Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 10, 1895, Editorial Sheet, Page 11, Image 11

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What the , Fol1owers of the ann Are ,
Engagcd At.
, ,
nref1 NCWR from Track nnd StabIo-An
Old TImerA toiy-Zhe Dog Lw
l'R8811 . - . Anlt the Ulu"l
I % 'tckIy Orill ( ' .
Fred 10ey , the Amerlc1n trap shot , dlltn't
do n thing to the foreign shooters at Monte
CMlo last \VeiIneay. In a feld of lUty.m
four hoOttii , for a pure of $ ,500 , 10ey
came out on top with a clean kill of twentyW '
three bkdl ! . Oalett , the French crack , wa5
second , with a score of twenty. two out of
'twenty.three , The AmerIcan Is way ahead on
his trip , and he Is I now the envy of all the
celtbrate shots on ths side.
The Intense -old of the mat ten days has
not been al 'revero' on prairie ( chickens and
quail lS would naturally b suppsel ) The
fact that there has btn but little snow on
, the 10und alone , proved theIr salvaton ,
howeve : . With a half foot of snow the de-
structon to the bIrds woull have ben enor-
mous. Such a condiion would have ren-
tiered i Imponlblo for them to have Beurel ,
feed , end this woul have meant death to
them hy the wholesale When feed Is obtainable -
tamable , the extreme cold Is not nearly so
Itetructve , as In this state the cover for
the birds In the rIver and creek bottoms and
In the denM plum and hazel thIckets , Is I
so dense that they can defy the frigIdiy of
atmost any blast.
One of the old time shoolers , commentIng
olt tmo
on the Ilardin.Prince bar story of last Sun-
day sold Isst evening to a knot of aporta
men gathered around the stoVI at the Cross
company gun store : "Yes , there use to be
tot 0' runny thlng happen In those days ,
and Ivo got a goo one on the Irrepressible :
Colonel Parmolee . One evening In .the sprIng
of ' 87 , ot the time of the big tourament
here. a lot of us , Including Billy Hughes , ,
GOoley Druclter , Charlie Dudd , Charlie ;
Lane , old man Den and others were con
geg3te : In front of Hardin's gun store down
on the corner of Thirteenth and Dodge , talk
Ing shooting , when Frank-he' had not been I
breveted colonel then-stepped up and said : :
j ' 1 can b.bbat any man In the state , ,
twenty.fve pair of live birds , for ea-ea-elgbt
hundred dolars I'
"Hardin spoke up In jig time , 'You're C
my huccberry-step In the store and we'l I
pst a forfeIt of $2O with Mr. HUKhes. '
" 'What's that ? ' demanded Parmehee
'What , dld'ye think I said ? '
o 'You said you would bet $800 you could '
bat any man In the state twenty-fvo pain I
of live birds , ' answero Hnrdln.
'I 'Eight hunlo hells I' ! ejaculate the
colonel with acerbity , "I said a-a-a-hundrel i
dolars I'
U 'Oh ' , a hundred dollars I' ! rejoIned ) Johnny
'Well , that suits me just thin same. '
"So they went Inside and posted . $25 each
In Charlie Lane's hands as a forfeit for $100 )
to' be shot for under the conditions named I
the next Saturday afternon at I o'clock. _ The
- day soon came 'round and Hardin , with a i
crowd of friends , was on the grounds on
time , but no colonel put In an appearance .
They , waited Impatiently until 2 , and Frank
not showIng up , I told lardln he had beter :
take Parmeleo's forfeit and look pleased ,
but Hardin refused. Ho was In great form I
and anxious to shoot , but Frank didn't give
him , the chance Hardin waited until 6
o'clock'ln the evening but tIm colonel never
materialized , and that Is the history of the
only money "splatter" ever gave up wihout
' . a fight. But It I' the gospel , every word oC
It. " '
, 'Dt. ' Carver will shoot his third and decidIng -
' . , , log match with Tom Marshall , mayor of
Kelhsbur , Ill. , at Hot Springs next Tues
day aCternoon. The series of three matches at
100-lIve birds each for $500 a side now
' stands horse and horse.
" - -
Clark R. Hutton , Paxton's crack field shot : ,
- , gcs to , the Dg ! Horn basin to SJtto about
, the middle , , March Hut says Paxton Is I
to quiet for hIm , and he has to mgr : te. i
Expect to .ubus on grlzzley bear steak for
. , , a year or two , then he will bo right In It.
. 'Vei , success , m lad. Remember me wit Ii
- , , the pelt or a 1,000-pounder when yoU get one
: : and I'l cal It square
: Dr. J. O. Caplc of Perclvat was In the
T city a' few , days last week He declares there
' ar& more prairIe chicken In his neighborhod
ths , ! wInter than he has known there for Ill r-
Ueen yes , and claims they have been driven
In there by the scarcity of feed In the north ,
' .
'and west
. p CaptaIn Halkcl , from McPherson county ,
was In with four carloads of cattle last ,
Wednesday. lIe told the writer that there
had been eight er nine big mountain wclves
'killed near his place within the past two :
' , wE eks. The ranchmen all over the county
h are up In arm against the vlc'ous brute .5
-4 and are determlhed to exterminate then
Every man carres ! a Winchester , and when
they strike a wolf track they follow It up
until they get his pllt. One ranchman alone
baa lot twenty.elght head of 2 and 3-year-old
eteers. Paul Jensen , who Is one of the old
scouts of the northwest sandhi country : ,
' killed four of these big wolves last weel ( .
'Jensen J& the man who run down end ' Innate , l
, a bIg gray last tall .
' - ,
J' J I
What's the mater with Reed ? -
Bob Wells says rabt ! hunting near Flo : r-
enCO Is , overdone.
' . ,
- I
It , I " currently roportl that Dr. Bryant Is
' : the best quail report\ state '
Isn't It about time for Frank Parmelee to 1
shoot a live-bird match , with some of the
blowhards ? '
J , H. Mcronnel and Dr. Galbraith wi Ill
Boon sojourn to sunny Florida and will spend
a weele at Tampa with their mutual friend ,
Dr. Conkln , ' catchIng tarpon and sheotng
alligators. ,
We are reliably Informed that Dr. Durrel (
kl l1 a deer with a pickax while on a deer
and turkey hunt In Arkansas short
Ind Arltnsas I tin te
age .
W. , J , ln\ylis , the luther of the "Dadger
Slide , or Who Killed the Antelope expects
to make It unpleasant for the ducks and
gees3 In the vicinity of Clarks early pext
znqith. ; . .
1'W 1' . P. .Mrlrarlane , the popular pusldent
and prize winner ot the lemls Park Gun
club , 'i cour UII h1 ! rainmaker and hie
hlms\U to the sand his o forth\\'ctern :
Ncbraka In early sprIng to kill a few as r-
'k loads of lucks and geese. Did Mac ever tel
you hi l'j exuerlence lt hotel DeReshaw on the
rerlllonl' ( ,
, -
% % . 1 N , Connor , I leadIng dentist of
this city , haa recently perfected a turkey
call which wi 10 doubt make easy of capture
that wary bird , Ills neighbor say It makes
a fool of even a domestic bird and that tbey
experience i great deal of trouble In roundIng -
Ing up thIr fowls after the doctor has been
practicing on his invention. Sportsmen de-
, llrlnl to examine thl wonderful Instrument
may do 10 by calling at Dr. C nnor's omce
) In the Continental hloclt.
