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. - ES'IAIILlSIIED , JNE 19 , 1871 OMAhA , FHIDAY MORNINGiFEfl1WARY ; 1 , 18fl. ( SINGLE . COpy J-IVm CEN'l'S.
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' Armenian Oommhsion Will Not Be Satiefed
with Hearing Evidence
AI Soon ns the Testmoloy , % ot " .lnrpscs Is I
Taken 1m Inquiry at the HOles
of tile ( ltr'd II to
10 IIftI.
CONSTANTINOPL.1 . Fob. 14.-The Tnr
klsh commission which Is makIng an Inquiry
nt Moosh Into the alleged massacres Dr Ar- ,
menlans held twelve Ittlngs.
has alreally hel " sltlns.
As soon as the commission has finished the
examination Dr witnesses It will visit the
vilages In the SaEsoun district whore the
atrocities are Fnll to have occurred nnd
make ns rigid nn inquiry as pssible Into the
charge3. The work oC the comllsson ( Cannot .
not be terminated for some months. Authon.
tic news has been receIved nt the Drltsh
cmhassy here that 01 the Armenians trlCl al
Erslnjan anti against whom judgment was
t given on the lth ) 01 November. twenty were
lentenced 10 death sIx to ImlHlsonment for
ICe and twenty-one to various terms of 1m
Vrlsontnont. 'rho court bas Ilveu auur-
nnces to the Urltsh government that before
these sentences are carrIed out It will have
n careful investigation ' oC all proceedings In
the case mndo'in order that lul ( justice shall
be done the convicted prtsoners.
The judgment gh'en In these cases at Er-
slnjan wIl be confrmed by the court of cas-
saton at Constantinople on February 2G.
BOSTON , I eb. H.-Word has been received -
ceIved In Boston from rzeroum , the ely
from which thu Eurollenn delegation has re-
rnUy set out for thin scene 01 the late
massacre In the Sassoun distrIct , that the
delegates wer not allowed by the Turkish
government to take Armenian Interpreters
with them. The Sassoo Armenians know
only Kurdish and a little Armenian , hut no
Turkish. I wi be Impossible for these
delegates to obtain any definite information
from them through nn ofcIal TurkIsh interpreter -
terpreter whose Iloes not understand theIr
language. The delegation thus equipped has
gone to 110 its work.
- the 6th and 12th Inst. there were sixty-one
cases or choler hero and twenty-nine deaths
from the disease.
British tiovermimnontQttcstiommed These Two
: . EumterprIs.
LONDON , Feb. H.-DurIng time sessIon oC
the House of Commons this afternoon Sir Edward -
ward Harland , conservative , nkeI whether
the goverment was aware that Mr. Morgan's
NIcaraguan canal hi had passed the United
States senate and was now before the house
of representatives , and that Mr. Morgan had
stated In debate that no foreign government
objected to the bill . und whether In view of
the Importance of the canal to British ship
owners , the goverment would malte urgent
. . , . representations to time government or time
, United States against provIsions In Ir , Mor-
gan's bill detrimental to the Interests of
BritIsh shIpping. Sir Edward also asked
whether time government would consider the
propriety 01 urging upon the government of
time United Slates the importance oC the crea-
ton or a British and American : commission to
deal with time question of the construction of
the cal : and Its status when built.
Sir Edward Ore , parliamentary secretary'
for the foreign office . replel that It was not
usual for the government to make any rep-
rcsentatIcns against bills before foreign legislatures -
'k latures The government , he added , consIdered
' _ ) s that such I canal as I was proposed to construct -
slruct through Nicaragua should be under
International control , and whatever steps It
* may deem desirable will be taken by the gv -
ernment to advance this view He , however
sa\v no reason to suppose that the United
Slates government would not maIntain its
treaty enlagement ,
Sir George Daden Powell , conservative ,
questioned time government In regard to the
proposed Pacific cable Mr Sydney I3uxton ,
parlamentary secretary of time colonIal office ,
In response said that negotiations relative to
the construction of I cable were proceeding .
but that It would not be to the public Interest
to enter Into a detailed statement of theIr
status. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
0' 1111 N'S 1,1 W\I I'S FEES.
Ills Suit AgmiImit Lord Smthlbitry mitid the
Ils .uit AJnhut ( ntSII . hlrl RIII
' ' . . I
111.1 h'arty'M 1'11.1"
LONDON , Feb H.-The trIal has begun In
London or I suit brought by I solicitor
agaInst William O'Drlen , the wel known
mebor of Parliament , to recover a balance
or ! 407 which the plaintiff claims Is duo '
him for expense In curred' by him while act-
Ins on Mr. O'Urlen's side In the late famous
suit against Lord Salisbury. Correspondence
produced at the trial contained : letter from
Mr. O'Urlen tn which he saul that his , action
against Lord Snlhbury was taken on the advice -
vice of Mr. Ienly and upon Mrs. Parnehi's
SJro\lso ) that the costs should bo paid out of
' the party funds. Mr. O'Drlen's communica-
ton also saId that he regretted that the ParIs
fund of time Irish party was not available for
the pUrlJOso.
Time case was concluded thlo aferoon , when
. verdict was given In favor of the plaintI.
TIWII . . ; O w-\n , I
Mexico Ild Ouat'mahrrlvo . ft In it mien- I
liltgrcemiii.imt .
CITY OF MEXICO , Feb. H.-Mexlco's
conditions have been accepted by Ouatemiiala .
who guarantees their fuifihinmemit. The con-
ditons will bo published ofcIaly next wcelc. -
Iloth sides have made concessIons anl- the
Guntemalan lueston Is at lust amicably set-
( led upon an equitable basis between the
two republics. 'lime boundary line between
the two countries wi 10 definitely deter-
mlnetl upon anti war Indemnity la accepted
by Ountemala , who wi also pay IlamagC for
Mexican property Ilestroyed. ( ilmatemnala's
olclnl acceptance or Mexico's conditions wl
arrlvo here next wrde and will be Imme-
diately Ilullshed In ito Dlaro Official 01 time
MexIcan goVet'nhlent. Thla wi permanenly
terminate thin famous imbroglio between
Mexico and Guatcmala.
' /nrl'Cllcr Ulolnly I OOllrm.(1
wASIIINaTON . Fcb li.-Secrqtnry
Greshnm hits received the folowln cable
rrom United Staten Minister nun at 'foklo
under late or February ii , 189 :
" % VEI.itAI-\VflI , Feb . 12.-Admiral Ito re-
porl thnt a Chinese gumihmoat. H'lng 1 white
hug. bl'lllhtdmlrl 'ln's message pro- .
Pommtnmr the IUTt'ldcr oC shmiis forts and i
arms. II'vhlng the lives ot crows. soldiers
mind torellmers were secured . Formal sur-
render Is belll : iirrammgcmi . DUN "
" 'c'rtfrlhl of tIm . Ilr1h'll.s ,
DEHIIN I eD. 1l-Sommmo criticisms Imv-
Ins been mllio II vat bus Cunrtel's of the
acton oC the Jovelnment In ordering the
withdrawal or the t 001111 mnmmn.ot.wai' I
I ullu Crom Samua , the North Uurmln Ga-
cotta today oxiilair.m ! limo cause orhe , Issu-
log of the ormier . I says It was due en-
trely to tl Llammgem' which the o\'erlment
felt woull bo Inclrrel lit lelvlng a smal
, 'ctmimel II thObU wlters during the hUrtcano
I'crlod _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Juatun'ct 1.1 Inl : t 1111" 1"100 : 1''III'r. ,
' 'IN-"SI : , 1'oh. 1 i-'l'imo cmperor has re-
V. . \ ' . stored tl 1.1 liming Clans the yellow Jacket
' pesccclc reA 'lor amid other honors : , lIe wl Do
.ummtlh (1 IIlme\lately tl Peking. where ho
will bo ctven an oudlenco by the empcror.
Thence he wl 11roceed to JPUI 10 arrange
terms of peaec. Viceroy WangVcmi Sao wl
take teIIJorar ) ' charCI ot I'alang. .
Vim imiesu ( 'UIII1UII'r. I t , is ; stilt miil rI.Ic.
