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A torr.oy Shea Promises Another Chapter
of the Trctisnrjship Contest ,
mK'B to A < ik Judge McUrc to Count tlio
llnlhitA Again Aftrr Ho Con
clude * thu 1'rrsrllt C'rrmufl
ofotrfl. .
Judge McOen expects to finish tlie work of
recounting the ballots In the treanurcrshlp
election contest thin evening , but there
Bccina to he some iplestlon as to whether he
will be through even then. He will cer
tainly not If Attorney J. J. Shea sticks to
hln decision of yesterday. Last Tucudiiy a
dccUlon was liamhd down In the supreme
court of Iowa In the case of I. N. U'hittmn
against J. E. JJahorlck , an appeal from the
district court of Judge Preston at Cedar
Jtapdn. ! In this decision some new points
nro * et at rest , arid Mr ! Shea claims It will
throw noine more light on hla sldo of the
situation. He stated yesterday afternoon that
he should go before Judge Mcdee this mornIng -
Ing amf that the ballots ho reopened once
more and recounted. What the court will
say to such a proposition In hard to foretell ,
although It might not ba so dlincult to sur
mise what ho will think. All appearances
indicate that Shea's client already has a
< lcad cinch on the office , but he Is not sat
isfied with that ; he wants a cinch that Is
twice dead and plucked up by the roots.
This late decision ot the supreme cnurt has
already been briefly mentioned in The lice ,
but some of the points Involved bear so di
rectly upon questions that have been brought
up In probably every hamlet In the state
along about election time that moie par
ticular attention should be given It.
Three Justices of the peace were to be
elected In Cedar Itaplds In 1892 , and the three
democratic candidates were declared elected.
, The contest was based on the throwing out ot
Bcventy-seven ballots , In which the voter
had marked a cross at the head of the demo
cratic ticket and had marked a cross oppo
site the name of the contestant on the re
publican ticket. It was held In the lower
court that the voter had voted for four
candidates for three offices , and the ballots
were tlirnnn out. The supreme court holds
that they should be counted for the contest
ant , because the Intention of the voter was"
plainly to vote for him. The ballots could
not bo counted for any of the democratic
candidates because there was nothing to
nhow which two of them he proposed to vote
for. As the majority was only twenty-three
against the contestant , this would have set
tled the election In his favor.
In several other ballots the cross at the
top was marked and one or two names on
the two tickets. It Is held that In this case
the voter has voted for more candidates than
there are offices to fill , because them Is no
authority for the rejection of the names on
the ticket where the circle Is marked ; that
Is ; the law does not give the voter the right
to mark the circle at the top and to signify
Which of the candidates ho wishes to vote
for and which ho does not on that ticket.
He should have refrained from marking the
circle and marked each candidate for whom
ho desired to vote. The votes cannot bo
counted except for candidates whose names
were marked on tickets the circle of which
was unmarked.
The Intention of the voter was plainly to
vote for three candidates on different tickets ,
but the holding of the court Is that the law-
docs not give the voter the right to do thin.
He must follow the plan laid down In the
law.It Is held that twenty-one ballots marked
Jn the circle "democratic , " and opposite the
name of the contestant , should have been
counted for the latter.
Thirty-nine ballots counted for the In
cumbent arc rejected because they were not
properly marked at the head , or were so
marked that they could be Identified. The
court holds that any billet that Is so marked
that It can bo Identified must be rejected.
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to Monroe , Win. , the homo of her parents ,
where she will visit for a few weeks. Cap
tain Mttclimls will go to Sioux Falls , his
next appointment. During the captain's stay
of six months In Council Bluffs ho has con
ducted 290 Indoor meetings and 132 open air
meetings , 125 persons have been at the peni
tent form In those meetings , seventeen new ,
members have been added , f.CfO hours have
been spent In visiting , C50 families have
liecn visited and prayed with. >
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Paid the iliiilgiiiriit.
An ofilclal of the Omaha & Council Bluffs
Hallway and Bridge company called at the
office of the clerk of the supreme court yes-
tcrduy afternoon and paid $0,000 , the amount
of the Judgment In the case of W. Cross-
land against the company , In which the cost
of paving was Involved.
