Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 22, 1894, Page 4, Image 4

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I' f ( vrllliniil JkmOHV ) OH * Y r. . < 8 J )
J'i'h litntwl Htm-lHf. One f nr . . . . > } JJ
H i M.n lm . - . 2J
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Sniiiliiv I1 1 > Uni 1 < r
Biliirliiy ll < n Oi.f V.-ttr . . . 1 frl
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Onulin II f lit * Itnllilln * . , . _ .
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< hl < k ini. . 1IT < hun1r if l > imm rt .
: \ w 1 nit It" .mil 13. II tnrl 1\ Tribune Hl
"VV uhiiiKton IliT P f lift , VV. .
V > l ininiimi iillMiK rrliitlrm to nrw * < in < 1 1I-
loiliil unit r , li nil Ic nillrwMJ To Ihe I'.JIlor.
IM \'iiH : I.KTIKttM
All in In > IMlnti nml mnlltiiiK. * . * MimiM tw
B.I li --I 1 1 111" liteI'nlillnlilnr company.
Omiln Prirm itt > fk anil | > n t lit "Mprii tn
L > n i I' nonMf I i III * < ii.I r nf Ihr r imiwnir.
Ki-vrrMivr or rmcur.TIOV
OIIKH H Tz ctim1 < . wcrotnry of The Hw rut-
! ( < HiiK coiniKinv , Ulnff iliilywotn HIIJH tlmt
tillnchnl nmnl > r nt full nnil fomptiMe i-'pn
nf Tin- Hilly MurnlniKvonlwc finil Mmiil < lire
lirlnlr.1 ilurlmi the month ot An U t , IWt Vkas
nroioi : 11
Sworn In Iwfdrc rne nnil uuhficrllwil In Tny
prcnohrc till * 4tli < li > of Scplcinl r 1S3I
( Huii ) NP rrnr , .
Iv > tnry I'uMIc
Wn rrjciltt- thn ( | iilrlirili < l riinicU ncn of
Ilio ( u-opln coiirrrnliii ; pullllntl rf.ilr < , iinil
will holit nil ) il > llo olllicrt to u rlcld re-
IIOIIHIhllll } mill t tiiij | ; ( tli t iiiritim 'pl ilo' | )
Hint tint ) uo < ( i iitliin mill imnlHliinent of all
\vlio luiti.iy idlhlil triiKt * . uliall lie swlfti
tliiir uli ) iintl un ° | > iilnt * . Niitliinul lEnpub"
lUiin IM.ittmin , IH7II.
The sent ot war lias been transferred from
Corca to Nebraska
Tills Is an oft year for ple-tiltcrs , oven
when they arc reinforced by tlio gravel train
anil the depot master.
Mr. Jacob Sloit Tnssclt got tlio cheers
anil applause , but Mr I.cvl P. Morton got
tlio votes and Hie nomination
Pugilist Curliett la anxiously nwaltlnc a
challenge from Ills latest rhal. Pugilist
lllchanls ot the Hlkliorn district
The Roverninent sunejIns parlies up In
Alaska arc lieliii * called In. So nrc summci
boarders and Jersey inosriultoes.
Wilt the Nevf York democratic state con >
ventton be as Iclnd to Senator Illll aa was
the New Yorlt republican stale convention !
Secretary Morton nlll be nnxlcusly
at the other end of the Atlantic cable foi
ofllclal nc 6 from tlio democratic county anil
state conventions about to be held In tlih
The cuckoo orpans arc so glad of the
Louisiana democratic revolt that they de
clare they ulsh It had occurred long ago
If It had the cuckoos would not even havt
Jiad the cuckoo tarlft 1)111 to rejoiceover. .
Some one nsks , Will those who assert thai
Itio Union Pacific la bound by Us agree
ment to furnish terminal facilities In thli
city stati- when they are bound to do It'
Will those who assert that the railroads nn
liound to pay the r taxes state when the ]
uro bound to piy them ?
Labor Commissioner Wright Is to Investl
gate the effect of machinery on labor am
publish a report of the sament nn ex
pcnso to the government of $10,000V <
feel sure tluit he could make a report of th
effect of railroad passes on labor commissioners
ors that would bo equally Interesting-
much less expensive.
There Is nothliiK unreasonable or oppros
elvo In the conditions ot the agreement b
which the Union P.ielflc railroad U alread ;
bound to the city to build a union static
Ireo to all railroads which may care to cnte
upon the pament of a moderate compensa
tlon. If there Is any Inclination or dcslr
to build a neu station , let It be built mult-
the existing contiuct ,
The activity of the federal brigade In th
democratic primaries for Douglas county ha
no counterpart In the political history o
recent years. It recalls the postofflco ring
and other federal rings of a decade or mor
tack , with thU difference , that tlio machln
was then manned by republicans , wherea
It Is now manipulated by democrats. Fed
eral Interference lu local politics Is nluay
resented and rebuked.
The desperation of the Majors railroad cor
tlngent could not be more conclusively show
than by their persistence. In repeating th
.atory of Judge Ilolcomb's connection wit
the Hurllnfiloii as Us attorney notwlthstant
Ing the lattcr'B explicit denial and the cr
tire absence of proof for the assertion. Th
railroads vionlil not be In tlio least cor
cerncd In I campaign If they ucro
Ing all the candidates In their employ.
Omaha Is iilwaya ready tn lend her Ir
flccnco and support to the cause of law an
order. That Isliy no dlfllculty whatevc
Is encountered In securing an expression c
\ opinion against lynching and lawlessness i
all kinds , particularly tn the south What
cter outbreaks of this character liavo 01
cur red hero lm\e been tn violation of tli
public sentiment and hiuo been promptly d (
nounced. Mob violence rece-Ivej tu syir
Lathy In Omaha.
A prominent citizen d sires The Dee I
tell \\hero the money comes from to pay f <
the prosecution of Major Hemls He point
out the fact that Ilascall has for years bee
insolvent nnd could not raise the ln\s > er
fees , and Wheeler Is In no condition final
dally tu throw away a dollar 'Who '
putting up for Hascall and Wheeler ? osl
our subscriber. This question ve canm
ar.fner. excepting by surmise. Who Is It
tercstej In the plot to depo < o Mayor Ilcnili
Ko doubt some party that has claims agalm
the city lilch thu ma > or has b en vctoloi
The fact that money \\as ottered to at leai
three members of the council to sign tl
impeachment charges leaves no room ft
doubt that parties who have bsn thwartc
by the mayor on schemes to loot the cli
treasury resorted to the dcsperato eipcdUi
of trnvlng him remoted by trumping t
Cbargea of malfeasance.
