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IlWil Not Be Tilled with Water from Oak
Oreok Right Away.
If Dntlnrd Into the Lnho It Would Stop
III * .Mill , mill lie A k the Court
to 1'rovciit ThU Inter
LINCOLN , June 1. ( Special to The Bee. )
The Burlington beach people arc
In more trouble. ThU forenoon Judge
Tlbbelts Issued a temporary Injunc
tion restraining Kd Blgnelland Job
Hathaway , thu chief promoters of the
beach , from tapping Oik creek to secure a
supply of water with which to nil the artifi
cial lake. The lake has been at very low tide ,
awing to the fact that numerous Improve
ments wpra being made. Yesterday the
j -nera of the lake made arrangements to
tap Oik creek about ICO feet above the dam
which supplies the motive , power for the
jriit mill , leased and owned by .George W.
Shnrpnack. Ho did not care to stop his
mill while the lake people \\cro enjoying
prosperity , and he accordingly appeared be
fore Judge Tlbbctta this morning and se
cured the injunction. The hearing will \ > f
had on June t , and In the meantime low
tide will prevail at Burlington beach.
Walter H. Flynn has only been In Uio
railway mnll service since November , 1891 ,
btit In tint time ho has stolen nineteen reg-
Utered letters , If the charges made against
him by Poitoince Inspectors Sinclair , Fred-
crick and Fosnes are backed up by the proof
Which these officials claim to have In their
possession , Flynn was arrested in the
office at the Lincoln Inspector last night
when he returned from his run from Dead-
wood. He was charged with having ttolen
two registered letters containing $65 each ,
which had been sent to the Lincoln postoirice
by the postmaster at Pass. Wyo. , and of
ono registered letter containing $95 sent to
Lincoln by the postmaster of Fort McKln-
ney. The Inspector * claim that they have
proof that he has also stolen sixteen more
registered letters. Flynn passed the night
in thei custody of the inspectors who caused
lila arrjOvt , as ho was unable to secure ball.
Ho has been held to the federal court in
the sum of $1,000 , and In default of ball was
taken to Omaha this forenoon. It Is under
stood that ho has made a jfull confession to
the Inspectors.
The district court has again reached that
part of the docket which Include } the numer
ous cases acaliist C. W. Moshcr and II. C.
Outcalt. Judge Tlbbetts today commenced
the trial of the case of the Farmers and
Merchants bank of Galva , III. , against
Mosher and Outcalt on a promissory note
for $5,000. The leading feature of the ease
li the fact that the bank people were the
flrst to attach the property known as , the
Outcalt farm , which had been transferred
by Outcnlt to D."E. Thompson. The bank
claims that the transfer to Thompson was
fraudulent. There are still a large number
of cases against Mosher on the docket , and
many of them will bo reached during the
present term.
It lini finally been settled for certain that
the Galvin hydrants recently furnished the
City by the water works contractors do not
fit the hose couplings and that the responsi
bility for the misfit does not rest upon the
chief of the flro department.
Shortstop Pequlsney of the Lincoln team
returned home today suffering with a badly
sprained knee , which ho received at Jackson
ville last Tuesday , Ho will not be able to
play for several days yet.
George Braddcen of West Lincoln today
swore out n complaint charging Andy Mattes
with assault with Intent to kill. The as
sault occurred last Sunday night. Mattes
struck Braddcen with a car link.
W. Mortan Smith and L. H < H. Austin ,
the new proprietors of the Lincoln Dally
Call , assumed possession' of that paper this
afternoon , Slessrs. Bushncll and Cox retir
ing. City Editor Mitchell Is retained , and
L. H. Mor/c will have charge of the busi
ness department.
I'ort Sidney Abandoned.
SIDNEY , Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special Telegram
to The Bee. ) Companies D , F and G ,
Twenty-first Infantry , departed this ufter-
noon on a Union Pacific special train for
Plattsburg barracks , New York , The com
mand comprises the following officers : Colonel
nel Lyster , Major Boyle , Colonel Stone , Cap
tain Eltonhead , Captain Bonesteel , Lieuten
ants Hcaru , Lawton , Mullay and Parmonter.
The town assumed a holiday attlro and
every ono wont out to Fort Sidney to wit
ness the lowering of the stars and strlpss
frqm the flag staff that has done service forever
over twenty years. The abandonment of
the fort Is qulto a loss to this community , but
citizens hope to improve the opportunity
and have the grounds turned over to the
Btato of Nebraska for the establishment of
Bomo permanent Institution. Besides the out-
Icolc for crops is excellent and the absence of
the soldiers will soon become a matter of
course. Tonight , however , many a feminine
heart Is aching after the boys.
