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lasted Less Than Three Bounds in a Ten
Bound Go LaeL Night.
Tom O'KoarUo'8 Jloaton Hey 1'rotoi Him *
elf J'nr Ton Ulnvur fur tlio I'rldo at
New Jersey Allnnllc Athletic
CInb'i Opening.
CONDI' ISLAND , Oct.15. . In less than
four rounds tonight Joe AValcotl ol Uoston.
Tom O'Rourko's colored fighter , succeeded In
stopping Austin dlbboni , the J'alcrson light
weight , and nt the aamo time pushed himself
right to the front of his own class. The
flShl was nt 148 pounds , ten rounds , b'ut the
pace was lee fast for thj Jcrseyman , and
ho was practically out nfter a right hand
awing had sent htm to the floor. The mill
was pulled off by the Atlantic Athletic cluh
In Sea Hcach , palace , and was the flnal ot a
series of three , which served to formally In
troduce the club to the publjc. It took the
cplorcd lad txvo rounds to liush Gibbons , and
then ho went for him furiously , although
the latter showed no lack of aggressiveness
himself. Tha curtain raiser was a bout between -
tweon Tim Murphy of the Pastlrno Athletic
club and Jerry Sullivan of Brooklyn. It was
somewhat tame until the fourth round , when
Murphy did some furloua work and , was given
the fight. Dill Ernest of Brooklyn and
Jim Holmes of Now York met at 133 pounds ,
and nftcr flvo rounds of hard fighting Earnest
was declared1 winner. Holmes having Injured
his arm during a period of Inllghttng.
NEW YORK , Oct. 15. Charles Kellcy of
Now York and Hilly 1'llmmer were matched
to light twenty rounds at 110 pounds for
$1.000 a aldo six wcelu from today. The
fight will probably go to Now Orleans.
Sir Walter Olvcs the Titlmit nt Morris Turk
a r r < ntnlt Chill.
NEW YOIMC. Oct. IB , Attendance at Mor
ris Park on this , the last day of the racing
season In the state , was very large , The
chief feature was the contest between Sir
Walter , Clifford and Itublcon , at a mile and
a quarter , carrying : weight for ages. Sir
Walter -was the outsider , white the other two
were favorites. Sir Walter went out at once
to make the pace after the full of the flag ,
and carried the others up the hill nt a
merry pace. It was not long before the
pace began to tell on llublcon , and when
they began the downhill rusb through the
stretch , he was be BlnK for mercy , although
he Htuck to his work -until the laat quarter ,
when he quit Ignobly. Simms was riding
Clifford , anil , although he did everything
possible to win , he could never get nearer
limn a length behind Sir Walter , who won
In the fast time of 2:07. There W3S a fine finish
between the favorite. Our Jack , ami the
second choice. Declare , In the I'elham IJay
handicap at a mile and a quarter. In which
Declare won by a neck. Grlllin was not
nblc to do justice to Our Jack , and had the
Jockeyn been reversed the favorite would
liuvo won. There was n long delay nt the
post In the White Plains handicap , but they
irot away In good order at lust. Owlet led
for awhile , and MtigUin and Silvio were
the contenders , with Calif oinla and Counter
Tenor coming fast. Simms wai able to drive
Maglon In a winner at long odds , -while
Counter Tenor got the place nt still longer
odds. California was third , and the favor
ite , The Commoner , was left. Another fa
vorite , well bucked , threw her Jockey , Clay
ton , but he was unhurt nml rode In the nuxt
race. Jack o' Spudw was the favorite In
the opening race , and won by a narrow
margin from Harrington. Lustro shot out of
the bunch In the second race nt the last fur
long and won handily In fast time from
Hurllnghatn. Discount -was the favorite ,
but was In the "also rails. " The last race
was for maiden 2-year-olds , with Sadie as
the favorite and Lucnnln. second choice.
The. positions were reversed nt the finish ,
the last fill-lent ; resulting- u hard drive.
Results : \ * #
First idtfei flvo furlong ? : Jack o' Spades
( even ) won , Harrlngton (15 ( to 5) second , 13d
Kearney (12 to 1) ) third . Tlma : 0:5 : : < .
Second race , six furlongs , selling : .Lustre
(4 to 1) won. HiirllnKhnm ( G to 1) ) second ,
Will Elliott (7 to 1) ) mini. Time : l:09i.
Third racci , WhiteI'lalns handicap , six
furlongs ; ilnRlan (12 ( to 1) ) won , Counter
Tenor (15 ( to 1) ) second , California (7 to 1) )
third. Time : 1:10.
Fourth race , I'elham Bay handicap , mile
nnd a quarter : Declare < 3 to 1)won , Our
Jack ( G to G ) second , Sir Kxcess (5 to 1) )
third. Time : L'lOSft.
Fifth race , special , mile nnd n quarter :
Sir Walter (11 to 5) ) won , CUJTord (8 ( to 5) )
second , Rubicon (8 to 1) ) third. Time : 2:07. :
Sixth race , six furlong's : I.ncanla (13 to ! > )
won. Sadie (6 ( to S ) second , Chtcot (20 to 1) )
third. Time : 1:12 > / .
OAKLEY , Oct. 15 , In the second of
today's race * Cassln ro < lp very poorly on the
favorite. IJlly of the West , Judge Clark de
claring bets off and suspending Cassln In
definitely. Cassln say * IIP rode as well ns
lie could , nnd that his horse would not
stand the whip. Results :
Klrst race , selling- , purse $100 , for -1-yoar-
olds and upwards , one mile : Promenade (3 (
to 6) won , Greensvlch (4 ( to 1) ) second , Emma
M (12 ( to 1) ) third. Time : 1:42.
Second race , purse JIM , for all ages , seven
furlongs ; Cass ( fi to 1) ) won. Lilly of the
West ( S to 0) second , Tuscnrora ( T to 1) )
third. Time : l:2S'l. All beta declared off.
Third race , a free handicap for 2-year-
olds , six furlongs : Dree Dee ( I to 1) won ,
Galen d'Or ' (7 ( to 6) second , Prime Minister
< Z to 1) ) third. Time : 1:144.
Fourth race , Belling , purse J400. for all
aces , nille nnd a sixteenth : George Deck
< 5 to 2) ) won , The Ironmaster ( I to D ) second ,
Judith (9 ( to 2) ) third. Time : 1:4M } ,
jriftli race , purse $100 , for maiden 2-year-
olds , five furlongs : Colllnu (2 ( to 1) won ,
Bummer Coon (9 to 2) ) second , Tobln (3 to 2) )
third , Time : 1:02 : .
ST. r.DUIS , Oct. 15-Flrst rare , selling ,
five furlongs : Aladdin won. Our Pet nccond.
