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Eioiio of Eastern Notoa&a Log Rolling
ABSC elation at Oonrtland Yesterday ,
Imposing Street 1'nniito ol Local ml Vl lt-
lag Cmiipn I'rogrntnnt the llcm-h-Ilow
They \V > ro int : rt lncl-Hi-mills
of the IlimliKSft Mcctlhg.
The third annual log tolling of the Modern
SVcodmen of eastern IMjrnaha was held In
Omaha yesterday. Mooltot estimates place
Jho number of Woodmen who took part In
jtho various festivities at several thousand.
Delegations cirnc In fiom all parts of east-
Vn Nebraska and western Iowa , many of
jlhem appearing In full repaid and bringing
local bands along. On their arrival a re
ception committee from the local lodges of
ho order took them In charge and con-
ucted them to the headquarters In the I'at-
erson block.
A monster street parade was the order
of the morning , and In the afternoon the
pleasure seekers betook themselves to Court-
Und beach and spent there the remainder
ol the afternoon and evening.
{ Promptly at 10 o'clock Marshal J , H. But-
Jer gathered his forces at the corner ol
Seventeenth nnd Furnam streets. More
tlmn 1,000 Woodmen , each carrying an ax ,
the emblem ot the order , and wearing re >
Dallas , formed In parade. The line was
Leaded by the Fort Omaha band , followed
by a platoon of police. Then came a Ion ;
line of carriages containing the local ccnv
mlttce on arrangements and the head of
ficers of the prdcr. The Nebraska State
band followed , after which came the visiting
camps , which were as follows :
J. P. Dunham , No. 14 , Seward ; D. C ,
Zlnk , No. 408 , GMniB Island ; B. A. Ward ,
to , 4G5 , Yorl. ; South Omaha camp , No. 1095 ,
South Omaha ; Grand Island , No. 403 , Gram !
island ; Kenrmrtl , Not , 1347 , Kennard ; Ne
braska City , No. 331. Nebraaka City ; Arte-
elan camp , No. 1001 , Cook , Neb. ; Spring-
Held camp , No. 1751 , Springfield ; Neb. ; Waco
. .No2549 , Wjcc. JJoHij ! llanedlct. Na. 13S < *
Benedict , Neu. , Lackenu , No. 857 , McCool
Neb. ; Trabosls , No. 1203 , Dlalr , Neb. ; Wesl
Fork , No , 1309 , Whiting , la. ; Snllx , No. 1935
Ballx , la. ; Nehawku. No. 2010 , Nehawha
Neb. ; La nue , No. 1W8 , Union , Ncb.jMuney
No. 1850 , Muney , Neb. ; Valley camp , No
2103 , Macedonia , la. ; Cedar Creek , No. 2005
Cedar Creek , Neb. ; Avoca camp , No. 633
Avoca , Neb. ; Hlver View , No. 1071 , Louis-
vllle , Neb. ; Sun Dance , No. 181 , Sioux City
la. ; Barber camp , No. 1771 , Manning , la.
Beatrice camp. No. CTO , Beatrice , Neb. ; Cap
Ual City , No. 180 , Lincoln camp , No. 9C9
Jlaum City , , No. 13J.2 , Nebraska camp , No
1CC2 , Antelope , No. WO , Lincoln , Neb. ; Klne
hott , No. 771 , Wavsrly , Neb. ; Arlon camp
No. 1743 , Ermln. Neb. ; Douglas , No. 735
Douglas , Neb. ; Grec-mvood , No. 805 , Green
* vood , Neb. ; Campbell , Papllllon , Neb. ; Aker
Jund , No. 20B5 , Valley , Neb. ; Normal , Fre
mont , Neb. ; Itasca , No. 1051 , Cedar Blurts
Neb. ; North Bend , No. 101C ; Arlington , No
1904 , Arlington , Neli.
The Seventh Ward Military band headet
the Omaha camp , vihlch marched In the fo !
lowing order : Onibha camp No. 120 , 'will
200 men ; Slaple cimp No. 915 , with 150
Beach camp No. 1451 , with ICO.
The line cf march started at Seventecntl
and Farnam stretls and proceeded dowi
Farnam to Twelfth , , Twelfth to Douglas , 01
Douglas to Fifteenth , on Fifteenth to Cap
Itol avenue , Cnpltol avenue to Sixteenth
Sixteenth to Cans , returned on Sixteenth ti
Douglas , _ an Douglas to Fifteenth , on FIf
tcenth to" Harney , on Harney to Fourteenth
on Fourteenth to Howardon Howard t
Twelfth. Here tha procession broke rank
and the members joined their wives am
. sweetheart and boarded the cars for Court
t fand Beach.
l The street railway company had twent ;
extra trains on the South Omaha line to nc
commodate thu vast crowd that was ex
pccted. The Hast Omaha line had more thai
doubled the number of Us trains. But will
all this preparation crowds were met am
passed at each corner. The corner at Locus
street was filled with people all the after
noon and evening waiting cars. The ground
at the beach were 'packed. ' The places of en
tertalnment were continually tilled to the !
capacity , this even being the case with th
smaller places when the big show In th
evening had gathered 10,000 people wlthli
Its cates.
On arrival at the beach luncheon wa
oaten. Ao many is could gathered about th
tables under the' trees and the less fortunat
found easy placet upon the grass. Whe :
r this " 'duty" had been satisfactorily per
formed the baskets and cloths were gathcrc
together and all scattered to get the ver
best tlmo ho or she , or both together , wa
ablo. A check' tint had been set up to th
east of the pavllton for the accominodatlo
of the picnickers and was completely filled
Near by was staked a tent for the officer
Of the log rolling association , and betwee
the two ono belonging to Omaha camp.