Illiilr Notes and Pcrxoimln.
BLAIR , Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special to The
Bee. ) At the election of officers of Blair
lodge , No. 14 , Independent Order of Odd
r Follows , Thursday evening. F. L. Parrlsh
was elected noble grand ; B. P. Miller , vice
grand ; Tlico Hallcr , representative to the
jjrand lodge.
Mrs. F. M. Castetter gave a kenslngton
tea to several of her lady friends Thursday
The Omaha police force Is expected here
on a special excursion June 13.
Prospects are better now for fruit than
ono week ago. Frost did not do much dam
age.C. . O. Cassalrt , the man who cut such a
swell at Arlington , as reported In The Bee
a short time ago , has been bound over to
the district court , and in default of ball
he now languishes In the county jail.
The Scotch societies of Omaha have made
arrangements to celebrate the Fourth of
July In Blair.
\Vrnt Through u Sulmm.
OHIOWA , Neb. , Juno 1. ( Sneclal to The
Bee. ) The saloon of Thomas Peterson was
entered last night by burglars , who secured
about $40 worth of liquor , a target rifle and
como cigars. U Is thought that the crime
was commltteed by bootleggers from a
neighboring town.
Lon Moore received a severe electric
shock on his way homo from town Tuesday
evening. The horses he was driving were
Instantly killed , and Moore was so badly
stunned that ho did not recover conscious
ness until the following morning , A neigh
bor who was driving along the road on
' which the disaster occurred discovered the
helpless man and took him to a place of
shelter. It is considered doubtful whether
ho ever completely recovers from the effects
of the shock. The 'electric fluid left no
marks upon his person or clothing , except
on the sole of ono ihoo , in which a large
hola was torn.
l.nwroticoNoto * of Now * .
LAWRENCE , Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special to
The Beo. ) A two-Inch rain fell here Wednes
day night.
The Lawrence Gun club Is practicing twice
& week regularly.
John Klmmetmn and Mary Kcmpter were
married last night at the residence of the
bride's parents.
At a meeting Monday night the town
board fixed the saloon license at $1,000 and
accepted the bond of Ben Bueschcr , appli
cant.Mrs. . Harding of Hebron , state chief of
the degree of honor df the Ancient Order of
United Workman , spoke last evening In the
Interest of her order. A degree will be or-
galnxcd bore.
A match game of base ball was played
Iioro yesterday afternoon by the Blue Hill
and Lawrence clubs , the visitors winning.
llu Married 111 * llalf-iilitor.
TABLE ROCK. Neb , . June 1. ( Special
Telegram to The Bee. ) Deputy Sheriff
O'Shea of Lancaster county came here last
night with a warrant for L. W. Ennls , who
was charged with Incest. Constable
assisted In locating and arresting
the man. who was taken to Lincoln this
mornlriR. where requisition from the gov
ernor of Wisconsin Is waiting for him. Ho
Is charged nlth living1 with his half-sister
In the relation of man and wife , but he has
been hero for a month or more making his
hcme with his mother and stepfather Mr.
nnd Mr * . Shlvety ,
HnitU Illitre nt
HASTINGS , June I. ( Special to The Bee. )
Flro last night damaged a barn of E..S. ,
Ducr to the extent of about $400 , The blaze
started In the haymow and defied all the
efforts of the department for some length
of time. The origin of the blaze Is un
known. Insured In the Glens Falls.
8. K. Honard has sold his stock of Jewelry
to J. W. Howard of Indlanola , la. , for $2,000.
A disposition has been manifested on the
part of a number of Hastings' unemployed
laboring men to find fault with Paving Con
tractor Klosc on thu ground of employing
Russians Instead of other laborers. Klosc
retorts that the Russians are the better
nnd more reliable workers , and refuses to
employ the complainants ,
AttiMtiptril In Hlnli n I'rcnchcr ,
GREENWOOD , Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special to
The Bee. ) While Rev. L. O. Parker of the
Methodist church of this place was In W.
C. Railing's store late yesterday afternoon ,
Philip Green , better known as "Bud , " made
a murderous assault on him. Mr. Parker
wa . engaged In conversation when young
Green came up behind with an open knife ,
and , with a vile epithet , tried to stab Mr.
Parker. A sudden movement of the preacher
at the sound of his assailant's voice saved
him. Mr. Tarker grappled young Green ,
threw htm to the floor and disarmed blm.