By an agreement between the attorneys
on both sides , next Thursday has been set
an the day for submitting the cas > o In which
an order Is asked revoking the company's
charter. This case was decided by Judge
Deemer against the company last winter ,
% niul It Is now to bo decided by the supreme
* court on an appeal.
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Uiiiimlrr. .
John O'.Mura and C , W. Carlson , who
stole a pair of shoes from J. J. Mauruth
and a toilet case from J , D. Crockwell , wore
glvtm a hearing In polled court yesterday
morning and were bound over to the grand
jury on the charge of larceny from a buildIng -
Ing , Their bonds were fixed at $300 each and
they were tent to the county jail for fcafc
keeping In default thereof ,
Meyoru-Purfeo Furniture company , 33C-333
Broadway , Bargains In line furniture.
For cobs BO to Cox , 10 M-xIn street. Tele-
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Tukcu to Urn Motile * ( or Trial. T
, Deputy United States Marshal Itlclmrds
> ( tJt for Des iloluen last evening with Ora
Dean nnd Frank llalrd. th Creston roun-
tcrfelters. In charge They will be given a
trial next week In federal rourt , Indictments
having already been returned ngHlnst them
nnd the two men Implicated ultli them ,
Blair and Hkow. The official ; claim they
have evidence enough to Rtciire their con
viction on the charges of making , on well
as passing , the counterfeit money.
Well Mrrltrd St
"Tlio talk < among business men reported
In The Bee during the pa t few days con
cerning the Council DIufTa Insurance com
pany contain well merited KUggettlohii , " said
a Broadway bunlnoss man yesterday. "The
hearty approval of our home Insurance com
pany Is In line with good business principles
In more ways than one. Good business prln-
rlplei require the placing of fire Insurance
In strong , safe companies , where the guar
anty cannot be iiue'lloniM ! that any lo .i
will bo promptly and fully paid , and the
name principles demand the hearty tup-
port of a home company If It has those Im
portant qualifications. The Council Bluffs
lias grown up among us so steadily and
quietly that many uf us do not properly
realize what a powerful company It has be
come , and I am glad to SCP the Increased
public interest awakened In Its behalf. Its
record throughout Its territory Is as bright
as it Is at home the flr t to pay e\ery Just
lose. It certainly ought to write tlie bulk
of the lire Insurance of the citizens of Its
own cltj. " _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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Hi- Win Loir-tick mid Not Drunk ,
Charles Schulthelss and John Abies , two
Germans , came to blows on Mlddl' llrond-
way late on Thursday night. Schulthelss Is
lovesick , being affected by the charms of a
chambermaid at the Itevero hot 1. He avers
that Ahles has for some time been nuking
fun of him by writing letters purporting to
be from his Dulcincu. On Thursday night
Ahles was trying to persuade his friend to
quit going with th girl. Such ofilc'.otisncs ; !
angered Schulthelss and Allies shortly after
wards went howling down the street , yelling
for the police , with blood streaming from
his no e.
In police court yesterday Allies signed his
countryman's bond and explained that "he
vos not droonk ; ho vo lovesick and crazy. "
Schulthelss was discharged.
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Jarvls Wlno Co. , Council Bluffs.
C. M. Harl leaves toJay for St. Paul.
Attorney General John V. Stone is In the
F. M. Hunter of Ottumw'a was In the city
E. E. Hart goes to Chicago next Monday
on business.
John II. Mlddlebrook. representing a whole
sale paper firm of Denver , Colo. , is in the
F. E. Gllllland has gone to Denver on
business connected with the Order of Hall
way Telegraphers.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Warren , who were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Paulson , ha\e
returned to their home In Glenwood.
Rev. E. W. Allen has relumed from Os-
ceola , la. , where he attended the meeting of
the association of churches of the Christian
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Tucker and Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Matthews went to Walnut Thurs
day night to witness the Instituting of a
lodge of the Degree of Itcbckah , Independ
ent Order of Odd Fellows.
( < iiriilsliiiipiitfl .11 list .Stop In Iowa
In a short time , as Iowa has passed a law
against them. This Is your last chance to
collect your accounts before the law goes
'nto force. The Nassau Investment company
has reduced Its charges and will guarantee
collections against persons not living In
Iowa , but who are employed by some rail
way , express or telegraph company having an
agent In Iowa. Write ut once for terms and
references. Council Bluffs.
