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Result of the Republican Gautnics Held ID
the City Latt Night ,
Intc-rfntlnjr Blttmtlom In tlie heicnth ntul
Ninth Unnln-JIm Kjuor Knocked
Out In tlio I'lltliPersonnel of
the TIclictHonilintril ,
One week from today the Douglas county
republican convention will bo held to nomi
nate candidates for county offices and n
legislative ticket. The primaries to- elect
delegates to this convention will be held next
Friday and caucuses were held last evening
for the nomination of delegates.
Republican candidates commenced to shove
up tliclr lightning rods ns soon as thu state
convention was over and consequently they
have gained Beve-ral laps over their demo
cratic brethren. The following named gen
tlemen have shied their castors Into the ring
for place In the state senate : T D. Crane ,
C. N. Powell , E. M. Bartlett , C. H Bates ,
C. A. Jacobsen , C. 0 Lobeck , W F. Uechel ,
J , T. Werlz , Isaac Noyes , Richard Smith ,
Gustavo Anderson , Charles limner , R S
Uerlln nnd James II. Kynsr , while there are
fully as many more who have hid their lights
under bushels.
While the pay Is the same , the race for the
house has more entries of racers who are
anxious to start , as this list will know : W.
O. Rogers , Charles Goss , Albyn Johnson , J.
L. Johnson , A , P. Oakland , Herman Tlmme ,
James Allan , Dr. Rleketts , M F. Singleton ,
Hugh G. Meyers , Emerson Benedict , Joseph
Crow , R. S. Jcmi ss , F L. Harriett , John 0.
McArdle , Charles Potter. Gus Hart , August
Lochncr nnd Justice Wllcox.
Until yeMerd-y the democrats were
as shy as a lot of school girls ,
as ow > ng to the administration and
antl-ndmlnlstratlon flight they did not
know where they were at. But since that
has passed Into history and Bryan has walked
away with the big end they have snooped
down In drove after drove , with enough can
didates to clean up the whole platter.
The men who are In the fight for the
senate are. George W. Ames , W. S. Tclker ,
Charles Brown , Eli Doud , II C. Miller , W
S. Poppleton. J. B Kitchen and John Welch ,
while the following gentlemen would humble
themselves by taking places In the house
W. I1. Barton. Rudolph Hnrtz , r. A Brogan ,
George W. Covell , W. W. McCombs nnd 0
J , Plckard. This does not complete the
list , though It designates nil of the parties
who hung out the Hag this morning.
Getting down to matters that pertain
solely to the county , there Is a delightful llt-
tlo fight for the county ultornej hlp , nnd
the following named republic us are in It
until after the convention C P. Halllgan ,
A.V. . Jeffries , Harry llrome , F. C. O'Hnl-
Inran , J. II Van Dusen , Howard Bnldrldgc ,
Iko Andrews , Pill Winters nnd J L Kaley.
For the altornevshlp the demccrnts have
been n trlllc slow , and have announced the
following named gentlemen only W F.
Wnpplch , Joel W West , Ed P. Sm th and
Silas Cobb , though there are an even dozen
more who will get to the front and nail
their banners on the wall before the end
of another woek.
Maji.r D H. Wheeler and Bob Duncan
have nnnoiinccd themeelves ns cnndldatcs
far the republican nomination for county
commissioner In Judge Slenbcrg's reorgan
ized district.
The caucuses , with the fcnturcs attending
them and the results , are thus set forth.
First Ward Ticket named was : P. M
Bach , A. R. llantzul , i ; . Mllllgan , F. Wooley ,
.A. 13. Walkup , George Cntliroe , Charles
Abnoy. 1C. W. linrtos , ) : . Sluht. These mm
clnlm to be unpledged , but It Is understood
that they are to a man against Stenberj
for county commissioner.
Second Ward No delegates were nomin
ated. Dr. Hog TS nnd Gus Hart are candi
dates for the leglslnturr. The doctor Is
Webster man nnd Hart Is supposed lo b (
for Tlmrston. After some discussion It vvai
decided that every man who wanted to go tc
the county canve/itlon should place hi :
name on the ticket by petition.
Third Ward No caucus ticket was se
lected. The attendance was poor. Imme
dlat ly upon coining lo order the motion t <
adjourn was made nnd the meeting recon
vened ns n mass meeting The meeting en
dorsed Halllgan for county attornej- .
Fourth Ward The caucus \uis very wel
attended , about 250 votes being cast Then
were two tickets In the Held , n third b ;
Pnt 0. Hnwes being squelched. One of thesi
was sprung by Council , and was essential ! ;
a Tlmrstnn ticket. This was headed b'
J. J. Monchcr The other was of a Webster
lib hue , or rather anll-lhurMon , and tun
F. B. Kennard at the top With these tvvi
tickets a. good deal of skirmUhlng was don
before the balloting begin Before ballotin ;
n motion was made by Mr Sudborougl
that the delegates selected be Instructed I
do all In their powe-r to promote the can
dltlacy of John M Thurston. Tills wa
amended by Council to read that If the tlcke
headed by J J Boucher he selected th
delegates be Instructed for Tlmrston. S
amended the motion carried , When th
votes were counted the Kennard ticket wa
found selected by big nnjoillles. The dele
Ration Is ns follows F B Ktnnard , J. W
Jlattln , K. S. Fisher , Frank Plank : C. E
Ilrownlce , Henry Talliot , F. C. O'Hollaren
Norman A. Kuhn , E. W Burroughs. Thl
Is the ticket that Is considered nntl-Thurs
ton , as the motion made by Sudboroug
\aa so amended ns to Instinct the Douche
ticket only for Thurston. The- ticket clecte
Is practically unlnstructed , and can votea
they please.