T'i" 1,1 R M I vy Jclil ie I ly the fM
lox m of lii j lu In tlia Dongi i cninl )
tiriti ari- 11 s , nl - | ) r toil li > hl < n r-rjiii
nt a ] , .ul r ciiilL.mi.ii < nt of hli Keuniurlnl
lilntfnrin * r , 1 rupediilU 'hi Otnmnil ( < n frcl
coliujcr of silver at tli latin of IB tn t ,
Mr. Ur/iin Ilkntlttr frc illrer mth'tflMlB ,
ID UlxnliiK nniltr a deliiulon. The ie l
BlKiillloaiica of the victory of 1li < - llrj n
fnctlon tit the Intense opposition In the rank *
of the ( Uinorrac ) of this lt > anil iimty to
the dcuptralp cITorts mad by the 'lemucratlc
railroad facllott ( o play Into the Imnda if
the rallrutid rpwhllcani. The Rroundwll
which m.inlfeMi'il HseK In the dcmocrnlli ;
prn'ari ! < > * is more t > I a remuntran < .i'
actilnst tliH conspiracy Itiilde of the demo-
cratlc ] i4irty to foist Thomu J. Major * Into
the K vcriuirs chair tlmn It vas an indorse
ment of th * pet financial hobb ) of W. f.
Iii > un or tlie aspiration vhlch lie entertain *
lo become the successor of dairies V ,
Mai-deraon. The triumphant el ctlon of
a Ilrynti delegation In tlio stronghold of the
railioafls and administration Torres Is dou'it- '
lt K KratlfilnR to Mr. llryan. but it should
not be mlslntnrpictu ! h > him Into a | iL > r < nnal
ovation. When the seuitarlal ISSH ? cornea t
bo foiiKlit out at the polls Mr Hrjnti will
nnd a dlffprpnt comlltlon to deal with
The r al mcanliiR of the defeat
of the rillroad nnd fcdi'ial com
bine H the fiat nt the rani ,
and filr of the democracy of this city nnd
corr.ty thit : no strati man shitl stand In the
way of SllaH Holcomb's election as Ro > einop
of Nebra VK. It was well undcrstool hy ths
leaders and the rank and file of liolli fictions
that HIP contest In thp prlmarli'a was oer
M&Jors and Holromb rather than Hi van and
fietslher The effort of thu adiiilnlstra-
lor ciovxj to inasqueradu as llrjan men waa
llicoiinteil nuil so was the talk of electing
i detection to endorse llrjan mounted on
he Chlragn platform Way dov\n deep the
design was to force Hr > an to support a straw
nan for Btnernor and tlicroliy to corral tlie
Irjan ( action , so as to pre\cnt tin-in from
casting thtlr votes for Ilolcomb lint e\cn
f tint ] rogrniu had carried a straw man
nould be In no position to prevent the masses
ot all parties ftoin pooling Issues agilnst the
candldatr of Ihrrnllroads and the handlers
Majors vas doomed to defeat from thE
liour ho was nominated nnd there Is nc
lover or Inlluence that can overcome the
popular tidal WRVP.
In declining to be a candidate for re
lominatlon Co\ernor ! Kla\\er ot New Yorl
irkes a most significant iulnil.s lon of tin
almost hopeless outlooK for the democraej
n the Hinplre state this > par. Ills with was u great BiirprlHe to his party
Nobody had expected It On the contrary
eeiybody had presumed from the rccen
action of the K0\ornor that he desired re
nomination lie had addressed a number o
countj fairs which he would scarcel > havi
visited If ho had not Intended to run fo
re-election , ami ull these speeches were o
a nature to Indicate that he regarded him
self as a candidate There Is no doub
whatever that he would have recehcd a re
nomination had he not withdrawn , and I
probably would have ber-n given him b ;
ncclanutlon , for there was , no candldat
against him. Moreover , he was entitled t
It In pursuance of a long established cus
What was U that induced Gmonior Flone
to disappoint the expectation of his part :
by withdrawing' What was It that led hlr
to the conviction that his nomination vvoul
not be so likely to command the full vet
of the party aa would the nomination c
some other democrat thus discrediting him
self as a political leader' He hail made
tour ol the stntc and mingled with th
farming clement He bad felt the papula
pulse and learned a great deal rcBardin
the trend of popular sentiment. Is It nc
perfectly obvious that it was this observe
tlon that caused Governor Flower , who I
ambitious of political preferment , to cor
elude thnt he ould not be re-elected , an
when he reached thin conclusion It meant
belief that no democrat can he elected in No1
Vork this year. Nobody will believe tht
Governor Flower really thinks himself les
able to command the full party vote tha
some other democrat. He Is doubtless coi
sclous ot having made some mistakes mor
or less damaging to his popularity. He lu
been a good servant of the democratic mi
chine , and that was overwhelmingly beatc
a year ago IJut none tlio less Oovenu
Klower still has faith In himself , ami wei
the prospctt In New Vork at all favorab
to democratic biiccess he would not hav
declined to be ) a candidate. His act Is
plain confession of party weakness It
an acknowledgment that he apprehends 11
defeat of his paity Ills political carei
has been successful thus fat and he wan' '
the record to stand as It IK , hence ho w |
not take the risk of defeat , which he sei
to b ? almost Inevitable.
