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Wash Dress Goods.
Wash dress goods arc going
fast at Hayden Bros. Have
you seen the crowds attending
thi § sale the past week ? Still
further reductions. This will
be the last weelc of the big
sale ; we invoice July 3 rst ; take
advantage of the low prices.
32 inch wide silk stripe zeph
yrs on sale Monday at 150 yd.
Choice of all our fine impor
ted double width duck suiting
Choice of over 50 different
styles in Japonette ; Haydens
is the only house that have
them ; isc yd.
Mousseline de India , all
back ! ground , reduced to 150
Mousseline de Saline sa1 in
stripes now at Haydens locyd.
32 inch wide printed organ
dies IDC yd.
32 inch wide finest printed
dimities reduced to IOG yd.
Choice of all our fast b'ack
lawns , they come in satin
stripes and plaids , lace strip : s ,
etc. , a large line to pick from ,
now selling at loc yd.
All domestic cluck suitings
loc yd.
Pacific jackonet and organ
die lawns reduced at Haydens
to 50 yd. They come in lighter
or dark grounds.
32 inch wide canton cloths
5C yd-
See our remnants tab'es of
wash goods at 2l,4c and SG yd.
You never saw such values
as are now given by Hayden
Bros , in wash dress goods de
partment , all in order to reduce
stock before invoicing.
Linens and
t Closing1 out bed spreads.
Look ov r our prices and com
pare ; 4c , 5QC , 65c , 750 , 850 ,
95c , $ i , $1.25 and $1.50 each.
Look over our special bar
gain in towels , 50 , IOG , 150,190
and 250 each.
Get our prices on table linen
and napkins ; we beat them all
and can give you the largest
stock to select from.
Twilled and huck toweling
and 40 yd.
See the toweling we are
showing at toe ,
Fancy striped fast colors of
Turkish toweling loc yd. worth
i5c grade of English flan
nelette 50 yd.
White shaker flannel 5c yd.
White wool mixed flannel
12 J/aC yd.
LL yard wide brown muslin
40 yard.
Yard wide bleached muslin
5s yd-
5-4 bj-own pillow casing 8 J c
42 inch pillow casing , bleach
ed , 7 c yd.
Full standaid dress prints
SG yd.
Choice of all our domestic
and imported yard wide per
cale 6c yd.
Fine zephyr gingham locyd.
Striped and checked seer
sucker 3-ic yd.
Crinkled seersucker 50 yd.
Linen finished zephyr in
dress patterns of 10 yards each
for 850 a pattern.
If you want to save money
there is no place like Haydens.
We are letting down the prices
inorder to red uce stock before
Dress Linings.
All co'ors ' in best cambrics
lie yd.
I5C grade percahne ioc yd.
All colors in silesia ioc , 150
and 2oc yd.
Hair cloth , crinoline , collar
and belt canvas , padding and
wadding , in fact anyth ing you
may want you can find in our
lining department the largest
in the west.
Wall Paper.
Closing out odd patterns of wall paper at
your own price.
"Wrappers and
25 dozen ladles' percale waists that are
worth & 0o and 7 Bo , tomorrow wo will sell
them all out at 29o.
25 doxen ladle * ' wrappers , made from the
beat Uwiu and percale * , and are worth up
to fl.&O , tomorrow take your choice at 79c.
All departments must reduce stocks to the lowest possible limit before stoeH
taking. A dollar yvill now do the work of two.
The way the sales keep up in this departinont in the face of the extreme warm
weather is simply marvelous.
Bountiful storm serge , 10-inuhos wide , blues und blacks. 39c
Beautiful storm serge , EXTRA QUALIT V 49c
15-inch wool serge , worth 7.r > c 5Oc
id-inch wool fecrgc , all color * , Monday 69c
52-inch wool serge , blue and black , Monday. : 75c
50 pieces 38-inch all wool serge , in all lending shades , tans , brown , wino ,
slates , otc. , Monday 29c
50 pieces of Novelties , good value at 3f > c , Monday J5c
500 remnants of all wool goods , 'ii-inch ( , US-inch , 40-inch wide goods , sold all
the way from uOc to $1.00 , for Monday 19e
50 pieces silk lansdowne , ALL COLORS , special for Monday 75c
To get the correct thing at the
correct price and at the
correct time ,
visit our black goods depart nent ,
45-inch black all wool serge 50c
52-inch black all wool storm sorgo. 75c
45-inch English cashmere
40-inch Gorman Henrietta. . . t 5Oc
Never before in the dry goods business have such black
silks been offered to the public at the prices we are making on
Now is the time for you to get a black silk dress at half its
regular value.