Fifth Ward As n usual thing n republics :
caucus In the Fifth ward Is an unlulcrestin
affair , as It Is manipulated by ward poll
tlclanE or the faction that Is on the Inside
The caucus held last night , however , was n
exception to this rule , and long before th
hour for getting down to business arrive
the room was tilled to overflowing. Thcr
were two factions , ono having for Its chain
plan Emerson Benedict , while the other wn
led by Jim Kyner , who was acting In th
capacity of wet nitrne for Hugh G Myers
Both Benedict nnd Myers hnve been scckln
the support of the ward for weeks In thrace
racelor the legislature , and the caucus lae
night was the first contest of strength. A
ward commltteemnn , Kjner called the can
cus to order nnd asked for nominations fa
the position. Dr. Christie was named b
the Benedict faction , while Guy C , R. Rec
was nnmrd by the Myers men. To baltc
was nn operation that was goln ? to tuk
time , nnd In the Interest ot harmony Di
Christie withdrew , leaving It clear sallln
for Reed , who was elected by a unnnlmou
vote. Two secretaries and two challenger !
representing the two factions , vvero av
pointed by the chairman , nnd the droppln
of the ballots commenced , continuing lint
3C4 had been cast , the result belnc that , th
following named gentlemen were eelecte
by about 198 votes to 1C3 for the other te
lows Henry Bolln. Dr. J W. Blythln , D. r >
Brown , Dr. W. H. Christie. W. H. Mallorj
II. G. Rockfellow , Charles Rylander , Trod .
Backett , M F. Bears. These men ai
pledged for Benedict for the house of repn
sentatlves , but nre free lances wit
reference to other nominations that ma
be presented at the county convention.
Sixth Ward Delegates : S , G. Ernest , i
D. Craig , II , F. Lenvltt , \Vlnnlng , A. A\
Johnson. R. Williams , Chris Specht. P. C
Ilnnsen. M , D. Houck The delegation Is Ir
structed to , york for Tliuraton for the Unite
States senate.
Seventh Ward The Seventh ward republ
cans held one of the hottest caucuses I
their history laat night and selected nln
delegates to be- voted upon at the prlmar
next Friday afternoon. On Thursday evci
Ing there wafea me-ctijjg : of n t < vfor 111
se of fixing" JP n uit of deiojuTea , and"
ute ot fUf , headed by John ThonTI
ton , with John Grant , Frank Johnson , /'by
Frank ind Graham ParK , was appointed I
tclecl the ticket to bo voted for last nlgli
They met In the New York Life build In
y terday nnd ftxcM up a t cl < et , which , tin
claimed , was favorable to all the candidate
When the caucus WUR called to order tl
club room was crowded. The "Axed" tlc-ki
hid been printed and Sam Macleod , et-Judf
Thomas IK Crnne and Gcorpe Covell for II
Itato senate ; George Day and Sam Macleod fi
'Her , Ocorco Covelt , Ben Baktr. John
Tlnmpson , Pete Schwenck nnd others -were
ndustrloutly circulating copies among their
rlends. When It Mm found out that the
whole thing wag cut nnd dried there was a
lowl from Charley Wchrer , Schwenck and
GeorgQ Stryknr. The meeting was finally
ailed to order and Mr Piper was chosen
chairman , while A. C Kennedy acted as
ecretary. John Thompson then got up and
cad the report of his committee , naming the
nine delegates which Ind been selected In
li i morning , nnd moved for the adoption ot
ils report. This brought W R. Williams to
ho front , who wanted to see the delegates
nominated In the usual manner. He Raid ho
was ofpofod to a cut nnd dried t ckct ami
didn't propose to be choked off This st te-
nent caused Attorney Breckcnrldge to pro-
rst tliat the ticket was fairly chosen , but
'Imrley Wehrer reminded the gentleman of
he fntc that overtook a Kentucky colonel of
he panic name a few iluys ngo , and then Ben
laker and Schwenck tried to liolJ out the
< llvo branch to everybody , but all ol them
Could not calr-h their meaning nnd PO they snt
lown. A motion to proceed to n b Hot for
the delegates was passed with n whoop , and
lu-veral other candidates vcre named. The
clinlr appointed Messrs Wood , Williams.
Schwenck , Olsen and Cochran ns tellers , and
a ballot was taken , with the understanding
that the nine men receiving the highest
number of votes would be declared the dele
gates trom the Seventh ward and would re
ceive the lull vote ot the club at the pri
mary It wss found that 145 votes were cast
and 131 cf them were , for the fixed
llcket. fo the other eleven were not counted.