Trouble over prohibition Is at the bottom
of the affair.
' Tritln Ditched.
f'lrrti * N
FAIRBURY , Neb. , June 1. ( Special Tele
gram to The Bee. ) A Rock Island train
carrying Howe & Cushlng's circus to He
bron Jumped the track above this city and
dumped a lot of wagons and cages Into tlio
ditch early this morning. None of the ani
mals' cages were broken , but the poultry
were flying around lively. The wreck was
cleared up by 10 o'clock.
An unsuccessful attempt to steal a team
from Thomas Shcaron's barn was made last
night , but the thieves were frightened away
after they had the horses saddled.
1'rrmont IVoplo Mothered by Thlov'es.
FREMONT , June 1. ( Special to The Bee. )
During the temporary absence of Mrs. W.
Ji Taylor from her house yesterday someone
ono entered the open door nnd stole a valu
able 'watch and chain which wcro hanging
on the wall.
Jacob \V. Stewart and Lucy C. Rhodes ,
both of Dodge county , wcro married in this
city on Decoration ' day by County Judge
Plambecl : ,
Henry T'reOrlckson and Frank Elllck are
matched for a blcycto race to come off on
the Chautauqua grounds Juno 14.
School 1'lcnlo \Vuvcrly. .
WAVERLY , Ncb. , , Juno 1. ( Special Tele
gram to The Bee. ) The public schools of
iWaverly and district No. 23 , known as Camp
Creek , Joined In a grand picnic today In
Wong's grove , two and one-half miles north
east of town. From 200 to 300 school chil
dren. with teachers , parents and friends , sat
down to dinner at different tables loaded
with .an abundance of tempting viands. After
that' { ho time was put In with swings and
general sociability.
Doperuto Pr goner I'.ncapcs.
ODELL , Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special to too
Bee. ) A desperado by the name of HutchInson -
Inson , who was captured at this place Tues
day after a running fight of half a mile and
.the wounding of one man , escaped last even
ing from the custody of Constable Amos
Queln. Hutchinson Is wanted at Washing
ton , Kan. , for robbing three stores and the
postolflce on the night of May 27. He Is the
leader of a bad 'gang.
Klchnnl.iuii County Mortgages.
FALLS CITY , Neb. , June 1. ( Special to
The Bee. ) The following Is the mortgage
Indebtedness of Richardson county for the
month "ending May 31 : Farm mortgages
flled , twenty-one , . amounting to $37,800 ;
satisfied,1 thirty , $34.60.92 ; town and city
mortgages" flled , twelve , $4,340.40 ; satisfied ,
throe , $8,390 chattel mortgages Hied , slrty-
four , $3,034.38 ; satisfied , forty-two , $14,961.52.
Farmer' * 1 1 envy 1,039.
FULLERTON , Neb. , June 1. ( Special to
The Bee. ) George "Clarldgo , a well-to-do
farmer of South Branch township , whose
farm Is sltirated about twenty miles north-
wcst of this city , Wednesday \oat his barn
by flro , which contained hay , grain , har
ness and six head of work horses. Barn
.and contents were Insured for $300 , probably
one-third their actual value.
Will Slake the Campaign Hot.
ODELL , Neb. , June 1. ( Special to The
Bee. ) The Republican league met last evenIng -
Ing and elected the foltowlng delegates to
the state convention June 12 : F. P , Mosely ,
, L. Nelson , James Smethurst , L. H. Valen-
tlno and L. A. Scraggs. The league starts
with a membership of flfty-flvo and proposes
to make a campaign here this fall that will
be remembered. '
lie Dedicated by lllshop llnwinan.
ORLEANS , Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special to The
Bee. ) Bishop Thomas Bowman will dedi
cate the new Methodist Episcopal church
at Orleans Sunday , July 1. Bishop Bowman
will also address the students of the Sum
mer school July 2.
Hon. J. A. Piper of Alma Is mentioned
by republicans of the Fifth congressional
district for secretary of state.
IntcroBtlnfr Urit Litigation.
ORD , Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special to The Bee. )
, The time of the district court for the past
three days has been occupied with the case
of Margaret Sorensen against Joseph Masln
and John Zabondll , wherein Margaret Sorensen -
sen sues the defendants for $5,000 damages
each for the death of her husband , which
occurred December 21 , 1892.
Reduced Ilntos to the l.onffue Mooting ,
LINCOLN , Neb. , May 20. All delegates
to the State League of Republican Clubs
meeting will be returned for one-third faro ,
providing they purchase tickets at the sta
tion when they leave homo and take re
ceipt from the agent , and have that
stamped by Secretary Slaughter at the con
unions Colic.