At 1:30 the exercises were begun at th
east end of the pavilion. The crowd extende
far out around Ihe steps , from which th
speakers spoke. The Fort Omaha band wa
stationed on thti pavilion. The followln
program was ronaered :
Selection , Second In'fantry band , II. S. /
Address of welcome , Hon. George I
Bemls , city major.
Response , A. 11. Tnlbott. Lincoln.
Cornet solo of Second Infantry band , t
8. A.
Presentation c'f .prize banner to Oman
camp 120 , lion , W. A. Northcott , lieu
Response , C. II , Illcpen.
AddroHS , Mrs. BO. 1) . Watt , supreme orncl
Jloynl Neighbors ! of America.
I < Ive-mtuute speecho ? , J. G , Johnson , C
\V. , White. D. C , Kink ,
Concert by the Nebraska. State band an
Fort Omnlui band ,
The speakers chiefly dwelt upon the goo
and the growth of the order , praising tli
good work of tlio past four ur live ycat
apd predicting creator gains for the tutun
At 3 o'clock the- choppers laid nsldo the !
axes and started In on a round of gayet
. and pleasure , completing the follow Ing prc
Running race , 100 yards , free for all ; rur
nlng race , fifty yards , for Woodmen's wlvei
Back race , flftyr yards ; three-legged raci
fifty yards , entries by camps ; relay rac
300 yards , entries by camps ; three nulghboi
constitute a team , two teams from ono cam
not allowed ; running seventy-five yard
for Woodmen's daughters ; running nice , 1C
yards , for those who never won a race ; bo :
race.Tho contests -were for Woodmen only an
while no world's records were broken , tl
object'of having a jolly good time \vi
amply realized.
The baskets were taken out and aga !
put away. The majority then accepted tl
General Invitation to attend the pcrformam
of the "Last Days of Pompeii" to such o
extent that the seating capacity was not su
flclent , more than a thousand being con
pellcd to find standing room wherever tlu
At 5 o'clock the business meeting of tl
Eastern Nebraska Log Rolling asaoclatU
took place , anil the following officers we
elected : President , A. R , Manchester
Lincoln ; first vlco president , . John S. Kir
of Omaha ; second vlco president , Mrs. I
V KnMmin < T Omaha ; third vice prcalder
Mrs. Austin of Lincoln ; fourth vlco pre :
/ K'Mir Howard of Paplllton ; secretar
AVulter A , Leese , Lincoln ; treasurer , Auet
i ii.ncom , Lincoln was chosen as the pla
1 ' ' ( t'w annual log rolling next yea
Among the head officers of the Older ai
Iloyal NelRhlore who were present wer
Hon. W. A. Northcott of Greenville , II
. .J consul ; I ) . U. Zlnk of Grand Islan
head banker ; A. 1Talbott of Lincoln ,
n Johnson IVabody of Kansas , J. W.Vlil
of Rock FalU. III. , members of the board
directors ; A. ! H. Faulkner of Lincoln , depu
licad consul ; Mn. 2. 1) . Watt , euprcr
oracle ; Mrs. W. E. Cady , supreme cha
collor ; Mm. C. H. T. Itlepen , supreme ma
shal , Mrs. Miry Maishal , supreme manage
r "n M Hhaver , supreme outer sentlni
The camp commlUeeeB were1 Oinal
C rup No. 133 0. II. T. lUepen. J. E. Vi
v 114 go S. Meek.
Maple Camp N.O. 945 O. A. Grlnn
George M , Shaver , J. I , Watt.
Bt-Mh Camp No. 1464 J. W. Houdir. C.
D. Klllott , A. H. Votburgh.
Magnolia Camp No. 1833 W. F. II. 11-
cox , O. L. Silver , W. T. Nelson.
Hazel Camp No. 271 , Council Bluffs W.
M. Frederick , Dr. M , B. Snyder. L. E. Brldsn-
South .Omaha Camp No. 1005 F. B. Pearl ,
W. S. Wlttcn , 0. B. Bruce.
Mrs. T. S. Hawkins , Chattanooga , term. ,
nays : "Shlloh's Vltallzer 'saved my life/
I consider It the best remedy for ft fleblll-
tated jystem I ever used. " For dyspepsia ,
liver or kldnpy trouble It excels. Pries , 7Cc.
Sold by Goodman Drug Co.
Il.iir Itati-d \VintiliiRton , I ) , d
Via Chicago & Northwestern railway , Au.
gust 23 , 24 and 25 , good till SerMcmler 15.
Tickets flrtt class and good on all trains ,
Including the new 5:45 : p. m , "special. "
Choice of different routes going and returnIng -
Ing east of Chicago.
The "official line" for Omaha Knlfhts ol
Pythias. 1401 Farnam street. 1401 I'arnam
street. 1401 Karnam street.
Hvhomo to I'ovtpono Action Until Arlcr the
( 'oiiilng City Jlttcllon.
The Idea of holding a special coundlll meet
ing this week to transact the business lefi
over by reason of. the early adjournmeni
Tuesday night has been abandoned tnd un
less BO ins new occasion should arise th <
council will not bo called together until tin
next regular meeting. The most Importer
matter that Is scheduled to be acted on nex
Tuesday night Is the opening of the bids to :
electric lighting , as provided by the rejdver
tlsemcnt which was ordered some time ago.
Since the resolution Instructing th ? comp
trailer to advertise for bids was passed tlu
Idea has occurred to one or two of the tnombeti
of the council that It would bo a very astuti
scheme to postpone action on the bids untl
after election. According to reliable an
thorlty this schcmo Is being Induitrlousl ;
Incubated In the cranium of Councllmai
Parker and will bo sprung at tht propc :
time , providing he can acquire the necessar ;
support to carry It through.