The famous Maso Wise livery and sale barns
have been sold to J. W. Mlnnlck , and the
business will be continued under his manage
ment. Horses boarded and cared for at
reasonable rates ; barn open day and night.
We want everybody to know that Morgan
sells drugs and paints. 134 and 742 Broad
way. _
Jarvlb Wine Co. , Council Bluffs , la. , agent
Jarvls 1S77 brandy , wines and liquor.
Domestic soap outlasts cheap soap ,
Jlllunr Aleut Inn.
Attend Boston store syndicate sale.
Matilda Straub has taken out a permit for
the erection of a $1,000 dwelling In Eubank's
second addition.
Through a typographical error the credit
for the clever dancing at the Fairy carnival
was given to Eddie Cherrington Instead of
to Eddie Herrlngton.
A stable belonging to J , S. Cronen , at the
corner of Tenth street and Avenue B , was
entered by burglars Thursday night and
some harness was stolen.
The county convention of Pottawattamle's
populists will bo held at the court house
today. Delegates will bo chosen to the con
gressional convention next week ,
Owing to the Inability of all the city ofil-
clols to bo present last , evening the meeting
of the city council and the committee to get
work for the unemployed was postponed until
this evening ,
Fred and John Stumpf , charged with re
ceiving and concealing stolen goods from the
Wabash train thieves , were tried before
Juslco Fox yesterday and discharged upon
motion of the prosecuting attorney ,
Commercial Pilgrims All members of
council No. 1 are requested to bo on hand
this evening , as t > upremo council will have
EOIIIQ Important business to present. All
visiting members uro Invited to attend.
Fuy , the 2-year-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. F. T. Topping , died at 1:30 : o'clock yes
terday morning after an illness of one week
at the family residence , 1939 South avenue.
The remains were taken to Logan yesterday
afternoon for Interment ,
The second performance of the "Fairies'
Carnival" last night drew a full house and
delighted 'everybody. A matinee will bo
given this afternoon exclusively for the ben
efit of the children , and the admission for
all under 12 years of ago will be only 15
cents to all parts of the house. The con
cluding performance will ba given this even
ing , and Mr. Owens promises that It will bo
the best of the series ,
Perclvul Allen , aged 04 years , died at 5
o'clock last evening at his residence , 416
North First street , from heart failure , Mr ,
Allen was born In Durham , England , and
during all the many years ho has been a
cltUen of Council Bluffs ho 1ms held the
position of sexton ut Falrvlew cemetery ,
Ho leaves a wife and five children , Mrs.
Charles Matthla , Mrs. O. C. Lincoln of
Perry , la. , Edith and Mary Allen and
William P. Allen. Mr. Allen had been suf
fering from heart troubles and had been
very feeble for the last five months , but
his death was very sudden and unexpected ,
During his life ho has prepared the graves
for many hundred Council Bluffs people , and
now Jils successor will lay him to real In
HID scene of his long labors. The time of the
funeral has not been decided upon.
It Is astonishing how little thought most
people give to the quality of their lire In
surance. Them urn sumo strong Insurance
companies and many weak ones.Ve repre
sent only the best.
LOUCiniTOWLB , 235 Pearl street.
I. mm dry ( 'oiiipuuy ,
G20 Pearl street. Telephone , 290.
Gas cooking stove * for rent and for sale at
Gas CO'B office. _ _ _
Everybody knowu Davis 'tells drugs.
Domestic aoac breaks turd water. _
Policy of the Goveruruent Plniuly Outlined
by Cassimir-Perier.
Circular from tlic Niinclit ConorriiliiK
the Church Account * Hill Cailieil the Out
burst Apology Demanded and He-
crltud - I'remlcr'ft Strong Maud ,
PARIS , Mny 18. In tlie Chamber of Dep
uties M. Hnlbcrtl , representing the Alpes-
Mnrltlmes , questioned tlie government In
regard to the steps which It Intended to
take In regard to the circular which the
papal nuncio recently addressed to the
French bishops with reference to the law
directing that all church accounts should
bo kept uniformly. JI. Halhertl declared
the nuncio had no right to Indicate to the
bishops I ho political attitude they were to
assume. The nuncio's encroachment upon
the powers of the government might compro
mise the future * religious policy of France.