Those who are subject to attacks of this
disease will bo Interested In the experience
of Mrs. F. Butler of 22 Flllmoro street.
Falrhaven , Conn. She says : "I suffered for
weeks with colic and pains In my stomach.
caused by biliousness. One-halt teaspoouful
of Chamberlain's Chollc , Cholera and Diar
rhoea remedy effected a cure. For sale by
all druggists. _ _
Delightful entertainments at Courtland
beach ; lOo admits to all , day and evening.
Dll-lllerlc * CIoilnK Down.
Tto ) distilleries are closing * down again.
The Columbia closed last Saturday , and It
Is stated that orders have been received
for the Willow Springs to shut down within
a week. This will throw about seventy-
five men out of employment on the regular
force , and a half dozen government em
ployes employed In the storekeeptng and
gauging departments. It will also make
a material falling off In the receipts of the
Internal revenue office. _
Sweet breath , sweet stomach , sweet torn
perT Then use DeWltt's Little Early Risen. .
Balloon ascension , Courland beach tonight.
O. K. T. oniclals I'au Through.
W. V. Powell , the new grand chief of
the Order of Railroad Telegrapherj , and
party , consisting1 of Assistant Grand Chief
M. M. Dolphin of Kansas City , Grand Sec
retary and Treasurer J. weatherbeo of
Denver , Grand IMItor and Manager J. H.
T. Austin and wife of Toledo. O. , A. J.
Itlniel , chief clerk In the grand secretary
and treasurer's olllce at Vlnton , la. , aim
F. 1-3. ailllland and wife of Council ItlulTs
arrived lost evening from Denver , enroiuc
to the headquarters of the order nt Vlnton ,
Pills that cure lick Headache ; DeWltt's
Little Early Riser * .
La Rose Bros. , the celebrated acrobats ,
give two exhibitions at Courtland beach
every day , afternoon and evening.
Interesting Commencement Exorcises Ob
served Throughout the Stito ,
Graduates Acquit Themselves Creditably
Cromlr-d HOU CK ( Ireet Them on All
Sliles Not Ahlo to Accommodate
tlio bcliool 1'iitron * .
FULLERTON , Neb. , June 1. ( Special to
The Bco. ) The commencement exercises of
the Fullerton High school were held last
night In Sheaf's opera house. The building
was filled almost to suffocation and many
wera not able to get -within the doors. The
stage had been elaborately decorated with
potted plants and cut flowers. The motto
of the class , "Seek and Obtain , " was sus
pended over the speakers. The graduates
were ; Grace Slaughter , Hattto LaOrangc , '
Dale C. Loucks , Henry Fitch , Helen Porter-
field , Joseph A. Storch , Blanche Chandler ,
Edward Waggoner.
VERDON , Neb. , June 1. ( Special to The
Bee. ) The graduating exercises of the Ver-
dou High school occurred at Iho Congre
gational church Wednesday evening. The
church was crowded and many bad to re
main outside. The class consisted of but
two members , Otis Sloan and Martha King.
A profusion of flowers and many substantial
tokens were given the graduates. Superin
tendent Rccco of the Falls City schools made
an excellent address.
WAHOO , Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special to The
Beo. ) The commencement exercises of the
Wahoo High school were held at the opera
house last night. The citizens turned out
enmasso to hear the orations of the class of
' 04 , which numbered fourteen members. The
program uas rather long , but the large audl-
cnco listened with deep attention. The grad
uates were the recipients of numerous pres
ents and bouquets.
EXETER , Neb. , June 1. ( Special to The
Bee. ) Last night the High school graduat
ing exercises wcro held In the opera house.
The house was literally packed with the pat
rons of the school and others , Including a
number of visitors. Rev. C. H. Hucstls , In
a very neat and appropriate speech , pre
sented the diplomas to the graduates. Misses
Olive May Wallace and Helen McOhlc.
TEKAMAH. Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special to
The Bee. ) The graduating exercises of the
Teknmah High school took pluco at the
opera house Wednesday night. The audi
ence room was packed to tlio door. There
were nine graduates : Eugene. Brooklngs ,
Harry W. Conkllng , J. Milton Crowcll , L.
O. R. Wood , Albert I. Mason , Rose Schercr.
Ettlo M. Slaughter. Nelllo O. " Taylor and
Jennie O. Telyca. Mrs. S. C. Brooks , pres
ident of the Board of Education , made the
address to the class , which was a model of
neatness and highly complimented.