It Is stated in favor of the proposltloi
that the prospective action of the counct
on the bids may be productive of more o :
less criticism which would cut a coed ilea
of flcuro before election , but wouldl not b
so objectionable after the danger period hai
been passed. It is understood that the post
poncment will be effected by a ref ronce o
the bids to a committee that can be rellei
ii | Hitc.iclay d report until It Is thepleasnn
of the combine to consider them.
On the other hand , some members asscr
that It will bo Impossible for Parker t
carry out his Intentions and that they wll
Insist that the bids shall be repotted bacl
to the council at the earliest posilblc mo
inent. The members who are not In the com
blno are determined that the otheri shall gen
on record before election and claim that thel
opponents will scarcely dare to to openl ;
dodco the Issue.
Kinx.trxi ) JIY Hint
Tourto n-Ycnr-Ohl Slury Meyer C : rrlc <
A\tny from llor father' * Homo
CLEVELAND , Aug. 23. Mary Meyer , th' '
H-yt-ar-old daughter of Gottlieb Meyer , wa :
plmylng In front of her home at K2 Scovlll
avenue Wednesday evening , when she \\a.
approached by a strange woman.
"Aie you Mary MeycrJ" asked th
"Yes , " said Mnry.
"My child ! ' exclaimed the woman , throw
Ing her arms about her and wrapping th
heavy cloak she wore nbout the IrlRhtenei
girl's head. Since that time nothing ha
been heard of the girl or the wormm
Fifteen years ago Mr. Meyer wns marrlei
to Mary's mother In Switzerland , and Cou
years later tluM4 were divorced , Meye
coming to Cleveland , and his divorced wlf
remaining In Switzerland.
Meyrr again married und has since llvei
In Cleveland. He heard that nisi dlvorcei
wife was In New Yoik and was-plannlns t
kidnap Mnry. He guarded her carefully
but relaxing his vigilance Wednesday nigh
for .a short time , the opportunity Booked fo
presentou Itself and Mary was carrle
S'mrt Police stories.
J. M" Leot'ard was een't to t"he count ;
Jail for twenty days yesterday aflei-noon fo
being guilty of carrying concealed weapons
Carrie Hughes , who was reported as hav
Ing xun away from home , was found at th
home of a family living In East Omaha
She says that her adopted parents do no
allow her any liberty or freedom , and tha
she Is not permitted to go to school.
W. Lewkoutlz of Sixteenth and Cass street
claims that the Item referring to him In con
nectlon with anncylng S. Banks docs htm a
Injustice. He claims that It Is Banks wh
does the annoying , and has frequently Ir
suited the members of Lowkoullz's famll
through jealousy.
Joseph Levy , a 12-year-old boy , living n
1G12 Dorcas street , has been mlisslng fror
home for tire past two days , and his parent
are becoming alarmed If : his saftty , as he I
subject to fits. They far tliat he ha
met with some accident T/lilch ts keepln
him away from home.
Matron Sullivan of the Woman's Chrlstla
Home has reported to the police that
woman named Mrs. Alice Welch of Lexlnt
ton , Neb. , Is soliciting alms hi Omaha. Th
inatrpn thinks that the woman b Insane , a
she acts In such a queer manner. The polk
are Investigating the case.
A. L. Flagg was lying on ( lie sldewal
asleep Wednesday night. Olllce Evans cam
along and woke him up , but this aroused th
man's Ire to such an extent that ho wante
to whip the whole police force , and Ofllce
Evans In particular. He was Clued $5 an
costs yesterday for his frlsklnets.
Bertha Ewalt was arrested Wcdnesda
night as being Incorrigible. Bertha Is ]
years old , and It Is allege ! that si :
has been In bad company cf late , an
has been living with nni Immon
woman near the fort. She claim
that a soldier has been trying tq lead he
astray , The police matron will endeavor I
find a good homo for the girl , who seen
to have no one to look after her ,
Cnrrlrd MOM ) I'lstuli ,
0. C. Hough and Jim Thompson of Counc
Bluffs came over to Omaha Wednesday I
learn the ways cf a metropolitan city. Bi
fere starting they placed a couple of n
volvers of the v'ntnge of ' 40 In Ihelr hi
pockets , presumably to keen" the festive fee
pads away. But they ran aloul of a i *
llceman , and yesterday Jmlgt Berka flue
i them $5 and costs each for carryln
concealed weapons. Not having the nece :
sary coin In their Inside packets they tel
phoned for friends to como across the rlvc
and get them out of jail.
UMtd n Knlfn on Him ,
William Allen and Henry Holllday , co
orcl , had a dispute over n game of can
yesterday afternoon wh'ch ' resulted In
light. Allen drew a knife and cut Holllde
In the back. They were taken to the pslli
station. Allen was locked up charged wll
assault with Intent to kill , ind after D
Savllle had sewed up the gasl In Holllday
slJo hq was held as complaining witnes
Hollldtiy's wou'id Is painful bat not serlou
Jlruught Silver to Omn'ia.
Mr. J. H. Krum of Spokane Is In the clt
Mr. Krum Is Interested In silver mining , ai
brought ten carload * of ore 'to the Oinal
smelter. He says that the mining Interes
are st II depressed , but shou signs of Ir
provemcnt. Mr. Krum Is Interested In
gold mining expedition whlcli Is new \vor
Ing In Alaska and from which he expec
big returns.
Claimed to llu from IHnuhn.