Black India silk , regular 650 goods , for 39c
Black Bengaline silk , wor.h 750 yard , for 49c
Black India silk , 27 inches wide , for 59c
Regular $1.00 quality black faille silk , for 69c
Yard wide black India , worth $1.25 , for T5c
24-inch wide black satin rhadzimer , for 98c
24-inch wide black royal armure for 98c
24-inch wide black faille francaise for ' . . . 9Sc
The finest and best quality black India for 98c
An elegant grade black twill India for 98c
At $1.25 wo olTor our entire line of black Peau do Sole , Royal Alma , Royal
Armure , Caohmore , Gros Grain , Satin do Lyon , Satin Luxor , regular 82.00 silks ,
for this week our price on them just 81.23 a yard.
We mean what we say.
And we do a'l that we promise.
If our prices are not the lowest in the city wo don't expect to sell you any
thing. It will pay you to como and bee our prices before you buy men's , boys and
children ' clothing.
Upon one counter wo massed all the broken sizes in our light
Ad ens' Suits.
Every one of 'em marked down to a uniform price of $750The lots
comprise Cheviots , Casslmores , etc. , In tan , grays and others. They are liar-
gains at SI2.5O.
' .Pants
Monday wo wo will place on sale -150 Mons" Never Rip Pants at Due.
Buys a pair of htrlotly all wool Mons' Trousers in Cassimcres and Cheviots. Reg
ular punt i.utturns ; will eiivo you $1.50 on every pair or your money back , All
' and Children ® '
Light and medium weight clothing at half prices to make room for now goods
coming in ,
We now handle a complete Hue of Hur Cents , Barbers' Coats ,
Hatchers' Frocks , Waiters' Jackets , Aprons , etc. , at prices lower than
any other house.
fiT VTT.TXT A W A V Wltl > S2' ° ° worth of Clothing a heavy
U-l V JillN JA. W ± \ . X uuck Mechanics' Apron.
China and Japanese mattings reduced from
20o to 12Uc.
China and Japanese mattings reduced from
30a to 20c ,
Cotton warp matttngi reduced from GOo to
Wisconsin full cream cheese , 7Hc , lOc ,
Swlsa cheese , IZV&c , He per pound ,
Drlck cheese , 8c , lOc , 12V4c per pound.
By coming here you can get any kind
1 caciie you want at tbt lowsit prlcti.
Notions and
Fancy Goods
We are closing
Crdquet sets worth $2.25 at $1.GO.
Croquet sct worth $2.00 at S3c.
Mlrrois worth $5.00 at $2.28.
Handbags worth $1.00 at 4Dc.
Satin belt hose supporters worth GOc , at
Handbags worth GOo at 23c.
Ladies' Belts
Wo havea big stock of belts to close ,
llelts worth loc for Gc.
IJelts worth 25c for lOc.
Uelts worth 35c for 20c.
Belts wcrth GOc for 2Gc ,
Millinery ,
Our varied display of this seasons' '
styles and the low prices wo make have
kept this department far in advance of
all competition. All shapes and makes
may be fi/und hero , and no one e..n fail
to find our priceu fcatisfuctory.
We are now offering speciul induce
ments in ordnr to dispose of our sum
mer sU ek. We offer nil our seasonable
summer , shapes at one-third their
former price. A call will result in a
Big1 Special Sale
Odds and Ends.
Remnants of ribbons wgrth 5e , Sc and lOc
per yard foi ; 2c per yard.
Remnants of ribbons worth 12c , 15c and
20c per' yard at 5c per yard.
Remnants of ribbons worth 20c. 23 o and
2Sc per yard nt Oc per yard.
Remnants of ribbons worth 30c to C5c per
yard at 21c per yard.
Remnants of laces worth 50c for IBc.
Remnants of laces worth 75c for 25c.
Odds and ends of all silk Windsor ties at
12' < : C , worth 25c.