SUANGU.\I , I"ch. H.-.l Is i relortoll that
Adlmrll 'ring . the t ( hlnelo naval com-
, t niander and the general ( 'oU1IanI111 the
Chinese Con'us emi the land ot 1.leubklou
1Ufll 'fao. In the hllbor of Wcl-1II\\'cl.
( & ; vo cmmited , ulcllo
& - '
tNorII1ifl : ! 4110 II FOIl IFUM.tN.'i UJ'FJf.f U
lofollton In that Line Ucconfhlerelln the
SOlth IRkotl 1''II Itlrf.
pmnHE , S. D. . Feb H.-Speclal ( T01c.
gram.-Today ) the woman suffrage reso-
luton came up again In the house on
OoM's motion to reconsider Durk moved
to lay on the tabie. Hol cul resulted In
:9 yeas and 39 IHI'S. The question then I
recurrell upon ) the motion to reconsider
which was carried by n vote of 40 to 38.
Perrin amid Hesln having changed from
'cterdny's Vote and several being absent.
I being evident that the opponents of the
measure hind failed to hell their majority
nail that the advocates of It hind secured
n majority In its favor. the motion to
fJJRIIIOH ultl lext 'uellny.WI" carrIed
I with practically no opposition. Ily that
time the IIent ! memlers , . three . .of whom
aver tC lll , are eXI.ectell . to roturn.
1n time IIIto n moat intcrestimm event
oCcurred. I\'cr since thin capitol light or
1800 I I l'on haS bten ambitious to inverse
the deCIRlon then arrived at , and . each
session han Ieen 1 capitol removal bilL
' 011) ' Scnatol' . \pln Intrllucci I hi I'e-
mo\'ln the capitol from Pierre to Huron
amid made I stl'oug tIght for I , or at
least for Is l'onsllcr lon. St'nntor Uen-
net of Hughcs moved . to Inllelnltely IOSt-
hone without roCcrence to n commIttee ,
multi afer n Ilehate In which : lnssrs McGee -
Gee , itoyce . Dornl mind Belnett Cavorell
the motion alll Alum OPIIosCl I , It carried
antI the hi waR klell by a vote of 29 to 10.
'ruts senate hii Increasing salaries of
jIllgcm4 hy . ' ; I ) ) each WIR reported favorably '
ably by n commitee , amid time report was
adOIlell h h ' a vute of 2 to 20.
Senalor' joint resolution : prohlh-
Itl10nOlole8 mUlti trusts In the state
pmtssed. 10th houses havllg agreed to the
house bill I 1 0 Wil/ count commlsslonelR !
to buy seell Hrall for farmers In heed , time
lull went to the governor. i
'mmmv , by a 1.01 oC all the republicans
In the ) louRe eXCllJt seven , a reRoluton endorsing -
dorKln/ Senator l'ettigrew'im slanll for free
sliver colJn/e was beaten without 11ebate.
On Saturday / the house received n telegram
from letlgrew congl'utuiltng It on the
l'assaKc of the memollnl , which was afterward -
ward killed , amid which advocated the free
coan/o ! , pC sl 'c ! , . .
A motion at runt time to senll an nc-
lenowlellJnent to the telegram was heaten.
Today Co'ln , populist , Introducell a reso-
htition , aeklowlell/Inl time telegram , approving -
proving Pettigm ow's course upon / the silver
fUeRlon and plell/Ing time memhers to
"SIPpO't him In / future efforts for the
good of thin common people. "
As son as this resolution was caled up
Herrlcle , ono oC the republican icamlers .
moved to table I. and time motion carried
hy I vote of G : to 21. This Is here re-
gardell ag a direct and Intentional slap at
the senator \ , who wnH unlulnously re-
elected three Weeks ago , and was due to
his desertion of his party colleagues on
the Huwalan matter.
'yomlng Legislature Drl\ml to a Close
wih IRI ) ' Ic"snrr. I'OIilInr.
CHEYENNE Feb. lt.-Specinl ( Telegram. )
-Two more days remain ot the sessIon of
the third state legislature of W'omlng.
There are many measures pending , but busl-
miems Is beIng rushed through ' ' '
throu/h very rpldl )
and Ils now believed that al the Important
bills will be disposed of before the hour of
adjournment arrives A bill creating 1
state board of arbitration has passed both
houses and wi no donut bo approved b ) '
the governor. The principal bills yet to be
considered mire the appropriation Ils for the
support or slate Insttutons and the general
expenses oC Ow state government. There Is
1 disposition to retrench In the expense oC
every department. Bls were passed today
reducing the salarIes of 1 number oC state
olclail who are appointed by the governor.
Ilstrlcloll tn Yule for Foreclosure
JEFFERSON CITY , ! o. , Feb. H.-Ir.
Julan presented a resolution today which the
house adopted , calling on the Missouri enntcrs I
and congressmen to vote for foreclosure of
the government mortgage on the Union Pa-
chic railway and operate It at cost.
1o lltorlnl Clnlg& In ( roon. I
SALEM , Ore. , Feb. H.-Thero was no I
material change In the ballot for United
States senator today . the vote standing :
Dolph , 39 ; Hare , 'VeatherCord , 7 ; Wil-
lams , 1 ; Lord - , s ; Lowell - , 9 ; absent Wi- .
1lnho Selltor8hll > II Stilt flno.
BOISE , Idaho , .Feb. . I I.-The thlrt-tourth
ballot , was taken today for United States
nenator without change. Time result was :
Shoup , 20 : Sweet , 19 : . Claggett , 15.
MJST1IKfl OF OUI'n ) 11 IT : JINa.
Love LRIS a Wlo to Ahumlon Her Ins-
hld : fur tier Slstor'A. .
BUFFALO , W'o. , Feb I1.-Special.-In. ( )
formation from Great Fals , Mont. , that
Mrs. Leolie Simmons , lately resident of this
city . has left her husband , and Is now hiving
with her brother-In-law. William I Fenn.
The later was postmaster here under PresIdent -
Ident Harrison , and for a long time held the
position of city clerk. A few weeks ago he
left BufCalo with his wlte and chiid . enroute
to Great Falls , where he had arranged to
go Into business with Hon ; Steve Farwell ,
late state superintendent ot schools of 'V'o-
mlmmg. Mrs. Simmons who Is a sistemof
Mrs. Fenn . accompanied the party with her
three clmiidren. Mr. Simmons has been In
Great Fals for about two months. He Is
one ot the oldest residents of Buffalo. On
the way to Great Falls Mrs. Fenn was
t.llten sick at Sheridan , Inll gave birth to 1
chIld. which has since died. Shortly afterward -
ward Mr. Fenmi pleallnJ business necessi-
ties starto for Oreat I"lls to meet Mr. I ar-
well , leavlnS his wife at Sheridan. Mrs. Simmons -
mona and her three children took Ulvantage
of his escort to rejoin her hiushmand but on
I arrIving at theIr destination and being met
by her husband Informed him that she
would no longer live with him , end would
live with Fenn , whom she loved. In spite ot
I this unblushln avowal Mr. Simmons Im-
plored her to reconsider her decision blt I
she l'eCusell. lie then left her and. taking
the three chlhlren. let for Denver with ! r.
I Steve Fmurweli. The latter Is understood to
have let Penn to his own resources , which
arc of the noorest.
CII YENNE. W'o. . Pcb. 11.-Special ( Tel-
cgram-A telegram just r/eelv/d from
Portland nnnounces that " " . E. Eilsworth .
formerly editor or the Tribune nt Casper ,
this state , hns been placed under arrest on
the charge of having poisoned his wire. ! rs :
Elsworth died very suddenly on the 10th
Inst. . and an autopsy developed that she
had been poisoned . In telegrams to frIends
In ' 7yomimig 1 lsworth protests his Inno-
cence People from Casper who know the
family Intma teh' believe his statements I
Is said they Ivell haplly together. Mr. and
Mrs. Elsworlh left Casper In ptemher to
go to Portland . where :1 r. Elsworth accepted -
cepted 1 position - on an . evening pnper.
I'acnltyof a CoIormulncademny , \rroltml I
for , \s ullr.