Mayor Stewart's hardwcro store at Bin
was burglarized last Sunday night and
few days later the burglar was captun
with most of the gooilt at Herman , Ne
Thu fc low gave the name of Emll llamllt
and said he lived In Onuhu. The may
U In the city looking up Hamilton's recor
but can find no one who fa knswn here 1
that name ,
After n I'ormrr llnmH i M-rcli int.
Sheriff McGrew of Hurt county was In t
city yesterday with a wtrrjil far the am
of Jululs Firth , a former merchant of Oinal
who U charged with peddling without
license. The sheriff allege ! that Firth h
been traveling over the country selll
clothing and Ihju rs for Onuha homes , pe
dllng his wares from farm to farm.
Oregon Kidney Tea cureii nervous hea
tchu. Trial size , 29 ccnti. All UrugglsH.
flia Story anil There of Cffiosr Drummy and
Kwtlang All Differ.
Ho Wat Shot IVIillo ItmiiilnK Kor'-
Inn. ? Dcnlo Ho Win with Mrn. Towers
nnil Drummy'dVrlttrn mill
Yorbul Stitlvniciitii Dlmtgrto.
Henry Williams , the ninn who was shot
In the ankle early Thursday morning , Is
still confined In one of the hospital cells at
the city jail. He la suffering Intense pain
and sleeps only -when under the Influence of
opiates. Last night a Dee reporter visited
\Vllllanis In his cell anil asked him for a
plain statement of the case. He said :
"I gensrally meet Mrs. Powers , the cook
at Pabst headquarters , twice a week and
walk home with her. She Is my promised
t\lfe. Wednesday night I went down to the
icadquartcrs as usual to meet hsr. She was
late In coming out , BO I waited. Two or
hrcc times I went Inside the place to get
n glass of beer. Finally I saw Mrs. Towers
come out , accompanied by a tall , heavy set
man. I do not know who he was , as I am
not acquainted with any of the pro
prietors or male help. They walked
up the street as far as Fourteenth
anil Hartley streets , Then I stepped up
and said , 'I object. ' The man left at once
und Mrs. Powers said , 'I will go home alone.1
Then I skipped over to Seventeenth street
between Harney and St. Mary's avenue and
waited behind a telegraph polo tor Mrs. Pow
ers , t expected that she would meet me anil
explain her conduct , llefore she came the
police stirred mo up and I ran. When the
policeman fired I did not stop , but kept on
running. A couple more shots were fired
and I was hit In the ankle , but 1 kept or
running till I fell. When Drummy and
Hcelln came up one of them hit me over the
icad with his revolver and here Is the lump. '
Williams exhibited the mark on his heail
and then said that was all the statement lie
had to make. When asked explicitly aboul
mnn wl.o WHS with Mrs. Powers Wll'
llnmi aimln bald that ho did not know whc
It was.
In his official report to Acting Captain
Ormshy Officer Drummy fcatd that when he
was called by Kortlang at Fourteenth and
Harney streets , John Schrandt , one of the
partners at Pabst's , and a woman were with
him. The woman went her way and he
went up the hill with Kortlang. Last nlghl
Drummy stated positively that he nevei
nade any such statement. When Julius
Kortlnng was telling his story to Ormsby
at the police station Ormsby asked him
who was with him at the time and Kort
lang said Mrs. Powers and his partner ,
Sehrandt. Captain Ormsby was taking down
Kortlong's statement at liie tmp ! , and made
a memorandum of thtt just the same as
ho did of the rest of the story.
Mr. Kartlang lest night denied that he
was with Mrs. Powers at the time when he
left the store or when he called Ofllcei
Drummy. He said that his partner was
with her.
Ofllcer Drummy In describing the shooting
soon after it occurred remarked that Wil
liams was running when he fired , and he
II red because he thought Williams had t
revolver. Drummy even says that Williams
threatened to shoot him , but last evening
the prisoner declared that he did not do sc
and that he did not have a revolver. Nc
revolver was found on him when he was
l.ltcljr n n Trout.
Is the Individual who after a long siege find ;
himself liberated from the close blockade ol
the enemy , constipation. Many persons of i
bilious habit are troubled with constriction ol
the bowels. They always find relief , and thai
speedily , 'without griping or trouble of anj
sortj from Hosteller's' Stomach Bitters , t
remedy also for malarial , dyspeptic , rheu >
matlc or kidney affections.
"Last Days of romiirll" Increasing in Popu
larity liy Itft MorlU.
Ten thousand people witnessed the "Lasl
Days of Pompeii" last night at Courtlanci
Reach , and went home perfectly satisfied thai
the day of merry making , In which the majoi
portion of tno Immense crowd participated
had not been without some compensation
Never has such a crowd been seen on loca
pleasure grounds , and the amphitheater ai
an early hour was a black mass of color
contrasting splendidly with the varlegatct
colors of the costumes as seen In the picture :
of Pompellan life presented in the spcctaculai
story of the days when Vesuvius became thi
spouse of the Bay of Naples.
Thousands of persons have asked since thi
Initial performance of Tuesday night how al
the firing of the Immenss rockets , bombs am
other pyrotechnic effects was done. The not
ural answer to such a query is , of course
'by electricity , " but that stops far short o
an explanation of the mysteries that an
concealed behind the burning mountain.
The electrical system Is composed of t
number of circuits sixteen In all. Thi
pieces that are to bo fired at the same tlmi
are connected , and the one touch of the keyi
sets all ablaze. Those which arc Indcpenden
have Independent wires , but all of the cir
cults connect with the keyboard , which 1 ;
situated bihlnd the temple of Isis , befori
which is the altar , where the last act o
the drama occurs , as the eruption of thi
mountain begins.