M. Hysscrln declared It was not a religious
question , but that the national dignity was
Involved. The nuncio had violated Inter
national law In Interfering In Internal leg
islation and the bishops In reply to this cir
cular had been guilty of a penal offense.
At , Oendre asked why the army took part
In the recent Joan of Arc fetes.
M , Cochin maintained that the papal nun
cio had not exceeded his powers. The nun-
nlo'slcttcr was merely counsel to the French
bishops and i\as In no way aggressive. Ho
believed the spirit of the country would
deprecate these attacks upon the church.
Further heated discussion followed , and
It was announced from the socialist mem
bers that they Intended to Introduce a reso
lution when the foreign estimates came be
fore the Chamber that the French em
bassy at the Vatican bo suppressed.
Premier Caslmlr 1'erler said the official
representation of the army at the Joan of
Arc fetes was forbidden , but ofllcors were
allowed to bo present In their private ca
pacity. Referring to the charges made
against the papal nuncio , the premier said
ho believed the latter's circular was well
intentloned. The premier said : "Neverthe
less , we deemed that explanations were nec
essary and we telegraphed to this effect to
the French minister at the Vatican , Count
do Fobvro dc Hehaltc , whereupon
the papal nuncio made an apol
ogy for sending the circular , declar
ing the Incident would not occur again.
This declaration satisfied the government
and the Incident was regarded as closed. "
( Cheers from the right ) .
The premier retorted , "If you disapprove
of this solution you can vote against the
government ; wo clearly Intimated to the
Vatican that the government would not
brook any Interference In regard to the
church accounts law , which may be modified
when the submission of the clericals is com
plete. Until" then the. government wljl re
fuse to enter into any negotiations on the
subject. "
This remark was greeted with cheers ,
after which many of the deputies pressed
around M. I'erler and congratulated him
upon his btrong declaration of policy. The
Chambpr by a vote of 3114 to 142 adopted
a motion approving of the declaration of
the premier.
Le Petit Journal says the radicals will
urge the government to demand the recall
of Mgr. Terrata , papal nuncio In France.
Hungary Has 7i House of l.nriU Question.
BUUA-PESTU , May IS. In the lower
house of the Hungarian Diet the message
of the House of Magnates notifying the
lower house of the former body's rejection
of the civil marriage bill was read. Premier
Wckerle submitted a resolution declaring
that the house adhered to the bill and re
turned It to the House of Magnates for re
consideration and adoption.
Ituatoriillo.i Squelched.
DELGRADB , May 18. The court of cassa
tion has announced null and void a ukase
reinstating ex-King Milan and ex-Queen
Natalie to regal rights.
The police have searched the houses of
several leading radicals on Information that
a revolt was being prepared.
[ tint In Nicaragua.
MANAGUA , Nicaragua , May 18. Troops
had to be called out In Leon to help put
down a riot. Four soldiers and three
policemen were killed , six leaders of the
mob arrested and shot.
Federal Grand Jury Itoturns IiidletinrntN
mid CScH'S lldiiui In 1'ovcrty.
DES MOINES , May 18. ( Special Tele
gram to The I3ee. ) The federal grand jury
completed Its labors and adjourned today.
The members went home without their pay ,
the United States marshal endorsing their
warrants : "Not paid for want of funds , ' , '
The jury returned a number of Indictments ,
George Barnes , the Morgan house drug
gist , is the subject of a true bill , which
charges him with receiving stolen United
States postage stamps. He gave bonds and
was released. No other arrests have yet
been made in the case.
George Jubb , also of Des Molnes , was
Indicted for counterfeiting silver half dollars.
He Is also out on bonds.
Another case that U of wider Interest ,
probably , concerns four young men who
were arrested at Creston. They are : Ed
Balrd , Frank llalrd , Ora Mean and James
Skew , They are charged with counterfeiting
and passing spurious coins , llalrd Is the
man at whom Chrales Cravens shot and who
had Cravens arrested for attempted murder.
The case of these four men will come up
early next week. The arguments were con
cluded today In the ease of Huklll , the al
leged burglar who got away with the money
and stamps from the Grand Hiver postofflce.
The Jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
Women Hiiflriiilst > lit Dunliip.
DUN LAP , la. , May IS. ( Special Telegram
to The I3ee. ) The political eqijallty club of
Dunlop held a reception hero last night to
ratify the action of the legislature in grantIng -
Ing partial suffrage to the women of Iowa ,
the guests being received by Mrs. 1) . H.
Sattorlce and Mr3. J. II. Purccll , the latter
president of the organization , Dunlap has
the largest organization of that naturu In
Iowa and many prominent officers of the
State Suffrage association reside here , In
cluding Mrs , Laura Hurd Ualley , superin
tendent of legislative work , and Mrs. lr.
Satterlee , superintendent of press work of
the state ,
Iowa Stittu Medical Society.
DBS MOINES , May IS. ( Special Telegram
to The Heo. ) The Iowa State Medical so
ciety closed Its annual meeting today after
listening to the reading and discussion of a
number of papers on technical subjects.
These officers were elected : President , A ,
L. Wright , Carroll ; first vice president , I ) .
S. Falrchlld , Clinton ; second vice president ,
T. J. Maxwell , Keokuk ; secretary , J. W.
Cokenower , DCS Molnes ; assistant , J , San
ders , Creston ; treasurer , J , O. Skinner , Den
Molnes. The convention decided that next
year the society sould meet at Creston.
, ,
i means world-tried.
'he high reputation
land enormous sale of
( Tasteless )
( reflect the wisdom of
I two generations.
5 cents a box.
I.OM / . rornr fi'in.i.n.
Important Street liiiprn&lifcnt Ii'i'1 ) < lnn Itf
the In -Silprl-imtt imi't.
SIOl'X CITY. In. , Mu . ly-Special ' T < Me-
ram to The Hoe. ) Th jM hi supreme court
has nllirmed the ilocMoil of the Woodbury -
bury district court In Jin1 ca. e of Ocorgc
H. Owen Against the rlty of Sioux City ,
a suit Involving the vnlJUjltv of special na >
nepsnientii niiule iiBnlHst.'iimittlng property
for street Improvement1 f'ir ' ( lie city. The
suit was the most liuituctunt ever brought
agnlnst tin- city , nnil while the iinioitnt In
volved In the Owen cnHi-uwn. * but about , imd It been dei-fdtfl In pliiliitirf'H
fnvor the city would Imve boon virtually
bankrupted , nH writ rtiTTTthur cllles In the
stiito that Imve been Ipvj'l'jlt ' special assess- ,
metitH. In the early part of ISfll n large
amount of grading wnh1. done In Pierce' *
iiddltlon. Among the itlmttlng loin were
thirteen belonging to uooigt' H. Owen ,
against which the * V nHtp Mini < nt < t
amounted to Ilifil.lO.Vhen the city engineer
ii'portoil mi the oompli'tlmi or the contract ,
< leorgi 11 , Uwrll IIU'il u protest with the
council ngninsl the collection of the
Inttnllment of the iiHst'SHnu-nt and suit was
Instituted In the district court to pre
vent the city from making the collection ,
1'lnlntlffs alleged tlmt the .assessments
wcie unconstitutional ami that the city
has never been Invested with power to
make them. There arc nearly JI.uw.iiW of
ussessnu'ntR In Sioux City alone , the pay
ment of which depended mi this decision.
DKS MOIN'KS , May IS.-iSpeclal Tele-
Rrinn to The llee. ) Hupu-me couit oplillon :
Alice Hare against Thomas H. llaie , et at ,
Oeorge I'V liarc , Intervener ami appellant ,
Davis district , reven 'il. Mary Kurd against
Chicago & Hock Island Jtallway com
pany , appellant , Cedilr dlstilct , reversed.
John II.Vcnner against Frank Kites , ap
pellant , Carroll district , reversed , \V. H.
Scott against Independent district of Ilar-
itln , appellant , Allamakee district , nyersed.