The withdrawal of now or Increases li
lerest In the dumocratlc convention which
to be held next week It mal es probab
u factional contest that will be highly lute
esllng to the republicans. Doubtless ll
end will be the nomination of a man who1
In accord with the machine or at any rai
satisfactory to It. but whether thei caiul
date be & Hill man or a Cleveland man den
ocrutlc unity and haimony In New York th
> ear seems out of the question Tlowei
withdrawal virtually admits this and Is tl
most significant nltn yet Riven of the de
perate condition of the Umpire state d
mocracy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
A rnriTf.Ki.-J . sinntT xKi-xuix
Short sessions of congress are usual !
fruitless so far as general legislation Is coi
cerned. Them nre several reasons for this
large proportion of the members of the low
house In particular have , by the heginnli
of the short session , learned from the etc
tlon returns of the previous November ( hi
the end of their congressional careers is sot
to be nt hand and that adjournment on tl
follow Ing March means their retirement
private life With this prospect In view tl
incentive lor work Is largely diminished 01
they are more concerned In closlm ; up the
affairs In the departments and prcparli
to give up their Washington residence th :
to exert themselves In the formulation ai
enactment of Important legislative measure
Especially Is this so when , at the prevloi
election , the people have vote l to shift tl
responsibility for leglslat on from 01
political party to another , and tl
loaders of the majority in the sliorE se
slott have reason to apprehend that II
newly elected congress will not agree wl
them In their policies upon the EiibJecU u
pormost In the people's minds In that ca
they conceive that they are doing their fi
duty when they see that the numirous o
proprlatlon bills are properly Introduced ai
put through congress , and ilnce these no'
adays re-quire so much time It would 1
dlQlcult for them to do much else we
they to Inclined.
The short tcsslon of the Fifty-thlnl co
greus gives every promUe of being ev
more frullleai than the average short < K
Tbt | > i tl l tiui only Hint a
r ml r \.t numb ri who tie prom I-
ii'rt u tht 'i u-c n will nut be In the next
limt p. Lut aUj ttiat th < p > ht i al i i ipkttuii
if tin huiiae will be iliunged so that the
nutjmlns majority will b * only wiltmR lo bu
relieved f th r" Tioii lblltiy renting on thrm
Ald from IhU the ontloitc lor definite
not on tn aii ) pending nu.'Mlon Is not -very
M < xxt and I ) nrtmlttetl to be so by the highest
democratic authorltlei. Senator Ury ot Del-
aivire , uho In a member of the foreign
relations cimmlttee ol the senate and who
rcptweiits tne administration ns nearly as
any ore. s ld In a recent * Interview
he dil not look foFnny legislation ot Impor-
tiinre at the short si'sslon ol cotmrefs Ilo
expressed u desire tu see tlie dee raw ma
terial und the frns sugar bills already before
tlie senate go through Immediately , but as
there Is a strong combination ngalnat them
lie has no hope of their passage. The same
Is true with respect to the free coal bill and
tlie free Iron ore 1)111. Senator Clrav Is fur
ther of the opln on that the btrong opposi
tion to trlir legislation of nny kind will un
doubtedly have the cited of stimulating fr s
silver agitation , and the insistence of the
advocates of free coinage ut the old ratio
of IG to 1 may he relied upon to push this
Issue to the front whenever and wherever
an opportmi tv offer He does not. however ,
apjear to be tppiehenslve that a renewed
silver agitation will nny legislative re
sults There ure hosts ol other topics alt-
Ing for congressional action , but the chances
are that they will nil cither be crowded
nut by the appropriation hills , or If reported
from the loinmlltees will meet objections
from so many rides that they will die a
natural death on the calendar It will re
main for the rifty-fourth congress to take
up all tliese Important questions and to act
on them
Senator Hlgglns of Delaware Is an earnest
advocate of the _ . annexation of Canada to the
United States. In a. speech In the seriate
Kcveial months ago he pointed out the dan
ger possible from the existence of two dls-
fiitt governments on tills continent one
of thorn owing allegiance to a foreign power
Ho said that because of the 5000,000 people
on the notth we have the least possible ' .on.
cern It is not a power tint threatens us In
the least. Coupled with the military and naval
power of Great Hrltaln It becomes a mallei
of much moro concern , but even jet we tal. <
It csslly Hut It Is a matter of vital differ
( lice when Canada contains a populat on o
20,000,000 or of 5001)0000 Then we shal
again have the question presented of peac <
or var. When tlat comes , whatever tin
time or peiloil may be , there will be a tila
of .strength
In an address Just delivered at Ogdcns
burgh , N. Y , the Delaware senator re
stated his views regarding a continent. !
union He said that the idea of a policy o
reciprocity between the two wll
prove to bo illusoiy and that only In cantl
ncntal unity , In the union of the people o
Canada with the United States as cqua
states under our federal constitution , cm
Canada be assured the right to fully slur
In our markets. "The deceitful illusion heli
out by the lowered duties of the recent ( aril
act , " said Mr. Hlgglns , "will not bctra ;
Canadians into the hope that , uhllp remain
Ing n separate people , they will have fre
ucccss to our markets. Both peoples wll
realize that all dickering between then
should cease und that the great schism li
feeling between the two branches of th
Engl'sh-speaklnK ' rcce will bn healed who
they shall be left to work out their destln
upon the continent , free from cnlauglemen
with the interests , the Influences or the con
fllcts of Europe " A great nnny Intelllgen
Americans cnteituln slmilai v ews and be
riously Ijolleve that the. time is not remot
when tills Idea of continental unity will b
realized Senator Sherman a > car 01 tw
ago expressed the opinion on the lloor of th
senate that within a decade a portion of Can
ado , would become a part of the United States
and that annexation being once begun woul
not stop until thin country hurl absorbed th
whole ot the Dominion.
liut It is to be remarked that those wh
hold this view have not recently been geitln
any encouragement from our northern nelgli
brs. . So far as appears there has been n
growth among them for some time of th
annexation sentiment The agitation fc
union with the United Slates seems to hav
entirely ceased or If kept up at all It I
not In n public waj. The agricultural pn
ducers were the source of this sentimen
but as soon aa the democratic party hei
gave them assurance that their Intcrci , !
would be almost as well tuken care of as
they were citizens of the United States the
began to lose interest In annexation. Whr
they wanted was not citizenship in the r ;
public , not the protection of the America
IIg , but the American market for the
products , and this having been given thci
they are content to remain , at least for tli
present , as they arc. AB Senator Higglr
pointed out , the farmer o ( Canada with h
lower-priced labor and cheaper lands , ca
Brow his products at a cost ot 11 per cei
less than the American farmer , with whoi
ho competes , and every cent of dutj no
removed on these products Is a present I
tlio Canadian farmer of that much money c
all ho may sell in the American m.iiko
The farmers of Canada could not reasonabl
ask any thing better than this , and as the
are assured of It for several > ears the
cro not likely during that time to nine
attention to the question of annexation (
continental union The other classes of tl
population have never very seriously eoi
corned themselves with It
What Senator lllgglns raid about the ci
oroachments of the Cinudlun nllroada ui
the Internal carry tig trade of this counti
waa far more peitlnent anfl practical tliii
his suggestions regarding continental unlo
We need not borrow ny trouble about no
slble danger to our peace uheii Canada hat.
population several times larger than at pre
ent because It Is too remote The rallroa
question however , has an linmellate or
pressing Interest which ought to commar
the careful consideration of our I cople.