DENVER , Feb. H.-On comnlalnt or tIme
15-year-ohl Ron of Frank P. Arbuckie . receiver -
coh'er or the federal land olce , and Floyd
Goshen , aged 1 years , son or a prominent
citizen : of Colorado Springs , Hev. Frank
Spalding' , I.rlnclpal . ot the Jnlvls Stall Miii-
tan' academy , and ProCR. D'lelhy , Stone ,
Ilurt Sacr all Clarke were l'I'catet on
the charge of assault. For some act or
InsuIordlnnton thin two cadeti . Arhucltlo
Inll loshiemi were as customary In such
cases , ordered to wnlk n heat all ulay
restelln ) ' , They refused and for this He\
sir. Spallln . It ) Is ahiego5 . after taking off ,
their coats. Insholl them with n knotted
rope untl $ they tcl down uncolsclous , the
rOIJO ' membcr ! or the faculty . It Is
clalmell. h011nl time boys whie the prln-
( lml nllmlnlsterell the pmmnlsimment. Mem-
items oC the faeulv Rahl that time boys
placed gunpowder In the unllon's room
nnll ntem/Jted to blow up the imistittitiomi .
Mr. SIJllng / intimates that the IJunlsh-
ment was Inllctell after conferring with
the llo'o' IJaren ts.
, , .nrl 11 IreA J'o"u : ' ( flor _ .
ChICAGO. I.'cb. H.-'fhe boar.1 o dl-
rectors o the Associated press met touhay
and unanlmousl oleeteL time Colowlnl 01 _
cots : l'rcahtent. Victor P. 1.W60n , ( 'hi-
cage Hccort nn.l Chleao Daily News ; fIrst
vIcef'sllllnt , hlorau'e White , New Yorle
llvc'msiimg Post : lI''Omiti vice 11resldent. John
It. Mel.ean , Clnlllnot glc/llrer ; gilcrl '
lalJcr anti bercttIY. Melville / I' : , Stone ;
upslstnnt glntrlma" n : er nnll n slstn1t sce
relumry I ; Charles S. nlchl ; treasurer George
Schneider oC Chleu . ' . Gecrse
Collnel lelo oC ( al\lton declll't re-eloc-
ton 10 the Jeroll vhIrisIJnl' ) ' ou mmci-
count ( ff ill health. Time \ boar'S . . after dh -
tl:1111 or n number of routl' math'rl 111-
jommrneml subject to emtll. Nearly al the east-
mmnmmmbera lft for their liommies this '
frn Illbcl' " I"C thel' hOI\8 cv cmi-
11mg. A hargi' nllILr ( r " , ter nn.l south-
ern ml'llwrs ot Iho Ilsollnton I\e also
gone cast tl I\tl\l time mnoeting nt the Nn-
tonal I'mmbllsiierms IIorJalon. which OCIUI'I ,
II New YOrk CIty 1 : Q few d.fB.
Sti Oheerful anti Evidently Has HOpES ef
Securing nn Acquittal .
Opening Statement ot Ills Counsol-No
Theory Atismsmmccth-itsSr3's Story tl Uo
SI"llon hy 1 "I'lrt lviIcmico- :
l'rlsoimcr Wil T'Atf ) ' ,
MINNEAPOLIS , Feb. H.-I was the dc-
fense's turn In the hayward murder trIal
today , the prosecution having closed Its case
last night aud there was eager curIosity to
learn what tack Attorney Erwin and his as
slstants would pursu . The deCendant's dc-
men nor upon entering time court room was
IJosltvely jubilant. lie nodded to some lady
friends In time front row , amid then , s\ylll
his mother , went up to her and said : "Oood
morning , little niothier . " and kissed her tip-
turned lips .
When John Day Smith arose to address the
jury In his deliberate fashion , hInrr' faced
squarely around to the ( jury and scannell
their faces as the words fell from the lips
of his counsel. Before the court opened he
found ( tine to tel the reporters that the ,
report In a morning paper that he had remarked - '
marked : "They are going to hang me , " was
unlualfefly false , and that he had never
given uterance to any such slntement. "
Attorney Smith , In addresslnl the jury ,
called attention to I number of things the
state had promised at the outset to prove
and which , he said , It had not p oved. It
had not shown that Hayward hall securetl
all of Miss Ging's money , as she had a balance -
alice In bank at her death ; It had not shown
that ho lied gone riding wIth her the Wednes-
day and Saturday cvenlng before the umumr-
tier as promised. Mr. Smih dcclared that
the Insurance transactions , the acquiring oC
an Insurable Interest , and time walvure of the
assnult clause , oC which much had been made
by the state , were all In the ordinary course
of buslncss anti not In nny way unusual
The sweat box method of wringing so-called
conCessions from Dlxt and Adry hayward
was referred to In denunciatory torms. The
defense ndmlte that Harry was n gambler
and deplored thin fact . but asserted that he
was not on trial for gambling , but for mur-
"Gentlemen or the jury , " exclaimed the
attorney , "the mute Corm 01 Catherine Gng
lying at the county morgue gives the lie to
Claus A. mlxt. Time evidence presented by I ,
the defense will fairly prove to you that
Claus A. Ilxt pounded that woman's head
almost to : jelly before he fired the shot
and then only fred It when ho thought she
was not dead.
"When Dlxt came to the stand his honor.
ex-Mayor Eustis . stepped up to him and
shook hands wIth him wIth I smiling faCe.
"I could not help but think that I was to
give him character before this jur ) ' , I
confess yon coud : 10t have touched the booded :
hands or the murderer for 1 large sum of
money. I bleve In the religion of Jesus
Christ , who has promised to forgive sIns ,
but has not promised to remove time scars.
Such actions as those of nlxt arA I tra\'esty.
"Thero Is nnother witness wlt whom we
are confronted here who Is peculiar In many
respects We will show you that 'he has
led l 1 shIftless life. He was involved In
this case at the begInning and was put
through the 'sweat process' anti showed the
proverbial jealousy or the elder brother You
wi remember . L that L _ . ' 19 . tIme _ u. _ beginning u , . , of . hIs
testimony 10 100Keu wln pity on aim urOller
and said : 'I do not blame him for making
time best defense ho can. ' You will remember -
ber how , later. when his mother was sIt-
ting yonder , that mother who had borne
him and watched over him with tender so-
hicitude . be told of a Quarrel he had had
with her and other members or the Camly ,
and had said to that mother : 'Why did
you raise such n litter or pups ? '
" 110 was a peculiar man In many respects :
and had a diathesis from whIch he could not
separate himself. There have been experts
here both for the state and the defense and
they ( vl be examined on that point. There
have 'en no less than six members or the
. - . , . , . . . .
family connne mine aSYlum uecause they
were Inmne. Yo claim hat ! Harry Is much
more sane than his brother Adry.
"Now you wIll doubtless want to know what
Is the theory or the deCense. Gentlemen , we
have no theory. TheorIes have hanged many
a man You must be convinced of time gui
or the defendant beyond 1 reascnble douht.
Wo wIll also establish I complete alibi for
Harry It time time he was said to have been
at the Kenwood boulevard givIng Dlxt derec- .
"Wo shall brIng out some of the testimony
which has lain Imurc In the county ator-
ney's office . ant Ilal show that there was
a suspicIous character In the city about whom
the county attorney was told , but he did not
use the information. Yo expect to compel
time bloody clothes found on the shores of
I.3lte Calhoun to Ie brought Into court. The
defendant will take the stand In his own be-
half , and that's all there ts In this case "
"Harry Hayward comes Into court , , con-
eluded ! r. SmIth "confronted by the test-
mony of a brother whose hert Is fled with
deadly enmity , and Blxt , who with perjUred
tongue has sought to conceal and shIeld his
real confederate All wo nk Is that the sun-
light of God's truth shall bo let In on this
most remarkable case. "
John Walsh leper . or the morgue , was the
fIrst witness . and he deserlbed the Incidents
connected with the brInging of Miss Ging's
body to the morgue. He undressed and
washed the body Immediately , and In answer
to Mr. ErwIn's questions described mInutely I
the clothing found on the body the wounds
and where blood was found.