ORD , Neb. . June 1. ( Special to The
Bee. ) Judge W. F. Norrls of Ponca , Neb. , ,
delivered the annual address to the grad
uating class of the Ord High school In the
court house last evening. The class con1-
slstcd of eight young ladles and one young
man. '
GRAND ISLAND , Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special
to The Beo. ) The class of ' 94 of. the Grand
Island High school graduated last night , the
exercises taking place before a vast audience
at the Barhenbach opera house. It was the
twelfth annual commencement. The stage
was very prettily decorated with flowers and-
plants. The following are the graduates :
Lulu' Hurley , Josephine Cleary , Frederick
Wlllard , Janet Boyd , Margaret Egge , Eliz
abeth Dall , Jesse Wagner and Margaret E.
HASTINGS , 1. ( Special to The
Bee. ) Tne annual promotion exercises of
the Hastings city schools were held last
night at Dutton hall. The audience present
was the largest , probably , that over crowded
Into the room , and many were turned away
at the door. The exercises were enjoyable ,
and reflected much credit on the youtUful
participants. t . „ .
Tonight the annual commencement exer
cises were held In the opera house. The
graduating class was composed of Myrtle
Brown , John D. Fuller , Philip Fuller ,
Bertha Harlocker , Lucy Hakes , Edith Lamp-
son , Etta Lampson , Arthur Palmer , Roy
Stone , May Wanzer and Ruth Wilson.
NEMAHA CITY , Neb. , June 1. ( Special
to The Bee. ) The opera house was crowded
to Its utmost' capacity last nlght by those
desiring to witness the commencement ex
ercises of the High school. A large num
ber came late and had to return homo ,
being unable to get even standing room.
The class of ' 94 was composed of four , two
young ladles and two young gentlemen ,
Charlie Howe , Miss Mellio Mlnlck , Charlie
Woodward and Miss Nina Moore. Rev.
M. M. Geode of St. Joseph , Mo. , delivered
the class address , which was a masterpiece
of eloquence and advice. D. A. Morton ,
president of the Board of Education , pre *
sented the diplomas. Misses Maude Mlnlck ,
Bertha Skeen and Mary Chamberlain and
Messrs. E. L. and Frank Argabrlgfit
furnished delightful music. The board is so
well pleased with the present corps of
teachers Prof , and Mrs. J. H. Veeder and
Miss May Brooks that they will be retained
another year If possible. ,
HUBBELL , Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special to The
pee. ) The graduating exercises of the High
school were held at the opera hall this even
ing and a large number of persons from the
surrounding country and towns In close prox
imity came hero to witness them. The grad
uates bedecked the hall with festoons ,
flowers and bunting. The following is the
class of ' 94 : Miss Alcrta Klsslck , Miss Ro-
sepha Edwards , Miss Dorcas Crlley , Miss
Olive Kelso , George Edwards , Miss Emlllne
Uenjamln and Miss Harriet Roderick.
NORFOLK , Neb. , June 1. ( Special to The
Bee. ) Prof. Fltzpatrlck of Omaha delivered
to the graduating class of the High school
last evening the annual address. The lec
ture was an Intellectual treat from start to
finish , being listened to by an appreciative
ORLEANS. Neb. , Juno 1. ( Special to The
Bee. ) Tlio closing exercises of Orleans col
lege for the current year began this evening
with a muslcale. Saturday evening the Oro-
phlllan society will render an excellent pro
gram. Sunday morning Rev. John Thomas
of Beaver City will deliver the annual ser
mon. Sunday evening Rev. I. F. Lusk of
Ravenna will make the annual address.
Monday morning Rev. J. W. Longworth of
Wallace will deliver the annual lecture , and
In the evening there will bo a recital. Tues
day evening the cantata , "Esther , " will be
WAVnRLY , Neb. . June 1. ( Special Tele
gram to The Bee. ) The flrst graduating
exercises of the Camp Creek school
district. No. 23 , occurred hero this even
ing. Although the opera house was crowded
to overflowing and crowds outside gazed Into
and listened at the open windows , yet the
most perfect order and attention was given
to the exercises , which lasted over two hours ,
consisting of essays by the graduates ,
declamations , dialogues , class recitations and
bongs. A beautiful scrap album was pre
sented by the school to Miss Jennie Baln-
brldge , the young lady who was Injured
wlille playing at school some few months
ago , this being her flrst appearance since
that time. The graduates were : Misses
Helen Balnbrldge , Ida M. and Emma J. Penn ,
It was pronounced the finest exhibition of
talent and most successful entertainment
ever witnessed In the district.