Bright Star third. Time ; l-n < iV4.
.Second race. Belling , Mr furlongs : Straight-
out won. Montana Belle second , Waldo
third. Time : 1:22.
Third race , selling , five furlongs : Harry
M won. Tlosomoml second. Londonvllle
third. Time : 1:07.
Fourth race , six furlongs : San Bias won ,
Bchuylklll second , Jim Dunn third. Time :
120 ; < A.
Fifth race , selling , seven nnd a half fur-
lonirs : Fonshwny won , Harry Weaver sec
ond. Liberty Bell thlid. Time : 1MR.
PUOV1UKNQK , It. I. . Oct. 15.-Flve furlongs -
longs : Frederickswon. . Pay or Play second -
end , Sappho third. Time : 1:034. :
Mile- Sir Dlxon. Jr. . won. Plenty seo-
end , Curncoa third. Time : 1:11 : } ; .
Five furlongs : Hermanlta won. Lady
Richmond second , Lodl third. Time : 1:03. :
Mile and a furlong : Pulitzer won , Clarlus
eecond , George Dlxon third , Time : lK04. :
Blx furlongs : Ferrler won. Tom Touch
second. Red John thlnl. Time : 1:1G : < ; .
HAWTHORNE. Oct. IS.-VJrst race , four
and n half furlongs : Pisa (9 ( to 5) won ,
May Rose (5 ( to 1) second , Kfllo T (4 to 1) )
third. Tlmo : 0:56'4. :
Second race , ono mile : Neutral (6 ( to B
won. WoodOld (9 to 6) ) second , Salvador (30 (
to 1) third. Time : I:43\i. :
Third race , purse Jl.OflO , special , mile nnd
an eighth ; Ingomar (4 to 1) won. Despot
( IS to 1) ) second , Cicely (13 ( to 5 third. Time
Fourth race , mile and n quarter : Haw
thorne ( B to1) won , Rey del Mnr (15 ( to 1'
Beeonil , Jnnua (10 ( to 1) ) thlnl. Time : 2:12. :
Fifth race , rnlla and seventy yards
SERIES NO. 39-40
4 200 Pages. 250,000 , Word *
A Vitie of Xtioicltito nnil u JUInl of
Thtro uro more Ihlnra Instructive , uanful
pml vnlcitalnlim In Hut eruat book "Tho
American Encyclopedic IJIotioiiary , " ihaiilu
liny Blmllar publication over t < iuod.
This grvni work , now for the nrst tlmo
placed within iho reitch of everyone , js a
unique ) publication , forll IB at the nimn tlmo
B purled dictionary anil u completa encyclo
Ontr Hint number of Iho book carroapoml.
Inc vrllli Ilio ecrlofr number ot Ilia coupon
pranented will bo deUr r < I.
CKK Sunday v ua Ttiroa Wook-day coupiai ,
with Ifi crnm In coin , will buy on-j njrl
ol The American KncrclopodU Ulolloa-
nry. SfiiU orders to Tim lluj o.tlo J.
uonlcra KhoiiM txi
/oulelka (30 ( to 1) ) won , Arnpnhoe (11 to E )
second , Constant J to B ) thlnl. Time ; 1:60.
Sixth race , seven furlongs : The Kitten (8 (
.o 1) won , tmmllda (5 to 1) ) .second. The
Spaniard (15 ( to 1) ) third. Time ! 1:31 : % .
Seventh race , seven furlongs. Young
Arlon (2 ( to 1) ) won , Monrovia. (3 ( to I ) second ,
Dago ( a to 1) ) third. Time' 1:60. :
KANSAS CITY , Oet 16 , Two favorites
ftnil two second choices won In toclny'B
events. The favorites were Sotitherneat , nt
even money , nnil Dollar , al 3 to 2.
The mare , Missouri Hud , who was under
etii plclon ns a "rlriRer , " wns found to be
' SIdter lone. " nnd Rho nnd Frank Simmons ,
ivho wns runnlnK here , wore ruled off the
: rnck. ItesultR :
First rnce , five furlnnss. selllnu : Prorpcct
4 to 1) won , Jock White (2 to 1) second ,
Little drove (1 to 1) ) thlnl. Time : 1:03.
Second race , four furlonps nnd Ilfty yards ,
telling ! Gold Hust (3 ( to 2) ) won , Drawn
Dick ( even ) second , Sam Jones (10 ( to 1) )
third. Time : 0:31. :
Third race , six furlongs , nellltic : South-
-rncst ( even ) won , Jlcppi-rla (3 ( to 5) ) second ,
Oreon Prewitl (10 ( tn 1) third. Time : lllS'.fr.
Fourth race , live furlriiRs , wiling : Honest
Hollar (2 to 1) won. lillllr- Duncan (6 ( to 1) )
second , Pacolet (10 ( to 1) ) thlrtl. Time : l:0l' : .
Fifth race. nix and n half furlongs , nell-
ns : Southerner ( I to 1) ) won , Gladstone ( M
.cTlji second , Llf.z'le B 0 to 1) ) ililrd. Time :
I'nll Meeting- CtimlMrlnnd I'nrU Opened
with 1'iilr tfuccpM.
NASHVILL.I3. Oct. 15.-Todny the fall
meeting of the trotters nnd pacers at Cum
berland park began with a fair niton Janet1.
The weather was bright but cool , and the
raclnff wns good. Frank B. Walker of In-
illunapolla la starter , and there la good at
tendance of trotting and pacing horsemen
from many stnte . Results :
3:00 : class , trotting , purse J2.000 : Ncwcas-
le won third , fifth nnd sixth heats nnd race.
Time : 2:13V4 : , 2:14 : 4. 2:15. Sallle Simmons
won first and second heats. Time : 2:20 : ,
2:1SV4. : Olllo 1C won llfth heat. Time : 2:20. :
Authelln , Lcotn , Calmet , Letnonct and Al-
Innsca also started.
2:13 : clasa , trotting , purse $1,000 : Mlsa Nel-
on won first , second and fourth heats and
race. Time : 2:13' : , 2:12 : % , 2t5.Vllllam :
I'enn won third heat. Time : 2:13j. : ! Com
modore Porter , Wlntful. Aunt Delilah ,
Brown Dick and Knlghtmarc also started.
2:12 : class , pacing , purse JSOO , unllnlslied :
Venture won second and third heats. Time :
2llVi : , 2:10 : % . Hattle 1 } won fourth heat.
Time : 2:12'/4. : Annie D won first heat. Time :
2l2Vi. : Whltellne , Guerlta , Dalay and Brook-
Bide nlco started.