There an ears to be no warrant fcr crlt
clslng , os has been done , thu action of Se
rotary Carlisle In directing the cancellatlc
cf treasury notes redeemed In silver col
The secrctiry unquestlonahlj has the law c
his side. The Sherman act , under whlc
theo treasury notes \vcre issued , requln
that they shall be redeemed on demand .
coin , and w hen so redeemed shall not IM r
Issued When exchanged for geld or r
celvnl in payment for public dues they n
reissued , but when redeemed In silver tl
liw directs that they slmll be cancelled ,
li provided In the cct that no "greater >
less amount n ! such notes ihall l > 3 outstanrllr
at any tlniu than the eost c ( the silver and tl
bullion standard silver dollars coined ther
from then held In the treasurj purch ( sed I
such notes. " In his explanation , drawn out I
numerous inquiries addressed to the depar
ineiit , Secretary Carlisle inalcea It entire
plain that when treasury notes are r
deemed In silver coin they must ba cancelle
the obrloui reasn being that the lunctli
of the ji to harifTTbeon fully performed and
tlia tilltlfii n v Ivtd In Its Issue hating
IKUI diicliurgt 1 cancellation Is not only a
iiiturul t nevim n e but is obligatory unier
the mandate u ( the law TliH process has
within a yenr mn < l consldernble addition
to the silver circulation.
As A lewed nt a dlRiancc , there Is llttlo
chancecl Onuha securing Ihn state f lr.
Man ; ot the iffiHiulhorlzetl bj Ian lovote
the locution 1.0o jet tn be selected through
county bonrdi\ojj agriculture. The rail
roads are In p xlilnii to ah&otutcly control
the kcation , and they trc known to be
fnvorahle lo Dizain In the contest While
head officials of the loads drclnro themselves
o bo fctilctly neutral In the matter , their
nderstrappers mid local igrnts nrc plugging
'or ' Line In as against Omaha. It Is nn-
'artunate ' that In every Issue if Importance
Ills city Is forced Into an attitude o'f hos-
Illty to o'htr portions of the stale Lin-
oln Im.s hint the fair far five years , and ,
; i-ne rally speaking has handled it well
S'ow Omahn wants U and ousht not to be
'ompelled ' to fiht ( fcr It. Kvery railroad
hut touches Lincoln also lends to Onmlii
f located here the fair attendance would
iloubttess bo 21 tier cent grcutor than nt
Lincoln , because iho city affords tninlfold
.ttrictloiiK apart fran the fair. This fact
liould lie considered hcn a bonus Is pro-
i > sed as the prlro of location. Omaha can-
lot , in fairness , bo exprcted to pa > at , great
in amount a ? other cities c nnot afford
o goad u guaranty cf heavy gate receipts.
The people of ruha nnd 1'orto Klco nre
irgtng tliu Spanish government lo negotiate
i new commercial treaty with the United
States , based on the reciprocity anangemenl
etently abiogated They very naturally dc
not like having to pa > n largely Inereasul
irlce for Hour , pruvlslons mid other things
on which heavy dutle&i have been rclmposed
! ut It seems tint they arc not likely tc
real be their desire for a new comnierclr
arrinRcmeht , because the State dipartmonl
will be powerless under the new tariff law
o make any new arrangement with Spall
or any other couMry without the consent ol
ho senate , and no modification ot the tenn ;
ot the act in favor of Spain Is posslbli
without amendment of the law by boll
louses of congress What the people o
those Islands should demand of the Spanlsl
government U H reduction ot duties , and thli
they will doubtless do. A vigorous agltu
tlon for this would probablj produce the de
sticd ellett , for the Spanish government I ;
anxious to avoid nii > thiiig like a revolution
nry movement liv the islands In the mean
while the American export trade with Cub :
Is suffering and n 111 undoubtedly contlnu <
to decline iimler/cxlstlng / conditions.
Responding t8an Invitation to dillver on
or more speeches in Nebraska on behalf o
the republican .tlcl-et , ex-1'rcsldent Harrlsoi
regrets that oilier' engagements prevent bin
from accepting the Invitation , and close
his letter as follows ' The events of th
lust > cara have been t.o instructive that th
people will not need as much exhortation n
usual " General Harrison Is eminently cor
rcct. The events of the last three year
have been so Instructive and imprcsslv
upon the tnlmjv off the people of Nebrask
that It requires very little exhortation t
Impel them to do'tlielr duty to the party an
the country tiy cifmlatlnB the example c
Pennsylvania , which gave JJarrlaon GJ.OO
majority and elected I'attisoia democral
as governor by' l QtXTrAer tfic tattooed can
didate , Delam t > r. That pointed rebuke , aO
ministered to boodlerlsm by the honest rt
publicans of Pennsylvania two years ago , re
suited In the election of Galusha A Grow a
congressman-at-large the very nevt year b
a majority of over 125,000
The most damning charge that has b e
brought agiinst Mayor Demls Is that li
signs the- warrants for hi ? own salary Tha
ought to certainly clinch the Impeachmen
charges Think ot It1 A ma > or who sign
warrants tor his own pay1 If H.iscill ha
hctn elected mayor ho would have left hi
pay In the treasury until his successor I
the mayor's office would sign his salur
wcirant. And Wheeler , whv he would hcrv
without pay If ever elected mayor
Members ot the Commercial club hav
reason to look back with pride upon who
that organization has accomplished In th
first year of Its existence The comln
3 car should be made to equal if not xurpas
the last in the results achieved. The ol
Jcct of the cltil ) Is to promote the commerclz
welfare of the city and community It Is
wide field that has thus far been partial !
covered There Is plenty of room for con
tlnulng tlie good work.
llift BIIUIII Kml * TJu rp.
llloln Democmt
J.evl P. Morton Is too olrl for presldo'i
but he Is nil right foi governor New Yor
will lme n Roorl chlet ma lHtrate for th
next three
_ _
An Fixtirn Yintp ,
JtufT.ilo UXPIHH ! ireii )
Senator Oem of Town tiottcd out Wllllai
II Allison , us 11 presidential possibility tr
1S9G In a speech the otlicr'nlKht Mr All
KOIX'H piepldcntlnl boom comes mlghtv nen
being an example of perpetual motion.