J. A. Fuler , the famous deer luinter and
"I Lbs only lan on record who baa killed Inloe
' - possessing " a beautiful Ilalr of antlers , la
making great Preparations for I duck Ind
goest' laughter this spring The venerable )
NInrod ! states that the sprIng shooting on
the 1'hatte thll yea will surpass that of
mlny years ; . For , he argues , there will be
In abundance of teed , as the cbrn and graIn '
J crop " 1 so short tn that locality last S ll
. localty fal
. that In many cases It was not harvested .
, ' -1 Henry loman of ths city , who la ac-
- , fl'4 knowledgd lu be the champion fleld abet of
' ? \brl.ka , hu , , we are Informed , applied for I
I , patent on his new COyote seParator , whlch '
4 'Judgh1K ' from the model , promises to be
grand "Ucces and , v1 no doubt Insure hIm
, the , blessings of future generations of sport t5.
'men. The. purpose of this device aprts-
separate the . jack rabbits from the IncreasIng
bands of coyotes hi western Nebraika. it in .
.Huhan has spared . neither liens nor money
I prectl this . uparator a. lbs expe niL -
) ' L
. . . . . . fr
, , . . , . ' ' .
. - . -
- / / ,
_ _ . _ _ _ 'HE OA , DAILY flit SUNDAY , FEUnU.ARY 10 , 189 . _ 11 _ ,
enc of hImself And friends has long since
proven beyond even the shadow of I doubt
that an Invention of this kind would be the
only means whereby the festIve Nlmrol' '
mIght once more make a decent bag of
etij otes .
r"hnlr of his U"U % "Infora
Roler Connor's brother Jce has caught on
atT Wheelng ,
Tom York , the veteran , Is to handle the
Albanys In the Now York State league.
Charlie Dewald has been releaselt by
Cleveland and Manager McVittlo Is after
hii m .
T. P. Un.terwoolt , who was with the Drook-
Iyn National League club last season , has :
been forwlttll an Omaha contract .
Work on the Charles Street park grandDr
stre and will begin next week , A commodious
serve department Is to be erected on the
! utl ene of the south wIng , a new reporters'
box built amt other needed improvements
.m ade .
There won't b as much rubber In the
Western league bal the coming season as
th ere was lut. I Is unneceasary to state
that there won't , bo as many home runs ,
three-bagger cr "charley.horsed" outfeldera
In that organization In 1895 .R there was In
18 ! ! .
"A grad workman Is known by the ch'ps '
unller hla table , " and a prospective sucesrul
base bal season Is foretold . by the number
of minor leagues In the fleld . I the minors
furnl"h any straw to show what Is In stQre
for the magnates , then they can look forward
to 1895 with longing 'cyes. The coming sea-
son promise to eclipse any season In the matter - -
te r of minor leaguC The astern anti West-
em leagues head the minor In ! pint of Im-
Io rtanc , followed by State , Interstate , Central -
tral , Southern , New England and other
leagur of smaller caliber. , I
When Jack Doyle returned to 10lyoke after
the Temple cup series last fall ho placed his
bank roll In a national bank. Jack had
quie a lively wInter , sporting and elec-
toneering , and found It necessary to druw
frequent checks. A week or so ago the
ca shier sent him word that his account had
been overdrawn and requested a aetticinont.
The bal player Immediately hlell himself tn
the bank and said that was an impossible
state or affairs , and produced his check
book with tIm triumphant remark : "Why.
th ere's thrty.elght or 'em here 1 haven't
used yet.-New . York World ,
Like the pitchers' averagEs , the bar runm
nlng fgurea have aroused the critics. They
h ave a susp'clous sort of look , crtcs John n.
Foster e'aculates : "What's this , Dan Drouth- .
er among the OraL twenty ? That puts a bad
lok upon nil the statistics. There are too
m any Baltimore player too wail advanced
In base running percentages to have the
fgure look healthy. I strikes I man up a
tree that every time a Baltimore player
started for second base It ' was counted a ,
counte 1
stolen base , whether he earned It or not. :
Then , too , there may have been a bushel of' '
stolen bases given on bases made from second I
to third when the batter rapped cut a base '
hit just as the runner started from first .
There are other ways to swell the percentage
column than to reed It dry apples and watca' . '
One day recently , Ren .
recenty says Mulford , Daniel I
Drouthtrs , the mayor Wappinger's Falls ,
whie engaged In a thinking part , had a
thought shipped -to Baltimore by canal boat.
I wan to the elect that maybe Dn wouldn't
play this year. Manager Net Hanlon didn't
exclaim : "My stars I What shall we do ? "
and then fall In a fit. Not he ,
He's tea ole I bird. He simply
reached Into the 'Vestern league camp and L
picked Carey off Milwaukee's fence. Thil I
fi rst baseman Is .
a Pennsylvania
frst baeman lege re
cruit who did god work for Milwaukee last L
ra ason. lie Is a slx.footer and had a batt'ng 1
average or .364 to his credit. Since his selz- .
uro Dan'l has changed his mind and declares
he will be ready to take his place In Orioles
Hoost when the bell rIng
The very players who when In the zenith i
of their playing glory use to talk about get
tng out or the game and going In other bus ! - ,
ness about sIgnIng time every year , In order
to sque"zo me.o mlary out cf their clubs , are ,
the very last to get out of harness. Parlsan !
Deb Caruther and Orator James O'Rourke
are two cases In sight "Parisian" Bobby ,
who , by the way , Is of a wealthy and influ :
ental family , used to spring the business
gag every time alut sIgnIng time , Is now
siged to a $700 cctract with the Day CI , '
t eam. TherO was a time 'when ' Bob wanted ,
.a \ out twce : that much D a bonus for signing
a contract. Jim O'Rourke , who used to Nut f
raies In salary by his talking use practcing
law l , tried his hand at umpiring , and alto :
his failure there turned hIs attention to the '
minor league3. Jim Is now atenton head of
the Bridgeport ( Conn. ) club.
"Many queer storIes have come out of the
west , " writes 0 P. Ceylon "but none which
stubs the ' toe of credibility so sorely as the ' I
statement from Von den Abe that an orthodox I
preacher In Missouri umpIred a game of bal I I
on Sunday last year. They do things In
Missouri which are not hike the customs or
other states but when we are told that an
orthodox mInister of the gospel umpired a
Sunday game of base bal infidelity Is the
direct result. To umpire a game of bal even
on week days requires an utter dIsregard of a
future life , demands I man who believes
there Is no damnation save that whIch he
fnds on earth , necessitates n familiarity
wltl the amenities exchanged on such occa .
ion by the man who Is out , but thinks he
Is i not , and the man who Issues the edict
A , Ilreacher "who would umpire a base bal
game on Sunday Is out of his element. Il
would be a star among the truck drivers on
lower l Droadway. They have unique
phachers or rare lars In Missouri. Which ? " ,
nth the ' 'rotor 111 l'ncors. . !