Terrence Connehiy . jr. , an undertaker was
called and produced the clothing which haul
been turnell over to him by Welsim I Ilevel-
oped , much to the astonishment omitS Indigna-
ton of Mr. Erwin ( hunt thin sealsltn sacfue
haul been cleaned The lining , Imowever stl
showed some stains of blooll. The knotted
blue veil whlcb had been pinned In the hat
was torn and clotted with blood The jury
and the attorneys examined all the clothing
carefuly for blood stains
The entire afternoon was given up to time
oxamlnaton of police officers , who examined
he ) iocnitty wlmere . Miss Glng's hp'lr was
round , In nn effort to Prove an alIbi . Tomorrow -
submmmittcd morrow evIdence to Impeach Dlxt wIll be
. -
111'Ii ON TII HT.ISJ ) .
Unlllo to I"pliin : UUI10 . Maim Ills Large
l'r ' 118.
PITTSDUHO , Feb. H.-In the trIal today
of George M. Irwin , the discretionary pool
operator , Mr. Irwin was cale.l and . told how
he went to Cimicmugo beeame 1 member oC
the Board of 'rrnd , his ventures there and
Bubseluent ( allure. lie afterward returned
to IIUbur < und stlrted In the pool huslnl'ss
In 1 smal way . Increasln/ his clients every
mnOumtlm ) " "
During the "run" he pulll out In
the four days I lasted over $157.OJ. lie \\'al
advised to quit. lie culled at th bank to
mIca how lie stood Ills account Wl8 slim , 10
he concluded to go no further. More than
10eoille orerel ! him money aCer he eloct1
htmshmiess ! , but he dll not take it. On erosi.
eXlmlnaton witness lahl he ( limit the Irokcr- crost-
age uuslness for the pool business because
the former was dull. lie wits a hanker II
the ( sense that lie took care oC time Ilopl 's
mone ) ' . Winess could not tel how lie made
2G per cent In August , because he dhl not
hewn his 1100ks. This was his Inswer to' '
simiar questions about eoch mnonthi'm3 busl-
hers. Adjourned until . tomorrow
1.11l11 for le"I"I Open II bUid" , .
NI \ \ ' YOHK , Feb. 14-eorle F. Slos-
lon amid Clmrlel lammacblr , manager for
Maurice Daly whose bllaril halls were
111(1 01 Sunday , 1.'ebrull'y 3 , were found
guilty nail fined ) $10 cach In the court of
special .esolons tOllay. Justices Slogan .
Meade Intl H'ln decided the bllnni hell
were lJuble phaeta
Ullnll I' mmmugglrr trreste'mI .
10ITI.AND. Om'cs. . I.'eb. H.-Perry Gibson
Dr Seattle . arrested for smugglIng opium ,
'va's sent to Jai today . In default of ball \
Wlwn arrested iifty-thmrce PoUnds of opiuimm
was found II his ossession . ollul
ifOSIItlfl'.S OSTIUVT ( U s ' -.IUI.
Contnslon ot tIme t'enitentInryTanusgomeiit
WOr" Confotmntlc3l.
LINCOLN , Feb. 14-Speci'ai ( I 'Telcsram.- )
The opinion to be given by Atlmey ! General
Curchl tomorrow to thb special committee
nppolntell by time house Inst' week to consider
the penitentiary contract , promises to create
something akin to n sensation. The opinion
Is n very elaborate one and recites the
complete history of the pententnry con
tract from its inception down through its
career of vicissitudes to the time when I
Iassed' ) Into time hnnch of V. ' . II. Dorgan
In brier , time attorney general Is 01 the
opinion that the contract Is valid , and morn
than thnt , that Mosher's bondsmen umler
under the contract have been releasemi . amt
that the state has ubsolutely no protection
'agaimmat any fraud that tIme present contractor
many elect ta perpetrate
The attorney general Rives I as his opInion
that tie legislature hall the undoubted right
to mnke the contract , and that havln bus
so It cannot pass I law nullh'ln that con-
tract le Is Clrther 01 the olllnlon that tht '
bond given hy Mosher for the Cllthlli per-
Cormnnco of his part of the contract Is worthi
less.le arrives nt this opinion by reasonlnl
thnt the lIve men who signed Iosher's bond
1111 not bind themsol'es to Protect the state
against any loss or breach oC ntract on
time pHI oC Dorn. Time acton oC the Hoard
of Plble 1.nd3 all 1u111n13 In consenting
to and Indorsing time transfer tm the contract
Crom losher to Dorgan releases the bonds-
macn The attorney general , , hcwever , po'nts
out a simple remedy for the present unpro-
tectetl condition or the state. Dorgan hohls
the contract , but has ntver furnished the
state any bond for its faithful perCormance.
Time ICllslature can , If It desires to break
the contract , pass I resoluton directng Doran -
gan to file t Ioctl and sufelelt bOIl within
thIrty days. I he falD to do so , then legal
proceedings could be Instituted against him
h ) the attorney general to annul the contract '
Time attorney bases his opInion on federal decisIons -
cisIons , Inasmuch as ho hells that any at-
tempI to annul time contract under existing
conditions would entitle Dorgnn to I trial
of time issue In the federal court
The original prison contract was let to
( pIson :
W. H. B. Stout on September 22. lsn , by the
Board or Publc Lands and liumihilinge , for
six yeus. : Time legislature of 18i9 passed a
law extending Stout's contract for six years
( roam October I , 1893 , ondltcnl upon the
constrlct'on ' by Stout oC 240 tone cells , free
of expense to the state. In 1883 the legis\-
tlre passed another law , gIving time prison
contractom' unt October , 18S. to construct
time 240 cells , provIde that at least lGO 01
them should be Inlshell by , Octcher , 1883 ,
In 1887 the legislature dabbled In the contract
business a little more , by fnating a law
whIch transferred the contract to C.V. .
Mosher , and extending It ten fears. On February -
mary 1. 1892 , Iosher transferred the contract '
to W. H. Dorgan , and time Hoard of PublIc
Land and Buildings recognized Dorgn as
the contractor , to the extent that It has
paId him the warrants that would be due
to Mosher every quarter. Th warrants ha\'e
always beE drawn In ! osh r's name. The
stone cells have been placed iii I the coil house
but recently , and It Is now amerted that they
will scon be ready for . occupaJ cy.
Two Boys 'Vho WOlt tn' ' Skito 'When They
Should 1Ive Gonetdtieimmoi .
JOHNSTOWN , Pa. , Feb. . 4A telegram
received here states that thl bodIes of two
boys were found along the P nnsyivania railroad -
road at I point In Westlorcand county
They were frozen to death. .t The identIty . of
the bodIes has not yet been 'Ibed. : but the ) '
are supposed to bo those oC , the two sons oC
Jobn Caulfeld of this city. "
Time lads , aged 10 and 12were \ sent to
school yesterday , but Instead' going to the
buiding went skating and afterwards con-
cluded to take n tramp , fearing to return
homo after playing trunnt. : Ir , Caulfeld
searched yesterday and thIs morning for his
missing sons , but had ben unable to find
them , and It seems very probable that the
corpses are those o tJo runaway children.
Helvlest Snow l vcr' , Ilnown II Tcxa
AUSTIN , Tex . , Feb. H.-Snow began falling -
Ing here last evenIng ' and Is still failing.
I Is six Inches deep 'on a' level , with bad
drllts. Railroad travel Is impeded and street
car traffic almost suspended The snow
storm Is t\ worst ever experIenced here.
FORT \VOltTII , Feb. H-The second snow
of the year fell' hero yesterday and last
night The snow Is four Inches deep and the
storm was general over norther Texas
Cattle men expect heavy losses on the
GALVESTON Fel , . 11-Snow hogan failing .