A cell battery Is used In firing. It Is i
square box containing cells similar to thosi
on a dynamo , and on top Is a lever b ;
means of which the coils arc mad ; to rovolv
and thus the electricity is generated.
Pyrotechnist Jim Cunllfe and Charles Cor
delta were standing at the board last nigh
when the procession of priests marched dowi
the marble steps of the temple.
"Now watch the altar , " Mr. Cunllfe said
"and you will see how the lire. Is started. '
As ho spoke he moved tlifi switch to one o
the knobs and quickly i allied the lever of til
battery. Instantly a vivid flame shot up fron
thu altar , producing a weird effect upon th
solemn scene.
"Now look out for Vesuvius , " he said
moment later. The switch was swung t
another knob , the lever given another move
mcnt , and the ominous red ( Ire began t
! o\v on the mountain top. Mr. Cunllfo the
had time to remove his Roman toga , do
his fireman's suit and quaff some water t
brf pp him for his struggle with nature *
forces. By this time Colonel Arbaces an
Mr. Qlaucus arc * engaged In their B\vor
combat , and old Vesuvius gets an electrl
shock which most effectually 'awakens hlr
from his reverie , and , as though makln
up for long-lost time , 1m belches forth
flood of flames , smoke and hissing , craclf
ling fire serpents.
A few seconds after the eruption hits com
menced the burning lava has flowed dow
the mountain sides , and while the cart
continues to quake , buildings and palace
must bo leveled. Again and again the ke
board Is manipulated , each time In anothe
part of the painted city ; destroying flame
shoot up , accompanied by the most deafer
Ing explosions. The buildings begin to fa
In every direction. Mountains toppled eve
und the walls of the city began to crumbli
It la a thrilling and realistic eight \vhe
viewed from the front , but back amid tli
falling buildings It Is wildly exciting. Th
timbers of which the buildings arc mad
fail In every direction and blocks of woo
from the roofs tumble about regardless i
who may be In the way. The Sime ! : I
dense. It blinds and stifles , and truly or
may readily believe that In the destructlo
of the ancient city the blind Nydla was t
good a guldo as lone and Glaucus could hav
Libt night the pyrotechnic display wt
varied considerably on account of Its belli
Woodmen's day at Courtland beach , and I
honor of the occasion a picture of Hea
Consul Northcott of Illinois was dlspiayc
on a gigantic fraiuo , while opposlto tl
shield of the order was Illuminated wit
"Welcome , Woodmen , " on the aides of tl
If anything , the specialties last night wei
stronger than on the premiere of the ape
tacle , Trevanlon and Condon on the nor
zontul tar the Harmons In a clever aerl
act , llczene and Huhblni In a catchy coi
tortlonlit turn , with Davis brother * | n
Oxlng bout , giving entire satisfaction.
Vesuvius will biirniamln on Saturday night ,
which has been mtt , "Omsha night " and
ho people of Nebrk 's metropolis arc ex-
ected to duplicate ihiixrowd of last night.
Jffectunlly yet gently. , when costive or bll-
CUB , or when the lilftod Is Impure qr slug-
; lsh , to permanent ! cure habitual constl-
> atlon. to awaken tho- , kidneys and liver tea
a healthy activity , .without Irritating or
weakening them , to dispel headaches , coldj
r fevers , use Syrup iof Figs.
September 3 to 7
Are the rtatci of thu Douglas county fair and
Nebraska Breeders' meeting. They give up
20,000 In premiums and purses at this meet-
ng , and don't you forget It.
0 : in V , M. lit Onmlm , HMB A. Al. lit Chicago.
The new vcbtlbuled train now running on
he "Northwestern" east dally.
Come to 2222 Cum I MR for bargains In dry
goods. Closing out at half price.
Buy your hard coal before the advance.
A. L. Patrick keeps the best. Tel. B57.
(1. A ; ; . Arrangement * .
The "Ilock Island" coi.ieo to the front as
isual with very low rates for the National
Kncampmeent , Grand Army of the Republic ,
at Plttsbtirg , Pa. The round trip rate Is
(10 ( from Chicago , add one fare to Chicago
: o arrive at through round trip rate. Tick
ets will be sold September 8 and 9 , good to
return leaving Chlcigo September 14 , 18 or
25. No signing , stamping , depositing or
other needluss worlt required at I'lttsburg ;
when the ticket Is purchased everything Is
settled. These tickets arc good to stop offence
once on the return at any point east ol
Chicago within the final limit of the ticket.
Through cars of every class will be run to
Plttsburg , and It should be borne In mind
tlfat the "flock Island" carefully handled
this class of business and never allows any
line to approach It In the generous treat
ment of the old vets and their friends.
Call on or write any agent of the C. , H ,
I. & P. railway for particulars , or address
John Sebastian , 0. P. A. , Chicago , 111.
Xninm of KuropcaimVlio llato Jtccrntly
. Mn do the Strtto Their Home.
The last report of the commissioner ol
Immigration slums the destination and na
tionality of foreign Immigrants who settled
In Nebraska duiing Ihe II rat two weeks ol
August as follows :
Omaha Peter Bohn , Margaret Wolf , Her
man Stuhrman , Leo Fisher , Julius Glrsch ,
Ulchard Illmmel with wife and two chll-
Jren , Theodore Schwark , Germans ; O. nee-
torson' , Lydla Sweneon , Ingebard Anderson ,
Swedes ; Nils G. Wallln , Norwegian ; Franz
Daliae , Bohemian.
Wayne Annie Watkins and four children ,
Kearney Made Nelson with wife and
child , Swedes.
Mlllard Johanna Arenson and two chil
dren , Swedes.
Cedar County Fritz Ostcrelch , Michael
a' . , Normans ; Ferdinand Tramp , Eng
Nebraska City John Peterson , SwcJe.