The delegates named are- Thomas Carey ,
J. W Ellur , John Grant Frank A Johnson ,
Graham Park , J. L Pierce , J. B Sedgwlck ,
C. P Stromberg and Lee Yatcs. They nre
liledged to support Clinton N. Powell ,
the house of representatives ; II. II. Baldrldgo
for county Attorney and George Sablne for
county comm t-sloner. The beleotlon of these
men ciuped Wehrer , Strj-ker ami Schwenck
to threaten to put n petition tirkct Into the
field Messrs. Kennedy , Urecltcnrldge and
Cliaffee- were recommended for central com-
Eighth Ward S. L Bojd , R. P Dahlman ,
A. J Love , John Wallace , George A Bennett ,
Charlo ! II Youngers , W A. Smith , A. F.
Clarke- Thomas Fitzgcnld The delegation
H favorable * to Cluirley Unmer for state
senator and W N Nnson and James Allen
foi the legislature and llou.rd Balilrlilge for
county attorney.
Ninth Ward The supporters of John M
Tlmrston In the N nth ward do not feel In
clined to trust the foi tunes of their chief to
the tender. mercies of the ward primaries
For tlmt icuFon they met In a store room
at Fortieth nnd Faiiiam la t night nnd put
up a petition ticket. This nctlon was de
cided upon nt a meeting held on the evenIng -
Ing of the ITtli InM A committee of one
from each precinct and one at large was
chosen lo select the names of nine men for
delegates , and It wits decided by n vote ol
75 to 1 not to puticlpate In tlie primary.
The niee-tlng last night was for the purpose
of hearing the report of the committee. By
mistake It was called to order a little ahead
of the designated time , so E O. McGlllon
nnd Ben T. White were called on for n few
remarks. Chairmen Holmes , then called for
the report of the committee. Judge Tiffany
icsponded , having the list In his packet He
told vhj' the Thurston men had decided not
to participate In the primary. He said that
the ticket made up In the- regular caucus
contained some Thurston men but that the
delegation , If elected , would be dominated by
the friends of another candidate Then he
said tlmt the tlrki-t niado up bjp the commit
tee was made up with a view to getting out
and out Thiirston men whose names begat :
with letters nt the top of the alphabet After
a 1 ttlo eubgy ot Mr Tlmrston. the followlnp
ticket was named and adopted without a dis
senting vote E M. Andrcsen , C J. Ander
son J. H. Barrett , A. II. Burnett. II F
C2dy , P E Flodman , Hlmer D. Fiank , R. F
Hodgln , John T. Hopkins. Some plans wen
then formulated for getting out the vote
aflei which the task of signing the petltlor
was begun. About sevcntj names were
signed to it , nnd a great many more- will be
adelcd to It The meeting then ndjnuined te
mc t on Tuesday evening at Brennoman's
bell at 2918 Fnrnam street , when plans foi
getting out the vote will be liiil.
Tlie regular caucus wan held at Twenty
ninth and Fnrnam streets last night anc
the following ticket named- . R. Amlrews
E. Li Blerbower , Joseph Crow , J K Coulter
13. P Davis , A G Edwards , C S Hunting
ton , J. A. Lovgren M 0 Maul
rmiimrrtl il Clnh M
Th > republican primaries were entirely toi
Interesting last evening to permit buslnes :
men to attend the meeting of the Commcr
clnl club which linil been railed by th <
executive commllt e Hj reason of the smil
attendance It was determined to adjourn th
pioposed meeting subject to call of the chair
man of the executive committee.
Commission r Utt announced two Impor
tant meetings , ono for this evening and on
for next Saturday The meeting for thl
evening will be for the purpose of dlscussln ,
the freight ralo question The m cling nex
Saturday will be held with the object o
again attempting the establishment of
large bee-t sugar refinery In Omaha Commls
sloner Utt stated that it would require
capital of $ J30,000 , and of that amount $140 ,
000 was already uniting.
By request of the state central commute
a meeting of the county central commute
Is hereby called to meet Jn the commute
room nt Washington hall , Monday , Oclohe
I , 1JVJ4 , at 2-30 o'clock p. in , for the purpos
of considering and making arrangements fo
.1 mrctlng , which will be addressed by Her
William McKlnley , October 4 , and It U re
fcpcctfully requested that the president e
each ward republican club appoint a coin
mlttco of thrcu to meet with the count
central committee. An Invltutlon Is nlso c3
tended to the membe-rs of the congresslonj
and state committees to nttend said meel
ing. CHMtLES UNITT , Chairman.
J. A. TUCKER , Societnry.
AfiD-Ainc-rU in 1U | > iiliU. ii9.
The Universal Afro-American Working
men's Republican club met Thuisday nlgln
with 175 members present nnd elected th
following named officers for one year C
II. Sprlggs. president ; Press Graves , vie
president , Silas Johnson , secretary ; G. I !
Johnson , treasurer Executive committee .
W. S. Banks , chairman , R. T. Baldwin , /
Travis , S. M. Lnwls , S. N Washington. I
Watson. W H. Ousley , S. M. Wylie.
Contented minds mnke happy homes. Cot
t'litment alwnys follows the use of Di
Price's cream baking powder.
1. 01 ill MirJcly.
Renewed activity In society elides adi
zesB to the. society page of The Sunday Bc <
Every social event of note will bo chroi
Iclcd , together with the movements' of pron
Ineiit society stars.
Oregon Kidney Tea cures backache. Trii
size , 25 cents , All druggists.