Kmma. I * . French against Sarah T. Krenrh ,
appellant , Mitchell district , nlllum-d. Sa
bert SI. Casey against Jo eph M. Fry , ap
pellant , Leo district , alllrmed. A. II. Long ,
appellant , ugaliiht John Oshorn , Uecatur
district , reversed. State of Iowa against
M. U. Foster , appellant. Taylor district ,
alllrmed. Foster appealed fiom the verdict
by which he was sentenced to life Imprison
ment for the- murder of lOmmett Heed , No
vember 3. 1887.V. . I.Vorley , appellant ,
against State Insurance company of DCS
Mollies , superior court of Keokuk , re
versed. _
STMKI. iroiiKKitti 1'i.vixii 'nilsr.i : / . / ; .
AmiilRiim itril AsHiiclnlIdll Milking Hood
l'riurcs < 4 w tli thy Sciili' ,
CLEVBLAND. May 18.-l'iomptly today
the delegates to the annual convention of
the Amalgamated association resumed the
consideration of the wage schedules. The
morning was spent In consliU-iliig the
muck scale , scrap , knobbllng , "hlaT-TTmT.
sheet and Jobbing mill scales. The session
was entirely uneventful. At Us concliHlon
Secretary Kllgallon gave out the stere
otyped announcement to the newspaper men
that there was no definite action to make
Asked as to the sixty-day wage scale ,
the secretary replied that It hail not been
considered. To a question regarding the
probability of a national strike being de
clared , aH rumored at I'lttsbtirg , Secretary
Kllgallon said : "So far as that Is con
cerned , we have a stilke every year In
those mills In which the scale Is not signed.
If the scale Is not signed by the im.inufnc-
turers by January 1 there will be a strike
as a matter of course. No action In regatd
to the matter nor any formal discussion
has yet taken place. "
"How about Informal discussion among
the men ? "
"Well , many of the men have been out
of employment for some time. They may
be talking strike I don't know. "
It was announced that a discussion of the
sheet mill , hand roll , tft'p , spike cutting
and tin mill scales would iicxt be taken up.
Paine's Celery Compound Made Mrs , Leighton and Her Sister
Weil Again.
The cure lies In purer , richer blood and
betici fed nenoiis t' ' st'es Paine's celery
compound stirs the excretive organs , the
liver and kidneys , to stronger action ; the
blood glows fit oni'e puier and redder and
martI'.ip.iblc of carrying nutrmniit ! and oxy
gen to cvoiy neive and nniicular fiber of tlio
Paine's celery compound makes people wo'l '
bv building up new tissues In place of th3
old ; reiulatlng ; shaky nerves by appropriate
nerve food ami sending a strong , lull tide of
pure blond through the diseased parts ot the
liver , heart , stomach and kidneys.
To worried women. Just as to business men
stuggeilug under financial adversity , comes
\ousno8s and final break down. " 1 am
not III enough to take medicine , " she too
ottcn says , and puts off from day to day the
correction of her trouble.
Paine's celery compound Is the great spring
medicine. It cures every form of nervous
weakness and the special disorders of liver ,
heart , stomach and kidneys that arise from
Impure blood and a "run clown" system badly
These arc the difficulties that Palnc's celerj-
compound corrects. It builds up the whole
body , blood , nerves and tissues In a way that
nothing else has ever equaled. People get
100 ladles' French percale shirt waists ,
exactly as cut , worth Just $1.00 , they go
during this sale , Saturday , 50c each.
New line , just In , of ladles' white lawn
shirt waists at 75c , $1.00 and $1.CS each.
They are beauties. See them Saturday.
Largest stock of shirt waists in tlie city.
Today we offer 100 children's white lawn
bonnets with frlce front at 15c and
25c each ; actual value 35c and 50c.
15 pieces of chenille dot tuxedo veiling ,
all colors , today 7c yard.
All our 23c and 30c quality tuxedo chenille
dot veiling , all colors , tcrday 15c yard.
Open Saturday i-venlng until 10 p. m.
Today wo offer 15 ladles' silk lace capos
carried over from last season , They for
merly sold at $5,00 to $10 < 00. Get one today
at only $1,00 each. They must go.
Goupcll Bluffs.
Responsible physicians have lately said
that the purest and most economical Is >
Free from fat
and golatlne ,
of 11 no flavor.
Its excellence
never varies.