Ilia MUM for llioost. .
ClmJnnnt Pnqahrr ( ilem )
Senator Allison of lowu has somothln
of a boom for the republican nomln.itln
for tlie pie idenc > again. He Is lool.i
upon as a man of the conservative recor
that would enable him to Htaml on a pla
form favorable to silver
Knriimt mill I
1-niilllliin Tlm ° R
Judge Holcomb Is making nn earnes
dignified cnmpilgn lie in not a calamlt
shileker , and the charge tint the cied
ot Hie state would lie rulneil hy his elci
tlon Is ns foolish , , as It Is false Toi
Jlajors and hl gangLiinnot defeat Ilo
( onib by Blunder and inlsrepresentntloi
The- judge 1ms u wurnv plrue In the heuri
of Ncbiaska people , nn l no amount i
railroad abuti * can hti'm thu Hood of tav <
with which Ilitk'dmb ib everj where n
colved. _
< uiltailitln | Thrpiits ,
I'r fin jnt. Leader
The people of thlit state thut nre PI
denvorliig to rli ) It of political ] iirnslt <
and blood sucki-iWhine ; nut only to llgl
tliem lu'iLIn Nitlftailk.i liut they ure coi
centrntlntf tlioir forces nnil bringing ever
possiblepreHSiirci t ( > . , l'ear on 119 from ou
BII > sources Tpfe tftte-st deal is for loti
filomla to rirofji1 the names of pa
tl > s here who .no nli satlbfleil with Afujoi
and report them'tu eastern sharks ) The
eastern nhurlcs at3Hice , ( wtlte personal le
ti-r to tholr local riuents anil vvnrn the
not to BUI port "populists , threatening-
they do to take'llVelf business * nwn > Th
simply Illustr.itiHtilltiutlifulness ot 01
position for come time to tlu effect thi
capitnl thinks It h.i # us foul and It pn
no e to resort to every method to pe
IH-tu.ite our present condition Let tl
eaBtern friends anil vvoulil-lie deatroyt-i
of personal llbnity continue their coi
temptlble , unmanly covvnnlly , Bloloc
entitles U will only teach the people i
rise up nnd annihilate nuoh illsloyule -
mln. 1 't them withdraw their money
they want to AVe do not want It unle
we can Elvoalue received for it Oi
thing IH HUH * We will not yacrlllco 01
peiHonal liberty In order to pacify the
or lend fuitlicr enjoyment to tlieli naal
greed I2v crj body known that nil th
cry about vvlthdiuwliiK capital on uccou
of populist legliilatloti is all liosh Tin
have been withdrawing It from'eve ry Hta
where they could on Hccuunt of the pan
which the > \oluntarll > brought on Bon
of those fellow H down east that are attcl
Ing : their noses In our local politics itr
trying to Intimidate our \oters , tlireutt
liiff our business InterestB unless we nn
render to them our persunal rights in
liberties , need to ho strung up to tel
TUBU iwles Just like ulhci anurclilstu.
orirnn i , \JN 3ir.iv 01 us.
It 1 l.s now < u If tlie i litre hrnn h of pence
would lie a i. tpted b ) all > 1. " rulers ,
Tlio KiLtmtlon in n uro pn halt umlergrin great
clmnges slnue thu triple nlllnnce betwcrn HIT
niny , Auetrlu-'Iniiar > atru Italy wan tnimod
This nllluncis repir'led ' as n liotllle innvc-
ncnt bj both Hnssla flml Trance , anil It
se meil for n lime lhat .1 Kcnenil r.uiopian
war \vnt IneMlnble. The expulsion ot ( ! ir
nans from Russia , nnd tlie waifare uf thi
Jermiui Rovirnment find baiiKs upon Itui-
slin yi'curltlffi , were Indications of the depth
of International ) . Hut the Intlii-nca
ot Chancellor Olern , the paclllc mlnli > ti > f of
state , with hU master wu % more than a
mntcli for the I'aniscluvlstB , who were pager
for war with ( Hrmaiiy. Iho fact thnt ( Hers.
lilts nuccrcded In pr serving his power In
ple ( of the attacks of his enemies of the war
parly in In Itself a significant blgn of peace
All the uithuslahin and gush of Iho naval
lenioriMritloiii at Kiotistndt and 1 onion had
no effect upon the cool Judgment of th >
minister , and to ills wise cuunncls m.i > be
nttrllmted the failoie of the I'ranco-Httsslun
alliance for n campaign of revenge. The only
incnncp to th3 pence of Kurope comes from
Km nee Hut Instead of cherishing senti
ments of revenge which may tonner or later
break out In a Ilami1 of war. Chancellor
Capri v I 1ms Invlkd the Trench lo unite with
U'rmaiiy In a treaty which would
piomnle the welfare of liotli mllons The
commercial treaty between ( ierman > and
Russia tins powerful ! } contributed In ! r ben
the jealousies of the two counlrl u and make
for permanent peace nnil goodwill Clinn-
cellor Csprlvl think * that bv entering Into u
similar trcnl > with Centum ) the Trench
would In time ( Vicrlcnc' ) filch nn ameliora
tion of tlielr wound that they would alunion
the design of recovering Alsace ut the ex
pense of n tcrilble war Whatever may b
the relative mllit-iry strciiKth of the two
natlo'is the Tiench have certainly no reason
to fear the Industrial superiorly of (1 ( rmatiy.