There are seventy - seven trotters In the
2 :12 : lIst .
lst. :
Vassar Is counted a sure 2:04 : horse It I
nothing happens to him ,
Deauchamp & Jarvis , the wel known
Kansas breeders , have removed from Con-
cordia to HeRon .
Gould & Mier , Fullerton , Neb. , have sold
Fred IC , 2:09 : % . to D. D. Van Dusen , Rich.
mondvle , N. Y. Rch-
Susie G. 2:1 : % , las a record of slxty.four
starts , and In every one of them she has suec
ceede In getting part of the money
Charley MarvIn's record of 103 horses bent-
Ing l 2:03 : and twenty-six In 2:20 : , Including
Anon , Sunol and Palo AI\p \ , Is a great one
C. Ii. Nelson has great hopes for Edna ,
224. ; She Is by Dictator Chief out of the
c lam or Nelson. SIte goes at the pace and
, can fly at that gait.
The Saratoga Winter Trotting and Pacing
association will hold its second annual meetIng -
log on Woodlawn Oval Ice track on February
5 to 7 , Inclusive l'ebruary
Sons and daughters of the dead Electioneer
won , $24,172 In purses In America Electoneer year _
Expressive , $ ,100 , and Altvo , $5,232 , were
the biggest winr.er8
TIomas : F. ! ier , owner or Shadeland On-
ward 2:181 : , wi remove his breeding estab-
lshment from Fullerton , Neb , to Wabasha ,
Ind. , about March I ,
Jo le , 2:11 : , Is wInterIng finely at Fulton ,
Mo. Jo wi be on the war path again this
year In company wIth some good young ones
that Lester SIms Is handling.
There was a big rush to get horses
registered under the old rules The American -
can Trotting Register association receIved
about 10,000 applicants durIng December last
J.P. Staler , Independence , Ia , who owns
Onoqua , 2:11 : : has bought from DrIver John
I1s8ey the 1-yean.old fly Dole Louis , by
SphInx , dam by Louis Napoleon , and her
yearling colt hy Alerton , 209 ; % .
Ten of the 5,000 ' stakes offered by O. W ,
Williams of Galesburg , Ill . , have tIlled. being
those for yearlings , 2-year.olds , 2:25 : , 2:20 :
and 2:10 : canes , trotting , and 2 yea-olds ,
230 ; , 2:20 : , 2:15 : and 2JO : classes , pacing.
The fastest dead heat ever trotted was
made by the chestnut Nightingale and
Phoebe Wilkes In 2:12 : In the third heat of
the free-for-all at WashIngton .
freo-for-al park Chit-
cage , August 25 , 18t. The fastest ever
paced was the ( heat declared dead between
Hqbert J and John R. Gentry In 2:03 : % , In
the first beat Df the match race at Nashville ,
Tenn. , Octt er 1,8 , 189t. Nashvie
During the season of 1894 the get of
Director , 2:17 : , thirteen In number , won
$22,180 , of which amount over one-Jlal ) or
$11,500 , was won by his greAtest son ,
Dlrectum , 2:05 : % . One of the get of \Vilkea
Boy 2:24. : the 3-ear.old mare , Nule Wlke8 ,
won $18,000 of the U488 credited to that
sire by sixteen performers.
Alerton , 2:09w : , Is to be traIned next
season with a view to beating the stallion
record. Ills ' present record 'u made before '
the pneumatic "ulky came Into use , and if
the claim II true thal sIx secoqdl II I I
measure of the difference but\en the old
and the new style vehicles , \ son of JaJ
Bird ought to wipe out Dlrectuui's 2:054 ,
providing he stands training
Ralph Wilkes I. I being Jogged daily this
winter , and be will be trained And camS
palgntt again next season. James Golden ,
his trainer , Paid lat rear that I Ralph
Wikes would submit to the use of an over.
Ilraw check he could trt In 2:05 : or better ,
The son of Red Wilkes Is now wearIng one
, of these appliances wihout fighting I as lie
l@elt to do , and hopes are entertained that
ho will beat the stallion record of Dlrectum- .
2:05-ln : 1895.
I I II quito clear at this early date that
when the stewards of the grand circuit meet
at Rochester next May there are several '
strong aIOclatOns whIch wi apply for ad-
mlulon , Saginaw , Mlch , was admitted last
year and opened the circuit Grand Rapids
now proposes to follow Saginaw , and It Is
hopelt that Chicago will take the first week In
Ju ly. flat the latest candidate Is the Lansing
Driving club , LansIng , MIch , which c.ffrs
$2 5,000 In stakes and purses. I admitted
Ihere will bo four grand . circuit meetings In'
Michigan , '
The following Is good , but will It bo en-
torcell ? The bill against "rInging" In Mis- ,
sourl will contain provisIons fcr punish- :
m eat as follows : ImprIsonment In the state '
prIson for not less than one year , nor more
than three years : or Imprisonment In the
county jai of the county In which he Is con.
vlctell ten any definite period not less than
sino x months or a tIne of nol less than $100 ,
nor more than $ ,00.
Trotting sport In Austria and Germany Is
growIng with giant strides. The track at
Baden , a three-quarters of an hour'a ride
from Vienna , has a fine grandstand which
w ill seat 8,000 people , and at one of the
m eetings last
tngs summer speculation was so
lvely In the mutunls that before the clay
was over the tickets were exhausted. There
are no books antI no pool selling , and all
the public betting Is done by the mutuals.
The twjt meetings last
' meetngs year a Profit of
$60.000. and the management will otter In
1895 $250,000 In staltes and wi . orer
11.110 tim fqullrld - Clrclo.
Cal McCarthy w1 meet Joe CraIg In a
te n-round bout In Jersey City February 28.
Jake Klraln and Peter Maher wi meet
In an elght.round at Boston
go on March 27.
Oeorge I.a Blanche , "The Marine , " Is out
wIth a challenge to fight any middleweight In
the world
The proposed bout between Soby Smith and
Soly Smih
Johnny , the Kentucky Rosebud . hl been de
cared off .
Owen Zeigler and Jack Henley have ben
matched to fight ten rounds In Philadelphia
o n FrIday , February 8.
Joe Butler of Philadelphia , who whipped
Frank Craig , the Coffee Cooler Is anxous : to
go abroad and fght him again . .
The "future of the ring" so glibly discussed I
by Jim Corbett will bo brighter when he 1
betakes himself out of it-New York Press.
Frank Erne of Buffalo and Jerry Marshal -
s hall have been matched to fight six rounds I
before the New Manhattan Athletc : club , New
York , February 12.
SlavIn has gone to pot In London since hIs 1
deet by Jim hall . He 18 Impecunious ,
and , what Is worse still , badly wrecked phy-
si cally. I this Is true the Cooler may do '
h im. .
