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CoramlUeft Mikes Its Report on the Charges
Agalmt the Caraogio Works.
Defective 1'lnlrs ISndnn er the I.lvoi el
American Seniurn nnil In Case at
Vfue .Might llo Ulinstrou. to
the Nation.
WASHINGTON , Aug. 23. Ileprcscntatlie
A. 3 > Cummlnga , chairman of the house com
mittee on naval affairs , presented to tie
house today the preliminary report upon
the Investigation of the r.rmor plate fur-
nUhcd to the government by the Carnegie
Steel company. The Investigation his beta
In progress for weeks and during Us coune
testimony has been given by the principal
officials of the Carnegie company , by wort-
men and by government olllclals. The report
is a remarkably complete and good review ml
the case. The committee finds that charge *
of fraud lave been sustained , scores the com
pany severely and recommends , as has been
stilted In these dispatches , that fifty suspected
plates In use should bo tested as the only
method of proving their fitness or unfit ness.
It finds that the government Inspection wts
neglected , but no charge of dishonesty rests
upon the Inspectors.
The charge ! against the company \vero
that the pliatci and bolts did not receive tl o
treatment required by the contract ; th t
false reports were made to the government
inspectoral that rpeclmens for testing- were
retreated before being submitted ; that the
testing m-clilr.e was fraudulently manipu
lated ; that substitution was made in the
case of a plate designed for a ballistic test ,
and that the government stamp was either
duplicated or stolen and used without the
knowledge of the government Inspectors.
The report itates that the number oC fur
naces used was totally Inadequate to fulfill
the spclflcatlons of the contract on the
amount of armor plate turned out. After the
first Investigation of the frauds the num
ber of furnaces was Increased from four to
ten. In regard to the jockeying of the test
ing machines. It Is asserted that the com
pany motto private tests of material , aid
if it was below the standard manipulated
the machine at the olllclal test so that It
would show the required tensile strength.
The charges of retreating and substituting
plates designed for ballistic tests the com
mittee ; Is satisfied are true. The charge of
using a duplicate or stolen government stamp
is not sustained.
The report says that the government In
spection wns negligent and defective , but this
is attributed to the fact that there -were
not nearly enough inspectors to do the work.
It is asserted that the fraud has been
traced homo to the general superintendent ,
who Is a stockholder In the Carnegie com
Of the feature of criminality Involved ,
Chairman Cunimlnga says : "The frauls
whlih your committee have found are worthy
to Jo calti'd crimes. The servants of the
Carnegie company ( whether with or without
the knowledge" of the company ) , to Increase
their Kilns , deliberately continued for many
months to commit acts whose natural prob
able consequences , would J > e a terrific loss
of men In times of war and perhaps the dear-
oat to ths nation. To fine or make mere
money compensation Is au Inadequate atona-
ment for such wrongs. Your committee Jo
not consider It within their province to dralt
a criminal statute , but they do feel under
obligations to call the attention of tlio
house to the Importance of protecting the
lives of our sea men and the safety or the
nation by appropriate legislation denouncing
as crimes nil such acts as the frauds prac
ticed upon the government In connection with
armor plato snd other material of war and
making nach acts punishable in all psrsoris
who commit them or aid l.l their commis
sion. " " -
In recommending a test of plate the con-
tnlttco soys : "Notwithstanding all the ad
missions made by the superintendents em
ployed by the Carnegie company , they claim
all th plntei paid for by the government
are up to the specifications of the contracts.
The contract of Februaiy 28 , 1893 , states the
obligation is imposed upon the contractors to
satisfy tluo Inspector that everything has
been dona In strict accordance with the
terms of the contract. It has been con
clusively shown that the inspectors have
boon satisfied and the armor plates passed
by tha most notorious frauds. The efforts
of the company and all Its superintendents ,
Cllne , Korey and Schwab , have been .to sat
isfy our committee that the ' .r.nor Is
up with the requirements of iho contract ,
notwithstanding false reports to Inspectors ,
doctoring of specimens , plugging ot plaits ,
fraudulent retreating of test plates and
'Jockeying * ot the testing machine. TBie
unblushing character of the frauds towhich
these- men have been parties and the disre
gard of truth and honesty which they hatro
shown la teitlfylng before your committee
render 'thorn unworthy of credence. And
everything bears against their contention.
It Is not lo be supposed such manifold frauds
wore continued for so long a time without
at , important object to bo gained. As the
Individual plUes and the groups ot plates
passed in many cases by. fraud , the fUr
conclusion. Is that without the fraud * thay
would Imro not have passed.
"Two questions remain , however. First ,
whether , notwithstanding the frauds and the
failure to attain tha high standard required
by the contracts , the armor Is not goo < l steel
and ialr annul- ; second , the extent to which
the government has been damaged by Hie
frauds and Irregularities practiced upon It.
The terms ot the resolution under which
your committee Is acting require them to
ascertain the amount of damages. It Is
impossible , however , for them to do this
with their present powers. Theonlyway to
determine tha actual condition and strength
of the anncr Is by subjecting certain plates
or the group-passed to ballistic test > .
"Your committee has no more work to Jo.
For the information of the house , in re
lation to further continuing this investi
gation by . making such ballistic
test , your committee have ascertained the
whereabouts of fifty-nine representative
plates alleged to have been faUelj treated. "
The plates recommended for testing tre
four on the Monterey , eight on the Monad-
nock , ton on the New York , ( our on the
Amphrlte. three on the Terror , three on the
Oregon , three on the Olympla ( four-Inch
casements ) , seven on the Indiana , four on .
the Massachusetts and ono on the Oregon.
Of the four-Inch sponsons , there nro three
on the Mew York , two on the Columbia ,
three on the Minneapolis , three on the Olym
pla , threw on the Cincinnati and two on tDio
Ilalclgh ,
The report concludes ; "Tho committee
can go no Farther Into this Investigation
without knowing the actual ballistic resist
ance of groups of plates passed by a test of f '
plates that did not really represent the BO
groups. The company has admitted this
charge. It iho government Is precluded
from making these tests at their exp&itto
by the i-ettltment made January 18 , 1SS4 ,
they mutt bo made at the expense of Che
gorernment. IlollevliiK a test of these plates
should ba made , your committed have to-
lectod tbo ? lates which , In their opinion ,
ought to be tested. They recommend Cue
money for xtich a test be taken from any
money herttotoro appropriated for the In
crease ot the navy under the head ot armor
armament. "
I/encuo 1'nn MumiRO AVlmt I'ow Negro
Democratic Voter * Thnre Are.