Ing early this morning. At 12 o'clock It was
twelve Inches deep Oi a level and still fall-
lag the heaviest In the history of southern
Texas. Tribune dlstHtches report snow all
over the state the heaviest In the southern
SAN ANTONIO Tex. , Feb. H.-The henv-
lest fall of snow ever known here Is on thc
ground . It being over six Inches deep and
still falling. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
nnrlul" ! "eu : " the Clhl 1111) ' ,
DENVER , Feb. 14-Coniderable stock has
already perished on time ranges of Colorado inconsequence
consequence of time cold and It Is feared timeless
loss wi he heavy unless a change takes
place soon. Many seters 'n ' easter Colorado
are sufferIng from colt anti hunger. Jules-
burg reports extreme weather has been recorded -
corded for twenty.slx days past , the thermometer -
mometer ranging 'Crom 10 ; to 30 degrees be-
low zero during time recent , bUzzard. Millions
Dr snow birds and rabbits lave been frozen to
'death. Denver Is about the center of the re-
glen affected by the present cell wave , which
seems to bo breaking up against the Rocky
mountains all the way from Cheyenne , 'Vyo. ,
to EI Paso , Tex
Nile % IICh"8 , ff ! 101 nt : fW ( rloanf
NIV ORLEANS , I eb. H.-For more than
twelve hours past snow has fallen lucre
steadily . ant tonllht the city Is wl'appet In
1 mantle oC sueh white mix she has never
were before. At ! o'luck tomitght nine
Inches Qt snow hat ( alien nnll the stOJ'1
contnuet several hour" later. Today's
fail Wil by three Inches the 1111'le/t In
thin clt"s hIKton' 1 IK still fallIng at all
points thromigimotmt time state
Three Ioro Jo.lc81hell , \shlro.
LIVEnpOOL , Feb. H.-Three more bodies
were washed ashore , yesterday Cram the
, Gloucester schoner Clara i- , rlend , which
went to pieces on I aster heall on FrIday
la5t. The bodies have not been idemmtified.
Snow 1"lllng In Nri ; orleans. .
NEW OI.EANS , Feb'lt-Snow , has been
falling steadily since 11 a. ' in. . covering the
ground to time depth of about an Inch-a sight
not witnessed hero for nearly twenty years.
( rmlil TRlll Itotildr , \ shore.
DALTIlOI , Feb. I 14.-TIme German tank
steamer Blso Mary from Hamburg , January
22. Charles for . Dallnore , to load , Is ashore off Cape
IIIJnllc I l ( f I tsr tCrl iii r' .
SAN FRANCISCO . I eb , H.-Mrs. Mary
Meyers , an net cook , 1Iaced mirsemmie In tIme
hour barrel or her emplorer. RepentIng ,
she told her mistress ur the poison , but the
latiy. not believing that the old woman hall
really done al ! Said , use ( } some oC the
arsenic tainted hour In iiread. 'fhe entire
10ur entre
Call ) ' was IIoIEOI < , and its memlel's
nearly lost their hIves. The , old cook was
arrested for the poleonln . but her conrcs ,
slon to hel' mnlstres . saved . her from IJrOSe-
cumtion .
cuton. . -
"lll' liuueks IntllJ Ioumi
SAN FRANCISCO , Feb. H.-The Evening
Ibuhhetimm says that 1 ronwlalnt will IJe forwarded -
warded to Governor Iluthd . aleging .hat the
large dock owne \ ( ) ' the.tate anti \ leased to
the I'ac'ific Mull ; lteamshlji eonmany II gradually -
ual ) ' rotting Ieamshll company lease
requires thu company to , maintain tHe ( locl
In comidliomm. ( 'fime Buletn says It t\e pro-
Posed the uttomney general be directed to
sue the company lor $6,0 and make the I
necessary repairs.
, -
1s-limv : 'rilor fjllsIY ( Illrfvlu
EIKhiAltT Ill. . Feb I1 JG'Jvernor ,
Oglcsby Is steariihy Implo".nIII them
soon' Ii e\'er. reason to btll YO ho wIll be wcl
Crusade Against Vic in sioux City Develops -
velops n Curious Phase ,
IrutnlT Treated IT R i'roprletor ot R
Llllor 101 II the l'r unel of a
l'olcllll : , " 'ln SIded \ wih
Ito 111001 iliac . I
SIOUX CITY , I eb. 14.-Special ( Teleram. )
-Memmubers 01 time \'omen's Christan Tum-
Ileranco unIon to the number 100 assembled
quIetly this afernoon at the \Vimitfiettl Methmo-
( list church , of which Hev. J. W. : lahool ,
the Sioux City Parkhur . Is pastor , nlHI
about 4 o'clode m'trchmed down town In a
bed ) ' and p:4-eG4 _ to I 10ln tour of the city
alcons. They startell with the avowed In-
tenton oC vIsiting every saloon In the cIty ,
but soon Couli the atempl too laborious.
For several days It has been known that
the ladles were contemplntng luch I move.
Mahocd's Investgaton of the Faloons amid
houses of prostitution hns aroused the ( en-
thuslnsm pf tIme Cemnle portion of his comm-
gregaton . till the ( women were ready for almost -
most nn.thlng. Time raIding or the saloons ,
however was total ) ' unexpected. The ladies
marched donmi to the business seclon ly
twos headed b ) Irs. II. C. Joimmisoum . and
Mrs. Ii. H. lathlwn ) ' , officers of the so-
clety . At the first saloon tIme Icallers asked
for the proprietor who presented hlmseH ,
while the others of the invading party
poured tn nt the door till the room was filled
to overlowlng anti many were tumble to
enter. Mrs. Johnson had In her hand I cop
of the Martin liquor law , which she offered
to the prorpletor to reall I he desired.
lIe declnetl anti she saId : "Unless wo find
this place complying wIth every rcqulrement
or this law by next Monday morning we shall
take steps to hl\e It closed. I the pro-
visions of this law were enforced there would
not be half as many saloons In this city
today. \\'e have waited long enough for the
men to enforce the laws they have made.
The women now propose to take a hand and
see what they can do. 'Vo warn you that
every saloon that does not comply with cv-
cry detail or time requirements or the law
wIll be chosod , and the strongest measures
used agaInst those guilty 01 violatng time
law "
At two or three places the women were
received courteously but when they reached
John Mamidersehield's saloon , all the long
line oC women began to pour itself Inside ,
Manllerscheld came forward , and , seizing Mrs.
Johmon by time arm , exclaimed , "Here , you
can't do this sort of thing lucre. "
At this moment , a newspaper . man who lad
forced hIs way tn , with the women stepped
forward to Interfere with Manderscheid , who
Instanty struck him In the Cace.
An officer who was In the saloon at the
time . came forward and declared thaI the
proprietor could refuse admission to the
women If he desired. At this Mamiderzchmeid !
aided by another man In the place , began tu
push the women violenty out of the place
wih oaths and abuse. Several mcn J d
crowded In and attempted to protect the
women. I was impossible however. to force ,
their way Inside , anti they were compelled to
, 'retire. . One . . of 1ho Ld leaders , " . _ _ started _ , _ _ a 'n ! hymn .0 ,
amt In hair a minute Ul 1"n' I" . . . nu
standing on the walk In front of the saloon
sInging himstily.
Nothing daunted the women pressed on and
went through the next saloon without opposition -
tion . Dy this time their trluml.11 march
dow tIme main street of the city had at-
trcted an Immense crowd , and they were
surroulled by a mob of time curious.
At two or three places they were refused
admittance , time doors being locleed. At the
others they served their notice and went on.
After about an hour from the tme
Aler they had started In , tIme party quietly
disbanded , wIth the understanding that they
would meet again tomorrow to contnue theh
worlc. Ther Is no doubt the women can
compel the enforcement of the law In all par
tlculars , and that I they do so It will compel
many saloons to close. I Is not generaly b2-
Sieved thin crusade wIll haveserlous results.
Icvell women say they will also close tIme
houses of prostitution. .
"laI2'I.H ; 7'II IUl.l.ll TllSTLB ,
StRte IIHI NationaL Aid , 'fllell . to External-
nato thin I..t.