Joe Lennon and Peter Maher are going to '
meet In lImited-round
a Imled.round bout In Boston some 1
tmo this month. The battle wIll be at
catch weights , and will bo probably for ten '
rounds. '
"Young" Heenan and Jimmy Kavency of
Dos ton , Mass. , have been matched to fight
ten rounds at 14 pounds before the Farragut
A thletic club of Boston on Thursday , February -
ruary 1.
hlughey O'Neill , the New York .
Huphey O'Nei fether-
weight boxer , wants to fight a lmied-round I
or finish contest with Marty Mcue. O'Nel
oters to bet 1cCue $500 that he can beat
h Im.
Im.A -
A fight to I fnsh ! has been arrange bake
take place In prIvate durIng the month of
Februar between Eddie Connel of Jersey
Ciy and DIcky Connors. The fight will be
for a purse of $300 , and two-ounce gloves
w ill b used. ' .
Sam Fitzpatrick , manager and backer of t !
"Kid" Lavigne , Is going to make another at -
tempt to match his man against George John ;
son of England. Sam says that ho has ,
been assured by two well known sportsmen I
of England that If Johnson agrees to fght L.I L.
Lavigne they will see that a nice purse Is
hung up for a contest.
Dick More Is going .to try It again , and Is
matche t clash with Tom McCarthy , Deb
FitzsImmons' ex-sparring p rt r. They art 3
to meet at Woburn , Mass. , February 21. are
That will be a rattling glove contest at L
S lum's ball , South Omaha , next Thursday
nght ! , February 14. Fred O'Nei. the clever
l ocal feather , Is to go lp against George
Stout of Sioux City for stakes amounting to : t
$ 200. Stout Is certainlY a skillful man , and II I
as spry and hard-hitting as O'Nei Is he wi I
have to huste to retaIn his laurels. The
afair Is for bleed , and one of the most in -
terestng : contests ever witnessed In this
seton may b counted upon. Tickets can
b e had at Ed Rothery's place and at Pat
O'Hern's , Ed Miller's and Pat Horrigan's
After Ihushman' c.slp.
Floyd Harhman Is hereby challenged to
wreste a side hold match for $200 a side and
the championship of Nebraska , the match
to bo the best three In five , hip or shoulder
to constitute n fall , the wrestle to take place
wIthin three weeks after signing arleles ! , at
Nebraska City , Omaha or Lincoln. Should
Floyd Hnlhman wish to accept this chal-
lenge l he may notify me through The Dee
which place he my choose for the match : he
may also chose what bank he may wish to
hold contract and forfeit , and through any
n otIce frcm him I will forward $100 as a for-
feit , Including a contract to bo sIgned 10p-
Ing l to hear from Floyd Harshman son , 1 am
y ours truly , JOHN GOSNEY ,
Denkelman , Neb
The Dog Law i'iiMCs.
The bill making the dog personal property
In i Nebraska passed , much to the elation of
sportsmen and doggy men. I wi not be
such a funny thing to walk off wIth n man's
dog nowadays. I means petit or grand lar-
ceny , as the case may be
- -
. 'Vhllporln1 of tim Wheel.
St. Joseph , Mo. , las a new club In the Milo
Bald , Macdonald and Sims will constitute
the Columbia team
Nell Materson and Chris Neison , the Aus.
tralan Eulers , have taken to bIcycling.
Marinete , \Vis. , promises fifty new league
members If the divIsion meet Is held thero.
Four men will constitute the Splldlng tEam ,
but the last man bas not yet been selected
At hustling and general activIty John S.
Johnson . Is the champion athclete of the world.
The .Calfornla r9ads are s bad now that
It requires fifteen hours to complete a cen-
Bruce has decide not to start out on a hunt
for Lenz. It Is said his backers didn't came
to time .
Diy Murphy of Brooklyn Is the latest can-
didate for the positIon cf ofcial referee of the
League of AmerIcan Wheelmen.
Chairman Raymond says that all ohelmen
seeking reinstatement must file their ap-
plcatons with him not later than February -
ary 15.
Ils sid that the mother ef Frank O. Lens ,
the missing world girder , will receIve . $0.00
Insurance when the fact of her son'8 death I I
T , W. Eck hu signed I contract to con-
tnue as trainer for the Stearns team this
summer John S. Johnson wIll remain In this ,
country and rIde In chase D.
Walter , the long distance rider , Is now
training for an attempt to lower the outdoor
twenty.four.hour record. lie already holds !
the Indoor record I
The match race between 'ournler , the 1
champion cyclEt of France , and Ponte chl ,
the fastest racing man In Italy , will take I
place In ParIs 01 February 15.
The officials of the League of American I
Wheel men are talking of instituting proceed. .
Ing agalnlt the owners of tie Indiana pike I
roads who are imposing excessive charges or I
bicycle rider. 01
I I laid that the League of American I
Wheelmen will gtve each dlvllon rAcing
board chaIrman power to appoint one or two I
dIvisiOn referees , ale ng them no salary , ,
but provIding .tlem with expense money ,
Several of the gravel road companies of r
northern Indiana have issued notices that at I
cyclists traveling over their roads will hero al
after be charge 1 cent I tulle toll. EvIdenty ,
the hoosiers haven't rEad the decision In the
Heading , Pa. , case.
M. J. Fleck , the Louisville cyclist , la tryIng -
big to arrange a southern racing circuit , to
comprise the following cities : Jacksolvle I
Saannah , Charleston , .Aulll , Macon Co
lumbus , Montgomery , DlrnHI"ham , Chta-
n oega , Knoxvie , Memphlsshvle and
L ouisville.
Luisie. The last number of tllo J4rI1rIcan { Cyclft
ha 1n editorial discussing he tendency of
ad\-ertsers toward the use of cuts reprep
a entlng women cyclists attired In long stockIngs - I
Ings l and short trousers , q..4 pIckcrbockers. I ,
I 18 a t'mely wanIng agaln , t\be \ Increasing
practce , whIch , If contInUtttawIhi ! , as the
'Am rlcn Cyclist says , do far more harm
than glI Another unseemly practIce Is that
of women ridIng wheels whIcsre made for
men A woman who cannot Wro a bicycle
mace for her sex halt better not rIde at all-
at lEast not In . , ,
publc. . t JI
Questions nlt .ns'1rl.
OMAHA , Fob S.-To thus Sportng Editor
of The Dee : Please answer the fohlow'ng In
Sunday's Bee to decide a bet : In n game of
cribbage , A plays the seven , D plays the
e eight , makes fHeen.two : 0 plays the nine ,
make twenty.four , with a run of three : D
play" th ! Coven , makes thlrtono , and claims
run of three : A claims thlt D Is not entItled
to t the run Who Is rlght-J , D. Rnehart ,
WACO , Neb " Feb. 7.-To the Sporting Ed- !
Ior i cf The lee : In your sporting c llnns of
next Sunday's Dee please tell how to loath
nitro powder wIth the best results , and ,
greatly pbiige.-Spontsman.