WASHINGTON , Aug. C3 , Members of the
Negro National Democratic league are Je-
termlned to have the Afro-American bureau
of organlatlon nt the democratic congres
sional committee Abolished , and Itobert Still ,
chief of the hurtau , and hla colleagues ire
equally determined that the bureau shall ba
nalntulnrd. The former assert that the
league is the * only organization required to
meet the demtnds of tha colored voters ot
( ha country and to harrnonlM all factions
of the negro dimocrats , and thft latter
Btrenuouily Insist that the bureau l a notes-
eary adjunct to the committee. In th letter
sent by tha leagueto Sanator Faulkimr.
chairman of the democratic congressional
committeeII. . 0. 0. Astwood , chairman or
the executive corcmlttea of the league , yes
terday said the only question at lisue Is the
advisability of having but ono ruthnal or
"It Is certain that the two organization *
cannot exist without conflicting , and as one.
can do the work there. Is no need ut Uo > .
The bureau is local ; the league la national ;
n selection needs but a moment's coniUera-
tlon ot the Interest of tbe party ot the state.
Continuance of the bureau cannot full to
engender strife and factional opposition. "
Mr. Astwood called on Senator Faulkner
today to urge Irrmecllato action in > abolishing
the bureau.
Still Trjrlnf- Collect n Quorum Only Two
Alurntcc * InVul ! .l UK ton.
WASHINGTON , Aug. 23. Even before the
reading of yesterday's Journal today In tbe
senate , the absence of a quorum was pointed
out by Mr. Manderson , republican of Ne
braska , and the roll being called showed the
presence of thirty-three senators , elecen Iris
than a quorum ,
Mr. Harris moved that the sergeant-al
arms be directed to request the presence of
absentees , but Mr. Fasco and Mr. Cockrell
pointed out that the order made
yesterday was still In forca and
the latter asked for the report of the ser-
gcant-of-arms. This was dated toilay and
reported that of the forty-two senators who
failed to answer to their names yesterday
only two were In the city and ono at these
( Mr. Voorhees ) was too 111 to attend. The
other senators were telegraphed to attend
Immediately. Up till 12:35 : p. in. only
thirty-five senators had arrived.
Four republican senators Messrs. Mandor-
son , Fettlgrcw , Quay and Shoup were Ir.
the senate chamber , but failed to answer
and were recorded as absent.
Senator Ilrlco was absent attending tha
funeral of a relative. . Senator Carnden tele
graphed ! io would be here at noon. It his
train was not delayed , and Senators Sherman
and Wilson were excused from Jurtlier at
tendance on account of sickness. At tha
request of Mr. Gray the list of absentees
was read.
Mr. Harris then said the orders given
yesterday to the sergeant-at-arms to request
the presence of absent senators having proved
Ineffective , he moved the sergcant-at-arms
bo directed to compel their attendance , and
this was agreed to. Mr. I'ruden , the ex
ecutive clerk from the white house , ap
peared with a message from the president ,
supposed to be nominations , but could not
present them. The republicans were ready
to furnish four votes to make a iiuorum to
go Into executive session , but the democrats
needed three additional to complete , tha
number. Those in attendance were :
Allison. ' Gordon. Mitchell ( Ore. ) .
Hate , Oorman. Mitchell ( W . ) .
llrrry , Orny , Palmer ,
Illnckliurn , Harris , 3'a.scoe ,
lllanclmrd. Hill , I'UBh.
OKkrrll , Hnntnn , Hansom.
Cokp. Jarvjg , Itoach ,
Cullnnt , Jones ( Ark. ) , Turple ,
Pnulkncr , Kyle. Veil.
Oulllnger , I.tmlNiy , Vllna.
OeorRu. McLaurln , Walsh ,
dlbson. Martin , White.
Total , 36.
Of these thlrty-ono were democrats , four
republicans and one populist. Th absentees
were :
AKlrlch , ITnlc. - Porter.
Allen , IlnnsbroUKh , Perkins
Hrlcc , ITnwIey. Pettlgrevr ,
llutlcr. IIlKKltis , Plait ,
Cnffrey , Hoar , Power ,
Call. Iruy. Proctor ,
Cainden , Jones ( Nov. ) , Quay.
Cameron , Lodge. Sherman ,
Curcy , McMillan , Shoup.
Chandler , Mcl'hcrson. Smith ,
Drnlel , Mnnderson , Squire ,
Davis , Mills , Stnwart
IJIxoii , Moricnn , Teller ,
Dolpli , Morrtll. Voorhe i.
Dubota , Murphy , Wa all burn ,
fc'rye. I'atton , WolcotL
Total , 48.
Of these thirteen were democrats , thirty-
two republicans and three populists
At 1:20 p. m. , finding It Impossible to get
a quorum , the senate , on motion of Mr.
Harris , adjourned till tomorrow at 12 o'clock.
Senator * Knrouto to WaihlnRton to
Alnko the ICrqnlrod Number ,
WASHINGTON , Aug. 23. It Is expected
by the democratic leaders of thi senate
that a quorum will be present tomorrow.
Telegrams have been received , from a num
ber of senators saying they expect to ar
rive before the next session , among them
being Senators Mills , Morgan and Dubols ,
Senator Camdcn returned today. Senator
Dubols , although a republican , probably will
join other republicans In making up a ,
quorum. If a qcuruni appears and Senator
Lindsay gets the floor he will no doubt
finish hU speech before ho allows an inter
ruption , when the point of no quorum could
be made. The objection of the republicans
to any further tariff discussion is consid
ered frivolous by the democrats , and they
say they do not care to enter into any
agreement that speeches shall be made In
order to transact the minor business be
fore the senate. It Is said by tha demo
cratic leaders that an adjournment fol
low action by the president on th& tariff bill
whether speeches are made or not , as noth
ing can hold the senators In Washington
after this measure Is out of the my.