ST. PAUL , Feb. H.-Tho Interstate Bus-
sian thistle conference calCI by the gov-
ernor of Minnesota to devise ways and means
for the suppression of that weed met at the
capitol today. ( Commissioners were present
from Minnesota , Iowa , Wisconsin , Nebraska .
and North Daltota and for the United States
Agricultural department. Resolutions which
were presented this evening and adopted clothe
thin marvelous spread or the thlsto , and con-
tinue :
tnuo , It has already deltroyet ( arms
ruined himunes Irlven citizens Into exile nna !
greatly le seled thin products oC our fIelds.
grcaty by miions or 1101arl. It Is urged
oltmltell legislatures ot time several states
mshmahl adopt joint resolutons , to Ie forwarded -
warded to the governors of all states of the
iimmton imrglmig concerted acton upon tIme
lines of urllnK destructon anti preventing thin .ls-
trihiutioui or salll thistle . I was further
trlbutol '
Hesolvell , 'Flint all owners or I'cal'prop-
orty ho required to dear their own promIses -
Ises oC this weeth ' 'hcro lueh undertale-
imig sluumhi become ot such magnitude and
cost as to be be'onl thin financIal capacIty
of such owners of real estate then thin
appropriiitiomi of public rllls to IRslst II
such immmmlertmthiiuig Is ilstlcll umul I requln'd.
/ Hesoh'el' , further , That In our opinion the
conlltons prevailIng In Rome oC the states
aihhicted mire such that thin la tonal govermi-
uncut must mender direct alslstllcO to the
lol.le . Ilst connecton renler with thl.\ state gO\-
) ' Ir
'rnments hy IPIJrOlu'latnJ public money
decisive hiattie Is to he elel to this common -
mon hatto material production.
Jrlllr'll ' hut , bsm'lltof Election.
ST JOSEI'II , 10. Feb. 1I-'rimu general
council or tIme Fraternal Aid associatIon
close n three duys' session todny after
eleethJ he rolowlng officers tIen : for
the t'nsullmmg tWO years : uelernl prC51lenl.
. 'nSllnl 'r.W'aiher. I\lnRIH CIty Kami . ;
general PaSt presllent , J. I Frederick ,
Orange . Cal : general vIce pmesitlent . ill .
1' . Slllrel' . Abllene , l\an. : gonerll mtecre-
tar ) ' , gll ltousel Lns'remmce icami. : Jcnerl
treasurer , I. C Bttnci Ottawa . 111. ; med-
leal examiner , Levi hionier , Klduro , 0km.
0 ol ' mug to IL Ioo I 'rim mit Is tnt ! l'Iell. I
SAN mANCISCO , Feb. Il-J. Q. A.
Henry , pastor oC the First Baptist church ,
leader oC tIme American ProtectIve Ilsocla-
tiomi movement In San Francisco anuS prom-
Ilent ton worker for municipal reform his
accepted thin cal by the J.u Sale Balllst
church oC Chicago. I has hcen annolnce.1 .
that he would decline the cal hu his
reuuigmmntlon was read It tIme mneetiulg oC thin
congregation , and lS soon US Dr. lenn' re- I
covers to from Chicago. his l\relent illness he wi remove -
ill 'H. MIIAnl t a. I MI"1traclnn. I I .
SAN FRANCISCO , Felt I.-I.ollsD li. : n.
Matson , who gnlnell much unenviable notoriety -
torlet hy the recent dlseovery oC her sex
after she hnll Impersonated a mln Cor m-
teen years , la now one of the attractions In
a dime . museum. The proprlet ot the show
hus sued I rival showmun Cor $ ro dam-
ages , alleging that hc Is exhibiing a bogus
Miss ilatepui. .
"rtlIU'IU Co iii mime imveI h I ill 1'Jnn" , ' I I ' 1' '
SAN I IANCISCO , Feb. 11.-Testimony In
tIme trial of n. Ii. lcnonuld , jr. . charged
with perjury In connection with the pacllc
bank statements. was closed today 'fhe
district nU'rncy made the openIng argument
for the lmrosecutlon. S
( nOallllull1 I I I I C'IH'nlol I It t I 1 oil . . .
TOPliICA , Kal , . h ° eii. 11.-Senator ni-
lufls joint resolute recomlcnlln a con-
sttutonal conventon came U ( Cor action
In thin honRe today ' anl after 1 bug discussion -
cussion I was delted ty 1 vote oC r
yeas to Cl nl'I
Is.I.IU I' (' 1m.ln.
; 1Il.sIsr1ifl 18.1.1 . OU.Il . .
. \r1lollt the CItyofilixicu UleolAololS
and lm'or hiahtIeuI.
CITY OP MEXICO , Fob H.-VI ( Laredo. )
-Minister lemon P. Gray dlell at iO : this
evening , without regaining consciousness.
CITY OP MEXICO , I eb. 11.-Ummiteub
States Minister Gray nrrl.Cl this morning
via time Mexican Nntonal railway with a
severe case of pneumonIa. T1e 1ulmnn car
conductor Couml llm unconscious at 2 o'clocle
this Inornlng. lie was carried Crom the
train emi n stretcher to time American hos
pltal. lr. Ur Is In attemm.lance. Ir. lirny
) .
InCorme Mrs. Gray that lie wommiti not live
thin day out. Commsiml General CrttCn11Cii ! !
withi hmimmi. 110 is iimicomiscloims anti nas urea
ever since Imis arrival , anti rccogmiizes mme ouie.
lie huns beemi sick all ( ho Way down frommu St.
INDIANAPOLIS , Feb. 1 1.-Isaac Ptisey
Gray was bormi in Chester county , i'cmimisyl-
vammia in 1828. lIe was time son of John
llaumnahm Gray. Ills ancestors all belonCed to
time Society of Priemids , ImIs great grnmiilfathmer
huavitig emumlgratetl ( roam Eimghauid with \'Il-
llani l'emmmi mmml settled in Chester coimmit ) ' .
Ismnc : Gruiy receiveti a commimnon school cmiii-
cation , She vas nuntmltlotms amid of sttmulioimuu
hiahilts , aumil early emmteretl tmpumm till ? study
of law. I us poverty , Imoivever , commipelleil
hmini to accept. a clerkship him a unercamitihe
lmotmse at Nem' Matllsomi. In a few years lie
becammmo sole hiroprletor lii the estahillshmmiiemit.
Iii 1S55 lie remnoveul imis fatally to Ummion
City , had. , anti soon thereafter emitereti tmimi
time Practice of iai' . Mr. Gray vas colomiel
of tIme Fourth hiithiammtm. cavalry in time civil
war. lie outdo a gootl record amid remaimmed
until dlsclmuirgetl on accouimmt of lil-Imealtlm. lie
retummnetl hmomno anti rcgalmieil his wimsteul emmer-
gies ammul recruited the Oime hmunulretl amid
forty-seventh intilamma immfauitr ) ' . In 1SGG lie
was it cammuiitlato for comigmess agaimist time
lIen. George tV. Jtmhinii who had long rcprc-
sented that district in time house of represen-
tatives , After a chose contest mie was uc-
feated by muboumt 300 votes. Two years hater
lie ivums elected to time state semiate. .1mm July ,
1870 , hue 'ns temitlered time consulate at St.
TlmommmasVest hmmtiies , but dcchlmicmh ,
As a young luau hue was a mm'memmmber of the
m'imIg party , but acted with tIme relitubhicaums
titmrimmg thin var , Slmice IS1 , hue has beemu on
active inenmber of thin democratic party. son'-
ing as a mimemnber of the Iimdlaima delegatiomm
to time lhheral republican coumvemmtlon lii 1872.
lie was mmominatetl by acciamimatloim omm tIme
democratic ticket for iheuteimamit governor ,
vuus elected to that hioiuorablo hiositiomi iii 1876
utnd was re-mmommmimmated for time sammie place In
isso. Iii 1SSI Mr. Gray was elected governor
of hmmuliana emu time uleimmocratlc ticket. After
retinimug ( room that ofilce lie followed thin
practice of Imis professlomu in timius city untIl lie
was called to ( hue Mexican uumissiomu by l'rcsi-
dent Cje'olammt1 about tuo years mmgo.
In 1S30 hue mumarrieti Miss lIlian Jaqua of
Darke COuumit ) ' , 01mb. Time ) ' have two children
hls'Immg , PIerre , wimot is a lawyer in timis city ,
anti llnyarth , Wiio has been acting as his
father's private secretary Iii Mexico. Mr.
Gray vieldetl a large lntlumenco iii thin poll-
tics of hmidiauma , had cxceliemmt juutigmneiit of
men and thmimmgs , was well balammcetb Imy
knowledge , and hind a hiammilsommie personal
appearamico amid courteous address.