Ans.-E'ther Parmelee or the Cross gun
store wli rand you pamphlets giving direc-
tons for the leading of nitros . WrIte theni
ASHTON , Nab , Feb. 4.-To the Sporting
Editor or The Dee : In A game of double
high five Is the party who name the trump
compelled to lead trump or can he play any
card he pleases ? Please answer In next Sun-
day's' Dee and obhIge.-C . C. C.
Ans.-Any card he pleases ,
OMAHA , Feb. 8.-To the Sporting Editor
of The Dee : To settle a bet please state In '
Suhtlay'a Dee the coldest snap we had In
Omaha In the last twelve years. How many
degreet b low zero-A Del Header. '
. Ans.-Drep Signal Observer Welsh a cud.
lie wll supply you with the correct figures . I
FREMONT I eb. 8.-To the Sporting liii.
Itor or The Dee : In the next Issue of your !
paper will you please answer the following
questens : . ( ( ) Did J. S. Johnson ever beat J.
Doncghue skating ? (2) ( ) I so , where and ther :
respectIve time , (3) ( ) age and nationality or
each ? -A Reader.
Ans.- ( ( ) Yes. (2) ( ) At Newberg . In veral
heat races-don't know time. (2) ( ) Johnsln ,
Swede , 22 ; Donaghue , Irlsh.Amerlcan , 27.
PAPILLION , Feb. 9.-To the Sporting Editor .
Itor or The Dee : A and D sit In a game of
Iloker : A opens with two pair , sevens and
eights ; D conies In , holding jack of diamonds ,
queen and king or clubs , draw ace of hearts , .
and deuce of diamonds ; A draws tray or
spadee How docs D win , or does he net ?
I there any rule by whIch he ( D ) can take
the pot ? (2) ( ) C and D same ; C opens with
two pair , fives and sixes ; D comes In , holding
nine of hearts , ten and jack of diamonds ,
queen of spades and k'Jg ' of , , club , draws no
cards ; C draws , one card , tray of spades. Who
wins the pot ? F. II. D.
Ans.- ( ( ) D has . no claim whatever on the
pot on the merlts of this , hands. (2) ( ) I playIng .
Ing straights , D wins.
EWING , Feb 2.-To the Sporting Editor
of The Bee : Is It possible for three kings
In the center cf a checker board to beat two
kIngs , one In each double corer ? I mean
I no urors are made In moving the two '
klngs.-J. W. E. .J" ,
An , -I Is. 1 A' ,
HUMBOLDT , Neb" , Feb. 8.4-To the Sport-
Ing Efiltor of The lIce : JpcaM answer the
following ! In next Sundy'l lisper : In n game
of high five , the bidder bus fourteen , has he
Ule right to dscard ! the dtdceUtray and fcur
And I so , what Is low-A . RMder.
Ans-l ( ) He' has. (2) ) T c rve.
OMAHA Feb. , 4.-To , the " , , I orUng Editor
oC The Dee : 1 noticed In 4t'pnlay's Dee of the I
3d Inst. I note from $ prty regardIng :
distemper In dogs , EIe ! 1eir ago I had I
I fine setter pup that hd .tp distemper so
bad that his eyes turneditjcoior ! ) of m'lk , ,
ant I thought we would lose him , or that he :
would lose his . ,
sight. h'WII In the same
shape as the party that'wtte. , you regarding ;
the disease ; that is . 1 cald-mot learn what
to do for the dog , but frall 1de , up my r
mind to dolwhat I. couldtD1eleve hIm or
kill him. Iwet to adhlgstCs and bough
a dime's worth of ompounc cathartic pIlls ,
I gave him , I think , three at a dose. I may
have repated the' dose'or two' pls. Anyway .
they acted on"hlm as they would on I parson ,
and Inside of a few days he regained his I
appetite and by 'he end of a week hil eyes I
turned their natural colOf. I am satisfied
that as 'soon as you get the bowels to working
the distemper Is broken. The pills can do no
harm.-Joseph Alien . . _
- -
Coste to De Uult 01 the nocks ot tbo'
told Gate
A castle In French or Norman Gothic
style , wIth : rather more elaborate detail than
Is customary In buildings of that design , Is
to be erected on the alto of the old Cliff
house says the San Francisco Examiner.
The plain , square , wooden building which was
a landmark , succumbed to the flames on the
evening of Christmas day , and nothing but
memories of the familiar place were left.
Its successor wi be a much more Imposing
modern structure , but I will lack those
memorIes which hovered around the simple
house on the edge of th9 qcean.
Adolph Sutro has decided upon thin form
and arrangement of the hew building. The
building Is to cost In round figures $50,000.
I will be built entirely of wood , as no other
material Is so well calculated to withstand
the corrosive erect of the salt sea air I
will be 10 feet In length from cast to west
and nInety-two feet from north to south
Unhiko the old building , It' ' will project forever
over the edge of the clll '
The main part will be toward the east.
lacing on Point Lobos ayenuo The other
three parts will bo characterized by being
virtually alconles projecting \ from each of
thin four storIes. The French character of
the building will bo displayed principally In
the main part and the round Norman towers
wIth theIr conical and pyramidal spIres.
The detail of ornamentation will be essen-
taly French
Two of the stories wi be above the street
level and two below I on the slopIng taco
of the clIffs. Thin
clls. verandas on the ocean
side will all bo twenty feet wide , those on
the north and south end anti on the east side
oJ tint building each sixteen feet In width.
The four corners of the building wIlt be
circular anti crowned with steeples , each
fitted with rooms reached by passage In the
atc floor . The atc wIll have two floors.
Tile parlor , main dining room and foors.
room wi bo provided with handsome open
A large square tower will rise from the
center of the building , crowned with a steeple ,
and a fine roOm will be I
fno wi provided In the upper
portion of the tower. The exterior or ( the I
room Is to be orhamentd with : colonnades and
arches. This room wi be used for an dli. '
servatory , and will present ' one of the finest '
possible marine views of Iho'Paclflc. ' '
From the balconies thin fresh : sea breeze '
can be enjoyed , while the bdBIclng seals wIll I
afford dIversion for many. I 'Thoee ' who so ,
desire may cast a line 'teeM the balconies ,
and the new Cliff house 'lwJI ) 'unquestionably i
be a great gathering Plscelfort' n Franciscans I
and vIsitor from every ctnet.
. clne.
A JonIClt1 ; 0111100 ,
Student of the myste1qu , who Imagine I
that hypnotism may be iised \ , , to make crImInals -
male of persons who Irq , r.ealy , Innocent , , :
should Investigate the , " . , of Edgar Del Ir I
against the cfS"
commonweal of Kentucky , now :
In the curt of appeals , ln'I'rankfort. , The i
appellant , Edgar Del , ls'a.pegno , convicted I
of murder , and In his behat l ! , there has been
filed at the clerk's office tot bE court of appeals -
peals a "hociloo bag , " whic contains dice ,
a rabbit' foot and several ' other t articles supposed -
posed to be potent as charms. Bell's claim Is I
that he was hooooed b ) lila ( bag , antI that
under tbe circumstances It
was limply Impossible -
possible for him to do anythIng elite than I
commit the murder for which he Is now In I
the law'a clutches. To the insanity and hyp-
notsm plea , Is now added . the 10oo defense .