Madison Peter Olive , Swede.
Macon S. G. Bchren. , , Swede.
Hartlnglon Fritz Stpffcn , German.
O'Neill Daniel Harrlgan , Mary Quirk ,
Pawnee Clly Josef and Frank Blaha ,
Belvldere Calnerlna Zapolozka , Pole.
Ravenna C. Musll , Bohemian.
Fronller Ceunty Lunvlg Knodlcr , Ger
man.To a
To Washington an relurn via the Wabash
only $30.25 , with choice of routes , August
23d , 24th and 25th. For full particulars
call at Wabash ofilce ( 1502 Farnam street.
Spirit I.nkn Slccpcru Discontinued.
The line of Pullman sleepers between
Omaha and Spirit .Lake . will be .discontinued
with car 'leaving Hotel iQrleana Saturday ,
August 25th.
C. R. Boatrlght 'Isselling ' out the dry
goods stock , 2222 Cumlng , at half price.
. A" JS'ow Train to Clilcnco.
Commencing Augnst 12 , the "Omaha and
Chicago special , " via the Chicago & North
western railway , leaves Omaha dally at 5:4G
p. m. , and arrives at Chicago 8:45 : ne i
morning. Vestlbulcd dining car , Wagner
sleepers and chair cars form the equipment
of this train , and are all up to "North
western" slandard.
1401 Farnam slreet , city ticket office.
The bill of sale of the property of Valen
tine Nock at Thirteenth and Cass strecls
has been filed In favor of the Sohlltz BrewIng -
Ing company. The consideration Is $22,000 ,
A Union Pacific , switch engine Jumped
Ihe tracks at Ihe Sixteenth street crossing
last night. The engineer and fireman were
shaken up a little bll , LuL not hurt. Nc
damage resulted.
Evangelist David Little spoke last evening
at the People's church , Eighteenth anil
California streets , and on Friday evening al
Hanscom Park Methodist church , Twenty-
ninth and Woolworth avenue.
The regular teachers 'examinations foi
applicants for positions as teachers In the
city schools will be held In the High school
building beginning on Tuesday of next week ,
They will occupy about three days.
Hazel Howard and Lena Carroll , agec !
about 1C years , nsked for shelter at the
police station last night and were giver
beds. They say they lost Ihelr baggags
and relatives while visiting the World'f
fair , and are now trying to get back tc
their home In California.
D. E. Good of Atchlson , Kan. , Is at th <
George B. Matr , editor of the Callaway
Neb. , Courier , Is In the city.
Colonel Frank E. Moores returned yestcr ,
day from a month's sojourn on the Grcal
Mrs. G. B. Roberts of Ogden , Utah , speni
Thursday with her brother , Dr J. W
Blythln , and then continued her journey t (
New York.
Mrs. B. H. Payne , wife of AsjJ'tant Gen
eral Passenger Agent Payne cf the Unloi
Pacific , arrived from St. Louis last evenlnf
and joined her husband at the Mercer.
NchniHkunii lit the Hotel * .
At the Dellone W. II. Warwick. W. H
Wutson. H. W. Sweet. John L. Barber
Bancroft ; B. P. Ilufsell nntl wife , Columbus
H. 11 , Robinson , ClurUs ; H. M. Hopewell
At the Paxton J. B. Cooper. Hnsllngs
II n , Wntson , Kearney : V. D. Johnson
Mllfoni ; W. H. Ulnpp , Kearney ; Kdwan
Webster , KearneyyJ. G. Ferguson und sis
tcr , Fremont ; I. B. Byers , Anna.
At the MlllurdJ.Jnmes Opelt , Lincoln ; O
A. Bacon , Curtis : . W. A. Blnck anil wife
West Point ; II. G. Oushman nmj wife , Ken
nard ; Mrs. N. ARalnbolt , Mrs. W. 11
Bucholz , Miss Vostn Pltnam , Norfolk.
At the Mercer -W , U Everts , Lincoln
John Green , CSreenwooU ; D.V. . Woodward
Lincoln : II , Schneider. Henderson ; A. J
Rand , indlanolajlO ; A. Itoblnson , Lincoln
Paul Springer afid wife. E. 1 ? . Wilt am
wife , Beatrice.
Highest Honors World' * Fair.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fre
from Ammonii , Alum or any other adulterant
[ "omcrrow's Positively tbo Lnst Grand Rcm-
nciit Enlo in This Building.
I.oft linn Itccn Cut Down In the
I , nut Notch , tinil the Lownt 1'lgnrcs
Kvor Quoted do Tomorrow
A Uraml rliml Snle.
To close out every yard of Imported
sateens , wool clmllls , French outing llannel
and In fact every grade of fine summer
wash gcods that have been selling up to 25c
wo pluco them on our front bargain square
tomorrow at 8V4c.
Entire strck finest grade navy blue summer
dress crepes , worth 20c , go at Gc.
All summer dress cliallls , l'&c.
All apron check gingham 2Vic.
All Indigo blue calico 3Vic.
All unbleached muslins 2V&C.
All our lOc and 15c remnants In blacks ,
plain colors and fancies , go In this
remnant sale at 2&c per entire piece. Many
of these pieces being worlh up to $2.50 a yard.
Remnants of silks that have been selling
up to 50o' yard go In this selling out by the
remnant at IBs yard.
Our 75c silks go at 29c yard by the rem
Extraordinary bargains In dress length
As wo have been having such a great sale
of dress goods Mnco we have been selhng out
we find we have many dress lengths on hand ,
all of which we offer or. our bargain square
at one-fourth their value.