Qdds and ends In stamped linens worth
15c for 6c.
Odds and ends In stamped llncna worth
23c for ICe.
Odds and ends In stamped linens worth
35c for 19c.
Remnants of embroideries at Ic per yard.
Remnants of embroideries nt 2c per yard.
Special now line of ladles' fine handker
chiefs 2c. 3c , 7c , lOc. 12fcc ! and 15c.
The last week before taking stock , when
these very low prices on carpets will be a
thing of the past.
The last week of all wool carpets for 45c.
The last week of extra super carpets for
GOo to COc.
The last week of brussels carpets for 45c.
The last week of velvet carpets for 75c.
Ladies' and Gent's
Only a few days moro and then wo take
stock. Wo are now clearing up everything
In our ladles' and gonts1 furnishings.
Read carefully , you can make money to
How Is this for a starter ?
COO 20-Inch silk umbrellas , beautiful hand
les , worth $2.00 , $3.00 and $5.00 each , your
choice ot this lot for 80c.
100 dozen boys' black sateen waists , worth
$1.00 , to be closed out at 35c.
1 case of ladles' Jersey ribbed vests , 25c
quality , go nt lOc.
100 dozen ladles' fast black cotton hose ,
only I2' c per pair , reduced from 20c.
Our entire stock of men's Stanley shirts on
sale ; $1.00 fancy laundered shirts reduced
to 98c.
100 dozen gents' wash , < tles. only fie each.
House furnishing1
Goods. , ,
Wo have taken $5,000 ( worth of granite ,
flint , blue enamel and cameo ware and huvo
put them Into 3 lots , and , put a price on them
that ought to sell every pleca tomorrow.
LOT 1 AH kinds ft jcupi , laddies , meas
ures , etc. , 17c. ' t
LOT 2 AH kinds milk pans , preserve ket
tles , stow kettles , wash btslns , covered palls ,
etc. , 21c. i
LOT 3 All kinds tea ; and coffee pots ,
handled pudding pans , large dze milk pans ,
etc. , 42c. 'J
Festoon edge plate ? , > $ c each.
Fancy creamers , 3c. eMch.
Tumblers , lo eatih,1 ;
Fancy and salt and pepper , Gc.
White metal plated [ tea,1 spoons , 13o per
set , worth 75c. '
White metal plated ( able spoons , 2Co per
set , worth $1.50. '
Fireproof milk and 'baking crocks , 5c each.
Just received a large shipment of nlckle
tea and coffee pots ani\ \ tea kcttloi.
Refrigerators at your awn. price.
The Western waslTiTr at the same old price ,
$2.25.Books. .
Do not nils * our prelnventory book sale on
Monday ,
COO elegant cloth bound books , Including
"House of Seven Gables , " "Scarlet Letter , "
"Ilevcrles of a Ilachelor , " "Dream Life , "
etc , Your choice only lEc.
Shakespeare's complete works $1.00.
Tennyuon's complete works $1.00.
COO new novels , Including 'Bhlps that Pass
In the Nlsht , " "Called Hack. " "Oliver
Twlil " " ' . . Your choice
, "Adam Defle , etc. , etc.
on Monday at To each.
$13.50. $13.50. $13.50.
s i bgarj' ; viiSJS3ga is 35a
WE SET THE PACE ON Flj.v. > . . cn.ii VALUES.
The above is a flvo piece oak parlor suit , with spring Beats , and upholstered
stored iu plush , tapestry and brocatellc. For $ ia.50 it is a bargain that
has never boon touched.
By the way , when you are thinking of buying anything in the furni
ture line , look through our stocks wo will surprise you on low prices and
our qualities are of the best.
heet Music.
And 5,000 , Different Selections at 3c Each.
Pianos ini Organs.