Cook's Imperial " 'Vurld's fair "hIghest
award , excellent champagn : good efferves -
cence , agreeable bouquet , _ delicious . favor , "
Chicago Trlblne : Mr McSwat went home ,
late from a club dinner the other night ,
and In his haste he forgot to remove hil
gkveR when ho went to bed. About 3 I
o'clok a m. be aroused Jrs cSwat wilt
the n agonizing cry :
"L.obellai I Lblul I believe on my soul I
1'1 getting palyzed I There Isn't u bit of
feelni In I ) bandsl" .
( wsqI' AllUT ( .URN ,
I understand thnt his holiness Leo XU I.
IYI a wrier In Chicago Vanity Fair , has
turnelt toward Omaha the radiance of his
fltherly countenance and blessed It In the
peron of one of Its bet and most generously
Inelntt i , citizens , Mr. John A. Creljhton ; a
a result , America has
resul Americ one more genluno tlO-
bleman wIthin its borders , 1 count of the
Roman reighton empire , 1 Signor Conto Ovannl
I am lure I am delighted to see added OM
moro illustrIous name In thIs Libra 1"Oro ,
that includes already Due Pullman , MarquIs
Murphy CountOnahan and a few moro of
the seine excellent merit . I Is decidedly
true t that If wo are to have a titled oris-
tcracy of our own , Mr. Creighon Is un-
I'oubtedly ' one of the most desirable men to
figure In Its ranks , and his benefactions have
been so lavish that the reward 18 , after all ,
tut of proporton to the capital donated or
Investe. i That reminds mo that wo arc al-
Ways making fun-In those papers that con-
eider jokes anti the 1 brl-
Innt h wit-of the ' * achilty with ! titles
are bought "over the counter" In old no-
bully-ridden Europe. : I 11lt not notice a
repetition of the said venerable joke when
Conte Creighton was promoted to an cmpty
peerage of the vanished Homan empire ,
which prwves once more that thnJ are always
two ways or looking nt things.
"I was recently introduced , " said Albert I.
Steele of Portanll , Ore. , to the Chicago
' Times , "to a legislator who , I believe , hs
the record for making the longest contnuou3
speech over delivered. lie Is a member or
the legislature of British : Columbia , In whIch
there Is no euch thing as senatorial courtesy ,
so that a long spanker cannot get a few mm-
utes' rest for refreshments as he generally
can In the upper house of this cOlntr ) The
record breaker , who Is of rench descent. Is
an old college athlete , and on one occasion
last gcslon ho was put up by the opposition
to talk a bill to dbathi. The majority saw
through the device nt once anti put every obstacle -
staclo In tInt way oC the speaker
"Not deterred by objections noel points o't (
order , the ell athlete husbanded his strength
antI sole steadily , without any touper pauses
than were necessary to moisten his p3ch ll
throat with In occasional Innocent drink ,
twice around the clock . lie started at 10
o'clock 'n the morning , kept steadily nt his
work all the afternoon , evening anti night ,
and did not even pause when the lights were
turned out the following morning Eye wit- .
ncsses tel mo that as the morning wore on
his voice was little more than a whisper antI
his eyes were bloodshot 10 bore up manfully .
fully , however . anti Ild not sit down till the
clock struck 12 , when the bi became dead by
lapse of time , and ho secured a respite , which
was well carne , even I his cause was not
a very noble one. lie speaks of his twenty-
slx.hour effort with a shuldor , antI says ho
would rather walk 100 miles than go through
the ordeal again. . "
When Secretary of the Navy Herbert war
a confederate colonel his life was saved at
the bate of Seven Pines Iy a Maine soldier ,
who prevented a comrade from running his
bayonet through the Alabama officer , who had
been wounded. When Mr. herbert was a
member of congress he endeavored unsuccess-
fully to learn from the Maine delegation the
name of his preserver After he became secretary -
retary of the navy he received a letter from
California asking If he was the Colonel Herbert .
bert captured at the battle of Seven Ptnes
The wrier was Jonathan Ne'come , and hE
state that he was one of the Maine soldiers '
who had participated In the capture Some
time . after this the secretary went to Call-
fornia and there met the Maine soldier , bul
It was not the man who had saved his life.
His prEerver , the sergennt had been killed
at Gettysburg. Ho was deprived or the Opt
prtunlty of showing his gratitude to the ,
principal , but he ( lid the next best thing by
extending It to one survivor. The man was
a ship calker , out of work , , and the secretary
suspended the civil service rules long enough
to give this man work In the yard , and he
gave directions that lS long as there was a
shIp or boat tn the navy yard to be calked
the old Maine soldier should have worle.
When the term of Senator Manderson of
Nebraska expires , , says the Philadelphia
Press , the senate will not only lose an' orator
of more than ordinary ability , but also a
superior entertatner. No other man In lblc
life can manipulate a chafing dish and get so
much good cheer out of It as Senator"Man-
'clenebn . One afternbon recently I prominent
cItIzen of Philadelphia was In the 'marble
room of the senate , chatting with a newspaper -
paper correspondent , when ho expressed a
desire to see Senator Hawley of Connecticut.
The younger man Immediately started out to :
find Senator Hawley and located him In the
senate restaurant at a table where Senator '
Manderson was preparing a royal oyster stew
Senator Hawley said : "Please tel my friend
that I will come to him as _ soon _ ls possible ,
but that I cannot get away from 11anderson's
until 1 have had oysters. "
chafing dish unt my oyster.
When this message was delivered the Phia-
delphian smiled and said he knew how captivating -
vatng Manderson always Is and particularly
when he Is handling a chafing dish , and so
over. ho cheerfully waited until the Ito feast was
The heIrs of the late Benjamin F. Butler
are to establish In New Mexico the largest
sanitarium for consumptves In the country ,
and moreover , It Is to be free. I will b In
readiness In I feW months. The general
left an interesting family , the members of
whIch arc held In the highest esteem by
the people of Lowell , Mass. The eldest son
died very suddenly while on a yachting trip.
That was some years ago , before yachting had
Its present vogue , and when the good ship
America was the king pin among yachts.
General Butler felt the loss of this son Iteen-
Iy. The young man had finished his course
as a cadet at 'Vest Point , we believe. An-
other son Is Paul , who bas won many lau-
rels as I canoeist. One or , , the most unas- :
sumlng men , he has a heart lS big as his
bead Is sensible. The daughter , probably the I
most popular young woman In Lowell at the
time , married General Ames , . who was lieutenant .
tenant governor of Mississippi In reconstruc-
ton da YI.