Thp answer of the Trench to Chancellor
Cnprlvl s Invltullon tn commercial peace will
be awaltc'd ultli much interest
* k
Trance has little to fear from Prince Trail-
cols Marl" de Hotirbon , who Ins put himself
forward In rivalry to the duke of Orleans
or , perhaps , rather , ns the succ ssor of the
late count of ritumlrard. as the "legitimate
heir to the crown cf Trance1 , " ami has just
succeeded in getting liinibOf locked up on a
two-months' sentence nl Madrid He Is a son
ot the eccentric Henri de IJourbon duke ol
Seville , and brother of Trnncols d'AsslsI the
coubln and husband of Isabella II of Spain
Il'nrl de IJourbon was once vlco admlial of
the Spttnlih Tleet , but was removed from
that olDce on account of his too ' advanced '
political Ideas , and after the revolution ol
IbGS he was killed in a duel by the duke oi
Montpensl r , uncle of the late count of Paris
He was morganatlcally married , and his second
end son by that union Is thp present pre
tender , or pictender to the pretcmlerBhlp ,
Francois Marl3 de Hotirbon The litter is
nevi 41 jcara old , 1ms been twice married ,
his first wife having been a Cuban , whom h
married in New York His claims to tht
"legitimate" succession arc certainly shad
owy and his manner ol putting th m forward
Is offensive in the extreme "As the son ol
sixty kings" he says , "I am a principle
The legitimists complain of not having a
legitimate pretender to the throne Here air
I' " No wond-r that the Spanish governmenl
has suppressed him. It has removed hin
from his command ax brigadier-general for
bidden him to hear the till" of duke of An
Jou , and put him under lock and kcj foi
two months Not through him can rovaltj
hope to bo restored In France.
* t
While the International consolidation , po
lltlcal purification , and financial rehabllltntloi
of his country are no doubt the chief almi
which Slg. Crlspl has In view in seekinj
to conciliate the papacy , hp cannot overlool
the effect of thp Vatican's goodwill on tin
foreign relations of tlie Italian kingdom. I
Is vijll known thut the prospective succosso
of Trancls Joseph is n zealous Catholic win
looks with little fnvor on the triple alllanci
thnt makes Austria the partner of a stati
which he regards as the despoller of tin
church. Ills feelings would undergo a com
plctc chans ? If ho sovv theVatlcan on term
of cordial friendship with the civil power li
Italy With the same spectacle before them
the attitude toward ths Italian governmcn
of the Catholics who constitute two-lifths o
the population of the German empire vvonl <
be veiy dlfteicnt from what It is now
Above all , Trance , the enemy from when
Italv has most to fcqr. would lose , shouli
Slg Crlspi carry out his purpose , a grea
advantage which she now possesses , the sllen
but deep Influence which the Vatican oxerti
upon International combinations. Upon nlia
terms will King Humbert's government In
\ito the so much nredcd co-operation ot tin
papacy' That Is the practical miostlon ti
which an answer should shortly be fortlicom
ing. and in which not only Italy but al
Europe Is profoundly Interested
With befitting ceremony the flrst wcsten
Installment ot the traiiEslberlni
tallroad has just been Inaugurated , and St
Petersburg Is now In railroad cominunlcatloi
with the Important Siberian town of Omsk
on the Irtl&h rlv r True , the section li
question Is not more than about COO miles li
length , a m-re trlflo In comparison with tin
total length of 5000 miles ot the proposer
line It Is anticipated , however , that by thi
tlmt" next year rails will have been laid a ;
far ns Krasnolarsk , which is half way acroa :
the Asiatic continent Moreover It must In
tali n Into consideration thnt a certnli
amount of work is being dona on the easten
section of the road , that extending fron
Vladlvostoek up the valley of the Usurl rive
having been open for trafllc some months ago
As a commercial speculation It Is doubtfu
whcth r the line running for a creator par
of its length through a sparsely Inhabltei
country can ever pay anjthing like a fal
into of Interest on the enormous cost of con
struction , which Is estimated at 100,000,00
rubles ; and It IB also an open questloi
whether It will not serve to Increase the agrl
cultural distress and consequent mlscr > o
the peasantry In European Uutsla by flood
Ing that country with cheap grain from th
marc fertile districts of Siberia Hut as .
political and strategical enterprise , th ; Im
[ lortanco ot the line Is Immense , and Is cal
ciliated to cxerclso an Incalculable Influcnc
upon the future destinies of Asia , as. wsll a
of those European countries who possess In
terests in the far east
4 * *
Franco has received another notice tlia
nothing can be expcctrd from the czar I
the way of aid to wrest Alsace and I.orraln
from Germany The UusMati minister o
finance Dr. Wlttc , declares that the pollc ,
of his master Is ono of absolute peace fo
Kiirojp He has held ( Irmly to this pollc
for several years by his personal Inllucnc
has prevented ware , and It will be constant ]
exerted to the same end In the future Ii
Wltte denies thut HusBla ( mil any InUntlo
of Interfering In the Japan-China war , an
declared In so many words that "If Tranc
begins 'a war or Is the cause of war break
ing out , Iltmla will not stand by her'
Nor was this the worst snub admlnhtcied t
Trance for the glorloua tlnus at Cronstul
and Toulon , the fraternisation of the engl
and iho bear , are spoken of liy the advise
of the czar as ' mere popular demonstration *
Trench hop s ot a Itneslan alllince must hnv
pretty well faded out before Dr Wltt gn
this Interview to a German newspaper bu
they have received their quietus now , at an
rate Hiissla may be as peaceful as she prc
t ° mls. hut whether this pretense be liumbu
or not she sees her present Interest In cultl
vatlng Germany which is even more faU
to French plans
Onirnlriny MiuUtlm.
Hpr nBlloM KiiuMI | < BM
At the rate at which the Crand Arm
lost members last > enr , It would take < ml
about ten yeirs to dlntiand Uiu ort ; nlzi
tlon. The gross 1ms In membership VVH
C7)1 , which Is reduced hj iici > sslonH c
33.G61 to a net los-i of 23UD There wei
practically as man > members dismissed o
i delinquent nporU OH were- mustered It
and more thun twice as inuny suypende
r us were reinstated TuWnjr suspoiisloni
i dcllniiulncles nnil dlFclmrges , honorobl
and dishonorable , together und near y 53 ,
i 000 nut of the fi" WO lost memlic-is are ac
t counted for Only 7.2S3. or lem than
per fc-nt ot the total membership , died dm
In the lust > ear. The total membership I
now only : : roGS3 , as ngnlnst 2'J7,2i !