Texas Ditmocnit * l.iilcl Out ,
WASHINGTON , Aug. 23. The Tcias dele
gation In congress Is receiving returns from
a number ot congressional conventions In the
state now being held. Representative Paschal
was defeated for renomlnatlon , the wool
question being the main cause of ths defeat.
It Is a largo wool growing district. Mr.
Paschal voted for free wool. The candidate
nominated Is not an advocate ot free wool.
Representative Cockrell's convention has ad
journed until August 30 , after balloting In
effectually. Mr. Cockrell was wltliln four
and one-unit votes of the two thirds ma
jority at the time of the adjournment. Rep
resentative Kilgore's convention Is in session.
Meilttl fur u ( Inllunt Soldier ,
WASHINGTON , Aug. 23. By direction of
the president , a medal ot honor has teen pre
sentcd tu Brevet Brigadier General Llewellyn
Q. Kstes , United States volunteers , for most
distinguished gallantry In action .t Flint
river , Georgia , August 30 , 1SG1. This officer ,
while serving as. assistant adjutant general
on the stall of General Kllpatrlck , volun
tarily took command of troops , and making a '
gallant charge across a burning bridge upon
the rear guard of the enemy , drove them
from their barricades and extinguished the
fire , thus securing water for the union army
and enabling it to take advantag : of Its
position on the other bank.
ChnrloMon Will Go to China.
WASHINGTON , Aug. 23. Final sailing
orders have been sent ( rorn the Navy depart-
meat by wire to the Charleston and she U
expected to start for China In a day or two.
The salting of the ship was delayed until I
the arrival ot the Philadelphia In order that '
the long service men on the latter ship
might be dratted In the Charleston In place
of a number of men and boys who Lave less .
than a year to serve , and , therefore , would
have to bo brought home.
lllll Will Tttko It to the Court * .
WASHINGTON , Aug. 23. Senator Hill expects -
pects to be an attorney In the first ease that
Is brought up testing the constitutionality of
the Income tax provisions ot the new tariff
law , The Now York senator expressed the
opinion when the bill was being considered
In the senate that there- were features of the
law which were unconstitutional and says ho
believes when brought to the courts that I
will be declared unconstitutional In whole
or in part. _
Thrn Kxrtu Warrant * .
WASHINGTON , Aug. 23. The- Navy ds
partment telegraphed Captain Howlton , com
mander of the Mare Island ( Calif arr la ) navy
yard , to extend permission to tie yard ]
to the United States marshals to aislst him
In serving the warrants on Ezeta' and the
other Salvadorean refuges confined 04 th
Ilennlnston. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Uuu.v'a KlKhly-rini r g .Speech.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 23. The congres
clonal Record this morning contami eighty
five pages of Senator Quay's sueccn , which
has been Inserted under the leav to prm
privilege granted several weeks ago.
The Ciiiulujr Meellnir
Of the Dauglts County Fair anil Nebrasfc
Breeders' association meeting promises t
eel line any meeting every held at Omaha
The fair people end the inHiiaeemont of th
breeders are cparlng neither time niroone ;
to make U a great and gala wee It. Xlia lota
premium * offered are { 20,000.
Cleveland Will Not Sign the Tariff Bil1 ,
NoJther 111 Ho Veto It.
Ho U Set In HU'Opinlon , However , nnil Will
Bltnpljr Allow Iho Trn-Pny linr
to Do the Work of tlio I'rcs-
lileiit'a Autograph.
WASHINQTON.tig. . 23. The president -
mains firm In his purpose to let the tariff
bill become a law without his signature.
This , as .was stated by the Associated press
at the time , was his Intention when he left
Washington for Dray Gables , and there U .
excellent authority for the statement that '
Mr. Cleveland since his return has Indicated
that he U ot the same opinion as before he
left. A great deal of pressure has been
and Is still exerting to Induce Mr. Cleveland -
land to forego his. present purpose and to
Ign the bill cither with or without some
; iossago expressing his views , but the presl-
ent gave no encouragement to those who
ave pressed views of this nature on hla at- ,
entlon , and has Indicated that ho will allow
he bill to become a law by expiration ot
ho ten days clause ot the constitution. The
lersons most urgent In suggesting to the
president that ho tign the bill are members
if congress who have represented very
trongly to the president that a signature of
ho bill will help them considerably In their
defense of It In the coming campaign , and
that should It not lave the measure of presi
dential approval Indicated by Mr. Cleve
land's signature , their position on the stump
will be embarrassed to conic extent at least.
Speaker Crisp and a number of other con-
eressmen have presented this view of the
matter , and the speaker saw the president to
day on the subject. So far as can be learned
.he president's attitude has been one of
patient listening tc and consideration of the
rguments presented , but he has refrained
carefully " from making any promises or glv-
"ng encouragement to congressmen who wish
.he bill signed.
A veto of the bill , however , Is not even sug
gested. It cannot become a law vl'tiout the
presidential autograph until next Monday ,
and this being the case the adjournment of
congress will hardly take place before next
The fact that It Is Mr. Cleveland's purpose
to permit the bill to become a law without
his signature la also a strong Indication of
the probability of another message on the
tariff from the president.
Besides Speaker Crisp , who spent some
Ime with the president In a discussion of
ho tariff situation , Representative McMlllIn
of Tennessee ot the ways and means com
mittee and ono of the house conferees , also
'alked with Mr. Cleveland. Speaker Crisp
.old members ot the house who were anxious
.0 get away that ho thought the session
would last until next Tuesday.
Mr. McMlllIn did not discuss the tariff bill
with the president.
Chairman Wilson Is ex
pected Dark from West Virginia today , but
he was nr' about the house during the ses
ColUpgo of the Coxey Movement.
the Scniito Cnininlttoo'i Object.