The fourth graduating exercises of the
Waverly schools occurred here In the Meth
odist Episcopal church this evening. An In
teresting program was rendered.
M'COOK. Neb. , June 1. ( Special Tele
gram to The Bee. ) The closing exercises of
the McCook public schools took place this
evening. The class of twelve showed that
they had faithfully applied themselves. Mrs.
Alice K. Goudy , deputy state superintendent ,
was present , and she was more than pleased
with the work done by McCook schools , sayIng -
Ing that they were second to none In the
QIBBON , Neb. , June 1. ( Special Telegram
to The Bee. ) The opera house was filled to
Its utmost capacity tonight to witness the
commenc mont exercises of the Gibbon
graded scnool. There were three graduates ,
Schuyler Evans , Lucy George and Ella Flora.
Each delivered an oration , which , In both
matter iuid manner , was a credit to both
pupils and teachers. The floral tributes
were very profuse.
WYMORE , Neb. . June 1 , ( Special Telegram -
gram to Tie Bee. ) Commencement exercises
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Men's 35c suspenders ,
Florida water , 13c.
1'ozzonls complexion ponder , 25c.
Tctlow's complexion powder , 20e.
Swan's down complexion powder , 7c.
Benzoin lotion , 35c.
Almond meal , IBc.
Calder's tooth powder , 19c.
Vcnnard tooth paste , . 19c.
White rose soap , 36o box.
La Parlsienne soap , 21c box.
Fisher's root beer , 17c.
Shaded crochet cotton , 3c.
Dress'stays , 7c dozen.
Twin dress stays , 9c dozen.
Hooks and eyes , Ic.
Darning cotton , Ic.
Velveteen facing , Gc.
Pins nnd silvered tray , 8c.
Hair pins , Ic. .
Black pins , Ic.
Gilt and silvered Invisible hair pins , lOc.
Chemisettes , 15c.
Pink and blue collars , 9c.
Pink and "blue collar and cuffs , 2oc.
Fancy ruchlng , 5c.
Shelt'halr pins , 8c dozen.
Velvet dress hlelds , 12c.
Paris satin dress shields , 15c.
Curling Irons , 3c.
Canvas belts , 5c.
Gowns , corset covers and drawers In good
muslin , trimmed with lace , regular 76c
goods , Saturday fo.41c. .
Gowns made of best muslin , neatly
trimmed with hemstitch and embroidery ,
regular $1.00 goods , Saturday for 51c.
Gowns skirts and drawers of fine cambric ,
elaborately trimmed , $1.35 quality , Saturday
for S7c ,
Children's gingham dresses , regular $1.25
quality , Saturday for S9c.
Children's silk and mull bonnets at much
Fine summer ventilated corsets , regular
75c quality , Saturday for 41c.
C. B. summer corsets , fast black , regular
$1.25 quality , Saturday for S9c.
Children's waists , tape fastened to but
tons , regular 35c goods , Saturday for 19c.
Our $3.00 capes for $1.50.
Our $5.00 capes for $2.38.
Our $7.50 capes for $3.75.
Our $10.00 capes for $5.00.
In addition to the above \ > o place on snlo
Saturday morning a large line of ladles'
sul s which we bought for 33Vi per cent off
manufacturers' prices.
We offer them at as much off the regular
retail prices
An elegant line of butter colored Bourdon
Insertion , regular prices 30c and 35c , Satur
day at 15c yard.
An elegant line of butter colored and ecru
laces from 5 to 12 inches wide , Saturday at
below cost.
A line of butter colored Insertions , actual
value up to 2oc , prlco for Saturday DC.
An elegant line of Point Dot Paris Inser
tions , special price for Saturday ,
Bicycle Hose ,
Seamless Fast Black ,
At 3:00 : P. M ,
. ' Seamless Hose ,
No , 16 All Silk
Moire Ribbon
Fine Dress Sateen ,
Regular soc Value ,
Best 40c
Sateen ,
Fine Hemstitched
Scalloped and Em
broidered Handk'fs
All Silk Baby Ribbon
One Dozen for
'Were Tield at the opera house , tonight.
Patrons of the school anil visitors filled the
room to overflowing. The three graduates ,
John R. Hook , Aletta Neff and Luella M.
Neff , acquitted themselves with credit.
Prof. Chatburn ma'de his farewell address ,
and spoke of the need * of the school In the
future. Ho then Introduced his -successor.
