton-
sioim Stoumt mtgm'ecti Oit imis imtrt : to reduce time
pt'ice uer cmtplta to lie paid by time state
to szmltl Stommt ( remit 55 to 15 cemmtmm Imer tiny'
for earls commvict for time lim'mmt timreo years.
mirmil to 4Cm CentS hOt' tiii' for time second
timreo ycam's of said extended lease.
Stout mmiso thlem'ciml agm'eeti to elect at hmlm4 '
own oxlemlso 2i0 stone cells ifimil to turn -t
time came ot'em to time stmttmi free o charge
Oc'toier 1 , 1SSIL ( Sestmiomm lmtwmm of 1SS7 , page
114. )
On It'elmruary 27 , ISS3 , time time ( em' erect-
imig 16) of time above maemmtlomioi mttmrmc cells
wmtmm extcimdcti tmntil October 1 , 15S5. ( Laws ot
1883 , mmso 3l ) ) . It mniglmt be iilouer to state
mIght imertm timmtt time viieIo ntmmiber of stommu
eeli to lie erected imttve itot bceim built to
thus ( lit ) ' ,
F'otii'tim. Oim ? iiarcim 2 , 1537 , time lcglsimmttmro
agalim exteimmicil time lease commtmnct for a
imeriomi of ten yenm-s froimi anti titter the 1st
tiny of Octobei' , lShO ,
'J'hmim3 extensiois was hot mtm1e to Stotmt ,
imilt to C.V. . alosimer , as th assig-mice of
Stout , Imi anti tim tIme aforesaid lease con-
tm'act , ? mloslmcr nmtreeimsg oim imlmi part to re-
ccivc but -10 ccimts tier lilly for cads COO-
vict in ( mill fom' lml commspemsation under
stitl : coistmact.
Timimm act provldeti for Mosimer to give
lOmmml to time state us time atmmsi of i0J.uoo ,
to be nplrovei by tlO hoard of PmmbIie
Lammdms nuti litmlldings. ( Law's of IbS7 , liSSU
662.0Oji August 1 , 1SS7 , time isomsd was given
and lmpllrovC(1 ( by said beam ii.
'l'ime extunimlomi mvami mmmmmtitm nimd accepteti
by Mommimer itlibject to all time coisditlormmt
itimd provimmhomta t'olstalit'I 1mm tue em'Iginal
Commtm'ttt't. ( ExImIbIt 11 hereto attmtcimed is a
Colt ) ' timi'reof. )
1"iftim. Febrtmai'y 8. 1S02 , it paper was tiled
1mm tue 0111cc of tint mmecrctam'y of state pmmr-
llOI'tiilg to lie aim ttssigmmmimcmmt of time atom'o-
said lease commtmact from C W' . Iorgaim , ( A.
copy of said paimer is attached imereto cx-
imilit C. )
\Ii1ll A 1 J4 UNCONS'l'I'rtJ'rION-A11.
No bonti imas ever beems glvei , to tilts state
by iom-gtmm mtnti imotmvi t immm t ilmm , I 1mm g tim u immm m-
itOi'temi nssgmimmseimt amid tmnmmmmfer iii mantle
imimmi ltCCeJmteti immibject to all time terms of
Ri ) mtgm'eeimient bctmm'comm Sititi Imlmi'uieIl , of oven
timito tlmerotvhtis , time mmaimi iaorgamm has imot
signed lilmChi ti'ammmifem' , mmom is them-u aimy
agt'ecimmeimt letms'eeim said parties attacimemi
I 1) 01' itIcti tv Itim m ucim tmi I tmg cii a ssigis macmm I.
'i'iio imccl'titttm'y of mitato Immfom-nnm immo that
t lie rig Ii ts el mm I loom I I to' ho rgmmmm u mmIcisue'im
assigmmmmmcimt lmitvtt not imoomm m'cvogimizei by
t lIe I 10mm 1,1 of I 'mmiih Ic Lt ii 11mm a liml I lou Imi I hg 14.
Six t Im , 'l'im e fom't'go i Jig lilt II iCm'mm ) slot S or I it
to m4imomv time limit , of ti'uimmtferu of time hrisoim
cnist'oc't front time mjtmtte tiwmm to Ilorgan.
m'im o clii I limit to Imu I ime p rt'scmm t o mm'iimn' of
HitIti commtromct amid icimmo by vIm-time of mmforim-
smihi t rmsmmsi'cr to imiimm ( mom thosimer , tm'imo him
tlmrii claims timrougii time tissigmimnent of Stout
51)11 time ltC't ( It tlmtm elm 2 , Its ? .