WASHINGTON , Aug. 23. The stleet com
mltteo on the "prevailing distress" which
was appointed by the senate during the
lielght of the Coxey movement soon found
tself without business. It never hold but
two meetings and heard only two complaints.
One of these came' from Morrison I. Swift
of the Boston contingent and the other from
one of the leaders
of the Galvln company
named Ward.
Speaking of Iho committee this morning.
Senator VIlos. Its chairman , said that when
It 'nas called Into "
existence there "was a gen
eral feeling about the senate that , owing to
the pressure of the times and the persistence
of the Industrials , It would become necessary
to formulate some measure that would In
some way meet the conditions which seemed
to exist.
"The conditions changed so quickly , however -
over , " ho said , "that it soon became evident
that the committee would not bo called upon
to do much. The Chicago strike came , and
the Industrial movement seemed to decline
rapidly until U died out entirely. Wo bear
no more of them. While there existed more
or less opposition concerning their approach ,
they have now come and gone. There was
no voice of protest when the governor of
Maryland had them quartered In that state ,
arrested , or when the governor of Virginia
had the crowd on the Virginia side of the
Potomac put out of the state by the rntlltla. "
' 'There seems , " added Senator Vllas , "to
have been a mistaken Idea as to the duties
of the committee. It was not authorized to
'Investigate' the public distress at all , but
merely to receive memorials and petitions
on the subject and to consider the question
of legislation. Mr. Swift presented a written
document and Mr Elard made a lengthy
speech to us , while President Flsk of the
Bimetallic league sent us a long , letter. Be
yond these wo have received nothing what
ever. "
Some people obtained the Impression that
the commltteo would attempt to right the
private wrongs of Individuals arising from
whatever cause. One gentleman residing In
Philadelphia spent his last cent to go to
Washington to lay the facts of his eviction
from a rented house by the landlord who ,
he said , wan a wealthy man , before the com
mittee and to ask for redress for the wrong
done him. He wo * told that the committee
could take no cognizance of such a case , and
he appeared greatly surprised that It could
The committee will continue In existence
during the present , congress , If no longer ,
and It may possibly bo made ono of the per
manent cpmmlttoes of the senate.
Carnegie lueport I'rescintod and Sir. Stone
AHI Questions About It.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 23. About fifty
members -were on the floor vrhen , the house
met today. There was , as usual , a great
rush on the part ot members for recognition
to pasa bills ot local importance , A bill was
passed to extend the time In which the Hutch *
Ison & Southern Railroad company can con
struct a railroad through the Indian terrl-
tory >
Mr. Dynum , democrat of Indiana , then
moved the regular order. Thereupon Mr.
Curnmlngs , chairman ot the committee on
naval affairs , presented the report of the
commltteo on the trmor plate frauds. With
It he presented a joint resolution to an
thorize and direct the- secretary of the navy
to remove from the Monadnock , the Monitor ,
Terror , the ships Oregon , Indiana and Mas
sachusetts and the cruiser Monterey certain
specified armor platea and to subject them
to the ballistic test at the Indian Head prov-
Inc station. The resolution also directed a
speedy report on these tests.
Mr. Stone , republican of Pennsylvania ,
askeU If the report did not prejudice the
Carnegie company.
Mr , Cunimlngs said it did not. The reso
lution he presented had been unanimously
Mr. Stone called attention to the fact that
no member of the minority was present. Mr.
Cummlngs said tha report wag unanimously
adopted. The republican minority did set
sign the report , buv authorized him to
makeit. .
"What does the gentleman want ? " aiked
Mr. Cummlngs angrily. "Does ho want the
Carnegie company to buy a report ? "
"The gentleman wants the Carnegie com
pany to have fair play , something It has not
had , " returned Mr , Stone.
The resolution was adopted without di
vision and at 1:05 : p. m. the house adjourned
until tomorrow ,
Wool Advancing In Knclmnd.
WASHINGTON , Aug. 23. The anticipated
enactment ot our new tariff bill has af
fected the wool market in England , accord
ing to a report 1o the Slate department
from United States Consul Meeker at Ilrad-
ford. It has caused qulcke/ sales than ever
known before ; buyers are . -ager to anticipate
a brisk I'.eoia'-.i ; r > m thd United States , and
farmers wera anxCoui to turn their fleeces
Into ready mon'f bpxause of the dtfprcss'.on.
Tlis : prices showed > w average advance of
from H to 1 cint affmind ovtr last year ,
also caused by the thrift bill changes , us the
consumption of Ihe homn trade did not war-
rait the advance.
A K try j-'ow aitK A it at r.
I.carc * Uruntcil niul jtc-nileil nnil .fiMiii | > %
In Hlullon mill fiiitlr * tMrrctrtl.
WASHINGTON , Aug ! 23. ( Special Tele-
grim to The Dee. ) HertVo of absence for two
moiiths on surgeon's c6ftlflOate of disability ,
with permission to le'dv the Department ot
tlu Colorado , Is grarVlett Second .Lieutenant
John W. Fnrlon/ , First cavalry.
rirst Lleute.iant 'Oscar S. Strn-.b , "Ifth
artillery , will bo relieved from f'.rther duty
with the First artillery by tha commanding
afiVor at Fort Hamilton , N. Y. , on receipt
by htm of this order , and will join his
proper battery. Leave ot absence for two
months , to take effect on being relieved
from duty with the First artillery , Is granted
First Lieutenant Oscar S. Strnub , Fifth ar
Leave of absence for i. a months , to take
effect on or about Se tP.ulter 1 , 1894 ,
Captain E. V.rA , Andruss , First
Leave of absence f < fo1 / months , to take
effect about Septembai i5 , 1891 , with per
mission to apply for an extension ot two
months , Is granted Captain Folllot A. Whlt-
iejr , eighth Infantry.
Leave of absence for two months , to take
effect on or about September 1 , 1891 , Is
grunted Captain John L. Phillips , assistant
Leave of abesnce for three months , to
take effect on or about October 1 , 1894 , Is
granted First Lieutenant Ml dlson M.
Ureter , assistant Mirgeon.