California Tourl t 1'iotirnloin ,
"Phillips Rock Island" personally coi
ducted excursions First through cnr leave
Omaha Friday. Oct. 12th , nt 1.35 p. in. , an
weekly thereafter during the winter seasoi
For full particulars , berth reservations , etc
call at Rock Island ticket office , 1(02 Farnai
Buy your haid coal before the advance t' '
II. Patrick keeps the best. . Telephone 557.
ViilY : LOW 11/VTli /
IIiiincscol.L'rn Hxrurslun.
On September 25th and October Oth tfc
Missouri Pacific will sell tickets at one fni
lor the round trip ( plus $2.00) ) ta all polni
( outh and southwest , limited to 20 days froi
date ot sale , with privilege of ( topping o
going and returning. For particulars ca
on or address depot agent , 15th and Wel
ster , or city ottlces , northeast corner 13t
and Farnain.
J. 0 PHILLIPP1 , A. G. I\ & P. A.
Homed Tor Iho UomeVfiS ,
On September 11 and 2G and October 9 tl :
Union Pacific will sell uoiiifseekers' eicui
lion tickets , good for 20 Oaja from date <
tale at the rate cf one lirelortlie roun
tr p. with $2.00 added , to all P'lnts In Nl
brnska , Kansas , Colorado , New Mexlc
Wyoming , Utah , Idaho ( east of and Includln
Nampi and Boise City ) and Montana.
Stop-overs granted on both going and n
turnina trip , H P. DEUEL ,
City TlcUt Agent , L'nl n Pacific System , 13 (
Faruam treet , Onialu , Neb.
Intent cf the ' Lowing-Mado Against "May * r
o l.titrrn tlpcm tlio llvfntHtliin of thu
llmrgtMt Hiul limln llioVork l , j
llu\v itciuU I'Jirk Mint lUniK-it
liiis Siii.lit 'Ivgllllis.
Councilman Wheeler was ttio only man
ager to appear In tno Ueinls Inn cdclnneiH
when cuuit convmed yesterday
nnU Ms attorneys wiru Inter than usual.
fctsmcJ to be IllUd with considerable
asjierlty , nnd when the court
Utorney McCulloch s-ld that they had
IE-en unable to iccuro the person of ono
Chi Is Speclitlio vseura an aldermnnlc tog ,
aa one cf their Important wltnesiis. Chris
\aa very much In evidence at the Sixth
ard demccratlo prlninr es Thursday , but
an unkind attorney Bitting In the court room
Ufigestcd In a sotto voice : "Maybe Chris
3 under the snonsllde uhlch struck the
iiitl-Iry ) > n dcmoctata and republicans ycs-
erilny. "
Mr. Council granted the prosecution the
right to Introduce Chris at any time , nnd
lie defense begun the refutation of the
charges ol Managers Wheeler and Il.-uc.Ul.
As an evidence of the merits ot the cate
Qgalust the major , Hascnll x\as overheard
a remark that he didn't believe they "could
stick Bemls anhow , but. that the blame
would now rest on the court relative to the
runn ng of g.mbllng houses In Omaha. "
Tin- first \\lti-CEs for the defendant was
Guy Ocane , sccrolary of the park comnila-
slon , who gnvo n recorded history of the
inirchaso of liemls park In 1S90 , after the
lark ccnimlss on hcd requested propositions
'rom laud owners , J H. Dumont , secretary
of the Itemls Land company , offered to sell
his land for $ ' ! 3,000. The commission In
structed Its secretary to tend to the city
xnincll a recommendation that this tract
ID purcliatcd by the city at once for a
lubllc paik. A copy of the report WES
read and admitted In evidence. A number
ot tjtii'Etions were asked about the minor
tleta Is of the purchase of this tract , which
went to show that beyond thu fact that lie
was president of the IJcmis L'ml company ,
the major had notlilnp ; to do with the sale ,
and the sale was also perfectly legitimate
This caused the prosecution to offer a series
of objections , which were overruled bj the
Dr. Georpc I , Miller , ex-president of the
noard of Park Commissioners , testified that
he had been president of the park board
slnco Its organization , until May of this year ,
when he was appointed collector of customs
He had made a careful study of the park
question and nt the request of the council
a special meeting was arranged between the
council and park hoard for the purpose of
discussing the voting of bonds for the purchase -
chase of a series of tracts of land for cltj
park purposes The suitable tracts of land
were also d'scus ' cd , among which was ttie
llcmls tract , which was recommended as be
ing available and suitable for a city park
Ho said that the board objected to the price ,
$35,000 , asked for these lots and made an offc'
of $25,000. A compromise was finally of
fectcd by which the tract was purchased for
5-iO.OOO All these negotiations , with the
probable exception of the filing of the deed ,
took place under ex-Major Cushlng's admin
istration In the cross-examination an at
tempt was made to show that a donation to
the city of a small tract of land by the Bcmls
Land company prior to the purchase of the
park was as an Inducement to the park board
to purchase a larger tract , but It was shown
that the city accepted numerous donation *
of land for park purposes In other parts ol
the city , from other companies and individ
Judge Wakeley testified that he took an
Interest In the voting of bonds and the pur
chase of land for parks , being n taxpajcr and
having the public welfare In view. Us said
that prior to the voting of bonds there had
been a great deil of public discussion re
garding the suitability of cei tain tracts ol
land for park purposes , iimong which was
Demls park The propositions were well un
derstood by the public , being discussed Ir
thu papers , on the streets , bj real estati
men ami property owners In general. The lo
cation and prices were thoroughly dlscussei
so that every Intelligent citizen must ha\ <
been aware of the use to which the nionej
obtained by the sale of the bonds would In
GeorRo W. Llnlng r a former member el
the park board , testified that < lurlng his
term as a mcmb r of the hoard the parti
sjltein nf Omaha was discussed. When tin
board was organized the city had only on <
public resort , Hanscom park , and the boarc
solicited donations. Several Individuals am
companies responded , and a sinal
tract was given to the city by the Ilemli
Land company. AVh n the subject of pur
chasing additional tracts for park purpose :
came up It was discussed and negotiation !