Of all the fine shoes ever pu on sale these
aio Ihe finest , but for all that we sell them
Hogle , who up lo now sold Ihcse shoes at
2503 N street , So. Omaha , marked every box
In. plain figures. Half of what ho marked
them Is the price you pay now for them at
Cor. 15th and Dodge.
The Enewald stock , 2222 Cumlng , Is be
ing closed out at COc on the dollar.
The Kith Annual Mute ( I. A. It. Reunion
Will bo held at Grand Island August 27th
to September 1st , 1894. One fare for the
round trip via the Union Pacific. Tickets
on sale from all points In Nebraska , August
25th to August 2Sth Inclusive , and from
polnlB within 100 miles of Grand Island ,
August 2Cth lo September 1st Inclusive.
Leave Omaha at 4:50 : p. m. and you are
In Denver at 7:30 : the next morning ; that
Is , you are If you take the Burlington's Den
ver Limited.
Sleeping and free chair cars. Meals served
In dining car on a la carte plan.
Tickets at 1324 Farnam street.
The latest fast train for Chicago and the
east via the Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul
leaves Omaha at G:3F : p. m. , arriving at Chicago
cage at 9:40 a. m Solid vestibule elcclrlc
lighted train with elegant palace sleeping
and dining cars.
City ticket olRco 1504 Farnam.
C. S. CARRIER , City Tkt. Agt.
F. A. NASH , Gen. Agt.
Nolnucr or Itminion.
When Is It ? Aug. 27th lo Sept. 1st.
Whtre Is It ? Grand Island , Neb.
What Is It ? Sixteenth annual State G.
A. R. reunion.
The Union Pacific will sejl tickets at one
fore for the round trip from all Nebraska
points on August 25th to 2Sth Inclusive , and
from polnls wllhln 100 miles of Grand Island
Augusl 2Glh lo Sptember 1st , IncJualve.
Morn Kxpnrlencu thuu Fun.
Wednesday night after Ihe state conven
tion adjourned a couple of delegates
wearing convonllon badges could be seen
wending Ihelr way down Nlnlh slreet In
side the proscribed dlslrlct , with three
married women who have heretofore claimed
respectablllly. The quintet were out
for a time , and were visiting the different
houses of disrepute , drinking beer and
having a good time generally. In
their wanderings the parly slopped In
Bertie Mann's place , and an officer who
happened to go Into the house on business
placed the women under arresl as Inmalej
of a house of prostitution , but the men es
The women were taken to the city jail ,
and the men huslled around lo get them
out on ball , for fear their racket would be
given away and a scandal created. En
gaging a hack the men wenl lo Clerk of
the Police Court Michaels and deposited
$37.50 for the appearance of the women In
court yesterday , but when the cases were
called no one appeared and the money was
declared forfeited. The men carefully con
cealed their Identity , but one of them dropped
a remark which would Indicate that they
lived In the vicinity of Lincoln , and having
met these three giddy females , who live on
South Sixteenth slreet with alleged hus
bands , Ihey slarled out for a gay old time.
The men are said to have come to Omaha
as delegates lo Ihe slale convention , and are
said to bo engaged In business In Lancaster
county. None of the police knew them , and
they managed to keep their names out of the
affair. The women gave the names of Jen
nie White , Miss Moore and Mrs. R. D. Mann.
Oregon Kidney Tea cures all kidney
troubles. Trial size , 25 cents. All druggists.
Summer Bargains ,
' Midsummer Is the time for values ID
furniture. Talto bookcases as an Illustration.
H Is hardly a fair test , however , because wo
are making unprecedented prices on all our
Library furniture to reduce our surplus
stock in this department.
Book Cabinets are selling hero for less
than they could be made today.
You nave your choice of an Immense as
sortment. The engraving shows one of
our mo * * popular patterns , now greatly re
duced In price.
Our Library bargains will continue to be
offered for the balance of this mor.Ci unless
sooner cold. Selection Is worth soircthlng ,
and an early visit Is advisable.
Chas. SMverick & Co.
FURNITURE of Every Doaorlpt'on
Temporary Location ,
3LOO nmf VJUtt DotigtitH Stt JJ
Don't Fool With Your Eyes ,
Headache Caused by Eye Strain.
pervoni irbost head * are comuntly ch.
IDS Imve no lil wlmt rellet nclentlllcalr nt >
tea gl&Mei will slvo them. Thi * theory If nan
uulvertallr citalillihed. "Improperly lltt il Klau-
ti , will InvarUMy Inciujia the troutU and may
I < S to TOTAL ULLNDNEflS. " Our utility to
( JJuit cltr i isffiy and correctly li beyond
queitlon. Coniult u . Ky tilted Ire * or chart *
Opposite Paiton IIotcL
LOOK ron zua QOUJ
Reduced From 5
_ . . . ! IS EXACTLY LIKE JCU T. Inte&t style ' , finished antique ; 1ms
iSxWbovoL jilaTclnirrof , wovcTTwiniTm'lnf , ' wllli'lit'iivy spiral springs In-
the center , nndmtunt | castors , so that It cnn bo moved about easily.
Every fold'np ; bed in our liuinoiiso establishment Is marked in largo ,
pltun figures atalmo&t i former prices to reduce our enormous stock.
All "Gunn" Folding Beds nt less than manufacturer's cost.
$15 FoklliiK lleds for $7.15.
$18 1'okliim licils for $ ! M)8. )
$25 PoldhiK Hcds for $12.50.
$10 FoUHiiB Hods for $22.50.
$50 Folding Beds for $27.75.
$05 Foldin Beds for $31.SO.
m Foldn ! Beds for $30.
00 Folding Beds for $12.25.
© $100 Folding Beds for $18.75. <
m $125 Folding Bjds for $07.75.