Made a well
Man of
Me : *
roi.nucrs TDK inovu
lietUl.THhl BO \YS. . ' ' ' ' 6 rt Tall
en 3us ! ,
IMre. l . hteeMe.sne.WcuKnt Porj , ) etc. , VvJ--
cauioUiynaiitiibu rinnil ) { < Jlclity tutsurclv rvitorci
l.o t A. nliooil In olil or yoiniir. K.a.lly cariTiMl In yen
pocktl , : 'rk-uP1.0Kiinckiiro. ( lilt for a.oowltha
vrrltt iiuiinruiiUotuvnrourmpuvyriTuiutril. Uon't
buy i > luUlnliou but Inntst un Eavlnu IMIAI'll. It
rourdruKitliiiiiiiotKuCt ! . wlll lenillt iireuata.
Oriental ilcJIpot Co. . Cllirjcp , IU. , or Ihltr iti > ti.
BOi.t ) hy Knlin A Co. . Cor. | 6lh nrtil Douirlan KM. , and
J. A. Fuller Co , , Oor llln A IJuuKlaiu Bu. . OM All Ai
Bend for Circular and I'riciij.M.
Council Bluffs , - - Avenue A and 28th St
Omaha , J521 Farnnm Strcot.
utAttorneyatlnv True-
. . . . _ , Jj lion In lli mate unit
fuiiarul cuuri' . Uunui * iloU-7-tt-D , Sliugurt
bluett , Council IIluffs , lu ,
" 0 , Tin only a little nervous.
"I didn't use to be.
"What can I do to overcome It ?
Just a woman means by being a llttlo
nervous she can't exactly say. She tells you
she Is restless ; that she can no longer sew or
read ; conversation no longer Interests , or It
even troubles her ; startle her , and she
cries for no cause.
Such are first small beginnings of nervous
weakness. The world Is full of loving , pa
tient wives and mothers who- have been
called upon to suffer Intense cmotloinl strain ;
have undertaken to nurse those dear to them
through protracted Illness , or have worked
beyond their physical powers.
During the many years of hard and won
derful work , I'rof. Kdward 13. Phelps , Dart
mouth's great professor , had these weak ,
"run-down" women In mind. The dimly of
such cases of nervous prostration , neuralgia ,
rheumatism , dyspepsia and debility led him
to that most marvelous discovery of the cen
tury , Paine's celery compound. I'rof. I'helps
became convinced that the trouble In all
these cases of weakness lay In a disturbance
of nutrition.
In charge of the Slstora of Moroy ,
This rcnownod Institution Is Hltuatoil on tlio
high blulfs bau < of and ovorlonklitK the city of
Council III u IN. Thu spiulons grounds. Its
high location nml splendid vlnw , make It it
most plcnslm ; retro it for the allllotod. Ast.iIT
of em nent pliyalulunsand u lure carpi of ox
pcrluncod i.ursos minister lo the comforts ot
ho patients , bpoulul cam glvou to luUy pa
For particulars imply to
Frank StreatCoansll BlaU ,
Slonm and Hot Watar Hontlng for
Residences and Buildings.
J. C. B1XBY ,
202 Main , 203 Pearl Streets , Council
Bluffs , Iowa.
1,000 cakes of toilet soap at li' c and Jc
Kirk's Bouquet soaps , 25c box of 3 cakes.
3-pound bar of castllc soap for 25c.
Open Saturday evening.
200 2G-Inch 'gloria silk sun umbrellas , par
agon frame , beautiful horn handles , on Mile
today at $1.00 each. This Is the first time
we ever offered them at $1.00.
Boys' and girls' fast black bicycle hose , a
20c quality , all sizes , C to 9V , at 15e pair.
Ladles' hose In tan and black at -He
Ladles' -lOc gauze hose , fast black , the
best stocking over offered at 2.ric.
no dozen gents' fast black ho&e , full reg
ular made , no seams , 7c pair.
Ladles' purn silk mitts at 2. > c , ,13c and
COc pair. Debt value wo ever oflurcd at the
Open Saturday evening until 10 p. m.
Goupcil Bluffs.
Paint , Oil and Glass Co.
Wo have I.OOO Wj ulowa In stock , made by the
.T. A. Miupliy Manufacturing I'uiiipiiny. No bolliir hash can
bo nuiclo , uhlch wo will glare with any Kind of glass that you
want , and i > ell you for less nioitny than you can Imy the poor ,
sappy sifsh niaiio In thu east for. Let us glvn you prices and
Via will gut your order.