entered Into by which Bemls park wn :
eventually purchased by the city for aboui
$110,000 to carry out and complete the plans
of the park board for a complete park am
boulevard system.
The cross-examination of Mr. Llnlngei
was continued In iho afternoon , but beyom
the facts clcited In the direct examination
nothing new was developed. Managers
Wheeler and Hascall were absent.
Chris Spcclit was put on the stand nn <
said that he was a member of the cltj
council In February. 1S92. when a proposl
tton was made to the council to purchasi
Demls park The proposition was rejectee
when It first came up for consideration. Hi
mada a motion to reconsider the matter twi
weeks later. He said that the reason hi
changed his mind was that he resided litho
the north end of the city nnd he wanteil i
park there Ho consulted with Dr. Miller
the North Omaha Improvement club and othe
.Interested parties , and found that the Heml
park tract would be part of the city's parl
system. He withdrew his opposition am
voted for the proposition. He sa d that Con
ncll was opposed to the puichase of th <
Dlstnn tract.
Judge ) Clarkson tried to make Specht sa ;
that Bemls and Conncll were opposed t
the D ston tract and forced him to vote fo
the Itemls park tract , but the witness denlei
this allegation and Clarkson tried to Im
peach his own witness , but failed , as Spech
did not change his story. Clarkson then ac
cused Specht of attempting to evade ques
tions In order to shield the defense Clark
son was told that he would not be allowed t
Impeach his own witness , and then he ar
gued for the admission of hearsay evidence
but this was refused. Connell protestei
against Clarkson's makingmlsstatcment
in Ills arguments relative to what Mayo
Hernia was accused of doing The gist o
SreclU'fl testmony was to the effect that h
Knew absolutely nothing tending to shov
that the mayor had dishonored his olflce o
been guilty of dishonest practices.
The prosecution said that they would no
Introduce any evidence relating to tli
charges of conspiracy to unlawfully diver
the city's funds In providing food for Kelly'
Commonweal army when It passed ttiroug ]
Omaha In April. Councilman Uechel test I
fled that a meeting was held In the mayor'
office on the day previous to the nrrho
of the army , at which the mayor , city at
torney , physician , engineer , Chairman Win
spear of the Board of Public Works , th
witness and three councllmen were presenl
Hascall nnd Wheeler and the remainder o
the council are said to have been cnjoyin
themselves on a Junketing trip to San Pran
Cisco at this lartlcular time. It was con
ceded , by the officials present nt the mcetlni
In the mayor's office that this was a eas
el uTgehl rieceiBily , and measures must t
taken at once to provide the army \vll ]
food- This was agreed JeTby l | ol the ol
ficlals , and the major was authorized to ox
pTnd not over 1100 for food for Kelly's men
This constituted the alleged conspiracy li
squandering the cl'ty'afiipda. * -sr .i.
J. li. Oumont. necretarf of the Bernl
Land company , testified that Mayor Ilonil
was elected In the fall of 1691 and too !
charge of the office In January , 1892. Thl
was after the land company had receive
notice from the park commissioners ' ,
naVe a proposition ) In Iho city for the ealo
ol this tract ol land. He called a mooting
ol tlie members of ike company , Dr. Mer
cer , E. W. Naslv Q. P. UemlB , nrid they
fixed a price ol inj.OOO ( or Iho tract. Uu-
nont wanted to flrf'tlte price nt $30.000 , ami
after the rejection d the first proposition
its Ideas prevailed.
The remainder of the nftcrnoon was taken
ip In arguing on admUslblllty ol cvl-
lence regarding the organization nnd value
of the stock of the-ilU'inls Land company.
There will be no cession today , and the
case will be taken up again Monday after
n.iTHS jo atitKUK : iinntuh
September 22 Democratic county convon-
ton to sdcct delegates to the stnte conven-
September 2C Democratic state convention.
September 28 Republican primaries to
choose delegates to the county convention.
September 20 Republican county conven-
lon to nominate county ofTlcerB.
October 3 Democratic county convention
o nominate county officers.
Housekeepers who hnvf been Induced to try
some new brand of baking powder Immedi
ately become more emphatic than ever In
heir approval cf Dr. Price's.
Mltrrl : < ip l.ircnM'ft.
The following marriage llccnais wore Is
sued yesterday :
Name nnd address. Age ,
Louis A Wlnkler , South Oma'm 21
Annie ] ! < llslrln. South Omnhv 10
! Iporire K Uoliv , Supeilor , Null " "
linogenc Ramsey , Omnlm 21
Inhn I' . Olnnder , Colon , Nrli 31
Hannah Kcllgrpvv , Boutli Omaha 21
: niiv uoons , < > .