Leave of absence for one month , to take
effect upon bolng relieved from duty at Fort
Supply , Okl. , is granted Captain William
H. Corbusler , asMst'int surgeon.
Dy direction of the president , First Lieu
tenant Asa T. Abbott , U.S. . A , , retired , Is
detailed for set-vice ac professor of military
tactics at the Bishop Seabury mission , Farl-
baalt , Minn.
First Lieutenant Wurren R. Dunton , n.
S. A. , Is detailed for service as ppofessor jf
military tactics at the Ohio Military Insti
tute , Cincinnati , O.
Tlio leave of absence , on surgeon's cer
tificate of disability , granted Mnjor George
P. Russell , Fifteenth Infantry , . In special
onlers No. 94 , April 21 , 1894 , from this oITloi
is extended one mont.'i on surgeon's ccrttflca
of disability.
A board of ofllceis , to consist of Colonel
diaries T. Alexander , assistant surgeon gcn-
erj.1 ; Captain John Pitman , Ordnance de
partment ; Captain Scinhopo E. Ulunt , Ord
nance department ; Captain Charles AV. Whip-
pis , Ordnance department , and Captain \M\- \
II am P. Kenctuii , assistant surgeon , Is dp-
pointed to meet at the army building , rJoe
York , on Tuesday , October 2 , 1804 , at 10
o'clock a. m. , or as soon thereafter as prac
ticable , for the examination of such lieuten
ants of the line as may bo o-dered to appear
betore it with a/ view to i selection for
trtnsfer to the Ordnance deiitftment.
Viit leave of absence grant ea Second Lieu
tenant Albert D. Donwnrth , Fourteenth in
fantry , Department of the Columbia , is ex
tended one month.
Captain Charles H. Ingalls , assistant quar
termaster ; Captain Charles D , Ewlng , as
sistant surgeon ; First Lieutenant Franklin
O. Johnson , Third cavalry , and First Lieu
tenant James 13. Hughes' , Tenth cavalry , ore
detailed as members of , the general court
niirtlnl convened atJeTprson Uarracks , Mo.
First Lieutenant Ch'arlcs II.McKlnsley.Corps
of Engineers , will bo relieved by Major James
F. Gregory , Corps of 'Engineers ' , from duty
under his irnmedlate orders , and will proceed
to and take station , at J > uluth , Minn. , and
report to Major Clinton B. Sears , Corps ot
Engineers , foi duty "under his immediate
_ _
Veterans of the I.ule Wijr Itoinsinhcrod by
the ( Jenornl Governnitml ,
WASHINGTON , Aug-.123. ( Special to The
Bee. ) Pensions granted , * ' Is " 0 'of ' .agust 11 ,
were : Nebraska : 'AdditionalTllcl'rird II.
Jones , Oak , ftfuckqllB. , , Original nrnJows.
rte. Sarah J. Whitney , Wilsonvllle , Fuo.ns.
Iowa : Original Jacob Strohrn , Lyons ,
Clinton ; Jonathan Phelps , Snlem , Henry.
missue- John A. Fltz , Iowa Fulls , Hardln ;
Stephen F. Hnlrd , .Boyden , Sioux ; Asa
Booton , Slgourney , Keokuk. Original
widows , etc. Mary Gallagher , Council
Bluffs , Pottawatlamle.
Horrible , < iufT rliig of n Chili' .
BERLIN , Neb. , Aug. 23. ( Special to The
Be-e. ) Some time last March a * Kary
Myers , a 14-year-old daughter of a farmer
Ihing near this town , was playing IP the
field , her clothing caught fire from butn-
Ins stalks and her body was horribly burned.
Tiie parents tried home remedies until it
became evident that death would ensue , and
a few days ago she was brought to this place
and a physician mule an examination , when
it was found that gai grene had set In and
eaten its way Into the ribs. She is receiv
ing treatment , but her sufferings are most
excruciating and recovery extremely doubt
i\s the Berlin Cornet band was practicing
las-t evenlnc In the school house a largo
hanging lamp fell from the calling to the
floor. The building took ( Ire and but for the
presence of mind of Charles Taney would
have been consumed. He seized the drip
ping lamp while still In flames and hurled
it fully ten feet through an open window.
IiuvHtlca Ing Dr. Kly.
MADISON. Wls. , Aug. 23. The defense
in the Richard L. Ely Inquiry has a letter
from Walking Delegate Klunk of Kansas
City , stating that Dr. Ely never entertained
him while he was In Madison to adjust the
printers strike ; that he did not know Ely
anJ had never seen him. These are denials
of some of State Superintendent Wc.'is'
charges ngalnst Dr. Ely. Superintendent
"Wells will try to prove by Ely's writing
that he Is a political economist of a type
dangerous to the puce ot the nation.
Millie HU'ontco 1'uy ,
KANSAS CITY , Aug. 23. Justice of the
Peace Ross W. Latshaw Is short ? 9,00Mn ( his
accounts with the county , according to ths
report filed with the county court by expert
Accountant Slater. About a month ago
Latshaw took a trip to Europe. During his
.absence there was talk ot crookedness and
an Investigation was ordered. The report
of the expert shows he has withheld line ?
collected from dissolute women. Litshaw
refused to talk for publication.
Killed Him for Annulling I1U Wife.
LOUISIANA. Mo. , Aug. 23. John Irby. 30
years old , was shot ) an4 killed by Oscar
Purglmn , a farmer whoe , wife Irby had as
saulted. The stor ofrithn farmer Is that
Irby went to his home while he was absent
in this city Monday iil'gfil and with a drawn
revolver compelled Purghan's wife to submit
tri his desires and thennthreatened her with
death if she over toWrpM'ts crime.
SolontlatR ICnd il'liolr Convention.
BROOKLYN. Augu23. At the last day's 1 '
session ot the convefltjqu of the American
At-soctatlon for the Advancement ot Science ,
Dr. Hi C. Hover ofhNewburyport , Mass. .
enlightened the forestry section relative to
the petrified fores ts'i of "the southwest , and
particularly those ofA'rtrona. . Today many
of the members Betr'tiHt on excursions to
different parts of the'country.