2:15 : trotting- , purse J2.000 , unfinished : Tre-
vellaln won first nnd second heats. Time :
2OSy : , 2:081. : Mocking Bird , Prince
Her.'chel , Qotrub , Marsrave and Happy
Courier also started , .
ITnlnternvtlncr Kvenla Uratr but n Smull
Croinl nt the L'upltul City I'nrk.
DKS 3IOINES , Oct. 13. ( Special Tele-
ram. ) The Capital City Driving park races .
toJay were slow and. uninteresting. The I
weather was exceptionally flue and track
fast , but the attendance was almost noth-
ng. Some fast events are on the card for
tomorrow , nnd better attendance Is looked
for. Summaries of today's races :
2:23 : class , trotting , purse $103 , ( unfinished ,
from Saturday ) !
Charmlon , b m , by Spectator. . . . 42111
Misdeal , b s , by Midas 11422
Loumont , b m 23344
Snrdls inslgn , b s , by Ensign. . . 3 4 2 3 G
Flossie Bezant , ch m , by Uezant 5 6 0 G 3
Paul Plnklmm , b s t G C E C G
Time : 2:2l > , { , 2:21 : . 2.MU , 2:2li. : 2:21.
2:33 : class , trotting , purse $400 :
Winnie Winsome , b m , bv Vero. 51121
Konvallnka , ch h , by Chestnut
Wllkes 13212
nienmore , b ff , by HamiialialK. . . 2 2133
Hed Willow , ch h , by Tramp
Panic 343-14
Xcvler , br h , by Onslaught 4 da
Time : 2:25H. : 2:2. : . 2:2 : 4. 2:25 : , 2:23i/t. :
J1J1M.1' iiMOTT : Al'Tjil TI1K ( JANG.
Issues a Chnllongc for n Kurrrpatntcrfi Slinut
\Vlnnrr lr > Tnho All.
KANSAS CITY , Oct. 15. The chimplon
wine shot of Ametlca , J. A. 11. Elliott , pro
poses to defend the championship against
fill comers , and has made the following
sweeping challenge : A mutch of a series
of three shoots Is to be arranged to be shot
any place agreeable to the majority of con
testant ! ) . Any ono who desires to enter
shall deposit J.TX ) with thn stakeholder , nnd
the one making the hlshest average score
will talte the entire ntiv unt. Thl. la aimed
at Caivjr , Fulford , Bbdtl , Brewar , ParmDIeo ,
Crlrnm , and nlr'others who think they are
in. the champion class.
Trap .SliDtitlnx utVut < Tlo .
VAWJEY. Neb. . Oct. 15.-Si ( > ecIal Tele-
Brnm. ) The trap shooters' tournament.
under the auspices of the Waterloo Qun
club , tool * place at Waterloo Saturday after-
IOI1 ,
In the first event , fifteen blue rocks ,
Georg-e Jones of C ret mi flrst , and J. B.
Nichols second.
Second event , seven live birds : W > W.
Drowning first , Henry Gellesple second , P.
Mnyhew third.
Third event , nine blue rocks : Joe May-
hew llrst and J. C. floblpson second.
Several tlno prizes were awarded the
winners , and quite u large crowd witnessed
the shoot.
Trnnlft Uoiililixiit MiistlllCK.
HASTINGS. Oct. 15. ( Special. ) There was
home Interesting tennis played at the courts i
In this city S.iturday , AH the weather was
favorable , spectators were numerous. In
the forenoon Miss White and Miss Stctrcl
of Grand Island , defeated Hiss Addle Crane
and 311ns Maud. Jqrgenton of this city In the
ladles doubles. In the mixed doubles John
Powrrs and Alias Jorgensen defeated Mr.
NUSP and Miss Stetzel , and Ducr nnd Miss
Crane defeated Abbott and Miss White. The
doubleH between Nuse and Abbott of Grand
Island and Powers and Duer of this city
resulted In favor of Nuse and Abbott.
1'neo MnKcri liotlior Zulfflcr.
SACRAMENTO , Cal. , Oct. 15.-L. S. Up-
son of the Sacramento Athletic club wheel
men today lowered the world's one-mile
record for class A , unpacecl , but with a
Hying start , to 2:20 : 3-5 , lowering Ills own ,
record of 2:22 : 2-5 , made a few days ago. Hel
did not ride a racing wheel. Otto Zelgler
went against the world's record of 1:50 3-5
for a mile paced , tlylng start. He was In
great form ami would have lowered the
record materially but for the fact that his
pacemakers on a tandem could not carry
htm. Some distance from the score he wns
obliged to pull out and go by them , making
the mile in 1:53 : 3-5.
( illy I ) liir | IVull nt Illn New Dnlt.
PHILADELPHIA , Oct. 15. 2:19 : trot : Guy
won second , third and fourth heats.
Bravado won llrst heat. Tune : 2:18U:1SU. : : .
2:1711 : , 2:18. :
223 ; trot : Belle won second , thlnl nnd
fourth heats. P. It. T. won flrst heat.
Time ; 2:29 , 2:27M. : 2:23 : , 2:23. :
2:10 : pace : Paul won first , thlnl and fourth
bents. Haven won second heat. Time :
2W54. : 2:1 l'b , 2:14 : , 2:15.
2:11 : trot : Judge Austin won second , thlrtl
nnd fourth heats. Favorite Wllkes won
llrst heat. Time : 2:18 % , 2l7-j. : ? 2:13& , 2:1911. :
Untie Dffautn llunrali-cl.
BUTTE , Neb. , Oct. 15. ( Special Tele
Brain. ) The last day of the base ball tour
nament was In a measure a disappointment
to a Rood many who had expected to see.
a match pnine betnween Nlcbrara nnd Bone ,
steel for $100 n Ride. Nlobrura's nine failed
to put In an appearance , nnd a purse of
$100 was raised for a earno between liutto
and Boncsteel , which resulted in a victory
for BUtte by a score of 10 to 7. A return
Knine was also played between I > ynch and
Naper , resulting : Lynch , 21 ; Naper , 10.
Llko Tennyson's "Uroofc , " the Increase of
sales of Dr. Price's Baking Powder prom
ises to "go on forever. "
Died While Hi-rvlnjr a Customer ,
KANKAJvEE. III. , Oct. 15. Daniel C.
Taylor , cashier of the First National bank
of Knnknkcc , died today , llr. Taylor was
stricken with apoplexy while attending tea
a patron. Howas treasurer of the Illinois
Ha stern Hospital for tha Insane and for
many yearn -was one of the most prominent
members of the democratic state central
committee. _
IT. ot V. < ilvr I'rlnreton n Tuisln.