Neil Hondn i'lnslng Out Stic.
We rte not Intend to change the decision
innounc d some time ago , that we should
retire from business , which we shall consu-
mate at the earliest possible moment , but we
Ind ourselves with a largo stock of staple
; oods still un hand , and In order to dispose
of same , we find It ri'cessary to make pur
chases of all the new styles nnd makes of
goods. Our buyers now In New York ndvlsc
us that they have forvvaided for all depart
ments the most dcslrablo goods of the ssd-
son , and the new stock , as well ns that now
on hand , will be sold at prices that cannot
ho met anywhere.
Black gros grain silk. 24 Inches wide , $1 00
yard. Wonderful value , cv ry yard war
ranted. Black faille Prancalse , all silk , 24
Inches wide , $1.00 yard. Black faille and
gros grain Ulk nt 75c , the same many stores
ask $1 00 for. An elegant line of new nov
elty silks , latest styles and colorings at 75c
to $1 76. Velvets in all shades. Silk and
wool novelty dress goods 50c. Kino Im
ported dress paterns } 7 00 to flOOO BG-Inch
rough suitings , $1.00 to $1.60.16Inch black
serge COc. 50 , 51 and 5G-lnch storm serge
50o to 85c , black and navjIn black nnd
colored novelties we have the v ry latest
styles nt the very lowest prices. Lidles'
silk hose , 50c. Ladles' pantellas , fast black ,
$1 CO , actual value $1.50. Children's union
suits $1.00 , cheap at fl.liO. Ladles' long
sicve vests , mace cotton , 25c Boys' flannel
waists , 7Dc. The little captain bojs' suit ,
double seat anc ! knee , warranted not to rip.
$3 98 , cheap at $5.00.
Just received , elegant gold finish banquet
lamps , complcts with shade , cheap at $3 00 ;
Saturday , $1.08. A full line of Havilaml
white china * We can save money for you on
carpets , linoleums"nnd upholstery , n good
stock to choose from nt prices we know are
wny down. Sole agents for Butterlck's pat
terns and publications. October numbers
now In.
MEDAL OF HONOR. Mercer Will Ask tlio Cciicrn-
nifiit lo Itrunril l.nclnror Knot.
Engineer Root , the brave Jim Bludsoc of
the Minnesota forest fires , is to have n
magiiHiccnt medal voted him by congress.
Comparatively little opposition to such a re
ward of heroic fidelity to duty as Root dis
played Is anticipated
The Idea of Mus ghl g cmgieislonal recog
nition to the hero of the HlncKley holocaust
who saved a train filled with human fr.Isht
originated with Congressman Dave Mercer
of this city , who will father the bill nnd push
It through nt the next session of congress
"I propose to Introduce- bill at the next
session of congress to give James Root a
imilal for his bravery during the Hlncklay
feirfsi fires , when , as engineer of n passenger
train , he- defied death by heroically sticking
to his post and running tl.e train between
vvnlls of flames to a place of safety os well
as saving the lives of many Scandinavians
who were fie-lng from Hlnckley nnd leavliig
their homes behind them , n mass of ruins.
Cor press 1ms honored men nnd women for
saving life on the water. I sec no reason
why such brave railroad men as Root should
not be cntltl d to the same recognition I
was In Minneapolis during the forest fires
nnd heard Root's name universal praised.
I made up my mind right then that such
phenomenal heroism des'neil congressional
recognition. Months may pass and
Root's name may be temporarily forgotten
but he Is too good a man to bo lost In
oblivion , and I have detennlned that rail
road heroes Bli.ill lie 'honored as well as
marina heroes , nnd , while I am at It , I'll
Just make it a double header and see that
the fiicman and entire crew are olllclally
recognized by congress for their brave and
efficient services on that Ill-starr d occasion. "
Itelow Will e Pound tiin Cmuo of Our
t'ntml Illd Hnlimluy DlMurliancc.
Saturday occurs the formal opening ot our
millinery department , when we wilt show
our Immense full stock , consisting of the
latest novelties In bounds , hats , turbans ,
etc. , procured by our buyer In New York.
Paris and London ; nlso an Interesting dis
play from our own workroom.
Our styles for this season nro far superior
to nnjthing shown by us heretofore , nnd nt
prices lully 25 per cent low.r than else
Imported model hnls , no two alike , from
Vlrot , Jesse , Marcscot , Llnne Knulkncr , Ber
tha and other famous modistes , also our own
exquisite novelties.
Larg * assortment Kronen , English and do
mestic felt hats nnd bonnets , embracing all
the new shapes nnd Elsies nnd colors.
JUST TO Hi : SOCIAL wo will sell on Satur
day evening at 7 o'clock :
1,000 jnrds double fold plnlds at 5c : COO
yards double fold crrcks at Cc ; perfect Imi
tation of goods sold at 7Gc and $1 00. These
goods arc not worth 75c or $100 , but nt fie
they are positively without equal One dress
to a customer.
At the same tlmo WP place on silo 1,000
yards of 30-Inch navy blue English henrl ttta
fir lOc yard One dress to n customer.