Small Musical Instruments
Before tal'lng Inventory we prc-.os3 to
make sweeping reductions In this depart
ment. Note the f.llowlnkg prices :
2 carloads of best Iron htel nails at leper
per pound think of It , Hie per pound for
best Iron steel nails , about the prlco of com
mon bar Iron ; door bolts , 'lc ; mart co door
locks , Me ; rim door lock' , He ; window
fasteners , uc ; 2-foot boxwood rules. 3c ; 2-foot
boxwood rules , braes bound , Hie ; double Iron
smoothing planes , I,9c ; double Iron Jack
planes , 45c ; double Iron tore pianos. G'Jc ;
hatchets , lOc and 25c ; handsaws , 35c t'c and
TGo ; 75o braces go at 25c ; lOc bracts go nt
lUc ; rakes , lOc ; hoes , IGc ; shove a. 35c ;
spades , 49c ; mounted grind stones trom $1
up ; hay forks , 49c ; binder twine from 7c PIT
pound up ; rope , all sizes and kinds , cheap ;
2-key Jail padlocks , Co ; counter scale- from
COc each up ; U. S. mall boxes only $1 each.
In fancy and common screen doors ,
screen wlro cloth and poultry wire netting ,
wo have no competitors ,
Rubber and cotton hose , 7c per foot ; hose
reels , hose bands and sprinklers of every va
riety always on hand ; cherry stonera very
cheap. We are havlri g a big run on lawn
mowers ; you can find any make you want
hero from $3.00 up. Also , a full line of grass
catchers ; $1.00 handled axes , all sizes , go at
49c , In fact , everything In the hardware de
partment marked down 25 per cent before In
ventory taking. We carry n full line of flno
builders' hardware , Including the following
goods : Solid brass and bronze sliding door
locki and latches , flat front English and
American bronze sliding door locks , astra
gal fronts ; fine front door locks and vesti
bule sets , sliding parlor door rollers and
tracks , Hush bolts , door belli , etc.
Lace Curtains
are lower this week than ever seen In
Omaha ,
$1.50 curtains reduced to 7Sc pair.
$2.00 curtains reduced to $1.00 ,
$3.00 curtains reduced to $2.00.
And all gradea In proportion. This will
only lait a tew day * .
Railroad and
Mining Supplies.
We carry a full stock of railroad and min
ing supplies , Including the folhiulng good.s :
I'lcks , mattocks , shovels , crowbars , clawbar- ,
powder , dynamite , fuse caps , wheelbarrows ,
road scrapers , carts , plows , rope theavcn ; In
fact , everything used In the construction of
a railroad or m'nc.
Hallroml contractors should nuke a note
of the above.
Wo liavo arranged with the Cherokee In
dian Ilalr Grower company to give an ex
hibition of ladles with extraordinary growths
of hair produced by their preparations. A
lady Is now on exhibition In our store , for
two weeks only , whoso hair tralla on the
floor. You can see this marvelous growth of
hair free of charge. Don't fall to call. Their
preparations are on sale Inside our store ,
Cherokee Indian Hair Grower will grow
hair on bald heads , stop hair from falling out
and cause a continuous growth of thick , luxu
riant hair.
Cherokee Indian Scalp Cleaner will en
tirely eradicate dandruff and make a de
lightful , refreshing shampoo. Ono package
sulllclent for twelve iihampoos.
Hair Grower , $1.00 size , 85c.
Our Prices.
Hair Grower , COo size , 42c.
Sculp cleaner , COo nUo , 42c.
Homember that them preparations ore far
superior to any others on the market and
have a world-wide reputation. Try them.
Grocery Dept.
Profit Sharing in Hard Times.
YOU can get more groceries for f 0c In our
largo grocery department than you cat )
buy for $2.00 In any store In tlio city.
Klat cnn ttcnk salmon only lOc. * <
Cliolco sugar corn Gftc can.
Clilco tomatoes only 9Vic can. ( /
Oil cunllncs 4c can.
Preserved blaeberries only Oftc can.
Preserved blueberries only S'.ic can.
California table peaches IC'/ic ' can.
3-pound can California golden drop plunil
14 Vic can.
3-pound cans California egg plums onlg
3-pound cans California green gage pluml
14'ie can.
Soda crackers Go pound.
3-pound cans golden pumpkin only lOc. }
Baking chocolate 17' c package. '
Corn starch 4' c. I
Good rice from 3o per pound up. ' j
Sweet chocolate only 4c cake.
Pure condensi l milk only lOc can.
Finest Imported queen olives 35c quart.
Savlllo olives 2Gc quart.
Arabian olives IGc quart. il
Impored mixed pickles only Ifio quart. |
Imported chow chow only IGc quart.
French mustard only 2'Ac ' bottle.