BALTIMORE , Oct. 15.-Prlnceton only
succeeded in ecorlns two touchdowns and a
Hafoty in two twenty-minute halves aRalnst
the University of Virginia thla afternoon ,
and had several of the narrowest kind of
escapes from being scored against. Score
Princeton , " Sj Virginia , 0.
Victims or tlio Urvnt Slorm.
APPALACIJ1COLA , Fla. , Oct. IB. In the
recent storm fifteen fishermen , all white ,
were lost on Band Island , ten miles from
here. Since the gale subsided , search par
ties hava found several of the bodies in
badly mutilated condition.
M"ln §
NEW YOltK , Oct. 15-AlbIn ana Sho-
waltef played the seventh game of the
match at the Manhattan Chess club , when
Albln opened , with a Gulco piano. After
forty-two moves. Bhowalter won. Score *
Bhowalter , 6 ; Albln , J.
Ectl Hot Session of a Provincial Parlia
ment in the Antipodes ,
How Or r it lllll tn .Suiiprew rawle Out-
During Mrll M Which 1Vni In
troduced by tlio Oovcrniutnt
Molny .Midnight e > c lou.
niUSIUNE. Queensland , Sept. 16 , ( Via
Steamer Arawa to Victoria , B. C. , Oct. 15) ) .
n ths legislative assembly on September 12 ,
during committee on peace preservation , a
bill vnn Introduced by the government to put
down la\tle 3 outbreaks occasioned by strikes.
, There was a great scene ot confusion , re
sulting In the suspension of seven labor
in embers.
In committee at midnight Mr. Glassy ap
pealed to the government to appoint a con
ciliation commlttpo to go to the west with
the object of endeavoring to settle the strike.
Mr. Tozer , chief secretary , replied that the
government was prepared to accept several
amendments from the opposition If the com
mittee allowed the first six clauses to go.
Mr , Gla&sy would not accept a line of the
bill , and absolute disorder ensued. The
chairman ordered him to sit down. Several
members asked to bo allowed to make an
explanation. Mr. Stephens threatened to
name all , Neariy all the labor members
rose to their fret , and the disorder lasted
"or live minutes , amongst which there were
cries of "You said before you entered tha
chair that you would name us. "
Eventually the speaker was called , and
Mr , Stephens named Mr. Brown , wliilo the
premier moved that ho suspend 13rown for a
week , and on Mr. Drown refusing lo leave
the chamber he was forcibly removed amid
cheers and groans nnd cries of "coercion ! "
Mr , Hardacra was made to withdraw tha
word "Coercion ! " The speaker in the flrst
instance declared the motion lost , but the
labor members called for a division , and
tba suspension was conformed to on a divis
ion by 30 to 21. Mr. Reed was also sus
pended > and removed amid cheers. Mr. Mc
Donald cried : "Tho gag of the brutal gov
ernment ! " nnd was named to tha speaker.
Mr , McDonald then entered his protest and
refusing to sit down , was named and sus
_ pended. Mr. Dawson was also suspended.
The , premier then moved that the chairman
leave the chair and report progress. Before
the chairman could put the motion that he
leave the chair , Mr. Turley made an Inter
jection nnd was named and removed , ilr.
Dunsford and Mr. Glassy were then re
moved ,
Eventually the house at 2:30 : o'clock ad
journed till the next das' .
The trouble between the pastorallslts and
sheepshcarers Is still going on , with no Imme
diate prospects of settlement. ,
Ilite King f H.tvratl'a Daughter l ) < > itliie < l
fur tlio Killer of the Tonguv
VANCOUVEH , B. C. , Oct. 15. The
steamer Arawa , from Sj-dney and Honolulu ,
brings some Interesting news.
The Now. South "Wales executive assembly
has passed a resolution favoring the exten
sion of franchise to women by a vote of GS
to 13.
During the last session of the Tongan par
liament a meeting of the chiefs was held
discuss the Important question of choosing
a wlfo for the king. Four names were sub
mitted to his. majesty. The flrst la a
daughter of tlio late king ot Hawaii and sla
ter to the lately deposed queen ; the second
end a daughter of Mullctoa , king of Samoa ;
the third a daughter of Lntle Tiraote , leadIng -
Ing chief of , F1J1 : and the- fourth a daughter
of Maatu , high Tongan chief , lately deceased.
It Is said that the
king was pleased to ac
cept the first suggeston , and that a proposal
of marriage will be sent to- the flrst named
lady , \vho Is , now In England completing her
Supporters of the late Maori lilng ,
Tawhao , have elected his son Maliutl as suc
Her majesty's ' ship Royalist Is now at the
Solomon , group investigates the murder of
Captain Guy , master of the trading schooner ,
who was killed by the natives , and the
schooner plundered.
Far Twenty Years I.loutcnunt Governor ol
Sfow South \Valpfl A Noiiaguiiiirfnn.
SYDNEY , N. S. W. , Oct. 15. Alfred Ste
phen , G. C. II. O. , C. B. , formerly lieutenant
governor of New South Wales , Is dead.
Sir Alfred Stephen was the third son of
the , late John Stephen , a Judge of the supreme
premo court of New South Wales. He was
born In 1S02 , educated .In England , called to
the bar In 1S23 and was appointed Judge of
the supreme court of New South Wales and
knighted In 1816. When the legislative coun
cil was created In 1$5G ho was nominated
president of that body , but he resigned the
following year. In 1SG2 Judge Stephen was
created a Commander of the Bath and ad
ministered the government of the colony , on
tha retirement of Earl Bclmore , In 1873. Two
years later he was created a Knight Comman
der ot St. Michael and St. George , In 1881 lie
was decorated with tlio Grand Cross ol St.
Michael and St , George. In November , 1875 ,
ho was appointed lieutenant governor of New
South i Wales , retaining that position until
1891. In 1879 nnd In 1885 Sir Altrcd Stephen
also administered the affairs ot the colony ,
acting as governor.
SclioniD far Amulgiimutlan of New Zca-
I.railing Hank * .
AUCKLAND. N. Z. . Sept. 17. ( Via Vic
toria , B , C. , Oct. 15. ) Tbe amalgamation
scheme of the Bank of New Zealand and the
Colonial bank has met with general ap
proval. The terms of amalgamation between
the banks are that the Hank of New Zealand
shall raise [ 1,000,000 sterling and a. capital
of 400,000 shall be ghen fully paid up or
carrying no further liability to tlio colonial
bank's shareholders In exchange for the
present paid up capital of that bank , the
balance of CCOO.OOO remaining until Issued ,
The Bank of New Zealand Is to write -down
Its present capital of 900,000 , ttio 600,000
so released to be used to make any de
ficiency resulting from llciuldaton ot unsafe
accounts and assets. The Batik * of New
Zealand Is to make over the assets nnd
liabilities of the Colonial bank after the
boards have reviewed the assets of each
bank. The capital of the bank after amalga
mation la to amount to 3,600,000.