1 case ladles' Jersey ribbed vests and
pants , only 25c , worth 60c.
GcnU' llcccsci underwear , onlj 4 c , worth
7fic ; gents' heavy all wool shirts nnd draw
ers , worth $1 60 , go at 7Cc
Special tale of children's wool underwear
for Saturduj.
100 dozen men's line suspenders , worth
COo , go at 25c.
100 dozen Indies' cashmere gloves , worth
COc , RO ut IL'ViC.
1,000 pounds best qual ty German knitting
jam , only lie skein.
I'lno Saxony yarn , 14c skein.
Ask to FCO the Cl mblng IIouKcy , n wonder
ful contrivance. We hell them at 2jc.
We- have a small lot of crjst 1 ben-
gnllncs which are somewhat out of Myle
no\V , goods that sold for $ l00 nnd $1 : : > per
yarJ You can have jour cholco of the lot
at 39o jarel.
Loraze dress silks , SC Im-hes wide , In
brown , navy , wine and gray nt COc yard
Handsome line of silk velvet * , In 10 col
ors , gcods worth $1 00 , at 40c vard.
Come in and sec Iho new black bajailere
dress sllUs , full jard wide , only $1 3 per
The big grocery department Is cutting
prices again. For one day only jou can buy
String beans for Be can ; pumpkin , 7U.c ,
pan ; Lima beans , Gc can ; sugar rorn , G c ,
tomatoes , 7'ic can , tnble peaches , 12" " c can ,
apricots , 12'ic can ; cli rrles. 7' ' , .c can"plums
all kinds , 12'tc cnn , blackberries = c can
strawberries , lOc can ; blueberries , 7' ' c can ,
baked beans , flc cin ; oysters , SVic ran , pure
red salmon , lOc cai ; laundry soaps , oc liar ,
apple butter , only 7' c Ib ; pe.ich butter , lOc
pure Jely , 3c , s.irdlnps , In oil , 3".c can ,
mustard only 3Uc bottlebrok n Java" coffee
lOo Ib.
For Saturday we will place on sale 25
rtesien ladles' house wrappers made of llccced
backed s.rge in n variety of Btilpen ami
figures , or black and dark ground bertha
ruffle , full leg-of-mutton sleeves and full
skirt , sizes from 32 to II , price $1.10
We have a lot of odd bklrts In winter
weights that WE will sell Saturday nt about
' /i their actual vnlue. Your choice of the
lot 08c.
There Is nothing In the late full styles rf
men's , bojs' nnd children's clothing
ws cannot show joua ; few prices herewith
Examine our goods , we'll be pleased to show
them ,
In two shades at { 375 , a regular $5.00 suit
Meiis all wool suits In 'Rray or brown , nt
$5.00. Never to bo had before for lees than
? s.oo.
All woo ] black clay worsted stilts , In sacker
or frock styles * , special , J7 50.
At $1000 and $12.00 we offer a fine assort
ment of men's suits In casslmeres , cheviots
nnd worsted , frock , sack or double-breabteJ
styles A saving of from $6 00 to $8 00
guaranteed on a good suit.
In bulk
Saturday wv > begin n sale of fresh Haiti-
more stock of oj-stcrs. Full measure , best
gocds. To Introduce them , liic quart.
Sa It pork Sc , sugar cured No 1 hums , 13C ,
sugar cured picnic hams , ii'/ic ; Boston long
cut hams , SV4c , all small cans of meats , 6c ,
bacon , 12' , c and 13'fcc
Fresh countrj butler , 12Hc , lie nnd IGc
best creamery nt Ike , 20c and 22c , alwajs
fresh butter in stock.
Finest Imported Swiss , SOc pound sold
everywhere for rjOc , domestic Swiss 12i4c ,
14c and ICc , brick cheese , JOc , 12' c and le ( !
llinburger at 12io and He ; nothing mit
fiesh goods here.
Uiiiulii tinil CliUi : ( i Mmltcil I'Ktvoii-ltour
Leave Omaha nt 6:35 : p. m. nnd arrive
at Chicago S 40 a m. via. C M. & St P
Ilj' . for Chicago nnd all points east. Trains
made up and started from Omaha , assuring
passengers clean and well aired cars The
only line running a solid vestibuled el ctric-
llghted train from Omaha direct. No wait
ing for through trains.
Elegant chair cars , palace sleeping and din
ing cars. Ticket olllce , 1501 Farnani street
Ticket Agent.
JiiRt u I.lttln Tinier.
The "Northwestern" Number Six , leaving
Orn&ha 4 p , m dally , row arrives at Chicago
7 69 a , in , , Insteael of 8 15 , as formerly "Just
a little faster" Don't confuse this with th
On aha Chicago special , which still leaves at
5.45 p. m. dally and arrives at Chicago S.45
a m. No need to change this train
City otJlce , 1401 Farnam street.
By Authority of Congress.
. S. Gov't
Baking Powder
. .Tim report of the analyses of Baking Powders , made
by the U. S. Government ( Chemical Division , Ag'l
Dep'Q , shows the Royal superior to all other powders ,
and giyes its leavening strength and the strengthof each
of tile-other cream of tartar powders tested as follows :
Per cant. Cubic In. per 01.