Prof. E. C. Grubbs , who made an Interesting
address. '
Good music , fine boating , Courtland beach.
Arrangement * to Celebrate tlio Fourth
Uall Players Hurt.
' There was an enthusiastic meeting of
South Omaha merchants and citizens at The
'Bee ' office , In the Singer 'block , last night
to take steps to celebrate the glorious Fourth
In this city in a manner that would draw
the largest crowd the city has seen for
John Flynn was chosen chairman and J.
A. Hall secretary. A motion prevailed that
the chair appoint a committee of fifteen to
take charge of the affair. This committee
will appoint subcommittees , and the work
of getting ready will commence at once.
The committee Is composed of John F.
Rltchhart , F. A. Cressey. E. J. Seykora ,
Frank Broadwell , Jake Jaskalek , Charles
Bcarr , Bert Sage , Joe Kopetz , George Dare ,
E. O. Mayfleld , J. M. Tanner , Ed T. Johnson ,
Thomas Hector , J. S. Walters and James
The committee will meet at The Bee office
this evening at 8 o'clock and appoint all of
the subcommittees.
Dull 1'liiyertt Hurt.
Two of the young men who were to play
ball with the Stockman team today were
knocked out , and as a consequence there will
be no contest today. 'The accident happened
at Twenty-sixth and D streets. A number
of the boys who were to play In today's
game were out on the commons practicing.
A. J. Caughey of the Stockman knocked out
a fly , which was to be the last for the day.
John Klncane and Frank Richardson both
started , to got under the ball. They were
running fast and looking up. Neither knew
that the other was coming , and when the
men came together the result was serious.
Richardson's forehead struck Klncano on
the mouth and nose. The boys both fell , and
It was an hour before Klncane knew where
he was. Mr. Richardson was also badly
stunned. They were taken Into Mr. John
Owen's residence and Dr. Shlndel attended
them. Two hours after the accident the men
were token home , but It will be some time
before either of them will care U > tackle
base ball. Klncane was more seriously In
jured than Mr. Richardson , and It is yet
feared ho Is hurt Internally.
Two Prisoner *
Charles Lewis andTom Johnson , both
charged with being s'4sHclous characters ,
broke Jail yesterday ndjjaro still at large ,
These men were arreatedj , several days ago
and were being hole } mntll their records
could be looked Into byQ ) ( et Brennan. They
claimed that they werenifrt given enough to
eat and demanded an > ilw > medlato hearing.
When the Jailer opqned the room where
these fellows have , been kept they -were
missing. The men made their escape by
prying apart two Iron i bars that cover the
window. The hole dona , not look as though
a large man could squteae through It. but
the other prisoners 'cayl that Lewis and
Johnson went through- ' s sleek as an eel.
No effort will bemadi > jLoubring them back
to South Omaha. ' '
Arranged fqr ( hlioot.
The South Omaha Gun club "held a meeting
last night. The committee on grounds asked
for further Mine and It was granted. Ono
thousand targets will bo purchased at once
and the flrst shoot will take place June 10.
The club will iUrt ) off with a membership
of thirty. Another meeting will bo held
next Tuesday nlsht , when a permanent or
ganization will be effected.
La Rose Bros. , the celebrated acrobats ,
give two exhibitions at Courtland beach
every day , afternoon and .evening.
Axe of Itetrenchment. t
The official axe baa fallen In the city en
gineer's department In obedience to the
recent action of the council , and four of
the employes have been notified that their
services will not bo required any longer.
The victims of the retrenchment axe arc
Engineers Charles G. Carpenter and John
Cowles , and Rodmen Ed P. Donahue and
W. D. McKay.
Delightful entertainments at Courtland
beach ; lOc admits to all , day and evening.
The advance sale of seats for "Ermlnie , "
to be given at Boyd's this afternoon , was
very large. The management will serve Ice
creatn to all who attend. Tonight "The
Bohemian Girl" will be given for the last
Awarded Contracts.
At the regular meeting of the Board of
Public Works yesterday afternoon the con
tracts were let for grading the alley be
tween Charleu and Hamilton streets from
Twenty-qlxth to Twenty-seventh street ,
nnd for permanent sidewalks. Henry Hall
was the successful bidder on the former
contract nt 17i cents per cubic yard.
The bidding was very close for the side
walk contract. The lowest on artificial
Btone were Kntz & Co. and Ford & Connolly
nelly , who tied on 16 cents per square foot.