What makes the food BO delicious ? Dr.
Price's Cream Baking Powder , the best of
leavening agents ,
P' '
Sorgo'int Wilson l.rmlg the Army ,
CHICAGO , Oct. 15 , The army rifle compe
tltlon at Fort Sheridan today comprised
skirmish firing by the Infantry. Sergeant
II. Wilson of tlio Seventeenth Infantry Is In
the lead , with a score of OK points. Of the
Infantry distinguished marksmen , Sergeant
Powell of the Fourteenth Infantry leads
with a. score of G5S. Today was the last of
the shoot , and Sergeant Powell was given
the gold medal for the best score In the dis
tinguished marksmanship class.
Killed l > r a , l ulon I.over.
BIRMINGHAM , Ala. , Oct. IS. Near Glen
Allen on the Kansas City , Memphis &
Birmingham railroad , J. F. Allison , a prom
inent jeweler of Jasper , was shot from am
bush and killed at an early hour this mom-
Ing. Allison , U Is said , had gone- from
Jasper to visit a young lady who lives near
New River tank. It Is supposed , he was
killed by a jealous lover.
Itriutt of ICeoent Train
CLAttEMOUE. 1. T. , Oct. 15. On account
of recent robberies the Pacific. Kxpress com
pany has a notice posted In its ofllce In the
territory to the. effect that it will not re
ceive any money or valuables for transmls-
slon nor Issue any money orders until fur
ther notice. There Is a report that nil Pa-
clflu express offices In the territory are to
be discontinued.
Young Men's K-venlng Institute ,
The > young men's evening Institute -was
orto"od at the Y , M. 0. A ,
night There are thirty classes headed by
the best speclnli instruction Jn the city , nnd
lajst night 110. persona registered for the
flro month's course.
Addresses wore delivered liy Dean Gardner ,
Dp. Dohcrtr and Secretary Oucr.
7&fi ) < i. .
_ I'lntto County C > | ,1 Settler * Mslen to n Speech
Agnlnt Alnjorn.
MONROE , Neb. , Oct. , 15. ( Special. ) The
Old Settlers' picnic- was holt ! at the
residence of Grandma Kelley Satur
day and jtvns , , , mtcnded by nbout
300 old settler trotn. , this vicinity and Colum
| bus. All onjcp-pd ihcmsetvcji greatly listening
ing to Orandnjal&llpy tell of the adventures
of tlio earliest Bottlers hero nnd at Omaha ,
I and no ono a more vivid memory or n
more Innterstlng xvny of telling ot early
events than cho. Hon. Guy C. Barnnm of
Coltimbua made a good talk on the live po
litical Issues of the state campaign , not
favorable to Majors either.
Craig 11 tar * liiilromb ,
CRAIQ , Neb. , Oct. IB , ( Special Telegram. )
Judge Hoi comb nnd J. M. Devlno addressed
the voters of Craig and vicinity tills after
noon , The hall vtns well filled , J , M.
Devlno first addressed the audience and his
speech was mostly confined to the tariff and
free silver question and the abuse oC Mclkle-
Judge. Ilolcomb spoke only for a short
time as his ! volco la In n very bad condition ,
confining his speech to the money question
and the state Issues ,
At 5 p. m. they left for Oakland , where
they will address Ilio voters at S p. m.
Judge Ilolcomb could . not speak at
Tekamah , as advertised , pn account of the
diphtheria which Is nt present raging there.
Vice I'reslilmit ttlerrntou l > rnr a Orowil.
PATItIS , III. , Oct. 16. Vice President
Stevenson arrived hero this forenoon nnd , ac
companied byVllllam J. Claggett , and A.
J. Hunter , was driven In a carriage at the
head of a large procession through the prin
cipal streets of the city. The party tllned
with II. S. Tanner and were driven to the
park , where the vice president spoke for nn
hour to a crowd of 1,500. He left for Cham
paign this evening.
L'oiiKrrHslonal Nomination * .
NEW HAVEN , Conn. , Oct. 15. Congress
man Sperry , democratic candidate from Sey
mour , was nominated for congress In the
Seventh district today.
NCW BEDFORD , Mass. , Oct. IS. The
Thirteenth district democratic convention to
day nominated ex-Senalor Robert Howard of
Fall River , secretary uf the spinners' union ,
for congress by acclamation.
She Uccliire * that U 11 us Silrrod Up All
LONDON , Oct. 15. Mrs. Ormlstono Chant
of the Vigilance association , in n speech at
Leamington tonight , said In reference to the
crusade against the Empire Music hall that
her action before tlie < licensing committee of
the London county council had stirred not
only the heart of London , but the whole of
England. It was a tremendous thing to at
tack the richest 'music hall In London. Tlie
reason the Emplro ball had been selected
for attack was that wider cover of a most
magnificent bonding and a splendid stage
show , the promenades vvero nightly used for
trnfllc between , men nnd women. The case
of the association had been proved , Mr.
Edwards , the proprietor of the hall , having
given notice of discharge to his employes ,
telling them bis Inability to sell drinks In
the auditorium , owing to the county counI
ell's refuUng to grant him a license , and
tlio closing of the promenades , meant ruin.
i\rLAiMi > .
It WHB for tl\Q \ I'lirpnin of EiixHnd III-
tnrvttiiliil ; In th-j Clilin > < itViir. .
LONDON , O' li The Times this morn
ing says : Uy degrees the world has" learned
the true slsnlfScanck of the cabinet tncctfng
hastily suinniojiedi recently. It. does not ap- ,
par thai thd gtjr'ernment found a slnglei
power "willing to co-ojiernto In an attempt to
mediate to stop the war , between China and
Japan. The government Incurred a need
lessly | hunillntlng defeat , which can but Ini-
palr Great IJrltain's capacity to Intervene
with effect should a fitting occasion arise.
Kntcrtuliilng thn ( Irrmau Kmperor.