ROYAL ! , Absolutely Pure , I3-06 I6O.6
13.58 I5I.I
The OTHER POWDERS 11.13 133-6
TESTED nre reported to con 10.26 133.3
tain both llmo and sulphuric 9-53 114.
add , and to be of the follow p.ap 111,6
ing strengths respectively , 8.03 96.5
7.28 B7-4-
These tests , made in the Gov't Laboratory , by impartial
and unprejudiced official chemists , furnish the highest
evidence that the " Royal" is the best baking powder.
-J > . *
Things this year nre not what used to bo. Sooma like the
country has tnkon unto itself ft tumblo. Work is cheap food is
CIS- cho.ip clothes , vro dare Bay , never sold 10 s'larmfully low.
No ono to blamo. The woolen imti aaw frja WOD ! coming and
the cloth ( jot clionpor , the tntmufacturor wnntocl our ready cnsh
hndly nnd clothing : had to go down mighty low for it.
A your ago wo retailed n null for flva dollars , Hint kept buyer
puzalod and seller rake his brains how it could fca done a suit con"
sidornd a truer bargain at $10.00 than any ono sold in Omaha at
that price. This year wo'ro Belling 'om at four dollars , nnd a trifle
bettor suit in every way.
Suits that were six fifty last year are but flvo dollars this yoar.
Somowhnt finer in workmanship too , and a good size collection of
pattorno to select from. Before you buy ours , tnko a look at any
c * $5.00 suit offered about town , oxainiiio it rigidly nnd look at ours
last. Our suitsaro warranted all wool.
Suits thiit wo sold last year at ten dollars wore beyond con
tradiction the best flftoanjjollar suits ever sold legitimate or oth"
orwise. This season suits of the snmo class are only seven fifty ,
and are , "by the way , fur hotter niado than over before , The fabiic
is as reliable as over , couldn't improve on that , for wo always
aimed to fuinish for that particular suit a cloth that is particu
larly durable. Quito a number of now patterns , chiefly dirt-defy
ing mixtures single or double brcastod.
Store opsn evenings until 8 o'clock for the accommoelation o
these whoso time is occupied during the day.
Fall Catalogue to bo hatl on application.
a 00000000600 ooooooooooo ooooooooooo ooooooooooo ooooooooooo ooooooooooo <
We are showing something special
o ly fine in a new lot of silver-mount
o ed belts and belt pins at moderate
o prices.
8o .
5 EAYMONb , loth and Douglas , JEWELER.
A'o Holler , AV > Htcuni. No Rngtnter ,
BEST POWER for Corn nnd Feed Mills , Bnllng-
llay , Running .Sepiirnlors , Cremnerlci ) , Ac.
Stationary or Portable.
i to ran. P. - > a to 20 H. p.
rn < l forC ulOBUc. Pricesetc. , rtesctlhlnirwork to h * dona.
Chleaeo. 245 late St. HE OTTO GAS ENGINE WORKS
Omaha , ShcclcyBlock , IsTE " & Howard StJ. 33il & . IVuluulSU. , L'lni.AUliM'lllA , 1 > A.
turn the wheel of fashion may
take , the Library Table will alwajs remain
a favorite. It supplements the book shelves
and the escritoire , and It la difficult lo Im
agine a Library satisfactorily arranged with
out at least one. such Tabledehk.
We have an Immense assortment , with
both plain and carvid border tops , -with
one to four drawers , with and without tlio
lower shelf.
Prices start at $10 00 ; this U for a slightly
reduced size. For $13.00 you can secure a
very popular pattern. From this point they
Increase In cost aa the size and decoration
become more lavish , We have bank direct
ors' tables which reach flOO In price.
Dut the one Important point to remember
Is that our prices on this one line of library
work are below every ether house In the
city.G&as. . SMverick & Co.
FURNITURE of Every Dascrlptlon
Temporary Location ,
J'JO'J unU 1XUU Dou'jlu * Htroot ,
The m < ul Wmllul nd lirnltliy location ot-
Laka Michigan , Thorough ilaulcal , ucademl
and commercial council Rvvrr Inilruclor
peclall" I" hi * Ur&nchii. Knaaned by the ! cgl
latoF ot Illinois , and annually Invj.cctfrt bi
official r prtnnlatlve of the > tatt tinuton
ob n Bipt < mb r 19th. llluitrateiJ
of all
unites in a peifcct form all the ( jualj-
lies cvei vbody desires to find in his
food. It is as Nourishing as Meat ,
and still pleasant to take. H is as
Delicate as a Luxury , and Still cheap
in price.
ft is by far healthier than either
Tea , Coffee or Cocoa.
Therefore it should be made a household -
hold article for daily use , as it is in
At. , t 0
W , nil ) Mod fee thi tntrr l
Trfncb I'reptritioa CALTHOB
free. * nd * loiil uuariDie * thil
OALTllUH will llfnlofe j6ur
UcallU , Hr Ik Ui UJ ( Vlf or.
(1st if and pa ? ilalujlti. .
Adclrau VON MO ML CO. .
X.IUUO SiocUuiBi. Uefurmlty Ilraut , , TrujMS.
Crutclie * . Ualtefloi , bilnce > . ImulM anil MU .
luil UuiiplUi , In" lion Uiue JlnuM ,
H5S ruaaai t > u i , Ocpoilt * I'ntuu llat