Union Tto'to ' Mnncptmont T7111 Mnka Tome
Rad'cul O
Wilt Applr I.nrgrly to the Interior of tlin
btato Though the Itotrrnchment
Muy "I ouch the M.tlti
I. Inc.
LINCOLN , Aug. 2J. ( Special to 7he
life. ) Local olliclals and employes ot Ihe
Union Pacific arc on the anxious bench. Anew
now time cord Is to go Into effect next Sun
day. While thf ? < - > ct details ore not yet at
hand , enough Is krunii to lead to the con
clusion that tl'c i r.iln ' will bo farI I
ther curtailed , Thp UTongement seems to |
bo about thh'ny : S'x passengar trains
In and out will bo Mscontlmied. Tha two
trains .going ana coming between Lincoln
and Columbus and Sioux City will ba ( alien
off entirely. The two 'rains In and out to
Stromsburg will 'mert a similar fate. 7ho
train leaving li.-io ! j ? M nhattan , Kan. , In I
the morn. ua the ono arriving from
that point In the evening will also be dis
continued between Lincoln and tlentrlco.
These last train * * , for the past ages under
the care of Conductor Hngcy , will start from
and stop at Beatrice. This will have a ten- ,
"dency to help the Beatrice hotels. Passen
gers for points south of that place will h .vo
to fto down In tiit evening and take n nuw
start In the morning. Likewise coming
from tha south. It Is supposed that a train
will start from Beatrice some time In the
fctenoon and run through Lincoln to Val
ley and stop tht're instead ot nlng on to
Omaha , as heretofore. Then make the same
run back In the evening. The connection
from Valley will be made by the main Hne
trains. From Valparaiso to Stromsburg a
freight will go back and forth for tha ac
commodation of the residents. The min-
: Tuncnt uu'ibtless think this n desirable
nut hod of reducing e.spenscs. It will In-
tcmro with the express VIH.III.-SB , which has
been quite good.
The Seventh Day Aventlst camp mating
now In progress is continuing with Increas
ing Interest , Upwards of thirty meetings
were held yesterday.
The local bicyclists arn In hard training
for the Ganymede races to be held In Coun
cil Bluffs.
The preliminary hearing of the negro ,
charged with wrecking the Uock
Island train , will bo held tomorrow at 9
o'clock. It is claimed that the county at
torney Is In possession of Important In
formation In the case.
The members ot the First Baptist church In
Lincoln last night celebrated the silver anni
versary of its organization , The church was
beautifully decorated and an Interesting pro
gram of cxercls-s had been prepared. Mayor
A. II. Weir > -ead a brief history of the church
and addresses were made by clergymen and
representatives of the university who were
The annual convention of the Woman's
Christian Temperance union of Nebraska will
meet In St. Paul's church In this city on the
last week In September.
The democrats of the capital city are Jubi
lating over the action of the republican state
convention yesterday.
Governor Crounse has named as delegates
to the third annual 'Irrigation convention ,
which meets In Denver on September 3 , the
following , William Bruce , Falls City : F.
I. Fosb , 0-ote ; G. A. Gregory , Nellgh ; L.
H. Jowett , Broken Bow ; S. 13. Solomon , Cul-
bertson ; William Neville , Nonlj Platte ;
Charles Powers , Andrew Rose .voter , Omaha.
Mrs. Mitchell ot Wymoro was In t'ie city
today as cluperone of a hand ot children
from her town who had r. load ot clothLng
which they had made for the inmates of
the Homo for thoyFrlenJless. They called
at the state house and after an Interview
with the governor presented their offering
at the home.
September 7 a convention of spiritualists
Is called to convene here. All spiritualists
and liberal minded people are Invited.
Talmngo I'lro of Wednesday Not Entity
Controlled l y the I'lrrnicn.
TALMAGE , Neb. , Aug. 23. ( Special Tde-
gram to The Bee. ) The fire last night was
supposed to be under control whsn It con
sumed the Strohmcr saloon , but later the
adjoining" building , occupied by Payton as a
billiard hall , caught tire and was entirely
destroyed , together with Weber's saloon a.nd
Buhllg's meat market. Two frame buildings
Intervening and occupied as an Ice cream
parlor and tobacco factory were also toUlly
destroyed. The north brick wall of the moat
market remained standing and , acting as a
protection , saved three adjoining frame
buildings. Four horses were burned In Che
livery barn of Meyers Bros. , ono being a
Percheron stallion valued at $1,000. A can-
servatlVb citl-iintn of the aggregate loss places
the same at $10OuC , with a tot.i' Insurance
of $7,000 on buildings anil mntents The
North British , North American and Omaha
Fire Insurance companies are affected nd
the adjusters ot the several companies are
expected on each train. The prospects for
building substantial brick bullJIngs on a
portion of the -bur-t district U favorable
The work ot removing the debris nas ) 031111 ,
but the village presents a pitiable plight , as
the entire east sideof main utreet U a m : . s
of embers. Tlu glass fronts of nearly every
business house on the west sltla K Main
street : r ? matjrlally damaged from tii-j
treitio heat .Md water. Special
TTdro appointed guard property last night ,
but several it efts have been reported. The
general cry now Is lor water works and Ihe
present outlook Is that klie temporary caliin-
Ity will prove a u'esslng ' In ( ilsgalse.
Nut-row KSCL'PO from Pinnies.
FULLERTON , Neb. . Aug. il. ( Special to
The Deo. ) The city narrowly tsc.iped being
bur'ied last evening. Atoul 9:30 : the livery
torn of William Decker w 4 burned , to
gether with six head of horses , and his har
ness , buggies , etc. The origin of the fire
was the explosion of a lantern In the nay
loft of the barn. The barn was located on
the south side of Fourth street , about ICO
feet west of Broadway and Just opposite the
rear end of Gay's hotel , the business portion
of the town being situated north and east
of the barn. The wind was In the couth-
west at the tlmo of the fire and for a. short
time It looked like tbe whole town must
succumb to the flames , but by coolness a.nd
energetic work the city was saved , with the
loss only of the barn , where the flames orig
inated , Loss , $3,000. No Insurance.