LONDON' . Oct. 15. A dispatch to the Stan
dard from Darmstadt says Emperor William
arrived there yesterday and was welcomed
by the grand dulca of Hesse and Princess
Allx. Tonight a dinner was given at the pal
ace . The whole party Bubscfjuntly attended
the theatre , where the burgomaster of
Darmstadt proposed three cheers for the em
peror. The audience responded with enthus
imtprn Cuplliillflti I'llt tins' Aloniry Into tlio
CoiningIILicU 1IIIU .lluirnpolU ,
EDGEMONT , S. D. , Oct. 15. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The party of eastern capitalists
reached Edgemont at 2 o'clock this after
noon , having speiif Sunday at Hot Springs ,
where they visited the Wind cave this morn
ing , and spoke In high praise of that beauti
ful reiort. Superintendent J. It. Phelan rep
resented the Iliirllngton and met the party
at Hot Springs and accompanied It to
Udgcmont. This has been Edgemont's red
letter day. The visitors came this time for
business. They passed by the Island In Lake
Calvert. that Is being transformed into the
most beautiful spot In the west , along the
water coursing through lateral ditches
through the town , In by tlio woolen mill ,
now under construction , past the knitting
mill site to the elevation , where they could
overlook the whole and take In Edgemont on
one side and the volley on the other , where
they could sec every part of the mid-republic
city. They then planned for the erection of
a ban ) : building , a hotel and opera
house and a number ot two-story
business buildings , all to bo built of the
ISdcemont cream buff stone. The gentle
men forming the syndicate for these- vast
Improvements are Hon. Thomas Drlndley of
Philadelphia , of the Chestnut Street National
liank ; Messrs. Dtmson and Archer and E.V. .
Klnppert of New York , prominent contrac
tors and builders ; C. O. Muller , Stamford ,
Conn. , wholesale and retail merchant. In
addition. Mr. H. D. Schoinacher of Waterford -
ford bought several thousand dollars' worth
of property. Mr. J. L. Parsons of the Chem
ical National bank of New York purchased
two of the most desirable corners , and Mr. G.
W. Ilennett ot Kingston EC-cured six choice
lots. Mr , Clinton J. Kims selected from
valuable building sites for his Dos ton client ,
and Mr , TliomaVAr Jenleckes of Providence
Invested JC.OOO feY himself and his Switzer
land friends. JEdgihnont'g future Is bright
beyond , for theiM gentlemen will influence a
great many industries.
As the only WkhiK powder prepared under
directions of a 'skllKd physician , Dr. Price's
la the most heafUtful.
- ' I" i' *
DtiT-tllS OJrJ.'MllltlHniill'ii CRI31K.
t H.3
Montgomery OlbUV Mujer Tolls llovr the
lirWVVns Iono ,
CLEVELAND11 ; Ott. 15. Clarence llobln-
son , the convlcteirbjirglar In the county Jail
here , made a iontBislon today , which con
firms what lilSjfjwifp had already told the
police , ami reim es all doubt about the
murder of Montgomery Glbbs , the Buffalo
attorney , In AWlr/ast. /
"When we arp ; ed'Jin Buffalo Nat spring , "
he said , MwctIJfr2As In want. When we
' '
started out that'ii'tplit Sadie wore , men's
clothes and we "each cnrniii a revolver.
We walked nlonjr 'Delaware avenue und
passed seven or eight persons. Glbbs ap
preached us nnd I said to Hadle : 'Here
comes u swell guy , and , levelingmy re
volver nt him , 1 prdcrcd him to throw up
hla hands. Instead of doing so ha struck
me with a cane or umbrella , Then he
grabbed my right wrist and we had a light
for the revolver. Then he laid hold of my
wrist and the revolver was llred , but the
bullet went Into the air.
"A moment later there was another shot
and the bullet entered Glbbs' led arm. He
fell toward me and we clinched. Then It
was that Badle pulled , her revolver nnd shot
him in the hewli He dropped and we
started to rob him. when -we saw Homebody
coming. We skipped out , climbing over
the hedge fence , and. running between two
nouses , we separated and met on a back
street. Then wewalked nround the block
and back past the place of the murder , but
on the opposite Bide cf the street. They
were loacilng him Into a watron us we went
by. "
I niifnrlYMTTTtTin * TIAV f i f-p
Court Has tlio Motion to Dismiss on De
murrer Under Advisement.
Judge iTirVIUnu Argue * Unit I in Wording
A Vim Nut iMiniclpiit to Imllcnlo Hint
the fceimtc Intended Action on
'H HcporU
WASHINGTON , Oct. 15. Arguments were
i closed today In Iho district supreme court
on the demurrer ot McCartney and Chapman -
man to the Indictment against ( hem for re
fusing to answer questions of the Sugar
trust Investigating committee. Assistant
Attorney General Conrad for the government
attacked the defense and the claim ot free
dom from Inquisition , saying when a
banker's books nro made the depository ot
. evidence of crime the production of these
books t does not constitute- Invasion of private
matters. It must be remembered that these
witnesses did not claim exemption on
grounds of personal danger to them.
Judge Jere- Wilson for the defense laid
especial stress on the plea that the resolution
did not show on Its face that U was the.
purpose ot the senate to lake action on the
results of the committee's investigation. Mr.
Wilson , maintained that the buying and sellIng -
Ing of stocks , matters ot dally occurrence
In every commercial center of the- world ,
wns as legitimate as the buying and selling
of horses or rice , or anything else. He
characterized this nttempt to Investigate .
.such alleged speculation ot the senate as an |
Impertinence and an aimless Injury destined
to cast a slur on somebody. The- real point
at issue wns whether the rcsloutlonwas
such a ono as would justify a citizen in re
fusing to testify concerning his private bus
iness. The plea could not bo set up that
as the senate had the power to expel Its.
members , this Information wns necessary ]
to that body. Ho asserted that the senate
never Intended to expel any member. The
history of the Investigation showed that at
least one senator had openly said : "Yes , 1
bought Sugar stock ; what nro you going to
do about it ? "
"Whereupon , " said Mr. Wilson , "tho sen
ators from "VVayback and Nearby held their
peace. " Mr. Wilson argued at length the
analogy between the senate resolution and
the resolution of the house of repretontatlvcs
In 1S78 , when Kllbourn was arrested for re
fusing to testify , and the United States supreme
premo court held it did not contain upon Its
face any purpose to do > anything in the fu
ture and sustaining Kllbourn In refusing to
show his private records. Ho cited quite a
number of other cases , and concluded by de
claring that If the citizen was not protected
against such inquiries the Invasion of the
rights ot the citizen would be absolutely
endless , and the sanctity and sacrcdness of
his private affairs would cease.