Count Castelane , the dainty little French-
man who Is rumored to bo engaged , to Miss
Anna Gould , Is a far better catch than most
members of the "effete aristocracy" of
Europe. In appearance he Is the Ideal fairy
prince of the pantomime , slender , graceful ,
straight as a reed , blond as a Norwegian , with
a pink and white complexIon. lie Is young
and an athlete , bear a line old French name ,
and has enough money to satisfy any French
girl that he was a desirable part cr , for that
mater , most AmerIcan girls , considerIng I
title Is thrown in He dresses well , rides
like graduates of St. Cyr always ride , and
"dances like an angel , " according to those
lucky damsels who lead cotlons wIth hIm ,
and flirts In a manner whIch even cornea up
to the approval of the American girl lIe
speaks very little , but very piquant , EnglIsh ,
but he "makes himself understand , " as he
himself says , with extraordinary success .
Tim pretty and accomplished wIfe of Congressman -
gressman Bryan did not accompany hIm dur-
lug the short term , says a Washington cor-
rcspondent. Mr. , ryan's devotion to his wife
anti her affection for hIm Is I mater of comment -
ment In congressIonal cIrcles , so everybody
laughed and thought I a good joke on the
member from the First Nebraska district
when It was rumored the other day that he
had received a letter from his wife Inclosing
a fine portrait of JQlm M. Thurton , senator-
elect from Nebraska , against whom Mr.
Bryan made thin race as the candidate
date of the fusion party , The portrait was
arranged In the form of a badge , and on I
were written these signIfIcant words , In Mrs.
Dryan's handwriting : " \Vorn by your wife. "
Mrs. Bryan was one of the committee which
luprlntended the public reception of Mr.
Thurston at LIncoln. The receipt of the let-
amusement ter seemed to afford Mr. Bryan considerable '
There Is a pretty story connected wIth the I
courtship and marriage of Speaker Crisp I
and his wife I seems that when the i
then young Charlie Crisp came a-wooing :
daughter of a wealthy and aristocratic :
southern planter her father thought she 1
should look higher , forgetting that "Iovo , ,
like death , levels all ranks , and lays the ;
shepherd's crook beside the scepter , " lie .
forbade young CrIsp the house , and sent the
young lady out of the way , traveling , thinkIng -
log that absence would break the bond .
Thereupon the young man fell 1 of typhoid
fever , and his sweetheart , hearing of his
illness , returned suddenly and married hIm ,
nursed him back to life and health , coaxed i
her father Into a good humor and got his
blessing , "and they lIved happIly ever
after. . "
A great deal of Champ Clark's Interebt L
In life la centered In his boy , who is nou r
8 years old , The congressman ha an en .
- -
"rho aialirat , blt'L seeks et Steal of U. esen. . "
Yontig Man Take a Hint.
Don' be afraki to start lii at the b3tt.ohn. Doit'L
thitik ' luwo " anti "
'Oft lutist everything "spit span"vhoul
, . 3'Otl hnarr , % ' anti ott1u ilown.Vo can glvo yon a
. snug lLttle IIOthSOkCOpIhig Outfit For very mniusli ittflOhfl %
. ' - -and then We don'L want the mooney ether ( , YOu ca ' I
PRY for 11. gritdltlafly. WIth a lttt.lo home , iartly fl1or1
atut Uttlo s1fo well willed , " you n'o on limo high
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ronil to succose. ,
- - - -
Secret !
Betvccn Mrs. A and Mrs. B.
Mrs. A--Oh a'lhnt loit have I str'pt'lsod
- , a lovely : : yOU , ahu really :
to ccc you are no bentutiftilly ftLt'ntshtetl ,
Mi's , I3.-Yes , we have a very itico 1:0100 , and area over so lirtppy , now 4
that we at'o hOlIC0lCeetlhlg nod so colntOrtabl3' attiliLteti.
? it8. ' , . . -1Iov catitel you afford to furnish so ltlXtll'tOtIltly % "Ioll : yolIr
linaband makes oniy about half as lntlch BahLIr % ' aa my huab.tntl. I can't '
iiffot'dl It ,
Mh's. 13.-i know 1113' husband nuitces rovy little salary , but wo Ihavo
leitened a secret , '
Ilm's , A.-V1tntl A Sceal'ct ? l'rny , tcfl It to ma , as I cuil aiitous to
learsi anything to bettor out' sut'rohidlhsgs % atstl ftii'itlsh what we siecti te
complete ( liii' initue ,
' It's , -'fiie , Scch'et Is this : liVe bud 0111' otittro liotise fIih'h3IalU3 ( Ohs
the Now l'arttat l'ayinont , PlaIt by 'I'lL l 1EtL'1I.'S F'Ilt'nlturn & Carpet
Co. 'rIta greatest house t'1tirnlsliurs in the vest , \Vo paId theIst 1U.09
dovn itnil it'om 8l,00 to It.6t ) per veok , as wo can e.tTontl , Tloy : tie not
charge 118 Lhht Interest , atitl thu pilcics nro loweti' thnti two can buy also-
whero. This Is out' Secret nod thu wily we ticcoinpilalt s'liat ntiiut'wlso
would lmt'o been au ihnpOsStbtllty. Go anti suit for yOtIescif and be con-
flomnembor , we give you the BEST of orot'ythlmig- 4
Best iii valne. Best in service. Best in terms .
Also rotnoinbor hint gees : "oro never 80 CIIE.Sl' as NOV , anti tlhtt
lloy cannot possibly ho ehoapoh' . ,
hiohied clown ore as follows , noel it is alt % vtrhht , of geol , ht per iceehel
tr 554 tier scion hI , ,
tint teiisiio tAt tI't which luau YOU titiolit ,
wnrthr of , tSL.IO ; ftr WOCIC
only ono timing bu retire of , our eeiis geode
urn I' h I % v' rr.ut cI , both toe to nual I ty t , $11.00 it Itinlitli.
atiti value , Our saiosiiien are courteous. wortit of gentle , 3 pete U oekl
Or t8 00 ii tisotith ,
our siiiptiiefltS nro prormilit , otid .
ivortli of goods , 02.110 I'm' wcnI
Iitr'iIl'edc , tie t Iiur'IItgliPy Phiroetii , tt't. '
Either vu : : nity cash or accolit. our easy Or tthO tier itiotithi.