At theHolliuM * Cump Mnotliifr.
BENNBTT , Neb. , Aug. 23. ( Special to The
nee. ) The annual election of officers was
held here today , resulting as follows : G.
W. Sllby , president ; II. T. Davis , first vice
president ; H. D. Brown , second vice presi
dent ; H. G. Wllcox , secretary ; A. M.
treasurer ; J. I ) . M. Buckner and C. Webster ,
superintendents ; J. G , Southwlck , M , I ) .
Davis and W. II Prescott , executive com-
The ' atiendanco today was Increased by
many now arrivals , many bringing their
Don't make two bites
at a cherry. What's the use of tak
ing .one thing for coarse , and
another for fine , washing. Pearl-
ine will do it all. For washing
wood-work , tinware , silver , mare -
e > S ass > dishes carpets , or
anything you can think of Pearl-
a- ine is the best It saves not only
\ ) work , but wear. Let it help you in all
these ways. You musn't think that the easy
washing of clothes is all that Pearline is made for.
Peddlers and * omo unscrupulous grocers will tell you " this Is as coed AS"
or " the same as Pcarllnc. " IT'S FALSK I'carllne is never peddled ,
and if your grocer tends ycol nmethlng In plato cf Pear Hne , bo
/ ht * . * * * _ MtlES PYLI5 , Kcw Vortu
own tents. Accommodations are provided for
all who conic , ami a fruit ot Rood thlriRS
promised to all. Presiding Hhicr AiaSluth
of the Lincoln district , Dr. Paine ot Lincoln
nil H. T. Da\in , tax-preiklcnt ot the asso
ciation , ore Rinong the prominent visitor *
licre. Sunday will ba the climax ot tliu meet-
Intf , when th ? attendance Is expected to
reach 8,000.
Votcnitu at the \Vrrplnp : Witter Itmiilon
llclnjr llunilixiini'l.r Kiitrrlnlnrd ,
WUGI'INQ WATBIl , Neb. , Aug. 23. ( Spe
cial T i. . ain to The Ue . ) Over 10.000 people -
plo were In Rttjmlanco at the reunion today
and the program was one of Interest from
beginning to enJ. .Captain Uarncs' cavalry
company started on a foraging expedition
this morning and raided the business houses.
Judge Strode entertained a vast audience
with n rousing speech. Holll secure the
vutsrans' votes In this district for congress
this fall.
The bicycle races drew a large crowd. In
the two-mllo novice race there were four en
tries. William Carrahsr of Union ft'on ' first
prize and Fred LehnlntT second. Two-mile
open , Ilvo entries : II. n. FroOrlckson first ,
. E. Mockctt second. Halt-mile ladles' race :
Miss Myrtle Darnes first , Lena Dirn'B tcconil.
One-mils handicap was won by 13. E. Mockctt ,
KredrlcUson second , i'egau third , Carrahor
fourth. Seven entered for the flve-mlln han
dicap. Ilollouay of PlaUmouth v n first ,
Fredrlckson second.
The game ot ball between Uali-ash and
Weeping Water was won by the latter. Score ,
7 to 13. Tomorrow the teams play for a
There was n Inrne .lino of old veterans
out on dress parade. The balloon ascension
was n double-header a ninn and dog sailed
to the clouds and dropped by par.uhute to
the ground.
Orcat preparations are made for the slam
battle tomorrow and many say It will tn the
best day.
The house breakers got In their -i\ork nmtln
today and the residences entered BO Car heard
from are : S. Mathens , U. T. Dudley and 11.
W. Mcllenry , a farmer living two miles
.south , in which place they took hit clothes ,
watch and trinkets. It la thought many
IIOUEO.I have been broken Into In the countiy.
Hon. J. M. Thurston arrived tonight uud ho
will speak tomorrow.
Notcl rrctnunt I'urty.
FREMONT , Aug. 23. ( Special to The
Dee. ) A novel party was given nt the resi
dence of Edward Dlewctt last evening and
might properly bo called a nightgown party.
Korty young ladles engaged In a friendly
sleeping contest , the one sleeping the longest
and soundest bolng the winner.
William Dlttman of Crowell and MIB3
Maine Sexton of Nlckerson were married
horn yestcrdiy. _
Nrlinirltn Itlzim Arrcntrd.
NEHAWKA , Neb. , Aug. 23. ( Special Tele
gram to The Deo. ) This town was consid
erably stirred up today by the arrest of one
of UH citizens for the alleged selling ; ot spir
ituous drinks without a license. Deputy
Hubbard , who made the arrest. a.Iso sub
poenaed a number of witnesses. No ono
knew anything of such offense limJng been
committed , and the matter was dismissed.
1'lrnnnnt Snclnl Kvrnt nt ( Jrr lmin.
GIUJSHAM. Neb. , Aug. 23. ( Special to
The Dee. ) A very pleasant social event
occurred last evening at the residence of' J.
B. Hart , cashier of the Farmers and
Merchants bank. Vocal and Instrumental
music was the order ot the evening and
some flno selections were rendered. The
program continued until 11:30 : p. m.
H l''alrliury M
FAIRDURY , Neb. . Aug. 23. ( Special Tele
gram to The Di - . ) The preliminary exam
ination of George S. Williams for the shoot
ing ot the Hock Island yordmastcr , Smiley ,
was held today , and Williams remanded to
jail until district court. Dert Moore , who
was arrested as accessory , was discharged.
Illntr Children 1'Tcnlc.
DLAIR , Neb. , Aug. 23. ( Special to The
Dee. ) The Baptist Sunday school ot this
place had an excursion to Herman today a
regular old fashioned basket picnic. About
125 , mostly children , went. Abou' . 200 went
to Courtland Dcach also to tale in "The
Last Days of Pompeii. "
llrutli of C'lmrlim Ncli > u fur ,
WEST POINT , Neb. , Aug. -Special ( to
The Dee. ) Charles Schaefcr , SOT of Jacob
Schacfer , a prominent farmer ll-ylng north-
cast of town , died this morning. The de
ceased was about 20 ycara old and tMed very
Umlgn County Hi piilillcnnn Nci I
FRI3MONT , Aug. 23. ( Special to The
Doe. ) The gubernatorial nomination of the
republican convention Is not received with
great enthusiasm by the rank and file cf
tbo Dodge county republican voters.