Ten Men Seriously IiuuvL in amu lillmmols Coal
OhIN , Ill. , Feb. 11.-A tremendous explo-
muon of imowdom' and gas , caused by an overcharged -
charged bhast , occurred in the coal maine
here this afternoon. No nun was
killed outright , but mmcverai vene sar-
mushy injured and a umuniber quite
badly hurt. The nmst severely
wountled mire : 1. . Wingrtrdner. burned about
time face amml , hotly , perhaps fataliyt Samuel
Smitlm , badly burned uhmotmt face , .P ° ! ;
ably lose his eyesight ; , mammies 'iauioca minim
son hmtmrned aioUt thin face anti arnms semi.
outsl ) ' ; ' George Ilalum , burned antI uilso injured
by flyIng coal ; Albert Little , John Lucim amid
John Chuamiubers , almost smmmuthmered to death ;
a stranger , burned seriously lieu Hoyd , cut
and bruised seriously ; Johumi ChrIstie , badly
burnedu _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
$ OL1)1EIIS ruie.v L1'XCIIIflS.
incemisod at tIme Murumer of Ono of TiteIr
CommstmmionN. ,
LEAVENWOI1TII , Feb. 11.-There was
much excitement iii this city tommighit ever
an attempt of about forty soldIers from
Fort Leaveiiworthi to l'nchi a bartemimler
namneti Harry Smith and a fast womami
nanieil Alma Vaughan , 'whom they accuse
of having caused time death of mu hmrlvate miol-
dier miameul I'atrick 1' . Vogaim. The accLmscul
persons emicapeil from a minloomi by a hnck
door , amid by time timely arrival of all tile
night polIce the soldiers vero held iii
chiccIc for IL tiuume. Colonel Ila\vhCtnH vmus
called upon and sent ho\vmi cavuuiry Iii . '
humry and the dlimttmrbors were hiumstlcui
hack to thin fort. Private F'ogaui was foummul
uleati this mnornlmig at the hottom of a coal
shmaft , seventy-two ( cot dccl ) ,
! Iliue amid Gray llammquit't 'together.
CHICAGO. Feb. 14.-Time "Blue and the
Gray" mingled tonight at a banquet at time
Autlitorluni , given lmy Columbia post , Grand
Army of time Republic. About 300 inca sat
doWmi to the table , The bammmluct
opened by 11eV. EmIl 0 , i-iirscim in praYer.
Comamitlor Ii. 0. I'urintomi of Colummihmla
iOSt introtluced time IilealtOrs and Coin.
manmler C. 11. IutcComiiiel acted mis toamit.
master. 'i'Imc list of toafits inclutled , 'lSGi-
18& ; , " Major \\'ihilnm Vi'arnor of Kmuumsaa
City , liLSt. conimnumndor-IIi-tmhilet of time Gramimi
Armny of thin itepublic ; "TIme Storms imi Their
Courses , " Cleperal John ti. Black ; "rime
hutlemi of I'ence , " St. Cialr ? uhcKelWrty of
hhroolciymm ; ' 'A Now Nation , ' ' \Vlllimummm Ii.
Masomm , ChIcago ; "I'hme Nois' Century , " Gnu-
oral Johmlu Ii. Gordon of Georgia.
'rIme members of tIme Ex-Comifetlemato no.
socmation of Chicago were immvltcml as guests
of tIme Columbia Post.
'Freumsmircr"i hermit ; Itiso Sham.
11h100KI4YN , Feb. 11.-More sensational
developments in time $95,000 muhuortnge In time
cotmnty treasurer's ollice were imm'oughmt to
light today by time discovery thmat two of time
bonthut of County Treuisimrer harry 11. Atlantis
minim iuiisulnig ( Iota tIme county clerk's nllice ,
TIme hioiuuhi were fur $ l00,0O ) each , 'rhuey mire
suuihOSCd to have beemm stolemi. Atlains took
otiice iii August , 1583. According to tIme cx-
pertH who examined Mr. Amiammu' ace Junts ,
time sumortmuge hogan dLmrimmg his accommil termmm
and Imaus continued to immenease ever since ,
'l'lie law ( hoes not abiow time preseuit bommuimi-
mcmi to be used for guhmortmtgos lii oIlier terms
of oiilce , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
tmtthmoilc 1tmhP 111gm. miotohli ,
PIIILAIEI-d'IIIA , _ Fci , , 11-'rhme Catholic
club of thmlus city celeimriuteui Its eighmteommtlm
birthimlay tommighit with an elaborate ban-
quIet to Mgr. Batohli , icmuitleH the guest of
honor , there wemo piesent hum secretary ,
11ev , Freulerick hooker , I ) , I ) . : lmimu uLtmmhltoi ,
Mgr. 13. Iharrntth ; Arrbbhmilmop itynul , hliuuhop
Kemine , Ilimihmoli ilcFitUio of 'l'remmtomm , hiishmop
Goruloim of Jamnaictu , hr. Ernest l.a 1'luici ,
Johimi B. hlopItIns mimI unaumy of thin cIty's
Irommmimicmmt imien. igr. Butolli wami time chmie (
speaker. _ _ _ S _ _ _ _
Es 1)1 aglomi I mm mm Inml g.m lboumi ,
SAN F'IIANCISCO , Fehi. 14-Two mom-
hers of thmo Bpnimmg'uhhoy honhgc of Good
Templars vcmmt early to tIme lodge room to
imreimiura for a mncetlnut , 'i'luimy mutruelt mm
match iii thin miimto room , wbmicim s'ame ( mmli of
gas ( mommm ii iemtlcImig clmandehicr , A tcrrilIc
explosion ( olhnwetl , hmiowIng out thin sides
nmmml ruut of thu hull , 'l'huu nuenu wem'u hat
killed , miithiougim they wore seriously
woummded , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
S misum rmummce 'l'rnuitm cii ' ( ut Yet I-i' I I iei ,
SAN FIIANC'ISCO , Feb. 11.-Iimmitlmaiicn
managers , s'hmo hmnivo iieei lmcuiding a con-
fememico itt Moumtcroy , hmavn returned , with
oijectioims to features of lImo now commmhiact
commstltution still immimsettleul. F'oum' lumonmil-
neat managers mdlii stummmd aloof fmomrm tIme
comimuiet amid rate cmuttimmg still goes on
ammmotug than ugemicicum.
% lc a C Free on ii h'iu silty I ImI itmlm'umt ,
LOll ANGELES , Cal , , Feb. 11.-Omi a
faulty imidletment , United States Judge
itomix totiuiy dischmargetl thma tulisijit of Fm'esmmo
county mmimd the juimler of Baum liermimirdlmmo
coummty , IndIcted for niiuwlmmg lJmiited States
imnI5OlmCmm (0 go free witimoUt legal hurocess.
'S'hme Indictmnent set ( onthi time cscupu of
ommhy ommu humironer.
llioyummesmts of heuiuntmmg 'osseIs , Feb 1 1 ,
At Southmampton-Arrived-I'anIS , ( rein Neu
York ,
At New York-Arrived-Normammnia , troums
Genoa ,
At London-Arrived-Maine , foun Pimiladei.
At hlamburg-Arrlved-l5crsia , trcm New
York ,
'i . .
House Gives a Decided Majority Against
Issuing Gold Ponds ,
Republican Support Not Enough to ave
it froiji Its rridnds ,
Porty-Pivo Majority Agalirt the Third
Rentling of the Bill ,
511)5 thmn 1)ciiuient'y ( ) ui''i % Ilium Notliimmg
ill ore 'l'Imut mm I ut mum . . il liii must am I or VImi , I Imiul
Sumimummmil erl ml a Ext at e-l'mu ny I .i tics
hnuppvmh iii time hehmate.