hiaYuieIIt oluit : worni of gooths , as : ; Per w'ck ;
Or 5512 ; srr such tit
I2fl worth or g000s , : per week
1'ItIST-t % hthr Cash. SECQSD-Vitli ( 'r l4 , or mitomith
810S0 svorth of good. , $4 nor Wo.'k
Casht , much , Or $111 or iii'iithi
iart sttii so var month
teonthi of gooeh" , $ .vr Weeki
'rlIIltt-.VItit hart criIi intO so or fs2 ( ) , or misi'iitl ' :
. 2flO worth of go ott' , MO lt'r aseaki
much per avce1c , Or 25 l' " iflOlitti ,
Scud 1Oo or Otir Mansinotli Illustrttud Catalogue ,
OJ'eL Safurdtty Eveuii's Until .ro O'clock ,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
, . , t
-4 44
' 4
ju.NIPJiIt Is being tisol by thiottteaiicis of Indies monthly. It Is tint
c.roii , . niirniect : hatty's Cr eiiil IC irrgnlir : Cmiii any cause , It is sate
and rehiabte. never falls , giutrantee with every botth , , euro to ii clay. Thin medicine Is tar superior to
plus Its uvery bottle Issealed anti never loses its strength , Std ty 511 tei'iiii dniedsts. , , I'rkco , * 2.uO
per bottle. If your druggist does not have ii , eoa.1 $ . ! .Oi aad wo avilt forwarl you a bottle by express ' -
Western Oflico. Omaha , Nebraska ,
dowment Insurance policy of $10,000 which
fails clue on the day the boy attains his ma-
jonity. "I intend to give that money to
him " says Champ , "and start him around
the world. He shall never go to school a
day until lie Is old enough and advanced
enough to enter the junIor clans of the best
college in America. I used to be a school
teacher , and I hail teach him all I know. "
Senator Squire ofWashthngton is the sar-
tonal wonder of congress. No other man in
either house enchants the galleries with such
a continuous succession of brilliant and unheard -
heard of effects In dress. One day it is a
red tie and wIdth vest , another it Is striped
trousers of striking hues , another it Is patent
leather shoes of resplendent polls1 : . But the
'most eftecthvo combination Is a lemon colored -
ored vest. of tremendous expanse , setting off
a bright blue tie and a strIped shirt.
Favecl his ititnip.
lie slowly appropchied this stamp clerk's
window at the postofflce , with a letter In his
hand , and said :
"Do you trust ? "
"Not in any one on earth , " replied thio
clerk ,
"If I should frank this envelope , seine as
congressmen , would It go ? "
"No , air. "
"Isn't this government a paternal cnn , and
willing to furnish : a stamp to a needy person ,
and collect later on ? "
"No , sir.
"Btit there must be a way I can send Ibis
letter \Vashington7"
"Yes ; post It without a stamp , and It will
go to time death letter olhlce there. "
"Ahl I see. It's to a friend of mine in
that same omen , and , of course , hio'hl get it.
'Souse me , sIr , but I'ni a bit. off this niorn-
ing , and not as clear headed as I ought it ,
You have saved me a stamp , sir-a 2-cent
stamp-and I feel grateful , nail will always
remember you , That's the way , of course ,
and hero shut goes.'hiat could I uiave been
thinking of to stanip a letter going to thio
dead letter olilce ? "
sio.oo for au Ides.
ThIs is the biggest price ever offered for a
3atch line or heading for an advertIsement.
Hayden Bros. avill give a choice of several
first class pianos worth : 300.00 each for the
head line sdoptd and in addition will give
orders on their music department for $50.00
worth of music for the next five best idea , ,
according to merit.
To secure an absolutely ImpartIal decision
applicants are requested to sign in number
only and to mali corresponding number with
name md address to The hiee allIes , where it
will remain untIl after the award is made.
The right Is reserved to use any head llame
The following are the facts t be silver-
tised : hayden Bros. of Omaha as the only
firm in the world showing a contiete line of
tIle Instruments manufactured by thto five
most renowned piano makers on earth , hay.
den Bros. are not tIed up with red tape resinic-
tions like regular selling agents , but are free
to make the loweat prices ever heard of.
hayden Bros. put special sereesa on tint
Steinway and Vose pianos because they have
a hanger line in stock and can buy them
cheaper than any other makes of equal repu.
tation. 1)0 not be misled by arty one claim-
lag this sole agency , hayden Bros. have
them direct from the factory' as well as
from tue Max Meyer & Bro , Ca , etocic. Music
trade papers are saying iianos cannot be sold
in a department store , but sensible people
who do not care to be hoodwinked by silly
frills are not. so notional and tii beit proof
of this Is that hayden Bros. sold more
pianos , organs and musical Instruments In
one week titan any five music stores west 01
Chicago have sold In slx.monlhs. The musIc
tflde papers say this Innovation will be
watched with unusual interest sad hlaydee
Bees , propose to keep them gUeint.
- Chronic
, .
Nctvoiis 'C
1s Privath I
ti Diseases ,
TIIL'ATMENT IIV MAIl. . Consuitatiomi Eree.
Wo cure Oatarrh , all cIiseas3s of the
Nos , Throat , Chest , Stomach , Liver ,
Blood , Skin and Kidney Diseases , F -
male Wetakuosoos , Lost lYlanisood , and.
Debility or , , Exhiauethomi. Waiting Weakness , La
voluntary Losses , with Early Decay In young
and inidlis &ed ; lack of vim , vigor andwoalcenet
prematureiy in approaching old age. All ValId
r * adhlr tea rut new treatment for lou of vital
pO'ver , Cait or or address wills stamp for dr.
cutars , frt book sf4 reo'ilptl. '
D r iaar1t'e 'intl nislse 1410 ICiLnsinnz
, UUU.I&tSJ Ui4 IitdI&Li.1J1 Otiinhia Neb
"Howdy ,
Stranger ! "
Is the Texas Welcome
Texas will say "Howdy" to you , If you will
run down and lve her hospitable ciIIzee half
chamice to get acquainted with you , i
Besides being ii pleasant place to visit , i doer
not take a back stat as a averilthi producer. On
the Quit Coast of Texas may be found big
attractions fur homneseekei'a , ; 20 acres of lands '
plaiited In hears , nets owner $6,000 ycaily ,
Cheap rates in effect during winter rnoqthis. .
Now is the tittie eo go. Ccii on on address B , Ii , ,
Painier , 1' , A. . Renta Fe route , Omaha , for ix-
cursion mice and tree copy of Coast C000tiZ
folder. 1
' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
DR. ' C. GEE WO.
. l _ WHOISHE !
his ii one of Iii. most
skillful of Chinese dcc.
tore , becau.e of his great ,
knowledge and cures.
' . ( laying been sight years
In the mnidiCai ceilega od
. - China ha understands the ,
Imziedhohe action of oven'
f,000 re.nedlceVlth four. .
teen years of erectics anV.
. . over four years of thiat
( hats In Omaha ha. given
. hIm a reputation bacleeti
p b thiouunda of t.sth-
Li ucntiels , in vunln hl\'IORZ
Ore Wo guaranters a cure in rainy cues en tha ,
money will I. , rctiincl.4. CvneUlti'tiQU free. ent
I , Iwo.cnnt stamp fur book and question blanks.
flr , C. Gao. Wo , 510I't8thSt.OnaImnNob , ,
Pi EIIO1'S BfO1Ro61Tg.'I 'I
fpiandtil crsttu. pi .nt for ) Oqrsou or ti
JiaMd..ih. , israle yzitsutttoa , tltssp2fteOWd ,
. .psctah or gan.rI ii.ur.Igisiieu for fitte
B mett.ui , clout , ) Udnsy tilQrdr $ , Acid V
; ' .p.l , AnammIa , Antidot. for .51
n4otb.niac.ucs , 'niceZ0iaad5Qosati ,
sill LWs'Irn Cp."n CHIDAQa
icr sal. by alt diugghits , ' 4 :
. - ' ' . ; , , . , * , , , * , - . ( . _ . . v , k : * i , * 11'N'