Instantly Restores a ray Hair ,
Dleachrd Hair cr Gray
To Natural Color.
Leaves it clean , soft and glossy
and no one dreams th' t you color
it , Absolutely harmless , odor
less and lasting. IJatha do notj
affect It. Does not prevent curl
ing or crimping. Send sample of
i hair to be colored free.
No. I. black | 'J _ No. 4Cheitaut > '
No. 3 , Oirk Drown | No. 8 , Light Ctuitnut \
No. 3 , rttdlum Brown I No. 6 , Gold Blontoi ,
> No. 7 , A h Blonde.
For i&lc by IirugsUti and Hair Dwuen.
j MFO.
292 Fifth Avenue , Now Yorlc.
IttlSDoilgrKtrrrf , - Unmlia , fltbrailca
BO YD 'SI Three N'hts ! an < 1'Weduo5-
I day Matinee , b ginning
ISy llniiulon Tlioinni.
Dirootion of OHAS PEOHMAH ,
Unqunstlonnulr the l > ljctt comnljsnccosa
known In the nnnnU of tliostouo. iluxuheoti
open Uaturday at usual prlcua.
I5fh ST. THEATER , " "ft o
UltAND OPKNIKG-OnoWcok , Sunday Jlutlnue ,
' 'Utli.
KlsherJ ; Scott H OonaolldatoU fU
Two Coinnanini Two Saturate OatiU.
Ono IlOL'iilsr Admlsulon Notice. Doom open at 7:00 : Pjirp.
Comuii'ncus nt 7:15
in n u B i vs.
j DesMoines.
Kxtrnot nt the Itrnlii nl llioOx.
tn the treatment of
N . " Y. Ncurologlcnl Society , Meeting , April 4 , If !
"A rnta win presented at loemnotor nlnvU
" lilcli hod ben trente.1 llli JiyjxxlMmlc ln
'Jectlonn of CMIir.llHINi : fix years art ) tht
'patient , n ninn nRpil forty , tmS begun to lut *
'fcr with ilouMe vision. Thin nflcr several
'months ot Irenlmcnt hail illnnipeurea , pnd tot
n tlmo he twit Ix-en quite well. The typical
j tnim > ' ot locrootor nlnxln then cnnie oni
'ramileti | > lo" of kht.-Jorku nhnrp pnlni In
the lemi nt.ixliv gate well nmrltnl. Inability
'ti dtnnd with the even clositl ; ilirilculty In
V\icuuUiiB the blailiUr ml IwwrUi nexutl
| Hinr IOM ; a ttntt of oonMrtcllon nrounJ tha
nlM. Treatment wan Ix-iam about ten we k
'ago , .nnil rnnxIMr. ) of n dully lopotlermlo In *
Jectlon nf CIIIIUIUUNK "lUtnmnnd , live dropi.
'combined ' with n like amount of water. Im-
'provmentcry marked ; ncxtml function * per
"fectly restored : complete comtol over blaililef
"nnil bowels , and xharp twin * linil disappeared !
'ce.ieml health Imprmrd ; nblo to run up and
Mown stalnt , and could stand Ulead/ with n't '
Vyps closed. No other treatmvnt employed , Im.
'provement gradual and steady. ' "
Dose Plvo Drops , t'rlco. (2 ( drnchms ) , $2.00.
Where local drtiRKlsH are. not supplied with
the Hammond Animal Uxtracti , they will be
mailed , toRcther with nil existing lltcraturq
on the subject , on receipt of price by
WlKlllnctiill , IN t' .
Our Bond
Guarantees no
Pay rrntll Cured.
Send for our Now Book.
H9 S. 14th St. Omaha , Neb.
Blood Purifier
iNTerTT-e T'oin.Ic
The Blood Remedy
of the Domlmondo.
OMAHA , NEH. , Aug. 8 , 18DI. The Eubcres.
Company : Gentlemen After using a number o (
cliff ei en t medicines and preparations , and alia
prescriptions from some of the best physician ,
for Itheumatlsm and I ame * Illicit. 1 purchased a
bottle of your UUI3AT BLOOD PUIUFIIJIl.
nml have cot relief that none ot the other mod-
Iclnes have ghen me. If Imtnwnnont keeps on
as It has commenced. I phall l > pntlrntly cured
by the time I have used ono bottle. Youratmly ,
C. T. FAITH , 1003 ttirnam Stioet.
All drUEBlsla lm\e It , Price 11.00 par bottle.
Omaha , Nob.
- -
You cnn save manor by wearing : the
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stitute. If your dealer cannot ( mriily ) you , wo can.
Sold by
A. W. Bowman Co. , (17 ( N. IQth.
C. J , Carlson. 1218 N. 24th.
Elles Bvonson , 2OO3 N. 24th.
iKnatz Novvman , 424 S. 13th.
W. W. Flshor , 292S Loavonworfi
Kelly , StlBor & Co-i Famam & IQth
T. Crossy , 26OO N at Go. Omaha
U , S. Itfjiciltoru , ( Jinalia , Nebraska.
CAPITAL. - - $400,000
SURPLUS , - - $55,500'
Officer * and Directors Henry W. Tatea , pres
ident ; John 8. Collins , vice-president ; Lewli
S. Heed. Caihler ; William H. 8. Hughe. . . : < cant -
ant cashier.
cashier.THE IRON BANK.
WtRErCHTOUT ) 8,0.
"Write forJUBk References.
ifo Operation. No Detention from Business ,
305-SOS New York Life IH'off. , Omaha , Neb.
Orj'.y Thoia Who
Hay * Good Teeth.
GOTO ! BAIIl IirTiii
, < ; tKNTIST
3d Moor /'axtou Hlock , 18ili and Kuriluui HU.
Tulophono , 1085.
Lady nttondunt. Oerniun spoken. Pull sot
touth , 95,00 ; nutdosuiuu duy tlio linpro iluu
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