The court took the motion to dismiss on
demurrer under advisement , and will render
Ha rulings In a few days.
iO.YI > t'XHL.IAMU.VT. ,
( Jrcnt llrsnlli Uxpcctoil from tlio Sleeting
to 1 > Held nt Athinta.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 15. The road parlia
ment to be held in connection with the At
lanta exposition , October 16 , 17 and. IS , 1S95 ,
Is I looked upon by advocates of the good roads
movement ay perhaps more Important than
any meeting heretofore held to advance the
interest ' In this cause. An official Invitation
has been sent to General Hey Stone , In
of the load Inquiry bureau ot the
Agricultural department , to preside. The
program of the parliament as outlined In the
invitation will Include discussions of the con
struction and maintenance of public high
ways , employment of engineering skill , util
ization of convict labor , use ot Improved
road machlrerj- , and regulation Of the width
of wagon tires. Preparations are being made
to place some practical demonstrations of
the various road construction Ideas about the ,
public grounds here. The following members -
bers of the council and the central committee
of the road conference have been detailed to
assist In the preparation for the next annual
conference , which will be practically merged
into the road parliament : Council Ex-Qov-
ernor Fuller. Vermont ; Judge Thayer , Iowa ;
Governor Northen and Governor-elect W. V ,
Atkinson , Georgia , and President F. W. C.
Stranhan , Halstead Smith , II. P. Smart , W.
A. Huff , M. F. Vcnable , G. W. Adalr nnd W.
K. Brown.
Central Committee Ex-Governor Fuller ,
Vermont , chairman : General Stuart , District
of Columbia , and Judge Thayer , Iowa ; "Ken
tucky , Major M. H. Crump ; Pennsylvania ,
William Rhawn , New Jersey , E-lward Bur-
rough ; Delaware , William Coach ; North
Carolina , Colonel T. J. Tlpton ; New York ,
J. A , C. Wright ; Ohio , Martin I. Dodge ;
Maryland , D. C. W Smith ; Arizona , Gov
ernor L. C. Hughes ; Mississippi , Captain J
C. Duke ; Massachusetts , George A. I'erklns ;
Alabama , Major W. W. Screws ; Florida , J ,
W. White , California , J. A. Wilson ; New ,
Michigan , W. L. Websr ; South Carolina , Wi I
n. Kvans ; Connecticut , Colonel Charles L ,
Burdett ; Indiana , ex-Governor M. J. Nlblack ;
Montana , F. II. Hay ; Ithotle Island , C. H
Handy ; Virginia , Thomas Whllehead ; South
Dakota. O. S. Bnstord ; Nebraska , C , C.
Turner ; Wisconsin. A. C. Morrison ; Arkan
sas , J. W. Sapplngton ; Colorado , Prof. t. . II.
Carpenter ; Idaho , James Melany ; Texas , J.
S , Dougherty ; Nevada , Surveyor General J.
L. A. Jones , Washington , J. II. Jones , and
Missouri , John I. Rlppey.
Intercut Ins : Itopnrt on Their Workings I'lloil
at tlio Mute Department.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 15. Of particular InI I
tcrest to persons nho have given attention to |
the progress of the movements toward unions
ot the worklngmen is a report transmitted
to the State department by Stephen Ansell ,
United States commercial agent In Franca ,
which embodies the facts and conclusions
reached by the French consul general at
Lclpslc , respecting the history and opera
tions of the various societies In Germany
whoso purpose' Is the procurement of em
ployment for worklngmen. As the history
ol these societies , given In the report , dates
back to 1S40 and Includes statistics of the
work of the various organizations , sticli as
those devoted to the Interests of sailors and
of unskilled labor , of municipal organizations
and private Intelligence offices , the subject
Is exhaustively treated , and the paper Is es
pecially timely In view of the proposition ,
now under consideration by the German
government and submitted far report to the
ofllcers of cities and towns , to toke these
various associations under municipal control.
Coini.irUon | fiir thn .Month * of September ,
1H1K ! nml IH'.II.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 15. The bureau ot
statistics ot Imports and domestic exports
of tha United States for the months of Sep
tember , ISO ! and 1S03 * and tlio nine months
ot the present calendar year , tha following
table gives the features of Iho report , months
of September In 1893 and 1891 :
1693. 1891.
Exports of merchandise..J72.02 .79S $ rD , < BS.8 < 3
Imports of merchandise. . IG,3un. )2 ) [ X ) , ! > S3,510
Exports ot gold I.13C.SB2 IMO.ra
Imports of gold 6,678.915 701.13' ' )
Exports of Bllver 4J12.KU 4,003,181
Imports of silver 1,911,789 1,527,452
The exporfa of domestic merchandise for
the last nine months amounted to $577.017,022 ,
against ? 403.221,873 for the same time In
1893. The Imports of mercnandlse during
the nlno months of 1$94 amounted to (503- (
529,73 $ . and for the same time last year
1625,325,372. During the nine months of 1834
the excess on , gold exports over" Imports was
{ 73.003,619 and ot silver J25C81,6W.
Mora ComplicationOvrr the Tariff Law.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 16 , Another compli
cation has arisen regarding the free alcohol
section of the new tariff law. Secretary
Carlisle , owing to the failure ot congress to
make the necessary appropriation U unable
to put the law Into effect. Notwithstanding
the iccretary'i dectilon It la contended that
alcohol used la the arts , etc , , li free since
August 23. Vsera of nlcohol In medicine nnil In
the arts want to know where they violate the
law In removing revenue stAinps from the
empty barrel , If they do not the } * will 1mve
no evidence upon which to bneo claims
ngalnst the government for the return of
duties paid since the taw went Into effect
On the other hnnd. s the Uw now itands , they
are liable to heavy penalties for not destroy
ing the stamps when the barrels are empty ,
. Conflict of Opinion Mftirrrn thn Itnvonuo
Ilumui unit Unroriior Tlllinnn ,
' WASHINGTON. OcU 15. Governor Till-
man of South Carolina wns at the Treasury
department today and hnd nil Interview with
Commissioner Miller of the Internal revenue-
bureau In regard to a question on which
there Beems , to bo n conflict between federal
and . stata authorities. Under the- dispensary
laws ot the state of South Carolina distilled
spirits in the custody ot the- United States
In | bonded warehouses belonging to parties
who have violated the provisions ot the dis
pensary law by selling them within the
state arc declared to bo a nuisance , and , on
conviction , the state olllccra nro authorized
to seize and confiscate the liquor. In all
such cases the governor proposes to tender
the tax duo to the government and seize the
spirits , contending that the federal authori
I ties ' have no right to interfere In the matter.
Commissioner Miller took issue with the
governor and cited several decisions of the
courts , among them one by the supreme
court of the United States , wherein It'was
. held that goods in bonded warehouses were
not subject to uny process or proceeding Is
' suing from a state court and that so long
as the government retained control of the
goods Its jurisdiction and authority were
supreme , No final decision , however , was
reached and It Is probable that , In deference
to the wishes of Governor Tillman , the ques
tion will be referred to the attorney general |
for an opinion.