yeur ugo This Is the smallest inembei
ship repotted Tor many jearx. but U I
quite likely to he us large an U will evi
ho again In the mituiu of things th
dentil rate will increase , and the catisi
w hleh IIIIVP UK ] to no many dcllnqulncle
anil suspensions are ver > probably pel
ninlr I'llot General John M Tlmyer's
letter In tlie flu i o Trlhuno last week was
n display of InKrnuiudc' ns base ns ninny uf
thu etatptn'Mits it coiitalne'l vvcro untrue.
lilncoln News Any oiif who hn nny co-n-
plnlnt to niftke tlml Hu-rr Is no excitement
In Ihls cnmpnlgn will kindly wall until Mr
Ki > cw.ii r delivers hln ntitl-MaJors s | > cccli In
Aupahoe Vloiu-er If Turn Miijors Is ever
clertcd governor It cnn lie snld that the
pen II Hit la i \ nnd stale houni' rings linvo n
( Inner hold upon the stntu cash box than
ever liefoio
M H. Abbott , who ennip within forly-ono
votes of boltiR cleftpd lo the legHnttiro two
3 oars ago by the rcpuril'ciins ' ot Hull county ,
lias Issued n c.ud declining to miiVe thu
run again lie prefer * to Mnv In the ranks
during n tattooed ciimpilgn.
Kearney Huh Some people down at
Omaln are trjlng to linpcach Major Demls.
When they get tliiough they will prolnbly
wish they hndn I If llomts lias siircuedel
In Incurring the deadlv antagonism of the
city boodlnrs he Is to be congratulated
Kiitliuslaam for the slnlo ticket Is evUently
not ovcrllowlug nt Klkhorn There was a
republican rally announced for tlio other
evening but when the speakers arrived from
Omaha there wus not u republican In sight
and they took thu flrft train for lump
If the democrats of the Eighteenth repre
sentative diet ] let should biinv chanro cleet
their candidate for the lower house HIP leg
islature would contain n man who could
"mix n llttlo medicine " J C Hclvor Is hl
name nnd he runs n drug store at DUuii
Silver Creek Tlmos- Majors Is a rallro.ul
man through nnd thioiiRh Those who know
him well do not ilcnv it Any one who docs
deny It Is either misinformed or Insincere
To vote- for Majors Is equivalent lo saying
to Mr Holdrege nnrl the H. & M lallway
company 'Here Is jours Take
It and run It for the next two jears "
Fremont Herald A Tromont man who
was In North Itenil one da > this vvceK ran
across a politic il btnivv He met n farmer
who does buslnchs on a large scale on a bin
Dodge connt > farm and the Inlte" n Kul the
TrenioiH man If he wanted to make { 30 Of
course he wis read } for speculation and
thru the farmer told his scheme Ho si Id
' I nin a republican I have six bens wlu >
republicans , and two hired men who are
also republicans So Ihcre arc nlno repttb-
Pcan voters on the ranch I will give you
$59 If jou can llml : i Mnjois vote In the
crowd " The Trcmont man concluded not
to try It
The populists of the Ninth senatorial dis
trict have nominated n "phc-nom ' for their
candidate ( I Judge Parks can be taken us
authority The gentleman s 111111113 is nilis
Jeff i lea nnd h < > is famlllarl ) known us ' Uub
Jeff. ' lie Is a fanner and Judge Parks
says of him ' He wears his pants In his
cowhldo boots always Is an e\pert poker
player , and can drink more -whlsk > nnd spit
tobacco julrc further and lilt a imrl : than
any other man In that bectlon of co ntr >
He can make a fnlily good bpecch nnd in
all probibllltles will bo elected lo succeed
the rotund weakling who sat like a bump
on a log all through the last session "
Phll.idelphin Ucconl-
what nukes the nMi man - < o surls ' HrhlgPt
Sure ma'm , Ol ciipposc It's utciiuxe he'H
so ofttn In the dumps
Galveston Xews The imn who ildes u
hobby pa s well foi Ills tt.insport.ition.
Boston Tianpcrlpt Pntlent Can vou tell
me , doctor , the cnu c' of hildness ? I'liVHl-
clTli Nothing ea * > ltr sli It is due to the
fnllliiR- out of the hall Will vou pay me
now. or shall I put It down to jour ac
count' '
Atlanta Constitution Dusty Crust Cnn
jou help a poor man who lost all In the
forest llrcs ? l.adv of the House What dlii
j.ou lose' Dustv Crust The tiee undti
which I was sleeping
Truth- Diy If I wcic In join place 1
wouldn't pnlnt that house white , I'd pninl
It hrovvn Weeks It vou were in my jdace
you'd probnlilj- so rmd that vou'rl paint
It rid. Just to spite the people * who gu\e
you advice about It
Sviacuse Posf llrr rather ( spinl ( > ) -
Voiinjr man , do vou plnv pokei t
Her Sulloi Whj ir tlmt Is once In c
while I er
Her Father Well , let's hne n game !
Somervllle Journal H In Instructive sorno
times to sec how much and how sudden ! }
a man's enthusiasm o\cr a piopnced pulillc
Improvement will oliitc when vou ask Jilir
how much he Is willing lo nulisoilbe
UiKlilnKtnn Mnr.
lie would pxeielsc' his biceps with n mullet
In cHiquet ,
He rould wield n tennis lacket In a ver >
clurrnlns wuj
To see him hit the puiiclihif * Ins would
renllv ilo yon goo 1.
But lie couldn't , wouldn't undertake to spill
Ihe kindling wood.
Washington Stin "Those poor arctic ev-
ploieis hnve had Home dreiulful expeil-
enc a. " cnlil the BJ mpathetlc woman
' I know It , " replied jounjr Mis Torkins
"Hut thc-v have had their plctuies taken Ir
somepcrfectlj loveh fuis"
Atlantn Conslltutloir "Will vou try a
Btnnll Klais of this eorn whlskj' ' "
"Pso , sir ! I corne from a dry couutrv. "
"Pardon me. here's H quart measure "
THtrnlt TinI'I.H
The vvpathtr's hi en n sIiiK Inu us
All tound the hllstererl town ,
Tint wait
v\lien Juek TroHt hits the- mercury ,
Yon bet he'll knock it down
t\i > rif.s. .
Ocorpla reports n InrRf corn crop mil will
prcse'ntlv drmaiul the removal . . ( th throne
to thftt see lion
Iho king of Corf a 's Buffering from n
disease ut the tlirofll He appears to be get
tliiR It In the neck all round
Iho , enthusiastic tinanlnill ) of N" w York
republicans produces n cor respond I UK ( Mires
hlou In the camp of the enemy.