Seveim tIm , 'i'I I ore is im a ii oU ii t I is imsy emi ott
imtmt mvhmat cmtt'im act of timu leglmmlattmru ox-
teiimiiiig time POi'iOtI of titmmtm of tIme Icmlmte
( 'Omiti'lmt.'t It ) hhioimt nimmi to iml itsmilgmme
'lomtimer iimfringtmmm ( mis mmt''tbomm iS of mmrtlcim. ,
lii o ( time eommtmtittmtlomm of timi tmtmttt' ,
ScctIoim 15 imi'o'tties : ' "nb , begisin tore
simmi I I m I o t hilmtmi ; I ocim 1 oi shtceImm 1 lots's iii mmms y
of time folbowiisg emmia's :
' 'ci i't mm t I mmg to a mm V I mmii I 'it1 mini mtny it recinl
em' ccltmmti'o ImrivIicge aimmi iii mm ii otimot-
( 'nluH : mvimom'o it gcii ci'im I itmv ( 'mu mm ha' i miti Ii ( I
111)111 k'ltbic , mme m.imceitm I lmty m-mlmal I I mj en-
llc'Ic'-l. ' ' '
By time above laws extemiclitig time lmrisors
colmtract to t4tolmt. null mmtisrsvti'l to
: iitimcimci , sime'immi I'riVIlt'gCii ' imavtm itceit gI'tmit
( imt'mn tlmmtt hmavtm mmut imcii ttct'om'tieti to otimer
citlzenmi of Iimi'i stmtte.
'fii Imi mvmmim mm ( it Itt ) i a t imu cml gl mum I Comm trmi ot ,
Stout ms'mumi mtwui ti d timut comiti-mmt-t. iii colim-
ielitlomm whim time m'-'nt of limo citizoims ; mit
I mm t he lit. tmi extol iii I ii t ; I lie t I mmmc uio oh lit , r
t-'I tlxcrm mo II lii co m 0 hO I 0 for t iltm mmm vh leg ( I of
lemusuim g time i memmi tum : timtm'y , om tI I u coimvl o I
'fite itglmihmtturo in eff.'cL . imsatie sm coms-
tract. SliC't'lmti iii its ummttmii' ' , uvitim hilotmt ,
em. 'miosimer mtlomR' , mmhmllo all otlmermi have
ieemmxci mmii m'u I ,
I f timtt iegislitt ure imas time Power aimml
( lii timoi-i to tm mmdci' tim 0 ( 'Ui m 14 1 ItO I in im to sa mitt
mt law ul.eltimmim'cIy icr time imt'lmoIit of iitotm I
om. : tl r. Cd em. hum , amid exel mImIc it I I o I her ci It-
zeims timei"m'ommi , tilt-u I t mm ci m I ml immtvm time
Pov'i' flnl I mit m timori I - to I , ; tmmfl ft imtvi for I tm mt
I temmcii t of iii I em tImer c I tlzuim it , amid cxci utlo
Stout emmid : ii. 1biohimtmr I him efi-ommi ,
Sectioim 15 of zmrtlcbo ill , mlitiVt ) died , hiatt
iim mmmy ( iliinlomm Imecim ltdOImtI'ml ( or time very
I' ' II rIgmec I , t Ii'Ohllmi 1 I mmg atmoim leglsig t 101 i ,
No good auth valid I'Uitl4OIl ( ' 1(15 ho mm.l-
vitmtcei Sil ) ' It gvimem'iil law ho ttgahim louse
t Ito iiim I I on t is my himotmiti mm ut have it n vim. ,
IL , html giviimg to t'vem' ( mit izeji tt righmt to
agaIn bid ( or Itucim a Ilrlvllego.
\Vhm' was It tiittt I hmo oi'iginmti volmtmac't
was mmci givcmm tet Mr. htcqit by aim act of
I liii legls irtI it I' , , 2 \\'im ) ' lmsmss mt hmtsv i't'qmm I-
Iimt-r n'lvem'tisensm'iits icr Hemtiemi lmroilolmahmm ?
it iii because stcthomi 15 of artIcle Iii tie.
miles the riglmt of i ho icisimtmmm'e tim enimfer
i'l"tltti 01' cxci mmmii vcm un vi I otjes mm I 11111 s Itt-
galms , yet I cammnot dinc'ovc'm' tIme i1ilfomi'ne
btmtwt't'n sumvmu diimg thy um'ighmmmti couli macI to
Mr. Stout fur mmlx years amid ( AI4'ndlitg limo
roimlrimet nh altiiticmnml six ytmti's.
Alt u'om'er is vinitel us tIme borisiat mire
mm'iu'rc' it is not mtrleteti . , y time coismstittm.
i Intl.
, hmm imany of time oiml'r states it will b