Treasury O flic-lain Trrnlpilln n Surprise liya
Siulilcn Donmnd.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 1C. United States
Treasurer Morgan today received n telegram
from Treasurer Jordan at New York stating
that $500,000 In gold had been withdrawn
from the siiutrcasury for export. This Is
tha flrst withdrawal of any Importance that
has been made since August C last , and the
news has had a disquieting effect among
treasury officials. It Isnot , however , wholly
unequipped. During the first week In Au
gust the gold reserve had been reduced tea
a little below J52.000.000. At that time the
export season , had run Its course and small
gains from day to day at length brought the
reserve up to over $00,000,000. Treasury
olUclals differ somewhat as to the cause of
this.apparent export revival.
pIYiini' * Nnoilcil for tlio Ml4slslpil.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 15. Judge Advocate
General Lenily of the navy has just returned
to Washington from New Orleans , where he
completed the purchase of a tract of land
adjoining the site for a dry dock : at Algiers ,
opposite the city. The price paid was $17-
000. The prospect ot the establishment of
a great dock and naval station at the mouth
of the Mississippi river lias directed the at
tention of the military authorities to the ad
visability of extending the General scheme
of coast defence to that point. H ls > felt
that the absence ot modern defenses at the
mouth of the great river Is a fatal weakness
In the general system , as It uould afford an
enemy the opportunity of cutting the coun-
tiy In two and paralyzing the Internal coin-
in orco of the union.
Now Nclmuku roitofllre.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 15. ( Special Tele
gram. ) A po3tofflce has been established nt
Ida , Dawes county , Neb , , with Aaron H.
Kraut as postmaster.
The comptroller ot the currency ha ? tp-
proved the selection of the Citizens National
bank of Des Molnes as reserve agent for
the First National bank of Iowa City , la.
J. J. Llddy was today appointed postmas
ter ut Llttleport , Clayton county , la , , vice J.
J. Brlch , removed.
rorclgnoa Are hafu In Peking.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 15. A cablegram
was received at the State department today
from United States Minister Denby at I'ek-
K , stating the reports of danger to the
foreign residents of l' klng arc exaggerated.
There lias been only ono Instance of an at
tack on Americans and adequate punishment
as meted out at once to the perpetrators.
lloundnrjr Illmto Settled.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 15. Advices received
nt the Mexican legation hero are to the effect
that the boundary dispute between Jlexlco
nnd Guatemala , which for a time severely
strained the friendly relations between the
two countries , has at length been adjusted
upon terms satisfactory to boll ) nations.
I.lent. 1 * . M. TrutH CctuUtul.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 15. First Lieutenant
P. M. Travis , Eleventh Infantry , has been
detailed as professor of military tactics at
Georgetown college , Georgia , Ky.
Mmcnt - < of thn I'roqlilont.
BUZZARD'S BAY , Oct. 15. The president
and family v. Ill not leave Gray Gables until
next week , and at that time the president
will proceed direct to Washington , while Mrs.
Cleveland will pay a short visit to the Bene
dicts nt Greenwich , Conn. Today thepresl -
dqnt drove to Maple Springs , where he spent
the day gunning with Colonel Charles P.
Horton and two other members of the Mon
ument club.
Detroit Glron H Ilun.
FORT MONUOB , Vn. , Oct. 15 The board
of which Commodore St-lfrldRe Is president ,
arrived from Washington this morning and
carilotl ! the Detroit to sen for a six hours
run , during which bhc was thoroughly in-
SHI ill Show for Creditors.
NEW VOIIK , Oct. 13. Schedules In the
assignment of Oliver Sunnier Teall were
filed In the court of common pleas todny.
He says his nubilities are $110.1133 : nominal
assets , $210,150 , , and actual assets , J0.7- ) .
Brings comfort nnd improvement ant ,
tenda to personal enjoyment when
rightly usccl. The many , \t\\o \ \ live bet
ter than others awl enjoy life more , with
less expenditure , by inoro promptly
ti.iApti'Jc ; tha world's be&t proiliicta to
tlio needs of physical being , will nttefct
tlio value to health of the jiuro liquid
Ir.xativo principles embraced in the
remedy , Syrup ofFigs.
ltd uxccllonua is duo to its presenting
in the form most acceptable nnd pleas-
nnt to the uisto , thu refreshing end truly
beneficial projxjriiw ot n jierfect ! nx-
utive ; effectually cleun&ing the Hysteni ,
dispelling colds , headaches and fevers
ami permanently curing constipation.
It has clvcn satisfaction to millions nnd
met with the approval of the medical
profession , because it act * an the Kid-
neyr. Liver nnd Bowcla without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectinnalilo substance.
Syrup of Figs in for sale by all drug-
; lsU in f)0c ) and $1 bottles , but It h man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only , whoso name is printed on every
t/ucVagc , also the name , Syrup of Fig * . ,
r.nd being- well Informed , you will not
substitute if offered.
Mr. ClKOncirj WILSON , the Itn-fntor of the
Wllxcn rnmnti > n Sonno Hnr Uruni , will Twi at
9 n in. to S p. in. , where Ihrne I > rmn ran !
iwn nn.1 olitnliH-il. Dcntnc" iuil hwid noli *
1IHMUVEI > IN8TANTM' . They can bB wprVi
with comfort ilny find nt/ttit , nml cannot bo
KCPHwhen In tlic rtvrn. No wlm or Mrlncr nt *
tnclimrnt. .No ctiargo for consultation and tx >
Tab eitia-
ordinary Ho-
luvonntor Is
the most 8cn.
wonderful saUouf.Nerv
discovery of OUStTTltClll
tha ajc. U of the eye
and otho
nag b en on-
rtorsodbytho rails.
Strengthens ,
tine JUQU of
Kuropo R.n < l ton ci the
Hudjran lludjjd ctircl
purely Debility ,
Kervousncts ,
KralitlotiB ,
of tlio it JR mul
clinrgo In 20 orgnni.
l' lna In tbe
ci , Io. se
iht Bto
Quickly , Over 2.000 private Indorsements.
rrcnmturencss mr&ni Impotcncv In the flrtt
tLBKB. U l > I. symptom of seminal wraknOM uigi
bairennm. It can be cured In 23 day * by th >
ute of Huilyan.
Tli new discovery was mnda by the i > cclall t
or the oM famous IluJfon Mcdlcnl Institute. It
U the urongett vltallxtr made. It Is ifry power
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Ctitarrli , all diseases of the nose ,
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SOLD by Kubn & Co , Cor. ijtli and Douglass Sis. ,
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Painless Extraction of Teeth-PamlesaTilling
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COMING , Oct. , 23 , 23 , H. CONItOV KOX
Oil and Water. Color
And Other Works of Art.
Now on exhibition In tin
Optn dally ( except Bund y ) B 0.111. to U a. ,
Open Sunday from 13 nu t 8 p. m.
* * - ' " ' " "
21 centi.