Large Jelly only 3Gc pall.
Dried Fruit Dept.
The new California fruit Is Just comingIn ,
Now Is the time to buy.
New California peaches lie pound.
New California apricots 12Vic pound.
New California pitted plums 12V&C pountb
New California cherries 12V c pound.
New California prunes 8c pound. * \
Imported French prunes IS'/fcc pound. 'I
Imported tcodless raisins G' , c pound. /
Imported Valencia raising GVic pound.
Raisin grapes 3c pound.
Soap Dept.
Imported cnstlle soap 19c per bar. '
White cnstlle soap 2Vtc bar.
All kinds of washing powder 2c.
White Paris soap So bar.
Climax soap 3c bar.
Progress soap 3c bar.
Teas and Coffee * ,
Broken Mandellng Java lY'.ic pound.
Golden Rio , 22c , 23c and 25c pound.
Host Costa Rica coffee 27V c pound.
Santos and Peaberry coffee 29c.
Oriental Java coffee 32c pound.
Fancy Old Government Java and Mochai
3Bc , or 3 pounds for $1.00.
Tea dual , lOc and 12c pound.
Japan tea , 25e pound ,
BasUet-flred Japan tea , 29c and 35o pound *
English breakfast tea , 38C7 38c and COo
pound. ,
Van Houten's cocoa , 7Cc pound.
Ptiro American breakfast cocoa C5o pounfli
Butter. I
Fresh country butter , lOc , 12' c nml best ,
country butter made only 16c. Have yotM
tried our creamery ? There Is nothing flneu
made , and sec what yen can save by buying ]
It at Haydens : ISc and 20c for the bC3p
butter ever put on the table.
Here Is a surprise for you In fish.
George's Dank whole cod fish , the finest ,
you over saw , for Ho per pound. Mackerel , .
7V4c , lOo and 12'/jc ; brick cod fish , 2' at\ \
white , fish , Be , 7'Ao and lOc ; salmon , 10o | |
Norway herring , 20c per dozen ; largo labru
dor herring , C for 2Gc.
To Intioduco Ilaydcns' best CX flour , wo
will for a slioit time put In every sack one
of the following articles. The ( lour Is warranted - .
ranted to bo the best you ever used or money1 ,
Ono diamond ring.
One gold watch i/ iTo
Ono $5.00 bill.
Ono net solid sliver plated teaspoons.
Ono ladles' rolled gold watch chain.
-Ono ladles' cluster diamond lace pin ,
Wo carry the lending brands of flour , sucli
as Hayden's Dros. ' CX Superlative ( Rex paU
cut ) hard wheat flour.
) X Minneapolis Superlative flour , $1,10
Valley Lily flour , $1.00 sack.
Central Mills' Host Superlative , 05o sack.
Snowflake flour , CSc sack.
A very good Hour for COc. -
Good rye flour 80c tuck.
Choice rve flour SI.OO.
Ilcst rye Hour $1.1C tuck.
Paskola . Lnrgo , 85o
" . Sumll , 4oo
KluUitpoo Indian Stigwn . 7fia
Uromo Scltxur . Small , OSa
" . Medium , 20o
" . Lario , -10o
Cluunborliiin'ti Cello , Chuloni und
Ulnrrhno Cure . 20o und -10o
Misllln's Food . 05o
Cnstorhi . 2T o
Ayor'e Hair Vigor . 05o
Syrui ) of Vlfts . -lOc and 7Co
Plcrco'a Fuvarito Prescription . 7fio
" Golden Medical Dlbcovory , 7So
Florida Water . Lai-jjo , 25oa
" . Small , a
Lyon'n Tooth I'o wdor . liOq
Mention's Unrated Talcum . . . . . . 20q
.Viola Cream . . . 40o
Mul vlna Cream . -10d
"Old Glory" Suaj ) , ronilar ( , prlco
lOe ; Monday . 3 for lOo
Palm Soap , Hamo price . 3 for lOo
Cocounut Oil Soap . Per box , 21o
(12 ( In n box. )
MuBrayor'tf WliUky . Per bottle , COo
O. Re. Taylor WhUky. . " 60o
Old Crow " . . " COo
Old llormltiiffo " . . " f.Oo
Old Port \VliK ! . U5H
Claret . UuV