W'ASIIINGTON' , Feb. 14-TIme titled at. .
tCmiihmt by ( lie mitimmministratiomu mit this session
to secure lcglshatiomm iooklmmg to thin relief of
the treasmmry fnhled todimy. First tIme Carlisle
bill for the reforuim of time curreumcy systemmi
m'emmt dowmi ; mioxt time bill for tIme issue of
300,000O00 of gold boumtls amitl tIme rcthnemmiemmt.
of tIme legal temmuicra , u'ecommimnemmuietl imi thu
nresldemit's sneclal mimessamie. was defeated Inst
rimulrstin ) ' byn mimajorlty ottwcmmty-seven , amid
today time motuse , by mu mmmajorlty evemm larger ,
(17) ( ) refused to order to a tlulrtl reaulimig tIme
ressiutioum by wimichm it was vropseti to authmor. .
lze thmo issue of 65O00,000 of 3 per cciii gold
iomids to imbstituto for time 1 tier cemit tlminty. bontis olmi by Secretary Carlisle iimmiie
time contract with tIme htothmsehuilul-Mongan syn. .
dicate , Time action of lIme house today was
LIme cumlmmuimuatiomi of the exciting events wlmlcim
mave occurred simico the presithenmt semit hmis
special message to congress , which restulteul
lii time report ( noun time ways antI mumcamms comu
mmiittee of time resolution to autlmorlze time
issue of the gaul boumuhus.
A spccial order was brought in as soomi as
time house mmuet tlmis mmiormming to brimig tIme rca.
olmmtion to a vote mit 5 o'clock tonight , Thin
debate impomu tIme resolmmtiomm , vhmlcim lasted
over five hours , was immtereeting amid at times
inhlamnmnablo Iii cimaracter. 'l"uio galleries
i'ere lunched , tumid thmero was mmmcii coumfimsion
emi time hoer , but time iumtcreat cemmteretl iii tIme
course whmicim time relmubhicaums wotmlul pursue ,
it beimmg concetled that time fate of time resohu' .
tiomm rested wltim thicumi , 'h'hmcre vams omuch
iumammeuveriumg anioumg thmcir headers. Time re-
iitubiicamus west of tIme Ahieghanles , led by
Messrs. llophlns anti Caimnon of Illinois ,
started oft with Immipetumoums speeches against
a gold bond Issue that would tiiscrlmmmImmatu
agaiumst time bomids already Issued. Mr. heed
and his eastern friends sought lii private
conference to rally nih to united action. His
plait was to allow time resolution to go to a
third reading auiti themi mnove to recommmnuit it :
vitim instruction to recant back. a bill slmmmiiar
to that \4miCii un offered mis a substitute ( or
time bond bill last week , providing for 3 per
cent coiui bonds. For a time tt seemed P05' .
sibie that this arrangcunemmt would be agreed
to , but after tIme stirrImmg speech of Mr. Hop-
burn of Iowa the middle amid wcatermm re-
lambhicamus broke away , determined to defeat
time third reading of tIme rcsoltution lest by-
sonmo cimance it mighmt carry if it passed this
parliamentary stage , Time eastern repabhlcan
thou decIded to support it. Time speeches of
Mr. Wilsomi , Mr. Steed , Mr. Hopkins and Mr.
Bryan were time features of tIme debate. Au
ammahysis of tiuo vote m.lmowa that eigimty.mmmns
democrats anti thirty-one republicans (120 ( tmi
all ) voted in favor of time resolution , and
nInety-eight miemmmocnats , sixty-two republicaom
anti seven populists (167 ( in all ) agaimmat ,
Although it was known that an
nttemmmhmt would bo immade today to
pass time u'esohtition zmuthuorizlmmg tIme issue
of 3 per cent gold bonuls 1mm the house , the
attendamice oui time floor was not large whiemi
time' speaker cahicti time house to orde ! at 11.
o'clock. 'rhmis was probably duo to tIme fact
that uumammy mmiembers supposed time hmouso
m'ould mmmeet at mmoomm , as usual. DespIte tIme
immumahi attenulamuce , ( lucre was muiuchm excitemmient
cmi the floor. As soon as time journal hail
been read Mr. Cutehmlngs , from time rules
conimittec , reported time jmcciai order under
Wlmichu the house was to operate. It with as
follows :
"itesolverl , That immediatehy upon time
adoption of thmls resolution thin house simahi
proceed , as iii comnmumittce of thin whmolc , to
consitiomatiomi of hmmmso resolution No. 255 ( the
bontl resoiutiomm ) , timat at time lmoumr of S o'clock
thIs day time previous question aimall be con-
siuhered , as ordered on mtumitl resolution , anul
( lien , without interverming motion , votes shah
be tmiltemi thereon immutil tIme same muimali have
been fully dispo5efi of.P
Mr. Catchilmigs promptly tbemandeti the
Imrevlous qumestlomu as soon as ( ho resolution
had beemi completed. 0mm a risimmg vote the
prevIous iuestlon was ordered-56 to 11.
Mr. Pickier , republican of South Dakota ,
unmade thmo polmmt of no quorum , hut wlthumlrcw It ,
cmiii before ( line for debate could he chaimmmetl
umimuler time rule the vote rscmmrred on ( ho atlop.
tlomm of time order. It resulted 66 to 17.
Mr. Simpson of ICansas again made tIme
point of muo quorum. Mr. Simmipson ammml Mr.
( jatclmimigs as tellers took their places and
for over half nmm hour ( lucy waIted hmatmemmtly
for thin belated arrIvals to mmiake imp the coveted
quorum.Vithi time tmrrvai ! of mmiemmiera cammme
a etreamn or visItors IiitO inc gamuermes ummu at.
11:52 : wheum Mr. Catclm'imgui ' relmorted a qumorunu
time Imall of repremsammtatives Ircsemmte(1 ) amm armi.
mnated appearance. 'rIme vote bind resulted 163
to 28 Ia favor of time special order ,
hi r. Simpson , wimo rennarlcetl sarcastIcally
sotto voce that hue was tryirmg'to protect time
president against time vindictive assaults of
repumbllcamis , rcci'eamit democrats and ctuckeos ,
mantle no attemmmpt to get the yeas mmml nays
mmmmd tIme special ardor was declared atloptemi.
Before the debate hegan Uma spqaker mimi-
mmourmeech that he would recagmmiza two members
( /f time committee on vays and means , Mr.
\Vilson and Mm . Reed , In time aullrmative , amid
Messrs. Jiolmlc'mms ' , repmmbhitan of illInois , smut
hiryan , demtcrat of Nebramlia , imi time negative
to control four imoilrmm of thm timmmo allotted for
dehmate , the remumaimming imenmr to bo given , to de-
bait' under time Ilva-umminimte numb.
MV.Vilsomi , cimairniummi of tIme ways and
means comnmuiIttoe , wimo opened time debate ,
cautlorucul the Imoummo at tIme 'emy outset thmat
umiheas time ( Itimate coumhil ho u'estrJetcti to thm
rernlutiomm fronmi tiuo ivays mmml mneamie coin-
mnittco to tht exchmmsioum of all partisuashmip , it.
woultl be Imiiliussibie to vote lmutehiigemmtly 0mm
time question at Its commchuslon. Mr.Vilson
( lien proccemleul to carefully rude ( hue case ,
covering time graund traversetl by hmis nc-port
to thin hiommac ycstermlay. lie taluS thuero was
no dearth of revemnues 1mm tIme tm'eaaUry. Today ,
lie discuvired there was aim avaliumhmlo cash
hmal.mnee In time treasury of ld5OQ0O00 , a
larger balammco thou 0mm Jnne O , 1892 , by
$10,000,000 , whicmm it watt $129,001,000 , Inciuui.
log tIme gaul rcserve , 'l'cdumy time gold me-
serve stund at 42,2i3O00.
Mm , Wilson rcvlouved the hIstory of time
gold rcscrve , stabhlehietl to imPure the mc-
umnlmtlon of specie hia'mnehits , 'limo reserve
Imad not been thmreatenetl until the panic of
1890 , % ' ( hien In a slmmgio hmiQmitft ( Novemmmbor )
$24,000,000 cuf geld hued brim mvithmdrawhm. In
time course of the paulo of 18)0 , ( liii $53,000-
,000 of bank trust imnmtls humid beemi pasacul to
( has avauiabie assets of tIme trc'ceumry , Since
then bonds imad beemi solti three times to
. reldefliab time 6old lii tiuc treasury , twlci
' ' ' '