Our I'alntcan not bo nxcelled for durability , bounty or
flnlblioruoioiliiKcnuaclty by any other mUoil paints In th
market. Our prlco Is JI.M per uulloii.
1 and 3 Fourth St. , - MASONIC TEMPLE BUILDING.
1408 Farnam Street ,
The Aloe & Penfold Co.
1408 FaruamSt. , Opposite Pazton Hotoli
Headache , Caused by Eye Strain.
Many prraoni nhota hcudi ore connlantly acli.
IriK IIU.'B no Idea what rellur nulcntmcally fit-
tfil ulasneu will nlvo them , Thin thrnry U nuw
iinlvcreaHy riitabll li d. "linpropeily llttoil Kla sp
will ImurlHlily inrrcunii ilin tiuublu ami may
lead to TOTAIi IIIlND.NiSH. ; Our ulilltty to
adjust ( jlntuieii Bnfely and correctly In beyond
question. Connult u . Kyes tmtcd frco of charge.
Opuoalt * Piixton Hotel.
well wlio tlioiiRlitfully nml tlioroiiRlily try It.
1'or ilioiimatlsni It Is the one true specific.
I'rof. K. A. l.clRhtnn Is Instructor anil su-
pcrlntcnileut of the state dairy school at the
Iowa state agricultural collcRe at Ames , In.
Ho has been there several yeais anil Is well
knuwn throughout the state. His wife , writIng -
Ing lo Wells. KIclianlBon & Co. , who now
prepato 1'alno's celery compound , says :
"Last May I had rheumatism so severely
that I could only ct around by the aid of
crutches. Nothing that I used did mo any
Kood , ami I despaired of regaining my health.
A friend recommended I'alno's celery com
pound to me , and I used It regularly for two
months. As a result , I was able to visit the
v > orlil's fair , staying there for quite a whllo
and walking all day without any dlfilculty.
"Tho compound also did my sister a great
deal of good while attending cortege , giving
her btreiiKth and health , There fa nothing I
know of In the world that Is Us equal for
building up the weak and ran-down , and giv
ing strength and tone to the system. 1 am
better than for years , and ascribe my Im
provement wholly to the use of Value's cel
ery compound. "
This Is one of thousands of similar testimonials
menials that Paine's celery compound Is the
remedy that makes people well.
KNORMOUS Slimr SALE. ' " " "
i $1.00 each.
This , Saturday , morning wo place or
sale 100 dozen gents' laundered
French percale shirts with two col
lars , one pair of cuffs , open and
closed fronts , In neat blue and pink strlpei
and checks , a shirt never before sold for lesi
than $1.50 , , and In most places at J2.00. On
sale today at Dennlsons , $1.00 each.
Shirt waists , GOc.
3c yard.
Apron check gingham 3c yard.
Kino dry goods never was sold so cheat
before. Don't forget us when you need
carpets , curtains or matting. Wo are tin
1,000 curtain shades , mounted on lies !
spring fixture , 19o each.
Dost quality opaque shades at 37'/4c and
COc each.
Open Saturday evening.
Goupcll Bluffs.
I'fCblilunt. Ottihtor.
Fid National
or COUNCIL BLUFFS , ( own.
Capital , $100,0t ( ) )
Profits , 12,000
OIIP of the oldest banks In the utato of Iowa W
Hollrlt your buHlnoHB nml oolli > cllons. i Wo pay ( I
IHTci-nton time deposits. Wo will lie pleased tend
nd uurvu you.
clilmneys cleaned. KU lluike , at Taylor' * 1
eroccry , (4Q ( Llruuiiway ,
city ( iiuperly bought und bold. i'uiey &I
M human. Council llluffi.
ut Mtock , about 3 milts north of town , Cuttle.
J2.IO to HX ) , hones. M.OO to 17.00 ( or ( talon'
May 1 In October 15 ; KOOI ! man In cliaret ot
Block ; plenty irrn > , tall anil water , L. I' .
Jucltton. ( C9 Gilt avenue , or 323
unlem fur IrulU unil vruetableu In Council
llluffn. Umuliu , Koulli Oimitm and Uloux City
Cull or adJr s 163J