They Hipped up a dollar to see who should
Bet the contract and Ford & Connolly won.
The contract for natural stone was given
to J. E. Hlfey as the lowest bidder. The
pay roll wns approved and a number ol
estimates allowed.
A Now Hind of Insurance.
For 25 cents you can Insure yourself and
family against any bad results from an at
tack of bowel complaint during the summer.
Ono or two doses of Chamberlain's Colic ,
Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy will cure any
ordinary case. It never falls , and Is pleas
ant and safe to take. No one can afford to
be without It. For sale at 25 cents per bottle
tle , by all druggists.
Another Milk Cusp.
Several days ago Peter Nelson and M.
F. Elmburg were arrested by Inspector
Hurst for violating the milk ordinance.
When their cases were called in police
court yesterday the milkmen wanted to
settle by paying for the license. This was
agreed to and the case was held ope- ,
while Nelson repaired to the Hoard of
Health rooms to get the required document.
In a short ime he returned nnd told the
court that the board had no license blanks
and therefore could not Issue a license.
In order to allow the board time to get
some piUitlng done both cases were con
tinued ten days.
Balloon aicenslon , Courtland beach tonight.
Ilyilrnpholiln from the lilte of n Hat.
GUTHRIE , Okl. , June 1. Ten days ago
Melville Glover , Justice of the peace and a
prominent farmer living southwest of here ,
was bitten by a rat In his wheat bin. The
blto scarcely drew blood. In two days he
was taken sick and Is now a raving maniac.
The doctors pronounce It hydrophobia. The
excitement has driven his wife crazy , and
It takes all the men of the neighborhood to
care for them.
o ,
Complaint uf KloMitor Conductor * .
The elevator conductors held a meeting
Thursday night In room C01 , New York
Life building. One application for mem
bership wns received. Complaint was made
that a few of the proprietors \\ere now
employing boys to run elevators , which la
contrary to law , nnd the .Central Labor
union will be asked to enforce thu law
wherever It la being violated.
DoWltt's Little Early Risers. Small pills ,
eatn pills , best pills.
Balloon ascension , Courtland beach tonight.
. JtltKriTlKH
The Maxwell court martial has adjourned
and Lieutenant Maxwell left last night for
St. Paul to attend the Maney trial.
A special meeting of the city council was
held last night for the purpose of passing
the monthly salary appropriation. The only
change proposed In the appropriation was
an Increase in the salary of the park super
intendent from $125 to $150 per month. This
was not allowed.
Balloon ascension. Courland beach tonight.
They Are T , ' ' ' ,
1512 DOUGLAS Street
and Nowhere Else. i :
Where we not only sell this clothing , made by one of the best
manufacturers on earth , at less than half retail prices now in
vogue in regular clothing houses here , but for less thanJiaH
the cost of making :
An elegant cheviot suit , worth SO to $3 , 2.OO
tomorrow .
A fine dark ofTcct cassimoro suit , worth
$8 and 810 .
Worth four times as much.
A strictly all wool blue diagonal sack
suit , ordinarily the consumer will pay
A flno cassimoro suit , light shades , salt
nnd popper olIcctB , strictly all wool ; if
you can find any suit in town to match
it for $10.00vo , will pivo it to you. . . .
Light colored suits in plain , tan , grayer
or brown Bhadod , in straight or round
cut , cost to make S'J.OO , go Friday for.
200 clay worsted , genuine Imported suits
that cost to manufacture $12.00 ; you 7.
can buy ono or all at 67.00 a suit .
1250 light colored worsted suits In eight
dilTorent ehndos , that ccbt to manufao
turo $14.00 ; you can buy ono or all at. .
A proofs Uromo-Oeieig.
pUnJU cnrctlro s ut for NerromorSl-.k
udMha , Urnln liihuuitlon , UleeplMineu ,
ocUl or n ner l Neuralgia ! ) oor HIiKO-
im , flout , KlJnn pisorJnri. Acid l > lt-
a. Anarml * . Antldoto for Alooholu
nd o thar OIUUMM. rrioo,10 , 3ondCOc aU.
IBIS. Wftttem y t < . CHICAGO
Vof ale by all druggUto.
Sealed bids will bo received until Monday ,
Juno 11 , 1KII , for the extension of Bteain
hcatlnir apparatus for the itecond atory of
brick school In district No. 71 , JDawes
county , Nebraska , according to plans and
npucltlcallonB now on tile In tliu olllce of
the moderator , C , K. Kills.
JKANNUTTU tUCUKIjrnj. Director ,
Crawford , Neb.