Ice Chests , worth $1O , for $4.75 ,
* 100 len chests , hard wood , nil modern improvements , size 32
Inches long , 20 inches deep , 27 Inches high , patent castors ,
perfect ventilation.
Refrigerators , with water cooler , $6.98
Description : Hard wood , finished antique , latest style , air
tight locks , metal shelves , porcelain lined watorojolor ; dlmon
shins : 21 inches long. 10 Indies deep , 'M Inches high. Reduced
from $15.00.
Terms : Cash or Easy Payments.
Formerly People's Mamnnlii Inilallnml Hom. :
lid 10 cents for postage on Big "Jl Catalogue.
Write for Huby Carriage Catalogue Mailed Free.
Goods sold on payments in Council 15luffs & South Omnhn ,
Close evening at 0:30 : except SutnrJnys.
Direct From The Tea Gardens.
Fragrant ! Rich ! Delicious !
Genuine only when supplied in "Original" Patent Air
tight Canisters bearing grower's name :
These delicious Teas arc used in almost every home
in the Old Country. LSpton's "No. i" is unanimously dc.
dared to be 'The Finest Tea The World Can.Produce. . .
Efll nnRICD Wholesale and Retail Apt ,
Bunrantt'cil to turn nil iiorvu dl onfc . iicii us Weak Memory , ! , < > of limlo
I'owcr , lli-tnnclie\Vakoulii : ( ! > 9. l.oiaMnnlioocl.Nlfhtly | : ni | > Kuiiti , NerTOUs-
ne .aIlrtrnln rUHl los.Kif power In Generative Origins of either roxcnusci )
by over exertion , youthful errcn . oicesslvo UBO of tobacco , opium or Him
umnts , nhlcli lead to Infirmity , Cmisutuptlonor Inminltv. Can tin curried In
, vent pocket. VI porlux , O for tf i by nmll prounlil. With n S.I order wu
Jclir n wrIKlMi uiiuriin ten lo curu or refund Hie raour ) . Sold by nil
ilrucclMM. A k lorll. laku ntimhpr. Wrl'e forfrcnModlcnl Itonl , ipntEealta
i ATI mi Lbivi. . in plain wrapper. AJUrusa NlIUVIiNKKll CO..Mu9oulcTeirpl.CHIC4an
Bold to Omaha , Neb. , by Sherman & McConnell. y Kunu & Co. and bVlcker * & Morchaut , dnifi
CENTRAL Wentwjmli ACAfiffl
T For Younc Ladtca.
Oldest Military School In the Missouri Rlvor Villty
Sli Departments. 18 Officer * and Teachers. MUHlObj . Inllructlo Film but
, \ri Klututlov. KtMrtn > Htlltliful DIOI | Influence. Thoroujh
ArtUlft Uynmiutnniri
* . uneicflle'l , Terms lo lull
. . fclnj discipline. Appointments
polntmrnu tlirunchout. a4i.i year Se ) > t(6th For Catalogue .
ihetimes. Jliustrilejt&ttl < ti'u i i t l t
tdjfgst Archibald A * Jonr * * lrr t Lrxlneton. 5o. GandforU Selloru , M. A-BupUl-eilnifUuHo.
Ba gaL.LJML " " " " " " "l > 3 V BMBR <
. . Ficellrnt CMrle ot llxtr : Uuilc. A-l , I.itmUlt. EUKU-
Etetbrterlib Iloire School for Younr I.tdiei On of Hi.
. . hejfthful mil , CM ,
, lloi. Business , He. l-otillo. plennt
t > ldeita < J b it It Miiiouri ApuiiniMtitftiKxIein.Uutlt'anf1 . - . lath IBB * .
Art. TM'hmSpBcMiiM ( UuMuteriCtMlcrut , Actdfs ; wiur , stein Un. aCth 7 roptm Bcpt.
ID53 Uor * T. I * . Wnlltm.l'rcat Lrxluclor. . M REV. W. A. WILSON , A. M. , President.
Till : CHEAT MIMTAIIV SOIIOOh OP THR VfKff. It mki ccond at thi
War DuimrtiiieiilunioMK military schools of the llnltul Htitos. Propara *
for C'olloire , llusliiess , Wutt 1'olnt or AnnilulU. Slrouj faculty , unoiuallol |
location , liuforu uclcutliij u school , wrlto for IlliiUr.itjcl c itilouo to
LESLIE r/l ui.vfl VO'JXc , Ml anas or.
Department of the University of Omaha
A Home for Young Ladies.
modern city accommodations and pa
rental oversight. Young men are m ! , > < !
socially , phyalcally. Intellectually , moi.iliy ,
Expense guaranteed , $106.00 per year.
COLLEGE , Uo\lovuo \ , Nob-
' 1'OIIK Mll.lTAHl' AVAnKMri Col.
NKH' , WUIOHT , U. U. A M. , CoruwallN. K
VOUNO I.ADIi : , ( 1 ! t.lA , Mill.
Tall term btglns Wi-Jnc-edny , 6cptem6er 10th.
for catalouue and particulars apply to the reo
tor , TIIK mv. n. DOIIUUTV. B. T. D. .
For Younir Women. Colleelale and Semin
ary Cournca. lieautlful frounUa. )76UOO
bulldlngv , A cultured home. t:0 > l to JIOO.
Bend for Illuulrutcd camiojjue to Washing.
ton , D. C.
"U U a liberal education to live In Waib <
tnjfton. "
Dot Imtriivllon In > lldei rt.
ineuUcil llu : IcmlSUdJ. > tu *
Aru. Klacullaii.
, A. > ( . , Bu [ >