Some men are born great , others nro-
routed In their own county The IIMVS from
Olori In enough to provoke mcl do iner with
out going to sen.
llv the time the white wings and v How-
asters of Nebraska democraej get through
with ench other's ted ; * the market for hair
restoratives will enjoy a sudden boom
If there nre nnvmoother nmulilncK In thli
btoad land than Mr Tom VIill's the owners
can nmke n fortune h > placing them on ex
hibition und e-xplalidiiK tholr workings ,
The oldest pensioner In Ihe country la
Andrew rrniiUIn of Burlington Kun whu
wns liorn In 1701. fought In the war of 1S12.
In two Indian wars and served as a tcamst r
tn the dvll war.
It Isciy probable the Missouri Irnln lob-
hers did not cue for the money In prospect ,
but desired n practlrit test nf the Mile Ida
theories ot Hob IiiRersoll The experiment
Is tutlsfactorj lo the1 general public
Grandpa Golilttm of Sulphur \\MI ( ! a . dl d
at 110 his wife at int. The "joung ( ! old-
sons" nre now respectively M. 8J Sfl 7K , 7(1 ( ,
74 and tl No child of the family linn over
died except one grnndion. killed In Ihe wnr.
Kecrctnrj Caillsle will deliver HII address
on the life and character of Hobi rt Morris
nl Dalnvli. N Y. October IB. the occasion
being the d dicatlon of the building no long
associated with the life ot the revolutlonaiv
Iho personil upppninncr of Jean Itlchepln ,
who Is described us the mobt versatile genius
In all rianee since the dcith ot Victor Hugo ,
must Imur RS the i-tiiumei who meets him
for the flrst time lie Is pictured an a ( all ,
burly man. handsome In u brutal t-tjlc with
u low brow , n thick ruck dllited nostrils and
it general alt of athletic culm
riicsliolm Ituborlson one of the foremost
lenders of th > Hicnt Scottish coil miners'
strike speaks Trench with an unimpeachable
accent Is aciitialnted Vo some extent with
German writes two sj items of shorthand ,
and reids l.'urlvlo and Schupcnluuer Ha
wears a v Ivet jarkot cut a la Whistler ,
altocts a stovepipe hnf of the pattern woin
ten vears ago. nnd Is profuse In his display
of jewelry He carries a cane which Is s.ibl
lo- weigh seven pounds.
Jtrry Simpson has his Imsj dajs In Medi
cine Lodge When ho came down town the
morning after his the flrst thing h
did wns to route Ihe bovs out of the alley
back ol Mnln strict , who vvcro leaving their
melon rinds In the nllev ; then he took an un
hitched team to the rack hy the court
house : then he Me ted n street faker with
out a licence to I lie cltj clerk , nnd helped a
hired man with n ' jag" to the calaboose ,
just to get his hand In again and see how
It went.
In a letter to the Itonlon Olobe Joe Howard
tells how marked Is Ihe revival of business
In New York Cltj He saj-s the savings
banks are bursting with money which Is
seeking Investment The great dry go da
stores nre crowded one of them rei > ortiiiK
greater business Hum nt an ) time in twentj-
five years Tills condition extend to the
boot and shoe. Icilhcr , drugs nil > , aman a
wear trade Hotels which win1 not pijlng
expenses a month ago arc cr wded nnd the
theaters are cnjojlug remarkable properUy. .
The ( ImiitvoroiK Mi-nt.
WitnlilnRt n I'm !
The west Is liejond the doinlnUlon of the
ensl. The seat of empire Is not In New
Kngland. noi In the middle stutcs It
passed from thorn loiur ago Kvery decen
nial census Is followed hy a redistribution
of seats in the national house of loprcscntx-
tlvcs , and each successive1 uppnlntment
Rtrongthuna the we t us comp ire-d with the
Vniillll m Tlinci.
U Is meet nuil right that John JK
Tlniyer , the mnn who Htole he Rovcrnoi'H
chair : ind occupied It nriuiu fulls foi a
\enr , should now lie chief RpokPHiiiiin for
Tom Jlnjon l verj' one of the tttntp hoiiso
of hoodlcrs Is Bboiitlnu foi Majors.
Till'VniKH \ < ! lltl.i rtKII/H.V.
} -mprvllle lournil
The summer girl Is home
Her chdlis tanned to theln > wn
Clem hue of henlth , so seldom seen
Within the hented town
Tresh ulr and exercise have done
Kill het theli level best.
Her e > jes arc blight , and life has now
Tor her unwonted zest
What inntleia It how innnv heuils
Are sulTeilnK cruel wounds ?
The siunniel girl hus linil her fun.
And KiUiied just eighteen pounds
To her Illilatlon Is but Bport.
And vvhe-ii she's tired of love.
She Hlngs It from hct. ns she might
A faded , worn out filovc
She H hail fun at the mountains.
And Khe's hud fun ut the bench ,
"While tantalized jounn men lime found
Her lust liejond their icuch
She's Illrted , wnltred and walked with all.
With prefe'ieiice foi none ;
And many a > outh him grieved to nnd
That he was not The One
And now she's home again nt last ,
Her loveliness enhance il
I5v nil the leifiues ulie's rowed and sailed.
And nil thp mllca Hhe K dnnced
Shf's home nmiln fur sweeter than
She was before she went.
And If the world could see her heart ,
It couldn't And n dent.
JI .MI".S HOH7I7 tut yitan MOVKI * n tuic.
Low Tariff.
The feature of this big-suit sale is its close con.
neclion with politics. FPOB wool
has enabled us to ofTer 1,000 , suits in
this sale at just one-third less than
they would otherwise bo sold. We
had a big run on them the first day
Every one our own make , well and handsomely
made in latest style , long cut , single and double
breasted sacks and cut-a-ways ; blue , black , plain
and fancy cheviots , plain fancy and cassimeros
and latest patterns ot tweeds.
Knee pant suits , $2,50 , $3.00 $3 50 , $4.00 , $5.00 ,
long pant , suits $6.50 , $7.50 , sB.500.
All these are strong reliable and stylish and
very cheap.
Browning , King & Co , ,
Uclliiblu Clothiers , S , W. Cor , 15th and Douglas.